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Soldiers 0 Italy Who Mancuvtr Lltar.
ally Above the Clouds.
William 0. Fitz-Qcratd writes of
Hie Alpine soldiers of Italy! "All
these soldier mountaineers are craek
idiots, and it is dillloult to see how
ono of the forts held hy them amid
the great grunito bowlders and ter
rible pinnacles and ttpircs of the
Great St. Bernard could ever bo
forced by an enemy in the face of
these troopi, who would act as
scouts, crawling up precipices and
planting themselves on wild and
seemingly inaccessible! spots, whence
they would pour an invisible lire
which nothing could withstand.
These Alpine troops when scouting
or recontioitoring in the mountains
use a curious kind of rflle. rent, form
ed by three alpenstocks and one of
thc pillows they use at night when
hey sleep in the snow. For, strange
as it may seem, these men when biv
ouacking at great altitudes do not
trouble to put up tents, but merely
dig out caverns in the vast snow
drifts and line these with water
proof sheets and blankets and there
Bleep amid dreary Alpine desolations
as comfortably as though they were
'down on earth in a comfortable city
"The life of the men is magnifi
cently healthy and exhilarating, as
may bo seen by the bright eyes, rosy
cheeks and clear complexions of a
party of scouts that come glissading
like "lightning down the slopes of
frozen snow on their long curving
tskees, guided and supported by the
-alpenstock. The troops also carry
arctic sledges for the transport of
their wounded, and sometimes real
istic demonstrations are given, when
one or several men will lie at full
length on these sledges and be drag
ged or glissaded over glacier and
Of Sunday in the Swiss Alps: "It
is a fact that these troops maneuver
literally above the clouds, and there
is no more impressive spectacle than
'n Sundav morning service in some
little icy twos at !,000 or 10,000
feel, when" the chaplain of the regi
ment 1110u.it-; into a riide portable
pulpit, and discnnrM's In the assem-'
bled soldier-; who are shivering in
their furs even though it be .July or
August, The member.- of the band
play the hymns, which reverberate
through the awful desolations of
glacier and snow peak." Chicago
Andrew Lang Tells About a Clock and
j Letter.
Here is a real ctiruiu.s coincidence,
reported to me hy a trustworthy
friend, .My friend paid a iait, with
a companion, al-o known to me, to
a lady. On the cliimueypiece of the
drawing room was a black marble
dock, not going, and near it a small
round cIook in working order. Sud
denly a child of the lady of llio
house, standing on the hearth rug,
laid, ".Mother, the big clock" (the
lilauk marble clock) "is ticking.''
"Impossible!" said bis mother. "It
has not licked for many a month.
I broke the pendulum myself." Kv
ery one present then evamined the
marble clock, which was ticking
II way steadily, and the coincidence
was that it had taken up the time
correctly and was, in accord with the
small clock Ix'-iitl'e it. Xo one had
touched the black marble clock.
Of this coincidence I can only of
fer the explanation which must al
ready have occurred to every reader.
Somebody in the house must have
got the clock mender to im ml the
marble clock without informing the
lady of the hou,-e. The clock must
have been sel to the right time, and
neither the lady nor' her visitors
happened (o notice its ticking till it
was observed by the child on the
hearth rug. Jfl this view be dis
proved, thon there was a genuine
miracle a clock going, or ticking at
nil events, with a broken pendulum,
Such is the weaknos of human tes
timony that my friend does not tell
me whether the big clock's hands
were moving or whether it only
ticked. ,
I know nothing analogous to a
clock that licked without going ex
cept a queer story "f a letteu, which
is vouched for by thu signatures of
the persons who wrote the narrative
and who stuck lo it when cross ex
amined orally, They wore a brother
and sister, living together. Ono
evening a letter came to their house
directed to their care, but address
ed to a third person, who did not
live with them. The sister placed
the letter 011 the chimneypiece,
meaning to put on the proper ad
dress, Preseutly the letter begau
to lick like a watch and kept on
ticking. The brother came in and
heard the licking. They examined
the letter, could find no explana
tion and next morning carried the
htrango epistle to the person for
whom it was meant. The letter
proved to be extremely important,
though the envelope was not marked
''Jmmediato," like envelopes con
taining advertisements, Apparent
ly the letter, liko all matter, accord
ing to Uaeckel, was not destitute of
conscinusncbs and knew that it was
in a hurry. Of course, the black
marble clock may on these principles
have had not only consciousness, out
conscience, and suid to itself; "Let
me fulfill the purpose of my being,
Go I cannot without a pendulum,
but tick I can and will." None the
less the normal explanation seems
the better. Andrew T.ang in Illus
trated London New.
