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The Journal.
Teiuis: $1 50 in advance, or $2
t the end of the year.
WM. NASH, Editor
Congressional Convention.
We propose Gallipplis as the place
for holding the next Congressional
Convention. Our railroad wiUbc
completed by the time in fact be
fore the Convention meets. This
irill put Gallia, Vinton and Hocking
on a line and of easy access. Ports
month has always had the conven
tion nnder the present District, and
jve have had to go a hundred miles
over and again. Now it is no far
ther from Portsmouth to Gallipolis
than it is from Gallipolis to Ports
mouth the mountain should come
once to Mahomet. Besides Scioto
county is off to one side of the Dis
trict while we are nearer the center.
Furthermore, we have the finest and
largest court house in the District in
which to hold the convention. Put
all this in your pipes.
There will be a meeting of the Re
publican State Central Committee ou
the 11th of March, at Columbus, to
fix the time and place for holding
the next Republican State Conven
tion. "We are authorized to extend
a general invitation to all who desire
to attend, to be present on this oc
Ex-Mayor Moore, of Cincinnati,
died last week. Col. Moore was a
patriot who served his country in the
Mexican war and in the late rebel
lion, and a citizen .whose sympathy
for tbe suffering was illustrated in
beneficent works.
In the Legislative proceedings of
Feb. 24th, we find the following:
Mr. Boman presented the petition
of Hev. J. M; Leslie, and 227 other
citizens of Gallia county, praying for
the enactment of the Local Option
The German Republicans of New
York city celebrated Washington's
birthday by a mass meeting, assem
bled to give expression to their views
against a third terra nomination for
President. Speeches were made by
Ex-Governor Dittenhoeffer, Dr. Jtr-
Hus Brucn anrt others, inere is no
question that the Germans generally
oppose the third term idea.
The following from the State Jour
nal is full of good sense:
The common enemy the Demo
cratic party is quite enough to sn
tagonizc at present without engen
dering family strife, which will be
the result if booms-are continued.
Blaine men are already jealous of
sherman men and vice versa, and as
a matter of course jealousy begets
strife. This is all wrong, ill-timed
at any time, and especially just now.
Let booms cease from this date, and
await the action of the Chicago Con
vention. Allow the delegates to that
Convention to go there uninstructed
and untrammeled, and confer togcth
er as men should do, not as puppets
" handled bv manmulators of cliaucs.
An Alarming Threat.
- .
Congressman Hill, of Ohio, re-
centlv made a sneech at a Democrat-
ic meeting in Washington, and among
other things said, "We intend to in
augurate our candidate for President,
whether we elect him or not." In or
der to save the Nation from cnarchy,
we must bury the Democratic party
out of sight. This is the work of
this Presidential year.
Hon. Milton Saylor was selected
to present the claims of Cincinnati,
before tho National Democatic Com
mittee, as the best place for holding
the National Convention. We have
read the speech". Many strong points
are advanced in favor of Cincinnati,
but we are disappointed in not find
ing some slight reference to Sknel
bakerJs Opera House and the beer
Presidential Movements.
The New York. Republican State
Convention for the selection, of dele
gates to the Chicago Convention, met
at Utica Feb. 25th. The convention
by a small majority, expressed a
preference for Gen. Grant, but there
was no positive instructions, to the
extent of binding the delegates.
In Indiana, Feb." 25th, the dele
gates to the Chicago Convention,
were selected by Congressional Disr
tnct Conventions. No instructions
were given, but it is believed that all
but two are Blaine men.
The Illinois Convention will, not
meet until May 19th, This State, it
is generally believed, will send up
Grant delegates.
The Vermont Republicans held
their State Convention Feb. 25th.
It resolved to present the name of
Senator Edmunds as a suitable per
son to be nominated for President.
Our citizens are all delighted with
the suggestion made some time ago
in the Sentinel, that when the Rail
road reaches McArthur, our town
will give a reception to our sister,
heretofore so much estranged by the
almost impracticable roads between
us. Logan SentineL
Hold on, brother Green; you are
too fast Gallipolis folk' would like
to hava hand in that affair! nCan,t'
you: wait. until the road reaches here,
arid, then .we will have a general re
union and "haod-sliaking over" the
sereat? TblakofJt , . Xs
Mr. Beman After the Confederates.
The Confederate Congress having
failed to make the necessary appro
priations for carrying the mails, the
P. M. General , issued, f'cu. 2Utn, an
order reducinct the trips on all routes,
except Railroads and Steamboats, to
one trip a week, after March 1, 1880.
With this order enforced, Gallipolis
would be compelled to establish a
private route, or remain without ade
Qiiate mail facilities. Mr. Beman,
appreciating the situation, offered a
joint resolution to correct the threat
ened ovil. Wc copy from the Stale
Journal of Friday:
Mr. Beman offered the following
inint. rnanlnt.InnT
W HEBE AS, 1 ne rostmasier ueuaw
has issued an oraer mrecung mat on
and after March 1st, 1880, the ser
vice on all star routes shall be re
duced to one trip per week on ac
count of insufficient appropriation;
nrl whorimH. the business interests
of the country demand the contiri
iinnnn of said service: therefore.
