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Warm oiip-mnU will kop bugs off
tit hoiine-planta and make them grow
Ti'ry fast.
Ink cnn bn pntiroly taken out of
while goods with milk, if the milk be
applied the moment afturthe spilling of
the ink.
Feed all the aweet apples that are
tmt marketable to the pigg and horses.
They aro healthful and especially rel
ished by those animnls. N. Y. Ihrald.
Cream bake: Three and a half enps
of flour, three cups of sugar, one cup of
butter, one cup of milk, live egfts, one
a-spoonfnl of soda and one of cream
taTter. This will make a large three
layer cake. Cincinnati Times.
liureau covers are now made in
crash, a design of leaves and flowers
being generally worked in linen flos.
They can bo washed, and on this ac
count have much to recommend them.
The work is usually solid, and tliev are
finished oflf by an insertion of drawn
work and fringe. A'. Y. Times.
C. H. Johnson tells the fruit Grower
that by going carefully over his grounds
several times each season and removing
and burning all plants showing rasj-'x-n y
rust he has succeeded to such an ex. '.it
that no more than half a dozen casus of
the disease appeared last year in the
whole of his three acres devoted to this
fruit, while another grower at some dis
tance "lost almost his entire stock with
out knowing the cause."
Calves may generally be gradually
(.topped fill' their milk after (our months
of age, then fed on grass or hay. if to
this was added a pint of provender
night and morning, made up of niue-tenthso.'itsandono-tenl.h
flaxseed ground
together, it, would accelerate their
growth and keep them in fine condition.
If this cannot be had some advise scald
ing the grain and seed; let the two soak
awhile together and then feed. llural
As a general thing, says a sensible
writer, all of our farm tools are too
heavy. (Jenerally speaking, the farm
wagon that will bear up under a ton
weight with ease is plenty heavy enough
for all practical purposes to which a
farm wagon should be put. If you want
to haul two tons it is far better anil
cheaper in the end to make two loads of
it. The saving in horse flesh and feci
will, in a few years, amount ta eno.igh
to buy a new one and have something
left for prolit. If you are about ordering
a new wagon have it made light and of
the best material and you will never
regret it. N. Y. Herald.
Anew bug hasturned up in Maine.
The farmers already dread it worse than
the potato-bug. It has so far been found
only in the town of Cherrvlield and
vicinity, in Washington County. It
crawls at a snail's pace, but is diil'using
itself too rapidly. A local paper says it
resembles a large snail, has the power
of elongation, and when extended to full
length is three or four inches long. It
is supposed to have been brought from
Kurope in a bundle of shrubbery. The
Irish say it is very common in the "old
country." It is a lillliy-looking creature
and verv destructive to almost every kind
of vegetable.
Winter in the Poultry Yard.
Poultry houses that have not been
thoroughly repaired and made dry and
warm for the cold windy days and long
frosty nights ought to be made snug at
once, so fowls will have not only com
forcible quarters to roost in at night,
but a warm place of refuge from storms
occurring during the day. While all
shelters for poultry should securely pro
tect from ram and cold, it is also neces
sary that they be ventilated properly, for
fresh air, like fresh water, is a necessity.
.There should be within easy access of all
the fowls dust-bins where the birds can
have a dust-bath in weathers of all sorts,
and gravel-boxes as well.
As given food is very desirable, many
fanners nowadays regularly lay by a
stock of vegetables and green stuff for
their fowls. Cabbages, turnips, pota
toes and carrots are all wholesome food
and the refuse from these crops can be
turned to good account when mixed with
mcai, bran and other food. Where the
number of fowls kept is small the refuse
from the table furnishes the vegetable
portion of the ration in potato and apple
parings, cabbage leaves, bits of turnips
and tlie like. Scraps of fat and meat
are also desirable.
The poultry to be fattened is best and
most economically managed when
punned oil' from the rest of the flock.
'onlined to short runs the fowls lay on
more fat and in less lime than when
allowed a wide range. Then, too. tint
feeing can be .systematically done, and
food selected that tends to fat rather than
the production of eggs. Fowls designed
for market from the first produce the
best and juiciest flesh when generously
fed from the stall to the time of disposal.
As heavy' weight is desirable for market
purposes, a system of fattening is usually
resorted to, uud if the fowls have pre
viously received fair treatment, ten days
or a fortnight at the most gives siiiiieient
time for this purpose. During this period
exercise is required. Fed three times
per day, coiiliued in clean, airy coops
with all they will cat of corn meal mixed
with milk and provender for a change,
the birds will lay on a .siii prisiugamoimt
of llesh. As soon as fowls have attained
the required degree of fatness, dispose
of them at once, since they will lose in
weight from this time.
Fowls devoted exclusively to laying
eggs uKo require a regular supply of nu
tritive foo l, but care must be observed
not to overfeed, else the hens will fatten
but lay few eggs. The proper amount
of food varies with circumstances. When
the fowls are conlined to short runs they
need more food than when at liberty. In
cold we tlher an increased supply is de
manded, and then some breeds require
more food than others. During t lie cold
weather a . soft, warm food is exceedingly
beneficial, to be given every morning.
Boiled potatoes mashed and mixed with
corn meal while warm constitutes an ex
cellent foo l. Barley meal, provender
and wheat middlings are good mm
should be given one time and another for
a change. Whole grain is best feed at
night, as this is more slowly digested
than ground or soft feed, and furnishes
a more constant supply during the long,
cold night. While corn in one form or
another is always a staple food, wheat,
oats and buckwheat are all valuable for
the production of eggs. Laying hens
ought also to be fed meat in some form
at all seasons when they cannot obtain
worms and insects, (ireen food is also
benelicial to laying hens. Lime and
gravol aro necessities, and a little bone
lust now and then is a valuable assist
ant. Milk furnishes, sweet or sour, both
drink and food. Where milk is not sup
plied, water, plenty of it and always
fresh and clear,, should be provided.
M. Y. VurlU.
They've found out a new way to
make humorists out west. W hen an od
itor wants a funny article he calls in a
college student, and asks him to write a
terious article, and it's sure to be too
funny for anything. (jomerville Journal.
Card Stories.
On one occasion, when Washington
Irving, Bancroft anil Everett were chat
ting over diplomatic reminiscences, the
last-named told how, after ho and the
Neapolitan Ambassador had been pre
sented to her Majesty Queen Victoria,
Lord Melbourne intimated that they
would be expected to join in a game at
whist with the Duchessof Kent. "Iplay
but a very poor game myself," said Mel
bourne, "in fact, I scarcely understand
it; but the Duchess is very fond of it."
