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H ing values in view of market considerations by any means, but because dimes and dollars are easier to count than merchandise. bU at, g
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1 Sale Starts
Mulberry Avenue
S. Arter, wife and children spent
Saturday with P. J. Kraft and
John Elick was seen along our
roads, Saturday.
Blanche Kraft called on Carrie
Mori is, Sunday evening.
Hazel Kraft and brother Cbas.
spent Xmas with their aunt, Mrs.
Cora Camp?, of Lancaster.
John Young, of Lancaster, and
friend called on P. J. Kraft, Wed
nesday. Quite a number attended church
at Holy Bethel, Sunday evening.
Choe Cavinee spent Sunday eve
ning with Hazel Kraft.
Mrs, Sarah Flnefrock intends to
move back on her farm in the near
Lizzie Carpenter is spending a
few days with her cousin in Lan
caster. Blanch Kraft was seen passing
along our roads, enroute to Sugar
Grove, Saturday evening.
P. J. Kraft was seen passing
along our roads wir.li a load oi
ties, Thursday.
David Bowers called on P. J.
Kraft, Saturday.
Those who spent Sunday eve
ning with Carrie Morris were: Ed
Carpenter, Hazel, Blanche and
Chap. Kraft and Herbert Caves.
Hello, Old Crupper, what! did
Santa forget you?
Wm. Carpenter was seen pass
ing alone: our roads, Saturdav.
John Elick attended church at
Coatenary, Sunday morning.
Thursday, December 30; Friday,
December 31; Saturday, January 1.
The most thrilling act ever presented: The acme of sensationalism',
fs the battle fought between
Thlrrm Amra find C(f
- M. -MM.M ,W
A real live monster forest bred African Hon
This battle will be fought In a large strong steel arena
High class moving pictures and III strated songs will be given
In connection with each performance. The only animal act of its
kind In America, also the only woman that has the nerve to
accomplish tills act.
A Fight for Life in the Den of Death
This mar be the Last Opportunity you may ever liave to
witnesssuch a daring act. Strictly moral. All Invited.
It's a real live Hon, not a picture
Something New Every Evening.
Doors Open at G:0O
Orchestra (:15
Show Starts Promptly at 6:30
Adults 10c Admission Children. 5c
Bring jour coupons to Friday
Draw log to take place immediately
c :.; n,.r SFM.ANNFIAI. CLRARANCR SALE should recmire no introductorv comment. We are not sacrific- 3
eehool of business In the Stito of Ohio. Alt of Its
gradintea without an exception ore cmplojed. To
the tlrst representative of a town its offer a dis
count of B per cent., iccurc positions for students
to worlc for tbelr board while attending school.
Open all year. New classed formed every Monday.
Write for ontaloeue. Address.
Peanut Ridge
Mrs. C. V. Rulon called
mother, last week.
A. F. Carpenter, of Rockbridge,
was a Logan shopper, one day ias5
Edward Eagle and wife were '
T 1 .! !.. .,!- I
i.ogaa Biiuppsrs.uuc uj .... ccv.
Mrs. Fred Dutf called on her
mother-in-law, last week
Shedrick Conklin and Virgil
Walker were in Lancaster, uriaay.
A. M. Ellinger made a Hying
trip to Abraham Blume's, Friday
Blanch Carpenter spent Xmis
with her parents, John Carpenter
and wife.
Myrtle Brooks and Ida Gos were
in Rockbridge. Tuesday, they re
port a fine time.
Charley Carpenter was in Logan,
one day last week.
Hello, Mulberry Avenue, you
had better watch out or the ya
will ireeza up some night unex
George Walker and family call
ed on Daniel Engle and wife,
S. A. Voris, of Rnckbmlgp,
called on his father, A. W. Voris,
of Enterprise, one day last week.
Wm. Gos, of Carrolton, spent
Xmas with his mother, Mrs. Lucy
Goss, of near Enterprise.
Jessie Disbennetc called on her
sieter, Mrs. Charley Carpenter,
Wednesday evening.
Virgil Walker and Joe Peterson
attended church at Centenary,
Monday evening.
Fred Eilinger was on our pikec,
W MM WW .p
evening &how, December
after Crst show.
