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Cuban Justice. Mr; Cunning
ham, the American jail road engi
neer, who was imprisoned at Hava
na, in September last, is still held in
confinement. He is forced to fay
$25 for board, $15 for light, and $2,
50 for a negro to bring his meals
making in all $42,50 pr month.
Not a charge has been found against
him, yet he has just been condemn
ed to pay all charges of the Court,
a-nountine to $1,200, and to re
main in prison until they are satis
fied. He is also forbidden to exer
cise his profession on the Island
1 T T- f Son,
flit r ACT. vcu. uaui-
uel Houston, in a late speech, is said
to have stated a fact not generally
known, and is of importance to the
families of soldiers who were mur
rlered bv order of Santa Anna, t
Goliad, in 1S36. It is that the
Legislature of Texas, several years
ago, passed an act elving to the next
kin of each soldier" who fell in that
massacre, sixteen hundred acres of
land, to be located on any of the un
appropriated lands belonging to the
The "few medical Berk.
The Introduction of Canehalagua from Cali
fornia, has been tin inestimable blessing. Its
extract, conjointly with Lirerwort and Tar,
Is the basis of Dr. Roger's Syrup of Liverwort,
Tar, and Canehalagua, which is working won.
ders in the cure of Coughs and Catarrhal flec
tion t. Were it used by all who have a pre
disposition to Cunsumption, there would be
few deaths from that disease .
For sale by L. P. MAGUET.
Dr.Wlsrar's Balaam eT WIU Cherry.
Tins Balsam is peculiarly adapted to every
disease of the Lungs and Liver, which is pro
duced by our everrarying climate. j
Thi Theost isd the Piactice. The cures
from this medicine have been, and will be, just
in proportion ta the number of cases in which
it is used. Its only miraculous powers are
those which it possesses from and in common
with nature, whose operations it ran nnlv as
sist and hasten. Its action is immediate,
and, though cVm, energetic . It allays irrita
tion, while it promotes secretion and excre
tion. It can never fail to palinte. and ahere
a cure is possible, it will cure. This was the
theory of the medicine, as invented; and expe
rience, in numerous eases, of every kind and
ariety, has demonstrated the correctness of its
See advertisement in another column.
Another Bclcatinc Waaler! Important la
Dr. J. R. Houghton's PtrsiH, Me True Di
gestive Fluid, or Gastric Juice, prepared from
Rennet, or the fourth stomach of the Ox, after
directions of Baron Liebig, the great Phvsio
logical chemist, by J. S. Houghton, M. D., Phil
adelnhia . This is truly a wonderful remedy
for Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Liver
complaint, constipation, and Debility, curing
after Nature's own method, by Nature's own
agent, the Gastric Juice. Pamphlets, contain
ing scientific evidence of its value, rurnisbed
by agents gratis. See notice among the medi
cal advertisements.
Saturday Evening, April 17.
Fi-otra The market was very quiet to-day,
and we did not bear of a sale worthy of report.
We quote $3,10a$3,15 as the range. Re
reived during the week 8875 brls; exported
same time 13,526 do.
Provisions A buoyant feeling continues to
be exhibited, and prices generally have still an
unward tendency. The sales to-day comprised
40 hhds Bacon Sides at 9c; 10 do do at inje
-packed: 15 do Clear do at 10ic; fiO brls Thin
Mess Pork at $16,50; 423 and WO brls No. 1
Lard at 9e. For a large lot of Baeon Sides,
deliverable in June, lOJe packed, cash on de
livery, wasrefused. Bacon Shoulders are gen
erally held at 8ie.
Wbiskt Sales of 600 brls from river and
store at lSje. The demand is good and the
market steady .
Oil A sale of 30 brls Linseed from canal at
59c cash, a decline.
Cheese Sales of 100 boxes English Dairy at
7c and 100 do new Western Reserve at 61c.
Rice Sales of 22 tierces at 4 3-8c.
Teas Sales of 20 half chests Young Hyson
at 36a39e.
Sugar Sales of 225 hhds at 5 to 6c for low
fair to prime.
Mousses A sale of 150 brls from the levee
at 31c cash, and 86 do from store at 31a3I l-2e,
inriieatine a slieht improvement.
Seeds Sales of 7 brls Clover at $ 4 and 8 do
at 4 50. a brther decline. The demand is very
Freiehts to New Orleans; Flour 3.i ets;
Pork 45c; Whisky 60c; Pound Freight 25e.
To Pittsburgh: Pound Freight 15c; Whisky
Boats, Shoes, Bnta. leather and Shoe
Fran street, Fortaaaeatfc, Oh la.
. April 22, 1852.-3w
Boots and Shoes.
