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25II1, Year, Number 15.
65th. Year, Number 49.
Circulation 3000. One Dollar Per Year.
The Only Democratic Paper in the County
lift v
A Business Grind of Much
Matters of Extended Cor
poration Line On.
Some interesting business! mut
ters came before the City Council
nt their regular session, Tuesday
oveuing. The reports of the May
or, Clerk, and Treasurer, for the
month of April, were submitted
and accepted. Tin Mayor'ft re
port showed $22 collected during
the month from city scales, finos,
peddler's license, etc. The books
of Treasurer Pullon give a total
balance, April 30, of $7973.00.
Solicitor Pettit presented two
ordinances, which wete introduced
by Mr. Thurness. The first pro
vided for the annexation of certain
outlying territory to the present
limits of the corporation, as do
scribed in these columns two weeks
ago. The other ordinance fixes
the number of officers, sularies,
and bonds, of members of the Fin-
Department. It provides tor a
Chief, at a salary of $50 por an
num, bond of $1300; Assistant
Chiof, no salary or bond; Steward,
$10 per annum, bond $100; and
not more than fifty volunteer mem
bers of the department, to serve
without salary. The Chief is
made ex-officer President of the
department, which will organize
on Jan. 1, of oach year by election
of ofllcers, subject to aj proval by
the Council. Both ordinances,
after their first reading were laid
over. (Secretary of Fire Depart
ment at $18.00 per year.)
Mr. Angle presented a resolu
tion providing for the employment
of Ed. Radebaugh to sprinkle and
sweep the paved stroots for the
next six months, nt the rate of
$130.83$ per month, including
water. Tho resolution was adopt
ed. Another resolution, intro
duced by Mr, Thurness was in
compliance with a request from
the Board of Health that a certifi
cate of indebtedness for $250 be
issued to enable tho board to pay
off cortain outstanding debts. On
motion of Col. Weldy the resolu
tion was passed.
Mr. Angle, of the Ways and
Means Committee, reported favor
I ably on a number of bills which
woro allowed. Tho bill of ex-Sanitary
Ollloor William Fiolds, re
ferred to the Committeo at the last
meeting, was also reported. It
was originally for $251.17, includ
ing fees for tho burial of doadoats
and dogs. The Board of Health
had previously made some reduc
tions in tho amount, and tho Com
mittee kept up tho good work.
The bill as reported is for $100,
all tho above mentioned fees, as
well as sums heretofore paid ns
salary to Mr. Fields, having been
out oil'. A bill of tho Columbus
Work House was returned for a
more definite statomont, and one
from tho same, to liognn County,
sent here by mistake, was also re
turned. After some debate, tho
bill of tho Citizens' Electric Light,
Company, for moving a light on
East Hunter Street, was finally al
lowed, The matter of serving notices to
puvo upon all dolinguonts in thin
respect cumo up, and was discussed
at length, It wus deoidod to pro
sent ti full list of thoso delinquents
at tho noxt meeting, and after
serving due notice, to have the
paving done for them if they will
not do it themselves.
Mr. Anglo reported that the
mud-holo in front of George Doish
Joy's resldsnco, Hanesvillo Road,
had been proporly repaired by tho
liogan Brick Mfg. Co., free of
Mr. Wcldy reported that the
doors for tho firo department have
come. Ho also stilted that the
Firo Committee was negotiating
for tiro sale of the (Iro-englnc,
which has not boon in use in Logan
for somo yoars. At his request
full power to act in the matter
was granted.
Tho subject of a local work
houso was discussed, and special
authority was given to tho Com
mittee on Public Property to pro
ceed us soon hb popsiblo in the
erection of such an institution.
The presont fund has $U09, which
may be dovoted to that use. Clerk
Grove reported the purojiaso of a
copy of the new Ellis Code for the
use of tho Counoil.
On motion of Col. Weldy, Mr.
Anglo was elected by acclamation
as president pro torn of tho Coun
oil for another year.
