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The Highland weekly news. [volume] (Hillsborough [Hillsboro], Highland County, Ohio) 1853-1886, December 05, 1883, Image 4

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"Wednesday, December 5, '83.
Owinrr to the delay in the orpani
zation of the House, we are unable
to send out the President's Message
with this issue of the Xnvs. It was
expected that the Message would be
sent in by 5 o'clock yesteday after
noon, if so we will issue it in a sup
plement to our readers to-day. If
not it will be issued as soon as it is
Organization of Congress.
Both houses of the new Congress
met on Monday and the House of
Representatives was partially organ
ized by the election of the Democrat
ic caucus candidates for Speaker,
There was a full quorum of both houses
present, and. unusual interest was
manifested in the proceedings. The
success of the West and South in
carrying off most of the offices of the
House, was rather a surprise to poli
ticians generally, and may be taken
as an evidence that the Southern
leaders have determined to resume
their old control of the Democratic
party. The election of Mr. Carlisle,
a pronounced Free-Trader, as Speak
er, will inevitably bring up the tar
iff question during the session, and
it will require to be handled with
great discretion, in order to prevent
an open rupture between the Tariff
and Free Trade wings of the Demo
cratic majority.
Hon. John P. Leedom, former Re
presentative of this district, was
nominated for Sergeant-at-Arms by
acclamation, thus completely dis
tancing his opponent, the once
powerful and popular John G.
Thompson, of this State. Mr. Lee
dom's triumph was beyond what
even his most sanguine friends antic
ipated, and is a high compliment to
his ability and popularity.
The Republican caucus nominated
Ex-Speaker Keifer as their candidate
for Speaker, but not more than half
the Republican members attended
the caucus, and fifteen of those pres
ent voted for Mr. Robinson, Governor-elect
of Massachusetts. Under
the circumstances Mr. Keifer would
have shown more wisdom had he de
clined to be a candidate, as he 'was
advised to do by some of his friends.
But he persisted in forcing his
claims, and has only himself to thank
for the mortification he must have
experienced in failing to receive the
unanimous support of his party.
Mr. Randall received 50 votes for
Speaker in the Democratic caucus
and Mr. Cox of New York, 44, but
had their votes been united, Mr.
Carlisle had a majority of 10 over
Alter the election ol bpeaker, a
contested election case from Missis
sippi came up, and without comnlet-
iiig its organization the House ad
ioumed till Tuesday noon, when it
would proceed to elect the remain
ing officers and would then be ready
to receive the President's Message
Mr. Clark of Missouri, received
the Democratic caucus nomination
for Clerk, of the House of Repre
sentatives. Mr. Wintersmith, o
Texas, was nominated for Door
Keeper, Mr. Dalton, of Indiana, foi
Postmaster, and Dr. Lindsay, Ep
iscopalian, of Georgetown, D. C.wai
nominated for Chaplain by accla
Health in our vicinity good.
Sir. Oftu'e, of I.ouiHville, Ky., is visiting his
father, W. G. Gage, of this place.
Gitr pi lionl is prospering finely, with Mr. C,
E, KouhIo at the helm.
I.. C. Ktnckwell has gone to Fayette Co., with
a view of renting a farm.
lr. Vanre, our new 1 M., is giving entire
Great eomphiint among the
mouldy corn, since the lute lains.
Itev. I'lieon preaches nt the M
F. Church
everv Munlay at 'A 1 .
M. instead of 10 A. M. as
,T. M. Snnderson, our enterprising hog-lmver,
has hoo'tit nearly all ttie hogs in this vicinitv
at prices ranging from:t"4 to 4'4 cts. per pound.
lvlwird and Horn Strain wire ftrraingeit hp
fore Squire Kniuii r's court on last Thursday
week on a charge brought by .1. M. Sanderson,
for shooting too near his house, and for using
allusive lilliglliii' when told quietly to not do
so. Mis Honor said f and cost each, mailing
$1;). 111! in all. whirh do doubt will prove a valu
able lesson to the bovs.
We call attention
tus of the New York
other column. The
to the prospec
Tribune in an-
Tribune is the
newspaper, and
leading American
holds the same position in American
journalism as the London Times in
that of Europe. Specimen copies of
the Daily and Weekly Tribune may
be seen at this office, and both will
be included in our clubbing list, to
be published soon.
The Independent.
The ablest religious and literary
newspaper published. One-quarter
to one-half larger, but the same price
as its cotemporaries.
It has twenty-two distinct depart
ments, all good, many of them of su
perior excellence.
Its literary department, embracing
reviews, criticisms and notices of all
new books published, contains 10 or
12 columns weekly, and has no su
perior in journalism.
