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At the. low price of II W, tB advance
. Office' in Telegraph Building,
PaMto (! -.
jas. EAirn, Bid
9MC.9. ISM.
The Constitutional Convention.
This body re-assembled on Monday
-last la the city of Cincinnati, pursu
ant to the resolution of adjournment
" Tbe length of time it will require to
finish their labors, no one who gave
them the slightest attention previous
to the adjournment, can form any
opinion. Instead of confining their
time and attention to amending the
constitution in parts which experi
ence had taught might be made bet
ter, the majority of the Convention
resolved upon the labor of making a
new c o n s t i t ution throughout
throwing wide open the door for the
discussion at least, at the people's
expense, of every new notion set
afloat by the progressives of the day,
a class who have discovered a more
luminous light than experience to
guide them.
Had the Convention turned its at
tention lit first to the consideration
of the really defective parts, the Leg
islative,Jodiciary,and perhaps one or
two others, it could properly have
closed its labors by the 1st of July,
and the new constitution would have
been accepted or rejected by the
people at the last election. As the
matter stands now, the Convention,
judging as a mere looker on, is no
nearer the completion of the work
the delegates were sent there to do,
than after the organization last
Spring nothing has been settled,
although a great mount of talking
has been done. All but some $8,000
of the $40,000, appropriated by the
Legislature to defray the expenses,
has been expended. Of this state of
facts the people justly complain. Al
though there are just grounds of
complaint, let the responsibility rest
with those who chose from the first
to assume it. It is customary to hold
that party responsible for the meas
ures of deliberative bodies which
have a controlling majority. This,
as parties are constituted, usually go
ing together on all important mat
ters, is in general correct. But we
do "not wish to make our opponents
responsible as a matter of course, be
cause tbey have a large majority in
the convention. We wish to make
them responsible becanse they chose
to make themselves so. Every one
that has given the least attention to
the doings of this body, knows that
the Locofoco majority would be sat
fied with nothing less than setting in
judgment upon every feature of the
present constitution, condemning ev
ery thing in advance, if for no other
reason than that it was the result of
the labors of men who lived 40 years
ago. It is this majority that are just
ly accountable for this delay , which
requires a new appropriation by the
Legislature, and defers the adoption
ot the new constitution a year. J By
no hocus focus can anything else be
made to appear. With, what mo
fives and designs this majority re-assemble
will soon appear. We shall
be agreeably disappointed if, after
displaying their much learning, they
give us on the whole as good a con
stitution as the present.
Mr. Pope, from the Committee on
the Judiciary, in the Senate of Ken
tacky, has reported a bill providing
For the incorporation of a company
to construct a bridge across tbe Ohio
river at Louisville. To avoid any
interference with navigation, the
bridge is required to be one hundred
feet above the highest known point
of high water, which will make the
structure one hundred and thirty-two
feet above low water mark, suffi
cient, it is alleged, to clear the high
est chimneys of any steamboat upon
the river at all times and stages of
water. The piers, also, are to be 700
feet apart
ToBicco.--The Dayton (Ohio) Ga
zette states there were 563 acres of
'.tobhcco cultivated in Miami Town
ship of that county, the present year,
nrivtiirirxr an average of 1200 JIto
This, at 9 cents per pound, amounts
tofoUjWJ-i. .- . r : ; . ..
President's Message—The Journal.
This document we lay before oar
readers to-day in the shape of an Extra,
having made previous arrangements
with the proprietor of the Pittsburgh
Journal, at eonaiderable expense, to fur
nish ui with copies t the earliest mo
Our readers may rest assured that we
shall spare no pains or expense in pub
lishing the very latest news current
The Journal is. most assuredly, a
MiM-paper, and the only one, printed
in this region of the State, to be relied
trpon for late commercial news, eVc,
Ladies' Fair.
