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The Rev. John L. Gorsuch, of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, died at
Cumberland, Md., on the 16th ult.
The deceased was a ton of the late
Mr. Gorauch, who was killed at
Christiana, Pa., whilst endeavoring
to arrest one of his slaves.
Township Officers.
Cheshire Trustees Asa Brad
bury, Isaac Carter, Jacob Coughman.
Assessor Tnyor W. Hamilton.
Treasurer Mathew Laslev.
MISS JOHNSOX, late of New York, proposes
to open School for young Ladies in the
Lyceum Halt, on Monday, the 19th day of
April next. Mix Johnson was educated at
the Mount Holroke Female Seminary, Mass,
and has been engaged in teaching for three
years. We can recommend ber as aa accom
plished teacher, equal to any in this vicinity
or elsewhere. We would therefore urge our
friends Irom toe country to embrace this oppor
tunity for the education of their daughters.
Further information can be bad by enquiring
Of me undersigned.
April 8, 1852.
THE subscriber, baring made a change in bis
business, would request all those knowing
Them wives indebted by note or book account to
call and settle without delay.
April 8, "52. r. mathers.
Tf HE subs eribers having formed a partnership
1 in the store. Copper, I in and sheet Iron
business, under the name and style of F. Ma-
thess & Co., would solicit a continuance of
the liberal 'patronage heretofore extended to
the old establishment at r. Mathers, and pro
mise that on oar part, that we will, in all ca
xes, try to give satisfaction to our customers.
And as we shall do business altogether on the
cam system, we will be enabled to sell at the
smallest living profits.
April 8, '52. 3w
W"E have just received our Spring
amongst which are the Etna, for wood
or coal, and which had such a run last
fall, will be sold cheap for cash.
April 8, '52. F. MATHERS Az CO.
STAR of the West, Mississippian,
Ohio, Premium and Meteor Cook
ing Stoves, for sale low for cash at the
Stove Depot of F. MATHERS & CO
April 8, IP52. 6m
JUST received a beautiful lot of Ja
paned Ware, ename'ed Ssuce Pans
and House furnishing articles. Also
the Oxvgen Lard Lamp, the best Lamp
in use." F. MATHERS & CO.
April 8, 1852. 6m
ALL kinds of Job Work in Copper,
Tin, Sheet Iron and Zinc, Spouting
and Roofing, done at the shortest notice
at low prices and in a workmanlike man
ner. F. MATHERS & CO.
April 8, 1852. 6m
New Goods.
GalllpelU, Ok la.
THIS establishment takes this method of in
forming the People of Gallia county that
tbey bare just opened and are still receiving a
large assortment of Spring and Summer Goods
direct from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Cin
cinnati, consisting in part of Staple and Fan
cy Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps. Bon
nets, Hardware, Queensware, Iron, Nails.
Coffee. Sugar, Molasses, Tea, Rice, Tobacco,
&e. To all of which we invite the especial
atten ion of buyers before purchasing else
April 8, 1852. 3m
TFE partnership heretofore existing, under
the firm of IIiluditb, Widdell & Co ,
" is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All
persons knowing themselves indebted will
please call and settle their accounts, as the
Bioki of the firm must be closed up without
delay, at the old stand, by I. R. Calohan, who
is authorized to setUe the same.
Gallipolis. April R. 185.
The Dutch have taken Hol
land! AND A. HEINEMAN is on hand
with the best and cheapest lot of
Ready Made Clothing
in the market,
Quick Sales and Small Profits,
Is the motto of the Centre Clothing
Store at the Star House. Call and ex
amine goods and prices before purcha
sing elsewhere, and you will be con
vinced of its truth; and ever after mo
ney and trouble will be saved by call
ing directly on the subscriber at Fish
er's Star building.
C-No calling in of passers by, that
is not the game the undersigned plays.
April 8, 1852.
TTtHE undersigned will deliver a course of Lee-
tures on English Grammar in series con
sisting of fifteen evenings, commencing next
Xnonday evening. .Although this will be his
cpeeial object, classes in Writing, Arithmetic,
, TLatin, or other important studies will be ta
ken np. Terms ft 00 for the course .
Jl new, beautiful and commodious room has
been secured in Greenwood's Building.
April 8, 1858.
fTIKE partnership heretofore existing be-
JL tverau Ubui ritufc; Sl E. PAK.KEK,
In the Milling business, is this day dissolved
bv mutual consent The business of the late
firm will be closed up by C. L. GomaiK, who
will continue the business at the Cheshire
Cheshire, March 8, 1852 mar 25-3w
OOUTHWEST corner of Sycamore
j and Lower Market streets, Cincln
nati. Ohio. 8. Watson, Proprietor.
. N. B, There is a very roomy and
commodious stable in connection with
the Hotel.
Jan.9s 1 852 tf
Township Officers. List of Letters,
Remaining in the Gallipolis Post Of
fice on the 1st day of April, 1852, which
if not taken out by the first of July next,
will be sent to the General Post-Office
aa dead letters. .
