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The Journal.
Trusts: $1 50 in advance, or $2
tt the end of the year.
WM. NASH, Editor
Committee Meeting.
The Bepubiican Central Commit
tee of Gallia County, are requested
- to meet at the Court House, in the
of Gallipolis, on
Saturday, April 17th,
at eleven o'clock A. M. for the pur
pose of selecting seven delegates to
represent the Republicans of Gallia
County in the State Convention, and
for other purposes. The following
are the names of the committee:
Gallipolis, D. "W. Davies, '
" 1st "Ward, L. Z. Cadot,
" 2d " Wm. Nash,
" 3d " Joa-Hopt,
" 4th " W. H. C. Ecker,
Addison, C. .T. Switzer,
Greene, C H. McCormicfc,
Cheshire, Win. Bradbury,
" Precinct, Dr. W. A. Watklns,
Lforgan, Alexander Baird,
SpringBeld,.John Irwin,
Huntington, W. S. Matthews,
Baccoon, L. M. Beman,
Perry, D. E. Tteese,
Walnut, TP". H. II. McDaniel,
Guyao, H. C. Niday,
.Ohio, Hiram Watson,
Harrison, J. Q. A. Martin,
Clay, K. A. Biggs,
Greenfield, B. D. "Evans.
It is earnestly requested that every
member of the Committee be pres
WM. NASH, Chairman.
W. H. C. ECKER, Sec'y.
The receipts of the General.Gov
ernment for the first fifteen days in
March were over thirteen million
dollars. The government 13 par
chasing about $2,000,000 of its
bonds per week.
Denis Kearney, the California
sand-lot blatherskite, has been fined
$1,000 and six months imprison
ment, for incendiary talk.
Gallia County will be entitled to
seven delegates in the Republican
State Convention.
The House Committee on Temper
ance, in the Ohio General Assembly,
have agreed to report back Mr. King's
Local Option BUI, recommending its
passage. They also recommend ah
amendment, providing that wards in
cities and villages may take advan
tage of the law, and prohibit the sale of
liquors within their limits.
".tucnara is nimseir again." as
Edwin Booth said the other night,
after trying White's Cure on a stub-1
born case of Neuralgia.
"The Army of Salvation," is the
title assumed by a party of six, five
women and one man, who have
lately come over from England to
advance the canse of Christianity in
this country They have entered
upon their work "in Now York City.
Their methods are peculiar. They
visit drinking saloons, go out into
the by-ways and hedges, sing and
pray, ana aumomsn. a wcck ago
Sunday evening they held services
in a variety theatre. They seem
imbued with religious fervor, arid
inspired by a sincere desire to ad
vance the cause of Christianity.
The Congressional Convention in this
District, allowing one delegate forev-j
ery 200 votes cast for Gov. Jfpster last i
year, and a delegate for every fraction
over 100, will be apportioned as follows
Gallia, 3328 17
Lawrence, ....3930.... 20
Scioto, 3365 17
Vinton, 1539 .... 8
Hocking 1GC7 ..- 8
Jackson, 2424 12
Total No. delegates 82,
The Ohio Senate, by a vote of 25
to 9, endorses Capt John Porter's
raid on the state treasury to. the
tune 01 $b,uuu, which he claims on
account of the destruction of his
barge, which had been rendered use
less by being inocculated with yellow
lever germs, we regard this as per
fect robbery of the people's money,
and President pro-tera Richards,
B6n. Eggleston nd his Cincinnati
clacquers, ought to have enonerh
sense to be ashamed of themselves:
dui a is nardly probable they have.
Ironlow Regittcr.
And to talk abont "the humane
and. self-sacrificing. Bpirit of Capt
-rorter in applying tho torch to his
own jproperty in order toisave the
lives of others," as President pro
tein Bichards is reported to have
done, is, simply ridiculous, in. view
of the real facts in the case,. The
tow-boat John Porter, with its
plague infected barges, was brought
up the river, -tied to the bank just
below town, and there abandoned by
Captain and crew, utterly regardless
of the welfare and even-lives of the
people in that neighborhood. There
it was permitted to remain, carrying
on its work of death, until there
were no more victims to reach, and
then, after all the, evil it could do
had been done, the particular barge
waB caught up at Cincinnati, and
there burned. If that is Senator
Bichards' idea of a' "humane, and
self-sacrificing spirit," his study of
ethics must have been the product
of African barbarism instead of
christian civilization. The people
who sunered, who remained
who fought the disease, cared for
the sick, buried the dead, protected
boat and property, and spent their
asoney freely to prevent the spread
of the disease, receive no considera
Hon from Senator Richards; their
claims for relief mnsi be ignored,
and, Capt. Porter" paid. Such ac-
s. . I
oa is an insult to justice,
Columbus Letter.
[Special Corr. of the Journal.]
COLUMBUS, O., Mar 19th, 1880.