"And I," said the Neapolitan to Kverett,
"am a very bad player, nnd should I
chance to bo your Excellency's partner
I invoke your forbearance in advance;"
to which the American Knvoy replied
that he knew very little of the game him
sitf. As he put it, three dignified per
sonages, clad in gorgeous attire, were
solemnly going to play a game they im
perfectly understood, and for which none
of them cared in tho least. Upon reach
ing the Duchess' apartment the Ambas
sadors were formally presented, and
then, at her invitation, sat down to play.
As soon as the cards were dealt, a 1 dy-in-waitiug
placed herself at the Duchess'
back, and the latter said: "Your excel
lencies will excuse me if I rely upon the
advice of my friend here, for I must
confess that I am a very poor player.
This was almost too much for Everett's
gravity: a gravity undisturbed for tllo
rest of the evening, since he found play
ing whist under such conditions inex
pressibly dull work.
Bold as he could be, when the game
was worth the candle. Lord Beaeonstiel l
would never have been tempted to risk
much on the cards; for, knowing the
weakness of his play, he carefully es
chewed anything like high stakes. One
evening, at the time when Parliament
was agitating itself about the Empress
ship of India, Lord Beaeonstield sat down
to whist with the Prince of Wales, and
asked the latter: "What points, sir?"
"O, a sovereign, if you please," was the
answer. .Seeing the Premier's look of
annoyance, Mr. Bernal Osborne ob
served: "I think, sir, the Premier would
rather have crown points." The Prince,
taking the joke and the hint, altered the
stakes accordingly.
Marlborough was not above playing
for smaller stakes, though, perhaps, the
great Captain did not play high out of
tear tor his loving Sarah, who had a
tongue and knew how to use it; like the
lady whosa lfcge lord contrived that she
sh-mlil tut more than suspect the secret
of his bad hours, until, coming home at
six in the morning tired out with "at
tending a sick friend," he dozed at the
breakfast-table, and solemnly passing
the bread, said: "Cut!" "That's your
sick friend, is it?" exclaimed the wife;
and what followed may be imagined.
A card-hating wife can upon occasion
set her scruples aside. Soon after the
close of the secession war. General For
rest and his wife stopped at a hotel in
Memphis, and upon examining their
purses found the sum total of their
wealth amounted to $7.:l). The General,
being due that evening at a house where
poker was sure to be played, proposed
that he should tempt Fortune to the full
extent of his means, and asked his wife
to pray for his success. She would not
promise; but he felt that she was for
him and knew how it would be. Let
bim tell the rest himself:
"They had three tallies one was a
quarter-dollar table, one a half, and
one a dollar and a half. I wanted
to make my seven dollars last as
long as I could make it, so I sat down
to the quarter table. By dinner time I
had won enough to do better; and after
we had eaten, sat down to the dollar and
a half table. Sometimes I won, and then
again I'd lose, until nigh upon midnight,
when I had better luidj. 1 knew Mary
was sitting up anxious and it made me
cool. I set my hat on the floor, and
every time I'd win I'd drop the money
in the hat. I sat there until day broke
and then I took my hat up in both
hands, smashed it on my head and went
home. When I got to my room there
sat Mary in her gown. She seemed tired
and anxious, and though she looked
mighty hard at me, she didn't say a
word. I walked right up to her, emptied
my hat right into the lap of. her gown,
and then we sat down and counted it.
Just $1,500 even, and that gave me a
The wife of Bishop Bcadou loved
whist so well that when the predate told
one of his clery if she was able to sit up
half the night playing whist at the bath
rooms she must be well enough to do
duty at home, tho invalided once si
lenced him with: "My lord, Mrs. Bca
dou would tell you that late whist acts
as a tonic or restorative to dyswptic
people with weak nerves." The Bishop's
better halt would have sympathized with
Goldsmith's old lady, who, lying sick
unto death, played cards with the curate
to pass the time away, and, after winning
all his money, had just proposed to play
for her funeral charges when shb ex
pired. Then? have been stranger stakes still.
In 17:i.r Henry and James Trotter sat
down at the Salmon inn, Che;terle
Street, to play a game of cards against
Robert Thorns and Thomas Ellison, the
latter pair staking live shillings and the
former a child, the rfonof a Mr. and Mrs.
Leesh, who gave up their boy to the
winners. A traveler in New Zealand,
spending a night in a squatter's hut, was
invited to cut in for a rubber of whist.
As he took his seat he inquired: "What
points?" His partner responded in a
tone significant of surprise at such a
question: Why, the usual game, of
course sheep points and a bullock on
the rubber."
Even the sharpest of sharpers may
meet more than his match. Uobert
iloudin happening to saunter into a Con
tinental casino where a Greek was reap-
I ing a rare harvest at ecarte, looked on
quietly until a seat became vacant, and
; then dropped into it. The Greek, dcal-
i ing dexterously, turned a king from the
I bottom of the pack. When the ileal came
: to Iloudin lie observed: "When I turn
j kings from the bottom of tho pack I al-
! ways do it , ith one baud instead of two;
' it is quite as easy and much more ele-
I gant. See! here comes his majesty of
diamonds;" and upcame the card. The
cheat stared at the conjurer for a mo
ment, and then rushed lrom the place
without waiting to possess himself of his
hat, coat orslakes.
Another of the fraternity, after win
ning ten games at ecarte in succession,
trieu his fortune against a new op
ponent; and still his luck held, lie had
made four points, and, dealing, turned
up a king and won. "My luck is won
derful," he said. "Yes," said his ad
versary; "and all the more wonderful
since I have the four kings of the puck
in my pocket!" aud the professor of leg
erdemain laid them on the table.
"I remember said the gentleman who
had traveled in Kussia, "being at a ball
given by tho Empress to the late Em
peror on his birthday. I was playing at
ecarte. when the Emperor, who was
wandering about, came behind mo to
watch tho game. My adversary and I
were both at four, and it was my deal.
'Now,' said the Emperor, 'let us see
whether you can turn up the king." 1
dealt) ami then held up the turn-u card,
observing: 'Your orders, sir, hae br?ii
obeyed.' A dozen times afterward the
Emperor asked me how 1 managed ft,
and he never would believe that it was
a mere hazard and that 1 had taken the
chance of the card being a king."
The Czar was as much astonished at
the result of his remark as the young
gentleman who, looking over a pretty
girl's shoulder while she was playing
cards, observed : "What a lovely hafid !"
"You may have it, if you want it."
murmured she; and all the rest of the
evening he was wondering what her in
tentions were. Ci tmlicrs' Journal.
The Woman Who Works.