Anglee John
Ash Levina
Burber Michael
Bearl Antony
Boggs David or James
Atcbinson Barak
Bevingtoa Margaret
BurdittJos T
Booyert Gee C
Browner Nancy
Baltzell John
Busby Matt
. Beman S H
Barnes Edward
Brock Isaac
Brothers Joshua
BellC R
Barker Thos
Baldin Lueinda
Bradle Daniel
Bell Eliza Jane .
Birnarj Eliza
cbilders Wm heirs of
dine Samuel
cole Darcus
cook S
Conner II L
Collins Eliza R
carter Jane
conk Benjamin
rbabot Martha
Daugherty cathrine
Delzell Martha E
Donnaly Sarah
Davis Robert
Easons Thos R
Evans Evan
Flanigan Mary
Foster Sarah A
Fisher Hiram
Grant Mary
Green Lemuel
Gales c V
Graham William '
Gilmore James
Blaser Jos J
Bell Kir J
Bunce Richard
Berry Partnaly
Birnett Eliza
Reman Runs
Biggs hlixa
Barnum Joseph
Bert he Elizabeth
Blakle Jos
Bradd Patrick 3
Cave Benjamin 4
Cochran Mary
Cooper John
Crosse Elizabeth
Corbrn Calherioe
Cunningham Mr
Clay Phillip
Carrel Wm
Clark Andrew
Dickinson Elizabeth
Dnnny Obe
Darling Isaac
Dages John
Eakins James S
Erwens Rbody
Fletcher David
Fletcher Joseph
Flack Mary F
Greene Sarah
Gams N
Gillin Mary A
Grossman Alex
Gooch Robert
Grant Mary M
Hogshead S c Hover John S
Honey William Hunt William
Honeyman Sidneymiss Holcomb E
Hughs Thomas
Harvy Mr
Harrop James
Hoxworth P
Hnleman E M 2
Hopkins J II rev
Hill Daniel
Holly John
Henderson John D
Hamronn John
Hannil John dr
Harmon Simeon
Hiillay calvers
Howard Samuel
Hartman John
Hawk John
Howard John II
Hamilton Thomas
Hearn Charles
Hines c F
Hughs Tbos or Peter
Hamilton Tbos 2
Holmes Lemuel
Unyden Ja
Isamonger Solomon
Johnson William
Jones John Z
Jam( William
Jones Joseph
Jones Henry
Johnson Robert
Jones Phillip
Johnson James
Jenkins J
James Benjamins
Jackson Robert
Joans Thomas
Kirk Henry
King Mosea
Kennedy Hugh
Kirk Louisa
King William
Kelley njrew
Kentfield Asaph
Karns Jacob
King Newal
Kreitzer cvrus 2
Kelly J M
Lewis John
Lockwoori J II
Livey Jonathan
Lytic J A
Lane Margaret
Lintbecum Daniel
Lewis WW
Montgomery George
Moler A'pbred
Mundell Joseph
Moses Simon
McKessock Jane
Montgomery John
Miller R W
Mitchell George
M os man James
Montgomery Mary
M'clure James
M'cormaek J R
Loit Cyrus
Lasley James
Lewis Eliza
MVall George
MeElhinnv Hoieshio
Maxry William
M'carty G
Moll George
Martin W L
MeGnff Samuel
Milborkle James
Mollinrnx Charles
M'cov Moaes c 3
Maddy W L
Montgomery Tbos
Maxon Hiram
Nookes Caroline Nims Wm P
Napple Emify . Neal John H
Newkirk, Daniels Sl co Neton Sl Baxter
Northup Stephen
Udell Isaae
Owens Etna Jane
Orenduff John 3
Porter Norman
Phillips B
Parish John II
Phillips John
Porter clariner
Rose D (I
Right Mary Ann
Robinson Matilda
Roadarmour T J
Rathburn S B
Payne Mary
Payne Rev
Peterson Silvin
Persinger mt
Ralph Elizabeth
Knnd Elijah
Robinson Vearis
Robinson Sarah
Right Morgan
Rickey Daniel
Siddall Isaae
Speare Fielding 2
Smith Geo W
Steel Arthur 2
Sheets John
Stevens W R
Simmons J W
Stutter Wm P
Stanley J A
Slack John 3
Smith Golina
Swager James
Safford Miss Mag
Safinrd Hariet
Smith John W
Scott Jefferson
Stewart Ann
Sutton Robert
Taylor Lueinda
Traekwell Thomas
Thomas Martha
Thornton a M
Stror e L H
Spain N
Sihres Wm
Swikert John
Soarse Hannah
Steen Clinton
Smith Wm
Smith Mary Ann
Troy Wm
Thompson CC
Thevenin Julia a
Thomas H
Umpstead Harriet Umpbrey David
Vandal JasH
Weaver John P
Weiss George
Welsh Richard
Wood Noah H
Wilson Harriet
Wimtt Bet tie
Winton James
Wheeler N M
Wood Ellen
Wright David
Wells mr
Middiefield Caspar
Williams M F
Walker Wm
Winters Amanda
Ward James
Wilson Rhoda
Webster Elizabeth
WeilmentCarl .
