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fla nflrann'nl nrODertV. moneys Of I
credits, Investments in bonds, stocks,
joint stock companies or otherwise,
r that the assessor has not returned
the fall amount required to be listed
' m his township, or. has omitted, or
' made an erroneous return of any
property, moneys or credits, invest
ments in bonds, stocks joint stock
companies, or olherwse, which are
by law subject to taxation, shall
proceed, at any time before the final
settlement with the county treasurer,
to correct the return of the assessor,
and to charge such person on the
duplicate, with the proper amount
of taxes; to enable him to do which,
he shall' be invested with all the
powers conferred on township asses-
' sors by this act; and it shall be the
" duty of the auditor ia all such cases,
to notify every such person, before
making the entry upon the duplicate,
that be may have an opportunity of
showing that his statement or return
of the assessor was correct; and the
county auditor shall, in all such
cases, file in his office a statement of
the facts or evidence upon which he
made such correction; but he shall
in no case reduce the amount re
turned by the assessor without the
written assent of the auditor of state,
given on a statement of facts submit-
ted by the county auditor.
Sec. 47. Each county auditor
ehall, from time to time, correct any
arrors which he may discover in the
name of the owner, ra the valuation,
discription or quantity of any tract
or lot contained in the list of real
property in his county; but in no
case shall he make any deduction
from the valuation of any tract or
lot of real properly, except such as
halt have been ordered, eHhei by
the state board or by the county
board of equalization, in conformity
with the provisions of this act, or
upon the written order of the audi
tor of state; which written order
shall only be made upon a statement
of facts submitted to the auditor of
state in writing.
Sec. 4S. Each county auditor
shall correct the valuation of any
parcel of real property, on which
any new structure of over one nun
dred dollars in value may have been
erected, or on which any structure
of the like .value shall have been
destroyed, agreeably to the return
thereof made in accordance with
the provisions of this act by the
assessor, and assess the taxes upon
such corrected valuation.
Sec. 49. Count v auditors shall
not publish in the list of delinquent or
forfeited lands, any tractor lot upon
which the taxes due shall not be
more than double the cost of pub
lishing such tract or lot, but such
. tract or lot shall be retained upon
the duplicate until the taxes due
thereon shall be more than double
' the cost of publishing the same in
the list of delinquent or forleited
Sec. 50. Each county auditor
shall make out and transmit to the
auditor of state, before the first day
of September, annually, a statement
of the aggregate value of the taxa
ble property in his county, nnd of
the total- amount of taxes for all
purposes assessed ttereon for that
year; and he shall make out and
transmit bv mail, to the auditor of
state, on or before the first day of
October in every year, a complete
abstract of the duplicate of his coun
ty; he shall also, at the same lime,
make out and transmit to the auditor
of state, an abstract of the number
and value of each of the enumerated
articles, the value of merchants1 and
manufacturers' stock, and the value
of all other personal property, mon
eys, credits, investments in bonds,
stocks, joint stock companies, or
otherwise, and the value of all other
articles of personal property as re
turned by the township assessors, or
as fixed by the board of equalization;
said abstracts shall be made out in
such form as the auditor of state
shall prescribe; and shall also make
out and transmit to the auditor of
state, before the fourth Monday of
October, one thousand eight hundred
and fifty-three, and every sixth year
thereafter, a complete copy of the
grand list of real property of each
county, as it shall stand upon the
duplicate of that year.
Sec 51. If the county treasurer
shall be unable to collect, by distress,
or otherwise, the taxes which have
been, or hereafter shall be assessed
upon any person or corporation, or
on any executor, administrator,
guardian, receiver, accounting officer,
agent or factor, such treasurer shall
apply to the clerk of the court of
common pleas in his county, at any
time after his annual settlement with
the county auditor, and said clerk
shall cause a notice to be served upon
such person, corporation, executor,
administrator, guardian, receiver,
accounting officer, agent or factor,
requiring him forthwith to show
cause why he should not pay such
taxes; and if he shall fail to show a
sufficient cause said court, at the
term to which said notice is returna
ble, shall enter a rule against him for
the payment of such taxes, and the
cost of such proceeding, which rule
shall have .the sama force and effect
- J I at la Kir a nA Ka n fi-r
red'by attachment or' execution, or
-- such process as .may be directed by
- the court. 'J '
Sec 52. That previous to the first
day of November in each year, the
the tresurers of the several counties
shall attend one day, at the place of
holding the election, in each town
ship of their respective counties, for
the purpose of receiving taxes.
