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W3L. II- 'NASH, Proprietor.
Teems: 1 1 50 in advance, or $2
at tlie end of the year.
Come Home to Roost.
The following appeared in trr BuT
letinot January 26th:
The storthat the Clerk of the
-House Committee of Ways and
Varans had a child named after John
Wilkes Booth has met with the same
fate that the majority of Republican
stories meet It i3 a lie. The Clerk
has a child, and his name is John
Wilkes, ,but he was so named in
honor or his father's brother, who
was named after the great English
Commonor, John Wilkes.
That is., very emphatic, neverthe
less there is truth in the story.
First, we quote from the Washi
ton Tribune, the only Democd
paper published at the seat of
. eminent. We coov from its iasm
Feb. 11th:
"As a friend and defender of
Morrison, and a well-wisher of the
Democratic party whenever it acts
with decency, we join the New York
Tribune in demanding the removal
of this admirer of assassins from the
Clerkship of the principal committee
of the Democratic House. Such
beastly barbarism as this Hamble
ton has been guilty of should not be
tolerated in a cleaner of spittoons in
a bar-room. Occupying a representa
tive position as he does, his retention
would cost the Democratic party half
a million of votes. Just such a
thing as this would turn the National
election. We assure the Chairman
of the Ways and Means Committee
that this matter shall not be allowed
to rest until he takes action in the
case. We have proofs, and shall pre
sent them, that this Clerk is guilty
of the infamy charged."
But here is the clincher. It is
from Mr. Morrison himself:
Feb. 10, 1876.
Dr. J. P. Hambleton, Clerk Ways
. - and Mean Committee:
Sir: The charge- so often made,
aud as often denied by you that you
had named a sou after the assassin
of Mr. Lincoln, I have until now
wholly disbelieved. Recent develop
ments which show your son to have
been named or recognized by the
name of John W. B. Hambleton give
at least a semblance of truth to the
charge. With the slightest appear
ance of the truth of such a charge, I
have but one duty to perform, that is
to accept your resignation, offered
some time ago, which I do hereby.
Respectfully yours,
Chairman Committee on Ways and
So Mr. Hambleton steps down and
out, and the "lie" comes - home to
Ex-Speaker Blaine gave his
views on the financial question, in
.Congress, on the 10th. The Cincin-
nati Gazette furnishes the following;
digest of the speech :
"The speech, as a whole, is in har
mony with the Ohio Republican plat
form ot last year mat is, opposed to
inflation and in favor of adopting
measures that will, as soon as prac
ticable, without an unnecessary
shock to business, equalize the pur
chasing power of the coin and paper
dollar. It favors no radical meas
ures of contraction or resumption.
Indeed, upon this point it is as gen
eral as a political platform in which the
. avoidance of rugged issues is sought
He accepts the resumption Act,' as it
stands, as impracticable. It fixes a
date, but gives no adequate process,
and the paramount duty of Congress
- is to provide a process. What that
-process ought to be he does net in
dicate, except that it ought to be in
harmony with the great business in-
' terests of the country. Mr. Blaine
is not a speedy resumptionistnor an
arbitrary contractionist"
It having been decided that a spe
cial tax on dogs is not unconstitu
tional a bill has been prepared for
that purpose, and the State Journal
. gives the following digest of it:
Sec. 1. That dogs are not proper
ty in Ohio, but common nuisances,
. and that every person owning premi
, ses where a dog is kept or harbored
shall pay into the county treasury an
annual tax of five dollars.
' 2. That township aud ward asses
sors shall make annual returns of the
dogs within their respective jurisdic-
. tions to the county auditor, by whom
they shall be placed on the duplicate
for taxation.
3. Makes it unlawful for dogs to
. run at large, and imposes a fine of
five dollars, each offense, upon the
- owners of such animals who permit
them to go off their premises.
4. Authorizes anyoody.and makes
it the duty of constables and mar
; shals, to kill any dog found running
at large, and authorizes payment of a
bounty cf two dollars for each ani
mal so killed.
o. AiaKes owners or premises
where dogs are harbored liable for
damage done by such aniinaU in the
- destruction of sheep. .
6.- Provides that the owner, of
premises where a sheep -destroyin
dog is harbored shall have a right of
action against the person harboring
' such animal.
7, 8, and 9. Provide for the col
lection and publication of statistics
as t) the number and value of sheep
av.mcua.iiit injured oy uugs.
m -
Hon. Reverdt Johnson, the dis
tinguished . statesman and jurist,
died suddenly at Annapolis, Mary
land on tlin lOt.h JT n,il,l I. mm
-, - . " n vmii ucsyv
been eighty years old next May.
. - . ,
The Attorney General has deci
ded that a special tax upon dogs, in
Ohio, would not be unconstitutional.
A bill has been . introduced in the
Legislature to carry out this idea.
' The Ohio Senate has passed a
bill giving to" Cincinnati. $6,000,000
additional for its Southern Railroad,
Neighborhood News.
W. W. Gibson, 'of Wilkesville, has
been indicted at McArthur for shoot
ing with intent to kill. ' !
' Judge Bradbury has resigned the
city solicitorship .of Pomeroy, and
Judge Lasley has been appointed to
fill the vacancy.
The Treasurer of Wayne county
is a defaulter to the tune of $75,000.
He has gone to parts unknown. .
Easter This Year.
From the Worcester Spy.]
Easter this year falls on April
16th, instead of the 9th, as has been
supposed. The Churchman explains
that cycle of the golden number is
lunar, and while by solar calculation
a day always begins at midnight, by
lunar calculation it begins at noon.
