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The Highland weekly news. [volume] (Hillsborough [Hillsboro], Highland County, Ohio) 1853-1886, November 26, 1884, Image 2

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WM-KnoiiO. : : t OHIO.
The rl'iini; rnm-hmi'ti bnvo tnlon n rest.
A whitk rni'iMnii hns lrin rit ur'"I in
AYiNNKi'Kii lius I'.nr rxt il n;; I'Vct ion.i iu
Joiknai.ists iu lii'liti nro excuse. I from
jury duty.
Toys tlmfc make postures; will be iu style
1 1 is w inter.
Dakota bitirs of nu ear of orn kidding
1,742 grains.
Hon ohob'rn lias ayH and in tlienorthern
t'art of Illinois.
I't iu.isiiKRs say childrrii's tt.ok tako
the lead tliis fall.
A foiittnk t'lb-r in Ciiu-innnli rlninis to
make .'-"0 a week.
Rhode 1st. an!) is now t!i only State
nvith two rnpil :ils.
Ax K-iii.-di n'-tnr nanifd Chimney is Paid
not to draw well.
Thk Chinas" have a lare theater in L09
An'flos, ( 'al. -
Mr. (Ji.AnsroN!: is fund uf i:vr ol,';;s
I. raten up in .-sherry .
Wisconsin ha fully n th.iu.vind crmm
rries ami rheescrics.
C'iii:f .h'sru K Waits li;;s nrver misd
n session i)f bis cmirf.
A S!'IKtist saystbat i' i- al--r, r.nd not
food, that nrik'-s people Vat.
Tiitc fruit ') of th- cKmtry is osti-luatt-d
t be worth I tntni,-),nn,.
TMi. Stoj:cki:ii, tli" eiirt pr'ji.'hrrt of
JWlin, lias he. mi Hectd to the Ken hst;i.
Yfimp T wants t !m t n';b:iry surplus
divided anion:; the Mab'S f.ir M'h'iul pur
jioses, f-iHi.s of a niari-ia "ablo nf.r a rift worth
fist ecu dollars ap'.rco in Japan, with few
A M Mtu;n of (liT'inu v.''::y nfl: -rrs
liave been I'tmujj--,! hy lhu:a to la.k. con
trol of the army.
Amkuu an youii hi li-s who hnv boon
iibroad nert tliat it is drtadlully Lard to
"find an honest count.
Thk late Puke i Hrunwick was n suitor
(fortlie hand of Queen Victoria, but Prince
Albert "cut bini out.'
Ir is estouati'il tliat sixtv-five thousand
(pounds of pa"-r w.-re u-M-d to print the bal
lots u-ed at the late election,
II a HUt in, the l,hoy nrvlior,'' celebrated
Ms ftrty -third birthday a few days ao
21e is now almost a voting man.
Miss M. K. liKAimoN, the prolific English
tf-tory-writt-r, is known in private life na
Mrs. Maxwell, and owns up lo fifty-six
The income of Henr-o Alf:"d Ton-."nd,
''Cath," from his a related m-upap-T
vork is tlioii-lit not to tall UUw .", Mi a
THE sewing-machine trade is so dull that
one company, doin buituiss at Elmibeth
jiort, N. J., has discharged nearly all of its
Mil. Watt, of Connecticut, will be the
oldest member of The next National House
f Representatives. He lacks four years
of fourscore.
Sir Erasmus "Wilson, an eminent Eng
lish physician who died recent ly,bepueatQ
l,in,0K) to the Royal College of ISur
eons, Lomlon.
A $75,V0 Iu oii K.iTEn girl has eloped with
a 7."-cents man. I'resenlly some heiress up
that way will be going off with a mail with
trade dollar.
The telephone has been introduced in
INew Zealand, Van Diemen's Land, Borneo
and Formoso. In Borneo the natives call
it the "bell talker."
Gen. Fremont administered an oath to
liis men, when famine-stricken on the
Clreat American Desert, to die rather than
to commit cannibalism.