In answer to a resolution from
the Board of Health", requesting
Council to havo tho alleys of the
town cleaned, Mr. Thurness stat
ed that he is not disposed to call
out any help for such purpose, un
til the delinquents in the poll-tax
for laBt year are made to pay. It
was suggested that tho Mayor is
sue notice to all such for ten
days, and follow that by levy up
on any property whatever they
may possess. The appointment of
members of the Board of Health
was postponed.
Mr. Lanning informed the coun
cil that more complaints are being
received about the killing of trees
by escaping gas. The Side-Walk
Committee was instructed to noti
fy the gas companies to repair tho
In reply to a query from Mr.
Lanning as to whon suit will be
brought against the parties who
have drawn illegal salaries as offi
cers of the Water Works Board,
Mr. Pettit stated that suits would
be entored as soon ns the amounts
to be recoverod were ascertained.
Council then adjourned.
The Lost Is Found.
Joe Knistrick's "lost" property,
consisting of a draft for $1000,
was discovered last Saturday in
the room that gentleman formerly
occupied, at the Star Restaurant.
The draft was in an old pocket
book, behind a dresser. It was
this draft, and $50 in money, that
Miss Eva Smith was alloged by
Knistriok to have Btolen, as will be
remembered. Tho girl was bound
over to tho last regular grand jury,
who refused to return any indict
ment in the case. The draft was
placed in the hands of Marshal
Allen, and left by him, for the
owner, at tho National Bank. . No
monoy was in tho pockot-book.
Donahue for Judge.
Now Lexington, Ohio, April 28.
In tho person of tho Hon. Mau
rice II. Donahue of this city, tho
people of this circuit Judicial dis
trict havo undoubtedly one of tho
best Jurists in Ohio. During tho
first term on tho circuit bench
Judge Donahue has mado an envi
able record and will be honored by
his party with a ronomiuatlon
without opposition. Six years ago
he carried tho district by a major
ity of 5,000 and it is b-illovod that
ho will again claim victory by ns
largo if not larger majority than
that received before.
Judge Donahuo is welt qualified
in ovory roBpeot for this important
Judicial position and during his
term of office has passed upon
somo very important cases. Ho
has a strong personal following
throughout tho district and it ir
Increasing in number each day,
Ho is very popular among the
members of the bar and and last
fall tho Coshocton county bar
mentioned him for gubernatorial
The Doinoornts have not as yet
set a time and place for holding
the convention but it will likely
take place during tho early sum
The Republicans held their con
vention ut Newark on Tuesday and
nominated Judge E, E, Sailers, pf
New Philadelphia.
Most Glorious Victory in a
Literary Contest.
Bears Home to Logan the
Loving Cup.
The annual debating contest of
tho South-Central Ohio Oratorical
Association was held in Momorial
Hall at Circloville, last Friday
evening. While Logan did not
have the biggest representation
thore, tho quality seemed to bo
well up to tho standnrd. The
honors of the contest wore carried
by Miss Josephine Henderson the
jiiss josnriiiNi: iiwdukiox,
popular daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. P. Henderson, of this city.
Miss Henderson's subject was
"Children of the shadow," a vivid
and graphic portrayal of the great
and ominious evil of child labor
and child slavery. The Logan
delegation brought home with
them tho trophy of triumph, a .spirit shown in this event. Miss
handsome silyor loving-cup prcsen-1 Henderson received as a present
ted to the association by tho Everts j prize a aluable dictionary an np
High School, of Circleville, and propriate recognition of the effort
which becomes tho permanent I it icwnrdcd. Such contest as this
-iicr ir. t,
property of the school that wins
it twice.
An enthusiastic competition oc
curred in tho auditorium during
the progres of tho contest, between
the Logan and Clrclevillo high
idiool pupils. Logan's colors were,
elevated on a tall flshlng-pole, and
tho friendly rivals attacked It from
the gallory with another polo.
Finnlly Johnny Krieg wont out and,
bribed the janitor of (ho building
to lot lilm lower tho colors through
the ceiling of the room, and thore
they remained.
