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CLaliioia xTdIo ClottLin, so to o. G. OQ3XTB: c? jBOTXT, 3Vgoxol3.et:n.-t tiloirg;, Soutii .Tigrlx Street.
WS for 1881!
2,000 Subscribers Wanted.
A Valuable Premium to Every Subscriber,
Special Reduction to Old Subscribers
TV,--- BfniiMiMn voters in Highland County, and
of that number the News ought to have not less than
2000 Subscribers for 1881.
In order to obtain them, if possible, we have determined to offer the
FIRST To every Subscriber, old or new, who pays for the paper in
f.r T.-P3T xRSr we will Dresent a cony of the " HOML
GUIDE," a valuable book of 160 pages, bound in cloth a full des
cription of which appears in another column. Delivered in Hills
boro, or sent by mail free. 4
crrnvn TV. ewrv nrpsent Subscriber who renews his own subscription
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The HEWS for Two Years for S2.50 in Advance,
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fcj- Remember, that every Subscriber for 188 1, old or new, in addition
n tho above-named reductions, receives a copy of our premiun
vi, n Unmc Cln'.de." free. -
tu vpr iS?r will be one of special interest in political affairs, fcvery
,-..vi; ;W in electing Gen. Garfield to the Presidency, will feel
teen interest in knowing what is to be the policy of his administration,
a -.;!! nt a crnn.-l newsoaner to keep him posted, ine imews win, a
heretofore, be a staunch alvocate and defender of Republican principles.
Besides maintaining its established reputation as
A First Class Home Paper,
It will devote a part of its space to General News, Political Intelligence,
Literary, Agricultural and Family Reading, not forgetting the " Young
Folks' Corner," for the special benefit of younger readers.
"Talks About Farming"
The Temperance Cause
Will continue to find an outspoken and earnest support in our columns,
d we shall do all in our power to aid in securing the passage of
A Local OptioniAnti-Liquor Law
At the coming session of the State Legislature.
The Excellent
Which have formed so interesting and valuable a feature of the News
to farmers during the past year, will be continued during iSSi, and
A Regular Farm and Household Department
Will be kept up every week under the supervision of the writer of the
articles referred to, aided by other practical farmers and housekeepers of
the county, who are cordially invited to contribute to this department.
Strictly In advance Postage Free.
One copy, I year $ 5 One copy, 4 months, 50 cts.
" 8 months, 1 00 " 3 ' 4
6 75
Paper sent by Mail longer than llu time paid for.
ct,r-:Kr fnrless than one rear will be entitled to our Premi-
Tim Look.
Subscribers who have already paid for 1S81 are entitled to a Prem
ium Book, and those who have paid for a part of the year, can also obtain
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ages and for 1881 in advance, to be entitled to a Premium Book.
2T We ask every Republican in old Highland to aid us in our effort
to circulate 2,000 copies of the News in our county during the coming
year No other means will prove so effective in maintaining and increasing
our Republican majority in the county, as the wide and general circulation
of good Republican papers' During the recent campaign we circuiatea
nearly 1,600-copies of-the1 News every week, and, no doubt, they aided
largely in carrying the county for Garfield and Arthur. Let every Repub
lican who is not now on our list, give us his name and his influence to ex
tend our circulation during the coming year, and the good result of such
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5" All Postmasters are authorized agents to receive and forward
subscriptions to the News at our regular rates.
tT Send in your names and money. Address
' Hillsboro, December Q, 1SS0. Publisher News, Hillsboro,
For Salt!
20 pioces of Town Property in Hillsboro,
and 10 Farms in Highland county, fur sale
by J. K. VI CKERINli, P.eal Estate Agent,
HiU-Wo.Ohio. dcc30w3
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Table, O'Uara IavuliJ's Chair, Tables,
Bund, Bedsteads, &C, cheap. Apply at
this office. sep23tf
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Hillsboro, O., December 9, 1SR0.
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Having made arrangements to club the News
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J. L. ll' IAUDMAN,
Nov. 85, 1S30. Liillsboro, Ohio.
We are determined to keep the
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At Fonrl dn T. Wis., an drWfv wnm.n
named Tiffler died a horrible death the pj
week. She was a sufferer from pneumonia, and
a warm flatiron was ordered put on her chest.
Her drunken husband heated a heavy iron so
hot that it burned through the cavity of her
cheat, and she expired in the greatest agony.
Nejlki.1 S 1,000,000 has been raised in St.
Louis to aid in the consti action of the St.
Lords Narrow-gatige P.fi'road. The ultimate
Object of the projectors is to complete a nar-
low-gauge hue from New York to the City of
It is said, to complete the plan.
L ,. the TCte: surgeon
Eb. Cha. F,
Charged by t ae Ag icuUi;.. Deptrttneut with
Ihe investigation or jrturo pneumonia as affect-
lug the cattle trade, his irade a report in which
he expresses the op'.nion that tne disease can
eradicated in aix Ci- eight yerrs at a cost no
evceedmr 200 0C3 aver
exceeding AJ,JW a ye.