During the next few months The
Independent will publish stories by
William 1). Howells, author of
"Their Wedding Journey," "A Mod
ern Instance," etc. ; W. E. Norris,
author of "Matrimony," "No New
Thing,'' etc. ; E. Marion Crawford,
author of "Mr. Isaacs," "Dr. Claudi
us," etc. ; J. S. of Dale, author of
"Guerndale," ; Everett Hale, author
of "Ten Times One is Ten," etc.;
Julia Schayer, author of "Tiger Lily
and Other Stories," ; Rebecca Hard
ing Davis, Sarah Orne Jewett, Fred
D. Story, Kate Upson Clarke, and
others. Our readers who do not
now subscribe for it should read the
advertisement in another column,
which gives subscription rates in full.
Every one should at least send 30
cents for a month's "Trial Trip,"
and mike its acquaintance. Address
The Independent, New York City
The Art Amateur for December is
a number of holiday size and excel
lence. It contains working designs
for a tea-pot (Japanesque decora
tion), a dessert plate (wild gerani
um), a hand screen (shepherdess),
embroidery (a fan, Christmas-card
box, dollies, and mitres), repousse
work (cockatoos and dolphins),
wood-carving and jewelry ; two
beautiful designs of children , with
minute directions for painting in oils
and in mineral colors ; an illustrated
report of the Feuardent-Cesno
trial; a biography of Charles
Sprague Pearce, with numerous orig
inal drawings : an illustrated notice
of the Huntington gift to the Me
tropolitan Museum ; reviews of the
National and Pennsylvania Academy
exhibitions, the Sketch Exhibition,
and the National Exposition at Paris;
dramatic and musical feuilletons ;
some fine illustrations of Derby por
celain ; practical articles on decora
tion, needle workand chinapainting ;
correspondence, literary and editori
al nous. It is impossible to speak
too highly of the varied excellence
of this superb publication. Price, 35
cents; 4 per annum. Montague
Marks, Publisher, 23 Union Square,
New York.
Hillsboro Prices Current
Corrected Vwkly by Hcmtt & Roads, Wliolc
Bale airl latiiil Oron-rn ami l'roduce
HilNlmro, Tuesday, Nut. 27, 1SSS.
DealiTri are paying the following priceu for
the viu ion artn ieM nuim d :
Wheat, hush. 1 fi5a 1 00
Com 40a
Oaw a 30
I'lax Sec d HOa 1 tiu
Hour, ewt 2 5oa 2 ".i (
Corn Me al, bllnhel till tii
Potatoes iiOa
Sweet 1'otaIoeH, bllrdiel
liite Jit aiiH. hunJul
Dried Ai'iile. II, 5a C
lVaehen Mu
(ir.etl Apples 7oa 100
I'eatlielH, iu 4r'll 50
lintter 10a 18
Kk'k'x. dozen 2'Ja
tlaeou lianiK, lb 11a 12
' Silert Ha U
" Shoulders 7 8
r.ard ! a
Hay, ton C 00u7 00
S. Milium MijU-nes, gal 3o US
'1 'allow, lb , a 0
Live CljiekenH, d'jz jj 5oa 2 50
I 'reused ( bii kenw, doz
Turk ys, alive (5a
" diesaed
Honey, lb 1 ,2a 15
WojjI, meilium, per pound 2'a 30
Groeerit a and other artie-lea retail f rom Btoretl
at the .iltjwiiij; prieea :
Miliar. N. ). li, 7' S'i
t'.etined, CrtiiliLd and powdered H -a 12
Coflee, lllo iSa IH
lea, Imperial, Y. JI. and G. 1' 40a tin
" lllaik 6oa 1 (Hi
Cheeae, fiu toiy. a 15
r'iour, good family brands, ew t 8 00a a 20
" " " bid a ti 00
fish Mackerel, No. 2, 1M i 40a 4 00
Kiln H.'ia 00
Fish White, 'abhl 5 50a 5 75
Kiu a 1 15
MolaHSeH, N. () ;r,a 70
" tSoi'Klium 4 a 5o
Onlden Hyrup 5oa CO
Laid Oii! 1 Ooa
Coal Oil 15a 20
Salt, K aoawha and Ohio, bbi 1 M.'ja
llama. City aiinar cured
brooms, ninle Joa 25
Itleo, lb Ha 10
lieevea, cut. rosa 3 50a 4 00
" rdjipphiK' 4 Ooa 5 00
Sheep ami I.ainbH, per ewt 3 Ooa 8 50
. H.jfH, ewt. r..a 4 Ooa 4 25
Htoek lloa " 4 ooa 4 25'
SlUch town, with Culvea 83 Cl'S 13 00
Truth is as impossible to be soiled
by any outward touch as the sun
The December Century.
A portrait of Peter Cooper, engrav
ed on wood by Thomas Johnson from
a photagraph taken a few months be
fore his death, is the frontispiece of
the December number. Mrs. Susan
N. Carter, is at the head of the Wo
mans' Art School of the Cooper In
stitute, contributes an anecdotal pa
per which throws much light on Mr.