Iir therefore, tne pascbal lull moon
fal-ii Saturday after 12 M., it is
cr iced as falliK? qh bunday,anu men
a i , i o i iin;nr
!JnLiyM!ielSunday following.
f'mspens in tne present
tnn falla on
tuu wx,... -
Jiat 2:43 p. m.
as falling on
Easter day is
;, i.e. April 16th.
should, tne full
2lsCStefore 12
moon, coudm as railing
on March 20th, would not regulated
Easter Day, but the one following.
This happened in 1840.
For the Gallipolis Journal.
Sand Fork Items.
Some mud two feet and some
deeper. -
David Howell and family are go
ing West in the Spring.
Jasper Provens has moved in with
Jacob Provens.
Big meeting is going on at Bethes-
da; not having a very good time;
too much bad order; three persons
taken up.
A new Post Office is about to be es
tablished on Sand Fork, about. Mr.
A. Boggs', by the name of Luther.
The Grangers prove constant to
their faith bv meeting once every
two weeks. They have built them a
hall in Mudsock. The Mechanics
also meet in Mudsock.
For the Journal.
Springfield Scraps.
Roads are good after you get down to
"Hard ran."
The revival at the Laoilicea (colored)
Churcli has been in progress for seven
weeks p'st and with good results.
Considerable sickness of late in our
Mr. B. McCall. jr., has returned to the
land of his nativity after an absence of
some live years iu the Wert.
It has come to pass in these latter days
that the sound ot much music is heard
in the land.
"Fantastic lions" of late, in our lati
tude, are few and far between. Thus
we progress.
Messrs. I. and R. Thaxton have re
turned home alter visiting relatives near
Charleston, W. Va. They report seeing
the victims "Judge Lynch" recently so
rashly disposed with.
For heavy porkers Springfield beats
on the palm this tune, but for old and
tough gruuters Cheshire township is en
titled to the horns.
The mild, open winter has been gen
erally well improved with the usual
farm work, such as ploughing, repair
ing, etc.
Porter lias recently made some im
provement in the way of removing the
1'ost-ofHee to a more eligible part of the
citv. An undertaker's house is the latest
addition to the p.nee.
We want our railroad completed so we
can get our journals more regularly:
we will live in hopes, but expect to die
or old age before we will see the "Iron
horse" within the borders of Gallia
For the Gallipolis Journal.
A Card.
As my friend, Mr. J. E. Mills,
takes exceptions to some resolutions
passed by the Fanners and Median
ics' Club, and published in the Jour
nal of the 2d in St., and says they are
slanderous, and demands an explana
lion, I can assure Mr. Mills there
was no slander intended; when
say so. I speak the sentiment of the
whole Club. The words private sel
fish interest, did not mean you were
rewarded pecuniarily. Perhaps a
better expression of what the Club
intended was private selfish views.
Any thing in the objectionable sen
tence to the contrary, is cheerfully
taken back. You will always find
me willing to do what I can to right
wrong. It is no e&sy matter to get
exactly what we mean in words on
I might with propriety ask you to
explain when in your communica
tion you say Capt Rothgeb's peti
tion was shaped to favor some of the
property holders at the expense "of
i ....
oiners. also, wnen 3 ou say au tne
petitions were gotten up to shun some
one's property.
I shall waive replying to your com
munication further at present.
Probate Court.
Judge Kent furnishes us the follow
ing statement of the business of the
Probate Court for the past week, to-wit:
?u Henstw and Mary Johnson.
Charles 'Jylor and Martha Black.
;' D'son and Frances C. Blair.
transmit trinrfellow and lMnrw I!
William Waddell, Administrator of
me estate ui rn.aic.oiuD ingles, deceased
filed his final account '
In the matter of application for the
appointment of guardian for William
Ebliu, the tindings of the Court were
that such guardian was necessary.
Transfers of Real Estate.
Recorder Booton reports the follow
ing transfers of Real Estate since our
last report :
Gallipolis Tp. John M. Alexander to
A. M. Rjiper, 1 acres; $600. Eva M.
Kling to K. L. Menager, parts of lots
Nos. 27, 28, 29 and 30; $2,700. Horace
H. Jones to Orlando Morgan, 1
acres, deed of correction; $1. City
Julia A. G. Warth to Cordelia M.
Blickle, quit claim interest in four acre
lots Nos. 125, 126 and 127; $36. Joseph
Drouillard to Marie Dfouillard, lot No.
40; love, affection and $5.
Ouyan Tp. Henry Swindler, ner ex
ecutor, to Burrell Sims, 44 97-100 acres;
$450. John L. XidaytoC. W.Lanier,
50) acres; $1,015. -
Morgan Ip. Andrew Ctrmun to
Amos Carman, 40 acres ; $SO0. Francis
M. Ralph to Delatue Kent. 39 65-100
acres; $400.
Oreen Tp. Theodore Gilbert to James
G. Fitch, 22 acres: $500.
Addison Tp. Aaron Rife to Alex.
Beard, 4 acres; $150.
For the Gallipolis Journal.
Mother Stewart in England—
An Interesting Letter.
SPRINGFIELD, Feb. 10, 1876.
Editor Gallipolis Journal: I
have just received a letter' from Mo
ther Stewart, now in London, in
the interest of the great Temper
ance cause. Thinking some of her
old friends of Gallipolis and vicinity
would like to hear from her, I copy
her letter and send you.
Jan. 18, 1876.
