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Money Fcuml
In the UwonWii Office. Can be linil by
railing on tlifi Rpi'imlcr, McntifviiiR liroiwr
ty nnd jinyin fur tliiw notice.
ltn.LHnoBO. Jnnuary 10. J. II. Kekch.
For Snip A Furm, aitniitpd i mil.
Bonth of New Market, known as the. Fhilip
OiUer furn. For partirulars inquire of
Inane Wilkin. jan2Ctf
A Rood, new brick liounn, containiiiR R
rooms, in Hillnloro, O., is offered for aula
at a price which will insure 10 per cent, not
on the investment. Call on J!ob Bknkbt,
at I. A. Feibel'H Clothing Htore, HUIh
boro, O. jaul!)w3
Clcurliifc out Sale,
Of Winter (iloven and Heavy Fnderwear,
which are offered at Mich price an will pay
you to buy them for next winter. Cull noon
at I. A. Feidf.i.'h.
Buy nn Overcnnt.
The cold weather lias arrived, but so late
that you can buy an Overcoat nt clearing
out price.
I sell a ' Solid Comfort" Overcoat from
:i to t:l.r.O. And other Winter Clothing in
Come and hcc the prices that so disturb
the Clothing dealers. At FEIHEL'S Cloth
ing House, West Main St. opp. County
Jail. Hillsboro, O. janl',lw3
Wanted 10,000 Lbs. Soft Soap.
Immediately at the Hillsboro Woolen
Mills. J. S. ELLIFKITZ A Co.
A small Fruit Farm, 3 miles west of Hills
boro, well improved. Apply to
Geo. W. Cabrerk, at Amen, Gregg fc Co.
Live and Lot Liye.
You can afford to
When you can buy the best steaks at 8 and
10 cents per pound; Hams 10 cents per
pound. Roasts from 5 to 10 cents per
pound. Sausage and Suusage Meat, 10 cts.
per pound. And other Meats proportionate
ly low. These prices are strictly adhered
to by Willis Jenkins. South High Street,
Hillsboro, Ohio. jan5tf
Jan. 1, 1882.
Have You Been to the New
C'onfpct ionorj !
South High Street, oue door South of I.
,P. Strauss .V Bros. New Clothing Store?
You will find the nicest Candies, always
fresh and warranted pure, being made by the
proprietor himself, who is an experienced
practical Confectioner, from rhilauelpnia.
Also fresh Fruit and other Cakes, Ice Cream
and Lemon and Strawberry Ices, furnished
to order for parties. Also, a tine stock of
the best Philadelphia Fancy Candies and
Confections. Please give nie a call. Sat
isfaction warranted. FRANK LLOYD.
Jau. 1st, 18H2. Jan. 5 w 3
Cash fur (rn!n,
at the
Just opened for business, on the corner of
West nud Beech streets, Hillsboro, Ohio.
Give us a call. Cowman. Inskeep it Co.
Foil Sale. Beautiful Building Lot ou
N'orth High Street, next to Dr. Fullerton's
new residence. Apply to Jah Hkeck.
To Town mid HilUhoro P. 0. Subscribers.
The increased expense attending the en
largement of the News, in the purchase of
new type, etc., renders it absolutely ncees
sAry that we should collect all outstanding
accounts for subscriptions, up to the begin
ning of the present year. Bills will be sent
through the Post Offioe, as soon as possible,
to all who are iu arrears for one year or
more, up to January 1st, 1882, nnd also for
the present year iu advance.
All are earnestly requested to cull and net
tle their accounts without delay. All who
settlo before March 1st, 1882, and renew for
the present year, will be charged only the
advanced rate for last year. If payment be
longer delayed, they will be charged ac
cording to our published terms; at the rate
of two dollars per year.
Those who are in arreurs for oue year or
more must positively settle by March 1st,
1HK2, otherwise, the purier will be discon
tinued after that date, and their accounts
placed in the proper hands for oolleetion.
After the beginning of the present year,
no accounts for subscription will be allowed
to run longer than one year without settle
ment. This rule will be strictly adhered to
in all cases.
Hillsboko, Jau. 20th, 1882. w4
A man is wiser for his learning, aud the
sooner he learns that the only proper way
to cuse a Cough or Cold, is U use Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup, the better he is off.
Oscar Wilde, leader of the F.ngfiih
Esthetes, arrived in this country on
the 2nd day of the present month, and
is now the lion of New York society.
He is a young Irishman of good
parentage, his father, Sir William
Wilde having been a celebrated
oculist and surgeon and his mother, a
poetess and novelist of some merit.
