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Matters about Home.
J ,,V NToTH'E. 77tM( paper if put to
press every Wednesday Afternoon, so at
to be nl to Country Subscribers by the
mails of Thursday Morning. Advertise
ments ami Communication should be
sent in by Wednesday Morning to insure
their insertion the tame week.
Notlco to Hail Subscribers.
t'tjf Moil ' tubtcriber will please remem
(cr that we invariably flop the. paper at
the. expiration of the time paiil for.
About a monthbrfore hi time r.rpirrs ire
rund each tubtcriber a bill for the ensu
ing year. This will give time to renew
the subscripti'in and ensure the regular
continuance of the paper.
Money may be sail by mail at our risk
and receipts trill lie, returned in the jiapcr
fiiirOwing to the niekncn9 of two
bfour compositors, our pnper did not
got to press this week in timo fur tho
tiiails of Thursday morning. The de
lay, however, enables us to give more
Complete returns of tlie election then
wo could otherwise have done.
SrTho lint of Premiums awarded at
the County Fair could not bo obtained
in timo for this week's paper. It will
appear in our next issue.
, ,
ttSJ"" Our merchants have received
their Foil and 'Winter supplies of goods,
and are driving a brink trade. Look
out for their advertisements, and re
member that tho best bargains arc al
ways to be bad of those who advertise.
i-ipTho political campaign is over,
and wc shall now bo ablo to give our
renders more of tho general news of the
day, as well as a greater variety of mis
cellaneous matter, than our columns
have presented for a few months past.
Particular attention will bo paid to the
selection of nucli reading ns will render
our paper a welcome and instructive vis
itor to tho family circle
8FThc contestbetwecn tho Sax-Horn
Hands of this county, at tho lato Fair,
resulted in the first premium of $.'50 being
(warded to the Rainsboro Band, and
the second of ?20 to tho Lynchburg
Sand. Only three Bands competed
for tho premiums; the (Jrccnfiold Band
not being present. The award of tho
second premium is generally considered
unjust, as tho Band of this place is
admitted by all good judges to be much
superior to the ono which received the
premium. A few of our citizens mani
fested their sense of the injustice done
to our Band, by raising them a volun
teer purso equal to tho amount of the
first premium, which was presented to
them by J. II. Thompson, Esq.
A New Family Sewing Machine.
,. Mr. L. Brown, of Cincinnati, called
upon us yesterday, and showed us a new
Sewing Machine, which has been lately
patented, and is meeting with rapid sale.
It is ono of tho neatest and most com
pact machines wo have seen, and is so
simple in principle and construction,
that it can bo worked by any ono. We
witnessed its performance, and must
Bay that it did beautiful work. This
Machine is designed expressly for fam
ily use, and is sold at the low price of
$18. Mr. Brown will remain in town
during the present week, and will ex
hibit the Machine to all who may wish
to examine it, at I. Vam-klt'h Shoe
Conference Appointments.
annual session of the Cincinnati
Conference of the M. K. Church, closed
at l'iqua on tho lGth ult. M'o give the
list of appointments for the District
composed of Clinton, Highland and Ad
ams counties:
O. C. Crum, I E.; Hillsborough, J.
J. Beall; Highland, M. 0. Perkhiser,
(ieo. M. Edgar; Lynchburg, H. Stokes,
"Nr. N. Maxy; New Lexington, J. M.
Gatch, S. Jackson; Clairsville, ). Kem
per, J. 11. Hall; Goshen, J. B. Ells
worth, W. J. Thurbur; Wilmington,
H. Baker; Greenfield, W. J. Quarry,
J. J. Hill, sup.; Sinking Springs, J.
Stilwell, J. Shinn; Winchester, 1. Cal
lahan, S. Anderson; New Market, W.
Q. Shannon, E. McIIugh; 1). Whitmer,
Agent Hillsborough Female College.
Range of the Thermometer for
the Month of September
Recorded at Onklund r'emula Seminary, by J.
incv. juutiicwt, rruicipm
MONTH. 7 a.m. 2 p. m. 9 r. M. TUMP.
I 59 76 65 (ili.7
8 '61 78 13 67.3
J Ci 74 65 6(5.7
4 78 6!) 70.5
5 67 70 72 72.7
6 f,5 CG 1 6V0
7 ' 63 Ci 5H 5J.7
54 74'-" 66 6-1.8
9 62 77 GU C'J.3
10 67 79 70 7:2.0
11 67 78 71 73.0
Vi 66 81 70 723
13 67 HI 7t 73.(1
14 68 77 7(, 71.7
15' 60 74 C.I C5.7
16 56 78 7()i'
17 CHI' 82 69 73.7
18 firt 89 70 72.7
11 , 67! 75 65 6'J 3
20 55 5rt 53 55.3
21 52 61 54 53.7
'.'i 63 59 k 62 54.3
'Si 45 60 51 52.2
VI 43 63 5'.)',; 55 2
53 70 (i-jij tij.l)
'Z 54 70 Mil C3.5
" 58 70 67 65.1)
i 58 66 -551,' f,;).H
'-' 41 64 50 4-U
..'i 41 68 53 SO 7
llmtkia. Highest lemp. of month R2, on
I "i 17 Hi ; lowest do. do. 41, on III r '.!tli nnd
ill. Menu totnp. of inonlli, 64.12. l're-
.ilinjj wind 8. W. and N. W. Qiii-uiity of
I .in U.'J'Jl Inch. This is an unusuuliy ainall
lusntily being less than eu Inch whlls the
barometer was uuuNuully lnc.li, averaging
nearly 20 Inches during tlia month.
Memoranda Srpt. 6. Drizzling lalu A. M.
Hill, Sj riuklo of miuA. M.
17lh. '1 huiiuer-shower Hi P. iH.anJ aome
i at ui"ht.
Uh. Moved to now College, bu tiding, 23
; hlKhar thau my former residence,
ill. Fiuat.
-h. r'rost.
'B MV Court commenced its Fall term on
Wednesday, Judge Sloano presiding.
Wo learn that the amount of businoHS
on tho docket is not so largo as usual.
TnE Heat in India. A British of
ficer, writing from Allahabad, says;
"You have no idea of the awful weath
er and of our sufferings from tho heat;
we sit with wet cloths over our head,
but the deaths from sun utroke continue
Dnt.-.NKAium in tub Navv. The
Naval Courts of Inquiry havo led the
New York Journal of Commerce to re
mark, that it is proved now, that intem
perance has been too generally prevalent
among Naval Officers, and tho service
has suffered so much that the Editor
thinks intoxicating drinks should be
prohibited on board our men-of-war.
LiFLT. Hkuxdon. The officers of tho
Navy havo resolved that "a monumei.t
be erected at the Naval Academy, in An
napolis, commemorative of the circum
stances of his death, not only as duo to
his memory, but to incite to emulation
of his noble conduct."
Cor,. ScxiNF.a inter Arrest. We
learn with enrprife, finm Fort Leaven
worth, that Col. Sumner is under arrest,
and that a Court of Inquiry, or Court
Martial, has been ordered in his case.
He returned from the expedition against
the ChcyenncB a few days since. S7.
Louis Ripub.
Cheap Wheat. The Iowa City Re
publican states that farmers nro offering
wheat in that city for 40 cents a bushel,
and cannot find purchasers. Tho Re
publican adds, "tho same state of facts
is reported of tho Muscatine and other
river markets, and indeed we may eay
of the markets generally of tho State."
