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Oc "xiidiihiii)
inT,r,:i7:oT:ouniT, oirro:
Thar- '
y,:::::::::Ari! 9, 1337.
t JTIia Cineinnnli election resulted
in the surrey of the "Citizens'" candi
dates for Mayor, Judgo of the Superior
Court, and two or throe minor offices.
Tlio Pemnerals enni'-d tho lalance of
their ticket-, and Lave a nirjority of one
in the Council.
f!...r-Connecticut voted for Stato ofTi
cersnnd Congvemen on Monday. The
ret inis received, indicate that the Rc
puolieans have carried their whole State
t'eket, and three out of four Congrcs
r -rSt. Louis elected a Ilepubliean and
"Kiiinneipntionist" Mayor on Monday
lat, If 1500 majority! Truly it may be
naid, ''I-i;;lit is pprung up'' even in the
dark corners and p-trnngholiLi of slavery
, . ,
The Canal contract question in not
yet disposed of. Mr. Cad well's bill wa
defeated in the House last week, by yeas
S3, navs 50 not a constitutional ma
Tint ii Houses have passed the follow
intr Amendments to the Constitution
which v iil bo submitted to theper.plc in
1. rre iding for Annual Set-sions
the Legislature;
'2. Single Legislative restrict.;
j. (icneral Laws fur Corporatiorn,.cx
cm in peculiar cases;
1. Taxation of linking capital
other property;
5. A Judiciary system, embracing Su
prcr.io Court, Common Pleas, and a Pis
trict Court, with one Judcc, to be elect
cd by the people, who shall reside in the
Pistnct, and hold office for live years
thopo" crsot tnc Courts to bo settle
by law.
Business is being rapidly dispatched
preparatory to an adjournment, proba
bly by tLe middle of this month.
The New Governor of Kansas.
A ill not proceed to the Territory, it
Hated, until the first o(Mny. The new
Secretary, F. 1'. Stanton of Tenn., (for
merly M. C.) will act as Governor until
Mr. Walker's arrival.
Tho Washington Union publishes Mr
Walker's letteraecepting hisappointment
in which he says:
'It is understood that you and all your
Cabinet, concur in the opinion expressed
by me that the actual bona fide residents
of Kansas, by a fair, regular vote, unaf
fected by fraud or violence, must bo per
mitted in adopting a State Constitution,
to decide for themselves what shall be its
social institutions. I contemplato a
peaceful settlement of the question by
un appeal to the patriotism and intelli
gence of the whole people of Kansas.
I contemplate no appeal to military pow
er, in the hope that my countrymen in
Kansas from every section, will submit
to a decision in this matter by a full and
fair vote of a majority of the inhabitants
of the territory."
This reads very well, and if the course
it murks out for the Governor's adminis
tration is strictly adhered to, the North
will be sati.-lied, as there is no doubt bow
a majority of the inhabitants of the Ter
ritory will vote on the quet'on of Free
dom or Slavery, if a ''i-iir and regular
vote, unaffected by fraud or violence," is
allowed them. The people will wait anx
iously to pee whether the new Governor's
acts correspond with his promises.
In connexion with this subject, we
copy the following paragraph, from an
The Washington correspondent of
the Sf w ork Post, who seems to be very
well inl'urmt'd concerning Gov. Walker,
eays in a letter dated March 2ftth:
Gov. Walker still maintains the opinion
CTpres-ed in his published address to the
people of Pennsylvania, shortly before
Htu -liaiian's election, that a fair trial of
the principles of the organic act of Kan
sas must make it a Free State.
Kansas Appointments—Gov. Geary.
The telegraph from Washington in
iorms us mat me rrcsiacnt nas maae
tho following Kansas appointments:
John W. AVliitficld, ex-delegate from
Kansas, l!egitcr, and Paniel Woodson,
cx-Sccrctary of State of Kansas, re
ceiver of Delaware J.and District; Fred
erick Finery, Register, and James P.
Downer, receiver lor the Western Land
District; Win. II. Dunk, P.egi-,ter, and
K. Paphroditus Hanson, of Michigan,
recover of the Osagu Land District.
Of the above, Whitfield, Woodson
and Finery, ara all known as conspicu
ous f-;r t!:j:r "T'.Ye participation iu the
Lorder Ruffian proceedings in Kansas,
and their appointment by Mr. Buchanan
has an ominous look for the Free State
cause in the Territory.
A U tter appears in the Chicago Trib
une, written by Mr. Joseph Ford, of
Fountain Grove, Minnesota, (a Biicban-
r . , 1 ,i , 1 t 1 1,1
an l'emocratj vt no Elates mat iio lately
ha J un interview, at Washington, with
1'jL-Guv. Geary, and that Geary confirm
ed all the Missouri Democrat reported
bim as snying in St. I.ouin. Mr. Ford
also gives the following as Geary's own
words, uUercd in their conversation:
"There are men here in Washington
now, seeking for office, and with the
probability that they will get what they
usk, tii'i.w ht)i(i mal ann up to tlnir
I .'.rIC-i llrr
I II till ItllHH
iJ! J know litem to
eci .'(
r! Yet t hey are graciously re-
d by Mr. Piiehanau and the Cubi
aud their statements taken for
tnuU wherever they conlbet with mine.
