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Wednesday, Jan. 31, 1883.
Proposed Amendments to the Constitution.
The temperance question is al
ready occupying the attention of the
Legislature, and various amendments
to the Constitution have been pro
posed, but no definite action has yet
been taken. At the last session the
following amendments were passed
by the House, having been reported
by Mr. Jones, of Delaware, Chair
man of the Committee on Temper
ance :
First " License to traffic in spirit
uous, vinous and malt liquors may be
granted under such regulations and
limitations as shall be prescribed by
Second " The General Assembly
may, by law, restrict and prohibit the
traffic in spirituous, vinous and malt
liquors, or may impose a special tax
on persons engaged therein; or may,
by law, provide for submitting to the
electors of the State, counties, town
ships, cities and incorporated vil
lages, at special elections, the option
of prohibiting the traffic in spirituous,
vinous and malt liquors therein, to
be determined by a majority of all
the electors voting at such election,
and shall provide for the enforce
ment of such option by appropriate
legislation; but no such special elec
tion shall be held within sixty days
of any Presidential election, or of any
general election for State, county,
lowrvship or municipal officers.
Mr. Jones' amendments went to
the Senate, where the following sub
stitute was proposed and adopted by
that body :
In lieu of the second section, in
sert the following : " The manufac
ture of and traffic in intoxicating liq
uors, except for scientific, medicinal
and mechanical purposes, is forevei
prohibited in this State, and the
General Assembly shall, by law, pro
vide for the enforcement of this sec
The House refused to concur in
the Senate amendment, and thus the
matter stood at the close of the last
session. It is now proposed to
adopt both of Mr. Jones' amend
ments as originally reported by him,
and it is said that a majority of the
members of the House will vote for
A Committee of Conference was
appointed at the last session, who
reported last Wednesday through Mr.
Jones, Chairman of the committee,
that they were unable to agree, and
asked to be discharged. The report
was accepted and the committee dis
charged. On last Friday week a petition was
presented in the House from a nuni
berof ladies praying theLegislature to
take some speedy action in regard
to a constitutional amendment.
On the same day in the House, Mr.
Kurtz (Rep.), of Athens Co., offered
the following :
"Sec. 18. The General Assembly
may, by law, regulate, restrain or
prohibit the manufacture and sale of
spirituous, vinous and malt liquors,
and in the exercise of this power it
may specifically tax or license the
same, or may pass laws relating
thereto that may have a general op
eration throughout the State, or a
local operation in any part thereof.
"Those in favor of said amend
ment shall have on their ballots the
words ' Constitutional amendment
Yes,' and those opposed thereto shall
have on their ballots the words Con
stitutional amendment No.' "
" If at the said election a majority
of all the votes given shall contain
the words ' Constitutional amend
ment Yes,' then the said amend
ment shall constitute Section 18,
Article 15 of the Constitution, and
the said original Section 18 shall be
In reference to the above resolu
tion of Mr. Kurtz, the Columbus cor
respondent of the Cincinnati Commercial-Gazette
says :
The above proposition is really
the first 10 be introduced in either
house covering the ground taken by
the Republican party in its resolu
tion adopted at Cleveland, and reaf
firmed in the party platform of last
year. If it is not adopted it is nearly
sure to form the basis of whatever
action is taken by the Legislature.
Mr. Hughes, of Van Wert county,
also introduced the following :
"H. J. R. No. 68 Providing for
an amendment of the additional sec
tion to Article 1 5, of the Constitution,
as described in Section 18 of the
schedule thereto, relating to the traf
fic in intoxicating liquors :
" P.e it resolved by the General
Assembly of the State of Ohio (three
fifths of all the members elected
each house concurringtherein), That
a proposition to amend the Consti
tution of the State of Ohio be sub
mitted to the electors of the State on
the second Tuesday of October,
D. 188 5. as follows, to wit : That
the additional section to article 15
the Constitution, as described in sec
tion 18 of the schedule thereto, be
amended as to read as follows, and
said additional section to Article
of the Conslitution, as described in
Section i S of the schedule thereto,
be repealed :
"Article XV. Section 18. The j
General Assembly shall bylaw pro-
Assembly shall by law pro
vide for submitting to the electors of
conntiis,townships,cities and villages,
at special or general elections, the
option of prohibiting or taxing the
traffic in intoxicating liquors therein,
to be determined by a majority of all
electors voting at such election, and
shall provide for the enforcement of
such option by appropriate legisla
tion. I'.ut no such special election
shall be held within sixty days of any
general election for State, county,
township, or municipal officers. At
said election the electors voting in
favor of the adoption of this ar.iend
ment shall have placed upon their
ballots the words, ' option, yes;' and
the electors who do not favor the
adoption of this amendment, shall
have placed upon their ballots the
words, ' option, no.' "
Both resolutions were laid on the
table and ordered printed.