We would remind our
the Fair, to be given by the Ladies of.
the Episcopal Church, which is to come
off to-morrow, (Thursday.) is to be a
grand t-fair. Ample arrangements
have been made for the accommodation
of all who may attend, and we do not
know how an evening could be more
pleasantly spent, besides the proceeds
are for benevolent chorea purposes,
in consideration of which we hope our
citizens will patronize it liberally.
JJ-We are requested to state that the
(fallipolis Female Seminary, advertised
to commence its operations on Monday,
the 25th ult, has necessarily and for
sufficient reasons, postponed the com
mencement of tts first term until next
Monday, the 9th inst
Tbb Nicaragua Canal. Very fa
vorable advices have deen received
by the Crescent City from the En
gineers employed ic surveying the
route for this important work. They
report that they have discovered a
line for the proposed Canal only 12
miles long, from Lake Nicaragua to
the Pacific Ocean, and having no
where more than sixty feet eleva
tion. This is much more favorable
than had been hoped for, and will
largely reduce the cost of the work.
The Orus was still in the river,
with only one rapid between her and
the Lake, waiting for a rise of water.
The river was rising slowly.
Blown vr bt bis own Torpedo.
Young Drury, of New York, son of
the old man of that name who has
figured so extensively in police courts
and criminal dockets, has been expe
rinienting again in the torpedo box
business, probably in a manner fatal
to his owk life. On the 20th inst., he
had been trying the working of one
of these boxes in his garden, when
the thing exploded in an unexpected
manner, the missiles wounding him
T h Emissabt Thomfson. A
New York correspondent of the
Philadelphia Bulletin says it is cur
rently stated and believed in New
York that Thompson has an annuity
of a thonsand dollars a year from
the British government, and is indi
rectly employed by that government
to foment a civil disturbance in the
United Stales.
A Wkohq-Doeh Punished. In a
suit recently brought at Montreal by
Capt Hamilton, of the Royal Cana
dian rifles, against Lieut Monroe, of
the same corps, for the seduction
and subsequent desertion of his
daughter, a young lady ol seventeen,
the jury gave a verdict of damages
of 700, ($2800.) being the total a
mount for which Lieutenant Monroe
could sell his commission.
DC7A reward of three hundred
dollars is offered for Burrel Yaughn,
who recently murdered Samuel P.
Holton, a justice of the peace in Ross
county, Ohio. ' -
TEj" Resolutions paying a hand
some tribute to the memory, patriot
ism and public services of the late
Col. R. M.Johnson, were unanimous
ly adopted in the Indiana Constitu
tional Convention, on Mondav last.
rjC7"Capt Cassias M. Clay deliver
ed a lecture before the Young Men's
Mercantile Library Association at
Cincinnati, on Tuesday night last
His subject was the "Theory of Mor
als." :
fjThe officers of the fine steamers
Messenger, Buckeye State, Cincinnati,
and Skipper will accept of our thanks
for late river papers. ' -
(ErTo Mr. G. W. Castle, C. Curtis,
G. Barth, and W. J. Montague, are we
indebted for late Pittsburgh and Cin
cinnati papers. .'..' ' :
The Havre De Grace Bank.
The Grand Jury of Hartford coun
ty has presented the following pep
sons for the embezzlement of th Ha.
yre de Grace Bank: Moses Y. Beach,
Henry Beach, New York; J, Holli.
son; Joseph N. Palter, Buffalo; Nath.
Jenkins, Milan Ohio, and Ezra Col
liar, Havre de Grace, for embezzling
the sum of tlO.000 each. r.
requisition for the persons thus indi-
Sckmakixb Eaktbquabb. Capt
Potter, of the barque Milwood, ar
rived at New York, furnishes the
following extract from his journal:
-30th October, lat 23 30 N- Ion?.
58 YV experienced a heaw shock of
an earthquake or otherwise of some
submarine explosion, making a loud
rumbling noise, resembling thunder.
causing the ship to tremble and
shake so violently as to awaken all
hands and start them upon deck in a
fright. The weather at the time was
perfectly clear and calm, not a
breath of wind to be felt nor scarce
ly a cloud to be seen. The nhenom-
enon happened at about 4 30 A. M.
