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Onray and Lis TJte chiefs arrived
at Washington City last week.
Bismarck is reported to be dan
gerously ill.
Gen. Garfield's nomination for
TJ. S. Senator, is received with en
thusiasm by the Republicans every
Eishop Gilbert Haven, of the II.
E. church, died in Maiden, Mass. on
the 10th. lie was 5S years of age,
and Lad-been a Bishop since 1S72.
The Legislature will get down to
business as soon as the Senatorial
election is over, and a short session
is demanded by the people.
Oar Representative, lion. J. J.
Pugtley, is chairman of the House
standing committee cn Privileges
and Elections. He its also a mem
of the standing committee on Rail
roads aDd Telegraphs.
Senator EntrekiD, of this district,
is chairman of the Senate standing
committee on Soldiers' & Sailors'
Orphans' Home and School for Im
becile Youth, andis also a member
of the committee on Fees and Sala
ries. Gen. Garfield was unanimously
nominated for U. S. Senator, by the
Republican caucus, on Tuesday night
of last week, and the election will
take place to-morrow (Wednesday)
when the nomination no doubt will
be confirmed by the entire Republi
can majority in both branches of the
Legislature. The voluntary with
drawal of Judge Tart, Es-Gov. Deni
son and Hon. Stanley Matthews,
from the contest before the nomina
tion, thus making it unanimous,
was a merited compliment to Gen.
Garfield, and a graceful acquiescence
on their part, in the unmistakable
popular will, which plainly indicated
him as its first choice. He will not
take Lis seat until March 4, 1SS1.
Gov. Foster was inaugurated last
Monday. Notwithstanding the storm,
the military display was the finest
ever seen at the State Capital. Gov.
Bishop introduced his successor,
who was received with great enthu
siasm by the immense assembly and
then delivered his inaugural, which
was very brief, modest and sensible.
The oath of office was then adminis
tered by Judge Gilmore, and the
Governor retired to his rooms in the
Lieut. Gov. Hickenlooper then
took the oath of office in the Senate
chamber, and the Senate adjourned.
All the other State officers elect
were then sworn in and inducted in
to their respective offices.
Gov. Garcelon and Lis Council did
not accomplish their purpose after
all. The Republicans refused to take
part in the organization of the bogus
Legislature last week. Consequently
the House had no quorum, and no
business could be done. The Dem
ocrats and Fusionists could not elect
a Governor, and consequently the
State is left without any, Garcelon's
term Laving expired! Having got
tLings into this miserable muddle,
the President of the bogus Senate,
James D. Lampson, was last Monday
elected Acting Governor by a joint
vote of both Jlouses.
Before retiring from office Gover
nor Garcelon authorized Maj. Gen.
Chamberlain to protect the public
property until a new Governor is
elected and qualified. Gen. C. has
been acting under this order and has
thus far preserved peace. It is said,
however, that he will not recoernize
Lampson as Acting Governor.
Last Monday evening, tne liepub
lican members-elect quietly entered
the State House without opposition.
and proceeded to organize, admitting
to seats ail the members wno were
shown to be elected by the returns.
A legal quorum was present in both
Houses. A joint resolution was then
passed, asking the Supreme Court to
decide upon the legality of the or
ganization. The decision may be
expected by Friday or Saturday, and
if favorable, as is confidently antici
pated, it is to be hoped all parties
will acquiesce, and the whole trouble
be peaceably and fairly settled.
Charges of bribery have been pre
ferred by two Democratic members
of the House against a Republican
lawyer, named II. R. White, who is
charged with having offered 8s.id
members $1000 each to resign their
seats. The Republicans deny the
charge, which will be investigated
by a committee of the House.
The Indian perpetrators of the
White River massacre had quite ex
ceeded the limits of human patience
before, but information Las been tele
graphed which places them wholly
without its pale. Ei-Governor Hunt,
of Colorado, 6ays a Washington dis
patch to the Chicago Tribune, re
ceived a telegram some days ago,
which consideration for the policy of
Mr. Schurz induced him to keep se
cret, but now that the Pueblo Chief
tain of New Tear's day has published
a card signed by Mr3. Meeker, to the
effect that the female prisoners in
the hands of the U tes were outraged
by their captors, he hesitates no
longer. The news comes in sucn a
shape that its truth can scarcely be
doubted. We advise Messrs. Hatch
and Adams to take their hostages to
some safe place, and take good care
of them while they are en route.
General Garfield says: "It looks
as though there were forces at work
m t : j
in organizing ims muYemeuiuuismu
of Maine; that these people were act
ing under the advice of party asso
ciates who had a programme, in
which Maine was the beginning. I
have not a doubt but this makes it
all the more necessary that our peo
ple shall resist the first step of the
programme to the fullest extent of
the law."
Bringing the Matter Homeā€”Suppose a
Suppose that at the last election
in this county, some cf the ballots
had been voted for T. H. Long, the
Democratic candidate for Sheriff, in
stead of Thomas II. Long. And
suppose the Republican Clerk of the
Court had refused to recognize these
votes for T. II. Long as rightfully
belonging to Thomas H. Long, and
on that ground had given the certificate
of election to Mr. WTilliams, Lis Repub
lican opponent. What a howl of in
dignation would Lave gone up from
the Democratic organ of this county,
and from the whole Democratic par
ty, and not without good reason.
Yet that would have been exactly a
parallel case to the action of Gov.
Garcelon and Lis Council in Maine,
in refusing certificates to some of the
Republican members elected to the
L-'gislature, and giving their seats
to their opponents, who were never
elected by the peoplo.