Mr Dear Brother: I at length
find the time to write you. I sent
you out a line from Liverpool, tell
ing of my safe arrival there. I first
arrived at Liverpool in the City of
Brooklyn, January 9th, and was cor
dially received. The Southport .Dai
ly News of Jan. 12th, says: "We
have already informed our readers
that Mother Stewart, the leader of
the 'Women s Temperance Crusade
in America, was about to pay a visit
to this country, and many of the
American paper noticing her inten
tions, have written in the warmest
terms of hep work in that country, and
heartily commended her to the care
of temperance people here. We are
glad to say she arrived safely in the
City of Brooklyn on Saturday even
ing, and was welcomed by prominent
Good Templars, who were taken out
bv the tender to meet her. Sue has
been staving: at the house of the
Chief of the Order in Lancashire,
John B. Collings, Esq., of Liverpool,
and on Monday evening had a pub
lic reception given to her by the lead
ing Temperance reformers of the city
at Lawrence Hotel.
After tea, the Chair was taken by
John B. Collings, Esq., and the fol
lowing resolution was seconded by N.
Sraythe, Esq.:
Resolved, That this social gather
ing, representing the Good Templars
of Lancashire, tender to Mother
Stewart a cordial welcome on her ar
rival in this country, and desire to
express its hearty thanks to Al
mighty God for the glorious work
she has been the means of accoin
plishing in America, in connection
with the Women's Temperance cause.
Mother Stewart then replied in
thrilling speech, givingan acconntof
the work in America full of inter
esting incidents, showing that her
whole heart is in it, and speaking at
the same time in such a modest and
lady-like manner, as to gain the sym
pathyof everyone present At this
point,. Mr. W. H. Newett moved, and
it was seconded and supported and
carried unanimously, that we desire
to thank our American Temperance
Brethren for the hearty greetings
sent to us by Mother Stewart, and
assuring her of our conviction that
she will be cordially welcomed by the
earnest temperance meu and women
of every town she may visit in thi
country, and hope she ma' be made
the means of giving a fresh impetus
to our great good work, and of fur
ther strengthening the fraternal
bonds already existing between the
temperance ' people of both nations.
A hearty vote of thanks to the
Chairman was carried, and the meet
ing closed with the Doxologv.
Mother Stewart leaves this mom
ing for London, aud we are glad to
know our readers will soon have an
opportunity of hearing her in South
Mother Stewart is an earnest mem
ber of the Methodist society, the
wife of a good citizen of Springfield.
Ohio, and first received the title of
'Mother' Stewart, from the wound
ed soldiers in the hospitals during
the American War." She adds, "I am
so tired I fear you cannot make out
what I have written,'! and adds, "If
you please; you may send a copy of
this to the (iullipolis Journal.
She left Tuesday morning, 18th
for London, and had a cordial greet
ing and welcome on her arrival. She
has been invited to visit Scotland
aud Wales. She has a formal recep
tion a Tea drinking reception, Fri
day evening, 2d inst; one hundred
double tickets of invitation are to be
sent out; all the Temperance organi
zations of London and vicinity are to
be present Many persons of dis
ti notion are invited; among them.
Mrs. Lucus, sister of John Bright,
who is a noble worker in the Temper
ance cause. She says: "Yesterday,
1 was invited by a Congregational
minister to address his people say
ing, nt was the first time he had of
fered his pulpit to a
wanted me first' "
lady, and he
For the Gallipolis Journal.
Addison Items.
Dull, gloomy, muddy, rainy, warm
weather, flies and insects, as capable
01 locomotion as if it were summer.
We have not yet heard the croaking
of toads or the jug-o'-rum of the bull
frog, but spect they are tuning up
but the cooing dove and the blue
bird are in our midst to admonish us
it is spring weather, if it is winter.
But news is what you want
from a niniteu examination, we
find peaches most all winter-killed
the blades of wheat were badly fro
zen during the January cold snap,
hut the roots are all right yet
Field operations by farmers have
been not only retarded, but almost
entirely prevented by the enormous
amount of rain, yet there is much
farmers can do, such as tinkering up
their farm implements, gears, fenc
ing, dec, that will forward them when
the busy time does come; but this
ain't "news."
Mr. Levi C Jones is very lo'
with typhoid fever, having been con-
nnea to uis bed for seven weeks. Dr.
Barton is on " the go about all the
time, having several bad cases that
are wide apart He reports no great
amount of sickness in the neighbor
hood. When we consider the horri
ble condition of the roads and the
three hundred pounds of humanity he
takes whitherso he goeth, we don't
think there is another man in the
county that could undergo the same
he does, In much of his travels he
goes on foot
Mr. John Rees, a resident on Lit
tle Campaign, died January 28th.
Mr. R. was a kind, good and peacea
ble citizen. He was over three score
years and ten, and if I am rightly in
formed, was born in Addison town
ship. Thus another of the early pio
neers has beea gathered to the bet
ter land.
The winter school term closed in
Faneuil Hall, Feb. 5th.
The crop of maple sugar will be
lighi, judging from our expe
rience thus far; we got enough to
sweeten that old "holler tooth" by
hard work, losing several good naps,
singing our whiskers and smoking
our eyes till they stuck out ahead of
our nose. Whoop ee, what fun!
Our newly married friend, F.
Southall and wife, are going to domi
cile on Polecat, about a mile from
Addison. Messrs. E. Watson and J.
