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The Highland weekly news. [volume] (Hillsborough [Hillsboro], Highland County, Ohio) 1853-1886, July 25, 1883, Image 8

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; , , I , r.l i,t t lie fellow
, , . ., .tin a year j
. , i... i, : a i-ar.
A t.iiii t mnke 1 ilK h.
m;:: n. fiAiuixr.n,
Attorney at Law.
ili.-i- '.vi r K. H !" C'li'tliing Btora,
tlll.l.MtUr.U, UlUU.
' 1
l ii. I.h:i.i;1);;, m. i.,
1 1 1 v s ; ( i s ,v .su:.;;:, irii.i.xnr.o, O.
iirrn-t I r. M.ipp, Intiat, Korlh
Y, . mir J. Miittlti vvd' (irnoery. lleai-iicii-1-
mi, l itcli hlrnt, liint door east f Ma
Mim 1 riii.e. aprCtf
,' r.i:vi i-Ai-I..Mv. ;Vice Over Felbei'a
l'..i r Mom-, Ala. ii St.. liiiltboro, O.
ii... 1
! ;. -i. .!. sr. ;;.
;iv.- h:H fiiriiv tin e tn tlie nrnctic
,.(' i ii. Ill- liail i-xirpMivt' txe-
n . ii-i'i m,i! jri ! i-'1'.n1 utltutinti to the
li . '-... I; I lie :ia- 1 'i-;i -f i:irt III Mo-
i.,, .... - :. v J ii,- :..,. Hip. St. l.t-ai-.;.
,t . . V. t M., il.-.u I'uUic ;-ehtl llnr.ne,
L., julfl
j w. fmr.nrEr.D, m. v.,
Hillstioro, Ohio.
Ollict On Short Street, two doors west ol
Hi"h St. Ulhee Honrs From 8 to 9 A. M., 1
to P. H., 7 to 8 I'. St., and all day on Ratur
day. doc2yl
New Livery & Feed Stable,
New and First Class Rips.
Terms rcaionablc. Give m a call,
aulfiil JOE BAIGE, Proprietor.
A rroKNbvs-At-Law, Office Bank Building,
corner Main and High Streets, Hillsboro,
Ohio. Jy'yl
J R. CALLAHAN, D. D. 8.,
OrncE Over Feibol't Clothing Store, Main
St., fust door to right, tip Btair, Hillaboro, 0.
Enticements by Telephone marl3tf
A tiobnet-At-Law. Office Bon Hi fait cornel
Main and High Streets, room up stain, Hill
bom, O. augljl
ron.N T. HinE,
Attoiiney-At-Law, Hillsboro, O. Office la
Smith's New Building, 2d tory. au9yl
Office Oppoxite Dr. Hoyt's, West Jfain Bt.
15. C. BUMS. T. W. Dsn ASS.
Physicians, SrnoFONH. akd ArrorcnKrns.
OFFir-E-N'o. 30 West Main street, Went of
.ii.wN oince. mviyi
A tto n n f. y-At-L a w and NoTAF.Y Prune. Of
fice in Strauss Building. ovurFeibel'g Store.
The Atlantic Monthly for August
Contains :
A Roman Singer. III., IV. F.
Marion Crawford.
The Trustworthiness of Early
Tradition. Brooke Hertford.
En Province. II. Henry James.
Glints of Nahant. Charles F.
The Hare and the Tortoise.
Sarah Orne Jewett.
Academic Socialism. Herbert
To a Hurt Child. Grace Denio
Newport. III.-V. George Par
sons Eathrop.
The Gift of Tears. Mr. S. M. B.
Reminiscences of Thomas Cou
, ture. Ernest W. Longfellow.
In the Old Dominion. F. C. Bay
lor. Study of a Cat-Bird. Olive Thome
Around the Spanish Coast. Char
les Dudley Warner.
A New History of the United
John A. Dix.
The Reminiscences of Ernest
The Contributors' Club.
Books of the Month.
Some Swedish manufactures of
matches are proposing to set up a
large factory in northern 'New York.
An English firm have bought eigth
hundred acres of land in Green
county, Kentucky, for the purpose
of mining fire-clay.
The insurance statisticians now
say that men live two years longer
than they did thirty years ago, and
women three years and four months
A German patent has just been
taken out for the manufacture of
bottles, etc., from cast iron, contain
ing twelve per cent, of silicon, a
compound which is said to resist ac
tion of the strongest acids.
Did you ever notice how suddenly
a timid women who is humming an
operatic air will switch off on to a
religious hymn when a storm comes
up and she hears the first clap of
A Stalwart Man Becomes Weaker
a Child and Then Recovers
his Former Strength.
