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The Onlj DsaoortloPpr la thi County
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Council Meeting.
Tho Village Council met In reg
ular Boseion on Tuesday night, and
it was tho Inst meeting of tho old
council. Mombors Comly, James
and Brnddook rotiro; Hay, Strncko
and Klcinemith were candidates
and were ro-olected, and will servo
another torm. They have ground
out a largo grist of business in tho
past your, und they paps to retire
ment with tho good will of tho
people gonernlly. Wo inenBiirothe
approval of the council's action in
tho past year by tho fact tiiat three
of their number, that wore candi
dates were re o'ected and the
Mayor os chairman, also being re
turned for n socond torm,
Mr. Henry Leach soiyod his last
meeting as clerk, and ho has,
sorved well. Ulerk-eleofc Cyrus
Rochester assumes his ofllao next
Saturday, as do all the village o Ul
cers. Mayor Thurness made tho fol
lowing report of monies collected
by him :
To tho Council of tho villnge of
Logan, Ohio:
Tho following is a full state
ment of nil fines and collections
(except in state case?) received by
ino 10 uecemDar :jh, iuuu: ,
Fines 7 00
Licenso 17 00'
Scale money 88 00 j
Sewer taps 14 00
Bov's breaking crossings. . .. 150
Total '. .77.50
Fines turned o7or to county
in state cases 11 60
Though this was two last meet
ing of the council, they did not
drop down into the happy vein of
lethargy, but jumped into work
us vigorously as ueual.
Mr. Comly introduced an ordi
nance to licenso plumbers which
passed under suspended rules. It
appears in another column of this
paper, and provides a license fee
of $10.00 per year, and fiuo of
$25.00 to $500 00 for violations.
The financo committee reported
favorable on the following bills
presented to them, which wore
ordered paid:
J. Drollinger, steward firo
dept -$ 2
ChriB'Griner, labor 2
J. WycufF, labor 2
Chas. Vori8, street com 41
J. Rochester k .Sons, sup
plies 2
J. T. Sanderson ifc Sons.,
harness supplies S
W. H. Stanage & Co 14
Work Bros ,. sundries 1
Chris Holl, plumbing 9
H,. S. Vance, civil engineer
ing Jesse James, aest engineer
Tim Morarity, nsst. "
Henry Lencb, city clerk
. E. Campbell, health of
ficer A L Proctor, Inspector....
H. L, Karshner, meals
Rmgwald & Sons, estimate
on sewer 800 00
Gus Shively, marshal, kill
ing and burying dogs.... 5 50
Journal Gazette, pub. or-
. dinances - 02 70
Democrat Sentinel, pub.
ordinances - 02 70
Chris Holl Hardware Co,,
plumbing.... - 10 00
Logan Light & Power Co.,
moving lights und sup
plies 04 37
Geo. Holl, secretary firo
dept - 10 00
Engineer Vanco reported that
he was having the "rod book," or
the book of grades and engineer
ing of the town plat, -transcribed.
Attorney Whitcraft roported
thut the village has a law suit on
its bauds with Mr. Rublo, and
asked that a Btonogrnpher be pro
vided. It waB so ordered.
Tho contract with Uingwald Jc
Son for paving North Market
street was to bu completed Decem
ber 28th, but because of the
weather it was impossible to com
pleto same by this time. Tho
counoil ordered that the timo bo
extended to May 1, 1010.
City Attorney Whitcraft report
ed that he had contracted with
Mrs. MoKinney for a right-of-way
for sewer, and has the deed, and
he was ordored to have samo re
corded, After tho business of tho moot
ing was oonoluded, a few retiring
speeches were indulged in. Conn
' oilmen Buy and Comly spoke of
the harmony of the past your in
counoil, and Mr. Bay with re
gret at the retirement of the throo
mombers, Mayor Thurness spuko
of the buBlness of the past two
years, and several of tho officials,
city attorney, engineer and news
paper mou spoke of tho ups uud
downs of the pt two yoara as
servants of the city.
After the adjournment Mayor
'Ihurneas invited the council and
newspaper men to his home to eat
Laurnlvlllo Entertainment.
The Sterling Jubilee- Quartette
will give an entertainment in
Laurolvlllo at Williamson's Hull,
January 8, 1010. Thin colored
quartette comes well recommended
as ono of tho greatest musioinl
urbanizations in the oountrv. It
will bo a pleasure and a delight
for tho people of West Hocking to
hear this quartette Their music
will bo a raro treat that Wo seldom
have an opportunity to hear.