In rue District the name of the
Republican candidate was George
W. Nicholson, but some of the bal
lots were accidentally printed G. W.
Nicholson, instead of with the full
name of George W. But all those
votes for G. W. Nicholson, which
every man of common sense and
common honesty must- know were
intended for George W., were taken
from him by Gov. Garcelon and Lis
Council, and counted for an imagin
ary candidate, ("G. W.") wLo had
no existence except in the warped
and excited brains of the Governor
and Council.
This is a fair specimen of the man
ner in which the Republicans of
Maine have been cheated out of their
representation in the Legislature
and we ask every honest, candid
Democrat, in Highland county, if he
can approve and sanction Buch acts "
Republican National Convention.
Chairman Cameron, of the Nation
al Republican Convention, has issued
the following call :
A National Convention of the Re
publican party will meet at Chicago,
Wednesday, the 2 J day of June next,
fur the nomination of candidates to
be supported for President and Vice-
President at the next election. Re
publicans, and all who will co-ope
rate with them in supporting the
nominees of the party, are invited to
choose two delegates from each Con
gressional district, four at large
from each State, two from each Ter
ritory, and two from the District of
Columbia, to represent them in the
J. D. CAMERON, Chairman.
THOS. B. KEOGH, Sec'y.
Gen. Grant and party, consisting
of Mrs. Grant, Gen. Sheridan and
wife, Col. Grant and wife, and one or
two others, left Washington for the
South on the evening of Dec. 30th.
They passed through Fredericksburg
and Richmond hastily, were formally
welcomed at Beaufort, S. C, and
Aurrusta and Savannah, Ga, and
from the latter place went by steam
er to Fernandina, Fla., where they
were met by a larjre concourse of
people, and tendered a public recep
tion on Monday. After a brief stay
in Florida, which Gen. Grant now
visits for tho first time, the party
will proceed to Havana, Cuba, where
prepirations have already been made
for their reception.
The New York Times calls atten
tion to the fact that nearly every re
turn in that city and Brooklyn at the
last election was defective in form,
and misbt Lave been thrown out
had the Republicans done as Gov
ernor Garcelon is attempting to do
in Maine, to-wit: follow the letter
rather than the spirit of the law.
Such a course on their part would
have taken from the Legislature
nearly all its Democratic element,
and Lava elected every Republican
on the State ticket. But the Repub
Leans of Now York held, and rigLtly
too, ILat a candidate sLould not lose
Lis election because of a clerical or
other error on the part of an election
Governor's Message.
Xue Columbus papers bring us
the last annual messa&o of Gov
ernor Bishop. We summarize from
the Evening Dispatch. After apolo
gizing as it were, for the appearance
of the document, by saying that it is
his duty to inflict one upon the peo
ple, he congratulates tLe country up
on the present condition of peace
and prosperity, and seems to think
that there is something after all in
ttio existing "boom. rite message
gives the usual financial exhibit, by
which we learn that the present
funded debt i3 G,476,805,30. The
local debts of the State (those of the
counties, townships and municipal
corporations') figure up in the aggre
gate the total sum of &il,490,5rl -53.
The receipts into the State
Treasury from all sources last year
amounted to $G,G8,8G5.07, including
the cash balance of last year. The
disbursements during the year for
all purposes were o,G53,752.33;
leaving a balance of cash in the
treasury on the 15th of November
last, of 4995,112.74. The estimated
disbursements ior tne coming year
are placed at 4,930,902.03.
The Governor thinks that the
Public Works of the State are in
better condition than they were when
in tho hands of the lessees, and that
under proper management they can
be made self-sustaining. The mili
tia of Ohio is in good condition, and
equal in effectiveness to that of any
other State. TLe need of additional
prison accommodations is urged,
and also the establishment of chil
drens' homes. He favors the pres
ent Board of State Charities, and
says that such a system of supervis
ion should be fostered by the Legis
lature. The condition and progress
of the Ohio State University at Co
lumbus are most gratifying.
The other matters referred to are
the Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Railroads, the Revision of the Stat
utes, Ohio River Navigation, the Ge
ological Survey, and the Common
In conclusion, Gov. Bishop urge
fha propriety of the State making
some provision for the purpose of
erecting an Esecutivo Mansion,
The Committee of Nine, to whom
was referred the subject of prepar
ing bills to be presented to the
Legislature, and a form of petition
to be circulated throughout the
State, met in Columbus the day af
ter the Local Option State Conven
tion, and organized by appointing
our townsman, Judge Thompson,
Chairman, and Mrs. Woodbridge, of
Ravenna, Secretary. The Conven
tion prepared two bills, (as they were
instructed to do), one drawn up by
Judge Thompson, and embodying
the right of woman to an equal voice
with mm, by petition, in the en
forcement of an anti-liquor Local
Option law the other bill, drawn
up by Hon. G. T. Stewart, of Nor
walk, allowing woman to vote by
ballot, instead of expressing her will
by petition. We publish Judge
Thompson's bill on our first page,
and below will be found the form of
petition adopted by the Committee.
It differs only slightly from the pe
titions circulated before the State
Convention was held, the principal
difference being that in the new form
all petitioners are required to be
over 21 years of nge, while under the
old form, persons of 18 or over were
permitted to sign:'
The undersigned, citizens of
Township, County, State of
Ohio, over the age of twenty-one,
would respectfully memorialize your
honorable body, for tho enactment
of a Local Option Anti-Liquor Law,
without a clause allowing the privi
lege of the sale of intoxicating liq
uors as a beverage, on the payment
of taxe3 therefor, but with a clause
allowing the voice of woman, by pe
tition or ballot, to be equal to that
of man, on the enforcement of such
law, in either form which the Legis
lature may elect from the two bills
submitted to that body by the State
Local Option Convention of Janu
ary 1,1880.