( Waterloo, N. T., Observer.)
In these days of rowing giants
athletic heroes fine physical devel
opuient is more observed than ever
before since the time of the Athe
nian games. A man who shows the
elements of physical power is looked
up to far more than in the days of
our ancestors, possibly because there
are fewer specimens of well devel
oped manhood than then. An em
issary of this paper met a magnifi
cent specimen of physical power a
few days since in the person of Dr.
A. W. McNames, of Waterloo. His
muscles, which showed unusual de
velopment, were as hard as wood.
At his request the writer sought to
pinch him in the arms or legs, but
found it wholly impossible. A reali
zation of what is meant by an iron
man was fully made manifest.
"Have you always been so stalwart
as this?" inquired the news gath
erer. "Not by any means," was the re
ply. "When a voung man I was
always strong and active and felt
t'lat I could accomplish anything.
I Ins feeling so took possession of
me on one occasion that I attempted
to lift a box winch four men found it
impossible to move. I succeeded in
placing it on the wagon, but in two
minutes from that time I was uncon
scious and remained so for hours
anil when I recovered consciousness
I vomited a large quantity of blood.
From that day 1 began to grow weak
and sickly. I believed that I had
suffered some internal injury and ex
perienced a general debility, which
seemed similar to the effects pro
duced by malaria. My back was
very weak. I had no appetite, and
at times loathed food. My lips were
parched and cracked. My head felt
as though it were entirely open at
the top and it pained me on the side
intensely. In six weeks' time I had
fallen away from 208 pounds to less
than 170. I was in a most wretched
condition. I was completely dis
couraged." "What did the doctors say about
you ?"
"Almost everything. I consulted
no less than six different physicians.
They all treated me and none did
me any good. At that time 1 was
suffering intensely.. I could not sit
upright but was obliged to rest in a
cramped, uneasy position. I was
compelled to urinate every five min
utes and I passed over three quarts
every day. I was not living, I was
One night (how well I remember
it ?) my wife had put the children all
in bed when the feeling came over
me that I should live but a very
short time. My wife and I talked
matters all over and I gave the min
utest directions as to what she should
do after I was gone. I was not in a
flighty condition by any means for
the doctor, on leaving town the day
following, bade me good by, saying
he never expected to see me again,
for I was suffering with Bright's dis
ease of the kidneys in its last stages.
Within the next few days more than
twenty friends came to bid me good
by. Among the number was Dr.
John E. Clark. He asked me what
I had used in the way of medicines.
I told him. He then recommended
a remedy of which I had heard
much, but about which I was very
skeptical. If faith were an element
of power it certainly was lacking in
my case.1'
"And so you did not try it ?"
"On the contrary, I did try it and
to my surprise it seemed to go to
just the spot. Indeed, it was the
most palatable thing I had taken
into my mouth for months. I rel
ished it."
"And did it cure you ?"
"Do I look as if it did?"
"Yes, indeed. What was it ?"
"Warner's Safe Cure."
"A proprietary medicine !"
"Of course. What of that? I
suppose I once had as great a preju
dice against advertised medicines as
any one could have. When I was
studying medicine at . Ann Arbor,
Michigan, I used to vow with the
rest of the class that we would fight
all such remedies at all times. When
a man comes down to the last hour,
however, and bids his wife and
friends good bye, such bigoted pre
judices as these all vanish, I can as
sure you, and any remedy that can
cure is gladly welcomed.
"And how have you been since
then ?''
"As well or better, than befo re."
"Do you still exert your strenp th ?"
"Certainly. But I do not over
exert, as formerly. My strer.gth is
increasing every day, and my health
is number one. I know tha t my life
was saved by Warner's Safe Cure,
and I believe it is the best medicine
that was ever compounded by any
chemist or physician. I am willing
the doctors should sneer at me for
such a statement if they choose, but
I have proven its truth, and am pre
pared to stand by it."
The above experience should be
of great value to all who are suffer
ing. It shows the deceptive nature
of this terribly malady : that all
symptoms are common to it and that
there is but one way by which it can
be absolutely avoided.
Farmers and others desiring a genteel
lucrative agency buaineKs, by which f ,5 to
i'iO a dty can be earned, aeud aildnmaat
one, on poHtnl, to II. C. Wilkimsom 4. Co
1J3 aud 1j7 Fulton Street, New York. '
Remember we are the only Ws in
Ilillnboro that keeps an unmix j1 tt i of
Dry Goods. One iron in the fire and that
red Lot.
