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CAMPAIGN NEWS, from Sopt. Gth to Nov. 6th, 2 months, 25 Cents.
Merino Sliorp for Sale.
Fifty bund pood Merino Ewes: nlso some
K'Hxl (initio Morino Huiks. Address
F. E. Glascock. MiirxlmU, O.
Hotli to Whom It May Concern.
Thfl persou that was seen to pick up a
liidy's Money Satohol. Sept. Cth, on tlio
street in Ilillsbaro, will ploftso leave it and
contents at the Post Oflloc, and receive re
ward. Una. T. G. IIouoard.
Armstrong & Hojtl
Will deliver to any part of Corporation,
Ifiij BukIioIh Jaekson Coal ....$2 15
10j " Hoc-king Valley Coal 2 15
Coke per liiifJiel 10
Offioe at Boyd A Son's Mill, with Tele
phone connection.
Special prices to country trade,
For Nile.
Three Diamond Mill Stone Dresners, and
Stone- Mill Ticks. Apply to M. Duck.
For Sale.
Hay Tress and Delivery Wagon. Apply
to sept'27tf M. Buck.
Dr. J. It. CuIIaliau ,
If n'nin :iMr to nt'.cud to bnsir. ss. Olil
hours from h to 12 nnd 1 to 5 o'clock. )'
Wood Wanted on Snhscriilioii.
We will take 10 or VI cords of pood, drj
wood, on bubscriptiou, if delivered during
this and next month. 4-foot wood pre
ferred, of hickory, ash, Lfecli or Miyar.
N oak waited. Must he straight, well
seasoned and suinihlo for Move wood
Subscribers from whom we have agreed to
take wood will please deliver it befor
November 1st. sep2Utf
Who have been in the habit of "etthi" their
clothas made, are invited to call and exam
ine my stock of fino ready-made suits.
which I guarantee to be as good goods, and
as well trimmed and made us any Merchant
Tailors work, and save you from 33 to 40
per cent, on the same cluss of goods.
I. A. Feidel, Hillsboro, O.
The Lnrsrost Slock
Of Boys and Chilbreu's Clothing can be
found at I. A. Feibel's, Hillsboro, O.
Y'ou don't need to go to Cincinnati for your
Children's Kilt Suits, as I have then for
children from two years old and upward in
large Tnrieties. Call soon nnd see thein at
tf I. A. Feijdel's.
If you want to see the finest display of
Soft and Stiff Hats ever shown in this city,
call at I. A. Feiuel's, Hillbboro, O.
COAL Smith, litmus k Co.
Leave orders at Merchants' National
Bank. auOniG
Call nnd See Me
Before selecting your Neck-ware. Such a
stock of elegant styles have never been
shown in this city. I. A. Femel.
The best Pnlaundered Shirt in the mark
et for bO ceutH, can be found at
tf I. A. Feibel'b.
Wagons and Buggies.
The Celebrated Studebaker Wagon and
the famous Louis Cook Buggies, constantly
on hands in best assortment, and for sale
by James Kescb.
A False Report Corrected.
It is reported that S. H. Beard
stated at the Fairfield Church on
Sunday last, that the Republican
meeting held in Leesburg on Tues
day night, had been set for the pur
pose of interfering with a meeting to
be addressed by M. Redkey, Esq.,
the same evening. It is also ruporl
cd that lieard suid that RedLey had
sent him to the Fairfield Church to
tell the meeting the above.
We know positively that Mr. lled
kep's meeting at Leesburg was not
thought of, nor had the Commit
tee, which authorised the Gardner
meeting, even heard of the Redkey
meeting, until after the bills haefbeen
sent out. The Republican Commit
tee had no idea of interfering with
Mr. Redkey's u?"etiug.
The splendid steamer, Robert E.