Resolved bit the General Assembly I
of the State of Ohio, That our Sen I
ators in Congress are hereby instruct-
ed and our Representatives are re
quested to use all proper means to
make the appropriation necessary to
secure the continuance of said ser
Besotted, That the Governor of
Ohio is hcrebj- requested to forward
a copy of these resolutions to the
Senators and Representatives from
Ohio m Congress.
Mr. Beman in offering the reolu-
tion said that he thought that it
should pass. That it certainly was of
great importance to tue people oi
Ohio that our mails should be. con
tinued daily as they are carried now.
Unless tnc appropriation snouia oe
made immediately our mails on star
routes that are now daily will only
be carried once a week after March
1, and it would be a great incon
venience to the people.
This brought out a verj animated
and .a pointedly partisan discussion
which could not be choked off till
Mr. Estill remarked that another
speech would defeat the resolution,
and if it was left alone It would go
through. The resolution was then
adopted by a unanimous vote.
Capitol Chit-Chat.
Under this head, Fannie B. Ward,
iu the Evening Sunday Chronicle,
Washington, D. C, is writing up in
teresting sketcnes of public men in
that centre of poltical power and life.
In speaking of "a trio of Ohioans,'
the writer says this of Mr. Neal and
hi3 family:
Among tho prominent members of
the House from that luckv State is
Hon. Henry S. Neal, of the Twelfth
district. He is a handsome man for
a "Buckeye,"- tall, distingue, and in
the prime of life; that is, he has had
just half a cent urj' ot joys and sor
rows, cares, pleasures, hopes, uncer
tainties, and fears. For the past
twenty five years he has been active
lv engaged in politics, and has risen
step by step on the ladder till now
the topmost round is almost within
his reach. He was at one time min
ister to Portugal, but resigned and
came home to make his. calling and
election sure to Congress. This is
his second term, arid the people of
Ohio, with the good sense for which
they arc famons, have no insuperable
objections to "tlnru terms,' but will
return him again and again as long
as he is willing to come. Mr. Neal
has been an active member of the
District Committee, and it is mainly
due to his labor and ability that den
izens of the District are indebted for
wise and well-matured bills pertain
ing to taxation and the revising,
compiling; and simplifying the laws
of Columbia, so that they may not
always be without even territorial
privileges, worso off than "the man
without a country." Mrs. Neal,
slender, dark-eyed, and eminently
sensible lady, is here .with her hus
band, while their two voting daugh
ters are yet at school. The thriving
city of Ironton is their home, and
the Ncals are as popular there as
here. It is no wonder that the "Uni
ted States of "Ohio" has so much to
say about matters and things in gen
cral when she sends such competent
men to do her talking.
Wc support Hon. John Sherman
for President not only because of Bis
clean record as a public man, but
because we believe he would be the
strongest candidate that can be nom
For the Journal.
Vinton Items.
Raccoon ha3 been wild and wide,
higher than for many years. Con
siderable damago clone along the
creek and roads, which will require
tno immediate attention ot the Com
missioners. Roads and bridges
washed away.
Washington's birth-day generally
ooservea nere.
We are in favor of taxing church
property here, or any other nronertv
that yields large dividends of profit
to the owners. Also, in favor of
Local Option, almost unanimonslv.
and why a Legislature is afraid to
pass a law so universally demanded,
is more than we can understand.
Blaine stock on the rise.
We have to record the death of
two old and well known citizens
Mrs. Wilcox, wife of Hiram Wilcox,
oi morgan ip., and Charley Bishop
of this Tp.
Work on the railroad still goes on.
Spring election campaign opened
with plenty - of4 candidates for the
Transfers of Real Estate.
Guyan Douzlas Putnam to Silas St
Wallace. 43 acre. 5M. Wm- it. rri.
ley to wm, J. Sheets, 143 60-100 acres,
tlifWI .Timpa V Oi.-f.alI iv. "W' t
,-.. . .. , - - wH.cu.. w . I .It V (
Sheets, 83 acres, $129 50.
JlJUIKieON Li. It. -JISTK Ift iiaCOO 3.
Clark, 36 30-100 acres, f 1600.
jtkskx iwan Liioyu to lien. Jones,
140 wires, $3000.
HEsnniB John Ripley to Lafayette
Gaston, 63 acres and 10Q rods, $1700.
Clay fl. v tr.'r..i,t t.,..
Mary C. Henry, 2.1 acres, $425.
" w.i.lvu ILCDIUU lUUUUULf
W. Shenefleld, 15 acres, $300.
Mnsniv Wm V - i i j,
Shtntfield, SO seter, $509.
. 1 O
Court Report.
Slate vs. Andrew Moler. Assault
with intent to commit a rape. Rec
ognizance forfeited and respited.
State vs. Malcrum Skees. As
sault and battery, hamc entry.
State vs. Jacob Ponnds.' Assault
and battery. Same entry.
State vs. Emery Green.
and battery.. Same entry.
State vs. Enoch R. 'Dickerson.
Getting intoxicated and disturbing
religious meotlng. Same entries.
Bernard Masterson vs. James
Thompson ct als. Judgment for
$10S.15, and decree to Bell real
Jane E. Burns and John M. Burns
vs. Lewis Muenz and L. P. McKer
nan. Judgment against Mnenz for
Joseph Bell vs. Elizabeth Kerr et
als. Dismissed without prejudice.
James E. Wood vs. C. W. White,
adm'r. Appeal dismissed.
