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f Mj 'Vlfrn
Willow Valley.
Aug. 28. r n tu n new-comor.
However it sounds rather super
fluous to toll you iv fact you are
already mvaro of. It is one of the
most difficult things of my life to
present mysolf unannounced but
when I once put my hand to the
plow there is no turning buck, so
I ii m going to wade right in and
give you a few of the most impor
tant events which occasionally
take place in our valley.
As the first thing to be talked
about is usually the weather, will'
say we are having an abundance
of rain at the present time, and
that it is about twenty degrees
cooler than it was last week, for;
which we nre very thankful.
Messrs. Milton Davis and Grant
Ackcrmnn, of Van Wert, who at
tended the Hocking Reunion, were
pleasant visitors at the home of
Mrs. M. Wilson, of this place.
Mr. Davis is an old tinier of Hock
ing, but it was Mr. Ackerman's
first experience at hill climbing.
He visited at the famous Rock
House and Informed the writer he
would never forget the great rocks
and caves he saw there. After all
country people have lots to be
proud ot.
Mr. It. C. Wilson left today to
secure employment at the Cirele
ville canning factory,
Edd. Klinker, of Button Ridge,
was seen in our valley Sunday.
Atwood Lutz called on Wilson's
Tuesday evening:
Myrta Collison, who hns been
suffering from a bad attack of
typhoid fever, is no bettor at this
Dora, Lee and Stanley Wilson
weie pleasant visitors at the An
derson home last Sunday.
At about 7 o'clock last Sunday
evening Tommy Anderson was seen
looking in a despairing manner at
a great bank of clouds! Tommy
will tell you the rest, ha ! ha '
Jinrber F. D. Wilson called on
Lewis Krister, of Button Ridge,
Corn is looking fine in this sec
tion of the state.
Several from this neighborhood
attended the Logan Fair last week.
Well, will brir.g this poor at
tempt at literary work to a close.
Majf c ill again in the future if
some one don't put my eyes out
for scribbling this.
Au Revoih,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Young from
near Luhrig spent last Sunday
with Mr, aiid Mrs. WmJ Park?, of
this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Chus, Green, Sr.,
Rpent last Sunday and Monday at
Messrs, Chas. Morrison and
Pearl Gaskill, of McArthur, inudc
vifjite here last week. r
Mrs. Ballard, from Straitayille
was the guest of Mrs. James
FranciH last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilkinson,
Mr, and Mrs. Ohas. Green Sr.,nnd
Miss May Groon, of this place,
spent last Sunday in Athens.
Mr. lien Builey had business in
NelBonvlIlo Jast Thursday.
Mrs, Oliver Crawford, from Nel
Bonville, visited her parents Mr.
and Mrs, Henry Davis, of this
plaoe, last Sunday,
J, L. Blofeser, Mrs. Chas, Down
hour your uncle and better half
attended the funeral of Mrs, Walt
er Morrison at. Green Lawn Aug.
Mr. Grnver Francis was in e
BonvjJlo lust Saturday evening.
Mr. C, W. Bay, of this place,
had business iiuAthens last Sat
urday. (f I
Mr. andrs, Wilson Qreen spont
Inst Sunday at Gpre
Mr, (Jhas. flevpl, of SjW Run,
Wbb seen here last gably even
ing. 7LC5
Hr, John PMW&fug tola ojiiisW .
I KttfsojtvjlU W ,
1 1 .
Mr. Jacob Bartoo was called to
Glen Roy last Wednesday by the
death of his mother.
The four month old child of Mr.
and Mrs. Bert Shannon, of nenr
Nelsonvillo, was buried hero last
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Elmer C. Wharton moved
his family here last week they nro
among the best peoplo in Hocking
County and wo are glad to have
them come to our town. Mr. W.
will again Superintend our schools
ho was the Supt. lust year and
taught one of the best schools
we've hnd for years in addition to
being well versed in books ho
tenches morality which all teachers
should be compelled to do or else
revoke their certificate.
The stork got busy here last
week and loft a little girl at Mr.
Walter Crooks and one at the home
of Mr. John Dehnen, Jr. Mr.
Crooks itood the ordeal like a man
having been there before, but being
Mr. Dehnen's first lesson he got
almost beside himself nnd he
would smile and smile and smile
again, and when last soen he was
sitting in the shade of the old
apple treebinging: When the baby
cries away in the night, There's
no place like home, You'll hunt
the soothing syrup without any
light, There's no place like home.