Thoy Ones Cauttd a Riot With Qrtit
Lot of Life In Spain.
lias not some one calculated that
a sixth part of the memoirs of St.
Simon in the original is occupied
with the controversy whether or not
the president ofr parliament should
wear his hat or put it on the desk
when performing vurious functions?
At length the matter was compro
mised. The Tiera-elat should wear
a chapcau rabatlu, which had the
slouched brim pinned up. This
childish quarrel was remembered,
no doubt, when I he slates general
met and the king harangued them.
His speech over, he put 011 his hat,
and the nobles'e did likewise, ac
cording to their privilege. The com
mons had no such iiluiin, but they
also clapped oti their chapeaux ra
battus, amid tierce protests from the
nobles. The revolution might have
begun that day with a scrimmage in
the king's presence had he not re
moved his own hat, when all, of
course, did the same.
But slouched hats had already
caused a riot in Spain, which lasted
so long and cosl so maily lives Unit
it might almost be termed a civil
war. This wa3 twenty years earlier.
Charles J 1 1, thought' them untidy.
He thought (he streets of his capital
untidy also ami denounced both
eyesores in an edict. Kvorv Span
iard henceforth must pin up his
Hopping brim, and every household
er of Madrid intit clean the street
opposite hi premises. Korthwilh
the people ro.-c. They were little in
terested comparatively in the street
cleaning, but they would die for
their hats. And a good many of
them did, but not unavenged. .More
than a week the fray lasted, but it
was thought remarkable by foreign
observers that at !.' p. 111. regularly
the soldiers piled arms, the furious
citizens withdrew and silence reign
ed for one hour. Both parlies were
enjoying the .-iesla except perhaps
the wounded. After that interval
they recommenced. The king lied,
and for the re-l of his life he never
iclurned to .Madrid willingly. In
fuel, il was understood lie designed
to make Seville the capital hence
forth and only gave up the project
when his ministers showed him what
a vast slim he had already spent on
the new palace. So mighty may bo
the inlluence of Hie hat in state af
fairs, finally the king compro
mised, lie withdrew, his edict so
fur as the realm at large wa con
cerned. Within the walls of .Mad
rid every man must wear his brim
pinned up, but outside he was at lib
erty to let it slouch. But the police
courts did not cease to be busy until
(he fashion changed. St. .lames'
The "Raco of the Zoophytes."
-Much of the superstition in poet
ry, says Andrew Wilson in the Lon
don Graphic, is due to the imperfec
tions of science. I'rabbe, for exam
ple, wrote of the Zoophytes that he
styled "'a race, which science, doubt
ing, knows not where to place." In
Crabbe's days at Aldborough he be
came familiar with the "'sea flowers"
with which the sea wrack was often
mixed. To him they represented
singular growths that were neither
animal nor vegetable. Yet even in
Crabbe's day the zoophytes were
known to represent colonies of ani
mals growing in the .strange verisi
militude of plants. At the very
least the poet committed no vital
error, for he knew Hie race '"involved
in sea wrack" was a living one, and
he duly commented on the difficulty
of science placing it in any category
of sutisfaotorv kind.
The Straightest Line,
The strangest thing in nature 'or
art is a ray of light when passing
through a medjum of uniform den
sity; hence the ee is enabled lo lest
the straighlne.-s of an edge or tube
by holding il a? nearly as possible
coincident with a ray of light, such
purls as depart from st might nes
then interceptingthe ray and caus
ing a shade to he cast upon other
parts. It i.- not known at what early
period in the historv of .mankind the
discovery was made that straighl
uess could be thus determined. II is
certain that thousands of mechanics
use Iho method daily without being
able to give a rational explanation
of it. This primitive mode of test
ing slraighlness, on account of its
great convenience and accuracy, is
likely io continue in use to the end
of the world.
"Pin Money,"
l'ins were unknown at the begin
ning of the .sixteenth century. Poor
people used a sort of wooden skewer,
while the rich used silver, hone or
boxwood, When pins ltn.1 came into
use they were so expensive that only
fashionable people could indulge in
them, and they were given as New
Year gifts and greatly appreciated.
It became customary at last for litis
bauds to give their wives the money
io buy them iuskaul, ami so the
term ''pin money," meaning an al
lowance for sinuil personal expenses.
A Natural Question.
The young hopeful had just re
turned from (he Sunday school ami
his mother was busy catechising him
on the afternoon's lesson, "You
know, mother," ho exclaimed, "I
don't believe Solomon was as rich
us they make out."
"But, darling," expostulate the
fond parent in pious horror, "you
know what the Bible-says?"