Qteen Victoria has had the sacr.-'d fln
Idessed by the Muhdi anil presented to her
relegated to th attic, because it was so
dirty nnd smelled so badly.
Confident npplifnnts are making their
laims known to (Jovernor Cleveland for
Jiositions ns postmasters and postmistresses.
About a third are from women.
The great extra sales of newspapers in
the United States in the last few weeks is
n evidence that there ore thousands of
"persona who read only when they are ex
cited. A Meadville (Pa.) pirl b"t fifty kisses
against a winter wrap that Blaine would
rarry New York. It is needless to remark
that the other party to the bet is a gontle
nan. Toronto is now lit by electricity. The
lights are suspended from curved arrange
ments that project over the side walks and
leave the light a little higher than the gag
lamps used to be.
' The National Board of Health calls at
tention of the Governors of every State in
the Union to the danger from cholera, and
.asks active co-operation to prevent the
spread of the disease.
One-third of the newspapers published
In Italy bear the titl of "( razett',M the
name having been handed down from b"70,
when the first gossipy little sheet saw day
Tight at Venice, and wad sold for n small
coin, guzetta.
May Wilkerson. who lived most of her
life at Newark, N. J., was buried a few days
ago. She was lorn dumb, and never uttpr
d a sound until the dav before she died.
Then she betran to laugh, and laughed con
tinually until death stopped her.
A Virginia policeman, though eating
heartily, grew weaker and thinner. Then
Tie threw up a lizard and got well. Po
licemen who wake up and go to th mid
siight restaurant can not be too careful to
See that there are no lizards iu tho oysters.
General Harney, the renowned Indian
fighter, who hitvly married in St. Louis, is
ighty-four years old, the senior officer of
the artnv in regard to ii-.'e. His helpmeet
is aged sixty-three, and a .sifter of his first
Khanoa RiNr.rr, a blind student of St.
Ftepheri's College, Delhi, is a prodigy. He
ran not read or write, hut possesses such a
strange memory as to be able to repeat all
Lis text Uoks, English, Persian or Urdu,
y rote, and to work out sums in arithrnetio
Vith remarkable rapidity.
Baros Ai.exantfti Von Stikgletz, the
famous banker of Kunia, died n few days
mgo, leaving a fortune of ueurl y ,T.", 'Hh).
Miss Nancy Gori.n, of Portland, Me.,
who provided in her will that in case of her
tleaih property amounting to aUait V','"'0
tdiould go to the Government to us: ist in
canceling theoutstanding indebtedness, has
fulfilled h.-r part of the contract by expir
ing, and the Government will attend to the
How t-he average Russian woman must
rejoice that her husband is unable to se
cure a newspaper in which to bury his face
it the breakfast tabb) instead of devoting
liis attention to her. Hussia, with a popu
lation of loox o,oo0, has but TTH newspa
pers and periodicals, while the Cu'.ted
frtuteg with ill i)7tlAKj,0x) inhabitant naJ
II, 11;. -
Scarcity of Water Causes an Unknown
Malady to Appear.
Frightful Ravages Among the People of
South-West Virginia.
Cll UU.KSTPN, W. Va., November ?n
Information from Perry ille, McDowell
County, thi'i St ate, near the Virginia lxrder,
gives a frightful account of the so-called
cholera in the extreme south-western
count.es of Virginia and adjoining terri
tory in Kentucky. Making evAry allow
ance for exaggeration, the loss of life has
nlready feneii appalling, while the condi
tion of the survivors is terrible in the ex
treme. No rain has fallen iu the Cum
berland Mountains, in which the infected
district is situated, for four mont hs, the
drought entailing not only an almost total
failure of crops, but cutting ofT the sup
ply of water over a wide area. Ditllculty
was experienced in obtaining water for
stork, in some of these localities, asjearly in
the year as the middle of August, but no
actual suffering among the in
habitants occurred until toward
the nl of Sept"inber, when
ordinary sources of supply bavin:; for the
mosT part failed, the mountaineers were
compelled, in order To sustain lib to ob
tain water from what were known as
'poison'' or miiH-ral springs in the moun
tains, or ti'om the stnail amount r'inainintr
111 the deep holes in the beiN of the
creeks. A persiM.-lit use of this water
soon developed n peculiar disease, a5 dead
ly ns Asiatic cholera in its nature,
w hich has ever since raged with terrible
fatalitv over half a doyen counties in the
two States of irinia ami Kent ncky, t he
lo.-s of liie thus la r h'-ing va Hourly -sti-matfd
at irom four hundred to eight hun
dred. Anion.' children and adults well up
in years t be mortality has been greatet,
but 110 rlas has been exempt.