He is now lecturing in the large cities.
He comes as the champion of ats
theticism, and is to-day the best
advertised man on the lecture plat
v 11 1 in 'ii it
"Tl.re'. othIi.it Like I hem."
DveDport, la., June 2, 18M1,
H. II. WaHii 4 Co.: Sin1 suffered
for years with weak kidney, biliousness
and constipation. Your fcuf'e. Kidney and
l.if flit aiul Kfi Til reliimui ll tW
tfoubl.; indeed XUf' nnUiina lika th-au.
She gijMana gjtiv
Subscription Terms,
Mall Subscriber Postage Fre
Kindle copy, one year H 50
" M month 1 iw
" 44 6 months 75
" 4 month . Wi
14 44 3 month 40
BTirParmenfc invariably in Advance. No ta-
per sent by mail longer than the time paid for.
tvTAn extra copy will bo Hi nt gratia, for
everv club of 10 miimeriborH at tho aovo rati.
MThe above rates include fHiMoge prrpaitl
at this office on all papem sent to subKcrilxrH
outtude of Highland count v.
HulwcnlMTH who receive their papers
with an a niarkel opposite their name.
either on the margin of the paper or on
the outside wramter, will understand that
the term of Hnhwriptiun paid for haft expired.
K All pi mt man tern are authorized to aet an
Agents for the skwh, to receive ami forward
Mail Huhncritei-i whose timo has expiren,
can renew their subseriptionH conveniently by
handing tlie money to their postmaster.
ToSuliperilerH in Hillrtlmro and virinitv, the
News will !e promptly delivered by farrier, or
at the lmt Otlice or office of publication, on
the MlowiuK terms :
In advance, or within 1 month fcl f0
At the (-nd of fi mouths 1 75
At the end of the year H mi
tfjf An advance payment pnTcrrca m all
cane. Mi I men hers will lie notified nrthe ex
piration of their time hy a cross on their pa
pers, or lv (nils enclosed.
N. R We do not discontinue papers sent to
Town Subscribers unless specially ordered to do
so, until all arrearages are pAid, as a Kcneral
rule. A failure to order a discontinuance
considered as equivalent to ordering the paper
Advertising Rates.
1 w. 3 w.
, .in so; l oo
. . l oo a oo
4 w. 3 in. b m. 1 v r
1 251 2 50 3 25 6"(X)
2 60 5 00 6 50,10 00
4 00 7 00! B oojisoo
6 60 1 9 0fl!l2 00 19 00
y inch..
1 inch. . .
2 inches.
3 inches.
. . 2 001 8 751
.. 8 00; 4 7.V
4 inches 8 501 5 60' 6 50 10 50114 00 22 00
5 inches 4 OOi 7 00 ' R 00 12 OO lfl 00,25 00
Jfcol 5 50 8 611,10 00 15 00;20 00 SO 00
eol 7 00 10 00 11 50 IS 00 25 00 40 00
j col 8 00 12 00 14 00(20 00 IU 00 50 00
1 col 10 0017 00 20 00'35 00:50 00,80 00
The above scale of prices is for ordinary sin
gle column display advertising, rtolid i.eiral,
Official and Tabular advertisements will be
chained at the leKal rate for space occupied,
liule and tiirure work 50 per cent extra.
rieEciAi. Notk'Kh, advertiseiueis in other
than single column measure, and those in a
prescnlicd location, 25 tier cent additional.
Local Notices 10 cents per line fortirst, and
o cents per linn tor each additional insertion.
('ARnsin Business Directory One inch.
vesr tlO: C months, id; 3 months, S3. Ono-
half inch 1 year, i5 00: 6 mouths, 3 mos.
'Wants,-' '-For Hale." "For Rent," "Lost,
"round, etc., in '(heap Lasii loruer, o"e
hatf trtU ironi, each insertion, payable
strictly in advance.
Ojiiiuaiiy Voices (othe than simple an
nouncements of deaths. I Tributes of liespect,
( ards or i lisiiKs. and announcements or no.
cieties vtu-half cent per irvml, pavable strictly
in-advance. and when sent by mail, the money
must accompany them in all eases.
Notices of Marriages, Births and Peatli
when furnished by proper authority free.
Attachment. Divorce, Administrators' and
Executors- Notices, must be psid for before in
sertion as also Foreign and Transient Adver
tising generally.
The Guiteau Case.