Cooper's ideas and his generous aims
in promoting the education of young
women for skilled occupations.
Other biographical papers in the
same number are Miss Anna Bick
nell's character sketch of "The Pre
tenders to the Throne of France,"
illustrated by portraits ; and Mrs.
Schuyler van Rensselaer's critical es
say on "George Fuller," with en
gravings of three of his best pictures.
Dr. Waldstcin, the young Ameri
can who lectures on archaeology at
Cambridge University, England, con
tributes an instructive illustrative
paper on "The Frieze of the Parthe
non. An entertaining paper on Devon
shire, entitled "The Fairest County
in England," by Francis George
Heath, is the opening illustrated ar
ticle, and containing nine charming
sketches by Harry Fenn. In a pro
fusely illustrated paper on Los Ange
les, entitled "Echoes from the City
oj the Angels," II. II. closes her seri
es of Picturesque articles on South
ern Calfornia. Professor J. Rendel
Harris, of John Hopkins University,
writes of "The Original Documents
of the New Testament," and gives
an interesting illustrated account of a
discovery which the author believes
that he has made with regard to the
text of the Bible and other ancint
In fiction the December Century
offers parts of three serial stories,
namely, the much-discussed "Bread
Winners"; George W. Cable's new
romance, "Dr. Sevier," which was
begun in the November number ;
and the first part of Robert Grant's
story of New-York life, "An Average
Man." Besides, it prints the con
clusion of Henry James' novelette,
"Thelmpressions of a Cousin," and
a refined and humorous short story,
"One Chapter, by a new American
writer, Miss Grace Denio Litchfield
Poems are contributed by Mrs. S.
M. B. Piatt and Andrew B. Saxton
and in "Bric-a-Brac," by J. A. Ma
con and John A. Eraser, Jr., besides
a "Poem in Prose translated from
"Topics of the Time" contains ed-
itorals entitled ''Central Park in Dan
cer and "ine spiritual i.iiects 01
Drunkenness"; and among the con
tributions to "Open Letters" are
review of "Recent American Novels'
I'he Temperance Outlook," by
Walter Farrinjzton, and "Hurricane
Reform," by Rev. Washington Glad
O SEALED I'liOrOSAT.H f..r the nlo of eiprht
thousand (S,II00 dollars of the bonds of
the 1'rospeet (.'iinich and Gall's Hill free Turn
Dike o. oil. will he rei't iviil at tne oltiee or the
Countv Auditor, in HilUooro. Ohio, until Sat
urday, the 2Jth day uf December, Ihs; at one
o'cloek p. in.
Said bonds are dated the 1st Mayor Decem
ber. 1H3, and bear mterewt at the rate of six
per cent, payable semi-annually, snd are issued
hv autlioll'v hi rsecii'Jii -i.no- oi ine iveviseti
Statutes of Ohio for loio, paite l.lTd, and are
desclibed as billows :
Nos. 10. 11. 12, mid 1.1 for 520IJ caoh, and
ach having coupons attached us follovs:
No. 1, for r,i on due Mnivh 1. 1MI.
No. 2, for it! 00 due September 1. 1H.H4 ; and
six months interest due with each bond 1st
dav of .March, lv.5.
Nos. 14, l.i, 10 and 17 for irfoo each, and
each having coupons attached as billows.
No. 1, for on due .March 1, Ihsi.
No. 2. f.ir 1:0.00 due Si pteniber 1. issl.
No. 3, for -0. 00 duo .Miit'ch 1, INKS.
No. 4, for io no due September 1, l'iij; and
six iiioiiths interest elue with each bond 1st
lav of .March. IssO.
Nos. H. 10. 2ti. 21, 22 and 2:1 for i300 each.
and each havniL,' coupons attaehea us iolloWN
No. 1, f ir ii 50 due Marcli 1, 1sn(.
No. 2. for i'.l no due September 1. 1HM.
No. 3, for jt :l. I ill due March 1, lvj.
No. 4, for .rO.oo due September 1. lSo.
No. 5. f. if i'.l HO due .March 1. IHn'..
No. 0. for f.Uit) due Septeiiilxr 1, isso . and
six niontlis iiiTeri -i one wnn eaen uuiiu 1st
lav of .Mai eli. 1.SS7.
Nos. 21. 20. 27. 2H ami 2'.l for ioO each
and ea. li having eoiipuns attacheil as followa
No. 1. for it. 5o due Muich 1. list.
No. 2. for tO.iiii due September 1. 1H4.
No, 3. for .-'.too ilue .March 1. 1.
No. 4. tor Jr'.l tl" due September 1. 1MH5.
No. 5, for on due March 1, llsii.
No. 0, for -. 11.110 due September 1. H'ilj.
No. 7, for iO 00 due March 1. 1ns7.