Crochetf s Run.
The Meloncollc days nre liere
The boys will hove o fill.
And come to town nnd get some beer
Toiae the doctor bill.
Fred Grumer loaves today for
Lancaster, where he will be en
gaged in cutting corn.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Eisz, of Lo
gan, visited Solomon Bauer Sun
day. Andrew Helber and family were
the guests of his brother Samuel
Helber last Sunday.
Lawrence Fox and wife, of Lo
gan, have come out to the country
to breathe fresh air and hunt
What on earth has become of
lour neighbor, McCunesville. Have
you run out of stampB? Please give
us a line or two as they woro us
ually interesting. Jt is true we
have taken a long yacation our
selves but we will do better in the
Remember the Rural Route pic
nic at Frasures Grove Sept. 4th.
This should be a great day for the
patrons of No. 0, and neighbors
And we think it should be made
au annual festival.
Farmers of this section are get
ting ready for a large wheat har
vest next summer.
Frederick Ellinger, of Calico
Ridge, is visiting his uncle, Jacob
Ellinger, of this place.
Tho teachers and scholars are
getting rnndy for tho term of
school which in to begin Sept. 21.
Soveral new school books have
beon adopted by the Board and we
hope every parent will furnish
these for their olilldron, Don't
educate your boy from a book that
existed twenty-five years ngo.
The Texas Wonder.
Cures all Kidney, Bludder and
Rheumatic troubles', bold by ull
druggists, or two months treat
ment by mail, for $1, Dr. E, W,
Hall, 2020 Olive Street, St, Louis,
Mo. Send for testimonials,
July 10, '00, 1-yr.
All persons indebted to
the late Arm of Geo.Sohufer
Druggist, will take notice
that such Indebtedness
must be paid on or before
Wednesday, Sept. 5. Af
ter that date suit will be
intered for the collection
of all unpaid accounts by
process of law
F. A, KOPPE Assignee,
08ie: Ihf of Opera
Houitj BlocT,
Octopus, Sea Robin, 8ea Spider nd
Skate Uied For Food.
"The fish had n peculiar .but
ngrccnble task1' said a globe trot
ter. "Its ilesh wiib a little tough
and elastic. That, though, I didn't
mind. 1 i alitor like it, as ono likes
the elastic toughness of n clam,"
He was describing a dinner in
Romo. He went on :
' Tlrtimrt T eniM rt Hin n,nlln
'what kind of fl)li is this ?'
'"Fried octopus, sigiior Qorgio
answered calmly.
"I nto no more. Fried octopus!
Tho ideal I'd as soon lmvo eaten
fried rattlesnake.
"I found thut in Italy and in
southern Franco tho octopus makes
n popular dish. And after that,
tuking a deep interest in the Roman
fish stalls, I found on sale a number
of sea things that we consider harm
ful nnd disgusting.
"The sea robin, for instance. His
body is like a catfish's in shape. In
color it is speckled and ugly, frog
likn, brown and black. And it has
a pair of brown wings. Well, this
fish, which we always throw over
board, the Roman dealers get 3
cents upieco for.
"The 4ea spider. It looks like a
great spider, and it is covered with
black slime. You catch it when you
go crabbing, and, with a cry of dis
gust, you toss it overboard again
a round, black bod', from which n
doyen jointed, restless tentacles
ray. But the sea spider is a cher
ished dish in Italy.
"Do j'ou know the skate? A flat,
round body, with a long, slim tail
one side of the body white, and here
a grotesque parody of the human
face is seen two eyes, nose, mouth.
The skate is a horror to look at, and
nn American would as soon eat rat j
but in Italy big, pale skates are on
dale at every fish stall.
"You will not believe it, but it is
a fact that there arc even certain
types of jelly fish that tho Italians
eat." St. Louis Globe-Dcrnocrat.
Compulsory Archery.
