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The Highland weekly news. [volume] (Hillsborough [Hillsboro], Highland County, Ohio) 1853-1886, September 27, 1882, Image 8

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ly Cure
S: h Hi uiln lic t
1 lio )!r.;n!niT will
pnsitii-,v vxnv tins
t'TTflflo (iHf'HKP.
No assert emphat-
ically what we know to lie tr
Hl.nulil not be regarded a a trifling ailment.
Nature demands tlio utmost regularity of the
bowels. Therefore assist Naturo ly taking
Simmons Liver ltegulator. It is harmless,
mild and effectual.
One or two tahlespooiifuls will relieve all the
troubles incident to a biliu'is state, such as
Nausea, liiziness, llrnwsineaH, IdstresB after
eating, a bitter, bad tnste in the mouth.
IYrHona mav avoid all attacks by occasion
ally taking a dose of Simmons Liver liegulator
lo keep tue liver m uuauity acnuu,
renrrallv ariaine from a disordered stomach,
can be "corrected by taking riiiiimons Liver
Simmons Liver Regulator soon eradicates
this disease from the system, leaving the skin
clear and fresh from all impurities.
Children snfferinc with Colic soon experi
ence relief when Simmons Liver Iteirnlator is
administered. .Idults also derive great tsne
flt from thin medicine. It is not unpleasant; it
is harmless and effective, Purely vegetable.
Most of rtiseases of the Madder origin
ate from those of the Ridnev. ltestore the no-
tion of the Liver fully, and both tho Kidneys
and Madder will be restored.
WTake only the genuine, which always has
on the wrapper the red Z trade mark and aig
nature of ,1. H. ZEIl.IN A CO.,
l or sale by all Eru'gistH.
TiTlC'O; ....
pa ststn t.Hka & vim
Soiuiitit-tH n-iw all admit that n.ost (V.-t-apos
are canm-d ly tKrinnitrcl V.iliHv or l-iw-r,
antl taut if those ifat oi-'tiH aro Uopt in h
poift'i't cori'lition, lnfilih ill In the r'nlt.
WAKNE.td s.vifi kidm:v AND MVL11
Is matle from a i;iiuiilc Tropical Leaf
And is a rOSIVrVE llemcdy for the following
'J roubles :
I'ain, in the Back ; Scvrre TZfik'iichcn ; Va
line; Jllixiting; JnjUirml F.yr;
A Tirtd feeling; AiffM
Paiiut in tlte Lower rirt of the Body;
I'alpitatiim of the Heart; Jaun
dice; Gravel; Painful Urina
tion; Malarial Fever;
Fever and Ague;
And all diseases caused by the Kidneys, Liver
or Urinarv Organs being out of order.
It is a 8AFE and CI'.ltXAIN cure for all Fe
male dilhculties, such as
Leuayrrhcea; Inflammation of the Womb;
Falling of the Wotnb; Ulcera
tion of the Womb.
It will control and regulate Menstruation,
and is an excellent and safe remedy for fe
males during pregnancy.
As a Moitd Puritier' it is unequaled, for it
cures the organs that makk the blood. For
BoiU; Carbuncle; ficroftila; White Kieell
ing; Fait Jlheum; 1'oi.vming
by Mercury or any
vtlter JJrug,
It is certain in every caBe.
tor J itrnnti nenct; J mpolenet; lain in
the Ijoins, and AU Similar
It is a safe, suro and ouiek Cnro.
It is the only known remedy that has cured
UKinnT s Disease.
As a proof of the purity and worth of this
Ureat atural Kemeily, read the following
H. A, LATTIMOltE, I'll. 11., L.L. D., Pro
fessor of Chemistry in the University of
ItochesU'r, N. Y., knowing the popularity and
merit of VVakneh's Kakk Kidnky and Liveb
CruE. after a thorough Chemical Analvsis, has
furnished tl
fo'.louing btltcment
i I'V or iiocrp
"I ' ill.- ' 'i,i v
: . !! Ill M V
'!! v..
Tr "".
si.jti t .-
e l d,cl
till '.I
r I"!
r ti
in 1 !'. po
. !i. r'n! .
- in r.o :
u 1.
f l.ne in vi -t l,d 1 i i , o
of ninn.i'ilcliue. Al.i.-li Me .-o!"'i. i il
with f,treioc i'.ux :'iil rc.-.i'lli.g fo 'W- !
lin-rho lo. I have .T.o tnl.i n tron l.i I,.' n-i -f..iv
.-.iOi-pitS of the e. tiiriiii'i r.d .r. "l e
prei:ir::ii'n f ihin in. .hi it e. Ml.1 I.l.' Il ..i !te ..I
t ;iuim:ition I tiiel thfui, r.-i ui-il j ne i".
cini, in'Ort'.i-ll t'li'V Crtir. to he e.-ilii.-lv tiee
fl'll.l poisOIiuilS OV lk!et.l ri'illl- f-U!iMrlK.tJ.
Thih ll'irrd-, wl-.ich her done wivh wnTi-h rs.
iput up in the J..M.'iLSl' MZKI ISCTiiT.
oT ui,v nu ilK-ine nii.n i,,L n.rk t. !,nd is s-.ld
tiy Lnt'W ' ''h d i:( rs i.t l.-.'-i p' hi ttle.
For I ;..ih( 'es iniptiie for A1 Nr't'.-
SAFE !IALi'.;.S CVi.l.'. It is a l'0HUi
II. H. VAKWE3 (k CO.,
Kot'l.ct r,
decl.r,ti'toi nnn
Young Folks' Corner.
A eomnlon repMle if inv t'r-ni;
My next is soref what hl:e a chuir;
Of vegetable growth n.y vlinle,
Although uioic cuiiuito ll.jn rare.
Al I
1. Traiinpoee wild anitnulH. aud have a
sliArp wrUoii; again, and have luoru viie;
again, and have uncovers.
2. Traniipose a covering, and have to sul
merge; again, aud have blackenH.
3. Transpose to supply, and have part of a
harncta; again, and have a framework.