On the inside of this paper will be
found an account of the Guiteau
case up to Friday last. Scoville con
eluded his argument to the jury on
Friday afternoon. The Court recon
sidered its ruling which prohibited
Guiteau from arguing his own case to
the Jury, and granted him permission
to do so. This he did on Saturday,
in a two hour harangue which is be
lieved to nave nau a great (-nect . in
causing a doubt of his sanity, in
the minds of the jurors. With his ad
dress, closed the arguments for the
Judge Porter, Counsel for Govern
raent, although just out of a sick bed
commenced his argument on M onday
and will conclude on Wednesday, at
which time it is expected that the
case will go to the Jury. Judge
Forter's arraignment of Guiteau
said to have been terrible in its effect,
He entered into areview of Guiteau'
lite, exposing the wretcn at every
step of his career.
F. II. Drake's Sufferings.
F. II. Drake, Esq., Detroit, Mich,
fered beyond all description from a
disease, which appeared on his hands, head
and face, and nearly destroyed his eyes.
The most careful doctoring failed to help
him, and after all had failed he nsed the
Cuticnra Resolvent (blood purifier) inter
nally, Cuticura aud Cuticuru Soap (the great
skiu cures) external!-, aud was cured, aud
has remained perfectly well to this day.
Daniel Webster was born January
1 8th 1782.
An exchange says, "Man's average life is
JJ years. Dr. Hull s Cough Syrup will al
ways live.
It is said that Oscar Wilde was dis
appointed with the Atlantic.
Fresh Complexions.
you pimples,
aud eruptions 'on face, luiuds or skiu, it is
because tlie system needs touiiiu una pun
fving. Nothing will give you such vood
health, smooth aud fresh skin and vigorous
feeling as himuious Liver Kegulutor, purely
vegetable and not unpleasant to the taste,
Take the Kegulator to stimulate the liver.
to cleanse the eyes aud skiu of yellowness,
to improve digestion and to niake the breath
pure aud sweet.
The auction sale of sats for the
Cincinnati Opera Festival closed on
Saturday last. The sales reached
enormous figure of $72,093,95.
Worthy of Praise.
As a rule we do not f?inuiend Patent
Medicines, but when we ktur nt one that
rt'iilly is a public benefactor, and di. t.. ;i-
iiiy cure, then we consider it our duty U
-iii'vxl that information to all. Fleetric
. UutMMi. tryJv a ul()Ht vi.u, mK,icine.
laud )J1 uty t.vr Biliousness, lever and
! ARlIe- ,V and Kidney Com-
I ru""!' "a wlu - rcnedit fall,
I w knw vhereof and on
rrty OTfOnunend thn U 4-i-V'h- 7-
bW t0 cmllH brmi' VyV fc-f
Iu last week's issue of the News,
intimated that Mr. Jiotrdman,
the editor, was threatened with
blindness, Since that time, we regret
say, there is nothing of a very en
couraging nature to report, lie is
now under the treatment of Dr.
Seeley, the celebrated oculist, of Cin
cinnati, who hopes to prevent blind
ness, although scarcely expecting to
give back perfect sight. The course
treatment prescribed, will require
but a few weeks at longest, after
which the editor may be expected to
give the business his personal super
Meantime the business of the News
office will be carried on with all the
exactness possible. The indulgence
of our patrons is not asked, for it is
intended that they shall have no cause
for complaint.
A great revival of religion is in
progress at St. Taul's M. E. church,
Cincinnati, under the leadership of
the Rev. Harrison. On Monday
nignt thirty-five people were con
Given Away.
We can not help noticing the liberal offer
made to all invalids and sutterers by 1T.
Kinu'sNew Discovery for Consumption.
lou are requested to call at hevbert Co. s
Drue Store, and Bet a Trial Hottle free of
onst. if you are suffering with Consumption,
Mcvere tjouuns, uoids, Astnina, Droncuiutt,
Hav r ever. Loss of V oice, Hoarseness,
any affection of the Throat or Luul's. It
will positively cure you. dec2'2tnol7chw
Has Pagan Bob turned Christian?
The Washington Post, January aoth,
'For several years Colonel Inger-
soll's house has been opened to the
rich and poor, the lame, the halt and
the blind, on Sunday evenings. Upon
that night his house has always been
crowded. He has, within the last
week, changed the evening of his
general reception. Those who wish to
be certain of seeing the Colonel and
his family will call Saturday evenings
instead of Sunday."
Ayer's Pills are the best of all purgatives
for family use. They are pleasant, safe
aud sure, "and excel all other Pills in healing
and curative qualities.