No. h. for -'.I oo due September I, i8s7;and
six menti s mi. le-t i;ue una wwii uoiui jjst
lav of March, 'S.
w. 30, 31,32,3:1,34 and 3.1 f.ir : 300 each,
each bavins coupons altucbcil as follows-.
1, for i 1.50 due .March 1. l-t.
2, fur i'.l. "'I due September 1. lbS4.
3, fur 0.b0 due Maicb 1. Iss5.
4, for to. no due September 1. 1M-15.
5, for T'.l.oildue .bueh 1, 1 i.ti.
0. t'ol" i'l Oil illle September 1. lNSii.
7, for i'.l. no due March 1. Ihs7,
h. lor to oo due Si pteuibcr 1. H.
0, for to. on due Match 1, In.
10, for i ',100 due Septeliiber 1, llrtS ; and
six months interest due with each bond lot
dav of March, l"!l.
Nos. 30, 37, 3H, 30 and 40 for i200 each,
nnd each having roopons attached as follows :
No. 1 , for t3 oo duo March 1, liil.
N i. 2, f ir iOliodiie S. pteuibcr 1. 1HS1.
No. 3, f r iO 00 due March 1. 15.
No. 4, for ill. h due Si pteuibcr 1. 1-iH5.
No. 5, for til. 00 due March l, 1-Mi.
No. (i. for c". oo die; S. ptember 1. IMMIi.
No. 7, for to. oo due March 1, 1h-i7.
So. H, tor iO 00 due September 1, 11H7.
No. 0. for 0 I'd due March 1. lsn,.
No. 10, for i'i 00 due September 1. iVi8.
No. 11, for i;0 00 due March 1, lM.l'.l.
No. 12. for ili. 00 due Septeliiber 1, lMMJiand
six months interest duo with each bond 1st
day of March, l'.sl.
Said bonds will be sold to the highest bidder,
and fur ui t It ss than tho face tlicreuf with
anv interest that iiikv have accrued theieun ;
and the pi iviliKu is hereby reserved of rejict-
uig any or all buls.
iK()l!fJK W. M.Cr.l'HY,
JAM I S A. Ill LNI.l 1',
Aldil.ON GALL,
Comniissi'iiiei'ji of tho I'luspect Church and
Gall's Hill 1-ico Turnpike No. 50. ileiiSnU.
Titat ifl what any orio will run-ivo who fcub-arril't'H
fnr I'iir IndfI'Ksdfn t of Nrw York. -
It ncrnpirH two titlU. Flint, an ft rolif,'inn.
Journal it is niiilnnonilnntional ntnl lnalrr
any wrt. Itn aim ih to lffVn it aainHt
attai'kn of MRtitrmlinni, Atli'inm anil mi-bdlii-f.
It in fiuo to approvo or critiriHc in any
the (lcnomiitationH whatever it believed is
(h'HiKit'Ml to mlvatiro or hinder tho progra of
Uonel oY Clirint.
AmoiiK it religions writers fire I.eonnrrt W.
D. !.. H. C, llartlett, 1. !.. Trent. John
ltHHcuiii, lli'ihi" Thou. M. Clark, liev. J op. Cook,
ltiHhop A. V. Cnxt (leo. H. Crook, J. J.,
Howar.1 Crosby, 1). I)., 'J heo. L. Cuvler, I). I
Samuel J)ike, (loo. J'. Fisher, 1. I.,
Niirnmn Fox, Washington Oladtlen, 3.
p.ishnp F. 1). Huntington, Jhshop J. F.
Hurst, V..V. Morris, J. I)., Prewt. Noah Porter,
Francis L. Patton, I. IX, Philip ttclifttT, 1. I).,
8. Storrs( I. 1., Wm. M. Taylor. H.D., Win.
Wilkinson, I. I).. Prest. T. 1. Woolsey.
Second. As a literary journal it stand without
peer among the weekly prens. Inning the
year it lias published articles and poems
more than three hundred of tho most tal
ented writer in this country and Kurope.
Among them Amelia A. ltarr, Mary Cleinmer,
Terry ( 'onko, Kate Foote, Dora Head
(ioodale, Pa; v. W. K. (Jrilhs, "Uraee (ireen
wood," Thomas Hill I. I)., William D. How
ells, "H. H.,M Hidney Lanier, ltoso Hawthorne
Fathrop, Louise Chandler Moulton, Joaquin
Miller, li. A. Onkes, Mrs. H. M. B. Piatt, Jose
phine Pollard, Kir hard Hr-nry Stoddard, Edmund
t'lareiiee Stedinan, Mrs, Launt Thompson, J,
Trowbridge, Celia Thaxter, John Oreenlraf
Whittier, Sarah C. Woolsey. Susan K. Wallace,
C. Ward and Prof. Charles A. Young.
The Indkpknok.nt will, within the next few
months, puhhsh utories by Win. 1. Howells,
author of "Their Wedding Journev," "A Mod-
Instanee," etc. ; W. E. Norris, author of
'Matrinionv." "No New Thing," eto. ; F. Marion
Crawford, author of ''Mr. Istaes," "Dr. Claud
etc, ; J. M, or I 'ale, author or "uern'iale ;
Edward Everett Hale, author of "Ten Times
is Ten, ete.; Julia Srhaver, author of
'Tiger Eilv, and Other Stories" Kebeeea
Harding Davis, Sarah Orno Jewett, Fred V.
