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jpi !, witwr
- 65th. Year, Number 38.
1.B OHIO DriM.oWAif-Hi
25th. Yeni Nitriiher 12,
msElL Am M MLrA 1L Jf if a JLr Jlf
-. i
Circulation 3006. One Dollar Per Year.
The Only Democratic Paper In the County.
U -
f m v v A
Senator Lamb Passes the
Butter Promiscuously.
State House Turned Over
to the Democrats.
Recess Appointments.
Of Uie seventy-two Hoi-rick recess
appointments Senator Luinb voted for
the confli nuiltoii of all but 11, those re
jected being:- A. 1. Vorya, Fairfield.
commlsslone1; or Insurance, tci'm end
lug Juno 2, ItigS; Ily L. Duvls, Cuyn
hogu, fire mi'rshuU term, ending May
10, 190(5; W. 1. Kennedy, Hamilton,
chief examiner of gleam engineers,
torm ending April ::0, 100S; Murk Sla
ter, Montgomery, supervisor public
printing, term ending May 31, 1907:
Jnmes C. Morris, Mahoning, commis
sioner of railroads mid telegraphs,
term ending .March 1 , 1I07; .1. H,
Morgan, Guernsey, Inspector work
shops uml factoiles, term ending April
22. 1909! Dennis I. Itowlaud, Harnll
ton, member hoard .of peulleutinry
nianuLuin, lorm ending March 31,
1910; John K. So.uddor, Hamilton,
member stnte board of medical oxnui
Incra, term ondlng March 18, 1912;
Theodore C. Laylln, Huron, term e'hd
Ing Feb. 25, 190S, I). I). .White, lJrle,
Feb. 25, 1910, and John Courtrlght,
Pickaway, fob. 2."), lOOt", members
board of coutiol Ohio agricultural ex
periment station, and George 1. Tay
lor, Brown, trustee Institution for
Deaf and Dumb, term ending first
Monday In April, 1910.
By voting with the Republicans Sen
ator Lumb practically left intact for
the uext two -eare the organization of
the various state institutions.
Moscow Bank Robbed of More. Than
Four Hundred Thousand.
Moscow, March 21. The Credit Mil
tual, one of the largest banks In Mos
cow, was mysteriously robbed by
masked men, the lobbers. securing
$432,i00. It was an extremely during
Job.- The bank Is situated In Iliuku
street, In the heait of the city. The
list of tlw clerks hud Just departed,
leaving en Inside guard of three men.
Tilts street was .crowded with people
hurrying homeward. According to the
story of the guards, iu the twinkling
or an eye they .were confronted with
revolvfets in the hands of 20 .masked
men, who had entered silently by the
main door, which had been looked
when the ofllco force' left. After a
command to the guards to hold up
their hands not a word was Hpokon.
The guard's were quickly bound aud
gagged and thrown into a dark corner.
Tho safe was opened by ono of the
men. The plundor, consisting of gold,
silver and notes, wns speedily thrust
into sacks. When n clean haul of the
j money had been made, not a kopeck
being left, the robbers departed ns
silently as they came. It Is the gen
eral Impression thnt tho key to the
mystory Is within the bank itself.
Passed-Pension Bill.
Washington, Murch 51. In less thau
20 minutes time the senate voted nwny
$140,000,000 of the public funds. The
tram is caviled by tho ponulou appro
priation bill, which, being a brief docu
ment, was made tho .subject of very
little discussion. Tho major poitlou of
the time was devoted to the considera
tion of the fortifications appropriation
bill. In that connection the question
of the necessity for scar-oast fortifica
tions in the Philippine Islands was dis
cussed at considerable length, with
tho result that all provisions for such
foitlflcatlons In these possessions
woro eliminated from the bill. The
consideration of the measure was not
Twins Die Same Hour.
Wellston, O., March 20. The two
lionu of Williams Jones of Wo Qrando
wero bulled In tho same grave. They
died within an hour of each other aud
were twins Tim cause of tho sudden
und unexpected deaths was tluoat
double, This Is a coincidence that
thoy should die of the tuuuO disease
and on tho same date and be burled at
tho Bamo tlmo In the same giuvo.