The readers of the News .ire well
aware thai .e,,have longbeeai in fa
vor ot a wise and judicious local
option law as the most practical
means of restricting the li.riuor traffic
n our State. Such a law would se
cure the prohibition of rtie traffic in
every community where a majority
of the voters are in favor of prohibi
tion, and this is all that could be ac
complished by a general prohibitory
law, for if we had such a '.law upon
our statute books it would he a dead
letter wherever it was not sustained
by public sentiment. Un der a local
option law, it is safe to :jav that at
least one-half the counties, towns and
villages of the State would vote to
prohibit the traffic in intoxicating
liquors as a beverage, a ,id public sen
timent would be gradually educated
up to the point of sustaining a. general
prohibitory law. We are inclined to
think that either Mr. Kurtz's or Mr.
Hughes' proposed amendmeuts to
the Constitution present the question
in a more concise and intelligible
form than those of Mr. Jones, and
are therefore preferable. We prefer
them also for another Teason, because
it is likely that they w ould receive a
more united support from temper
ance voters of all classes, than would
those of Mr. Jones, and would there
fore stand a better chance of being
adopted by the peo le.
P. S. Since the a bove was written
we see that Mr. Ki nney, of Greene
county, introduced, into the Senate
on Saturday a joi'jt resolution pro
posing an amend ment to the Consti
tution in substarj.ee as follws : Sub
stitute for Section 18 of the present
Constitution (the anti-license clause)
the following :
" The power of the General Assem
blv, to pass, laws concerning the
manufacture, and sale of intoxicating
liquors, shp.ll not be limited by any
provision in this Constitution.''
" On the ballots given for the pro
posed amendment shall be the words
'Legislative Control of the Liquor
Traffic. Yes;' and on those given
against it the words, 'Legislative
Control of the Liquor Traffic. No.1
If the ballots of a majority of the
electors voting at such election shall
have on them the words, 'Legislative
Control of the Liquor Traffic. Yes,'
then the proposed a mendment shall
be a separate section of Article 15
of the Constitution, and the words
designated as the 'Additional Sec
tion' in section 18 of the schedule
shall be repealed.
Out of all these propositions the
friends of temperance in the Legis
lature should certainly be able to
agree on some form 1 f Constitutional
amendment which will command
the united support of all the temper
ance voters of the State, without
which there can be no reasonable
ope of its ad option.
About another deacon : The dea
con s son was telling the minister
about the bees stinging his pa, and
the minister inquired : "Stung your
pa, did they. Well, what did your
pa say?" "Step this way a moment,"
said the boy, "I'd rather whisper it to
you." Chicago Cheek.
SICILY, Jan. 18th.
The measles are slowly disappearing.
Samuel Wardlow has bought a fine organ.
Milton HugginB has beeu very sick, but
i uow somewu it better.
Mr. and Mrs. Kiley, of Mourytowu, were
visiting their aunt, Mrs. Mary Cumberland.
Quite an interesting debuting society
in prorehs at tho b all schoolboiihe. They
sr.: editing a Lyceum paper, which ia very
entertaining as well as instructive. Miss
Mollie- Cumberland is the editress. The
next question will be: ltesolved, that for
eign emigration to this couutry should
prohibited. ,
(From another correspondent.)
Mrs. Belle Peddicoid is on the sick list.
There is some talk of starting a prayer
meeting at this place.
Miss Bell Fiseus, of Oakland, O., is
guest of Mrs. Mary Cumberland.
Billie Laycock has returned home from
visiting his untie in Kentucky.
Mr. William Gregory and wife were
guebts of Mr. Joel Mutthewu last Friday.
Miss Mollie Cumberland was the guest
Mrs. Alfred Shockey last Tuesday evening.
Mr. George- Marcouet has returned home
from visiting his daughter at Lexington.
Mr. Joel Matthews and wife were
guests of Mrs. Thomas bhockey last Thurs
day. Miss Flora Underwood, of Sicily, and
Carey Kincaid, uf Hard mm, were married
lust Saturday night.
Mrs. Nancy Marcouet and Miss Lizzie
Wellumu were the guests of Mrs. Alfred
Shockey last Weduenday night.
Thoiuas Shockey was presented with
fine Christmas gift au eight pound girl
No wonder ha Wears such swbet muIId.
M.h. llcv. KiuhI.tm, from Lolm:, is
viKitinK "'r f",1"'r' All,,u 1,,y,"r- ,
, Mr- K,,,"r ""VK B'' f' T
' .
jjoukioh reiiree mys 11 i uie uikk "
In1 ever hhw. lng and the b. li. are do
Iti iilth tolerably good in thin linineilmtc
vicinity but plenty uf lneiiNles in ltniimboro
ami vicinity.
Mr. Frank Woorlev nml nicer, fr.im
Southern Indiana, are visiting relative in
thin community.
Jims Laura Oaten was visiting at Mrs.
Barnett's one day last week, and reports a
very pleasant time.
Hamer Kllis grins "out loud" now, and
he says she is a bouncer. Wo mean that
his new girl baby is a bouncer.