. . ..
Sugar From the Chinese Cane.
Tho only successful experiments in
manufacturing Sugar from the Chinese
Cane, of which we have seen any ac
count, are thoso mentioned in the follow
ing paragraph:
Chinese Si oar Cane. Tho editor
of the St. Louis Daily Intclligenccr'was
shown a specimen of sugar manufac
tured at Belcher's sugar refinery in that
city, from tho Chinese Sugar Cane,
grown this year in the neighborhood.
The sugar is brown and pretty well
granulated, being very similar in tasto
to the Louisiana sugar. The editor of
the Austin ("Texas) Gazette, has a sam
ple made from the Chinese Cane, by Mr.
Studor, near Austin. It is of a fine
grain and color, and would command
tho highest price in New Orleans.
This, if true, Beciris to scttlo the
question of the practicability of produe
ing'sugar from the cane. The method
of doing it will no doubt bo mads pub
lic before long, and tho people of tho
North will cease to depend on the
Southern planters for their supplies of
Sagar and Molasses.
Tl o editor of the Scientific Ameri
can, in a lute article on this subject
'We arc happy to state that wo have
every reason to believe that the Sor
''huin contains a crvstalizablo suwir.
and if wc uiniint get it out by tho or
dinary method of boiling, we must in
vent some other process, that's all. It
must be done, and wo have no doubt
that somechemist will be found to do it."
A Spartan. Among tho Europeans
who were endeavoring to escape from
Delhi, when it was ravaged by tho cruel
Fast Indians, was an English officer
with his wife. As ho bore her along
amid the dead and dying, ho was attack
ed by a party of mutineers. His good
sword was drawn, and seven ruffians
foil. Slowly retreating, while keeping
them at bay, the fiends made a rush at
his wife, but a shot from her husband's
arm saved her honor, though it cost her
life. Another shot, by his own hand,
too, and the husband rested beside tho
body of his wife.
Im portant to Settlers in the
West. By a recent decision of tho
Commissioner of tho Land Office, the
even-numbered alternate sectionsof land
T 1 .11 A.i -a
in jowa, along tno line oi tno Uubuquo
and I'acilic Railroad, aro open to actual
settlers only ut tho Government price
of $1:25 per ncre. Payment can be
made at any time before the final con
veyance of the othor sections to tho
Railroad Company, either in money or
land warrants.
SxrBnED. During tho recent run
upon one of tho Philadelphia Banks, a
"rough 'un" came up exhibiting a ten
dollar bill, and swearing roundly bo
causo ho could not get it changed.
"Blast your rags," said he, "what uso
is this thing to mo? "What I want is the
hard wtufl', and hang your shin plasters."
At this point, a pulo-faced individual
steppod up and volunteered to tako the
anathemized ton at par, on account of a
bill due him. Jakey looked blank at
his creditor, and soon left, amid the
laughter of tho lookers-on.
Cheat Sugar. Tho speculators who
attempted to buy Tip the sugar markets
aro failing in all directions, and there is
a prospect of a largo crop at homo and
abroad. Mr. AValsh, in his Paris letter
of August Oth, to tho New York Jour
nal of Commerce, says Sugar is falling;
tho beet-root factories will supply this
year two hundred and forty million
pounds. Tho Isle of Bourbon will pro
duce one hundred and twenty millions;
tho French AVest Indies will probably
send a hundred millions; altogether tho
supply will exceed tho demand in
Population of Canada. Accord
ing to the census taken in 1851, the to
tal population of Lower Canada was
8!0,2til, and of Upper Canada, 952,2;5.
On tho 1st of January, 1857, tho esti
mated population, based ujion off'-ial
returns, was, of Lower Canada, 1, ":'.),
514, and of Upper Canada, 1,350,923,
making a grand toUl of 2,571,43(5, blow
ing an increiiso in betweco five and eij
years, of 72!,172
Eatca cf Taxation for tho Year
3 o
tj O
1-10 I
1-10 I
1-10 I
Rrunhoraek ,
Wliileoak ,
I im
l-IO I
1-10 I
1-10 I
I -1 1) I
1-10 1
1-10 1
1-10 I
1-10 1
3 I -1 0, 1
3 1-101
3 1-10 I
New Petnriburg,
NOTICKlihrrehyelventhntlormv Ponnty, for tlia niirpnaa of rprriviiie Tnxea, will alt-nil
9-1 Hi S-t.ten.ber, in nUFOUD on 1 It I D A Y , 25lli, In PU(1 ARTR F,K UIDGF., SATURDAY ,
In (JRF.F.NFIFI.O on TL'F.SDAY and V E D N ES n A Y , 2U I li and 30lli September.
1S57, in tho Several Tov Pfliips,
s i
fi 2-3
7 5-10 1-2
r. i y
5 8-10
6 1-5 2
7 2-5
0 1-2
6 3-4
H l-.r
fi 1-? j
9 1-5 1
fi 3-4
5 3-1
7 3-4
i 1-0 2
3-10 l-lli
3-10 l-IC
3-Kil i-Ki:
3 - 1 'li 1-10
4-5 1 -.at
I 3 H
2. M
3 - loi . in 2-5
. 10 1. 10 5-16
3 - 10 .0 l-.V
1-1 1-10
3 - 10 l.lll 5-10
3 10 I -10 -i
3-Kll-IO 1-2
3.l.in 1-4
3-10! 1-10 1-4
1 2-10,
:i-0 MO 1-v!
3 HI 1-10 M
3 - 10 1-10 1-10,1
Sinking ?prl nga.
New Petnraburi;,
II ill ilioro,
Town?!, &c, in Highland County.
Pi n-f-CHnol, I'HTIICT TX.
a coo
,a a o o I o
1 1-
3 1
1 wi
l - at i
I a1
at MOl'RYTOWN on 'int'tPA V. th
2Gth, in I.KllSUI.' HO on MONDAY, , Wlh,
Irenann-r Hicliliind County.
lion. Lewis MLane Jied at hit) res
iJcnco in Baltimore on YcJnosJay of
last week, in the 74th year of his age.
lie spent a large portion of his life in
tho public scrvico, having boon cloeteJ
to tho House of lvepresentativcs ns a
member from his native State, Delaware,
in 181G, in which capacity ho served un
til 1S27, when ho was elected U. S. Sen
ator. In 182!) ho was appointed Minis'
tor to England, and on his return was
made Secretary of tho Treasury, and af
terwards Secretary of State. In 1834 he
retired from political life, and in 1837 he
was chosen President of tho Baltimore
and Ohio It. II., which post he held for
ten years, leaving it to accept a second
timo tho post of Minister to Kngland(
during tho Oregon negotiations with
that government. On. his-return he was
elected a member of tho Reform Con
vention which sat in 1RI50-'51. This
was his last public service, after which
ho retired to'privato life, and spent tho
remainder of his days in the enjoyment
of quicf. Ho was an able statesman, and
also' distinguished for his private worth.
Edward P. Martin, Postmaster at At
tica, la., has been arrested on the charge
of breaking open letters and stealing mo
ney therefrom, and taken to Indianapo
lis for trial. '
From Santa Vk Tho New Mexican
mail left Santa P oil tho 15th ult., and
reached Independence on the 7th inst.