New Bedford Mercury, Nov. 22.
The Boston Transcript has another
aream verified. Mr. Colton, dry
goods dealer in Washington street
dreamed on Saturday night, at his
residence, that somebody bad bro
ken into bis store, and was stealing
silk ciavats. His anxious visions
caused him to catch hold of his part
ner, who awoke and persuaded him
to go to sleep, when the dream re
curred. On Sunday mornin? thev
found that they had been robbed of
one thousand dollars worth ol cra
vats and other goods.
Air Important Decision. At Buf
falo, some weeks since, a custom
house officer made an attempt to ar
rest a person whom he suspected of
having smuggled goods on board his
wagon. The officer was resisted,
and he procured an indictment
against the offender. The case was
brought to trial before the court now
n session in that nty, and the Judge
gave a decision that a custom house
officer has no right or authority for
the arrest, upon the highway, of a
person or carriage on suspicion of
having in possession, property illegal
ly imported by some other person or
The Fredericksburg News learns
with deep regret that the venerable
and magnificent old establishment,
known so familiarly as "Lnneville,"
in the county of King and Queen,
which has been in the family of the
Corbins of Laneille for a century or
more, and now the property ol Ma
jor James farke Corbin, of Moss
Neck, Caroline, who had within the
last year put it in thorough repair,
was entirely consumed by fire on
the night of the 13th instant. The
News says that this was the largest
and oldest private dwelling in the
State, and built entirely of imported
Steamers Burned.
The steamer Gavosa. a Memphis
and Arkansas packet. as destroyed
by fire at Memphis to-day. The fire
originated in the back portion of the
boat; the boat was finally scuttled
and sunk. The Gavosa was insured
for $S000; she belonges to Captain
This fire also communicated to the
steamer Swallow, an old stern-
wheel boat which was also destrov-
ed loss $2000. A new hull pre
pared for the Swallow, was saved by
the aid of the steamer Countess,
which towed it out of danger.
Important Postal Arrange
ments with Mexico. We have
seen a private letter from Mexico
which states that Col. Ramsey, on
behalf of a company in New York.
has affected an arrangement with
the Mexican Minister of Finance
and of the Post Office, by which he
obtains the exclusive contract, for
ten years, for the privilege of carry
ing all loreign or transit mails
through the Republic from sea to sea.
The mail bags are not to be opened
n Mexico, but are to be weighed
and sealed. This was not conceded
in the Tehuantepec grant or treaty;
and according to the contract with
Col. Ramsey, that gentleman can
take the Tehuantepec, Acapulco or
any other route. This arrangement
is of the highest importance to this
country. It will enable us in a short
time to communicate with San Fran
cisco in three weeks or less from New
York. N. Y. Herald.
Bad Lcck. Among the passen
gers of the California, says the San
Francisco AUa California, ol the
1st of October, are Signor Rossi and
his lady. We regret really and sin
cerely, it adds, the series of misfor
tunes that have forced this gentle
man from among us. He came here
worth several thousand dollars.
which he had earned by hard labor
L- r tt ii
u ma proiession. ne was roooea
here ol two thousand dollars by an
Italian, was 'burned out of his thea
tre and household; went to Sacra
mento, and was burned out in three
or four days after his second en-
gagement, his first having been de
feated by the sickness of his wife, be
sides being robbed again. He then
came here agaiu and invested all. his
means in the Italian Theatre, and in
about three nights was burned out
again, losing everything. He now
returns. - - -
07" See telegraphic head for Congres
sional and Legislative proceedings, and
tor other late and important news. -
ftir-The river- has risen some eight
ieet cioce our last and is now slowly re
ceding.' ' '-.; .