In a number of iuM ancs, especia 11 v
along the lorks of McLean's Creek,
a tributary of tlie I it g Sa nd y , n nd in the
v alley of I'm, veil's Liver, emptying into the
Tennessee, entire families have perished,
while in numerous other ruses hut one or
t wo members of a household sur
vive, pew recover from the disorder,
from sixtv to eighty per rent, of thoe jit
tacl.ed dviriL'. This is being accounted for
by liie fart that pure water i still unob
tainable, and proper food and medical at
tendance can not .r had. The drying up
the streams has necessitated the stop
page of numerous small grist mills
nlong- the mountain valleys, and the
population for the most part appeal's
to be in most abject want and
misery. The locality is almost inaccessible
to the out -ido w 01 Id. t here being 110 rail
road w ithin one hundred miles, and the ob
taining of reliable news is very difbcult,
but if even half of what is alleged be True
the calamity is one of the most si r ions
nature, nnd calls for prompt action by the
authorities and public.
Fourth Auditor's Report.
"Washington, November 'J'. The annual
report of the Fourth Auditor of the
Treasury says that the growing evil in ex
penditure of money by the Navy Depart
ment has b'"-n increasing. The disregard
by some bureaus of the law requiring ad
vertisements and contracts for
purchases made, recently discovered fraud
ulent practices in the Naval Bureau of
Medicine and Surgery, were greatly facili
tated by per si stent determinat ion of the
late Surgeon Ceneral tit nominally make
all purchases himself, while it was practi
cally impossible for him to personally su
pervise the transactions talcing place scores
of hundreds of miles from the seat
of the Government. During the fis
cal year l.svl, suppl ies were purchased
amounting to Jsi.i.J.N.'i;!, of which only
i.N'vJ.'iiJ w ere bought upon advertisement
and contract. Three bureaus wholly neg
lected the law requiring advertising, ami
another, the one making the largest
purchases of all, only advertised and
contracted for one per cent, of the goods
and materials bought. About ijd,fnin,unn
open and exempt purchases were made of
six individuals of firms, one dealer going
over SiKi,o(mi. Under the act pertaining to
materials for boilers, hundreds of thou
sands of dollars' worth have been bought
practically w ith no competition nt all.
Over bo Krf) were paid during the year as
commissions to Seligman Bros., of Lomlon,
and nearly .7,'Nnt in interest, the former,
in the opinion of the Auditor, being twice
ns much as it ought to be, and
the latter wholly unnecessary. Thereport
says: "The recently discovered frauds iu
the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery wero
mostly committed upon the continuous hos
pital fund, whose large unexpended bal
ance has furnished a temptation not exist
ing in the case of the annual appropria
tions made by Congress."
Two Servant Girls Jump From the Fourth
Story—One Fatally Injured.
Haverhill, Mass., November 'JO. The
Pricket t Building, comprising several
stores in the basement, the Craightou
House, Mrs. Clark, proprietress, and sev
eral boarding-houses in rooms above,
bnrned this morning. The fire originated
in the hotel, and quickly
spread to the roof and four stories
above. The hotel had twenty-nino in
mates, who luirely escaped with their lives.
Heveral tied their bedclothes together nnd
came down on the outside of the building
by thee means. One man was badly cut
by sliding down a telephone wire. A baby
was tied up in a sheet and thrown to the
firemen. Katie (lilmartin and Josie Brana
ham jumped fnn the fourth story window.
The (iilmartin girl received fatal injuries,
and the other girl was seriously hurt.