Mr. Frank l'earce and Miss Hose Mnr-
dock were united in marriage at the bride s
residence by the Kov. tloo. li. lioecher.
The schools are drawing to a close in the
surrounding districts. About five or six
weeks more and tliey will close tor me
winter term.
Mr. Lewis George and wife, entertained
their young friends with an elegant oyster
supper one day last week. About twenty
partook of the bounties.
l'erhaps the long silence of the News
man from this locality may cause some to
think that the "Old Kelhiblc" has no rep
resentative from thiB place, but not so.
The Protracted meeting began at the M.
E. Church last Sabbath night with some
uterest, but no accessions up to date. The
Kev. J. II. Middleton is laboring hard to
build up a congregation, and is succeeding.
l'rof. J. It. Horst, who is taking a scien
tific course at Lebanon, paid ns a Hying
visit last nuuday and Monday, home one
said he Baw him on the Marshal road.
Wonder what he was doing away dowu on
that rough road ?
A little infant sen of Mr. and Mrs. F.mery
Billingsloy died on the 10th iust.
Mr. Clayton Larick. of Miller's Chapel,
was noticed in this vicinity one day last
Mr. Dawson Hiutou has quit tho hostler
business and turned to be a book agent;
give him a lift.
E. II. Palmer thinks of getting up a
writing school. His article has at present
tjix or eight names.
Mr. Chester Steen has advertised his
farm for Bide. Ho has bought the lot for
merly belonging to Sam Williamson.
Mr. J. A. Fling has hired for the coming
spring term of school at Duck Kun, where
he is now holding forth, bo we understand.
Miss ley Day has returned home from a
pleasant visit near llentonville. where she
was entertained by her sister Miss Effio.
Aye, well, was it recently said, "The
Model News." For, the Highland News
is the bent news, the mimt news, and nil the
A series of meetings are in progress at
Mt. Leigh, and also at Centenary: a series
of meetings will commence at Uethel, Sab
bath, Jan. 28, Kev. Galbreath pastor.
Misses Lizzie McClure and Dora Brad
ford, and Messrs. Wils McClure and Pliny
Bradford, took the train last Saturday morn
ing for Fincastle, where they remained un
til Tuesday, when they all returned with
the exception of Miss Dora, who will extend
her visit. They report quite a pleasant
trip and lots of fun while in "Old Fin
castle." Your correspondent of this place, along
with some others, were invited to Benj.
Hudson's one evening not long since, it be
ing tho evening on which Miss Maggie was
to return home from a visit to Greenfield,
where she had been bridesmaid for Miss
Annie Hudson, her cousin. Shortly after
our arrival, Miss Maggie came, accom
panied by Mr. and Mrs. Ballard, Miss Josie
Hudson, a sister of Mrs. Ballard, and Mr.
Isaac Arinhurst. After the serving of
very superb supper, all retired to the par
lor aud enjoyed themselves excellently
conversation and somo instrumental music
by Miss Josie Hudson and Mrs. Ballard.
Then bidding adieu to the Greenfield guests
we sought a resting place at 4 Home, Sweet
Home." And, permit us to say just here,
we heartily wish them all a happy success.
Schools are progressing finely.
Mrs. Watts, of this place, is visiting
sou, T. M. Watts, of Carmel.
Protracted meeting is still in progress
the Presbyterian and Christian Union
Mr. Philip Eilett, who was kicked by
horse the other day, is ablo to be on the
streets again.
Mr. William Cox and family, from Clin
ton eonuty, are visiting Mr. C.'s parents
south of Marshall.
Mrs. Joseph Greenfield was very pleas
antly surprised last Friday, by quite
number of her friends coming in with well
filled bankets. That she may enjoy many
pleasant anniversaries is the wish of her
many friends.
Wheat prospect very discouraging.
Our merchants are doing a good business.
Our schools are in full blaBt aud building
up again after the long rest.
Liudsey Gossett died very suddenly
Thursday night, 11th iust., aud was buried
in the Pricetown cemetery.
The great cyclone of religious excitement
has passed over, and no traces are left, ex
cept the demoralization of our schools and
the measles.
Miss Jessie Shrope, teacher in the town
district, is again able to take her place
the schoolroom. She is succeeding far
beyond the expectation of her most san
guine friends.
Measles on the decline.
Will Sanderson is able to be out again.
Two of Lewis Fouche's children are down
with the fever.
Miss Emma Domiau, who has beeu con
fined to her bed for several days with
measles, is convalescing.
Mr. Calvert, of Ihllsboro, has sold
farm in this township to Mr. John Charles,
jr., of Fairview. Price i'M) per acre.
Little Minnie v iggius, wno lias iicen
down with the malarial fever for several
weeks, is getting better.
Mrs. Hanuah Lee aud sou, of Carrol
County, Mo., formerly of this township,
arrived Saturday evening ou a visit
friends as well as to look after her interest
in her father's estate.
Samuel Carr, who has len engaged
catling chair splits iu Sardinia for several
mouths past, has returned to this place
engage 111 the same liusiuess.