I iny3Uui3
13 N. ilith Btrtat.
cures Rhenmntlim, Nenmlgla, IthcDmn
tU Oont, General Debility, Catarrh, aud
all dliorderi caused by a thin and impover
ished, or corrupted, condition of th blood;
expel Uug the blood -poisoni from the lyitem,
enriching and renewing the blood, and re
tor! n ft Ita vitalizing power.
During a long porlod of unparalleled ush
fulnesn, Avku'h Sausapaiuli.a ha proveu
lu perfect adaptation to the cure of all dlt
easo originating in poor blood and weakened
vitality. It ii a highly concentrated ex
tract of Sarsaparilla and other hlood-parlfylng-
roots, combined with Iodide
of Potassium and Iron, aud Is the Rafet,
most reliable, and most economical blood
purifier and blood-food that can be used.
Inflammatory jRhenmatUm Cured,
" Ayfr's fUmsAr rili,a has cured me of
the IntlaiiiniHtitrv lUu'umatiMii, wilu vliicll
1 have suUerud tor many mia.
Durham, la., March 2, 16J.
" Eitiht years apo I bad an at, nek of
Rheumatism so nevere that 1 could not
move from the bod, or drepn, without help.
1 tried severl remedies without much il
any relief, until 1 took Avek'h Raksapa
Jiii.LA, by the use of two bottles of which I
was completely cured. 1 have not been
troubled with the Rheumatism since.
)ave sold large quantities of your
Saksai'Ahilla, and it ptiil retains Its
Wonderful popularity. The many notable
cures It has effected In this vicinity con
vince me that ft is th best blood medicine
ever offered to the public.
E. F. Hahhts."
River St., Buckland, Mass., May 13, If 2.
."Last March I was so weak from pener
al debility that I could not walk without
help. Following the advice of a friend, 1
commenced taking AVer's Rakraparim-a,
and before I had used three bottles 1 felt
as well as I ever did in my life. 1 have
been at work now for two months, and
think your Sabs apartm.a. the yreaLe&t
blood medicine in the world.
James May- aitt."
B'JO West42d St., New.Vork, July 19, lttf2.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla cures fJcrofula
and all Scrofulous Complaints, Erysip
elas, Eczema, Ringworm, Rtotches,
8 ores, Bolls, Tumors, and Eruptions of
the Skin. It clears the blood of all impuri
ties, aids digestion, stimulates the action of
the bowels, and thus restores vitality and
strengthens the whole system.
Dr.J.C.Ayer&Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Druggist; price 91, six bottles, 90.
Home I: cms.
"All yonr own fanlt
If you remain Hick when yon can
Get hop bitters that never Fail.
The weakeHt woman, nmnlleHt child, and
sickest invalid can tine hop bittern witli wifoty
aud tfreat jiood.
Old men tottering around from rheuma
tism, kidney trouble or any wcakneBa will be
almost new by using hop bittcrH,
My wife and daujdit r were mado healthy
by the use of hop bitters and I recommend
them to my people. Methodint Clergyman.
Auk any good doctor if hop
Hitters are not the bent family medicine
On earth.
Malarial fever, Ague and Biliousness, will
leave every neighborhood as soon as hop bit
ters arrive.
"My mntlicr drove the rarnlyais and neu
ralgia ail out of her wyntem with hop bittern. '
Ed. Onweco Hun.
Keep the kidneys healthy with hop bitters
and you need not tear siekneriH.
lee water i rendered harmless and more
refreHhing and reviving with huD bittera in
each drauirht.
The vigor of youlh for the aged and infirm
in hop bittern. July
All t lie Best.
Buckeye Super Phosjihate, of Cleveland,
Ohio, still merits its wonderful increasing
demand this spring. Uring wagons when
you come to bny. A constant large supply
on hand. Phosphate and Plain Corn Drills,
Champion and Hoosier Corn Planters, the
unexcelled Hamilton Cultivutor, Columbus
Plows, South Bend Chilled Tlows and
Points. Best Hay Hakes, Champion
Scrapers, Hoosier Grain Drills, Middle
town Porcelain . Lined Rubber Bucket
Pumps, Eugines, ThreHt iers and Saw Mills
of the J. I. Case :iucl Goar-Scoot make,
and the Celebrated Ffimily of "Osborne
Binders, Reapers ar,d Mowers."
Free Turr.pike Road Notice.
"V"OTICE is hereby given that a petition
will be pr esented to the Board of County
Commissioners of Highland county, Ohio, at a
session to be h 3I1I on Monday, the sixth day
of August, 188 j, praying them to grant a free
turnpike road on the following route :
Beginning :it a -pmnt on the Greenfield and
Cyntbiana Itoad Improvement near Jiarrett'a
Mills, thence on c r near the line of the road
now known as tin 1 Cave road, via tho residence
of Thomas K. Fie tcher and the distillery prop
erty now owned y Henry llhoads, to a point
in the old Milfor d'A Chillicothe Turnpike road
at or near the li- le Utween Itoss and Highland
counties and ne ar the ltoeky Fork Hotel owned
by U. C. Hulitt .