A Railroad Sold.
riTTSHfur., Da., November 20. Tho
franchises of property, rights of way,
branch tracks and all attachments of the
iMttsburg Southern Railroad were sold
this morning at Sherili 's sale to Thomas M.
King, representing th Baltimore
Ohio Bailrnad, for S-.'A'nm!. The lino
runs from i'lttshurg to Washington, Da.,
th distance being thirty-two miles. It
has been in debt, the amount exceeding a
million dollars, for some time, and was un
able to pay th interest on its indented -ness.
The Baltimore anil Ohio was tho
largest creditor, and has had virtual con
trol of the road nearly a year.
The European Plague.
Faius, November J. From midnight
to ti o'clock last evening fourteen deaths
from cholera have occurred. Advices from
Ornn, Algeria, stato that nine deaths from
cholera occurred there yesterday. The
papers here publish an appeal for aid from
Imlish and American residents of i'uris in
behalf of their cholera-stricken fellow
countrymen, copies of which have been
j-ent to newspapers iu Kngland and the
L'uited States.
Forest Fires in Virginia.
Dfters hi-H'i, Va., November I'.K Forest
fires are burning in (ireenville County, iu
tho neighliorhood of Hicksford, this State.
Considerable quantities of timber are de
stroyed, and some few houses with a large
amount of fencing, in consequence of the
protracted drought, grass ami under-
row tii has becomu dry. Tho least bpark
will ignite it.
Suit Dismissed.
New York, November -J0. The suit
brought by the executors of the estate of
the late (i aaway B. Lamar against the
Secretary of the Treasury, to recover 1 lo,
h M) for cotton taken during the war, was
dismissed by Judge Shipiuan. in th. F. S.
District Court, on the ground lhat plaiutiils
had lulled to make out cause of action.
The Cholera in France.
Paris, November lit. From midnight to
ix tliis evening there were four death
from cholera in the city and ten in tho hos
pitals. nie deaths to-duy lire reported nt
Oranand two at Nanten. One death from
Cholera itt Yport to-day and one ut bui Uy.
An Insane Mother Jumps From a Moving
Train With Her Offspring.
Mom:iu,Y, Mo., November I!.- An insane
woman named Neweomh jumped from
cannon-ball train bound for Kansas
last night at n point, somewhere between
Moherly nnd Brunswick. She bad t
babies under her arms w hen the dreadful
leap was made, nnd, very sing ulnrly,
neit her of tli cm was seriously hurt. The
mother w as found in a conjatose condi
turn, nit hough not fatally Injured, with
the two urchins toddling nround
her lifeless form. W hen consciousness w
restored Mrs. Neweomh related n sad tab
of a life wrecked by an inhuman husband.
In lssO this woman was a ISI iss M aggie Fer
reil, nnd resided witli her father, a wealthy
gent leman of Leavenworth, Kansas. Mag
gie was the pet of the family. In 1nh
fellow named Neweomh went
to Don ven wort h nnd commenced
cpernt tons ns a music -teacher. M ag
gm was a scholar, and, alter persistent
wooing, loved and married the young man.
Her father objected To the wedding, nnd
thev eloped. Th parental blessing they
had ex pec ted was not fort h counter, nnd
the young couple were cast out w ithont
single dollar. They went to Mississippi,
but business in the muic line was found
poor, anil Newcotnb endeavored to drown
his sorrows in the llowing bowl.
went Irom bail to worse, nnd
wile from excessive trouble became a ma
niac. She resolved to return home, and
sent for money for the purpose; hut when
w ithin one hundred miles of her destina
tion nnd w bile brooding over her troubles
she threw hers. It in-m the train, prefer
ring death to returning to the home she
had left. IbT ed'urt was u iimh'ivss ! vd, how
ever, and she is now in kind hands. When
recovered sulMciently her lather will take
her home.
The American Navy.