Tbb Cholera in Jamaica. The
deaths from this terrible scourge, at
Kingston, are said to amount to over
250 a week. In other parts of the
island the mortality is .proportion
ately great Business of all descrip
tions was suspended id consequence.
The Kingston Standard, of the 4th
instant says:
' Nothing can equal the distress
which exists on every side, ot the
anxiety visible on every countenance.
The deaths within the last twenty
four hours cannot be short of one
hundred; and a medical gentleman
has assured us that he had just left
thirteen dead and dying in one house.
Some idea may be formed of the
actual fatality in Kingston, by the
fact that by an official return, the
burials of persons who have died
from cholera, in the Episcopal burial
ground alone amounted to 4S0, be
tween the 1st of October and the 1st
of November. One third more may
be added to this number for burials
in other grounds not connected with
the establishment which would bring
the total of mortality to upwards of
6UU. ,
Higher Law" in California.
The Sacramento Transcript gives
the particulars of a murder and exe
cution near Georgetown, on election
A man by the name of De vine had
taken to gambling, and as he was in
the habit of losing his money, his
wife hid all that came into his pos
session. On Sunday, as he had got
"broke," he demanded the money
which she had hid. She refused to
deliver it if he intended to use it in
gambling, whereupon Devine threat
ened to kill her. As he seized his gun
she blew out the candle and fled in
to another room; he however dis
charged it at her. The contents pass
ed through the door and killed her.
An enraged crowd, several hundred
strong, assembled forthwith, set De
vine on a horse, and rode him off to
a tree. Here they made him kneel
upon the horse's back, put the rope
around his neck and drove the horse
off, leaving him hanging from the
branch ol the tree.
With deep regret we announce
the death of one of our most aged
and respectable citizens, Daniel C.
Webb, while in attendance upon Di
vine worship, yesterday afternoon,
in the Unitarian church. He was.
apparently, in his usual health when
he entered the church participated
in the singing and other services, and
seemed deeply absorbed in the ser
mon; but just as the preacher; in il
lustrating the power of religion to
disarm death of its terrors, had quo
ted the dying words of I'tesident
Taylor, 'I have endeavored to do my
duty, and am ready to die,' Mr.
Webb was observed to droop, ap
parently in a swoon; and although
immediate assistance was rendered
by Drs. Moultrie and Whittredge,
who were present, all efforts to re
suscitate him were ineffectual, and
his lifeless body was conveyed from
the church to his residence.
Mr. weob was tor many years
connected with the - business of
Charleston as a Factor, and as a Di
rector of the State, and throughout
his lengthened career maintained a
character of unswerving integrity
and unblemished honor.
Charleston Mercury.
California. A letter from Ha
vana, published in the Journal of
Commerce, says:'
"The passengers by the Crescent
City, of whom there are about three
hundred and fifty, give the most dole
ful accounts of the sufferings and dis
appointments of the emigrants thith
er. And yet the cry is still they comef
It is a perlect lottery; and when was
the lottery ever started in which
twenty thousand men were not
found to venture for the one high
prize. Time and experience will
bring matters to their proper level,
and when the privations and trials of
the 'pioneers of this new region are
numbered among the things that
were, mining will be carried on by
companies, trade will assume the
regularity dictated by its ordinary
rules, and a great empire will be
found to have sprung into existence
with a rapidity that will make the
hitheito rapid progress of the Atlan
tic States appear but a slow move
ment in comparison." .
Mr. Fiixmokb has written a letter
to Dr. Collins, of Macon. Ga.. the
owner ot fugitive slaves, who escap
ed to Boston, in which he gives as
surance that the fugitive law shall be
strictlv enforced, and that if any IT.
