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Prance and Rare
and Tear Things
Generally In the Law
of Tliis-Greai Slate.!
Coliimljiis, 0 . March 28. The tints-Be
of rcpiCHontolvfiU passed the second
geitorul appropriation bill, wlilcli car
rlos nonrly six millions. The bill pro
vides, unions other important Items.
$200,001) ror statu ulil In inadniaklng.
This makes n total of ?350.0U0 Tor this
purposo"np)noprluteil by the prRnnnl
general assembly, the Hist bill uavlni;
carried 5150,000 For thn rutinls tbo
following Is pmvlded: Kur iiialiile
nuiicrxnnd repairs of Ilia At In ml and
Eric eapnl. nil of its onrniiinr. end bal
ance's;" for lubtilldfng the Miami and
Erie canal noitli of Dayton. $ru';0U0;
fun maintenance anil lopalis of tliu
oiithiirn. division of tlie Olilo canal,
all" of Its p'arnlhgH. anil balances mid
?20,000; for maintenance and repairs
(ir-flni'tibrrhoin division of the Ohio
Cannl, Clevnland to Diessdon, ami. the
Wullinndlng cnnal, all o'f Its earnings
and balances and $23,000: lccoiistiue
t(jiO"tabib"erft.,(llvlslon Ohio- canal,
Ole'far' t6 Dresden, balances and
rceJipts 'ami I'l'iiO.OOO; reconstruction
of southern division of Miami and Krle
cnnal. Dayton to Cincinnati, $15(i.W)U.
The house also passed I ho unauthor
ized anil authorized deficiency appro
priation bills and the "SVhitiiej; house
bill appropiIatiiiK $7.C72 for the ser
vices of Ohio Nulion'al (Ward in tbo
Springfield riots.
Under suspension of the rules the
senate passed the Horry hill providing
for tlie election, oiganl.ation and
manaconieni of the. proposed Lima
state hospital, which Is destined to bo
devoted to the care of the ciiininal in
sane. Tlie measure piovides for the
ttansfor lo Ihe Lima hospital of all la
Bane patients now hold in other state
hospitals who have developed homi
cidal tendencies, and for the removal
from the Ohio penitentiary and Maris
Held refonuatoiy of all convicts who
are Insane and have developed danger
ous tendencies.
Dow Tax Increased.
The senate. 2:5 lo IT,, passed the Aihln
bill Inci easing the Dow tax from $350
to $1,000 a year. The bill had tne
vlonsly boon passed by the house, and
it will become a law If signed by the
governor, or by constitutional limita
tion of 10 days without the Governor's
BlKiiatuio. Those who voted for the
bill were: Atwell. Ileatty, Berry, Boeh
mer, Brandt. Crist, Denman, Drake.
Duvall, Hypes, Kinsman, Lamb, Ira
nian, MuhalToy, Mather, Meek. Patter
Bon, llnthbmn, Hose, lliissell, Sues.
West, Wilitiiiis. Against: Allien.. (Jar
ter, flaynian, llnfiior. Harper, Howe.
Iliifl'man, Hunt, Pollock. Schmidt. Van
over, Wind, Senator Lawyer was ab
sent. Mr, Mock ofi'eied an amendment
providing that the Aikln bill should
not become elTccllvo until Ian. I, 11)07,
but It was defeated.
Under the provisions of the Alktn
bill the tax is placed at $1,000 a year
for a saloon. $1,000 n year for butter
ears of any railroad not having In ex
cess of 200 miles of dark within the
state; $1,500 for buffet cms or a rail
road laving ninio limn 200 miles of
track in the stale, and a penalty of 50
per cont whoro such railroad fails to
pay tin assessment when duo. Wheie
any person keeping a saloon falls lo
pay an assessment when due, the pen
alty shall be 20 per cent addition; ami
where any naloon keeper relusuH )
'furnish Inl'oi million required by the
auditor lelallve to lily placo of busi
ness, the lax shnll lie ilxed at. $1,500.
Wlfore oho has paid the lav of $1,000
muKdesires lo quit the business with
in thi) year following he shall be le
fuuilcd an amount propoitlotiatc to the
unexpired portion of 'tlie year for
widish hu has paid .the, tax, bur. In no
case shall the amount of tax retained
by the county be loss than $200. Set
tlements shall be made on tho fourth
Monday In.May'of.'.eaeh year.
More Warrants Out,
Pittsburg. Mnroh'2S. la Uio face-of
denials by government olllclnls, tuwas
learned from an nu'lhbiltntlvo sourcu
that warrants have bran Issued tor
four othor persons In connection with
tho collapae of the Enterprise National
bank last Octobur. These mo in addl
Hon to tho six poisons now under nr
roBt, Tho federal ofllelnls declare thai
tho anests nuide conclude the cilnil
nal jiiocoedlitgH for tho present, but It
was learned from aaojlier source 'that
the ofllclals will not admit the oxlnt
enco of the other tour warrants untl!
they huve beon served-
Oil Inquiry Ended.