Otero has been re-elected to Congress ly
4,000 majority. The Indians were qui
et, and tho Cheycnnes were anxious to
make peace.
News from Europe in Six Days.
In consequenco of tho failure of tho At
lantic telegraph cable, the Associated
Press havo decided to employ a substan
tial news yacht at Newfoundland, for the
purpose of boarding off Cape Race, all
steamers from- Liverpool, Southampton,
Havre, Bremen-, Olasgow, Sec. By this
arrangement the Eurapean news will be
! received in about six or eight days from
j tho time it loaves tho English shore.
Later from Mexico.
New Orleans, Oct. 12. Tho steam
ship Texas, with advices from Vera Cruz
to the 7th inst., has arrived here. Tho
Mexican Congress held a primary meet
ing on the 2Gth ult., one hundred dele
gates were present. Manuel Ruize was
elected President.
It was rumored that Gen. Alvarez had
been assassinated.
The Insurgents in the South still hold
out. Robberies were rife throughout
the country.
The Utah Expedition. The Saint
Louis Republican has accounts from the
rear dctuchment of the expedition to
Utah. Tiiey were in camp at Blue river
for the night. 134 miles from Fort Lea
venworth. Up to that point tho inarch
had been very pleasant tho weather
being very fine and the road excellent.
Tho military force was under command
of that veteran officer, Col. Cooke, and
numbered about 400 privates, mounted,
and 80 wagons. The Governor and his
suite have six wagons and three carria
ges. It was expected that all the gen
tlemen comprising the civil government
of Utah would go with this escort, but
only Gov. Cumming and Secretary Ilart
nett wcro with it. Judge Aikers and
the Postmaster at Salt Lake City had
gone ahead, and it is feared that the
others will not be ablo to reach tho Ter
ritory before the coming winter.
The Tlace ron Poor Men. The
Albany Knickerbocker gets off the fol
lowing on Central America, which will
be read with avidity by thoso interested:
"Central America is certainly the
'Paradise of poor men.' In tho town of
Juterolapa, tho capita! of Olincho, the
frieo of a good milch cow is only $4.
lides are abundant at thirty cents each.
Cattle for 84 a head. Mules, horses and
game in excess. A good horse can be
purchased for $10. Sugar cane on the
Partook is the best known in tho United
, States, and grows almost without care.
Tobacco is indigenous and of tho best
quality. Labor is cheaper byalf than
in Nicaragua. AVith 'a light heart and
a thin pair of brooches, ' a man can live
in Central America like a prince on an
income of four shillings a month."
Change in the Caiiinkt. Tho cor
respondent of the Richmond Enquirer,
writes irom Washington as lollows:
"I have good reason to believe that it
has been determined, by President Bu
chanan, to place Mr. Touceyon the Su
preme Bench, and call a new man to the
head of the Navy Department. I will
even go farther, and venture to assort
that Charles Anderson, Esq., of Cincin
nati, has been writton to on the subject
by parties in power; but I do not know
that ho has boon tendered tho position.
Time will soun developo the facts. Rose
assured that a change in the Cabinet is
Apprentices Wanted.
Two active, intelligent Boys, from
1 1 to 17 years of nge, wanted ns Ap
prentices at this office.
Death of Geo. W. P. Custis.
Washington, October 12. George
Washington Parke Custis, tho last mem
ber of General Washington's family,
died yesterday, at Arlington, Alexan
dria county, Virginia.
Our mnrket in without ninlcriul thniijre
inre ihst week. Renelpt of Grain continue.
Ii(;lit, end prices as lust quoted.
KM) UK is lower. We now quote $4 by
(lie wneii load, $4.50 nt retail.
BUTTER is in Eood supply at I5nICc.
Flour, f,bbl, 40(1 H utter, , tb B'5
Cornineul, bus 6"n70'. Eggs , doi """"-j
Vhet, t;0.i7.VIIny, nmv, uli III)
Com, new, 30 old ,40 Chickens.doz.l i.'5ul 5C
Outs, u25 I). Applos,
Lnrd.lt) 13nl I D. Pearlies,
Wood, cord 2 ndn2 5(1, Hacon Hams lb
CBtlle,cwt,net5 50ufi SO'.Shoulilers,
Potatoes, bus h25, Sides,
Greeu Apples, 3(!ii4llVbtlieansmnll
Ma '5
J 1,0
Flour, bbl 4 50 SnCnr, Iti
Flour cwt. ui 2"i N OMolasses,gul7.rB-0
Comment, bus Ml Salt , Ka n . bus I'l
('nn dies, R
18a Ml Coffee, &
K 50 Tea,
1 5n2n
SOtil (III
a!) Oil
Trout, !.;
Wlit Els'li,
I.nrd, U
I! ice,
7 50 llutter,
8 00 Cheese,
15 MtkeSaltbbl
9j Timothy,
Hocking Suit
2 yo
Cincinnati Wholesale Market.
CINCINNATI, Tuesday, Oct. 13.
Carefully corrected every week, from the
Latest City Papers.
Cnrn,pe-bu. 4l'a42 Cheese, WKIIj. OnlO
Wheat, " 75a:i0 Hutter Roll, lb. IGa'JO
Outs, new" 30h32 Eggs, doz. 10
Flnnr. I.lil. 4 0fm4 311 Hernia. biih. Q,,J nr,
Nog, gross
i (llliiG a ' D. Apples.bu 3 0na3 50
1 Ib13 I). Peaches, 3 5 Ia3 75
Lord, lb.
Vlera Pork
Clover Seed,
Timothy "
Tullow, rend.
a25 00 Hay, ton bale JfnM 00
Apples, bbl. 75nl i!5
2 OOi Potatoes, new, 35u40
lOalOU.lFenthers, Hi. nil!
l2.ilflWool,co.ri.bl'. 30uj
Hops, lb.
Boeves.cwt.net liuO 5l' " exlrn line, u5U
The prices herein given, are the wh olesale
rules. On small lots to country dealers an ud
VHiice ot from 3 to 5 percent on these rules is
generully churged.
Pu.riir.lh. Hu9'.-nicp,11i. S'.aG
Cntree, Rio, 1 lal 1 t Salt, Kiinn. bu. uir
NO. Muliisses, ga 4rti.ril) Tobacco, leaf, 9a0."i
Tens, lb. 4llu!.- Nails, Keg, .'I S"tiS T.'i
Mackerel No1,21u'M HO Lealher.C i n . SoleM-laSti
White Fish, bbl 12 Sn Coal, fin yd 1 a 1 "
Cod Fish, lb. ft.'S'allWIiiHky gnl. 14alH
Raisins, M. It. 4 3.r)ii 4 ."ill Lemons, box, 5aC (HI
Brooms, doz: I !Sa2 50 Candles, .V uuld 12nl3
Lard Oil, gal, 1 (J.'ul 10 Soap, com lb . 5u';,
Corn, Wheat Onts ami Hay are lowr; al
so Sugur, .Molasses, Whisky und Candles
Ilusiuess continues very dull, and IruusactioiiM
confined tosinull parcels lo meet present wants.
New York Cattle Market.
Nrw Vosit, Cct. 11. Beeves have declined ;
sales of 3 ,51111 head ut a decline of jc; prices
BttitilOc., cllising iunciive. Sheep declined;
sules of I, (IHO head prices inactive.