To be tons tructed in accordance with the
Srovisio'ja ot t Jhaptcr 7, Title 7, of the Hevised
tatues. of Ohio, and the aets amendatory
thereto. Also asking the said Board of County
CoKjniiBsioners for a levy of ten mills each
yc ar for the term of eicht years on all the tax-
.ble proi)erty lying witlun the bounds 01 Bald
proposcu iree turiipiKu, mitt umi iney appoint
three JudicioiiB freeholders as commissioners
to lay out and establish said free turnpike road.
ju27w4 U. M. llAlUtm r and others.
Notice to Contractors.
QEALF.D PHOl'OSALHwill lie received at the
onice of the Clerk of the Iloard of Educa
tion of DooUon township, until 12 o clock at
noon. 011 Saturday, July 21, l.Sft.1, for
building an addition to thu school house ij:
iJodsouvilie Kub-district lti. 2, of said town
ship, according to the plans and aud specihca
tious on tile at the Clerk' residence.
Each bid mut contain the name of every
person interested 111 the same, and be ae-coiu-nauied
by a sutheient guaranty of some disin-
terested person that, if the bid is accepted,
contract will be enlcrred into and th( perform
ance of it properly secured. 1 he bids for each
kind of material called for by the speciti cations
shall be stated separately and the price 01 each
giveu, and the price of labor must also 1j6 sep
arately btated.
None but the lowest responsible bid will be
accepted, but the board may n-ject any or all
bids. By order of tho board,
June 23, 1883. ju'27w7 Clerk.
Notice to Tax-Payers.
For the aenmmodation of those tax payers
who find it inconvenient to pny teir June tax
within the time prescribed by law, A will con
tinute to reeeive the samo until the 1st day
August, without i-Tialty, at which time the
books must be closed for settlement, and 110
tax will be received during the mouth
Augut. K. It. l'lKhSO.N,
Treasurer of Highland County.
June 20, 188:1. Ju20w6
We have an immense slock of
V.loves, hosiery, buttons, drens trimmings,
aud notions ener.ilh from the cheapest
the finest. Come and hee them.
ni3Uui3 B. E
HliiBEN &. BON.
An Intprplhijj Slorj A Ho;'1i'?s Case
(iiiiU A ;hh Itcason lor
ictit nf Mr, Washington Mnnr
or t'at-
skill, Green Count v, New V
'For many yours I had mnlVred fmni a com
plaint wliii-h the pliysiciuiu e.Ult-d (Iravrl. I
hnl t'lnployi n homio of tho inont noted i!in;torn
without ohtiiiniritt any pi-i iimneut rWicf, and
for a lonx time my cano was ivKSinled an hopo
hn. All who Knew the circnnistanei's SHid I
must die. Finally, my wife induced ni to try
a. bottle of Dr. Keniiedy's 'Favorite Remedy
which she Imd somewhere heard of or seen ad
vertised. Without the slihteHt faith in it, but
solely to gratify her, I bought a bottle of a
druuV'it-t in onr viJlne. I used that ami two
or three bottles more, and-to make a long
stony short - 1 arn now aa healthy a man as
there in in the country.
Since then I have recommended 'Favorite
Remedy' to others whom I knew to have suf
fered from kidney and liver complaints; and I
amure the public that the 'Favorite Kemedy'
ban done its work with a fomilar completencMS
in every single iiiHtance. and 1 trtiKtsome other
nick and discouraged mortal uiy hear of it and
try the 'Favorite Itoturdy' an 1 did." July
On the night of the ;th inst. Her
man Ueckman, of Cincinnati, con
cluded a spree by hanging himself.
"Wlmt ' the (lilTercnee," auk. il the teacher in
arithmetic, "between one yard nn'l two yards V"
"A fence," replied Tommy TraddleK. Tommy
then Kinote the ruler no. vice venei. Wh&t'a
the diflerenee between 1'Iy'n (.'renin lluhn and
nil other rntnrrh preparations ? "Ely's Cream
Halm lins completely cured mo of catarrh, with
which I've been Rtnieted over ten years, and
after 1 had tried almost every remedy recom
mended," said S. J. Aiken. Km)., wholesale
lealur ill hoots and shoes, Hit t ederal street,
boston, SInss. 1 lin cure is the rule, reader,
and not an exceptional case. This Halm is not
a liquid or snnir. aurl is easily appnen. it win
positively cure any case of catarrh or cold in
the head'. It allays all pain, stops discharges,
soothes and heais thu irriated and diseased
nasal organs, and in short, always works a
complete and radical cure. jylBw2
The saloonists of Cincinnati paid
into the city coffers, to help keep
order and clean streets, $399,858.31,
nearly $400,000.