The second Cincinnati Opera
Festival will be held at the great
Music Hall from February 13th to
the 18th, inclusive. Adalina Patti
will appear on the evenings of the
14th and 18th, in the operas of Aida
and Trovatore. On the other eve
nings, and on Wednesday and Sat
urday afternoons, there will be six
grand performances, including the
operas of William Tell, Huguenots,
Aida, Carman, Fidelio, and Magic
Flute, by Her Majesty's Opera Com
pany, under the direction of Col.
Mapleson. Season tickets $14. Single
reserved seat $2. Single admission
Free of Cost.
AU persons wishing to test the merits of
a great remedy one that "will positively
cure Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
Bronchitis, or any affection of the Throat
and Lungs are requested to call at Seybert
A Co.'s Drug Store and get a Trial Bottle
of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump
tion, free of eott, which will show you what
a regular dollar-size bottle will do.
Cut this out. If the following
which was written to the Liverpool
Mercury, be true' there is nothing
very alarming in small-pox. Mr.
Hine says: "lam willing to risk my
reputation as a public man if the
worse case of small-pox cannot be
cured in three days, simply by the
use of cream of tartar. One ounce of
cream of tartar dissolved in a pint of
water, drank at intervals when cold,
is a certain, never-failing remedy. It
has cured thousands, never leaves a
mark, nor causes blitvlness, and
avoids tedious, lingering illness."
fti Our offer of 2 copies of the
News for 1 year to one old and one
new subscriber, for $2.50, with a pre
mium to each subscriber, is still open
Send in your names and money.
In the February number of tho North
American Review, Prof. Geo. P. Fisher
the Yale Divinity School, whose writings on
the supernatural origin of Christutuity and
on ecclesiastical history are well known,
comes to the defence of the Christian Reli
gion against the attacks of modern doubt
and infidelity. No abler or more eminent
advocate for the orthodox faith could be
summoned into the controversy that has
lately been waged ou this high theme, and
it is not too much to say that rrof. I lsher
justifies every expectation by the vigor and
clearness with which he handles the subject.
Hi) disclaims, howevir, the position of
dubttcf, fciuj makes to direct reference to
Col, Ingetwill'a hmu!W, i(lthough he neces
sarily dl with ths objuciluiw o brilliantly
and audaciously pruuuuttid by that dgiiguty
combataut. lie proceeds in a very orderly
manner to maintain A series of positions iu
regard to the origin, essential character and
beueticent effects of tha Christian faith,
which are intended iu themselves to furuish
the answer to all objection and cavils.
Hillsboro Market.
Hillsboro, Jan. 24, 1882.
Dealers' are paying the following prUMt fop
pnsluce :
Wheat 1.2M'1.30: Curn 70 j Oats Mt,l,
Timothy beed ti.Mai.TCi; Flour, cut. H i.Vd)
8.50: Corn Meal sofa MA; l'otatoca, HUrtlHI: Ui-ans
' 'lit; lined Apples 4(a5; lined l'eavhes
; 7. leathers 30i Hi; Butter '1: Eggs 18:
f -m i JJIi l l; Hav l!.v It: Live ( hick- 11s 1.3II
tl.'!lllw,.,' Chickens fi.0M i.i0 Dtessed
Turkevii KafOf Turkey fi'rii6; hogs
ib.lKC.M; grow; Cat tu 1.&o-a6.CK).
Or"i'irie retail a fi.llo ; It.- h. fcjr HV
rennet ii: mo t onne u-g in; j.hivm;
Chetm 17m lti: Fhr l.75 nrt, 7.6ubbL hu.-k-
wlit Fioiir owl: N. O. MuUmmt 75' H):
Km-Khum W"vrt0; HinnJur 4; Knl ,and
iMh4lt,ftU..M-U7ii 1-LrveV r4.id tiu.UHO.Ud;
From the Allnntu (a.) Pumlay riorw.
gniph: The editir of the I'ilces county
Ncm has been cured of rheumatism by St.
Jacobs Oil.
Mr.' T. M. Cummins is our authorized
Agent, to receive money on subscriptions
for the News, and also for Job Work aud
Advertising, and to receipt for the same.
J. Li. iiuaiuj.ua a.
Uimbboro, Dec. 2'J, 1HH1.
The Now York f'lipp-r lately cited the
CAse of Captain J b Schmidt, of Tomp
kinsville, Staten laud, N. Y., who had
been a great sufferer with rheumatism lor
many years. Ho used St. Jacobs Oil with
sploudid success.
