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The Woman on the Stand.
That 50,000 crowd gathered at
the unveiling of the MoKlnlcy
memorial war n most dlvereo and
miscellaneous assomhlngOt All
klndH of people wore there the
dandy and the hollo, tho fat old
negro iimnnny and tho BttiToanted
ntid squalling hahy, the modcRt
girl and tho Imizon gamin, tho old
and young, the rich and poor, the
lume and blind mid halt nil nut
in one mans to nee Mrs, Alice Roo
sevelt Long worth.
She supplanted the beautiful
idea of tho occasion. The great
memorial seemed to have heon tho
Inst thought of the crowd. That
fine figure of MoKinley, about
which Itoats a sontimont as fair as
a bright morning, attraoted slight
Attention. All eyes were directed
toward tho stand where Mrs.
Lotigworth was sitting. Never
was grentor homage paid to mortal
than was indicated by this crush
ing curiosity. This woman had
done nothing great. She had won
no famo in tho realities of life.
She was simply u swoet, handsome
modest woman, who won the
hearts of nil about her by her gen
tle and gracious manner. There
are thousands of women just like
that just as sweet, and kindly,
and graceful but they are not
the daughter of President Roose
velt, and Alice Roosevelt Long
worth doesn't show these qualities
because she is.
There is the secret of it all.
There is the oliurm that draws the
crowd. And, as she sat there on
that platform, one could see not a
touch of vanity or haughty spirit
in motion, face or posture. She
was a composite of those graces
and virtues that make womanhood
the most beautiful thing in the
world. There are others just like
her, myriads of them; just like her
without the human crowd pressing
to see. State Journal.
How To Avoid APPendlciti?
Moat victinm of appendicitis are
those who are habitually consti
pated, Orino Luxntive Fruit Syrup
cures chronic constipation by
stimulating the liver and bowels,
and restores the natural action of
the bowels. Orino Laxative Fruit
Syrup does not nauseate or gripo
and is mild and pleusanc to take.
Refuse substitutes. Uort fc Co.
"The Village Parson" which bus
become a great favorite with thea
tre goers will be seen at the Opera
House, Thursday, Sept. 27, This
play is intensely dramatic in action
and while not over-strained there
are climaxes which keep the inter
est of the spectators wrought up
to the highest point. Many of
the passages are very pathetic,and
there are scenes in which tho ele
ment of humor predominates. The
plot is well defined, and as the
story ends happily, there are no
regrets. The scenic features are
well cared for; tho carnival scono
being especially flue. All of the
acts in fact are equipped with now
and bright scenery. The company
is far above tho average and u fin
ished prodtiotion may be looked
Can't Stand Dick And For
aker. To the Editor of tho Press-Post:
I see the treasurer of tho Repub
lican party in Ohio wants dollar
campaign subscriptions. I am
willing to subscribe a dollar for
the good of Republicanism, so I
enclose $1 in currency, whioh you
will please turn over to the chair
man of the local Demooratio fi
nance committee.
I can think of no better way of
benefiting tho Republican purty,
to which I have boon faithful thir
ty years, than to help tho Demo
crats wallop some sense into it this
fall, Such action will incidentally
benoflt the whole community,
Detnoorats und Republicans alike,
A state ticket nominated at the
dictation of such in on as Forakor
and Dick, in a tioket that no Re
publican owes alleglauao to. A
stato platform that fully and
without reserve indorses" suoh u
pair as that, is not u platform for
any decent cltizou to stand on, If
it represents Republicanism, then
I am no longer a flepublloan. On
that basis, I never was one; I have
been voting the tioket over thirty
years on a misapprehension. I tako
ths stand as 'fully and without
reserve" as Dick takes the stand
thf t, he is the party,
tke it, too, with no reference-
The iTLessage,
nt ntLi.t nocoUfl.
I burned at the mld'tiight taper,
For my bou! wns filled with grief,
As I thought of tho grave nut yonder,
Under tho fallen lenf.
The Reaper's call hnd been sudden,
And I could not feel it was fair,
That the one little lamb of my fold,
Should be lying so still nut there,
I was told my rebellion was ''wicked,"
That all tilings happened for best;
But my hard heart only grew colder,
And I said, "I've been treated unjust."
T stood by tho fresh llltlo mound,
And my sorrow was wont not to itee,
When I suddenly fancied tho breezes,
Were whispering a message to me.
I hushed my wild breaking heart-throbs,
To hear what it surely could be,
Ah, tho tale was a revelation,
And 1 silently dropped on my knee.