Now Yoili, Match 28. Tho taking
of testimony In tills city In tho mister
proceedings of the state of Mlssouit
Bgiilnst the Standard Oil company wai
Completed. Atttorney General Iladley
requested Commissioner Sanborn to
Bend a signed copy of the testimony to
the Missouri supremo court- "That
testimony, with the coniuiIsBlauer't
cei Ideation attached," said Mr Ilad
ley, "Is the finish of tho eyldonco un
der this commission, and the piuceed
lugs aro euded."
Thirteen Sentenced to Death,
Chita. Bast Siberia, March 2S- A
tourtmartlut hero sentenced to death
13 postal officials who partlclpatoU lu
the icceuf. strike.
JA... . 'IM'-'liU '-J'-
Culuiubue, U , Match. 27 The house
passed Itepresentutlve Weill's hill
recommended by the Btate good roads
convention, It provides for the codi
fication of nil road laws, abolishes the
nfltao of road supervisor and the labor
tax, and substitutes superintendents
and a money lux.
Wild paused by Hie house! 11. 11,,
Mr, Kleiner, iitithoilzlux an Ineiotiao to
four mills by county oniiiiiilnslrihm.s
for geneinl purposed; II. II., Mr." Ko
Husky, atithorli'.lim: the appoltitineut by
village councils of a ruttldcul Justice
of the peace or other poison to act an
police Judge! II. H Mr. Metger, nil
thmizliiK village fioeholders lo pay
sidewalk asHessmcuts Into tho treas
ury without the formality of an ordi
nance for assessments; II. 11., Mr.
Pulue, to provide the manner lu which
a corporation may dispose of the stock
and aasets to another by requiring a
two-thirds vote and providing for the
protection of taiuoilty stockholders,
Representative Illllonknmp ottered
a resolution proposing to amend tlie
constitution so as to permit licensing
of saloons.
Attempts were made lu the house to
relieve the committees of the lOspy
ballot reform bill and the lux Inquis
itor repealer, hut the efforts failed. U
Is admitted these measures are dead
Mr. Stowart of Clark seeks to estab
llsh uniform service on Insurance com
panies In Ohio. His bill piovides that
service shall he had through the state
Insurnuce commissioner.
Mr. Little of Greene launched a hill
to abolish the state canal commission
and turn its effects, Including pending
litigation, over to the hoatd of public
works, which hoard shall have the au
thority the canal commission now has
to make leases and contracts, subject'
to tho approval of the governor. Mr.
LUtlo fathers another bill provid
ing that the chief engineer of the state
board of public works shnll havo au
thority to appoint his own assistants,
subject to the. approval of the board.
The resolution authorizing the put -chaso
of land for a state hospital at
Lima was adopted by the senate.
Senator Dcnmnu's resolution to ad
mit to soldiers' and sailors' homes
members of Ohio National Guard dis
abled while in service was passed by
the senate under suspension of the
Senator Espy offered a resolution to
extend thn time and jurisdiction of tho
Cincinnati Investigating committee or
a majority thereof until Jan. 13, 190S,
when a report must be submitted.
Neither Senator Sites nor Senator
Meek will sit with the Cincinnati In
vestigation committee unless that
committee is made bipartisan in mem
bership. Both made this positive
statement today. 12ach says ho uas
not changed his position In tho slight
est since the committee was appoint
ed. At that time they said they would
not serve because the committee mem
bership was not equally divided be
tween the two political paities.
Representative Yost of Monroe,
Democratic lloor leader of the house,
is ill of pneumonia at his home In
Dick In Line.
Columbus, O., March !J7. Senator
Charles Dick, In a foimal communica
tion to the senate and house, acknowl
edged the receipt of the O'Rourko ies
olutlou and declared ho was for Presi
dent Roosevelt's recommendation
anent railway uite legislation, and
would so state on the lloor of the Unit
ed States senate. No woid on tills
subject was received from Senator
Fo raker.
Kelfer Renominated.
Springfield, O., Match 27. Gcneinl
J. Warren Kelfer of Sprlnglleld was
renominated for coukitiss. Tho reso
lutions command his public services
and those of Roosevelt, Dick, and For
nicer, and pledge the support of the
district to his policy ror Ihe reduction
of the southern representation in con
gress. Bank Clerks Arrested.
Pittsburg, March 27. Five arrests
wore Hindu aa a result of the fatliuc of
the Kuterprlso Nutioual bank of Alle
gheny, which maidenly closed Its doors
last October following tht sensational
siilcldo of Its cashier, T. Lee Clark.