Sample Copies.
We send sample copies of this No-
of the News to many Republicans
who are not subscribers. After exam
ining the paper, if pleased with it, we
would be elad to have them sub
scribe. See terms in another place.
Aged Gratitude.
FLINT, Mich., June 22 ,1881.
H. H. Warnek A Co.: Sim I am 72
years old, and have not been so well in 2f
years as I am to-day, thanks to your Safe
Kidney and Liver Curo, the best remedy in
the world. Ibwin wiijoeb.
Dr. B. D. Grnnger, of this place spent
part of last week at Lebanon, O., with his
daughter Dora, who is going to the Normal
Miss Clara Wooddcll, who has been at
home for the past two months, returned to
New Vienna last Thursday morning.
Misses Sallie Hammer and Mary Hudson,
of Westboro, who has been visiting relatives
aud friends at this place, returned heme last
The new plank walk has not yet been
Mrs. J. L. Strange is better.
Important news in old Concord is rather
scarce. The people seem to have settled down
to quiet pursuits and are enjoving peace
ful lives, nothing having transpired to disturb
the peace and quietude which usually reign
among us.
The schools of our tn. are all in successful
operation, and we have I think as good a corps
of teachers as anv other townsinp in tlie conn-
to but one irrcat hindcranee to tho success of
our schools, is that the Board of Education
refuses to nav our teachers a price that will eie
able them to live, and also iiualifv themselves
as thev should for their (Treat work. iliJM do!
lars per month, was the average allowed by our
Board, but some of our local directors had the
sense to beyond that a little, in order to secure
such teachers as thev desired to teach their
respective schools. The following is a list of
our teachers with prices paid tier month
Dist. No. 1, F. M. Enu ie :lj. No. 2. S. E. lied
W H0. No. 3, Hala Miner :)5. No. 4, Win,
Hhelton No. 5, (). J. Mathews No. 6
lev iling i-WS. No. 7, N. N. Hn tin No.
8, Kobt. Vance if 35. No H, (. V. Dickev 83tf.
Our Board made airaiiKeinents sonio time ago
to seat our schoolhouses all with patent seats,
one h0f of which were ordered of the Excelsior
School Furniture Co. Cincinnati. But they
lulled to comply with the cou'.iact so we are
left with our old scats. A query: Is the com
pany a responsible one? We would like io hear
from any one who has bought seats of them.
llain and mud continues.
Jlrs. Sarah Orebangh visited her daughter,
Mrs. Jos. Cochran, in Hajem tp., last week.
John Oegner is the happiest man in town,
It s a iMiy.
John BoKart, Ex-Coninlissioner, is on tho
sick list.
Henry Shaffer, (Hwamp llenry) has sold his
farm to Henry OrebaiiKii. nnd will go west to
grow up with the country gain.
James F. South, of Cincinnati, interviewed
our merchants last 1 hursdav. on the shoe ques
tion, lie called 011 Dr. Marith, and tallied over
old times for an hour. !
On Tuesday the 17th, Hie children, irr&nd
children and friends called on Mrs. lloliert
Thompson, it beiiiK her 6rth birthdav, Tlie
surprise was complete, so waB the dinner. After
dinner, N. V. Tarker, Esii., and Joshua Shaffe
addresseil the company, and after a pleasant
interview tho crowd separated, feeling that the
dav had been well spent, aud wishing Mother
Thompson many more such anniversaries.
James McCreight, after spending two weeks
111 Adams county, returned home last 1 nursday,
Miss Jessie White concluded not to have
small-pox, and resumed her duties in school
again last Monday. .
Jan. 2t Tho water courses have been
high for some days.
Wheat is looking fine.
Rome few sales of land, from 30 to 60 dollars
per auru.
The new aturn-rooin am Post Office is about
Albert Htamm of Ripley, Is here, Mtvuia' Mil
Baud boys instruction.
Tlie Orange officers of this place, were in
stalled last Saturday evening. A. Boggart was
the installing othcor. lhe virauge is 111 a better
condition than it has been lor some years.
Miss Elnora Workman and Wm. t'adwallade
have been visiting Moses Cadwollader and
family of Union tp.
There is some talk of extending the Trice-
town corner house piko oue uiiio soutli.
private contribution. V. B. Custer heads the
list, if the county will build the culverts, four
small ones. L,et us have the ptko.