"Yes, I know it says 'Solomon
slept with his futhers,' If he were
so rich, why didu't be have a bed
r siL.Su.
l'relt Oi'IiiiiiiuiiIb 'I'luit ("mi lie Made
Out of the Sliolli.
'J'lic iict time .1111 lni a cocoa n Ut
Insteii'il of throwing away the liurd
I shell let It lie the nucleus of u set of
coeoniinl ware, for the ukI.v, hairy shell
limy lie coiiNcHeil into 11 beautifully
carved vase, ilrlukluu clip or Mower
bolder If you follow the directions glv
en below.
I The first nurullnii coiisIhIh of nornf."
ItiK off nil tln jiniwlui; lllior rrutn the
outside with U piece of broken kIush.
He Nine to work In the siinie direction
In which tlie Mtriiuds run.
After this outer rontln;; Is cleuretl
UWiiy t'o '.'iirefully over the same Hill'
face with your knife until It Is sym
metrical. Then 111I1 the surface to a
perfect smoothness with a piece of
sandpaper, wiping away all mi peril u
iiiim dust, liub beeswax or a candle
end over the surface and Into the nut
Willi the hands and a piece of old silk
(do not use woolly clolln. Continued
application results In a line iniilioKiiiiy
colored polMi. leaving the nut hard
mid very smooth.
Haw otf the lop of the thick end. You
limit tiMc your own JihIkniouL as to
how much Is to be removed, us that
will depend upon what you Intern! to
make -vase, drinking cup or flower
holder. Each .shape must govern the
amount to be taken off.
The sharp cilw of the bowl must be
cut oil' outside and In and I lieu sandpa
pered and polished with the beeswax.
Cut out the contents of the nut and
sandpaper the interim-; and at lust you
are ready lo display your skill us u
wood, or, rather, nut carver.
Take the end of a needle or the end
of a compass leg and .sketch out your
design on tin- polished outside surface,
or. If you are not expert with a pencil,
cut from some old nmi;:r.Ino an outline
picture which pleases you and paste it
011 the nut in the position you wish
your decoration to be. Now take u
sharp knife and cut throuab this pic
ture Into the nut, following the out
lilies of tlie picture.
As your lines arc bound to be more
or less wobbly on account of the round
surface you have to work 011. select
some design suggestive of Indian work,
as the Aztec style of decoration, as
shown In the drawing. This does not
require any very great art and Is very
When you have cut your design out,
you may beautify -it Mill more by
painting the parks hi low relief with
white, or, what Is betler. gold, paint,
mid tin? cup Is tlnlshed except for the
holder, which you may obtain for 11
few cents from any carpenter who
owns 11 wood turning lathe.
A .set of half a doen such pieces of
eoeoanut ware will more than repay
for the work reiptlreil in making It by
the attention it will attract us a beau
tiful and unique curiosity.
"l'ruitruin" uml "I'roumniiue."
Our boys and girls have noticed, of
course, that the dropping of the "me"
from flic word 'programme'' Is becom
ing more and more general. This is
not so much in obedience to the de
uiuiuls of the so called "phonetic re
form" as It Is a move toward uniformi
ty hi spelling words that have the ter
mination 'grain." The word cornea
regularly from the (Ireek "program
ma," and really should he pro
gramme," but' the ad vacates of the
sliorler form say that if we write "dla.
grain," "telegram," "epigram," etc., we
might as well write "program," es
pecially a a the il mt 1 "me'' Is not sound
ed. Hut you should not full Into the
Incorrect proiiiiiiclullou that ninny pen
pie are guilty of and say "pro-gruiii,"
The accent Is 011 ihe llr.st sj liable of
course, but the "gram" Is distinctly.
Hounded like "aiu." lCchange,
When a young limn :i In love It usual
ly breaks out In a quarrel wltli his father.
mPi .
11 u
Cures Chronic Constipation,
Stimulation Without Irritation.
OitiNo Laxiitivo Fruit. Syrup in a new
litxtitivo syrup I'ouibiiK'il with thu deli
.eimiH tluvor ol' fruits, and is very plwiri
iint lo luku. It will not griim or Kii'lum.
It is much moro pltmsniit mid dhn'tivK
lliuu lMlls, Tablets mid Saline "Waters,
as it does not derange tlio Stoiuai'h, or
irritate the Kidneys, Liver or liowuis.
Oaixo Laxative Fruit Syrup will posi
tively euro chronic constipation as it. re
stores the natural action ot' the intestinal
tract. Ordinary cathartics may give tem
porary relief hut the stomach is upset
and the bowels are irritated without any
permanent benolil having been derived,
JE80RT &
A Cat Story.