Sec 53. The county auditor, the
county surveyor, the county com
missioners, and the district assessors,
or a majority of them, shall form a
county board for the equalization of
the real property of their county.
with the exception of the real proper
ty in the city of Cincinnati, which
shall be equalized by a special board,
as hereinafter provided. They shall
meet on the first Tuesday after the
first Monday or September, one
thousand eight hundred and fifty
three, and everv sixth vear thereaf
ter, at the auditor's office, in their
several counties, when tlm county
auditor shall lay before them the
returns of the real property, made
hv the several district assessors of
such county, with the additions he
shall have made thereto, and having
each taken an oath fairly and impar
tially to equalize the value of the real
estate of such county, agreeably to
the provisions of this act, they shall
immediately proceed to equalize such
valuation, so that each tract .or lot
shall be entered on the tax list at its
true value; and for this purpose they
shall observe the following rules:
1st. They shall raise the valuation
of such tracts and lots of real
property, as, in their opinion, have
been returned below their true value,
to such price or sum as they may
believe to be the true value thereof.
agreeably to the rules prescribed by
this act, tor the valuation thereoi.
2d. They shall reduce the valua-
tion of sucti tracts and iois, as in
their opinion, have been returned
above their true value, as compared
with the average valuation cf the
real property of such county, having
due regard to the relative situation,
quantity of soil, improvements, natu
ral and artificial advantages, pos
sessed by each tract and lot.
3d. They shall not reduce the ag
gregate va'ue of the real property ol the
county, as returned by the assessors,
with tho additions made thereto b- ihe
auditor, as hereinbefore required; the
countv auditor 6ha!l keep an accurate
journal or record of the proceedings
and orders of said board.
Sec 54. There shall be a special
board for the equalization of the real
property in the city of Cincinnati, to be
composed of tho county auditor, and
six citizens of said city, to be appointed
by the city council; said bonrd shall
meet at the auditor's office in Cincinna
ti, on the fourth Monday of October,
one thousand eight hundred and fifty
three, and every sixth year thereafter,
and shall have power to equalize the
value of the real property within the
city of Cincinnati, and shall be govern
ed by the same rules, provisions, and
limitations, that are prescribed in the
preceding section fur the government of
the county boards lor the equalization
of real property.
See. 55. Each county auditor shall.
on or before the first Monday of De
cembei , one thousand eight hundred and
fifty-three, and every sixth ear there'
alter, make out and transmit to the au
ditor of state an abstract of the real
property of each township in his coun
ty, in which he shall set forth
1st. The number of acres, exclusive
of town lots returned by the several
assessors in his county, with such ad'
ditions as shall have been made thereto
2d. The aggregate value of all such
real property, other than town lots, as
retured bv the several assessors of his
county, inclusive of such additions as
shall have been made thereto, under the
provisions of this act.
3d. The aggregate value of the real
propertv in each town in his county, as
returned by the several assessors, with
such additions as sha'l have been made
Sec. 56. The state board ofequaliza
tion shall consist of one member from
each senatorial district of this state, ex'
ceptthe first district, which shall be en
titled to three members, all of whom
shall have (he qualifications of electors;
and the qualified electors of each sens
torial district, shall, at the October elec
tion, in the vear one thousand eisht
hundred and fifty-three, and every sixth
year thereafter, elect persons to serve
as members of such board of equaliza
tion, in accordance with the provisions
ot mis section; and the returns of the
poll books and certificates of election
shall be governed by the law resulatinc
the election of senators; and tn case of.
vacancy in such office, either by death,
resignation, or otherwise, the governor
of the state shall have power t appoint
a person, wno snail te a resident elec
tor of the district so vacated, to fill such
vacancy, as soon as he shall be informed
thereof; the auditor of state shall, by
virtue of his office, be a member of this
Sec. 57. The said board shall meet at
Co'umbus on the first Monday of No
vember, one thousand eieht hundred and
hlly-tbree. and every sixth year there
alter, and the members tuereof shall
each take an oatfa or affirmation, that he
will, to the best of his knowledge and
ability, so far as the duty devolves on
him, equalize the valuation of real prop.
erty among the several counties and
towns in the state, according to the rules
prescribed by this act for valuing and
equalizing the value of real propertv:
and having received from the auditor of
state the abstracts of. real property
transmitted to birn by the several coun
ty auditors, said board shall proceed to
equalize the same among the -several
towns and counties of the state, 'm the
manner hereinafter prescribed:
. 1st. They shall add to the aggregate
valuation of the real property of every
county which they shall believe to be
valued below its true value in money,
such per centum, in each case, as will
raise the same to its true value in mon
2d. They shall deduct from the aggregate-valuation
of tho real property
of every county, which they shall be
lieve to be valued above its true value
in money, such per centum, in eaeh
case, as will reduce the same to its true
value in money.