Lee, said to be the finest on the
western waters, was totally destroyed
by fire last Saturday morning at 3
o'clock, about 30 miles below Vkks
burg. Seventeen of her passengers
and crew were lost. The value of
the boat and cargo are estimated at
$175,000. The pilot and engineer
behaved with great courage and re
mained at their posts until the boat
was safely landed. The flames spread
so rapidly that within ten minutes
from the time the fire was discover
ed, the boat was burned t the wa
ter's edge. Her cargo consisted
principally of cotton.
A False Report Corrected. To the Polls !
Let every Republican be at the
polls early next Tuesday morning,
first vote himself, then see that all
his Republican neighbors do the
same. Let no pains be spared to
bring out every Republidan vote.
lU-mcniber that a full vote is always
a Republican victory-
lie gRigMand glnv
Wednesday, Oct. 4, 1002.
Republican State Ticket.
For Seeretnrv of State,
of Athens.
For Judge of the Supremo Court,
of Lucas.
For Member of Board of Dnblio Works,
of Detinnce,
For Cnncrrii (V.'lh Tist.),
of Highland.
Republican County Ticket.
For Clerk of the Court,
J. j. iiriiiiEY,
of Liberty.
For Conuni-'Hiiiiit-r,
li. I,. WAITS,
of Marshall.
For Surveyor,
HAbi.i.Y i, .nr,
of Knirtii-M.
For Intirnmrv Dirf'tnr,
of Whit -cak.
r. j.rvr frv
Republican meetings will be held
at the following times and places :
MourytoirH, Thursday Night, Oct. 5
Speakers, Judge Gardner and Cyrus Newby,
Hardin's Creek School House, Friday
Night, Oct. C. Judge J. II. Thompson
and Cyrus Newby.
llilUhiro, Saturday Night, Oct. 7. Hon.
J. J. Fugsley and Hon. A. Hart,
Got Hiillement, Monday Night, Oct. 9.
H. N. Pattouaud John Johnson.
By order of the Executive Committee.
A. nAKMAN, Chairman,
H. D. Waddel, Socretary.
Let every Republican arrange his
business beforehand, so that ho can
be at the polls next Tuesday and
vote and work for. the Republican
The country is prospering as it has
never prospered before, under wise
Republican rule. Why make any
change? Vote the Republican ticket.
Every man on the Republican
ticket for State, district, and county
officers is well qualified and worthy
of support. Vote the clean Repub
lican ticket from top to bottom.
Let every true friend of temper
ance cast his vote next Tuesday
where it will do the most good.
Vote for the party which the liquor
dealers are trying to defeat and you
will be sure to vote right. Vote the
whole Republican ticket.
Let no friend ot law and order, of
temperance and morality, stay away
from the polls next Tuesday. Re
member that the whole liquor inter
est of the State is arrayed against
the Republican party, and that
every vote will be needed to insure
the victory to the side of right.
The brewers and liquor dealers
of the State are spending their mon
ey like v.ater to gain the victory on
Tuesday next for their friend and
ally, the Democratic party, because it
has promised not to interfere with
their unlawful business. Let every
Republican do his duly, and we will
rebuke and defeat this unholy alli
ance. The great issue to be decided in
Ohio next Tuesday is whether the
brewers, saloon keepers, and liquor
dealers shall rule the State and set
its laws at defiance, or whether they
shall be compelled to obey the laws
like all other citizens. The Repub
lican party insists that they shall sub
mit to wholesome and just laws, such
as are necessary for the peace and
welfare of community. The Demo
cratic party is for letting them have
their own way. On which side will
you vote ?
The Gazette Picked Up.
Hon. Daniel Hill upoke to a good
audience in Wilmington lant Thurs
day on Prolubition. The Temperance
people are pursuing their course
with vigor, and their speakers have
met with warm welcome every where
except in this city, last Saturday
night. llilhl'oro Guzilk.
The above will be in the nature
of news to the people of Wilmington.