A weight.
I lowing llijulu.
Concise. Cap'n Jack.
Answers to lonng Folks C orner of Kept. lif.
To No, 1 To ho or uot to be, that is the
qte Hlion.
To No. 2-1. Track, ra k. 2. Cloud, loud.
3. Clove, love. 4. Frink, rik. 5. Turn,
urn. tl. Hurt, tart.
To No. 8 1'
I It F,
r it o v e
Lynchburg', Ohio,
Gcpiemocr 27, 18S2.
Joe Slmfer in Mill at lare.
Ilev. A. D. Maddox moved his family
here on Thursday.
Mrs. Ambrose Smith has been qtiito welt
during the past week.
W. J. Ilinninoud left on Monday for
riattsnioutb, Nebraska.
Fish Minzler deserves credit for his hero,
ism nt the fire the other nipdit.
J. C. Hallowell had hiH hand severely cut
by a piece of fulling glass at the fire.
Elder Hodson, of the Christian Church,
began a meeting here on Friday night.
Mrs. Mullie Chancy and Miss Jessie Ful
ton were visiting at New Vienna last week.
Voodrow and Murrell are repainting and
otherwise improving the Woodrow corner.
Several of the ex-aoldiers of the 8!ltn reg
iment, of this place, attended tho reunion
at Hillsboro.
Governor ITart made a call here on his
way home from Martinsville last Tuesday,
where he spoke the night previous.
Mr. Jackson, Democratic candidate for
Commissioner, escorted by John B. Hayes,
was here last week getting in his work with
Borne of our professional politicians.
Dr. Kleekuer requests ns to return his
thanks to the citizens of Lynchburg, who
assisted in putting out the fire in his room
on Monday night laBt.
The corn crop, has so far matured, that
we can make an estimate of the amount
raised in this neighborhood, as far as we
can learn, nbont au average crop will be
'l'.'ic 1 ii'ii; icrat.-i are raising the
'r.iiirt i rT." how! -.gainst Martin
Hug'tey, but tKy liave no objections
lo t'.ectin" Ca;)lain L'el'i i!n Audi
tor for a t'.iir'J, anJ even a fourth
tern. Consistency is not a Demo
critic virtue
Bacon's Famous Essays.
Loi-J Eacon wan oi-e of tLe mrht oxira
ordinary muu of wXli a: y ngn rno b-ist
A Ki-l.ohir. ; wit. a lf.-.v.yor, a judge, a states
man, a philosopher, his writings will en
dure ns long as the language in which they
were v ritten can be read. His universal
genius made him master of all the sciences,
and hU immortal wr.tttn'.'B laid the foun
dations r tlie scientifio method which haf
changed the philosophy of tho world,
rrof. l'Jajfair said to him: ''The power
and compass of 6'ic'.i a mind mutt beau ob
ject of admiration to al! succeeding eges."
His KiMiys are a treasury of tho deepest
Uuowkdge conveyed in a gorgeous and en
ergetic style, 'i'hry cootii ue to ba the
chosen coilipauiou vf allsiudentsand think
ers. T'i no other writer is so much pro
foii'id thought to lie found expressed in
snch splendid cloqnence. Tuousands ol
readers will welcome heartily the very
charming, new and complete Elzevir edi
tion, just issued by the Useful Kuov. h dg
publishing Co., New York, at tho ridicu
lously low price of 45 cents for the cloth,
GO cents for the half ltussia biuding. For
sale in this city by A. M. bteveus, bole
'No,' said the lady, 'I'm not keep
ing any servants just now. -I have
quite enough to do to wait upon myself.'
Nothing Could be Stronger.
1.400 Papin Stkef.t,
Sr. Louis, Mo., Jan. 20, 1881.
H. II. Wakneh A Co. : S'i I have
been troubled with kidney disease since my
childhood. It would be impossible for me
to describe how much I have suffered.
Your Safe Kidney aud Liver Cure has done
me more good than the combined skill of
all the physicians I have ever tried during
my entire life. Caboline F. Fleming.
Our corn crop looks well, so far, and if frost
does not come too soon, there will la? an aver
age crop through this section.
The potato crop is a failure.
There was a grand concert given last Sab
bath night by the Uaptist church.
Iiev. HoUingsworth's brother and wife arc
visiting in our village.
Mr. Lewis Whishler, of Springfield, is visit
ing in this neighborhood.
ltev. Galhreath, of Virginia, is visiting his
sou, J. O. Oatbreath.
II. P. Uarrere is still contined to his bed.
James Easter moved to Huston last week.
' one fricnJly(V) partv visited Eli Parrett's
. iii.;; h'-nsi mid stole cream jar, milk and
jt I ' . ,.. t I i,i.:iy night.
(i. Ir n riun Church is lieing painted by
I i'V.oI J ,'lin t.
it V,'o:i i. i-e.i.i'ring his house, which will
.e'.d te 1-- p LirL.i-.: .'-n very much.
It-. Sevi'-ri pr. uihid at Point Victory
iclc-ol l.oui". In. i S..l.l-aili night.
It. I). TJ.ivis 1, ti he;! k for Granville. O.,
-.vheii- ai'i i.l s.h'i-i! r-.r one year. Many
ol lis Jiiiu'ls L'.liHiel in to sec him on last
hutcrury n.glit. '.i h.r.' his lieiiji-niie.
Chn'ey i.icl ii i :lit letnrntd houie from the
far wist lad wi.eii unil i.-i wtd li't-i-jt-d with the
I:. O. 'anc'; lout a very valuable hoiw from
l:nl;- y i. A. C.
.lur.terf Aau,;lil is i n tin nick list.
What has bct-jiiiC o" I.mn bov ? lie fciuelv
a ''En e Thihker."
y.r, Ira ?.!itcln-M purchased a line horse and
hu;,y f.um Mi. .. 1.. Leleplane.
Mr. T. M. McCoiiui- k is able to be out again.
Mr. Lieu Pcleplano left for Tipton, Iowa,
whe.-o be exKi-t to make his future home.