Return to Work.
Yonngslown, O., Maicli 20. Tho
striking puddlora nil returned to work
at tho Valley mills, and (he strike Is at
nu end. No cdheesslnus wore mndo by
(ho company other than that Patilck
vJMoNully, who bvoko tho put rule, was
allowed to return with (lie others.
Found In River.
Stoiibouvllle. O.. March 20. The
body or IJIIliu McUulllc, 12, single, and
a butcher, was found partly submerged
In tho river at Mniplro. It Is thought
ho was robbod while Intoxicated and
his body thrown lu tho rlvor.
Breweries Consolidate.
Norwulk, 0, .Mnrpii 20. The Lull
and Olt broworlos huvo boon consoll"
dated Tho Ott biowory will be torn
. dovn. A now company will b orgau
(sp V" mm jbu.uuu capita
Back uroken,
Clovelnnd, O., Murch 21. Foaling
that Iter husband, Francisco Dominion,
would kill lior,' Alary Domlnleo lenped
front u third-story window and broke
her back. Her- condition IS crlllcut.
Mrs. no'iilnlcfiayrt her husband got a
pan and a long butcher knife lilil Inld
them side by side on the kitchen table.
"I am going to kill you and the little
girl and let your blood drip Into this
pan," he Is Alleged to have said,
"Then I will thiow your bodies out of
tho window." Domlnleo Is under ar
rest. Conducted Bucketshop.
Cleveland, O., March 21. howls Hr
Smith, mannger of the Cleveland ltro-s
kerngo company's olllce here,, who was
Indicted by Ihe Cuyahoga, county
grand Jui'y ""recently, appealed before
Jitrigs Kennedy In criminal court nud
pleaded guilty to the charge of con
ducting a hucuetsliop. The rourt Im
posed a line of $r0 and costs. The
grand Jury, it is understood, 1ms In
dicted the keepers of eight other al
leged bucketsllups-,- but hone of them
have so far been nrrcstod.
Fees For Postmasters.
Howling (ireen, O.. March 21.-
-F. P.
ii asters
mer postmasters In this state In an
'nction to recover from the United
State! government fees due tlreru fov
tho time they served between tho
years fSCl and 1S70, whlrli amount to
$202,000. He Is also associated with
Attorney Sputildlng of Washington, D.
C., on 1-t.OOO claims from other stales.'
Delegation Withdrew.
Marys vlllp, O., March 21. Upon the
refusal of the Logan county delegation
to withdraw the nnmn of Judge Dun
can Dow of Hellofoiitnine and nomi
nate former 1'robule , Judge John M.
liiodrick of this county for common
pleas judge, the Union county delega
tion i of used to go 'into the Judicial con
vention. Hrodilek will now run as an
independent candidate.
Trains In Colllson.
Akion, O., March' 21. In a head-on
collision between O., A. &. C. passeu
ger train No. flO" and a U. & O. train,
on the piece of track operated Jointly
by the two roads near Akron, two Co
lumbus men, Engineer Martin A. Win
ters and Fireman J. R. Meeker, both
ofthoO., A. & C. passenger train,
were Inlurud
And Still They Grind Out a
Grist of Laws.
Before the Investigating
Columbus, O., Maich 21. The Ohio
senate took up and passed Sen
ator Schmidt's bill granting immunity
from piosecutlou to witnesses who
testify before special committees of,
tho general assembly. Tho somite bill
of Mr. Gaiter, piovlding for the ap
pointment of guurdlaas for pprsons.tiu
able to attend to their own affalry,
also was passed. 'Other bills passed
by tho senate: II, H., Mr. Harper, to
punish person guilty of hu.ing; S. U.,
Mr. Ward, providing that cities having
a health depart ninut shall huvo coutiol
of plumbing department and tho In
slullutiou of pluiubnig; 11. 1!., Mr. Kll
llngslep, to authorize the governor to
execute-a deed for certain lands to
Caroline' Strode; H, U Mr. Uriggs.
fixing the muxlniuiji levy for school
pin poses at 12 mills; II. U Mr. Phil
lips, to provide for the release and dlb
charge of county, township aud school
'dlstilct treasurers and their sureties
In ceitaiu cases.