Story, Jvate I psoti Clarke, etc., etc. It ih
negotiating with other distinguished story
writers of England and America, whose names
does not as yet ieel at liberty to make pub
In civil and political affairs The Indkpend-
contends for sound ideas and principles.
believes in the reform of the civil service
tariff, in the puritieation of polities, and
maintains those principles which the highest
ethics and best intelligence require.
Thk iNDKi'KNOKxr has 27 distinct depart
ments, 32 pages in all.
subscription one year $3 00
b months, 1.50; lor 3 months. 0 lb
subscription two years 5 Oil
subscription live years 10 00
We offer a month's subscription, ft p
Tri.il Trip." for lift cents, which can hi- re
mitted by postage stamps. Payment of J: 2 7
audition will secure tho balance or a year t
St-wl imsftil card for free specimen copy Ota!
jurfje for yoursel f. Addresd
2St Brnmlwny, Nnv York.
Harper's Weekly.
Iftirpcr't Wet kh stands at the head of Amer
ican iiluMtratt-d weekly jouniuls. By it un
partinan poiiion in polities, Hh admirable il
IurttrationH, it h carefully chonen aerialH, Hhort
stories, HketehcH, and poems, contributed by
tho t'orcimmt arrintrtaiid authors of tho day, it
carries instruction and entertainment to thou
sands of American homos.
It will always 1m tho aim of the publinhers to
make Ifarjicr's Wkbj the most popular and
attractive family newspaper in the world, and,
the pursuance of tint demn, to present a
constant improvement in all those famous feat
ures which have Kinfd f'r it tho coniidonce.
sympathy, and support of its laryo army of
Tor Ycnr:
iiahpeii's weekly
...H 00
... 4 00
... 4 00
... 1 60
liltAKY, Onu Year 1 52 Ntuuliorii) 10 00
I'dxia'jp free In nil titbsrribirs in the UhUuI
StaUi ov Ctinntiti,
The vdlnnicH of the Wtckly bein with the
flint Niiinbcr fur January of each year. When
timn in mcntinncil, it will be underHtoofl that
tho BitiKi'rilier winlu'8 to comaienco with the
Niimtii-r next after the receipt of order.
Tue hint Four Amiiuil YuhmieH of Harper's
Wtikhj, in neat cloth binding, will bo Bent by
mall, poNtae paid, or by expieKH, free of ex
penne (provided the freight doea not exceed one
dollar per volume), for 00 per volume.
(.'loth Canea for earh vuhuno, Bijitalile for
hindiiiK, will be bent by mail, porftpajd, on re
ceipt of f 1 00 each.
JleimttanceH Hhould be made by I'ost-Ofiiee
Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of limn.
XvirttjKtiH rtt (ire nut lit coiy tliin nilcertixemrnt
irithuut the ciri'.i.i ordtr oj' Hahi'kk Si biioTU-
Address HARPER k IillOTHER.S. Nevf York.
FOR TH E YEAR 188 4,
IT IH HEREBY ORDERED, that the Courts
of (.'omiiion Pleas and intr: -t Courts, for
ine year l.irt1. hIiiiII bcKin in the several coun
ties "f the Fifth Judicial District of the Htate
Oiiio, at the times following, to-wit:
Fiunr sriiiuvi.sioN.
Aihiins Countv January '4 j April i2 ; Octo
ber 21.
lirewn Countv January '11 ; May 13 ; Octo
ber '11.
Clermont Couuty January 22 j April 15
November 18.
Fayette Ctunty January
14 ; May 6 ; Octo-
her 20.
llit land County January li ; May 5 ; Oc-
lions County Januaiy 1-J ; May 6 ; Octo
ber ).
Tlillll) HCniJIVIHION.
Franklin County January 7 ; April 7 ; Octo
ber Hi.
.Madison County February 10; May 2G ; No
riekaway County January 8 ; April 21 ; Oc
tober 15.
Adam, September lirown, Mareh S!5;
Clermont, Sept' inber UiKnlaiuJ, Mareh IH;
MaiiiHon, November lH; Vfii'l:itit, luruh Jtj and
pti-niber 2.1; i'li kaway, March 2 Fayette,
April 4; IIohb, Si ptember 23.
Ohdkuki), That the Times for Holding
Courts in the Fifth Judicial l-dstrict, be pub
lished fur tour consecutive weeks, by the ueT
ral clerks uf the several counties.