The Great Enslhh Kcrurdj.
r rov..
r '-'V
Prepared from a prescription of Sir J. Clarke
ill. D., I'hysiciun Extraordinary to the
This invaluable medicine is unfailing in the
cure of all those painful and dangerous dis
eases to winch the female constitution is sub
ject. It moderates all excess nnd removes all
obstr uct ions, and u speedy cure may be relied
to ni tnitii:i r.Amr.s
l lis peculiarly suited. It will in a short lime
bring on the monthly periods with regularity.
Each bottle, price Ouo Dollar, bears the
Government Stamp of G reat Rritaiu, to pre
vout counterfeits.
These Pills should not hetuken hij females dur
ing the FIRST TllliF.E MONTHS J Vreg.
nancy, ns they are sure to brinj on Miscarriage,
but at any other time they are safe.
In all cases of Nervous and Spinal Affec
tions, Puiu in the buck und Limbs, Fatigue on
slight exertionPalpitation of the Heart, Ilys.
terics, and Whites, tl iese Pills w i II eff'ec t a eu re
when all other means have fuiled, and ultliough
a powerful remedy ,du not contain iron, calo
mel, antimony, or anything hurtful to iho
Full directions accompany each packngo.
Sole Agent for the United Slules und Caiiadu,
JOB MOSES, (Late I .C. Baldwin &Co.
Rochester, New York.
N. B. J 1 .00 and 6 potnge stumps enclosed
to any authorized Agent, will lusure a bottle
of the Pills by return niuil.
For sale by JA.ML3 F.ROWN, Ag't,
j'23l llill.Wo.
Holiowat's Pills Produce moat surpris
ing change ill cusrs of gunttril debility. 'I ho
brokeu duwu Inmlid, whimo ll icoid muselns and
relujwl nervous synlnui hamsearcoly aulliuieiu
vitality to siistuiu his eiimcinied form In mi
ere.:t ponitioii, U snou reiiovjtod and hrucwl by
the Invleomtlil!! i.l'.-e.t of this nriooleas rni.m.lv.
and his whole Irnuie is re-aniinnlod ami till.,, I
with energy. His spirits resume thstr buoy
aucy , ami he f.iula likeannw limn. Such is
tlie experience of tliousaudu. Lonievilv d.
panda in a great meusure upon the regular and
lirr.llhy action of llie organs of dilution and
etrretion. and upon lhee oigins Mulloway'a
i his upriau irrtHPltm v .
' I . i ' I 1
A SUITLY of Illunk Dp.-.Is mid .Murtgi-. s
(Swan's improved form) jnt print-'d on Him
paper, md for sale by the quire, ic.7 n , or sin
gin one at THIS 01 1 ICE
Tickets for a Full or Hall Course nf In
stiuc.tioii at Guudry's Ciiiinnercial Coli-g,-Cincinnati,
cnu be oblained at this oll'ice hi i
considerable discninl from t!ie regular prii-e
Young men wishing to qualify llicmv-lvi's fi
Merctiulile nustuepM. will find tlii
best institutiniis in the Wivt.
one of tlio
AM. II All.!.!
somoiitiiiu: tor iiio ifiiiiion:::
uli, old nnd young, t i thi-i wonderful
preparation, which turns to its original col
or, gray hair covers tho had of the ha'd
with a luxurinnt growth removes the dand
ruff, itching, and uli cutaneous eruptions
causes u continual How of t lie intnrul fliitiis;
and hetico, if used as a regulnr dressing for
the hair, will preserve its color, und keep it
from lulling to extreme old age, In all its nat
ural beauty. We call then, upon the bald, the
gray, or disomed ill scalp, to iimo il; and suroly,
the young will not.a tliey valun the flawing
locks, or the w itching cuil, ever be without I
it. Its praise Is upon the toni'ucs of thou
Wiiterford, .Mass., July
PROF. O. J. WOOL): Willi conlid
I reciiiiiuifliid your Hair Restoral ive, i
the most cllicaciuiis article I ever saw . 1 h
used the Wapheneund oilier preiarat ions of
the duy, nil without effect. Since using yourj
Hair Restnrulive, my hair an 1 ix hiskcrs, wnic.li I
were always white, licve grailuallv grown
durk ; uud I now leol coiifiJent, to, a a lew
tuoro applications will rextoro iheci ta th.-ir j
niiturai color. It lias also r ieV:.l ma ol alii
dundrulTuud u npleasant itching. r coin tiniii I
among person who in-rspi re fr.i -ly .
North East, Pa.,Mireh '.), ISj.'i.
SIR: In consequence of hiving hulr, for
several years past, not only gray, but perfectly
white, I have cut it short, uud worn caps tn
ll.ni It from view; but some three Mouths
sin, e, I wus induced to use your Restorative,
uud I must Injustice say, that its iflecls were
a'niosl miraculous ; for il bus changed it grad
uullytoull its former splendor, as to color,
and left It so soft and glossy ai to he more
lien uti ful than it ever was, when under the
iiilluence of the finest oil. I earnestly, there
foro, recommend it to every lady us decided I s
tho best preparation (or toilet ti hi of any
thing iii tho world. RLTriY SMITH.'
, rR OF. WOOD: lluiing experienced tin
magM eliecl of ourIIuir Restoiative, 1 drop
you this upon the mild, a. t. About two years
ago my lini r commenced falling oil' und turn
ing gray; I was fait becoming tin I.I . I met
a frienil who had used your KcslorutivM nun
spoke so highly of its virtu. s, I wus iiiducei:
lo (ry it, although 1 had but little fuith, us I
hud before tried to many other remedies. 1
commenced using your lie loralive in Juaoan
last. A lew applications fastened my hair
firmly. It' began to till up, grow out, inn:
turned back to i!s original color, (black).
At this timo, it is fully reflated lo its ol ii
lial color, haullli, uud ttppeurance, umi 1
cheerfully recommend its use toa:l.
Chicago, III., .May I, IS3L
Milford, VV'orcostcr co , M:tssi., Ni
riiOF. O. J . WOOD-lur .Sir: I t U.
ploiisure in benri nj; volunlury ti'iiutnuv tti Hi
iiiiiic etT'pRia of yon r woihIitI'uI H iir Ui'sturn
live. A Car biult us l-SiO, my hair com
int'iicntt falliiijr otV. until tlie top of my Hi:ali
lifcauia bald nnd flinuuth iin lu, nnd it Ii in
continued tu fall for many yoirs, ii . t w il IimIuii rf
I have usud many cclrhruli1!! rcm-'di-B lor
rrHtnril ion. Set i your advurtifincht 1 vn
intliifiiced to iivfl yotirurlirlo h trial, and to n
litter ttstonislmi-'iit , found, alter u le.v ujijlu;.i- ;
tioiitt, tlint my hair hHc;ini(i tinnly Htt, and a- !