Trobridge $22 00-
Stuart'. 22 00
D. S.
J. R.
J. W.Dale 10 00
Chas. Stuart 115 58
C. B. Blake 1-i 40
F. A. Cromley 20 00
Fletcher fc GiUctt. ... 20 00
H. A. Gillett 20 00
Columbus Letter.
[Special Corr. of the Journal.]
COLUMBUS, O., Feb. 27, 1880.
The Legislature adjourned thi
morning until Tuesday next, 3 o'clock
P. M. The past week has been the
most active one of the session, and
tho future gives promise that there
will be no further delays. The idea,
however, that this legislature - has
been slow and dilatory in the prose
cution of its work is not the fact.
There has been some little difference
of opinion in regard to some im
portant questions, and the commit
tees havo given unusual attention
and consideration to these measures
In order that- all differences might
be harmonized, and the best possible
results obtained. Every thing is in
good shape now and we can begin to
predict something of the future.
The deficiency appropriation bill
has passed both branches and was
signed this morning.
The passage of this bill in the Sen
ate created the only real shaking-up
of the elements that we have in this
end of the Capitol during the session
The democratic side of the House
denounced the title of the bill as a
fraud and a misnomer. This argu
mcnt was met by tho records of the
63d General Asseraby, showing that
the democrats were the first to inau
gurate and pass such a bill, under
the title of a deficiency bill. Then
it was right, now it is wrong. It is
amusing to see the democratic mem
bers get up and denounce in the bit
cerest oi terms, in tins legislature,
the very measures that they inaugu
rated and pnt through with so much
conspicuonsncss in the last General
Assembly when they had the major!
ty. With a democrat there is noth
ing so mean and unjust, and no more
flagrant usurpation of political pow
er than to attempt, just now, to re
organize a public institution. They
denounce It as being the height of
all political immorality. But I think
the die is cast. The last week's de
velopments indicate that a clean
sweep will be the inevitable.
Senator Pond's reorganization bill
passed the Senate yesterday. It is a
square cut bill and provides, for a
new deal all around the board, and
if it passes the House as .it now
stands you may look for a grand
There has been so far but 20 bills
that have passed and beome a law.
The following are some of the most
S. B. No. 4, by Mr. Creamer, To
apportion the State of Ohio into
Congressional Districts, and. repeal
an act therein wmed.
n. B. No. 37,'by Mr. Scott, of Wav
ren, Making appropriations for the
General Assembly.
S. B. No. 15, bv Mr.'IIollingsworth
To amend Sec 1693 of the'Rcriscd
S. B. No. 10, by Mr. Kerby, of
Hamilton; this is a local act relative
to tho organization and control of
the police force of Cincinnati.
H. B. jNo. 2, by Mr. Jones, to re
peal sections 2924, 2931 and 2931 of
tho revised statutes.
H. B. No. 41, by Mr. Hill, of Ham
ilton, to provide for the enlargement,
or improvement, or both, of fair
groundsyfor the use of agricultural
societies, in certain cases, and to re
peal sections 7462-63 G4-65, of the
appendix to the. revised .statutes.
H. B. No. 95, by Mr. Wallace, to
amend sections DOi, IL S.
II. B. 149, by Mr. Ray, to amend
section iilil ol the It. S. This is
the bill that makes the 22d day of
tebruary a legal holiday.
H. B. No. 92, by Mr. Howard, to
amend section 1104 11. S.
II. It. KO. 100. by Mr. Ray, to
amend sections 1700and 1703 of ihe
II. B. 196, by Mr. Scott, of War
ren, making appropriations to meet
There are other bills that have
passed but not yet signed.
The Committee on Privileges and
Elections to whom was referred the
Contested Election Cases of Mott
vs. Kerby, democratic benator from
the 31st District, and also Bavless
vs. ronard, Kepnhlican .Senator from
the tli District, reported back yes
terday in lavor oi the contcstees,
The "contest was based upoiT the
grounds that Kirby and Pollard were
holding lucrative offices in their
counties at the time of their ejection,
and therefore were ineligible under
the Constitution.
The Tj10.il Clntfnniat.a arn oflll no
titloning. Never in the history of
ine oiaie nave so many and bo large
pennons oeen sent praying for the
passage of any one act before. The
grand total of names up to the pres
ent amounts to about 60 thousand.
This would indicate that there was
certainly a strong sentiment in favor
of trying' Ihe experiment anyhow.
Were I the law-making nowerin this
legislature Twoukfpass suclT a'law.
lae republican party is both a
progessive and. an aggressive party,
and it never fails to win when it
steps to the front and makes the at
tack. It always loses, however, when
it plays the part o( a coward and
nuts itself on neutral or defensive
W. S. M.
Logan Republican. The track
laj-ers on the Ohio and West Vir
ginia Hoart struck last 1; riday for a
box car to ride to work in. However,
they went to work Saturday, with
the promise of a more convenient
passage this week. About ten miles
of the track are laid.
Report of tho Condition
or THE
"Tli-Ht IVtitloiinl Bank of
At GaXUpolts, in the State of Ohio, at thi
close of business, February 2I?t, 18S0.