SlES who murder their mothers are rare, and
a man who would kiU his mother on Chriatmaa
n . j i.j -.ii i j-
Day it wouad be difLcult to fiad.anywhere out-
lide of ?0rth Angus. x, Ont., where Mrs. Hart;
eighty-six years of age, was mp, dered by her
ion, and her body, hot jiLlynu lgled, hid away
a bain, "
The 20th oi December, 1380, will be a mem
orable day in the meteorological history of
country. It was marked everywhere by
lowest temperature of the season, and in many
1 1 41. 1..-.. .UM Tn tl Wrk.
west the mercury ranged from 6 degree, below
wro ,lown to 40 dtirroea below, according to
tin ; - A1 Aairyaa Kctnw.
at Buluth 30 degrees below; at St. Paul 25
grees below; at Chicago 18 and 20 degrees
at Detroit 16 degree below. In Cincin
nati the temerature was slightly below the
point all day, the thermometers in some loca
tions, late at night, registering 10 degrees
Further South, heavy snow storms
and the cold ksb almost unprecedented.
In the East, tho extreme cold following
upon the great storm of Sunday and Monday
nearly placed an embargo npou tmunesi.
Traffic and travel of all kinds were seriously
peded. The damn go and inconvenience
this cause must inevitably be great in all
of the country.
A Record of Her Internal Disturbanctt
The examination of an army corporal,
charged with drilling the members of a Fenian
organization, ia in process before Magistrate!
of Lamenck.
EestiectiiiK the trials of the Traversers, a
respondent of the London Timet, writing
from Uublin, says:
me. nm nay oi me rtate iruus waa
markable oalv for gloom and dullness.
who eineeted that the citv would be full of
citement, that thousands would assemble in
BtreeU, and that the Court would be besieged
by an eager crowd claminering for admission,
were sadly disappointed. . There has not
the slightest manifestation of public feel
inir bevond the gathering oi about two
dred persons of the lowest classes on the
in the viciDitT of the courts. The absence
anv svmnathv with the cause, or interest in
croceedhiirs on the part of the respetabie
zens was verv signiiioant, and presented
those who remembered tho O'Counell trial
held at CraughwelL
County Gaiway, to protest against the
lit. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, President
the Board of lrade, received a letter
Dublin, thxeaUuing tlio Uve of himself, Glad-
poe coercion.
TeFrih eases of ' "Boveotting" are continually
reported from Ireland.
A laree meeting was
Patrick Ilennellv. arrested for the mnrdor
Lord ILountmorrcs, belongs in Divery Village,
a few miles from the iot where the murder
The constabulary guard Hcnnelly's father
A TBoop of dragoons, a company of infantry
and a large force of police surrounded the pla
form to prevent the meeting oi nanturic
j r"!'
A cablegram from Cork save: A party of
have visited the house of a man named
, 'Tha .aw is believed to be connected with
a. London d;pateu ParneU openly
presses hi intention of taking his scat in
1 House of Commons at the opening of the
1 ,ion' aDd' in of, doP",nS Y19 PUcy
! pleading the Queens proclamation against
! fhe Queen's wishes, iu spite of the warning
I already conveyed to the traveraes that they
absent toernselvei from Dublin at then
! Very httle pubhc interest ii feltln the trial
eTefVbodv fiels convinced that it cannot possibly
1 result in conviction. It is even stated
! nine of the jurors are known to be determined
W fender a verdict of acquittal be tha
I dence or charges what they may.
J-ltc pgltland Inrj5.
A Fact!
Tie bona fide circulation of the
News is guaranteed to be Larger than
that of any other paper published in this
county. Our mail list can be examined by
advertisers at any time.
Oct. i, 18S0. tf
Local Option.
To the Editor of the Ohio State Journal:
I operation of a wise and
In the State Jotirnel of last Friday, in
an editorial reply to an article in the Chi
cago Tribune, I find the following:
. "The Tribune in mistaken as to 'local
option' in Ohio. It has never been tried
here. Tne law of the State prohibits the
sale of spirituous liquors, to be drank on
the premisea where sold, throughout the
Stale. How a vote of the people, under a
local option act, can strengthen that stat
ute, is inconceivable to every one except
the local optionists themselves. And then
suppose that the question be submitted in
any given towuship, ward or municipality.
and a majority votes down prohibition,
what is that but licensing the sale within
the limits of such township, ward or mu
nicipality? In tact, liquor dealers in ci
ties and villages would care very little
about the passage of a Local Option law,
except for the expenses of conducting elec
tion campaigns and in litigation to test the
validity of such a law. Every statute
ever passed for the alleged repression and
discouragement of the traffic in intoxicat
ing liquors in Ohio has in the end inured
to the benefit of the dealers."
