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Denounce Taft and Declare
For Foraker.
In r inectlng of Ohio loprcsuii'
tattvgg of tlio eolorotl raeo held In
Columbus, Wednesday, resolutions
were adopted protesting against
the political ndvancotiiont of Seo
rotury'of War W. II. Taft, and
warning p-illtionl lctulers ttrough
out' the state tliut further advo
cacy of the cuitdidiuty of Taft
would moan the forfeiture of the
colored vote of the state.
In addition to their resolutions,
n declaration of principles 'was
adopted, in which the organiza
tion declared strongly in favor of
Foruker for whatever ofllco ho muy
wish to bo a candidate, urging
him as the most fearlessly clean
man in public lifo, and us the
champion of the rights of the peo
pie without regard to color.
The meeting was composed, not
of politicians, but of the profes
' sionul men of the colored race in
the stute. There were the profes
sors in all the cojored institutions
of the slate, ministers. of the gos
pel, editors, physicians, lawyois
and men from all the professions.
They say that they are actuated
not by partisan molives, but with
u view to giving emphasis of- the
gratitude of n race to tlio man
who has won the otornal enmity of
the national administration that
he might fight for the black race.
The resolutions adopted ure
frank in their defiance and miike
the firm pledge that the colored
voters of the state will bo found
lined up solidly nguinstany politi
cal organization which nominates
a city ticket which is hostile to
Foruker and friendly to' the Taft
' interests.
In other words, the negroes of
the state have warned the Itepub-
lican leaders in tho cities thnt if
they. would have" tho support of
the colored voters, they must
ceaso their work for Tuft and put
' a stop to the plans making for the'
retirement of- Sen.itor Joseph B.
When it is considered that the
men in attendance paid their own
expenses to Columbus to attend
the meeting, it will be understood
that the colored men of Ohio are
more thoroughly in earnest than
ever before, nnd that they regard
the matter in hand of tlio greatest
possible moment to their race.
The declaration of principles
makes open warfare on President
Roosev It.
Friday and Saturday 24
arid 25.
We wish to annouoe that tiie
well known Eye- Specialists A.
Monettu & Gould, from Toledo,
0., will bo at tho Ambrose Hotel.
Dr. Monottn has had 28 years of
praotical expierenco both in
Europe and America. The Doc
tors restore clear oyesight to de
fective eyes, with their ''Crystal
Hock" lenses, which ure thoir sole
property and can n t bo bought
olsowlioro, If you uro troublod
with tho sick hcauohc, pain about
the eyes and at tho base of tho
brain, dizziness nod etc. which arc
caused by deotivo eyesight. Do
not delay, as it moans - danger.
Come and huvo your oyos examin
ed by theBo noted Specialists.
Tho examination is free, if 3'our
eyes do not need glasses they will
tell you so, If glasses nro neeis
frary thy" will ho fitted .to your
eyes Boinetiflcall. The Dra- qomo
highly rocomonded by snnio of tlio
best citizens from tho surrounding
Artillcial eyas inserted witout
pain, Hcncttoinl results qtinrn
ed. May 3 l w.
mm ' " W
Origin of Postage Stamp.
"About sixty-four yours ago,
ltowlund II II was traveling
thrni)g'li on" of tho Northern dis
tricts of England, and for a timo
was sojourning at an inn when the
postman mono with a lottor for a
ypung daughter 01 tno uinKeopor.
The young miss turned tho lottor
over and over in her hand, and
after examining the envelope
minutely, inquired the price of tho
postage, whioh wu a shilling.
wizzi. mm zizTT" " """ "ii "wp i'hth pmiw.WJK ,n ii.
aaar lu A a lV3urfC h fjffij
K liSr a
w fl
than a good substantial
There's no chew like
More than forty years the
quality, "htnr" is still the
most economical chew, because
the ripe, sweet, leaf is last
ing., "Star" gives more good
chewing to the plug than any
other kind.
Honest, full-weight i6 oz.
plugs, the same price, the same
high-quality, as always.
150,000,000 ioc. pieces
sold annually
She sighed sadly and returned the
letter to the postman saying that
it was from hei brother, but that
she had no money.
"Mr. Hill Was an onlooker and
was touched with pity. lie paid
the postage; and his actions
seemed to embarrafs the girl.