IjOiili And Discount;. 1SI.AR 13
Overdrafts. 1.106 77
U. S. noodj to uenre Circulation, lou.ooo cu
IT. S. Bonrts on hand 100 110
Othf r Sto?ks. Bond; and Mortgage , 6.000 OH
irae rrom approval reserve Aeonu, n.nian
Due from other National Bank i. l.iai HI
line from State Rank; and Hankers. 14.847 St
Keal Estate. Fnrniture and Fixtures. 4.00U 00
Current Expenses and Taxct paid. 3,49ft 15
unecu ana omcr i;an item', zn uu
isms or oiner nanL'. 3,u uu
Fractional Currency (including XicieU.) 4S9 63
Specie. 3.0S8 00
jjefrai-ienaer .-ioks, xi.&.j tv
Bedemp'-ion Fund with U.S. Treasnrer, "
(5 per ct. of circulation.) 4.500 00
ri.i 51
Capital Stock paid in, 100.000 00
Surplus Fund, S4.WX) 00
llndi Tided profl is,
NaUonal Bank .Notes Outstanding. iW.OOO 00
Individual Deposits subject to
check. (116.009 It
Demand Certificate of de
posit. 2S.S27 OS
Time Certificates or deposit, 11,161 M
Doe to other National Bank, 3,771 63
une to sine i.ic.s ana
1.681 S8
t-t91.Hl a
Slate of Ohio.
County of Gallia, s?
I. .Ino. A. Hamilton. Cashier of ti above
named bank, do solemnly s (rear that the above
statement its true, tt the best of ray knowledge
and beuer.
Subscribed and sworn to before roe this .23th
day or rebruar, 1SSJ.
Notary l'ublic.
March 4, 1SS0.
Report of the Condition
or THE
"Centreville National Bank,
or thukmax,
At Centretillf, in the State of Ohio, at th
close of business, February 21if, 1S80,
lian? and discount", 107,911 M
11. S- Itnmti to secure circulation. SO.UO0 (XI
Due irom approved resen e aartnu. 9,317 07
Due from other National Hunks. &T? .",1
Due from State Ranks and banti rs. SI? 3S
Current expenses ami taxe? paid. 2193
Hills of other Banks. ." ft)
Fractional currency (includinif niekelo SSI
Snec.ie rinclndlntr irold Trfttsllrv crrli.
ncates.) 900 Nl
Inl-tender notes, 3,300 0J
Redemption num. with i.. Treasurer
(5 per cent, of circulation,)
2,20 00
1 17o,105 77
Capital stock paid in.
Surplus In nd.
Undivided proflt?.
Hation.il Rank notes outstanding,
Individual deposits, subject
(30.000 00
9,000 UU
2.678 St
43.0U0 OU
lemandrertlflc4itesof deposit. 33
Time certificate of deposit. 35,13 II
Due to other National Banks, 274 69
ti.tn M
Total, tl7fi,103
State of Ohio, (
County of Gallia, ss. i
I. -M. fi. Reman. iAhier of tu kfcove
named bank, do aolemnlv ctrear that tbe above
statement U true to the 'ban of rayknowledga
ana Dfiiei.
Subscribed and Ewom to before me this 28th
day or February, ipso.
D. it. EVHNSi
Notary l'ublic.
L. 31. BEMAN,
,T. C. 1R0SS,
March 4, 18S0.
Ouinrtllan'.s Sale of
Keal ISsfate.
TS nnrsuance of an order of the Probate Court
J. of Gallia county, Ohlomadeon the 2d day
Marco, A. ii. ltteu. in mo cae ot wuiiam ji
Weed gnardtau of .loephine Weed, Insane,
against hi' raid ward and Samuel P. Vaughn,
tua unuersignet will, on
the 3d day of April, A. D. 1880,
at oue o'clock p. m. on the premises, offer at
public sale, the follnwlDfr described real e'tate,
fituate in Sprinsfleld township, county of Gallia
and State of Ohio, and known as part of tbe
north-east quarter of bec.tlon No. 33. Town
and RanzelS.in said county, and bounded am
described as follows, to-wil: beginning at the
north-east corner of said Section No. Si; thence
west 88 3-4 poles to the line or the land sold, h;
William Watkins to Santy Viney: thence sontl
93 poles: thence eat FtX poles; thence north 9")
poles to Ihe place of beginning, containing fifty
(AO) acres, more or less.
Terms of sale one-half cash on dar of sale.
and one-half in ono year from day of pale, the
deferred payraentto be secured by mortgago on
the real estate sold and to bear interest at tha
rate of six per cent, per annum.
Appraised at f&a 00.
Guardian of ,Ioephlnc Weed.
March 4, 18S0 Iw
XTJTE, the undersigned, Incorporators
Y V of tbe "Southern Ohio Telephone
Exchange Company," do hereby pive
notice that from and after .Tanuarv 23d.
1SS0, subscriptions to the capital stock of
aia uompany, will ne received in the
cities of Portsmouth, Ironton, Oslllpo
II? and Pbmeroy-. all In the State of
Ohio, anil authorize Klchard Matherof
Ironton, O., and McKolm A Smith of
Portraoiith, O., and .fobn A. Hamilton
of Gallipolis, O., and George McQuirg
of Pomeroy, Ohio, to receive such 8iib-
scrlptlone, and also any and all instal
ment payments on same, which may Be
made prior to the election of:a Treas
urer of said Corporation : and further
no aiitnonze tne piuiucation ot this
notice to receive snb'crlntlons. In each
of the countte3 of Scioto, Lawrence,
uain&anu Aieigs, in a paper oi genera
circulation tnerein.
signed WM. M. KERR,
March i5, 1880 ,1w
Farm for Sale.