This is a true cut story. A eer
lain cat, much petted and adored,
is believed lo understand language,
he having repeatedly aeled upon
what was ntid'to him,' but he did far
more and belter. He obeyed literal
ly. The man of ihe house is a'great
hunter. Km Wives In shoulder bis
; gnu and bring down small game,
aim one morning wiieii ne was set
ting forth for snort his wife called
out, "If you will bring home a rab
bit I will make u pie." The cat sat
by. but mild iiolhing. A few hours
after, while the wife was busy with
her sewing, lite cat appeared by her
side earning a rabbit in his mouth,
and I hen, dropping the "game" be
side his mistress, began to sing and
purr like a tin kettle on the ilre.
Nothing will convince the friends
of this wonderful cat that he doesn't
understand all that is said in his
presence, and they are now really
afiaid lo mention a want, as the
dear fellow will think he must im
medialely gratify it, liko another
.Marquis of Caralias. loslon Her
ald. I
An Extraordinary Woman. '
Ilr. Aberncthy, the famous Scotch
surgeon, was a man of few words,
but once he met his match in a wo
man. She called at his ollicc in Ed
inburgh one day and showed u hand
badly iudanied and swollen, when
the following dialogue, opened by
the doctor, took place:
"Bruise." '
The nel day Ihe woman called
again, and the dialogue was as fol
lows :
".More poullico." 1
Two days later the woman made
another call, and this conversation
"Better "r"
"Wei!. I'ce?"
"Xotliiuir." exclaimed Ihe doctor.
''Most pcnsible woman I ever met."
A Phonetic Verdict.'
In Mitchell versus Com., 10(1 Ky.
CO'?, the jurv rendered the following
verdict: '"Wee the joury agree and
'ind tlie defendant guilty as charged
in the indite and se.-s his lined at
ino do lars I -an Cloii-c." On ob
jection to thi- us mi verdict the
court said, "We think it expresses,
though only phonetically, t'le inten
tion of the jury so that no one
could lie mistaken in regard to it."
The ruling ia eidently bused 011
Lewis Carroll's maxim. "Take eare
of the sounds and the -eiise will take
care of itself." Law Notes.
In what color should our frleiuUlilp
lie kept? In violet (inviolate).
Why N Iiullit Ink like a ciiiiiilnc; Hot.
leiitolV Iiecan-,e It Is a deep liluck,
Theie Is a 'veil known word In tlio
RnslNIi laiiyu.iKe. the two flrat lettciy
of which signify a male, the three tlit
u female. Ihe lour ilrt li grout ulliu
uml the whole a Kivat woman. He, her,
liero, heroine.
"MnrtfN tcrlileut,
"Now till in.' li jo'i cry. Murk,"
"I've hail an nciklciit," .solilied ilu
"Wlide are onr )iuIm-.h? Hcaile me!
What uiis mir acclik'iil, M.irle-'"
"I almost tumlili-ij down." slit- -nlil, v
"Anil vi-ry iie.ul litimpeil inv lieul!"
IVilu Hart aioae In St, Nicholas
Safe Economical
Convenient Efficient
0 Laxative Fruit Syrup
Pleasant to take and does not gripe or nauseate
The condition of the patient remains un
changed. The Stomach, Liver and liowels
liuvo not been stimulated and in a few
days a stronger purgative may have to be
taken. This is why I'ills and Aperient
Waters never give permanent relief.
Their violent lU'tiou results in an unnat
ural movement oft ho mwels and it is nec
essary to keep taking them indefinitely.
Why ORINO Is different.
Ouino Laxative Fruit syrup is the only
preparation that really acts upon all
tif the digestive organs. Other prepar
ations act upon tho lower bowel oi.ly and
do not touch the Liver. It can very read
ily be seen that a preparation that does
not act upon all of the digestive organs
Prepared only by FOLEY A CO,, Chicago, III,
2ZTMJEJLm'TiZ,'z XoailM, 03HC3CO,
IProbntf! Not itu
Notice U IhtoIu-given thin the following
itrrollliti ntut Voucher" liftve bi'Mi tllfll 111
llio "robMoOoilrt or Heel, din Count V, Ohio,
tor llrst mid mini -oil Icliieii' . Aitintiiln
lliieliminii) nittiitiiNlniinr or the oIHn or
fineotln I'lei'i;, ileciiteil, nlul Hie niniv, 111
eoiae on (or Tor lieiirlui! on the lllli ilnv
April A II. I (a in nl In o'clock 11 In, 01 soon
llicienfler us mih.v Ik . tmsriilrlil ,
MnroliiU, liv I'rolinle .llnlpe.
(- r i'vr .