S. officer shall fail to perform his du
ty under it, he shall be punished and
dismissed. He also promises ' that
he will employ force, should tha oc
casion unfortunately demand its ex
ercise, for the- prompt and efficient
execution of the law. The Savan-
ah correspondent of the Baltimore
Sun. sava this letter has riven oraat
satisfaction to the people of . Macon,
i .1 .1 TT ' ... - -
ana mai mo uuiun .party inere
abouts are greatly encouraged at the
assurance that a Northern Chief
Magistrate was ready to put down
nullification in Boston, as well as in
Texas. J - I
LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Europe
HALIFAX, Nov. 28.
France. Louis Napclean has sent
a long message to the Assembly,
which has given general satisfaction
He disclaims all personal ambition.
Thb Gbbmab DrmcpLTiPS. The
renewed misunderstanding between
Prussia and Austria is confirmed.
Austria and Bavaria are in arms.
Prussia has drawn the first blood.
Their troops occupied the village of
Byallzel upon which the Austrian
advanced, with their swords sheath
ed, but were at once fired upon
and several ot their number woun
ded. The shots were returned, and
the Prussians finally evacuated the
place, carrying off their, wounded
with them. ,
France, England and Russia have
offered their mediation on the Ger
man question. The latest accounts
are more peaceable, although in Vi
enna, war is now looked upon as
England. The "no Popery" cry
is getting down in England. They
feel a little ashamed at having been
frightened at Catholic Hierarchy on
paper. It appears there are only
half a million Roman Catholics in all
England, and but eight millions in all
Ireland, Canada, and Australia.
HALIFAX, Nov. 28. Awful Tornado and Less of Life.
A terrific tornado, at Cape Girar
deau, Mo., occurred on the 2Sih ult.
with great loss of life and destruc
tion ol property.
About two o'clock the most de
structive tornado which has been ex
perienced in the Mississippi Valley
for several years past, swept over
the town of Cape Girardeau, demol
ishing some 70 or 80 of the finest
buildings of the place. Two splen
did telegraph masts of the St. Louis
and New Orleans Telegraph compa
ny were blown down and broken as
though they were pipe stems. The
town is literally laid waste, and the
loss is very great Many lives were
lost and numerous persons badly in
jured. A cow was unceremonious
ly lifted up and deposited in the top
of a Jree, about 40 feet from the
The steamer Saranao No. 2,
which had just rounded to, had all
her upper works blown off, and sev
eral persons on her were badlv in
jured. The wharf boat also was
blown from her moorings and badly
NEW YORK, Nov. 30.
Adam Lawrence's diitillnrv on
21st street, was destroyed by fire
this morning, with 20.000 bushels of
barley. Loss $50,000.
NEW YORK, Nov. 30.
The E disco Da I church, whirh ora
holding a Convention for the purpose
of electing a Bishon. has adiourned
sine die, without making any choice.
The steamboat Columbus with a
valuable cargo, was burned to the
water's edge to day, and nine lives
lost Loss $150,000.
The steamer Gem. from New Dr.
lerns brings us the information that
it is doubtful whether the Fashion
can be raised.
Hogs are ranzin? from $3.75 to
3,90 all the houses are in full ope
Jackson vs. Jcne Bco. The race
vesterday over the St. Louis course,
between Jack son, the American Deer,
and the trotting horse June Bug, for
$200 a side, resulted in favor of the
latter. The race, however, was
well contested, June Bug making his
ten miles In 23 minutes 22 seconds,
and beating Jackson only about 10
feet The attendance, it is said, was
the largest seen at the track this
season. The time, if correctly re
ported, is remarkably gOfd, the
horse going ten miles while Jackson
went five and a half. St. Louis In
telligencer, 22d.
Politics in California. The e
lection for Clerk of the Sunrnme
Court, Attorney General, Senators,
Members of Assembly, die, took
piace in Ualilornia on the 7th of Oc
tober. James H. Nuonv fwhifrt n
elected Superintendent of public In
struction. Jas. A. McDougalf (Dem.)
Attorney General; E. H. Tharpe
(Dem.) Clerk of the Supreme Court
The Whigs appear to have carried
the city of San Francisco, the fol
lowing gentlemen havintr been elect.
ed to the Legislature: F.C. Bennett,
wnig;) l. U. Carr, (Whig;) J. S.