A ,FARM of 170 acres, situated lri
X. Gallia County, Ohio, 6J miles be
low Galllpoli?, having over one half
mile or river front; good water and
Mmher, and house, oarn and other out
buildings. For particulars apply oh
uie premises, or auaress
Gallipolis, Ohio.
March fi, 1880 Ow
T OST, or stolen, one Joint Promlsso
JLi ry Xoto of hand, for the sum of
iU4,5a, given by John P. and Jacob
Vaughn to Geo. W. Jacobs, or order!
payable two years after date, arid dated
Feb! i22d, 1877, at 8 per ?ent. Interest.'
which; Interest has been dulr n.iin and
during the year 1877 sold to me. AH
persons are hereby notified not to -nur-i
chase Bald note as It has oeen .fully paid
nd cancelled.
Mar. 4, 1880.
Notice of Sale.
The State of Ohio, Gallia County,
BY virtue of a decree of the Com
mon Pleas Court of said County,
ordered at the November: term, A. D.
1879, In the case wherein John T. Hal
llday is plaintiff and Joseph J. Blazer
et at. are defendants, and by virtue of
an order or sale issued to me, l snail, on
Monday, the 5th day of April,
A. D. 18S0,
between the hours of one and 'two p.
m. at the front door of the Court Ilouse
In said county, expose at public miction
and Fell the following property, to-wit :
Lots numbers one, (1) two, (2) three, (3)
lour, (4) live,. (5) and six, (6); ana also
what 13 known as "Mill Lot," as shown
in a sub-dlrlsion made by the appraisers
in said cau;e, and as fully shown and
described bv a plat attached to their
report, filed in said cause, said property
being situated on Second and Spruce
streets, in the city of Gallipolis, In said
county, and appraised as follows:
Lot No. one, (1) appraised at f 150 00
" two, (2)
383 00
36(1 00
" three, 3)
" four, (4)
" five, (5)
" six, (C)
330 00
7.V) 00
4.0 00
$7833 CO
"Mill Lot,"
The last including office and mill
building, boiler. and engines, heating
pipe and other fixture.?.
saiu property win De ur oueren in
parts, as divided, each lot being offered
In selling the last named property.
separately, viz: the "Mill Jxt," duis
win ire luuctvcii in bnu nais. 1.11, uut'ii
the grounds and buildings without the
boilers, engines ana heating pipes anu
the boilers, engines and heating pipes
will be offered separately. 2d, the lot
and buildings will then be offered with
the boilers and engines, and the way
which realizes tbe most will be ac
cepted. After said lots and tracts have been
offered separately, the entire property
lncludlnc the six lots numbered, the
mill lot, Boilers, Engines, and Fixtures,
will be offered as a whole and the prop
erty will be sold In the way and manner,
cither in separate tracts or as a whole,
that shall realize the most.
Terras of sale one-third ) cash,
one-third In one year, and remain
ing one-third in two years from
dato of sale, with interest at the rate
of six per cent, per annum. The de
ferred payments to be evidenced hy
notes with good securitv, and. secured
by mortgage a3 additional security.
I shall also at said sale, at the same
time and place, sell at public auction all
the remaining personal property be
longing to the late firm of Waddell,
Blazer & Co., consisting principally
Woolen Mill machinery, Hamps, Shaft
ing, and Pulleys, also one Safe, ofllce
Furniture and various other articles.
Terms of this last mentioned sale will
c! II. McCORMICK, Receiver.
March 4, 1830 3w
Seia for Retail Price List
WE HAVE on hand the be-t and
largest stoek we have ever had,
from 2 to U lnt'he.j.
For further information write to
Wlteelernlmrff Iratn Tile Co.,
Wheeleisburg, Scioto County, Ohio,
March 1879.
rriFIE undersigned has been dulv ap-
JL pointed and qualified Executor
tne estate oi Heorse ftiartiti, late oi Ait
dison township. -(allla comity, Ohio,
deposed. Those. Indebted to the estate
are required to make Immediate pay
ment, and those having claims will pre
sent them duly authenticated according
to law. JAMKS aAims,
Mar. 4, 1880. 3w
Columbus, February 3d, 1880.
Whcrca-, The
Fire Insurance Comnnnr. located at FhildelDhla
in the State of Fennsylrnnla. ha Hied In thi;
office a iworn statement, by the proper Ofiicen
thereof, showing its condition and businei. aud
hat comnlled in all reinects with thelavt of thli
State, relating to Fire Insurance Companies, in-
enrpnraw-a ny oiner ni&ies oi cne u niiea rtiaie?.
oir. therefore, in nunnsnce of law. 1.
wph P. Wright, Superintendent of Insurance
me scat.: oi uojo, no nereny certttr, mat rant
Company is Authorized to transact its appropri
ate busine-n of fire Innranre in thi htate.
accordance with law, during the eurrent year.