They are treated with more cordiality
and I'.ivor than I, who have tried to ilis-
i h.:r.'e my duty faithfully and boin-.-tly,
i "i n c i r hope to lie.
The appointment by Mr. lit (1IANAN
i a ! ! o lit Juillun" to In oilovi
within 1 1 i gift in tlia Territory, shows
the Ex -Governor wnsriht.
The Dred Scott Case—Opinion of
Judge McLean.
(Concluded from last week's paper.)
witr.THF.n Tim uf.tukv of a m.avk
On this point the learned Judge cites
numerous authorities, which conclusive
establish that the rule of "once free
always fWc," has heretofore been tho
settled doctrine of the Courts, even in
Slave States. The Judge says "it
been so held in Mississippi, Missou
South Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana,
formerly iu Kentucky, Maryland
other States." Wc regret that want
rcom prevents our quoting tho exact
words of some of the decisions by which
this doctrine is sustained. " '
Judge McLean ably argns that the
principle laid down in these decis
ions is based upon tho respect due by
each State to the sovereignty of its sis
States. He says:
"The States of Missouri and Illinois
are bounded by a common line. The
one prohibits Slavery, the other admits
This has been done by the exer
cise of that sovereign power which ap
pertains to each, as emanating from the
voluntary action of the people. Have
the people of either any right to dis
turb the relations of tho other? Fach
State rests upon the basis of its own
sovereignty, protected by the Consti
tution. Our I tuon has been the foun
dation of our prosperity and national
elory. Shall not we cherish and main
tain it? This can only be done by res
pecting tho legal rights cl each State."
Aftr reenpil ulating the facts in tho
caso before the Court, the Judge pro
ceeds: "I am not able to reconcile this result
with the respect due to the State of Il
linois. Having the same rights of sov
ereignty as the State of Missouri in
adopting a Constitution, I can perceive
no reason why the institutions of Illi
nois should not receive the same con
sideration ns those of Missouri. Allow
ing to my brethren the same ritrht of
judgment that I exercise myself, I must
be permitted to say that it seems to me
the principle laid down will enable the
people of a Slave State to introduce
Slavery iuto a Free State, for a longer
or a shorter time, ns may suit their con
venience; and by returning the slave to
the State whence he was brought, by
force or otherwise, the status of Slavery
attaches, and protects the rights of the
master, and defies the sovereignty of the
Free State."
We cannot refrain from making one
more extract, touching the obligation
of each State to respect tho sovereign
ty of another. It is taken from an
opinion of Judge Mills, of the Kentuc
ky Court of Appeals. Speaking for the
Court, ho said:
"If by the positive provision id our
Code, we can and must hold our slaves
in the one case, and statutory provis
ions equally positive decide against that
right in the other, and liberate the slave;
lie must, by an authority equally imper
ious, be declared free. Every argument
which supports the right of the master
on one side, based upon tho force of
written law, must be equally conclusive
in favor of the slave, when he con point
out in the statute tho clause which se
cures his freedom."
And he further said:
' Free people of color in all the States
are, it is believed, quasi citizens or at
least denizens. Although none of the
States may allow them the privileges of
office and suffrage, yet all other civil
and conventional rights are secured to
them; at least such rights were evident
ly secured to them by the ordinance in
question for tho government of Indi
ana. If these rights are vested in that
or any other portion of the United
States, can it be compatible with the
spirit of our confederated government
to deny their existence in acy other part?
Is there less comity existing between
State and State, or State and Territory
than exists between tho despotic gov
ernments of Europe."
These are the words of a learned and
great Judge, born and educated in a
Slave State.
To this question Judge McLean re
plies in hub-stance, that the general
practice of the Supreme Court has been
to follow the decisions of the State
Courts where they give a construction to
the State statutes; but where these de
cisions have not been cmtsir'i if, the Court
has not felt bound to respect them. In
proof of this the Judge citestheopiuion
of the Court, delivered by Judge Grier,
in the case of Pease vs. Peek (13 How
ard, 5S9) in December, 1855. Judge
Grier said:
"When the decisions of the State
Court arc not consistent we do not feel
bound to follow the last, if it is contra
ry to our own convictions and much
more is this thi case where, after a long
couibC of consistent decisions, some new
light suddenly springs up, or an excited
public opinion has elicited new doctrines
Ly: 'vo ol lormer sate precedent.
On which Judge McLean appropriate
ly says:
These words, it appi-Mi to rne, have
a stronger ntiidicntion to tho case before
us, than they had to the cause in which
they were spoken as the opinion of the
court, and I regret t!'.?.t tliey do-not seem
to be as fresh in the recollection of
some of my brethren as in my own.
I-or twenty-et'-lit years, ttie decisions ot
the Surrciiio Court of .Missouri, were
consistent on all the point made in this
eise. Put this consistent course was
suddenly terminated, whether by some
new lie-lit suddenly springing up, or an
excited public opinion, or both, it is not
necessary to v. In the ease of Scott
vs. Fmcrson in lKi'J, they weie over
turned and repudiated.