I h ii will he s'uiiii-.jly nursed by his many
yoniig ti ienils Ler.-.
Eii Winkle soys that be feels just as happy
as a big sun llouer. Just bccuu.te its a Uy.
Ann.ng timse win ac on the hick list are
Ihilve Miner and C. Iing. Dr. V. II. Hulin is
the atteniling phynictun.
rloine uiikiiowu pnrtiis were recently linking
about the jiremiM-s of one of our niihUirs.
The proprietor suvb that he had iH-ticr '"I'-sik
leetlu out.''
W. should arrange to 1m there at the appoint
ed hour. Had go, indeed.
Jim Walliugford is the proudest n.an around.
He smokes ten-cent cigars and sU ps high just
because it's a Democratic Is iy.
Some of our farmers have finished full plow
ing. Si-miiiK.
Hurrah for Watts.
Ir. llluir is building a neat little office on the
comer of J-jut street.
Farmers are improving the present favorable
weather in plowing for wheat.
Miss Alien, of Wyoming, Ohio, is visitihg at
the residence of Mr. Liis.
Cary Teiniilin spent several days in Columbus
during the fair,
Marshall will give Watts a big boom on elec
tion day.
The new tchool bouse is gowing up slowly.
-Mr. Levi Donoho, of Saniaiithn, spi lit
several da s hero last week, visiting, his
Mr. Neal must be badly scared about
Terry township, as ho sent three of his po
litical wire workers here on last Thursday,
and in company with one of our prominent
business men, went dowu to St. Martins
and Fayettoville, to repair Mr. Neal's fenc
es, which were found in a bad stato of re
pair. It will take more timber than the
Honorable gentleman can spare from his
Uoss county farm, to repair Ferry town
ship. The Odd Fellows building caught fire
last Monday night about eight o'clock in
tho second story of the rooms occupied by
Dr. Klcckner. The fire originated from
a match which Mrs. Kleckner had dropped
on the floor, and was confined to the
one room, which was considerably damag
ed, all the furniture being burned or dam
aged so that it is of no use.
Lynchburg Market.
Wheat, per bushel $ '.Ml
Oats ro
Cattlo, per cwt 3 MtjH 00
Hogs 7 0(1(0,8 00
Flour 3 OtH-i
New Fotatoes, per bushel fi()tf&
Live Chickens, per doz 2 00(o3 00
F.ggs ir,
ltutter 20
Corn Meal, per bushel DO
Corn HOC'"
Hay, per T 7 00(H 00
Lard 10
liacon, sides 17
Shoulders 12
Hams 1H
Feathers 40
More Evidence.
8. 15. H hitman & Co., Osborn, O. Gin
tie men: Your valuable I'cnina is the best
medicine I ever used. Nancy Fltterman,
Cookport, Indiana Co., 1'a.
Your l'eruna for Indigestion and Liver
troubles helps me. W. P. Bkaxdon,
East Liverpool, O.
I was suffering with pain in the chest,
palpitation of the heart, with great swelling
of the stomach. Peruna is doing won
ders for me. John Donahue,
Shnrpsburg, Alleghany County, Fa.
I have had liver complaint for three
yre.rs; 1 thought I. would have to quit work;
I have taken two bottles of your J'enma
m l am well. Tnos. J!!iAnFOBi,
314 Western aveuuo, Alleghany City, Pa.
Ask your drup'f'ist for Dr. Hartnian's
book ou tho "Ills of -Life" gratis.
It was Arlemus Ward who said
there were two things in this world
nobody was ever prepared for twins.
A Remarkable Case.
Dr. Hahtman Dear Sir: lam induc
ed by a sense of duty to the Buffering to
naKe a brief statement of your remarHablo
jure of myself. I was a most miserable
snUVrer from the various annoying aud dia-
rci sing diseases of delicate persons, w hich
-ur.sod ino to be couliued to my bed for a
long lime, being to weak to even bear my
weight upon my feet. I was treated by
the most reputable physicians in our cUv,
each and all saying they could do nothing
tor me. 1 bait given up all hopes of ever
being well. la this condition 1 began to
take your Munaltn and Peruna, and I am
most hnppy to Bay, iu three mouths I was
perfectly well entirely cured wi thout any
appliances or support of any kind.
Yours truly, Mils. Heniiy Ellis.
No. 500 Scott street, Milwaukee, Wis.
During the past fiscial year 46,632
agricultural patents were issued
from the General Land office at
An Honest Preparation.
The world is so crammed with swindle
that a really honest man or honest thing is
almost as scarce as robins iu January. Y'et
Mr. J. H. Northrop, of Lansingburg, N. Y.,
formerly Captain of tho Troy police, hays
Dr. David Kennedy's "Favorite ltemcdy"
is "an honest preparation." Aud tho Cap
tain ought to know, for tho medicine cured
him of Liver Complaint. Try it, or write
to the Doctor, nt ltoudout, N. Y.
A threshing machine exploded
near Norwalk, O., seriously injuring
four men, two of whom will die. ,
To Keep the Mood I'tue
Is the principal end of inventions aud dis
coveries in medicine. To this obj ect prob
ably no one has contributed more sigually
than Dr. David Kennedy, of ltoudout, N.
Y., in tho production ot a medicine which
has become luiuous under the title of the
tuvonie liemeuy." It removes all im
Jiurttte ol tue biood, rcgulutes the disord
ered Liver and Kidneys, cures Constipation,
Dyspepsia, aud all disease and weaknesses
pecunur to lemales. Sold by your drug
gist. -Tl a bottle,
A Virginia physician says he has
never known a habitual consumer ol
tobacco to have the typhoid lever.
IiUii-N will find relief from their head
ache, costiveness, swimming in the head,
colic, sour fctomacl:, restltbsuesK, indigestion,
constant or periodical sick headaches,
weakness iu the back or kidneys, pain in
the shoulders and different parts of the bo
ny, a feeling of lassitude aud despondency
bj t.ikiug Simmons Liver iiegulutor. It
should be used by nil persons, old and
young. It. is not unpleasant, is purely veg
etable, and is not injurious to the most del
icate constitution.