The arrests were made by federal ofll
cials, who took Into custody FoieBt 11,
Nichols, prlvatp secretary to William
11. Andrews; Charles Mi'iizomcr, (1. 11.
Halstou and Kdward P. McMillan, em
ployes of the lOuterpriso bank, ami
George K. Cook, an allegod pnrtner or
Cashier "Clurk lu several real estate
' Sarah Plays In Tent.
Dallas, Tex., Muich 27. -In Dallas,
for the llrtit time In her Ioiik career.
Mine. Sarah Uernhardt, the rauious
uctiess, plnyod lu a tent. Thu play
was "Ctimllle." Five thousand persona
witnessed the performance.
Negro Killed by Cop.
Cincinnati, 0 March 27. .lolm lias
berry, a negro, was shot and uiHtantly
hilled liy Policeman Jacob Sterley
after ho had seriously wounded his
wife and tdlghtly iujurod tho polico
man. Hnaborry wout to tlie house
where his wife, nolle Ilnsborry, was
employed as a domestic, and during a
quiu rel which followed Husborry shot
his wifo, tho bullet entorlnfj her right
aide. Ilnsborry rushod from tho house
and was mat by Policeman Sterley,
who was attracted by the shooting, A
pistol duel ousued between tho negro
and the policeman. After oxchnnglug
several shots Hauborry foil dead from
a bullet which entered his brain, po
liceman Steiloy was shot lu tho leg.
Jealousy Is said to have been tho
cause of the trouhlo between Ilnsborry
ami his wife.
Conductor Sloane III,
Lima, O., March 27. A. J. Sloano,
tho PopiiBylvunla yard conductor who
gave himself up to the police, declar
ing he had participated In a train rob
bery ut Galena, III., in 1809, has devel
oped a soi Ions case of cerebral spinal
meningitis and Is in a soml-cousclous
condition In the hospital. Tho polico
wl give the case close Investigation,
since It has been learned that a train
robbery luiowu as the "Tower rob
bery" was committed within 40 miles
of Galena in tho year stilted by Sloano
iu his confession.
Joint Committee Ad
journ Without
Mining Situation Looks
Vory Blue for Early
Mlneiu and Operators,
IiidliUiapulK linl. Match 2S. The
Joint scale committee of the bitumi
nous coal operating of Illinois, Indiana.
Ohio iiinl wnikteiii Pennsylvania te
poited a dl.sai.ieHiijfiit to the joint
conferd of the central I'Minpetltlve
illMili'l Hint the m.'illi-i wax at once
taken up liv tin- coiifi'iKiice The dls
cuisines and mgniiieNt. pieseiited by
the K'pieseiiltilht's of the inlnuis and
npcrtilois showed no change whatevet
In the nil iiiil ion, ami rhtablished the
lact that so fin us Indications can de
lei mine (he opposing sides Hie no
neiiiur a wage ngiocmciit than they
wen- lu Januniv. when the lnt con
foH'tire was held Tim present wage
scale will explie H.ituidny. and unlesi
mi ngiceiiient is ih.h:IipI before its ex
piration 225,001) miner la the four
status will be called fiom the mines
One Battleship to Cost. Exclusive ofi
Armor, Six Millions. j
Wiisliliigton. March 28 The house j
comiuilti'e on naval utTalia decided to j
ropoit a buildliic piosiain for new
ships In tho navy as follows: One bat
tleship, lo coht, oxrlusive or aimor and
armaments. $(i,0lin.i)00. the, ship to be
of the largest type, the tonnage to lm
detci mined by the secretary ot tbo
navy; three torpedo boat destroyers, to
cost 57r0.ono each, and $1,000,000 to
be expended by tho secietary of the
navy l'oi Milim-iilne boats. In his dis
cretion The nauil bill will cany a
total of Ju9.7."0.d00 The euneut law
aggiegates SlO::,(lflO,000
Debate In the Senate.
Washiimton. March 2S Mr Till
man and Mi. Mc.Ciimlx'r divided rhe
time of the etude's session, the North
Daknla senator dfvoiion himself to the
rnllioail rale ipiesllon i-vrlusively and
the South C.iinllna senator di.scussins
various ipii'slloas Ml 'lllliuaii made
especial Imniliv onceirunu Hie siatun
of his lesoliitlou rnlallvf lo ihe use ot
nailou.il bank' funds lu politics, and in
cidentally spoke or Ulstilcr Artomcy
Jerome's leceut utti'iaiici-h and of
Judye lliuuplui-v's decision in the beef
tiust cues, dei'lnrliiK In the latter
matter thai the decision against Kit
ntloiney seneiul had inuiely leaped
what he had sown Iu lh' case of for
mer Secielaiy Paul Muilnn Mr Fin
aker rleteuded .liulse lliuiiplney. and
Mr. Tillman deohiu'd that be lud not
meant to ariacl, the iudye. but rhe
law Mi Mi'lhiiiibHr picked Innumer
able Haws in rhe ial bill
Rebate Tiial.