The Honsoadjourned this morning
until 2 o'clock ncxtcluesuay
The. Senate having rescinded, a
few dys ago;. its resolution provid
ing for tri weekly adjournment, met
regularly, but not having a quorum
present adjourned until to-morrow
.saorning. As far as All-practical
purposes are concerned the Senate
might just as well Jet it3 tri-weekly
resolution alone, for so man' have
asked and obtained leave of absence,
that there-wilt be no rjuorum before
The House has been , wrestling
with the , appropriation bill for the,
last three or our days, and the
chsppes are. . that it will continue to
for several days to come, lue dm
as introduced provides for about two
million dollars, of appropriation.
The Finance Committee,in jtheir con
sideration of the bill thought it too
small and reported it back with an
increase of about sixty-two thous
and dollars. It is" considered by
some that it is still too small, and
the probabilities .are that it will
take dnanother slight addition when
it comes to the Senate. Dr. Scott
the author of the bill is a candidate
for congress in his district, and he
has a natural anxiety of coarse,
just at this time, to acquire the
reputation of a 'brilliant financier,
by getting through under his author
I snip a very small appropriation
Bat whether this kind of legislation
will benefit the party or any one
else bat Dr. Scott, is questionable
'We have always censured the demo
cratic party for not appropriating
enough money to run' the expenses
of the State, and thereby leaving
a large deficiency bill to be supplied
by the Republicans or some' other
party, if such legislation is cen
sura We on tbepart-of the democrats,
it is no .less so on the part of the
Senator .Eichards' limited partner
ship bill, has passed the Senate and
gone to the House. This is proba
bly one of the most important meas
ures that has been before this Gen
oral Assembly, effecting more largely
the business interests of. the State
than any other one question yet un
der consideration. It effects a very.
radical change in the present law
controlling partnership " association,
and I think if it becomes a law will
have a tendency to invite capital
into the channels of trade and Indus
try. lne main point in toe Dill is
the provision that only the capital
subscribed, save -under certain cir
cumstances, shall alone be rcsponsi
ble for the debts of the. association.
The present law I -believe, provides
that not only the capital subscribed,
but the capital and property of each
Individual member shall be subject
to execution for the satisfaction of
the debts of the association. The
Bichards bill is well hedged about
and guarded with all the safeguards
necessary against iraud and corrup
Senator Pollard's bill for the relief
of John Porter passed the Senate bv
a two-tniras vote,-anu will be acted
upon in the Honse next week.
There is a strong probability that
it wm pass tuat urn v. Senator
Bichards made an earnest and elo
quent appeal in favor 1 Us passage
in tue benatc. senator Cllne offered
an amendment to the "bill, to include
indemnity to Gallipolis City and
Gallia County, bat it failed to meet
with any favor. The Clino bill that
provides for indemnifying Gallia
county and City of Gallipolis for
losses sustained in the yellow fever
reign, came up for third reading last
i uesday, and on motion was laid on
the table, where it will probably
remain, until the House takes action
on the-Porter bill. The Cline bill,
however, will be defeated. The line
of distinction, that will be made be
tween the two claims will be that
Porter sustained his loss in an
effort to-save others, while the people
ot liaiitpolis ana. County expended
tneir money, and sacrificed their
property to save themselves.
Dr. (Jane s bill to require in sol
vent corporations to give security
tor costs oeiore commencing suit. has
passed and. been signed.
oeuauir ieer s 0111 maKinsr it a
finable offense to sell, sive or loan
a.ny firearms, or to sell any ammuni
tion to a minor under 14 years of
age nas also been past and sizned.
J?or the benefit of venders in lire
arms ami ammunition, 1 will give
tne dui wnicn reads as follows:
sec. 1. Be it enacted bv the
General Assemby of the State of
Ohio, "That whoever sells, barters,
or gives away to any minor under
the ago of 1-4 years any musket,
air-gun, rifle-gun, revolver, pistol,
or otner urearm ot any description
whatever, or ammunition for the
same, or whoever being the owner,
or having charge and control of any
sucn musKet, air-gun, nne-gun, shot
gun, revolver;-pistol, or .other fire
arm, Knowingly permit the same to
be used bv- such, minor -shall ho
deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.
c, ami snail on linen in any sum
not exceeding one hundred dollars.
or oe imprisoned in jail not exceed
ing thirty.'days, dr. both."
senator t'ond introduced a hi Inst.
Saturday providing that in each of
the Judicial districts of the State
there shall be established a court. of
record,, tho Judges thereof to be
elected or, other Judges, and to hold
tueir onice lor the term or five years,
The powers and jurisdiction of this
court shall be the same in all respects
is now conierrea Dy law upon dis
trict courts and their judges.
J. lie si Hoffman bounce hill. it
has been euphoniously styled and
which passed the House over a month
ago, met with a disastrous defeat in
the Senatqjresterdayi The Republi
cans showed, the white feather, and
gave tue sanction of virtue to the
t.j-,-.... J. 1ua" y WJnOr
legislature enactea. it. is dno how
ever to say that ten Republicans had
courage enough tb vote for tim hill
but it lacked nine of being-enough.
ui. vuuu was one among tne ten.
