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25th. Year, Number 13,
65th. Year, Number 30.J5
Circulation 3000. One Dollar Per Year.
The Only Democratic Paper in the County
Committee Reports Against
Waterworks Board.
Charged With Gross Mal
fesance In Office.
Some weeks ago, by resolution,
Councilinon Thurncss, Shaw and
Weldy were appointed aconuuitteo
to investigate the books and afT
of tlio Water Works Hoard of Lo
gan, ilnd on Tuesdny night sub
mitted their report ns follows:
To the Honorable Mayor nnd
Council of tlio Villngc of Logan:
Your Committee hcrc-to-fore ap
pointed, pursuant to a resolution
of tlio Council, employed an ex
pert bookkeeper, to wit, dipt, W.
M. Bowen, to investigate the books
and papers of the Board of Public
Affairs whoso statements nro' hero
to attached marked "Exhibit A"
and made a part of this report.
And we on information acquired
from said statements and other in
formation roport a8 follows:
First. That the hooks of the
Board of Public Affairs aro in a
vary unsatisfactory condition,
which is more definitely shown in
the staloniont hereto attached.
Second. Tlio management of
said Bonrd of Public Afl'nirn of the
Water Works is also in a very tm
satisfaoloiy condition, and should
be immediately remedied. There
is no superintendent of the Water
Works, excoptiug a mciiibor of
saiil Bonrd who acts as Mich,
which is unlawful. Wo believe it
would be economy and for the best
interests of the Village, for a sup
erintendent to be appointed who ia
capablo of keeping tlio books, col
lecting tlio water rents and keep
ing nil of tlio works in proper re
pair and efficiency.
We especially find on inquiry,
that the fire plugs are not being
boing eared for as thoy should bo.
That the taps are rusty, and such
force is required to be used in
opening them for use by unscrew
ing tho taps, that they are broken
off. Theso iiro plugB should be
kept in extra good ordor, so that
should a fire occur they would bo
ready for use without applying
such extra force. And wo further
find that tho present acting sup
erintendent has given but very
little attention to tho water work?,
if any at all.
Third. We dud that on the
22nd, day of March, J 005, euid
Board of Public Affairs, who then
being in session, were guilty of
gross ninlfeHnnce in this, that on
saiyi day, said Board unanimously
passed a resolution that tint mem
bers of said Board havo their water
rent freo during theit term of
office. Wo further find that sinco
tlio day of snid resolution, tho
books oC said Bornd do not show
that any of its inombors paid
wator rent to the Vitiligo.
Fourth. Tho records of the
Board do not show the numbers of
tho lots, nor tho owners of tho
same to which wator is furnished;
this tho records Bhonld by all
weans show, its very frequently
the property is occupied by ten
ants, who nro not responsible and
the Village loses the wator rent.
Owners whothor thoy occupy tlio
tho property or not are responsible
for tlio water rent as provided for
by law.
Fifth, Wo find that there is
inequality of charges for water
furnished in the saine grades and
especially of the different saloons,
and alBJ as to private hotios.
Sixth, Wo find that tho water
works jf properly managed would
be self sustaining, nnd. would re
quiro no extra appropriations from
'lIlA Vltthrrn no lins Itnnti tlm nnno
In tlia pnst, to HHHtntii it,
The premises considered, wo
rooommotid thnt tile tlio Mayor
proaocd ngnhiHt tlio members of
salil Board of Public Affairs ns
provided for In Section 11315 of the
ATiuiIolpnl Oodo.
Dramatic Club Organized.
The Logan Aiiinteur Dramatic
Club wub organized Inst Friday
evening at tho home of Miss Lillian
James, with a membership of elev
en, as follows: Misses Josophinc
England, Nolle Brny, Lillian
Jniiies, May Kirkor and Mary Jo
sephine Wright; and Messrs. Fred
Naile, Charles Smith, Orla Wright,
Emerson Poston, Joo Smith and
Arthur Murphy. Tho following
olllccrs wero elected: Mr. Mur
phy, acting manager; Mr. Naile,
stage manager; Miss .Ionics, secre
tary; Mr. Wright, treasurer.
Tho club will bold regular week
ly meetings for the purpose of dra
matic study and the privato .ren
dition of plays and sketches.