Tho unsolicited press notices
that have praised this aggregation
of singers, is convincing that their
entertainment pleases wherevor
thev eo Tho chart for reserved
sent tickets will, be opened on New
Year's Day. Make your plans to
go and hear these, great eingors.
First Christmas In the New
M. E. Church
The Christmas time just passed,
will long be remembered by a mul
titude of people old und young
connected with the Methodist
Episcopal church of Logan.
To 'Begin w.th, the Sunday
school entertainment on Christmas
eve, was a most enjoyablo occasion
especially so far as tho little ones
were concerned. The large Sun
day school auditorium was crowd
ed to the doors. Tho committee
on decoration had carefully and
artfully done their work. Ever
greens, bunting, ornaments and
Christmas bells were beautifully
and tastefully arranged, which
was moat pleasing to the eye and
Inspiring to look "rcr. The pro
gram was pronounced by nil at
one of the highest class ever ren
dered by Sunday school children
in the city. Mr. and Mrs. Wor
rel, Supt. and Mrs. Grady, Mrs.
Frank Ackers, Misses Lulu Bright,
Minnie Moore and Bertha Gano, at
committto on program, have oer
taiuly richly earned the universal
and hearty appreciation of the
parents and entire congregation
through their untiring zeal in so
carefully and skillfully urranginp
the material for tho program and
in training tho children. The
children who had a part in tin
program, deserve a word of com
mendation; also they certainly ac
quitted themselves creditubly and
by treir renditions of music, reci
tations and dialogues undoubtedly
convinced tho large audience that
tho sohool is endowed with more
than ordinary intellectual and niu
sical ability. This Sunday school
has undoubtedly an inspiring fu
ture. But few Sunday school,
have a moro competent and sub
stantial board of officers and
teachers. This added to the
splendid equipment of class rooms
now about ready for use, ought
very soon to bring the enrollment
up to eight hundred or one thous
and. On Sunday morning tho pastor
preached fiom John 12 32 on the
subject, "Jesus and tho Elevation
of tho Raoes of Mankind."
In the ovoning at six o'clock,
tho lovo feast services wore well
attended and good fellowship uud
spirituality made the service u
real blessing to all, At soven o'
clock, Dr. J. C. Arbuokle preached
ono of his mo3t powerful and con
vincing sermons Tho communion
service was very irapressivo und
On Monday night, tho District
Superintendent conducted tho first
Quarterly Conference for this con
ference year. A goodly numbor
of tho official board was present.
Tho usual business was transact
ed. The reports from the various
departments of the church woro
oncournging. The financial roport
niudo by tho treiiBuror for the
quarter, covering incidentals, sal
ury, etc, was the greatest in the
history of the ohuroh, showing all
curront expousos paid in full with
over one hundred dollars in the.
treuBiiry, Upon tho whole, the
Christinas time Quarterly Confer
ence session was one of great on-
oourigemont to tho congregation.
Charles llellyer, Dead.
Charles Hellyer, un aged citizen
of east Logan, died Sunday and
tho funeral was had Tuesday, Rev
Correll, officiating. Obituary will
f apiear next week,
Merchants' Greetings.
STEDKM & 00.
Now Yenr's Greeting to our
patrons. Stedem fc Co.
Wo wish our patron a prosper
ous New Year. Oliver & Son,
Happy and prosperous Now
Year to all.
F BLASiusifc Son.
work nitos
Thanks for past favors and
hopeful for the future. Huppy
and prosperous Now Year to all.
Wonic Bros
New Years Greeting to all.
Thanks for past favors, and hope
we morit a share of tho future
businoss. Wellman is Yontz
1' S CASE.
I wish to thank all patrons and
friends for their liberal patronage
the past year and wish all a pros
perous New Yaar. F. S. Case.
Business in our line has been
good in the past year. We thank
tho public for the sharo that has
been apportioned to us, winning all
a prosperous Now Year.
Our business has bern very good
the past year and wo thank our
friends for their liberal patronage,
and wish all a happy and success
ful New Year.
E. L. Kleinsmitii, Prop.
I have had three times more
business this year than last and
am very proud of tho success of
my store. I wish "my patrons and
friends a happy and prosperous
New Year. l. v clark.
I extend to my customers and
friends my best wishes for a hap
py,New Year and stand ready to
make the New Year prosperous for
them by giving them reliable foot
wear. J. A. Stiers
Good goods and right prices
brings the business. We are do
ing a good business. Extend
greeting to our liberal patrons and
wish everybody eveiy where a
happy and prosperous Now Year.