William's Bros' History of Highland
and Ross Counties.
We are glad to be able to note that
Messrs. Williams Brothers seem abundant
ly satisfied with tho progress of their
work in Hillsboro and Highland county.
There appears to be a very wide-spread
interest iu the History among the best
class of citizens, and the outlook is as. en
con rging as the proprietors of the enter
prise could desire. It is fully demon
strated, from the interest taken in the
forthcoming History, that the publishers
and their assistants will be encouraged to
their best efforts, and work with a spirit
which they could scarcely be expected to
feel, were they met with lukewarmness
or indifference. Several of Messrs. 'Wil
liams Bros.' corps are now in Hillsboro,
but the greater number are still at work in
Ross county, and will not be here for sev
eral weeks. The work, which is of neces
sity a slow one, will be pushed forward
with all the dispatch that is consistent
with thoroughness, and our people may
expect an elaborate and valuable History
of their county and its institutions.
The force of men employed oh the
work numbers over twenty, and all are
thoroughly experienced in their particular
lines of employment. When we reflect
that with this large number of men, the
collection and preparation of the History
of these two counties, i3 so large a work
that it will occupy a period of nearly a
year, we cannot regard as unreasonable the
price at which the book is sold, but on
the contrary, wonder that it should be so
Apple-ton's Journal for February ap
pears early, as it is the intention of the
publishers shall be the case with every
number hereafter. It opens with the con
cluding part of Charbuliez's brilliant novel
ette, "A Stroke of Diplomacy." This is
followed by a very readable paper on "The
Comedy Writers of the Restoration."
'Life in Brittany" is a bright and enter
taining paper. If magazine writers gen
erally, would imitate the style of this ar
ticle, the pleasure of readers would be
greatly enhanced. Charles G. Leland's
entertaining papers on "The Russian
Gypsies" are given complete. The first
part of the Duke of Argyll's "Impressions
of the New WoJld" is reprinted, and this
paper all the world this side of the Atlan
tic will want to read. "Miracles, Prayer
and Law," will prove comforting to those
whose faith has wavered under the pres
sure of scientific skepticism. A touching
poem, 'Teaching Grandmother Grand
mother's Teaching," by Alfred Austin,
completes the list of contributed articles.
which is followed by the Editor's Table
and Book Reviews. Appleton's Journal is
published monthly, at 25 cents per num
ber, or S3 per annum. D. Appleton & Co.
Publishers, 549 and 551 Broadway, Xew
Frank Leslie's Sunday Magazine,
For February, is one of the most attract
ive numbers yet issued, and well sustains
ils high reputation. The 1 28 pages are
hlled with nelighttul literature, and some
100 beautiful engraving. The articles
will suit all tastes, and interest educated
minds as well as the most ordinary read
er. A few of the most noteworthy are
"The Case of the Rev. Wi.liam Tennent,"
.Salt and Salt-mines, bt. Augustine, the
Apostle of the English, ""The Persecutions
ot the Huguenots, and the article on
Magdalen Herbert, the mother of George
Herbert, the "Poet of the Temple." The
first of a series of papers, entitled The
Children of the Bible," gives promise of
becoming an unusualy attractive feature.
Mrs. Augusta B. Garrett has an admira
ble article on sacred music. The depart
ment of fiction iscrowded with good things.
Youthful readers will be delighted with
the stories, "Little Hinges," "The Lucky
Prince, Wee Wee," &c. There is a very
abundant miscellany of the most enter
taining character. Single copies only 25
cents, the annual subscription 3, post
paid. Address, Frank Leslie's Publish
ing House, 53, 55 and 57 Park Place, New
Henry W. Longfellow's seventy
third birthday is to be celebrated in
Cincinnati on the 27th of February,
by fifteen thousand pupils of the pub
lic schools. The great poet expresses
his regrets that he cannot prepare a
special poem for the occasion, but be
gives the children some excellent
advice in prose. Whittier's birthday
was celebrated in the schools last
month, and it is the intention to cel
ebrate tho birthdays of other distin
guished authors in the same way. A
very good idea.
Gov. Foster has appointed Col. S.
B. Smith, of Dayton, assistant Ad
jutant General. He is now Colonel
of the 4th Reg't O. N. G. and dis
tinguished himself by his efficient
service in Columbus during the
railroad strike riota two years ago.
Judge Thompson's Columbus Speech.
The Columbus Democrat has the
following editorial Dotice of the
speech of Judgi Thompson, made in
Columbus the night before the Lo
cal Option State Convention:
Last night, at the City Hall, Hon.
Judge Thompson, of Hillsboro, au
thor of the new local opion move
ment, delivered an address in expla
nation and defense of his proposition
that "women, as free-born 'citizens,
have equal rights and privileges with
men as 'petitioners in the enforce
ment of the provisions of a local op
tion liquor law." Touching the con
stitutionality of local option, he de
clared that nine or ten States around
us had enacted local option laws,
and the Courts had all sustained
them. In Ohio the Supreme Court
had sustained the local option law,
which enabled the citizens of Cin
cinnati to vote $20,000,000 for rail
road purposes, had endorsed the lo
cal option law, which granted the
people women included the right
to establish free turnpikes in Ohio,
and numerous other laws now in
force. Touching the proposed
"special tax" which was in reality
a "license" law, he declared it en
tirely unconstitutional, as the con
stitution treated the liquor traffic as
a' "crime" which could in no wise be
legalized. His letter to the Cincin
nati Gazette was then read, and he
defended most ably and conclusively,
to Lis audience, that the constitution
gave women the right to speak
through "petition" not by "ballot"
as an elector, as she was not an elec
tor, nor could Bhe be upon the
question as to whether she and her
neighbors would consent to a con
tinuance of the liquor traffic, or de
clare against, the curse. He was
frequently interrupted by bursts of
applause, and at the conclusion the
petition to the Legislature was sign
ed by nearly the whole audience.