Wethered. (Whiir W. n. HoflT
. a., ,
The Legislature as far a heard
from stands as follows: Senate
Whigs holding oyer fir nWta4 in lh
San. Jose District, 1; San Joaquin
district 1; total S. , Democrats hold
ing over, 2; elected in San Francis
co district, 1; Sacramento district 1;
total 4. .
The Whiffs have elected four
members of the Assembly in San
Francisco; two in San Jose; one in
Yube, and one in Yallo total 8.
The Democrats one in San Francis..
co, one in Benica,and one in Sacra
mento totals. . ?. ... t
rfPM. Aptrel. a wealthy man nf
lr- j - ' j -
Paris, died a short time since, leav
ing in his will an income to the Thea
tre of Strasbourg, his native city,
200,000 franks per annum. ' -; i
Expressly for the Gallipolis Journal.
Expressly for the Gallipolis Journal. Congressional.
Senate. This body was called
to order at 12 o'clock.1 Present
Messrs. Bradbury, Hamlin, Hale,
Norris, Johu Davis, Winthrop, Phil
lips, Clark, Upham, Smith, Baldwin,
I ickenson, Seward, Cooper, Stur
geon. Miles, Spruance, Pratt Petrie,
Mason, Hunter, Badger, Mangum,
Berrien, King, Clemens, Morton,
Benton, Bell.Tarney, Ewing, Chase,
Shields, Dodge of Wisconsin, Wal
ker, Jones, Dodge of Iowa, Welsh,
Mr. Sturgeon offered a resolution,
that the Secretary inlorm the House
that a quorum was present, and
ready to proceed to business.
On motion of Mr. Dodge, of Iowa,
it was ordered that Senators be al
lowed newspapers to the cost of four
On motion it was ordered that the
hour of meeting be at 12 o'clock
A message was received from the
House that a quorum was present
Mr. Berrien moved that a com
mittee of two be appointed to the
chair, to act with a like committee
ot the House, and inform the Pres
ident that a quorum was present at
each, and ready io receive any com
munication from him.
Adopted, and Messrs. Berrien
and Dickenson were appointed the
committee. '
The committee after being absent
some moments, reported that the
President would communicate with
out delay, and in five minutes there
after the message or the f resident
was received and is now being read
by the Secretary.
Hocsb. The galleries are well
filled and the members are on the
floor exchanging salutations caused
great confusion ol tongues, which
was silenced at 12 o'clock by the
speaker calling to order. The seats
were taken, and the clerk called the
roll, when 160 members answered to
their oames.
A message was read from the Sen
ate inlormins the house that that
body was ready to proceed to busi
ness. A committee was then appointed
to wait on the President
Geo. M. Morrison, member elect
from N. Hampshire, was qualified
and took his seat.
A memorial was presented from
Jarcd Perkins contesting the seat of
Morrison, which was referred to the
committee on elections.
Mr. Johnson, of Ark., moved that
members vacate their seats, and that
they proceed to draw for a choice,
which was adopted and the mem
bers proceeded to select their seats
as their names were drawn from a
The President's message was then
received and read. -
Mr. Bayley moved that the mes
sage be relerred to the Committee of
the Union, and that 15,000 extra
copies be printed. .
Agreed to.
Mr. Wenlworth gave notice that
at an early day he would move to
take up the river an d harbor bill.
Ohio Legislature.
There have been four ballottings
in the House and eight in the Senate
for speaker, without a choice.
At 10 o'clock both houses met
In the Senate Gen. Eckley chai r
man, and Knapp, clerk pro tern.
Both Houses ballotied for Speaker.
In the Senate the Whigs voted for
Vinal, the Democrats for Myers, and
the Free Soilers for Randall. Eight
ballottings were had without a
choice. On the last ballot Vinal re
ceived 17, Mvers 15, and Randall 6,
blank 1.