A thirteen-year-old girl living
near Uoutna, La., has u light-brown
beard two inches long.
Jinny 3Iiscrubio 1'eoplo drug them
selves about with failing strength, feeling
that they uro sinking into their graves,
ewhn l'.trkei's Uiuger 'i'onio would begin
with the lirst dose, to bring vitality uud
htieugth buck to them. bun. sepbw
It is more common to make a virtue
of neccsbity than a necessity of
Ludics should know that Ayer's Hair
Vigor is a superior and economical dress
ing. It has become an indispensable arti
tie for tho toilet,
Ihe half of the Suez canal trouble
has never been tolled.
Warner's Safo Kidney and Liver Cure.
Congressman DragK, of Wisconsin,
is generally acknowh dged to play
the neatcat game of poker seen in
Washington since the days of Henry
Invisible Poison.
O.ie of the great s.-ourgeR of the present
M'nr in nil parts of Ann; 1 1 ;cn !" 11 ma-
iuiia. This is a truii'.in no h..icliei-(;us in
its nature, aud so thuigoi-uuii in its ivi-uIih,
as to justly causo apprehension w herever it
has appeared. Put thero are bo many er
roneous ideas upon the subject that a few
words are in order a.1 a time when people
aro subject to malarial iutluenc.es.
Malaria, which means simply bail air, is
tho common name -of a. class of diseases
which arise from spores of decaying veget
able matter, thrown off from stagnant pools
or piles of vegetation undergoing decompo
sition. These spores when inhaled with
tho breath or taken into tho systen with
water, soon outer the blood aud germinat
ing there, hud a foothold, whereby tho
whole system is poisoned, and the various
functions disordered. V hen the germ the
ory of disease was first advanced, it was
supposed that these spores wore of animal
nature, and, like the bacteria iu diphtheria
were propagated iu the blotd, but they are
now conceived to ba of vegetable origin,
like the fungi found on decaying wood or
in cellars. The source of this state of the
air is generally Bwanips or stagnant pools,
which, partially dried by the hot sun, Bend
lortn vapors loaded with this malarial poi
son. Tueso vapors descend to the earth iu
the night, cooled by tho loss of tempera
ture, and breathed by sleepers are readily
inhaled. Hence persons living near stag
nant pools or marshes aro liable to bo af
flicted with cUitis and fever, and such lo
calities are never ueulthy, though they are
more so when tho streams (lowing into them
are pure, aud also wiieu the water is high.
Again tho drainiigo of houses, slaughter
houses, barns, etc., are a tortile source of
malaria. One will often uotico in coming
into the neighborhood of one of these slug
gish streams that pass through almost every
village a most villainous smell caused by
the offensive refuse which communicates
its bad odor to tho atmosphere, especially
on hot days. This absorbed into the sys
tem by tho lungsor taken in through water,
which also absorbs it from the air, poisons
the blood aud deranges tho whole system.
This poison is also developed iu force iu
weils and springs when they become low,
and the result of drinking these is the same
as breathing tho poisonous air. Iu a time
of drouth tho great quantity of vegetation
that dries up in the meadows, stubble helds
aud pastures, the corn lields and forest
leaves pruduccB the same euiuvia. Ou tho
prairies when largo tracts of prairie ground
aro turned over, tho decaying vegetation is
a widespread cause ot malaria.
The evils which ioUow malaria poisoning
are almost iuhnitc. Disease of a malignant
aud dangerous nature, accompanied by
symptons the most distressing ure certiuu
to manliest theins' ivcs, and hie is a bur
den so long ns this poison remains iu the
system. Tho indications of malarial pois
oning are loss of appetite, shortness of
breath, puius about tho heart, wasting of
Uesh aud strength, despondency, nervous
ness, chilly sensations, unaccountable l.issU
tndo, dull iiaius in various parts of the bo
dy, headaches, dizziness, a coated tongue
and dry mouth, night sweats, muscular de
bility, pulling under the eyes, nu unusual
color, ordor or sediment about tho HuidB
pass from the system, etc. Any one of the
above symptoms may be an indication of
malarial poison in the body which necessi
tates immediate and careful attention.
Uut it umlanal poison could not hud a
lodgements the bumnu body, it would be
just as harmless as the oxygen of the air,
The great chlhculty in that after. being ab
sorbed into ftie system, it produces obst rue-
tions in the stomach and lungs, clogs the
circulation 01 tho blood, attccts thekiduevB,
liver and other organs, and brings on dis
eases of a most dangerous character. There
is only one kuoaVn way by which these dis
eases may be avoided or cured after they
have once made their appearauce, und that
is by keeping the great purifying organs of
the body iu perfect health. These organs
are tho kidneys and liver. No one whose
kidneys or liver are in a perfect condition
was ever afflicted Lsy malarial poison. And
when these organs or disordered, they not
only permit, but invite these diseases to
make their inroads into tho body. It is now
admitted by physiciaus, scientists aud the
majority of tho general public that oue
medicine, and only one whose power bus
been tested and proven, has absolute con
trol of, and keeps the kidneys aud liver in
constant health and hence prevents malar
ial sickness. This remedy is Vv'umer's Haf 0
Kidney and Liver cure, tho most popular
medicine betore the American people, and
sold by every druggist in tho land. It ful
ly counteracts tho evil effect of malarial
poison iu the system, and not only banish
es it, but restores the members which that
poison has weakened. How well it does
this can be learned from the following :
Kansas City, Mo., June 2(1, 18S2 Mov
ing from the State of New York to the west
ern county, I was attacked with malaria aud
general debility. I had lost ull appetite
and was hardly uble to move about. I had
tried a great many remedies, but nothing
bettered my condition until I began using
earners raie ivniuey niwl Liver cure,
which seemed to help me l ight away, nnd
I feel as well as I ever have in my life. It
is a blessing to people 111 this malarious
country. C. V. William,
1112 (J rand Ave., of William .t Co,
Thin great remedy has proven its power
in iiiiiuuicraoie cai.es, ana is 10-day loore
extensively used in malarial districts.
wether in cities or iu the country, than any
or all cither remedies for the cure of tho
same class of disease. No one canafford to
tnlle with the first symptoms of miliaria
but instant care should be taken to check
it 011 the start before its evil influences
overshadow the life.
Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bill.
Buffalo Bill (Hon. V. F. Cody,) the re
nowned scout and actor, has made a decid
ed hit for the coining theatrical season in
employing the celebrated Sitting Bull (ihe
Indian Chief who slew Custer aud his
command on the Little Big Hum) as one of
his chief attractions. Buffalo Bill's success
as an nctiH- adds an tddjtioiial charm to the
romauce of his life as the grcst of all
living scouts and plainsmen. T he Histor
ical Publishing Co., St. Louis, have issued
a life of this remarkable man. whoso fame
is even greater than that of Daniel Boone or
Davy Crockett, embracing nlso the lives of
Vvild Bill, California Joe, Texas Jae!:, Kit
Carson, and other great Indian fighb
It is a book of wild life ou tho 1-laiuu, and
must meet with groat popularity. The
uame or me author, sir. J. W. Buel, is a
host within itself. Persons desiring agen
cies, will jjnd the advertisement in this pa
per. "Primrose Farm" is to let. That U, 0V
iver Ditsou A Co., who publish a song of
that name, will let anybody purchase it for
the small sum of ZU couts. They will also-
let you take, on similar terms, a "Jioso of
the Garden" (30 cts.,) which is a fluo diuit
by ti. 0. Emerson, or "Then and Now"
(10 cts.,) by 'iVli; or you may receive
"Dark tho ISky" CiO ueis.J "Jtemoinbcr
me" CM els.,) or "(July to Jiiujw" (:il) cts.)
All these songs an sent us by tie publish
ers, who also enclose a "March of tho (KX),
000" (-10 cts.,) by Geo. Y. Boot, und "The
Dove" or"La I'alomu" (Mots.,) a trauscrip
tion from Ynulier, by Trthdo,
Cincinnati, Cliio.
FrtT a rt In fvnrv tt'nvfMmfnrrMli'p,
as u i'll n i ) hum Im. m i', .n.- Innilil tf ! A
.1. Ci.amk. tin- nmnnffiriiii'er, nt I 'n r t h
m( 11 1 tint Mn. A K'nin nt i-fhiH fntk
li:u) OVitv oimlity tlmt n slurt stu.uli!
Imvp, ami they urn not few up ii'iim
ii'Ttiint. N.'-k1 fc.r ir.-ulur Rti'l I'm.
ml ft 1th formula lur siji L-moiidiirfiin'iit.
Double Sliov
3? LO W g
J" A Jo-
i i
0 to
X1 (
4 1
' JJ y
2- -j
K i0V IS Vi'sl
Hardware, StoYes, Tinware, etc.
"For NonralRla !n Ihn llinlia, Ft'-mach
!trk. tirf:i!-r. Kill". !wni Ii 1 1 ' i,
nir rainp t i ii.u EitTiin'M, L mi f. fc V-
r.lMuiisiicss, IMnnl;n m, ir Vi,n : I t.-.V. &
Kf r Coii('!i, Astln.i:t, Tviiu ir v."fu, S 'S i
" Kur '"Iir-.T-if !'.;! (::(t rt 'i. limn- f! S 'a
"I'm: I N v i- thu ; v..- i::..; i j : '''rt, fi
:iiri fur ii'i.i, ,!:'. ..ic t i:'iwM, iti ju.i i.
V hi t!ie !n-: ;.i,. Tit r i:rpf' .'.
v.1 iiy, -.7r ?,)& ,.:
..' t M- II eU 11. ! . -- I ." I- ; , '
..;:, t..'i ri.i-.:--- i". .y,
:. I- t:.-' ir..-:,t Inn.' nr , i . t V
- -' ' A v ' ' ' .r. ;. . . ..!-.
, . : 1 -A-: .- ! r . , 'I
- ! . " Ir-;D-'- : I- '.':.- j'X. j '
. T' l
Sir (,
i V;
You can find
A C U Eni'tll- hi 'Sni'pia!
h. A. Knight
Ciuannau, O.
Ailiiiinisl f.ilor's Sule ol' ileal Est ale,
Satimlay, Oclolier 1 1, lSs-2.
In ninii.;nee of an order of the Probate
Donrt of Highland eonnty, Ohio, I will oiler
for sale, nt public ani-lion, on Sat unlay, the
1-lih day of OctoU-r, lHrCi, at 10 o'clock', fore
noon, upon the premises, the following de
scribed real estate, titnatc in the County of
Highland, and State of Ohio, and in V'iiion
township, known as the 1'eirson mill property.
!cj,'innin;,' at a stone in the center of the
reirson Mill free Turnpike itoad the H. E. cor
ner of the land lately conveyed by William
Melmniel to Marion H.'lirilton, running thence
wiih the t.-i.-t line of Kaid land und another
Free Turnpiko Koad N. 1 d. K. 13 Ikl-loO
poles to a stone the S. V. corner of Samuel
Sharp's tinet of land, lKiuKht of .mid McHaniei;
thence with a line thereof H. s:i det;., K. UV
poles, criissiiifr 'iiutle Creek toa stone, corner
to said tract iu a line of said Sharps huine
farm, running tle-nee wilh said iiiie.l and down
will creek r. Jj tU-g., W. 2 pol, S. 77,V dejt.,
W. 57,V pol. s, to a slim.- iu uiil ere, k, below
the null, and corner to Sharp; thence S.
di'k'., W. 2 poles to a point iu miiil ereck, aud a
corner to Sharp; thence X. Ilj ,'-., W. In'-j
poles, with a hue toiu hiu the t-omhern ex
treliilty of tin! West, l-ll ttbillmdtl ot the l-riil;:.-ai-'.-o.-;.,
said eriik, to the hi innin, eontaiuini;
tour (-1) aiTtjs of lund, niore or les, being part
of II. J. Waters' Survey No. 5uJl.