N. Rothgeb ain't caged their birds
Work on the fill at the Big Kyger
bridge remains, in statu quo. We
are yet hopeful of issuing our procla
mation before the Centennial Fourth
of July, of the completion of said
Some thief went down through the
roof of Dan'l Trichler's smoke-house
and took therefrom two large shoul
ders and one side of meat
Addison will soon take on metro
politan airs, two balls and an oyster
supper on the 14th. None of your
one horse towns can afford three
places of social entertainment in one
Among the proceedings of the
Legislature we notice a bill to make
the weight of onions 56 lbs. That is
decidedly too much. Onions weigh
from 45 to 56 lbs. per bushel de
pends on the time of year. Also
bill to plant willows in lieu of labor
on the which won t amount
For the Gallipolis Journal.
Cheshire Items.
H. Resener received 500 bushels of
wheat from Cincinnati this morning.
H. W. Resener is in Pittsburgh on
Mr. Geo. Mitchell is seriously ill
with lung fever.
Chas. W. Matthews & son re
turned home from Illinois yesterday.
We are informed that Charlie iv was
relieved of some cash while on the
cars coming home pocket picked.
A centennial tea party will be giv
en at the residence of Air. C. L. until
rie this evening. A good time is an
A young people's prayer meetin
has been organized, and will meet ev
ery Tuesday evening. The first
meeting was held last week.
Thev are surely discouraged. We
mean those farmers who lost thei
crops by the flood last August, and
have re-ploughed their ground sine
the December freshet, and now see
under water again. They, no doubt,
will conclude that Job didn t have
much harder time than some of his
descendants have.
On last Friday evening a social par
ty was given at the residence of M
Geo. W. Bing. After a few hours' ex
ercise, supper was announced and
bountiful table was soon surrounded
by happy guests, who all partook
heartily of the repast, and no doubt
thought it was good for them to
there. After supper we again en
ioved a few hours' exercise, after
which we departed for our respectiv
There is considerable sickness in
the community now, and we notice
that the business is divided between
Dr. Barton, of Addison, Dr. John
son of Kyger, and Dr. Watkins, of
A ground-hog was killed in the
township last week. We presume
did not see its shadow on the second.
The Centennial appropriation bill
passed the Senate, on Friday, as it
came from the House, by a vote of 41
to 15.
Van Pelt, the crusader, has been
convicted on two charges of grand
larceny, in Missouri.
residence of the bride's father in Green
township, Feb. 10th, 1876, by J. W
McConniek, Mr. Franklin Stringfkl-
low and Miss Mary E. Eckkr.
CARTER BERRY At the residence
of Mr. W. N. Harris, in Athens, on
Tuesday evening, February 1st, 1876, by
Rev. Prof. W . II. Scott, or the Ohio Uni
versity, Mr. Jamks Carter, of the Dn
four House, Gallipolis, O., to Miss M
Carrie Berry, of Athens.
ROWLEY On the 5th inst, in Por
ter. O., of acute Rheumatism, in her
16th year, Miss Eliza Ron lky, daugh-
ter ot Isaac Kowley
Her amiableness of character and in
nocent cheerfulness which sat upon her
countenance, sparkled in her eye and
shone in her manner, evinced parental
Christian culture, and drew to Iter many
friends, in whose memories she will
ever live.
Let the parents and family be assured
of deep sympathy from all their friends
In this unexpected providence.
"The memory of the just U blessed."
Departed this life on the mornlncor February
juin, airs. BAKU utwmv, wile 01 J iillieft Ownen,
aol daughter of Josiuh 4 oruwell, in the Hh
year or her age.
ller disease was consumption, and for long,
weary months she was conttned to her lied, eu-
during acute suffering much or that time, but
patient, uncomplaining auu even cheerful in the
iunih ui 1. ail.
She possessed a quiet, nnobtrnsive disposition,
a warm, lovinir heart and was evr rtuuiv t
joice with the joyful and sympathize with the
amicted and sorrowful. Hut better than all
else that could be said n her she was a Chris
tian. The religion of Jesus made ber life beau
tiful, filled her sick room with cheer and gare
her grand triumph in the last hour.
Some days lie fore her release while singing
or ucr, suv trim to uuiui ner voice in tne song,
and alter we had repeated the Terse she so m neb
'Til soon be at home orer there.
For the end of my journey I see ;
Many dear to my heart orer there,
Are watching and waiting for me."
She exclaimed, with lov in ber
For me, those words are true, I'll soon be at
uoiuc, aim buu aimeti, smiling. -I fanny that
Jesns, with Ma and Charlie, will be at tbe gate
to bid me welcome."
Her funeral sermon was nrem..hH a thm rh.m
ocrsoiirg uurru uy ner pastor, Kev. P. Davis,
from the words. "'For none of us liveth to him
self, and no man dieth to himsoir. rr rhth.r
we lire, we live unto the Lord i .: h.ih.
we die we die unto the Lord; whether we live.
wereiore. or ate, we are tne lrds."
In compliance with her renumt tha irm nr
suo uuui. Mii -ne ve a Home over There,' was
suns; uy sue congregation.
She leaves behind a husband, three little boys
and many near relatives and friemls.
Our svmuathies and thn .v.n...ihDnr ih. en
tire community is extended to them. Vay the
Saviour whom 'Sada' loval be nigh to comfort
and bind up the bereaved hearts.
As for our departed sister, while we grieve at
peated desire tor 'rest' has been granted. No
more shall those mnch dreaded 'chills' creep over
ber delicate frame. No mora th.i ti.tm.Min
ivn. wo an dui --i iriiui in.r 1101. ait:
uwc racainir pains or soo rolling ra
vers: butsbe has reachArl that lan.l nt whir-h
sing, 'Where sickness, sorrow, pain and death
are felt and feared no more."
white we have one friend less ut-on the earth
we can count one mora amnno- tha i1.r mm.
whose eompanionshiu we shall enlnv whan we
too have 'crossed over.'