The New York Urnphic, in answer to
the demand for employment suitable for
women, turns as a last, resort to a
Woman's Exchange, which, while not
strictly a charitable institution, must twi
started by a popular subscription to
guarantee any hope of ultimate success,
and even then its existence must of ne
cessity le extremely precarious, for the
reason that it comes directly in competi
tion with the poor-paid work, which ren
dered it impossible for the contributors
to the exchange to get regular employ
ment. The problem of suitable work
for woman appeals to universal sympa
thy. Fortunately, for the good of hu
manity, woman is more delicately consti
tuted than man, more sensitive, anil pe
culiarly fitted by nature to till the gap in
man's life which otherwise would remain
void. But these verv qualities, which
give h-r everything desirable in a wife,
aro a misfortune to her as a woman de
pendent upon her own exertions for a
livelihood. The delicacy of woman, her
sensitive nature, make her shrink from
the rush and scramble of business, where
money is made and a position achieved.
Bidiculed as it may be, it is in the nature
of things that the woman able to lake
care of herself anywhere, to stand shoul
der to shoulder with men in the race of
life, may be respected but seldom loved.
And, as a natural consequent!, she docs
not excite that sympathy which a more
womanly woman does. It is not in
tended, however, that the more self
reliant woman shall lose her independ
ence in order to evoke sympathy. If
she be able to do for herself, a:..d ask no
odds, let her go on: for it is scarcely
probabh; that she woo'd be con'ent '.villi
.,,1,1!., ...... i ... ....,.
sympathy might evoke something else.
But the misgivings aud the mental
pain with which so many women under
take the duties of life are very painful
to contemplate, and no man possessed
of any of the finer instincts of manhood
can consider her unpleasant situation
without the keenest sympathy. With
these palpable facts in view, what can
be done to smooth the way for self
dependent women?
Manifestly, the first step is to open up
every possible avenue to lier, and, whe i
she has the womanly courage to enter
upon any hitherto uutried field, let her
be met with every encouragement and
courtesy. Any honest employment for
which she is physically capable is honor
able, no matter what it is in the counting-room,
the workshop the store or the
factory. The work is dignified by the
workman, in doing which tie himself is
ennobled. Let it come to he understood,
that labor is honorable, and half tho vex
ing problem is at once solved. Let
every woman whom the force of adverse
circumstances has thrown upon her own
endeavors fully realize this, and it will
be an element of strength in solving her
problem. Let every man recognize the
true dignity of employment, and he will
be quick to accord to the woman who
works the same homage bestowed upon
her upon whom fortune has smiled. A
false standard has been set up by those
more favorably circumstanced. Meas
ured by it, a soft hand that never knew
what it was to labor, is better than the
honest hand of toil, toughened a little in
its efforts to build its own fortune. By
it, a silk dress, bought by an indulgent
husband or father, is more honorable
than one of calico earned and
made by the woman who wears
it. This is snobbish and false. The
feeling is abating, year after year, and
is by no means arrogant as it once was.
The woman who works is often better
than she who idles and sneers. She
who wears calico may be nobler than
her sister in satin. This much is un
deniably true: work, in itself is not de
grading. A true gentlewoman will bear
her badge of natural nobility wherever
she may go, and she will win for herself
tho respect and honor of all good people.
The Exchange for woman's work is
well enough in its way, but it still
nurses false pride, by allowing women
who are ashamed to have it known that
they are obliged to work to dispose of
their products without revealing them
selves. This is simply cringing to the
opinion of a few who are ill-bred enough
to sneer at those less fortunate than
themselves in mere worldly wealth and
position. Let all this sham and shoddy
go. It has stood as a barrier long enough
between woman and work. Break over
or through it; trample it under foot.
Let it be known by every woman of
worth and character that she heeds
money, and that she is too promt to beg
aud self-respecting enough to want to
earn it by her own efforts. Do this, and
she will add to her own glory among
true men, and she who dwadics in the
drawing-room will come to have cnusa
to envy the plucky little woman who
works. Indianapolis Joum al.
Mennonite Village in Manitoba Sold.
There is trouble among the Manitoba
Mennonites. These people own sepa
rate lands, but, instead of building on
their respective homesteads, combine to
form a village, which they build on the
farm of some one of their number.
There are over forty villages on their
reserve west of Emerson. Recently a
Mennonite living near the western end
of the reserve, not many miles from
Nelsonville, says the Internalionul,
made application to the Dominion
government for a patent for his land,
he having performed the necessary settle
ment duties, and pending the receipt of
the patent ho sold his homestead to a
Canadian farmer living near. On his
farm is situated the village for that sec
tion, and, of course, in selling his farm
the entire village was included in the
Bale, as whatever buildings are on the
land belong to it. The head kaisers of
the reserve have been endeavoring to
have the government refuse the patent
for the place; but, of course, if the
Menuouito demands it, the government
will bo obliged to give it to him. Mr.
George Newcouio, formerly Dominion
land ageut at Emerson, has been sent
from Ottawa to endeavor to have tho
Mennonites settle the matter amicably
among themselves. Toronto Globe.
Samuel Kennedy was sent to the
Massachusetts Slate Prison for fife on a
conviction of incendiarism. He served
tiftcen years with such good behavior
that tho Governor released him, but
made a full pardon conditional upon his
leading a law-abiding life. But he did
n..f L ....... 1.:,. ..l.i I .
mv mo jiiuuge, noil, on l)i'luT
caiit'ht in a hlll-u-lurv- has been ,1 1 . . .. !1
to prison, with no prospect of ever aguip
vcuijj rcicuseu. .7. . sun.
Bound to Succeed.
A worthy Amorioan family In thli city
were in straitened circnmstanooi for
ome years because of the protracted
illness of the husband and father, who
died a few months ago. Binoa then two
of the boys, who earn small wages.have
supported the family. On Wednesday
a city missionary called upon the mother
and told her she could have a Thanks
giving turkey by sending to plane
where she stored her supplies. The
turkey was not sent for, and upon inquiry
being made for the reason, the reply waa
that the boys, while they had been willing
to accept necessaries heretofore, were
now able to earn them, and although not
able to buy a turkey they had made ar
rangements for a comfortable dinner,
and did not care to accept luxuries at the
hand of charity. Those boys will succeed
in life. lioston Traveller.
A Reno, Nevada, Chinaman, while
fishing in tho Truckee River recently,
caught something that astonishes all
who see it. The something has wings,
fins and legs, and flies, swims or walks
with equal facility. The wings are like
those of a flying-fish ; otherwise it re
sembles a lizard, except that the head it
more pointed.
The stago-driver, in describing the
steepness of a certain Vermont mountain,
Baid that "ehaiu-lightnin' couldn't go
down it without breechin' on."
Petroleum V. Nasby.