"3-DKUPS" taken Internally, rids tlio blood
of the I'.olsonous matter and acids wblcu
nro tlie direct causes ot those diseases.
Applied externally It affords almost In
stant relief from imtD, while a permanent
cure Is belni: effected by purifying tbe
blood, dksnlTlnir the poisonous sub
itanco And removing It from tbo system.
Of Hrewton, Ga.. writes:
wltti Lumbftgo and Hluutfiatlcm In my armi
aud le(i,aitd tried all tba reuiedlei tbat I could
gather from medical works, and alno consulted
with a number of the best iit. Mclani, but found
notlilni? that u tbe relief obtained from
"I had bean a intferer for number of Yttrf
'a-imiH'3." I iltall preicrli.e It In ruy practice
iar roeumnmiQ ana iciuureu amaaei."
I Neuralela. Kldncv Trouble or anv kin
If you &ra suffering with Rheumatism.
dred disease, write to us for a trial bottle
of b-DKOPS." aDd test it yourself.
"5-OROPS" can be used any length of
time without acaulrlne a "drue habit."
as It Is entirely free ot opium, cocaine,
I alcohol, laudanum, and other similar
Large Hire llftttle, "5.UKOP8" (800 Doiei)
I SI.OO. Jb'or 8le by llruciliti.
vcpt. su, 4uv bane, nireot, uniongut
The Cincinnati Enquirer has just
issused a New Valuable up to date
Wall Chart of three Sheets (six pages)
eph a 8 inches wide, 36 inches long.
The first page shows an entirely
New Map of Ohio ; the most beautiful
and exact ever printed. In bringing
this Map up to date, all new towns
are located, all Electric and Traction
Railroads are shown, all Rural Mail
Routes, and portraits of all the
On o .hsr pages of this Magnificent
Chart are Maps of the United States
with portraits of all the Presidents.
Map of Panama showing Canal
zone, with data relative to the great
Ship Canal, now being built by the
United States, one of the greatest
enterprises ever attempted.
A topographical Map of the Russia
Japanese War district with data and
details of the two great Armies and
Navies, battle fields, etc., including
the last' Naval battle in the straits of
A map of the World, with Names
ofRul;rs. Coats of Arms. Flags of
all Nations. Steamship Routes, with
data and Statistics of great worth.
Other maps are the Philippine
Islands, Hawaii, Alaska and ortr
Rico, in all nine Jistinct maps.
An index will locate any point
jesired and is so simple a child can
understand it. The Chart is new,
correct and up to date, making it an
invaluable educator, indespensable
Tor the Home, School, Library, or
The selling price is $2.50, yet its
worth is many times greater. The
Enquirer Company is giving this
chart Free to subscribers of tht
weekly Enquirer who remit one dollar
for a years subscription or for a re
newal of old subscription. Agents car.
reap a rich harvest soliciting orders
for this grand offer. Address,
Cincinnati. Ohloi
Stomach and Liver Trouble
can not euro Chronic Constipation, Torpid
Lher, Indigestion, Sour Stomach, etc..
For Biliousness and SicK
Take Oki.no Laxative r-'ruit Syrup. It
sweetens the stomach, aids digestion and
act 4 as a gentle stimulant on the liver and
bowels itliout irritating these organs.
Clears the Complexion.
Ohi.no Laxative Fruit Syrup stimulates
tlio liver ami thoroughly cleanses the
system and clears the complexion of
pimples ami blotches, It is the best lax
ative for women and children as it is
mild ami pleasant, and does not gripe or
sicken, Refuse substitutes.
Take .ORINO Laxative Fruit
are not satisfied your money
Order of Sale.
Ity vlrtunof nil nlln nnlpr uf lln Prolnto
Court (if lliK'Kliiu t'filinty, Ohio, I will niter
rot-Palo m piilillcmu'lloii mi the
28th Day of April, 190G,
nf one iiVlne1' of ink! ilav, mi llin pfotill n't
tiHow iU-m'IIIihIi In Hiilli'i'oi'l. Tnwmlnii,
II. ...lili... ,1. ...,.,,. ,!.!.. .1... r..ll.... 1 1...
llr-k, ll(f , lrillll,, , win,,, III,' IIIIHItt lllll OH
H'Tllied reiil rnlfili, Klliuitfi III wild county
mid Hlntn, mid III the lowlnlilliof -nllprnil.
In will lli'llii! I tm cnol lut I T of ilio Month
West iillnrler ot nncllou tlilrtoen of said
towiiKlili, fiiiinty mid slutn and eotiliiluliii;
tH.i ulitliiy-llw iii'roil lliori' or leu.