I, Meigs County Telegraph please copy.
Gallipolis Prices Current.
Corrested weekly by D. S. FORD.
For the week ending Feb. 16, 1876.
Dealers are paying the following pri
ces for the various articles named :
Wheat, red, per bush., 1 250 00
" white. 1 351 40
Corn. 3540
Rye 1 30(800
Barley 1 1500
Sugar Cane Seed, per bush, 25
Flour, cwt
Buckwheat flour, cwt
Corn Meal, bush
Potatoes, f bush
White Beans
Dried Apples f bush
1 25
3 504 00
4 00
901 00
1 00(81 50
a 002 50
18 to 20
. 14(3.00
14 0016 00
5 to 6
do Peaches do
Feathers lb
Eggs dor
Bacon Hams
do Sides
do Shoulders
Hay Ti ton
Sorghum Molasses f gal
Green Hides, f fi
Groceries and other articles retail from
store at the following prices :
Sugar, XOp 10li!J
do Refined, Crus'd & Pow'd 12($15
Coffee, Rio 25 to 30
Teas Imperial, Y H and G P 80(31 40
do Black 751 00
do Japan 1 00
Candles, common 20
do star , 35
Butter 25 to 00
Lard 1518
Eegs doz
r lour, gooa lamny or-us, cwt wig zo
do do do bbl
80(30 00
, 40g50
801 00
1 251 40
1 60
Corn-Meal bush
Molasses, N O
do Sorghum
Golden Syrup
Lard Oil
Coal Oil
Feathers B
White Beans $ gal
Salt, Kan. and Ohio, f bbl
Potatoes TP hush
Farm for Sale!
IT is located in Gallipolis township,
about one mile from the city on
Portsmouth road, contains 42 -' acres, all
in grass, a young orchard, a dwelling of
four rooms, and a store house.
For further particulars enquire of
Chari.es Mack, Ualhpolis, or or
Green Township,
cl. IT, 1(T0. 3w
Wanted !
A PRACTICAL Stone Quarrynian
one who thoroughly understand
his business and is willing to work for
wages according to the times. Call on
or address E. N. RIDGWAY,
Rio Grande, Ohio.
Feb. 17, 1876. lw
Straightening Cir
cle Saws.
I AM prepared to straighten all kinds
of Saws, from Hand Saw to the
largest Circle Saw. Take out Buckles.
Burns, Crooks and Rimbouud, and make
them as good as new, in short notice.
Apply at Reifsnyder & Betz's Saw
Mill. JU1IN BE.TZ.
Gallipolis, Feb. 17, 1S7C 6m
Sheriff's Sale,
The State of Ohio, Gallia County, ss,
URSUAXT to the command of an
order of sale from the Court of
Common Pleas of said county of Galli
and to me directed, I will oiler for sale!
at public auction, at the front door of the
Court House, in the cit.y of Gallipolis.
in the said county of Gallia, on the 18th
day of March, A. D. 1876, at the hour
ot one o clock P. M. of said day, th
following premises situate in said Gallia
county, and in the north part of 160
acre lot Xo. 1230, Town 2, and Range
14, to-wit: live unuiviueu ninth parts
of fractional lot, lying south of First
street aud west of Main street of the vil
lage of Chambersbiirg; commencing at
tne sou en-west corner ot the nial
street in said village, running south flf-
ty-eignt teet to the center ol the Branch
being the old line between Jacob Over
all aud John Chambers; thence north
westward one hundred and twenty feet
thence east one hundred and four feet to
tbe place ot beginning. Appraised
without luuluuing the building thereon
and subject to the dower estate of Sarah
Chambers therein, at Six Dollars
($6 00). Also the building on said frac
tional lot. Appraised at Seven Hun
dred Dollars, ($700.00). Both lot and
building to be sold together.
Also, two uudivided ninth parts of
village lot mo. uu,) twenty, in said vil-
villageof Chambersburg, in said Gallia
county, and State of Ohio, subject to the
dower estate or said barali Chambers,
Appraised, subject to said dower estate,
at Six Dollars and Sixty-six Cents,
Also, two undivided ninth parts of the
following premises, situate in said Hal
lia county, and being the north part of
160 acre lot Xo. 1230, Town 2, and Range
14, and noumied and described as fol
lows, viz: Beginning on the bank of
tne uiuo Kiver, adjoining the lauds now
occupied by Jonathan' Mlddleswarth on
the north side at a stake; thence west
to the section line adjoining the
lands of Ho warth 's heirs; thence
south about 160 rods to a white oak
11 in. so., east 18 links, and white oak 1
in. X. 43 28 links; thence east to a lynn
12 in. uiameter standing in a run
thence east with the meandering of the
run to near the Ohio River: thence to a
stake on the bank of the river below the
mouth of the run from which a hickorv
4 inuuea -tears x. s ease il, and a beach
14 inches S. 47 E. 9 links: thence with
the river to the place of beginning, con
taining 126 acres, more or less except
tne iouowiug portion tnereoi. bounded
aud described as follows, viz : Beginning
at ine upper sine oi tne roan on the
bank of the Ohio river, about ten rods
north of the steam-mill, at a stone
thence west live rods to a stone at the
edge of the road running up the run
that passes tne saw-mill: thence north
westwardly up said run seventeen rods
to a stone, within two rods of the bank
of said run; thence east to the road on
the bank of the Ohio river to a stone:
thence dowu said road to the place of be
ginning, containing one acre, more or
less and except also the following por
tion thereof on which a steam saw-mill
Is situate, and bounded and described as
follows, viz: Beginning at the Ohio
River at the mouth ol a run below said
mill, running up said run northwest
wardly to a stake in the run three rods
and six links west of the southwest cor
ner of Joshua M. Clark's land, inst
aoove uesvnoea; tnence east with the
south line of said lot to the Ohio River;
thence down the Ohio River to the nlaee
of beginning, containing J of an acre,
more or less and alsoexceptall that por-
ucn cuiiutiuea within tne limits and
plat of the village of Chambersburs' in
said county and except also the frac
tional ioi nrst described herein subject
vi un uuwer estate or sarah unambers,
.i i . '
ii me auuve premises.