"Kccp to your place and your place will
keen von. ' liiit vou can not expect to keep
yonr place without health, the foundation of
all success. ror insrance, a rauroao engi
neer in the emrlov of the C. 51. A St. Paul It.
H. haa been grievously att'ected with diabetes
for six vears. He took four boxes of Kidney.
Wort aiid now writes that he ia entirely cured
and working regularly.
A Chicago company is now at
work mouldings and solidifying saw
dust and shavings into blocks of con
vient size for fuel.
How to Get Sick Expose yonrself day and
night, eat too much without exercise, work ton
hard without rest, doctor all the time, take all
the vile nostrums advertised; and then you will
want to know
How to Gkt Wkt.t. Which is answered in
three words Tako Hop Hitters. jy!8w2sp
The grading of the branch railway
from the N. P. C. to the Yellowstone
Park is now complete, and the road
will be in use by August i.
"No other remedy has ever equalled the
Halm 111 good results, writes Mr. A. J. Oden
welder, drucuist. F.aston. Pa. "It is no exag
geration. Kly'e Cream Italm is a cure for ca
tarrh, hay fever, arid cold in the head. Many
cures have tmcn mado among my customers."
Forty-seven bicyclers started on
the 2d inst., from Windsor, opposite
Detroit, to wheel across Canada to
Toronto and Niagara Falls.
Not a particle of calomel or any other dele-
terious substance enters into the composition
of Aver s Cathartic rills. On the contrary they
prove of special service to those who have used
calomel and other mineral poisons as medi
cines, and feel their injurious effects. In Buch
cases Aver's Fills are invaluable.
Two hundred and sixty car loads
of watermelons reached Cincinnati
in two days. A whole train load
vjas sent on to the Saengerfest at
Beware of Imitations.
The odor of Floreston Cologne is entirely
novel. L.ook for Bignature of liiscox A Co., N
Y., on each bottle. july
The small boy who can't be driven
to put three drops of water upon his
face, out of a wash-basin, now oc
cupies his mind in devising excuses
for going in swimming seventeen
times a day.
An Impossibility.
Deserving articles are appreciated. The ex
ceptional cleanliness of Parker's Hair Balsam
makes it popular. Gray hairs are impossible
wun its occasional use. July
Watermelons are now only ten
and fifteen cents in Georgia. But
don't be beguiled into going down
there; the other items of a first-class
funeral cost just as much in Georgia
as they do here.
AVido Awake Druggists.
Messrs. Seyhert A Co. aro always alive to
their business, and spare no riaina to secure
the best of every article in their hue. 'i hey
have secured the agency for tho celebrated Dr.
King s New Discovery for Consumption. The
only certain cure known for consumption,
coughs, coins, hoarseness, asthma, bay fever.
bronchitis, or any affection of the throat and
lungs. Hold on a positive guarantee. Trial
bottles free, ltegular sue ft.
Probably the meanest man on rec
ord keeps a boarding house in San
Domingo. Last winter an earth
quake turned the edifice clear up
side down; and the very next morn
ing he began charging the garrett
lodgers first-floor prices.
Tkoiisundu Sur So.
Mr. T. W. Atkins, Girard, Kan., vritea
never hesitate to recommend your Electric
bitters to my customers, they give entire sat
isfaction and are rapid sellers." Electric bit
ters are the purest and best medicine known
o.l will positively cure kidney and iiver 00111
plaints, purify the blood and regulate the
bowels. P10 family can afford to be withou
them. 1 hey ail) aave hundreds of dollars
dcs.tor bills every year. Hoid at lifty cents
uoillu ny ncyntrt Co.
".My HusbuiiU Is Delighted
with 'Kennedy's Favorite Remedy,' and says h
feels like blessing you fur K'vinrf to humanity
so valuable a medicine. Ins lm-al chitienlties
have all been relieved, and his entire system
, miel up anil strengthened. 1 thank you for
! your pioniptnes. in writniK, and e shall ever
1e11.t111.1e1 ynu wnii Kraiiiiuie." ho villus
ady of Warwiek, Oranj-e County, N. If , to Dr.