Pbllailflpliiu, Muich 2S Membeis
of tin- III in of It 1) Wood & Company,
lion uiiiufactiii'rs with pl.uit. at
Floience. N .1, and Krnaii.s, Pa. were
placed on ulnl iu tlie l.'nil'.il States
couit here charsed with accepttue ie
bates lioni tin- (,'ieat Northmn Hall
way compuny and tliu .MuMial-Tinnsir. i
coiupunv nu .siiipments to Winnipeg.
The amount of lebutea was $1,230.27.
Indictments weio foiiml ugainsi Wel
ter. Stuait. Itlclintd and George Wood,
but at the opening ot court the indlC
menls mjiilnai thu luliei two were
(plashed The deferidunls If i.onvlcled
are liable to a line ot $20,000
Captain Acquitted
Fails., Muich 2.S -A couitmaitlnl at
Nautefa has acquitted dptaln Ciop,
who was charged with rrtuslii!; recent
ly. ou tho Kioiiud that his conscience
would not peiiuit him In do .so. to or
dor the men under his command to
captain bmi leaden elected bj Ihe con
Elevation of a chinch ar Nantes, where
the authorities weie attempting to
take un luventoiy Minister of Wur
Ktlennn, however hac dismissed Ciop
from the army and has announced his
Intention of louuovlng all the officer
of the garrison at Nantos owtns to
their sympathy with the dlsrnlsaeo
n nicer
Mother and Child Burn to Death.
Owlngsvlllo Ky.. March 28. A re
poit liom Piestonbiirg. Floyd county,
states that Mis Thomas Mm shall am!
tier four year-old chilli weio binned to
doath Mrs, Maibhall had gone to the
bam and left the child Iu the hou.vj.
During the absence of the mother tha
child's clothlmr caught lire and thb
was burned to death Mrs MiuliaU'i
clothlni; iKiiiied lu an attouipl .b snvo
the child uud she also wns iurno'1 ',o
death Mis Maishal'. was found Sy
her husband with the dead child ',a
her nuns
Rush of Emigrant.
Liverpool, Muich 2! The steamer
Carmenla. which sailed (oi New Yoik.
can led upward of 2,000 passpngoia. a
large propoitlon of whom weii cml
grants The laku Chjimplntu. leaving
about the same time, took 1,200 eml
Kiunts The stoumulilp couipiinles im
tlclputo an cnoinious rush of continen
tal emigrants for America iIiiiIuk tun
coming seasou.
American Robber.
Vlonna, Maich 28. The man who
gave his unme as Jamen Howard when
he was anested lu this city last No
vernber for robbing a depositor at the
teller' window of a haul; here admit
ted to tho Judge before whom he was
amrtsned hU Identity with Josopw
Klllorau. Uq AUiericu uosionicu nun
liasfc roblwr, ,
Llvi Intelligence of the Buckeye State.
Ohio Shlpuert Elect,
Coluinliu. O , Mnicn 28, At th an
niihl meeting of the Ohio Slilppets ax
aoclutlou VS A. Thoinas, piesldent of
th Kltit National bank of Nlies. was
elected president of the oiganUatlon,
succeeding W tf Thorna ut pilug
field. Vice prenlileiitn wele fleeted on
follows: C ll Prevent t, t'leveland
.latnen lleyuold, Maimlleld, H M Ay
en. fcanesvllle; J N Baldwin, Nile.
U. V. Hurlf.. SprtiiKllrld, William II.
0oik llayfou. tleoise 11. Ulngledy.
Youngtowti; H S Adams, LhllllcorhH.
and K A Ulsslnijer. Coliimbus The
Welti railway ihlppttn; bill. nrw be-
j fore the donate, waw Indouad.
Under Strch nd Secure Law.
Xenla. O. Mairh 2S t'uder orders
fiom Wllllmn lirennen. thb leiiiper
mice mayor, policemen, aimed with
warrants eworu out under the aeireJj
uud seizure law. luv&ded restauiaur
hoteU and othei places where liquor
might h concealed, xnd dravt weio
kept busy brfuulns the conrlar.ated
property to police headquarter 'Ihe
bllleois broke lb the door of . piiatf
club condiieied by pi eminent men of
the city and took possession of a iium
bet of bottles of heel which thfv are
tintilhig as evidence la the inuaef.il
tlonn lo be lllltde
Boys Dlsmlsstd.
aprlnglleld. O Miueli 2S .Wing
oil the HUggeatlon 'it menibeis of the
Jury and of oitl.eim, who petitioni"!
bliii in dismiss the boys round guilt v
of plolliliB Police Judge I .) Mllkt
fined ihe boy $1 and costs apd reinir
tt-tl both Judge Mlllei Hitid thei- was
nothing else for him lo do The IluM
tiehs and Industrial league, composed
of the belter class, of colored eitUer.s
hau adopted lesolntlons bifif-r!, Of
nounclng the whole proceeding
Governor Pattlaon'a Condition.