When the'postman hud gone she
slated to Mr. Hill that some signs
marked on tho envelope conveyed
to her .all she wanted to know,
and thnt as a' fact there was no
writing onclosed. In extenuation
she said that she and her brother
hud originated a code system of
communicating, us neither of them
wore able to pay post cha-ges.
"Mr. Hill thought of tho rosult
of a system which made such
fraud possible. Uoforo another
day ho had planned a "postal sys
tem upon the present basis."
Marion Henry M. nnd Ida J,
Smith to Charles Brooks, tho west
huff of the n. e. of Sec. 25, con
taining 80.80 acres. $1100.
Falls James L. Martin, Audi
tor, to Amos Dioken, 4. 10 acres in
then. 0. - of Sec. 12, Tax sale.
$3 84.
Starr John M. Hamilton and
others to Ernest A. H.imilton and
wife. Fractional Lot No. 0, Sec.
21, containing 107 Of) acres; 225.
01 in the east part of Fruet:onal
Let No. 4, Sec. 22; 02 ncros in
Fractional Lot No. 5, Sec 22; 130
nursa in the cast part of Fractional
Lot No. 7' Sec. 21; and 10 acres
in tho east part of Fractional Lot
No 1, See. 28; in all, -ill acres.
$14, USD.
Salt Creek Charles N. Wells
to Hobort Iluyues, ;i acres in the
n, w. 1 of Sec. 7. $51.
Denton Mary M, Dlackston to
Levi nnd Homer P. Hutton, two
tracts in Sec. 15 and 22; contain
ing togethor 7 equuro rods $5.
Donton Martin Van Duren,
President of tho United States, to
David Stokely, tlio n. w. of Sec.
ill, Grant, dated August 1, 18.10.
Donton Hiram II. Wright and
wifo to Albeit O. Wtight, quit
olaim tho n. w. 1 of Sec. ill. $1
Logun Kstella A. Strontss and
others to Luoida P. Strentz, quit
claim to Lot No. 212. .fl
Ward Sarah A. I'nwley to
Howard W. Duwley, quitclaim to
tiie undivided one-half of 81 uores
in tiie 11. w. oornei of Seo, 28
Marlon George D, Williamson,
Shoriir, to Jacob Myura, the south
half of tho n. 0. 4, of Seo. II, con
taining 82 uoros; jileo Fractional
Lot No, ii, Soa. !), containing 1 1
ncros.. Salo in partition. $5050.
Lognn J. E- It. and Naniiio E.
Sum to Frank Henley, Lot No.
1210, Glenova Addition. $100.
Logan Margaret Lurinier. to
Kunogandiv Eberst, Lot No, 1205,
Glenova Addition, $125.
If you arc looking for
change from the light,
imsy chews that don't last-
you'll find nothuiir better
chew of the rich, juicy
Gets a New Trial In Forg
ery Case.
Coshocton, O , May 10. Judges
Tuggart and Donahue, in circuit
court Wednesday evening, ordered
a new trial for Mrs. Mary Linga
foltcr,' the Newark forger, convict
ed here lust November nnd son
tertced to four years in the peni
tentiary. The judges, in handing down
thoir decision, said that there is
no statute in Ohio that in such
case makes an accessory guilty af
ter the fact. It was argued by
the dofonso thnt the conviction
had been mainly secured in this
Tho decision hinged upon con
sidering ns evidence cortain stubs
in a receipt book which had been
made out to conctal the forgery.
Robert Lingafelter had written
out the forged receipts and iiis
mother the stubs. No evidence
was introduced to show that Mrs.
Lingafelter had written these
stubs until after the son hud com
mitted the forgery.
The court ruled that Judge
Campbell had erred when lie
charged the jury that 'it made no
difference when Mrs. Lingafelter
had filled out tho stubs, whether
it was at the same time or the
next year.
Prosecutor Fitzgibbou, of New
ark, said before the decision wus
made public, that if It wore ad
verso to the state he would not
try the woman again on the same
issuo, but would prosecute her on
one of several other indictments
that he holds against her. The
case will be enrriod to tlio supreme
More News from tho New England
If uily one has any doubt as to
the virtue of Foley's Kidney Cure,
they need only to refer to Mr. Al
vin II. Stimpson, of Williuniantlo,
Conn., who, nftor almost losing
hope of recovery, on account of
the failuru of so piany remedies,
llunlly tried Foley's Kidney Cure,
which ho says was "Just the
thing" for him, ns four bottlos
cured him completely, IIo is now
entirely well nnd free from all tho
so ll'o ring incident to acute kidney
trouble Hurt & Co,
Money to Loan.
