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The Highland weekly news. [volume] (Hillsborough [Hillsboro], Highland County, Ohio) 1853-1886, March 23, 1882, Image 8

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Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of the Chest,
Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swell
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, General Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted
Feet and Ears, and all other
Fains and Aches.
No Preparation on rarth equali Ht. jArrna On
in a !'(', turf, ttimpte ami cheap F-stprnal
li-nwily. A trial entail tilt tho cunipnrwtivt- j
ttininK outlay of 60 Onta, and pv.ry on sufferine;
vi!lt pain can have clioap mud jioaitive (roof uf ita
liroctlons in Kleran I,Arnafa.
JUiltimore, Md., V 8.4
1v1 tvlimii
Everybody wants it, but very low get It,
because most people do not know bow to
select coffe", or It is spoiled in the roasting
or making. To obviate these difficulties
Jms been our study. Thurber's packag
coffees are selected by an expert Vf ho un
derstnuils tho art of blending various fla
vors. They are roasted iu the most perfect
maimer (it is impossible to roast well In
email quantities), then put iu pound pack
ages (in the bean, not ground.) bearing our
signature as a guarantee of genuineness,
end each package contains tho Thurber
recipe lor making good Coffee. We pack
two kinds, Thurber's " No. 31," strong
and pungent; Tlnuber'a "No. 41," mild
und rich. One or the other will suit every
taste. They have tho three great points,
good tjualilu, honmt quantity, reasonable
price. Auk your llrocer for Thurber's
roantcd (Jojtee in pound package, "JS'o. 34"
or "Xo. 41." Do not be put off with any
other kind your own palato will tell you
what is best.
Where persons desire it, we also furnish
tho "Mail" Coffee-pot, the simplest, best
and cheapest coffee-pot in existence.
Grocers who sell our Coffee keep them.
Ask for descriptivo circular.
Hespectl'uilv, Ac,
H. K. & F. B. THURBER & CO.,
Importers, Wholesale Grocers and Coffee
Koastors, New York.
1'. S. As the largest dealers in food pro
duets In tho worid, wo consider it our in
terest to manufacture only pure and whole
some goods and pack them in a tidy and
satisfactory manner. All goods bearing
our name are guaranteed to be of superior
quality, pure and u h jlt some, and dealers
ftre authorized to refund the purchase
prleo iu any case where customers have
cause for dissatisfaction. It Is therefore
to tho interest of both dealers aud COU
suinurs to ugu Ikuibci'a bi ando.
The celebrated French 1'hysician
Dumonlin on his death bed, when
surrounded by the most distinguished
citizens of 1'aris, who regreted the
loss which the profession would sus
tain in his death, said.
-.My menus i leave behind me
three physicians much greater than
my sen. jjcmg pressed to name
them, each of the doctors supposing
himself to be one of the three, he
answered, "Water, exercise and
CF LY!.!.. BASS,
U ft I'-
furall tho- I'd tt, In I ,u,Hi Bj,A WfnlinftMl
oruinmuu luuurbt Hi f, uiule pipnlui tun.
It will cue entirfly tKe Wurst fi rm (,f l male Com
plaint, all ovarian troublus, Iiii!ainiiiutiun and Uloei
tion, 1'allinpf and M.-T'lartnifiiU, and t lie conwiu.T.t
i;unal Wcaktn-sH, ami 1h j..artii ularly aJopUd to tha
Chained of I.ile,
It will diniwjlTe and xjl tumorw from tlio uUrusln
an ear! utafe i.f di-vcl- j nif i.t. Th tf-nfif-nry to ran
cerous liumoi Uwrv la chccLt-d very irtvd:!y 1 y ita ute.
It rvmoveH faititnusti, flatulfncy, drBtrovaall craving
fur atiiouinnla, and rv'Afvr wuitkiicna ul thu fctbinai h.
it cure iitnntiiirf, Ht.-udatii'1 Nervosa lro.tr:ai'u.(
Gnral leMlity( tilt;tiilt-i.eneM, Ik'j.reBsloa and Indi
IffNtlon. Tiiat Itfliuif of Iw-arintf down, ramdntf I in, weight
and buckacli, in aiwa irmuiu ntly cur d by Ita una
It will at all timtia and iindt r all circiiiiniUiii ta act tu
Laj-iauny with tht law that ifovwrn the fernaU- i-vtoin.
t or tli rureof Kidney Cuuitlaliilc of Uhur wx Uiii
Cumtiouud ii utj"urpaHM-d.
LilllA. fc. J'lNkil.VU'H f'l.FTAItl.K Oil
I'Ol Sltis prt.(Jand ut JtiS and 23b Wrn Avemi.?,
Lynn, Mui l'ri.-o $i. Si bottles fur $5. butbyu.all
iu the form of pUU, alw In the foiin of luitintfc, on
lculpt of price, 91 ptirbox for either. Mrs. l'mVLam
frtwlyaDSHoni ull lrltcmof Inquirr. H. nd for iuiuhr
lot. Addrtw aa nove. Mmtu-n this Jijr.
1 Ko family should b without LYIHA K. PINKHlU'S
lav Lit YllAH, 'Ihry cure e.mtlfatiou, bilu
And toriildity of the IWt-r. it, vtt uia jr box.
HolJ by ufl lniii.
a iiKlylui'U(itiu.)
1 TTT wuii ti d to tuko eiclaHive
Ja. ui" in v in lli.!-l...r... ()..
r:-r v-
ztr i'-jL-
..l,!v. tor , ,..-l,-l.rt,.. y r- m?rU
coin ii ii.i -ii in ; tu. in ly fvk ; JAl J nu
eujiunl; lull m.'l i n.lin iiii-nt : liioi ln itM are
fcilLU'.'y wuiiiin: w. n-i tor hniiij.!f.i uinl tciii ff,
J. ii. Ul'UNii A CO., flli i,0; IU.
She igMaui $nr$.
iir..snorto, num.
Temperance Column.
All ("oniminiicntinni nitenili il f'r the rnlunm
bIiimiIiI be iiilcln scl tu Ml". K. J. Jliomp-
dun. llilUbero, thin.