Adjourned till morning.
In the House the Whigs voted for
Burnet lor Speaker, the Democrats
for Johnson of Medina, and the Free
Soilers lor Williamson of Cuyahoga
aeven ballots were had without a
choice. This afternoon Williamson
was withdrawn and Morse of Lake
was nominated by the Free Soilers.
On the last ballot Burnett had 34;
Johnson 24; Morse 13; blank 1.
River falling slowly
four inches in the canal. Weather
cloudy and rainy.
The Kentucky river is rising.
The John Hancock and Empress
are coming through the canal.
The Griffin Yeatman was met go
ing down.
The Fashion is lost" :
The steamer Antoinette Douglass
burst her boiler on Tuesday on the!
Alabama river. .1 hirty were killed.
23 wounded, 25 missing, 51 escaped.
CHARLESTON, Dec. 1. Health of New Orleans.
During the week ending Nov. 16th,
there were 147 interments at New
Orleans, of which 50 were cholera.
The cholera is also at Plaquemine.
Private dispatches from New Or.
leans report. . the re-appearenca of
cholera in that city. ;
A telegraphic dispatch to Capt I.
S. Morehead. rsceiyed .last nicht
roji Evansville, announces thesink
mg oil this boat at French Island.
The Yeatman was bound from Cin
cinnati for New Orleana. The Mus
tang, up last night, reported having
passed the Yeatman aground at
French Island Lou. Jour.
December 4, 1850.
Floot, pat abl. . . ,
Wheat, fwaushal, . .. . . 60.70
Corn, do do . JJ
Oat, do eta . 30
FUneod pctbuam, . 80
Potatoaa, do do, . 40aO
Onion, . do do, . . 40
Dried Applet, per buih. - 60
Dried Peaebea do do . 100
Lard ia kef, 6 7
Featben,per lb, - SS
Ragt, 3 a Sj
Giowag, " " - . 90
Bcerwas, SO
Batter, - . . - - I2J
Fgp. perdoaen, - 10
Cheeie. pet lb, . . I it
Chicken, pet dozen, 73 a 100
Salt. Kanbu,b. per bbl. S3
Cora Meal, per txua, - . 40
Bran, per bush, ... 78
Coffee, per lb, . . 13 15
N. O. Su(ar, per lb per bbl, 7a8
Loaf do, do, 10 a IS
N O Mohueea, galloa par bbl, 37 1
Rice per lb, . ( a 7
Tea, Young lljtoa. per lb, 55 to 75
" Imperial, . 50 to 100
Gunpowder, - 60 to 75
Bar Iron, nnrM sites, 3t to 4
Nails, 10 to 4, $3 50 to 5 00
Lard Oil, per gal, . . 70
Linwed Oil, per gal. 90at00
Wbiikay, gall, per bbl, - - 23 a 84
Red Beans, . . If. 5
White - - -75
Cincinnati Market, Dec. 2d.
Hogs. The market has experienced
a very material decline, since our last
report, and we cannot yet report it set
tl 3d. Sales of 600 and 215 head attS
85; 217 do at 3 80, and 520 do, average
weight 800 lbs, at S 70. Tbe latter
were good corn fatted, to be slaughtered
in good weather. The weather now is
very unfavorable, and the material de
cline reported above must be attributed
in some degree to this.
Flour and Grain. "ales of 14 bbls
Flour at 83 58; 100 do at 3 61; 120 do
at 3 62; 1 70 and 200 do at 3 60, and
150 at 3 61. Late Saturday 500 bbls
at S3 65; and this price is now obtain
ed for round lots of straight brands. In
Grain we notice a sale of 300 bushels
Oats from the river at 42c, and 31 1 do
do at 38c.
Provisions. There were sales to day
of 800 bbls mess Pork in two lots, on
private terms, understood to be about
I0 25. Also, 1000 shoulders from
block at 31c; 700 sides at 4c, and 1500
hams at 6c.