The Dr. never fails in his dutv as
square-toed Republican. Ami t
might say right here that If this leg
Islature was made up. of a few more
. T aim i 1 t I M
as earnest: fhithfni -1.
unflinching Repnbllcansas'cilne. and
.151 '
" -.wvw w. 4WWtKUiMi.mi nuuifl
hare beep cut short; ana the Ion
suspense that it has occasioned
would have been ended the first
month of the session. I can hardly
sec that we are any nearer reorgan
ization than wo wero at the begin
ning of the session. v
Senator Pond's bill which passed
the Senate sometime ago, and pro
vided for making a clean sweep of
the whole business, was dissected in
the House and all its vital parts tak
en out and thrown away, leaving
it inoperative in its application oh"
all the State institutions except the
Athen'8 Asylum and the X?nia Sol
diers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home.
In the judgment of the conscien
tious Republicans of the House these
two Institutions need reforming, bnt
the other institutions are par excel
lence and can be made no better.
This, however, does not accord with
the declarations made by these same
conscientious Republicans last fall
when they were asking the people to
send them here to correct democratic
legislation. The trouble is that there
are about fifty Republican Repre
sentatives that ought to be at home
chopping wood instead of at Colum
bus trying to legislate for the people.
They may understand some of the
principles or manufacturing stove
wood, but as legislators tbey are con
snmate failures.
Mr. Bay's Honse bill relative to
the school board of Cincinnati was
amended in the Senate yesterday so
as to make women eligible to mem
bership in said boards. Senator Eg
gleston. was the author of the amend
ment, and made a strong appeal in
behalf of the women. I am suspi
cious that the House, however, will
not concer in the Senate amendment.
A bill, by Senator Hollingsworth,
has passed the Senate providing that
all executions of death sentence shall
be performed in the Ohio Penlten
tiary, and that the Warden shall be
the executioner
The Local Optionisls arc still be-
seiging the law-makers. They cry
unto them from the voices of a hun
dred thousand petitioners.
Our candidate for Secretary of
State, yoii know, is Captain J. C.
Donaldson. He is booming all over
the State 'and the boys propose to
head the State ticket this year with
a working Bepubiican, a wounded
soldier, and a man capable, efficient
and that can carry more votes than
any otlier man In the Mate.
T. H. Bicketts, an attorney at law.
of Coshocton, Ohio, is a very promt
nent candidate for Clerk of the Su
preme Court. Mr. Blcketts is a very
popular gentleman, and would make
a good officer, and a good strong, man
to put on the ticket
It is currently reported here that
C M. llolcorab, of Gallia, Is a can
didate for Congress in the 11th Dis
trict. We. hope that this is so and
that Mr. Holcomb will come square
ly out and fight the thing through on
that line. He is active, aggressive
and qualified, and if nominated will
make tho campaign red hot for the
boys on the stump and off of it
There certainly can be no question
but Gallia is entitled to recognition
in this matter. She has never had a
Congressman since the days of Sam
uel F. Vinton, and has never had a
Bepubiican Congressman or ever a
nominee, although she has continual
ly rolled up her 800, 900 and 1000
Bepubiican majority. Let Gallia
pick her man and then 26 Into the
Convention solid as a' rock for him,
and crowd claims.
W. S. M.
For the Journal.
Henry Bard, of this township.
died on the 8th inst, at the advanced
age of 93 years.
S. R. Holcomb, Asa Drake, E. G.
Shaner and James McGhee are can
didates for the office of Justice of!
the Peace
Duncan McLish died 011 the 11th
mst, at his home in Morgan town'
t.. t Al. J I M
amp, in me i-hii year or nis age.
He was a. riative of Scotland. He
was an honest man, and a warm con
genial friend; a man of letters and
ot manners too. Peace to his ashes.
The B. B. work on.
Probate Court.
Judge Cowden furnishes, us with the
following statement of business in the
Probata Court the week:
Geo. A. Merrltt and Bozella M. Wil
Jno. W. Wilt and Rosa Swisher.
Geo. Mulford and Kate C. McCarty.
Thos. Siderand Ada Palmer.
Alonzo Ratliburn and Maria ;L. Mnl.
win. .1. Fletcher and Lome E. Com-
Wm. A. Prose and Annie C. IVimr.
Chas. L. Thaxton and Jennie Foster.
George Barn hart and Luclnda Rife.
Ihe Isst will and testament of Jnn.
cole, deceased, was admitted ta
rrooate. aiirrJohn Rrvan wasannmntni
i.aura Ji. riliraore filed her second
account ? guardian or Cora Fillmore,
IT. C. Northnp, executor or George
NortliiipJ deceased,' flled 'hU final
The Gallia County Fair U set for
Sept. Sth, 9tb, 10th and 11th. $2,500
premiums are offered. Running
races every day except the first-
This Fair is to he the biggest ever
held in the county.
r- .