'Washington, No ember P'. Admiral
Fort' r, in his animal report, says that the
corn ari son of expenditures in foreign
navies with our own, will go far to put
stop to the cry that wasteful extravagance
has been shown in the administration
its financial affairs, ami will show
necessity of our doing something tow ards
building n navy if we want to keep pace
with the spirit of the age and hold ourselves
ready to maintain tin respect of foreign
Nat 10ns. .Aduii in I J 'ort.T su bmil s what
thinks the Doverntuent ought to do iu tho
next two years. First Complete the un
tinihed monitors nnd arm thent with heavy
rilled guns, making th m rams as far
the models w ill permit. Second Appro
priate money for 11 1) vessels t hat were
proposed to Congress last winter. Third
Build as a commencement four of the
heaviest monitors of great endurance and
speed, each to carry four six-inch rifles
turrets. Fourth Build twenty torpedo
bouf.s not less than one hundred tons each,
with speed of twenty knots. Filth One
cruising ironclad, not less than four thou
sand tons. Sixth Have all our ships over
l.'J.'iO tons supplied with torpedo boats,
tilted with noiseless, condensing engines,
so they can not bo heard when approach
ing uu enemv.
Counterfeit Money.
"Washington, November 19.
Brooks, of the Secret Service Division
the Treasury Department in his annual re
port says: Kventsof the past year give
evidence of the manufacture of counterfeit
paper money, which was practically sus
pended during the years of 1SV2 nnd
He also says, a It hough ho reports for
the past year the smallest percentage
of circulation of counterfeit paper money
since the first issue of such money, he is
the opinion that there is to-day in tho
hands of counterfeiters nearly three hun
dred thousand new spurious notes of tho
denominations of 0 and .tJM, which have
been produced since January I, 1M. Mr.
Brooks notes with pleasure that" bankers
are recognizing more fully .the importance
of branding as spurious all counterfeit
money presented in the course of business.
Cowboys as Executioners.
BiRMAHfK, Dak., November !!. The re
port has reached Bismarck that among
others, George Grinnell, well-known
throughout the Missouri slope, was hung
on Wednesday, the Fith inst. The story
that flrinnell had been threatened, and be
lieving he was in danger he called on tho
authorities at Fort Buford for protection.
His request to have soldiers sent to his
place to protect him was refused. He re
mained at the fort until he considered himself
safe nnd returned, but the cowboys
were in waiting and hung him. They also
hung two men, one a half-breed named
Dnrdupee and one Simpsin. The cowboys
who did the hanging are m the employ
the Montana Cattlemen's Association.
They say all three of the men were cattle
thieves. Much indignation is expressed
the hanging of Grinnell, who was looked
upon a.s a good citizen.
A Terrible Tale.
LYNCHBt iUi, Va., November 10.A tale
of deep distresa comes from Buchanan
"Wise and' .Dickinson Counties, occupying
isolated position of the extreme western
limit of Virginia. For somo weeks
fatal disease has been prevalent there,
nnd thb number of deaths is terrible.
The nature of the disease is yet
;defined, but it is supposed to arise from
Msonous water. A drouth there for
aonths has nearly dried all streams,
springs nnd wells, and it is supposed thft
water left is impregnated with mineral
poison. A reliable correspondent tells
pitiful story, aud says in some cas3s
many as four corpses wero found iu
bingfe house.
Indian Atrocities in Texas.
San Antonio, Tex., November 10.
telegram from Camp Fera states that Mrs.
Betty and husband were brutally mutilat
ed and scalped by murderous Indians.
Three children were carried some distance
from the house and also scalped. Cobard,
the engineer, is undoubtedly murdered.
is feared the Indians have killed many
other w omen and children along the route,
but news of the outrage has not yet reach
ed the telegraph station. General Stanley,
Department Commander, has ordered
detachment of cavalry to start from Fort
Davis w ith a view to bending the Indian!
off. General Stanley believes the raiders
are a portion of the Apache lmnd who
were driven into Mexico by General Crook.
Petition for a National Trail.
S r. Lor is, November iii. The Cattle Con
vention will petition Congress for the es
tablishment of a National highwayor trail
several miles in width for the transfer
cattle between Texas and the North, and
will also ask for the setting apart of cer
tain domain to be used for puNio quaran
tine grounds, at convenient points uhmg
the trail, in order that herds affected with
splenetic or Texas lever may be held and
cared for upon said grounds.