D. R. Locke, Petroleum V. Naby (Editor
"Tolcilo Haile,"! writes:
1 had en a orelliisrer of my right hand on.
of tlmpc 1 leamint pels, o " run-round." The
finger berame Inflamed to aili'ijree unbrnb!e
ami e i lii n to nearly twice its natural size. A
friend gave me It kmiy's 1 ahikii.ic Sai.vr. and
In twenty minutes the patn had so much suN
siilcl as to ylvn me a fair niirht'6 rest, which
1 had net had before for a Heck. The In Hum
ma! i,n Ic't the l'e irer in a day. I consider It
a Diosl vuluable ankle for the household.
Thb proper way to w:rm the houe Is to keep
the cellur coaled. I'htladtlpliU Chi-onicle-Ier'
"Operae Protium Est."
A cnmmnn Latfn phrase which means: "It
Is worth will e." How true it i In the case
of Mishler's Herb Hitters! It Is, indeed,
worth while to use that remedy for Blllous
dcks, hull re'tieu, Dyspepsia, Kheuniatlm,
Kidney an 1 Liver con, plaints, Colic, and all
dise-tse. resu tine from imDurc blood, becaiut
j ft caret them a'K abtolvt'ly.
If cne dog cnn be p'aceJ on a scent, how
many dos can be placed on a trade dollar!
" A Smoht Cold," Cocr.ns. " Brcitn't
Broiuhial Troche" give immediate relief.
Mcch "adieu" about mthliiE: The part
ing of yuuug ladies at the corners.
Hate's Honey of Ilorehonnd and Tar
ForMtles feeble luns airainst winter bliiBta.
Tike's toothache drops cure in one minute.
The Cincinnati Jnzttte has a department
headed "YVh.it is Going On in Society." fer
Laps It is paint aud powder. Aloe Orltitnt
Visnnor predicts that during the next three
months the Atlantic Ocean will be lull of cold
waves. Jtochesler Pout Exprets.
Lton'9 Heel Rt I (Toners keep new boots and
hoes straight By shoe and hardware dealers.
BisMAacK is growling because a Berlin
butcher named a SAUsage alter htm. The
Count can't appreciate that kiyt-nd of com
pltmeut. A'ormioim Herald.
Pathons looking for Holiday floods will do
well to send for David C. Cook's Catalogue
of (io ids. He Is in the field this year with a
larger stock than ever, and fium his prices we
should judge 1 lie bottom ha 1 lallen clear out
before be purchased. See adr. other column.
The watchmaker can't afford to do a cash
business, because he makes all his profits on
All our ladv friends will be glad to hear that
Craiu&Co.,il8 8.4lhst, 1 hilu.send lirst-clasa
piano sheet music, vocal and instrumental, gra
tis. (No advertisiui;on it.) Write for catalogue.
Girls are wore coumsreous than men. They
are willing to make a match with a fellow
twice their size.
" HlM'hu.l'ullML."
Quick, complete cure, all annoying Kidney,
Blndclerand L'rinary Hiseases. 1. Drugi;i.its.
Fok thick heads, heavy stomachs, bilious
ness Wells' May Apple Pills. 10 and 23c.
A corn dodger a man who avoids wearlnf
tight boots. .
The Krazer Axle Grease is the best, and
intrinsically, the cheapest. Don't work
your hordes to death by Uhing poor axle
grease. Try it.
FiLVERdollors. wltr holes in them are pain
fully numerous, but they're not half so paln
lully numerous as holes without any silver
dollars around them.
Personal I
Thb Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich., will
end Dr. Dvc's Celebrated Electro Voltaic
Belts and Klectrte Appliances on trial for
thirty days to men (young or old) who are af
flicted with nervous debility, lout vitality aud
kindred troubles, Kuaranteein? speedy and
complete restoration of Health anil manly vl(;or.
Address as above. N. - '-curred,
aa thirty day's trial Is
Menrman'b peptonized beef tonic, the
only preparation of beef containing its
sntire nuti-itinuii properties. It contains blood
muking, furcc-ycnenitinc and life-sustaining
properties; invaluable for indigestion,
dyspepsia, nervous prostration, and ail
forms of general debility; also, in all en
feebled conditions, whether the result of
exhaustion, nen ous prostration, overwork
or acute disease, particularly if resulting
from pulmonury complaint. Caswell,
Hazard eV Co., proprietors. lS'aw Terk. Bold
by druggists.
Tar the new brand S prima oc(a.
CINCINNATI, December. 15, 1882.
LIVE STOCK ('atlle Common ...II 75 to J (IV
Choiee liiilcliers 4 '.,' (t a l"J
IlOli.l-Couiiuoii ft 2" ns 6 8U
linod iaikers 6 (u 6 a")
SIll.KI' 4 00 (ft 4 73
I l.Ol ll Kainily 4 III (a 4 i.u
Katicy t. 4 H lit 5 :T)
(i HAIN Wheat-Mediteiraneau... till (((1(10
Nu. 'Z winter red 171, t
(Viru-No, 3 mixed 5;l-;4
O.Ov-No. 2 mixed, new 411 ,4
Itye No. 2 0'J1 jia
II A V-Tiinolhj , No. 1 ID 00 i,il:l5(l
II 1.M !' lie ill, le ilie.ssed . 8
rltoVISioS.f-Purk Mesa 17 7" a;!8 m
Lar,i steam ln-50 ,-,410 ft
liUT I Lit V, t-Blern lteberve . 24 (,4 2"
Prime ('renin, -ry ;io (i s
Hil'tr AND Vl iiLI'AllI.ljS
l'otiitoei. ,er barrel, lrom store.. 2 00 (Je 2 TO
Appleil, prilnu, per barrel 'A 00 (t4 i 2j
LLOtlU-Slate Slid Western (3 25 uM 7a
tin d to eliolre 4 4u t( d
CK 1 IN-Wheat No 1 red 1 1 W .
No. 1 while J (W 1 (,s-4
Cjra No 2 mixed 7t7y4 7'i'
(Ills-lulled 4,' 1( ju
I'OHK-Mna lj ;j yl'J 2i
t'LOCU-Slate Slid Western :t si) 5 5n
liUAIN Wheat No 2 red w later.. tl1. ill7.
Com No
(lain No 2
Rye Nu. 2
rOltk-MiKS ,
, Itll Sieain
M a
)7 16 Ml7 20
117 na
ri.Ot'rt-Kainily f4 5 7.