As an advocate of Local Option, I re
spectfully ask the attention of the editor of
the State Journal and its readers for a few
moments, while I give some reasons for
"the faith that is in me," that under the
stringent Local
Option law, tne retail liquor tramc in
Ohio might be greatly- diminished, if not
entirely suppressed.
Let us stippose, by war of illustration,
that a Local Option law has been enacted,
and then see how It would work in prac
tice, lake the town of Hillsboro, lor ex
ample. We will suppose that an election
has been held under the law, and that the
voters at such election (among whom
would include women over twenty-one, for
this community, at least, whatever others
may do, is ready to take the advanced
step of giving woman, the greatest sufferer
by the liquor tramc. the right of self-pro
tection against its evils, by the ballot)
have decided by a large majority, as there
is no doubt they would, that no intoxicat
ing liquors should be sold in the town, ex
that all "saloons" and
other drinking shops should be declared
public nuisances and closed up, under se
vere penalties. jNow, aoes tne editor 01
the State Journal stippose that, in the
face of Buch a strong, decided and unmis
takable expression of the will of the pen
pie of the town, the unlawful traffic could
continue to be carried on? On the contra
ry, would not every officer charged with
I cept for medicinal, mechanical or sacra-
mental uses, ana
tue execution of the law, feel the pressure
of public sentiment so strongly urging him
forward to the performance of his duty,
that he would hasten to obey the popular
wi ? We ,hink there caQ no .
;ong about tne re8Uitl in any community
I in the State where the majority against the
liquor tramc should be clear and decweu
i Ana n ine women over iwemy-une were ni-
Iln-orf tn vnto tWe nrf fow towns villapos
, ,i,; : ni.in wKi.t, nM w
gerty ava;i themselves of the opportunity
I afforded by the law, to rid themselves of
He terrible curse, which has brought pov
, prtff shame and sorrow into so manv
homes, and filled the land with the wail
ntrs of drunkards wives and eliililren
The editor of the State J ournnl no doubt
remembers how ancient Jerusalem is said
to have been kept so clean. It was done
simply by every one keeping his own premixe
clean. In like manner, the ettect ol a LiO
cal Option law would be to lay the respon
sibility for the existence of the liquor traf-
fic in every community where a clear ma
I . J ...... .
jority are against it, right at the door of
eacli individual citizen, oy giving mm me
nnu-pr tn iret rid of the evil, if disDOsed to
do so.
1 thinK, uiereiore, H may De iainy ciaim
ed, that in its practical working, a judi
cious Local Option law woutd be a rrea
advance on our present laws against the
liquor' traffic, which, however stringent
their provisions, fail to accomplish the
I obiect. because public sentiment is not s
ficientlv strong to demand and enforce their
I execution in the majority of our towns and
,in It ia in order t0 create and
strengthen public sentiment, until it is
brought up to the point necessary to en
force the ia, mat we advocate jyjcai up
f. tion.
The othe gule Journa, seem8
nd woman in Ohio fully understand that
lo- vpuu.i .s nov ..i.uc,
I Peal any iCAisiiUii laws auuiusi. ine
think that the failure of any community
tote down the liquor traffic under a Local
Option law would virtually amount to
i: i- :. i. . : .!.
uceuse w yvcuxil luts crauiL-, nui u uic
law were properly guarded on that point.
Any Local Option law should most dis
tinctly provide that its operation should
not affect the existing laws of the State
against the liquor tramc, so that those laws
would still remain in force, whatever the
result of any election under the Local Op
tion law. I think everr temperance man
low: zero
low. closa
to re
but only to secure additional legislation,
which will be more effective.
Again, the editor of the State Journal
greatly misinformed if he supposes that
the liquor dealers ot Ohio caro but uttu
whether a Local Option law is passed
not. They dread it more than any other
Temperance movement that has ever been
started in our State, as they have shown
the resolutions of their Liquor Alliance,
bitterly denouncing Local Option and
who support it. They well know that
such a law, wisely framed and faithfully
executed, would close nine-tenths of the
"saloons" and drinking shops in the State
inside of twelve months.
Again, I must beg leave to differ from
my brother editor of the State Journal,
whose generally able management of the
central Republican organ of Ohio I have
the highest respect and admiration, when
he says that every statute that has ever
been passed in Ohio against the liquor
traffic has inured to its benefit. The Adair
law, for instance, has done great good, and
would have done more had not the liquor
influence succeeded In getting it so amend
re- . , - -f ,
i., . -t ... r. ,
themselves of its benefits, because of
public notice they are required to give liq
uor sellers before they can posecute
damages under the law. And, poorly and
inefficiently as our other anti-liquor laws
have been executed, they are still some re
straint upon the traffic so long as they
on the the statute books.
In conclusion, I trust the editor of
Slate Journal will give the influence
his able pen and wide circulation in favor
of the Local Option movement the last
Fa.n.effrt ?f the frien.d.9 l Temperance
in Ohio to place our noble State more near
ly abreast with the foremost of her sister
States in wise and efficient legislation
against the greatest social evil of the day,
as now -admitted bv our leading statesmen
and philanthropists intemperance and
the liquor traffic- "twiu relics of barbar
ism," mutually feeding and supporting
each other the most prolific sources
crime and poverty and degradation, and
therefore the deadliest foes to human hap
piness and the peace and order of society.