The MoArthur Building .1- Loan
Co., lias money to loan on first
moi tgage security in amounts not
less than $1000 7, on Logan
Heal Ettato, For further partic
ulars address the MoArthur Build
ing & Loan Company,
April 4, 10-w
JJllXIIJllnlJf JBL-JfrtjPa r
Records of Two. Meetings
Tlio commissioners of Hocking
county met in regular session Sut
urduy, May 11, and tho following
business was transacted.
Tho vacancy of presidency of
the board by tho deatli of J. W.
Streatz was filled by tho election
of R. II. Stewart.
Relshelderfer Dros. were award
ed a contract for tlio extension for
Eliok Bridge in Good hope Tp.,
for sum of $100.
Contract was mndo with Isaiah
Voris for road work near tho river
bridge, Lognn.
1111,1,3 am.owi:o.
J. L. Martin, auditor, jour-
nul entries 0 70
Dayton Blank Book Co, sup
plies Probate Jude 20 40
Oliver Typewriter Co., sup
plies 0 70
Columbus Work House,
boarding priBioners 7 50
Charles Schemp, barbering
at Jail 7 50
J. F. Harden & Co., burial
indigent soldiers 50 00
Logan Nat'l Gas & Fuel Co.,
serv'ce court house 1 15
Citizens Elec. Light Co.,
service 31 55
Logan Home Tel. Co., phone,
service 7 00
U. S. Telephone Co., sei-
vice 2 as
John Pettit, attorney for
W. T. Fields 20 00
J. F. Snter. abuttment for
bridge Starr Tp. 50 00
Geo. Shull, new bridge at
Swnrtz Mill 10 95
Reichelderfor Bros., taking
bridge from ereek at
Falls Mill 100 00
Same, building bridge in
Ward Tp 171 00
Same, concreting water
way, Murray city 140 00
Same, repairs New Town
Bridge, Ward Tp.. . 55 00
James Bebout, surveyor.... lia 30
Louis Beougher, asst. sur
veyor 2 00
A. J. Nunemaker, asst. sur
veyor 4 00
B. C. Miller, horse and rig
. to surveyor 5 days 8 75
J. C. Morgan, rig for sur
veyor 3 00
B. F. Swenzy, muking fill
upprooch Deible
Bridge 12 50
Same, fill at Sweazy Bridge. 20 00
A. M. Brown, clerk of
' court, fees in erimnal
cases 33 10
U S.Tel. Co,, .services 3 05
Central Union Tel. Co., 05
Geo. W. HoIl, painting and
papering 13 00
Sam'lIIighley, labor 8 00
Geo. S.Bisliop, watchman .... 4 00
Tod Stedem, meals for
- Jury 3 00
Warner House, meals for
Jury." 3 00
Geo. B. Williamson, shor-
ill" ..-.152 90
J. L. Martin, auditor, jour
nal entries 13 30
LT. S. Postolliee, stamped
envelopes . 82 1)0
Webb Sta. Co., supplies 10 50
Stuknlta Fan Co., ruled
books 0 00
W. A. Stanuge Co,, sup-
plies 14 20
Ruggles Gale Co , sup-"
plies 7 00
Alf Cessells, work at
Youngs bridge : 2 50
Same, riprap aulvort, Green
Tp 12 00
Same, culvert Gus Floyd's.. 50 00
Ed. Saner, oropsing
Groves. Bridge,
Green Tp. .. ... 1 50
Chas. MeCoitl.y, labor with -
. teuni 5 50
Reioiielderfer Dros., lifting
and resetting Deible
bridge 115 00
Columbus Hooking Clay Co.,
Lumber 8& 50
Mt. Vernon Dridge Co,,
Lumber 10 50
Qavid Wolfe, et nl, repair
.log culvert ltutter
road- tQ 00'
vt I . "
Hotel Ambrose from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m,
SAVE YOUR SIGHT Ilnvo your eyes examined and tested by a skilled Optlclnn. Dr, West of tho
Franco Medical Institute Co., will EXAMINE YOUit EYES FREE. K glusson nre required ho will fit
you 50 per cent lower than nny other firm. We grind louses to suit each pernon.