Monday, January 3rd See Bills for Prices
nc day last week. .Julien, the patrons and pupils of
Claudie Carpenter and HSterithe district on Christmas eve.
Cora attended the Xmus enter-1 The rorm wus very prettily decor-
tainment at taugar Grove, friday
John Elick, of Mulberry Avenue,
attended church at Centenary
Hello, Old Crupper, where have
you been we Have not iteara irom
on her1?0" for a lon tims'
' Quito a number from this place
attended the Xmas entertainment
at Fairview, Friday evening.
CouxTiir Kids
Blue Creek
, . wewaut t0 inform the
many readers of the Sentinel thut
iwe ildVe been having some zero
weather here; anybody doubting
t!..-s we wiU-ask vou to councel
Israel Swackhammer.
Samuel Mercer's house burnt
down last Tuesday, and a 1 the
contents with the exception of a
few things.
Win. Parks and wife, of th:s
creek, are spending the holi Jays
with their sons and families in
A Mr. Poling, of Chillicotlie.ac
companicd by three other men
were business callers in this sec
tion, one day last week.
Otis Mercer, wife and daughter
jare at this writing, visiting rtla-
tivf s in bpnngheld, Ohio.
Israel Swackbammer was a Hay-
jnes chopper, lat Thursday.
( Alma Schoolpy, of Tarlton, is
spending the holidays with her
. parents on this creek.
Mrs. Rosa Devault, of Lanzas
ter, is at thie writing the guest of
Marion and Sylvester Devault, on
Pole Ridge.
J. II. Kennedy, wife and chil
dren, of tho North Side, wert
Nancy shoppers, one day this
L C. Swackbammer, wife and
two sons called on Jacob Lindeey
and family, Thursday evening of
this week.
The protracted meeting is still
going on at Bryant Graham's resi
dence on west Pole Ridge.
Chailt-s Taylor, of Salt Creek,
was a business caller on our creek,
last Thursday.
Mark Lindsey is engaged in
training a eolt. You Know.
-, West Hocking
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Julien, Mr.
'and Mrs. Creighton Winluna and
little son, Charlie and Misses May
Eie and Elan White were enter
tained Christmas to an excellent
dinner, which mnong ail of the
good things of the season, a twen-ty-threa
pound roasted turkey
graced the table.
Mrs. Guy Mowery and sister
Miss Mae McClelland spent from
' Wednesday until Friday in Colum
bus. Mr. and Mrs. Riv K-irslinf-r ar.d
family were the Sunday guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Mowery of
umpkin Ridge
' Pearl Aimstroag spent Christ
mas in Columbus.
Mrs. Clark Bailor spent from
Christmas until Tuesday visiting
'relatives in Lancaster.
' The venerable Mr. tt L Sulli
van, one of Hocking couatv'a
highly respected but retired school!
teachers, was tendered a
post card
shower on his eichtv-first birth-
day and was the recipient of one j Mary and Anna Stiveson, who
hundred eighty-one pist cardd, have been employed at the Lan
of which almost half were from caster Glass Co., are home for a
' bia pupils of many years ago, j two weeks vacation, ,
; Mr. Sullivan was greatly pleated! Allen Ueichloy, Minnieand Mary
and delighted to know thai be Stiveson took dinner with Fred
still held a placo ia the heart of Harble and family, Fridty.
his scholars of the past yfcrs.' Marion Morse made a flying trip
Let any who were formerly his" to Log", one day last week,
pupils continue the postcard, John Uoakley is visiting Marion
shower, and thereby show the old Morse and family. '
.teacher and friend thnt be is I Charlea Heigle and family visit-
etill held in loving
Mirs Maysie White, tescher of
lha Union t ehoo!, bttruintd at
tba bona of Mr, m Mr. Georea
ated in many colors which consist
ed of bells, stars and cht-ins with
a beautiful Christmas treo stand
ing in one corner containing the
usual treat for the pupils. The
evening was spent In playing games
music and in social conversation
Dainty refreshments which were
composed of bananas, pop corn
ind candy were served. Just be-
'fore the guests dispersed for their
respective homes, a signnl was
given when all present showeied
the teacher with post cards con
taining love and Christmas greet
ings, giving her a very pleasant
The following guest were pres
ent: Mr. and Mrs. S mta Claua,
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Tignor and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Morris
Stump and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Clark Bailor, Mr. and Mrs. Arch
Fox, Mrs. B F. Julian, Mips Edna
White, Mr. and Mrs. Creighton
Winlund, Misses Ora Julien, Lenf
ie and Margaret Winland, Master
Amos ar.'jpifceorge Winland, Mr,
and Mrs. Clifford Weaver and
family. Master Everett Sherwood,
Mr. Ray Waits, Mr. and Mrs
G. W. Julien and Mr. Boyd Julien
South Perry
John Notestone, ex-treasuret of
Hocking county, and one of Perry
township's most honored citizens,
met with n terious accident
Christmas morning While out
attending to the morning chores,
ho accidently slipped and fell,
fracturing his arm at the elbow.