Hon. Daniel Ilill was to have spoken
in Wilmington, but, aj it tained
heavily at the hour for a - a.bling,
there were only eight persons pres
ent, and Mr. Ilill did not Speak at
all. Clinton K'JuUuan.
Neal belonged to the Virgina'
regime, which held that a colored
man had no rights that a white man
was bound to icspcct.
As a member of the Legislature of
Ohio, Ncal voted to withdraw the
assent of the State of Ohio to the
Fifteenth Amendment to the National
Neal voted against Specie Payment.
As a member of Congress Neal
voted with the Bourbons against the
Civil Rights Rill.
Neal voted against all the laws
designed to protect the ballot box in
the South from wholesale frauds and
infamous crimes and murders which
disgraced that section.
Got Up to Prejudice Colored Men
Against Gov. Hart.
Just on the eve of the election,
when there is no time to answer the
chargo by procuring and publishing
the proof of its falsity, the Demo
cratic papers have trumped tip a
charge that Gov. Hart, during the
trial of Young in Georgetown,
objected to a colored man silting
on the jury, and said the verdict
would have been different if it had
not been for "that d d nigger !"
Gov. Hart authorizes us to pro
nounce the whole story a base false
hood,without the slightest foundation
in fact, as every one who knows the
Governor does not need to be told it
is. He has always proved himself
a friend to the colored men, and this
reckless and unprincipled attempt
to turn them against him, will ut
terly fail. They will Vote for Hart
to a man.
A Card from the Colored Juror, Mr.
Since the foregoing article was
written, we have received the Ripley
Bee and Times, of last week, in
which we find the following card
Read it. It speaks for itself;
RIPLEY, OHIO, Sept. 25, 1882.
To the Editor of the Ui f awl TiW.
In regard to the article which ap
peared in the Brown county A'e-vs,
some time since, signed "Justice, "in
which certain charges are made
against Hon. Alphonso Hart, Repub
lican Candidate for Congress, in
which he is represented as having
said something disrespectful of the
colored man that was on a certain
Jury in a case tried in the Court at
Georgetown, Ohio, I will say that
am the colored man that was on the
fury referred to, and that I have read
the article referred to carefully and
have taken trouble to inform my
self in regard to the matter, and I am
fully convinced that Mr. Hart made
no such statements as he Is repres
ented to have made, and that the
whole thing was gotten up and pub
lished for the purpose of defeating
Mr. Hart.
I therefore, after fully investigating
the matter, shall vole for Mr. Hart and
do all tn my pmver honorably to assist in
his ehotion.
Late a member of the Jury.
Don't be Silly.
Don't let a foolish prejudice uaiust pop
ular medicines stand between you and the
health of your wife, child, or baby. It is
always riht to advertise a blessing. Dr.
Kennedy's ''Favorite Kemedy" i6 a bless
ing. It has saved tnuusan-ls and it will
help you. If you arc uick and miserable,
we advise you to spend One Dollar for this
medicine, and then write to the Doctor, at
Hondont, N. Y., as to how ycu feel. For
troubles of the Kidneys, Bowels, Liver,
and Blood it has no equal.
The Cincinnati Gazelle proves that
the 4,000 saloon keepers of Hamil
ton county pay only an average tax
of 2 a head, and that 700 of them
actually pay no taxes at all. Yet
this is the class of men who are seek
ing to defeat the Republican party
because it insists that they shall pay
their just share of taxes and shall
not be allowed to desecrate the Sab
bath, by carrying on their nefarious
business in defiance of God's law and
the laws of the State.
Mr. Neal Playing a Double Game.
The Wilmington Journal says that
Mr. Neal told some of the temper
ance men in Clinton county that he
was in favor of the Pond bill and
Smith Sunday law. At the same time,
it is notorious that he is supported by
the saloon keepers of Chillicothe
to a man, and it is openly charged
that he "has an understanding with
them " Thus, while he talks tem
perance in Clinton, he is the friend
of the saloons in Ross. Can honest
voters support such double dealing
and hypocrisy ? Can the promises
of such a man be depended upon ?