Thiv tin tt is the very -ae in wh'uh
liven Ot my preinren ueeum-n unj
i .i i . i i jv
would not follow the last decision. On
authority I may well repose. 1
cc-iro no oilier or better basis.
The concluding portion of 'he Judge's
opinion is n follows:
But thftre is another ground which I
deem conclusive, and which I will ro
state: The Supreme Court of Missouri re
fused to notice th net of Congress or
Constitution of Illinois, under which
Prcd Scott, his wife and children, claim
ed that they aro entitled to freedom.
This being rejected by the Missouri
Court there was no enso before it, or at
least it was a case with only one side.
And this is the case which, in the opin
of this Court, we are hound to fol
low. Tho Missouri Court disregards
express provision of an act of Cong
ress, and tho Constitution of a sover
'n State, both of which laws for twen
years it had not only regarded
but carried into ctiect.
If a Stato Court may do this, on a
question involving tho liberty of a hu
man being, what protection do the laws
afford? So far from this being a Mis
souri question, it is a question within
tho 25th section of the Judiciary act,
where a right to Freedom being set up
under the act of Congress, and the de
cision being against such right, it may
brought for revision before this Court
from the Supreme Court of Missouri.
I think the judgment of the Court
below should be revorsed.
The abstract we have thus given of
this able opinion, though occupying so
much space, is necessarily imper
feet; but we think it is sufficiently
full and comprehensive togivo our read
ers an accurate idea of tho n.ain
points involved in the important case
to which it refers.
Latest from Europe.
The steamer Asia arriyed at New
York on Saturday, with Liverpool dates
to March 21st.
A difficulty has arisen between Aus
tria and Sardinia, which may prove se
rious. Denmark has signed a treaty abolish
ing the Sound Dues.
It is rumored that 20,000 French
troops aro to be sent to China in the
British, service. A great part of Can
ton has '.icen destroyed.
The King of Prussia has finally agreed
to surrender his claim to sovereignty in
Xeufehatel, Switzerland.
Breadstufls continued dull in the
English markets. Flour had doelined
Is. Ohio quoted at 20a30s. The weath
er was favorable for crops.
New Counterfeits.
The Louisville Journal says new and
dangerous counterfeit XXs, letter B,
payable at tho Ilopkinsville branch of
tho Bank of Kentucky, aro in circula
tion. The closest scrutiny is required
to distinguish it from the genuine note.
A new counterfeit V on the State Bank
of Indiana has also made its appearance.
One dollar bills on the Northern
Bunk of Kentucky, altered to fives, are
in circulation.
The New Castle, Penn., Bank has
failed, and the cashier absconded with
$50,000. lie was arrested the other
day. in Philadelphia.
Wheat Crop Items.
"Wisconsin. The Wisconsin, pub
lished at Milwaukie, says: ''Our ad
vices from every county in the State,
give unusually good accounts of the
winter wheat. The heavy snow has
protected it from tho coldest weather,
and the abundance of rain and melt
ing snow in the month of March, has
given it a vigorous start."
Illinois. In portions of Illinois,
entire fields of wheat have been des
troyed by tho cold winter in others,
the prospect for a fine crop was never
Excitement in Newfoundland.
The news that the Britihh Govern
ment had entered into a convention with
France for the transfer to that power
of the Newfoundland fisheries, created
an intense excitement at St. Johns,
N. F. A general meeting of all classes
wa3 called, ail the stores, and places
of business were closed. Tho British
flag was everywhere displayed, at half
mast, with tho union down, and in
some places a black flag was substitu
ted. Tho result of the meeting was
determination that the wrong should
not be perpetrated. The Legislature
and the commercial classes are prciiar
ing petitions to be sent to the Queen
and delegates tire to be sent to Eng
land to protest against the measure.
The Canada Railroad Disaster.
The Toronto Colonist says the num
ber of passengers on tho ill-fated train
at Hamilton, so far as ascertained ,was
93, of these C3 were killed, 15 injured,
two of whom have since died, and 15
escaped unhurt.
Col. Lane has returned to Kansas
and was in Lawrence last week. lie
had an enthusiastic reception f.om the
Free Stale rncn.
Mr. EsKRiDfiK Lane, a nephew of
President Buchanan, died on tho 2Gth
ult. lie was a truest at tho National
Hotel, "Waf-hington, and there contract
ed the disease which caused bin death
A great many other boarders at tl
House were similarly affected, among
them tho President hiim-elf, and there
have been several other deaths. TI
eiclncrs is supposed to bo produced by
poison, but of what naturo or how caus
ed, is a mystery. The house In bee
Matters about
A oi;.. n- . i r t,
An active, intelligent J!oy, from 15to
C7f.nrr i r j ii v
i years ot age, and of good moral hab-
i, will bo taken as an Apprentice
I nnttng Business, at this ofiico.
t'y$ve announcement cf the Second Iment
Concert of tho Hillsboro Saxo-IIorn
jrWo aro gratified to learn that the
recent efforts to raise funds for the com-
pletion of tho new Female College, have
been successful. The merchants haying
completed their subscription of 81 500 I
equal amount lias been subscribed by I
the legal profession. Tho mechanics I
havo raised 5500, and wo understand
the clergy have pledged an equal amount.