Yours, for progress and humanity,
Editor Highland News.
Hillsboro, Ohio, Dec. 20, 1880.
be wiU
la If you want to send the News to
relative or friend in the West, as
Christmas or New Year's gift and
yon could not send tbem anything
more welcome than a good paper, till
ed with news from their old home
now is the time to do so. Send
2.50,Jyour for own paper for 1881,
and the extra copy, which will lie sent
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coming yenr, with one of our Premi
um Books, either the "Home Guide'1
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subscribers. tf
: Tot demand for silver dollars it falling off
Is all probability there will be an extra ges
lionof Congresa.
Jet pnbllo debt was reduced three and a half
million dollars daring December.
I Dunrso December ti, 000.000 was paid by the
Government on account of pensions.
In President will recommission Secretary
Eamny Secretary of the Navy every ton day
tail tue 4 in ot jaarcn.
New Tub calls at the White House were not
many, and consisted almost solely of those who
were obliged to go.
: International Sanitary Conference as-
tembied in Washington on the 3d inst. Nine
teen Governments are represented.
Irtl P. Kobtos, of New York, will be Sec
retary of the Treasury, or nothing. He de
ollnas to be Secretary of the Navy.
f Skvatob McDonald, of Indiana, and Mrs.
Bernard, It is reported, will be married in Wash
ington during the present month.
Ta President s Private Secretary, W. K.
Bogers, is to be appointed Recorder of Deeds
of the District of Columbia. The place
Is worth $6,000 to $10,000 a year.
It isthoueht Cadet Whittaker will be sent
back to West Point and the punishment meted
out to him will probably be that of placing him
In a oiaes below ms grade ot last year.
The amount of currency of all kinds in circu
lation on the 1st of Korember was f 1,259,927,
000 an increase of $185,000,000 over the
amount in circulation on the 1st of January,
IT as. Hates will hold a reception every Sat
urday, from Stoop, -m., beginning J anuary o.
1 h iVMident will Hold evenine recentions
from 8 to 10 o'clock, on January 11th and 25th
and .February etu and mx.
A chahci will be (riven Ohio men who de-
u- in be nrefient at the inauguration ceremo
nies of General Garirffto. The rates from Cin
cinnati and return will be twenty dollars,
from Columbus, sixteen dollars.
Thb next Comrress will bejene of contest.
The number of contested seats from the vari
ous Southern alstr.--.s is without precedent
ini-n the war. In the five districts of 8outh
Carolina contest haa been inaugurated in
very one.
Ths Whitaker case came before the Cabinet
at a meeting the ot her day. No definite con
clusion was reached, however, and the matter
was not disposed of. - Ine impression of the
Cabinet officers on this subject is that an inti
mation to the effect that Whitaker will be given
another chance at Wet Point will prove erron
Ma. Whttthobse, Chairman of the House
Committee on Naval-Affairs, says that it is the
understanding of bis committee that ths Senate
will take up and pass the Navy Bill this session.
This bill passed the House last winter and pro
vides ror tne constnaiuon oi tne navy Dy an ex
penditure of a stated sum per annum for a
number oi years.
Thb Treasury Department has directed the
transfer of $3,999,500 in gold bullion from the
Assay Office in New York to the Philadelphia
Mint for coinage into eagles ana nan ragies.
After this transfer there will still remain in the
New York Assay Office about (36,000.000 in
gold bullion, more than enough to keep the
Philadelphia Mint employed ror six montns in
coining goid exclusively.
The oromoters in Washineton of the Nicara
gua Inter-oceanic Canal enterprise hare bfceome
considerably alarmed bv iutcllitience lately re
ceived from Europe in regard to the activity of
De liesseps and tne menus oi ms rnuirnn
scheme, and are fceemuuig to bestir themselves
In earnest in ordi.-rto secure early action by
Congresa upon the bul introduced by Mr. uvn
P. Morton, in the iiouse or neproseniauves.
KNOT long ago Congress voted 100,000 for a
lot of old Coiurresxiwial UUAjj. The volumes
ware odd numbers, there beine but two com
plete sets in the collection. To reprint 1,000
era Ol in miBuuig mmiucis nmwoiura hj'v
000. The Public Printer suggests that if Con
gress should not determine to fill up a specified
number of sets, it would bo well to authorize
the sale of the odd volumes, bound and un
bound, at public auction, as waste paper. His
lnvesug&liou Ul lur luaiivi Biwiti winifwH-
ness of Congress in voting this large sum away
without having any clear idea of what they were
about. Unless a largo additional sum is ex
pended, the collection, except two Bets, is prac
tically worthless.