The Spanish American Treaty.
MaIjkiu, November in. The treaty
reci procity of trade bt t ween t he United
States and the Spauih ll'ist Indies wero
formally signed to-day. It ih to remain
force seven ears, liegiiming in January
next, if ratified by tho American Congress.
The duty on American wheat imported in
to 'uba and Cor to Itieo remains unchanged,
aud also the duty of .fl.."i0 per barrel upon
American flour.
A Serious Drought.
effects of the drought are seriously felt
many portions of this Si ate. In several
places sickness, due wholly to low wells,
ban occurred and seems to l increasing.
Scarlet fever and dipht heriu exist
various towns. In several instances .schools
are closed on account of sickness of pupiU.
Congress of American Churches.
meeting of clergymen of all denominations
was held to-day Ut arrange for a Congresi
of A nierican Churches. The ongrcss
be held here in Mnv, k Tim founder
the association la Bishop Clarke, o i'rov-idcuco.
Frightful Ending of a Peculiar
Celebration in a New
York Village.
One Man Killed and Several Dangerously.
Wounded White Firing Sainte.
IIausky Vai.t.ky, N. Y., November 21.
A peculiarly sad accident occurred here last
night, by which several young men were
severely injured. One has died. Itwnsthe
outcome of an attempt to celebrate an oc
currence w hich hns been the subject of a
great deal of gossip about here. Some
days ago a disturbance arose between two
Tamil ii'S living close toget her. The
husbands and wives of both
families separated. i n Friday last
the quarrel was made up and mat tern went
on 11s before, A lew young men got to
gether and ehoosw Saturday evening to
give the parties a salute. They fired a can
non four times, and tho ntTair adjourned
until Inst niuht. Then they met again,
and three volleys were fired. They wero
reloading for the fourth shot, when
the powder in tho cannon became
ignited, n terrific explosion followed, and
when the smoke had cleared away a sick
rning sight was revealed. Ellsworth Kirk,
who had been pounding the wadding iu
the cannon, lay with his eyes blown out
nnd the blood oozing from his face. Ho
w as alive, but insensible. Short ly n fter
ward he died. others Fullered
I he loss of eyes and tinkers. The
sufferers were conveyed to their homes,
and medical aid summoned. The list of
the injured is ns f ol low s : Kred K irk,
brother of Kilsivorth, badly burned about
the eyes; (eor-e lle.s lost, both eyes;
Henry Kvlvs was badly burned about tho
head and bod v, and his legs were burned
to a crisp; Sumner llosebrooks hst nn eye
and n finger; A 1 Winters ami Klijnh
liostron were burned about the face and
A Whole Family Perish Inside of an Hour.
Vienna, November t!l. A tragic inci
dent is reported from eastern Hungary. A
clergyman, with his wife and child, were
driving in a sledge from CraMiisora
to the neighlmring village of Kis
JiOnka, when a pack of ravenous wolves
pursued them. The mother, terror
stricken, let the child fall from her nrms.
The lather thereupon leaped from the sledge
to save the child. The father and child
were at once fiercely at tacked by tho
wolves. The father fought desperately
and killed two wolves, but was at last
overcome, aud both he nnd his
child were devoured. Meanw hilo
the hordes had rushed onward
with the sh'dge, still bearing the agonized
mother, and iu her agony of terror she
gave premature birth tor child which died.
The terrible shock, with nil she had suf
fered, proved loo much f r the poor wouia n,
and when the si edge reached K is- Lonka
she, too, was dead. So the whole family
perished inside an hour.
It is Finished.
Alfany, November 21. The State Cau
vasers met nt noon all being present, Sec
retary Wood announced the footings of tho
tables as follows; The highest Democratic
Kiector, Criest,;Vi.'i,l.M. Highest Republican
Kleetor, Carson, fi.on;,. Plurality, 1.1-19.