Ri R. LLOYD & CO.,
h Vl Wholesale Dealers, have
just received an unusually
large and choice assortment of Boots
and Shoes, to which the attention of the
public is respectfully invited. Being
well acquainted with the business, and
having most of onr stock manufactured
sander onr own directions purchasing,
a we have, a large stock in one of the
test markets in the world profiting by
these, and a combination of like advan--tsgee,
we feel confident that we are en
nbled to meet the wants of the entire
community both In quantity, quality and
price. We would say to country mer
chants, furnace proprietors and all oth
ers, that as we are constantly receiving
Editions: thereby keeping onr stock full
-and complete, we can give as good bar
gains as can be obtained in any western
market; and all who will favor ns with
a call will receive a cordial welcome, and
we will take pleasure in showing our
-troods thst yoa may have a practical con
viction of oar statement.
April 22, 18 52-3 w
Dart Ansteraan'a Estate,
"VTOTICE is hereby given that the sub
Mi scriber has been appointed and
qualified as Administrator on the estate
of T)vid Anderson, late of Morgan
township, Gallia county, deceased.
April 22, 1852. ...
In addition to oar Urge
lock of Boots and Btioes,
we have jnat received a large
assortment of men fine
fashionable HATS, (Spring
style); men's and bora Hungarian, Kos
suth, Congress and Wool; also a very
large lot of Panama and Palm Leaf Hats,
all of which we offer at prices that will
defy competition.
Wholesale Dealers.
Pontamouth, April 22, 1852 3w
leather asm lraiaer riaaiaja,
R LLOYD Se CO., have jnst received
. a large stock of Spanish Sole
Leather, Philadelphia and French Calf
and Kip Skins, Morocco, Kid and Dress
ed Buck Skins, Patent Leather Lining
and Binding Skins, Lasts. Peg. Awls,
Thread, and all kinds of Shoemakers'
Kit. Also, Upper and White Sole Lea
ther always on hand.
Portsmouth, April S2, 1S52 3w
Master Commissioner's Sale.
The State of Ohio. Gallia county. Court of
Common Fleas, June term, A. D. 1851, Ed
ward Naret, administrator of Cbarles L. V.
Bureau, deceased, vs. Daniel Jackson, et al.
I Chancfst.
By virtue of a decretal order from said court
to me directed, in the above named case, I will
offer for sale at public auction, at the court
house in said county of Gallia, on the 31st day
of May next, at the hour of one o'clock
p m on said day, the following real estate, to
wit: Fraction number one (1.) in Sections
number fourteen (14) and fifteen (15,) in
Township number five (5.) of Range number
fifteen fla.) in the Uhio tympany's I urcnase.
situate in said county of Gallia, and State of
Ohio, containing 262 acres. Appraised at
JlprilSZ 1852.
Improved Extract of Vellaw Dock nan
The original and only genuine prepara
tion for the permanent cure of Consump
tion and diseases of the Langs when
they ate supposed to be affected
by the too free ose of Mer
cury, Iron, Quinine,
&c, Acc.
It will Care tVllhoal Fall
Scrofula or Kings Evi , Cancers, Tumors,
Eruptions of the Skin, Erysipelas,
Clirnnic Sore Eyes, Ringworm or Tet
ters, Scald Head, Rheumatism, Pains
in the Bones or Joints, old Sores and
Ulcers, Swellingof the Glands, Syphilis,
Dypepsia, Salt Rheum, Disease of the
Kidneys. Loss of Appetite, Dieate
arising from the use of Mercury, Pain
in the Side and Shoulders, General
Debility, Dropsy, Lumbago, Jaundice
and Coativeness.
The Beat Female Blewlelae Knawnt
Thc Shakes. Prepared '-Yellow
Dock" and the "Red Honduras Sabsa
parilla," are the invaluable remedial
agents from which "Dr. Guysott's Im
proved Extract of Yellow Dock and Sar
saparilla" is formed; and the laboratory
of Dr. Guysott has given us the virtues
of these roots in their perfection. Hs
preparation contains all the restorative
properties of the roots, combined and
concentrated in their utmost strength and
Experiments were made in the manu
facture of this medicine, antill it was
found that it could noL be further im
proved. Accordingly, we find it resorted to,
almost universally, in cases of Hepatic.
Scorbutic, and Cutaneous complaints for
general prostration of all the vital powers,
and all those tormenting diseases of the
skin so trying to the pa.ience, and so in
jurious to health
Scrofula, Syphilis, Mercurial com
plaints, Cancer, Gangrene, Rheuma
tism, and a vast Variety of other disa-
greeahle and dangerous diseases are
speedily and perfectly cured by the use
of this medicine.
Saline, Mich , Oct. 6. 1S51.
Mr. Johh D. Pare Dear Sir: It is
with nnutterable feelings of gratitude
that I-am able through the Divine Provi
dence of God, and by the wonder-working
agency of that excellent medicine,
''Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsapa
rilla," to give yon a few symptoms of
my almost hopeless case.