3d. irthey shall believe that right and
justice require the valuation of the real
property of any town or towns in any
county, or of the real property of such
county not in towns, to be raised or to
be reduced, without raising or reducing
the other real property of such county,
or without raising or reducing it in the
same ratio, they may, in every such
case, add to, or take from the valuation
of any one or more of such towns, or
of property not in towns, such per cen
tum as thev shall believe will raise or
reduce the same to its true value in
. 4th. They shall not reduce the aggre
gate value of all the real oronern of
the State, as returned by the county au
ditor, more than ten millions of dollars
5th. Said board shall keep a full re
cord of their proceeding and orders.
Sec. 58. When the State board of
equalization shall have completed their
equalization of real property among the
several counties, the auditor of state
shall transmit to each county auditor, a
statement of the per centum to be added
to, or deducted from the valuation of
the real property of his county, specify
ing the per centum added to, or deduc
ted from the valuation of the real proper
ty of each of the several towns, and of
the ral property not in towns, in esse
an equal per centum shall not have been
added to or deducted from each; and
the county auditor shall forthwith pro
ceed to add to or deduct from each tract
or lot of real property in his county,
the required per centum on the valuation
thereof, as it stands, after the same shall
have been equalized by the county
board of equalization; adding, more
over, or deducting, in each case, any
fractional sum of less than fifty cents,
so thst the value of any separate tract
or lot, shall contain no fraction of a
Sec. 59. The auditor of state shall
on or before the fifteenth day of July
annua ly. give notice to each county
auditor, of the rates per centum required
by ihe general assembly, t be levied
for the payment of the principal and
iiueresi oi me puonc aeot. lor tne sup
port of common schools, lor defraying
tne expenses ot the stale, and for such
other purposes as shall be prescribed by
law; which rates or per centum shall be
levied by the countv auditor on thetaxa
ble propertv of each county on the du'
pncaie, ana snail be entered in one
column, and denominated state taxes.
Sec. 60. There shall be an annu
al county board for the equalization
ot the real and personal propertv,
and moneys and credits, in each
county, exclusive of the city of Cin
cinnaii, to oe composed ol the coun
ty commissioners and countv audi
tor, who shall meet for that purpose
at the auditors office, in each coun
ty.on the second Wednesday ol May
annually. Siii board shall have the
power to near complaints, and to
equalize the valuation of all real and
personal property, moneys and cred
its within the county, and shall be
governed by the rules prescribed in
the fifty-third section of this act, for
the government of county boards
lor tne equalization of real property;
Provided, that said board shall not
reduce the value of the real property
oi ine county, below the aggregate
value therof, as fixed by the State
board of equalization, nor below its
aggregate value on the duplicate of
the preceding year; to which shall
I JIJ 1 r ,
ue auuea tne vatue ot an new en
tries and new structures, over the
value of those destroyed, as returned
by the several township assessors for
the current year.
oec oi. mere shall be a spe
cial uoard for the equalization of the
real and personal property, moneys,
and credits, in the city of Cincinnati,
to be composed of the county audi
tor, and six citizens ot san city, to
be appointed by the city council;
said board shall meet annually, at
the auditors' office in Cincinnati, on
the second Monday of Mav, and
shall have power to equalize the val
ue ol the real and personal property,
moneys and credits, within the citv
of Cincinnati, and shall be governed
oy the same rules, provisions and
limitations, that are prescribed for
the government ol the county boards.
lor the equalization of real and per
sonal property, moneys and credits:
Provided, that said board shall not be
authorized to extend its session be
yond the first Monday in June, in
each year.
[Concluded on second page.]
no use,
QOUTHWEST corner of Sycamore
KJ ana ixiwer Market streets. Cinrin.
nati, Ohio. S. Watson. Proprietor.
N. B. There is a verv room? nnA
commodious stable in connection with
the Hotel.
Jan. 29, 1852 tf '
Shingles fe Lumber,
OF every description, at the Yard.