If. You Are Suffering from Any Disease, Weakness or Disability
Why Not Consult Froo an Exparloncod, Bducntcul Spprlillal, who la thoroughly
oqulppod with the necessary appliances known la modern mpdloal science i
It Will Pay You to Go 200 Miles to See Dr. Weist
(.lilrf rxnmlnlniranii Consulllnts I'lu Milan of the H uuo MrJI. il liKilliilf. I)r. Wn I ulll Jr. m no fir u nn I In-un1 twlncl -in. ess nn4 In Hie SHOKTE3T
l'OSSini.C llmi', nnjjoiimcathucluree If lu. fall to htul -fails tocuie. Nut.i I'liNNV i. Ii t 1.1 on li Jim wv.it .ill Ji .t. liej.
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KJilVJU JLVPUAV MJLjrJ3.jL mull! e'Moa are required liowlll lit you fjO',, lower than any otlier nrm. lenses (round to suit euh penca.
I would
rather effect n euro of a difficult
a big sum
of money. I uellavo In "CURINQ TO
Carbonhill Booming.
(Murray City Now )
We visited old (Jiirbniihill Sun
day and lettrnod from our mitny
friends and poisons interested in
the progress of that village, that
u, new eia of prosperity is awaiting
the town, on the Monday. The
coal mine which is being opened
there, is becoming more promibing
The work is going forward with
all possible speed, and it is paid,
tliut the hoppers: will be tho larg-
and finest in Ohio.
Every day cluy prospectors are
visiting the vicinity and clay of a
fine and most valuable quality if
being unearthed. Jt is definitely
decided now, that Carbonhill has
one of the best grades of Hint clay
in tlio world, in addition to thie
it has several vanes of another
high class clay and if the various
vanes were to be opened now and
started and kopt in operation, the
supply would give employment to
the people for the next hundred
years at least.
There is talk now of incorpora
ting tho town and getting in readi
ness for the wave of prosperity,
that is knocking at tho portals of
the village.
Kidney complaint kills more
people than any other disease.
This is due to tho disease being so
insidious tiiat it gots a good hold
on the system boforo it is recog
nised. Foley's Kidney Cure will
prevent the dovelopoment of fatal
disease if taken in t,ime. liort it
Jury Brought out an Indict
ment Against a Dead
Defiance, O., May 17. An
Ohio jury 'has indicted a dead
man. The giantl jury for this
county has just reported, and the
ineinbai'K niado n huge joke of thoir
work by bringing an indictment in
a onse wliero they wore reasonably
sure that no oriino had boon com
mitted. Tho jury indiotod "Mr.
Tho deed foi whioh it true bill
Is returned against 'Messo," is
having tied 0:10 Charles Kimpol to
tho Haltiiuoro and Ohio rail
road track several weeks ago.
On night Ivinippl wna found tied
along tlio track. Whon resouod
he gave out n story that some To
ledo man sandbagged him and put
him in tho way of u train,
An investigation caused tho
police to boliovo that Kimpel tied
himself and nmdo up the story to
gain the lovo of a girl who caved
Ijttlo for him, It wits eticli it
weird story and so like the desper
ate acts of the former bandit, that
tlje humor was to miioh for tho
jurors. In order to insure against
the popsiblity that such it criminal
was about, an indictment wus ag
reed upon, one juror happily hit
ting upon tho iiuiua cf "Jeseo
1 nnrMv
The Franco Medical Instituto!,;;'!!;,
venri netuitebem in ikm r i m r mnnllilv U its toilir pilmlpil . Hies nf Ohio. Our
iunjii'M'ii.fMK'1. it m nltil li' I II nlmii' in i nil tit- us lo Hip lull confidence nf
lln'.iltli. I. J. IHFtRENCtS- Best Uanks nd Lsading HuMnossMen ol Columbus. .Men
unj uomeiltvho nci'J u.jti n nl nn I nut lut ml. nu. Wlun the rcsil trouble H known
Hut Is one half the un' N' t ,i I..I u m., 1 1 1. 1. , .1 unU s jou arc ahiolulely satisfied
Incw.y lurtkular tli.it Ui. Wis-t i ill li'np hK ,ic;iii meiit.
Throat, Lung and Nasal Diseases S2iiia!ata''
Heart, Blood and Skin Diseases Ltl.nm.Sores' """'
Brain, Spinal and Norve'Diseases f()'rJ:
I plli psy. 1 ts. Nouiil'ii, Sutii.i. IIimIii-Iii's. Slwplp 'iicss, 1'iitzlnpss, Hraln anJ
Nt'ivous I hiuMKin, iU., su. n'svtulh tuMtiJ hy our on, mat method.