SKi'ONl) Tiucr mvKI.l.IXll Ilol-SK.
r-eginniut,' at a stone in the eenti r of the
l'eirsou Mill Free Turnpike J load the S I.,
corner of the land lately eonvi veil bv William
51. Daniel to Mm ion J. Lritton, 'l uonuig tin n- c
S. Co dig., l:. lll' poles, passing the so.lth.-rn
eitremily of the w(st.in ahlilinent of the
bridge Hcrus Turtle ('r.ek, at 7'- poles, toa
point in said ere. k lu S.,nillt l Shai-p's line;
thence down said -i. ( k with the ineiiliili in
thereof K. Kli1; id g., W. 1H poles to said Sharp's
corner, with another of his lines S. -hi .1, g , '.
p .les. to a point in rati! i t -.-! in ..-mi
Shares line i.n.l a corner lo a lot of i2 poll s of
laud coiiveyeil i v sii.il .u . i anie lo I)unl I'.jii-.
son; tin-in-" with a line i f said lot, running
down siud cr.-.-p SI. l.'l d'-:: , W. 15 poles, to a
point lu said creek a O'tnil' io juid lot uml
Marion 1J. jjrittou's said lanil; thiiiee villi a
line thereof N. 2 ., d. K. 32 n-i-Uii) poles to a
stone N. W. corner to u lot of 40 p..). s of L.nd
conveyed by the heiis of John '1 holnpson, 'k -eei-.se.
I, to David J'eirsoii in the ci liter of ti e
aforesaid I ree Turnpike Itoad; thence with
another of mud llntlon a Jims and the center
of said i.;i;l s. Hi-i ("..g., 11. 4 poles, to the hi
inning, eoiiinuuiig one 1 11 a, .-re and 42
oi nolo, inory oi- ir
Waters' Survey No. of.L'l
of j.
1 he lirst true! appiais, d at --fl. 400.00.
'I he last tract appraised at iiluU.tlO.
Term of Sal,-.- One-third in bund, i.no
third iu one year and one-third in two ymrs
from tii, day of sale, wilh interest; the pay
ments to I.e. w.;tr; d bv mortgage upon the
premises s ,1.1.
' iACOl; DOVii,
Adiuiiiislia'or of li.nul lvnvm, dji-'d.
KcpteuiUr t, ln-12, up!Ji
" Gchcfields
V j v J 'I horouM Frupllrul, ai-rnu-
u- IjteAovchj.'Hiaa.l.i.kiJam....
f'Uio will be tie hit Sfillnir ArtlrtP tha F-iH
"U'lUUT liver invetiKul. Ai-I I W'Ai( p iji
very (.mnty In t lilo. St iid rn mmiiIiW- wiul . ; ,,,4
XUt Ativtitu, Aii'lit si F"l .k.K U 1 1.1. 1 a mi H- W,
felAltt tl.,tiULliiuii, Ohio. Meuilvu Uie VuiicrJ
Dr. E. L. Rivenburgli
fnl-rei ft'l iif.trrlnir. IVItiifi
likfrinir, II .! I HlK-.v,
l.iNplntr, S.ielloii, itnil
Hit limitofl ICrejilli.
ul. Son M.I. I ntr4iier Ar.
ticntulloii. 4r
Tl-e. mifl nil Iim.
.rliiiieiL In Nikmm-Ii.
ip 'lirl livnty
'y'ii ... .- ,-iwi-in,-p iiim-riv
V 111 I.l l'il.cln.ii..l.
WHITE or CAT.t. and roi n-.tni. ul M Y IH-'ITI"E,
NO. r,!l VKT NINTH S'lltl-KT. M K A It CHU
will remainuntfl Hi-o.b.-r I'ali. Hiiii.Irt'.la of testi
monials at mv olli'-. Nneli:iri:nq r.-eeiv.-il. unless a
cure l etr.-cted. hl-IAU THE l-'OLLOWINl ! l'ES
TIMOHIAL: Cincinnati, August 1, 1.S3?.
T was a (stammerer for ten venrs. Seven years
ao I was cureit uf my lniperitmeut hv lir. K. I..
KlvenbiirKh. rlurinir his visit in New rhila.iel.hla,
Ohio. I w-uulrl iuiliesit:itliu:lv i-Cvise nuv ... u af
tllcte.l with stiilterhtu' or nuv form of lin jicilimenfc
to give lir. KivenSjiii itli a ti i:il. I will aus-.ver any
eonmiunieations a.iilressc.1 to me nt 'i'.7 I'liiin
street, Cillcilinull. F'hkij C. Tsien M ANN. -
5'fl ifi iliirlitg you vtvti
to the Cinf.iitnitti JJjjjuMtlloii.
I'nislce's Sale of Itenl llsluic, Sal ui dny,
Oclobcr 7, IHS'J
In pur
f'.illlt of
sale, i.l. i
ihlV of Oi
lit the lo
Ohio, the
Ml.inee of the order of Ihe P
lliglihndComily. Ohio. 1 will ..!
-ul. lie unci ion, i.i, Siitur.liiv. 1 1
tolier. A. I). lfs nt ..neoelo. It
or ol the Court. House, in lin.
billowing di.-vlihi-l re.il (..ha.,
if l-'ranldin. in Ihe Soil.. I:
Cotnil v
S. 1
and h' in
'., of thi
ol the N
the .N. K.
in See. 5,
g ihe w. or the x. ):. , ,m.i
l. . anil the S. '., ol the H.
11. and the S. ; of t. s. V.
y, , and the N. oi' the S. il.
tonns,i. (, South of range I, 1
of sale. Cash in hand.
:lee in trust for the b. nelit of
if Win. M. Worley.