With shivering, mournful sighs,
That rustled tho leaves o'er head,
It murmured so gontly to me,
"It is better thy darling is dead."
It spoke of the sin and sorrow,
Of temptations in tho world there be,
To those who are sailing the ocean,
On lifes great troubled sea.
And that often, so often weak mortals,
Will sink neath the rolling waves;
But seoure from all harm and pollution,
Are those resting snfo in their graves.
It said that my darling was safe,
For the Master had called her Home,
And that I must patiently wait,
'Till lie sent me the summons to "come.
I knew that my heart was broken,
But I murmured, "Thy will be done,"
And low at the foot of Calvary's cross,
With His help, the victory I won.
to the shilly-shallying, uncertain
and erratio attitude of the Wolfe
newspapers of this city. Repub
licans cannot depend on them for
trutli as the battle proceeds, or
intelligent goneralsbip, or real
principle at any time. They do
not Jcnow their own minds from
one day to another. Yours dis
gustedly, C. L. M.
"The Village Parson" which
comes to the Opera House Thurs
day Sept. 27, is a drama strong in
human interest. The play is staged
in four acts, and is said by all who
have witnessed it, to be worthy
and fitting as a companion piny to
W. E, Nnnlceville's immense suc
cess "Human Hearts." "The Vil
lage Parson" is replete with real
heart interest and genuine comedy
bo skillfully interwoven, that it
cannot fail to awaken the most
sturdy, but is so oleverly put on
and environed with complete spe
cial scoiiio outfit as well-each scone
represents a triumph of artistic
skill. The play will be acted by a
brilliairt cast and a thoroughly
suocessf nl performance in prom
ised, Not a Political Question.
There or.ight to be mighty little
politics in the selection of our
Judges. When you and I go into
court, wo do- not ask, "Is the judge
a Demoornt or Republican," do
Not much.
We do ask '.though, and we nro
mighty insistent upon that point,
"Is tho judge ".honost? Is he above
suspioion? Itf -he likely to bo in
fluenced in his decisions by the
lawyers on tho o.ther sldo, through
prevlmm relationship?" And if
wo beliovu anyone of tlieBo things
to bo true, we roflueo to let tho
judgo undnr suspicion hoar the
case. Wo take our troubles tq
some other court.
Now why should ivu not bo Just
as enrol ul and discriminating when
we eleoic our judges? Why should
we not .look Into their character
mid tho Influences that might
Hwny tU-oiu before wo go into tho
bnllofc lnox? IVheu we come o
vote, would it not ba tho right
thing to apply tho same tests to
the cnitldatps for Judge that wo
would E'ply to the judgo an the
Thlak ubout this matter, Mr,
Voter It concerns you vitally,
kshI x concerns y'pur wife and your
children, all (but .vpu liold dear,
Columbus, O., March 1, 1800.
I, A, I. VOIIYH, Hnporlntencient of Insur
nnce of the state of Ohio, do liarehy certify
that rlio Wra Inshrancp, Company "Lrti
iTF.n," locnled at Liverpool, In F.vai.ANit,
hns compiled ln all respects with tlio lawa
of tills Htftto, applicable to It, and in auth
ored to transact In this State. Us appro
priate business of making all kinds of In
surance on goods, merchandise und other
property In course of transportation wheth
er on land or water, or on any vessel or boat,
wherever the name may be, an prescrlboil In
Section :M1, parapraph first. Revived Stat
utes of Olilo. durlnc the current year. Its
condition and business on the thlrty-flrBt
day of Decemberof the year next preceding
t lie date beroof, is shown by tho statement,
under oath, as required by Section US! of
said Revised Statutes, to bo as follows:
Aggregate amount of available
assets, .. , .., jTfCViT.-i.a;
Aggregate amount of liabilities
(except capital), Including
ra-lnsmrunce 331.52.194
Not Assets ... . JlO-VHI.Ttf
Amount of actual paid-up cnpltal
Siirnlns. . .
Amount of Income for year In
cash, ...
Amount of expondltuio for year
In cash,
In Witness Whereof, I have hero
KRrlbed my name and caused
clut Seal to bo afllxed, the (lav
first above written.
unto sub-
in y O Al
and year
Superintendent of Insurance.
Notice to Printers.
Notice la herehv given that the Hoard of
Deputy State Huporvlaors of Elections will
receive sealed bids at their office until Sept.
Irlllioai P.M. for printing iaxx)bullots for
tho Nov. election according to tlio Austral
ian lmllot law lOUOdto be bound in SS books
to correspond with tho number of voters In
Bald precincts, 2000 to be unbound,
Also 1MXJ ballots for Logan Village Muni
cipal Kleotrlo Light Ilonds, to be bound In 4
books to eorrospoud with number of voters
In the four voting precincts 111 suld village.