AiiriiMcdiil KJ-'i.tio,
Tiirini nl "Mlo imhIii
Adiiilntili'ittor of tlie mtnte nf
Itnnry W. .Smith Docfiivd.
A Hull If M..llriMttii liil
0, Vt , ll,Vrllil
A nor ni-j 1 tor ,u muuium or.
MiircJi ;', 4-w.
Proliatft Notion
Notli'ii It lierehy ulwn Hint Mm follow I ne
ni'i'onnti mid vnuulinri Iiuvh liciin lllwl In
I li l'rvljiite Court of Harking I'otinty, Ohio,
forxt'i'und mul Until sottloiiluiil.Jolui U. An
iliirMon.KUnrdlnii otClioMnr A.Todd, limner
I, Todd, mid Itni'li.'l M. Todd, iiiIiiom, mid
Hie -mini' u 111 eriiui' on for lirmliiL'on Hip
1 lili ilny of April A. II. H). lit IlioVloeli n
111. or ui 101 11 tlicriiiirier ii limy liooonvunl
flit. r. I'. MjtHTt.V,
Mnrcli '.':', S I'lolmli'.ludm'.
Legal Notice.
SSIIIIiini KIIHliltlliT. TIioiiim- Klttmiillkr
Almoin Di'iil nuil fiiiuL ICIltMiillh-r who
resldo nl l,uul4lnu, Ne. I'iih'mi I'ouillv,
Idaho, will Hike iioilco Hint Myrtle (imio,
.IK iiduiliilttriilrlx of llm I'sliun of 1'itter
ICIIIimlller deeoifi'd, on the IL'lh ilnv of
Mmvli llimi, llleil lift- petition III tlio'l'inhnip
Court within and for hocoimt.v of HocUInc
mid siiiii or Ohio, nl IpkIhl," lint ilii'iiorsonnl
osliile of Mild dnepdont In iiisulllclciil 10 pnv
lili di'lils mid thn rlini'Ki's of iiitiuliiltti ru
lili ol in c : Hun he illci1 "iilcil In ri'it-slmpli'
ofthi! following leal cstiile illume In mid
county, mid unto mid In I tin VIIIhro of I o
Xmii, mid known uml ilen-rllii'd in follows,
to-wlt. llt'lni; In-lot Number el'.'ht hundred
mid nineteen ih'm of Hie IoIk r H'll.l vllhi'je
iisilmj nro coi.seeullviilv iiunilii'i-i'd. Tlnil
mid riuci'denl died lenvliiL' no widow I'litl
tlt led to dower In Mihl proiulvi'i.
Tlio prnver of "ild peilllou in for n mln nf
suld pi'i'inlsi'i, fire of dower, for l In pu
ini'iit ef HiiMleliti unci elmiKiii nfiire-nlil.
The perioui llril iilnuo inenlloned will
flirllim tiiliii 'notice lllnl Ihev hne been
iiuiiIk pnrlles di'feudmil lo mill peilllou
mid Hint tlie :uv required io answer llm
mi mo on or before the oili day of Mm A. H.
Hi l.
Ailnilnl.il imrU us nforeMild.
Mnrcli IS, l'Ofi. ilw
Legal Notice.
Mlclnicl Hliminon w Iiomi resldi'iu'ii Is uu
Iiiuiwii will liilie iioilco (lint i:.V. Siinner,
Adtiillilstinlor of llm esliile ot Hurlsm A.
Hlimui'iil, decease il, on I ho 2"', ilnv of hVli
rimry K'Uti, tiled lilipiilltlon In the I'rolmle
Court wldilii mid for the counl or llocl:
liiK, and Suite of Ohio, nllelu cllnil tlio
pcnoiuil oslnle of said deccdHiit Is iusiilll
clcnt In pay tier (lull's mid the clinntcsof nil
inlillslerlni.' her esliuit; lli"t slie died selcd
In foe-simple or llio follow I UK dL'scrlhed reiil
eslnle slliiale In suld 'Oiiuly, to-wll: lie
KlulilliK (it Hie IS'ottli fhist corner of f.ot No.