Dills passed by the house: II, II., by
Mr. Tinker, specifications for public
improvement must not contain re
quirement for the use of a patented
artlclo or procoss; II, ., Mr, Stock
vell, to onable city to give rallioad fee
simple to dopot site; II, It., Mr. Smith,
providing cities muy forbid extra
charge to rousumer for use of gus or
water mater; II. H., Mi'. Stockwell.
rognlatlmr the business of lending
money on chattel secuitty and fixing
the maximum rate of Interest Jo bo
charged at j per cent; H, H., Mr.
Shuler, giving to councils In cities the
power to vacuto streets und alloys lu
order to facilitate the establlshlug of
grade crossings.
Vho houso defeated tho Ileutty sen
ate bill lociulrlug the filing- of chattel
mortgages exclusively with county re
corder, The house lias concurred In tho sen
ate amendments' to tho Wilson couuty
officers' salary bill.
Reject Company's Offer.
Lens, Franco, March 21. The mon
era' congress roJected tho company's
proffer of nu inpreaso of 10 per cent
Jn wiges, Thoactloii of iho cougrestf,
howovor, will bo submitted to tho ref
rendum of the 51,000 strikers.
- Trf"' t!'i " -nJ "' " i
Meeting Will
Place Soon.
Great Hope That the Con
ference Results Well.
New York, March 21. There will be
a conference between the two commit
toes of seven members each represent
ing the nulhrnclle coal operators and
the miners of the hard-coal district.
This was decided upon at a meeting
In this city of the committee of opera
tors. Later President Ceorge F. 15aer
of tho Philadelphia and Reading rail
road forwarded a letter to Piesident
John Mitchell of the United Mine
Workois of America notifying him
that the operators committee arewlll
ing to meet, the miners' committee ut
any date Mr. Mitchell Mirny select.
President Baer's letter is in reply to a
communication from President Mitch
ell in which the lender of the miners
oxpressed disappointment because the
operators' committee had rejected tho
demands of tho minors without calling
their committee Into conference beforo
doing so. Mr. Mitchell then asked for
anotherconforence on the controversy.
In reply Mr. lioer says tho operators
fully, expected to have another con
ference witli the miners, and asseils
that President Mitchell has not refilled
Jo u counter proposition made to him
by tho operators' committee, to the
effect that the miners agree to u com
tlnunnco of proseut conditions.
Joint Scale Committee In Session at
ItidlunapoUs, March 21. The second
Joint conference 'of the coal opciators
arid miners of the central competitive
flint ,'li't -nmnrlHliitr I lie ntnlnj nf fill.
--.- -. .. 7V ' . . -.
uois, inuiana, unio aim wesieru reun
sylvnnia, which is the result of tho
efforts of President Roosevgyjo effect
a permanent peace In tho coal Indus
try throughout, the United States, ad
journed after referiing the domauds of
the minors to the joint scale commit
tee, which commenced its adellbera
tlous'hoio today. The conference was
called to order by President John
Mitchell of tho United Mine Workers.
The confeionce organized at once by
'tho election of tho following officers:
George W. Truer, nu operator of Chi
cago, .permanent chairman; Seerotary
Treasurer W, H. Wilson of the United
Mine Woikeis of America, permanent
secretary; assistant secretaries, Frank
S. Urooks of Columbus, O., and C. L.
Scroggs of Chicago. On motion -the
niles of the previous joint conference,
requiting that the vote of the par
ties on "all main and principal ques
tions" be cast as a unit, were adopted.
This action empowers F. L. Kobhins,
retiring chairman of the operators,
and Thomas Lewis, vice president of
tjio United "Aline Workois, to prevent
any action on Ihe wage scale which
they do not favor, Tho following wero
announced as jiembers of the joint
scale rommlltoi who will act for tho"
operators: Illli-s, II. N. Taylor, A. J.