Ki'ijuliiv Wn- ,'ii'n '. T, V. Vrpver Meeting
rrv 'Inrpilnv evenintr. fit 7 o eleek, at the
1,11'Iii h' Teiii.'Blien Hall, ell MninNtrox t, 8.1
ptmv ef Mr, lireil m lniHineHx lioime.
1 : ii ii'it (Ihmh'I '1'i niei ranee inceliiieK are hrlil
in thin Hall on Tlmi-Mluy evening of eaeh week,
l'elliniut,' at H o elorli.
(i kii kuk or Tin: . ( . I . I . .11 r. r.. J.
Tliniiiiisciii, rn-i't.; Mm. Gi n'l Mi'IWell, Mr.
.T. l' I.evd anil Mr. ). K. Feniier, lee lVew tu.:
Mrs. .1. ('. (ireiri, lire. See'v.; Mrn. J. E. Markd,
('nr. See'v.; Mr. J. W. Hviihull, Troamirer.
"Cast thy bread upon the waters,
for thou shall find it after many
days," has never had a more pleas
ant verification to us than in an acci
dent which occured a few weeks
since, in connection with our Gospel
Temperance work in the city of New
We were about to attend a meet
ing in the lower part of the city, and
invited to accompany us a venerable
Quaker lady, well known and highly
esteemed for her fervent piety and
untiring efforts for the salvation of
souls. She readily assented, and on
our way entertained ns with delight
ful reminiscences of her Christian
work, in which she has been engaged
since her fourteenth year. Among
these she recalled a visit to New
York fifteen years ago, while then a
resident of Philadelphia.
"I was sent by our Meeting," the
said, "to make a tour of the city, and
and visit every charitable institution,
hospitable and mission chapel I
could find. I had great help and
comfort in the work. I went to the
prisons and penitentiary, to the Sail
or's Home and Bethels, and preach
ed Christ to thousands of poor prod
igals." "And with what success ?" we
"That I cannot tell, dear. Thee
knows we are to sow the seed, and
the Lord gives the increase."
We went to the meeting and our
aged friend, now over seventy, made
an earnest address, urging sinners
by every gospel motive to an immed
iate choice of the Lord's service.
The meeting was about closing,
when a stanger in the farthest part
of the room rose, and modestly asked
permission to say a few words.
"I was a sailor," he said. "Fifteen
years ago I landed a stranger in the
port of New York. I was a wicked,
hardened young man. Somehow, I
know not how, I drifted one evening
into a meeting like this, and the very
same sister who has just spoken ad
dressed us, and urged us, just as she
has to-night, to come out right away
on the Lord's side. It made a deep
impression on my mind. I couldn't
get rid of her words. I had nobody
to speak to or to give me advise, but
I made up my mind that night that I
would serve the Lord. The next day
I went out West, and there I have
lived ever since. I married a Chris
tian wife, and her prayers and words
and her good example helped me on,
and have been the means of bringing
me into sweet peace and rest in Je
sus. But I began to serve God that
night when I heard the invitations of
the Gospel from the lips of this good
What a testimony that was! Our
dear sister's heart swelled with grati
tude. "The Spirit led me here to
night," she said, "to give me this
precious blessing. If I hadn't come
with thee, I should never have
known this till I got to heaven."
And we thought, how many such
sweet surprises there will be in heav
en for the diligent worker in the
Lord's vineyard. "We know not
whether shall prosper either this or
that." Let us improve every oppor
tunity, being "instant in season and
out of season to sow the good seed
God will surely give it resurrection
and we 6hall gather the fruits in that
"sweet bv-and-by," when we shall
have ample time to tell and hear of
the wonderful works of the Lord.
American Messenger.
Canon Basil Wilberforce, on Jan
uary 25th, at a meeting of tho gouth
wark Help-Myself Society, described
a recent visit to a mission-room at
the Eondon Docks, where he had
asked any one who wished, to get up
and say what God had done for them.
An old sailor rose and said how bad
he had been felt that he was even
a devil's castaway; but six years ago,
in that little room, he was led to see
that he was a great sinner, but that
Christ was a great Savior, and that
on the Cross was nailed every one
fo his sins. lie signed the pledge
and threw away his pipe, and had
been upheld by God, because every
morning he prayed that he might be
protected. Returning recently from
Hong Kong, this old sailor had an
accident and was badly scalded; he
was very ill. When he began to re
cover the doctor said:
"You must take some port wine."
"No," said the old sailor, "I am a
"I3ut," said the doctor, "you need
it to strengthen you."
' Doctor, said the old man, "do
you think I shall die, if I don't take
the wine ?"
"Yes," said the doctor.
"Then," said the sailor, "when
you get into tne ht. Jvatharine s
Docks, go round to the little room
and tell then) that the old man died
Put he did not die ! Signal.
Coffee, drinkers should read the advertise
ment in unother column headed Good Cuf.
Jit. ieLZJttO
n i
it KN I 1,1 VI I s : 1 ii.ive u- d t ll. liAftTKH'tf lU'iN 'I iic In my irii-l , jiim! mm u h n- ( t.f
twenly-nv! yrarn hi tnrdlr-t ih h;ivr tu'vpr f-tmd ;irt villi itir t f U ' Hie re ill" I Ml hit. II Alt iMt'H
l!trN Ton l! ihwi. In many cmn uf Nervmin Vmwtntil'.n. K nm1' PKeufi", I y.'Tm-j'0)i, n) an m-
tiMverlfdu'cl wxIhWi. uf the bl.. I, lhl H-frie n im-rlv, rr In iuv tmmK. nm-fr mum v. I. 1O1I onrm.
i aea llut! e (..tilled dome if tmr iiml mil unit pliv rOehtiiH, h;i f lehletl to t Ma jri -nil and in .iiepnr
al.lfl remedy. I preifrWe It (n iireferetic In any iron i.rci-triilloii lUH'le. In I n t. rix Ii a c"iiinotmi
ePy In niv
, I ' , . ..v".
