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"Wednesday, Dec. 6, 1882.
Judge IMttey Is all right this week.
Alf. Burnett showed here lout night.
Wo had a cold rain yesterday (Tuesday.)
Judge Gregg is expected here next Monday.
Got. Hart was at Batavia yesterday, attend
ing the Hheen murder trial.
Lishop Jaggar preached in the. fit. Mary's
Episcopal Church last Sunday to large audiences.
Cottago Pravrr Meeting Friday evening, 7
o'clock, at the residence of Mr. IVale, on North
Weat street.
Mr. and Mia. Geo. Vance, of New Market,
start this week for a trip through Virginia and
Judgo Huggins in much better, and if it were
not for an abscess in his right Hide ho would be
able to flit up. .
Al. Gnlhufln, an engineer on the M. V C,
ban moved to thin rily, and in occupying tho
Oollins property.
A party of young geiits and ladies enjoyed
themselves at a dancing party in Uowcrs' hall
last Saturday night.
Barney (Jruhmn, near Sanmntha, Is the
proud possessor nr new boy, weighing, when
dressed, but three pounds.
Geo. H. Bowith announces that he will have
the new Ticmoeratic ditily of Cincinnati, The
News, for sale on Thursday next and afterward.
Dr. 8. G. llicharda is failing rapidly, and is
only kept up by a liberal use of stimulants.
Dr. Hhephcrd has but little hope of his recovery.
MiHS Lizzie Spring, who has been visiting
Miss Anna Patterson the past three weeks,
returned to her home in Gluey, Ills., last Mon
day. Mrs. 15. S. Qninn died on Monday last at 5
o'clock p. m., of consumption. The funeral
wllltako place from the family residence ti-day
at 1.80 p. m.
Clint. Doggott's eye is slightly improving,
but it is still feared he will lose the sight of it
His father, Wm. Doggett, is now driving the
stage to Bainbridgo.
The annual meeting of the Ohio State Hor
ticultural Society will 1 held at tho Court
House in Chillicothe, on Wednesday, Thursday,
and. Fridav of this week.
llobt. D. McClure, late with J. C. llitten
houso, shoe dealer in this city, left ou Monday
last to accept a position as traveling salesman
for the house of Heed, Jones it Co., Columbus.
Our senior editor, Mr. J. L. Iioardman, and
his daughter Alice, w ent to Dayton yesterday, to
attend the Ohio Editorial Association. They
will not go on the trip South, on account of
his impaired eyesight.
Thanksgiving and a goodly Bupply of job
work interfered with the News of this week,
but our "country relatives" mado the silvery
lining of the cloud all right. We meet them
half way all the time, and aro glad to know
they had plenty of turkey last week.
Col. Picard and bride arrived here lust Fri
day evening from their bridal trip to tho Soutli
and other points, and are the guests of Miss
Emily Grand-Girard at tho Institute. Miss
Grand-Girard will givo a reception in their
honor on next Friday evening at tho Institute,
On last Saturday, wo received a lot of splen
did apples from Miss Lizzie Fenner, daughter
of Erastus Fenner, of Carthage, Mo., by Mrs,
Muntz, who lives near this city. Soino of the
apples measured 12 inches iu circumference.
and wero of a bright red in color, streaked, and
quite palatable, thank you, Miss Fenner.
On last Saturday night, sotno person entered
the chicken house of Thos. Jeff. Itogcrs, North
High street, and abstracted therefrom Boine 10
or 12 head of the feathered tribe therein roost
ing. No clue yet to tho abstractors. On the
same night, his son's house in Cincinnati was
entered by a burglar, for which account see
article in another column.
Dr. Newton liichards, of Atlantic, Iowa, was
telegraphed for on last Saturday, on account
of the alarming symptoma in tho condition of
Dr. 8. G. Richards his brother. He arrived
here on Sunday, and is now at his brother't
bedside. He resided at Locust Grove, Adams
county, before moving to Iowa.
The services of the second quarterly meetin
will he held in the Methodist Episcopal Chtircli
of Hillsboro as follows : Preaching Friday at
2j' p. m., and Sabbath at 10; a. m., and li,' j p.
ni., by Dr. L. F. Vuul.'levc, P. E. Lovcl'cast
Sabbath morning at 11 o'clock. SacrumenU
Sabbath at 2,1,' 11. m. Omu-terlv Conference
Monday evening at 7; i o'clock.
The ordinance closing the saloons in Xcnia
-at 7 o'clock passed by a large majority of 1 1 it
council, and it is expected that there will l'e
livoly times in that city. Tlio Xenia Gazctti
i says "There is some talk of organizing a law
iand order committee to enforce the ordinance.
: as the fiat has gone forth that no attentioi
' will be paid to tho new law." The ordinanc
:requircB saloons to close at 7 o clock p. in. am
remain closed until 6 o'clock a. m., and im
poses heavy penalties for failing to compl
with the provisions. Nine councihneii voted
j?or the ordinance and two against it.
Another old Hillsboro Boy in Luck.
We were gratified last Monday in receiving
circular notifying us that Mr. Joseph A. Ar
thur had been appointed the agent of tin
Great Central Koutu, "lilue Line," for llurlin.
ton, Iowa, Quiiicy, Ills., and Omaha, Nub., witl.
headquarters at Burlington, Iowa. It is a ver
deserving appointment, and we wish him
ncceHs iu his now line of duty.
Tho C'haufuiKiiiii Clrele
liad an enthusiastic meeting at the home
iliss Maggie McKeehuu, ou last Thursday
aiigbt, with good attendance nnd a number
ol visitors. The next meeting will be held
BtCapt. J. M. lleislund's, on Walnut street
next luursdity evening, Ucu. 7th, ut
o'clock, at which time the subject of Ge
ology will be continued, the questions and
answers being fouud in the November
An Afflicted Family.
:Hr. Isa&e Lemons, living ou the Cincinnati
iike, two miles west of town, has real grief and
Morrow. Ou Sunday, his l;i-yt-ar old daughti
died, and was buried on Monday. Oil Tuusda.
morning, his 10-year old daughter died, and
will be buried to-day (Weducaday). His wif
and another daughter, IS years of age, are hotli
very low, and not expected to live. Tho causi
of their deaths and sickness is mu.linaut dip-
theria. It luiist be a callous heart indeed that
tan not Nvnipadiuc vwik him in hit aaro trouble..
