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ML JjVew& ;MS
Messrs. Jerry Muthnoy and
Oscar Tom iiro visiting in Indiana
mid Illinois.
Mr. .John Tom is milking n busi
ness trip in Paulding county.
Miss Tillie McAllister spent Inst
Sunday in Murshfield.
Sir. J. 11. Spnulding attended
tlie soldiers reunion at Athens lust
John Powors and Grover Francis
were in Nelsonville last Thursday
Mr. Jack Abbott, of Cleveland,
was huro lust Thursday morning.
Mrs. Clias. Cooper, and children,
of Isund Hun, were here last
Thursday morning enroute to
Cleveland to visit her parents.
Mr. John Kennedy and little
son, Willie, spent Inst Saturday at
fr. Edward Kennedy, of Sand
Run, .neinber election of Hocking,
was seen here last Saturday en
route to Logun.
Drs. II ill and Welch, of Nel
sonville, mude professional calls
here last Thursday.
Mr. James Brannigun, of Long
streth, was gcen here last Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Green and
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Blosser spent
last Sunday in Green Twp., at the
home of Mrs. G's., and Mrs. B's.,
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Deacon.
Mr. and Mrs. Wihion attended
religious services at the Sand Run
"Y" last Sunday.
We have seen many bold and
brazen tricks in our lives, but for
such men us 0. B. Gould, Dick
and Foruker to adopt resolutions
deploring the death of Governor
PuttNon is an insult to morality
and ood government. If they
wanted to show Governor Patti
son respect v Jiy didn't they do it
while he was living, and not ag
gravate the ninn in his dying
hours by holding on to the man
agement at the Ohio Penitentiary
nftur Govurnor Pattison hud de
clared it vacant. One rose put in
the hand of the living is worth
more than a wagon load put on
the graves of the dead.
On WedneKlay evening at 8
o'clock, Auguni. 12, 1000, Mr. John
II. Hloser and Miss Zoo Ross,
both of this plnce, came to the
conclusion thar. it was not good to
be alone, and in the presence of
over one-hundred guests they were
united in th holy bans of mutri
mony, wo aire not able to give the
numo ol tho officiating minister,
at tho beautiful homo of Mr. und
Mrs, (!. "U Ross. Thoy are
among our best young people and
we extern? iur congratulations.
The follow-rig are the out-of-town
guests and number of presents
with naiuuH of givers: Mrs. Laura
Gilpin, hand painted picture; Mr.
and Mrs. John lilc-ser, bed spread
and set Hjlvor knives und forks;
Mr. and Mrfi. G. W, Ross, set
china dishes; Mr. and Mrs, Rou
bou Sparnoit, china sugar und
creamer; M, und Mrp. J. Lowes,
out glass H-ilr mid pepper shakes;
JWigH Vera Matheny, sot Hherbejt
glasses; Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Yv'tibb, pair pillow wises and tabje-
cloth; Mr, and Mnv Frank Evaqs,
bnifebols rug; Mt. aijd Mrs. John
, Kennedy, nut chirm plutes; Mr,
and Mrs, John Dolmen, Jr., salad
bowl and quilt; Sir. and Mrs, Ben
llnlloy, table cloth: Mr. and Mrs,
J. IS longer, hand painted plate;
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Fennel, pair
linen towels'. Air. and Mrs. Torn
Parry, set china cups und saucers;
Mr. and Mr. J, Dolmen, Sr,,
pluteih tMrs, Ton and daughter,
Gusto. Gren, pufr Jinen towels;
Mrs, Sjiijuliiig fand daughter,
Amy, see lJuUu nupkins; Mrs.
MutJtje Spooler, wafer set; Mr.
Jjhn Smith, tablo ulutli ; Mrs, Sam
Preston, IS linen towels, Mr. aud
Mm. Sam Pobtoji, not silver tea
spoons; Mm. John Keller, silver
meat fork; Dr. and Mrs. J. M,
Hyde, silver sugar and crenmer;
Misses Maine. Clura and Fnnnio
Gallughcr, centerpiece of Mexican
drawnwork; Mr. and Mrs. Clark
1 Ross, colory tray; Mr. and Mrs.
George Ridenour, water set; Mr.