The immediate completion of the Coll
ege is thus secured beyond doubt.
tof-We have to record another ex
traordinary freak of the weather. On
Sunday isl,t last, we bad a return of
winter. Tiro cr three inches of snow
fell, and on Monday and Tuesday the
temperature would have done bonni- tn
all killed,
somo rain..
We presume tho peaches are
Yesterday was moderate with
Liberty Township Election.
The following is tho vote for Town-
ship officers at the election on Monday
Harvey Glenn,
John 1. Jolly,
D. C. Patton,
John Grady,
Francis Lrvin,
John H. Mitchell,
11. B. Frvin,
A.J. Brouse,
M. Waddell,
W.II. Glenn,
Alam Fenner,
Samuel E. Roads,
.Tas. W. Doggett,
C. W. Jacobs,
J. M. Shipp,
John Taggart,
Those marked with a aro elected.
The Trustees are Americans, the Clerk,
Assessor and Constables, Democrats.
One of the Constables, Doggett, was al
so ou the American ticket. The weath
er was cold and disagreeable, and not
more than two-thirds of a full voto was
Corporation Election.
The election for fornnrntir.n nflWr. f
Hillsboro. for th Cn.!n. .l.
6 ' '
cu luuuntl,
M. Waddell,
P. Browning,
John C. Work,
G. F. Stevens,
W. II. Woodrow,
Sum'I. E. Ilibbcn,
W. W. Pogrrctt,
John T. Ellis,
L. L. Daniels,
Johu M. Lemon,
T. J. Rogers,
J. M. Trimble,
Joseph Bcntley,
Geo. W. Lawrence,
1 1G
Jas. W. Doggett,
John Taggart.
The old Council, Recorder and Mar
shal are all re-elected.
Ot'R Schools. The examination of
our public schools last week. nnmor.
i ur ii.
uu.-njr imtuucu. no are giaa vo see SO
much interest in the great cause of edu
, , ,
cation as was maniiested by those pres-
ent. lhe examination was mutually
creditable to both scholars and teach-
Brushcreek Township Election.
We learn from a friend in Brushcreck,
niai me low nsnip Election on Monday
.1 . i il . m i hi .. ...
last was very warmly contested, in con-
sequence of an important local question
involved in the result. The Demo
crats had a strong ticket in the field, and
their candidates for Trustees were pledg
ed to tho removal of the votinir-Dlace
' 3 X
from Sinking Springs to a point further
west. Tho Hcnublicans and Americans
united on a ticket, opposed to tl.c removal,
and carried all their cnudidateu lut one
Constable, by majorities ranging from
39 to 45. Well done, Brushcreck.
The following are the Township offi
cers elucted for the ensuing year.
Trusters E. Overman, Jas. Lawaon,
James llutters.
Treasurer Isaac East.
A mi tsor Edward Head.
CMcJ. N. Glaze.
Justice of lhe Peace Win. MoCopin.
Cuu6tuhh i J. 31. Butler, Isaac Woods,
Abraham Sams.
For the News.
31 ii.
Editor: The Colored School
Exhibition, as per notice, came off on
Friday Evening. The declamations
spoken by the younger scholars, were
well committed ami finely delivered.
and did great credit to both scholars
and Teachers. The dialogues which
were spoken also merit great praise.
The iiiiigiiig was very good, and was
received with hearty applause by
tho audience. I hope the scholars will
have another Exhibition soon, for they
are worthy of encouragement.
to choose from.
JCjrSince tho anival of his New Goods,
neighbor Si'Annop.oudii'B store p.-enis
bo crowdid with customers. Our la-
friends pay that he 1ms some most,
beautiful styles of Dress Good which
. ...
is selling at astonishingly low prices.
who wish to buy, should call soon.
'hey can have tho largest as-sort-
Lectures tit tiik State School
Commissioner. Key. Anson Smyth,
rnl Commissioner, will visit
numerous counties in this State for the
purpose of delivering lectures, as re
quired by law, during April, May, June
J July. We understand ho will be in
Highland county some time during the
- named month, of which due notice
Pennsylvania in the Field.
Tho Pennsylvania Republican and
American Union StatcConvcntion met at
Ilarrisburgh wsek before last. Hon
Davi Wilmot, of Bradford county
nominateJ for Governor, with great
unanim!y- William Mii.lward, of
l,hi,nJc,Phii nominated for Canal
Lommisstoner, and Messrs. J Ames V EECH
Joseph L. Lewis, were nominated
Judges of the Supreme Court. The
ticket is regarded as a strong one.
Tho Convention adopted a series of
Anti-Slavery resolves, condemn
in strong terms the late decision of
Supreme Court of the United States,
asserting the power of Congress over
Territories, and declaring their un
willingness to abridge the rights of any
class of citizens.