State street, near the unner C.hi).
rnoga Bridge, by
March 4, I85i. If
preparation, but Mediant vhich MAKES
CURES at home, sphere the parties tan be
Turn areas CMk mm OeusaasrslTe seaa-
READER! have
- yoa a Cough, which
1- are neglecting
A i th irlM that
X V V Jit is only common
cold, tad inai n win
eat itseii
Lot friend
tell you. in all kindness, what will aoon be the
probe ble result.
In a short time, if you continue to neglect
yourself, you will begin to feel a tense of tight
ness end ocuression across the chest, accompa
nied with frequent sharp darting pain. Then
a dry, backing cough wi I set in, and when yf u
raise anything it will be a thick and yellowish
or white frothy matter, streaked, perhaps, with
blood. If you still take no medicine, these
unpleasant symptoms will increase, and you
will soon bare hectic fever, cold chills, night
sweats, copious expectoration, and then great
prostration. If you still neglect yourself, a
few weeks or months will see you consigned to
the grave, leaving your friends to mourn bow
rapidly consumption did its walk, and hurried
you awar. Friend ! have you no cause to be
alarmed ! In the above sketch sou may see as
ia a glass, bow every ease of Consumption pro
gresses, with more or less rapidity, to a laiai
termination. Of all the thousands and mil
lions whom this great Destroyer has gathered
to the tomb, every single case began with a
cold ! If this had been attended to, all might
bare been well ; but, being neglected, under the
fetal delusion that it would "wear itself ofT."
it transferred its deadly action to the substance
of the lungs, exciting there the formation of
tubercles Another, and another cold added
fuel to the flame, until these tubercles began to
soften and suppurate, leaving, by their ulcera
tion, treat cavities in the lungs. At this cri
sis, lb disease is very difficult of cure, and of
tentimes sets at rie6anee all human means.
In the latter or worst stare, this medicine
will oftentimes arrest tbe disease, or ebeck its
progress, and will always make tbe patient
more comfortable, and pro'oog his li e, and it is
therefore worthy of a trial ; but in its incipient
or forming period. Consumption is as curable
as any other disease, and DR. HALL'S BAL
SAM FOR THE LUNGS, if taken at this
time, will cure it fJ-AS SURELV A3 IT
IS TAKEN !-C0 "bis is strong language.
but we can refer you to numberless living wit
nesses to prove that it is true! And there
fore, we earnestly exhort every man, woman
and child, who has a cough, or is subject to colds
to keep the medicine by you in the house, and
whenever you take cold, do not "let it alone"
to work mischief in your system, but eradicate
it thoroughly, and at once, by this powerfully
healing compound, and leave your lungs nnin
ured, to carry you in full vigor to a good old
n n ? ?
Read tbe testimony of R. Multoiid, Esq
one of the oldest Magistrates in this city:
Cincinnati, Dec. 1st, 1851.
Messrs. O. R. Bki Sc Co. Dear Str$:
Thoe afflicted with diseases of the lungs, will
hml Dr. Hall's Balsam for the Lungs a most
valoasi.c acDi 'ine. I have been frequently
atlarked with Disosm op the Lungs for the
last five years, and Dr. Hall's Balsam bas al
ways aaoKK or the Disease at once. I feel
hat the public should know the merits of such
a ar.sf ey. KICH'D MULFORD,
Residence on Plum, three doors above 6(h st
.flare Clwcinaatl CwreaR
Cincinnati, July 1st, 1H5I.
Messrs. O. R Rjsa & Co. Dear Sirt:
I have always bad objections to have my name
in any way attached to a patent medicine.
uut when I think (as I now have every reason
to believe) it bas saved my life, I an induced
by a sense of duty to those afflicted as I have
been, to make my case koown. aod recommend
your Balsam as medicine that can be rut.LT
xeued on. About a year since I was attacked
with Lung Fever, which left my lungs much
diseased; my cough was distressing, attended
with pain in my leftside. I bad seen Wistar's
Balsam of Wild Cherry puffed up in the papers.
and I concluded to try it. I used bottle after
bottle, which in latle and in its aperalioTU re
sembled fateeime, soothing temnnnirily. Uv
disease had by this time become firmly seated
I had cold Night Sweats, hectic Fevers, Sel
ling of the Limbs, &.C-showing confirmed Con
sumption! -'The remedies I obtained from my
Physician also tailed giving me perraaoent re
lief or benefit. My I.nn now Ulrerated, and
I raieit large quantities of Matter from them
Tbe Doctor told my friends that I mutt die!