(iKAl.N W heat JNu. ii wlulor red.. J o;1., 1 l7"a
Corn mixed ,,5 (U
(lllie-liiixed 43 (li 45
l'KOVISlll.VS Pork Mua "l9 2s
laird, relilled 12" .'4
COTTON Mlddllug. 1 ffi
H.OI'U-A No. 1 4 lit ( i 75
UKAIN-Wheut No. 1 red tt it".
torn mixed " 4,; tal 47
llaU mixod 40 fllt
potiK-MoM :;;;;18 M
m a
foils r,ii ,
OATS While, new ltA
UVKHIOl K-Cltle a
PoU'liera' slock Mit o 7S (1) 4 ftO
buipping ca'lis I w a W
- IR 3 V
r. i.uck.vv
For Internal and External Uae.
Burn, frtnl.ln, Chilblain,
Vrost im, 0me. Fnnrln,
t'lenh WouniJ, Sprain.H, Hru!vi,
Kit.Timl roLwnia, Cakfd l!rcsts,
Bora NIpplofl, TootliHchf,
Cramps or sprinin of Btotnsch,
Colic, AMlmm, or Intfrmtl Tain,
I,anio Hark, Uites of Atiiinilf,
011 nf all kiiKK Sitht.
sUiugtMtnrf, I'nuiwl TVntit,
roll Kvll, argot in Cow, Pp:ivina,
BwiM'uey, Scratrlit-s or liieauo.
Foot Hot in ShiH'p, St Hun Imlt,
WlmiffHlIu, Hoiip in J'oultry,
i'ouinltrfl i'cr, KM tila.
Cracked Hocia, Mange In Doffs.
Aflk yournmrput 1rW or Drufrgist tor
one of our Almanac fur ls&'t.
Fmm the OxrUlian Lrader X y.,Ot'(.2, 71.
MF.Rcmicr's Gaikji.ino On,. We bare
mftile Hpo'ial pflrwuiHl in'jwh .T in n'trurd to
lh mcritflof tliia n-li'lirutc'd .vinrdy, and
find It a frmiulne a. tiriv ol iui hIu. It is
by no means a new remedy. Th' etablMi
nipnt which produi it . lutes its liuinuiiie
ture BA fur back an KM, aineo which time it
nan been steadily jMowiiitf in public fttvor.
The patentees tire among- the foremost bupi-nc-m
men of tho city of Lock port. They are
every way reliable.
From the Toledo (Ofiio) UUnUt JMy 6, 1S71.
MKitrn ant's GAitrii.iNrt On..-This Old
ntandard article, under the adiiumble miin
Hifini'iit of .John Ho-lire, iv-H).. hiw it-Hclicd
an eniiriiimm mile. It i an Imnently com
pounded article; It ba merit, and now th.it
th best bupinvsH talent of the country is
h.'ttidlinu- it, 1 here is no n-iixm why it Miouli
not double itspreent usefulri'Tv. .No himtly
can a (lord to be w it hunt it. Kr family ue,
as wen aa lor animals, it in simply indis
peiwuble. spi riAL ,oti i:.
All wo &dc is a fuir trial, but le sure aud
follow direetions.
Tho Garbling- oil and Merelinttt Worm
Tablet' aro f or Hftle by all drug mi sand deal
ers la general merchandise ihruujf hout the
I-anre Size gl.00; Medium 50 c; Small 2Tc;
Small Size tor family one i."c.
Manuiaetured nt Loekport, X.Y.abj Mer
chant's Garglinit Oil Company.
AIlsOlA 1KLV i'l lill' ItSTIi;; UI.OOD,
isas lta Circulation. HoguUtea its Supply, Improve!
lt Quality, therefore. Furnish ViUl Enenry.
PERFECTS lll.lTI(J, ImproTrt the Appetite.
Cleanses the lAver and Kidneys j Acts ao a mild atorj
ohio and Imparts Vitality and Elasticity to every Or
ffn of the Body. Formulco in use 2X years.
While th system is brought to a state of perfect health
and-rlffor. Get It at once. HI. per Hot He.
Mishler's Green Label Bitters, a Specific forOcrofota,
Old 8rea, Syphilis, while Mlahler's Bed Label
Bitten are pnparedaxpresaly for Disast peculiar to
Tamales. l.tiO per Bottle.
Ail sold by Xnifflsts.
So4 for book
"Mws,o(tr of Iln'tb."
I,mnraatert Pa
Parker's Pleasant Worm Syrup works like a Charm.
Komrmber that
stamina. Thai fuer
KT, the life-principle.
jr whatever you miy
choose to call th re-
S. slant pOWPr Wlik-ll
hat lira againnt Hie
catiws of disease and
death. Is ttie graml
" naff guard of lvslih.
. It Is the garrison of
th hunisn fonr-ii,
ml vvlii tt v..i
bk. Hit true pun t
fi Is to ttiruw In
y luri:m,nis. In o'li-r
WlMlKwh' n SUCH fall
eiiifi ncy ot't'iir",
conniit'ii't a couth.'
of llif Biton. I'm'
Bale by Ii'UKKif ud
Isl' r, to whom Hp
ply for our Alniauuc.
C'tlflOn-am In thf world Ilia (! iiciiWv
l 111- IlitiML nri im
T'uii-'ly pf i-finm-il. and a viiluaiil.-finolliom (far
'.xc'imitf nivi"-n:ie in resist inn ainion'irrlc an
uoin, mvHiuithii tor u" at r.f ;nt.urc, turliif
-uiii' M u, ituiKII iv I II. r'lUlwa I! IS, IUIL HU T Tf V X V .
tt tritl ptwiti'-fly vnrcrfntpp'tih tn-l una fare, ami
whi n un'il KfKT wnstilr d and Kliavfnc fcrfps I lit
"Kin i.jf! itmi vlvMy. TliiMtn'.itri' ! pr-.f' union w!l.
and iht-ii prvpHrailuns supf rtxr i" a!loiIi"rj for
:ounoTttprl!iKiiV-i-rTt'-f of maki- ij.B, (rr. n- pafru.
ic 1'onTlain potn. fCRp.; im.iiid-f jin. $1. rioid
y Dr'iKt'ia';.l H.-ali in in V!l-t Art U s. Binc.
HiurtiN ou. Kpvisisf. r.i , Min .'hm(,n V y I
Holiday Hi
-J)ro$l ( Ki li,
::ud ?lc to $
(,:ft Uitjl" ....in
TV at iiVl;.il--tl :'
CiirlciUitU Card 1
in : (.ii- .;.iik i r ooz
In $1 .j ( iirtjtn'is with fraitU'R . :J
MUli "I ' -.Ilk 1'fi .k Mm k f-uto I
: to 1 in, Wuli M.,:tiiCs 2
A hi i vp prii'ci iM-lndt" poi:-!?". Iniiin'nit.p nock. Hit
count fr'tin - (ii n per v nt, fur w i ' y onl'Tn 1 0 n:iu
liiui'i an d Cn!a!ogut fn e. Any iiuok In the ma.ket
furuUlirii at fSi i n.m vt-Uil prlcr, fmti -paid.