Humor has it that Mr. Nathaniel ltoush,
of the ftriu of ltoush fc Laudess, has
his interest to Ellis ltoush, of Kuford. w
will take up his residence here again.
Grateful to Invalids.
Floreston Cologne is grateful to invalids,
as it is refreshing without the sickening
effect of most perfumes. jan31w5
A famine i prevailing in the north
of Ireland, and great distrebg is
ported among the people.
Heartily Recommended.
Don't ooudeinu a good thing because
have been deceived by worthless nostrums,
Parker's Giuger Tonic has cured many
this section of nervous disorders, and
recommend It heartily to such suuerers.
News. jau31w6
She Endures the Pain of a Severe Surgical
Operation Without Taking
(From the Courier.)
Mrs. Hchoonmakcr, of Creek Locks, Ul
ster Co., N. Y., had the niisfortnne to en
tirely lose tho sight of one of her eyes,
through an accident, Mid endured painful
inflammatory action therein for two long
years, the other eye finally becoming sym
pathetically nITected, her general health
seriously suffering; indeed she was a mere
wreck, a walking skeleton. In this terriblo
strait she consulted Dr. David Kennedy, of
Kondont, N. Y., who told her at onco that
the injured eye n.ust be removed. She
quietly but firmly said, "All right, Doctor,
but don't give mo chloroform. Let my
husband sit by my side during the opera
tion, aud I will neither cry out nor stir."
The work was done, and tho poor woman
kept ber word. Talk of soldierly courage!
This showed greater pluck than it takes to
faco a hundred guns. To restore her gen
eral health and give tono and strength to
the system, Dr. Kennedy then gavo tho
"Favorite Kcmedy," which cleansed the
blood and imparted new lifo to the long
suffering woman. Sho rapidly gained
health and strength, and is now well. The
"Favorite Kemedy" is a priceless blessing
to women. No family should be without
it. Your druggist has it. If not send to
Dr. David Kennedy, lioudout, Now York.
jan'2 lw:idA'co.
Custer county, Montana, is the
largest county in the United States.
It is larger than the States of Vermont,
New Hampshire, Massachusetts,
Delaware, and Rhode Island all
"The little good any of us can do must
be done with our hearts thumping against
the hearts of our fellow men," said a Bos
ton preacher recently. Tho young lady
hearers, we are told, looked approvingly at
each other. Unity of action, concord, sym
pathy, and goodlellowship are admirable
traits in human character; but they will not
heal our physical infirmities. Catarrh, for
example, stubbornly resists their effects or
iullueuce. In point of fact this malady
withstands all of its would-be destroyers,
except Ely's Cream Balm. "Solitary and
alone" this Balm stands as the only recog
nized and infallible specific for catarrh.
"For 1.1 years," savs J. B. Case, St. Denis
Hotel, Bwy., and 11th St., N. Y. "I have
been greatly annoyed with a disgusting
catarrh. My seiie of smell, not to men
tion other troubles, became much impaired.
A thorough use of Ely's Cream Balm has
cured me of these troubles." It is not a
liquid or snuff, and is easily applied. Only
511 ceuts a package.
It is said that Mrs. Dal'onte.of New
Orleans, has gone to Washington for
the purpose of selling to the United
States the original parchment draft
of the Confederate States Constitu
tion for $30,000 if she can.
Must Wonderful.
Very seldom do we read of an actual case
of recovery, where hope had altogether
been lost, to equal that which was ou Mon
day investigated by a Dispatch reporter
who had heard, iu various quarters, per
sons talking to their friends of a cure,
seemingly little short of miraculous, that
had been performed. Wm. Lincoln Curts
is the name of the young man in question.
He is now employed at H. K. Porter t Co.'s
Locomotive Works, Pittsburgh. His dis
ease was chronic rheumatism. The enor
mous swelling and pain iu the joints of his
arm soon produced paralysis of his left
arm. He gradually grew worse, lug ankles
and knees were ooou even worse than his
arms, his cheek bones began to enlarge,
spreading his face out of all resemblance to
his former self. Two physicians pronounc
ed him hopeless. Peruna cured him. Page
211 Dr. Hartmau's "Ills of Life."
"Are you afraid of the dark?" asked
a mother of her little daughter. "I
was once, mamma, when I went into
the dark closet to net a tart." "What
were you afraid of?" "I was afraid
wouldn t find the tart.
A Most Remarkable Case.
Dving yet living. Dr. Miller, of 129
South Tenth street Philadelphia, Pa., says:
"I am personally acquainted with a middle
aged lady in Philadelphia, who had been
given up to die by a consultation of many
physicians. She was confined to her bed
for mouths, and was momentarily expected
to die. In tins condition she took Manalin
and, to the surprise and disappointment of
all, she recovered her health perfectly.