8 u in ed u gloshy and hiMiuUiul ajipfyr.uwv ; und
by iho Unit) 1 liad Ufed a u,n t Itolile, , my '
bald head wa.s covered ovor will, a yoiin
and vioroiiH growth of hair, whirl, jr new
from ono to UO' iuclit-w in leuixt'i, urn. j
growinj fual. Yours, Irnlv, :
Niw York, O. t. 2, l-;4. !
rilOK. ). J. Y()-)1):--Ifar rn: Alt-r
reading tho ndveri iseincnl in one ol' tho New
York journals, of your cnUbiaied II ir U'-h-torutivot
1 procured u half-pint hottU, mmh
wus hu much ploum-d wilii it tlial 1 canlui
ued iu use lor two iiiouIIih, and am h i I i 1 1 - I
it is decidodlv the best uieit iraliutl b 'torMtif
public. It ut ouc reuiovud
l.uitlruir Mini I
unptettHaiit itclnn from tlie ar.iip, nnd hu
restored my hair nitnrally, mi l, 1 invo no
doubt, permanently o.
You Imvo prtiiiHtfioii to refer to me, nil wiio
entertain any doubt of iu performing till thai
is claimed forit. MISS KKKKS,
2fi -'2 Greenwich At.
I have iinod Prof. O. J. Wood's Hair Iirnto
ralivo, and liuve udinir-d its woiidn rf n I t-1 1 i : 1 n
It reHtored my head uud liuir w herw il li id ful
leu o tl ; it clt'tttm th h.'ml uud ru ,lnr.i tho luiir
soil and sinoolli inueli in, ire no thuii oil.
MAIiY A. ATK 1 NSu.N .
Louinvillo, Nov. 1, 1-5 I.
ITSoldat 111 Market street. Si. Louis. Mo ,
,'llti Uroudway, New York, uud hy nil Druj
Bists, everywhere. Allkimlii ol Ininily Pot
ent Medicines for n.llo Oil llie hesl it.Ml I , I
terniB, ut Professor U'ood' eMuMshnu nl, 111
Alurket street, St. Louis. si p-liiilt
1'oLson! Polsan.'!
VUSEN IC, Stryc.linine.C'iri oNive S n I.l i mate,
Demi Shot, Lyon's M i(;iielie. Powders,
peelnim s Vermin I'.vteriniiinlor, c, &c
always ou hund and t'ors.-ile hy
JA.ML.S lIKOU'N, A cent j
jnlS Knr .l"s. Kiatra
Notice 1
r IHIKcopartnerHlilp of Trimliln .V Ro.-kholcl j
X lilts bee.ii tlianolved this duy hy miitiinl !
cousenl. 'Pile business of tho hil linn will'
tie cloned by N. Uockhold, who will continue!
tho tmde ut 'Pri mhlu's ( Ihi Stiiuil, uud is now I
ollerinir greater iuducenieula loCiah uud prompt i
huyem! j
Sr.ll lnjf ofrLi')re Stock, Sttiple, Deuiestic, !
uuj Kuucy lire's Onmis,
A.t ooi : i
to muke room lor New Siodil
Prod nee token in eclui!j;e fi
an b ini
,N- IMLKIIOl.il.
lltllsboro, A ii j I'll, IJ
. i
' I Ml K in-w mill h'-ii nil f n I liu ili! in ir for llii I nxl il til Inn v. ill li fi ni.oln-il iiiul dirniilnil in tiina '
J. I r n n-.l i ii Iho I nil. ' In- I all keshion lll ( Dinn.rini' on the firnt MoiiiIbjt Ii Oftobrr"
.mil rti nl I n on 13 u-f-rlvR.
'I'liiticm in the I'n-iiiniliity Pp.itlini'iit 110 per RCKslnn ; In thf Cnllf g Inta PrpHrlniirt1 f!9,
Iri-iiili, ,1 ii Hie. I'.iiut inf, v c. , I'M ni. Tn il ion t o fine .kholilrra, I n nil tlia hrannlipa rnf lf"d (rt
Unirlnntiiin, It-1.:!.! per m nsWin , frnm lii, h the inti'ii-t un lli-ir ati.ck will lio dfducted. lloard
i iiv, I ii-1 ii cl i n tr ninr, ,:i.n(, p,-r ,(
Tor full i ii i urn.iil inn nlio ut ho.iifli ii;; hntip rfffii iiilTniin , (.-rinfl, &cv, ten the IiikI' rattilngua, .
whlrh in. iv In" h:id ill l.oi.ksl'.t.'j in II iilnliurn, or h a.pl,-iitioii to lh iilnrrlh'r.
July .l.'lh.iT. ;j!m:tj ' JO. Sic I). MATHUW3.
f M A K KS tills method of ret n r ni ng I, i n since i
' for I lie ninny favors past , and hope by et
bin new stock , w hich is now very fn 1 1 m i.iI rim;pli-le , coin pi lni nj; a I in or I uvt ry vr it y 0 f
Kinplc :ml I'anry Dry ;oN,
H:its, Ci'ps, Poiiiii-Ik, I Ip-ss Caps, I'li'iii-h, English nml German Embroideries and Trln-
"linen, l'r -isols , ' c ., Ilrnadi li.l Iif . Ciix-tiim-res, Cnsiiietls, (.;nttoiiiiit-s, Lilian uU Cott-
n Inn ,r HVnr. n U-f 11 t t v I .,! ,..,..,. t I
Drills, Rcaily-mude Cliuliing, lluulx, Sliors,
.El:i:iCIE:s nf the
-r. .1 :..ii i. .. c
come and give his one trial and ymi will not bo dis.-ippointad,) OiIh, TuintS, Window
G luhs and Putty , Dye Slu fi-. b nd nl iff (lie . .
ropular S'nlcnl cffrdtciias
as well ns fi largo ns'nrtmen i of liar Irmi ami Sic, I, Wrought and Cut Nails, s lid ll.ous
and other things u n iii"rmi y her- In nn-ut imi. A 1 1 of w lii-h he nnstiref the publis bs
will si ll fur the rcMcly pay. Iiuiv a low as can bo bought in tho Wi-Rtvu States.
Newmarket, O., April I Ji I, , l'-' ii . SAM'L M. SMITIf.
N. II. Ili..liml i,nr,. ,,i,l l,,r r'r.c.l- T
kinds of Pi oil nee.
I i i .' e , leai e
of New Market',
e I h.-i n k t n tin tin me mm f i lends nml rusltimtl .
ricl nl I" nl inn " nil fidelity to inorll rt'iitlnimuc
. r a : r , . u I e r, ., V( n n In rnmk .lM I !! 71 Vf
Qncensivure, Hardwaro and Cutlery,
vrry Finrot Qusilily,
, -I- ... '..i'... ...ii ii' ... ....... M -. c
ninll... 1 V.,. c;.,l 1lr:.A I'r,.,l . rl .11
cop j , and charge S. M'
1 I f .
rrivalo School for I'.ovs j
I' the urgent r, (iticsl i,f soine im nt;,in,.i
f 1 1 i Its hut ii, 1 have e., iif i' ni,-,l lo opt-n a
1 " 1 1 V ate Sclinol I or Hoy-;, t!io t',r-.t t.-itn it:
'(which will ciimme nee en MONDAY, I Ii "I'l I-
HER ."Hi. The number nl pnpi's v. ill he Un,. 1
i led lot ii'e ni v. Tuii in ti cr ,-t r Vt'i It is
r desirable thai th ose wishi to s - nd their mi ns .
siioiilil ito si luimcUiutely.
oct.l w:i A. T.