Arebory was once a compulsory
exercise in every English parish aft
er Sunday church. "It is a worthy
game," preached Bishop Latimer, "a
wholesome kind of exercise and
much commended in physic." A
fine of a halfpenny for abstaining
fiom archery practice on Sunday
.vas enforced in Ednaul 1J i.'s reign,
and Henry VIII .'s ciack regiment,
the jpomen of the guard, was com
posed entirely of bowmen. Archery
flourished some time after the intro
duction of the hand gun, though
this had been used in England a9
early as 1171. This developed, in
James I.'s time, into the calner, so
called from the English misconcep
tion of an order to supply English
soldiers with guns of the same "cali
ber" as the French pattern, and the
longbow vas finally abandoned in
the civil wars.
The Story of a White Lie.
Is a white lie ever justified ? That
at least some people believe it has
no excuse is proved by the following
tale: An ancient rabbi came to a
city where all the people were truth
ful, married ono of tho inhabitants,
had tno children and prospers!.
One day a neighbor called when t' o
rabbi's wife was washing her hc.nl,
and the rabbi, going to the door, t "s
seized by false modesty and said
that she had gone out. Thereupon
both of his childron died, and, as
no one died in that city before
reaching old ago, tho neighbors
made inquiries, the rabbi confessed
what he had done and was ordered
to leave the city immediately.
Tho Benefit.
A well known medical man was
attending an old Irish woman who
lived in one of the poorer quartern
of Edinburgh. She had been ill, but
was convalescent, whan one day sho
said to the doctor:
"Will ye tell mo, docUr, dear,
for certain, whether I'll get well
again or no?"
"Oh, yes. I think jou'll be all
right soon now," was tho answer.
"I wanted to know for Bure, yo
see, doctor, because I'm a lone wom
an an' I subsciibo to a buryin' so
ciety, an' 1 just wished to know if
I was likely to bo gettin' any beno
fit out of jt or no." Strand Maga
zine. Olive Oil.
The bright and limpid appearance
of tho best olivo oil is secured by re
peatedly passing it through layers
of carded cotton wool as a filter,
The clarified oil of Italy is then, un
til bottled or sold in bulk, kopt in
cold storage in masonry tanks lined
with hard marble and covered.
Those who use much oil and have
a cold, dark place in which to keop
It find it economical to buy a good
brand of oil in gallon packages, It
can be drawn of! into quart or pint
bottles for convenient use and also
io that the large quantity may not
be exposod too frequently to the
ilr.New York Post. i
From Kentucky,
ChUaio, Sept. 6,A white haired
man, wbo gave his name an Samuel
Brownlag and hii residence as Keu
tuoky, created a disturbance among
the Bryan Tlsltors In the lobby of the
Auditorium annex by brandishing a
knife and demanding to see Mr. Bry
an The man had been about tho bo
te) noailjr all day and had several
times been asked to leave. At last
he tried to forco his way to Mr,
Bryan's apartments, shouting, "Stand
fcack or I will kslfe jwrae one " Kb
vu rrts by the house dotetlv
ad tm4 yr to tb poliw.
! FTf
Not Under Obligations to Surrender
Steniland to Uncle Sam.
Washington, Sopt 6. Thd" "statu de
partment Is without ndvlceB from Mr.
Ounimare, American minister to bio
rocco, who had beon cabled to ascer
tain whether the sultan would surren
der Paul StenBland, tiic fugitive bank
er, upon proof of guilt and In the ab
pence ot any extradition agreement
fhe Moioccdn goernniimt Is not 'Un
der any obligations to place Stensland
in the austody of this government. In
tho event Stcuslnnd should be surren
dered to nn authorized representative
of Iho United States, It would not bo
safe to bring tho banker to this coun
try ns a passenger on a merchant ves
sol. A merchantman probablj would
stop nt ports of Spain, Portugal nnd
franco, and In any one of those coun
tries Stensland might make demands
for protection on the ground that ho
was being taken to the United States
without warrant recognized by Inter
national law. The use of a warship
has beon stiggestod.
No Warship Handy.
Chicago, Sept. B. A telegram to
Governor Dencen from tho state de
partment nt Washington stated that
no "homing" waishlp was due by tho
way of tho Mediterranean for 40 or
CO days. The contents of tho message
were forwarded to Assistant State's
Attorney Barbour here. This compli
cation, according to Mr. Barbour, will
necessitate the sending of a man
from tho state's nttornoy's ofllce to
bring back the defaulting bank presi
dent, Paul Stensland, who is under ar
rest at Tangier, Morocco.
Thousand Motormen and Conductors
Landed In Frisco.