Thoro will, probably be n sligbt in
crease in membership.
Wes McClintock
Passes Away.
The Life of an Able Writer
Goes Out Quickly.
Defiance, Ohio, March 21.
Wesley If. McClintock, Socrotary
of tho State Board of Public
Works, an old newspaper man,
and one of tho best known politi
cians und political writers in Ohio,
died suddenly at his home here
this aftornoon from heart trouble.
ire wns past SO years af age.
Mr. McClintock got his experi
ence on tho old Ohio Stnto Jour
nal, and enme to this city 20 .years
ago. From that time until his np
pointmont to the Public Works
Board, ho was editor of the local
Republican Express, and is given
credit for nearly all tho Republi
can victories in this strong Demo
cratic county. He was the first
man who put William Kirtley's
name beforo tho public for mem
ber of the Board of Public Works,
and conducted his campaign after
his nomination when Mr. Kirtley
led who Republican ticket.
Mr McClintick has hoou sick
for two wooks with heart trouble,
but his condition was not consid
ered serious. He dismissed his
nurso yesterday and his demise
wns 'ory sutldon. lie leaves a
wife und three children.
A 1.00 an nov.
Wes McClintock was a Logan
boy,' and a Logan man. His fa
ther was a minister, and at his
donth tho family was renrod bore
in Logan. Mrs. F. M. McKay,
with her family, still lives in the
old homestead on Walnut street,
He started his nowspnpor unruor
hero-on tho old Sknti.ni:i,, in its
balmy days, later taking up the
newspaper work on tho Ohio State
Journal and tho Defiance Express.
Evory body liked Wes McClin
tock that know him. Always a
good, wholo soulod follow, Upon
his visits in Logan, it was a Joy to
talk with him, and exchange romi
uisoenoefi of Logan's early unique
olmraeters, Wos always saw tho
amusing sido to ovory hnpponing
and could relate them most enter
tainingly. His sudden death Is a
great shook to his sister and his
host of friends hero, Wo oxtond
our sincere sympathy to Bro. Mo
Kay and wife in this sudden and
deep hereavouiont.
Besides his wife and three
ehildron, he leaves two brothers,
Will McClintook, in Lnneastor,
and Dr, Frnnk McClintock, In
Nowoomo, Tenn,, and ono sister,
Mrs. F. M, McKay, in Logan, all
of whom wore called to Defliwico.
Tlio fuuoral took place in that
olty nt ono o'clook Tuesday.
Logan Gentlemen Have a
Warm Reoeptton.
And Came Out With Fly
ing Colors.
On Wednesday afternoon of last
week thore was some doings in
Murray City that did not smack
of sweetness for n few hours, and
some of our Logan heavy weights
were foremost in the inelco.
The story goes that some weeks
ago two Anti-Saloon detectives,
Brebury and Wein, of Columbus,
went to that town, and on Satur
day mixed around with the "boys"
some, and then on Sunday morn
ing coaxed George Van Sickle's
bar tender to sell them sonic whis
key, alledging that they were
sick. Thoy got the whiskey al
right and later filed affidavits
against the bar tender for selling
whiskey on Sunday, The case
came on for hearing bofore Mayor
Albnugh on Wednesday afternoon.
The detectives with Attorney
Doty, came down from Columbus
for the prosecution; Judge Wright
and II. E. Sparnon appearing for
the defense. When the follow
got off tho train at Miirrny (Jity a
goodly crowd of saloon attaches
woie awaiting their arrival, As
soon as tho gentleman alighted,
one John Ileavener smashed Detec
tivo Brebury in tlio face, and guns
wero Hashed, hut Marshnl Boyn
liain clubbed Ileavener out of the
game, and by the efforts of At
torney Sparnon pence was restored
and a riot, averted.
As J ud go Wright, 17. K. Spar
non and Prof. F. E. Pierpont, the
latter gentleman having chanced
to drop into that town, walked up
street, things wore quite boistrous.
Such sallies n, "who is that big
blnnkety blank," meaning Pier
pont; .iiid "Thero goes Ollie
Wright tho blnnkety blank; I'll
take a punch nt him for giving mo
six months in the work house."
