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Borts Big Wall Paper Sale.
Miss Noll Schwonke visited Iter
parents here Sunday.
Mr. Carl Ilartmann spent Sun
day mi Pomeroy.
Miss Helen Pond, of Somerset,
is visiting the Misses McCray.
Mr. Henry Kessler wae in Col
uuibiis on business, Inst Thursday.
Miss Florence Bright, of Obor
lin, is at home for tlio summer.
Miss Nellie Thomas, of Athens,
visited Mrs Win. Lay laBt week.
Mr. and Mr. Harry Shotwell, of
Columbus, spent Sunday in Logan.
Mrs. Jesse Cooloy tpent Sunday
with friends In Athens.
Mr. Paul Kber6t, of Columbus,
spent Saturday in Logan.
Mrs. liudolph Rempel spent last
week in Columbus, returning Sun
day night.
Mr. F. M. Stevens, of Nelson
ville, was a Logan visitor yester
day. ' -
Mr. and Mrs. George Tritsch
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Georgo Oulp, at Black Jack.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles MoLain,
of Haydenville, "visited in Logan,
Sunday afternoon.
Donald Strawn, of Athens, is
the guest of his grandfather, Mr.
Moses Strawn.
Berries, Fruit and Vegi
tables, fresh at Dollison
Mrs. Paul Fox is spending the
week with friends and relatives
at New StraitBVille.
Mr. Dan Sherrard of Fulton
ham, was a business visitor here
Monday and Tuesduy.
Miss Bessie Sullivan returned
on Saturday to Shawnee, after a
visit in Logan.
Mrs. Nick Ranck and four chil
dren, of Zanesville, aro making a
yisit with relatives here.
Mrs. Mary Clarke, of Lancaster,
visited Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Benudum over SundHy.
Dr. and Mrs. Weloh, of Nelson
ville, wero guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Ed. Tritsch, Sunday.
Mr. Arch Krlog, of Charleston,
West Virginia, viBitod relatives
hero over Sunday.
Mrs. L. J. Quinn and daughter,
Clara, are spending a -week with
relatives in Athena.
Messrs. Georgo Smith and Alex.
White were Sunday visitors in
Mr. E. R. Murphy, of Lancas
ter, was in Logan on business,
Mrs. Lovina Heinlein, of Orland,
is visiting her daughters, Mes
dames J. M.Bray and L. M, Hone.
Miss Nellie Lill'is visiting EJmer
Li II', her brother, in the countiy
near Logan,
Mrs. Ed. Sanderson, of Hills
ban, spent a few days last week
visiting relatives here,
Mr, Thomas Johnston, of Mo
Arthur, spent Monday with his
cousin No,llle Bray. Mr. Johnston
was on his way to Athens whoro
ho will attend the summer term at
,ho 0. U,
Miss Mattle Slatzer returned
homo Monday, after spending two
weoks with relatives in New
Mr. Deltnnr Sherrard, "heavy"
man for the Shockey Stock Com
pany, is sojourning in Logan this
Miss Ethel Roller, of Columbus,
is visiting her grandparents, Calvin
Hopkins and wife. She leaves
here soon for Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon William
son are guests of Mrs Williamson's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carey Bink
loy, of Adelphia.
Miss Ruth Henderson left on
Monday for a six weeks visit in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and
Miss Carmen Starkey, who has
been the guest of friends and rela
tives in Columbus for the past ten
days, returned home today.
Mr. Frank Myer and daughter
Mary, of Wanseola, Kentucky, vi
sited his father, Frank Myer, Sr.,
from Friday till Monday,
Good, fresh country But
ter at Dollison Bros Store.
Miss Mabel Blosser of Glen
view Heights, is spending a week
with Miss Lulu Sloan of Canal
Winchester. ,
Mrs. Thad Allen left Tuesday
morning for Westervillo, where
she will spond a week with friends
and relatives.
Miss Rcta Rossman and Mr.