.... . . .
iur. ueman usa lncrotiuceu a will au
thorizing County Commissioners, where
there are no improved, roads, to expend
to exceed one mill on the dollar for
repair of the principal highways.
We are to have a, daily boat to Park-
ersburg through the enterprise of our
townsmen, the Maddy Bros. The A. L.
Norton will, when her alterations are
completed,, take the mall and waybusi-
of the Chesapeake, leaving thl fast
Ofafltrlan t-rk m1n .iIIm a.
arrlvInB- llPr In tho AvAnlntf
mviuic nercin tue evening ana, re
turning immediately. This chanee will
place In the course pi three or four
weeks. It ha; been one of tho cherish.
projects tosteimboatmen to establish
Sfotiee. -
TP1?? election for two mmbers of the
TcrLM sail f m.,V. sttu .
Board of Education, will h hM
of SmFu O P"8' In tbe
Monday, AprilCtb. 18807
By order of the. Board of JCdncatlon.
- rw .
Mar. ss. isso. VAWiV
. -
Republican Township Convention.
The Republican City and Township
Executive (Jommlttee, after proper eon
siueration, issue tne following ran:
The Jtenublfeansof the townsuln and
of tho several Wards in the city, are re
quested to meet at their usual places' of
Holding eieeaons, on Thursday, March
zatn, in tne townamp oetwceu 4 ana
P. 31., and in the Wards between the
hours of 6 and 8 P. 31., and proceed to
elect ny oaiiot delegates to meet in
townshin convention, at the Court
"House, oh 'Saturday evenings March
win do as follows:
Township 10
1st Ward 3
2d " i... ws.-..-15
3d " 20
4th U
The Committee recommend that the
several Wards, at their meeting for the
election or delegates, placa In nomina
tion, by ballot, their Ward officers, and
that the Township, at the same time.
nominate a candidate for township As
The Committee call upon all Repub
licans to give attention to this matter,
that the result may be the expression
of the true Republican sentiment of the
Wards and the
D. W. DAVIES, Chair.
Transfers of Real Estate.
Haiuuso.v. Geo. W. Smith, per Sher
in, to uorneuus Herridee. i; acres. S3,
605,34. John Randolph to John White,
M or .1-7 of iu acres, ss.
Gcyax. B. T. Wall to M. O. Wall. In
terest in 49 acres, $150. Junius J. Fulks
and others to Jacob A. Fulk3, 95 acres,
Clay. John Uerrln, by Jos. Stafford
Auditor, to H. A. Glllett.out lot one (1)
In South Chainbersburg, taxes. Jacob
Overall to John W. Overall and others,
lot No. 11 In Charabersnurff, $25". Job
W. Overall to H. A. GIHett. Interest 1
lot No. 11, $31. Jacob A. Overall to H
A. Gillett, K interest In lot No. 11. $16
SPtuxaFiKLD. uenry itothgeh, per
snerin, to James fatmver, si acres, $907
Addison. James 11. and Martha
Fulton to Henry C. Fulton, 2 acres. $40,
Heirs of Walter Watnon to Luci'nda
Hughes, 28 acres, $1 and other consider
Galufoms City. Max llorser. bv
Adm'r, to James 31. Irwin, part of lot
o. ism, $?oiu. uenevteve Mason and
John J. Maxon to C. Vt . Henklng, parts
ot city lots xos. io7 and 138, $1300
Jane Howell to Trustees ot Ancient
York Lodge No. 33 of Free and Accepted
.uasons, parts 01 city lots -Nos. 357 and
35S, $700. Joseph Hunt and wife to
Wm. Shober, a part of city lot 300, $180,
o To
EOR a fine Suit of Clothes, cut to lit
you. Clothing made in the best
manner and after the latest style.- War
ranted to give satisfaction. Cleaning
anu repairing attended to promptly and
neatly done.
East side Secoud street below Public
Mar. 25, 1880. 3m
Bridge Xotice.
iuo commissioners or uallia Coun
ty, will sell on the grduhd8, the follow.
Ing jobs of Bridge Work, to-wlt:
The repairs of a-bridge at Gallia Fur
iiauc, in ureenneia Township, on
Tuesday, April 6th, 1880,
at 2 o'clock p. m. f
Ivin'j Mill, in Greenfield Townfiln
Wednesday, April 7th, 1880,
at 10 o'clock a. m.
A bridge across Svmmes' Crontr. hear
Eakin!s farm, in Walnut Towrtshln. on
Wednesday, April 7th, 1880,
at 4 o'clock n. m. '
A bridge across Sandfork, near Sam
uel Drake's, in Walnut Township, on
Thursday, April 8th, 1880,
at 10 o'clock a. m.
A bridre across Little BullsL-in n
u. a. uaKer-s.in Harrison Townshin. on
Frldaj-, April. 0th, 18S0,
at 10 o'clock a. m.