The othor spoakers and their
subjects were as follows; T, M,
Hill, of Chilllcothe, "Tho Awalc
eniiing of tho Civic Consoionco" ;
Don L, Tobin, of Lancaster, "A
Study in Growth"; L, A. Spencer,
of Now Loxingtpjii "A Dream";
Ann Ballard, of Washington C. II.,
"International Arbitration,"
JEsi 'Silk
About fifteen hundred person
woro present nb the contest. The
address of welcome was delivered
by Dill W. Mowery, president of
tho senior class or thn Circloville
High School. Tho Judges who
mado tho award wore; Professor
F. S. Fox and Rov. W. L. Sped
iiiiiii, of ColuniluiHf and Senator U.
S. Brnndl, of Cannl Winchester,
Logan was represented by nbout
eighty visitors. They included,
besides the pupils, Superintendent
and Mrs. Silvorthorn, Miaans
Kothnrine P.owlby, Evalino Har
rington, and MartJm Dollison,
Logan High School teachers; Dr.
and Mrs. C. O. Allen, Misses Ruth
Henderson and Josephin o England,
and Messrs Will Brooke, II. II.
Harrington, Orla Wright, and
Jnmes Dougherty. A Special
train mado the return trip from
Lanenster, arriving here about
enree ociock Saturday morning.
Tho inter-urban was used between
Lancaster and Circloville.
Some interesting field day exer.
ses also took place in the after
noon of Friday, between contest
ants from tho various cities men
tioned. Chillcothe took most of
tiik i.ovi.Nf; ore,
I the honois in these, A ..Ball 'amc
was played between tho Circloville
High School team and the Logan
Athletics, in which tho latter were
victorious, the score standing five
to four. Botli teaclioi'8 and pupils
of tho Logan school nre to be con
gratulated upon the progressive
I it icwnrdcd.
should not fail to awaken and sti
mulate to an infinite degree tho
emulation and local pride of tho
young people. We hope, with
them, that tho cup may not dopart
from Lognu. l'orhapa nover boforo
havo our people been so pioud of
our schools or enthusiastic In ap.
plauso at tho result of a litorary
contest. Tho town belongs to Miss
Josophluo and her school assool
ati's, and all praises to Superin
tendent Silvorthorn and his corps
of efficient instructors.
Miss .Toeanna Ohnnoy, of Mur
ray City, wos tho gueot of Mr. and
Mrs, M. G. Harbough, Saturday
and Sunday.
Miss Blanche Stroup visited
Miss Mario Shannon, at Mount
Carmol Hospital, ColumhuB, on
Walluped Logan's Busters
to a Frazzle.
That Was the Matter With
the Visiting Team.
Tho local team's percentage
wont down soycral, in tho gloomy
game of last Sunday. There were
a number of reasons, as there al
ways are, for this. The nrincipal
cause was the overwhelming supe
riority of the New Straitsvillo
boys as sluggers ; then they had a
twirlor, a young follow named
Riley, who is mighty promising.
The visiting team was somewhat
split up, and several of their men
wero playing out of position. Thoj'
won, though, because tliey hit the
ball oftener nnd harder, and made
fewer errors, than Logan.
Spencer, the first man up,
cracked the leuther with a long
two-bagger, and an error, a base
on balls, a single and some loose
play following, gave them two
runs for a starter. Tho batting
was merrily kept up all through
the game. Feveral pop Hies and
others that should have been gar
nered by Logan's field scored as
hits, and more of them thai should
have boon easily fielded went
through the opposition like a bull
et through a wall of schmearkase.
Sad, sad the -bitter tale! There
wero whole innings, however,
when Logan did not make any
errors. The tabulated score be
low speaks eloquently of what
might have been 'ind wasn't.
N. btrailsvfllcAii i: II io
Spencer, cf. . 0
Stobbs, 3b ... V
G randy, S3... 0
McDermott, lb 5
Willinms, 2b . 0
Daughcrty, If 3
Goodman, c . 55
Campbell, rf. . 3
Riley, p 3
Total .... 1!)
Camp, 2b . . 1
Allen, rf I
llyer, cf. .
Bunt,, ss
Reck, lb J? 2
Lytlo, IT !$ 2
Kleins'th, Jib. 1 0
Canty, o fl 1
Livingston, p. if 0
Total ....112 5
I 2
0 2
20 13
Stobbs out on bunt strikes.