Naile spent Sunday at the homo
of Mr. and Mrs. James Lehmnn
near Gore.
Miss Elizabeth Fismer, of Lan
caster, arrived here Tuesday for
a visit with her sistor, Mrs. Louisa
Work is expected to be resumed
in a week or two at the Snider
plant, whinh has been closed for
three weeks.
Mrs. T, J. Shannon and sons,
William and Joe, left yesterday
for a week's visit with relatives in
Mrs, John Bowon arrived homo
Thursday evening after an extend
ed visit with her sistor, Misa Eva
Hamilton, of Columbus.
MrB. Robert Fitzgorald, of Elk
Fork, is visiting her daughtorrs,
Mrs. I, I. Kiuser and Mrs. Bello
Martin, for a few weoks.
Mrs. J. M. Bray roturnod
Thursday ovening from a week's
visit with Mr. and Mrs. Bert
Hlggius, of Columbus.
Mrs. W. R, Naile was tho
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford
Brown, of Columbus, soveral days
this week.
Mrs, M. II. Oherrltgton visited
in Columbus last week, returning
Sunday evening with Dr. Cher
ringtou, who spout the day there.
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Misses Ruth Brooke and Louise
Bright aro spending this week in
Marysvillo, with Mrs. Frod Bright,
who leaves on July 4, to Join Mr.
Bright in England,
Miss Eva Nail returned home
Friday after a term at the Ohio
State University. Miss Nail has
been studying art thero, and has,
ehioo last December, completed the
third year work given ut tho institution.
It beats anything wo ever tried,
did you get your wants filled?
Good chances yet to buy your wall
paper at big reduction in price at
Bort it Co.
Big matinee races to be held at
Logan Fair Grounds on July 4th,
1900. Everybody come and en
joy a good timo. Music will be
furnished by the Bremen band.
J. W. Gabriel has a large
line of Fire Works, Paper
Baloons and Flags at
reasonable prices.
Messrs. W. II. McDonald and
Ed. Eborst moved their barber
shop, Tuesday, into tho room oc
cupied by J. C. Feather, the
Attorney Hurley M. Whitcrnft
has taken quarters in the building
occupied by Petones Candy Kitclt
en. His ofllces are located directly
over the new live and ten cent
LOST. Saturday 23, a silver! no
soven jewel Elgin watch, and brass
chain. Some where in Logan, on
road leading around about Water
Works, finder will leave at Brown's
livery barn andueceive reward.
Mr. John D. Gill and Mr. Claud
Buskirk, of McArthur, were tho
Sunday guests of Miss Nellio M.
Bray and Miss Minnio Eberst.
The four spent the day at Nelson
ville. Miss Lillian James returned
homo, Friday evening, after visit
ing Miss Lillie Wright, at Ohio
Wesleyan University, for two
weeks. Miss Wright is also at
home for the summer.
Roy. Chas. R. Wilson, of tho
Presbytennn Church, conducted
service at tho First Presbyterian
Church of Charleston, West
Virginia, Sundny. Rtsv. It. H.
Merrill, pastor of that church, oc
cupied the pulpit here.
The Matinoo Driving Club in
vites tho public to its first week,
at tho Fair Ground, on the after
noon of July 4. No admission
will be charged.
Direct trade with relia
ble farmers, insures fresh
products to the towns
people, Dollison Bros.
Messrs. John Till and Chns.
Ucker are dolegatos of the local
lodgo, Knights of St. John to tho
convention at Builulo this wook.
The local Ladies Auxiliary is rep
rosontod m tho convention by Miss
Joanna Noonau.
Mrs. Waldo Slaughter and In
fant daughter, of Chicago, arrived
here Sunday for a visit of two
weeks with Isaiah Voris and fam
ily. Mrs. Sluughtor will visit
relatives In Athens and elsewhere
after leaving hero.
A union mooting of the Metho
dist and Presbyterian Church is
announced for Sunday evening at
soven o'clock. At that hour Dr,
Edgar W. Work, of Colorado
Springs, will address the united
congregations. Dr. Work la a
former Logan boy and his remarks
will bo enjoyed.