Wilson Walter
Williams S F
Persons calling for the above letters
will "Advertised."
OA HHDS.N.O. Sugar;
-U 70 bbla Molasses; -
6 Tierces ice;
6 Casks Saleratus;
10 Bbla. Loaf, Crushed and Powdered
20 Boxes Va. and Missouri Tobacco;
30 Boxes Claret Wine;
30 Coils Cordage, assorted sizes;
. Also a general assortment of Season
able Dry Goods, just received and for
sale low for cash.
April 1, 1852. .
to A of Ci annas ta Dm ytm
1841, by t. 8. HOVOHTOX, M. D, I. th. clerk's
umo, or in mum uoart sor ma r aware
Uwtrk of Pmjlnai.
Another Scientific Wonder!
Prepared from REX NET. or the fourth
STOM ACH OF THE OX, after directions
of BARON LIEBIG, the great Physiologi
cal Chemist, by J. S. HOUGHTON, M. D.
Philadelphia, Pa.
This is a truly wonderful remedy for INDI
and DEBILITY". Curing after Nature's
own method, by Nature's own Agent, the
Gastric Juice,
ffcr" Hall a teaspoonful of Pefsiv, infused in
water, will digest or dissolve, t ire faunas of
Jioast Beef in about lira tuners, out of the
PEPSIN is the chief element or Great Di-
getting Principle of the Gatric J uice the
Solvent of the Food, the Purifying, Preserving,
and Stimulating Agent of the Momarh and
Intestines. It is extracted Irom the Digt i ve
Stomach of the Ox, thus forming an ARTI
the natural Gastric Juice in its Chemical pow
ers, and furnishing a COMPLETE and PER
FECT SUBSTITUTE for it. By the aid of
this preparation, the pains and evil of INDI
GESIION and DYSPEPSIA are removed,
just as they would be by a healthy Stomach.
It is doing wonders for I)vpeplics, curing
SUMP I ION, supposed to be on the verge of
the grave. The Scientific Evidence upon
arhi-h it is based, is in the highest dezree
BARON LIEBIG in his celebrated work on
Animal Chemistry, savs: An Artificial Diges
tive Fluid, analogous to the Gastric Juice,
maybe readily prepared from the mucous mem
brane of the stomach of the Ox, in which vari
ous articles of food, as meat and eggs, will be
9oflentdt changed, and digested, just in the tame
manner at they ttoidd be tn the human ttum-
fty-Call on the agent, and get a descriptive
circular, gratis, giving a large amount of sci-HN-nric
r.viDCicr, similar to the above, toeth
er with Reports of iemikkakuc cciu, from
all parti i f the United States.
Dr. HopcHTos'e Prrsw has produced the most
marvellous eftWts, in curing cases of Debility.
Emaciation, JVerroui Decline, and Dyrpeptic
Consumption. It is impossible to give the i!e-
ta lis of cases in the limits of this advertise
ment; but authenticated certificates have been
given of more than two hundred mnssi.e
cores, in Philatlelpma, New York and liuton
alone. These were nearly all desperate caes,
and the cures were not only rapid and wonder
ful, but permanent
It is a great nervous antidote, ami partic
ularly useful for tendency to Bilious disorder,
Liver complaint, fever and ague, or badly
treated fever and ague, and the evil effects of
Quinine, Mercury, and other drugs upon the
Digestive Organs, altera long sickness. Also.
for excess in eating, and the too free use of ar
dent spirits. It almost reconciles health with
Dr. Houghton's Pr.rsm is sold by nearly all
tbe dealers in fine drugs and popular Melicines
throughout the United States. It is prepared
in Powder and in Fluid form and in Prescrip
tion vials for the use of physicians.
Private circulars, for the ue of physician,
may be obtained of Dr. Houghton or his a;ents.
describing the whole process of preparation,
and givine the authorities upon which the
claims of this new remedy are based. As it is
hot a secret RXHEDT, no objection can be
raised against its use by Physicians in respec
table standing and regular practice. Price,
Okk Dollar per bottle.
fj7-OBSEKVETms ! Every bott'e of the gen.
uine Pepsin bears the written signature cf J.
S. HnuairroN, M. Dsole proprietor, Philndel
phia. Pa. Co.iy-right and trade mark secured.
Sold by all Druggists and dealers in Medi
Aglnts. L. P. MAGUET, Gallipolis, whole
sale and retail agent
April 8, 1852. ly
The State of Ohio, Gallia county, ss.
Court of Common Pleas, March Term, 18.vi
Peter Menaeer vs. West Virginia Coal Mi
ning Company, commonly called Western
Virginia Coal Mining Company."