Mr. I.yrurRUfc B. Millnirn mid MiB Imii&
K Koch ware united in nmrriftKO in Rt. JIary'a
Episcopal Cliiitrh luHt TlinVmlay.Rt 12.30 p. m.,
Iti'v. A. !. Hunter nlllcifttiiiK. Tlio atteml
antH wero Mr. Frank UaHcom and MiRfl Koeh, a
siKtcrof tho liridu, and Mr. Win. II. Tudor and
MiH Jane Atlcck.
Tlic (,'room is well known lire, and to in the
employ of Walkor ft Elliott. Tlio bride is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dun. Koel), of Soutli
TTich street. Tim ehureli was filled with friends
to witness the inipresRivo eerenionhw which
lKiund two happy hearts pettier for life.
alto tl.n Iioir m.uititiin wan hflhl at
tho residence of tho bride's parents, where the
happy couple received the coiiBratuiations 01
tlu-ir mnnv friends.
After congratulations, an eleeant wedding
dinner was served, which cave zest to the oc-
ainn, and the newly made pair were most
auspiciously ushered upon their matrimonial
'J he wedding presents, of which there was a
large number, wero mostly useful and appro-
priiite, and some, costly and elegant.
The bride wore a becoming costume in black.
and the whole aflair was most delightful in its
simplicity. The happy pair left on the 2.40
n. in. train for Cincinnati. They returned on
Inst Monday evening, and are Btopping for the
present at the Koch home.
Miss Jennie Chapman's Experience with
a Burglar in Cincinnati.
We clip the following from Sunday's En
quirer :
Mr. T.' M. lingers lives at 304 Linn street
near Wnde. lletween three, and four o'clock
vesterflny morning an entrance was ptVerted
into a room in the rear of the first tloor of Mr,
lt.'Keis' liouo by a window opening into a side
unci. ly reaching his hand through a broken
pane the burglar was able to lift the latch and
niiso the window with littlo trouble. On
lounge in this room slept Miss Jennie Chap
man, ot Hillslstro, Ohio, who la visiting Mr.
and Mrs. llogers. The burglar lirst passed into
an adjoining room anil ciiiorotormed .Mr. lug
ers and his wife, and then ransacked a bureau
and a trunk belonging to Miss Chapman. Se
curing the small amount of money from tho
trunk, the intruder then returned to Miss
Chapman's room, barricading the door behind
linn to Keep back .Hr. ami -Mrs. Id
r, in case
they should wako up. Miss Chapman was
a ukcncdhv some one having mud of Her ne.i
i1"'.'!"' ....1:1,"!!f,,"F.,!' ..w!,. iie
sum : .canine, mohl uo you ..antr aiiu :-
,.i,. o ,.,.. ivnu . "i.-0 atill T' l
cut vnnr throat." Tho vonm.' ladv begBn to
ream, w hen the burglar threw the bed-clothes
her lace, at the same tune grasping ner
liiiulv by the neck and telling her to keepiiuiet
or he "would kill her. For some time her head was
covered, nnd she was almost Bultocatcd.
t'iimllv. when uncovered, she promised to re
main cpuet iiecansooi the iiircut thai sue wonui
be killed if she didn't. After searching in vain
for something about the room the man left by
the door, winch he had prooaolv unlocked mi
med iatelv after his entrance to the house. Miss
hapmaii lay lor some time almost exhausted
and af r.iid to move for fear the man had not
gone. Finallv she uttered several loud aereains,
ut received no plv from Mr. and Mrs.
gers, whom she thought must have been
murdered, liaising herself to a window she
vned it. and put out her head and screamed
1 hi.ii klw- l.i-nrtl the voices ot Air. A1H1
Mis. ll-i'-ers. who could not come to her until
le had removed the chairs ami other things
iced against the door bv the burglar. When
e reporter called vesterdav evening Miss
hapman had not by any means recovered from
-r experience, .ur. lingers was just in tno
t of loading a largo revolver which he pur
iaseil iu the afternoon. The young lady
thinks the man was quite young, and small of
stature. A box of letters, taken from her trunk,
was found in tho yard yesterday morning. The
burglar was iu his stocking feet, as shown by
his tracks in the yard leading to tho alley.
Matches were strewn all over the premises, tie
secured only ?2.25 in money.
Probate Criminal Court.
On last Monday, Judgo Dittey held a session
f his Criminal Court, and had five cases before
him, as follows :
State vs. Wm. Abrams. Charge, leading
awav a horse belonging to Al. Glascock. Nol-
State vs. Mai. Elliott. Menacing a threat
gainst Marv Peel, colored, with an ax accom-
animent. Mid. discharged, when he was po-
litely invited by Marshal W llletts to appear
hetoro tlio Mavor on another charge, fcec
Mavor s work.
State vs. Michael Lynch. Selling one drink
' gin to James Nichols, a brunette. James
swore ho did, but Mike's scales pulled down
heavier, and he went tree.
State vs. l.olit. Ward, helling liquor to rat,
OTlerron. Jurv trial, l'at s testimony was
o elastic, and the Jury net failed to hold
Slate vs. Ado'.ph Koch. Keeping open saloon
ind selling liuuor on Sunday. Jury trial.
1'his was the tirst trial had in Hub county under
the Smith law. Marshal W llletts and llev.
lilise testified as to what they saw and heard ou
the outside of tho saloon on that Sunday, but
hi the inside Mr. and airs, tvocn, ami Messrs.
Dillon and Slusser seemed to Know what was
oing on, and the jury acquitted Ad. Koch.
What has become of Baby Waddell?
Now that the papers have Harry D. Wad-
Mi settled iu tho Wickershnin property and
also iu the Bosworth house, and his wife in
the First National Bank and he also in the
amo money store, we rise to inquire, what
has become of the baby e That little Wad-
It'll, even if he can not waddle yet, is not
be left out in the cold if the News can get
him in. Now you seo tho dilemma we are
iu by those telephone poles not arriving
on time, in consequence of which, Bro.
Cooper, we cau not telephone Wilmington
to tell a fellow where that baby is. Hut
re is the wad sent us by tho Wilmington
I'titrnai :
H. I). Waddell.nf Hillsboro, entered upon
his duties in tho First National Bauk,
thin place, last week. Mr. Waddlo comes
to Wilmington highly recommended by the
lewKimiiers of his native town. He is
voting gentleman who can not fail to be-
time popular, not only as ft business man
of more than ordinary ability, but also
socially. We are glad to wolcjmo him
our midst.