San Francisco, Sept. 5. A thousand
strong, the second contingent of Far
ley strike-breakers were landed In
this city. Unlike the first tralnload,
the majority of the new arrivals are
experienced motormen and conduc
tors, and tho few deserters from their
ranks say that they have come west
with a realization of conditions and
a determination to break the strike
at all hazards. Union pickets met the
men when they landed and maiched
beside them as they hurried south.
The strikers used what persuasion
they could to draw Individuals from
tho column and wero successful with
a number, who managed to escape
without Interference from the guards.
No attempt was made by the United
Railway company to run the cars.
The car men's union later voted to
go back to work and submit the ques
tion of wages and hours to arbitra
tion. This action was taken at a
mass meeting of the union. Before
becoming effective, however, It must
be latlfled by the seven affiliated
Train Left the Track.
Cheyonne, Wyo, Sept. 5. The
west-bound Los Angeles limited on
the Union Pacific railroad was derail
ed at Red Buttes, 40 miles west of
Cheyenne. The entire train, including
six coaches, left tha track and the
engine and baggage car turned over.
The fli eman, J. W. Cook, was badly
scalded. A tramp was Killed and an
other fatally Injured. The cause of
the accident is not known.
Italian Murdered.
New York, Sept. G. Tho body of an
Italian with a number of stab wounds
In tho neck and In oast was found in
a section of woods near Jamaica,
Long IsLind. There was no blgu of a
weapon and no traces of a struggle.
The police decided after a careful
study that the murder lesembled In
many respects the famous Barret
murder mystery and otheis that have
followed it.
Missing Launch Found.
Sandusky, O., Sept. 4. The naph
tha launch Adeline, which was report
ed as missing with more than a scoro
of persons on board, reached her dock
heie iu safoty. The launch went hard
aground ou the sandbar near John
son's Island and remained In that po
sition until found by one of the nu
merous boats sent out In search of
PDHE Knowing what It was to suf
rllim fer, 1 will give FIU3E OF
CIIAIJGE, to any afflicted a positive
cure for Eceina, Salt Ilhoum, Ery
sipelas, Piles and Skin Diseases. In
stand lellef. Don't suitor longer,
wrlto V. W. WILLIAMS, 400 Manhat
tan Ae. New Yoik. Enclpso Stamp.
If so, why not have those patient,
loiijr suffering eyes attended toV
Will soon be here, the tltno whon
jou will want to enjoy with comfort
your papers, books and other reading
If notV Why notV A pair of our
perfectly fitted glasses will make
reading and sowing a pleasure and
help jou to enjoy thowinterovenlngs.
Don't delay. If you come to Col
umbus during the fair don't go back
without letting us examine your eyes.
If glasses are not needed we will be
pleased to tell jou the facts about
them. We make no 'charge for ex
amination or consultation, and guar
antee a perfect fit.
Manufacturing & Refracting Optician
Itoom&, NJcholas Block, 101 J-a
N. High Street, over Kerbys
IQo Store,
Catarrh and Catarrhal
Diseases Make In
valids or More
Women Than AU
Other Ailments Com
bined. Considers Pe-ru-na the Best Medicine
In the World,
Mrs. W. J. Bryanton, 210 Sherman
itreet, Dennison, Ohio, writes
"1 followed the directions you kindly
gave me and now 1 find mysolf entirely
cured. I Ihtnk your Peruna is the best
medicine Sc the world."
Heartfelt "Thank For Relief Found
in Pe-ru-na.
MU Je?sl S Dwcrd, 37 South j trect,.
Pa-alc. N .T,, wrltBS.
'I took Peruna as ,vou directed. I
had a dry cough and after using two
bottles of Peruna. I lound relief. You
hve my heartfelt thanks.'1
AcourIi lsrausert by a catarrhal con
dition or tho throat and bronchial luces
Remove the catarrh and the conph ti.
appear Peruna i tho remedy lor all
catarrhal conditions.
s m ' li mislMlm i
s. Jessie oworO, j $C$Wm& JHHW
Bliss Business College, Columbus, Ohio, is the only school in the State that for the last four jears has
made and successfully canled out the following pioposition: TO ALL GRADUATES OF THE COMBINED
HALF OF TUTITION MONEY. Many schools will tell you of the ondciful success they are having in placing
their graduates, but the Bliss school Is the only one that will back up these statements with a substantial
iinancial guarantee.