James Shafer, salad bowl; Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Smith, orango
bowl and plate; Miss Holen Booth,
linon tablo cloth ; Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Brown, cut glass salt and
pepper shakes and china bon-bon
tray; Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph
Brown, brussels rug; Miss Marie
Brown and Mr. CyrtiB Rochester,
picture; Miss Rncine Brown and
Mr. Tom Whitcrnft, silver meat
fork; Misses Lottie und Laura
McCourtney, hand painted plate;
Dr. and Mrs. C. F. Aplin, 2 hand
painted plates; Mrs. Fannie Fran
cis, china sugar and creamer; Mr.
and Mrs. Bert Green, bed spread ;
Mr. John Griffith, table cloth ;
Miss Gertie Green nnd Mr. H.
Jenkins, silver berry spoon; MisB
Mattic Blosser, cushion; Miss
Grace Inboden, cushion ; Mr. and
Mrs. W. Short, salad bowl ; Mr.
and Mrs. II. Davis, set silver fruit
knives; Mre. Mary Dawley, hand
painted plate; Mr. Joe Blosser, 2
china cake plates; Mr. and Mrs.
Burl Ross, silver sugar shell, but
ter knife and meat fork; Mr. and
Mrs. J. Dicken, set silver orange
forks; Mr. John Ross, bet china
cups and saucers; Miss Bee Ross,
pair pillows.
The out-of-town guests from
Logan were : Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. John Ucker,
Misses Marie and Racine Brown,
Messrs. Cyrus Rochester and Tom
The out-of-town guests from
Nelsonville were: Misses Mame,
Clara and Fannie Gallagher, Dr.
and Mrs. J. M. Hyde, Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Poston, Mr. and Mrs.
G. Ridenour, Mrs. John Keller,
Mr, and Mrs. Clark Ross. Other
out-of-town guests were: Miss
Helen Booth, of Glouster, Mrs.
Fanny Francis anil Mrs. Laura
Gilpin, of West Virginia, and Mr,
John Ross, of Jobs.
Walnut Valley
As we have seen no items from
this place for quite a while, we
concluded to write a few so that
you may know we are still on the
The cluuging of the school bell
is, again heard. The instructor
being Miss Melva Nihiser.
Martin Heigle called on Arthur
Rogers Sunday afternoon.
Misses Birtie and Lurah KUnger,
of Celina, Mercer Co., 0., ure yis
iting their uncle, Mr. J. J. Nihis
er, and family.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jucob
Highley, September 12, a girl.
"Juke" is all smiles now.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. Schaal
and little son, Marion, visited
Mrs. Schaal'8 parents, Mr, and
Mrs. F. M. Rhoads, one day last
Mr. Mark Williams and tho
Misses Grace and Attn Bishop
called on Miss Ida Bishop, ut
Laurelvlllo, Sunday.
Asbury Watts made a Hying
trip to Logan one day last week.
Miss Gusta Rodgers is working
for Jacob flighley at present.
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith on
tertained tho following persons at
dinner Sunday, in honor of Mr.
Smith's 08th,, anniversary: Mr.
und Mrs, Frunk Souders, Mr. and
Mrs. J, J. Nihiser und children,
Pansy and Adonis, Mr. Willium
Souders and Miss S'ullie Chapman.
Mr. and Mrs. James Huggins
had as their guests, Sunday, Mr,
and Mrs. James Brown and Mr.
and Mrs. Ww, Nixon,
Mr. und Mrs, F, M. Rhoads and
daughter, Belvu, visited relatives
near Ilesboro, Sunday.
Otto Hunkison culled on John
Wetzler and family over Sunday.
Irvlii Krinu passed through this
place Sutuiday,
Marion Bishop had tho misfor
tune of breaking hie urm, Sunday,
getting thrown from a horse.
Would like tQ hear from the
Honey Fork correspondent.
IIapvx Hoomuah,
Cedar Grove
AbtUT Linn mudu a business trip
to II, A. Gordon's last Saturday.
Mrs. Mary Linn and daughter,
Cora, made our village a plensnnt
cnll last Sunday,
Harry Gordon and family were
tho guests of Win, Krouohbnuni,
of Laurel Twp., last Sunday.
Noah MeCown, of Rig Pine, was
in our vicinity last Sunday.
Lew Conklo, of Pino Valley, is
doing some enrpontor work for II.
A. Gordon this week,
Horbort Love visited friends on
Big Pine last Tuesday evening.