OT Gl'N.-
Killep nil
Shot I
III. I Tube
or n h , 1 -iwih r I I is:;
V'nd ('lldelH, I'tligs, Nil, pie
( i a tl I e
II. igs, Shot and Lead. I ' or -.ah-cheap l,v
apin j. ii. Mt'i.i.r.Nix
Slicri.T's Sulr.
IJ virtue; r-f uti execution lo mn ilii-ect.-i!,
) from the Court of Common Ph as of II igh
Innd Cnu nty , Ohio, I will oif-r nt puh'ie aac
tion before the door of the Court lions,; in
Hillsborough, on the
ilh Oiiy of Oclolicr, 1N.7,
at 1 o'clock P. M. of said day, the following
descrii cd real cHlute, situated in the town ol
Marshall in Mild county of Highland, to-wit:
I n-Lot No. 'J5 and oiie-ihinl oil south si,;,
of 111 Lot No. 'J-1. Said lots lei d npun as the
property of Adam Wise, nt 'he suit of ',,!U
.Vise. Lot No. -2 i uppriised nt $'.'.. I. t No.
2 I appraised ut f'.'."). Terms cash in Ii u.i.
J . IT. Ml'f.l ENIV. S . ( .
Cathartic Pilk
(.vff.'.if " iii:i,i
Akr'. M VI, t. 'I'l
lnvnllils, l-'ii I he i-s, .llotlirrt. E'li -ia ti,
llillan1tiroplsts, refill tln-tr J''..'tti ls,
nltd JiiiIjc of tllt-li Virt lii-s.
inn Tin: i i ki: ny
Itrndachr, Sit U Ilenilai bf. l'-ml Stom irh.
t. i-
Im. .1.
il,.- ...
.,1 v..iir I
l. lie'
: I l,.i,
, I,., ,i .-.
l r ti,
.1 ..f
tlll'V , le.lll.'- III Olli e
Hie, tlie tael i W.etli Ui
sua m itii gr ut I,
ni. w. i'l: t : i .i. t:.
liilinns Disorders nml Liver (Y.itipliiints.
Ill I' II 'I MKT el 1 III I' : , :::'!. I
nis..i... ti. c . ; i I,., . r
Sm: I loivr lUi"1 eiir I'lll- o, lav l- le l.il ai. 1 l,.'.'il,l
J'laelii'e I'l.T ..in, e .1.11 Ilia t-' I ifln. a In I , .oili.a l,i-il.ite l
-:i lirvv He lie, ! h( iiii li.-o t r- ,.in,.,. lli.it .u
tatilii: ai'tieii on tlie f r IS . I . f . k all, I 1 -----. ! -I. , - i,.,-.( n- lit
I) tlieV III,' fll ll-llliilal-le lelll, ll Inr ,. 1 .1 1 l-J elte-l , I - , -I 1 1 11. t
oi can. I ikIi-i-'I. I Iiiitp ,1,1- in t-.iiinl a i., ,1 ii . .- j-
C,U l-KtiilAte tilllt il ,lal nut r, il -My i- 1 t I-, It-- 1,1.
lY.'iti-lliall) vuui... .M.'iN.'l l:l.l.. M. II,
;'iV'i,ai ', Mn li -,,-l.
Dysentery, Itclav, nml Oiin.
t'- S'! I II I 1' r. ft I H 1 I SU, I. IV I '.. Ml, II.. .,-v. I
11,. . Aim: .-ur I'lll. are tlie "-i t-. 1 1--n ,-t 1... -It-
'I'h.-y li ive ,l"ii,' my v it-- iii-ae i: I Iti.-n 1 ,:oi t, II ,-a.
Mi,, ha. I t-.-.-n m-k an-l ,i i, i u-n, a v I- I it,"i,lli.. ,
ntl t- I"- 'I.-. t -I at . r.-.it ,-i-,-t,-111.
n ,-,.itii,i,-n,-,t taking y.-iir I'i
la t'-..iioi4 l.ir;,' ,ir littt,'s
'tl,,-v attrl, :ut inr. I I
ot 1-1 ---,t v ,li tent, rv, I lit,-,.: ear In il-!
tin Mile i'lll,-I lout villi l" .
ol tn-l . Ill , - I I Inl lis -:t li i-i 1 1 i ,- I -, u
l-ill.. tl If I I- -I 11,11, li tllne. Wlllioilt I
c,"i tie li. S,. li :t in. -1
e,-l S4I-1 lloll, l, Will l-e J
;t;o. .1. i.tiin iv, -
-' I, -1
; ,'.,n
tstioii nml Impiiiity nl (hi
Avtn I h:ii- iiM-il Mnir l'i!lsui:li x t . i 1 : 1 1 . u
Min At ill iiiv fill lily :ii fi tinit'li I tn -i' I iiMi -st. 1 1 -1 1 t - i-.it
in ili-trrv. T rt-uul.ifi- tit i-r.iii- ' i-..iin :ui! jiini-
U tin- . 1 thev :n.. Hi- wry U-f i.-m.-lv I U;- mr
Kii".ii, ;unl 1 i-iia t'oiili'ii-iitl) iTrtiiimii-ii'l l!n in ti. u.y
IinnJ.i. Yuai--, J. V. lll.Vt .
M'irsuv. WytiV'v-, Pv.V. V .ii f. Is.T,.
I'l T( m : 1 tun uli:' y m Cnlli.ii I'l!- ;;i in .ri;c-tin-.
iv' tinl thfin un . fll. til j-.ir; :uin- l.i i .-uin.- th.-mnli-lii
itlut l 1 1 1 1 f lit" f't:M: n - -t' llf 1 1 ...1.
JOHN ti. M K II A M. v. n.
Ki ysiprUis, SrifWiilii, Kinu's I'vil, Tetter,
I ninnrs, niul Suit Khonni.
From a hrtrnirf, M r hr.nl ..J S' ls.n . i,h. 4. 1 -Oft.
I'n. A v R : Ymu- I'ilU niv tli- i ti "(".ill th;il i-i
pr- it in im-.lii in.-. 'Ili--v hdt'f ( inc.' i: tit : 1.- i .wfj hT,-r
i'f iilc r-in- kcvih ujH n h. r limi'l-- ntt-l d t :tt it h.i I pinvc-t
in'in-:ilti- inr i-nr . iin ii"r Linl ht Imi :i i. v..iis-
lv niMi if.l uh l-l-.tt. in- itti'l itiili s n i,-t cK ni ii" 1 1 in
Iht li;i!r. A I iff nur ritih! ,.-i rill' it. :i!i fri ! wuv
I'lll-. and tli- v hnvi- ruiv.l h -r. ASA o ; . K 1 1 k , L.
Khcnmatism, Teurnlin, and C.out.
..; tU Ar. r. tffUCf. of th Mthn,ht F-it. ri,t,rr.
I'l I Mi! I I "I "V. S M ill. fi -. .1 Ol. l. l.M'i.
II m Hi ji mk : 1 v-li i i i utii nl. in! tr tin- i-.-li-t vr
k'.iil lrr m.ht un- It I it ill in t t pi'il inv i ;! to von.
A ruM N tt!i i in ui limit" uinl 1 n n .lit i n -in-iiitiiiK
ii'-nnikn' 'iiin, vlnili ciul-il in (it (i i ir I In nnm I i-in.