The meeting was presided over by
Colonel Samuel F. Kerr, State Libra
rian, and was in every sense a sig
nal success.
[Correspondence of the News.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Jan. 9, 1880.
The interests of Agriculture and
Commerce will be looked after this
winter, and it is likely that some
progess will be made in placing them
more directly under Government in
spection and regulation. The grow
ing importance of Agriculture, in
particular, demands attention.
Senator Windom has accordingly
moved for a Committee to in
vestigate and report upon the prac
ticability of establishing a Depart
ment of Agriculture and Commerce,
whose Lead shall be a Cabinet offi
cer, and has given notice that he
will shortly maka a speech on the
subj ect. Senator Davis, of West Va.,
said that he Lad also been contem
plating the same subject, and others
showed that they took an interest in
it. Senator Windom developed Lis
plan partly several months ago, and
he has given the subject a good deal
of thought.
The subject of a Deficiency bill,.to
pay TJ. S. Marshals for services ren
dered in 1879, has been referred to
a House Committee, and it looks
now as though the Democrats would
not try to "starv6 them out," although
there is anticipated a fight on the
new bill providing for their future
Many Democrats are "spoiling for
a fight," and they can have all they
want in that line.
Gen. Garfield returned from Ohio
yesterday, and was congratulated al
most universally on his nomination
for Senator. He will take a leading
place, wherever he may be chosen to
serve the country.
It is said that the Democrats have
weakened considerably in their pur
pose to unseat Representative Orth,
of Indiana, in order to give them a
majority of the delegation from that
State, for use in cse the election of
President should go to Congress.
A contested case that the Democrats
drop, must be bad indeed.
The Board of Indian Commission
ers met here yesterday, and contin
ued their session to day. Many
members of different religious socie
ties met with them, and they will dis
cuss the Indian problem from a
more charitable stand-point. They
will, however, have little influence,
it is believed, in staying tLe hand
wLich is reaching out to drive the
Indians away from Colorado and
other settled portions of the Union
Since the recent TJte troubles the
savages have very few friends at
(Jollector lilodgett, of Ueorgia, is
here on business, but finds time to
talk politics, and he declares that
his State is for Secretary Sherman
for President. LEO,
It is gratifying to find that a Jew
of the Democratic papers are honest
enough to express their decided dis
approval of the Maine iniquity,
though the great majority, like the
Cincinnati Enquirer, either openly
approve it, or give consent by their
silence. Among the former class is
the Columbus Democrat, which has
the boldness to say:
"A few more performances like
that of Alame and the Democratic par
ty may give up all thought of carry
ing a single .northern state, at is
the misfortune of the party to be led
to ruin by a pack of fools."
Eclipses in 1880.
Total eclipse of the Sun, January
11. Invisible east of St. Joseph,
Mo., but partial westward to the
Pacific Ocean.
Total eclipse of the Moon, June
22. Invisible in the TJ. S.
Annular eclipse of the Sun, Dec. 1,
also invisible in this country.
Total eclipse of the Moon, Dec.
16. In this latitude it will set in the
morning, just shaded a little by the
Partial eclipse of the Sun, Dec.
31. The sun will rise partially
eclipsed to all parts of the U. S. east
of the Mississippi.
Home Correspondence.
Garfield for Senator gives satisfaction to
the majority of the Republicans.
Hon. II. L. Dickey hag left for Wash
ington City.
The firm of Loring & Nelson has been
dissolved, Mr. Nelson retiring.
Mr. Arthur Fee,
Greenfield boy, is
a former well-known
now clerking at the
Crawford House, in Cincinnati.
The 9 o'clock and Sunday ordinance has
passed its first reading before the City
Commencing Friday evening, a series of
revival meetings will be held in the First
Presbyterian church.
The Week of Prayer meetings closed
Friday evening. They were well attended,
and full of interest.
Mrs. John Mains is quite ill, at her home
at this place. Her recovery is very doubt
ful. Mr. Frank Morrow, of Hillsboro, has
been the guest of Mr. Chis. Morrow, of
this place, the past few days.
Mr. Jud Smart has resigned his position
as cashier in th ) Citizens' Bank. Mr. C.
V. Price fills the vacancy.
Mr. D. M. Harris, our worthy Marshal,
has been reappointed a deputy sheriff, by
Sheriff Long.
The heavy and continued rains of the
past week have raised Paint creek until it
overflows its banks.
Four converts to the Baptist ere 3d were
immersed last Snnday morning in Paint
creek, by Bev. J. L. Smith the fruit of
one week of meetings.
The second Quarterly Meeting of the M.
E. church commences next Saturday after
noon, at 3 o'clock. Rev VanCleve, P. E.,
assisted by the pastor, Rev. Thos. Collett,
will have charge of the meetings.
The marriage of Mr. Chas. Blazer to
Miss Hattie Kingman, took place last
Thursday evening, at the home of the
bride, on Lafayette street, Rev. Thos. Col
lett officiating.
The members of the Odd Fellows Lodge
at this place, gave a handsome banquet at
their Hall, on last Thursday evening. The
turn-ont was large, and a good time was
enjoyed by all.