Moorshead, P " Woods, O. L. Garri
son; Pennsylvania, F. L. Itobhlns, O.
W. Schlouderborg, W. W, Keofer. O. A.
Magoou; Ohio, llj L. .Chapman, F. M.
Osboino, C. L. Casslnghatu, John II.
Winder; Indiana, A. S. Uo.e, II. J.
Selfert, H F. McClelland, .1. F. Shir
key. Haywood and Moyer Arraigned.
Holte, Idaho, March 21. Charles II.
Moyer, William D, Haywood ond
George A. Petllbone, charged with the
murder of former Governor Steuneu
berg, pleaded not guilty when ar
lulgned before District Judge Frank
Smith nt Caldwell. The cases woro
continued over the term and the date
of their trial was Indefinitely fixed at
about May li. Judge Smith denied tho
application to admit the prisoners to
ball. .
Swallowed Poison.
Hot Springs, Ark., March 21. Jiibt
beforo uu officer entered his loom lu
a hotel to arrosf him, .1. H. Clubnugh.
a sheet wilier foi a Chicago poolroom,
drank an ounce and a hair of embolic
acid and died n few minutes later. He
Is said to be wanted for passlust botus
Most's Remains Cremated,
Cincinnati, O., March 21. The body
of Johniiti Most, tho anarchist, wa"s
creniuted lu this city, Thoie was uo
lollglous ceremony, but iionie of Mosd's
comrades delivered bilef addiesses'be
foro 111" cremation. Mrs, Most will
take her husbund'H ashes to New York
at once, und tho memorial nieotluj Is
to bo hold there lu a few days.
Head Crushed,
Stoubonvllle, O., March 21. Kl
dredge Re, 21 and single, wan Instant
ly killed whHa sinking an air shaft for
tho Wolf Run Coal company uear
East Springfield. A piece of soap
stone fell from the aide, cruahlusr his
head to a pulp.
!7inmW-X&iftiKirimMKtna-i,t tar,; ,maktlnn anjfctini niiti -...TMAMUSlte,
.Passenger Train Wrecked.
Athens, O., March 20 - The Pnlkors
him: ClilUtcollio train on the Haltlrtinii
$r Ohio Soiithwcsteiu fond Was
wiecked noni- t'oolvllltv O, about SO
miles east of bote A huge .bojilder
slipped down tin the track and r!nRl
tioor d D Wiiteiinnu of Chllllroth ).,
did not see II In time to slop, hingl
nr-er Wnloiman wns killed unit tMtfi
man O U. Day or Olillllrollib, O,',
Postal Clork Charles lleynnldS of
Clniksburg, W. Va and .1 C I'eriy
goy nf ZaiieMVllle, O . n traVelluif sales
uiuu, weie sllgblly Injitied
Laundrymen Meet.
Columbus, 0 Mmcli 20. The sev
enth annuul rouventlon of tho Ohio
Lnundrymen's nssoclntlou met at the
(lient Southern hotel for a two days'
session, with ubiiul :'.00 delegates pres
ent. The object of the convention Is
to promote-Intei est In tho slalo asso
ciation and to discuss new methods.
No offoit is made by tne delogates to
establish a uniform piice-ll.it Tor woik
done. That Is consldeied purely
local mutter.
McCleery a Candidate.
Lancaster, O. Mmcli 20. lCx-Com-mon
Pious Judge Charles W McCleery
announced his candidacy for the Re
publican nomination for clicult judge
iu tho Fifth district, to succeed Mau
rice H Donahue of New Lexington.
Judge McCleoiy will have tlio Indorse
ment of the Fairfield CounfyUai asso
ciation and the Lancaster Republican
club. The convention will be held In
Newark Apiil 21.
Newspaper Deal;
Kenton, O., .March 20. A deal was
closed for the purchase of the Kenton
Press by L M Richards, William L.