Kt. I nl 1
A rnlnr tn thr hlontt.
ttaf irol health fill to
th ti iftrntivn orfjttn and
crvnt ittfntrrn, fnnkimr1
4i ajtitlirat'l tn rnn$ii
lhiiitu. Ixut of
Ht, 1'rontratinn of ritall
J'otwi ana Jmjotnc.
y A romhl notion of 7Vo-
y If'-rnirtif I rntt, I'rruciun
i 1 Hnrf; find I'lttxphortt in
i fmhttithtr f,,r in. Thn
4 1 thl wilt m t M'tt-ltm Htm
Iti-rti, ntt rhnr"tvrtiin rf
V fhrrivmt trrpnratinyt.
-l" l i'h A -. r nno.
,213 N. MAIM bf.,Sr. LUUIS
Geo W. lirown, 4H Mursliall St., rrnvi
denee, K. I., enreil by Cutierirn Iteselvent
(liliiciil juirilierj anil Cutienrn niel Cat innn
Soap (the great Rkin cureH) of a llinwnriri
HuiiKir got fit the barber's, whieh spreail nil
over his enr, neek nml fuee ami for nil
years resisted all kinds of treatment.
F. if. Drake, Ksi., npeut for Harirr &
UroB., Detroit, Mieh., gi es an astoriisliing
aeconnt of his case (eezenin), whieh had
been treated by a consultation of physieians
without benelit, ami wlneh sjieedily yieldeil
to the Cutieiira Kesolvent (blood purifier)
internally and Cutieiira and C'utieura Koap
(tho great skin cures) externally.
if. A. Hayuioml. Auditor W., .1. .V K.
R. It., Jnekson, Mieli., was cured of Scald
Head of nine years duration by the Cutieiira
lion. S m. Taylor, lioston. Musk., jierma
uently cured of a humor of the face and
scalp (eczema) that hud been treated unsuc
cessfully for twelve years by many of Hus
ton's best pbysinuis and most noted special
ists, as well as European authorities.
Mrs. Bowers, 143 Clinton St., Cincinnati,
spenks of her sister's child, who was cured
of milk crust which resisted all renicdk s
for two yenrs. Now a fine healthy hoy.
witli a beautiful head of hair.
Frank A. Jie.au, .Steam Fire Eneine fi,
Boston, was cured of Alopecia, or fulling of
the hair, liy the Cmicuru Jiesolvent (blond
purifier) luternaliy and Cutieuru und Cuti
eiira Soup (the great skin cures) externally.
which completely restored his liuir when all
sunt he would lose it.
The Cutieiira tvciitnipnt oonsisfs iu the in
ter mil IIHO (if tilG (Jilt id. Til l.Cfiolvi'ljt, tilt
now blood iunlirx. and ti e external use of
Cutieura and Cuticum Sour., the i;reat Kkin
J;emi:iii..s are for sale by all di-inists.
Price of CrTiuritA. a Jli-ilieinal .Ti lly, small
boxes, .11)0: h'rge boxes, tirrrci'itA JtE-
soi.vENT, the new blood purifier, 1 per
bottle. Ct'TicrnA Soap (the queen of me.
diciual and toilet soups), '2-"e. Ct'TiernA
Mkhicinal SiiAyiNo So.vi", 1". Principal
acjiot, WJiJilvS A l'OXl'Klt,
Boston. M.-iss.
Sanford's Radical Cure.
Clenr head and voice, easy breuthinL',
sweet breath, perfect smell, taste aud hear
ing, no cough, no distress, by using San
foiid's Hakjcal Cube.
Sneeze until your head is ready to fly off.
eyes and nose running water, throat parch
ed aud blood feverish or take Sanfohu'h
Piadical Cuiie for Catarrh and be cured.
Witch Hazel, American Pine, Canada
Fir, Marigold and Clover Jilossoms are
what yanford'R Itudicul Cure is made of,
One bottle ltudical Cure, 0110 box Catarrhal
Solvent and Sanford's Inhaler, iu one puck
age for $1. Sold everywhere.
WEEKS & POTTElt. Jloston.
fioutln 'M nfToclivi
!, T united with Healing Hal-
r"2- sam, render COIJJNS
a. .. . i'Jjam tits one nun
ASTfc1 died times superior to nil
other plasters for every Pam, Veakncss and
Inhumation. Price 25 cents. Sold every
where. niar2-4nico
Ij worth MOKE in Pit Uborgh, I'm., the gTcat
manufacturinK centre, than In any other mar
ketinthe U.S Round lots bought onapproved
samples or sold on consignment VH0l I SALE
Write or wire for quotations. Refer to Masonic
Bank, Pitthburtfh, Ninth National hark, New
York City, Brmistretrt's Mercantile Agency, and
to Shippers throughout the country.
mnrlljw-1 NWA.VS
g - X) 1 cii.001 t.'ej fi
$1 rr,?5 - Miii?
!s the Best cf Tonics; f
j Cures Dyspepsia; K
CSiKretbei the Syatem: 5r
" Restores the Wehk
"T A triI of it will pra ill
fT Jr. i-oob'a XlnrCy
of tart tu nu oihr.L
1 ''
ursa.iw by all Ufmjum. m
-fi IUV li'. OHIO. jL
1 on. j. kba:,:R'$ mm eye salve p
It n it1( iTeciir for wen- end dtg-
bnrtt ana iLt-imtiie. r
h sevr fdilA U cure or rtln-v tiuj n
-f -Mire t?HM, no.'! nu reiuMy Li IT
ft lititiliitl 1 atti In H "I fi "' ii J-TJCO WL
Ua i.i-m. a l x. S iniilil y..iirfinikf- 9
ifiat, not hhT U. on i-Hant of 'it' . i ur ixi.e L
S. Ii. SMITH & CO., PaoPftitii'JHt, Dmiuk. 0. E
lall i mum
School Examiners.
THE IV.uJ of Hi liooirxnniiiii'iaur Hiliinml
bounty Kiva ni'fii't', thut i-viOiiinKti'ina of
Appliranlw f'T CirtiMrar. will t.iku ,l;n i- in tlie
Hillaliro I'nioii rV'lioul UiiMinn on the firat
Hadirday of t-ery l tli, unl on liitj tln-.l Sat
urday of 1'i'l.riiiii y. Muirli, Aiu il, Augu.t, Ktv
tcinlwr and tii-toliT.
The Kiuniiimlio" fiij prcai riUd 1 v law 1 CO
liv order of the lloiinl.
mlaij-1 11. ti. bOOc; Ii' IT, Ck'ik.