Now, Mr. Vernon, please inform our dis
tracted town where that baby is. We
know that it left hero three weeka ago,
The Transit of Venus To-day.
She will move, with astronomical pre
isiou, between tho hours of 8.30 ft. m. and
2.30 p. m., to-dav, across the sun s disc,
md theu wo will know, perhaps, whether
ve are 76,000,000, or 91,000,()00,or 96,000,-
WO miles from tho sun. A few miles don't
1 1. .!;.. ,m...a l,nf l.ci. tliurA
uiunu mum uiuvUv, . . -
lothing like knowing for certain. We will
nit lssuo an eura ou fne suojeoi, us it wiu
IIKO Our astronomer lou iuny to
lis figures. Miss enus will do it sgaln
123 vears. but we will make a transit our-
solves before then.
The time for external contact for Cincin
nati will be 8 o'clock and 26m. in the morn
ing. At Hh. 47m. Venus will be wholly
iha face of the sun. This last phase is
important one. The corresponding time
m tho afternoon is 'h. 9m. At 'ill. iUm.
Venus disappears.
If tho weather is good, Venus luay ewily
be seeu with the nuked eye,
Ilsn a niece
f smoked 1uhh. Tho plunot will appear
waLUekHpot about oue-thirtietu of
sun 8 uianuuer, mm iuuu ma
very near the lowest point. It will paw
ibliUUi-iy uj.wurah uun.-K
inih of lhe tUameter of the tun, If
rei-kon t)i(4 the huh ib apparently ntteen
mehea ID O;''!", iuvu cuun m uo utu
iaeh. although H W H ipuM seveu thou
ind five huudroJ uiitt tiK'i W iSpry-foiLr
million milea from the earli.
Court of Common Pleas a ljouruel to
Monday, when it u eipected Judge Cireg
be in atlt -iidatu
Marv L. Me. k has applied for ft thvorco
ilunry U ilok.
Jud. Woodmansee's Residence Burned
to the Ground, and
to the Ground, and A Little Child Of Lewis Miles' Burned
to Death near Russell Station.
On Tuesday morning of lftRt woek, near
New LnxiiiL'ton. Mrs. Mnrv Pickerint;,
motlier 01 J . K. ncknring, metwuu a norri-
ble death by fire. She was in her !12d year,
. . . ....
" v"y icooie. jir. x ii-iuiu8, ui.D iu
his barn on that morniui. emclled soiuo-
.. , . , :.. ni . rt
"""IS .uj.u....j ..."
house, anti into Ins motner 8 room, wuere
he found her lvincr on the floor with her
ci,)thes all bnrned off, and the chair, on
which she usually sat, also on tire. The old
lady's body above tho knees was burned
almost to a crisp, nnd she brenthed only
twice lifter found. Thofeuiale members of
the household were in other parts of tho
house at the time, attending to their mora
ine work. Kho wa in the habit of contin-
nally poking the fire, and it is supposed
that while so doing, her clothing caugnt
tiro, and on account of her feoblenesH was
too much frightened to alarm tho other
members of the house, or to put the fire
out. The neighbors were soon notified of
the snd calamity, and rendered all assist
auce necessary.
Ou Saturday her remains were buried in
i airfield cemetery beside her hiistiaucl
who hud preceded her several years.
On Tuesday, Nov. 28th, at 3 o'clock a. m.,
the fine residenco on Jud. Woodmansee's
farm, near New Lexington, was burned to
tho ground, with all its contents, excepting
a few articles taken out by John Kinzer,
who was occupying the house at the time.
The tiro orignmted in the kitchen hreplace,
t..l it in flmiu.M it smoldcrinrr all niirht.
M Kinzer smelled something burning
the night m-evious before retiring. Ho
" , - . . , .. -
ineu to discover ine cause oi n, out iiwicu.
and was awakened at J o'clock 1J his wile,
when they fouud the house on names. Iliey
had ft narrow escape from being burned to
death, and bo had to rush through the
flumes to net outside. Mr. Woodmansoo's
loss is bctwoen $2,500 and $3,000,
Ou last Sunday evening, littlo Frank,
aged 2 years, son of Lewis Miles, nearKus-
sell station, ten into me nre, una was
burned to death. His mother was out
milking at tho time of the accidout, and the
real facts iu the case are not known. Its
remains wero buried on Monday afternoon.
The above facts in the Miles case were
telephoned us just before going to press uy
gome kind friend, and our New Lexington
correspondent furnished
the facts in the
two hrst reports.
Union Schools Monthly Examination.
High School, . G. Smith and H. S. Dog
cett. Teachers.
Millie Zink 98, Lee Arthur 8, Cornelia
Edwards 97, Anna Naylor 97, Willa Douo
hoo 9fl. Lizzie Chancy 915, Jessie Glenn 95,
Ellft McSurely 95, Eddy liichards 95, Now
ton Chaney 95.
"A" Grammar, J. M. Aay. xeacnor.
Charlie Smith 96-k Lizzie Strain 953, Hat-
tie Ayres 95 5-9, Dick Hrown 95, Herscbel
Kuss 92 6-7, Nellie McKeehan 92 (5-7, Doda
Iuskeep 92 7-9, Jennio. Howies 92 7-9, Mag.
cie Chaney 90 5-9, Lizzie Lyle 90 5-9, Ells-
worth Darlington yos, Matnerocarnoro -jj,
"13" Grammar, Gertrude Jones, Teacher,
Lida Shack 95 1-9, John Doorley 92V
Laura Holmes 91 4-5. Carrie Wetmore 91 5-9.
Mary McClanahau 89 4-5, Frank Williams
Biifr, rrniiK roraaer o;, r.inuia nuuima ooj
Emma UouK o, Annie enng 61 'J-iu.
A" Intermediate, Bertha lteckly.
Homer McKeehan 100, Louie Haller 98
Lizzie Mulleuix 984, Sudie Koberts 9K
Daisy lteckly 98, Hoyd Nevin 97, Jakie
Fidler 9(i, Gettie Chaney 95, George Kra-
mor yiv. John iticnarns y, uassius
Owens 94i.
13" Intermediate, Maggie E. McKeehan
Willie Chaney 99, Mamie Ingebraud 99,
Annie Hoyt 98, Garwood Hiuman 97, Frank
Chanev 97. Frank Hrown 97, Joe Glascock
97, Lizzie Muutz 97, Jane Wiggins 97, Htel-
ia Wfitmore97.