Her case is reported in Dr. Hartmau's book
on the "Ills of Life," 31st page. Ask your
druggist for oue, or address Dr. Hartniau,
Osboru, O. janl7w3
The new style of note paper re
sembles alligator skin, and looking
as if one would require a club or
paint brush to write upon it. But as
long as it's all the rage, the fashion
able swells will find eorae way
make it go.
Woman's True Friend.
A friend in need is a friend in deed.
This none can deny, especially when assist
ance is rendered wtieu one is sorely afflicted
with disease, moro particular by those com
plaints and weaknesses so common to our
female population. Every woman should
kuow that Electric Bitters are woman's true
friend, and will positively restore her
health, even when all other remedies fail.
A single trial always proves our assertion.
Ihey are pleasant to the taste, and only
cost fifty Hunts a bottle. Sold by Seybert
fc Co.
January 17 was the sixteenth anni
versary o: the great snow storm
Boston, when children were unable
to go home from school and hund
reds of business people had to sleep
in their stores, the hotels being over
crowded with belated suburbans.
The name Jenner means a drawn lancet,
putting to flight a loathsome disease, and
the name Harvey signifies tho circulation
of the blood. Aud the time is coming
when the name, of Dr. David Kennedy will
be indissolubly connected iu the public
mind with the puritieiitieu of the blood,
deed only less important than the discovery
of its motion through ihe human body.
Thill Pr. Kennedy accomplishes by means
of his new :j;eii jue, called "Favorite Item,
edy." jaulw!)
A Vexed Clergyman.
Even Ihe patience of Job would become
exhausted were he a preacher and endeav
oring to iutt ret his audience while they
were keeping up an incessant coughing,
making it impossible for him to be heard.
Yet, how very easy can all this be avoided
by simply using Dr. King's New Discovery
for consumption, coughs and colds. Trial
bottles given away at lievbert ifc Co.'s drug
A statistician connected with the
cuBtom house states that about
1 7,000 American women visit Canada
every year for the purpose of smug
gling a sealskin sack, into the United
States, and only one-fifth of this
number are detected.
The Suicidal Cat.
There was a man named Ferguson,
He lived on Market street;
He had a speckled Thomas eat,
That couldn't well be beat;
He'd catch more rats and mice aud sich,
Than forty cals could eat.
Quick, complete cure, all Annoying Kiilnev,
Bladder aud l ritmi-y liiw-iiHes. r. PriiggintN.
This cat would come into tho room
And climb upon a cheer,
And there he'd Bit and lick himself,
And purr so awful queer,
That Ferguson would yoll at him
But siill he'd purr severe.
Skinny .Men,
"Wells' Health llenewer" restores health and
vigor, cures Dyspepsia, Impotence, Sexual
Debility. 1.
And then he'd climb tho moonlit fence,
And loaf around and meowl,
And spit and claw niyither cat
Alongside of the yowl;
And then they both would stroke their
Aud jump around and howl.
Pr. Benson's Skin Cum consists of in
ternal and external treatment at same time,
and it makes the skin white, soft mid smooth;
unrivaled for hair and Real). ContniiiB no
poisonous drugs. ifl, at druggists'. janSyl
And all tho mothers in the street,
Waked by the horrid din,
Would rise riht up and search their
To find some worryin' pin:
And still this vigorous cat would keep
A holleriu' like sin.
Dr. C. W. Benson's Celery and Chamo
mile Pills. Are prepared expressly to cure
and will cure Heiulache of all kinds, Neu
ralgia, Nervousness and Dyspepsia. Eu
dorsed by physicians. Tide, at druggists'.
Anil as for Mr. Ferguson,
'Twas moro than he could bear,
And so ho hurled the bootjack out
Into tho midnight air:
But this vociferous Thomas cat
Not one cent did he care.
"ltoush on Kats."
Clears out rats, mice, roaches, flies, ants, bed
biiK, skunks, chipmunks, gophers. 10c. Drug
For still he meowled and kept his fur
A staudin' up ou end,
And his old spine a doublin' up
As far as it would beud,
As if his hopes of happiness
Did on his lungs depend.
Farmers aud others desiring a genteel,
lucrative agency business, by which $.1 to
If 2(1 a day can be earned, send address at
once, on postal, to H. C. Wilkinson it Co.,
l'Jo and l'.7 Fulton Street, New York.
But while a curviu' of his Bpine,
And waitiu' to attack
A cat upon the other feuco,
There came an awful crack,
And this 'ere speckled Thomas cat
Got busted in the back.
litickleu's Arnica Salve.
The best salve iu the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Kores, Ulcers, Salt ltheum, Fever
Sores, letter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all kinds of Skin Eruptions.
This Salve is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction in every case, or money re
funded. Price 25 cents per box. For Bale
by Seybert fc Co. nov29yl
When Ferguson came down next day,
There lay his old feline,
And not a life was left of him,
Although he had had nine;
"All this has come," Baid Ferguson,
"Of curviu' of his Bpine."
The Highest Rank.
Made from harmless materials, and
adapted to the needs of fading and falling
hair, Parkers Hair Balsam has taken high
est rank as a reliable hair restorative.