DAVID C. L'CntK, 46 Adams Mln i t. Chlrago.
hit di'MMM). vroiiini or in
jury, rit-ni. v.nlowi (n0
11'iiiFfn iu-e i-Mitled. Will-
ll aiiiir.,111 j.roil ! ith I ft
Inert p-n-)iiia. Liounu , iu k pay ml iKJiHimtiio dif -
clKirt,'ut pio tinil. M-.w I.AV.j. s-put stamp for In
truciioniarrl Umiitr tnhle. ,N. W. I-'l 1 .ULltALl A CO..
ill 111. O-.t,!.- iU.l'kUUat.lll.
SHU HIM 4l 4 11.41 1. - Miviuu WnuUmld'a
bee' in. p'ji in ant-iii I ? i cm if nifH', tin j 11 it tiiiu with
out iniuiitiij iho -La. hfii.l t ir liiuuIii . MlDAMK
WAMUut.li, 3f SAit mk.,1, m,..
IJurttlsJ th" Wlllll'l' Mnlt Kl'illsft V '.'klL fur lll
AUtUIC'A r . K l I. t. A . .r 1
I.. A. t. Ii it tal. 11,11. U ;, 14.
finvethem: w wtll pays good nrln fcimh) for t ht'in
DttAKhitliN DL'Sl Elt CU..46So Canal jjU.CtUcaifo.
a k c y jjrTT "t4t Hi AVD -NO'l,
fc- 1 L 1-'N.W s rr:- I. J V K A II or T.
CfliTTY" it-.ii:i-ii' r.-. 11 v mail, :,ii-u. Ciu uU
I IiniK' r.s. 1 1 v II i (l . I, .i r I s. I lu lil'l
jv itliu 11 & CO.. 3 Duy St.. .
1'ltLli. J. r. imn. ll & CO.. 3
:r A lYii-LB urns
Ttib. 1UL1 MA.l 1A1LUM UU,, JHaiUiiald, iJoit.
rDOa P-tal 'Mid lot i 4Htik Ha... ti.lil Hc.-iiij
M tVJ N w V.ik,U, NfW fiit.lihhvrn of J-,n,
Caap buO-ciipitH tt.,k-, lui Iiivii lli tiuU Ctrei(s (
A$U. It wilii.jiie m,d tuohitR you.
1 "","." ' ' l'-l'- i'"li- w.n Ul . I Mliipl., frtt
PjH0H0T.W Adilim .1. A. Ilrouion. I. n,.ii. Mi, Ii.
YOUNG MEN "."" ' " T.i.,rPhr i.
asiion, sddrt. Val.KNTl.NU bkna.. J.uv.nll., Wt..
SelL'KTa) WAMTKlr fr llif Desl snd rsmi'sl.
J S, llli:f 1'lt'tuil.l llo,,!.. liU hll'lS. I'll, ft r, -lu, id
Upcr Cem. hAlluh.L I'UHLltuINO Co., 1'tlllsd . l's.
A WF.KK In vnurown town. Terms and
i uuuuii as. audi U llilluu 4. Oa.l'ui Ujaid, Ms
11 I fHsTAD or FlMhwnrmi oalrkly card. Foi
S.SfW IV L.ruia.is.Mlil- .Llxwfliiti. MIk- Co. , buiiiou.l'i
tilttiiiUl:ti.Ajc:'.l. future Ecitdr Co.,C!si jtd.O
C nt) A WEEK. 1 12 a (lav at hnme easily marlo.
01yCttlj uuuu fro. AiIOimm iruvatCu. Auiru.La Ma
9 i VaOrrhrrV,itc Ctmrueiifrr Th?n,pK)a
ykt.J oniu, i'liii.,iiii.as.
T F 5 T 0 I
"at lh h"A ef Jnwnll. f'losl'H tuails Wls
Av.kc til tlif llnif."- I'lili.'ishl. Ipniilrrr.
"A vbolt f.mlly Kl'rsrj t.linir."-f'utA.m PstrloU
Tb. 8uprl) Holldsj WIDE AWAKK,
with lu 144 P'g's anil Its l,r0 pieturrs,
by tb. for. most An.rlcaa and English
authors anil the most .mlnent arllsU and
ngraT.ra, ts a prac tlral illustration of
tha Inttutlou that th "f com iift tolumo
shall surpass antblug b.for. known la
msgsilae-irisklrig for jounr folks Jf and th.
famllj. This Clirlitina Diiinbw haa
a beautiful new cotpt in i'x Cfilors bj tieo. F.
Barnes, sud is snld at tbp usual price. "5 rta.
Dnler of jour newsdraler or of tb. pub: Is h-r.
Subscriptlou for one year, $2.j0.
D. Lolhrop 4. Co., 32 Franklin St., Boston.
T f S T
) bird iiMnrb.
'I da Pilf is Una,
Boots, (f -1. Ufit,
. ' la t'' (t-ti-
fn-iaii In art an4
ailkr. Tli coin'!
pr'f ilf tjn.
Imm, Tb tln'i
tMlhat tha Baa trirtm latanitrl an hark f tttrj jaa-4.
s4K mi i mi. th r. " i .
T'"'v r,. tin on'y ont Hint ar fti d bv flrat-rlnaa
fh-nkia (, w.-i-imcr S' i.l H n f for 'tcu.Hr
M. .1. I'tll.l.A lilt V CO.. 10 Ui-uud-.ity,
'w lurk i'lty.
Sawing r.lado Easy.
Ttc NfW Itnprovrd
l!i)AIHII l,l(iHTMG
latin '.mptst and best.
tuy sixtt m ye:tr old
an frtw IfiK1 fa ft at.d "fay.
iioviai ror nmitran .1 c it !tir f otif;.inliiir icMlnifm-ni-.il
at.d mil piiiTiruliMa .-KT WAXTI'.II,
Monarch Lightning Saw Co.. 163 Kandolph fit., Chicago.
EMERSON ) 1883.
The former bat a capital portrait and a ticw of I.mip;.
fHlow's horn ; the latter a tiew of Kuiersoti'n bome.
Both are admirably draiRiit'd, printed in rich sod
tanieful color-, with rboii aelwuons forearhdar,
the mnt diirable cali'iidarn eTer pruduced in Atuer
lea. $1 each. Hold by book"eUeni. Seof, pout-paid,
od receipt of price by the puhiiehera, ilOUti HTON .
U11-KL1N A CO., 4 1'lRK .TRktT, HoiroH, Mat.