Rhfiliyn n f ISlll f '"' ""l ,xr l"'llnl'1,ls"i 's ""-' moM succresful Known to
Young and Middle-Aged MenSuWlSffl
onJ Nt-rxous O.liluv tn iv t ill with ttiufijtnrr.
niCMCOC! nf Wilinon After e.irs of exncrienrp we have dlscovereJ
UWUtlOCa ul iVUUIBll,!,,,,,,, u. st, ure I mm n lor diseases peculiar to
lliesex. pitnf.il Mm Iru itlnn, Stmho nr II itii nness, l.i in milne.i, Priultls, Ovatlan
anJ I Ihruid lumtii niiu.ij i . i.i-i,m ij t ui. d by out method. Otirtiehl-
mtiit ib iH'iti i lis ti ii 1 1. ..i l.iii i,ipii. 1 N.) In milhtliiKPspiMureon lAttmtnallon.
Try it and sou v. ill i i urn hi e luiujuj-. i.i ntiuis, 'Oh, I feel like a different woman."
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lure and r. nsult us hefnre t.,l,nig tiealmmt elsewhere.
Kidney and Bladder Diseases Pr&S1?T,,5F-tRIfllfiJff--
der, I nl.irKed I 'rust no, I i. quint and !Vil! Iliu 1'iinatlon. It costs no more to employ
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VJL1 HjLIU j (ju1 AediLated Dnugie, a method of treatment without pain or deten
tion flora business.
Syphilis or Blood Poison sw,u.r0euo,i,eresfaS.of lniur,ous
Nut ncci'sai Ui murwl cvponste S.inluiriiiinr, Ilnpi'ils, or Health Resorts ; our
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tn tuur nun. n mint uhu h ulll hi . iv t t aivful iiemii al aiul muroscoplcal examina
tion nnsuli. itlnn .iiul 1 amin ition lioc iiiJ Miicil uunliJenllal. No name published
unhout urittL'ii Lnnt nt.
caso titan rocelve
Nothing K paid M mi if
lull get satist iction, imi
38-40 West
Gay Sticct,
To Prohibit the Runnim? at Largo of
Dogs Within the Village of Logan, O.
Ho It ordained by tho Council of tin- Vil
Uko of I.oKaii, County of IlocUIncnml .state
Sec. 1. That It shall lie unlaw fill for any
person or corporation boiiiK Hit' owner or
Imvini; the clmrgc or rare of any dopr, to
suiter or permit the same to run at law, on
any public road, highway, street, alley, lane
or public property within the Village nf I.o
Kiui. HocUinii County. Ohio; and any per-on
violating the provisions of this section shall
forfeit and pny for every such violation, as
penally therefor, not less than M 00 not
more than S3 00; liaeh day of continued mo
latlon, after notice or prosecution, shall be
held to be all additional offense.
Sec. -. That any animal of tlio dog kind,
thnt chases, wornc", injures, or kills tins
domestic animal or person, within the il
lage of Logan, llocUing County. Ohio, may
be killed by nny person, at miv time or
place. Or upon tho filing of an affidavit be
fore the Mayor of said village, stating that
anynnimalof the doglriiid.givinga descrip
tion of such dog, has so uhnued, worried. In
jured or killed any domestic animal or per
son within tiie said village, and the .Mayor
being satisfied that said dog has so chased,
worried, injured or killed any domestic an
imal or person, he shall order nny Marshal
or Policeman to Ulll such animal.
Sec. 1). It shall be the duty of the Marshal
of said Village to eonllne, in a place to he
furnished by tlio Village, anv animal of the
dog kind found running nt Inrge within the
corporate limits of said Village, and forth
with notify the invner, It the owner can be
found bj reasonable diligence, if such own
er can not bo so found, such Marshal shall
post written notice, giving description of
such dog, in two public places within said
Vlllng", notifying the ot ner to pay costs of
such confinement, or cause the same to be
paid, within three days, the Marshal shall
make allldavlt before the Mayor, ftiiiu the
time of confinement, deiciiptlon or dog and
time nnd place where found, and that costs
of such conllnement h:ie not been paid,
whereupon the Ma or shall order the Mar
"Unl to kill such dog. All dogs killed by the
Marshal or a Policeman shall be buried by
the pel son so killing them or it.