'C" Intermediate. Sarah E. Williams,
Guy Hickle 97 G-7, Iva Loyd 95)1, Bonnie
Glascock 943, Annie Doorley 94 2-7, James
Keech 94, Leonard Chaney 9J4, Lang Dog
gett 92 f-7, George Shepherd 92 6-7, Fenrl
Kowe 92, Julius r eibel vii, Dennis flic
Cabe 911.
"A" Primary, Jennie T. Morrow, Teacher,
Florence Starr 99 2-7, Homer Vox uy,
Hugh Fullerton 974, Orin Stafford 97A, Al
MeClitnahnn 974, Joe Carroll 9fiij, Emma
Suodgrass 9(5 3-7, Harry Foulk 95 0-6, Pearl
Dumeuil 95 5-0, Helen Glenn 95, Lawrence
Parits 95.
'B" Primary. Maria M. Woodrow
Lillie Day 100, Bessie McNicol 100, Net
lie Perin 100, Heber Cowman 97, Ollie Beat-
tv 97. Bessie Groves 9b j. Lone Hughey 9
Lallio Ayres 9., Charlie Glascock y., Clyde
Davis H.
"C" Primary, L. Mario Chaney, Teacher.
Mary Chauey 100, Hester Meek 100, Kate
Shack 99, Mary Stable 'J8, 1' red McKeehan
98. Madge Chancy 98, Mary Brown yy, At
fred Gore 97. Herbert Boyer yt, itusu
Hoads 90.
Gram mar School, John Q. Price, Toache
"A" Grammar Mary MoClelluu91, Lilly
Kilgour 91, Lizzie Nukes sii. Mollio Jeuk
ins 90. Andrew Peyton 87. "B" Grammar
-Anuio McVey 811, Lydia Elliott 01, mat
tie Jackson 84, Eva McFarlaud 84, Hattie
Elliott 84, Itufus McClcllan 80. Grado C
Annie Clark 80. Fred Jenkins 86, Mamie
Kilgour 80, Jennie Young 90, Mollio Colter
80. Cora Elliott 82.
Primary Department, Sallie M. Camp-
ueli qwber.
class A Robert Baker 90, Charlie Goius
87, Arthur McFarlaud 87, Cinuie Williams
UT Ci-al. WilHaniu XMl (! KH K Mitrv
u'i " " "
fw ' ,iua Frei , i W mills
i'rauk Goius 87, Isaac Williams 87, Thea
aore Campbell 84.
Concord Tp., District No. 7 A. E. Mus
crovo, Teacbct,
Class A Edwaru r.yre uz, uiuss i
Lewis Eyre 934, Louella EaBter 92 6-7, Mil
lie Eyor 95$, Henry Webster 86 2-5, Clara
Hudson 85 5-6, Charlie Koads 79 '2-5. Class
C Charlie Hudson 85, John Eastou 81, Oli
ver KeruB 85, Sylsby Webster 8(1, Metta
Walker 88, Louie Kerns 82, Ella Eyre 90
Nora Davis 87, Ollie Easter 85, Ella Dav
90J, ltosa Marsh 82. Class D Lewis
Hlmw fcfi. Annie Eyre i)5. Bureh Kerns
wmuie '(m, fN
gie HumU Hf . Cuihh E-JMjert VQ
- j - t,
Bier ot.
Rov. lather Miehael O'Dont-hue, ho
;.. ilU,fl r t rimn.h l.rM
t yttkr or two I)ttbt( will the plac-e made
i vacant uy me nniruer oiitev. j, u. j iMiuitnue,
at Morrow, ami rather Murray, or L-hiiJicotlie,
will tmppiy lhe eimren uere ior wis piebeui.
fayetto County Herald.
how u ! nie to treat Catarrh of long
, btandiui;. Kly'a Cteau hJiu; rea"J'eH oh-
stinate casea, where all other remedied full.
" w iiyuiu ur anuu ouu cum.j up-
i thod. l'nc oU couttt.
List of the Questions Propounded Saturday,
List of the Questions Propounded Saturday, December 2, 1882.
What is the rato of interest when ft
day note is discounted nt tl per emit, per
minimi I ti iw-i)t) per ceni.
What is the rato of discount where ft CO-
day note yields (! per cent, per annum ?
0 11U1-CJ11 per ceni.
A buys 200 sacks of flour at 2.50 per
sack; by selling at 5cts per pound he gains
per cent. Weight ol tho sncks I
liu urn eacn.
A distiller sold bis whisky, losing 4 per
cent., keeping $18 of tho proceeds, he gave
the renininder to an agent to buy rye at 8
percent, commission. Ho lost in all $32
orth of whisky ? .'.
A crocer. at one straight cut, took oft
piece of a whole cheese, which had of the
circumference and weighed 31bs. What
diil the whole cheese weigh ? 3:).0231bs.
I sold an article at 20 per cent, gain;
had it cost me $300 more. I would have
lost 20 per cent. Cost ? liUU.
A and B pay $1.75 for a quart of varnish
and 10 cts for the bottle, A contributing $1
and It the remainder; they divide the var
nish equally nnd A keeps tho bottle. How
do they settle? B pays A 2cts.
A man and a boy can mow a new in a
days; if tho boy rests 3,' days, it takes them
i days to uo it. In what tinio can eaon do
tho work ? Man 134 days, boy 20 days.
If 3 boys do a work in 7 dnys, bow long
ill it fake a man to clo it who works 4 J
times as fast as a boy ? 4i days.
A owns IK tier cent, stocks at 10 nor cent.
below par, "and 3 per cent, stocks at 1! per
cent, below mr the Uicome from the former
is bt.n per cent, more than from tho later,
ami the difference between the two invest
ments is 114, 000. What is the whole in-
estmeut and whole income?
SHIM, 000, and -960.
Isothermal, Iguitiblc, Leasable,
lertiary, Bowlder, Satellite,
Cygnet, Caballer, Quoits,
i ice.
Give 5 methods of forming the plural of
nouns. Writo the possessive plural of tluet
ehilit, hero, deer, attorney.
What verbs do not commonly assume the
passive form w liy I
fnaine the verbs that aro used both as
auxiliary and principal verbs.
Give a classification of sentences founded
1st on their form, 2d on their uso.
Give tho corresponding masculine and
feminine form of maid, niece, monk, roe,
bean, pen; name the gender of John in
this: Tho John Sherlock sailed this even
ing? Why?
Is it slang to say "That noso of yours?"
nve your opinion of the forms our, her,
their, your.