Appraised, subject to said dower pk.
tate, at eight hundred and elghtv-eight
dollars and sixty-six cents ($88 66.)
10 De 8010 as the nroriertv of Albert
Chambers, and others, at the suit of
George W. Martindill and Wesley Mar
tindill. Terms of sale Cash.
Given under rnv hand this 17th dav of
eoruary, a. u. 1870.
Sheriff G. C. O.
Feb. 17, 1876. 5w
dap lilt!
15 cents per Gallon.
Queensware House
Feb. 17, 1876.
For Sale.
ACIIAXCE that occurs but once In
a lifetime. Wishing to go west I
offer my Farm and Custom M ills for sale,
situate in Gallia county, Ohio, on Rac
coon Creek. A never failing stream of
water: The Mills, both Grist and Saw
Mill, are iu good running order, with
modern machinery new dam ; and are
now doing a large business. The Farm
contains 110 acres, mostly choice bottom
land, with good dwelling-house, orchard,
Ac. The property is now making near
ly lifty per ceut. on money asked, as I
intend to sell.
For particulars apply to the under
signed on the premises: I. O. address,
Vinton P. O Gallia Co., Ohio.
Feb. 17, 1870. 5w
The Best Coal Cook Stoves?
' l Durable.
Sim. stvli and nriett to suit every one.
B sun and ask your dealer for tne MONITOR.
WM. RESOR & CO., Cincinnati, 0.
For Sale by
Gallipolis, Ohio.
reb. 17, 1876. ly
Insurance Department,
Columbus,' Jan. 31st, 1876.
ANX'E CO.. located at New York, in
tne state or sew ior(. ha med Id this or.
Ace a (worn Statement, by the proper officer
thereof. Knowing its condition and business, and
has complied in all resoouts. with the laws of
rais state, relating to r ire Insurance Com
panies, incorporated by other States of the V ni-
len states :
Now. Therefore. In uuratlance of law. f. Wff
LIAM U. HILL. Suiieriiitendent of lnurance
of the State of Ohio, do hereby certify, that
saui company is autnorizei to transact Its au.
iruitriaie ouiiies ol r ire jUMirauce In till
tate, in accordauce - with law. ilurinr the
current year. The condition and buines of
sum company at the date of uch statement
(Deceuihyr Hist, IB.o , i shown a follows:
Afta-reg-ate amount of available As
set. $i,St5.1M SI
AKKrex-ate amount ot tramline.
(except capital.) including re
insurance, 1.1811,153 II
Net Assets.
1 VS Ot 53
Amouutof actual paid up Capital,
f 'sVI UI3 M
Amount of Income for the year Id
cash. IHT7 1S1 on
Amount or expenditures for the
year iu casn, 1.44H..V.W 15
In Witness Whereof. I have hereunto sub
scribed inv name, and rant llit rtl
IL. S. of my office to lie affixed, the day and
year aouve written.
W. l. ill LI., Superintendent.
Agents at
Feb. 17. ltrm. tw
EXJAIIIS MATTHIAS, late of the county of
uauia. ouio. out now oi tne eouniv oi
vennuiion in tut swie oi inoisna. will taxe
notice that Ida Kooulz. of saidcountv of (.allia.
on the x4th day of January, A. U. lent).
make complaint against the said Benjamin
Matthias before Asa lrake, a Justice of the
Peace, in and for said eountv
him with beina- the father of her bastard
of (sallia. charg.
child, born on the 4tlidjyof February, A. O.
1875, which complaint, with the proceedings
thereon, were duly certilled by said justice to
Court of Common fleas of said Uallia
county, and is now pending therein the object
wnicn is to nave shki Benjamin Siattnias ad
judged to be the father of said bastard child.
to nave nuu cnargea witn the mainteu
thereof: and the said Reniamin alatthiai
also not i tied that an order or attachment has
been issued against him by said court, in said
and served upon the following laud and
tenements, situate in said county of Gallia, and
State ol Ohio. t"-wit: The undivided one-flfth
of the northeast quarter of tbe northeast
niiartsr .nil the north west onarter of the north
qnsrter, and the southwest qnarter of the
nortneassquanerui sTCww bw.cm
tin six IS. I ran re No. sixteen 116.1 contain-
nns hundred and twenty 1111 acres, be the
more or less, and being in the district of
heretofore subject to sale at the land office
chlilicothe. Ohio, being tne same premises
conveyed by Iavid Matthias to Evan Jones by
aatea sisy nwraj ia vol. Z3, p.
re-conveved to tne said Uavid 11,
reeorus oi ueci ui saiu couuir oi tsaiiia.
aatthias by
Jones, on or about the year ls65.
The said uenjamin Jiacinias is required to hp.
and auswer said oomplaintonor before the
uay ot starco, a. u. sete.
WHITE t HOLCOMB, her Att'jt.
eu. 4 1, o Hfc WW
1500 Pounds Choice TURKISH PRUNES ,
13 lbs. for $1.
New Crop N. O. Molasses,
60 cts. per gallon.