.My brother then got a bottle or Dr Hall's Bal.
sam for the Lungs, and I commenced taking it.
At first it sickened me, but after taking more,
I found it sMnf to the spot the tery seal of my
auease I began to raise with more eae, and
could feel, daily, that my Lungs icere healing.
until, by the nse of four bottles. I was restored
to better health than I had enjoyed for years. I
believe if I had used Dr. Hall's Balsam when I
was first attacked, it would have saved me a
vast deal of suffering. All I can say toothers.
is, try it, and I think you will be benefited, if
your disease is on your lungs.
Yours, respectfully.
Three doors above Fifth street, on Vine.
The public have been imposed upon by rem
edies, reoommended by certificates which have
alaays originated from some unknown source
We believe that a Medicine pntsetrinr real
merits will effect cures wherever it is used, at
home as well as abroad. This is no Paregoric
preparation, but one which if used in season
will save the lives of thousands; and persons
snoy make this bargain with Agents from whom
they purchase, that in eveiy ease where it is
used freely according to directions, and entire
satisfaction is not given in 24 or 48 hours, they
can return the medicine, and their money wilt
be eheeifully refunded.
He sure to ask for Dr. Haifa Balsam for the
Forsale by L. P. MAGCET. Drurrist. iSal.
lipo'is, Ohio.
Feb. 5, 1852. -6m
Tl. The lightdraufrht steam
S3erfiOV. MEIGS. Cantata
.Shi, Master, will leave
Gallipot is for Pittsburgh every ThurS'
day at 1 1 o c'ock. A.M. and returning,
will leave Pittsburgh everv Tuesdar at
o clock f . M. I or freight or passage
appiy on ooaro, or to
Feb. 19. 1852 tf
latrrrat Pea tare.
I am paying the following rates of interest
n Deposites:
On current Deposites, payable at
call. 9 ner et rl
On Deposites at 3 months, 3
On do. 6 do. 4 .
On do. 9 do. 5 "
On do. 12 do. 6 "
Exchange Broker.
THE subscriber, executor of the will
of Sarah W. Varner, dee'd. now
offers for sale Town Lots Nos. 1 65 and
166, situated on Second and Third
streets, in the town of Gallipolis; both
good building lots and desirable loca
tions for residences. .
Nov. 6, 1861 tf Executor.
THOLICON Is a prepara
tion or earnest
i m pertaace to
tbe public, and
destined to be
come identified
with tbe health
and happiness ot
tt.lU Lu.
This CaTnou
con wi I cure 95
per cent, of all
chronic diseases
incidental to tbe
respectable fe
male, married or
unmarried, and
usually known
uuuer me name ui
Of these are Prolapsus Uteri, or Falling of the
Womb; Fluor Albus, or Whites; Chronic In
flammation and Ulceration of the Womb; In
cidental Hssraorrbage, or Flooding; Painful
Suppressed and Irregular Menstruation, &c,
with all their accompanying evils, (Cancer ex
cepted,) na matter bow severe, or of now long
Many Prominent Physicians in the city of
!ew York and other places, finding themselves
without a rrmedy in inveterate cases of tbe
above complaints, and having due regard for the
welfare of their patients, have recommended
the use of this medicine; and aftrr witnessing
its salutary effects, are now manifesting their
approbation, not only by resorting tn it in their
treatment of all the diseases or which it is in
tended, but in some instance accepting tbe
agency of it io facilitate its introduction into
more general use by the Faculty.
Additional proof of this Catholicon being
worthy of the confidence of the afflicted, as a
Successful, safe and cheap remedy, will be
found iu the pamphlet, together with impor
tant observations touching tbe nature and
symptoms of the diseases, to which theatten
tion of Ladies and Practitioners is respectfully
The ingredients, as rertified by high medical
authority, (see pamphlet.) are all Vegetable,
and are not associated with any article am
friendly to tbe animal economy. Pamphlets
can be had gratis at my Drug -'tore.
L. P. MAUl'ET, Agent,
Gal ipolis, Ohio.
P. R. Peckham, M. D., Vtiea, N. T.
I D. Fleming, M. D, New Bedford, Mass.
D. Y. Foote, M . I)., Syracuse. N . Y .
M. II. Mills. M. D.. Rochester. N. .
W. W. Reese. M. D.city of New York.
John C. tlrrirk. M. D , Baltimore. Md.
W. Preseolt, M. D.. Concord, N H.
ftr-Central Depot, 3!, Broad ay N. Y.