The condition and business of said Companv
ine aaie oi snr.n suiement ;uecemoer sist, vav)
is sliotvn as follows :
Aggregate amount of avail
able As-cts $1,107,033
Aggregate amount oi j.iaDii
Ities (except Capital) In
cluding re-Insurance.... 30G.-JS9
Xet Assets
Amount of actual paid up
$531,144 61
Amount of Income for the
year in cash 312,136
Amount of Expenditures
for the year, In cash 302,331
I.v Wrr.NES tY'iiKRKOK, I have
.hereunto subscribed my name,
Seal. and caused the seal of my of
fice to lie afllxed, the day and
year above written.
Agent, at Gallipolis, Ohio.
March l.'lSSO.
Columbus, Feb. 17, 18S0.
Assurance Company, located at Toronto, In the
Dominion of i;auada. a Korplirn Fire Incur.
anre Company, is possessed of at least the
amount of actual capital required of similar
uiuir,uirt .uruiru-uuuer ine prorisiont or tne
Act entitled "An act to regulate. Insurance
tympanies aamg an In.nrunre buslnetf In
the State of Ohio," passed April 27. 1ST1. and the
Acta amendatory thereof and supplementary
thereto, and has rienoaited iritii h. Tnurinfn-
dentnf Insuranceof Ihe State of Ohio. In trut
iur tun uenensann seeuntvor Its policy-holders
residing In tbe State or Ohio, a sum not less
than one hundred thousand dr.iiani in tsu.k
securities require.! and allowed by said acts. And
uicti iu,iuuuic aceruneacopy ot tucnar.
ter or ieed of Settlement, and flPtMi et.t.
ment of its asseU and liabilities jt
of Investments, and otherwise complied with all
1 ,uuu" 1 luK a11 cw, wnicn are ap
plicable to forelrn fire Insurance IViranint..
partnershins and HssncJntlnnc
isor. inererore, in pursuance of law. I. JOS.
i. WRK'IfT. SiinerinlAmlpnt or lnti...n..
ui iue niaieoiuino, ao nereny certiry.that the
said Company U authorized to transact IU ap
propriate business of Fire Insurance In this
Slate, in accordance with law. during the
Tbe condition anil bnsinesa of the irnirsH sr.io.
or American Urancb, December Slst. 1870. Is
u j n.a.uivui UIUIIUIT,;
Aggrefate amount of available as.
sets m the United States, 880,703 M
e united State, inclndinr re.
insurance, 3$4.i H
Amount or income for tha prece-
ainar rear m cash is theCnlted
Statea. tjm ofr
ereceoiDa; year in casn in tbe
sited Sfatca, 479,081
la Witness Whereof. I have hereunto anb.
acrihed fnvnftm ..tii.il (h. a.,1 nf
ioau.1 bj ence to d aioxea, tu day ana year
Agent at Gallipolis, Ohio.
Maroh 4,.1$S0.
Columbcs, January 30, 1850.
located at l'hlladelphla, in the State of Penn
sylvania, has filed n this Office a sworn
Matemeni ny tue proper omren inerenc,
tbowlnsr Its condition and business, and has
compiled in all respect's with the law; of this
State, relating to Fire Insurance Companies In
corporated by other States of the United Stales.
flui, uirivwir. iu piiouii,-o v inw. 1, 4kv
F. WRintlT. Superintendent of Insurance of
the State nf Ohio, do herehy certify that said
Company is authorized to transact its appropri
ate cusinesoi tire insurance in initiau. in
accordance with law durinar the current Tear.
The condition and business of Raid Coaipanrat
the date orsneu statement (uecemoerai, is;,)
U shown as follows :
regate amoun t of avail
able Assets JO.OlS.ii 1.1
Aggregate amount of Lia
bilities, (except capital.)
including re-inurance. 2,170,018 27
Net Assets 4,313,533 SC
Amount ot actual paid up
Capital T2,000,000 00
f2,S48,5.-3 88
Amount of Income for tbe
year In cash 3,432.907 M
Amount of Expenditure
for the year Iu cash 3,471,113 17
In Witness Wutcrkof, I have here
unto pubscrtbert my name,
and caused the seal of ray
oltlce to be affixed the day
and vear above written.
Agent at Gallipolis, Ohio.
March 4. 1830.
No. C74.
SheriiT's Sale of Eeal Estate.
Erie Tucker, guardian, v. George
W. Smith et als.
Gallia County Court of Common
PURSUANT to the command of an
order ot sale Irom the Conrt of
Common Pleas of Gallia county, Ohio,
and by virtue of said writ, f will offer
for sale at public auction at the front
of the Court House In the City of Gal
lipolis, in said county, and State of
Ohio, on
Saturday, April 3d, A. 1). 1880,
at 1 o'clock p. m. of wiil day, the fol
lowing described lauds and tenements
situate In the county of Gallia, ami
State of Ohio, to-wit:
Lot marked A, beginning at the
north-east corner of fraction No. 31 In
Township 4, Range 13, In the Ohio
Company's purrha-e; thence north 7
chains and 28 links; thence west 11
chains; thence south 7 chains and 28
links to the lino between Fractions No.
31 and 36; thence east 11 chains to the
place of beginning, containing 8 acres
more or less, and lying in the south
west part of said fraction No. 36. Ap
praised at $104 00.