Flnley and II. It. Williams. Tho Pi ess
is a Democratic weekly und will ie
main such. Kdltor Flnley, the Socie
tal' of the Democratic state coutial
committee, soil's his paper on accouiit
of his piospectlve appointment to the
oil inspectoishlp.
Serious Charge.
Cincinnati. O.. March" 20. Rllas I,.
Snodmass, secielnry and trenmuer of
the Morrison & Snodgrass Company,
Is chuiged with "converting to his
own use and benefit" $15,102 belonging
to the company in a suit In attachment
filed In thu common pleas rouit by
Andrew Moulsou, president of the
Their Position on High
Taxation Defined.
- az.
Legalizing Saloons Is Not
Good Policy.
Anti-Saloon League on Aiken Bill.
Tin- Antl-Sulou headqiiai teis' com
mittee Issued u'statemeut defining the
Anti-Saloon league's attitude toward
the Aikun 1)111 increasing the Dow
liquor tax to $1,000. The statement
leads: "As an organization the Anti
Saloon league is opposed to licensing
the liquor I ratlin or to any taxation
system which is iu enVct a licensing
of the liquor t rattle. It is a. vicious
principle, inimical to public morals.
The Anti-Saloon league is guided In
Its policy by the action of tho churt-h
bodies of the state, ami practically all
of which are ou recoul against licens
ing the saloon and none of which are
on record iu favor of it. Many sup
porters, however, of the Antl-Salooir
league reulfe lliut taxation Is a part
of tho piesent policy of the state of
Ohio lu dealing with the liquor ti attic,
and bollovo that the IncieubO of the
tax would decrease the number of s;i
loons. The leagTie line succeeded In
the past onl ' 'lainplonliig iiioasuies
on which ll (llnoucy Is uot di
vided. It U u v-bt ou nil sides that
tho friends und suppoilors of the
league aie dhlded on this question;
consequently, the officers of the league
can not use the orr.anlzatlou to help
pass tho tluiiihaml dollar tax. County
local option, which has always boon a
pait or th6 legislative piogram of tho
league, should he urged for Immediate
enactment into law."
Detectives Dismissed,
Columbus, O., M ni eli 20. As a re
sult of the Investigation of tho pollco
department Mayor Uudger dismissed
llnee detectives and loprlmunded two,
und dismissed one police oporator nnd
suspended two. Ohurges of Incapacity"
aud conduct unbecoming officers wero
Change of VenUe In Bank Cases,
Canton, O., March 20. Judge Hole
granted n change of venuu In tho
wrecked Canton Slute haul; cases,
Tho defendants feared paitlullty and
piojudlce. The cases will bo lieurd ut
Lisbon, beginning next Monday,
Ono of Hie hardest things to do Is to
keep from getting discouraged when
you hnven't any courage.
After all, a mother-in-law Is no Joke. J
Representative 0'Rourko
Would SubmitMt to Vote.
Wants to Regulate Freight
and Express Rates.
Kepre.sehtnthe O llourke or Lucni
offeicd a resolution proposing a con
stitutional amendment piobibiiiug the
manufacture.and sale of intovicntiir.;
liquor In Ohio. Mr. Wert, of Wayne
offered another lequestliig the inspec
tor of workshops and factories to re
port the condition or state benevolent
institutions as to lire protection, to
gether with recommendation us to
what coiuse should be pursued to
ameliorate Ihej'inc.
Representative Whitney offered a
resolution pinvifMng for the npixdnt
meul of a coiumlxslnu to Investigate
th quextlnu of taxation in Ohio, to be
composed of live persons to lie ap
pointed by the governor. Weit. of
Wayne fo.iteis a leaolutlou proposing
an amendment to the constitution so
that U&ee Democrats may be given
seats on Ihe Mipreme bench, thus
'nniipaiflsil'iUlug" the court.
Representative Fieiner Introuuced a
bill to regulate the isles and charges
of express companies for the transpor
tation nf express matter, except
money, on steam lallrnuds.