Diagram this from Pope :
"Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,
.Is to Iw lulled llrrfl but to lie seeu.
But seem too oft, familiar with kiT fflce,
U'e tirst endure, then pitv, tlu u em'rnce."
Parse in full the ltulieised words
What different views have you read as to
what may bo the predicnto of a sentence ?
Give yours.
e are told in the grammar that syntax
treats of the relation, arreement, govern.'
me nt, and arrangement of words iu a sen
tenee. Explain the meaning of these four
words, as used in grammar. Of what use
is the teaching of grammar?
Describe the position and locate centers
of the land and water hemispheres.
State the difference between oceanic mid
continental islands and describe the Ameri
can chains.
Describe the surface of Australia, and
name three mountain chains.
Describe a noted river in each grand di
vision, and tell what each is noted for.
Explain the phenomena of phosphores-
ence ot the oceau.
How does the rotation of the earth affect
the winds ?
On what waters does Maryland border?
Paraguay ? Sweden ? Persia ? Morocco ?
Give capital of each.
Describe the following mountains: Came
roon, bufeiman, Erz, Ozark. Big Horn.
JSame and locate the five largest Atlantic
seaports of the United States.
iVime all the States and Territories bord
eriug on or crossed by tho Missouri. Name
tho largest city of each on that river.
first discovered tho shores of North
America ?
Who discovered tho Mississippi river?
lhe Facihc ocean t
Which one of the Atlantic States was set
tled by the Spanish? By the Dutch? By the
English? State when and where each was
What was Acadia? What was done with
the people ?
Name the thirteen original colonies.
Givo five causes which lead to the Revo.
Name the first, the last nnd the most im
portant battle of tho Kevolution.
Nanio five noted mon of the Kovolutionary
Period who were not military men.
ISame tho first nve and the lust five Presi
Explain ?hat is meant by the Missouri
Compromise and the Electoral Commission.
Lodge Elections.
At a stated communication of Highland
Lodge, No. as, F. A A. M.. held last Thursday
night, tho following officers were elected: A.
W. liownhani, W. M.j H. N. 1'atton, H. W.: J.
M. Kehott, J. W.; J. M. Hibben, Hec'y; John
Matthews, Treas.; Cotton Mather, H. D.: Chas,
llsrsha, J, 1).; J. B. ltowe, Tyler.
The following onicers wero elected ou Tlmrs-
lav evening last tti serve Binggold Lodge. N
llil, I. O. O. F. for the ensuing year: F. W.
louug, n. ij. : J. 1 . uiistis, v u. ; It. J. ,u
Alpin, It. S. : Henry Cork, P. H. ; W. 11. Logan
1 reflsurer. 1 he dedication services have not
yet lieen arranged, but will tako place shortlv,
at which tinio several of tho grand otlieers will
he present.
At a regular meeting of Lynchburg Lodge,
No. 151, I. O. O. F., Nov. 25, the following
omcers wero elected : Thos. Dmueml, N.
, Dr. A. Garner, V. G; J. K. Kizer,
Secretary; Dr. W. J. Srofe, Treasurer, C.
Noble, F. Secretary; D. McCann, J. W.
Henderson and G. J. Taylor, Trustees.
At a regular meeting of Lynchburg
Lodge F. A A. M., Nov. 22d, the following
officers were elected : W. C. Woodrow,
W. M.: tv Elkeles, S. W W. It. Patterson.
J. W. ; C. Noblo, Secretary; James Brouse,
Treasurer; A. hmith, h. v.: Wm. Connell
J. D.; D. McCann, Tyler; Jesse Thoruburc;,
Trnsteo. This lodge meets every month
ou the Wednesday of the week in which
the moon fulls.
Mayor's Court.
Mid. Elliott waB arretted Monday foratriking
a vpey. Caw continued,
liuriu Jueli-ioii waa arrented Monday for steal
ing an arnit'ulof plank, taken from a fenee of
Uncle lien, IUiuiuhou, on IhanksKivinK night.
Tina, iounu uuiy, Hemenceu to su duvs im
prisonment in eounty jud, and lined t ad
coritrt, to remain in jau until paiu.
Walter Trimble, colored, and Wm. Duckwall,
white, were arreted yenterday niorniiiL'
complaint of Kit Uunn, lor asHultiiiK bimirn
wire uy inrowiiiK humich at ner. Cane continued
to thia atternoon at 2 u clock.
Marriage License.
Harder JVWlrtllN ami Nettie KhotmaKer,
J, J, t'hnei and huie H. Mailt.
Ij, li. Mdtjurnaud Loinna ll, Kooh.
N. li. Heard and Lizzie i'auach.
Albert N. Hnona (widuwerj and Karali E.
Turinr Hwt and Susie Barnett.
Jas. W. Donohoo aud Sallie Cainplell,
uuusliis C. Hhaller and Marv I,, 'l'hnmaa.
Nathan Trotn (widownr) and Mary J. Diven,
rh$ Republican vote in Indiana
was 26,306 less than in 18S0 and the
t 1
Democratic vote 4,544 less.
Their Joys and their Sorrows—Births,
Marriages, Ills, and Deaths.
Their Fortunes and Misfortunes-Crops
Crosses, Comings and Goings.
Home Happenings and Fireside Fun,
Likely Loves and Blasted Hopes.
Home measles in tho township.
Mr. Henry Smith is convalescing.
Itcv. Oalbreath failed to put in an appearance
Mr. Florence, of Danville, Ohio, visited
friends here this week.
Miss Nannie Kester. of 'Greene county, is
viHiting her brother nt this place.
Miss Ida Templin, accompanied by her friend
Miss Murv Wriubt, of l.vndon Station, Ohio,
spent Thanksgiving at home.
Thanksgiving has gone, so has the turkey.
Miss Liboio Davidson is staying at G. II.
Mrs. Mclntire has been visiting relatives in
Adams countv.
Mrs. Sudie Heed has been on tho sick list for
some time past.
Minus Htultz was at homo from Fayetto
county on a visit last week.
Those who attended the I. O. O. F. dinner at
Belfast, pronounce it a pleasant affair.
Thanksgiving services were held at Prush-
creek Church, ltev. West delivering quite an
able sermon.
Mr. Christopher Setty and wifo Bold their
personal property on Tuesday last, and have
?? live with their daughter, Mrs. Mchllda
Gull, near May Hill, Adams county.