We learn that Jas. Gray of Hauler tp. has the
Mrs. Mry Lockwell nee Lafertv, who died o:
consumption, lit l'lii.et'iwn, was buried yester
day in the Bricetowu ccmcU;.;,
Jan. 16 S. V. Miller has been on the sick
lit for the past week.
Mr. Moati Htoatlitim is very low with typhoid
Bain and mud are abundant.
Mr. Mclntlre and ladv returned laht Thurs
day from visiting relations In Adams county.
Mr. Kain Turley paid a flying visit to his son,
who resides near lireenlieid,
Mr. Hanipy Oall is happy. It's a boy !
Flniville has a new blacksmitli, Mr. Joseph
The school here is nroL'iessine finely. Tli
teacher, H. W. Miller, is teaching his third term
at this place, ile is going to move to YYllliams
port. l'lcaartuv Countv. as sis,n as his school ii
oi;j. IJc is an excellent teacher, a good ncigh
boi, kini , iTJ l-e wis'-cil. His brother-in-law,
Mi. I.mUli.. of the Hi in of jclutire 4 Butters,
is Itomg with him. My success ttellJ tluilll
in their new (joiije.
The Grangers gave grand oyater supper at
the (liauge Hull, in Noith Clhi"nLgwu,-Ujt Hat
uiday evening.
Mr. Bert llei d has returned to Ashluud Col
lego. Hu will be at home again iu April.
inidNt. TuU tHi.u iu vijM'T H i;
old Ron of Vlr. J. M. liitnlmnn, Lht!
iiehday iiiorninK ho ar,e as UMiial, did
household work, and went to th hara with
hH jnither to milk. While there, he wan
siezed with a terrihle pain in the head,
which caused him to cry out. Being unable
to walk to tho hou&o. he carried in hy
KwTT' miu. u'n taa hM ftaa I)irta
i almiml 1ium,a :,,,'i
! On KAturday. hli ' wJu were tltn to
fiuyr and byj-iecl in ty
S7 2
We have heretofore referred to this re
markable book by Dr. John Clark Kidpath,
published by Jons Brothers & Co. Its
success is almost phenomenal. It is doubt
less having a larger sale than any other
book now beforo tho public. It seems to
possess the rare quality of responding to
the popular want iu every detail in matter,
illustration, paper, printing, binding, end
price. As it concerns Garfield's life and
the evonts which make him illustrious, this
book will ever remain the standard popular
ZINK BOWERS At the residence of the
bride's parents at Khnwood, l'eoria Co.. Ills.,
Jan. 11, Ihh'2, bv Hev. It. I). Williams, Mr. Hy-
man I. ink, eldest son ol tlev. in. l'. .iiik, 01
the Cincinnati Confefence, to Miss Ida Itell
Bowers, daughter of O. L. Bowers, Esq. Many
valuable presents.
New Advertisements.
Tlme-Trled and Fire-Tested.
Insurance Company, Hartford, Conn.
PTATf: of on 10,
IXCjUANCE department,
Columuus, January Oth, 1R82.
Wherkar, Tho rifENIX Inpurnncp Com
pany, located at ITurtfonl, in tlie State of Con-
nocticut, hot! filed in thia onioe a sworn Htnto
ment, nv the proper Omrers thermf, phnwy.ig
.tn comfitinn ami nunmcHB, an1 ha complii d in
all rf-npecU with the lawu of this fState, relating
to Mrw inHiirance t-oinpaniea lncorporatea
other Ktatt'B of the United Htatf.
Now, TriEHKFoitB, In pursuance of law, I,
rharlt'M H. Mooru, Huperintendentof InNunince
oftheHtAte of Ohio, do hcrehy certify, that
mud (Company is authorized to transact itn ap
propriate biiHincHH of Fire InHiirance in tliia
State, in accordance with law, during tlie cur
rent year. The condition and lmnineKR of snid
Company at thf date of mu-h Statement (l)e
cemlwr 31nt, 1HH1), in Bhown as follows:
Aggregate amount of availahle
Arfftctfl 4,3U'.f .Mi'Z s;j
Aggregate amount of Liabilities
(except Capital), including
I.e-IuriUTanee l.lPO.fS 51
Net AfWettH $.ill2S4 02
Amount of actual paid up Capital, 2,000,000 00
Surplus gi.irn.2H-l 02
Amount of Income for tlie year, in'
cash -1,855,144 78
Amount of Expenditures fur tho
year, in canh , 1,606,089 82
. Is Witness Whekeof, I have herenn
( I to auhiicribed niv name, and cruised
" ( the seal of my Ollice to be afllxed,
. the day and year above written.