Tr haa no equal flr anwinir (!rnln and Draaa
Ilniail. nau It win Miw lirat i fc.'t wlile, and
TliDOlhy anil rinvfr appil 'Jl to 311 fpt. rircnlara
free. J. RII11CH A l rrl.u Itaral lm.
rlauirul auid Meed lrBlrra, t InclunBtL, u.
1 l; j:) l! Asos
The Leonard Scott Publishing Co.
The I .coiianl Scott Publishing Co.,
41 liarclay Street, New York, have
issued their reprints of the London
Quarterly and Kdinburgh Reviews
lor January. The former review will
Attract much attention, as it contains
a further criticism of the Revised
Version of the New Testament, re
ported to be from' the pen of Dean
Burgon, of Chichester. The other
articles in this number worthy of
note are:. "American Politics and
Parties," "The Jacobin Conquest,"
"Darwin on Earth Worms," and " The
Comte dc Montlosier." The Edin
burgh Review is a very full and in
teresting number. Three articles
are devoted to subjects which at
present possess unusual interest, viz.:
"Tunis and Carthage," a very reada
ble historical sketch; "Electro-Motive
Power," a popular account of the
steps made toward the application
of electrical force to mechanical pur
poses; and "Irish Discontent," which
contains extracts from the literature
most widely read by the Irish people.
ri ti'ison's jriiiizine, "flic ladii ' fiivoritr,"
is it is fjciH-rnlly Milled, is bi fore us, fur Aiuil.
and is even t.r-tt r tliim ukuhI. AmoiiR otlitr
costly cmlii llivlmii iitH. it lnis n 'Vol'iivd l'ut
trrii fur n Talil. -( over," one of tliosn new mid
stylish nfl'iiirs only to lie found in this inii!;ii
zine, anil alone worth the priee of the nnmllir.
The steel ent(riivili(,'. and the ilonlile-sizi d cnl
orrd fashiiin-pliite. ure also exceptionally fine.
The storii s are nhvays tho lwst. In the pres
ent miniher we have "Jjovc in TntiKle." hv Mrs.
Ann H. Steihens, 'The Htory of a Ston'n," hy
Mrs. J. 0. Austin, both powerful novelets; be
sides stories by Frank Lee Benedict and numer
ous others. The prieo of 'T'eterson." is but
two dollars a year, with irreat ileihwtionu to
clubs, and handi.ome preniituns to the person
Setting tip tho club. Specimens are sent gra
tis, to tlioso wishing to get up elnhs. Address
I'ftersons's Magazine, SOG Chestnut btreet,
Pliiladelphia, l'a.
(Jreon's I.urg'cr Histnry of llic English
i copie.
One of the most brilliant anil tlioroui-blv
valuable historical works which have itnneare'il
in many years is Green's "Larger History of
the English lVonlc." Fairlv rankiiiL' with
Maeauliiy's great work iu the obsorbim inter
est of its narrative, it excels that in its ailapta-
iiiiu io popular neens, in tnat it covers the en
tire period of English historv. from the earliest
to modern times, instead of a brief portion a
uoes .uucaiuay. ii ricniy deserves a place in
the homes of the masses, and we are glad to
note that it is now placed within their reach,
lieing reduced in price from the &10.U0 for the
four volume edition of tlte Harpcm to as low as
50 cents for one edition just being issued by
The Useful Knowledge Publishing t'o., 162
William Street, New York. They are publishing
ii in several siyies, as lollows: 111 nvo volumes
Elzevir edition', Utility binding, 15 cents, cloth
311 cents, half llussia, 41) cents per volume,
(postage fivo to seven cents per volume extra),
aim a Model octavo edition, in one volume.
Utility binding. 5w cents, cloth, (15 cents llus
sia, HO cents, (by mail 15 cents extra). Numer
ous other standard works will rapidly follow
the publication of this, of which catalogues will
he sent free on rciuest. This house si lls only
io ouvers direct: no discounts Iroin their won.
derfiilly low prices being possible to Pooksel
lers and Agents. The reading nublic wish God
speed to the enterprise, which is under the en
ergetic and skillful guidance of Mr. Aldeu, late
head of The American Hook Exchange. The
new company sails under the good motto of
owe no man anything lmv and sell for cash,
Gold dollars ask no favors" and Mr. Allien
thinks it is therefore free from the. di'.nger
wrecking by competing millionaire publishers
and me lawyers.
Tho Whiln Mountains Excursions.
In the Jtetroit Evening News of March 3rd.
an advance aniinunccnicnt is made of the sixth
season of excursions ''From Detroit to the
Sea." 'l'liev will ho three in number and w ill
leave lletri.it on the mornings of July 5th.2oth
and 'Jtli. and tli l:i,u Will be good to return
any time before Sept. 4ih. 'The route Is to he
via to the Grand Trunk II. 1!. and St. Law
rence Itiver st. aiucrs, through die Thousand
b!;nebniiil finn.us h'apnh: to Montreal, t'cnrt
to the V. hite Mtiuii;iiiis and Sea Sin. re at 1'i'tt
liind, Maine, (near li'wtonl. On the ivt-ini
trip, QueSi c Niagara Falls and l.lltlalo arc to
l-e ii o li ii I . . t. making ali'igi'ther a tit, u.er
i.OO'l lliites I'.T .-M.' Flll'h of the O.CUrsi'C.K
llil he i MIihlit.-.l by W. II. illVMley, ,,,
has t:il,eli seven pal'tii s ovt'r the samu route
in f. ri:nT V'-ir.- and ulio lant .war si!vivr.tul!y
managed thive .xein sionri. i iitt trains are
".-ot'c.al" traiii, of I'niiiitau Talki e ears, and
ii pi .ii the S. Ic'reiiee hiv.r a sj ' la I sit aim r
ill he used. A handsome guide lci.k eivin'.
full 1 scriitii'in, and i!lu.-.traM"lis of tlos ri,ie,
may he ol ;ained for ull cents hy w ritmg to Mr.