TH U)1K1'S A. Mi.NhllALL,
I F, I 1'. KVASS,
CiF.omiK riMJON,
a:k (iitK'jii.
HKMIY M. Ill (HilNS,
In Witnks WiiKiiKor, I liave hereunto
HKALj set my hand and atlixed the seal of
said Court this JULh dav of October, A.
I)., lMrtj. JtOiN J. JOYCK,
Clerk of Franklin Cuumy.
HlOMI.AM) Cf'UN ry, f
I. O I'.). W. llulFS, Ol.-rk of the Court of
Common Fluo, within and for uaid County of
Highland, tin herrbv mTtifv tiiat the alcove in
eoi reel traiiheript of tho order IUIh the timeH
for huMini,' OonrtM for tlie year lrtbl, iu the
ifth Jieih'iul lMnlru t of Ohio.
Wfinksh my hi'naTun! anl the Heal of
iIca.1.. uaid (Jotn t, tlnrt day of Noveu-
U-rf A. !.,
nov21w4 GU. W. LJOll-o, fiCrit.
Elegant lino of Gold Pencils,
Tooth Picks, Gold Fen3 and
Pencils, i ut up in plush cases.
Just tin1 tiling for proseiits.
Litrtcc nssortiiu'iit of (old and
Silver" Watchi's, of Walthain, El
gin and priiip'lielil make. Ahu'
Agent for the celebrated Rock-
ford Watch, best railroad time
keeper in the world.
East Main Street,
In all styles.
Hillsboro, O.
Administrator's Sale.
pnrfniRTiPP of n onlcr nf tlm Prnhnie
Cnirt f HiKlilftiul Countv, Oldo, I will
otl i for nale at public auction on Kalurdiiy,
the 5th day of lHify-iubcr, lHH.'(t at two o'clock
V. M. t tho door of tho Court limine, jn llilU
boroughj Oliio, the followinK df orihcd real
pHtato, HituaUid in the County of Highland and
Htate of Ohio, and in tho T.'Jugo of Hilla
borouh, t-wit:
Uhe eantorn two-third () of in-lot rtnniher
ono hunted arj HevoiiUtii (No. 117), as
known and dt'tuynatt'd on the recorded plat of
Bttid village.
AppraiM-d at il.T'iO.OO, free of incumbrance.
TcrniH of fclo Cush.
A AdniiniHtrntor of th'. t-ntate of Marflisll
T. NcIhoii, tU'Ct.aHfil, novHwi
Legal Notice.
MAIIY J, Bellman and liolrert E. ftellman, i
minora under the ao of fonrU-en yearn, :
who renide at Athena, Ih uderrton county, State
of Texan, and Robert Henry Nay lor, a niiuorover
the axe of fourteen years, who ronides in the
State of California, will take notice that on tho
day of October, A. V., 18;i, John V.
Dunn, as guardian of lli.ert Ij. Jhinn, Alex
ander Iunn, Jiaehel A. Dunn, David II. hiuiu
and Samuel A. Dunn, and T. H. Miller as
Kuardinu of Mary J. Hellman and Kobet E. Hell
man, tiled their petition in the Common Fleas ,
Court of Highland county, Ohio, in case No.
aaim he above named parties and V.
K. Naylor, Mewheb Naylor and others, alleging
that the Hfiid John W. Dunn has been duly ap
pointed and qualified an guardian of the estate
of tiie said Robert L. Dunn, Alexander Dunn,
Rachel A. Dunn, David H. Dunn and Hamuel
A. Dunn ; that the said T. H. Miller haa been
duly appointed and nualilled as guardian of
the estate of tho said Mary J. Sehmau and
Rolert E. Hellman; that C. 1. Helsky has been
duly appointed and qualilied as guardian of
the estate of Roben Henry Naylor ; that on the
day of August, A. D., 17(J, one ltobert
Saylor died, seized in fee simple of the follow
ing real estate, Hituate in the County or High
land, and Htate of Ohio, and di scribed as fol
ows : Doginning at the center of Whiteoak
reek, on the corner and line of twelve acres
.onveyed Ijv (ieorge Mowrey to Jacob McFad
ien, and running thence with said line H. bS
d g. E. 74 poles to a stake ; thence S. 110 deg.
W. 11 polento the lino of said Cieorge Mowrey's
original tract ; thence S. 75 deg. E. 251 poleB
to a w hite oak. black ash and dogwood ; thence
N. 15 deg. E. 70,' j poles to two white oaks and
dogwood ; thence by tho lino of Wm. Fenwick
N. 75 deg. 350 poles to a thorn bush and elm
and horsebean ; thence down the creek by the
center thereof to the place of beginning, con
taining I'M acrec and 15 poles. Marshall
by patent bearing date of the first day of Feb
ruary, iHllfi, Burvey No.