Johnson-Beverage Co
The past year has brought to us
a full Bhare of prosperity and we
enjoy tho confidence reposed in
us. We thank the public for
patronage and wish all a prosper
ous New Year.
OrERA House Drug Store.
We had a better business the
past year than any year previous
ind wish to thank our oustomers
for their liboral patronage, und
hope a continuance in tho future.
We wish all a happy and prosper
ous New Year.
TnE avenue grocery.
Several months ago we bought
tho avenue grocery of Mr KeBsler
We restocked tho place und have
built up u nice business, for which
we ure vory grateful to our Logan
frionds. We wish all a happy and
prosperous New Year.
Tucker fc Stifkler
Our business Iiub been far be
yond our expectation. Wo are
moro than pleased, and will con
tinue to give the people hotter
oboes for tho money than they can
buy elsewhore. That makos busi
ness. Klines Big Shoe Store,
81 E. Main St , Logan.
Tho goods and tho prices talk,
and we Hatter ourselves that wo
havo given tho poople tho worth
of their money in our deals the
past year. Wo thank the public
for liberal patronago und solicit n
ftlturo continuance
To our patrons and friends we
desire to express our appreciation
of your kind patronage shown us
during tho past year, and trust
our pleasant business relation may
continue for many years to come
We have in the past and shall in
the future conscientiously endeavor
ed to furnish food product of the
highest quality and purity, a line
of goods you may depend upon as
being the beat that money am
buy, trusting ou- businoss with
you may always be plearunt und
wishing you the onmpliments of
the season, wo remain yours for
quality, Hammond Acker.
Wo desiro to extend sincere
thanks to our oustoiuets f.or their
liberal patronage during tho
pnst year und to extond our heart
ieat wishes for u happy and pros
perous New Year. Wo trust that
tho pleasant relations existing bo
tween us will continue.
Kesslkr Bros,
Wo tnko this opportunity to
thank our friends und patrons for
tho very liberal sharo of patronago
given us byoH'orlug only morohan
diso of substantial worth and at
lowost prices. During tho coming
season wo hope to merit nn in
creasing shnro of patronago. Union
Clothing Co, Tip-To-Too Outfit
era, Opera House Block, Logun, O.
Our business in tho past yoar
has been very gratifying. We
havo enjoyed a liberal share of
tho grocory business of Logan and
extend greeting to those who have
givon us their patronage. Wo
try to keep our store up to tho
times, and handle only such goods
ae wo can personally recommend.
Wishing all a prosperous New
Year. Yours Truly,
Comly & Son.
We pauso, in tho midsf of our
gigantic Red Tag Salo, to thank
our patrons for past favors, and
wish them a prosperous New Year
We look to a larger future in our
business than the past. Wo will
bo in new quarters in tho Rochest
er building, with more room and
more goods, nnd will try to give
the public better opportunities to
bo suited in selections.
Rochester-Lytle Co.
We desire to thank our friends
for their liberal patronage during
the year about to close, which
from a business point of view has
been a very satisfactory one. It
shull always be our highest aim to
pleaso all who trade with us, as
we look to our satisfied customers
to toll others and to make our
business grow. With bp--"?.abes
to all for a happy and prosperous
New Year, we are
Sincerely Yours,
Brown Bros.
harden & CO
A Happy New Year to all. We
did not even have timo last week
to say "Merry Chrit-tmas," but
trust you were merry just the
same. We feel grateful to our
loyal pitrons und friends who
have stood by us and walked with
us to a goal in the furniture world
that we are not ashemod of. As
to our part of it, we havo tried to
practice our motto "a square
deal to all." When wo started
over 15 years ago, people were
buying their goods in Columbus.
Now wo ship goods into Columbus
and Chicago. For tho future, our
motto will be tho some, and if you
evor feel that you did not get a
"fquaro deal," come and tell us
and we will meet you at the door
to niako it right. Our aim is to
still improve.
Thanking you for tho past, and
soliciting for tho future, we are
Yours truly,
J. F. Harden & Co..
Death of Clara B. Riff.
On Monday of this week, De
cember 27, at Gallipolis, ocourod
the doath of Miss Clara B. Riif, at
the age ot 84 years. Her brother
Mr. A. N. Riff went to GallipoliH
and brought the remains to this
city, Tuesday evening, and tho
funeral ocoured from thn St. John's
Catholic church, Wednesday morn
ing, Rov. Fr. Thos. Wolland, cous
in of the deceased, ollloiating by
epeoial permission of Fr Richards.