Ilri avl' v. "Mire Jietroit Evening Ni v.h. Over
IU mavs ha. e hi en engraved lor loci t'hiion
and t;e till.- p.iL'e is an eaet C"pv. in i "i"is.
f an oil j aiming of 1 ileu I. His Fails Hear the
Ideli iluu.se, iu the While Mountains.
Doll't ( OKlll IJlll il ionJ Tiling beeatlse
you Lave bcu dee. i'ed by wortliless nos
trums. Parker's, (tmi . Tonic has cured
ninny in this sei tion, of kidney nml nervous
lisorder;. iinj we eoiinnciul it heiirtdv to
such Kullererij l'r'p't Newts. Iinu lt'iw4
Trial of the Assassin.
Whoever would kvep up with the record of
hi.sh.ry etc nth 1 procure at once a copy of "Itid
patli's bit" and Trial of Guitcau," jilsi issued
Jl'lleo hri.lhelS (V ( O. lit l 1 llel 1 1 llllt 1, ( hlca-
X'i, and Kaieais City.. It is a di-pte siniiate,
uiiiiarlial. and complete iwicw of ii,e great
'liiue aii'l siii'".i!ar criuiinal, and of the etra
irdinarv leid liioceclilips hv which he has
heell hroli,;t;l to illstiee. it is also p'lKbhi d
as a supplement to ilnipath rt "J.ife and work
1 ( i a i le lil, thus inaKlng a ni;.cro V'liunool
SOU i;!''. Ill tint history of the Word there
has, ioi'itinati'ly, been but one Guiteau. It is
to be hoped tin re will never Is- anolhi r. It
is, peihaps, di sirshle for ivili.tiliuli to keel
a ) .holograph of tins one, although it is a tuost
tgleeal'le s i'li'i inr Tor the Nation. Ill tins
work the grandeur and gloiy of Gai held s hie
are straugeli contra. .iLit ,uu thu luluiuy ol
his innnteicr.
trn viu. l'AV vou 'io vo ho.
'han;;i took i :Ti .-l .-'.nu. lay, F. h. I?ih. Issj.
No. 1. No. ;1. No. 7. Xo. 5.
l'sve Ja.Siui. I'ii Iv. I'x.Siui. t'ailv.
('iii'-inniiti Ii L'lnm '.II. nun 4 0 ipi,i 7 H'lpni.
I.ovi l oid. t i lo 5 pi m
I'Ihtii ti r . M
I I hi
iv ' d. and
?.it y oiuy
blpiil fl 2lpln.
1 '.) I l
;.j io i'i
Ai l i .
1 1 'Oil. 1 h pi ;tiii
I .V 'I 'll C . .
lllh-1 '!'.
lllll d. .
1.. uehb I g
Weslh 'I",
llliinc'r Iv
ielina. . .
I.ex'ton. .
IU "5
11 hi
S l.a.oil 2 t'
S .1.)
W .' .."
1 1 Plant
11 2o
11 31
3 2:i
H 23
:t 5!)
S 41
S 21)
s 4:1
8 fill
(I I'l
!1 17
5 ii'.ipni i) (i.'J pin.
Ii l'.l
ft 3 1
n 15
(i ;t
9 :t:i
12 lopm
12 ,W
7 13
7 45
10 03pni,
10 2!K-
Musstiman 10 13
(.'hilli the 10 36
H Il7pm 111 M
No. (il
7 hoam 10 M
H15 1143
1'orts'tll . .
in r,5
12 ltpin
1 22
2 25
6 3d
5 311pm 1(1 .Wain.
.Vr'r Jn 12 3.1pm 8 3pm 8 SOam 11 fWpm
1 52
3 33 9 40
12 45 am.
3 10
3 50
6 2ipni
4 47 11 27
4 53 11 40
(i 20pill
1 511 .
2 00
2 3d
2 05 pm.
3 15
7 45
10 511pm.
No. 10.
7.31am 7.34am ....
fi 45 H 45
Hint more
l'hihi'phia 12 Siipm 12 5(lpm ....
New iork 3 5(1 3 5opm ....
No7i.N(."2. No;02."
Ex. Sun. Ilaily. Daily. Daily.
5 5511111 '.) hoam 9 I'llam 10 4ft mu.
rarksbg, 7 20 10 3D 1 55pm 11 25
llelpre. . . 7 311 1(1 33 11 33
Athens... 9 01 11 45 SOU
Mar.shtield 9 13
ah ski... 0 5(1
12 45 am.
M'Aithr.f'n 10 13 12 35pm ....
fl .37
1 47
Ar.llani'lenlO 32 12 4C 4 04
lbunden 10 32aml2 4(;pm 4 0lpm
liavsville 11 (15 '
1 47am
Londonderry 11 24
.12 25pm 2 20pm 5 15
.12 5.3 2 43
2 55
3 15
3 44
Musselman. .
Greenlield. . .
Leesbiirgn. .
1 3 2 3 15 fj 00
1 50
2 Hi
2 .35
Lexingto. . . .
Martinsville .
Ar. Hlaneirtr 3 111
4 27
Westhoro 6 10 pm 6 10pm
Lynch'g. (i 23 6 28
llillshoro 0 55 6 55
2 in
3 22
3 50
lllaiich'r . .3 0! 4 27
I .iiv. hiM'l iv 4 r t r. 111 17 Q I ..... p.
23 am,
3d pm,
35 am,
05 am,
(.'iiicinnati av5 15pm fi lupin 8 3Upm fi
ind polls.. 10 411 10 41) 12
Chicago 7 05am 7 05am 7
Louisville 11 'loom 114'u.m 11
St. Louis 7 Kmm 7 lliam H 20am fi
Kan. t'itv 3 Kipm H lupin 8 40iuu 8
Xo. 5 lias connection to and from llillshoro
011 S eilnesilay and Saturday.
Stop on signal.
Accommodation "N'o. fi leaves niillir-othe 7
111. iinisooro n 00 a. in., except sun. lay. arrive
at Cincinnati 11 10 am, stopping at all stations.
.mis. 1 and -1 stop at all stations.
Freight trains Nos. 15 and 2(i will carry pas
sengers between Cincinnati and Chillicothe.
1 ruin No. ,3 has Palace Cars to Washington
and Ealtimore.