W hiskey 23lc.
Sugar 5 and 5c; fair N. O. was
generally held at the close at 6c.
Molasses 29 and 30c.
Butter. 74 kegs fair country at 9c;
and 6 barrels roll at 12c.
Cheese 6a6ic.
MARRIED On the 27th ult.. by
the Rev. Mr. George, S B. Drooil-
lard, Esq., of this place, to Misa Eva
lin a E., daughter of Mr. George Lone,
of Mason county, Virginia.
On the 31st of October, by Christo
pher "huler, Esq., Amakia Jacobs to
Nanct Ann Bawton.
On the 14th ult, by the same. Mr.
John Reynolds to Misa Caroline
On the 17th ult, by same. Mr. John
Rousu to Misa Sarah Daist.
On the 28th ult., by same, Mr G. W.
Swi8bbr to Miss Surmantha J. King.
On the 21st ult, by the Rev. J. tf.
Hopkins, Mr. Aliin Vanzant, of Gal
lia county, to Mart A kins, of Meigs.
State of Ohio, Gallia County, ss.
Cyrus D. Greene ts. William Burnet, Piter
rarub, and Angustin Leclereq;
X pursuance of aa order of the court mt
common pleas, within and fee the eavntv
of Gallia, and State of Ohio, at their October
term. A. D. IHoJ, Peter Pan,b is hereby aoti.
Ded that on tbe 12th dar of October. A. D.
l&M), Cyrus D. Greene filed in said court a
bill in chancery against tbe said Peter Parish,
1 1 r ii n . ....
Durnet, sad Angustin Leelercq,
which bill states, noons other tbinrs. that the
aid William Burnet Dnrcbased of too said
Augustin Leclercq the southwest ball af city
lot in tbe town of Gsllipolis, in said county.
numbered on the plat of said town twenty
five (25,) far a price unknown to said com
plainant, and has mode payments thereon to
an amount also unknown to said complainant, .
and that the title to said premises is stilt ia
the said At (ustin Leclercq, and that the said
William Burnet, in order to defraud said com
plainant out of his debt against the said rs
ipondent, William Burnet, pretends to hero
assigned hi interest in said coo tract toth
aid Peter Parish, a resident of the couaty af .
Mann, in the State of Virginia, and said com.
plainant charges that nasuea transfer has been
aiade, or if made that tbo same was mada
without consideration, and ia trust tor said
William Burnet, in order to secure tbe suae
Iron, the payment of tbe said complainant's
debt sgainsl the sau William Burnet..
And said bill prays among other things that
the said William Burnet, Peter Parish and
Angustin Leclercq, may be compelled ta an
swer all Bad singular the premises, and stata
bow much said premises were bought for, what
payments hare been made, wnea made and by
whom made, and that tbe said Peter Parish
and William Burnet may, aader oath, set forth
whether any such transfer baa been made,
whether there was any writing executed t e
ioenee said transfer, if so, when executed, be
fore whom and ea what consideration, when
paid, bow paid, to whom paid, and all other
facts relating thereto, and that ia the final
hearing of said cause, said equity amy be said
to pay tbe said debt of the saui complainant. .
And tbe said Peter Parish is further notified
that nolese be appeer and plead, answer ac
demur to said biU within sixty days after the .
neat term at said court, the said Cirrus D.
Greene, at the aezt term after the expiration
of said sisty days, will apply to said court to
take the matter of said sill aa aonfeased aa ta
thasaid Pater Parish, and to decree tharsaa.
accore'ingiy. - Attest: -
Simeon Nash, Bel. for CompPt,
GalMpolia,NoT.3l. 185il 3m
A LARGE stock White Pin SHINGLES
and seasoned BOARDS, ever, earatv
of thickness and length, ia yard, west end ef
Btate street, near the uddot Oiiekora
Bridge, for sale by
M.yV50-tf . B. FISHES,

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