J. M. Pcmemi., Ai;ent,
HilMioro, O'. jan26wl
UEc'n. Tlaintiffh,
James P. Himiwin ANn otheum, Defendants.
TS rmSUANCK of an order of the Court of
Common Pleas of Highland county, Ohio, we
ll offtT for wale at nnblie auction, on SATUR
DAY, FEB. 18, A. I. 18H2, at 2 o'clock P. M. of
said day, at tlie door of the Court House in
Hillnboro, the following dew-ribed real estate.
dituate in the county of Highland and Htate tf
Ohio, to-wit :
Hecinninc at a stone in a line of Mrs. Hart's
land, corner to Rwisshclm'a land; thence with
said line N. 15 dug. W. 70 pole to a stake in
said line, a corner to c. hemh n land; thence
with Heiph's line N. 75 deff. E. 171 poles t a
stako in Kftid line, corner to tract No. 2 herein
after described; thence with a line of said tract
9. 15 def?. E. 70 poles to a stone in said line;
thence H. 75 (leg. W. 171 poles to the Dcgimung
containing K4 acres ana im poles, part or
James Itavtop h hiirvev M. wza.
ApprWed at ft.377.25.
Beirinninir at a stone in the Hillsboro and
Monroe road, a corner to E. W. Barrow's lancj:
thence with ins line N. 22'4 dec. . 54 poles to
a stake, corner to said liftrrow; thence N. Mdeg.
W. 205 pk'B to a stake in the Soutli line of C.
Kelph'n land; thence with said line H. 7tideg. W.
82 3V100 poles to a stake, two poles H. 7fi dee.
W. from a honey locuMt, corner to said Helph;
thence with his lino H. 16 dee. h. lb poles,
crossinir Little Rock at two polcr.. to a stake.
corner to said Selph; thence with another of
his lines H. 75 dep. W. 54 4-10 poles to a stake
in said line, corner to tract No. 1 abore descril
ed; thence with a line of said tract No. 1, H, 15
dt'K. K. 25 pvles, passing the.aouth-east comer
of said tract at 7B poles, and with a road to a
stake in tiaiU road, corner to said jl. . jjm
mw; thenoe with his lino N. 67 deg. E. H9 20
100 poles, eroiinK Little Rock at 85 pxtles, to
the beginning containing 128 acres and HO
poles. 75 acres in Marquis Cahne'a Survey No.
8020, and 4H wres and 80 poles in James Bav
top'H Hurvev No. 2825.
Appraised at .,4H5.50.
Beginning at a stone, 14 poles 8. 19 deg. E.
from a stone in the Hillsboro and Monroe road,
tho south corner of tlie Buntain tract; thence
N. 76 deg. E. 81 5-100 poles to a stone, corner
it) MaitdifiU Nelson's laud; thence with his line
H. 2Ji dun. fc- Htt MO )o; s to a stone, corner to
P. Hatcher' laiil thuttea Uth hf B. 65
deg. W. 50 poles to a stake, corner to NyeHrin
gen and Neil Boyle; thence N. 28 dog. V. 71 44
100 poles to a stake in said Hillnboro and Mon
roe road, corner to said Bovle; thence witli
said road R. 30 deg. V. 122 4H-100 poles to a
stake iu said road, near a augartree, corner to
said Boyle; thence ti. fi7 deg. W. 71 16-100 jxiles
to a Htake. corner to E. W. Iiarrow, and also to
tract No, 2, alove dcscrilted; thence with the
line of said tract N. 14 deg. V. 205 poles to a
stake in the south line of C. Kelph's land, cor
ner to said tract No. 2; thence with said line
and the line of the Buntain tract, N. 76
deg. E. 173 polen to a stake, corner to
said Bun tain tract; thence with another
line thereof 8. 10 deg. E. 91 poles,
passing the soutli corner of said tract at 77
lJ:,j jo the beginning containing 243 acres
and lit 112 S'Tfi being in James haytop's
Hurvev No. 2.'i', and utVtJ and 73 poles in
Marquis Cuhnes Survey, No. 302w.
Appraised at $7,303 4H-100.
Also, the following described lots or parcels
of land, viz :
The middlo part of in-lot No. thirty-seven,
(37) in tho village of Greenlield, Highland
county, Ohio, as known and designated on the
reuorded plat of said villago, being tit'ty-three
(Ml dot front,- and running back the name
wi'Uli to an alUty, Itv-iuM iUv aainu pruiu. H itim
veved to Lavinia J. Houtliward by Andrew
Keck ley and wife., by deed tinted August lti, A.