He suffered considerable pain from
the result. Dr. Hemmeger of
Adelphi was called and reduced
the fracture and at present the
patient is getting along as well as
could bo anticipated.
'I ho township trustees met here
Monday and closed up the year's
business. Thf.y experienced a
bucy day.
C. M Seeeholtz of Lancaster
spent Christmas with his parents
Our schools are taking a holi
day vacation this week.
Protracted meeting closed at
the 31 E. church on Thursday
night of last week after a continu
ation of nearly three weeks. Two
conversions are among the good
Frank Weaver of Columbus i
epending the holidays with rela
tives here.
Mrs. Mry Wagner has been
eick for the past few days, threat
ened with pneumonia.
Quite a number of our people
are on the sick list, sulTering prin
cipally with croup and severs
Carr and Notestone harvested a
large crop of ice last week and a
very fine quality.
Miss Edna White has resigned
. aa teacher of the
Mound Crossing
school to assist in caring for her
father, Benjamin W'ute, who bas
been sick for the past few months.
isiacK jacK i
Quite a number from this place
attended the Xmas entertainment!
at. St. John's, and al! report a!
good'iime. j
Orville riartsou?h ia snendinc
'the holidays with his parents at
Delaware, Ohio.
'ed with Daniel Keck and family,
one day last week.
1 ITmvIavt f mmnne an4 vara T& if
New Pittsburg, are visiting friends
in this vicinity.
Allea Rticfcley and Minnie Sti
veson, of Logan, spent Xmas with
the latter'a mother.
Rosa Keck, of Logan, is spend
ing the holidays with hor parents,
Daniel Keck and wife.
John Dillon, who tins been ser
iously ill, is reported some better
at this writing.
John Culbertson was a business
caller in this valley, one day last
Pearl Rose passed through this
valley, one dny Inst week, enroute
to Logan.
Wo will clcse by whhing every
body a Happy New Year.
The dedication was well attend
cd'at llaynes, Sunday.
Al Hainter and eon Ry wen
Laurelvillo shoppers, Wednesday.
Simuel Febus und wif;, of Ew
ing, visited the latters parents
last week
Ma me Pnxton was seen in nui
midst, Wednesday.
Lewis Keister and wife, anr
Chas Febus and fami'y were Ihi
guests of liert Febus and family"
Those who vitited the school a
this place, Friday afternoon wen
aa follows: Samuel Febus and wife,
if Ewing, Bert Febus and wit
Abraham Disbennet, Thomas and
Mjnle Vancu en and Mayme Pax
Seth Ellis, wifo and son Law
rence, of E.ving, ppent Xmaj witli
Bert Febus and family,
Those who attended preachinp
at Haynes, Sunday evening, from
this place were as follows: Bert
FebiH and family, James Lindsej
and family, Merle, Thomas and
Myrtle Vancuren, Mayme and
Harley Paxton. Emmet and Mar
ion Fox and Elden and Desmer
Weil, cs news are scarce at thiB
place, I will close wishing all tke
readers of The Dejiochat-Senm-.vf.i.
a Happy New Year.
Meadow Brook.
Mr. John Smith and family, of
Corn Cob, spent Sunday with Pearl
Rolston and family.
W. D. Murphy and family spent
Xmas, with A. B. Murphy and
Mrs. Elizabeth Klinger had as
her Sunday visitors Mr. G. Ring-
hiser, wife and daughter Frieda,
Mrs. Etta Klinger, and children,
Lucelta, Emma and Stella Ring
hiser, W. D Murphy end children
Rose and Frank.