A snow-storm of considerable violence
and depth cet in early Monday morning,
and by night the ground was covered by
at least six mcnes ot the beau
"Produce dealers are paving $2.25 for
wheat, at this place." Chief. Farmers
who have this article for sale will please
make a note of thin. If Sprung wants to
"bull the market," we are in favor of
having him try it at these figures.
Jlr.'A. J. Strain, one of Greenfield's
young men, but now an M. D. in London,
O., was, on Wednesday of last week, mar
ried to Miss Mary Wilson, at the resi
dence of the bride's parents, in Sprinefield.
The happy couple are now stopping at his
latuer 8, a lew miles south ot this place.
An audience of probnbly three hundred
were out to hear Philip Phillips in the
City ilall, last Ihursuay evening, tl
concert, in the main, is very good, but
public sentiment is divide-l as to the de
gree ot merit it is entitled to. Ihe re
ceipts for the evening were J82.60, half of
.ir o i ci I
wuicn goes 10 me vu. x.. cununy ocuooi.
Last Monday morning, at 1 o'clock,
Prof. C. Washington commenced a six days
walk around the track in the oyninasium,
He walks against Charles Pommert, Charles
.Blackburn and Austin Jones, wno will
each walk 43 hours. Prof. W.'s time will be
up next Sunday morning, provided he
does not quit tne track belore.
The following are the officers of the
Citizens' Bank, for the ensuing year:
W. VV. Caldwell, John II. Sellers, A. J
Smart, II. L.Dickey, D. O. I'iggs, C W
Price and John Fullerton, Directors. W
W.Caldwell, President, John Fullerton,
Vice President, 11. L. Dickey, Secretary
and Treasurer, and C W. Price, Cashier
The following are the officers of the first
Presbyterian Sunday School for the ensu
ing year: superintendent. T. M. iiliott;
Assistant, H. N. DePny; Treasurer, Chas.
Morrow; Secretary, T. F. Blackburn; Or
gnuisf, Miss Caddie Dunlap; Assistants,
Miss Minnie Crothers and Miss Laura
AdamB; Chorister, John Collier.
At the election held on Tuesday of last
week, the following officers were elected
by the Gymnasium Club: President, L. F.
Deavers; Vice-President, Chas. Nelson;
Treasurer, Geo. H. Gibson: Secretary.
Arthur Rodgcrs. Directors Henry Cork,
Ed. McClain and Wm. Anderson. Lead
ers, Wm. Mount and John Parshall.
The friends of Rev. Robert Adams, now
living at Jackson, Ohio, are making a
strenuous effort to have him appointed
Chnplain of the Ohio Penitentiary. Mr.
Adania was born and educated at thi
place, where he has a boat of friends, who,
will be glad to see hnu appointed to this
position, which he is fully qualified to n
Arrangements will he inaugurated in a
few days to have Mrs. Mary A. Livermore,
of Boston, come to this place and give a
lecture. She is pre-eminently the best and
most interesting lady lecturer now on the
plattorm. and should she come here a full
house should greet her. Her subjects are,
;'Bevond the Sea," "What Shall we Do
with our Daughters?" and "The Coming
The following is the report for Decem
ber of the business done by the C. & M.
oliice at this place. It makes a good show
Frcisrht Fnrwarfled , 41,4!)6.SS
Freitht Ri-ceiveil : 1.2C1.4U
Express Forwarded 96.52
Express Received 161.75
Telegraph Heceipls ,. 69. .5
PasteDLrer Keceilrtt 60.55
We want full reports of surprises and
anniversaries. It does not make any dif
ference whether they are a half, one or two
columns. Throw in all the harrowing de
tails how the family were surprised, and
how they acted. Don't forget this. Also
sling in as many adjectives as possible in
describing the dinner. This is the main
point, and unless you do this, the article
will not be worth reading. Also, give
small slices of the conversations. If the
present size of the News is not large
enough, we will get out a supplement. If
we cannot beat the Chief in this line, we
are going to quit.
On Sunday morning last, between 4 and
S o'clock, a bold attempt at highway rob
bery ocenrred in the Alain street bridge.
A young uiau named Alaraan, from near
Harper's Station, was coining to this place
for a doctor, when he wiw eet npon by
three foot-pads in this bridge, who endeav
ored to pull him from his horse. The
horse being a liigh-8trmi animal, made a
lunge and broke away from them. Ala
man came up town mid got help, but by
time the party had returned the rascals
were gone. This bridge should be provid
ed with two or more lights. In its pres
ent condition it affords every opportunity
for garroting, and is nothing more or less
than a Rtauding invitution to robbers and
foot-pads to ply their nefarious business.
The Commissioners mijjht think over this
matter, and then pnt their thoughts into
pructiee. "Lights;"
We desire to urge all parents who have
children attending the public schools, to
especially charge each child to call at the
post office three times a day, and ask the
postmaster, "Is there anything for us?'" If
there are more than three children in the
family, so much the belter; you cannot fail
get your mail. Of course this incessant
calling does not annoy the postmaster. He
likes it. Business men will please take
ote of this, and not hamper the children
when they come in squads of fifty or more
at a time, after being liberated from school.
Their business and correspondence is vast
ly more important than yours; so give them
achance. It generally takes a half-hour for
them to get through, but that's nothing.
What is your time compared with theirs?
Even if you do miss getting to the letter
box and fail to get in an order, you should
remember that they are, perhaps, sending
and receiving epistles which may shake the
world ti it fMiini!:ttinn. Wp wnnhl siiff-
lc ... , , -.tl
(;cbi w uir tuuueuyiim unu uuciiu- 1
ent, to inflict a severe penultv upon any j
office three times a dav at least. Let this
be done, and the postmaster's cup of hap
piness will be full.