Score by innings:
1 2 3 1 3 0 7 S !)
Straitsville2 2 1 0 0 3 2 0 313
Logan 0 3 0 0 0 0 10 1 5
Stolen bases: Campboll, Riloy,
Beek, Canty. Two-bneo hits:
Goodman (2), Spencer, Stobbs.
Sacrifice hits: Kleinsohmidt,
Livingston. Double plays: Camp
bell to McDermott; Camp to Beck.
Struck out : By Riloy, ten ; by
Livingston, three. Base on balls:
Off Riley, ono; fl' Livingston, one.
Wild pitch: Riloy, ono. Hit by
pitched bull : By Riley, ono ; by
Livingston, ono. Passed balls:
Goodman, throe. Umpire: Joe
Shorr. Timo: 2 lira. 10 in in,
Jakoy Kleinsohmidt, who hold
third for Logan in tho guwio, Ib a
promising young player. Ho has
a good head, and covers ground
woll. In Sunday's game ho had
eight ohancos, and no oriors.
Strange to say, he did tut havo an
assist to first during the entire
gamo. His near sacrifice, in the
second, gavo Logan their first run,
Livingston's sacrifice, just after
wards, scorod another, That was
the best playing on Logan's side
in tho game.
Stultz's pinch hits wero iniBsod
sorely at various times. The homo
taimi couldn't seem to get next
(o Riley at all. Riley pitched a
uniformly nico game, and certain
ly seems to havo the making of a
star In him. His -delivery is
graceful and easy, and though the
out drop was hh main dependence,
ho apparently had hli hatters
guessing most of tho time,
Camp was in good fielding form,
as his record shows. Like the
other boyn he failed to get his
batting oyo In working order until
late In the game, when In- picked
mil a good one. Ho was caught
off first in a double on Aliens fly
to right. Allen was in hard luck
all through; he hit the ball every
time he was up, but never mude
New Brick Plant,
Nclsonville, April 27. A new
brick and terra cotta factory is to
be erected in Nclsonville this sum
mer, bantord T. Henlield, bamuel
L. Douglas and Franklin Rubrecht
of Columbus, and Charles L. and
John C. Baird, of this city met
Saturday, April 21, and incorpo
rated the Hocking Valley Brick
and Terra Cotta Company of Col
umbus, capitalized at 300,000.
The corporation owns 200 acres of
land near this city close to the
Hocking Valley Railroad. They
will begin the work of building
tho brick plant 6oon and expect
to be in operation bv the latter
part of July. Tlrs plant will om
ploy 100 men. After this begins
operation the' expect to erect a
terra cotta plant to cost about
$"130,000, which will give employ
ment to 130 additional men. The
land owned by the company is un
derlaid witii a six foot vein of coal
and four veins of fire clay averag
ing about eight feet in thickness
and first-class quality.
This sounds like business far
Nel8onvilp. Employment for 130
men in addition to the present
number and a new traction line
promises a brilliant future for this
Sunday School Convention
The Falls Township Sunday
School Convention, held in the M.
K. Church of Logan, Inst Sunday,
wriH well attended, both afternoon
and evening. A number of inter
esting papcn and addresses wore
given, plentiful interpersed with
congregational and special singing.
The program was rendered as fol
lows :
Klr.-t hislnn -J:0J I. M.
Song Service . . OougruKiillon
I'inyer . . . Hov. J. !'. WllllimiH
Introductory .. I'roHliltfiu
Appointment ufCnmmlttciH
I'npor Hoiin-Kri'iit lU'filHuf tint llllilu
School . . .1. V.HtlvpiMiui
I'lipi'i- Young inun In tho Illhln Hchool
. W. I.Krioc
Swig . Congregation
OITci n a
I'ii por Whnt Hit ti'iiclierii gnln by teaching
1I.T. Bllvorthoniii
I'npor Tho lllbli) School nt u Soul w Inner
. . Orlrt 1'iiee
I'll por Tlii Huperliuenilent, Homo things ho
should unil somo tlilug bo should not
d . . .K,I Mnrtln
Hound Tahiti ... . . ir, (i. Hnnsel
r.vouingSi'iisioii "-.no i. m.