Mastor Clarence Heino, sou of
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Homo, is seri
ously ill as a rosult of being struck
on the head by a rook last Sunday,
While returning from across the
river with the cows, a stone thrown
by a small boy at another accident
ally hit the neutral Clarence on
top of tho head, producing tt
severe concussion.
Miss Florence Snidor spent Sun
day with friends in Columbus.
Mrs. Eugene Wright visited
relatives and friends an Columbus
all of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Snider ire
guests of relatives in Marion,
Bince Saturday.
Miss Clara Quiun is spending
this week on a vacation in Athens,
Lancaster, and Crooksvillo.
Mrs. .7. F. Rohrer and children,
and Mrs. Ambrose Kessler visited
rolatives in Somerset several days
last week, returning on Friday.
The old Keller Building is be
ing torn away preparatory to
erecting the hnndsome new Am
brose Hotel.
Killed by Lightning.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Nail and
Mr. and Mrs. E, M. Brown went
to Columbus last Thursday to be
present at the funeral of their
nephew, Andrew Davidson. Mr.
Davidson, whoso home was at
Fredericktown, Missouri, was
struck by lightning jitld instantly
killed on Monday afternoon, June
18. The calamity occurred while
the young man was crossing a field
near his home, on an errand for
his father, George Davidson, who
is superintendent of the lead mines
at that place. A companion who
was with him had is right shoulder
dislocated by the bolt.
The remains wero brought
burial to Columbus, the former
homo of the young man, who was
but seventeen years old. Rev. N.
G. Good, of the Third Avenue M.
E. Church, conducted the funeral
services, Thursday afternoon, at
tho Chapel in Greonlawn Ceme
tery. Mrs. Davidson, mother of
tho deceased, was a daughter of
the late J. II. Brown.
Society Notes.
Crystal Springs.
Miss Charlotte Work, Miss
Sours, of Donvo", and Miss Lillie
Wright, accompanied by Messrs.
W. H. Strontz, Hubert Lappen
mid Fred Ambiose, spent a pleas
ant Sunday at Crystal Springs.
Big Six"
The Big Six was entortained
Saturduy ovening, at the homo of
Mrs. Bert Stedem, with dinner
and cards, In honor of Mi'H. Sted
em's anniversary. Mrs. Al Brooke
was tho nrize winner at euchre.
Among the guests were Mrs. Annn1Fl,rnaco' relumed home this week.
Jeffries and Mrs. Weloh,
of Nol-
Mrs, John F. White was hostess
of the Littlo Six, at ouohre, Fri
day ovening.
Valuable Property for Sale
Having purohasod the Dye faun
of li)0 in tho town of Logan, and
desiring to keop only about 20
acres same, will sell 110 aorcs in
cluding some bottom lai.d and all
of hill and ridge, part. Will sell us
u wholo on divido. Soil is produc
tive and farm is lu first class repair,
Would include at a low price all
of tho building now on front part
of farm, so that purchasers could
nU'ord to move samo, If sold soon
would include growing crops.
See S, A. Colllson, on farm, or
write mo at Buckhuniion, W. Va,
June 14, 4t, J. E, R. SINK,
After two mouths of idleness an
agreement has been reached be
tween the Ohio miners and oper
ators, and the .'15, 000 men involved
have been ordered back to work.
Operators in all districts of the
state will be resumed not later
than Wednesday.
In eastern Ohio the nonunion
men will give way to union work
er, according to the agreement.
It was signed by President John
II. Winder, on behalf of the "Stand
Pat" operators, and subsequently
by the olllcials of the Ohio miners,
Itjs agreed to pay an advance
of f 88 per cent on the mining and
day labor scale of wages of 1901'Ou.
This contract is to continue for
the period oeginning April 1, 1000,
and ending March 31, 1008.