Also another tract in said Couuty of High
land, and on the waters of west fork of White
oak creek, beginning in the center of said creek
at the S. W. corner of the land above described,
and running thence with that line 8. 58 deg. E.
73 poles to a stone; thence 8. 30 deg. W. 83
poles to a stone ; thence S. 7 30 miu. E.
234 poles to a white oak s,m black o;vk (crowing
Fmcastle road at 13 poieaj said Helsley's H. E.
corner ; thence with one of iUe Anginal lines
of the survey of which thin is a part, 8. 17 deg.
W. ti2 poles to a large double white oak ; thence
with a line of Winkle's land N. 73 deg. W. 142
poles to a hickory, ash and elm ; thence with
another of Winkle's lines S. 15deg. W. 33 poles
to a stoijg iii the lino of A. Leggett ; thence
with said line N. 74 deg. W. 65 poles to a stone
near a white oak, Leggutt's N. W. corner and
N. E. corner to YV, Martin's laud ; thence with
one of his lines N. 55 deg. W. 1U3 poles to a
stone S. F. conn r to 1'. l'ettetory ; tlience with
one of Fcttctory's lines N.42 deg. E, f2j g poles
to a stone near a survey tree, the N. E. corner
to said l'ettetory ; thence with another of Fet
tetory's lims N. 5rt dei. y. 3? ru4-1 u Uio
ter of the creek ; thence up tho creek N. 51
deg. E. 14 poles, N. 52 deg. E. 14 poles; N.10
deg. E. 20 pules to tho piaco of beginning, con
taining 151 euros more or less, part of surveys
Nos. 10,441 and 10,5'Jti.
Also the following real estate, situate in
Brown county, and Htate of Ohio, beginning
at an ash in a line of Joneph Edgingtou 8. W,
running thence N. 6S deg. W. 84 6-10 pole? (Q y
hiuko ami iwo whup oans, m. t,. corner- U Ahi-a-
ham Kirkpatrich ; tlience with 1ns line N. 22
deg. E, 115 poles to a dogwood and white oak
in the old line; thence with tho same 8. 68
deg. L. HI u-10 poles to a stake and four dog
woods and a black oak ; thence H. 22 deg, W
Rt5 poles to the beginning, containing one
nunurui and three aci ea, more or less, being
part of a tract of land entered in the name of
illiam mice, lying in the county and Htate
aforesaid, on tho waters of llrushcreek ; that
the said Robert Naylor, deceased, in bis lifetime
sold and also by his lust will and testament,
devixed a part of each of tho above described
ir& is oi lana, ami that piamtilts can not give
a correct tno accurate description of the re
maining portion of each of them, and for the
purpose of getting each a description, a survey
of said premises is peceuJHry , that the said
Robert Niylor, deceased, left as his duly heirs
at law, the Kfttd K. Naylor, Mewhtb Naylor,
and the said Mary J. Hellmau and liober't E.
Sellman, who ure minor children under the age
of fourteen years of Clarinda Sellman, deceas
ed, who wan adopted of the said Robert Navlor
deceased, and tho said Hubert Henry Naylor, a
minor over the age of fourteen years who is a
son of Alexandra Naylor deceased, who was a
son of Robert Naylor deceased, and, thp sAid
Robert L. Dunn, Ale&ud,:r DMiin and lUohel
A. Dunn, who a;u minor children over tho age
of fourteen yearn, and tlmsaid David H. Dunn
and Samuel A. Dunn, who are minor children
under the ago of fourteen years, of Lucinda
A. Dunn deceased, who was & daughter of tho
said liobert Naylor deceased ; that the said
Mary J. Sellman, Robe.t E, Htllnian, Hubert
Henry Naylor, liubero D. Dunn, Alexandra
Dunn, Haehe A. Dunn, David H. Dunn, Sam
uel A. Dunn
W. K. Naylor and Meshcb Navlo
n common in, atul mj (uuled v,
are tenants in
tliu imiut dwtit pur-ettBUjn of said premises
II .JjU-.ettB1
laiy J. Se
that tho tiuid Majy J. Sellman and ltobert E.
Hellman are each entitled to the undivided one
tenth part of said real estate; that the Paid
Robert Henry Naylor is entitled to the undivid
ed one-hfih part of said real estate ; that the
natd Robert E. Dii.m, Alexander Dunn. Kachel
A. Dunn, David II. Dunn and Samuel A. Dunn
are each entitled to the undivided one twenty
nfth part of said real estate ; that the said V.
K. Naylor and M-sheb Naylor are eaeh entitlfd,
to the uiidividdoue-hfih partof mid puttoe
The prayer of atd peU,uu w Ih-t said preiu
(serf tuay be surveyed; thai partition may bo
luailu of kukI pieinihfM that the respective in
terests of thchu jtlaiiitin'w' wanls may be set ott
to them in neveralry, or if that can not be
done without mamiet injury, that such pro
ceedings may be had, as are authoii.ed by law.