The Kansas Prisoners. The Kan
sas correspondent of the N. Y. Post
writes) that the last of the Frco State
prisoners confined tt Tecumseh, escaped
the night of the 15th of March.
N. "W. Viroinia II. R. Tho cars
arejjnow running regularly on this road,
from Grafton, on the B. & O. road, to
Parkersburg, on the Ohio river.
Steamboat Explosion and Lops
Life. Tho steamer Forest Rose
burst her boilers near Napoleon, Ark.,
last week, killinj and woundingthirteen
Another Republican Victory.
The subjoined dispatch tells the re
suit of tho Rhode Island election in i
few words:
Providence. Anril 2 Dver. the
Republican candidate, has been elected
Very few Democrats are returned to
Legislature. Both Republican can-
urates are elected to Congress.
The !!'ho,e Yote !n th'8 city is as M
lows: Dyer, Kepubli
ican, 9.G00; Potter
Democrat, 4,300. There were three
candidates for Lieut. Governor, and no
choice. Turner, Republican, will bo
elected dv trie Assembly
The Senate stands: Republicans, 20
Democrats a. lhe House Kepubli
cans, 61: Democrats, 8. Durfee's ma
jority for Congress is nearly 3,500, and
Brayton s, bOO
Latest from Nicaragua.
Tho latest news from Nicaragua, re
ceived at New York per Steamer Texas
reports that Walker, about the middle of
March attacked the Costa Ricans at St
George, burned part of the town, and
then retreated to Rivas. On his return
he met another force of allies who were
retreating from an unsuccessful attac
on Rivas, and defeaied them with a los-
of 327 killed and 300 wouuded. The
allies then retreated to Massaya. Col
Lockridge is reported to have received
reinforcement of 200 Texans. lie has
more than 500 men under his command
The renowned Col. Titus, of Kanst
Border Ruffian notoriety, was defeated by
"'e t osta Ricans in an engagement on
the 18th of February. lie is accused
. "n-
ui vunuiuitc i ii uic aiiuii
From Kansas.
St. Louis, April 3. The Lecompton
correspondent of the Democrat says that
the census-takers in Kansas are Uoin
their wort bauly in some neighborhoods
, ,n. V., . , .
There was much nuarrelintr between the
. . .t. .
squatters and land associations in dit-
icrcnt parts of the Territory.
Several Deputy Marhhala are arresting
political prisoners on charges growing
out of tho difficulties last summer.
Special Notices.
ITLtons' CiTiwBA BsiNDr continues lo re
ctlve (estiinonials of its value ss a mtdicine,
from physicians in all parts of the country
lis miritu niujia il m iir.nl A vt. nl ti ir. nun All,..
Br.ndies. many of which arc adulterated
E. 6V. W. W. Holmis, Drupgists, Hillsboro,
Sole Agents for Highland county.
Ilou.owir's Ointment and Pills, The
sudden changes of temperature in this climate
liars terrible effect upon the skin, the mus
cles, and the glauds. llouee the prevalence of
salt rheum, erysipelas, blotches, boils, rheuma
tism, quinsy, sure throat, and the many other
complaints so frequently generated and al
ways aggravated by this cause. Fortunately,
in Ilolloway's Oiutineut we hare the means of
promptly removing this class of diseases, and
of so thoroughly Invigorating all the exterior
organs and Integuments as lo proven t their re-
curreuce. Th Pills operating iu harmony
witl1 "' '"'mi!'i regulate the secretious, and
discharge from the fluids of the body any ucid
mutter calculated to produce external inflam
matlon or Internal disease.
Special Notices. Marriages.
MARllIF.I)-On the 20ili of March, 1H&7,
by tlie Ker. ilurtly Hmiih.at bis rsldeuce, Mr.
ANruSU Rl. L.ANU1HS to Allss Lausa r. Foucn
all of Ibis county.
Ou thoVJth ult., by Key. O. V. Robiuson,
Mr. Fsius W. Mr ins to Misi KtsicUA J. Fca-
Ou tlie 2nd Inst., at the residonce of Mr.
John L. Hughes, Marshall, by the Kev. J. M.
(ialcli, Mr. John N. Uossitt to Jilts Hannah
R. lU'uurt.
llns rocnivi-d lii
Comiriing nil tli New nml D'-miliCul Stylrs of
Ladies' Dress Goods
11.1 Ac I'AUCY IHV JOOls:
Itoots iiml Mioci, Hnls iiikI Ci'l'S
anocEiiijco, tiio.,
of wliieh will Im sold an ukumI at l!io
UTTlio I.idlcs particularly, nml tlifl puMic
prnrrnlly, are invitxil In mil iind rnuilim my
to'k. joh. i. woonuow,
ji'-'wCi Hifili St., op. Court lloiisn.
ar Tint
Hillsborough Saxc-IIorn Band.
riiup ii-n i
hi r. ii msiioro Mixe-llorn lian.l Tvill (five
itinir Second Concert on TIIPi:lAY
EVF,NIN(, llinllitli Inst., nt tlin Court Ilnti'".