1 lllJ U JJU 1 For Two Dollars.
Dcmorest's Illustrated Monthly. ;
Sold by all .Nweclea.lr and Pnatmaatcrs,
or the KUItor ol' llila puprr w 111 lultr yoni
aiibact'liitlna. Mi nil f went y f-enl a for apr l
mnHiiiiylu W. .IKNNntJH tIKMOKI S t,
PublUber, 17 KhbL 1 4 th Hti tel. iew Vork. !
This N.Y. Singer, $20
jJS Witrrmit.
"ift'i-t Li'lit niiuniv
11m ;tnd .Himble. Sent
M'liti, Imi
.ti tr-i 1 1 141 1 plan Mton dlril
Hajii II HSU fltn: i S.S-1P
Kvi-d, lZ -Ui!-. II t 1 al Sub
lt,t'.offa' oiii!-i 1! kur.f Mri ll,.
witli $ -: Mnil aim $1 H"(.k.otil t;o
Al-o Hilton trt tiinl plan If d
fin tl. V ! rani riin-, in;'nili' t-tit
t mi, dm i. lilt.- inii'ti- and out. ir
11 la 1 nli ttntitiinniiiU, f rr. A -It
U I'j lit- A Co. 4. 'ii.uilav (.'hirnvo
pMrfkoiix' Puritan v IMI 1m liukp Nw Una
Blc'J, and will comidotely cbftutje the blood iii thf
entire satm io ttiroe inoiitt. Any -eiou wbc
will takn one pill eaidi nlKbt lrom 1 to H'wrrk nifiv b
reetorwd to noimd bi'allh, it auoh a tiling t" possible.
Sold evervwhTf or aot by mul fur h U'it fiRmj
i. S. JOMNSUN V CO., lloMlora. Maa.
farmerlr liangur. Me.
J Ksiy'-li-tvil. Inrorpoi
9 l-'. rr',lp i'utv uf i'tini
1 'I'uniikrSt 1'lrcra. hri
J aid Skin I av k ulM,i'tit tl.o
i.t'-i-a or Bl.iT.h, and llul" a:n. r'T
ciki 11. Alia and ktKl.tN v. advlnas
I'O.X II, Aurora, Kudc ( o.. 111.
IM'U'.MA 1 I'lS.
inc. r. 1,
Burglars Outwittefl !
Lot 1. 411 uhmim. It can b 1 tMlii itn'iitil ta
aii luck ujnl -,iii t it f.,sti n tha tloxr o U cbbduI !
loclico ti un silnor. )l Uikr lilt i) e of h-.IU
ai-1 Do K.w NOT DkHnl ".IIK DimK hl4') K"f I J
ho.ine "ill hit uur or more A. I 1 rf l foi
Ihl- and i'tti-1' aitn'it'i vhich lailv u''!it i nn Ii .11 1,6.
j.ddn- kniKILAl " At.KNt ' V K M 1'. t, : 1 M . "
kouiu 1. No. Sau Ussttass Io Htrrel. 1 UtrUiid. Ubio
1 hnv," a iinntivo ihi,m1v Iwr ill. b.,v oi.f:io li i'
Hi. ui'b H "f , ';l 'I" " '" "' ,,'"'1
at-.l.au.t; Imv. hwi nirml. ljl.--''. "", "''(! '."."IT. '"J"1
(i. H ..-In -ir'V. I tint 1
RHi-iT III V All' AlU IKKAll
il i to i -e, to
any lunner. nie r.
Dli. T. A. b
k I M. ltl l aail HI , New York.
NtjOT Ffl!L
Lull. ( OliI..II' .,. -i 1 lp
V t .ol "' ' f i'i.ir-
.i ed ttn 4iu.i l t-i rnii
ly umi, wit n over . iimvinitiijii'. W e -i-li il lyood- nt
Mbulpssila tpllft.-!" Ilk 'M;unlltW-. tt "llll Hi-' I'Vin Int-fi .
Tht onl in- f t iii ion in. .ke tt.it tt. fii --)' mi l.;i- iintj
MhM(,OMIKV W AItl) A Hi . 27 &
t W aliaih Aicuur, i liUnwu, lllluola.
IprfJTO rt-aping a liar-
Kitchen Queen Safety Lamps
1 nllifr linn"hi-,l artlrlrs.
tl lit u.i ,"ii, us ' 1 " i. -
f on Ilic msikel. Km ksiutiles
W ami Tf-ruia. ad.lrdhi- tb.
Ho. 61 Walnnl Mre. 4 liitrlnnatl. O.
l,n't,iii;U taynii, '1 tui. k ! L J
I'w lllllinr. by Urnnl ( j
TnilTll if muHTT rt atAariMi.
I tl U I M Un'.t.at ttr1"
.. t ii ib.t. cokkI. r ru--
BaJ (.la t asM.,
isntis,a. i.fl
ti v J
I ail t,w
J fl .b4tr-B. Mail
Procured by A mmr
Clue lu nail. u.
JC 1. Mil pardiTtthonie. Samples worth B3
J IZUiisiiiMsiuist4Uil(iu.i Su.
!! HUh Bio--If
Bl. l;'H nj dltl- V;V ' v
c:r(.r,::,:.,r (H '
r..t .1- . St
If w 1. 1 c li c f ' r (ii 1 nil, bainio-
1 !! t ; mum with th
: in' il'ii.iiii I i . m.- t t lid Boil
' '!. m. : I 'i I -r '--47 ''"t it ai.Blfa
iiniii Vn.ir. ,", , , J to (- OnoJa.
luf.lMmMirMi' i ' fhpj ai diitilla
lrii 'l i' . Ti I i r"' h audio in a,
n-r ik n".ma, E " i 'Hi? ITBwiirBlit-
dipi . ."( " loifia i f 1 1 do do j
Ol lex".: . nn 1 '1 R 1 : a fd. 'I r? 00 not
mud 1 r:'ii n"-.-r li B B t. 1 l;..y li not
fnrj.r-k-ti in! far t- J 1- li i"l lJy,
lilmm.-l ii i i. f..r L 1 1 k oi.lhmy V.I-
Onld'-n't . f I tftriii, 'I i.tr aia
an '1 ldi.V li'.nBr . n.Miiikfil. Tl'y
d,lPB. Ill "( IS a ai.i. I diilln-
aiio .m l'nnn In i nti'.il lrom I,?-
Ill Itr -. a ii ran F i mi , I h V.-It.C
b pur, iu"( at ! i a '( l.f . r ,mt pguil-
aaniB iJ '4 A ' r'1 ""
Bat; biauJi." ' Jjjv- kt.