We are now located in our elegant new quaiteis which aie conceded by business college men throughout
the United States to bo the lluest, best auanged, and most elegantly equipped for business training of any in
stitution on tho continent. A visit to our school will thoioughly convince you of the tiuth of this statement.
Have you read our little booklet entitled "Tho Stait," or "The Eipeilenco ol Otheis," or lme you seen
our elegant now plctoiial catalogue? All of these will inteiest jou. Tf jou diop us a card, giving us the names
of live or six students who contemplate a business couise, we will send jou a splendid pencil holder or pocket
Addiess all communications to
CHICAGO Cuttla: Common to prima
steers, 3 756 80, rows, J2 70 I 75;
heifers, 2 GO iff 6 35; IjuIIh, (2 231 CO;
stockern nnd feeders, $2 C01 35. Sheep
and Lambs Sheep, $1 2S05 75, lambs,
J6 00S-7 00; yenrllngi, 3 -lOftG CO. Calves
XS 007 E Hoh - Choice to prlmu
heay, Q O0 SO, imMtum to sooil
heay, Jo SOQO 00, liuti Kt ttelfihts, JG -o
Hit iU; kiI io cliokd )ii) ivy iuluil, $0 00
US 15, pai'HIut. - r.OtfiS , pli, V CO
8 40 Wll'Ut No '.' ri-d 7lff73t OitB -No,
2, 01j?0?p nrn Nn S, 4SH-wM'Je.
EAST DUFFALO - C'nttlP. flood to
clioltv etpoit Htefrs. t5 SKtjii .'1, Hlilpplnir
steeiN, U 7BW5 SB. buteliei.i' Htier, U 75 i
5 00, heifers $3 2J(ffi 00. fat rrAvs,
JJ 2&3i 00, ml I kern und Hpilntrois, ?10 00 i
60 00, fillet p and I imh flood to'
rliolce enr'lncH 0 Ofltffi SO; wr thorn,
G 73fTS 00; mWul, J5 505 Ol; owtj,
55 005 50, pprltIK lambs, J." OOflS 50
Cahm Rent, J7 75v8 00 Hogs Ilciv
Im, Xt 55; incclluinH, J6 fiis CO; Yorltorn.
Jt) CO d 70 pIitb, JG COtftli bV, roughs,
$5 0Q5 30,
CLEVELAND-Cattlo: I'rlme ry-fed
cattle. 5 35(p& 60, cliulre fat ntuom, f 75
05 25, letters, 14 -5(94 50. fat rows,
3 253 50; litllls. 2 75.1 00 inllUt-ra and
Hprlneem, S15 0042 00. Hheep and
I.umba Hrirliisc lnmljn, J8 n0i&8 00- year
ling, 5 EOfiG 23, vrethorx. 5 005 60;
mixed, )4 25435 23, ewes, 25 down
Cah eg 18 00 down Hoks Medium
heavy. Id 40; YnrlterK, III &0fiU ; pigs,
Xi 40; mixed, XH 46, hUikx, 3 764? 4 25,
rouchs S6 00Q5 60
PITTSBUnO-Cuttle Choice, $5 75
0 00. prime, $5 505 70, tidy butcher',
It 0065 00 helferx, Xt 00U4 40, fat cqwh,
bullH and atugtt ! 00&4 00, fresh rant),
125 00050 00 Hheep and Lambs Prlmo
wctheiH, 15 dos.6 K0; good mixed, 15 40
5 0, lambfl, Xi 00 8 00. yogs Heavy
hot'H, 6 60fj6 65, mediums, JC 766 80,
Yorlterti nnd pltrs, JO 806 85
CINCINNATI-Wheat No. 2 red, 721S
73V4e Corn -No 3 mixed, 6050Vie
Data No mixed SiW632e Itye No.
2. Ulifiiv Lard- t) 40 Bulk meats
X9 12H Uacon 10 .'6. Hog J5 0006 30
rattle-48 0i'5 6 Pheept? 754 75
Lambs-xJI $8 10
BOSTON- Wool Ohio &nd l'ennxylvif
r.lu. XX and above S4q, X, Sl'&c. No.