ALL persons interested will take not ire that
Peter Menager, on tbe 21st dn of Novrm
ber, A. D. 1851, sued out a writ of attachment
from the Court of Common Pleas of said coun
ty of Gallia, in said State of Ohio, against the
West Virginia Coal Mining Company, com
monly called Western Virginia Coal Mininr
Company, for the sum of five hundred dollars,
damages. Which writ has been served and re
turned. Attest:
E. S. Menaoer, Att'y for Plff.
April I. 1852, 6w
THE undersigned having associated themselves
together for the purpose of
Curing Cancers, Ulcers, and Long
Standing Sores,
of every kind, take this method of informing
the public that tbey are ready to cure all those
afflicted with any of the above named com
plaints who may submit themselves to their
care and treatment. We respectfully request
all those suffering from the effects of those dire
ful maladies to call and satisfy themselves that
a speedy cure u to be obtained. We have ef
fected cures in cases pronounced incurable by
the Medical Faculty, and shall be able to satis
fy all, before we assume the management of the
reality of our ability to cure. Surgical opera
tion will be performed if desired.
Let the afflicted suffer no longer, but call
and be cured at once.
N. B Desirous of inspiring the confidence
of all disposed to submit to our treatment, we
assure them that unless a cure is effected no
charge teili be made. - v" -
Mr. Facer may be found at ait time-ln's
residence in Gallipolis. - i
Feb. 5, 1852. 6m
The State of Ohio, Gallia county, ss.
Court of Common Pleas, March Term, 1852.
Stewart A. Lasley vs. Rhoda Slaughter.
LL persons interested wilt take notice that
Stewart A. Lasley, on the 1st day of Janu
ary, A. D. 95i, sued oat a writ of attachment
from the Coart of Common rlea of said coun
ty of Gallia, ia said State at Ohio, against said
Rhoda Slaughter, for the sum of on' hundred
dollars, which said writ has been served and re
turned. Attest:
Lemuel Feist, Art'y for PUT. j
April I, 1852. Gw
OULD inrorm his friends and the public
generally that be has opened a new Groce
ry and Confectionary at the above well kneurn
stand, where he intends keeping at all times a
general assortment of brocerirs and Confec-
tionane. such a sugar; uonew; Molasses:
Tea: Tobacco: Snap; Candles; aB kinds of
Candies; Nuts; rigs; Oranges; Lemon,.
Cakes of all kinds, A.o, cVc , which aw will sell
cheaper than was ever sold in Gallipolis.
Candies sold wholesale at Cincinnati and
Pittsburgh prices.
April 1,1851
rpHE SECOND SESSION of this Aeade-
-a my will commence on MONDAY, APRIL
19th. and continue twenty one weeks.
Tbe Academy embraces three Departments
- The PaxrARaToar, in which instruction is
given In tbe primary branches of an English
education. 1 uition in this department is five
dollars a session .
' The Intermediate, in which Vie common
English branches are thoroughly taught. Tui
tion in this Department is ten dollars a ses
The Advanced; in which the pupil receives
instruction in the higher English branches, and
ilso in IJllm, ureek and Uerman. Tuition
in this Department is fifteen dollars a session.
Instruction will be given on the Piano. and
in Ornamental Needle-work and Embroider.
It is the design of the Trustees and Teach
ers of this Institution to make it a first class
Academy, in which the character of the in
struct ion given shall not, in any particular, fall
below that furnished in our oldest and best
schools of tbe same grade.
Special attention is given to the fitting of
young men foe College, nd, also, for a mercan
tile lite, loose designing to teach will receive
instruction with reference to that profession,
Eighty students have been in attendance
during the first session, which has just elosed,
and increased facilities will De presented du
ring the next session for the accommodation of
all nho may attend.
Circulars, furnishing detailed information,
can be nhtained by correspondence with the
G. R. ROSSETER. Principal,
. Buffalo, Putnam, Co, Virginia.
April I, loi 5w
April 1. !8.-2-tf
Stale of Ohio, Gallia county, $.
Court of Common Pleas, March term, A. D
Charles Creuzet vs. Abraham Lasley, Adm'r
of Aaron Barlow, dee'd, and William Bar
low, Joel Barlow, George Thornton Barlow,
HeUn Barlew, Heirs, and Frances Barlow,
widow of said Aaron Barlow, dee'd.
IN pursuance of an order of the Court of Com
mon Pleas of said county of Gallia, and
State of Oaio, at their said Term of March.
1-5 2, the said William Barlow. Joel Barlow,
George Thornton Barlow, and Helen Barlow,
heirs at law. and Frances Barlow, widow of said
Aaron Barlow, are hereby notified that on the
fourth day of April, A. D. Irt5I. Charles Creu
xet filed in sai l Court a Bill in Chancery
against the said Aaron B-irlow, then living,
setting forth amongst other things, that the
said Aarrn barlow, on or about the fitb day of
July, A. D 1817, executed and delivered to
the said Charles Creuzet, a mortgage on town
lot in the town of Gallipo'is, in said county of
i.allia, and numbered in the plat of said town
Seventy (70,) toseeure the payment of the bal
ance of the purchase money on said lot, being
the sum of fire hundred dollars, to be paid as
fo'loirs, to-wit : One hundred and sixtv-six do!