A brldec at the mouth of Bnllnkln.
t nil 1 . ...
iu way jownsnip, on
Friday, April 9th, 1880,
atl o'clock n. m.
repairs to nil, near Chambersbnrg,
tu AUWIlsuip, OU
Friday, April 9th, 1880,
at 4 o'clock p. m.
Repairs to till, at Cblekamaura hrhW
uauipuus, uu
Saturday, April 10th, 1S80,
at 2 o'clock p. m.
Plans and specifications made IcnoWn
at me time and place or sale.
By order or the Commissioners.
March 25, 1880 2w
"VTOTICE is hereby given that I have
j-i tnis day-sold my Interest in tho
firm of- .TERM AN, BO VIE fc CO. to
ohas. rtTKAT, Tlianklmr tho nub He
for past favors, I respectfully ask.a coa-r
unuance 01 same to ray sucessor.
THE undersigned has been duly
qualified a3 Executor of the estate
f , John Cole, deceased, late fit
Gallia County, Ohio. '
xr , VJJ BRYAN, Executor.
Mar. 28, 1880-3w
-No. 77C.
First Order of Sale.
Unarles M. Blosser vs: Svlmstpr
uussen et al.
sale from the C!nurtnri!Am...nn m. -i ,i
county Ohio, and by rirtue of said writ. I
Mwiiiuavi lniut OH
Monday, the 24th clay or May:
A. D. 1880,
uie nouror one o'clock p. in. or said dar. the
fbllotrlnr tlMP.HrutH i.Mmisnr .i.. v.t
lft8priDfi?'1S ?.wnf.hip 1 "exinnlng on the east
side ol the Gallinolls road, at tha nh.i
corner at a state from which an apple tree s
Inches in diameter tipnr. nnrthii ,i
- - v. wuicv.va v
"",; tuence soniu rour enalns and afty lints to
state, from which an apple tree ten inches in
diameter bears north 73 degrees mst SO links;
thence east rour chains and arty lints: thence
north four chains anil flttv link.. rhDn.a
four chains and any links to tho place of begin
ning, containing-two acres more or less, togeth.
" w W4tvi.cic3 uu appunences iq tne
cuc inriunKutg-, una any wise appertaining.
Appraised at one hundred dollars (1001.
To be sold as the property or Sylvester Kosiell
al.at the suit of Charts? M. Blosser.
lenmoi saie vasa on day or sale.
GWeriunder my hand tills 16th day.of March ,
Sheriff Gailia'Co.. Ohio.
T. TV. HaxrrdN. Att'y.
Mar.53, 18S0-J-5.W
Farm for Sale.
A FARM of 170 acres, situated In
Gallia County, Ohio. 6t' miles be
low Gallipolis, having over one half
tunc ui river jruui, guuu water ana
timber, and House, "barn, and other .out
buildings, v For particulars pply on
premises, or'addreas" ' .'.
" GaUldbHi. OhlS.,
M&roh 5, 1880-w
It T
23 COURT Sit.
Now opening SPRING STOCK choice Fabrics of the newest De
signs, and all kinds Domestic and Fancy
Dress Goods, Silks and Trimmings.
Ladies' Worsted and Linen Ulsters and Suits. Large Stock
Gent's Fine Cloths and Suitings.
II 1 DDE?T The Carpet stock is the largest and most
(iHrirC I Qi in this market, and should be seen by all persons before makino-
purcuases. ah uoous win De sola at tne
And a cordial invitation is extended to all to examine hoth Dry Goods and Carcet
v ct -1 nnn
March 25, 1880.
31 . A. COX.
No. 77C.
First Order of Sale.
Charles M. Blosser vs. William Rus
sell et al.
"PUESUAXT to the com m ana of an order of
J- naieirom tneuonrtor Common rleas or Gallia
conntr. Ohio. anl br ylrtne or tild writ, I will
offer tor sale at public auction at the front ilunr
01 tne uourt noue in the Utv- or Gallipolis. In
said Gallia county and State of Ohio, on
Monday, the 21th day of May,
A. D. 1880,
at the honr of one o'clock p m. of Ealddav, the fol
lowing described lands and tenement";, to-wit:
Beinir part ot the north-vest quarter of Section
No.K. in Springfield township, lginninf; on the
east idu ol the Gallipolis road, at thenorth-vrebt
comer, at a stake from which an apple tree 8
inches in diameter bears north SI derree- east 85
lints: thence south four chains and Sltr links lo
a stake from which an apple tree (en inches lu
diameter bears north 73 degrees eatS0 links:
thence east four chains ancl flftj- links; thence
north four chains and nl'tr llnk; thence wet
four chain and tlfty links to the place or begin
ning, containing two acres more or les.
AppraiMid at (f 100) one hundred dollars.
To be sold ns the nmnertv nf Srlrfttr line.
sen cvai,aiiut3MDiior i.uaries ai. inosscr.
Terms of sale-Cash at time of sale.
Given under my band this SJdday of March
. C. B. BLAKE,
Sheriff Gallia Co., O.
T. IV. Hampton, Att'y for Pl'JT.
Jlar. 25, 1880 5w
No. 099.