KilliitR hoL'rt nndi:athcring corn are the order
ol tno dav now,
The principal part of the potato crop is atill
on hand waiting lor hi'ier prieea.
Wm. Mount and family, of Ilrown countv,
were visiting his parents yeHtcrday.
Mr. and Mrn. E. N. rulliam buried their
infant child yesterduv in tho Smith Cemetery.
llev. J. II. FarU strained Mh ankle, one dav
lant week, while playing with the scholars at
Minn Marv Goodrich, of Kentucky, is Ivine
rlunrrouslv sick at her brother-in-law's, John
IIol's nearly all sold, at from 5.75 to 0.25.
John Murphy, of lirown county, has been the
principal huvcr
Daniel Workman and wife, of Marion rountv,
Town, are hero snendiinr the winter with tin ir
many friends and relatives.
Tho Ilrom.ANn News hns had a boom here
lately, and it is admitted by all to bo tho best
paper printed in the county
Dr. Johnson, of Warren countv. and Dr.
Chancy, of this place, were in consultation last
1 tuirsdav m retard to tho case ot Miss alary
Mr. James W. Ponohoo and Miss Karah
Campbell, were married last Saturday evening
at the rehidenee of J. W. Ruble. Prosperity
and peace through hie attend them.
Our school is in line condition.
Not one house in town forrent.
Mhs Stella Igo is on the sick list.
Jake Stout still hammers away on our pike,
Master Ed Bunn brings tho mail in on time.
Joe Few has moved into the Allen Bunn
The measles have made their appearance in
tins vicinity.
Constable Joe Navlor is clerking for Ed,
Orlando Gibler has sold his farm to John
Link, of Hillsboro, lor $1,800.
Rev. Fallon delivered a good sermon at the
Christian Church hero on Sunday.
Ed Hetherington, our clever little merchant
and V. M., is doing a good business,
llev. Hill will commence a series of meetings
at Miller's Chapel, on the ltith of the present
It is a common saving and worthy of all
acceptation, that we have one of tlio best hotels
in Southern Uhio.
Quite a numherof our voung bloods attended
the regular monthly drunk, familiarly known
as stoea sale, on Saturday last.
We notice quite often a gay young gent from
tho vicinity of Mourytown, at the residence of
Wm. Igo. Attraction, Miss Lidie.
Our gav, jovial friend. Charlie Stout, left for
the Far West on Tuesday last, Charlie says
that he is coming back here for his partner.
Miss Mollio McCormick, who lias leen con
fined to her room for the past nine weeks witli
fever, had recovered so far that alio was ablo to
rido out on Thanksgiving day, but was taken
dangerously worse on Saturday with hemor
rhage ot the lungs, bho is lying quite low at
this writing.
A good barber could do well hero, now. as
the girls are all having their hair shingled.
C. R. Findlc has gone into tho banking busi
ness near Greenfield. Charley will bo very
much missed.
Rev. Overman, of Hillsboro, delivered an able
sermon to a large and attentive audience in our
sehoolhouso lust Sabbath. He is much liked
The country boasts of two mont noted unmpn.
One of them has the future revealed in dreams,
while the other's future is revealed through
Mrs. rence, wife of Lewis Fence, died in the
Catholic Hospital, Cincinnati, and was brought
home luesday and interred m the Oakland
Messrs. Charley Stout and Charley Bordow,
two of onr most prominent voung men. have
gone on an extended visit to relatives in Shelby
county, Ind.
A signboard on tho farm of one of our most
prominent Democratic farmers, bear the in
scription, 'Nn hunting or shooting aloud.'1
Boys, shoot softly.
Mr. W. L. Albert, our entcrprbdug merchant
of this village, lias built an addition to Iih
storeroom which ho is filling with the nnmt
complete stoek of goods that is generally kept
in a country store. His constantly increasing
trade euabh shiiu to sell the best articles at the
lowest prices. Ho keeps the best of groceries,
pays the highest price for country produce, and
any one patronizing him will realize a saving.
Ashur Fox buried a small child last Monday.
Quite a number of children in the Thompson
ucigniKirnoou nave me measles.
James Bieket took to himself a wife in the
person ol Miss rox, on last luesday.
Mrs. James Lavmau has leen uuito sick for
several days, but is now reported as improving.
John McCreight has purchased the Garwood
property ou tho Buford pike, and is improving
it for a future resilience.
John L. Orebangh has purchased the
hoolhmiM) property, and will improve it bv
building a nice renidi nce.
Jas. W. Lucas, of HnrinirhYld. O . firMi1ur-
ing among his friends here for a few days,
combining business with pleasure.
Thomas J. Stroup has rented his residence
and sniitlirdiop to Mr. Carpenter, of Allensbnrg,
and will shortly move ha family to Hdlhburo.
Joseph Beard mado an attempt to amputate
his foot with an ax last Friday, but failed. He
succeeded iu cutting a largo gah m it, how
ever. It is reported that we are to havo a saloon
soon. wont that bo nicer It is so much
trouble for the Uys to go to Lynchburg
Some person entered Lewis A Stroun'a saw
mill one night last week, and stole the belting.
The mill is not iu operation. Mike would hko
to be introduced to te chap that did tlio mu-
A rariuer'tf Taper. We ask attention
the advertisement of The Ohio Farmer,
Cleveland, 0., iu this issue of our paper,
and recommend it as one of the oldest and
most valuable agricultural and family pa
pers iu the country.
Fifty-eight million dollars is the esti-
.,)d.l w., .a a u :..,-. r .1.'
actually worn: and ctill ihe.o ai-a ieoide
meftU eaouKh to go hacking and coughing
because they do uut want to invest 25 ceuU
for a bottle of Dr. liua'a Cough Synm.
Greenfield, Ohio,
December 4, 1882
lion Ti ibbetts, of Westboro, was in town on
Saturday. j
John Beehtel and wife are visiting rclntives
in Woostor, o.
Bert Mitchell, of Chillicothe, was down on
Thursday and Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Stiermade a brief visit to
Cincinnati on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Boden spent Sunday in
Chillicothe visiting friends.
Wm. B. Adumsand familv spent Thanksgiv
ing with friends in WttHliington C. H.
H. A. Morrison spent several davs of last
week visiting his parents at Mineral I'oint, ().
Miss Ida Nelson is visiting friends in New
Holland, and will be absent several weeks.
James II. Terrill, a prominent farmer and
stock dealer of New Vienna, was in town on
Madame rumor ha it that a double wedding
will take place on West Main street, about
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Love, of Madisonville,
spent several days of last week here visiting
their parents.