(olumbiiA. O.. Maich 2Sr iJoclois
K. .1 Wilson and O P Holt ar mid
nlKht Issued the lollowim; bulletin
f;ovornor Pattison has shown definite
sa j,, sirongtb and hopelul improve
nieut In other respects He will have
a sood night Temperature normal
pulse U2, respiration 22." It was re
potted early lu the evening tliar the
governor had had a serious I elapse,
but this was denied by tlie soveinoi's
Two Workmen Fatally Hurt.
Youngstowu, O., Miuuh 2S. William
Womley. j bi (delayer, was woi-Ulug
dote lo a shaft in the machine shop of
the Uessemei plant of the Ilfpublle
Iron and Steel company, when his
cloyiliin caught and he was drawn Into
it Patrick llyluud was working with
httn and tried to savi; him fiom heini;
whirled around (loth will die.
Bridge Agent Found Guilty.
Sandusky. O, March 2S. llemy
IJimhes or Piemont. O., tlie flist of n
Urldgf; agents ami corpomtions to be
tiled on a Joint indictment luturned
by the lOiic count v srund jiuy. cliars;
lnij! conspiracy in restrulnt of trade
coiitraiy to tlie pioisions of r lit- Val
entine antl-truut law. wai round guilty.
Lowlands Flooded,
Springfield. O, Maich 2.x Tines
inparo miles of the iowland ot il.o
city In tlie northern and eiielem en
tlons Is Hooded by rhe breaking 'if
Iluck cieel; fion. its DanUs 'I he water
filled Ihe cellars and in nrai.v oi th
houses tho tiisr lloor weio alio sui
ineiged. The water I falling.
Octogenarian Suicides.
Dayton. O, Maich 2! John Wood,
81, was fouud dead In bed with bin
throat cut. The colonel's veidlct wj.
suicide. The man lud been disap
pointed at, til' it-suit of illnes- and
had several times ihie.iiened s-tdf-dtj-structlou
Uesktes lii aged lte ae
leaves several chlldieu
Widow F:-.nd Dead.
JJowllui; Giei'ii U , Maich 2.
Mit Ameiu S o'iiwi . "t, n wealthy
widow, was. toiind de.id in h1! 3ed by
nelghboin, who toiceil an pi: trance
Into the boiiae lu hraidi for nei' She
win Inat seen Satin day. and appaieut
ly death occiui.ed that nmbi Death
waa i'.ik ti apoplexy
Plumbers Strike.
Cincinnati O March 2S. Two nun
died union pluii.lierH went on stilkc
hesw tot au incieiiM: of vwikos The
men dem iiid $21 u week, with Sutur
day atic-ii.uo.i off. v.'lth pay ThU la
au tuciea.se or ".' c -lits a dnv
Drawn Into Machlri.-ry.
Be'..'etontalne. O. Marcli iS John
Dennett, eneluuer oi tlie Vnu. Ciue
Cliiy woiku ut West MaiiHtleld, was
caufiht by the sloevi of hl coat la i
line atiatt uud can led ainund several
revo'.utloai to liU death
Mange Himself,
SandusKy. O., March iS. Jacob
ICurtz, 47. fonneily superintendent of
tho Aineilcnu Wine compuny'-' yluni
hero ooniinlttfd uulclde "sy hanglr.K.
Despondency over the toss af Ml pobt
tloa was the cuuse
Between the Cars.
Columbus. O . Maich SS Amo
Mitchell. 50 was tiilled while !ool;lns
ror woiU at street railway power
house Ho w,is caiiRlit lietwnen two
cars which wimb being switched.
Million Dollar Fire.
Johnstown, la March 2S.-Flie
damaged thu Immense plant of tint
Bwnnli Hurdsvare uomimny to the ox
tent ot one inllllpn dollars. A hi email
was killed by falllae walls.
Dead In the Woods,
"Wapakonetii, 0 Mutch 27,-Tuo
body of Kiwi llucholtx, n prouiiuont
citizen' and letlieil will owuor of St.
Muryu, 'Nvho has been nilssiiiB for three
weokn, was found In Uarrlntou'
wooda, Tho coioner is Investlb'atlug.
nucholtic had his quarterly pension
when he loft home anil murder and
robbery la wuspocted.
Conductor Killed,
ronton, O., Murch 27. Uoberc
Pratt, u f i eight conductor on the P. T.