Tbb People's Tekphone Company, of Cin
cinnati, against whom Judge Blatchford re
cently grauted an injunction in favor of the
Bell Telephone Company, are preparing then
cause for trial in the Supreme Court of the
United States, where they propose to carry it
if, upon examination, there seems to be a pros
pect of success. The telephone, in so far as
the transmission of sounds is concerned, is said
to be the invention of Professor Elisha Gray, of
Chicago, but the patents covering the essentials
of the transmittuiR 'apparatus are claimed by
Professor Bell. The matter is similar to that
withregard to the invention of the electric tele
graph, the invention being cininiod as the real
work of Professor llemy, while Professor
Morse reduced it to practice and reaped the
material reward.
Thb following st?tement shows the popula
tion of certain Slated and Territories according
to the Cnited f i" scusus of 1880. This state
ment is still Bnbjei to possible corrections by
reason of the discovery of omissions or dupli
cations of names in the lists of inhabitants re
Alabama. ...1,261 .'41
Arkansas 802,504
Connecticut. 622,613
Palaware 146,654
Florida...... 26o,;rti6
Georgia 1 537,878
Iowa 1,62-1,463
Kanaas M,;t5
Kentucky... l,61.s.5f9
Louisiana 940,63
Maine .. 648,943
Tennessee ......1,542, 463
Virginia 1,512,220
V lKonain .......1,31 5, vs6
Idaho 32,611
V'lah. 143,907
frvtroWg 20,7iiS
Jliiasach ujetta. ... 1 ,763, 056
Missouri . 2,169,1, !U
Nebrtska 452,432
Nevada. 62,265
NewHampshire. 847,782
New Jersey 1,130,892
New York 5,082,844
North Carolina..l,4iK),000
Oregon 174,167
Rhode Island 276,528
South Carolina- 9f5,7i
Vermont 332,26
West Virginia... 618,1x3
that. Columbia. 176,638
Montana 89,167
Washington 75,120
Gov. BETStora is so ai that he is confined to
bis room.
' Tk gross revenue of the United Kingdom
for 1880 was 80,290,390.
Dusisa 1830, in St Louis, there were twenty
eight murders and fifty-seven suicides.
Twintt thousand Yorkshire miners have re
solved to demand 10 per cent advance in wages.
Th Director of tie Mint donles that there
Is t marked falling off in the demand for sil
ver. J
A run in New Orleans the past week de
stroyed business houses to the value
t250,0O0. ' '
ISecbetabi Evanrs is a candidate for the
Cnited States Senate, to succeed Senator
The summer residence of James A Keene,
the stock operator, burned at Newport, B.
Lobs, 100,000.
The trial of Abe Itothscinld for the murder
of Bessie Moore in Texas haa at last ended
hig acquittal
Sevex Tjersons were killed at Saillagot,
France, during Christinas service, by the falling
of a church roof.
The friends of General Grant in Philadelphia
have raised $100,000, which they propose
make him a present of.
It is stated that in a few days workmen will
leave Paris for Panama, to commence digging
on the De Lesseps canal
Ths Western Union Telegraph lines
British Columbia have become the property
the Dominion Government
Ada Cavesdiss, the actress, is ill, and
prohibited by her physician from resuming her
professional engagements.
Bcssiax authorities refuse to aid the starv
ing poor in Orenburg, who are dying by hun
dreds, and the District Governor has resigned.
The London Times thinks the speculative
period has advanced further in the United
States, and even in France, than it has in Great
Eighteen villages are flooded in Holland
the breaking of the dikes. The damage by
inundation is immense. Aid is being solicited
(or the sufferers. -
The wife of Victorio, the famous Apache
chief, has been seen with her hair cut off, and
this is regarded as a sure confirmation of
report of her husband's death.
Official, returns, show that the foot and
mouth disease is seriously spreading among
cattle in all the large counties of England.
There are 6,751 cases of disease in Norfolk,
2,379 in London.
Ox the 30th of last month the ice had closed
navigation on the Ohio and Upper Mississippi.
On the Mississippi above Cairo people crossed
on the ice anywhere without peril, as they
also on the upper Ohio.
The Western Union Telegraph Company
for six weeks successfully used, between
New York and Boston, an invention by which
five messages are simultaneously sent from
each end of a wire. "
xhe extreme cold weatner froze many
oranges on the trees in Florida, only about one-
third of which are gathered. Reports from
points in tho South speak of this as the lowest
temperature had for years.
General Walkeb, Superintendent of
Census, has given the result of his work to
country. The figures, subject to a possible
vision, which cannot change them very mato"
rially, give us a population of 50,152,550.
TtntKET is getting ready for business. A Lon
don dispatch says: The menacing attituded
Greece has caused ths Porte to take precau
tions. Two ironcltds have st 'led for the Archi
pelago, and the I oi tifications of the Darda
neilfl are being strengthened.
Hjeuby Augustine, of Chicago, visited
uncle, James Angnstine, of Otis, lad., t
shot him, his wife, and his son Chiistian.