Tirst Order of Sale.
John H. Clark vs. William Shuck
and Mary Shuck.
TpURSUANT to the command of an order of
- 18 from the Court of Common Fleas of
uaiiiaraumy, unio. anil tor TIrtue of said writ,
X will offer for sale at public auction at the front
uuur ui uie umn uouse, in tne city of Gain polls
Monday, 24th day of May, A.
D. 1880,
at the hourof oneoclook p. m. on naM day. the
south-ea&t ansi-ternf th nnihitt'nnir.
rour, of'XUnre No. tixteen. C alii a county, Ohio,
containing forty acres more or less. To a-ether
WIta toe DriTilecres Ami anniirtprisni-; m th
M4uo uciunKiuK. or in any wue uppertaminff.
eu at rour auuarel and lortr ilollar
Amiraueu at four UunUrea and
TabCftOlll && ihn tirnnortvir Wllllom GV....I-
uu jHiuyauucs acme stuc or Jonn n, Clara.
-i.cruii ui uie i.un on riav nr utin
Olren under nivhunrt thi h iinvnr rOM.
Sheriff Gallia County, Ohio.
AVTilte & Holcomb, Att'ys for Pl'lT.
Mar. 2.j, 1880 5 w
Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate.
Lucy Aichcr vs. Mary Grcenirood,
State of Ohio, Gallia County, ,
TV VIRTUE qfa writ of VeudI Krponas. is
" ' suea irom tne court of Common Pleas, of
iu uuuhvt ui uaina ana aute ot onio.asd to
me directed, I will offer lor sale atpublie auction
the frontdoor at thAfVinr itm... in .u.
iu smu wjuuiyoi uaiua, unio, on
aionday, the 21th day of May,
A. D. 18S0,
Lire Estate of the said Hn 1.: k.
following- descrilicd lands and tenement? to
l:Ull.Il0, in 'J18 01 Oallliwin. oallia
Connty, Ohio, numbered serenty-four (74) and
j l n biMio apprai&eu at
tbesuin of Are hundred dollars JSOO);
Taken as the. uroncrtror Km :r.nn.i
the suit of Lucy Aicher.
leras oi saie-casn in hand at time or sale,
""tier my hand th17tb day or March
Sheriff Gallia Co., O.
l.isn & Nash, Att'ys.
Mar. 25, 18S0 5h-
No. C67.
First Order of Sale.
Bernard Maaterson vs. James
Thompson et al.
PUrtSirANT to the command of an order of
ii? ? frn.m.,t? "f of Common Pleas of
... '"i". ami ny Tirtneor ald writ.
will offer CorsJilHuLnnhlir. i,..ti .k
.k.'tA.. ' II. . . " .lit. I. UU .
w"" iuum. in ine city of uallluoli.
saidConntyoI Gallia and Stati of Ohio, on
Monday, the 24th day of .May,
a. u. xoau,
one o'clock p. ra. of said dar thn raiir.inr
dewibed premises to. wit wdtuated in said coun.
of Gallia and in Ohio Township, and State of
....... o..,. ii si mirty acres more or less. In
north-east corner of the north-west qnarrer
Section No. Ave. Town So. three. Itange fl"
Ohio,Uompany's I'urchase. and bounded
described as lollows: Beginning at the
""iHH ""jrt1"8 uorth-wct qnarterof
i . j "w.v n nt zucuains ami vj
to a corner from which a white oak IS In.
i.u.um uurm usiiegrees wet5 lints.
nd.2nl'1,?cS.os 3 '"Che bears sonth n degrees
" cni.-o soum iicnaiusandSti lints
a corner south or the branch, from which a
hickory 5 inches bears sonth ii degrees east 1
and a black oak tree f. inches ii.r. .n,h ja
r " menco east ZD chains and
lints to a comer on the east line or said qnar.
ter.near a sprine.lrom which a gum treell inch
es bears north OS dcarrees west 35 lints, and a
oak 6 Inches liears south in if..
thence north 11 chains nn.mi if.v. .
of beginnlng.contalning SO acros more or
together with the privileges and appnrten.
u the same belonging, or In anwlse an
pertaining. AUDralsed at flOeai thrM l.nnr.i .t..
5f .1?M "f.lh.e firPe3?' rJtuaei Thompson
al at tbe suitor Bernard llastcrson. 1
.terms ui, soie vasu in nand on. day of sale.
Giren under my hand this asd Avr.r u....
A.D.1SS0, ,.
C. p. BLAKE,
Sheriff Galha County. Ohio.
T. W. HAMPTOjf, Att'y for Pl'ff.
Mar. 25, 1880 Ow
Hamburg American Packet
W8BH7 Liffl of Steal!!
Leaving New York every Thursday
at 2 P. M.