Sc I., ou the luu from this place to
Jnclcuon, wait Instantly hilled by bo trie
uy UII x. & y. engine while
iKuaHuK for his own engine
IT uliwoi's nie teiiuireil ho will lit jiin Jo pel cent lower
We tjrirul leriTi to suit eaeli person.
i You are Suffering from any Disease, WeaKti j; cr Disabiiii.v
Why Not Consult Ti'dfj un tWrieHuiicail, liiluoiileil SiieolalKt, wlio Is tiionni'jhly
equipped with the uiiousiiiry appliances known to mode.n medical solenceV
It Will Pay You to Go 200 Miles to See Dr. Weisi
Olilft ExmiiltiliiKMidfliiiiHltliiK I'hyildmi o( t e Kri' Medlcid Iiitlllnit'. Pr. V-lit Mill .hi tautv or yciu and iiiiaiciwrfr. i nncii mid lu I In
(HORtlSr POSSIBLE lime una )uimr- Hi Un eliitrni'i It lie lad! utit) luila Uiluic, !ul tt HtflMTU leit toOU It JOU We nl all J.llaH.tlU.
I would rather oftect a cure of a difficult case than receive
a'.tC sum of money. I uellovo In "CUKING TO STAY CURED."
' 'liing Is PAID by ynu it nOIHr.u n tioin- for ;ou. RESUtTS COUNT
Only Two
Carnegie Endows a
iMone to be Used for the
Erection of Buildings.
i For the Maintenance of the Carnegie
I Technical Schools.
Plltsbuis. Maicli S'i it waa ju
nuuuceu in tlii.N city that Auiliew (Jar
uegle had kIvcii two million: ut dnllnis
lu addilioii to previciiib Kifls I'll the
luaiuti'iiaiio of tin- (J.iiui'iiic lflinl'-ul
I scIukiIs Tin; uitl w.i. uniilu IbiniiKli 'i
s.pt'Clal ciminiitli'i' of th' tnchnn'al
.scIkidIs wild iMlt:d Ml CumikI'' ut
Hot Splines, Va .Mr finneulf has
tiliondy hImju upwiiiils of n ruillion.
and this Intcht prulTei is in the n.iture
of Unllod States Stifl ,". pui cent
IioiuIh Xtuif of II N Ui ii' u.-cil for
Hie erection of Imlldliiss It i :i also
iiliiioiinied (hat Mr f'lirw'Bie '"
pressed u drslie lh.it the Maiw.ii"t
Mon lion Oiuneulu m-IiouI tin wonien
he touipli'lcd aa soon j-s inall)l! Hid
anxiiieil the i:i)ininlili'' that Ii ttouM
meet the expuii.su It l said i In- t''di
ideal sidiools will cost about J.l.ijnu.OOO
Two Livis Extinguished.
Wuely. O., March 27. .Mrs. Matll
W Stultx, 80. and her grandson, Ivy
Jones, l!, weio liuined to death In
thtdr home near t'tiiup puntultice. The
yiiuiiK nmn aiose about inldulhl uud
put mure fuel in the hentini,' stove and
returned to bed, uud tlie pipe later
became oorliuatod and sot lire to the
ceilliiK. Tho inmates woie not a wak
ened until the house boKUll to full iu
ou them.
Dynamiters Sent Up.
WnpaUouetu. ()., Match L7. lllley
Coltou and Pnik Wilitht. the two self
confessed ilyiiamlteis of the bulkhead
ot the (Jraiid reservoir, were sentenced
to 1(1 mouths each In ihe penitentiary.
Tho second trial ot Inane Sheeley, one
ot the aliened oonsplratois, was sot
for April 80, and the accused furnished
a now bond for $1,500,
Four Prisoners Cremated
Corslcnna. Te March IS A nesio
pilsnnei ut the county riiim two miles
from hero let (lie ; 'in coll tr. u
eftoit to escaiie The (lames ?ot oe-
! yoni! hiss eoutiol, and before the pris
oners could 'Jfl removed four weio
hui lied to death and a fifth was fatally
burned The nourn who itaitol Mio
1 flte .u amoiiss tho victims cremated
Domestic Tragedy
nravsll. Ir.il.. Maich 2i Thoiinu ,
Duuhlnus, a C V. 1 railw.iv tieish"
condiictot shot and lustant.y itille!
hU wife wi then turned th' weapon
on hliusell. endln!! 8 bullet thioush
hl lioait. Uylus liiitanlly They had
been supurutod for tliieo weeki Tha
couple haci beer, limn led 16 yenis uu.l
were the intents of four chlldieu.
Ohloan Confirmed.
'ashliiBton, Maich 27. The sonata
In executive session conlluued the
nomination if Frederick L. HrleUt nt
Ohio as consul at Huddei'Slleld, Hats-luud.
n 111 - ii i 1 1 - - i -i ni-r in - -t t --'
feX'tefetJJL' 'M.tuMn... Dr.