Niiiunli-t.tii.lin..' I It. nl tin- 1- t i t' j h -1 . liiti-. th. .1,-. ;u-o
pn-w wi'ic it ii I wufsi', until. y tin inUtu- ot yniir l -
I 1 J L itlTi lit III It'll ti UK i 1')'. .Mill k I'll 711'. I tl'U'il Mill I lllll.
II.. 11 L rll- MuW, 1'llt Mill. )' p'lkL 111 lb Um
ut- il' tticjn, I run new niin 1 m1I.
Skv vtt I'll inv:u. ItvT- n Hot ;r. T. v. R r' .. o
Pfi. Ami: 1 l.i ii .-nlitt-lv nm-.l 1-v nir I'HI nf
nitfiinnilii.' iiuill O JiHlulul diniiiHi- tliil liint .'ilHi' if-l tiii
tor yi-.tiH. MM i;.NT LI lil.l.l..
For Dropsy, IM thorn, or Liiulrc-tl Com
f In in I m, ti mill tig nu Hiliu- I'Ui ti-, liuj iu i- an i.x-l t
riit i t-un ily.
For CoM ivcncbs or Constipation, nntl an
A Oiuiirr 1411, tin -y hu- ntMt't-itMt- nml i-ll'-i tin I.
Fits, Suppress. on, I'HrnlyMs, luttumina-
""i t'un l-tin'nt ttml I'lirlial Htlntl
fe-LU li-ivit I i I Iil !.. 1 1 1, 'ImI ii.i ll.,i. .1 lh,.,.
Mi"-t ( the Pills In ni:n tu t rmitnln Mpi imii y. m lil. li. nl
tlimh u vndmlih- rin'Hv in skiltul liainls, is iiii ntt-i m
iu a 1'iiMii- .iJl, titan Lhr (Irt-mllnl roii..ii net k Unit t'li
iinitly f"H'W it" iiiraiiil-iim ii4. TIii-do cuiiLiiu i Hn-r (
cur)' vi initicral nulitaiii t' w liuCi: vi.
1'OK tiik K.vriD n i;i: of
COrfillS, OLDX, ll) AitM ,Ni:hM, 1FIA'-tOt-II,
lltOl lb, AMH.1IA, 1-.
tHMr..T c)sl wnio.,
nl fur tin r-l! f of CDnMiuiptixu I'liiithi.i lu nJaiui-
Kin,'fi4 i'l the ili-e:i.-i'.
Wo if,-. nt r-j'-iik t. Hi.- i-i.l rf it- iitun.
Thnm'lniul niTV t.n. hui hIiik -i vi hi't.,!- of iht-
Auii'iiiiiii Mtc, it m Hfiiitii 1'ul run i. H uttin nmv r
I'luMits tiHVtt liui.li' it allfinly l.n uii. N:t. d u mn
" '
fstinilit-N in ntt rit iiii it
iit fimif n 1-iinnl c. ii'
tltr ciitiuiiiiiiiticx any it
tH-iiiv h in r tiiili nt' Ma
gl-l-oUH tts.'a.-.-i t l tl..- tin
Hiot fu crliil itnt l U'
otin1t on tin'
i , ui lis ftllVt
B V 111" ll lill-ti
MU.i lit H ll li
;hm( 1. w.-i t t
t unmiiK (In m
K lul (HI T till
iiiul d.ifi-
I.-.,! un.l hint.-.. W I.. li
i ilu-
l""l Mi-till-).
ft kli n to iiiiin ft j tl i
ttSl'K Ot" t lit' .ulll'.i.,) V HI
itahit HMi 1;t ni;i'i i i
In aUi, t),- pi, i.-miti.t i.lui .ll. t i, iu--(l il,:ii i,,n vin-l,l,,,,-,l
i-.r ii, i.mi.s m,,l initf t -i.M.i... l-. i. iu .I,- ic, I
Lulu It in M.-ii, .uiin-t tl"' ii,M,:,- ii-. ii-iin. ll.ili.-U
lln tliflil lintn, tuii'-l. '' lia.e nlmii'tniit -l, -iniil lu
I. llfli Un- t V ii )4 1 1 '-'n-iil nil" M 111' I.' Ii.i i I - v I III' I'i u
iuiiiitii,ii It liuleuti, tliail tli.'ro it nu, .. t. . il l-y
.,n. foul cin e v uur c ,1.1m w Inl,' lln un- , in ;tl I'-. ii"l" m n
U, t tlii-ni until nu litiiiii.ii hlult cnu iii:'-!' r lln- in- "in' U,
dllkt-r Hint, I'nt.-TI'-.t .,11 lln- Mli-i,, li.tl "Ui' III,' II Ai.y.
All knew the ilcnCful I'slulilv i'l luli( ,li-"l-l.i. mid li
lli.-y Kii,,w liio 1 tin 1 Irttiiw i.l lint, u nit -U . ik ciI li"t tin
lleiie tliun to HHMiro III, m ll in Mitt 1 1 .,! tl" ''"' It c.ll
V 0 nre tl,, ,',!, no cue. li t"il tc pn 'tm .' It tho
m.,t 'rl,-ct IHWll'le, mi, I tliua It.T.I tl,--M' nil" l, l I'll
ll the be.t iicift lii- liuui ..kill can tinniotl l"l llicii lui'c.
rKKl'ARLD BY CI!. J. f. AYE K,
tactical and Anulyticul Clieiuist, Lowell, Kail,
A X It SO h U It V
J. lines nrowu, II illlini'o; Sw i-arineii am
Wrichl, New J .' -V l ll I n tl ; L. M. JohltMilit.
New I'etel slm r ; J . 1,. . S ;,,',, rl.s licit ,t
J. .Ml Keen, l,ecSll ru ; Norton . .Mc;,,l
(rxriiliehl; H ml 1, II di l.lei in .Medicine, it, r-'-a
here. N'hiilck-il hy J C. Ayt . o , I 'm
mi 1 'jl n'kl
tt.-r-ht!" lalio.-l
Soiling- Off at Cost!
'PHI'S!', wa-llillg
GREAT R A at; AT N 3
I. i.i! invite, I to call sonn at
the Storn o n
nnit'i of Fnllis's Corner. 'Iho entir
is now being closed out, potititt'lij o4
The assortment comiirises
Moots, Slioos, Uo?.(ly Made CIolhlnR,-
TXrxtf mid Cl,-
and a general assorlinenl of
ii; i s' i i rmsiiim; goods.
A i.so-Hnsiery, Vhill and Feney Shirts,
Trunks, V alises, Carpel. Sucks, Uinhrellus, In
I in I! u hher S'raps, Siis-iKiers, Crsvals and a I
articles of tieniliMiien's ivei'.ri
il ; I'ar tic ulsr iilte nt ion is i n i I 10 tut stock
which is nl superior material and Workman
ship, combined with durability, and of thalaU
eslund most I'ssh ioimhle styles.
lilshhnd Trobaic Court'.
II . J. Iletheiingtoii and "1
George He! li ,r I llgto 11 ,
Mm i iiistrulo rs of Job
Wuiin-slev, ilec'd. ! IV' I it Ion to tell Lsd
Ab"ry aiuei.ley und I
.-Hi- rs. ' J
'Ml As'icry Wiimesley: Yon tire Imrebr'uw
I titii'd that on thu '2'st day ot September..