'Train No. 5 lias Palace Curs to Washington,
Ikiltimore. Philadelphia and New York.
Trains Nos. 2, 10, and (i2 have Palace Cars to
Trains Nos. 2 and S w ill stop to let off nassen
gers holding tickets from points on the Ildla-
uoro oraneii.
No trains on llillshoro or Portsmouth branch
es on Sunday.
tt ;Train No. 01 leaves Cincinnati daily at
11:20 pm, arriving at Chillicothe at 2:255 am;
stopping at all stations.
JotiM E. Hose, . TIIOS. P. BABRY.
Master of Transp'n, Gen'l Pass'r A, Ticket gt.
TAKING effect Tuesday, Nov. 15, 1831,
Trains will run ns folloivB :
fso. ; -eaves commons iu:2ti a. m ; arrive
Circleville 11:50, Chillicothe 12:50. Wavcrlv 2:11
p. 111., Portsmouth a:4o p. m-l Ironton 5:03, ar
rives ai Asniaiui v.-w.
yo. Leaves cojuuinus 4:50 p. ni ; arrive
Circleville 6:20. Cliiliicothe 7:25, Waverlv 9:02.
Portsmouth 10:30 p. m., Ironton 11:51, arrives
an Asiiianu iz:ju a. m.
No. 14 Leaves Chillicothe 6:10 a. m.. Waver.
ly 7:12, Portsmouth 8:10, Ironton 10:02, arrives
at 1'eiersourg at iu:ao.
No. 1 Leaves Ashland 2:20 a. m., Ironton
3:00. Portsmouth 4:30; leaves Waverlv 5:50,
Chillicothe 6:50, Circleville 8:20 ; arrives at Col
Ullllms 9:50 a. ill.
No. .3 Leaves Ashland 9:20 a. m.. Ironton
10:02, Portsmouth 11:30: leaves Waverly 12:50
p. 111.. 1. nuiicoiiio i:-i;i, i.ircleviue 3:0 p. ni., ar
rives at Colunibus 4:50 p. ni.
No. 13 Leaves Petersburg 4:30 n. m.. Iron-
tun 4:41, I'oiiteinouth 0:10, Waverly 7:34; arrives
ai 1 uuiicoiue a:ai.
Trains No. 2 and No. 3 inn dailv.
Connections at Columbus witli i. C. .t fit. I,.
Hy. for Philadelphia, ISaltimore, Washington
City and New York, for Chicago, Indianapolis,
St. Louis and all western points; for Cincin
nati, Dayton and points on little Miami Divis
ion. un is. A u. Jl. It. for Chicago, Haiti
more, Washington, Newark and Zauesville,
With C. C. C. x I. II. It. for Cleveland and Buf
falo and points north. With Columbus A To
ledo It. 11. lor Delaware. Toledo. Detroit anil tin
west. With C. B. A C. Ii. It. for London, Spring-
ii'.iii, niiiiiuihhv Ullll I incillliail. Vwtll C ill!
V. A C. It. K. for Cleveland and Mt. Vernon
At Circleville with C. A M. V. It. It. for Lancas
ter, .anesville, Washington C. H., Wiltningtoi
and points west. At Chiilicothe with M. AG. II
11. and T. D. A II. It. It. for Camden. Athens.
Cincinnati, Jackson, Washington C. IL, Xeida
ami iiiiernieoiaie iMiints. ai waverly with h,
ti. H. It. for Jackson.
At Ashland with 10. L. A B. S. IS. 1!., Che. A
u. 11. 1.., t naitnroi u y and A. C. A P. It. It.
At fronton with Iron It. 11.
At Portsmouth with Portsmouth blanch of
M. A. ('. H. H. and Ohjo rjver steamers.
For further information as to raii.s, connec
tions etc., call 011 your ticket agent or address
Wm. Lamb, General Ticket Agent.
Traveling Passenger Agent. nov'24tf
one of the largest and most cuniplcte eatub
lidiniLiiU In the country,
has enabled them to attain such perfection
that they can with confidence ask you to test
the quality of their work. They carefully
avoid all poisonous drui, make only fast Col
ors.w Inch aru tliiouyhly waahed in hot water
and soup, thereby rcuiovinc; anything which
would stain underclothing.
Tliobe who buy end w ear their prints will,
they feel confident, find them superior in dur
ability, artistic style and finish, lie sure 'and
ask for their goods, and ice that their marks
md tickets are on them.
lnai 1(iw4oAi
e 10yyi!LBwaforBuyaii4 Clrlall
l Young a.J osl 1 1 A. fit IN.
.IVEM IUH Just ab)uU4 fur thoia,
(vr lliuue uaa t
t tidL an4 feurull Rawlug, Tnniiiifr,
Borli4f, Drill uiKjMruMlliiK.Pu'i.hiiig.
ficrw Uuliii.g. Fria :' lo Ia).
j Bnil C cents I. leo imsiA.
rt'lUlAJH fcitOWN. Lowed. Uam.
Hair Balsam.
H-e V-'l. n-m-t, nntl
M.-it F-nof.ii'ii l"i:r Pr-..
I1117. Ncvrr f.ui. t- ri '-f iLe
M MlftiJr-I.T f.f'iv hir.
A h'w nfl rtrrctlng fr it-rt.t
t' 1 I I ITlfr IICtlllQlf, J'lKt '.'I
m .1 :;w.i
! t m 1 .r)
WILL Z-fW. BT X AlVllnl
13 Tho Croat Connecting Link between the East and the West I
Its main lino runs from Chicniro to ( omicil
Rlutrs, pasinn throuirti .loltet, (iltawn. I,a Salle,
Oeuei;eo, Molitio, lt)ck Island. iMvenpoi t. West
Liberty, IowaCit, Marenyo. in ookl n.( 1 nnnell,
l)es Moines (the capital of Iowa i, Sinai f, Atlan
tic;, and Avoea: with liraneltes from llnreau
.T unction to iVnrla; Wiltmi .lunetton to Musca
tine, Wa-ihliiL'ton. Fair field KJili.n. fit-1 knap,
Ccntreville. I'lineoton. i renton, (Jallatin. Came
ron. Leavenworth. Atrlii-on, nnd Kriha city;
Va.shiiuron tu.Stv'onrney, ()skalo"Sa. and K nox
vlllet Keokuk to I a? mi !'l,'t"li, Itoti.i parte, Ilen
tonspoit, Inileprniient, l.ldon. illiiiniua, Kddv
villo, o.ikai(nis;i, I'-lla. Monro.-, ami U'i M'.in-s;
Mt. 'Ion to Keosauqua; Newton tn Monrof, l)i s
Moines to 1 mhauola and W inlei.se t; Atlantic to
Ci iswold and Audniion; and Avoea to Harlan
ami Car-son. This Is positively tin; only Hall
road, which owns, ami opeiao-s a ninuijjh ling
from ClncniTo into tin- Stale of Kansas.