AllenMurphy of this place, spent
VmnB with his sister, Mrs. George
Ridtr and family, of Columbus.
The following spent one e zoning
last week with W. D. Murphy and
family: A. B. Murphy and family,
and Jonn, Geo. and Hath Klinger
Several from this place attended
the funeral of Mr. Benrv Miller at
the L E Church.
Character In financial Institu
tions, as in men, means positive
qualities Reliability. The
development takei time for ex
perience and growth of a busi
ness policy and varied condi
tions for testing that experience
and policy.
In twenty years we have
passed through some of the
most prosperous as well as the
most depressing years In finan
cial history, neither misled by
prosperity nor disturbed by
Write for the Columbian's
5 paid on time deposits.
Tie CoImbbim imiikgi Leu C.
Ruggery Bldg.
22 East. Gay SU Columbus, O.
A Famous Health Builder.
A medicine llint will clennso tlm limvols
nml put thorn In condition to do tholr
liropor work unaided will do inoro than
anything olu to prosarvo health nml
strength. Much a medlclnols the tonic laxative-
herb ten, Lano'd Family Mmllclno,
Got n 25c pneknge todny at any tf riiffglat'i or
dealer's. No mattor what yon hnru tried
hafore, try this famous herb lea.
W. D. and Allen Murphy were
engaged in unloading and hauling
tile last week. ,
Mrs. Elizebeth Klingor spent
Saturday with her nephew, Samuel
Nibiser and family.
Several from this plaoe attended
che X'mas tree at Falrviow Friday
evening. All report n fine time.
Therd were several who recieved
same very fine presents, among
which were some fine d Is which
were recieved with much appreci
ation. Allen and W. D.
Lancaster visitors
Hello Blue Belle
you under, I never
any more.
Murphy were
one day last
it snow6d
from you
Mount Vernon
Ira Shisler of South Perry spent
two days on this ridge last week.
Frank Lindsey's spent Christ
mas with Mrs. Mary Linn of this
Newton Primmer and brother
spent Christmas with their sister,
Mrs. Maude Rose of thiB place.
Newton made some new acquaint
ances while on this ridge. He
leemed to enjoy his visit very
The Christmas tree and enter
tainment at No. 10 school was
well attended on last Thursday
night. The house was filled to
overtlowing and all had a good
time. Below is the program that
was rendered :
Looking for Santa The Hcliool
Welcome Klin Lindsey
What I Want CJaylo Melcher
Ten Cent Christina . . Shoiman Lindsay
Recitation In unison ..KourCbnrnctors
Ned's Dream Koi"lnsko Kitchen
What Christmas Ilriugs
Hearing Santa .. ... .
Waiting for Santa
Jesus and tha Wise Men
A Plan That Failed
A True Christmas
Christmas Everywhere
.Throe Chirncter
... Earl Woodard
... Kosella Conrad
Alta Woodard
. .Two Characters
. Pour Characters
. Edna Woodard
....Sylvia Kitchen
The Children's Christmas Dream
...Alia V'oodnrd
May's Opinion Ella Lindsey
Kecttatlon Pansy Donley
Mania's Mistake , Koislo Kitchen
Bong . Icel Dnrls
What Baby Wanted. Carmen Uurgoon
Itecltntlon Gmce Donton
I Bslonfi tolllm t-cbool
My ChrlttmssTree ,. ,. Hairy Burs ion
Uuldlng Star Ten Characters
Recitation .. ..Icel Davis
Heady for Christmas . Edward Woolever
A Merry Christmas ... , Nellie Vorbses
Uurrab Cllllord Woolerer
Good Advice , ...
Grandma's Mistake
A Merry Christmas .. .
What They found .
Recitation ...
After iho Holidays .....
HeetUngthe King ... .
. Flora Conkle
. Hylvla Kitchen
Ho id I la Conrad
, Urn JVoodard
Gaylu Meicber
....Goldle Donley
John Devure
Eight Characters
.. School
Oar Christmas Play , .
GooJ Night Hong . ...
We are having fine winter
weather, and the merry jingle of
sleigh bells is heard throughout
our land.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Cotterman
of Pleasant Valley were 6een pass
ing through this place Monday.
H. A. Scbein and family spent
Christmas with Noah Reougher
and family.