All theso were such pleasant and
touching greetings that our Logan
friends wero more than amused.
At tho Mayor's ullico thero was
cortainly something doing and his
honor took ndvnntngo of his pre
rogative, and bound the accused
over to court, and cleared bis of
fice. Tho detectives escaped over
land to Glouster, nnd trouble set
tled down, but their is much feel
ing that the detectives acted in a
very wrongful manner.
The Logan contingent returned
snfely and all is pcaco again.
Thoy feel safor in Logan where
they are inoro coulially addreKRod.
Is thore any good reason why
Lieutenant (Sovornor Harris should
not act as governor of Ohio?
For mouths flovoninr Pnttuon
has been confined to his home by
illness and his privato secretary
Lowis Houolc, linn viitunlly been
governor of tho state, is this in
accord with the wishes of tho peo
ple of Ohio? Iiouok was tho
democratic candidate for lioutou
nut goyornnr at the recent election
nnd ho was defeated by Harris by
n pronounced majority, Youngs
town Telegram,
So you want tlio governor's of
fioo beforo the governor iH dond.
Well, you' will have to wait
awhile, Governor Pattison is not
dead yet and it ia to bo hoped that
ho has many yours before him of
comfortable, linppy life. The
above is about us brutal as any
thing we have ever seen in n news,
It was hoped and believed that
this legislative soaajnti would not
ho disgraced by n lobby such as
was noon In Columbus In tin days
of legislatures noted for their
overwhelming republican majori
ties, but HiIb week the salary
question is up for discussion, and
tho lobbying In behalf of the or
ganisations of county officials has
heen a disgrace to the oignniza
tlons and of such character as to
warrant tho voters in every county
in tlio stato in settling with of
ficials nt the first opportunity at
tho polls. The official bend of
every one interested in tho lobby
ought to come oil' at tho first
whack. Youngstown Vindicntor.
Amen to that. And tho most
astounding tiling about the lobby
is that it really had a lot of effect
with many legislators and showed
that they would very much like to
do the wrong thing if they daied
do so. Cleveland Recorder.
Mentioned for Congr ss.
ir.niionitcr Dainiirrnl.
Judge Wright and Colonel
Weldy, of Hocking county, have
both declared their intention to
becomo candidates for the Demo
cratic Congressional nomination
in this district.
Store and Dwellings Burn
With Heavy Loss.
South Perry, 0., Mch. 2ii Last
Friday evening between 5 and fi
o'clock South Perry was visited
with one of the most destructive
fires in its recent history. Tho
fire originated in tlio dwelling oc
cupied by Simon Steel and family
who were living in tho hotel build
ing formerly known as tho Valley
House in which was conducted,
until recent yeurs, a hotel for
about a half century. The lower
rooms, save one, have boon changed
and made into store apartments in
which the firm of Stool A- Note
stone conducted a gonernl mer
chandise liut-iiu'-i, the firm being
composed of Simon Steel and P.
W. Note&tono.
Tho upper lloor was used as
sleeping npartmints and sitting
rooms. It was in these rooms that
the fire started and it had gained
such headway when discovered
that it was impossible to extin
guish or even remove the contents
from tho rooms which contained
about nil the household goods.
Willing linndB arrived on the scene
in time to remove the greater part
of tho stock of goods, a portion of
which caught fire and wero de
stroyed after being removed from
tiie burning building nnd others
were damnged and broken in re
moving. Sovoral buildings wore
In danger of being burned, ono on
the oast about 30 feet !u which
was located tho barber shop of
Leroy luwr, but by constant use
of wator this was saved. Chris
topher Judy's resideueojust across
the street was in dire danger, but
escaped, tho paint being badly
blistered. Mr. Steel carried a
small Insurance on the house and
bai u of $100, and $1100 on the
stook of goods, fai below what
they weio worth. The goods that
wero saved wero moved into tho
vacant store room of .1, r. Weiivor
The future of tho llrni is not de
finitely known, The firm deserves
hympnthy in this disaster and es
pecially Mr. Steel and family who
nro loft homeless,
The firo fighters of this commu
nity wore there and, ns usual, did
splendid sorvico,
Mr. John T. Brnnuau,
uinblis was hi Logan
of Col
Tuesday aftornoon nnd night on business,
The Aiken Bill Becomes
Sensational Climax to
Bitter Contest.