It is agreed in consideration of
the Bigning of the contract that
local conditions, prices and rules
of tho Hocking (basing point of
Ohio) and other subdistricts shall
be taken up immediately in sub
district joint conventions for ad
Now that tho summer days have
for-fcomo and wheat is getting ripe
the farmers are busy repairing
their reapers to gather in the
golden grain.
Preaching at this place next
Sunday it half past two. Every
one invited.
Mrs. Martha Mnthias, of Enter
prise, has boon spending the past
week with her daughter, Mrs. T.
D. Trimmer.
Mr. Arthur Riggs, who has been
employed at Logan for the past
few months, has returned homo
where ho expects to spend tho
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Nimon and
son, Merrjll, of Center Chapel,
and Miss Floasio Goodwin, of Now
Plymouth, wero the Sundny guests
of Mr. T. D. Trimmer and family.
Mr. Potter Walker, of Logan,
spent Sunday with his parents, of
this pluce.
Miss Emmu Redick, who hns
been staying with her sistor, Mrs.
Sherman Zimmerman, at Union
Miss Bertha Heinlein is assist
ing Mrs. Martha West with house
work at presont writing,
Mr. Thomas Chilcoto, of Union
Furnaoo, spent Sunday with homo
Mr. Oscar Wharf, of Hue,
passed through this placo last
Mr. Wm, Mauk and wife spent
Sunday with Mrs, Malik's sister,
Mrs, Goorge Riggs, of Now Ply
mouth. Mrs, Frank Thurness, of Logan,
is the guest of her sister, Mrs,
William Grillltli,
Mr, W. J. RigKB made a busi
ness trip to Logan, Saturday,
Mrs. William Mat how, of Logan,
is the guest of her brother, Mr.
Hugh Spurrier,
Mr. and Mm, John Mauk spoilt
Saturday and Sunday in Logan
the guest of
their sou, Vernon
ISW Ml I m MM I iaSe 1 MMUmflt ftl - ST f
The most satisfactory school In alt Ohio. Hundreds of graduates In positions
show the results of careful training. Indorsed unanimously by Columbus citizens.
O 1 A Discount of 10 per cent, allowsd to the first
OUC CI 3.1 student enrolled from any town. Car fare paid.
Each and every student receives careful personal instruction. A faculty of ex
pert teachers. Remunerative positions secured for all graduates. Tuition reasonable.
Students may work for board while in attendance. Fall term opens Sept. 10, 1906.
Write today for free circulars. Inquiries cheerfully answered by letter. Address
J. E. JOINER, President, Empire Theatre Bldg., Columbus, O.
Chapel Ridge.
George Baruhart visited rela
tives in Logan from Friday till
John O'Harra, of WillianiBport,
was the gtieat of Tom O'Harra and
Mr, and Mrs. Ben O'Harra last
Mr. and Mrs. John Ilutten wore
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Barnhart, Sunday.
C. E. Lyons called on Adam
Schaal, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben O'Harrn were
at Chestnut Grove last Sunday.
Miss Ethel Starkey was the
gu .it of Miss May Ilutten, Sun
day. Mr. Thomas O'Harra was the
giest of Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Lyons, Sunday.
Tom Parish and children, of
Laurelville, weic the guests of Mr
and Mrs. .Jim Cain last Sunday
and Monday.
Mrs. Arch Williams and little
daughter, of Logan, after visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Williams the
past week, left Sunday to spend a
week with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Mark Hoey, near Locust
Mr. Wm. Riggs, of Fairview, at
tended church at Wesley Chapel,
Ben Davis, of Salt Creek, was
the guest of his brother, .Mm
Davis, last week.
Jim Williams and sister, Miss
Lillie, took supper with Mr. and
Mrs. Mark Hoey last Sunday.
Last Sunday night Uncle Georgo
Amerine caught a bad smelling
oat in a steel trap in the barn, he
had been helping hiuiBolf to young
chickens. On Wednesday night
they caught a weasel in the same
For Sale.