Feb, 19. lS52.-Cm
mclltxrr'e ll-lleall WiasasesM.
f -m&yr Iheaclijn which
- ?& fK this Ointment baa
.',.1 upon the human
cuticle demon-
-V-"$ trnlea ita errand
i fficacy and heal-J'-
in power. It ia
3 the first and only
discovery of any
external prepa
ration thai n oa "power to restore "Isbek-
siblc I'esspibatios." The akin being
the medium through which the blood
drives off its impurities, ia often locked
op by cold, whence occur Rhsoiiatism,
Croup, Coughs, Col Ja, Headache, Feer.
and a thousand other complaint. Un
stop the por?s, and permit tho humors to
pass out, and all these diseases vanish at
once. This McAlister's All-Healing
Ointment effects. For inetatce.in sick
and nervous headache, this Ointment ia a
sovereign remedy.
It has cured eases of five, seven and
ten years standiu?, some of fifteen and
twenty years, ar.d a case of risTV tears
standing. It is beyond all peradventure
the best remedy Tut headache in the
Eir-ache, deafness and dizziness cured
with equal success.
Take again the Quinsy Sore Throat.
One night's application is frequently suf
ficient to cure this complaint. Hut in no
caso will it fail. We challenge the
world on this point.
Khedhatisx. In all cases of swelled
limbs, contracted corda, pains and violent
inflammation, there is no remedy so gooi,
we don't care what it is, or where it
comes from. Herein this Ointment is
to be found a certain remedy for rheuma
tism. Let the sufferer look to it.
Asihma, oppression of breathing, Acc
In no class of difficulties does the oint
ment give greater satisfaction. The
heavy load upon the heart and difficult
respiration it removes almost in a day.
Wonderful, wonderful, i" the virtue, the
untold power and goodnrss of the All-Healing-
In Hemerrhniils or piles, we have been
repeatedly told thai it wis the only arti
cle ever made that would core all cases
nf piles. And ws are ready to believe
The Erysipelas and Salt Rheom are
overcome without the least difficulty.
Liver complaint we have cored of twen
ty years standing, and we hesitate not
to say that i. is one of the best remedies
known. Persons woold be asl-tnished to
witness its effect.
Besides all the above diseases, it is a sover
eign remedy for all eruptions of the skin, sores.
pustules, blotches, occ., rendering the face
smooth and forever free from blemish. In all
cases of inflammations, swellings, cuts, bruises,
and poisonous wounds, it is a noble remedy.
And as for burns there is not its equal in tbe
land. To altiy pain, and remove the fire and
inflammation, there is no compound in exis
tence of such value. Besides it beals the
place without leaving tbe slightest mark be
hind, tonally valuable is it for old ulcer sores.
snd especially sore eyes, scald bead, and disea
ses of the spine, and of the nerves; also swell
ed or sore breasts, and female complaints. It
is also a sovereign remedy for ague in tbe face.
and influenza. It is truly one of Ihe safest
and most valuable medicines the world ever
saw. No man regrets purchasing tl ia Oint
ment, because be feels be will be benefit ted and
not deceived. Good always comes from its
use. Let the people then seek this medioioe
and abide by it, for it never deceived any body
yet, and we believe never wilt.
141 Folton street. N. Y.
A. & 8. HENDRT,
Ashtabula. O., General Agenl.
For sale by A. L. ScoviLt, corner of Fifth
andRaes streets, Cioei nnat i ; also, L. I. MA
GUET. Gallipolis, Ohio. Thos. Evans, Cen-treville.-
Hallidava, Waridell tVeo., Porter.
November 6. 5t . Iy
1 H. MOLASSES. 20 bbls and 10 half bbls
S I for sale by . OAKES tt BUSKIRK.
YE WHISKEY-50 hhlsold Rve, for sale
at No. 6. OAKES k BUSKIRK.
I HAVE just received my third supply
of STOVES, some new and beauti
ful patterns, for wood or coal, going
cheap and quick,
OFFICE at his residence on Front
street, halt a square above R.
Payne's Saw Mill.
March 4. 1852. tf
rpENDERS his services to the public
1 in the variooa, branches of his Pro
fession. Office in Devacht's Row, Front st.,
a few doors above Public Square.
Gallipots, Jan. 15, 1852. tf.
Rooms over L. Maguet'a Drug Store.
Nov. 20. 1S51. tf
riA.tK ccsmso.