A 4arge and enthusiastic Temperance
meeting was held in the City Hall on last
rrulay evening, addressed by Col. A.J.
Bowen, of Columbus. The special feature
ot the meeting was to agitate the question
of petitioning the Legislature lor a Local
Option law. Two bills have been present
ed, one asking the ballot for women upon
this question, the other merely asking that
she be granted the right of petition. The
work 01 circulating petitions in this
(Madison) township has been assigned to
a committee, of which W. II. Irwin is
Col. Bowen held the close attention of
the audience for nearly two hours. He
spoke hopefully of the outlook for better
legislation upon the liquor question, and
to test the sense of the meeting on the
question of Local Option, he called for a
vote, when almost the entire audience re
sponded in favor of the proposed bill.
1 he audience were highly pleased with
the Colonel's address, and should he come
this way again he will be sure of a large
audience to greet him.' Gibson.
WTyatt Crawford, of Netawaka, Kan.,
is visiting Ins mother, .urs. Crawford,
ho has been quite sick for some time
Airs. Amanda Muler is now owner ot the
James II. .Nordyke property, on Main
John B. Abbott will make application
to the Governor for an appointment as
Guard at the Ohio Penitentiary.
J. E. Miller, of Dayton, was visiting his
parents last week.
Harry D. Kordyke left for, Springfield
last Thursday, to visit his brother.
Who of our young ladies has been
married? We see from the Memphis cor
respondence of the Wilmington Journal,
that one of their young bloods had made
an engagement with one of our young la
dies, and on going to the lady's home, he
was recetved by her Jo, who told him her
daughter was married and had been on her
wedding tour some two weeks! It must
have been a long-standing engagement.
Clinton Lodge, I. O. O. F., No. 92, will
give their annual festival next Thursday
evening, at their Hall, where they will
have a social time, after which they pro
ceed to the Harrison House, where supper
will be served.
In the lawsuit here on the 2d, of L'riah
Moon vs. Jonah Britton, the J. P. did not
render a decision in favor of defendant,
as stated by the Gazette's correspondent,
but did in favor of plaintitf. Will, cor
rected us once and now we are even. Eh ?
Joe Rogers and lady left for their home
at Cireleville last Friday.
E. B. Mumma, of Dayton, is visiting hi3
grandfather, Benj. Drake.
The Clinton Republican came to the
front last week, with a New Vienna letter.
Wonder who the writer is?
Our town now furnishes news for five
newspaper correspondents.
Wm. Clark is collector of delinquent
taxes, le that have not paid your taxes,
look out for a call.
The books received for the Library laet
Saturday were-returned, not being the ones
Robt. Good, of Texas, is visiting his
uncle, Chas. Good.
Our band serenaded again one day last
week, and in their rounds they gave Pres
ley O'Hara, who is visiting Mrs. Miller, a
couple of their choice pieces. By way of
returning his thanks, be took them in to
Ilussey & Lindley's drugstore and,treated
them to some fine cigars.
Isaac Mathews will occupy his house on
Main street, it having been occupied by
W. H. West, who has moved to his farm,
west of town.
The M. & C. R. R. confer more favors
on our town than any other place on the
road. The mail trains run through at
the rate of about 50 miles per hour, and
one of the great favors conferred is muddy
and wet mail matter.
Mr. Cyrus Nordyke was taken quite sick
cn last Saturday, but at the present writ
ing is better.
We noticed two of Lynchburg"s young
gents on our streets Sunday. Boys, what's
the attraction ?
Daniel Crew and Miss Maggie Coi.ly
were married at Greenfield, last Sunday.
Messrs. Lazenby and Morrison intend
repairing their mill.
A good number of our citizens were
called to Wilmington on Monday, to tell
the Grand Jury what they knew of certain
things that have been done in our midst.
The arbitrators in the case of David
Clark vs. the Pike Commissioners, who
met here last week, will not render a de
cision till some time during the present
Asa Iliggins, the veteran horse-buyer,
has begun anew his occupation of buying
and shipping horses, shipping his first car
load last Sunday night. TKIX.
Dan Rice, the well known show
man and clown, announces that he
has been converted at the Moody
and Sankey meetings in St. Louia.
With the usual zeal of the new con
vert, Dan wants to start cut and
turn the world to righteousness all by
himself. He says he shall take the
field as an evangelist.
Highland Probate Court.
lowing named Administrators, Executoro, Guard
ians, and Assignees have filed their accounts in
this Court for settlement; all of which have heen
coutinued for publication, exceptions aud hear
ing, until the 10th day of February, A. 1.
The Administrators of the estates of John IT.
McCoy, Matthew Steers, Milch i Goett, James
Lone, Lucimla EtJis and Jane Gilmore;
Thi Executors o the estates of SUicey Storar,
Beniah Fleming and Jackson Fenner;
The Guardians of William D. Anderson, Watson
G. Anderson and Mattie M. Anderson; Frederick
Lods; Mary E. Bolin; Catharine Campbell; Kosan
ua U'rihJ; Cora Kunion. and Clark Woodmansee;
The Assignee of Geo. H. Kester.
Bated this :ith day of Jannsry, A. D. 1.1.
GEO. B. GARDNER, Probate Judge.
New Advertisements.