See I. The Marshal or Policeman shall be
allowed the follow lug fees In addition to his
regular salary to bo collet led from the own
er of such dog, If known, if not known, to
be paid out of the Village, Treasury upon
certillcato of the Mayor, to-uit: 1'or each
dogeonllned llfty cents, and cost of feed
ing it while so confined, not to exceed llfleen
cents per day; for killing each Uog lllty cts:
for burying each dog llfty cents; for each
notice posted ton cents; for eacli nllldavlt
(lied, twenty-live cents. 'I he Mayor shall
receive In addition to his regular salary the
following fees: Tor each order to kill n dog
twenty-tlvo cents; for record of proceed
ings and order, llfleen cents per hundred
words; to be collected from the owner of
such dog, but upon failure to collect from
the owner of such dog, then to be paid out
ol tho lllago treasury.
See. 5 All ordinances or parts of ordi
nances heretofore passed, that nro Inconsis
tent herewith are hereby repealed,
Sec. ii. This ordinance shall bo in full
force nnd effect on and after thearllest pe
riod ullowed by law.
lsed May II, 1W7.
Attest: .1. 1). DOLMSON-
litl.l) O.HOVI:, Clerk. Mayor.
Notice of Appointment.
Kslnlo of Iv'lla S Kline, l)eceitsed.
The uuilorslynml has boeujippnlutctl and
qualified as Adnilulsliator tit the estate of
J : 1 la n. Kline, lute of Hocking County, dn-
coihcti. Dated this Ifiih fluj o Muy A. I).,
Solomon Kline,
May lii, ;l-w. Administrator.
Roof and
Iron Paint
ror Nev nnd old MIh1, pelt, Cnvi, Payer,
UurUp, Kuliber anil Alboitot Suifacei.
Wo poaltivuly
guarantee Rubber
Icoto Uoof anil
Iron Taint tolait
Ik years.
In any caso where
it fails to do this
wo agree to supply,
free of charge,
itifficien t paint to
Itcep surface, in
good condition for
tho dated length
of time.
Tim moit ulailic, freo-oit flowini, belt proad
tnK and lavveil culd lett black paint un the
writs ui, itato nanie of your dealer, and w will
tell you all about UUlUUiltKO IX and end you
cull certificate, ontillinv you Id credit of Ec per
gallon on your fiist purchase.
Manufactured only Ly
Tiie Pioneer Manufacturing Co,
For Sale by
I. N. ST I E RS,
i L,ogan, Ohio
get cured, or nu are OUT NO MONET.
Columbus, 0.
Next Door Wesl of tlio
Intor-Urban Union Station
To rogulnto tho sab of intoxica
ting liquors find places where
tTie same are sold.
lie- It or lalned by t he Council of the Vil
lage of Logan. Slate of Ohio:
Sic. I. That the -nli) or giving nwny of
Intoxicating Illinois, ns a beverage, whether
dUtllled, malt or vinous, betwenn iho hours
of eleven o'clock P.M. and llvo o'clock A.
Af.. Slfltif I-i l',l Mill,, mi fill ..,, fiilne rr t i.i.L-
l days, or from thu hours of eleven o'clock
i-. .ii., jsniuiuny. ttii'ii .tno .Monuuy
following at five o'clock A. M., stnndnid
tlnin, except by a leguhir drug
glsi mm wiltten pic-crlpllon lrom a regu
lar practising physician for medical pur
poses, or for exclusively known muchttni
enl, vhuriilucculk'Ul or sacruuiontnl pur
poses, Is hereby declared to be unlawful,
mil all places wheie such lulolcuttng
liquors nil" at other times sold, exposed for
sale, or gien nwqy as a hevoi age, except
tegular drug storesv shall during these
hours bovlosed, and whoever sells or ylvej
nwiiv any such liquors as a. beverage,' or
ullou's any such place to lie open, or romnin
open durln these forbidden hours shall he
lined in nny sum uoi exceeding $l0iU), and
not less than $,".0ti lor the llrst. olfenso: and
for each subsequent- oirensp shall bo lined
not mure than $-.'W.t.O, and not loss limn
$'0.U0, and stm d committed until fine and
costs are paid.
Sec. 'J. Provided I hut tho words "Olvlng
Ahj " wheie they occur in this oidlmthce
shall not applj to the giving ivwnv of lulov
Icttlng liquors by a person In his private
dwelling, unless such pilMite dwelling is
used as a place of public lesort.