Said bids to accompanied by bond.
Tho board reservos Ihu right to i eject any
or all bids. ,
.1. A Naji.R Chief
Sept. SO, 2-w W. A. Patne Cleric
Notioo of Appointment.
F.stiitu of Clark Francisco Deceased. The
uudrslgued lias beon appointed and quail
tied as Administrator of the Kstnte of
Kllzubeth Krunclico late of Hooking Coun
ty, deceased. Dated this 15 day of Septem
ber A. I). 100,1.
Hont.SiVl'tv Administrator
Probata Notico.
Notice Is hereby given that tho following
Accounts and Vouchers have been tiled In
the I'rohatu Court of Hocking County, Ohio,
for first and fliuil settlement, .Minnie Can
Held, Guardian of Danlol Canfield, and tho
fcume will como on for hearing on tho t) day
of October A, I), ID0U, at ID o'clock u. in., or
as soon thereafter us may b convenient.
Sept. l.'l,U-w Probate Judge
Probuto Notice.
Notice Is hereby given tlint tho following
Accounts and Vouchers have beon tiled In
the I'rolialeuourtof Hooking C'ountv.oiiln,
for first ami Until battlement, lolin T. Nut
tor, AJpilnUtrotor of the uetnte of John
Nutter, deceased, and the samo will come
on for hearing on the 10, day or October, A.
1). ivou, at Hi o'clock a. in., or as soon there
after as may be convenient.
Hept,18, 3-w I'robateJudge
Notice of Appointment.
I'statu of Jasper N.tnrrls Oooeaeed. Tho
lituleruWned bus beon appointed and quail
tied as Kxecutor of the Kstate of Jasper N,
Motrin lute or Perry Township (Jo nut v. do.
coated. Paled this 8 day of Kent. a. 1. IDA",
c . ln. SAMUMM HPHT.
Sept, 13.1-w I'Jjecutor
AHsIgnee's Notice.
In pursuance of an ordor of the Probate
Court, flfJlockliiK County, Qhio, the under
Muneo.unslKuee for the beuelH of creditors
of Ouarles K. Iteotenwald, will on the iV day
of September A, 1. H-W, at the law office of
the uudiurilBneU, pay upon tho vnlld claim
presented UKulnil said oitdgiior, which bavo
been heretofore allowed, a dividend of 2iK.
I)uio41Bayof Bept.A. D. 1WW. I
u . . O. Y,H.WWUT.
Bept,'J0,2.(v Anlgoee,'
Intends to Devote All His Time to
Ohio Campaign.
Qovornsri, Senators and Cablnit Offl
er Will Bt Aikrd to Appear on
the Stump National Issues to Be
Kept to the Fore New York Prl.
marlti Churchill Lost Out.
Columbus, 0 Sept, 19. Senator
Dick ai abalrman of thu State Repub
lican campaign committee opened
headquarters and will remain here till
the closa of the campaign, except
when out on the stump. John H. Mai
loy Is secretary.
Chairman Dick liad not yet deter
mined upon the nine members of the
state executive committee, which he
was authorised by the state central
committee to select, but would do so
during the week.
There will be no changes In the
chairman's official staff. .lesso W.
AVeirick will he continued as cashier.
W. R. Mersh, the senator's private
secretary, will look after party organ
ization. Julius Whiting of Canton will
be Invited to serve as chairman of the
speaker's bureau. T. ,1. Reynolds of
Akron aijalu will have charge, of the
literary bureau; Chairman Dick will
conduct his campaign on national Is
sues and will Invite Republican gov
ernors, senators and cabinet officers
to take part In the speaking campaign.
He will make a number of speeches
himself during the campaign.
Asked if any reference would bo
made to Mr, Bryan's government own
ership Issue Chairman Did; said:
"Our campaign will be fought on na
tional Issues. Just how far the ques
tion of government ownership of rail
roads will he discussed I can not say,
but there will uo doubt be a passing
reference to it."