Irs sixty-six and two-thirds cents, in one Tear
from tbe date thereof; the like sum of money
in two rears from the dale of said Mortgage;
and the like sum of money in three years frnin
the date of said Mortgage, each with interest
from the date of said Mortgage.and that the
whole of said sum of five hundred dollars, with
the accruing interest thereon, remains due and
unpaid, and praying for the sale of said prem
ises, and that the purchase money accruing
from such sale, be applied lo the satisfaction of
said sum of five hundred dnllirs, mentioned in
said M.wtg-ge. And the said William Bar
low, Joel Barlow, George Thornton Barlow,
Helen Barlow, Heirs, and Frances Barlow, wi-dOA-,
are further notified, that unless they ap
pearand plead, answer or demur to said Bill
within sixty days after the next tern of said
court, the said Charles Creuzet, at the next
term after the expiration of said sixty days,
will apply to said Court to take the matters of
said Bill as confessed and to decree thereon ac
cordinglv. Attest:
E. S. Menacer, Sol. p. q.
April I8.V2 Gw
The State of Ohio, Gallia county, ss.
Court of Common Pleas, Msrch Term, 1Sj2.
Edward T. Holcomb vs. Elijah Thompson.
a Lfc
A th
t that Edward T. Holcomb, on the 11th day
of March, A. D. 165 j, sued nut a writ of at
tachment from the Court of Common Pleas of
said County of Gallia, In said State of Ohio.
against said Elijah Thompson, for the sum of
one hundred dollars damages, which writ has
been served and returned. Attest:
Assei.h T. Holcomb, Att'y for Plff.
Apn! 1. 1852.-Gw
t'acarreaf aaa Ifrokca Baak Ratra.
H orwalk, 50 cents per dollar.
Wooster, 20 do
Sandusky, ' 10 do
Commercial Dk of Scioto, 95 do
Lancaster, 85 . do
Crbana Banking Co., 50 do
Granville, 50 do
Whitewater Canal, 8 do
Bank of New Rocbelle, 70 do
James Bank, Jamesville, 80 do
Com Bk of Port Am hoy, 30 do
Peoples' Bk sf Patterson. 10 do
Allegheny City Script, 70 do
Allegheny County Script, 80 do
Pittsburgh City do, 85 do
U. States Bank, Pbil'a, 65 do
Erie Bank, 90 do -
Farmers' It, Drovers', 97 do
Bank of Salisbury, 5 do
Cumberland Saving's Bk, 90 do
Cumberland Rk uf Alleg'y, 90 do
farmer it Meen. Bank of -
Carroll county, 90 do
Michigan Stat Bank. 90 do
Michigan Insurance Co, SO - ' do
Bank of Macomb County, 90 ' do
St, Clair (endorsed.) 10 do
The subscriber will jay tbe above rates for
nnenrrent Bank notes, if presented at his
counter within a few days.
Feb. 19. 1850-tf
titla Oflca, aw
THE undersigned would reipectfully inform the public that having taken the
old and well known stand formerly occupied by FaaNiiiiJ CaREt, on the
lower side of the Public Square, which has been newly fitted up, he ha opened
a NEW STORE, comprising a general assortment of "
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Groceries. ILrrduxire, Queensware,4' Booif
Shoes, Ilats, Caps, Bonnets, tj-c.,
which will be sold exclusively for CASH, as I find from considerable experience
it is the only way to sell Roods really cheap. Strictly adhering to this principle,
I will sell soon articles at much lower prices than they hare been heretofore
sold in this town or county.
Having for the last two years been enoaped ns Salesman In some ofthe lar
gest Jobbing and Importing Houses in Philadelphia, I possess great Wvantagesj
lor the purchase and selection of mr Gooda, and strictly , believing in the ojd
adage, that "Goods well bought are half soM," I shall make every exertion in
the selection of my Stock to please the publi: both itf regard to price, quality
and style.
I will pav particular attention to, and keep a much larger and more varied as
sortment of FA NCY DRY GOODS, for Ladies and Gentlemen's wear, (Ladies
especially,) than has heretofore been kept in this place, comprising every article
of Dress, both useful and ornamental.
I am satisfied that Goods can beso!d much cheaper than they have been sold
in this place, and all I ask is a fair trial from the people to convince them of the
Gallipolis, March 13, 1852. 6m - F. CAREL, Ja.
Established in 1840
perpetual charter.
P. DUFF, principal, author of theMNorth American Accountant" and "Wes
tern Steamboat accountant." Professor of Boos-Keefinq and commercial sci
ences. J. D. WILLIAMS, Professor of Commercial and Ornamental Penmanship.