L. W. Beery atttended the fair
at Adelphia last Saturday.
Mr. Bon Alton nnd Miss Laura
Barton were quietly married Inst
week. We extend our felicitations.
Tho Misses Mollio and Minnie
StiveBon, of Laurol Twp., wore
tho guests of Miss Icel Davis last
Friday evening.
Miss Mny Kitchon culled on Mrs.
Minnie Gordon lnnt Wednesday.
Mr. Walter Pleukharp, our en
terprising merchant, made a busi
ness trip to Swan Inst Friday
Gave Way as Soon as Locomotive
Reached Its Pier.
Nine Persont In the Smoker When It
Plunged Into the River, of Whom
Three Are Missing Freight Train
HaB a Similar Disaster Railway
Guthrie, Okla., Sept. 19. It seems
almost a miracle that the whole train
did not plunge Into the Cimarron
river when the bridge that was sprung
by the drift accumulated by flood gave
way as soon as the locomotive
reached Its pier. The accident oc
curred on the Rock Island system,
three miles from Dover.
When tlw engine struck the biidge
the whole structuie suddenly col
lapsed, prec-ipltating the engine, smo
ker and day tfoach into the water. Two
heavj Pullman coaches weie not
pulled in, but remained on the track.
The tendor of the engine, the bag
gage and mail cars, smoker and day
coach of passenger train No. 12, north
bound, left the high bridge which
spans the Cimarron river and plunged
into the current, flanked by treacher
ous quicksands. The locomotive dis
appeared fiom sight almost immediate
ly. Tlie msiil and baggage clerks es
caped from their coaches and swam
to the slioru.
The train was an hour late and was
running at high speed to make up
time. The engineer did not see the
condition of the bridge until he was
within a few yards, when it was too
late to stop. He shouted to his tire
man, thiew on the brakes and Jum; -id.
He landed on the very verge of tlu
rlrer bank and escaped unhurt. The
fireman wus less fortunate and sus
tained severe injuries.
The current whirled the day coach
down stream and lodged it against a
sand bank. The occupants were
helped out through the doors and win
dows. The smoking car floated down
stream, submerged all but the very
top. It stuck on a sandbar In the
middle of the river and four men were
seen to clumber through the windows
and pull themselves on top of the car,
calling loudly for help, but those on
shore wore unable to reach them on
account of the high water, While they
were begging assistance a large mass
of driftwood swept down and carried
them from their fragile footing.
Three other men jumped through
the rear door of the smoker before It
sank and stuck out for the shore,
They were carried down the current a
nuaitor of a mile, when they woio
pulled out almost exhausted.
There weie nine passengers In the
smoker at the time of the wreck. Of
these all but three have been account
ed for. William Douglass, the negio
porter, is still missing.
Trains Sldeswlped.
Bedford, Ind., Sept. 19, A fast train
westbound on the Baltimore & Ohio
Southwestern crashed Into tho stdo of
an accommodation train while latter
was attempting to back Its train Into
a siding at Union, eight miles south
west of tills place. The engluoer and
fireman of the flyer were killed. Oue
passenger and tliieo mall clerks re
ceived slight Injuries. Tho dead aro
Theodore I.ehan, engineer of the llyor,
and J. Williams, fireman, both of Sey
mour, Ind. The englneor and Ilroman
of the accommodation train jumped
and saved their lives.
Walked on Trestle,
Lacrosse, Wis., Sept. 19. Jtrs, Set
phen Yoho fell fiom a trestle while
trying to escape fiom a passenger
train and was drowned In the La
crosse river. Mrs, Carl Klawltter also
fell and received fatal Injuries. Mrs
Jacob Wendllng raced to safety ahead
of the train. The women, thinking
the train had passed, went walking on
the trestle, but It caught them when
they were half way across.
Went Through Bridge.
Guthrie, O. T., Sept. 19. A north
bound St .ouU & San Francisco
freight train went through a bridge
on the South Canadian river, near
Carleton, Okla. The engineer, Paul
Palmer, is dead, and a brakeman
named Priest la missing The body of
the m eman, John Kuuz of lllackwell,
Okla.. was pinned under the engine
with four cars la, the trnain.
Is the Plan Outlined by the Ohio
Democratic Committee.