The senator said h? does not expect
all who will be Invited to take part
ln the campaign to rpspond, a3 they
will have campaigns of their own. His
reference to members of the cabinet
causer! Inquiry, to be made whether
Secretary Taft would be expected to
participate in tho campaign, especial
ly since his mission to Cuba. Chair
man Dick sjtld Secretary Taft would
he asked to eoriie to Ohio and make
Nw York Primaries,
New Yoik, Sept. 19, In a bitter
clash of opposlug factions at primary
elections In New Yoik county Con
grssman Herbeit Pavs-ons, piesldent
of the New York county committee,
won a sweeping victory for the con
trol of the Republican organization,
while Charles K. Murphj of Tammaii)
Hajl retained Ills position at the head
of the organization bv a narrow mar
Kin. The Parsons vlctoiy In the Re
publican part was a complete rout
for the faction led by State Chairman
B. 13. Odell, ,ir, and l.eineiil E. Quigy.
Parsons had the backing of President
Roosevelt and Governor Hlggins. He
telephoned the president at Oyster
Bay telling him of the victory and re
ceived Mr. Roosevelt's watmest con
gratulations. Full l etui ns from the
Republican districts in Npw York
county show that Parsons candidates
won 23 districts against 11 for Odell
and' Qulgg. Full returns from the
Democratic bellotlne show that Mur
phy carried 19 of the :,,r districts in
New York countv and McClellan 1G.
This count Includes two half districts
for each faction.
Churchill Defsated.
Concord, X. H Sept. 1C Charles
M. Floyd of Manchester was nomi
nated for governor til thr close of Ihe
hardest contest fer waged In a Re
publican convention in New Hamp
shire. Nine ballots weio necessary,
and three of these Imllotn wpie made
void by ni'oie votes being cast than
there were delegates entitled to seats.
Winston Churchill, the novelist, and
leador of- the lecently oiganlzed Lin
coln Republican club of New II tun p
hire, was Floyd's competitor in the
final vote. -The lesult of the ninth anil
final ballot was: Floyd, tOS; Churchill,
335; Charles H. (lieenleaf of Franco
ula, 55; Stephen H. Oale of Exeter, 12,
lroptsi to Reduce Passenger Fare to
Two-Cent Rte.
Washington, Sept. 19. The Ilostou
k. Albauy Rallroud company in a let
tor to the Intui statu commuice com
niissioniequests pui mission to change
Its passenger rates to all points eu&t
and not th of the Hue drawn from
Washington, D. C. to Buffalo, Inclu
Ive, and Interline tariff to all points
tveat and south of such line fiom 2i
cents per mile to U cents, The letter
states that by the geneial reduction
a great many of the rates to points In
Ontario, Michigan, western Pennsyl
vania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois mny
be changed, The company states that
it tecelved notification that the Penn
sylvania, Kile, Lackawanna, Lehigh
Valley and Readug mads would r
duoe ono way local faros to Ulfc cunts
per mile, and therefore asks that It ho
permitted to have until Oct. 25 to file
revised tariffs effective Nov. I. No
action was taken on tho request.
Decision on Ratee.
Washington, Sept. 13. The Inter
state comnieice commission rendered
a most Important decision In the mat.
ter of applications from various rail
rpads giving administrative construc
tion to cettaln piovlslous of the new
railroad rate law, Hrlefly they hold
that with regard to payments for
transportation nothing but money can
be legally received, With regard to
uotlces of changes In rates, the Joint
rate between two or .uoro connecting
carriers Is held to be the legal rate,
and any chauge requires 30 days' no
tice. With regard to round trip ex
cursion rates, tho commission makes
three rulings, the most Important be
lng that these may be chauged at one
day's notice.
Whst'i Doing lb the HutksV Stats.
Made Up Shortage
Akron, O,, Sept. 19. Fred K. Smith,
former county treasurer, paid Up the
shortage Incurred during his adminis
tration, He was given a receipt for
tils full indebtedness to the county
by his successor. Payment of depos
its In local bHiiks by Smith ns county
IrtHstner were nnide recently, nnil
these, with his being apportioned
$9H,&1S,30 from the county treasury a
city and school hoard tieaBiiror re
dhead the deficit to S83.830.04, which
was cashed off. The total deficit
I charged against Smith by the special
fxnnilnerfl from Columbus was $183,
342.34. This Included all loan
whether In the Judgment of the ex
aminers they were good or not. Near
ly alt loans made by Smith ate paid.
Failed to Claim Office.
Hamilton, 0 Sept. 19. John. W.
Montgomery, Republican county com-mlsslcficr-eJect,
failed to appear to
claim his office. It Is bpllpvrd he will
decline to servp. In case he resigns,
it Is said that Henry Kehm, the Dem
ocratic commissioner, who retired
Monday, wilt be appointed.
After Horsethleves.
Wooster, O., Sept. 19, Horse own
ers of llils city nnd vicinity are to or
ganize for protection against horse
thieves and for breaking up a gang of
thieves who, it Is believed, have their
headquarters in Cleveland, Wltlr'n
the last few weeks an even doze of
horses have been stolen.