D,, lHti5, and by Austin B. Southward and
Laviuia J. Southward to Jann;H P. Simpson, by
ileed dated April 14, 1H73, and bttuglit by aaid
Inaae Simpson at Bheritr wale January 20, A.
D. 1H7H. ,
Appiaiaed at 1,100.
Alho, hit No. thirty-nine ("301 in tlie incorpo
rated village of (ireentield, Highland county,
Ohio, as known and designated on said record
ed pint of the said village,
Apprained at froUO.
aLo, Jrit 'NtV tvo hundred and fifty-eight,
(Un) in lhe oiii'l jut ironit( d village id' Creen
iji Jil, Highlaiid couuiy, ' (ili,o, a bnosvu and
di.r,:gnaud on the said lecoided plat of
Hani vilisgti, aud ciive.ed to tlie said
Ltuac Himptton by one V, W. Bi.ll,
Appraised at l,4o0. '
AU), lot No. two hundied and eighty-five.
2if) i" the buid iucorpoiated village of (iieen
flcld, High land coiinlv, (hio, an known aud
detf!guattd o thp ttaid rm-t inled plut cf th
Kuid vdinxo, and eonveytd to the said Ikuuc
B''')-"i' v- lhe said W. V. JWU.
IWl y Ijif i-: l.r-bn J jji h.ii'd, one
tld'lf) IU Of'' Mfpt o,i - 'tU,i Iff j. Af )-ur
tHMH Ut( U? If' jtil pllif'-'t i PM defer
red payment to nu heciitt;d hv .;ii"ri .hlh iqou
ti e pre.iiiUis fcihL 1L1AH (H'MiMaN. and
(' M. itVERMAN,
Administratori of the estate of isaao Hiinp
son, dH d.
i'vKt a Nkwbt, Attorney,
N, B. A aurvey and plat of the alxive de
wribetl nrmni can L a en at the olUco of
oloank 4 t'wbyj In birauafi BuiiuiuK- .
Vol. V.f I8G2.
The Sanitary Engineer.
The rccngnized authority nn nil nmtterH re-j
luting to r-.ihhe Urnltli, I d and J'nig Adul
teration, lrninPi:e and Writer Supply, Strum
and Hot WattT HrnMng, l'liind'ing mid inn
Fitting, (law nnd Fleetrie Lighting, Heating
and VentiiiitiMp.,
QuentioTin on anv of theo Huhjoet" will he nn
Bwered in the columns of THF S VM LAHV EN
GINEER, free of charge.
The opinioiiH of thin journnl mon all Hiihleets
are either prepared or irvined hy ticeinliHlH.
Our excellent technical eont-mporarv Tiif.
Sanitary Enoinkku, hve the hvo, is hereafter
he pu'liMd weekly, a token of proHMTity
that is i'HiM'cirtllv (fratifvimi as a proof of iml-
aipreciation of the very useful work which
eoiitetnpoiary has dono for tho public.
New York World.
This journal has become the If adrng authori
m tins country upon sanitary ojUHtions.
mnio lenicai .lournal.
Tiik Sanitahv Enoinkkh showH an excellent
appreciation of what mav be done in the field
of Sanitarv EngiiH'ering, nnd a pra tieal capa
bility Iit dtting it. New i ork I rihnne.
I lia nYoollii.it .,,,l.l,l.J..l ... ,.U,-
and called Thk Sanitary ENnNrr.w. might arid
its title that of the Practical Philanthropist
such it proves itself to be in its constant
and clear expomire of the wrongs and dangers
of many of our domestic and municipal ar
rangements. Harper's Weekly.
Prof, Chandler, ' when delivering a popular
and most telling lecture on Hunifation, lately
at the Coo)er Institute, advised his hearers to
subscribe to Thk Sanitaiiy Knoinekh, a publi
cation devoted to sanitation in all its phases.
It contains the best thoughts of the best trained
Sanitarians of the period. (Vngregationalitt.
Mr. John Walter, of the London Times, has
addressed a letter to the editor of Thk Sam
taut Ewmnkeii, of this City, requesting an
opinion of the system of ventilating sewers by
perforations or open gratings in the streets.
The compliment paid to American sanitary en
gineering byIr. Walter's letter, is most flat
tering; hut that it is deserved will not be ques
tioned by those familliar with the merits of the
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f-l h Life of Christ." My Frederick Karrar, D. D., F. R. 8., late Fellow of Trinity College, Maetet
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