Thla will Iio tho hut evening t.jr T,.,-irr,
Ai.r. iiciRFK, willDo win, HiiMii prior to
leiiviii( Inrii nnif.rnl tour lo Kiirnpe, and the
object of tills Second Cononrt in to rai im-uns
pny him for his tuition mid fr n unpply of
music for their use ilitrinj; t absence
They feel gratified in ,I1R nM)) 0 R(Mp
lliosame able iitmiteur VnritlMn u-lm
them nl their first Conrert, havo tijriin
nuiy voui iiumrru 1 1 i -1 r B'-iricen.
Mr. Sucinn will also civo n few Solos on
favor KB i it.stru ment , t ho Violin,
Concert to coinmeii'-e at 7 oVIri U P.M.
nr!s of ndtnission. ?j cents, to ho haii nl II, .
lloti'ld and Stores, ,!ii
YVillinm Tuinldf son's Estato,
TO TICK i.' hereby tlven, thnt tiio pnl.scr-
ler hn hecii iipnoinled n-d onnlified ns
rim ini si nitor on lite rst.-ite if Wiliinni Tntn.
eson, lata of II i'hliiiu! conntv, Hi in. r'cens-
I'F.TF.ll i.F.WH.
April 4, lHj7. np!ltt-:,
IT is estimated th;il Ay r's
C'lierry r.-cior.-il and C'.'.lhar
lic Tills iuivn dono tnoro lo
pro, nolo the pahlic henlih,
llixn nny otln-r ono r;uiKc.
s Si; l iit can Iio no oncstion
' 1 1 l,-.l !,-! !..... . i i. .
-(j hv its thoimnd on thou-
minil cures of Colds, Coiielm, Asthnin, Croup,
nflucnz'i, Hi onclntis, t c, very mncli rciincod
proportions of deaths from consumptive.
meases in tins country. I he, I'jils me as pnod
the Tectoral nnd will euro mnro coniphintH.
Kvorybody needs moro or lcs.i pnreinr;.
urco the hlood from its impurities. I'lirce
bowels , Liver and tho whulo viscrral pys-
lorn irom olisiructions. rurijo out the diseases
which faslon on tlio body, to work its decay.
Rut for ducaso we should dio only of old ape.
aKe aninioieg early nnu thrust it from the
ystom, before it is yet too tronrr to yield.
A vr' 11 lis do thrust out diseaso. not onlv
whilo It is weak but when it has taken a strong
hold. Head tho nstou udi ng statements of thoso
who have been cured by thein from dreadful
bcrofula, Dropsy, I'lcers, Mini diseases, IMinii
mntism, Nouruljjia, Dyspepsia, Internal Tains,
Ililious ConiplaintN, Heartburn, Ileailacho,
(ioiit and many less daneorous hut still threat
ening ailments, such ns pimples on tlio lace,
Worms, INervous irritability, l.o.is of appetite,
rrenumriiies, ui.zinc.s in tlio lieaj, Lotus.
Fever, Dysentory, and indeed every variety of
complaint foe which a Purgative Rcmo ly is
Ihese nro no random statements, but are au
thenticated by your own neighbors and your
own Physicians.
1 ry them once una you will never bo with
out them.
Prlco 25 cts. per I3ox ! Boxes for .00.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. A V Kit, Chemist , Lo
well, Mass., and sold by all ripectahlo Drug
gists every hero. n,i'Jin 1
SlicrilVs Sale.
Lewis W. Bowniau
In Partition
John and Morran iT. Fowler.
I)Y virtue of mi order of salo made in the
I j elinvo rase, I will ofi'er at public Auction
at the door of the Court llouo iu Hillsboro
on the
lllli D:iy of May, A. r. 1857.
between the hours of i'J o'clock A. M. and 4
o'clock P. M.of taid day, tho following de
scribed real ebtate, lyin' mid being in the
county of Iliqli'and Liid Stato of Ohio, nnd
on the waters of the Rocky Folk of Paint
Creek , nnd bounded as follows, lo-vit: Pq-
ginninjj ht a strike i:ear n w hite ok, corner to
Jacob 1 u n van's lot of land, i n tho line of Jacob
lloafrland's tract of land; thence Willi said
lino S. 73 dec. W. (il anil 7-1'lllis pules to u
stake; thence XV. lb dep;. 1 I poles to a (.take in
the centre ol the .11 illurd and (, ii illicothe turn
pike; thence with said rond N. !' deir. ;. lid
and 2-3 poles lo u slnlio, corner to Jacob Ituii
J an's tract aforesaid ; thence S. IGdejj. K. TJ
H-lOths poles to tlie beiiininj, contai iiinf; eiy'.it
acres more or less
Terms of Sale, one-third cns'i in hand, ouc-
llnrii in one year, nitil one-third in two years
from the day of sale, with interest, buck pay
monts lo he secured by mortgao on said prom
ises, or by approved peihoual security.-
Api raised at j;-.'! ii.' (I.