Clymer Signed For 1907.
Columbus, O., Sept. 19. William J.
Clymer signed a contract to manage
the Columbus Ameilcan association
baseball club uext season. Clymer
managed the team three seasons,
landed the team In second place the
first year and twice won the associa
tion pennant.
Died Whlkon Duty.
Cleveland, O., Sept. 19. Thousands
of lives were risked at the St. Clair
avenue crossing of the Cleveland and
Pittsburg railway owing to the fact
that the gate tower was occupied only
by a coi pse. The gateman, Joseph
Trable, died of heait disease.
Victim of Fever.
Wheeling, W. Va., Sept. 19. Dr.
William Oates, a prominent physician
and health officer of Bridgeport, O.,
died in a hospital here. He was ill
two weeks with typhoid fever.
Zion Makes an Outcast of Dowl, Its
Founder and Prophet,
Chicago, Sept. 19. Wilbur Glen
Voliva was chosen by the people of
Zlon City as their leader by the over
whelming vote of 1,911 to 6 for Ills
opponent, A. E. Bills. The election
wns held under the orders of Judge
Landis of the United States district
court, who wns asked some time ago
to settle the contioversy between
John Alexander Dowie, founder of the
church, and Voliva. as to who should
have control of Zlon City. Believing
that the best way to settle the diffi
culty was to let the people of Zlon
City choose their own leader, Judge
Landis ordered the election. The ac
tion of the Zionltes practically makes
John Alexander Dowie an outcast
from the religious organization which
he established several yeais ago and
which has grown to large proportions.
Dowie, who is in feeble health, re
fused to recognize thu authority of the
court In ordering the election and did
not present himself as a candidate.
Out of the total vote of 1,917 cast
about half of them were by the women
of Zlon City, who went to the polls
singing hymns, cast their vote, and
then knelt in prayer at the door of
the voting place.
Mother's Long Search.
Apploton. Wis., Sept. 19. After
traveling thousands of miles through
out the notthwest and spending hun
dreds of dollars in seaich of her little
daughter, Mrs. H. Hathaway of Kan
sas City, Mo., lecovered her child In
the possession of Mis, Nettle Plum
mer. Five jears ago the child was
born In a Chicago hospital. Two
mouths afterward the hospital iittthoi
itles Informed Mrs. Hathaway that
she would have to turn the child over
to a friend or give it to an orphans'
home. The child was given to the
care of Mr. Plummet. The mother
procured a divorce and soon after
man led H. Hathaway of Kansas City.
Three years ago the search for the
child was begun, and since that time
Mrs. Iluthaway followed Mrs, Plum
mer fiom city to city, covering prac
tically the entire northwest.
Bribery Charge Nolled.
St. Louis, Sept. 19. The Informa
tion against Robert M. Snyder of Kan
sas City, charging him with btlbery
in connection with the passage of the
central traetlou bill through the St.
Louis municipal assembly in 189S, at
an expenditure of JL'50,000, was nolled
because Judge Reynolds refused to
grant the state a continuance.
Receiver For a Town.
Hollldaysburs, Pa., Sept. 19. An
application was Hied In the Blair coun
ty court for tho appointment of a ro
celvor to take charge of the town of
South Altoona.au enterptlse of Adolph
Segal, who is involved In the failure
of the Real Estate company of Phila
delphia, which Institution supplied the
funds to build the town.
Mutineers Shot.
Helslugfois, Finland, Sept. 19. The
IT marines condemned to' death for
participation ill the Sveaborg mutiny
were shot, The couitniurtlal sen
tenced SO other sailors to vnious
terms at butd laboi, or to service with
the dsc'plimry battalion. Eleveu of
the men tiUd were acquitted.
Dive Causes Paralysis,
Chllllcothe, O., Sept. IS. .Iphu Bar
uett, to. sustalued a stroke of paraly
sis as u result of dlviu& Into the Sc
oto river.
Nebraska Trust Cases,
Lincoln, Neb., Sept IS. Attorney
Oeneral Norrls Brown filed a motion.
In the state supreme couit for the ap
pointment ol a referee to take; evi
dence In the Nebraska lumber trust
suit. The case is the second of the
spits 'flight under thu provisions of
the Nbraek autituibt law.