On Tuesday afternoon the Ohio
Senate had up the Aiken Bill,
raising the Dow tax on saloons to
$1,000 per year. The galleries
were crowed nnd all Ohio seemed
to have their cars to ground
awaiting the result. Joe Miller,
for the saloons, had fought the
fight up to the minute, and now
the trying moment hud come,
Tiie Anti-saloon League officers
had refused to take any part in
the niattor becaiibe they do not be
lieve in the licensed saloon but
the church people everywhere
wore clamoring to have thu bill
pass to put out of busines the low
dives in the state.
When the vote was called all
breathless, the remilt being 18 to
IH, Senator Lawyer not voting.
Immediately, beforo the vote was
aiinouct'd Senator Beatly changed
his vole from "against" to for the
bill. Tliio carried the measure,
and Senators Berry and Laumaii
and others alio changed passing
tho bill by 213 to 13, and tho. 1:1.000
Dow Tux becomes a law.
It is claimed that at lonat one
half of the saloons of Ohio cannot
stand the pressure aiuT will have
to go out of biibiness. The church
people rejrice and the saloon men
wail. Such is life. Now your up
and now your down. Now you
see it and now you don't.
Have a Fair
It has been decided by the Ag
ricultural Board to repair tho old
fair ground and have a county
fair this year. The Commission
ers have granted the logal stipend
of .$000.00 to tho cnuse, together
with the state's per capita of .$ 180.
00, and .1300.00 in the Societies
treasury, n county fair seems aure.
D. Y. Wright and Frank Adcock,
members of the board seem to bo
pushing the thing along, and ure
receiving much encouragement
from tho farmers and business
men. It has been many years
since Hocking enjoyed a real live
county fair, and now let v.s nil get
together and give a long pull al
together for its success this year,
If you can't boost, don't knock.
A Public Statement.
Tho statement made by mo at
the Union meeting at tlio Proeby
tcrinn church on InstSundny even
ing, as evory body knows wero not
made from any porsonal know
ledge, but from information. Tho
information did not come from
superintendent, readier or any
other porsou officially connected
with tho school. I am now inform
ed, from what 1 consider reliable
sources, that my information was
not correct and am anxious to so
aUto to tlioso concerned in
1 wisli to thank the inombors
of the Senior class for tho lady
like and gentlemanly manner in
which they received a full erpls.
nation and apology from myself.
If the kindly spirit in which they
lt! which they conducted themselves
In my homo shnll continue their
success Is assured.
1 said nothing in matter but
with a view to thu public good, I
deeply regrtt if wrong has bei'ii
done, and especially if injustice
has been done to any person.
This card must not be construad
as in uny sense a coirmssIoii to
prevailing evil, but in the iuterejts
of those whose character should
be pi'OtiiiMl'd.
T. B. Wum
U. S. Court.
A meeting of the creditors of
the Hocking Mfg. Co. wim held
yesterday afternoon in the office
of E. D. Kicketts, U. S. Kol'orence
in Bankruptcy for the purpose of
proving claims and electing a
trustee. The total liabilities
amount to about -ISOOO. Mr.
Dugnn, of Columbus was chosen
Former Resident of South
Perry Suicides.
John Lindsay, u native of Fair
field county, and former tesideiit
of South IVrry, druwued himself
March 0th in a walur tank on hie
farm near Tuxcola, Illinois.
He was a brother of William
Lindsay, of South Perry, and Mrs.
Mary Stump, of Laurelvilie, and
visited hi relatives in this vlciui
ty last fall. Mr. Lindsay Wa) 7(5
years old and bui been in tailing
health all winter, anil recent (sor
rows in his family affected liim
Two week beforo !ii death it
became necessary to send his old
est son James, to a private sani
tarium in Indianapolis. For an
entile week, both day and night,
Mr. Lindsay had watched his urn
and during that time had taken
scarcely any rest. Awakoning in
thu night and finding her husband
gone, Mrs. Lindsay aroused the
family and a search was made.