Now all of yon whose tender hearts
This 'iii 1 1 tu 1 tale does rack,
Don't ever go like this 'ere cat
To a gettiu1 up your back.
Idle Experiments.
When a man is well aud sound he
afford to be indifferent to the character
all the medicine in the world. But when
disease is fairly eating him up he must
something at once aud do it intelligently
Therefore do not dose yourself with a hun
dred things in the hope that some of them
may hit the mark, but try Dr. David Ken
nedy's "Favorite Kemedy" which hits
every time. For kidney aud liver troublos.
piles and constipation, it is just what
want. Druggists have it, or inau one dol
lar to the Doctor, at liondout, N. i.
Paris has a telephone for every
2,000, and London one for every
3,000 of the population.
Don't bo Alarmed
at Bright's Disease, Diabetes, or any disease
of the kidneys, liver or urinary organs,
Hop Bitters will certainly aud lastingly
cure you, and it is the only thing that
A negro baby, seven months
was seized for a debt of 7-50,
Eurke county, Georgia. A writ
habeus corpus opened the eyes
the creditors.
C iTTa ded articles of all kinds restored
the ir original beauty by Diamond Dyes.
Perfect aud simple. 10 ceuts, at all drug-giulH.
TBAOlt t
FT Ayon,
And is the.
Wide Ay2uCe:
Aro the two moi-' Vopulf r, I)el!-l(ful
111 d builMiiHiloiy tWOkXi.i TOiiAO
VuH ot tuu day.
Prloo, l'l Ceota fur 4 ot. Paikage.
SPEMCE BROS. & CO., Cincinnati.
p u I o u t
have tried
to imitate
our Rem
edy and
by using
NAM E 8,
but do
1 v e d
tee that
the word
with pic
ture of an
Iron Safe,
on nblack
wrap per
letters it
cn every
that it is
on the la
bel and
s t a ni p ,
Rnd take
t. a i !
uLJ "0 other.
tW This remedy it an absolute ipecifio for
he diseases of women; for the nervous troub
es of youth, aud for the debility which pre
cedes old age. As statistics show that all
diseas es arise from the kidneys or liver, we
can gu arantee freedom from disease by rea
son of the power which our Safe Kidney and
iaver Cure possesses over tnsse organs.
For diabetes, ask for WARNER'S SAFE DIA
For Neuralgia In the limbs, ntnmach, I (
irk, breast, tittle, shnuMiT-bl.T'f. r jl
anywhoroelso, take IH;ut:NA.,'Hhrt6I3a
ror trump or 1110 Bouiaiu, tuiic,
HMbmsnnss, lH-iTThnu. nr Vninitint?, take
I'KnrsA. " SiHKXRKVfc i tea t
For CmiKli. AbUiuiu, .M.'iit mvtuu,
Shortness of lireaih, t4ko I'Kiii'NA."
"For Chronic Nasal Catarrh, liron
chltla and tiara Throat take rKitt'NA."
"PKIU'NA Is the purest, most prompt,
and efficient medicine known to man.
" I'kkl'Na Is the iK-st apiJt'ttzi'r, purest
tnlr, fliifJt Invltr.irntnr nr The bmfv and
mint." fcWlihiSTaiya
worried nicntaliv. take 1 Kill' N A. 1 ' Hi9V?a H
' ' Hut ronit'iniMT tho most Important ot 1 W
ains that 1 Eiit'N a will cure Chronic a
Hal Catarrh. llrlL'lit'a IM'hpi-. mil Ila-
butt-dtif the KIlm:yK."Ba&&W:ititt3M
it yournniKKiM isoui ti uur pan pnn-i
on tlitt "Ills of Lite, 11 or If you are lator
Inj? timlrr a illseasn not mentioned In It or
in Mu se u'hvriisemt'iitH, mMress the pro.
prfelors, H, li. 11 art man A Co., Osln.ru, O.
Fur Constipation and filet, take -
" 1 W 1 V -"W - mwv,wm J9
Doom a lame baolt or disordered nrine lndi-l
cate that you aro a victim P THEN I0 NOTl
HESITATE; uae Kidnoy-Wort at onoe, (drug
gist recommend it) and it will epaodily over-
.01110 uie diaoatte ana restore houltiiy tvmon.1
nHf AC For oomplamte peculiar
LClUlvSrl to your iex, luohu pun
andweaknesses, Kidney-Wort is umurpa&ttod.,
au it will act promptly and safely.
Either Ber. Inooiitinonoe.retentioTt fcifarontJ.
brick dust or ropy depoBitr, ftud dairdraffsring.
pains, all apeedUy yield to iu curative power.
45- 80t,l BY ALL DHTTGGIBT8. Price 91
The Cap Sheaf of the Chemist's Skill
The Croat Remedy for all psoases
of the Bladder and Kidneys.