April Fib lJ. , npltis
siioi i.r.TsTt
Win. Scott )
vs. Kxeculion.
Isiac ft als, ot al.)
J )Y virhie ol an execution to mn direeleil
I ) irom me lyonri oi Lommun i e,is t r
llighlanil County, Ohio, 1 will ntl'ir fur r, d
belore '.ho dour of IhoCoiut House in Hills
boro, on the
II th H;iy (if .ll.if, A. I. l-7,
luttween the hours of ill o'clock A. M. and
4 o'clock P. M. of said day, the following de
scribed properly, lying and being in the county
of Highland nml Statu of Ohio, o nd in the
town of Lynchburg, and k nown ami designated
on tie recurded phit of said town by N'as. Fif
ty, fifty-one mid lifty-lwo, together with ulljof
uie improvements, mills and appurtenances
thereunto belonging. Levied upon us the
property of Isaac 11-als, to satisfy un execu
tion in favor of W illiam Scott.
Appraised nt $b0l)0.0U.
Terms Cash.
April Fill , IKr7. ap'Jts
II. s. M lKitoKot ;:i
TS NOW IIKCKIV1NG his Spring Stock of
JL Woods, purchased in the l.usteril Cities,
which will be found tlie largest a"d most com
plelo he has ever ollercd.
His Slock embraces nil tho latest and
most fashionable styles of Staple and Fancy
English , French ,C ermu n uud American
llJ'Tllfc; LAHIF..S will timl at his store all
the new and beautiful .styles of Ol! FSS UOOl'S
for Sprlnii und hummer wear. J hey are cor
dially invited to call and see for themselves.
Also,Fa81iiunasi.jc Hats, laps, and isosnkts.
A large assort men t of Meu'u and Iio y 'a coarse
and fine Hoots and Shoes, an extensivesupply
of Ladies and M inses' lioots and Sliocs. Also
QUF.LNSW AKE, II A li l)W A It li.und CHT-
A nd all other articles usually inquired for in
Retail Stores
BrWOOL WANTED, for which tho IiilcIi
est market price will be paid. up'
White li.sli and Mat'krrcl.
iy the Ubl and Hf tibl.,andnt retail At
AN find almost uny urticle they need at
ot!cc (o the t rciUtors cf U rn. fas
ter, (Ifc'd
ON the lOlh duy of March, lf-57, tho Pro.
bate Court of Highland County, Ohio,
declared the filiate of the said William Easier,
dee'd , pruhubly iusolvuut; credilo is uro thero
lore re'iuired to pretenl llu-ir claims neaichl said
eulute to llio under-igned for nlluwaiice within
six iiiontlis from tlio liiuo uliovo lueiitioued, or
Ihey will not bo entitled to payment.
Adm'r of the Entnte of Win, Fatter, dte'd.
A ro now oprni it n ft no n ; orf mont of
evojy description, end end incing 1 1 1 e
I.tilrsl piiu;; Niylrs,
they oflcr nt
i.ow i'i:ici:n,
Invito nil to
Latlicr;' Brcr;n' Goods!
CoiHMing of
BAnEorrs, ee derged,
Lamnrtlno C'lothn, Pncnln, FicnciH
Chintzes, Ornr.n, Ilnlr and .
Brilliant Bklftinrs,
anil a Large Stock of Caltcoen.
np'.'tf S. 1'. . IIH'.HKN V CO
Cloths. I'.vsimviTS, &c.
WF. especially invito the attention of gen
tlemen to our (ino Mock of
IM.'K'U. Itluc :iml lirnwil 'loIir
nnd Fancy Ca:;.slmr. !.. Solinctts, Tweei'i
I.incn C.oocls. S. II. HIHIIliN & CO.
)(!( I ;."i iniu Mint s, Hals anil t aps
and Shoes, ll.'ils nnd dips, !rniil
Soft Straw l!onn"N , of it"W styh s nnd at
up 1
11. UllUiKN & CO.
I- (lii'if,-.
is. r
I v. .
r. ii
I l.i I, ..(. - to Cn.il
i i v ',f ( ' , i -1 -, ii nnd
I t , I .I'M; .,l0(
' -- I Hi V.
ii:i.i-i,s . CO.
0! ('" - :.
or ii-i t ' . -,
i' '
AM l.i-..- -.
i "II i ., on ;and nnd
I. Illl T'.i-.N ,V C(J.
.,r S-le.
rous De
and ,i:;iiili;l;is.
ie, Cashmire, Thihnt. Silk
nml Crape Shawls, of every description:
SmIIi nnd I, are iMautillns, of new styles.-
np2 S. I'.. IIIMIIKN &. CO.
Kiiibroitloi ios.
CALL mid fee tlio variety of Swiss, Jaco
nett, l'reiicli and Tamboured Collars, Jac-
and bwivs I.de-inr and I- Ion nclnjr.
P.. HI I! UK. N 4V. CO.
Hillsboro Female College.
11 II Su miner Session of this instil in ion will
commence on Wednesday, April 1st. For
terms seo tlio last catalogue which may be ob
tainod n t the hook stores.
np2w'2 JO. McD. MATHEWS.