Several from this place attended
tha Christmas entertainment at
Fairview Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Rodgers were
callers at this place one day last
Mrs. James Wood3 and son were
Logaa shoppers, Friday,
II, C. Beery made a business
trip to Lo&aa Thursday,
Lewis Evans and sister, Myrtle
peat Suaday with Will Evans und
A. F. Risen and family spent
Tuesday with Alfrod Brown and
Miss Lena Weaver spent Thurs
day with John Beery'8.
J. A. Harsh and wife were Log
an shippers Friday.
Protracted meeting whioh hat
been in progress at Zlon the pait
two weeks, closed Friday night.
Jim Blosser of Enterprise was
seen in our midst Sunday.
Hello, Mr. Matbias! We are
still here. Your letters are most
welcome and interesting to us.
We are glad to hear from an old '
time friend and neighbor, and
wish you aud your family a hap
py New Year in your new south
ern home.
Cedar Grove
Noah McCowen, wife and daugh
ter Clara, of Pine Grove, spent
Christmas day with H. A. Gordon
and family.
L. W. Beery is a business visitor
in Cbillicothe, this week.
Pearl Rose and Mayme Vest
were Logan visitors, last Tuesday ,.
Anna Stiveson came home,Tues
day from Lancaster, where she
had been working.
Elmer Nihi&er visited friends at
Circleville, over Xmas.
Vernon Mauk and wife, of Lo
gan, vibited Mrs. Minnie Allen
and family, over Xmas.
Wm. Barton and Carl Blacksten
were business visitors in Logan,
Estella Sater, of Ewing, visited
Goldie Beery, over Saturday and
Mrs. Irene S wepston, of Hue and
Esther Melcher, of Bloomingville,
were the welcome guests of Lige
Woolever, wife and daughter, Fri
day, attending the entertainment
at No. 1 school in tbo evening.
Cora and Nora Conkle, of Canal
Winchester, are visiting relatives
herd for a few weeks.
Pearl Cook, wifo und daughter
Mabel visited Mr. Gulp and wi'e,
Xmas day,
Elva Allen was the guest of
Roxie and Luura Nihiser, Friday
night and Saturday.
The entertainments given atNos.
I and 10 schools on Thursday and
Friday nights were both well at
tended, and a good time enjoyed
by all.
Our country is now enjoying a
fine deep snow, the largest snow
we h-ive had yet this season.
Fanny Burgoon, of Laurelville,
is visiting friends here at present.
To license persons engaging In the
business of plumbing and sewer
tapping In the Village of Loiran,
Ito It ordained by tho Council of the Vil
lage of Logan, ritnte of Ohio:
Kec I. Tl'atltsball be unlawful for any
lierson or persons, llrm or corporation to
engage In the buvlnets of plumblnH or
sower-tapping In thr-YlllvKe of Logan, Htate
ofUhlo. without having llm obtained a,
yearly license ao to do
Hue II. Huch licence shall be Issued and
signed li tbu Mayor, and shall expire on
the slst day of December of the year lu
which it Ulaiued.
Hkc III. The lee tor such vearlv llransa
shall le tho sum of 1I)W. provided, that If
nnyllceuee Is obtained after the 1st day of
July In any year, the charge for the re.
maliiderof audi year shall bo one-bdlf the
above named amount. All such fJos shall
!9 collecto.l by the Mayor and turned over
to the Village Treasurer to bo credited to
the "General Puud."
Sec. IV. Whoever violates any of tha
provision of thUordlunuco shall be ttned
not lesihanii.0Oand not more than .
Skc. V. If any person, llrm or corporation
to whomauchlleeuaaaliill be Issued shall
vlolaiu or permit any of bis or tbelr eui
pluyee or age tits to violate any ordinance
oft aid Village or tba laws of the Htate of
Ohio relating to plumbing, sewer-tapping
or boiive-drulnlDg. the Mayor may revo-e
IheltceuMof such pei sou, rfriw or corpora
tion. Hkc VI. All ordinances or parts of ordi
nances Inconsistent herewith are bareby re
pealed. Sec VII. This ordinance shall lake f
feet and be lu force from and after the
earliest period allow! by law
Attest: IlBSurT Leach, Clerk.
Passed Dcmberf6tb, .
Dec. 30, z was.
- r
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