Sole 'I', ii:
sepllw I
jf 1 A I Ti (Ireat chance to make nioncv. TIiohV
K VI if .who itlnays take advantage of the
good rhauccH for making inonev that
aro olVereil, generally heeoiue wealthy,- while
those who do not improve such chance's remain
in poverty. We want inanv liien, women, hovs
and girls to work lor ns right iu their ow n lo
calities. Any one can do ihe work properly
from Ihe start. The business will .iv more
than tl 11 times ordinary wngi s. I-Apensive out
lit fin in'., bed free. No'onc who engages fails to
make money rapidly. You e;ui devote vont
whole lime, to the woi k, or only your sp.n e' mo
111, nts. Full ililoj-ii.ntioi, mid ..l' that is needed
sent free. Address Si inson .V Co., Portland,
Maine. decL'2v'l
New Livory St. r'ec-d Stable.
I!i;.i.;'iiui;o, 'o;:ii i.
N'. W lin.l l'ir;. I I.e.H lligs.
'I'enii.i reasonable, (live us a cull,
aulliyl JOU HA lei I :, Proprietor.
C TYn:L NafrPoyganfl flirlsfl
P ' Ymintraml OMH A M,W l.S.
f JVKNTION jiirit pateutea lot them,
i ; v for Houie use I
. f Fret itoii 8(TnIl Rawing, Ti:roir
? S rew i'i!ttin;f, 1'riie ?: to t
4 K.m: 1 f, t - tits f,.r I'M) i. i,'. 4
Kngraved In all the f.i.shionuhh. slylen.
Humpies and prices scut touny jiddress on
application to
C. F. BRADLEY & CO., Stationers & Engravers,
?3 West Fourth St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
In '10 1'iivH, In- the Use of the KXCl'.l .S!( )1
Itl'I'I'l UK Pl.A-il I'll AMI ill'.AI.INO COM
llJb;;!). Send for testimonials to 1-'. II. Men
an Og.lenspiug, J,-, y ttll-'lhyl
111'. lloaul of
.H-ho'.!l:...!ii!inersof Highland
notice, thl't eaillilll.llolls of
i l.lM-at.s will t.il.e iih.ee in ihe
1. a
ountv gie
Aooli. -ai. is for C.
lllllshoio t'ulon School building onlhehrsj
Satur.l i..' ol evci alii, i u u 't:;nl Sat
unlay of I1, hriuuy. Jiai :u, ApuJ. Ailgu-I, U.,.'
teiiil.er and October. ihd l -.an.iiiie. I. 1,1
iu-en-rihed by law is Si i.eois. J..- or. I. r i f tW
Ui3,'l I.tWIH JU'KlWiK., l-'luk.
It is a most ngrpcalila dressing-, which
is nt once -harmless nnd effectual, for pre
serving the hair. It restores,- with the
ploss and freshness of youlli, faded or pay,
light, and red hair, to a rich brow n, or deep
black, as may be di-sired. I!y its use thin
li.tir is thickened, and baldness often
tliotigli not alw ays cured. II checks falling
of the liait- immediately, and cairscs a new
growth in all cases where the elands are
not decayed; while lo brashy, weak, or
otherwise diseased hair, it imparls vitality
and strength, and lenders it pliable).
The Viooit cleanses the scalp, cures and
prevents the formation of dandruff; and,
by its cooling, stimulating, and soothing
properties, it heals most if not all of tho
humors and diseases peculiar to the scalp,
keeping it cool, clean, and soft, under
which conditions diseases of the scalp and
hair are impossible.
As a Dressing for Ladies' Hair
The Yioor. is incomparable. Tt is color
less, contains neither oil nor dye, and will
not soil white cambric. It imparls an
agreeable and lasting perfume, and as an
article for the toilet it is economical and
unsurpassed in its excellence.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer 84 Co.,
I'ractlcnl nnd Analytical Chemists,
Lowell, Mass.
30 Farms in Hebraska
SO Houses & Lots
In I.I.NCM.:;, Nr..u:.l:KA, for Kile i.t n.c
- ill' --
iiOS'S vv; HJM'iDAlJL.
L. -- 20X00 -.:... u '.Vi:..;: L
I v,!:liil In' .!t';; ii In .-( jl if, y i i :, d
" Jilciiil c iniily tnN, sitiy cr sill 1.1 1),h
i'im rtv, i.t t nit' liimv,- lin'.v inn, 'li Viiu v.iiiit-.
l:i-;;i. ctiV.lly. DJJN .1. hOr:'.
nui:ii::j l.inttiln. Ni 1..
Artistic Photographer
nr.sT unitic ix t;ii: county et Vmoma
hie l'riees. (lie me a call before oiileiin;;.
im'k daliHN mum
Want, main Street,
April 1:1, V-hnli
Adiuiiiisirntor's Salo of I!e:il lMatc,
Thurstliiy, Oi toher !, lSS-.
In pin liiini f an ind -r of Ihe Pi, .Lain
C mi t ol I ! i-hi-in-l e .inoy. Ohio, i '.. ill i- lor
.::!',- ;'l J.. ll'll-- ,,-K-: 1.. It. ol. Tinn-; -, t,.e l'Jlll
ia,- ofOehesr. IHsJ.at I'loVlo.-l. 1 r, 110.11. lip.
-.11 Ihe premium, the foilou inj; described
Ileal IMale. Kilu ile in Ihe (.'..mil v oi l Iii;hl:llid,
Mini Stale of Ohio, nnd in the 'Township of
Penn, jeu-t of sun.-y No. 107.S.
1 jn-n- ruAer i?.i; i:ovi.:ui s .h.
r.eninioi-,; at a point in the center of the N'ctV
Vienna and CarcWowii Pike and corner to Jos
eph lllls-.. y, iu illhtlll illlKSey'rt line, rillmiiiv;
thence with said William Jlussey's line, K. i'f
ill','., V. 107 H-lll poll s to a stone, corner to
said William Hiiksi-v, and ill (.'. A. .Shoekl. v'M
line; tli. nee ivith his said line and the line 'of
losiah l'oik, N. 41 it;;. z. mill., W. y D-KI
poles to a stone, corn, r to A. Ihvehciniii;
thence wilh his hue N 17 dej;.. 11. Hit i;-i(i poles
to the e nter of the afo.ei,aid N.-w Vi. una and
Careytown pike ; thence with tin. center of
said (like K. fill ili'K-, K. WI S-llKI i,,l, s to the I,-.
innin. conla'nin;; . iMy-twoaeri-h and sii poles,
in)i a. h'i p. i of .alel, he the Milne lnol e ol' U . s.