The deceased was t filleted with
nervous trouhlo for some time,
which sickness waa of an epileptic
nature, nnd it was the hope of the
family, a few months ago, to givo
her advantago of tho special treat
ment at the Gallipolis Hospital, in
viow of a posaiblo final aud perma
nent recovery. Their hopes wero
shuttered, however, by her rapid
decline und death.
Miss Clara had lived all her llfo
at the homestead near Logan,
whero alio was born, uud
many friends who regret
6he had
her un-
timely demise
We thank the neighbors and
friends for kindnesses during the
sickness and doath of our Olara,
A. N Riff and Familt;
at TnE amurosi:
Mr, and Mrs, L R Ayers and
family, and Mr. nnd Mrs, W. II,
White und family took advantage
of tho sumptuous turkey dluner
served at tho Ambrose Hotel,
Christmas Day.
Holiday Society.
Bridge Wiilet
Mrs. O. W. II Wright will ro
cnlve tho Bridgo Whist Club this
Saturday Afternoon Whist
Mrs. Bell Hyson will bo hoBtess
to tho Saturday afternoon Whist
Club, this week.
Honoring Mrs. Tliroowit
Miss Mary BlaaltiB will give a
whist party, Saturday afternoon
of this weok, honoring Mrs. Ben
Threewit, of Donver, Colorado,
who is visiting her uiothor, Mrs.
Bareha Work.
Social Clrclo
Mrs. Charley Lutz was hostess
for tho Social Circlo, Wednesday
ufternoon, und n Christmas grab
bag was tho feature of tho meet
ing. Mrs. Lutz sorved n sumptu
ous two course collation to the
W R. C.
The installation of officers of the
W. R. C. will be held at the Mac
cabee hall in the James Block,
Saturday evening. Mrs. Charles
Speelman, of Columbus, will be
the installing officer. A full at
tendance of members is desired.
Big and Little Six
Mrs. Helen Bowon was hostess
to tho Big and Little Six Club,
Tuesday evening. The hostess
served a moat pleasing supper at
5:30 o'clock, A grab bag was n
jolly feature of tho evening enter
tainment. Euchro was played and
Miss Emma Floyd was tho most
successful contestant, and was
presented with a half-dozen glass
Sled Ride
Mr. Joe Mount entertained o
number of his lady and gentlemen
friends, Tuesday night, by giving
them a joy ride in a big sled. The
party spent the evening most de
lightfully. Thoso favored with
the ride were: Mr. Joe Mount.
Misses Ethel and Lyda Kulkloch
Mrs. Badgely, Mrs. Otto Donald
son, of Grove City, Mr. and Mrs
Will Wetherill, Miss Margaret
Cook and Mr. Fred Allen.
Mr. Lehman Miller and Miss
Dot Daris were married Thurs
day of last weok by Rev. Wm
A. Hunter at tho parsonago at
Haydenvillo, they having driven
there that day. The brido is the
daughter of Surveyor James DavU
and wife, her father having died
some years ago. She has been a
compositor in the Huls printery
until the past several months.
An amiuble and pleasant girl, that
has a host of friends in Logan
Mr. Miller is an employee of the
H. V. Car Shops, a son of E. W
Miller, formerly of Lima, Ohio.
After a sojourn among friends in
Zanesville, Mr. and Mrs. Miller
will make their home in Logan
The Democrat Sentinel extonde
City Officials Banqueted.
After council meeting Tuesday
night thb city fathers, city offici
als and newspaper men were es
corted by Mayor D V. Thurness
to his residence on Front street,
and there Eoino twenty stalwart
men sat down to an elegant four
course turkey supper, to which all
did ample justico. The mayor ex
tended the courtesies of his home
in honor of the pleasures of the
past two years in tho harmonious
work done by the council and city
officials, somo of whom now retire
from office. A rousing vote of up
preciation was extended him and
his excellent wife for tho ploasant
The auppor was most suporb,
and Mrs. Tburnoss was assisted in
serving by her daughter, Miss
Grace and Miss Dora Eichor.
W. II. M. S.
The Women's Homo Missionary
Society met with Mrs. Wurren
Lanning Tuosduy afternoon, Deo.