In the winter of 1 850, 1 was attacked
with a severe pain, which was gradually
extending through the whole right side
and leg; at the same time, a total pros
tration of my physical system; also, my
leg had shrunk to about two-thirds of
its common tize. I procured the atten
dance of a skilful practitioner, who
pronounced my disease one of the worst
forms of liver complaint. He said mv
case was one not easily handled, bnt
prescribed for me. I remained under
his treatment nntil I was satisfied he
could not help me. I then procured of
your agent at this place W. A Beers,
two bottles of Guysott's Yel'ow Dock
and Sarsaparilla, from which I received
a vast amount of benefit. After having
taken four bottles more I was able to
pursue my business without any incon
venience, and have been since that time
a well man, while but a short time since
I was confined to my bed three-fourths
of the time; and I cannot ascribe the
return of my health to any other cause
than by the agency of that truly valua
ble medicine, Dr. Guysott's Yellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla.
Salt;. Oct. 14, 1851.
Mr. J. D. Park Dear Sir: I send you
the foregoing certificate, and1 so far as I
am acquainted with his case, it is all
true. I procured it, thinking it might
be a benefit to you and to the afflicted.
You hare the privilege of nsing it as you
think best. Yours. W A. BEERS
In quart Bottles, $1 per bottle six bottles
for f 5.
bold by J. D. PARK, Cincinnati, 0 north
east corner of Fourth and Wtinut streets en
trance on Walnut street to whom all orders
must be stressed. L. P.' MAGUET, ar.d J
BEARD, Gallipolis; Capehart A. Smith. Poinl
Pleasant, Va. ; S. J. Payne. Porter; S. 8. Mur
ray. Wilketrille; U. Head, fomerov; G. W
Cooper V Co -, Coalport
.April 22, 1852.--eoTly .
Notice, The Gallipolia Baptist
Church is at present supplied by the
itev. a. bcAEF. Preaching every
Sabbath at the usual hours', morning
and evening. The public are invited
to attend.
April 22. 1852.
The great remedy for Consumption of.
1 the Lungs, Affection of the Liver,
Asthma, Bronchitis, ram or weak
nets of the Lungs, and other affec
tions of the Pulmonary Organs.
Wmth'i Bslsasj or Wild CnEasr. isa fine
hernial snedieine composed chiefly of Wild
Cherry bark and the genuine Iceland Moss,
(the latter imported expressly for this purpose.)
t.e rare medical virtues of which are also com
bined by a new chemical process with the Ex
tract of Tar thus rendering the whole com
pound the most certain and emoaeiout remedy
ever discovered for
Onansnntiaa of the Lnnsja,
l!rrr3Esnto CoaxrsroMDEKrc -Dr. Win. Y.
Banks, of Xenia, Ohio, a highly repeetable
druggist in that delightful village, informed us
that the sale of W titer's Balsam of Wild t Ker
ry is unparalleled I he demand for it is so
eager that he can scarcely keep himself sup
p'led with it. Me has bad in bit store medi
eioes for lung affections. Some of these were
esteemed food, and some gave temporary re
lief. But since he had Witar't Ba sara ot
Wild Cherry, a numVr of the most serious
eases were completely cured by its use. l
never sold a medicine, says the Doctor, "In
which I had that entire confidence that I have
in this,
ifr- Wherever Wistars Balsam of Wild
Cherry is introduced, it at once attains tint
high reputation which it so richly deserves.
What can prevent its sale, when on every
hand ran be witnesaed its wonderful ruresl
The wont cases of Asthma, recent and dan
serous coughs, (and also those that are of long
standing) Bronchitis or Consumption, in its
early stages, are always cured by this remar
kable medicine.
Another Astonishing rare.
Csowa Point, Lake o., la., June 15. lf?19
J. D. Pak Dear Sir: As I have a deep
commiseration for the afflicted, permit me to
give yon a brief history of my afflictions, and
the bene6ts derived from the use of Dr. Wis
tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry In July. Hi I,
I was attacked with a fever of a typhoid char
acter, which left mein a very debilitated state,
when in the following winter I was taken with
a severe cold, which reduced me to surb an
extent as to give me the appearance of a con
sumptive. I labored under a severe cough, ex
pectorated a great deal, and was trnu' lrd with
cold feet and niiht sweats. I alo frequently
raised blood from my lungs. I continued in
this stale, gradually sinking under the disense,
until January, 1817, when I was again attacked
with fever. My extremities, especially my
feet, were constantly cold and almost lost their
feeling. Under these circumstances it may
be truly said I was a living skeleton. I finally
determined to quit taking medicine presciihed
by physicians and try Wistnr's Balsam of Wild
Cherry: and from the first week 1 commenced
takin; it lean date a gradual recovery. I con
tinued to ose it six months. at the end of which
time 1 was cured, and have enjoyed good health
ever since; and cheerfully recommend the Bal
sam to all those afflicted with diseases of the
lungs, and would say to those commencing its
use not to be discouraged, if two or three bot
tles do not effect a cure, but persevere as I
hare done, end I have no doubt that nine cases
out of ten will be blessed with renewed health
as 1 have been.