Ilii'ei) 'i,i of llm subdivision of Hecllon
1 went -elKhl i '.',, Mm 1 Township, lo which
point it snssufrns hIjl (Hi Inches In illnmntcr,
Imars norlh eleven unit one-linlf (II1..) de
Krensensl nlneoiie-linlf (ia U feet dlNlunceii
wliltn mil: iwcte (IV) IncheH In dlmnelei
hears north seventy-seven and one-lialf
.77'.. I decrees west nine (ft) feet nine l!l
lncncs thence sotiui on Section line el mil
luiiidiwj and tvent-sovcn is-.1;) feel lo ihe
soalli oast corner of I.ol .Vuinhrr Ibree (II),
io which n led oak twelve (l!I Inches in
dhiuicter, beiirs soulli sovcnly (.70) Uuicr. ei
casl seven (7) feel two i2) Inclies; Ihenee
vvo.-l eleven luindicd anil si ly (lliinj feel lo
tlio east line ol Hiec. II. V . ,v T. Ky.ilKlit of
wn.v linn lifliii! Ihlily i"H) feet oast of llm
civ ler ef said rlKlit of way north siiieitn
and oue-hiiif (Id'..' di'Ki'ncs wesl three luin-ilri-il
mul tweni-onn 'U.'li fcol ; thnuce
noil li eliilit and oiu-lialf '.S'ji dcgiecs west
two hundred mid Hili ty ulnn ('.' lo feel
lliunce noitli four I) duurnen west two hun
dred ntut nlnly-seviiu I'.Wl lent lo the noitli
linn of Mild l,n Number thnm (!l), thoucc
.'1st wlili snlil north Hue of said f.ot Num
ber three ( h i ine llioitsnnd three hundred
miu tvveuiy-four i l.'L'l) lent to the place of
liuKliiiiInc contalnliiK twenty-rnur nml
lliree-liiindredllis cm u-lwii iicres. Unit
Michael Shun nun. as wldo.cer of said dece
dent. Is entitled to dower In mikI pieinlsm.
The prayer ol ml I pelllbri Is for the assign
ment of Uowor to said Mleliael shuunon.
lor a siilo of said pr.inilsns, nubjeoi to such
dnwer estate, lor the payment of Iho debts
and din rues n fin Ksnld.
The pei'Miu tlrsi aliovn iiientloucd will
further lake notice Hint l.e lias been made a
pml.v di'leiiilant l" said petition mid thai he
Is required Innnswer the mum on or before
the li, day of April A. 1) l!iti.
i:. SV. SAN'NHIt,
l-'i-li. -.', lwni li-vv Aduihilalralnr,
as aforusald.
Notice to Teachers.
riic Hoard ol School Isv.-iiiiiiii-is ol lloek
ili!! County will meet m ihcHcboot IIiiIIiIiiik
lu 1. nt;. to, Oliln. al S:.li) a. in., on lliu l'llst
S.itunl.iv ol ouch iiionili, lor I lie examlne
tioa ol npiillciints loi Ti'aclicr'h Klumeiiinrv
Ccrllllcnii-s ana on Hie llrsl smurdiij ol
Sejitcinliei , IVi enilicl . .Maich ami .lone ho
Hie "Miniiictloii nl applicants loi 'I'e.iel el 's
IlltJli -cl.oul .mil Spccinl I.Vitlllcalcs i:.
ailllll:lllo-'s till pllplis ilCslrlllK locnter llljll
schools w HI be held on Hie Till id Halnnlil)
ol a i il mul I beSecoail Saiimltivoi .Mat
I. c S'liiiiuiiTiiN, I'rcsidcni
H i:. It hsii. i Mil k.
c N WiiiTi.. Vleol'rosiili ul
I.DUIIII tlnlo lVtll tl.ll 1'. Illll."i -It
Dr. LaFranco's
Compound! 0,vorJiZ7'"vo
Safe, Quick, Reliable Regulator
3iitrlnr lo oilier reineill.s aolil at IiIkIi prlcfd.
Cure KUirttiileeil, Slice. urullv uieil hj evor
'.'110,11110 Wuineu. l'rlce.'jS Uoiitn.ilriiK
Kill . or Ijy mall Teiitlaiuul.U uml bneklct free.
Dr. LliFruneo, I'lilludelplilu, 1,
Syrup and If you
will be refunded
He if t tiMMrrrltr .ti!at Tl V.
UIFhKS . . . fromK25t$lflO.UO
I'lflTOJ.fl . . front I! 00 to fiO UO
HH0T(1UN . . Horn 7 CO to Uu.OU
A.l J it ' W.'Mh lift t ! r f t4 1, I.tu4
on- r p , dt n 4K If u 1 .1 li i .!t.
m.inn t-- tiln, ' u t u I In it ,ti ., itu
illtf Urn r.w thir,', ; tt li 0 11 Miiitj
rzrfii, iij.rn ic tli if r fii ri-rii in tartly to
(Itllnpii e. . . tt f) 'U'
Out amati c httt ol r lin,imn Hhijjf h.II 1
ini art) nun- fr i rur. in .xt
I " II t i '
Culcopee Falls, Maaa., U. 8. A,
lui'lTi'i'l Ili'i' lll.ilil'.