What's Bliii i,i Hi iuckiys HUU
Disagreement Over Warjts,
Columbus, O., Sept, 18. W. R, Rut
ledgo, president of the Brotherhood t
InUrurbsn Trainmen, conferred with
Secretary Bishop of the state board of
arbltistlon tegturllus; lvrftd griev
ances of employes of the Indiana, Co
lumbus Jt Eastern Traction company,
operatise lines between Columbus
and Zauesvllle, Bishop wilt endeavor
to arrange a conference between the
compaay and its men. The wages of
suotoraaen and couductois rauge fiotu
18 to Z5 cents an hour, aud tb men
claim tkat when, according to the
agreement, they are eatUled to 25
cents, they are superseded by uew
men. They also claim that they are
laid off from time to time without
cause being assigned. They further
charge that this is In pursuance of the
company's policy to break up the or
ganization Ofllclals of the compauy
deny that there is any giouud for the
complaints of the men.
Baa Bulldlnas Must Go.
Dayton, O., Sept. 18. The munici
pal problem of getting rid of a lot of
tumble-down shacks that mar the
beauty of surroundings and are an
eyesore to the public, aud which
promise t remain in position forever
so far as present owners are con
cerned, was started In this city
through the action of the boaid of
health In declaring the buildings un
sanitary and a uieusoe to public
health, and ordeilug: the owners to
tear them down, Appeals aud legisla
tion so far proved of no avail, aud the
condemned buildings must go. About
15 different buildings, located in the
heart of the city, aie i the proscilbed
Sixth. District Contest.
Xenta, O,, Sept. IS. By a vote of S
to 4 the district board of elections of
the Sixth congressional district de
cided that C. Q. Hildebrand is the reg
ular nominee of the Republican party
for congress. The question was raised
before the board by objections tiled
by Hlldebrand's attorney to the cer
tificate of lominatlon of Judge Horace
L. Smith, nominee of the former
Scroggy faction. Attorneys for Smith
will ask the supreme couit to compel
the chief deputy, R. I. Stewart, to cer
tify the name of Judge Smith as the
regular nominee of the party.
Cleveland Editor Dead,
Cleveland, Sopt. 18. W. H. H.
Bone, veteran associate editor of the
Cleveland Plain Dealer, died of can
cer. He was born in England in 1830.
While still in his teens he was a con
tributor to newspapeis of London and
Liverpool, He came te Cleveland In
1851 aud became a member of the
staff of the Cleveland Hevald and
wrote many articles for the various
magazines of the United States. He
was a recognized authority on Shakes
peare, and the oldest newspaper man
la Cleveland.
Postoffice Robbed.
Lynchburg, O., Sept. 18. Burglars
entered the front door of the post
office here with a sledge, knocked the
combination from the safe door aud
secured ln cash and stamps 1725. DC,
including $125 of Postmaster Felke's
personal money. They left through
the back door and appropriated a
horse and buggy, In which they made
good their escape to Midland, at which
point they probably boarded a trala.
Bank Cases Appealed.
Columbus, O., Sept. IS Five cases
from Stark county involving the con
stitutionality of the state banking
laws were appealed from the supreme
court of Ohio to the supreme court of
the United States. Corwln D. Been
tel, Harvey H. Miller and others were
Indicted for making false returns and
applied for a writ of habeas corpus.
They lost in all the courts of the state.
Ohio Appointment.
Columbus, O., Sept. 18, Governor
Harris appointed lteujamin Perry of
Jefferson cuuuty trustee of the Cleve
land State hospital, to succeed W, H.
Sin vile of Nlles. The governor re
appointed . S. C. Love of Sandusky
county and John W. Harper of Ham
ilton county members of the board of
trustees of the State Archaeological
Admits the Deed.
Canton, O., Sept. 18. James Cor
nelius, a. well kaown sewer contractor,
is under arrest and in jail, charged
with the murder of his wife, who died
In a hospital as a result of a fractured
skull. Cornelius admits striking the
woman with a window weight during
a quarrel and told the police he meant
to kill her.
Boy Started a Blaze.
Fremont, O,, Sept. 18, Two haras
aud this year's crops on the Frank
Holtcamp farm, near Elmore, were de
stroyed by fire. The 5-year-old son of
the tenant set Are to a atrawBtack,
which caused the blaze. Loss ?3,O0U.
Chloroformed by Robbers.
Sandusky, 0 Sept. 18, Burglars
entered the store of John Nits, oppoi
site the state soldiers' heme, chloro
formed him as he slept and hauled
away lu a vagou his safe and cash
register, ceutslntng. f 336.
Llttaur Dross Out.