The genuine Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cher
rv has a fac simile of the signature of Henry
Wi.tar, M. D., Philadelphia, and "San ford &
Park" on a finely executed steel engraved
wrapper. No other can be genuine
Price 1 per bottle six bottles for to.
Sold by J. D. PARK, Cincinnati, 0 north
east corner or Fourth and Walnut street 1'
whom all orders must be addressed, L. P.
Maooet, and J. Beasd, Gallipolis; Cnnehart
Sc. Smith, Point Pleasant, Vs.: S. J. Payne,
Porter; S. S. Murray. Wilkesvillc; P. Ueed,
Pomeroy ; G. W. Cooper & Co., Coal port,
-ipril 22, 1852. eowly
Dllchael S. IfleCav'a Estate.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
subscriber has been appointed and
qualified as Administrator on the estste
of Michael S. MeCoy, late of Gallia
county, deceased. Dated at Greenfield
this 22d day of April, 1852.
6at Mrs. COLEMAN would respect-fjj
f$J ully inform berold customer amlrj
the public at large, that she has received Irom
Philadelphia her Spring Fashions for Bonnets.
Ladies are solicited to call and examine them.
alii V pril 15, 1850.-3
THERE will be a petition rresented n 'h
trustees of Perry township, in Gallia coun
ty, Ohio, at the town bouse in said township, on
the 29th day of May, 18V2, praying for a town
ship road in said township, to commence at or
neat David C.Jones' barn and running the
nearest and best way to intersect the public
road running from Centerville to Gallipolis, and
at the same time to do the least damage to in
dividual property, that a good road can well be
April 15, '52. 4w
earae 81. Danrlll's Estate.
OTICE is hereby given that the subscriber
bat been appointed and qualified, as admin
istrator on the estate of George M. Dndrill,
ate of Gallia county, deceased.
April 15, 1852 3
nancy Tyreea Estate.
VOTICE is hereby given that Letters Testa
il mentary bat been granted unto the subscri
ber, as executor on the estate ol Nancy Tyree,
late of Gallia county, deceased; all persons in
terested will take notice acc-rdingiy.
JOHN GEEY. Executor.
April 15, 1852. 3w
ISS JOHNSON, late of New York, proposes
to open a School for young Ladies in the
Lyceum Hall, on Monday, the 19th day of
April next. Miss Johnson was educated at
the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, Mass.,
and has been engaged in teaching for three
years. We can recommend her at an accom
plished teacher, equal to any in thit-vicinitv
or elsewhere . We would therefore urge our
friends from the country to embrace thit oppor
tunity for the education of their daughters.
Further information can be had by enquiring
of the undersigned.
LEWIS wwxssoig,
April 8, 1852. Committee,
THE partnership heretofore existing under
the firm of Haludats, Waddeu. A. Co..
is this day dissolved by mntnal consent. All
persons lnowing themselves indebted will
please call and settle their accounts, at the
Books of the firm most be closed up without
delay, at the old stand, by I. R. Caloban, who
it authorized to settle the tame.
Gallipolis, April 8. 1852.
Katma Mcordinr to Art rf Oinanal, ta aw yvm
1S61, ky J. 8. HOUOHTOW, BL D, la tM sink's
Oftoa of tb. Dwtriet Osartfcetaa Sastata
District af Imasytvaaia.
Another Scientific Wonder!
Prepared from RENNET, ar the fourth
STOMACH OF THE OX. after direction,
of BARON LIEBIG, the great Physiologi
cal Chemist, by J. S. HUUUulua, M. D.
Philadelphia, Pa.
This is a truly wonderful remedy for INDI
and DEBILITY. Curing after Nature's
own method, by Nature's own Agent, the
tas trie Juice,
(ifr Hall a teaspoonful of Ptrsi, infused i
water, will digest or dissolve, Fwt Pounds o
jtomst oeej in aomu two houtm, our. of the
PEPSIN is the chief element or Great Di
gesting Principle of the Gastric J nice the
Solvent of the Food, the Purifying, Pmenmg,
and alsmviaang Agent or the Momach aad
Intestines. It is extracted from the Digestive
S'nmach of the Ox, thus forming an ARTI
the natural Gastric Juice in its Chemical pow
er., and furnishing a COMPLETE and PER
FECT SUBSTITUTE for it. By the aid of
this p repartition, the pains and evils of INDI
GESTION and DYSPEPSIA see removed.
just as they would be by a healthy Stomach.