Hotel from 10 o.. m
April 16tii,
. to 5 p. in,
The France Medical Institute ff,,tt,l1!ftB,ia,S!
ItMl u- bait treuii aiktlng ujultf moirthly vlilU to the Hlueipl ciinri
Olilo. Oar long experience, reuikrkkble skill, ami great jutn-u enmi4 ui V,
lbs lull lonUdence ui ta tHlctt. Rf ERtflCf S-Beil HHt tlt l.Ulr.j di!,Hii
Mtn Cilwmbiii, Men and otiieu who neeJ trentmcnt, find out wrmt ii fsa,
Wbfuihe rent trouble l known tlmtltoDe lialf tin- cure. N'ot adollitoe&J frv
tld udUii you Mi atnolutelymUilW luem; f-iilculu tbi Dr fftl.t srill
krep lilt Mreeratut.
Throat, Lung, Nasal Diseases ISft,?JSK!npi!0"'
Heart, Blood and Skin Diseases JVemV: 1Mm"
Brain, Spinal and Nerve Diseases S?L"tJrTtl2u:
Kpiletisy, Kile. Neur!slB,Sctllc, itcndni'hei, leepl(!iueii, lHzlnut, Uralu,'
nd Nerroua Hxluiustlon, etc., uoceifully troted by niir nrtgliml method.
RliQinviof icm Our care for Rheunifttlim It tht rnoit lucwntul known
nilOUIfiaLlblll to medical icleuce.
Young and Middle-Aged Men SWMdtMfff,!'.
and .Nittoui Debility nay tall with confidence.
nieoacoc nf Wnman After yean of experience vm-hare dbror
iJlbCctStib UI VVUII1UI1 credthe greatest cure known fordljeasei
peculiar to the aex. Painful Menatruatlon, Sterility orHarreiilie, Lcucoirliirn,
1'rurlll", Ovnrinn and Fibroid Tumors in the early itagei, etp.. t09ltiely cured
by our method. Our treatment U perfectly harmlesii and eaflly Applied. Nu
humiliating expoaurc on examination. Try it, and you will exclaim lltr Inm
dradi of others : "Oh, I feel like a different woman."
Rupture and Varicocele XlZftttUAVJZ
lory. Be lure and comult ut before taking treatment elsewhere.
Kidney and Bladder Diseases ,B'iSKi.,oefH!:!S.,3:
der, Enlarged Proitate, Frequent and Jirlbnllng Urination. It mts no mor to
employ an expert lhau to rlilc jciur life with an Inexperienced ptilclku,
QtrintllPO '"' R" 'orm' "f dlt.nsf of the nrethltt and prolale Klnt
QLl llvtlll c curel by our Mrillratcd bougie, a method of treatment with
out pain or detention from buiincM.
Syphilis or Blood Poison Z ,T111,e,rot!er87aV.0l,riou
Not uccetsary to nttend expcnsHe ll.nil'ariun , Eli pltuN. or Health lie
orts;our medicines and trentmeiit cun Ir.- Iiiki - aid appilrd nt lionie. Ytt Ii
person ApplyinKforMediial'lrrjiniciit hi our Ma tliiRPl ileum or lit th t.uiiiK
ollke should bring from two p four mince of urine. i ii h will rerelve carful
I'he'iilcal and mlcroicoplcal exitMiiuntlou. rmmlMtin nnd I. ia::i, nation free
andstxit'tlv conflileutlal. No noiiirn publish l wl'hout written i'itieol
H0IHIN0 EtSE. Yougptsatl'fai'liuii. )niig.iiuredcr jouureOUT ItO M0K1Y.
New Skirts Arc but a Repetition
of Korraer Stylos.
.modish tiiki'.i: Pirci: srris.
Aili-iu'llt Kt'i'oi-illon I'lnlK-il Mud- ,
k,(. ' nl (. I'ttritNiilii Will lt- ll-lri-ltil
llilc I'iijiiiin Ai-f- l,owr
hikI 'ITIiiiiik-iI Willi l.i-ill.. -r llinvv
('iri'Uhir. itiired .nnl idaiti'd skirls
It .sei'iu.s aliiiusl alisiii'il to I'liuincral' '
these llitei' iimmU'Is lli.U for o loiitf a
lime have been popular. Then' are '
ebaunt's lo lie uhsi-rwil in ibc width
ut" plaits, in thi- iiiinilici- of ihe siori'
In tin- shape ol tin- .sl.irt ami iu I ,
sl,i' n! Iniiiliiiiii. but liii- iutt'i'iil
parfi art' tin sunn-
15.ii.ds .of sill, ,i ut 1 M-lvi-i, two nr
tluve liii'lu's wlili- ;n'i li In- t'ounil at
rilMisilso foiwi.T foVUIi.