AKwrweya at Ljiw mnm HaUetiora In Cfcasi
eery ,
Gallipolis, Ohio,
Will attend to any business in the
line of their profession In Gallia and
adjoining counties which may be en.
trusted with them.
Office over John Images' Shoe Shop.
Aug. 14, 1851. tf.
Office in the Court House,
J ILL attend promptly to all busi
1 V ness entrusted to his care. Par
ticular attention given to the execution
of Deeds nnd Mortgages, the examina
tion of Titles, taking Depositions, S:c.
Dec. 11, 1851.
a. S. NKWTOI, M. D.
o. -a sewMs, si.d
DRS. B. S. & 0. E. XEWTOX,
Office and Residence.
Caraier rtsrvealli mud College streets,
(Between Vine and Race,)
Dr. R. S. N. gives special attention
to Surgery in all its departments.
Ufay 1, 1S51. tf
HAVING returned to Gallipolis 1
beg leave to inform m friends and
ine puhiic in general, that 1 hnve taken my
Inrmrr stand in this place, where I intern! to
t!oa general Exchange and Banking Business.
I will receive deposites cither on time or to
be repaid on call .
Will par six percent Interest on time De-
pnsites; likewise a small Interest on current
Discount Drafts, Bills of Exchange or notes
ol hand.
Draw Checks on the principal cities in the
United Stste..
Furnish Bills of Exchange on any part of
r umw.
Vake collections in any part of the United
States or Eurotie.
Buy and sell Gold, Silver and uncurrent
Notes on the most favorable terms.
Noy 20. 1S5I. It
Union Factory.
PstrMIn lloawe itlawafnclwre.
rPIIl establishment, which. has been
1 it
years, has. within the last ye" received
an additional set of new machinery.
and the proprietors feel confident that
they are fully prepared to give perfect
satisfaction to their patrons. Their
machinery being the
Best and most Approved,
and their workmen experienced and
faithful, the Goods manuf ctured will
equal 'in quality any in -the East or
West, and will be so d at prices as low
Who will not patronize the home man
When quality and price
are as favorable? The proprietors trust
that merchants and others, wishing to
purchase Goods of the dcsciption man
u fact ured at their mill, will extend to
them their patronage. They are also
prepared to
Card Rolls, Spin, Full, Dress and
Finish Cloths, Shawls, Blankets,
for customers, at very low rates, but in
all cases
(be ITmI sstanl he hrwaghs Clean.
P. S. Price for Carding Rolls White,
5c; Mixed, 6 to 7c; Carding and ipin
nino. 15c and other work in proportion
fjt-The most liberal prices paid for
Wool at the Factory.
Gallipolis, April S4, 1851
TTTTSHES to inform the public that
V be has set up his Machinery at his
old stand again, where he will be found
ready to Weave Coverlets and Carpets,
flowered, at any time called upon. As
he has procured some sp'endid patterns
he wishes all, fretting work done in his
line, to pive him a call before getting
their work done at any other shop. Per
sons living near the river can send their
work directed to me, Jay A. Van VIeck,
Gallipolis. Ohio.
Coloring done if required. Sixty
cuts of cotton yarn and sixty of woolen
yarn for a pair of Coverlets, or one
hundred and twenty all wool.
August 88, 1S51. ly
To our Friends and Custo
mers. ' t
r thus U, Wa te iaforas yon aa
V f through you, kiadaees au sad you
fneads of your on.hbortoorf ..h -i k-'
not forgetting our en.mie, if ,ny
that we are i now rec.i,iBf iinet N(V
Orleans and tbe Eastern cities a fresh Its
ply sf Groceries woieb a ara maw ntat
ing forsale at room No. 6, Proatstreat.Porta
mouth, and have made arrangem4at to
supplied during the season Aniasama places.
Our stock will at all times consist of avers)
thing in the Grocery lias.
Although ia the matter of purchasing and ia
now offering our Goods for sale, we frankly
confess that we have been and still are direc
ted mainly by a desire to promote our owa in
terestsyet it will nevertheless afford aa
great pleasure to accommodate our friends to
the fullest extent that a due regard for their
snd our Interests may seem to dictate .
Tbe hackneyed aad stale terms, chsaf,t
"cHiAFEa thast tv, and caiAmr,' wa
abstain from using, leaving to others (less mo
dest men than ourselves) to derive all the ad.
vantages that an intelligent commonity may
concede to this kind of boasting.