Through press Caiisi iiL''r 1 rains, with rnU
man 1'al.ic l'ars altai in l :;re run e;i' li wa daily
lieiweet. Chicaiju and 1'ioiua. Kansas I'itv,
CoiriNcir. lii.t'KKs, Lkavknwokth and. A ii ni
ron. Tii rou ir hear;; a ix' a I so run ht-rwi-eii Milwau
kee and Kansas Cttv, via tho ' AlUwaukee and
liock liland .Short Line."
Tim "Cieat Pock Istnnd" is milrntficenMy
cquli'ped. Us roao lied i.- simply ptrfirct, and lid
track is laid with Ktcl rails.
hat will jilease yon nm-t wll! lie the pleasure
-J( enjovi;i your no als, whip' passing over the
i-cauiifnl prairiesof Klmo? ami In on uf
our niUKUilireiil 1 1 ni itr Cats tlial accuinpan v all
TnrotiKli Impress Trains. You y-t an enliru
meal, a pood as is served in any lii tt-class Imiel,
lor m enty-tive ci'iits.
ApPitM iatiiiK the f.ict th.Tt a majority i.f the
people, prefer separaif apart im-nc. f-r dilfi fent
purposes land the luuu.-ioe p.ssem;er hiis.iiess
of l his lino warrant lutf it i, w e are jileai'd t an
liuunco that this Company runs t'ltUnum PttUtce
I' I, .HU N I'ALAr
COi Ncri, i;i.i l i s. Kansas (hi
'1 ieltots vi;i tltlH I. inn. known ji Mia
all 'I ickt t Atrontw In tho l iiited States and i iinntiit.
Fur iiifurmut ion not obtaiiiiiblu ut jour huiue oflice, address,
Vied truiavat uj Gcotral MatiagtT. General Tlctui sod fwuc Ar-t-
A Pure Family Msdicino that Invigorates
without Intoxicating.
If yoM art a m'rhnnic fr fune-r. Morn out nith overn'ork. or a inotliPT
nm l..wn t.y family or hinisclmld duties try I'lkKRH i Ginokr 'I onic.
If ynn are a lawyrr. minister or easiness mnn exhauste,! hy mpntd strain
r.r anxious c.irct do not lake intoxicating stimulants, but usa Paukfu's
GiM.rR TnNtj.
It you have rivspepia, Kiilney or Urinary Co'.nnlaintt, or if you are
tmul.'i-il witli any oVnrder of tho lunija, stomach, bowels, blood or nerves
yell ran lie Cltrril I y I'AWkTR's Glvc-pR Tomc.
Tliere are hun.lrcils of miserable mfiereis daily clyins; from Inn E, ltidney
and nervous diseases who mi;lit be saved by using I'arkbr's Uincm Tohic
in time.
. If you nre wasting away from ace, dissipation or any disease tan
f. iNiiK it Tonic nt once; it willinvigorate and bund you up from the first dose
It has saved hundreds of lives i it may save yours. Aik your neiirhboroc
cfruist about it, or send fur a circular lo HISCOX & CO., New York.
?rsc. and $ l sizes Great savine in buyinjr dollar aire.
w 1 ,V o ( vny'
Slurping Camfnr st'pii)ff purpors. and Palaes
j 'in 1 ny t nr. inr fai in it nurposfs tuny. ' 'ntuiMir
fyrat fcatnn! df our l'alaee Vara Is a SMOKI N(J
. A Li n 1 N where you can enjoy your "Havana"
at all Iiours of tlte dav.
M ncullircTit Iron HVidtfPS span the MIs.slsKinpl
anil Missouri rtversal nil points crossed lv inia
line. ;iml trnnsf'Ts are avoided at Counrf I llluiTs,
Kansas City, Jeavenwoitli and Atch.sou, con
iieftinns lii-lnu: made In Union Depots.
The iM'inripiil K. II. connectlond of
tli in r-at TlirtiUK" IJnoare an follow:
At 111 1 .moo. witli alt Ui vein tug Hues fur the
Eat and South.
At KNm.uworm, with the L.S. ft M.S., andP
Ft. 'A, a R. IMS.
L. n . n. .
AU,A Sai.lr. with III. Cent. R. R.
At I'koima, with P. 1. . .1.; P. I). Jt E.:I. B. A
VV,; 111. Mid.; anI T. P. W. Hds.
At li'K K Island, with "Milwaukee and Rock
Island Slmrt I. hie," aud Hock Isl'd A Peo. Rda,
At iJAVkNi-oisT, with tho Davonnort UlvisioL
C. M. .V St. I'. U. Ii.
At :st l.uitfitTr. wffh the II. C. R. A N.R.R.
At i ui nmill. with Central Iowa R. Ii.
At 1kh MoiNKS.with ). M. A F, 1). It, R.
At Council Hi.ufkk, with Union Pacific R.R.
At Omaha, with II. A Mo. K. R.R. On Neb.)
At Cc'l.lMMUfl JUNCTION, with IJ.C.R.AN.P.H.
At tirn'MWA, wtih Central Iowa It. It.: W.,
St. L. A l'ar., and . Ii. and tj. K. lids.
At Kkoki:k. with Tol., 1'eo. A War.; Wan., St.
Louis A- l'KC, and St. L., Keo. A N. W. K. RUs.
At ( am kkon. with II. St. J. R. R.
At Atchison, with Ateh.,Tuieka A Santa Fe;
Atch. A .Neli., and Cen. Mr. U. f. Ii. Rds.