It is doing wonders for Dyspeptics, curing
SUM PI IOV, supposed to be on the verge of
the grave. The Scientific Evidence upon
hi-h it is based, it in the highest degree
BARON LIEBIG in his celebrated work on
Animal Chemistry, says: An Artificial Diges
tive Fluid, analogous to the Gastric Juice.
maybe readily prepared from the mucous mem
brane of the stomoch of the Ox. in which vari
ous articles of ford, as meat and eggs, will be
tnflened, changed, and digested, just in the same
manner as they temdd be in the human ttum-
ftT-Call on the agent, and get a descriptive
cireulnr, gratis, giving a large amount of sci
entific evidence, similar to the above, toetb
er with Keports of iemaskaple coses, from
all parts i f the United States.
Dr. IIocciiton's Pefsim has produced the most
marvellous effects, in curing cases of Debility.
Emaciation, Acrrous Dechne, and Dytfieptic
Consumption. It is impossible to give the de
tails of cases in the limits of this advertise
ment ; out authenticated certificates have been
given of more than two hundred behaskasle
cures, in Philadelphia, New York and Boston
alone. Thesn were nearly all desperate caes.
and the cures were not only rapid and wonder
ful, hut permanent.
It is a great nestods antidote, snd partic
ularly useful for tendency to Bilious disorder.
Liver complaint, fever and ague, or badly
treated fever and ague, and the evil effects of
Quinine, Mercury, and other drugs upon the
1'igestive (Jrgans, altera lone sickness. Also,
for excess in eating, and the too free use of ar
dent spirits. It almost reconciles health with
Dr. Hocciiton's Pefsin is sold by nearly all
the dealers in fine drugs and populsr Medicines
throughout the United States. It is prepared
in Powder and jn Fluid form and in Prescrip
tion vials for the use of physicians.
Private circulars, for the use of physicians,
may be obtained of Dr. Houghton or hit agents,
describing the whole process of preparation,
and giving the authorities upon which the
claims of this new remedy are based. At it is
not a secret RKMEDT, no objection can be
raised against its use by Physicians in respec
table standing and regular practice. Price,
One Doll a a per bottle.
07-OssEavE Tint '. Every bottle of the gen.
nine PF.rsiN bears the written signature of J.
S. Houghton, M. Dole proprietor, Philadel
phia, Pa. Copy-right and trade mark secured.
Sold by all Druggists and dealers in Medi
Agents. L. P. MAGUET. Gallipolia, whole
sale and retail Rgent
April 8, 18;i ly
THK subscribers having formed a partnership
in the Stove, Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron
buines, under the name and style of F. Ma
thers & Co would solicits continuance of
the liberal patronage heretofore rxtended to
the old establishment af K. Mathers, and pro
mise that on our part, that we will, in all ca
ses, try to give satisfaction to our customers.
Aod as we shall do business altogether on the
cash system, we will be enabled to sell at the
smallest living profits.
April 8, '52. 3 w
f E have just received our Spring
amongst which are the ttna, lor wood
or coal, and which had such a run last
fall, will be sold cheap for cash.
April 8, '52. F. MATHERS As CO.
STAR of the West, Mississippian,
Ohio, Premium and Meteor Cook
ing Stoves, for sale low for cash at the
Stove Depot of F. MATHERS fit CO.
April 8, 1S52. 6m
JUST received a beautiful lot of Ja
paned Ware, ennme'ed Sauce Pans
and House furnishing articles. Also
the Oxygen Lard Lamp, the best Lamp
in use. K. M ATH C.KS 6i
April 8, 1852. 6m
ALL kinds of Job Work in Copper,
Tin, Sheet Iron and Zinc, Spouling
and Roofing, done at the shortest notice
at low prices and in a workmanlike man
ner. F. MATHERS & CO.
April 8, 1852. 6m
New Goods,
Calllnalia, Ofcla.
THIS establishment takes thit method of in
forming the People of Gallia county that
they have just opened and are still receiving a
large assortment of Spring and Summer Goods
direct from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Cin
cinnati, consisting in part of Staple and Fan
cy Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats. Cap. Bon
nets, Hardware, Queens warn. Iron, Nails.
Coffee. Sugar, Molasses, Tea, Bice, Tobacco,
4.C. To all of which we invite tbe especial
stten'ion of buyers besbre purchasing else
April 8, 132. 3a .
WOULD in 'erm his friends and the public
generally thst bs has opened a its Groce
ry and Confectionary at the aoove well koon
stand, where he intends keeping at all times a
general assortment of Groceries and Confec
tioneries, such as sugar; Coffee: Molasses
Tea; Tobacco; Soap; Candles; all kinds of
Candies; Nuts; figs; Oranges; Lemons;
Cakes of all kinds, dto-. Ate , which ba will sell
(beeper than was ever sold in Gallipotis.
Candies sold wholesale at Cincinnatiand
Pittsburgh prices.
April 1, 185 i
my will commence on MONDAY, APRIL
19th. and continue twenty one weeks.
The Academy embraces three Departments:
The Pbepabatost, in which instruction is
given In the primary branches of an English
education. Tuition in this department it fire
dollars a session .