Hosklnt Will Take to the Stump Next
Week Candidates For Congress to
Handle National Issues Indian
Chiefs to Escort Bryan Through In
dian Territory Political News.
Columbus, O., Sept. 18. The Demo
cratic state executive committee met
hero and discussed plans for the cam
paign. The plan followed last year of
dividing the state into districts rtnd
apportioning the work . tin tug tho
members of the Committee was again
adoptod. The committee also decided
to conduct tho campaign on state Is
sues', leaving candidates for congress
in the various districts to take caru
of national issues. Thoie will bo no
formal campaign opening.
It was arranged that Samuel A.
secretary or state, will take the stump
next week, but no meetings have been
definitely arranged. Mr. Hosklns at
tended the meeting of the committee.
In an Interview ho stated that he was
In entire accord with the plan for car
rying on the campaign. He said Mr.
Bryan will speak In Ohio two or three
days in October and that he will con
fine his speechos to a discussion of
state Issues.
"The campaign this year will be
conducted along the lines of that of
last year, and boaalsm and graft will
be Oie predominating issues," said
Mr. Hoaklus.
Bryan and Indians.
Muskogee, I. T., Sept. 18. From the
time W. J. Bryan enters Indian Terri
tory until he leaves it he will bo chap
eroned ty InJtin chiefs of the Five
Nations. As soon as he enters the
Choctaw nation from tlie east he will
be taken In chaige by Governor Mc
Curtain, chief of the Choctaws, who
will introduce him at all points whero
stops are made in the Choctaw nation.
When the Creek nation is reached
Chief Pleasant Porter will bo given a
chance to do the honors. In the Cher
okee nation Chief Rogers will accom
pany Mr. Bryan. Governor Johnston
of the Chlckasaws and Governor
Brown of the Seminoles doubtless will
accompany the Bryan party on the
special train as a compliment. It Is
also probable that an invitation will
be sent to all the Indian chiefs to join
the Bryan party as soon as It reaches
the Choctaw nation and remain until
the train leaves the territory. All of
the chiefs have announced allegiance
to the Democratic faith.
Declines Nomination.
Denver, Colo., Sept. 18. Philip B,
Stewart, recently nominated for gov
ernor of Colorado on the Republican
ticket, sent a letter to the state chair
man declining the nomination. While
tlie letter does not state In so many
words, the reason Stewart declined to
run is on account of the placing of
Judge William M. Gabbert on the
ticket as candidate for le-electlon to
the supreme bench. Before the con
vention Stewart advised against the
nomination of Gabbert and declared
he "would not run on tlie same ticket
with a Populist." A letter was sent
to Gabbert, who was elected to the
supreme bench six years ago as a
Populist. Gabbert Is said to have de
clared lie would not withdraw if the
entire Republican ticket, refused to
run with him.
Killed by Car.
Goshen, Ind., Sept. 19. Whllo doss
ing the track of the Winona inleiui
ban line, 15 miles south of this place,
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Jones, 84 and So,
were struck by an Intoruiban car aud
Instantly killed. The aged couple
were seated In a spring wagon und
did not see the approaching car. They
resided near Leesburg, Ind.
The Dwarf Clephants of Malta.
Tlie island of Malta is tlie only
known spot whore the remains of
dwurf elephants ure found. There
ure several places on the island
where the bones of these niiniuture
pachyderms have been uneurlhed,
und hundredH of skeletons have
been secured, in whole or in part.
One of these, whoso teeth and hones
showed it u full grown specimen,
was less thun two und a hulf feet in
height und could not have weighed
over COO pounds when in the flesh.
Mr, Pounder Won't you sing
something for me, Miss Propper?
Miss Propper I enn't. Mamma
isn't here.
Mr, Pounder Hut I can accom
pany you on the piano.
Miss Propper 0)i, deur, no!
Mamma doesn't ullow young men to
wcompany me anywhere without a
jhaperon. Cleveland Leader.
Tlie inaa lay prone upon tlje
pavement. Blood trickled from u
ragged gash in his throat and form
ed in a little pool neur his head.
There were no marks of violence
nothing to show how the man had
como by the accident. Por a min
ute the groat detective was baffled,
Suddenly a strange light shone in
his keen gray eyes, while a smile of
satisfaction played about his lips.