Junnte Weils (formerly Jennie Iliisnn), who rc
sidts in M innc:ipoii;, in Hennepin county, Minne
eota, will Mke u tk:- that C A. En.-tfr, on the
Krh day of Jnnuary, A. D. 8n, filed hi petition
in the Court of Common Picas of Highland Coun
ty, Ohio, airainst the Paid Jennie Wells, def.-mi-anr,
setting f.irth that on or about Jnly 15th, 1S7",
said Jennie Wells, Then Jennie Iiixion, executed
arid delivered to said C. A. Easter her promiory
note, and chert by promised to pay to the -aid C.
A. Krister or order, in fix mom lis from the date
thereof, the mini of $iu . That utterwanN, on or
about the 'i'th day of January, A. 1). U71, the
said Jennie Wells, then Jennie Hixfon, by en-
"orsemeiil mi.le on sru.l promissory note, prom
t'i to pay saul t ;. A. taster eii;;it per cent. 111-
terest per annuui ou said sum of fine from -Inly
said interest payable annual) v. That
afterward.-, on the d;iy of November, 1?7
said Jennie Wells, then Jennie ilixsoti, obtain-d
possession of said promissory note, for the pre
tended purpose of procuring surety thereto, and
promised to return the same to said C. Easter
with surety thereto, but that she still fraudulent
ly retains possession of tiie same, never havini;
returned the same to said C. A. Easter with sure
ty thereto. That the said Jennie Weils made dif
ferent payments on sard propiif-sry note, the ex
act amount and nomlier of said payments the said
C. A. Ea.-ter does not recollect, but that there is
now due and payable on said pronu-ory note
from said Jennie Wells to said C- A. Easter, tlie
sum ot $in2 us.
The prayer of sail petition is for j a dement
against said Jennie W ells on s:tid promissory note
tor the said sum of tltri.UH, with interest at the
rate of eilit per cent, per annum, from January
Isf, bM), payable annually.
The said Jennie Wells will further take notice,
that on said 6rh day of Januarv, A. D. 18 said
C A, ErtJter tiled his artidavit in the oilice of tne
Clerk of said Court of Common Fleas of Highland
County. Ohio, setting forth the nature of the said
C. A. Easter's claim against the said Jennie Wells,
as stated above. That, there was justly dne the
said C. A. Easter thereou from the said Jennie
Wells the som of tlwi.us, and that Paid Jennie
Wells was a nou resident of the State of Ohio and
a resilient of tne state of Minnesota, and caused
an order of attachment to issue thereon aninst
the property ot sam Jennie Webs. That on tne
said tit b day of January, llv", t lie Sheriif of said
comity or iiiL'niami, utao, according to the com
mand of said order of attachment, attached the
the follow ii;tr descrihed real estate, as the proper
ty of said Jennie Wells, viz: T ie undivided one-
third (:s part of In-Lot No. Twelve li) in the
town or r-iew notion, Himana coautv, uuio.
The said Jennie Weils is required to answer
said petition on or before the I'M h day of March,
A. 1- lit, or the same will be taken aa trie.
January 7, lf-o. C. A. EAsTER.
J. M. UriESiL, Attorney. jani5w7
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We want an Afnt in this County, to whom we
will pay a salary of $iu a mouth and expenses, to
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thousand. nf c.wa Keci t wii h fuil directions
an German, I-'Yench. or PukM-n) tor prepar
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ing and 11111'- sent by mail tree ot chame
Daily Heat r.larket !
High St, 2 doors South of Smith Block,
Will supply the public daily with
Of tbe yery best quality, and at prices as low as
any ot'jer establishment,
t Stores and families supplied with fresh. Bo
logna, A continuance of the pnnlic patronage solicited.
January 1, ls0. janlyi
Save your Teetli, for withont those useful or
gans due mastication, which is Indispensable to
health, cannot go oo.
J. H. EOYLE, D. D. S.
having permanently located in Hillsboro, respect
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zens nt Highland and adjoining counties- Having
twenty years' experience in the practice of Deut
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the'Teeth with a view to their health, b.auty and
to give satisfaction and equal to the best.
Teeth Mounted on Gold Plate
with Vulcanite and Celluloid attachments, a spec
October 1, li-79. oc2yl
Mailed Tree for 23 Cts.
Fnar tar 61.
8 lO.OUtf wi Ilia p. i id tn my
ti ikju uoriifri'' "in l.-imi tji ti 1
wltlirri' 'lh.Ni&U SAFiilf If
1 A i " li M KM T.
frev? n i tli ippmic it'l liM'.ini,
Beti.l iur MaiuleSfiiiUiaua tti wir
LA? ".P.
v -rrTv
ami dnth of vourl im .
S S. New'on's Safety Lamp Co.,
Factory and Office, Binsham:on, N. Y.
j tnSw-tDJtco
Thai the public mag be protected agaiimt Imitations ami Frawl, we specially eauliun all pur
to see that the word CAPCISK on earh plaster u spelled correctly. Do nut allow s,,me other
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thing or as good. Jltar in mind that the only object such vendor can hare it the fart that they
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small additimul prvllt.
SEABURY & JOHNSON, Pharmaceutical Chemists, N.Y.
j ipl "iW4iiiJQ
rr-"""" T-i
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'T!ie Cincinnati Weekly Knqnirer If the merttnm
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chanics and labor saving is caretu:ly recorded.
There is a pai,e devoted to ail tiif1 latest phases of
the business markets, Crops, Merchandise, Ac,
Ac. A vainabie feature id lound la ttie specially
reported prices and conditions of
Fportino News at home and abro-td, tn" !hT
with a mokv every week, a Seksux by nome emi
nent divine. Lit an art. M u-ical, 1 ka ma tic.