Good (J horso power steam en
gine aud new llue-holler. All in
llrst class condition. May be teen
running ut this odlco any day.
Reason for selling, will install gus
Foit Sai.k House and Lot, in
quire of J. J, Harwell, comer of
Second and Orchard streets, Lo
gan, Ohio. June 7 !! w
Not loo of Appointment;.
KnUto ot William Qulitlo.v decmiaod. The
tiiulurilml hint lieou iipp.iliiteci and quail
llrd ns AUinliiUtriitor of the Kstulo of
William Quality, lutu of HueLluif County,
iluei'iised, Dated tlili Ibth, day d( June A.
1), 11HU.
JunoiH, 8-w
Probate Notice
Notice Is hereby ulvon that the following
Accounts and Vouchers liavu been IlK'd lu
llio l'robiitu Oourt of Hooking County, Ohio,
for Hirst unci Fluul sttttlumiwit, Joseph
Youiik, tiunrdlan of Martha i: lluokman. a
minor (now of full ugv) and tho same will
come on for henrliiK on the II, day of July
A.U luoOnt 10 o'clock A. M., or a soott
thereafter as may be tonveiileut.
Juuu2l,!i-w Probate JttdKe-
Recovers from Attack of Indigestion
and Is at Work.
Hundred Shots Exchanged at Bradley
Mine Between Company Quarda and
Parties Who Fired on Negro Coeke.
Llngafeltcr Caae Qoee Over Ital
ians Clash Other Niws
Columbus, O., June 26. Acting Gov
ernor Harris was at his desk today,
feeling none the worse for tha
attack ot indigestion. The gorer
nor said he was not ready to an
nounce his secretary or to make other
appointments, aud It might be several
days yet before he decided upon tha
secretary. The only occasion for
hurry, he said, was the desire of Sec
retary Houck to be relieved, In order
that he might set away for the rest
I which he much needed. Governor
I Harris will receive the executive1
! committee of the Ohio Shippers' asso
I elation this week.
I The shippers will request that he ap
. point a shipper as one of the members
' of the state rallioad commission. They
will not recommend anybody to him
' unless asked to do so. it was became
1 Governor Pattluou requested it that
, the shippers recommended E. W.
SeedM of this city, secretary of the as
sociation, and O. V. Gothllu, traffic
manager of a cash register company
in Dayton. Senator Martin Dodge of
Cleveland Is here to see the governor
and Is said to want au appointment on
the-state railroad commission.
Shots Exchanged at Dillonvale.
Dlllouvale, O.. June 20. Troubla
was renewed lu the mining strike In
this vicinity when six negro cooks In
the employ of the United States Coal
company and escorted by guaids wer
fired on In a ravlue near the Bradley
mine. The company guards returned,
the (ire aud It Is estimated that prob
ably ouo hundred shots were fired.
Tha attack Is alleged to have been
made by strikers formerly employed
at the Uradley mine, and lu the fuatl
nde It is known that one company
guurd was seriously wounded and that
the wife of one of the guards was shot
lu the shoulder. Sheriff Vorhees baa
been summoned to take personal
charge, The names of the wounded
in the tight can not bo learned, but
they ar said to he torelguera. This la
tho first trouble that has occurred hera
since tho firing on the guards about
two weaks ago, which resulted la
troops being sont heie, but which wer
Inter withdrawn, Coming as the pres
ent trouble does, just preceding tbu
conference ot the miners and opera
tors at Wheeling, tho occurrence U
rogardod as particularly unfortunata.
Deal Blocked,
Cleveland, Juno 26. Announcement
was made that the deal for the uiergar
ot the Clevolaud Gaslight and Coke
company and the People's Gaa com
.iuuy Is off temporarily at lsaat. Presl-
dent Qroenough ot tho Cleveland Gaa-
llcht and Coke company said that legal
complications had arisen which pre,
vented a ratlneatlou of the lease' now,
The deal la uuderstood to lnvoIv
something oyer six million dollars,

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