28. Tho attendance was vory
good, there Jbeing thirteen pres
ent und four visiting ladies. The
first number of the program wub
tho national song "America" sung
bv all present. Prayer waB offer
ed by Mrs, J. A. Stiers, Treasur
er Mrs. F. S. Case read her roport
Bh wing the financial condition of
the sooiety oxohequer, Miss
Gladys Lloyd, of Cjluubus, favor
ed t'io prosonoe with a delightful
plane solo, and Mrs. Rug HunaU
sang '-Star of the East," acoom.
panied by Miss Lloyd on tho piano,
and Matter Gerald Lanning on the
The iu toss served most pleas
ing refreshments, assisted by Mrs
E. B. Com y Mrs Otis S nvora
and Mrs. J )u Lane. The next
meeting will ', held with Mrs.
W, C. L. Oorrel.- at tho parson
uue home, Januaiy 25.
Jolly Doion
On Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Will
Delshley had tho Uhristnins meet
ing of the Jolly Dozen Pedro Club,
Three tables of players contested
for tho prizes, Mi?s Racine Brown
was recipient of u handsome hand
painted plate; the consolation
prize went to Mrs. Charles Lappen,
u box of candy. An enjoyable
feature of tho session was u Christ
mas grab bag, The hostess served
u two course lunch.
Jollity Club
Mrs. John Pcttit was hostess to
tho Jollity Club, Wednesday eve
ning. A cake contest wua one of
tho Joyous features of the after
noon. Mrs. Dick Phelps won first
prize, a hand painted plate, Mrs.
Stracko and Mrs. Shriner, second
und third prizes, each being pre
sented with pretty towels. The
club abo etijoyed u grab bag
Mrs. Lester Nutter, of Cincinnati,
was a guest of the club. The
hostess served a sumptuous two
course supper.
Thimblo and Art
On Wednesday afternoon, Mrs.
W. F. Elsole was hostess to the
Thimblo and Art club. During
the ufternoon an exchange of
Christmas irifta was had, and a
very delightful greeting read from
Mrs. B C. McManigal, who is
spending Iho winter in California.
The hostees, assisted by Mrs
McLain and Mrs. Hiott, served an
elegant two courpe six o'clock tur
key dinner. The guests of tho
club woro Mrs C. F. Aplin, Mrs.
F. S. Caee, Mrs. W. H. White.
Mrs. Will Kessler, Mrs CharleB
McLain, Mrs. Hiott, Mis. I J.
Lindley, Mies Minerva White and
Mrs Ben Thrcowit, of Denver,
Mrs. M. A. Cook Entertains
On Saturday. December 25 a
number of relatives gathered in to
ppond Christmas at noma with
Mrs. Mehula Cook. Mr. and
Mrs. H. II. Corn and children of
Neleonvillc, Mr. and Mrs. Merl
Burberry and baby Ciarabell. Mr
and Mrs. Lon lies and family and
Mr. and Mrs. Will Wetherill, to
gether with tho3e at home uumbor
ing twenty in all. A Christmas
tree in the morning with presents
for ull was very much enjoyed
with a sumptuous tujfcey dinner
ut noon. In the ufternoon, a
rab-box arranged by Mrs. Merle
Burberry as a surprise caused a
great deal of merriment, little
Miss Gertrude Corn of IS'elsonville
receiving tho big prize. The
children ubo enjiyed an hour and
i half at the Lognn skating rink.
After n pleasant day ull returned
to their homes.
Mr. and Mrs. John Pettit enter
tained Christmas dinner, Mr
Mrs. J. J. Kalklosch nnd
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard
served Christmas dinnor to Mr
and Mrs. Josh Brown and family,
Mr. Henry Hansel and Miss Cecil
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Sparks of
Lancaster, were entertained at a
six o'clouk Ghristmis dinner at
the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrenco Yerges,
on Glenview, were host and hos
tess to Mr J. M. Dollison and
daughter Kathryn, of Fairmont,
W. Vn,, for Christmas dinner.
Mr, and Mrs. W. D. Brandt en
tertained for ChrituuB dinner:
Mr. and Mrs. Azariuh Nixon, Mr.
uud Mrs. E J Rowlos of Lancas
ter, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Kellar and
Mr. Walter Nixon.
Mr. and Mrs. II. F. Ambrose en
tertained ut dinnor, Christmas, at
the private dining room of the
Ambroso Hotel, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Frank Blaslus and family, Missos
Mary aud Helen Blasius and Fr.
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Hansley
and daughtor, Carrio .lannetto,
Mr. aud Mrs. Lloyd Hansley and
sons Lawrenco und Wulter took
their XmuH dinnor with Mr. and
Mrs. MuGill,
On Christmas day Mr. and Mrs.