.dminitraloi's Notice.
OTIC I". is hereby (riven that the under
L sipneil lias been duly nppoined and ruali
lied as Administrator i-f tho K;.tato of John
Hook , dee'd ., late of IIij;hland county, Slate
Ohio. All persons having claims uguinst
estate will presi lit them duly authentica
ted within ono year Irom dato, nnd thoso in
debted will please make immedia'o payment.
SlipriiV's Sale,
John Pill, Adm'r of
Suiinii-1 v riglit, dee'd.
Judgment in Iligh
land County Common-
Asa Hi:'"i us ct al
lanu v,
I Picas.
T.N accordance, with on order of tho Court of
Common Fleas wit hi n mid for tlie county
Highland and State of Ohio, in the above
cnae, 1 will oiler for salo at the door of the
Court IIoue in Hillsboro, on MONDAY, the
llh day of -May, ltO?, between the hours of
o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. of naid day, the
following described real cstal.e, lo-wit: Silua
t?d in said Count j and Stato aforesaid, in the
town of Sainanlha, known it net designated np
on tlie rerorded plat of said towti us Lot No.
in Lark ins' Addition to said town, with ap--purtonances
thereunto belonging.
Appraised ol $ 1 1 .".(!().
Tonus cash. JO.5. II. MULLFA'IX,
"l'2is J11'1 11 "-
EAS taken the s'and formerly occupied by
S. McKec, on High street, ono door north
Fallis's Corner, and having purchased an
entire new sto :k. Intends keeping a complete
assortment of
Koc-ls, Shoes, Kratly iUarte CIolhiiijT,
and a general assortment of
WILTS' 1 1 i:mscii; ooni.
Also Hcrriy, Whilo and Fancy Shirts,
Trunks, Valises, Carp--t Sacks, Umbrellas, In
dia I! ublier Strepi, Su-pcndeiH, Cravats and all
articles of (lenlleinen'H wear.
H i I'avlieul ar alt -Ill ion is i nvited to my slock
of LAP! I'.S' AMI ( II I l,lK I'.N'd SHOES,
which is- nl sup, rior material and workman-
ship, con ib in ed v ilh ( ore l.i lit v. nnd cf the lat-
st and n.o- ! !' .
ii li i',Ie sly!, .
l', -iners of this vicinity.
M uch o- ,
7 T is sat
i I '.!;-,( t'
I '
' 'f.- .' Sirinn ami Stuck
''-'- "icliiiii r of tho kind
! - i (':.'' r :'i"s entire Siitis
" t i i" . - t i " , ,' it. It has no cast
at is in ce of ivnod, iron and
Cntttr ..!.-
hey i-v-r ' a
faction t-t all i
iron itlmiil i!, !
Sti el, which lliak
il vol y durable, as well as
This Si raw end .-'tok Cutter is manufac
tured by W PVri'F.RSONiiiul 1 LONG, on
the corner of Jtvn and W'est streets, a few
doms below tho (iazetlo liuildings, Hillsboro,
Ohio. murvMiwG
Attention, Farmers!
AT7 E ore maauf iciurinp extensively, the
V Mnjl'it, also the l'U:n 'J'lirt slu r a ltd Srp
arutura, I ruin 1 to II) Horse Powers, which we
warrant the best .Machines in use.
For descriptive circulars, with list of prices,
uddiers us, at Hamilton, lllitler Co., O.
P. S. Order cully, to bo certain of yetting
111 time. mar'-Glaugl
(lVfiwiTi num noise.
No. I'J 7'fr st., near Main it.
Importeis uud Dealers exclusively in
;tois i ou .m '.'. m iuk.
C1 LOTUS, CaMsinieres, Doeskins, Saline's,
Tweeds, Jeuns, Coatings, Vestmcs, Lluea
(ioods, LiniiiL'ti. Silesias, Canvass Paddings,
Tailors' Trimmings!
Gentlemen's rurnishiri Goods,,
Shirts, Drawers, Collars, Gloves, Ties, Stocks,,
Cravats, Handkerchiefs, &c, &c.
Ilciii2 eiijja;eil rxilimivrlu iu this Irude, wo,
uro prepared to otli-r auperiur li.ducemenls to,
nnd ull ether IJuyers of
;oodH lor nn'ii's Vr..
Cincinnati, Murc.h, lt-57. inavl-'ml.
p. ii y
ll Js oniri:s i;iiviio ti:a.
THE siihscrihers havini; unusual fiieditit
for buyiiiL' Teas I rum naT hanks , aro prepar
ed lo st I iu Mini " MsatiNiiw Yuan ihices,
uddini! c.esi of I ransportatioii.
N 1 Sulishtclniii Kuai-anteed In ull cases.
Tea Dealcis,
p. E. Comer cf Till end Wuluut 's., Ciu.
nninMit. ri.ister and Lime.
I OF I; V II. F. Cement, Lund Fluster, and
J Louisville Lime, just leceived aud tor
salo foio (ur catll by
maris I'" J KtSLlR,

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