A t I.i;a v KNwuiiTU, with Union I'ac. anil Kan.
Cunt. U. Kls.
At Kansas City, with all lines for tho West
and Southwest,
tlironch. to PEORIA. TFS MOINES,
A'lf'il 1S4N. Hhi IlAVK.NWnKTH.
iirfnt I. tick. IkIhiuI Iti. nt itr-a Mnlfl l.v
Painting, Dccoi ut iut,'. Ac. For IHS2 eighty
jg Hiii-trntid Catalogue, tvldrtHH, en
closimr llii-ee .'1-cent stamp.
WM. T. COaibTOCK, 1H1 Uromlwav. NcwYurli.
maii'Jw IpAco
I'ruuui't ii fur nil SoldicfH nnd
and SailorH disabled in line
of duty, no matter what the
when rated tK lnw. J(OLTNTY ! Send dia
cliai e;e and tw.t He. statnp and if nothing
is due you we wil promptly huv ho and return
your di-sehurge. Discharges olitained, original
and duplicate. Send Htainprt for blunka and
"('ireuliir of Inforinatioii." Addrega
Stophart A Co., 413 (1- St., N. W. WaHhiiif,'
ton, D.C. marlCw-lDA'TO
A duw a frrflAL m nuica.1 v ore.
Wrr.uitedUiebHtuiri uhe&u
wt, iiHliaiJnfil'le to fury
wan, entitled "the Science ut
jLite," bound in hueut, French
InUiIin,enbofed, full (('It, '6U0
j)Mjro,'ontainH hoaut if ul uteel
ennfavint's, iir prescript ions.
v price oniy ifci i f ox. dj man:
kvi!laBtratfd ramplu.fic. : tumd
i .4 now, Address Falody Mcdi-
r. v cal Inf'titaFU or lr. W.ll.rAft-
IhUW 1H.SLF. Kii.h'o.4HulliajhBt.UoBtou.
Thin la a truobone uiwrThoBphatfl,an(i a
Biuy b tthfd unaiiy tTi'pt In tlu; hit! or df Ml
or broadcast, oit her tctih or without manure, I
ftnd will produco h much eu: li.-i uud Uirccr
cron. In tho K' purt'if tho Jiaas. Inspei-tor
of l-'ertilizerfl, its valuation la from f.i to
10 per tnii lih;lu;r yum oth'-r rii'isphates
vnirii g,-ii at tho r i
tine prii n. 'i ho pant
. year OV; r SooO tHR were t.dd aeaiuKt 100
I toif inn n yt avs
h..iTii'' i).:,t. it in
liked hytho larni'T". K thoro la liu locui
1 uciiL near yuu. Ki nd to us.
' " ' .... - .
I vu1'
. ... V1 ' . i . ...I
l v,,.t.
' ' nr !' ,,.,V.,P
, r ..,t v ...v'
'in t
m mwmmm
I S -- S S ""V mfr
and Prices
Address D.
LANDRETH & SONS, PhUadelphla.
11.111 12j O 25o. package makes 5 gal
lium uf a ilclicimiH, wholesome, Hparkliug teuw
neraneu bevernije. Ask vonr (lniKist, or Bent
l.y mail for 2."xj. C. E. lilllE.S, 48 N. IJela. Ave.,
l'liiliLili'lpliin. marinw4ii.tco
I.ailics nml AKcntH, taking orders for Letteri to
COL. INGEES0LL, or "Infidelity llel.uked and
Tnifli Vietfu-ious." now the most popular NEW
BOOK in the field, lloth a hiiiki.u and a rword.
Everybody wants it. Low priee, quick Kale!
Stud for firt'tilfir and Tt-rtiix. P. Vf, ZIEGLE5
& CO., 915 Arch St., Philadelphia,
f r&MUHU&tUWtKtmitoMef,, e JaaaaiUaaaftJ
The Only 25 Cent
From Eidex Thomson, Pasttr
of tha Church of the Cisciplci el
Christ, Detroit, Mich. "My son
Was dangcroualy ill and entirely prostrated from ChiUa
and Fever. Quinine and other medicine were tried,
without effect. Mr. Craig, who had lisedTHiitUAUPa
as a tonic, advised a trial of Thermai-ink, which was)
done, resulting iu his complete recovery within a few
AT ALL ESraOIGTS, 08 8? KAIL, S5o. PIB B:i
DUNDAS DICK A CO., 112 White Street, N. Y.
A3 pleasant ns
I (i vi:ix I
l!i"niliitn tlid l!mv,.l nt,:r., P"T;" "-4
imd pleasantly. Cures Cons-1 ! " 'I
lipiuion, iii,.s, i!iiioi1Ki1Trrrtr!,t';
llcadaclm, llcarlhiu n, Ac, Aill'i,,
Urn;istM, or by nmil, !45. per
box. iJtJNDAS DKJC 4 CO., 112 Whit
Sir ( t, New Vovlc.
T! Caosulcts.
H'J'lm Knl'...t.
" 1 l'elinlil.s i"i,, r... -ii
tuu ciiuiiry Oi'fuijH. Cortpin
Cure in cilit rluyn. No ether ine.dk.o,
can lo this. Tho liest medk-i. js thn
cheapest. ISewaroof diinp oi'oitt;ltuit,iti,iin.
All 1-fruggisls, or l.y imiil, V.,a vn,i Jl.6i(
per box. WrUa In- Ciivjiliir. M'MlAii
Mf'K A'. Cf) , ll'J While. SiKvf. New i'orb,
tTiTl 'isl.inriyTHim'a by tho as
PphcationBof it. I..:l'.f ,j.i.i by a)
Druggists, or muileU ou rooeipt ol fS"l
fcy UUNDA3 DICK 4 CO., M'fg tfJ
CltemistS, 112 White Btreet, New York,
Eor sale by SEVllEKT & CO.,
inarliitf.Mi.d llillnhoro, O.
To every man's door. If our
aiiaviI enfn
trpne .a. ,
"".us uionui eoia in your
I 03. IAC3 ) -'. i
t'l:--Ji''r;.rfl-;il..; (B10G0la':t) tZZl VJ
town, drotJ us a Postal Cardfnr
llluatmtrtrl ratslnm m

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