George Blosser, ut their home on
Glenview Heights, entertained the
following persons; Mrs. Leah
BloBser, Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy Dupler
und family, Mrs. Luke Lehman,
daughtor D ilsy und Mr, Harry
Blosser, of Columbus, Walter and
I Mabel Blosser, at home.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Eby enter
tained the following members of
their family for Christmas dinner:
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed Collins nnd
daughter Mildred, Mr and Mrs,
Andy Tolbert and children of Lnn
castor und Mr. Buel Eby.
Mr. und Mrs. John Wollmnn
woro host and hoateas for Christ
mas dinnor to Dr. B O. McMani
gal, Miss Jessie McManigal, Dr.
nnd Mrs. Hoffhine and Mr. Willis
McManigal, of Columbus. In the
evening tho household and guests
enjoyed a Christmas grab bag.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hurden had
for their guests for Christmas din
ner: H. W. Harden nnd family,
Mrs. L. Randall, Mr. and Mrs.
Ilixoubaugh, of New Plymouth,
Mr. and Mrs. James Cremean, of
Logan, and Mrs. Mary Harden and
daughters Misses Fay and Vale, of
Besides their own household,
Mrs. S. E. McBride and daughters
had aa their guests for Christmas
dinner, Mrs. A. J. Ward, her son
John Word, and daughters Helen,
Sue, Mary and Julien, of New
Lexington, MrB. Alex McMullin
and daughter Eleanor, of Colum
bus, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mc
Bride, of Logan.
family of Mr. and Mrs.
John Jcker Sr. got together at tho
homo of tho "old folks" and
had a rousing big dinnor Christ
mas. There were twenty-one per
sons present: Mr. and Mrs. John
Ucker Sr., Mr, and Mrs. John
Ucker Jr. and family, Mr. and
Mrs Miles Burke and family, of
Straitaville, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Eberst and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Ucker and little boy and
Miss Clara Ucker, of Columbus.
On Christmas Day Mr. and Mrs.
T. W. Rochester entertained their
family to a Bix o'clock dinner,
Twenty two persons were present
and enjoyed the festivities. Be
sides Mr. and Mrs. Rochester and
daughters Olivia, Robbin and Ella
;it home, there were present: Mr.
and Mrs. Jim Rochester and fam
ily, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rochester
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dill
Sanderson and family, Mr. and
Mrs. John Rochester and family
and Mr. and Mrs. Cy Rochester
and family. A happy feature of
the evening waa a spider-web grab
A Card
The pastor of the Methodist
Episcopal church of Logan finds
himself under many and real ob
ligations to his friends aud mem
bers of the official board and con
gregation for the numerous and
substantial demonstrations of
their regards, their sympathy
and their fellowship. Almost
eyerytime tho door bell has rung
for some time, something has hap
pened at the parsonage. About
the first intimation th it the pas
tor had that Christmas was com
ing, tho bell rang, and upon an
swering the call, there stood a lit
tlo girl with a basket filled with
spare ribs and sausage. Then a
good brothor brought some more
of the same good old corn-fed,
home-grown sort, the kind that
makes your mouth water and that
calls for buckwheat cakes. Just
imagine a Methodist preacher liv
ing on spare ribs, sausage and
buckwheat cakes Well, we con
fess it has not always been that
way; but it happened that way at
the parsonage in Logan this yoar,
and we are living in happiness.
Then the door bell rang every once
in n while, but tho day before
Christmas well, the pastor was
out most all day, but the mistress
of the house had her hands full;
this little thing and that little
token, nnd the longer the larger,
until finally u brand new tailor
uiudo suit of clothes, then an over
coat aud now well, the pastor
has two coats and he is somewhat
embarrassed; the other fellow who
has none might come this way,
then, what 1 Well, it is all yery
inspiring and delightful to say the
TU friends who mnk till desert world
To tilossum like it rose;
Btrtuv iluenioVrmir rtiKsed path,
I'our biiiistili'O o'or our woes.
"My friends now come to me
unmerited; the great God gave
them to mo "
In this public way, the pastor
desires to return the sincere ex
pression of gratitude and heart
felt appreoiution, both of himself
and family to the many friends so
kindly genernuB. Extending to
all the compliments of the year,
I am faithfully the servant of
all for Jtsus sake,
W, C L. Corukil.
-fe WKtaJj aJC

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