. . r r
iu uu irvm jiaroiw at lowest rates. For
IiflaiO, Raice k Germany.
so ana rrom jaroiw t lowest ratei. For
SBK5SS-Ji; fflojJYJg ASS;; I
The greatest display ever opened in this city, embracing
LINE from the cheapest Browns to the most Elaborate
uums. aiso a nne assortment of
Dado Patterns,
Fringe and Scallop Shades
of all lengths and colors ready for hanging. Something
New m
Of which we have a Large Stock. VelociDedes and
-Boys vyagonsin irreafc vflrififv flnoTi Tinrnna win
it greatly to their advantage to call and see our stock
ucime uuiKing purcnascs as we are down to bottom
figures. Call and see the boss thing of the age the
March 25, 1880-3m W C"
THE following Statement shows the condition of the several Funds In the
Ureasury of Gallia County, Ohio, on the Ut day of March, A. D. 18S0:
; ST
: -a
r.s 3
Institute.. ..
Section 20....
Building.. ..
Court House.
I: s
C"3 00
2S 3
n 3 O S
m - a ft
Net Balance.
8W ft!
C223 09
2195 GO
339 99
41 19
10 34
720 83
561 87
1823, 49i
S5 2
131C0 CO
1123 01
1123 01
13331 02;14177 04
S S '
2600 78!
4180 83,
24593 771
3701 431
0300 21
IB 96
D.1 SO'
370 48
2507' 00
1586 98
62346 37i
1477 74
10103 07
27089 37'
4101 4
9300 21
58 15
191 83
380 82
720 63
3069 83,
3410 47
'4390 53
3219 15
5961 05
25127 22
4015 66
9300 21
1 50
12 17
2C 851
81 5-1
2883 30)
2277 02
B5074 24
1741 41!
2038 47
4412 93
I 1962 15
55 76
56 05
.182 71
359 97
639 09
186 53
1133 45
1741 41
11037 70
1741 41
9316 29
We the undersigned. Auditor nnrl IVicnrsai" nf cadi rst n .1 u 1
that tl... nhnvn Bt.f.mV. ic ... . ., lu" . lr .ru"V """"J.rniy
records and books of our respective olflces
-vr u,o,oDn o JOSEPH STAFFORD, County Auditor.
March 18, 1880-2w W. W. MARTINDALE, County Treasurer.
This Association offers the following special features:
1st Endowment Insurance without extra cost.
2d Uniform Membership fee of 10 for all ages and amounts.
3d No annual dues nor extra charges, whateverl
insurance at actual cost. -
Persona between the ages of IC and Gi years, who have a'first-class
record. may receive a certiheate of membership as follows:
16 to.33 $4,000.
34 to 4513,000.
46 to f)5 $2,500.
56 to 61 $2,000.
16 to 33 $4,000.
"34 to 45-$3,000.'
46 to 55 $2,500.
56 to 64$2,000.
Payable at death or expiration of
u ' -i,
Payable at death only.
21 vpra
12 "
JudgoD.L. MEEKER, President Jjr RIFFLE. Yrce-President.
T ttPTT n c -M. F. MYERS, Secretary. i:
BELL Gen- Snpt jAS. - T. MEEKER, Treasurer.
We want a good responsible agent in every Township. t
For particulars, addrosa rt t nTirrnn rt,i.f A rranf Tistl mohA
n trim iihiA .
March 5, 1880-3m Gallloolte. Ohio.
I ate
IJOnX W. HOLLOW AY, Mayor of
9 tbo city of Gallipolis, Ohio, do
hereby proclaim to the electors of said
City, and of the respective Wards there
of, that on the
5tU day or April, A. D. 1880,
between the hours of sir o'clock, A. ST.
and six o'clock 1. M. of that day, an
election will be held in said City, and
each Ward thereof, us follows, to-wit:
First Ward, at RobertGates's Jewelry
Second Ward, at. Mayor's Office, at
the window facing on LocustStreer.
.- Third Ward, at Samuel Kerr's Marble
Fourth Ward, at George Alexander's
Store Boom.
At which election you will be called
upon to choose.ono Councilman and one
Assessor for each Ward.
The electors are fur'tlier notified that
on the same day, at the same time and
places, they will be called upon to vote
upon the question whethar or not they
will confer upon tho City Council the
exercise of the following powers, to
wlt: 1st". To purchase and hold for the
purpose of a Railroad Depot, right of
way, and other purposes connected with
operating a Railway In said City, any
lots or pieces of land within the corpor
ate limits of said City, together with
any ouuaings tuereon, anu to pay
for the "same any sum not exceeding
twelve thousand dollars.
2d. To provide the money for tho
payment of real estate so purchased, Is
to be authorized to issue the bonds of
said city, payable in twenty years, or
less, bearing Interest at the rata" of six
per cent., payable semi-annually, and
iu pruYiue lor me payment or said
bonds and the Interest thereon.