0.,;'.'' y:, 'I ' J"""1""'. 1AV't".';
1 lUiuiedv" for sale ev:rv.,i..i.n mhJu
(JracinnHjr Supplanted by a Belter Aril-fie
Certain Old Thing's urn Done
Ifl the Reneral reception room of tho Western
I'nion Telegraph huildinr on broadwav, New
York, are exhibited the coarse, crude and clum
sy instruments of tho infancy of the telegraph.
They are only relies now. More perfect ma
chinery haa superseded them.
Yeara axo what is now styled the old-fashioned
porous piaster did some guod service. Thero
was then nothing better of the kind. Now all
that is changed, btcienca and study have gone
deeper into the accrets of medicine and pro
duced iJenson'a Capcine l'oroua blaster, which
emhodiea all the excellencies thus far possible
in an external remedy. The old plasters were
slow the Cu peine is rapid: they were uncertain
the Capeine is sure. Cheaper articles liear
similar names. lie careful, therefore, ttiat
some thrifty drugxist does not deceive you. In
tho center of the genuine is cut the word Cap
cine. Trice 23 cents.
Heahurv it Johnson, Chemists, New York.
The steamship Niagara caught fire
at Indian Key, Florida, on the 12th.
No lives lost and the vessel was
The unprecedented popularity of Smith's
Extract of May Flower as a remedy for all
diseases of the Bladder And Kidneys while
phouomenal, is not surprising. The great
value of the plant known as "Slay r lower
or "Trailing Arbutus," has for years been
known and recognized by the medical fra-
eruity. lo succeHhfuJly prepare this rem
edy' so that it should meet the approval of
the practicing physician has been a study
of years. The climax, however, has been
reached, aud Smith's Extract of May Flow
er now stands at the head of all remedies
offered for the speedy and permanent cure
f any aud all complaints arising from a
disordered condition of the Bladder and
Kidneys. So effectually does it accomplish
the purpose for which it is prescribed that
hundreds of reputable physicians now en
dorse it aud prescribe it in their daily prac
Bright's Diseases, Diabetes, Dropsy,
Rheumatism, Incontinence or Non-reten
tion of the Urine, Painful Menstruation,
Pains in the Back or LoinB, Dizziness,
Stone in the Bladder, all Private Diseases,
Inllammation of the Bladder, aud all kin
dred complaints are amenable to treat
ment, and are promptly relieved by the
use of this remedy.
The law compelling Missouri sa
loon Keepers to pay 500 a year
license has been declared constitu
Advice to IHothers.
Are yon disturbed and broken of vonr reBt
by a nick child Buffering and crying with pain
of cutting teeth? f no, send at pupe and a get
a bottle of Mrs. Wii.aiow'a ItooihUig Hymp for
Children .teething, ltd value ia incalculable.
It will relieve the poor little sufferer immedi-
utely. Depend upon it, mothers, there is no
mistake about it. k cures dysentery and diar
rhoea, regulates the stomach and bowels, cures
wind colic, softens the gums, reduces inllam
mation, and gives tone and energy to the whole
system. Mrtt. W"inHlow"s Hoothing Bypup for
Children Teething is plcatmut to the taste, ajij
in ine preHuriiHiitii ot one vf ijie piucut una
Iwtft fomale iiliVHiciaiisand nuraefl in the United
States, and is or sale by all druggists through
out the world. 1'rice iro cents a bottle,
If Archbishop Purceil had lived to
the 13th of neitt October he would
have celebrated his semi-centennial
as a Bishop.
Uiiikleti's Arulca Salve.
The best salve in the world for Cuts.
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers. Salt Ehenm. Feyer
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all kinds of Kkin Eruptions.
This Salve is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction in every case, or money re
funded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale
by Seybert 4 Co. nov29yl
The Duke of Marlboro died re
cently of heart disease. He was
found dead in his room on the morn
ing of the 5th.
Skinny Men.
"Wells' ITealth Renewer" restores health and
vipror, cures Dyspepsia, Impotence, Sexual
Debility. 1.
When an inch of rain falls, that is
over 100 tons to the acre.
Don't Die In the House.
'Ronch on Rats," clears out rats. mice.
roaches, bed-bugs, flies, ants,molea, chipmunks,
gophers. 15c.
On . the nth inst.,
two persons
in a well at
died from fire damp
Washington C. H.
Wells' "Rough on Corns."
Ask for Wells' "Ronch on Corns." 15o.
Quick, complete, permanent cure. Corns,
warts, bnnions.
When Indies are Attractive.
All ladies know their faces are most attrac
tive when free from uiuinles. Parker's dinger
Tonic is pnpular among them, because it ban-
inuen iiujjiiruies iroin uioou ana BKin ana mattes
me race glow witn Health. July
In his July report Secretary Cham
berlain puts the Ohio corn crop at
83 per cent for July 1.