The Imteb mediate, in which Vie common
English branches are thoroughly taught. Tui
tion in this Department is ten dollars a ses
sion. The Adtanckd; in which the pupil receives
instruction in the higher English branches, and
also in Latin, Greek and German. Tuition
in this Department it fifteen dollars a session.
Instruction will be given on the Piano, and
in Ornamen tal Needle-work and Embroidery.
It is the design of the Trustees and Teach
ers of this Institution to make it a first class
Academy, in which tbe character of the in
struction given shall not, in any particular, fall
below that furnished in our oldest and best
schooli of the same grade.
Special attention is given to tbe fitting of
young men for College, and, also, for a mercan
tile lite. Those designing to teach will receive
instruction with reference to that nrofesaion
Eighty students have been in attendance
during the first session, which has lust closed.
anti increased laciuiies will Be presented no-
ring the next sessioo for the aeconimodation'of
all who may attend.
Circulars, furnishing detailed information.
can be obtained by correspondence with the
G. R. ROSSETER. Principal.
Ruffalo, Putnam, Con Virginia.
April 1, lfioi 5sr
April 1. IS.-.2 -If
Court of Common Plea, March term, A. D
Charles Crenzet vs. Abraham Laslry, Adm'r
of Aaron Harlow, riee'd, and William Bar
low, Joel Barlow, George Thornton Barlow,
Heli n Barlew, Heirs, snd Frances Barlow,
widow of taid Aaron Barlow, dee'd.
IN pursuance of an order ol the Court of Com
mon Pleas of said county of Gallia, and
State of Ohio, at their said Term of March,
l8o'2,the said William Barlow. Joel Birlow.
George Thornton Barlow, and Helen Barlow,
heirs at law. snd Frances Barlow, widow of said
Aaron Barlow, are hereby notified that on the
fourth day of April, A. D. 1851. Charles Creu
zet filed in said Court a Bill in Chancery
against the said Aaron Birlow, then living,
setting forth amongst other things, that thc
nid Aarnn barlow, on or about the Cth day of
July, A. U. 1817, executed and delivered to
the said Charles Crruzet, a mortgage on town
lot in the town of Gallipo is, in said county of
Gallia, and numbered in the plat of said town
Seventy (70,) fosecure the payment of the bal
ance of the purchase money on taid lot, being
the turn of five hundred dollars, to be paid as
follows, to-wit: One hundred and tixty-tix dol
lars sixty-six and two-thirds cents, in one jear
from tbe date thereof; the like sum of money
in two years from the date of said Mortgage;
and the like sum of money in three years from
the date of said Mortgage, each with interest
from the date of said Mortgage, and that the
whole of said sum of five hundred dollars, with
the accruing interest thereon, remains due and
unpaid, and praying fr the sale of said prem
ises, and that the purchase money accruing
from such sale, be applied to Ihe satisfaction of
said sum of five hundred riollirs, mentioned in
said Mortgage. And the said William Bar
low, Joel liarlow, George Thornton Barlow,
Helen Barlow, Heirs, and Frances Barlow, wi
dow, are further notified, that unless they ap
pearand plead, answer or demur to said Bill
within sixly days after the next terw of said
court, the said Charles Creuzet, at the next
term after the expiration of said sixty days.
will apply to said Court to take the matters of
said Bill as confeised snd to decree thereon ao
eordingly. Attest;
E. S. Mexaies, Sol. p. q.
April I, 18j2 Gw
The Stale of Ohio, Gallia county, ss.
Court of Common Pleas, March Term, 1852.
Edward T. Hnlcomb vs. Elijah Thompson.
ALL persons interested will take notice
that Edward T. Holeomb.on the 1 1th day
of March, A. D. IS.VJ, tued out a writ of at
tachment from the Court of Common Pleas of
said County of Gallia, in said State of Ohio,
against said r.lijah Thompson, fnr the sum of
one hundred dollars damages, which writ has
been served and returned. Attest:
Ann a T. HoLcoaa, Att'y for Plff.
April I. l3J.-fiw
I; aem-real aad Broken Bank Ffntea.
H orwalk, 5H cents per doll
Woostrr, 20 do
Sandu'ky, If) do
Commercial Bk of Scioto, 95 do
Lancatter, 85 do
I'rbana Banking Co, 50 do
Granville, 50 do
Whitewater Canal, 8 do
Bank of New Roehelle, 70 do
James Bank, Jamesville, 80 do
Cam Bk of Port Am hoy, 30 do
Peoples' Bk of Patterson. 10 do
Allegheny City 8cript, 70 do
Allegheny County Script, 80 do
Pittsburgh City do, 85 do
U. States Bank, Phil's, A5 do
Erie Bank, 90 do
Farmers & Drovers. 97 do
Bank of Salisbury, 5 . dc
Cumberland !avings Bk, 90 do
Cumberland Bk of Alleg'y, 90 do
Farmers Mecn. Bank of
Carroll county. 90 do
Michigan State Bank. 90 do
Michigan Insurance Co, 90 do
Bank of Macomb County, 90 do
St Clsir ( endorsed,) 10 do
Tbe subscriber wi: jay tbe shove rates for
unenrrent Bank notes, if presented at bit
counter within a few days.