N. B. HATCH, Esq., of the Pittsburgh Bar, Professor of Mercantile Law.
CH RLES IURTBERGER. Architect or St. Paul's Cathedral, Professor of
Architectural, Mechanical and Landscape Dbawinq. With several ab'e assis
tants in the Book-keeping department
It will be found, on reference to any of our city Merchants or Bankers, that
the Principal of this Institution is the only practical accountant in this city,
devoting his whole time, talents and about eighteen years experience, (in keep
ing books) to teaching this important science. His treatise upon Book-keeping,
published by the Harpers of New York, has been sanctioned by the American
nstitute. and Chamber of Commerce of that city, as the most complete work
upon the science extant.
Mr. W illiams' specimens of penmanship having taken the PIRST premiums at
the last annual Fairs, both in Allegheny and Cincinnati, he is now admitted to
be the best Penman in the West.
Persons desirous of being thorotij'h'y and practically qualified fir business
will find no Institution west of tha mountains, otroring so many obvious advan
tages: business men having no confidence in any instructors of Book keeping
Dut tnosc who have themselves kept books.
The Ladies writing department, under Mr. Williams, is in a spacious and ele
gantly furnished private Parlor, with a separate entrance.
0C7"CircuIars with terms mailed to all
Mr. Duff at the College.
by th Legislature of Pennsylvania
parts of tiio country on application to
Jiarch I", I5Z.-Iy
PRINTS, Ginphnms, Lawns. Alpaca,
D Lnines, Barege de laines. Bar
ege, Silk Tissue, Albarines, Llama
Cloth, Challie, French Organdv, plain,
figured and Brocado Silks, and all kinds
of Dress Goods at CAREL'S.
March 18, 18")2.-4w
n.H COTTON, LisleThrendTsnk
Jj- Jjan(' Gloves, of all sizessorts,
and colors; cotton and silk Ilnse,
thread lace Crape of all colors for Bon
net lining; I newel. Embroidered ( ol
'ars. Cuffs, Underslceves, Chemisetts,
Silk Fringe. Dress Trimming", Slippers,
Buskins, JennV Linds, liaiters and
Boots, Bonnet Ribbands of all widths
colors, style and price at
March IS, I852.-4w
PLAIN and Fancy Oottonadc. Nan
keen, fancy Cassimeres, white and
buff Marsail'es, Gingham and black
silk Cravats, palm leaf, leghorn, fine
silk and new Philadelphia stvle Kossuth
Hats; cotton, lisle thread, silk and kid
Gloves; ShittS, Collars, ocks, Suspcn-
ders, and other articles too numerous
to mention, cheap at
March 18, 1852.
KwsUaal Invadm tr me frracfc!!!!
Despotism Triumphant!!!.'
TO purchase) the cheapest READY !
MADE CLOTH INK ever offered
... , , ri-iici
in this market, or the best CLOTHS .
for making the same.
ODo you want Vour Cloth CUt af- i
lor tin. l:.tPt f:ishinn'frnm PnrimrNno
York, and out of the least quantity of
cloth t all on CAIIIS & r KAN K.
ftJ-Will you have a perfect and
workmanlike fit in your clothes, war
ranted to Rive satisfaction? All you
have to do is to call on Cahn & Frank.
Orls it superior Ready Made Coats,
at twenty-iive per cent lower than the
present prices you desire? Look in at
the United States Clothing Store.
OirShould you need teady made
Pants, Vests &c, or any kind of Trim
mines of the very latest style and fash'
ion, be sure to drop in at Cahn &
Don't forget the Unitid States
firsM Clothing Store, one door above
the -Book Store, Public Square.
Gallipolis. Feb. 19, 1852.
NOT fat California, as previously intended,
but having replenished our stock of HORSED,
ry thing pertaining to the
We are now at our aid Stand, on Second ttreet,
a few doors belnte the Fuilie Square, at the
And are prepared at ali times to accommodate
persons on the shortest notice, and on etteb
terms than ran be prueured at any other Sta
ble with Horses, single or double Bnggies, two,
four or six none Hacks, either with or without
a driver, as they may deem proper.
Travellers wishing to reach any desired place
at any time, night or day, far r near, will be
take-i through in the shortest time powible.
You wiU pro lit hy railing and seeing us Wore
hiring elsewhere, as we are fully cUtrrmiriad
not to bf surpassed hy anv other.
Jan. 3?, 1R53. 3o Proprietors.
The Beat Brsawstr ever kaawai la "laa
ForCoughs, Asthma, Colds, Croup, Bronchitis,
Influenza, Bleeding of the Lunrs, Difficulty
of Breathing, Liver Affections, Pain or
Weakness of the Breast er!kq first stages
of Consumption, ic.