Ayer's Baraaparilla cures liver complaints,
female disorders, rheumatism, and all disease,
of the blood.
It is reported that during the revi
val just closed at Marysville, O., 403
persons were, converted.
Horse bills printed promptly and in the best
of style at this othoe. We have a variety of ex
cellent cuts aa&pUMi w sucii work.
Rev. W. II. Scott, of Athens, the
new State University President, will
soon remove to Columbus.
C'TFealhers, ribbons, velvet, can all bo col
ored to match that new hat by ueiug the I)ia
mond lJyes. 10 ceniB for any color.
300,000 shad have been put in the
Scioto at Chillicothe. and 300,000
carp will be put in this fall.
Dr. O. W. Beuson's Celery and Chamo
mile Pills. Are prepared expressly to cure
und will cure Headache of all kinds, Neu
ralgia, Nervousness and Dyspepsia, x-n-dorsod
by physicians. 60c. at druggists',
The pioneers of Butler and War
ren counties will hold their annual
reunion at Monroe, on August 9.
" '
Dr. Iicnsou's Ekln Cure consists of iu-
tonial aud exterunl treatment at same time,
auj it makes the skin white, soft and smooth;
unrivaled for hair aud sculp. CouUins
poisonous drugs, t1. tlniBuisU'. JunUyl
M.r 11
;ENtTI!V!5 FACSIMILE Prominent Let.
tern, ALL white on a Mark ground.
nw are of dealprt who attempt t palm off
MS pood which yield the in a LAKGI-'U
ritOFIT. Aono are Reuuine without tho
II. II. WAIl.VEIl & CO., Itoohe.ler, N.Y.
This remedy it an absolute ineoiflo for
the disease! of women: for the nervous troub
les of youth, and for the debility whloh pra-
oettei old ago. as statistics snow ttiat all
diseases arise from the kidneys or liver w
ean guarantee freedom from disease by rea
son ol the power which our Sato Kidney and
Liver cure possesses over tnese organs.
For diabetes, ask for WARNER'S SAFE DIA
During one of the recent hot days
the Brooklyn bridge descended to
within 135 feet 9 inches of the water.
Unloaded in the coldest weather it
would be two feet higher.
Does a lame baolc or disordered nrlne Indi
cate that you are a victim ? THEN DO NOT
H.KSITATE; use Kidney-Wort at once, (drug
gist, recommend itland it willspeedlly ever
come the disoaae and restore hfaltliy aetioa.
I rl i r e- ror eemtlint peculiar
UtlMlWsfl to Four MX, such mm wojn
and weuKnidsei. Kidney-wort la uajfurpafwid,
as i wiil act promptly knd Mely.
Hither Sex. loooritinonos, retention of urine,
brlek.dustorroiydoTXits.anddull dr&ri-ine
pains, all speedily yield to It. ouratlv. power.
Ana is tne
Wide AsslaKe
Aro the two most Popular. Delightful
and Butlstactory- tiMOILlWO TOAO
uua 01 me uay.
Price, 10 Cats fbr ox. Paekafss.
SPENCE BROS. & CO., Cincinnati.
ian IMniHCDiAAOo
J Fnr F! MUSTS an
I (f Dnteh Bull. J&paa
V. , liiUbB, Fruurii Uulba,
V ( American Bulbs. AUo
'.w Plant forfji-reeuhouw
FREE I 4lRochiter,N.Y.UUuwo,Ill
Established 111 1835. Is well equipped
the bent edueatioaal work. Two courses
study in ('ollcc and Preparatory riepartuien1
leervui.; youuK men encouraged by loans,
scholarship, and prizes. Kxpeu.es moderate.
rail term b. guis Hept. titli.
I. W. ANDREWS, President.
nwl7w4-A A nao.
We have a full assortment of Lace Cur
tains, Curtain Net, Felts, Cretonnes,
curtains and lambrequins, and f mice
triuiming. H. K. UlbliEN & BON,
For Sule.
lhe House on West Walnut street now
occupied by John F. Kelson. The Housa
is brick with six rooms, good ont buildings
and wuter. For further particulars apply
to John . Nelson or the nudcrsigned,
mar7tf Kiiij. Babbeu.
By Dr. Lindley'i Fit Cur.
Stops the attu-kt of Epilepty
inmutdiaUhj. No fits, tpatnia,
or couvuUioiis aftt'r the first
day's nte. Its cures are pmr
timnt'it. In littuen years
have foil ivl no case He eouM
rot routrol. A Tril ix.tCu
VHKK. l'rire, 1.5il.
sale hy drut';;ita. Adilreat.