Mr. and Mrs. J, E. Miller, of Chillicothe,
spent Sunday h( re the guests of Mrs. I'cllers.on
West Church street.
Dr. Strain, a former well known physician
of this place, at present located at Logansport,
J int., is visiting here.
William Rowan, of Lyndon, is visiting rel
atives in Independence, hansas, and will be
absent several weeks.
The public, dance in Bell's Hall lant week
was almost a complete failure, only about eight
couple being present.
James V. Smith having secured a good posi
tion nt Rnshville, Ind., his family will on
Thursday remove to that place.
Earnest Allen made a desperate attempt to
secure his election on Thursday last, but was
defeated by only two votes.
How does Dr. Ed. Wadd. l sound? Ed. has
entered the otVice of Dr. Anchutz for the pur
pose of acquiring dentistry.
Mi-is Mary Murray entertained a number of
her friends at her hiuue on West Mam street
on Wednesday eve ning last.
Mrs. Wm. L. TuIUys, of Chillicothe, spent
several days of last week here the guest of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bobbins.
Wm.A. Douglas and family and Austin Van
Belt and family spent Thursday of last we- k in
I.eesburg, visiting the parents of Mr. Van Belt.
Mrs. Robert Smart ami daughter Bessie, (if
Rocky Fork, were iu town on Saturday the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Southward.
Jno. Anderson and Miss Jennie Limes were
married on Thursday evening, at the home ot
the bride, about two miles northwest of this
The subject of "Early Rising' iu last week's
issue arrived here on time, and if reports are
true these visits will not continuo longer than
about Christmas. The lady lives just east of
Rev. Chapin, of Mount IMeasant, O., preached
at the First Breshytei ian Church ou Sunday
morning, and also assisted at communion
The sermon preached by Rev. S. D. Crothers
on Thanksgiving day was an excellent effort,
and greatly enjoyed by the large congregation
William E. Tarrett. the Main street druggist,
received a very valuable document by mail on
Thursday last. If you don't believe it, ask Wil
lie, to seo it.
On Saturday evening ono of our prominent
drug stores was compelled to close its doors, on
account of too much disturbance caused by a
drunken crowd,
William Newman is acting as night police
man, having secured his appointment from our
Town Council, and entered upon the discharge
of his duties Friday evening.
J. J. Eh nor and Miss Susie Marks were united
in marriage on Thursday evening at the
residenco of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.F.
F. Marks, just north of town.
Quito a lively and interesting time was had
at the roller skating rink on Thursday evening
last. A large number of the skaters were mashed
and atforded much sport for the spectators.
C. C. Norton left on'Thursday last for a few
days visit among relatives at Logan, Ohio.
Dal Eldrick and It. IT. Miller were in Cincin
nati on Monday. Wo learn their visit was to
purchase the Cincinnati Stock Yards, but can
not vouch for the truthfulness of tho report.
Miss Cora Arnott gave a largo party for her
numerous fiends on Friday evening of lat
week, at her homo, about three miles southwest,
of town. There wero present over twenty
couples, who report having a good time.
When the telephone line toHih1nrn is com
pleted, would it not bo an excellent idea to run
loop to the Marietta depot so tnat the lino
could be used at night should ocean ion require?
A night operator is regularly employed at that
The ladies of the Firt rresbyteriitn Church
of this place, on Friday last, sent a valuable lxx
of clothini;, consisting of scurfs, socks, gloves.
Vc, to Sitka, Alaska. The box was addressed
to the missionaries at the above, named place,
and the contents will bo distributed among tho
Indians in that vicinity.
Shaw's Jolliets. a snide company, were billed
for one performance iu our Town Hall on
Tuesday evening last, but on account of ob
stacles in their way, such a landlords holding
trunks. Ac. they failed to put in an appearance.
One of the company was in town on Thursday,
having walked up from Chillicothe, and report
ed walking good.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Robbins were very agree
ably surprised on Thanksgiving day, on return
ing home from church, to tind their home filled
with fri nds ami relatives to tho num1er of
nearly titty, who had taken possession of tho
bonne, erected a large table capable of accom
modating tliis number, and Tilled it with good
things for dinner. The aged couple were com
pletely overcome with joy, nnd were very hap
py. Sirs. Wm. Tullys, a daughter, of ( hillieo
t.io, was present and assisted xery materially in
the arrangement,
Tho friends of G. W. Sprung aud R. R.
Sprung, the former editor and proprietor of
the Chief, have requested them to name a day
which would be convenient for their friends to
call at. the family resid. nee. The friends wished
to acknowledge their gratitude for favors
show ii, during the number of years these geu
tleiiit u so ably conducted the management of
the Chief. That, under tin: Sprung manage
ment. the Chief wa- well and ably conducted is
already evident. Nothing of a damaging or
sensat i-Mial character was ever permitted to ;ip
pear in its columns, and tfto gentlemen retire
from the management with more friends and
less enemies than most persons who have con
ducted a newspaper for no many years.
Mr. ('has. Loib, formerly of Hillsboro, but
who for the past year has occupied the position
of bookkeeper for Messrs. L. W. Baldwin fc
Sons, of this place, met with rpiite a serious ac
cident this morning, ami one that will lay him
up lor at least three mouths. About hi no
o'clock this morning Leib, in company with
Bovd Wilson, after securing a horse and buggy
at tho liverv stable, started tor Hillsboro to
tf nd the day with the parentsof Charley Leib.
On arriving at tho Overhead bridge, which
crosses the M. A C. track just west of town,
the- horse became frightened at some object
near the bridge, and giving a quick lunge sidi
wise, Leib was thrown out. and striking tho hard
road suddenly his right leg was broken between
the ankle and knee. Wilson was also thrown
out but besides being wonderfully frightened
was uninjured. Leib was taken to the residepco
of S. R. Bike on North street, and Dr. T. .V.
Smith sent fur, who rendered tho necessary
medical aioj
Greenfield Market.
Corrected weekly for the News, by R. N. Mo
Kirov, Main street grocer ;
Wheat, per bushel $ 92(St 94
Corn &Ufi 52
Oats 3.V
Wool, per pound 'Mifa) 35
liutter 2ivz)
Kggs per do i!Uf
Flour, per cwt 2 Tufa1
Hay " T 8 OuYo S 5(1
t'otatocs, Irish, per bushel........ (Klrtu 7U
" Sweet, ' 1)(a)
pples 75rt 1 0u
Hogs, per cw t 5 5uf (i Id
"atile 3 iMfnA IS
;heep 3 tM)rtf 1HI
Live Chickens, perdoz 2 Gi'fW ' 0d
Joal, per bushel 11 V?