This Remedy hu stoed the test of time, has
beca weighed in the scales of public opinion, and
to-day has an army of men, women and children,
who over their own signatures bear testimony tQ
its curative properties. Some have been cured of
Iiabeies. sone of Urighfs Disease, some of In
flammation of the Bladder, some of Cat.irrh of the
bladder, some uf incontinence of the Urine8om
of ieucorrho-'a, or Whites, some of pains in the
Hack and Loins, some of diseases of the Prostate
JForall JHarame arininfj from a diseased
atttte of the litaditrr and Kidneys, thi$
litsmedy stand without a rival.
Without a rival in the number of cu,res etfcoied j
without a rival in the purity (if iu composition;
without a rival in nun-bf pf bottles sold. The
annual sale of Smith's Extract of May Flower ex
ceeds the sales of ail other Kidney Remedies com
bined. DR. EM IVES, says: "That in many aB8ra
vatetl cases, where Ruchu had fa i fed to produce,
any bene tit, May Flower has effected a sUy
cure "
DR. J, K. UTRO, snys: " have round May
Flower to he a remedy far all Ktdney complaints,
far superior to Hia.hu or Juniper."
DU. H.l. MARTIN, says: "May Flower acts
nunc promptly in all diseases of the Bladder and
Kidneys than any remedy which has come under
niv notire."
DR, bENJ. H. LONG, says: "I have fcuwJ
M.iy Flower exceedingly benefKial in tvy treat
ment of females. "
DR. VINL. D. HUYVE1T KR.says: Wiih.mt
doubt May Fluwer is destined to work a revolution
in the ticatnirnt of diseases . peculiar to the uri
nary or ms."
DR. k IN'(I, in compiling his dispensatory, has
piu a ni' rueu inunte to mis remedy, bee pj
3'j6 King Dispensatory.
A number of authorities might be quoted, but
there are none more eminent than the t aincc
above. In addition to these authorities, a livinu
host of 60,000, whose certificates arc on file in tl
otlu:e of the proprietors of this remedy, Var Uktj
Manufactured onty by S. B. SMITH & BRO
Covington, Ky.
If you are afflicted, send your acldrets to S. B.
.iiiiiu oc Mm., l.ovin(.Mun, Ky., for a treatikc D.
".e.icbui uie maikier ana Kidneyi,
junlVtt ll'A S
j Al.rANi'lNKKltruK.tliO THE
fCruftl UrttKllVtf, Win), UUilfl i ,1
Um dt viumt of E. J. Ai- tl r ij mm
lea. wu CW of lh tWetrt ' 1 V '
Army duritie Ihn Kwtmlhou. A m j Ij
mm velum, On il !tg t.ui imiti- f M w "
ful Winn C'liiin.nu.ti uistiyV J
ik.ccu nfihu vr n vt-r b-i.i v' vf tbl BotelT.Oo.
KjhIb put. ho, full uf vo tii u.'u(raliU. A tiv ctituc
lor (i'eiiU. Wi it Ui ciroulw tuni special twruife.
C. C. WICK & CO., I'ubllbhurb, Cluvelund, O.
luiil iiu-Kv.S
T1113 1? APLIt ri!i
0 t .lit 1 . t.ix lit U-
AilviTlniiiK injrtuui in nju-iu i-ni ), ia'Ju'i av.-. i:
... 5 ll 111 Hllll V ( ' '
ai'e le .-! ''..' t Jfit.tl. Tllit
is eN)tertu!ly true of a fuioiU .meilieine. anl
In punitive -proof ttiat tlir remmly imiUittd
in of the hifhemt value. An mon an it h4
heeu tente.l and proved li,v tli whole world
that Hop Hitter wan lli- pnn-Kt, lient and
most vahmlile faniilT - jitee-iop on earth,
many imitations Hpttiugup .and braim to
stoal the notioeg in whieh the, press and
people of the toil ntry bad xpt mi the
merit of II. H., and in ttorx.'"tT 7n'R to
induce Buffering invalisl to i iiHtli.-ir ntutT
instead, expecting to timVir niun'-y on the
credit and good nam4rf H It. Many
other atarted nostrum put; up In.similar
style to H. R., with. . va'rioV.'ilj Revised
names in which the wori'.lloh'.' Or ""Hope"
were used in a war to indues people to be
lieve they were the same as" llop Hittem.
All such prweiKleii remediee vr-cores, no
matter what-Uioir. utyle or same is, and
especially those with the word "Hop" ot
"Hops" in their name or in any way con
nected with them or their name, are imita
tions or counterfeits. Beware of tl(em.
Ton eh none of them. Use nothing but
genuine Hop llitters, with a boueb or elu
ter of green Hops on the white label.
Trust nothing else. Druggists and dealers
are warned against dealing in imitations Of
counterfeits. jai-p.jul-toi
Scioto Valley Railway
In Effect October 26, 1802.
the short mm
1 i o o o to
W O' W f w
C W - O X o
, 3 - t
" "P
VI .5 M
o u b u ist w 00 o ce v P 9
... .......... .... u n . . . 1 . v, ' 1 . a., j , vi. ... ...