11 lbs. N. O. Sugar for $1.
The Largest and Best Stock of TEAS in Town.
Young Hyson Tea,
Arbuckle's Coffee,
Choice Dried Currants, -
W. R. Cheese,
Navy Beans,
Best Soda, 2 lbs. for
Best Starch 2 lbs. for -
Hominy, - -
Rice, - -
3 boxes Sifting Blueing lor
Prime Rio Coffee,
XXX Flour small sacks,
XXX " large sacks, -
Wm. Phillips' best Tobacco,
P. S. Country Produce taken in exchange for Goods. .
Gallipolis, Feb. 10, 1870. 3w
. 30 " " 44
10 44 "
- 15 " " "
q it ti
15 "
- 15 u
i ti tt
10 ' " "
- 10 "
25 4 44 44
40 44
- 80 "
-25 " irplg.
Manhood: How Lost, How
JUST published, a new edition or Or.
Culverwell's Celebrated Es
say on (Ai; radiral cure (without uiedi
riiiF) of SpkkmaTOrkhoca or Seminal,
Weakness, Involuntary Seminal Losses.
Impotency, Mental ami Physical Inca
pacity, Impediments to Marriage, etc.;
also, Consumption, Epilepsy and Fts,
induced by self-indulgence or sexual ex
travHsjance, Ac.
tyPrice, in a sealed envelope, only
six cents.
The celebrated author, in this admira
ble Essy. cleitrly demount rafep, from a
thirty years' successful practice, that
the alurininr consequences of self-abuse
ma V be radically cured without the dan
gerous use of internal medicine or the
application of the knife; pointing out a
mode of cure at once simple, certain and
effectual, by means of which every suf
ferer, no matter what hi condition may
be, may cure himself cheaply, private
ly, and ratlically. I
t-9ThU Lecture should be in the
hands of every youth aud every man iu
the land.
Sent under seal, iu a plain envelope,
to any address, pimt-paul, on receipt of
six cents or two post stamps. j
Address the Publishers,
41 Ann St., New York; Post OMIce Box
45S6. I
Feb. 17. 1S7G ly I
NOTICE is hereby given that after
the tirstday of February, 1S70, the
Gas Company will make no charge for
the use of Meters, anil the price of Gas
will be reduced to T'l 50 r thousand
A further reduction of 50 cents per
thousand feet will he made on all bills
paid during the tirsl live business days
of each month.
By order of the Board of Directors.
C. W. HEXK1XO, Sec'y. 1
Feb. 17, 1870. 3w
Notice I
I HAVE this day transferred my
Stock of general Merchandise to
Hknky I.. Mii.lkk & Wm. B. Thump,
who will continue the business at the
Old Stand in the name of Miller &
Tar mp.
I txnder inv tlnitiks to the nnlillc for
i tenner my inanks 10 me puunc for
e liberal patronage! have received
during many years, and trust that my
successors may merit and receive a con
tinuation. WM. C. MILLER.
Feb. 1,1870. 3 w
For Rent!
A DESIRABLE Store Stand and
Dwelling combined, fronting the
fuiJlic Square, fciupilre n
Feb. 10. 1S7G. 3w
THE firm known under the name and
style of Bi.icklk & Ufkermax was
dissolved by Mutual consent, Feb. 7th,
187u. The business of the tirin will be
settled bv A. Ufkkrmak.
GalliMlis, Feb. 10, 1876.
Mr. L'fkehmax will continue the busi
ness at the old stand.
Wm. Aufderheide & Co.,
Manufacture for the Trade
Carriages, Spring Wagons,
"Vim 407 ind 400 John St Pini-in-
Wt and UJ .lOIIU OU, IdllLin
nan, u.
Feb. 10. 1870. ly
Wi warrant a man 129 a day uein our
In good territory. DMorlptiv boo ajfit
free. Add. JIU Aucar Co-, St. UuMto
Sheriff's Sale.
Th Sltnte nf Ohio. Gallia Countu. SS.
v '
OUKSUANT to the command or an onler of
county of Gallia, and to me di reeled. I will offer
.-Im rmni tne lours oi mminvR i-ieasol sairt
forsale at puoiic auction, as sue mini floor IK
said county, on tbenth day of March, A. L. lfrtj,
the hourof one o'clock P. M. of said dav th
liurt-nonse. in tne cuv nt isallinolis. in
rollowiocdescribed lands and tenemonts. in the
county of Gallia, and State of Ohio, to-wit:
one undivided half uartofthe following iw.
scribed land and tenements, situate in the town
village of Porter, in the county of Gallia and
ni.au) oi wiuo. auu in tne iowunip or gpring
neld . in said eountv. aud Imiinded and desj-rilml !
follows, to-wit: Brriiininir at s nolnt K at'
decrees E sixtv.Ave MsM rMt imm th. i
corner of lot No thirty. five (35 ) ia said town or
r I'lwiHiBucB ronuinjr iu sue same
direction N.flodeirree K slv chains ana twsutu.
iiuti : im. aa, i ui a .ihi. n.nisi saiiiii t
to a stake; thence south OS degrees west live
Chains and nineteen links .ISM 1 to a stake:
wicsj vuBiiis anil tuirty iiiias ircc
tbence N. S5 degrees west three chains and Ave
lie.. SI.) to the place of beginning, contain
ing two acres, more or less.
ADoraised at three hundred and efrhtv-tbree
dollars and thirty-three and one-third cents
3BS 100)
other, at the suit of Alexander Fiannegaa.
ip ue som at tne property oi .fames um".
Terms of sale Cash.