"Ifavo you discovered how tlie
man's throat was cut ?" thev Asked.
"Yesj he's wearing a collar that's
been to the laundry twicv"-,Mil.
waukee Seating
Log an, Ohio,
Rempel Hotel from 10 a. in. to 5 p. m,
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185-195 SOUTH
Legal Notice.
llonjnuiln Nutior, resldentof Perry coun
ty. Ohio. Siirnli Komiioi, resident of Wells
county, Imllunii, Miirllm Ann L'niinon, resi
dent of Kinnlclln county, Ohio, Orlutliu
Limon, of Michigan, county unknown,
-Mnrgiirot Acklcss, of Michigan, cnjiit.v un
known, Kstullu McCnualln, of Michigan,
county unknovN n, I.ouls Sbnw, of Mlclilimn,
county unknown, John MeKUiloy. or Mlch
lenii, county unknown, Parloy MoKlnloy,
.Slate of .Michigan, county unknown. Thoin
iis MoKlnloy. "f Michigan, county unknown,
William Nuttor, of WellH county, Indiana,
Mtnnlo Oswnlt, of Wolls county, Indiana,
Hnsan Nuttnr. of Welle rouutv. lnolana.
Josso Nullnr, of Wolls county, Indiana, j
u rover rumor, m wum couiuy, jnuinnn.
Corn Nuttor, of Wolls county, Indiana, Cm I
Nuttor, r Wolls county, Indiana, Mnud
CouonKpnrBor, of Athens county, Ohio,
Hiiinuol l'hdi.s and John T. l'holps whoso
residences are not known, and Junius Kep
ler, of Marlon couiuy, (mllaim, Intonated In
theostato of John Nuttor, doceasud, Into of
Hocking county, Ohio,' us heirs, or other
wise, will tako notice that I huvo presented
to tho I'robnta Court of Hoculng county,
Ohio, for allowance to niu against said
ostiiton corttiln claim, n promissory note,
made by said deceased to myself, for oue
hundred dollars, dated .1 line 7. Uti'i,tluo one
year nftoi-duto with lntorest from (Into nt
tho rato of 7 per cent por annum, from date
credited mi t.ald note June 8, IH'.H), seven
dollars, and that tho testimony concerning
i-l(l claim will ho heard by enld court on
the 111 tiny of October 1IKW, at 10 o'olck n, III.
Sept. kl.ll.w nt wild .John Nutter.
To Approve Glenovu sub-division
of the Woec part of tho t?ortli
west quarter of Section 11, Falls
TowiiBhip, Hooking county, O.
llo It ordained by tho Council of the Vil
lage of I.oi'uu, Htato or Ohio:
Hkction 1 That Olenova suh-dlvlslou of
the West nart or tho North-Went (iiiurter o(
Huutlon 11, Falls Township, Hoeklng Ooun-
iy, unio, wiucu pint mil mono uy junmut
Koennn.Hnrvovor of Nelsonville. Ohio. In
Hoptomber, linn, be und the same Is hereby
anpioved mui accepted) und the streets and
alleys tueroin mm om mm piaueu unit neu
lcntoil to nnblloiiBO by tho nronrlotor aud
owner of said sub-division are hereby ac
cepted nnd hucIi dedication la continued,
and thohnnio aro hereby declared to bo pub
lic highways ot bald Village of U)gan, and
after a convof said nlat Is tiled with tho
OlerW of safd Village, ho la hereby directed
luuppruvu sum piui iur rvuiu.
8EO1I0N2. This Ordinance shall take of.
feet unit be In full force ou and after the
earliest period allowed by law.
Passed, Heptemher llth., Iiw).
Attest! KHKI)OUOVK,Olork
J, It. Joi,r,JBON, Bfnyor
Accepting Application for Annex
ation, lie It ordained by the Council of tho VM
laV'u of I.oguu, Htute of Obo;
HKcnoN I, That the application or J. K.
U, Hlneforthe unnoiationof the following
((1011 UI (U lUlluwillB
t ha County of Hock.
uescrioeu territory in tuaoouuty ot iiocit.