1J U
fiTi a Tcrtifrh a Vetch or (if tot, oan a mfl. of
jour Invention Ui ii : It i . r. i:. I.I.HON,
on. D, ('( atit s iTt Ii i tnltta r y
a tn Inn l ion will tio made nf all I mtd HUt.
tat4 iiH nf the aarneclsswi of tiinitinnB and j"iu will
s ailvleed wbttUier or not a .aU-nt cau beohtaiuad.
What will a Patent
O IfrotiareadTtfrdlhatvmirtnTeTi
WUil f t1-m iaiatniulib.PtiidVVO' Mpay
ovenitntit appllcati n fee nf I . and W 5 for
thadi-awuiirnrtHiuirfd by ttie (hivoniTneut. llila is
ayabla w lifn applit-ation la made, and in all n( tti
eipenne unlaws a pufnt le allt iwi'd. Wtn-n ailnwM.
ttie tt"rne'a fe ij-."i) and (tie flnul (Invfrn.
Innt HHt) is imyaliie. 'i'line you know be
forehand. J.r muhifj, li.'ther ymi arc tr'dntr rt fi
ft patent or nitt.and tm sttorury'a fn in vUTtni un-l-a
you do eeL a I'aUut. Ao atL rney wh'e
tlpiii!a on liU aiiroef-a In nbtrtininif a l'tiit Will
not B'lTiae "n that vmr Invention is patentable,
inls It really in pau nttible, ao fur ah tna Imtt
itidtztneiit can Aid in deb nnlninir tlie giiMtton;
liPti'O, you can rely on ibe adMce irivcn afPr A
piehnniiarT einmniatimi ia tun). Iticn I'nr
rtila and t' Itvu imt ml Inn of LhIjiIh, Trad
ilHrk and Ke-iejnitri atviintd. ( nvrnti j ra
Mtrd and filed Arj'.unt :ona In rcl.ir tf ?r
Jrrteil. Abandoned. nr I orfrilrd i nai ianiBde.
A cry oftn valual'la luvrntioim an- rael in tlifae
clJHees of ca- If you bne nndrrl.iitrn to ui-ciirsi
your own patent and fnikd. a altiilful bnndlmar
of the caw tuny lunt p atici'otia. Send me a written
rpnuft addraiifd Ui thf (' nitrlpcioMcr of I'ftifiita
that he ret'OKi"' (itoRnF K. I.fmhn, nf Wab
tinfton, D. , ui your at torn v in Hie rae, wUiir
thf title of the niNentit.u at.d about ttie dat. of
tihntr your at plicali' n. An eianiinniion ninl re
i "rt will coat yon until ni. H-'arrln-- nindo fr
title to Invention, in f.vt any iutorinutV n relating
to I'atPiiti prmni-lly furntMlird. 4'opifn of 1'uti'iitAt
Eialled at tha rt'Kninr tPiTfrninrnt rati', d.'ic,
each ) 1 On imi ilx'i ' Uuh oilirt hat 1hph in mi i fumi
opTatiiin Miicn 1 ".". and you thcrrdt-re nnp t )im teu
elitu nf f ii'pnnt'p, Po'i.li'n rttfrciH-e cnn hp u-iven
to aftuil i li-rti in almost every count m tho 1". R,
Jatnplil't rfiatiUK 1 i'alfiita fte ni on roqueeW
613 15th fU,WASIIINJTOX,D.C.
Atlorney-nf-T-nw ni1 Snllrltnr of AtncrW
rna unit Korciiin i'utcnla.
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Tl( MO.NUN and POI'l I. A It MKl,OIIIF.
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OLIVER 1H T WON fe CO , Bostoa.
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We hare pli'naure In annuuiirinn thai our foor
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FROM BABY uf all the family, f rum
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Flm la Htthvland, ChrlaTmati WnmNr now n'ady.
with tn amlful rover tn color, for t lu w.- folks only old
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swei-i Htorlra and slPirlnn "il'im"' n,ll ";tn,
a yrar: r. o-nia a ccy. W Thi ll mmra Our
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ber 01 tlm la
BiaKazine is tli.
Biu.t brilliant
issue of the year.
Itis a riclilyillus.
" ' ' f-K: - TC ( i 1 ",Fl1 Ihnslma.
t-rZS&fr i -Sf Pa J ii a book, wish mock.
V?!-. IV- ,fiL ky Louisa M. AL
-- - " AV !tr c'tt. 1-rank k.
The Best
Stockton, and
many other f
moui writer.;
Christmas Gtf
Girls and Boys
a ftonds-iicie
printed in col
ors, etc., etc
It ihould beta
New subscribers to St.
Nicholas 1.00 a yen),
beginning with thi.
Chnstnias nuniber, ran
liave November FREK,
every boy auti
eirl $ stoc ki n fl
Chriitma. muniini ;
and thus begin the senul
sloni' " -
it casts only 2 ctntu
To be had of all dealers.
01 by mail from the publi&uera.
'S'lio Century t,k. New-Yorli, N. Y.
The Lrgest, Beit rnt! Cheapfst Paper ia th World.
Toledo Blade,
SI .00 a Year to K very body ,
The h-st S:orl-s th- b-at Hoa. hold. N.-ws :ind A
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and Vr of aiMctalihs 10 num- roui 10 ur iitlun.
Q 1 the best pa'T r",'lilKd-B jiBk'1'!. 6i long
t uluwn. and all for f1.4M a year. pMsiatce paid,
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nm mum
Two Dollars.
SuW brail N'tntsnnlfri aort Poitmatten.
en I Twantr Oats for a. Niecluaeta t'opy to
W. 4EANINUI 1 fHOKKwl , Publl.taer.
1? )ai FourtA-sialU Htrevt, New Turk.
II Tb New Tsluma (19) commences
Willi ssbr. Send FIFTY CENTS
for thre mouthai It will aatUfy you that
you an subscribe Two II o liars for year
sud (el ten tines Its value.
A Iewdlnc Loudon Phye-
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lor tbe ure of
hrom Am Journal oj Untie nm
Dr. An, Mc -': lata nf Lmd'-n , wfio maki'i a aiia
Clally of Jj'ileicy, h- wiilnnn .h-niic ti'witwj and cuie$
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lr. Alt. ib-.i:iiol.K. Ni. lJ..linBt.. N York.
P6:::jl7iaii Agricultural Worts, Tor., Pi.
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Da4 ftf mutraw4
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Household Articles.
wlll,'h srr INIIirK.NAtll.K III .Mill 1 rmiil'y rlla
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I. B. BUIil'iKD t CO., tllo bL, Cin.i.n.u, Oui..
M m9 A MONTH snd Iwisrtl In four couo'T. U.u
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