Augustine died shortly afterwtrd. The
Christian was killed instantly, and the uucle
thought to be fatally wounded.
1881. 1881.
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Club,' the work that gave Charles Dickons his
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5. "Tha History of a Crime." bv Victor Unco.
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eray the most artistic, popular and characteristic
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7. "Eothcn. By Alexander William Kinrlake.
One of the most charming narratives ever written;
nil of pen-pictures of life in the East, including
admimble accounts of personal experiences ia
-EiO'pt and in the Holy Laud.
8. "Journal of the Plague in London." By
Daniel Defoe, author of "Itobiuson Crusoe.'' 1 he
trne hiftory, by one of the most distinguished
writers in our lanEjnape, of the mysterious and
awful visitation of the riague to England.
9. Poems of Wordsworth." Chosen and edited
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lect edition of the works of one of England's
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Froude, the distinguished historian, ho more
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Stantleld, of Audubon, Audubon Connty, Iowa;
Wiliiam anpelt and Cyrus Vanpelt, of Warys-
ville, Missouri ; Thomas Vanpelt, of Esnex, Page
County, Iowa ; and a minor child oi Jonathan
Vanpett, jr., woose name anu piace or resilience
are unknown, wilt take notice that Cuinton Dick
and Darling Vanpelt, of Highland county, Ohio,
as hxecutora ot tne ia?t wm ana testament
Jonathan Vanpeit, late of Highland County, Ohio,
deceased, rtiu, on tho 17tn day oi August, a.
lttdo, Hie their petition, as bsecutors as atoreeam,
in the Court ot Common Pleas within and for said
County of Highland, in said fcjtate of Ohio,
against Alice .itun and ottiers, as ueirs oii.a
&a becenciaries under the last will aud test am
of said Jonathan Vanpelt, deceased, defendants,
praying tnai suia (Jourl migiu aecree w ua wab
true intent and meaniog ol the last will aud testa
ment of the Si id Jonathan Vanpelt, deceased,
relatioo to certain promissory notes, held by said
'Cuueni at nis decease, upon certam oi me ueiicu-
ciariet? of his said lat will and testatneui; aud
said parties, as aforesaid, as sach heirs ana oene
ficiariea, are uereby oti.ied that they are required
to apH.ar and answer said petition on or before
the third Saturday after (he 10th day of February
liet.;, , ViLlll Ai'-p-f
As Executors of Jonathan Vanpelt, deceased.
By Matthsws, Hcooiss & tjuiNH, Attorneys.
lttted, December 7, lt$K dec-iow7
Land and Town Properly.
Sevtntv-eiL-lit and one .i!f (TSJ4) acri-8 of land
in Brnsh Crttk 'luwnsliip, part ol the Pugiicy
land. . . .
Alao, farm of one hnndred auu severny-em-m
(ITS) acres, well Improved, lanra bnclt Uoose. (Moa
barn, and line orchard situated iu liamcr luwu
sliip, near Uauville, known as the Custer iarrn.
A tuo, house ana iwl in auietMiru, uu
house of four orttve rooms, t;ood well audciatern.
The above nameil property ui oe cjiu ",u
the following terms :
One-third (,',) l,aili ia hand' tne Da,1DCe in
equal annual payments, deferred payments
draw interest at the rate of ail (S) per cent,
annum from the day ot Bale, to oe eetmeu
mortgage on the premises.
For particulars call on the undersigned at
HilUboro National Bant. BENJ. BiKkEKIl.
Higbland Probate Court.
n" named Executors, Administrators and (iuardi
ans, have filed thfir accounts in this Court for
and aaid accounts have Ix ea continued
for publication, exceptions and hearing, until
loth day of January, A. 1. lsl, to-w:t :
The Executor of the e:-tate of Jonas Likeis ;
The Administrators of the estates of Thos.
Craht), T. C. H'otters, Adam C. MHler, aud Jarne
Murray and Matilda Latferty, deceaeed.
The tiuardians of Slnrv E. Ontridie, of Elir.a
James.of Arsiwlla C, Eddie and Yerdie Roderick,
of Stewart If tititer. and of Charles V. Brewer.
Dated this Hth day of December, 1.
decl6vt , Probate Judge.
rifiwn Office.
I"ir WILL f Ai VOU lo iJO 80.
Sew Time Table, Co nameni liig
Sunday. !c. 2G, 1SSO.