About 3 o'clock in the morning
his body was found floating face
downward in the tunk nt the wind
mill, where ho was accustomed to
water his cattle.
Logan in Position to Bene
fit by Connections.
The Council of the City of Nd
sonville have passed an ordinance
granting a franchise to a traction
lino company, who propose to run
from Glouster to Nelsonville and
to Athens, It is said that parties
in this company are also largely
interested in the company tlmt
operates the line from Columbus
to Lancaster. - They sent a pros
pecting engineering crew through
Logan this week with a view to
laying out u route to connect the
two lines, and the crew upon being
interviewed say theie is no doubt
of the thirty miles between Lan
caster and Nolsonyille being con
nected up as soon as the Glouster
end Is completed.
Traction lines in Ohio nro bo
coming alnuiBt a thatch work over
the State, and a more favorable
'community could ant he lined
than this valley.
The Commissioners of Hocking
County have boon applied to for a
franchise to put trnotion rail ways
through this county, and tho mat
ter will come before thorn nt t hoi r
'next meeting,
received an i ti v tt n tton for an
terview, and I he genteel way
Governor Pattison Took
Decidedly Worse Friday.
Getting Better, But Not Out
of Danger.
It. has been a most trying time
in State official circles since Fri
day of last week because of the
sudden turn for t lie wortc of Gov
ernor Paulson's health on that
day. Friday night the Governor
was reported dead, but his great
vitality pulled him over the crisis
xl. d he lives on.
He has been nick since the in
auguration from exposure on that
day, and the collapse came last
week. The malndv seemed to tak
the form of ur.i'inic poisoning,
and the Governor's life has heen
dispaircd of for several days, but
seems now to be getting better,
though no positive encouragement
for his ultimate recovery in given
out by his physicians, it is but
hope agnitiHi hope that he may b
restored to health.
A Few More Kind Words.
1 t.niicniitur Rmis:k ,
The old HooKiNO Skntinj;i. has
been sold to the Logan Printing
and Publishing company and hns
been consolidated with the Dvmo
okat of that place and the two
publications will lie issued here-"
after as onr. Ex-Senator Virgil
C. Lowry is tlm President of the
nuw company and Mayor J. B.
llollisnu will wei'd ihe editorial
pen. Tho passing nwny of the
old Si,.vri,NH. and the retirement of
Col. Green 1'ioin the piofession
closes an important chapter in tho
history of Ohio .journalism. There
was no more quaint oi unique
character in the newspaper busi
ness than Col, Green, For thirty
fivo yoartf he occupied a position
peculiarly his own and his facile
pen was able to produce intelligent
and readable matter that found no
counterpart. Theie was but one
Green and his individuality peered,
out from every lino and syllnblo of
the paper over which lie long presi
ded. Ho was a Damocrat of the
old school and gave to the party
considerably more than he receiv
ed. Ho wrote fiom principle nnd
was content with the results, al
though others profited and benefit
e . by li is efforts. Although the
Skntini:i. is gone mid the aged ed
itor has retired the name of Green
will always nucupy n prominent
nich in the archives of the Fourth
tN I,iila::ion llimrlcl.t
A fuw weeks ago theOiiiiDi:o
okat was sold to the Logan Printing
nnd Publishing company of Logan.
Now McBroom the owner of tho
Hockini. Sr.NTiM'L has sold that
Journal to tho same company thus
consolidating the two papers.
This is a good thing for tho Demo
cratic party and also for the pub
lishers of tho two papers, ih there
never was room in Hocking county
for two Democratic papors. After
several years of experience thu
puhllshci no doubt ii'iiliinl this
lN'njrn(ioiinty IMiikk-iiiI.i
The Hooicisu Kkntimh. for thirty
three years a faithful exponent of
Democratic principles has been
sold to the Logan Printing nnd
Publishing company. The S!N
TtMii. and Ohio Di'.mooii.vt will b
merged into one publication by
tho now company now owning both
newspaper plants, Hero's success
to the new firm.
Mesdi-s. Harley Kuhu, Hiram
Mcnzlo, and Karl Mender, and
Qarl Hailing of Nelsonvllle, wer
Sunday visitors in Logan.
vfr&J& i
t ..,.
, j Asm Sh i ,"iuj.i

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