Feb. 19, 1852. tf
HeailT Bxecailcal as tate SMiea, ass ll
a. lei
THE undersigned would respectfully Inform the) public that having taken the?
old and well known stand formerly occupied by F -. I uit Cat it, on tbe
lower side of the Publie Square, which has been newly fitted up, be has opened
a NEW STORE, comprising a general assortment of
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardwire, Queenswart, Boots'
Shoes, Hats, Caps, Bonnets, $.,
which will bo soli elclusiTely for CASH, as I find from considerable experience?
it is the only way fo sell Goods really cheap. Strictly adhering to this principles
I will sell 0000 articles at much lower prices than they hare been beretofoiw
sold in this town or county. . .
Having for the last two years been engaged as Salesman In some of the lar
gest Jobbing and Importing Houses In Philadelphia, I posses great advantage
tor the purchase and selection of mr Goods, and strictly believing in the old
adage, that "Goods well bought are half sold." I shall make every exertion In
the selection of my Stock to please the public both In regard to price, quality
and stvle.
I will pay particular attention to, and keep a much larger and more varied as
sortment of FANCY DRY GOODS, for Ladies and Gentlemen's wear, (Ladies
especially,) than has heretofore been kept in this place, comprising every article
of Dress, both useful and ornamental.
I am satisfied that Goods can be sold much cheaper than they have been sold
in this place, and all I ask Is a fair trial from the people to convince them of the
Gallipolis, March 18, 1852. 6m F. C.1REL, J.
Established In 1840. Incorporated by the Legislature of Pennsylvania with
perpetual charter.
P. DUFF, principal, author of the "North American Accountant" and "Wes
tern Steamboat accountant." Professor of Book-Keeping and commercial sci
ences. J. D. WILLIAMS, Professor of Commercial and Ornamental Pehmaicsrip.
N. B. HATCH, Esq., of the Pittsburgh Bar, Professor of Mercantile Law.
CURLES BiRTBERGER, Architect of St. Paul's Cathedral, Professor of
Architectural, Mechanical and Landscape Drawing. With several able assis
tants in the Book-keeping department
It will be found, on reference to any of our city Merchants or Bunkers, that
the Principal of this Institution is the only practical accountant in this city,
devoting his whole time, talents and about eighteen years experience, (in keep
in? books) to teaching this important science. His treatise upon Book-keeping,
published by the Harpers of New York, has been sanctioned by the American
nstitutc, and Chamber of Commerce of that city, as the most complete work
upon the science extant. -
Mr. Williams' specimens of penmanship having taken the first premiums at
the last annual Fairs, both in Allegheny and Cincinnati, he is now admitted to
be the best Penman in the West.
Persons desirous of being thoroughly and practically qualified for business
will find no Institution west of the mountains, offering so many obvious advan
tages: business men having no confidence in any instructors of Book-keeping
but those who havo themselves kept books.
The Ladies writing department, under Mr. Williams, is in a spacious and ele
gantly furnished private Parlor, with a separate entrance.
OrCirculars with terms mailed to all parts of the country on application to
Mr. Duff at the College. March 18, 1852.-ly
X he cars are being drawn
by the splendid HORSES
from the BUCKEYE L1V
ERY STABLE, on Second
street, one door below the
Public Square. The subscriber has re
plenished his stock of the best quality
of florses, Buggies, Carriages, &c.
sfyVl am prepared at all times
to accommodate persons on the shortest
notice possible and at terms to suit cus
tomers, with Saddle Horses, Horses and
Btiffgies, Carriages, &o., with or with
out drivers. I am thankful to old pa
trons and hope they will continue their
patronage. Remember the place, one
door below the Public Square.
March 4,1852 ly
Tlie Dutch hate taken Hol
AND A. HEINEMAN is on hand
with the best and cheapest lot of
Ready Made Clothing
in the market.
Quick Sales and Small Profits,
Is the motto of the Centre Clothing
Store at the Star House. Call and ex
amine goods and prices before purcha
sing elsewhere, and you will be con
vinced of its truth; and ever after mo
ney and trouble will be saved by call
ing directly on the subscriber at Fish
er's Star building.
(fc-No calling in of passers by, that
is not the game the undersigned plays.
April 8, 1852.
THE undersigned bavins, associated themselves
together for the purpose of
Curing Cancers, Ulcers, and Long
Standing Sores,
of every kind, take this method of informing
the publie that they are resily to core all those
afflicted with any of tbe above named com
plaints who may submit themselves to their
rare and treatment, ne respeetlully request
all those sufff rinr, from the eff-cts of those dire
ful maladies to call and satisfy themselves that
a speedy cure is to be obtained. We have ef
fected cures in eases pronounced incurable by
the Medical Faculty, and shall ba able to satis
fy all, before ve assume the manacement of tbe
reality of our ability to cure. Surgical opera
tions will be performed if desired.