In short, this llal.am i peculiarly adapted to
every dissnse of the Lungs and Liver, ahieh
is produced in our evcr-var) ing climate.
fTTILD CHERRY has Ion; been known to
V V possess imimrtant medicinal properties:
This faet is familiar tn every matron in our
land, and physicians ottea prescribe it in nif.
ferent forms for a variety,of complainU. Tar,
also, has heen equally noted for its virtues;
and some physicians, whose names are familiar
to the whole country, have rone so far as to de
clare that even CONSUMPTION could be
cured hy that alone. In other hands agriin, it
was nearly va!ur!es, owing, no doubt, to their
ignorance in preparing and administering it-
a difficulty now entirely obviated by patient
experiment and long experience. f
The extraordinary medicinafapovrcrs of these
two substances are now. for the first time, com
hinedand embodied. in Dr, H'istar't Balsam of
rr-.-u " n
9t ii j ncrry. nj k nice enenueni process, eve.
rvthing deleterious or useless is rejected, so
that what remains is the most extraordinary
and truly efficacious remedy for all kinds of
pulmonary and liver diseases ever known to
man. to eonvinee all unbelievers th.it our
theory is really true, we refer to a few eases oi
cures performed by this wonderful medicine:
Pi.EA3.iXT Rioct, Hamilton ro ("..
Sept. 27, lrCO.
J. D. Park-Dear Sir: I take th. liberty o'
advising vnti of the bene it 1 ba
derived from
the use os" Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
1 was prostrated by that terrible scourge. Con-
sumption, in May Inst. T he attack was truly
horrifying to me. for five of o,,r family, (my
brothers and sisters,) had died of t onsumption.
was afflicted with nearly all the worst features
of the disease. I had a distressing conch, and
expectorated a great deal of blood, hectic fever,
severe pains in tha side and chest, eold chills.
alternating jrith fljshes of heat and copious
nieht sweats.
I was unHer tbe care of a skillful physician,
from tbe time I was taken sick until about six
waeks inee, being then about helpless, and my
frtends considered my rase hnjieless, or at least
beyond our Physician's skill, advised the use of
Wistar's Bolram of Wild Cherry. Without
my knowledge, my fither procured it, and com.
men red a tministering it to me, and from the
first day I commenced taking it my health im
proved, and in two weeks from the time I com
menced using it, I was able tn he out and over
see my business and labor, which I till con tin
ue to do. 1 have taken four bottles of the
medicine, and now consider myself perfectly
'I he genuine Wistar's BVsnm of Wild Cher-
rx has a fne simile of the signature of Henry
Wptar, M. L ., Philadelphia, and "Ssnfcvr I St
Park" on a finely executed steel engraved
wrapper. No other can be genuine
frT-Price one dollar per bottle six bottles
or five dollars.
Sold by J. D. PARK, Cincinnati, O.. north
east earner of Fourth and W.mut streets en
trance on Walnut street--to whnm all orders
must be addressed. L. P. MAGT'ET. ai d J
BEARD, Gallipoliss Capehart at Smith, Point
Pleasant, Va.; & 1. Payne. Porter; S. S. Mur
ray, Wilkesvillej D. Reed, Pomeroy; G. W.
Cooper Co .. Coalport .
Jan. 22, 18jA--eowly
The cars are being 'drawn
by the splendid HOUSES
from the BUCKEYE LIV
ERY STABLE, on Second
street, one door below the
Public Square. The subscriber has re
plenished his stock of the best quality
of Horses, Buggies, Carriages, tie.
trf'-.r ; I am prepared at all times
to accommodate persons on the shortest
notice possible and at terms to suit cus
tomers, with Saddle Horses, Horaesand
Buggies, Carriages, &c, with or with
out drivers. 1 am thankful to old pa
trons and hope they will continue their
patronage. Remember the place, one
door below the Public Square.
March 4,1 852. ly
IS NCW PTJT UP i the larjreat x .
Bottles, and is acknowledged to fcs .
is certified by th Wosoctrct Cvais it
has performed, tha original eop'e of which
are ia the poeaeaeioa f the proprietor.
Remember, this is the only TRUE lit)
ORIGIN AL article.
This Medicine, when oaed according I
Will Care Wltaaat a7at,
ScrjfuU, or King's Evil, Cancers, fu. '
more, Enipliona of the Skin, F.rysipe't.e,
Chronic Sore Etea, Ringworm, or T-tier,
3cald Head, Rheumatism, Paine in the
Rones or Joints, old Soree and Ulcers.
Htrellino; of the Cland, Syphili. Dys
pepsia, Silt Khcem, Disease of the Kid
tiers. Lots of Appetite, Diseasee trisins;
from the use of Mercury, Pain in the
Sides and Shoulder. Genera! Debility,
Dropsy, Lorobigo, Jaundice, and Cj-
Tk Brat Bonamla Mewidae Katws,
The peculiar maladies to which females
re subject commonly produce crest budilv
exhaustion, accompanied by a depressed
and often gloomy state of mind. As the
system declines in strength there is a loss
of nervoas power, and tbie very naturally
impair ttte energy 0f the miod and dis
turbs the eq-ianimity ol the temper.