1, 404lo; ho. S833c; line uuwuxhed,
!6!0c; dsUined washed, 3Q3To, do
Ittliiu uiwartiod, 38$i9u, Ken tuck y and
Indiana co.ubins fyUtQit, 33(?Stto,
TOLKDO Whet, 7H4)J 9irn, MViot
Permanent Benefit iollowad Use of
Miss May Cray, H7 11th street, Brook
lyn, N. Y., writes:
"For more than rive yeari 1 Buttered
from rheumatic pains in mj Joints, and
in damp or ftormy -weather 1 was
obliged to stay in doors,
"Medicine seemed to be of no use un
til 1 started usina Peruna
'I took twelve bottles tu all, although
It i' six months apo since 1 stopped.
"I have had no return of my old com
plaint, in spite of the fact tiiat I hnve
been out in all sorts of weather during
the severe winter,"
Xo better remdy was over devised
by thr- medical profession for tho
mitigation of all climatic ailments than
H IWIM IMMi BailIHIIIBllMO Mill! linn ! mbi
n iir'M" if MmWtmmm
The most satisfactory school In all Ohio. Hundreds of graduates In positions
show the results of careful training. Indorsed unanimously by ColumbUs citizens,
QriPPiol A Discount of 10 per cent, allowed to the first
vDpCUldl student enrolled from any town. Car fare paid.
Each and every student receives careful bersonal Instruction. A faculty of ex
pert teachers. Remunerative positions secures for all graduates, Tuition reasonable.
Students may work for board while In attendance. Fall term opens Sept. 10, 1006,
Write today for fiee circulars. Inquiries! cheerfully answered by letter. Address
J. E. JOINER, Prsldent, Empire Theatre Bldg,, Columbus, O.
What'a Doing In the Buckeye Stats.
Motor Exploded.
Toledo, 0 Sopt. -J.-rFour persona
woie Injuted iu u punc 011 a streetcar
whon an overheated motor exploded.
A uuiubor of others weio bruised and
cut. Au unknown woman Jumped
thiouali a glass window to the pave
ment but was unlnjuied Tho injured,
are: Floience Nooneu, Mrs. A.. Scan.
Ion, M8. Chailes LiiPoInt of Kile.
Mich., and Anna I'ess or Fort Vayuo, ,
Boy (njured In QolUalon,
Delaware, O., Sept. 4 'Logan Kd
wards, 18, while driving with his
ipother and sister, was ruti Into by au
automobile driven by Justus Darlot ot
Blufftdu. The machine struck tho
rear of th buggy, knocking off a
wheel. Tho horse took fright and
kicked the boy In U19 face, breaking
both cheek bouoa lAiia, his noso aud
tearlnic ot usiiy,
Pe-ru-na Used For Throat Trouble.
Keeps the Remedy at Hand,
Mrs. J. A. Raker, 380, Locust avonne,
Amsterdam, N. Y,, writes:
"I feel It my duty to wrlto and tell
you what Pernn has done for mo, so
that all those wherare troubled as 1 was
may find tho same speedy euro,
"four years ago 1 lost my voice, so
that I was unable to speak above a
whisper for seven weeks. Our family
doctor could do nothing tor me.
"After seven weeks Buffering, 1 red
some circulars iu regard t& Pernna,
"I bought a bottle at once and took it
In Uaepoouful dobes every hour, and in
two days I could talk. I vill never be
without it."
For free medical advice, write to Dr.
S, B, Hartman, President of The Hart-
man Sanitarium. Columbus, Ohio.
Rio Grande, Gallia Co. ,0.
Tonus TJcjfln Auf, 27; Wo v. ?, 1MQ
and Jan. 28 ami April fi, 11)07, ,Tul.
tloni Common Branclios$a por term;
Higher $7; Huslo $8. Courses of
StudyN-Engllsli anil Normal; BtTlcn
tlilo Troparatory; Classical Prepara
tory; Scjeiitillc Collegiate; Classical
Collegiate; MubJo. Kiigljslt and Nor
mal and Scientific Preparatory Cours
es lovlsed and enlarged. Send for
Circular gJyJng moty particular, Es
pecial vork in Civil Engineering and
Uuslnss, Including Stenography and
Typewriting, ijpai with furnished
loom $5.50 per week. I'or catalogue
or clrcukr, address,
JORJr M. DA.T3S, Pi-ssldenb
i -ft
J&1J3M A
'2ny" """'Ms?? i" " "j" "Bfttf,w
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