Haul parties are also further notified that
they are requested to anawer said petition on
or before the 3d Saturday after the 2(ith day of
December, A. D., Im-jH.
joiin w. d;tnn, ftud
I I. M1.U F.H,
Ah guardians as aforesaid,
by Hloane A Newby, their attorneys.
J Th. Bl
I BUhf IT CUR. tnr
Tt that yt-u mxm Tiotjm P 'I'Jl t-:N IjO U'V
Cjit K.-iirATK- UMKidney-Worttt oiun, iiit.
rooiiinioiid itaurt It lillafrft.h!y vnr
'jooui Ui d:MMid rwur finulU.y oLion.
i NiUUItjii to your itt-x. wJ m iiii
!nd wnk14iii, k.idnity.Wut't U uiiarp4 ,
w m it wi.l in-t vroiuii;y iuid atlft.iy.
Umiect-tz. jriL'oiitui.mi,r'UjjiUon ofurln l
..jbritj. U iiLtorroiiy dup ind dull draui
inM,&i't :-vli'y ylo.d to in eurauve jovur
j tJ- OU IJV J'H(J,jniHIM. Prirwfl.
the 1st of February, I have determined to close out my entire stock
of Fine Ready-made Clotliinp, Hats, Caps, and Gents' Furnishiug
Goods, at greatly reduced prices.
Men's Suits worth $20 at $15.
Men's " " $15 at $12.
Men's " " $12 at $9.
Men's Working Suits worth $7 at $5.
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300 Mens' Overcoats sizes from 33 to 46.
100 Boys'
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At astonishingly low prices, from
Inviting an early call and the people's confidence, for which I will give
them satisfaction.
I)ont make nny mistake. The place
pogitc the court-house.
LAMPS a Specialty,
TOYS, and
"ov7m2 No. 17 N. High Street.
Cash Boot and Shoe Store,
SCHII.LVS OLD STASD, Cor, H.Id & Conrl Stg.
Remember FIKST-CLASS goods are a
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per cent, less than my
io to
y LnyiyULni
CLOTHIER, Hillsboro, Ohio.
is opposite the couDty lull, and not op.
SKALI'.D l'HOI'OHALR for tlie Hale of One
I Iiijiixhih! l'ive lliniilrcd (tl.Bdii) ilulUm
of tlie buiuii) (if the JameHtowu Vree. Turnpike
No. tiO, will lie roi'i-ivcil at the ollice of the
County Ainlitor in Hilln)uro, Ohio, until 'i'liuiu
day, the !i?tU day of Jiciutiubtr, lmii, at one
u'olin k I', id.
taui lunula me rlatc-d tho lrtt dav (if Dpnpm-
ber, 1HMJ, anil hear inttiiciit at the rate of nil
jmt cent., payable si nii-aiiiiniilly, and are itumed,
by aiitliuiity of ht'ctmn 4,(W of the Jleviaed
Htntiiti B of Uhin, for 1NU, puge 117S, and are
(lewribt'il aa followa :
Nob. TJ, :iu and 31 for 42(10 a.ili, aud each
having coniuiia attuchud aa followa:
-No. 1, for 3 1)0 due Man h 1. 1hm4.
No. 2, for 6.00 due Keptiniibor 1, lHfi4, and air
montlia intreat Uuu mill eauli bond lat day uf
.UHIi:, llin.1.
Noa. 11J, Md and 31 for 2((0 each, and each
having coupm.a attai-hed aa followa ,
No. 1, for t l.lllldue Mumh 1, lMl.
No. 2, for iii.Ob due Hi pti'iubur 1. 1884.
No. 3, for (1.0U due Marcli 1, l,5.
No. 4, for G.OO due Ht-pteiulwr 1, 1HM5, and aii
montliH intiiroat due wnli each bond lat day of
March, lHiii.
No. 35 for 300, having coupons attached aa
follows :
No. 1, for 14 50 due March 1, 1HS4.
No. 2, for i't. mi due Keptt-uilier 1, 1N84.
No. 3, for tu.no due .March 1, lriia.
No. 4. for t!l.il due September 1. A.
No. j5, for irtuio due March 1, lrtrtfe.
No. 6, for 'J.OO due September 1, lHMfi, and aii
Jttonitia Intereat due with bond lat day of
March, 1M7.
haul biiiulH will be mild to liixhcat bidder, and
for not lea than the face tliereof, wuli any iu
teieiit that may have accnicil thereon ; ami the
Iinvilee ia hereby reserved of rejiirtiiiK any or
all bula. (!. K. L'Mll.HW(.(jl,
JAMK4 llllAIiS,
'lllo.-t. H. MUj.SKEH,
Coiuuiinai inera of tho Jauitalowu Vnie
Xuuipiko, No. 40. dotting
We have just received a
full line of late Impor
tations in our Mil
linery Depart
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II. It. ORP..

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