Qloversvllle, N, Y Sept. 19. In a
formal statement Lucius N, Llttaur,
representative in congress, declined
to accept the reuomlnatlon from the
Republican party ln the new Thirty
second congressional district. State
Committeeman Dury will be named at
tho convention to be held at Saratoga,
Bept. 22. President Roosevelt had a
conference with Llttaur at Oyster Bay
last week,
Disastrous Flood In Mexlce,
Mezatlau, Mexico, Sept. 19, There
were 50 persons dt owned by recent
floods In Santttgo, Ixeulntla and adja
cent districts in the territory of Teplc.
The bodies, it Is stated, were taken
from th river. Many persons took
refuge in trees, remaining there until
soats joro sent to their rescue, Jt is
reported that 580 people are homeless,
'Wldspread damage resulted from the
Inundation of Clualoa. Several river
towns were partially destroyed, thou
sands of cattle drowned aud crops In
many sections rulced. A report from
Ahome, a town near the msuth of th
Fuerte river, state that there have
been many deaths there qausad r
tualkrlsl tvr
fcirnucl ky Typhoon Whlh Wrought
Havec to Shipping.
Mengkont, Sept, 19. So far as
known no Americana lost their Uvea
la the typhoon which churned up tho
harbor here and did such great dam
age to shipping. The harbor Is slfewn
with wreckage ud the streets are lit
tered with debt Is, it Is estimated
that 100 lives were lost.
An unknown steamer collided with
the British steamer Btrathmore, seri
ously damaging the latter. The Brit
Ish steamer Loong Sang collided with
the British steamer Chip Suing, with
slight damage. The Hver boat Fat
shang fouled the French mall boat
Polynesian. The Urltisli steamer
Motiteatle, the (Jerman steamer Sig
nal, th German steamer Emma Luy
ken, the British steamer Chang Sha,
the Uermau steamer Sexta, the Kow
loon ferryboat and a water bont were
driven ashore. The United States ves
sel Soreogos and (Jeinian steamer Ja
hanne are awash. A Japanese steam
er is siianded on Relicts Island.
One French torpedo-boat destroyer
1 asbote ami twoothera diagged their
anchots the enllie length of the har
bor. The British steamer Empress of
Japan was saved by the dock compa
ny's tugs keeping her steady. The
United States steamer S. P. Hitchcock
was driven high and dry on shore.
The British river stenmers Kwong
Chuw, San Cheung and Sun Lee foun
dered. The French steamer Charles
Hardouln was damaged. The Chinese
steamer Wing dial was beached.
A tramp yessel collided with the
French torpedo-bo.it destroyer Fronde
aud it Is tepoited 20 Frenchmen were
killed. The Fiench torpedo-boat de
stioyer Frxncisqtip Is ashore, the
steamer Apenrnde Is stranded on
Stone Cutters Island and tlio British
steamer Radnor Shire Is damaged.
The military quaiters and tempo
rary buildings were demolished and
the men are being quartered in the
casemates of the fort.
Harrlman Gets B. A. O.
New York. Sept. IM. Announcement
of the salt- of utocl. In the Baltimoie
and Ohio recenth sold by the Penn
sylvania Railroad company was the
(list confirmation of rutnois current lu
Wall street for some time to the effect
that E. H. Harrlman was seeking a
large inteiest In Baltimore and Ohio.
With large holdings lu Chicago and
Alton and the control of the Southern
Pacific and I'uion Paclriq. the acquisi
tion of the Baltimore and Ohio will
give the Hariiman Interests control
of a railroad Hue fiom the Atlantic to
the Pacific. Huninun and his asso
ciates' also will have a voice in the
affairs of Readln?, a large Mock of
that company's stock being held in
the Baltimore 4 Ohio tieasury.
Funston Hastening East.
St. Paul, Minn.. Sept. 19. fieneral
Fredeiick Funston passed thmugh
here en loute to Washington, nheie
he is to report pursuant to orders te
ceived last Saturday While General
Funston admitted that the orders Is
sued by the department probably aie
significant In view of the present un
settled conditions in Cuba, he stated
that he is entirely Ignorant as to what
if any mission Is in store for him.
Bark Turned Turtle,
Charleston, S C. Sept. 19. Th9
liner New Yoik brought Into port tho
mates and three seamen from the
bark R. D. Bibber, Captain Sayres,
lumber laden, from Savannah to New
Tork, wrecked oft the Frjlni? Pan
shoals. The vessel turned turtle anil
went to pieces. The men were found
clinging to the spais. The captain
and others of the crew were not found.
CHICAGO Cattle- Common to prime
steel s. j:t TH'Sri if), ouvn. J'.' Tuft 4 73;
heifers. J'J tilKiS 33 bulls. tJ S5W4 50;
tockers Mini fedr Jli ti'lfH IS. Slipep
and l.anibn Slii Jl riCHi"i 73 limit',
JS 6(W7 t!5 viailliit,s U nUiiii, 'in Pile-.