Let the afflicted suffer no longer, but call
and be cured at once.
Jf. B. Desirous of inspiring the confidence
of all disposed to submit to our treatment, a-e
assure them that unless a cure is effected no
charge vill be made,
Mr. Fsost may be found at all times at hit
residence in Gall'poli".
Feb. 5,18j2.--6m
OA HHDS. N. O. Sugar;
6" 70 bbls Molasses;
6 Tierces Rice;
6 Casks Saleratus; ,
10 Bbls. Loaf, Crushed and Powdered
20 Boxes Va. and Missouri Tobacco;
30 Boxes Claret Wine;
30 Coils Cordage, assorted sizes;
Also general assortment oi Season
able Dry Goods, just received and for
sale low for cash.
April 1, 1852. '
asHE subseriber. bavins made a change in his
I business, would request al those knowing
themselves indebted by note or book account to
call and settle without delay.
April 8, '52. r. mathbrs.
CDARLES P." Tr'ee5a & CO.,
(Late Freeman, Hodges $ Co.,)
144 Bramtlsvay, dear sattda at Liberty
HAVE now on hand, and will be re
ceiving daily through the season,
" KVV GOODS, direct from the European man
ufacturers, and cash Auctions, rich, fashiona
ble, fancy Silk Milincry Goods. Our ttock of
Rich Rilibmx, comprises every variety of tha
latest and most beautilul designs imported.
Many of our Goods are manufactured ex
pressly to our order, from our own designs and
patterns, and stsnd unrivalled. We offer our
goods fir kktt cash, at lower prices loan any
credit House in America can afford.
All purchasers will find it greatly to their
interest to reserve a portion of their money
and make selections from our great variety of
rich cheap foods.
Ribbons, rich for bonnets, caps, sashes and
belts: Bonnet Silks, Satins, Crapes, Litses, and
Tarletons; E -.broideries. Collars. Chemisetts,
Capes, Berthas; Habits, Sleeves, Cuffs, Ed
gings, and Insertings; Embroidered Reviere,
Lace, and Hemstitch Cambric Hdkfs; Blonds.
Illusions, and Embroidered I .ares for Caps; '
Embroidered Laces for Shawls, Mantillas and
Veils; Honilon, Mechlen, Valenciennes, and
Brussels lates; English snd Wove Thread,
Smyrna, Lisle Thread, and Cotton Laces;
Kid, Lisle Thread. Silk, and Sewing Silk,
Gloves and Mitts; French and American Ar
tificial Flowers; Freneh Lace, English, Amer
ican, and Italian; Straw Bonnets and Trim
mings. March 18, 185'i,
Ft. IS Waaat l reel, three ttaara afcare 4ia
And Wholesale Dealers in Foreign
Sir Domestic Fancy and Variety
WE would respectfully invite mer
chants and others, visiting our city
for the purpose of purchasing GOODS
to call and examine our stock. As our
Goods have been bought for cash, we
will ne'l them on as reasonable terms
and as low as can be purchased East.
We shall constantly keep on hand
Looking Glasses, Clocks. W a t e hes.
Jewelry, Combs, and all kinds of Fan
cy and Variety Goods.
Gilt Portrait and Picture Frames
made to order.
March 4, 1852. 3m
The Slate of Ohio, Gallia county, ss.
Court of Common Pleas, March Term, 1852.
Peter Menager vs. West Virginia Coal Mi
ning Company, commonly called Westera
Virginia Coal Mining Company."
LL persons interested will take notice that
Peter Menager, on the 21st day of Novem
ber, A. D. lS5l,saed sut a writ of attachment
front the Court of Common Pleas of said coun
ty of Gallia, in said State of Ohio, against the
West Virginia Coal Mining Company, com
monly called Western Virginia Coal Mining
Company, fnr the sum of five hundred dollars,
damages. Which writ has been served and re
turned. Attest:
E. S. Mstsosa, Att'y for Plff.
April 1, 1853, 6w
The State of Ohio, Gallia county, ss.
Court of Common Pleas, March Teres, 1853.
Stewart A. Lesley vs.' Rhoda Slaagbter.
ILL persons interested will take notice that
Stewart A. Lesley, on the 1st day of Jaaa
ary, A. D. IS52, tued oat a writ of attachment
from the Court of Common Pleas of said coun
ty of Gallia, in said State af Ohio, against taid
Rhoda Slaughter, for the sura of oa hundred
dollars, which said writ has been served and re-
IJOS. DROUILLABD, Clerk. -Lshoii.
Piasr. Ait'y for Plff.
April 1, I83i. 6w

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