JbiB JaWi
A M 1' M r SI
l.cnvn r.OBiui. u:;:n f fi:i,1 ' s:io
Air Ni'ImjiivIIIu 10:ii fi:l5 H:"n
An- Al lifiis lli::m 0:li 'J:ini
ArrMiirnivOlly Al;l!i mill . .
AitNuw l'lll-tliitri!ll::i:i it: 1 5 ....
A M A .M 1' Jl V Jt'
l.envf I.cijrnn 7;'.T ( U:.l"i -f-tliiri (Mil..
Arr MeArtliur N:'.'u lu:27 (1:11 lnwt
An- lliiinilcii . (lil.'i lOMS r:Ti U:lf
Arr Wi-lliioii ... n:.-)i) io:m :i.-, :w
AriMiiekson linsu l'J:"o 7:l." M!
Arr Oiilllpolls . . li'illl 7:SD ....
Arr ronieii'.v C'tir. HM ....
.SlKAI'ltVII.I.K l'.IHNt'lI.
A .M A M 1 M 1 M
r.fiivi) I.nKtili f I'M" -)u:4)
Arr N. Hlrnlts llio l(l:'.'3 ni.lil
Air rurhtiii Hill . . rt:S7
A .M I' .M I' it I M
I.onvt) Lnitiui 7:iHl ii:'A) i2:') .tfjlll
Arr Colinnliiii . fi;f,ii 2:iu (:an 7:.fi
Arr Mnrlmi . 10:1". ir:t r.flu :SU
Arr Tolt'dn i::iii (luir, ... i:3i)
Arr Clilciciio .. . ;,;-m 7;lt
Air D.'tidli .. i:-.'ii s:i(l ii:S5
Onllj. Unlly oxi'i'pt Hiimliiy
I Hiiiidiiv (July.
('. W hOllWKNICi:, Agent
I.ojciiii, O.
Keller HitililiiKj
Op. flcinpet IFoum'
opnfii: nouns !) tii !5
J'ald in Vasli ('itpititt ,$.-,0,000
C. K. KOWKN, President,
II. 1!. IIARHINOTON, Vice Pies.
F. MUADK I50WKN, Cashier.
Does n Oeiu'iiil blinking Husi
ness, Keeeives Deposits, Difieounts
Paper nml liuye and Sells Ex
change, npr U-ly Punk in Juines Ulook.
Fordiimntl P. Konijiel
Sole I'rojniotor
Individual Liability $100,000,
Dock a General Hanking and Gul
leuting Hiisiiiess.
Piniking HiKiniH P, O. Huilding
DR. C. F. APL1N,
Physician and Surgeon,
11ns it'i'i'iilly liiknii it Hpi'cliil.'i'nuraH
m IiiNlriu'iloii In illhi-nnch ui uiuiittii
Om'ioi: Opposite Operii House.
Telephone !)7.
PubiDUNci: .Mulberry street, one
half block north of HoeheHter
Ornoi: Ilomts 8 to JO a. in. and
2 to I, II to 8 p. in.
Win. V. ELsele
Dl.Al.KIl IN
(iranile and Marble iMoiiuiiieiils.
liiiie, L'oinent, Hock IMiih
ter, l'liifitoring Hair anil
IMiiHler ol' PiuiH
MAIrt H'l l.)ilhllil ItOI'IIKVI'lK'HMdllK
DR. M. il. CUEItlllNClTON
IMiNh;inn & Stii'irooii.
Ol'I'MUK-On .Main Hlii'nt,, llowlliy llulld.
Inn, nml lnOpont IIiiumi,
llulli 'I'lioni'a Nii.TK,
Oh-r'Ifil'J JIltTMtK 7 lo Hi ii. in. mul I tn8
p. Iil.ii nl ti In K p. in. Kl.liilur H to ID
it. III. n ulil toT) p. III.
KKHIllKNOi: llmitor Ntriu't, llul liouo
wt'Ml ol Hiirilm'lon Iti'slclum'.i. OIlUuu
I'liiiim No.7j Hull '1'lioiiuluul.
lili: OltlGINAL SCHOOL, liiitruc.
Iluu I'jr null Uilui.tnl o iH-ryuiiu.
lo-ioiinlji-il l.y iouii.unilixluctor.
iu. Ialu iui Hum ol. 'llni'a
ioui l'r?imrKtory,llu8luw, Col
lev, 1'irparct lor iiraciui!. Will
letter your eowllltoii mul urotixcu
III LuiliieM, biujfiitj mid vrailiittM
everyuiieie run
ltilkulit antl
peclitl offer

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