Tralna Leave Mall. ETpreas.Areoin. Express
Cincinnati,... t 'ni 9 Ifl a m 3 40 r x 7 p
Lovelaud 7 41 " 10 M ' C 01 " 8 S3 "
Blanchester.. 9 4S M It) ul " 5 4 " 9 Ni "
Wewt'wro.... 9 M " 5 57 " 9 07
Lynchburg... 10 20 " 14 " 9 24"
10 56 " ' 65 " 9 35"
Ar Hill(iboro,10 55 " 6 40 " 9 CO "
New Vienna. 9 01 " 11 M " 6 31 ri 9 "
N. Lexington 9 14 " 1145 " 6 42 " 9 31 "
Leesbanj 9 19 1150 " 6 47 " 9 35 "
Greenfleld.... 9 44 " 12 10 p 7 08 " 9 53 "
Chillicotii...10&5 " 121 " 8 0 " 1042 "
Hamden 18llr ti " 1118 "
Athens 9 03 " S 44) 12 35 i M
ArP&rkereb'K 40 " 5 10 " 150
C!i!l. liu
Cin. Ililiaboro N.York
Fant Line.
Psrkerebnrg.10 30 a it
Athens 1148 "
Hamden 1 40 m
Chillicothe... i "
Siwnield.... S 15 "
Letnr? 3 3S "
N. Leiiutfton 3 "
Sew Vienna. 0 "
Blar.cheater.. 4 27 "
Loveiand S 03
A.r Cincinnati !0 "
Cnn. tL.
S 1)5 4 1
40 "
1104 "
13 33P II
1 3i "
J 0 "
S IS "
3 01 "
3 5J "
S 15 -
t 67 "
S ) "
8 6
8 3 "
S 2J "
ll 01 "
11 15 "
11 iT II
1 ffiAH
2 12 "
3 23 "
4 14"
4 36 "
4 41 "
4 54 "
5 ii "
( 0 "
J 10 "
nili.boro .
West boro
EUncbeaKr ,
Loveiand. .
Arrive Cincinnati,
,8 10 i.a.
its "
, 8 41 "
, 9 00 '
. 9 ti u
10 01 "
11 15 "
1 3;.?.
1 55 "
i U "
t 3 -
3 01
I " "
& 15 "
7 50 P M
6 06 "
8 IS "
8 33
8 45 -
Lynchliarg 10 20 "
Kusell s 10 3)
.Hill i 45 F M
. M " 5 57
6 14
Arrive Ei;isborow..lO 55 6 40
8 55 p
9 07 '
9 24
9 35 "
9 50
An eitra Express Train leaves Hillsboro on
Wiunetmat and Sattirdais only at 7.50 p.m.. arriv.
injr ar uisncnester at p. in., conuectmg ther
with the 7.'flJ p. m. Express traiu from Liucinn
ati for the Eoft.
Ketomiiiff. leaves Blanchester ac 8.55 d m. arriv-
me at uuisuoroti.w p. m.
c. 15. 'Ihe TSew York Kxpress, an extra West-
Donnd train (only), leaves Parkershnrj at 1 45 pjn,
Chillicotlie ac 511 p.m.; Greenllwld at 5 51 p.ra.;
arriving at Cincinnati at 3 30 p.m., stopping onJy
at tne stattous named. jan 6
J;.nw n. Bennett and Saifth Ann Bnntt, of
Carthage, County of Uuch, ttate of Indiana, are
hereby notiiied that, on the 4tn day of Octoer,
A. l, lfo, a petition ws s uieii oyr.z.sri9 in ine
office of theCierkof the Court of Common Pleas,
of Highland Con my, Ohio, asking the foreclnre
oi two mortgages on the follow Lug described rval
estate :
Situate in the Town ef Hillsborough, UMinty or
TlieblaJid. State of Ohin, B'"nnirjg at a stake in
the line of the laud of Jacob Miller ; thence south
74. deerees Went, to Evans Street; thence with
said Street to an Alley on the South cide of lt
number 475 in Lemon s Addition to the Town of
Hillsborough; thence, ia a riirbt au.c with said
Evans Street (otherwise JohnsTon S'reet), and
said Alley, to the place of beginning. Bfim' part
of Out Lot number 4", iu said Town of HnUor
ongh. as known and designated on the recorded
plat thereof.
Amounts claimed : $150.r-0T with interest at 9
per cent, from September ftth. 176 ; $imhm, with
interest at 8 per cent, from December 2.''tb,
Said Petition aiso asks for judgment against the
said James H. Bennett for $- .ti7, with interest at
6 per cent, from February 9th, I-", on an account
stated between faid James H. Bennett and th?
undersirn-:d. The said James H. Bennett is noti
fied that attachment proceedings were commenced
in this case on the 14th clay of December, A. IK
180, and, that on the 24th day of December, la.'H),
the Sheriff of said County of HVhiand attached
the above decribd renl estate. P. 2 A N E,
dec:ww7 By A, Uabmis, bis Attorney.
Actoaatie Fanily Knitter.
a s 3-
S '-c
Knits all sizes of work, narrows aod w!dana lt
shapes ail sizes complete. Knirs over bo d:4erent
carmnTB, SKks, Stockinet, M ittens. Leirgiua,
Wristlets, Gloves, etc. Tt per cent, prortt in man
factnring knit goods. Farmers can trebie tne
value of their wool, by converting it tuto knit
Agents wanted in every State, Connty. City and
Town, to whnm very lw pri'X-a will ie maiie.