Lot B. Beginning at the north-east
corner of Fraction No. 31, Township 4,
Range 15, In the Ohio Company's pur
chase: thence west 18 chains and llfty
links to Isaac Dewltt's land; thence
south 19 chains to a corner of said
Hewitt's land: thence south 0 de
grees west 9 chains and 75 links; theneo
south S degrees east 10 chains and
90 links to the south line of said frac
tion 31 ; thence east 26 chains and 30
links to the south-east corner of said
fraction; thence north T13 cITatns and
14 llrlfcs to the place of beginning, con
taining 72 acres. Appraised at $1003 00.
LotO. Beelnnlne at the north-east
corner of Fraction No. 25, Township
No. 4, Range ao. lo, in tue Ohio Com
p.my's purchase; thence south OehalnR
anu oiinKstOA sea ice; thence west ll
chains; thence north 22 degrees wes
10 chains and 25 links to the north line
of said fraction No. 25; thence east 18
chains and 60 links to the place of lw
ginning, containing 15 acres, Ap-
praised at riij M.
LotD. Beginning at the south-east
corner ot iraction o. 25, in Township
ao, 4, icange .No. l.. in the Uhlo com
pany's purchase; thence wen 27 chains
and 2 links to a stake in the road on the
south line of said Fraction No.
thence north 13 degrees west three
chains aud 50 links; thence north 401
degrees east 19 chains and 50 links
thence north 45 degrees cat 2 chains
and' 90 linkt; the.nce north 43 degrees
west3 chains and 60 links: thence north
10 degrees west 3 chains and 40 links to
a stake; thence east 11 chains to the
east line of said fraction ; thence south 24
chains anil CO links to place of begin-
mug, containing u.t acres ami j nun
dredths of an acre. Appraised at
$861 28.
Lot E. Beginning at the north-east
corner ot Fraction No. 19 In the Ohio
Company's purchase; thence west 2'
chains and 2 links to middle of the
road: thence with said road south 1
chains and 70 links to a stake; thence
south 52 degress east 3 chains and 50
links to a stake from which a hickory
iu inches Dears north ll degrees east
links; thence east 21 chains and 19
link. to the est line of said fraction
No. 19; thence north 17 chains nnd 30
links to place of beginning, containing
J7cres anu 71- hundredths or an acre,
Annraised at 1751 20.
1A1 F. Beginning at the south-east
corner of Fraction No. 19 in Township
no. 4, nange no. id, in tue Ohio tjom
pany's Purchase; thence west 22 chains
and Uf links to a stake from which a red
oak 8 Inches bears south 12 degrees east
ii links; tnenco north 4 chains and
50 links? thence north degrees east
cnains ami &u links: thence north
23 degrees west 3 chains and f! links
thence east 21 chains and 19 links to
the east line of said Fraction No. 19
thence south to the ulace of bezinnlnz
u cnains ana 32 nnics, containing .i
acres and w hundredths of an acre
Appraised at $715
lot G. Bejnf all of Fraction No. 13
In Township No. 4, . Range No. 15, In
tne unio uompany's rnrchase, contain
ing 202 acres. Appraised at $1192 00,
Lot J. The north-east quarter of
the north-east ouarter of Section Xn
13, Township No. 4, Range 15, In the
Ohio Company's Fnrchase, containing
w aere3 more or leas. Appraised at
$600 00.
Lot K. The south-west quarter ot
the north-east quarter of .Section No,
13, Township No. 4, Range No. 15 in
the Ohio Company's Purchase, contain
ing -10 acres more or less. Appraised at
Lot L. The east half of the south
east quarter of the north-west quarter
or section Ho. 13. Township No-. .4,
Kanee l.. in the Ohio Company's l'ur-
-iias, containing zu acres more or less.
Appraised at $30U uu.
The above described tracts of land
will be offered separately as aDDratsed
and advertised. For a more definite
description see plat of said lands ou file
at Clerk's 'office. Said plat made by
wm. R. White, County Surveyor.
to oe soiu.as tne property or ueorge
W. Smith et al. at the suit of Frio
Tucker, guardian.
Terms of sale Cash In hand at time
of sale.
Given under mvhand this 26th dar of
February, A. D. 1880.
U. o. BLAKE,
Sheriff of Gallia Co., 0.
WHtri! fc Holcomb, Att'ys foe pl'ff,
"UCK-MAUOHT" cn coitlrc
Tertt- br XSBS BOS.
Paper Curtains on Rollers, Tattle Oil Cloths, &c,
Meal's Old Stand, Gallipolis, Ohio.
Call anrt examine our splendid new styles before
buying your TFall Paper,
o o
Sheet Music, Stationery, Toys, Chromos,
March 4, 1880.
This Association offers the following special features:
1st Endowment Insurance without extra cost.
2d Uniform Membership fee of $10 for all ages and amounts.
Id No annual dues nor extra charges whatever.
4th Insurance at actual cost
Persons between the ages of 10 and C4 years, who have a first-class health
record, may receive a certificate of membership as follow:
10 to 33 $4,000.
;i4 to 45 $3,000.
40 to 'i5 $2,500.
50 to 01 $2,000.
10 to 33 $4,000.
S4 to 45 $3,000.
40 to 53 $2,500.
50 to 04 $2,000.
Payable at
Payable at death only.
Judge D. L. MEEKER, President. J. K. RIFFLE, Vice-President.
M. F. MYERS, Secretary.
L. L. BELL, Gen. Snpt. .IAS. T. MEEKER, Treasurer?
We want a good responsible agent in every Township.