1 7, said Adni i nislra' o is fiied their iotitliu
in the f'fol-tiie Con ri1 of Highland ' Count ), .
ihin, the obj.-ct'nnd prayer nf which petition
is to obtain an order on the 23d day of October,
I -."?. lor In" sale of I he following real estate;,
nl l.ic'i Hie said Job Wamcsley died seiisd.y.
or so much thereof as may be necessary
oav (lie i. elits of said i.'eredellt, to-wit: 1 lhr'
f . i tit upon which tht said Job WHmeslev, re
-'lie.i ;.t the ; I m,. ol hij dentil , situated1 -in. lln'
i-ouii'y of Iliglil ind ui.i Sta.e of Ohio, sii4
,le.-e ilif.,1 as follows:
II gi itui ug tit a h ick cry, dogwood and red.
hud i,r li e line nf llie original survey; thmeu1
i:!i.-,ti-l hue ).;. W. 93 poles to Iw
t;rah ip jth". a ntl small ictl-oak ill a bo?; thrnoe
15 . ''' i 'g. E. "'3 iicles tn a while oak; lliivs)
N fi." .. :e. V.'. I 'J poles to the beginning
containing 1 ' li in-r-s more or Ics.t, saving aud
I'Mfplitie Irnin said farm Ut actes deeded by
l!i said Job W'.iiieslcy ci u r l ii 0' I. is life 16" Ins
mm As!ter . -a ui, s!e y.
Doled this the 'Jlsl'dav ofcpteinber. 181";
All'y of II. J. Iletl.eriiigiou und Genrgo lietb-
eriaglon, A d mil. i . t ralots of Job WainesUy,
d-e'd. sip-ilw-l
Tin: woiti.i) i ,. in i ?n is;
i f.
IXollo way's Ointment.
The Great Counter Irritaut!!
ill'1. virtiK of disi'tisti ufU-u iimki'S its wny
I .i the int.-riiit! ovjr i tin ilirott tho jiorcs f
t!i" U ill. tuts iiim! rtitln j; (ilnttiirnt, itit-lf-inu
n ml 1 Iim liuml ns it is rulilinl in, Is ali
si,tl,".l t Ii r ii "li Km' funis rlmiiii. In, mid r.iicli-,
i'n; tl;;- s.'.-il i.l' iiill.-iitiiiiiitioii, irnui;iily rind i-viti;.!,;-
sithilits it, wlirtlirr liii-.tlfil ill thm
Mdiii'VH, the livor, tlii littii;s, or iitiy olliiriin
i r t ; 1 1 r iiruiin. It (.fiii't r.-ilpH lh mirficn ID lbs
itili-rior, ti.iuitli tint countless luiws thai cam
tint nii-nle with .skin, us siiiiiiner ruin imttina,
into t!i,- !'i'-.-r'il I'lirtli.ilitrukittg llscuul uud
y.-n. Tilting iniliiriii-e.
C kin Diseases and Glandular Swelllngii..
Kv.-ry R;n rics of exterior irritiition is quUk
ly r.-iiiiri'il by the atiti-inllaiiiinutory action uf.
this Ointment. Anpty trii it ions suoli sn-H.-il I
K' hi' ii 1 1 1 . V.i ysip-liis, Tetter, I. i nworiii. Scald '
lletnl, Ne'lle liimh, Serines (or Iteli) ite , dl
'tut, to relut'ii no more, ntiiler Its aiilii-atlon..
pit.il i'i'i ienee in nil ptirts
iieneeiti nil purls ol tlie wardl.
;ii .i i h its i nl.illi h. I tty I n iliHeiisen of Ills skia.
the tuuiiclc.s, the joints und the ejnnds..
Ulcer3, Sores, nnd Tumors.
Tlie cH'.ct of tills iiiirimled extrrnal rsme
ily iipnn'. Scrnfulii, and other virulent ulcers
;i i,l H,ire, isiihiiost iiiimruloua. I; first dis.
c;i,,i-;c.i the poison which produces suppura.
lull nml i in it (I ll"sli, uud llius tl.e cures nhiuk
its henliuj; p(opurt.!es ufiemunls oompleta sro
ufe s well as pi-rirut lit-n t .
Wound, Bruises, Bqrns, (ind EcaIJa
I n enses of tho Iniclure of lite bones, .Inju
ries cnu .led by mcuin explosions, Uruli,
lliiins, Scihls, KlieiiinntiKin, SHrl'ness if th
Join 'k, nn-i eo ut ruction of ttie si new s, il is era
ployed null warmly recnminuiiilril by lh turn
uHy. This marvellous remedy hn been fa--
trodm-eil hy Us inventor iu porvoii Into all th
lending IJokiiIii! of Kurope, and uo jirlTt.
hoilsclmld idiould be willluul it.
Undeniable) TeaUmony.
The Mciiii ul Slnll'of the l-'rcncll and Erg
lihlt Armies in ll.e Crimea have ollicinlly sipB
j d tin ir npprovnl nf Hollowtiy's Oiuluient, s
the must r -1 inl, In dressing for sukra cuts, slabs',
und nun shut wounds, llie also Ubsd by Ibo
nu 'y. 'dim of the Allied Navies.
Ujlh the. Oiulmenl and nils should It
used in the full uxri nt; easet.
1,'IIIIOt s I i'cs
Sealils S 'eled ("land
Still Joints
'eiii-resl ferv-e1
Wuuiuls ef- ui I'
I.'l I 111 i- l-r .,',! iiii
-h;i,-e, n.lll.USMl l.'liciun
1 1 li i II; hii ns ' k i it !'is''n:c,l
l'i -lu!.,H Sole I.'-jM
f nt Sure l,rciiMs
l,nin('';'r Stiro llcii.ls
Mi icni uiU'riip-.'-'cre 'I'l, rents
lions S
'Sold i't ll
ires of nil k imls
o n!'iuul',.ctt,iti-s of rrofri-eor
A fV, . ') -h ll-( jPYT
VVsT'-it . LV
llm.i ow.w, t'll Msideii Lstie, New York, smV
'.'II Sli.ith!, Louden, a nil hv all rrsprrlslil
DrtlirciMs mill )e;ileis ill Medicines Ihlon, Ii--.
mil tin, I' u i led Stales, a nil the civlllxerl wuml ,
in I'ois, ut l."i irnin, ti'j'.j cents, and $1 each.
U i 'l'l ein is coiihiiloiubla auviu by taking
the l.inc-r st7e.
N. II. Iirci linns for the poiiUnre orplionl
in every ilipnider lire ulllxed to ench Pol.
J ) I II ll 1 1 oil I None ii-'ii,i . " unle
the vv o c " 1 1 tllim a if. Arm L-ir K tnJ l.uuJnn
i r,i il iecer nil,l" us ;t ten I ef. mat I in. e vci y Iciii' of
he tie nil of il i rec ti-iis ui ou.id e-ie'i roi or tio i (
(he Hume mnv he, ptuiuly i-pi-it hy AiilJu.n i'it
'cif I'i the A huiulwnuie rewnid Mil b
ivi'ii lounv Him rci.-'i ii n jj sncli liilorumliua
it it. ty h'.id In the litleetioli of ti.y pai ly as
i ci it n-N con iitct h-ili nt; llie medicines or vesdi nj
t 'in s. ui i e, l n i u 1 1. sin to bu epu r lous.
in i .'' mfi

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