Sihiah- ill Hi.-Col'.iity and h.le iil'.a. said,
nnd in JViin louuMiip, la-iiiri part of survey
No. IU7.-I. 1;. 'nnin. jit a stone, corner In Jos
eph 1 ial. ii'islaiel, and iu Hie lin. ot C. A. shi.ek-
ii y; riuinin lii ewilh i-ai.i t-ho. kli v hue
N. 57 d I-:. .'-7 na-lmi .l.-s. t- a stone in Wil
liam lin -;-eyV line ; th. in-,- with .aid line, s. -Hi
I'-X. mill.. I - (.-i-leo .ol.-H, to a i-h.ne,
cornel lo said 1Iiimvj th.-nee w ith a ni.tli. r of
"i s line; Y I'l .1. , K. ! i ,ln to a stone
n sii-l line, i. ii. I a no i 1 1 . . r i on., r t,. said
'!llse; lie nr.- Willi ai'otlu r of his hues
1. 1" ii ;;., K. 1 ;s p. !.:, i-ii. -hix s,, :.! n,
"Slier. !' a M. lir io ,. t,. i t .1, , J, 1',, ,'.';.
is land, and c-.i-ii-r lo .Im. .1 II. 1 1 , - - -
'.h.-li. e 7-'i il, V.'. st t'' l-il ol, s, lo a Make
r ti-, tin 11. S. I.i.l. '., W. : j.,i iH.I.M
Ion stone eel ii.'i to said .lariies 1! Ilu,.s, y uud
lo.-eph I .,! :i; ll.i i.-'e v.i;h ,. 1 :,,,, ., line U.
hi; . ,1. !.'., V. 1 i:l S-lllll pules to the I.. ..-hiiiiii ;,
..nlniiine; iiily-live art. .. 17 '1-10 (...lis of land,
more or li -s. i x.-i'i.ti!!;,' . -le aei'i now ow in d l-v
I- i:-".'.. ih i'. 1 1 iie.-u, 1. ; , ile; :,1 ;:er. s and 17
.Mil oi.ii ...
!'i;'.,t Ir.i. t k) ..',o:.. -I ul f-7,:.i:l A:
Sei iilel t 1 ae: aju. ais: .1 at .l,:; -; .;fti,
'J 'el ins of sale ' '(.-! I i l.'l i.i hue. 1. on, -t.;:,
in on le:.r, lirei -,!n. lin t... V. ais I'l.-ni
I..;.' of -..:.' , i'.!i iiM.r.' !: tn.- u nii ei ; to he
IKIII 1.: upon II. e pi, ,!, hold,
.1 v '.!l: il. 1 P.i.I !.!., A In ii'Mia'or,
I.t 1 -.tat' .1 S. WiU. .11 liiissev, ( -irM
s p', nih, r 1 r.---. j.pjw 1.
Admliiii-t-.-iittii-V N.iV f ih- I'-luie,
.(.o!,,i 7, Is
In j no:
!.,. I- i.l li.e I lii,aic
11: , (;i,io, 1 w i: 1 oli. r
for Mil.- a; .nl. lie unction, ,n, s .liinl-y, I l.-i
nil, IWJ, lit I o el,., k e. J.. at 11..' ;.i. .1 i.-. ii
laylon.'. , V. hile ak l.,i:,;i..'. lli-hlal,.!
ei.iuil;.', Oi . i. ., lin: lulu w oi;,' ii. .rr: I .. 1 i 1', ,i t
tale, 1 an.... .1 111 the cuiii., oi Jiii,;!tii,, and
.-halt' ot Ohio anil t..u.i-!.io ..1 tl.i...,..l
lo-w i t ; ( llie hi lis.- a ml l.,t .No. - in the ilia :e
of 'lliylorsMil... Ai.o. ihe I'oll.miie;' t-n-i. .v
illll.l, ll'M-lil'.ll IIS 1. rlil.'.Vs, lo-Wlt; '..'L.IIllll-1:
at the soiilh-w.at eoin.-r of lot i.ii. I. iii il.n
illaie of '1 al..l'si!l.'; thi nie S. Ill .In;.. V.
p 'li s; tin u. e S. 75 il, ):..', . . l.s to a
t'Hie; In, n. -e N. Ill ill i.. (j' , p. oi s lo a s!..,e
and the soiilh-ea.-1 e..rner lo lot No. 4; tin nee
N. Ml il. ;;., W. l) p.'lea to the pli.en ot h. "111-
lilliU, eoiilalliili,; ..ne-lmii ih ol an u.'le, Inoro '
' I. - '. 1 1" iil'ioe pn-iii.to aoplaliad at
T.-ruiH ol' . .!',',. 1 e:. h hi l.n.uj,
e-tlnd io i a- v;.,i- iiitil t o- i i. .1 in fwil
. ; r i 1 1 oi i : I.i- o . , . 1 h .a , the ! : r. .'. pav
in Ills lo I .... 1' ml., si to. hi I'.. .In. if Mll.l
ail'l to I C ":lll ,1 OV I' !'!" I"-' "'I M." O'' 1 1 1 1 M H
sold. ' AI. I'.XANHl.lt lTliliV, "
Mi i.iliiw4 .Vihiiiiiii-ii aior.
... , I . ' .. ) l- : ' -' It.;. .'' I, '..
X -XlI A Ji A.-.J ,' 1 .o, , 11 ,'.' I o s N. u p..) r
A.lverilMii;: II. io- in I ii. :- ,.r.ii .' ..I I, v. a, i a.l. . e i.
euulit.-la u.u) hv u.-.dc lur 11 la rk.V' I OKK

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