Puffing we also beg leave to inform yoa is
not our fort, and simply avail ourselves ot this
means of informing you and all others, whose
patronage we thus respectfully solicit, and for
which we will ever be grateful, and will take
great pleasure in showing our Goods and giv
ing prices roan woo may honor oe with a call.
Thankful for past favors, hoping to merit a
continuance of the same, and uf shortly hav
ing the pleasure of exchanging with you sucb
friendly salutations t No. 6, as will evince a
mutual disposition to renew the intercourse
heretofore existing between yoa and us.
We remain, very respectfully, yours,
Portsmouth. Feb. 4. 1351 feb 13, '51 ly
Waiwleaale Crstrn aad Dealer la Reetb
mr IV atelier, Varelaw aa4 HeeaseUa
No. 6. Front st Portsmouth. Ohio.
St'G AR 150 hhds prime Jf. O. Sugar, on
hand and for sale low by
Y T OLASSES.--4D0 bbls new crop, on hand
if I. and for sale at No. K.
RIO COFFEE. 3011 bogs, superior artiele.
just received and for sale at No. 6.
VO. 6 against the world, for good articles
L 1 at lew prices.
CIGARS. 20 boxes fine Principees;
10 do Caonones;
15 do fine Havana;
50,001) Hall Spanish;
1 0,000 Common . On hand and forsale low
FULL ASSORTMENT.--We are receiv
"ft I".? additions to our stock of Groce
ries, which we are selling verv low for cash.
Come and examine fnr yourselves.
S 1) ba-s Shut;
20 kegs Powder, (Dupont's best ;)
2000 bars Lead. For sale at No. 6,
. flEAS, in chests, half chests, and quarters,
X fresh articles, forsale low at No. fi.
SOAP and Candles, a good article of both, on
band and for sale low bv the boa.
RAISINS. 50 txixes jus?"ttceiTed; and 50
half do do., tor sale low.
ITtLOUR, always on hand, and Tor sale.
BOURBON WHISKEY.-- 20 bbls on hand,
from one to ten years old, for sale at No. 6.
rpOBACCO. -.20 boxes fine Virginia Leaf
J. 10 do Missouri ri;
10 do Virginia Fives;
10 do do Eights;
15 do Missouri Twelves;
20 kegs Ky. Six Twist.
Received from tbe manufacturers, and for sale
low at No. 6. OAKES & BUSKIRK.
bhls, always on hand, and for sale tow at
LIQUORS -Brandy Wine. Gin, Rnm, ete
both Foreign and Domestic, on hand and
for sale at No. 6. OAKES & BUSKIRK.
TAR, Pitch and Oakum, oc band and Tor
sale at No. fj, OAKES & BUSKIRK.
febl3,'50. Iy
Rooms, in Mason's New Building, Second st
II. T. VOSE, Principal.
Terms of tuition, per quarter
English Primary Department, $3 00
Algebra. Geometry, &c, 4 00
Modern Practical Sciences 4 00
Latin or Greek languages, 5 00
Drawing, (extra.) 2 00
Strict attention will be paid to the
morals and deportment of the pupils,
and n efforts will be spared on the part
of the Principal or his assistants. Con
stant effort will he made to develop
mind- Those interested in the cause
of Education are invited to call at any
time during school hours.
June 5, 1851. tl
Ballraa SlMtea.
A t a meeting of the Corporators of
the Gallipolis, Jackson and Chilicothe
Railroad Company, held at Gallipolis,
on the 25th Dec, the fallowing resolu
tions were psssed:
Resolved, That books for subscrii)-
tion to the stock of the Gallipolis, Jack
son and Chilicothe Railroad be opened
at the following places, on Monday, the
2d day of February, viz: John Hoy's
Hotel. Gallipolis; D. G. Wbiton's, Rac
coon Township; Elias Long's, Jackson
C. H ; Richmondale and Chilicothe.
On motion. Resolved, That notice be
given in the Gallipolis Journal and Gal
lia Courier. JOHN HOY, Pres't.
R. Black, Sec'y, ,
THE subscriber has on hand and for
sale at his old stand, on the corner
of Third and State streets, GaTipolis
Ohio, Bureaus, Tables, Bedsteads, Cup.'
boards. Tin Safes, Stands, &c. - ;
Also, a fine lot of Chairs and four
Fanning Mills, ot Marietta manufac
ture. He is also prepared to execute at
short notice atl jobs in the Undertaker's
line with neatness and dispatch. ' '
Ssr.t.4,1851. On,

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