For particulars, address G. P. CLUTCH, District Agent, Delaware, or
Franklin, Ohio, or
Marcli 5, l880-3m Gallipolis, Ohio.
k: s ,
death or expiration of
21 years.
12 "
2 2. i "? S o 2 5. 3 3
8 rrir.ZaSr,3
3 -i tt tro X
a a - a .
3 sin
? 2.
Cor. Court and 3d streets,
Feb. 20, 1880.
3 02. rackige 10 cent. I
4 ox. Packago 10 cent, f
2 ox. f nckago 0 cent. ?
Ecker House.
This Hotel has been
and is NOW OPEN foe the accom
modatlon of the
A cood meal and a clean bed obtained
nere justaa reasonable as anywhere.
Bo sure of the ,phu"Cj x
oppoilteCoiirt IIouse,;aallip6ll-.
Feb. 10, 1880.
Fana for &ale5
rr Springfield Tpy Gallia Co., O.,
seven miles from Gallipoll, and one
mile from the railroad, containing 225
acre 165 cleared and most or it In
blue ens. Good .house, stable and
orelurci. For further particulars en
5-agt?g??37SS 3
quire of or addreis
. 3all!poli, Ohio,
Jan. 1, 18S09m .
Executors Sale
Real Estate.
IX PURSAXCE of au order of tbe
Trobato Court of Gallia County,
Ohio, 1 will oiler for sale at public
auction, on
Saturday, the 27th day of March,
A. D. 18S0,
ntone o'clock In the afternoon, upon
the premise, the lollowlnsr described
real estate, situate In tho -county ot
Gallia and State of Ohio, to-wit:
Tho north-west quarter of Section
number twenty-threo (23) In Township
number six, (0) Range number sixteen,
(16) except the following described
prom ha, sold by Charles C. 'Wood tb
A. 'V. Bltlgeway, by deed dated March
2.1, 1859, out of said quarter, to-wit:
commencing ou the north hanV of
Tnillan Creek, on Section line between
.Sections twenty-two and twenty-three,
V x !! at a stake n om which a water
bircli Hl'tcon (15) inches In diameter
bearlujr south slxty-slx (CC) degrees,
east fifteen (15) links, said stake, being
south from the corner of Sections four
teen (11) and fifteen, (15) twentv-two,
(22) twenty-three, (23) thirty-three
(Xf) chains and seventy-nine (7U) links;
thence north from this stake to corner
of Sections fourteen, (14) fifteen, (15)
twenty-two (22) and twenty-three, (23)
thirty-three chains and seventy-nine
links, to the north-west corner of said
Section twenty-three, (23); thence east
ten (iu) chains to a stake; thence south
thirty-four (IU) chalnsand twentv-nlne
links (29) to the north bank of said
Indian Creek; thence in .a westerly,
course with the meanders of said creek
to the place of lieglnnlng, containing
thirty-four (34) acres and 49-100 of an
an acre, more or Ies.
Also, the following premises, situate
In tho county Gallia and State of Ohio,
bounded and described as follows,
Being In the south-west ouarter ot
Section fourteen, (14) township six, (C)
of Range sixteen, commencing at a
stako In the State road, near theSchool
House, said stako being three (3) chains
and forty-six (40) links north TtSSube
corner of sections 14, 15, 22,23; -thence
east ten (10) chains to a stake., from
which a white oak clehteen.flSJ' Inches
In diameter bears south eightydegrees
(80) cast forty-eight (43) linkup also a
white oak IS inches in diameter bears
north 31 degrees west 30 links: thenco
south 3 chains and 4C links to a stake;
thence east .'t chains and 25 links;
thence north 17 chains and 33 links to
State road: thence following the mean
ders of said road, leading from Harrls-
nurg 10 ttiugeways, as lollow: south
4 degrees, west 4 chains and ."HJ links:
south' 70 degrees west 10 chains; sonth
a degree, west 13 chains: south GG?-.;
degrees wct 7 chains and '20 links;
thence south on Section line between
Sections 14 and 15 flvo chalnsand 93
links to the place of beginning, contain
ing thirty-seven acres and 95-10Q of an
acre, be the same more or less.
Appraised at $4,120 CO.
Terms of sale one-third In hand,,
one-third In one year, and one-third iu
two years from the day of sale, .with
interest; the deferred payments to be
secured by mortgage on. the premises
sold. i
F.xecntor of Charles C. Wood, dee'd.
By Biudbpmv fc Eckkh, Att'ys.
Feb. 26, 1880 5w
Public Sale.
THE undersigned will oflTer for sale,
at public auction, at the lam resi
dence or-Samuel Rothgeb, deceased, on
Friday, the 12th day of March, 18S0,
thi Goods and Chattels of sal.l i'fviuwi .
consisting In part of 3 Horses, nhnnr.
head, , of Cattlo, J9; head of Hogs,
about TJ tons "of Hay, C or J hundred
bushels Potatoes, several thousand feet
Lumber of different kinds, one new
inch Gut-off Saw. Mower nnd Ttnr.
combined, Wagon, Buggy, Corn, FarmV
luB.uiciiwin, Jiousenoia uqous, C.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, fore
noon. Terms Purchases amoun t Ing to three
dollars orless, to be-pald in cash ; above
sum, notes at eight months, with
good sureties, will be taken.
Fb. 28, 18S0-2W

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