Seo. U Nothing contained Ir. this or
dinance shall In any manner ulTnet thu
i Ight of nny matiulaetuier of Intolcatlng
liquors 1 1 oui rim' inntcilal to sell, deliver
and furnish li i pioducl in wholesale qiiiiu
tliles to bono thin tvinll dealers traiflcKlng
in 'Intoxicating llquois; or In wholesale
quantities to any puit or iinrties lesldlng
iiit-liltf thu limits of Mild municipality.
fee. I. In legtil.ir hotels ami eating
hou-.es. the word "I'liice" herein ttiuii shall
lie held to lueaii Hie room or i art of room
where such llquois nro usually sold or ex
posed for sale, unit tho beeping of such n
room or purl of room securely closed shall
bo In Id, ns ! Mich hotelsand eating houses
as n elo-lngof the place within the meaning
of thl-1 oidlntuieu.
See li. All oidlnnnees and parts of or
dinances luiretiiiiire passed IncotisUtunt
horouiihniu heieby ropeuled,
Stc. i). This ordluuiico shall be III full
force mid ellVct on and ufter tho earliest
period allowed by law.
Passed, Mhv llih, Itui".
Attest: !' V. (UtOVi:. I lurk.
.1. II. DOLl.IbUN. Mnyor,
To pruvont tho disturbing of tlio
pettco, quiot and. good order of
tho Villngp.
Holt ordulned by tho Council of tluv Vil
lage ofl.ouan.Hlate of ohioi
M'c. l, It shall he unlawful for any pur
son to disturb the peni'o, mtloi and good
order or tho said ilinno, by clamor and
noise In tho night scnton, by intoxication,
diuukuuness, llnlitluc, iisliiK nil-conn or
piofanu humii'iKo In luo streets and other
public places to the nnuoynuco of the citi
zen,, or otherwise MulatliiKlliu public pniicu
ny Iiidccenl and disorderly eomluct, or by
hwd or Imm'IvIoiis behalor, or by Jiulnil
Migrant, common stteut leu mi r, conituon
prosiituto, habitual dlsliirl'ur of the pjucu,
Known pickpocket, giimWor, butg nr, Ihluf,
waich-stulli r, ball-uaino player, of n person
ho pructlncs nny trick, Kami', or ilovleu,
with Intent to swindle, or a person who
abuses his family, or a suspicious person
who cannot iiwi a reasonable account of
Sec. i. Any poison violating any of thu
nrovl lohsnrtsco I. of this tlidlnaiioo shall
bo dee ucil utility of a mltideuitaiior uiitl ttp-
ou cunk'tlim thereof shall bij lined In any
sum not oxeuedliiK $-5 ue.
Bee. :l All ordliiauees and purls of or
dlniiui'i s liicdiulnltint herewith tirv liuioby
Keu. I. This Oiillnuncu shall by In full
foicoand elfuet on ami afur tho etwliejc
liotlod allowed by law,
PasMid, May J II la. Il'7.
Allesi : !'. U. (iltl)VIS, t'lai-.
.1. fl. OtiMiiaioN, Muyor,
Notico to , Builders and
The I'ommlskloiiers of liuoklnij Connly,
Ohio, will rrccle seulid bids fur IIib oivu-
lloll ulll mil siMin uriuuu acute, iiogi;ni;
liver nt KnlerpiUe, tihln up to and In.
cludliiKoue ii'clo u ii m, !! liny soi n, i w, ,
llli.'s ill UoVccptctl on plan of thu Ooun
l 8urejiir, not on tils In the Audlliu's
nfilce, I.cm'iin, llneklug Count), Ultlo Also
on plans fur two lircU re-lufored euuvil
t incline
'Ihe lildileis will lilso be allowed to unb
uilt i In li uW n plan ami bid on thaiim.
Altbld .nitisi be ucieiinuinlid by ceitltlud
chick to the iiiiixiinl ol live lilindird dol-liii-,
u- inuu'uniee of good faith that uc-ces-lulbl.ldei-will
"iiler into e utraej.
The llo 'Id nf I'ouiinU-.ti'i em leserve lliu
rlcbt I" nl"'! uur 'ind all bids
its , idei "t I mi i m i iiininUslouerii.
Jaiiii". .' Mm llu. I'leik of ituunl.
prll '.'i j-v
Makes Kldnoyc ami RUdder Hla

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