Song HiTVloii .. ISmlnuto-i
I'rnyer . Itov.T. II. Wlillu
Addiess-Thoiiliiisot the lllblo Hchool
.. lt. It, A. i'owell
Additixs The lllhlo Hchool in n vlimncler
builder Uev. t'.lt. Wllnou
ItnuiidTiihlu . II.lt. llurilugton
Tho ' officers, nominated by the
committee appointed for that pur
pose were; Prosident, E, P. Price;
Vice Presidont, Ora Price; Secre
tary, J. V. htiverson; Treasurer,
James Hall ; Primary Superintend
ent, Mrs. John Smith; Teachers,
Training Department, J. F. Har
den, The officers were eleoted by
acclamation. Mr. K. P. Price
President at both sessions.
At the close of the convention a
request was reeelvod from Enter
prise, through J. V. Stiverson, for
another convention, to bo held in
three months; and the following
committee was appointed to make
the neooessary arargomonts; II.
R. Harrington, II. G.Heneel, J, V,
Harden, James Hall, and J, V,
Fred Sherrnrd returned to Logan
Thursday evening, after visiting
his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Dan
Sherrard, of Fultoiiliani.
But Throe State Oflicors on
Ballot This Fall.
DECEMBER 31, 190?,
All Local Ofiices Will Be
The election changes will make
the state ticket this fall the small
est in the history of Ohio. There
will be no Mipremo judge elected,
but two will be elected next year
and two every year thereafter.
The officers to be elected this year
are secretary of state, diary and
food commissioner and member of
board of public works.
The terms of practically all
towmdiip and municipal officials
now in office have been arranged
bo as to terminate on December 31,
1007. The terms of all county of
ficials, whose successors would not
be elected this year, have been ar
ranged so that their successors
will be elected in the fall of 1908.
Hereafter all county officials, ex
cept probate judges, will be elect
ed for two years, and the probate
judges will be elected for four year
The rotnry plan of electing city
councilmen and county commis
sioners has boen abolished. In
1007 an entirely new city council
will be elected in each municipal
ity, nd the terms of all council
men will thereafter expire simul
taneously. One county commis
sioner will be elected in each
county in the fall of 1008. Every
two years thereafter, beginning in
the fall of 1010, three county com
mistioners will be elected and their
terms will be for two years and
expire simultaneously. T heir
terms nre now three years each.
The same is true of county audi
tors. Under the constitutional amend
ment bills the terms of all state
olllcials, except Supreme Judges
and members of the Board of Pub
lic Works will hereaftor be two
yiars. The terms cf Supremo
Judges will remain at six years,
two to bo elected each even num
bered year and the terms of mem
bers of the Board of Public Works
will be four years. The State
auditor's term, which is now four
years, has been changed to two
The terms of justicos of tho
peace will be four years, and the
same for polico judgos in munici
palities. The terms of all state
olllcials, except Supreme Judges,
members of tho Board of Public
WorkB, and those whoso successors
ure to be olected this year, have
beon extended to January 1, 1900,
Reward Offered.
Lost pockot-book between Paul
Fox's and depot on April 28. Con
tained between fifty and seventy
dollars, one-half dollar, (World's
Fair coin) and pockot-book con
tained two recoipts with my name
on. WM1 give good roward, Enoch
Strawn. Address IVmooiiat-Skn-tin
in., Logan, Ohio.
Notice to Hocking Sentinel
Subscription to tho Hocking
Sentinel is pnyablo to Lewis Green
and tho nocking Sentinel publish
ing company to date of and includ
ing issuo of February 8, 1000.
The accounts due must be paid
at once,
Subscriptions paid in advance
will be o-mtlnued by Dkjiooiiat
Si'.ntiniii. for the period paid,
Lkwis Gui-n;N,
Mrs, Minnie Arnold-Smoqk spent
Monday at Columbus,
. .. AK..
- s'W'mjJkAii
5 t "A.
. fyt.
A -
; &i.Ml.,
i- U&4 stexf-iF u
tMOvi -s si.. - flf" f rrttto ifih t

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