Ui edae of iiiiiii) siuutiiliK sUirt mod
els, ami pipings, are Used down enrh
The new eiisliiueres are wuuderfiilly
pretiy. especially lu Itehl hluules. Tlie
iiiuieri.il Is line ami ery pliable, and
the surface Is mimellilut: like 5,'ood
liailly peail de Mile.
The lliiKerle parasols :in lovelier
than last year. All suris of hand work
I lavished iipuii Iheiii, but Iheie a e
beautil'iil examples with embroidered
dots. I'.iraseN of plain linen with
I'rliiKcil borders. Ihe linen Itself frine;eil
to make narrow bonier?, ami lalil ou
the Iriiuie iu overlappln;; lajei's. are
shown lu the Ikmi linen simps.
ui'i atlraellve are the accordion
plaited nmlliicct. of liberty .silk, with
deep lace collars. They full Ie Ihe
waht and are worn with a smart pet
ticoat or a silk dress skirt-
There are senilllltliiK dressliii: Jack
ets drawn in at the waist and back
with a saMi Hint lies iu front ami hart
Ioiik: ends edged wlili fringe.
The corset cover seen iu the cut Is
trimmed lu an original fashion with
cluny lace, (iroiips of tiny tucks ulve
tlie reillireil I'lllllieos,
A decided preference will be niiiiil
fesled ihls season for while parasols.
Melal uud Ivory hitntlles are In evi
dence on the more expensive klmU,
There Is a sunshade iu Mrs. Nicholas
J.oiiKwnrth'. trousseau that will be
much copied, 1 1 i a "star" parasol
designed by the bride and carried out
lu llliuy rows of gathered white chif
fon. Mniiy women will rejoice at luu till
liiKi that throe piece suits are to be in
voiftie this season. The wuIMh wo
with those suits are lliijterienft'alrs llirt
daintily lop the corselet skirts 'flier
Is a Jacket to match, hut lu most lit-
nw;niii'M i in gmf
Went, of The Kriitiee Ml,ci In
tfiati :tny other itrtti.
Next boor West of thn
In'er-L'rliitn I'm-" et-ion
-!.' .srj.:i.'".
i'i.sk oki. vsnui rnoi'K.
stam-es ii is sin-.'i :i diminutive affair
that 11 requires considerable iumtfiua
lum to feel sure thai it exists.
A siuuuiUK Ihree piece suit is uiado
of or. hid pink cloth. The circular skirt
has a tloitnco on the hultoui. and the
eo.it is iu Louis stjlc, wllh a deep col
lar -mil cull's, of roe el vet embroid
ered with sill. The bell Is of blacl:
snlnt ami the bodice of brussids net
and Irish poin( insertion, with louche
of pink chilli.
lhinirie-., muslins ami lawns ar
hUowu wllh half Inch satin strtpes, on
which appear little pompadour bou
qtiets in delicitte colors. These kowiis
will lie simply made with irlmiuluss
of vale.uclei ies l.u-e and s'rdlos of rib
liuu, dowered or plain.
The frock pictured is of orchid pink
orsa'tidie. 'Tlie skirt Is tilmiiied'ilmost
to the waist with alternate bands of
tucks nml lace. The evening; bodice
lias Its fullness tucked and bloused
over a deep girdle of pompadour rib
bon. Lace trims the decollete neck.
Humor and Philosophy
Haldheadeil men are y;ciiemlly 'u
credulous oi, otherwise there'd not bo
such a crop of hair nMorors on the
An Unbiased Judyo.
A nol'i!ss(ir in ii western univct'
hily one day while walking with
ii friend iu .Sun Francisco bocmnc in
volved in mi nrgiiinciit as lo which
wan the handsomer man of the two.
Not beinc uMu lo nrrivo at n sottle-
i intuit of the (iioitiun, tho ugreetl
j in a spirit of fun to leave it to the
decision of a C'hinumun who woi
I been apjiroacliint' llu'in, The nmt
Uer boing laid buforo him, the ori
, ciitul consitlcied long and carefully;
j thou he aiiiiQiuicrU in a tone of
i Jinnlity, "iloth urc worse."
Doctors and drue:irI.stH seem to liura
been creatctl to keep the rot of'uii
from acquiring wealth no uudileuljr.'i-'
t ,
I " .-
If She Hid Another.
"She's Just a two faced llilug."
j "Dear me. Then I'd think she'd fcu(l
Iter lace to Hie repair shoii.'"
- . - , - - ' -
&5SZ 4
&tg?k&m XtL tl.
3 reshAti&4i.-fe;-wteg
i J$&M1
. a, ..fcJJAifeAMi4w Jt !- , . l-...AbiLsJ&S2k

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