IiiKuiHlodjacent totlie Village of Logan, to.
nilUU.aiUBVMiun 4ft, ftWf.ft.RU.ft. -.ft
IlockluirOouiitv. Ohloibotftnulmtut u 310HU
Utlnnld in Cf.in.lnn II nt.,u, .. a li I T nff Vulld
In tho Kouth.Kust corner of u tract of Zl.l
acres kpowH an tho Mary ye laui. In wld
Kecllou 11, Township of Falls, Hocking
Hay, Oct. 1st, 1906
The France Medical Institute KSKiS,! T.
yetira wo lmvo been making regular Monthly tiiui to the Drincipai eiiiei 01
Ohio. Our long experience, remarkable iklll, and great luecem entitle ui to
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out pain or detention from business.
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sorts ; our medicines ntul treatment can be taken and applied at home. Each
oerson amihliiE for Medical Treatment to our ilsltlne physician or at the home
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chemical nnd nilcnucoplci!
nnd strictly ccmnueiuiai.
You ct
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Qrr,i1 A Discount of 10 per cent, allowed to the first
opcClcil student enrolled from any town. Car fare paid.
Each and every student receives careful personal Instruction. A faculty of ex
pert teachers, Remunerative positions secured for all graduates. Tuition reasonable.
Students may work for board while in attendance. Fall term opens Sept. 10, 1906.
Write today for free circulars. Inquiries cheerfully answered by letter. Address
J. E. JOINER, President, Empire Theatre Bldg., Columbus, O.
County, Ohio; thence North 11, Ml chains;
thence North K7 degrees Wot 1117 foot; tbei ce
North 111.37 foot; thence North HI dog. cos
WnbtLtl.tDchuluK; thence Houth a duurues
WostlUKiohalns; thence South 1VA degrees
KnstlU.biiohalns Uo ho place of the begin
ning, Anncuurato map of which territory, to
gether with the petition for ltd annexation,
and other inipcs rotating theieto, und it
certified transcript of the proceedings of tho
Cnillltv noilltillklotiiiru In riihittmi fltor.tm
arooujiie with thooierK of sain village, bol
und tho same Is hereby accepted, ,
suction 2,-Tbis ordinance Mmil take ef-
lout lino no in iiki lorco (in aim auor nu
earliest period allowed by law,
1'a.bou, poptuiuborlltli ,1W0.
Attest! I'.O.OHOVi:, Clerk.
J. II. HOIjMHON, Mayor.
The Result.
The triumph of the machine at
Duy.ton wus expected. Its power
is ono of tho arguments against Its
right to live, For months und
yours u United States senator bus
been' using ull tho inlluoiioeo of his
high o.Iloe to build up u personal
following and hu bus suocoedod,
It is this that inspired tho light
against him; tho .knowledge tlmt
this man was engaged in a syste
mutio effort to aohievo u doml
nanoy u tlio Republican party,
and make bis will the rule of its
Tho idea of lighting anybody
but Republicans who didn't bow
to bis dictation never entered his
mind, Tn the pursuit of this cold
blooded purpose ho has suocoedod.
Ila 1ms been made chairman.
19 Tiara
'or nlnttciB
to four ounce of urine, which 111 receive careful
examination. Consultation nnd Examination rce
.n names puuusn a wnnnut written consent.
satisfaction, you g. t cured or you are OUT NO U0NEY.
a splendid pencil holder or pocket
Wnut hope there is for the Repub
lic tn pirty; what encourafeniont
should go out for thoso engaged in
the nght for tho people; who oven
should be nominated at the con
yoiition all these reul mutters
must bo thrown itside, and the ono
K''ent, blossoming deed, the tallest
achievement of Republicanism, in
ills eye the cliulrmanship of the
oommitteo, that muBt go to him.
It 1b awfully humiliating tlmt
tho great Republican party should
be so advised, and that it should
bo put into a light bo badly ham
pered as it is, Wo should elect
our congressional delegation, and
the stato nomlneos who may bo in
nocent of Dick's bosslsm, but for
the boss himself the protest will
stand, while bo luBts, Republican.
An Insidious Danger
One of the worst fentures of.
kidney trouble is that it is an in
sidious disease nnd boforo the vie
tim realizes his danger ho may
have a fatal malady, Take Foley's
Kidney Cure at tho first sign of
trouble ub it corrects Irregularities
and prevents Bright's disease and,
diabetes, Rort & Co,
cfiwigpjiii m, i,iww,,,wll4,liBj
f0F- 'piiwtgQ' li'ft-'

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