A I. It y, C. A. & (!. K, It., B. O. It. It., O. O.
n. a., u. 11. v. j. it. 1... i, ij. a w. it T.
At UirclevUJe with V. A 14. V. Div. P. Or A
St. L. lt'y.
At ChiUicoUie with 11. C. it. U.. T. D. & B.
R. It.
A Werly with O. 8. It. It.
At PortHiuouth with Porttrmonth branch of
M. A G. It. K. mnd Ohio rirwr atMninra.
At Ironton with Iron It. It.
At Ashland with E. L. A B. 8. B. R.. Che. A.
O. K. K, Chattaroi lt'y aud A. O. A L B. .
For further infurnmtion u to rates, unnaa.
tioliB etc., cull ou your ticket agent or addmaa
jno.j. ahoheiv
General Ticket and I'aus. Ant.
Wm. Lamb, Geo. Hki.initc.
Traveling rasa. Ag't KupriMtKUdoLt-.
Columbus, Ohio, aunSHf
Cbanpp Hk effect Sunday, Not. 13,1881
No. 1. No. 8. No. I No. fw
Eastward. .
Jji-ave hi.Hun. 1)M1. Ex.Bub. Daily.
Cincinnati 6 'iitani 0 Ibu 3 40uu4 8 OOum.
iaiicluu. IU IU 41 a Ul gvi
BlauohV.. 8 20 11 01 5 84
Arrivb "
Westboro. 10 00am E Blpm ....
Lynch'g.. 10 25 .... 8 Oil ....
Hiunboi-o. 11 10 .... 641 ....
Hillaboro, Q 00 nl 8 05am 3 40pnx ....
Lynchh'rg tin 8 85 8 -2'i
WuiitUu. 6 4 5 8 55 8 &0
Bluno'rlr 8 20 1101am fiipipan ....
Martin're 8 43 11 20 6 58
Vienna... 8 59
Lei' ton.. 9 12
fll 34 612
.... 6 28
1210pm 6 52
Leegburg 9 17
Greenfield ft 88
MuHKulman 10 13
12 40
7 29
ChUlicothe 10 85
12 59
7 50pm 11 18
No. 9
7 00am 11 &
Chilli'the 10 65 1 22
Arrive ,
Hamdcn. 12 llpm I 24 8 14 12 10am.
McAr'rJu 12 85pm 2 35pm S7am ....
Athens.. 146 8 20 V 83 117am.
Ilelnre. ..
8 26 US 11 07
i 20
8 85 IV 1120
10m 10pm 12 0
0pm 8 1(1
6 20am 6 20am
1 M '7 NO
12 5opm 12 50pm
8 60 8 60in
S 45 pm.
8 Si
7 o
10 50 pm
New York
4. No. No. 8. No. 10.
2 40pm
8 22
8 50
liUiwh'r 8 01pm 4 27pm
Lovelaudlv 8 52 - 6 01 9 81 paw 9 23altt
Cincinnati 6 15pm 6 10pm 10 &0pul 6 80
Ind polls.. 10 50 llliu .... 1135
Chicago 7 Ooara. uu .... 6 25pma
Louisville 11 4ntviu 11 4jui .... 12 3&pui
St. Lmriu T k.iu 7 2naui 11 Holm (80pui
Kau. Oily 8 4om 8 4Uum 8 lamj
tSkip on miliar.
Acciiniiio(hLtioii No. 6 leaves ChlUicuta. 7 a,
m. UilUbnro 8 06 a. u., except BuhIat, arriv.
at Cincinnati 11 10 a m, atoppwt a aU MaiM.ua.
Train No. 11 leaving CincitiKau tfeay u
Sunday at 5.10pm. arrivos al rmju.Wu &.'(.,
stopping at all atiot.a
Traiu Nu. 1 leavnig nUlaloM at .00am, ar
rirca al flncinuuti 8.67aui., atopping at all sta
tion). Non. 1, 4 and 9 eaat of ChtUltvthe, stop at all
Train No. 9 Waves Cincinnati dally at 11 M)
pm, arriving at ChiPienthe at 3:22 aui: "toppltia;
regularly at Madiaounille, Lovelavd, Llan.hea
ter, aud Greenticld, aud ou signal at ajl other
Freight train Nos. 21 aud 26 will carry paj
aengeia between Cinouiuaii aud Clilllnilu,
No traius oa liiuuhoroorPortauiiniih biaaoU
ea ou Sunday.
Train No. 2 stops at stations went of Plaq
elieater to let off paHtienMera holding tluketsi.
from oiiitH on HilinUiro lliaiuiii.
'l'rain No. 8 atopa at staiions eaat of UUtw
cheater to lut olt paaaenu'era holiUnf t,ot
troui points uu lllliLHii-o Jiu di.
JoVN k lloea, . J .1. IP. V v vr
Master ot 'liauep'R. Qvu'lt t sla. V.
: : .0 : : ; : g : ?

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