Hills tntindiiced In the fioufce: Mr.
Crawford or Athens, amending the
county coinmlslboneis' salary law and
fixing the minimum at $1,000; Mr.
Stephenson of Urowu, to authorize
county tieasurers to establish sub-stations
for receipt of taxes; Mr. Sawlcki
of Cuyahoga, prohibiting n.-.e of pietix
' The" an1 suffix ''Company" jointly
unless tho concern Is incorporated,
Mr. Winters of lirle, providing for
physical training lu schools la villages
ot..,iODUUitl0a-ot, L8i)(L,oc.more. and.
which liavf a tax duplicate of $250,
000; Mr. Whitney of Franklin, to pay
$7,072.75, expenses Ohio National
Guard, Springfield dots; Mr. Rrvln of
Meigs, to iibollsh the office of county
Infiimary directors aud providing for
appointmeut of blpaitisan county In
flrmury boards; Mr. Irvin of Preble,
for Ihe appoiiitinnit of an unsalaried
blpaitibuu coiiiinlsjlon of three mem
bers to build an official residence for
the governor to cost $s0,000.
M,iibersi Roberts and Metzger of
Cuyahoga had a little mixup on the
floor of life ;house before the body con
vened, lu a recent liiterviow Mr. Itob
eits expiessed his disgust with his
Democratic colleagues for falluie to
buppoit reform aud temperance meas
ures. He went on to say he some
times had been tempted to resign his
seat. With a copy of tills interview
In his hand.Met.ger strode up to Itob
eits. asked hlni if it was coriect und
made a disparaging lemaik. Kobeita
xlapped his coleagne, but before any
more blows, were stiuck the sergeant-at-arms
anoT friends intervenort
3oof Collapsed.
Indlaiispoiis lud., Maich 20. The
roof or llie.stieeiear hums collapsed
under the weight or Ihe heavy snow
fall. One tuuii was killed and sePial
were nerloul in lined, .lohn A. Dick
son, it luotornian. liitng at 402 West
Walnut !iret, a crushed beneath
tho ilnibuta lie whn denJ when
found. Louis Debuir, a sleainlUter.
was badly Unit bj bains eiusbed. The
others iecelve.1 minor lulurles.
Died of Hydrophobia.
Owlugsvllle, Kv., M iiroh 20. Geoige
Wells, 14, died of hydrophobln as u
ieult of beug hlttuii six years aso by
v mad dog. Wei's developed hydio
phobla lust week Wells Is the thlid
person who died fiom bites iutllcted by
the same dog. Ilniry Vaughn was
bitten beforo Wells, and developed by
drophobla, dying a few days latoi.
George McSlovens was lillteu and also
Succeeds Storer.
Washington, .Mai eh 20. The presi
dent sent to the senate tho nomina
tion of Cha.les S. Finncls of Tioy.
N. Y as ambassador to Austila-Huu-gaiy
to succeed Bellamy Stoier. Mr.
Francis' father was formeily ambas
sador to Austria.
A good servant
may be coiintoil
on to keep his
place If It I- it
pood one.
I'erhaps all uioii
were born "free
mid equitl, . but
domo seem u, lit
tle more so than
A doctor never umkes a pet of a
duck, He don't llko s tune.
When wo hnvo to gri ami bear It we
Just won't Kiln.
it Is sometimes u tiroblem how to
keep one's employer stood natured and
uot overwork.
two HIIIa Defeated,
Columbus. O., Mauli 21) -Two bllli
weie defeated lu the senate, one by
Mr. SnUmldt, oxeinptlag wltneiise.i In
leglslntlte Investigations ftom pro-i
edition where. Ilif-y give Incilinliiatlug
I'vldence, 17 to 11; nud the other by
Mr. Pollock, to aiuoitd ttic law lu ief-
erence to display of the ling on scliool
houses by adding penalty of $.