Given under my hand this Sd day of February,
D ltrto CHAULfcs sruABI.
fU. f, ltjTS.-0w.l Duerm w.v. v.
range No fifteen of Ihe Ohio Company', pur
i.03. 0iT b Mif, f allia, and being part
Drug Store,
Dye Stuffs,
Patent Medicines,
Choice Liquors,
Toilet Articles
Dki'iigists' Sundkies
Jan. 13, 1S7C ly
Sheriff's Sale
The State of Ohio, Gallia County, ss.
IS purNiiiiitn. of the eoinmiiiid of an order of
sitle from the Court of Common I'leas of said
ronntv ol lialliH. ami to me iilre-ti-l. 1 will offer
for a)a nt public iim-tion, at the front door of
the Court-hour-, In the rity of GalliiolU. in
nld conntv of t;llm, on the nth dav of March,
A. I. I87- at the hour of one o'clock P. M or
amid day. the lollowing lands and teuemenU, it
uate in the ronuty of t.atlin. and Stateof Ohio,
and bounded anil deM-rihed as follows, to-wit:
Heyluninirat the Mtithpatrornr ol the north.
' quarter of ection .No. Iwi-ney-three (3 ) in
,.,,!,, No. ,ix ((l)of riln(?e So alleen (iS)0-
the Ohio Company' uurrh. rnnnina- thence
north ou the section line eight (8! chains to i
stake: then-e west twenty.onn (31) chains;
theuri south three chains ami sixty. eight and
one-half links (Ststi'i): thence wet nineteen
chaius (10:) thence south four chains and thirty
one aud a hull links (4 ton ;) thence east foriy
chains (411) to tbe place ol beginning, contain
ing twenty-nve acres, more or less, with the
appurtenances. Subject to the lif e estate there
in of Margaret Laulesa, widow of Jamo Law
le. dei'assl
Appraised, subject to said li!e estate, at two
""'V'TilJ''! ,"'Uty"s'x ,,0,'"rs "A
cents it-na m )
Als. ihe lotlowing tract or parcel of land,
ftituale in said count.v of Gullia. and State of
Ohio, and bounded and tlescrilted as follow, to
wit: Itcgiuniiig at a point in the section line
eigh; chains (8) north of the southeast corner
of tbe northea-t quarter of said section No.
twenty-three (1.) in township No. six. of range
No. arteen (15.) of tbe Ohio Company's nur-
ch-ise, runuing tbence west twenty-one chains
(31:) tnencesoutn three cnains ami sixty .eight
and one-half links (it OSS:) tbence west nine
teen chains (l'.l.) thence north nineteen eh ins
and thirty and one-half links (U) :);:) thence
east forty chains (40) to tbe east line of said sec
tion; tbence south along the east line ssiil
section to the place of beginning, containing
sixty-nine and a half acres (';,) more or less,
with the appurtenances. Snbject to the home
stead of Ansel Lawless thereto, which has lMn
assigned and setoff lohiio therein, ou his de
mand, and is hounded and described as follow,
to-wit: Beginniug at tbe southwest rorner of
said tractof sixty-nine and one-half acres above
descrilied and running thence north eighteen
chains and eighty, four links (ls.84) to the north
west corner of said tract; thence east thiriy-
eigbt chaius and ninety links (38.9U) to the
northeast corner of said tract: thence south four
chains and ninety-live links 4 95; thence west
ten chains and ten liuks (ID 10 to theceutreof
the road; thence with the road a. 1 degrees K.
to tbe dower line of the said Margaret Lawless;
tbence west on said dower line eleven chains
and eighty links (11.80;) theme south three
chains awl sixty-eight and a half links .1l!bv.l
thence west eighteen chains and twenty-six
links 1 18 30j to the place of beginning, obtain
ing sixty-two acres 14,1 more or less, with the
Appraised, subject to said homestead, at two
hundred dollars (f30D 00 )
Also, tbe following described tractor parcel
of land situate in the county or liallia. and Stale
of Ohio, and in the southwest quarter of section
No. sixteen lltt.l in township No seven 11,1 of
of reserved school section No. sixteen (jit) and
bounded and descnoen as ioiiows. to-wit: on
the east by the run or creek called Shepard's
White Oak. on tbe south by lands formerly
owned by George aiders, nd the heirs of John
Lawder; an the west by the road leading
from Robinson's Kua bridge to the road leading
rroin Kigbt-mila Island to Vinton; on the north
by lands occupied by the Willis family, and
lands of James Colwell, supposed to contain
thirty acres, more or less Also, ten acres ad
joining the aloresaid tract on the east of the
oortn part thereof, and bounded oa the north
by lands of Jacob Butcher, oa the east hv .shen-.
ard's White Oak and lands of Jicoi, Butcher.
Containing In all the last two above described
tracts 41 acres, more or less Being the same
premises heretofore conveyed by Iwin Kent,
and Rachel his wife, to Ansel Lawless, by deed
bearing date on the 18th ilav of February, A.
1871, and reeonled in vol. 40. pages SM and
of the records of deeds of said county of
Gallia, with the appurtenances.
Appraised at $325 00.
To oe sold as the property of Ansel Lawless,
the suit of Charles W. Bird. Assignee in
Bankruptcy of Ansel Lawless, against Ansel
Lawless, and others.
Terms of sale Cash. .
Given under my hand this l day of Kern-nary,
reb..lim-6wl hherilTG.C.O.
Dyes! DyesI
Blue Vitriol,
Alum, &e.
May 7. 1874.
Cheap as Dirt.
OXE Family Organ for sale br
Aug. 19, 1873.

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