Kew Vieiiuu Heditins
Niiw Vknua, Ohio.
f I i i TRADE I .
nd all torofuloui dlfeuM, Snr, Kryalpo.
Ui, Kcxema, BloU-hM. ltlnworni, Tu
mor, Carbuncle. BolU, and Kmptlonr.
of th Skin, ar th dlrct rwult of an
Inipur lUt of th blood.
To ur thftf dLttaies th blood mtut b
pm-iaed, and rmUxvd to a healthy and na
for orr forty yara bn roognlid by a.t
Dent medical authorities at th most pow
erful blood purifier In KUtence. It free
th lyitwn from all foul humors, enrich e
and trentftheni the blood, remorw all trace
of mercurial treatment, and prorea ltaelf a
ooiplete waster of all scrofulous diseases.
A Recent Cars of Scrofulous Sores.
M Some mnnths ago I was troubled with
Scrofulous ors (nicer) on my lfr. Th
II nibs were b1ly swollen and fnflemfd, and
the sores tliitWiarjfed targe quantities of
otfentlTe tnnttfr. Krery remedy 1 tried
failed, until 1 used Aykh's 8ahsaparii.L4.
of which 1 hav now taken three bottles,
with the result that th sores are h)),
aud my Ron era I health greatly Improved.
1 feel Tery grateful for the good your
otitic Ine has done me.
lis Sullivan St., Saw York. June 24, 1HH2.
17 All person Interested ar Invited
to call on Mrs. O'Brlanj also npon tho
Kev. Z. V. Wllo of 18 Knit A4th street.
ew York City, who will tak pleasure
in teatiryins; to the wonderful emvmcy of
Aver's Harenpnrlllo, not only In the cure
of this lady but In his own rase and
many other within hi knowledge.
The well-known wriirr on the lioiton Herald,
B. W. Ball, of Hocltetter. N.H writes, June
7, 182:
" Harlnff suffered severely for some years
with Eczema, and harlns; failed to find relief
from other rfmxlie I have male ukr, during
the past three months, of Ayer's Samapa
hilla. which haa effected a complete cure.
I eonnliler It a magulficent remedy for all
blood diseases."
stimulates and rejulate. th action of th,
digestive and ' assimilative organs, renews
and strengthens the vital forces, and speedily
tares Bheamatfsm, Nearala-ta, Rheuma
tic Gout, Catarrh, Qenend Debility, and
all diseases arising from an Impoverished or
corrupted condition of the blood, and a weak
ened vitality.
It Is Incomparably the cheapest blood medi
cine, on account of Its concentrated strsngtb,
and great power over disease.
Dr. J.C.Ayer&Co., Lowell, Mass.
M by all Drnggists; prlu 81, tlx bottls.
lor IS.
1AM Unlllir.n Ut tciao Vnrb -lima 'A4 .Hut
Cincinnati, Washington & Baltimore
Direct Connection Fob All Points
West, Northwest, and Southwest.
Lowest Bates, Quickest time, and
Best Accommodations.
m., 8.05 a. in. and 1 p. m.
To any point
West apply to
North, South, and East or
Agent C. W. B. R, R.
Hills do ao.
Oen'l Manager.
Oen'l. Pats. A Tkt. Ax.
Portland, Me., aud tlie Sea Shore.
Arraugementt have been made for a series of
grand pleasure tours from Toledo and Detroit
to Portland, Me., and return, via Niagara Falls,
Toronto, down the Bt. Lawrence, Montreal,
Quebec, the White Mountains and famous re
torts of the New England coast.
The rate for the round trip from ChUlicotha,
O., will be 30.00, tickets good C5 days. Thou
deairiug to take advantage of this grand oppor
tunity for the most pleasant trip on the conti
nent should apply to agents Scioto Valley Rail
way, and get programmes giving full particu
lar.. Remember tlie dates, June 28th, July Mb and
3Gth, 1883. Jiio. J. Aaciiaa,
U. P. A T. A.
Bcioto Valley Ity.
THE Board of School Examiners of nigliland
county give botiue, that examinations cf
Applicants fur Certificates will take plaociu tha
liilUtxiro Union Bcucol building on the first
Saturday of orery niouth, and on the third Sat
urday of February, starch. April, Angu.t, Sep.
tember and October. Tna Examination f
preMiribed by law is 60 ouuta. lij order ui tha
a...7.4J iLih..I Uul
ncra.ve-i and printed In alt th faaMonabla
i i. 1- lue buuouery fur Laaiiea,
25 Ltoat FCaaTl StiCjt CaJlClll

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