Every candid woman who has soSVred
from female complaint! will admit thie to
be the mournful truth. Now, to obtain
relief, it is only ceceeeacy to atop the ten
dency to depletion and debility. This iav
done by renuving that fountain of heal-.b
anJ itrenjrtb, the BLOOD, and no -medicine
accomplishes this desirable reruft so
speedily and complete as ''Dr tJuymtt'e
Improved Extract of Yellow Dock and
Ladies of pale complexion anJ consump
tive habits, and such ts are debilitated by
those obstructions which females are liable
to, are restored, bf the use of a bottle or,
two. to bloom and lo vigor. .
KDr. Guysott's Improved Extract or'
Yellow Dock and SirsipirrilU is a stirs
remedy for Hereditary taint.
Feasales, Rraat the Fallewiag.
Newakk, N. J., Jan. 85.
Bennett We take pleasure in staring
that your Yellow Dock Sarsaparilla gives
great satisfaction in every case.
Avery respectable gentleman inform- .
ed me that his daughter was troubled with
difficult menstruation and other diseases
peculiar to ber sex. Sue had not had
ber regular.mcnstrual discharge furs long
tfcaax but by tlie use of Dr. Guyana's
Yellow'Dtik and Srrapsri!la, was radi
cally cured, Slie used Townsends's aid
others without receiving the slightest
benefit. He had one daughter die fn m
the same cause. J. U Tsier d Co.
Hiumasrvillc, Oswkoo Cc May, '415.
5. F. Bennett DeAt Sir. I purchased
a short tioieajjfi, a bottle of your Yellow
Dcji and Sarnaparilla for my wife, which
the lias iifced for her complaint. Erysipelas
ami weakness. Falling of the Womb, etc.,
and it has already helped her very much.
Of flit Erysipelas it has effected nearly a,
cure. T hare just purchased s second
b ttle, and judging from the effect of tha
former feel confident that it will effects
perfect cure. Yours, very respectfully,-
Oy Prices S$l per bottle fix toltjes
for $5. Sr-H by J. D. PARK. Cincinnati,
Ohio. North-east corner of Fourth and
Walnut srs .entrance on Walnut to
whom all orders must be addressed; L. P.
MAGUET. Gallipolis; J. Heard, do; Cape
hnrtifr Smith, Point Pleasant; S.J.Payne,
Porter; S. S. Murray. Wilksville; D.
Kei-s, Poaicroy; G. W. Cooper. Coal
Ian. 1, 1852 eow-ly.
tjava 7ar Staasey.
i1"'""''"' "tJS-l-l W
(Late Freeman, Ilidges tj- Co.,)
114 Bi Sway, aa 4 mar aeata aT Liberty
HAVE now on band, and will be re
ceiving daily through the season.
Xr.W GOODS, direct from the European man
ufacturers, and roA .luetiont, rich, fa-hiana-Ue,
fancy Silk MiHnerg Goods. Out stork of
Hich Jitbions, comprises every variety of the
latest and most beautiful designs imported.
Many of our Goods are man ufae lured ex
pressly to our order, from our on desisns and
patterns, and stand unrivalled. W offer our
goods fr M.TT cash, at lower price thin any
ciedit House in America can afford.
All purchamrs will find it greatly to their
interest to reserve a portion of their money
end make selections from our great variety cf
rich cheap good:
Ki boons, rich for bonnets, caps, sashes and
belts: Bonnet Silks, Setins, Crapes, I.isses, and
Tarletnns; Embroideries, Collars. Chemisetts,
Capes, Berthas; Habits, Sleeves, Cuffs, Ed.
rings, and Inserting; Embroidered Keviere,
Lace, and Hemstitch Cambric IJdkfs; Blonds,
Illusions and Embroidered Lare for Caps;
Embroidered Laces for Shawls, Mantilla and
Veils; Hon i Ion, Mechlen, Valenciennes, and
Brussels Las.es ; English and Wove ' Thread,
Smyrna, Lisle Thread, and Cotton Laces;
Kid. Lisle Thread. Silk, and Sewing Silk.
Glove and Mitts: French and American Ar
tificial Flowers; French Lace, Englifh, A merit-so,
and Italian ; Straw Bonnet and Trinv.
mings. March lhV 185i,.
J. II. SAWYER. e WM. ncKSRsSILL, jr.
IN a. IS VTaaal Mrres, tare daara afcave 4ia
And Wholesale Dealers in Foreign
$ Domestic Fancy and Variety
TTTE would respectfully invite trier
I V chants and others, visiting our city
for the purpose of purchasing GOODi
to call and examine our stock. As our
Goods have been bought for cash, we
will sell them on as reasonable terms
and as low as can be purchased East.
We shall constantly keep on hand
Looking Glasses, Clocks, Watches,
Jewelry, Combs, and all kinds of Fan
cy and Variety oods.
Gilt Portrait and Picture Framti
made to order.
y arch 4, 1862. 3m

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