M. O. and O. N. Garrett aro still
in the Sunny Soutli.
Mr. Leech and two daughters are visitin
r at
fie residence of Isaac Kerns.
James Lucas, of Springfield, spent a few
days iu our town last week, visiting his mother.
C. D, Thurman, of Villisea. Iowa, is visiting
relatives in the vicinity of Rainsboro and Bos
Considerable interest in tho protracted meet
ing is manitested at present writing, lhe
coldness ami inditlerence in the church is
shaking off.
A surprise dinner was given Benjamin Bar
rett, of near Winchester, Virginia, Thanksgiv
ing day, at tho residence of his brother, Thos.
Barrett, where ho has leen visiting for a few
weeks. It was an occasion of unusual interest
and much hospitality, for which tho Virginians
are noted.
Bradley Fletcher narrowly escaped being
shot through the head while handling a revol
ver on -haiiKsgiving day, whilo out hunting
The ball passed just in front of his face, pierc
ing his hat. Rather uncomfortably close, wasn't
it, Bradley? Let this be a warning to the
many boys who have been mistaking the Chief
Magistrate's proclamation for Thanksgiving for
a proc. irom unrod.
Brof. Loyd, of Hiilslwro, preached a very
instructive sermon hero Thankhgiving dav,
from the following text : "In everything give
thanks." At the close of tho sermon many
dropped their thank offerings into a Ikx pre
pared by a committee of ladies, to whoso care
t lie distribution, among our poor, of the con
tents was intrusted. Excellent music was fur
nished on the oeca.-ion by the choir, under the
management of Mrs. Cora Hess.
The sad intelligence of tho death of Mrs. E.
L. Clyboru has lven received here. She had
been sick ot a fever only a few davs. Mi
leaves a ben aved husband, also lying siek, two
children and a multitude or friends to mourn
her loss. Her remains were taken to the Green
field Cemetery for interment last Sabbath
morning. Quite a largo procession followed
her remains to their Jait renting place.
The schools of this township havo been fur
nished w ith Webster's Unabridged Dictionaries,
Indexed. Wo are glad to chronicle tho fact
that the enterprising nnd intelligent board of
education of this township are enhancing the
educational interests thereof, Jn the Auditor's
reports wo see that the value of tho school
property in Baint township surpasses that of
any other township in the, county. Now with
a case of tho complete common school maps
aud charts, the introduction of which in every
school, we understand, was considered and
favorably reported by a committee at the last
meeting, will be an addition to the school
supplies which is much needed.
Corn gathering in full blast,
John Darlington has a ntw barn.
Kam Doyle has treated his house to a coat of
Jacob Bennington was down on business last
Gather your walnuts and hickory nuts for
winter, movh.
We understand that Wash Davidson will
remove to Decatur soon.
Why do some of our citizens ken their
children from school V Let them go,
Hanier Anderson lias returned home from
Duueansville, and will imaiii a while.
Wm. Smith in Laving anew wire fence put
around his yard aud is also getting his yard
tUed up.
Mr. Davis McConnaughey drove eighty-one
tine two-year-old steers from southern Adams
county last week.
Quite an intcre-tiiur meeting is in nrocress
at Sub-district No. 1, which is for the bum-lit of
teachers aud student.
Messrs. John and David Kennedy aro Iving
low with tvphoid fever; 'tis thought Johiuiw.
is convalescing sluwly.
Thomas Malcolm, who litis removal Hum
these parts to near Ntw Miket4 wus ioticwl in
the old neighbor Uov. J-y b'-
A Jolly se ci vomji folks, some of the many
'veiww 0 Leslie MeCmre, met together on last
Monday, &b a birthday sururibc to Mr. McClure,
and had a apleudid time,
Stock sale laat Saturday was rather a failure,
culy few; horses audoutmuTo changing UautU
Murconette has been
repairing his
E. Y. Keller and wife were visiting friends at
Morrow, Ohio.
Mrs. Jano Huggins and Miss Eva Rogue are
the sick list.
J. H. Spires is meeting with gsd success in
selling organs.
Rev. Overman made a few calls in this neigh
borhood lust Week.
Mrs. Mary Cumler)aud thinks of moving to
Sardinia in the spring.
Geo. Ki bier has sold his interest in tho Flat
Run mill and will move to Sicily.
Sidney Bean has moved into tho property
vacated by Al Shockv, in the suburbs of Sicily.
Jack Stroup and wifo spent last Sabbath
visiting their cousin, Mrs. Duncanson, on Main
Mrs. Nantio Hall and littlo daughter, of
Bethel, wero visiting relatives In this locality
last week.
John Ogden and family havo moved here
from Kansas, intending to make Ohio their
homo again.
There is an eastern Starr that is attracting
the attention of ono of our Sicily gents consid
erably of lute.
The teacher of our school had a spelling
school last Friday night, accompanied by his
charming littlo wife, whose beauty and winning
ways made everything look bright and cheerful.
Hope we- will havo another one soon.
William Matthews and Miss Cindilla Toll
were married a few days ago. It was quite a
surprise to ns, but nevertheless wo wish them
joy and success.
Bible, cherish all your pure sweet fancied.
Keep your heart from growing cold,
You may keep your heart so mellow
J hut you never can be old.
Be not like the stream that brawl
Loud with shallow waUi falls,
But m quiet SLlf-coutrol
Link together Soul and soul.
Johh Billings mn : "Next to u clear
conscience for solid comfort cuius an old
shu." llo probably never Buffered with a
cough or cold, otherwise ho would have
referred to Dr. Hull's Couuli Svruu as
being also a good thing to secure relief aud
Important to Travelers.
Si-ecial Inducements are offered you by
the Bt'RUNOTos Koute. It will pay you
to read their advertisement, to be found
elsewhere in this issue. uiar30yl
The great superiority of DR.
allothercough remedies is attested
by the immense popular demand
E for that old established remedy.
U Uf 0
7 A
. v.- I b'i in i b
For the Cure of Coughs, Colds,
Hoarseness, Croup, Asthma, liron
clutis, Whooping Cough, Incipient
Consumption and for the relief of
consumptive persons in advanced
Kslages of the Disease. For Sajs
by ail Dnipotists. Price, 25 cents.

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