Tho senate passed the West senate
bill to provide for the relief of Nellie
Dullard, an utlendnnt at Die Toledo
Stale hospital, who was Injuiod by an
Inmate. Tho bill gives her $2,00(1
New. .senate lilll.c .Mr. Huffman, to
regulate the manufacture and sale of
renovated butter, Inquiring the Maine
to be labeled-; Mr. Waul, to define the
duties of county recordorr, forbiddlu;
them to nuke or allow any erasure or
change after document Is filed; Mi
Sites,, to provide for medical examina
tions and transcript of elimination
when youths are committed to Hoys'
Industrial scliool; Mr. Hose, to clinnso
minimum tax duplicate for special
sehoolilistiict from $100,000 to $,10,000.
Claims He Was Held as Slave.
Sandusky, O.. March 20. -- Roland
Freeman, 2:, of this city, bus Jus,
reached the states after it seilns of
terrible epei lencs ou the Florida
coast keys. He vms working In Jer
sey City wlieif he .ts lured by" the
offer of an employment agency to go
to woik ou tho Florida (Cast Const rail
way extension. With others, he says,
he was compelled to work and endure
gieat haidshlps under armed giurdn
nt Aniero Plttnuc. SoerHl w&e ago
with tevoial comrades he escaped ou
a ruft and filially landed in Cuba. The
federal authorities are investigating.
lie hA
If She iUi&Another.
"She's . iu-it a two faced thing."
"Dear me. Then I'd think she'd send
her face to the repair shop."
Iiypoeris.i begin- lu llliinion and ends
In dehiilou.
Philanthropy Is the condensed milk
of hiiinnn kindness.
He Must Tell About His
Part in the Graft.
To Pay Back All Graft
Money 1
Cincinnati. O.. M.m-h 21. Action
to recover the "ei.uuIMp.i" paid by
banks of Cliic!;.uati to the vailons
treasurers of Hamilton county will not
be necessary, ,-n tar n- concerned Ru
dolph K. Ilyulcku. John ,M. Gibson an 1
Tilde-i K. l-'ienuh. These gentlemen,
the Hi nt dire?M, iii i.tltnw ihiougk
their nHoniejh, haw h;nltle, to Conn
ty Iro.ejutor Hiram M. ItuUsuu iliai
tlioy stand it-.id Co r-pay to tlie coun
ty this money, s hlt-Ii."1 It Ua. been
claimed. Is pioped) of llii county.
Following ihe doclarailon of Tllileu
R. French thi he would pay to the
county the ainnuut It Is estimated he
received as "graluliy" from tho bunks
during his term u couni trea.iiirer ir
tho points decided thut ho was not en
titled to the money, .Mr. Fiench handed
to County Prosecutor Ktilisnu a cheek
for $;ir.,000. If Hie figures pioduceii
from tho bank books Indicate a larger
amount he ptoiulsed Ut pay the bal
ance. George It. Cos. the former Republi
can louder of thin p!ty, wn sub
poenned to appear befoie the grand
Jury hero.
Three Lives Extir-julthed.
Dayton, O.. March 21. Two nieu
wrro smothered In ihe inow and one
killed outilcttt in an accident ou ih
Dayton Tioy line near I'bambeis
burg Tim dead are: William I'uni
phrey, ::,.; Vlbuit Hrtuvut-, :, und Au
gust Nlcko'o, :iii, each rnairled and
residents of Tlppi-oauoe City, Miami
county. Tho lotlni wero employes
of tin traction ornupnuy and were op
erating a snow plow attached to. a fiat
car. While the car was running at
top speed it ran Into u cow and wont
over an embankment.
Almost uiiy .xniing foil villi gladly
embrace danger If It Is plotiiro-.ii.uo.
It appears to be the opinion of cer
tain gentlemen Unit tho reason for the
exhtouco of the S, A, Is that there
muy be II. 8. senators.
A woman must be willing to settle
down to a life work who inarrlfti a
man to reform hltu.
A bad habit W tytter when It Is
Tho Bankers of Cincinnati
Must Come Up.