For full particulars and lowest pne for the
Bet Family Mackins send to
decl6m6 Brattieboro, Vt
"Will make, for tho next CO days only, a grand Oiler of
Pianos Osrcxzis-
$850 Grand Square Piano for only $245.
OTVI C O Mauifleent row-wood case, eloffantly flnb-hed, 3 utrinnt 7 1-S Ortnvat full patent ean
ul I L.L-' O tatu aL-raHeo. our new patent overstranff acule. beaatuul carved ar.d Ivre. ha v
Berpeotlne and laru fancy mouldinen ruuod caa, (nil Iron Frame, Frencii Grand Action, Urund Uaia
mcrtt, in fact every improvement wUkq can in any way tend to the perfection of lite instrument naa
I" Our prict for thin instrument bcrxtxl and delirered on. hoard aim at .Vfuj Vri. fbn A r f A
lri'tA Jim llano Cover, moot and limit, ii only i Di VjU
pi" A"Vr $165 tottCO (with Stool, Cover and Book). Ali strictly JirtUcleui and aoid at
Axl-lliO Wholesale Factory prices. These Pianos made one of the linwt dipp iys at the
Centennial Exhibition, and were unanimously recommended (or the Hiuur.-'T Floyoaa X:ie .Ti.-ire9
contain onr New Patent Scale, the zreatest improvement in the hixtory of Piano-niakini. The Up
rights are the jinMt in America. Positively we make the finest Piano, of tiie richest tone and great
est dnrability. They are recommended by the hisjhnst musical authoritie in the coiiatrv. ier
H.0OO in qse, and not one difatiri'd wtrchMcr. All Piauus and Oruans sent on 15 davs' te-st trial
freight free f unsatUfactory. lon't fail to write ns before bnyinj. Positively we offer the bit bar-
eams. i-atHicKrue maned free. Handsome Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue of 48 p ios m-Ailed (or
stamp; Every Piano f uily warranted (or 5 years.
"Tjrj A 0ar " ?arlor Grand Jubilee Or?an," style .15, is the finest and sweet -at toned
UllUilliO Keed Orenn ever olfered the musical public. If conralns Five Octaves, rive
sets of Reeds, lour of 3 Octaves each, and one of thr-e ictaves. Thirteen Sfops wirii i Ir-ind Or-'an
U'apasoo, Melouia, Vioia, Plale, Celeste, Dulcet, Echo. M-lo!ia-Porte, Oiestina, Violina, F r
Forte, Tremolo, fcrand-Or'io ami Grand-.-jweil, Knee-Stops, Heictit, 7 in.; Lenrin, 4J in.: W:ii;h,
24 in.: WeiL'bt, boxed, 3 0 i!;s. Tue case is of soiid wainut, veneered with choice woods, and is of a
entirely new and heauti'tl des'zn, elaborately cafved, with raised paneis, music closet, lamp stanas,
fretwork, At, all beautifully finished. Possesses all the latest and best improvements, with (treat
power, depth, brilliancy and sympathetic quality of tone. Beautitul solo eff-cis and perfect stop ac
tion. Kvtrular retail price $S5. our vctutlexaie net caah price to have it intro-ttrel. wi:n stool and
book, oniy til as one orpsn sold sells orhers. Fofntively no deriaton in price. No psvment required
nntii yon have fully tested the oruan in yonr own home. We send alt Orpins on 15'davs'test trial
and pay (reiu'ht both ways if instrument is not as represented. Fully varrantM for i vears. Otner
styles 8 stop organ onlv $i ; snips, $5 ; 14 stops, $115. Ovor ni.uoO sold, and everv Orean has irlv
en the fnlleat aarisfaction. Illustrated circular mailed free. Factory and WarerocmS,
57th St. and IOh Ave,
at one-third price. Catalogue of 3.000 choice pieces i
This Catalogue includes most of th mmnmr raiiii! nf
variety of mnsical composition by the best authors. Address
i-nt for 3c stamp,
the dy and every
;3 New York City
. Hot Selling at Cost !
Clieaper Than Those
WHO . .
We are offering tor the next SIXTY DAYS our entire
7intar Suits
Prices that will Astonish the Natives!
Neckwear and Handkerchiefs
S ! .1
JU u La y
Having spent two weeks in New York selecting my
I am uow prepared to offer you the
Ploaao Ofi.ll Early.
JVM. HiESTiNrr),
17 ISTosrtloL Eiis St.
. .
tlement; the
in cn3Icss variety.
PIIlo's Building,
D. ft ftAlMIN
oO, AT t
VSTli ivillfay those zvko ivar.i sc;r.e'.r,:n gocd .0 sec w.v-j :kz. rumen.:.
Steinway a Sons, Decker Bros., Saines Eros.,
And other Pianos at the most Reasonable Prices.
BALDWIN & CO., 158 West Fourth Street.
JiciyEatey Organs in alt styles. Shoninger Organs. "JZ X'J
D. II.

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