3d. To levy on the taxable property
of said City, annually, a tax uot ex
ceeding one mill on the dollar of such
taxable property, In addition to the tax
authorized by law to be levied by such
dtyt-and said tax so levied shall be ap
plied to no other purpose than the nav-
r pent of. tho Interest and principal of
saiu oonus; nroviuen, tnat lr more mo
ney shall be raised iu any one year than
Is required to pay the amount due on
said nond3 for the year, the balance
shall be set aside and constitute a sink
ing fund, to be applied lo tho "navraent
of the principal of said bonds, when
ever the amount of said fund shall equal
the sum due on one or more of said
4th. That such City Council is to be
authorized to grant or lease the prop
erty so purchased, or part thereof, to
one or more Railway Companies, for
uepoc, rijjui oi way, or oilier purposes,
In connection with Rallwav uses, unon
nch terms and conditions as m.iy le
aerceil upon bi tweon such Cltv Coun-
1 ell aud such Company or Companies.
5th The question as to whether von
will authorize the Cltv Council to exer
cise the above mentioned powers or not,
will bo submitted to you, the qualified
electors of this City, on the day, and at
the places aforesaid, the samo having
been called by the CUlbjOquucII. Those
of you who arc In ftJPFof conferring
on the City Council tile exercise of the
powers above enumerated, shall have
written or printed on your ballots
Those who are opposed, shall have writ
ten or prtnteu on their ballots
Done at the City of Gallipolis. Mavor's
Offlce, this 2:td day ot March, 1S80.
JO. W. HOLLOW AY. Mayor.
March 25, 18S0 2w
Fruit Hill Farm.
TIIE above Farm contains 50 acres,
lays on the river flvo miles Lelow
Gallipolis, all under cultivation, em-
oraclng in orchard about 500 apple
trees, 300 pesch trees, 3 acres of straw
berries, and small fruits of all kinds,
good dwelling house and out buildings.
Clipper Mill, Gallia Co., Ohio.
Mar. 18. 1850 Iw
Public Sale.
TN pursuance of an order of the Pro
JL bate Court of Gallia Countv. Ohio. I
will offer for sale, at nubile anntlnn. nr
the front door of the Court House, In
the cltv of Gallinolls. in
and State of Ohio, on
Saturday, April 17th, A, D. 1880,
at 2 o'clock p. m. of said day, the fol
lowing described real cstatn. sltusr in
the county of Gallia and State or Ohio,
to-wlt: Beelnnlng at a stL- In tim
mlddlo of tho Little Chlckamauga road.
wuere a wnue oaK 21 in. in diameter
bears south 5 decrees east 89 iink
thence north 15 decrees east i phatrw
47 links, to a stake in the middla nf
said road : thence north 28 iWmra pact:
along said road 0 chains and 60 links,
to a stake; thence north 26K degrees
east 8 chains 50 links to astak'e; thence
north 20 degrees east 8 chains 70 links
to a stake on W. S. Entsmlnger's south
line; thence west 61 ohalns.62 links to
corner which bears on white oak it
In. in diameter north 5 iltmps west.
25 links, and biack oak 12 in. in diame
ter north 61 degrees east 50 links;
thence south 26 chains to a corner,
which bears on chesnut oak 14 in. In
diameter north 11 cast 49 links, and
hickory 18 In. In diameter north 72i
east 23 chains: thence cast 51 nh-ilnj
37 links to the place of beginning, con
taining (151) one hundred and Any
one and one half acres, be tho nnm
more or lea?, all being in Section 31,
Appraised at 16,060.
Terms of sale one-third In haml.
one-third In one year and one-third in
two years from the day of sale, with
interest at 8 Der cent, ner annum -thn
deferred payments to bo secured by
mortgage on the premises nold.
Administrator of the estate of V. Swit-
zer, deceased.
Mar. 18, 1880 ow
Lvsuiunck Detabtme-vt,
CoLrjjtnus, January 28, 18S0.
Fire. Insnnnee (Tnmn.nv nhti..i
i'.j e 8tateorVennsTlranI,llas filed la
onlce s sworn statement by the proper officers
thereof, showing its condition and business: anil
compiled in all resnects with the
Mate, relating to Kirn Insurance Companies in
corporated by other states or tbe United States.
WK1GHT. Sunerfttondent nr T.:--J ?J
State ofOblo. do herolir rnrKr. m
Company Is antborizad to transact its appronri.
bnsiness or rire Insurance In tblf state in
acconlance with law rturinir th rnm.n.
condition and business or said Comnanrat
date of such statement (December 31 lfci i
ihnvn as fallows
Aggregate amountof avail
able Assets.. J3.207.fti7 ut
iilitfes, (eicent caDltal.i
Including re-insuranco.
1,929,652 33
Net Assets 1,217 393 9
Amount ot actual paid up
CaPltal 4400,000 00
Suplus....! 4877,303 29
Amount of Income for the
year in cash G61.1C2 77
Amount of Expenditures
yr iue year in cash ... . 765,341 31
Witxess Whkeeof, I have here
:,f ' imto subscribed my. name,
Will ani1 Cause(1 th" seal of my
J offlce to be, affixed tho day
and year above written.
Agent at Gallipolis, Ohio.
March 18, 1680.

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