Durbin Ward says the Democratic
pjrty ii for Civil Service reform ; or,
as he frankly txplains, it intends to
"reform into private life the whole
army of Republican office-holders."
Everything is now Ready for tlio
We Welcome Everybody, so all have a chance of Seeing the
Largest and Handsomest Display of
Cloihisigj Create" imiisMag Coocls!
That has ever been exhibited in Hillsboro, and at Prices Unde
niably the Lowest, and our Garments, which we Manufac
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ranted as Represented. Come, and we will prove.it.
Model One Price Clothing House, 9 W. Main St Hillsboro.
We also have a beautiful line of Samples of Foreign and Do
mestic Production, from which we make Suits to Order.
Gov. Hart in Clinton County.
The Clinton Repuhlican of last week,
has the following notice of Governor
Hart's speech at Martinsville, men
tioned in last week's Ni:ws :
Governor Hart has a good pres
ence and a fine voice, and proves
himself an entertaining speaker. He
announced that, as he is a candidate
for Congress, and, if elected will nec
essarily be called upon to take part
in the settlement of National ques
tions, he deemed it important that
he disenss the issues that will be
prominently before Congress in the
approaching session. Before enter
ing upon the discussion of these ques
tions he allnded briefly to the histo
ry of the party and its connection
with the great questions with which
it has been engrossed since its or
ganization. '
Devoting an hour to the discussion
of these National questions, he had
but brief time to give to matters of
State and local import, but in pre
senting these proved himself to be
thoroughly in accord with the ad
vanced thought of the party thereon.
Taxes Paid by Liquor Dealers.
Gen. Foster, in a recent speech,
made the following statement :
The average amount paid by the
saloons of this State is about $2
each ; the 18 brewers in .Cincinnati,
aside from their real estate, pay'
about 87,000. The 15,298 saloons
in tin's State pay not over $35,000.1
These statements the friends of the!
liquor dealers can not deny.
The Cincinnati Gazelle lately tookj
the pains to acertain the amount of
State taxes paid by all the brewers
and liquor dealers of Hamilton
county, and found that the single'
dry goods firm of John Shillito &
Co. paid more taxes to the State
than all the brewers, distillers and
saloon keepers put together ! Yet it
is estimated that these men make a
clear profit of not less than 100 per
cent, on their sales, while men en
gaged in other business are satisfied
with 20 to 25 per cent. . j
Challenge for a Joint Discussion,
Challenge ! The District Prohibi
tion Committeejspeaking for, and in
behalf of the Rev. Daniel Hill, Pro
hibition candidate for Congress in
the 12th district, do issue this chal
lenge to Hon. L. T. Neal, Democrat
ic candidate fur Congress in said
district, for a joint discussion of the
Temperance question, before the
people at any suitable point in this
district, selected by the challenged
party, and at any time prior to the
October election.
A. Manning, Dist. Com.,
J. W. Ki.ise, Cen. Com.,
Geo. T. Bvi.and, "
M. Redkey, "
Colored Voters, Remember.
That Mr. Neal, when in Congress,
voted against the Civil Rights bill,
giving colored men equal rights on
juries, in hotels, public conveyances,
Remember also, that when in the
Ohio Legislature he voted to with
draw the approval of Ohio to the
Constitutional Amendments. Let
no colored voter cast his vote for a
man who thus proved himself an
enemy to the colored race. Vote
for Hart.
Special Announcement.
The meeting heretofore announc
ed for Pricetpwn, on Wednesday
evening, Oct. 4, by the Republican
Central is with
A. HARMAN, Chm'n.
H. D. WADDELL, Sec'y.
; t .
vujyywit. t Ml fur t .
. -oW.U. tUAki
- .
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Hillbdobo, May 11, 1H82. tf.
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September 20, 1882. sep2Um3
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