Some Startling Revelation
Cincinnati, O, Maich 20. Former
Repioscntntivo D. It. Derrick icqiiost
ed the senate Investigating committee
to cl inse the recoid of his icstitnony
iusoLir as It made hlni sugge,t that
a letter tioir him to the county com
mlsslojieis i- legnrd to a turnpike sale
had been forged. Mr. Herrlck says:
"When you read to mo what purported
to be a letter signed by me offorlng to
sell the .Muddy Creek tiiinplke to tho
count at $:!,000 per mile, I testified
that I had no recollection of signing
the letter. I have since been shown a'
photographic copy of same, showing
my signature ami that of H. Herrlck,
secretary nf the company I now say
that both signal uies are genuine.."
County Prosecutor Hiram Rullsoo Is
sued subpoenas for all of the Cincin
nati bankers who hove had custody of
county funds to appear before thu
grand jury Wednesday and produce
their books The IxinKers are directed
to produce statements showing all de
posits and withdrawals of county
funds from their banks, with ai.-.ounts
nd dates .
Ice Men Indicted.
Toledo, t).. Match 20 The Mieoiat
business men'.-. gr..nd Juiy leturned in
dictments against five of I hit large-st
ice companies doi;u bn.sine.-i-. heie.
They are charged with -nt -i-Lijj int.i
a combination to advance th.s price ot
ten. Indlctmr-ul were also reimne.t
against the Virginia ltridge company,
the Hracl.ett ltridge company, the
West Virginia Urbko und Construe- r
Hon cornpany, the Newcastle Rrldgu
company and tho Masslllou Rrldge
company lor conspiracy to defraud the
count of money In construction ot
Nominatid Judge Smith.
Xenla. i).. Mtii-h 21. The Stxlh dis
trict We.piildle.'ui eiiiigres.sloual conven
tion. i..ti';d in opposition 10 that which
nominated C. U. Hildebrant lftt.1 week,
nomlntte.l Ju.l?e Hoiace L Smith by
Wain Circus PoIer.
It is not bccj.r.sP our eotiou goods ni-e
noi nil wool that the Chinese puivhns
ers are not standing on the shore strain
ing their slant eyes looking for the
ships bringing in a i-itntn of this stand
ard product.
It Is not that they will not wear so
long thai the. will be out of .;.,'.. jven
in a Chinese carmen I- the .style of
which never eluffige-. that the children
of the orient refuse to trade good mon
ey with a hole In It for them.
It Is because the Mylos arc too mod
est. Tin; ecunomU-nl Chinaman wants
a garmeut the .sight of which will give
him delirium tremens when he has not
the price of a drink.
If the Amei'li'.in maimfaeluivrs would
qnly pattern their gioil.s for the oriental
trade after Timothy WoodiufV'i vests
or.llmmle Hyde's whiskers (lie demand
would be so great that we couldu't get
ships ft) tu.iisiHUt it aud would have to
hire uitm to wade over and carry tire
Lenten Gray.
Brie has the Lenten splilt:
Her garb Is nil or ai-.S.
The bhaito's the inosl liccninlus
And .sweetest an nay.
Uejutllying Wellington.
There N a inovement- on foot by a
self appointed committee to iM'autlfy
the national capital, ll is not the pur
pose of (he promoters of this Idea to
cause two Washington monuments to
grow where there was but ono before,
hut lh( would like to see the slums
whitewashed und iu some way brought
up to date, so Unit thoy would comu
nearer udnrulug the twentieth century,
That may lie nil right for leformors
who only look ou the surface of things,
hut there are earnest people- In' this
country who If given an a and a com
mission to Improve Washington would
start In by ubolMilug tho t'nlted States
somite nud follow It up by scaring half
of the members of congress to death,
There may be some milder way to
do It, but you can't find the receipt in
any of the standard cookbooks.
People who
are always talk
ing about how
much they have
(o do generally
take It out In
It Is love that
in n k e s the
world go broke,
A straight
path Is html to
follow becnuso
nobody fits it.
r cii'xhii J
IwHUK If 101( - 1
lI!Srttta.'l ion mil, touH
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