JS IXHK 15 If04 - C'lioliv to prliri
hejy. IS 20'gC S'i. im-illum to uoml liiavy,
$5 G0U6 IB, liUUlirr wrluhU, M SOflf! li;
eooil to uliiili' mll. t OlWrt 21' pink
ing:. $3 ftit, iv ; ilirs- y rnfiis & WliP.it
No. 2 jhiI. 7.",Gi72s, rum -No. 'J, iVA
(!M7sic. Ost'.-Vn . Sir.
EAST BUFFALO fJtllr: nr..tit to
choice rxtioit. J5 '.'Jlit- H. V.ilpiilne; steers,
14 "EftS 1!5. butchiM citil,'. U 7"i7S 10;
helfrrn. IX 235 00: Ut I'liyn, J.' 25fl!t 00;
UiilW, i- 'iSH 10, inlll.i-is mul sri'lnrr,
Jul) 0'K(50 00. Sln-ep and I Hinbs flood to
choice vearllig. It i)irn' 5(1: wotlntrit,
$5 756 00: mA'it, f M'uX 73: fRM,
15 60 iff 6 50; aprini; lai.ibo, $1 Of) -as 25
Calves Bexl, l 00 lis 25. Units YorKets
und medium. H 7!'ai S: biiles, J,; ",!,
plus. J6 70: inuglis J.I 2i n 5 6ft; Mam,
jt toys lift
PITTSBUHG -- dttlc Pholoe. J5 7.V
S 00; prim, Jt SiKya TH - llily butcher',
jt ss m: iftftr-t i" "SH ' fat fum,
bulls una htass. J2 0')Tt ; fresh cos,
J25 0351) 00. Shrep .mil l.mh Prime
wetlioui, JS bOSt) 73 noil inl't-d, S5 25ff
S SO;! lambs, J 45o'(7 30. Calves Veal,
JS 0leS 25. llOK--UiMm Ihiisk, J6 70&)
( 7S; mediums ami leay Ynrhpts. JS 80
Ql 85: lltrlil Yol'Ums. tl 7Si()6 M; pigs,
It 50(36 65.
CLEVELAND I'atlle: Prim dry-fed
rattle, J5 35u6 CO; choice fat Mwr. U 7b
Ql 25: helfeis, ti "55f3 10: fat cowi,
Jt -togs 85; bulls, J Tifil 00; mlll;ars
and spring-mi, J15 OilSJH 00, Sheep and
I.ambK Choice lainbb, J. 0; wethers,
JS 004E IS; mixed sheep. JS 005 23;
tim, J5 00 down, ("alws J7 75 down,
Hoea Medium heHW. Ji S0f6 55; lluht
mixed, Jl 0; pl. JS 0ff 50: stuB. J on
tf 4 26; touch', JS OUiiS 40,
CINCINNATI Wheat No. 2 red. 7H&
?TI',',c. Corn No 3 mixed, W.itfriia.
0t No. K mixed. 3J44f34o. Hju-rNn,
t, Sl8i(o. l.ard JS 40, Hulk meats
JJ J7,i. Bucoii-JlO 25, lloes-J5 40 70.
CMtWr-12 05 40, Sheep J! 75fc'4 75.
l.amb.-J4 CO a 7 50.
OSTON Wool- Ohio und Pennsylva
nia XX and abine, 33Hc; X, Sl&X-'c;
Ne, 1, 4ei41o; No. 2, SlQMc; tine un
washed, MISMe; detains vwnhed, WjVic:
attains unwashea, 28ft 29c; KentiMiWv and
Udlana combine '(-blood, 32'j.Slc.
TOLEDO Whsat. 7.14V, corn. 50ioi
ats, 34140 ; iy, lie, elovsrseed, 17 58H.
NKW YORK Wheat No. red. 77a.
Carn Ko. J, lie. Oats-MUeU, J7c.
Will Tail About Boodllnn.
JeBenon City, Mo., Sept. 19, Gov.
rnor Folk received a letter from V.
H, Hitter, a former member of the St.
Louie house of delegatea, uotv living;
in Deurcr, Colo., claiming; to have re
ceived 2&,000 boodle money which
ko distributed among iueinlni of the
"eoublue." Hitter declares that hi
oeuicleace demands that he tel) what
he Ituowa about the hoodllng. A tele
(ran was sent to Hitter to come to
St. Louis immediately Hitter left St
Louie suddenly when the boodle loves
tUftllQR va itarUd four year f.

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