Personal and ea Notes. There is no paier iu
the world which contains so much n-'ws matter
every week as tne Weekly Herald, which is
ent, postage free, for One Jjoilax. ui cau sub
scribe at any time. .
in a weekiv form,
janlm3 broad way and Anu Street, New York.
Ann Hull, John Hr.l, N-mcy McMastcr, Jennie
McM lister, Job a Mc Master, Ren hen We Master,
Mary cMasttr, of the Mate vt Iowa, and J-'sms
Mc Master and Mariida P. McMa.-jer, ot the Stato
of Oi egon, will t;ike norce, that James Mv M ister
did, on the 2-'d day of .December, A. D. 173. rt'e
his petition in the Court of Common tleus wirbtn
and for the county of .Highland. Male of Ohio,
against Mary Poster, lie w itt poster, rirn Hud,
J-iim Uuii, amuel McM:iStr, Jese MrM,ister,
Nancy McMaster, Jennie McM.ister, .iobo McMas
ter, Matilda F. Mi-Master, tte u be a McMaster ar.d,
Mary .McMaster, uieudsnt, piaylng tbi parti
tion mav be made, or other order taken, narsuant
to the stature, of the following described real
estate, bounded and descrioed as follows :
Beginning at a whit-oak, dogwood and sno-ar-tree,
ea.-t corner to W ro. D.iv.s'- tract of laud;
thence with Davis's lice N deirrwe W
poles, crossing Fall Creek at lo't poo -, tj two
.vhiteoak-, pmall black walnut and hotkey, i
the line of Philip Thnrmsu's tra' t f laud," west
corner to Vi m. Davis; thence with Ttvrrnmn,! m.-i
N 65 degrees E 160 pules, crossing bad v-reelt at dO
notes, to two small sugartrees ou Uie west bauK ot
Rattlesnake Creek, folk of Paint, lower corner to
said Thurman; thence down the creek," binding;
thereon, S 5u degrees E poles; thence S de
grees E yi poles; thence a 3t pole;-; theiicp 8 33
degrees E 18 poles, to two box-elders and forked
elm, on the east tide of Kattiesimke, opuosiia
lower corner; tiieuce a 45 degrees W izo pole-, to
the beginning cou'aining l-io acres, more or iesn,
being part of Lot No. l- and Survey No. ujo, pL
eiited iu the name of Redtiiek and others.
And the emid djfeutianu ar noncd la t they
are required to answer siid pt. ;i a on nt tic;
ihe third Saturday alter the 5' h u.ir of February,
By okthixutos Patton, q;s Aitornejs.
John Lirkin and Uosannah Carrs wD, who re
sides: Pittsburg, Peni:sThatin; Andrew Larkin,
Louisviile, Kentucky; George Larkin, Little
Arkansas; Joseph Laikm a::d Mary La; sin,
whose place of residence ia ULki.owu, will taka
notice, ihiLt 'lbomae D, it ley, administrator of tne
estate of Jo-eph Larkin, uveessed, on tiie lj;ti
ilay of December, A D. l;y, tiled i;is petition in
r he Probate Court w irhin and for tne Counry of
Highland and Mre of diio, aeing r ttat the per
sonal estate or sitid decedent is u. i;tiei -nt to j,y
his debts and charges of admiiiisrerimr his r if-.
That he died seized in fee smipie of die JVhowii 5
described real estate, ituaie in said county oi
Highland and StHte nf Ohio, to-wit;
On the waters of the Ea?t Pork of the Litth
Miami River, beginning,! three r.aples. corner ;
Wiliiam Liggett; tinner A. .V ii ,r-r K. li poi
to a srake in rhe original b'.ik hue; thence wiih
said line N. d'-g-ee p. -tn p., u-s to two hicko
ries and a whiteoak.. thence N. 5 detgreen W. 6
poles to two tr pies and a sngartree, corner to
Michael Mrnp; iheii-e with to Lue N. 6t de
gre a W. ;y potes to the beginning containing -l
seres ot laud, more or less.
On th" wafers of the East Pork r f the Lit 'e
Mismi River, p-irt oi Filbert frayrea' S-rvv
4' beginning at a beech ai-d l'uth. crner t-
V.'aiker tiuroufie; therrre N. 4 l- grees W po
to three maoler-; thence N'. degn W. -i jim e
to a burr-oak a d hickory, corner to Thomas t'ir
tey's; thence with said D;;t. y's lir.e S. 4 (b gre
E. poles to two m.iplei m. 4 a gum, corner ro
said Carouite. in Ditv's line; thein-e N. ST de
grees E. 7o poles with (iarourte's line, to the be
yiunintr containing ;"1 MTeS of land, rrmre -t 1"ss.
That tlii; d- t'-n'i;in:s, J uuts Larkins, William
Scott and John Ionic, claim u be iieu-h!;kierri ou
saitl premises.
That ihe defendant, Elizabeth Slclrnre, ciairna
to be the widow of saitl UcCe'lfiT. a'l-t t lit C:e
defendants, Jopeprt Laikm, E.jwsrd f.rkin ai d
Mary Larkin, being her children by said decedent,
are entitled to inherit said eslate.
j The prayer 01 said pe'itii-n is forfheMlenf
1 snld premises, and that the rights and equities of
I 1 he various defendants be heard and determined
hy said Court, and such other and farther orders
had as the premises require.
The persons iirt above mentioned wiif fnrther
take notice that they have heen made part ies do
fendant to said jeUtiou, and thut they are re
ipiired to answer the same on or before (.e ta
day of February, A. L.
dcc2"'w4 Administrator n aforesaid.
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