Ijowrst Democratic Elector, ( Htendorfer,
fpti;l,04S; lowest Republican Kiector, Harris,
5td,it7!. I'lurality, 1,077. Highest Prohibi
tion Kleetor, Miller, li.'i,(XMi; lowest. Ells
worth, :M,!ltH. Highest Kntler Elector,
O'Donnell, 17,001; lowest, Campbell, Ki,751.
After the announcement the members of tho
Board signed the tables and certificates.
A Thrilling Street Car Ride.
PiTTSituitGH, November 21. This morn
ing, while a street car was going down
Butler street, tho brake became un
manageable,, and the car started down
the heavy grade at a frightful speed.
When Thirty-sixth street was reached the
car jumped the track, nnd ran nlong the
sidew alk for a block, until the horses fell,
and the car was forced on top of them, in
juring them so badly that both were after
ward killed. Twenty -three passengers
Were aboard nt the time, and nil were more
or less bru ised, t wo of them, Thomas
Moore and Holler Maltby, quite seriously.
No Longer an October State.
"Whkkmno, W. Va., November 21.
West Virginia now disappears as an Octo
ber Statu, and her importance iu the po
litical arena is greatly decreased. At the
October election a constitutional amend
ment was submitted changing the time nt
the general election and fixing it on the
same day as the Presidential election, aud
to-morrow Governor Jackson will issue his
proclamation declaring the amendment
Conference of Interest to Business Men.
Boston, Novemler 21. A meeting opened
at noon at the Board of Trnde for the dis
cussion of a National bankrupt law, ex
cessive coinage of silver and reciprocity
treaties w ith Mexico and Canada. All busi
ness exchanges iu the city wore represent
ed. Addresses so far have Iwen made by
Senator Hoar, Congressman Hanney, Leo
pold Morse and Mr. Collins in favor of a
National bankruptcy bill, and by B. Nourse
against the coinage of silver dollars.
Cattle Men Make Up a Purse.
St. Louis, November 21. In tho Cattle
men's Convention, General N. M. Curtis, ol
New York, called the attention of the con
vention to the reoort of the fearful scourge
sweeping through certain counties in Vir
ginia, West Virginia and Kentucky, Con
tributions were at once made, amounting
to $'l,2oo, and transmitted by telegrauh to
Lfonorat Jubal f.arly, L,y nenhurg.
The Week's Failures.
Nkw Youk, N(-ember 21. The business
failures throughout the country the last
seven duys in tho United States were 2-tS;
Canada, 2!); total 277. This is a striking
increase as compared with last week, when
tho total was j:;o, and the previous week
14. The increase is mainly in the Western
and Southern Slates.
A Pianist's Great Luck.
Vienna, November 21. Stieglitz, the
Russian millionaire, is derensed. H be
queathed t;,Ki,iK.Mj roubles to Madame Mea
tor, the- piunist'i.
A younpf physician of IVIhton,
Eiig-, p)t tin.'il of trudging along; oa
foot to visit bis few back-street patients.
This g-ontlcimui announced that ho hut I
niadi! a careful study of tho subjoct of
lacing"; for middh'-ng;cd ladies under his
special course of treatment tigrbt-bicin
was bencticial both to Hit: general heaitU
and the complexion. He now drives in
one of the linest broughams 011 tho
Kind's road. Vd refund Voire.
Mr. Cleorge Ijiut, the old poet, has
found a fig tree growing' in the sea
coast town of Scituato, Mass., probably
spriiig-ing; from the seeds of alio dropped
in the spot, protected by a doorsill and
w armed by :i cellar. The tree dies down
with ccry frot, but for live Miminerii
lias sprung; up again, growing; to tho
height of nonrly a'w feet, but ns yet bear
ing; no fruit Jiosfon Jouninl.
A now perfume called A Lily's
SirhM is now in ue nmori women
whose purges permit the purchase of
the same, the price being; live dollars
per tiny phial. It produces tin exquisite
odor, very much like the heliotrope, and
is said to have been originally intro
duced in tliis country by Mrs. Langtry,
who sold the recipe for a fabulous prieo
to a Sixth Avenue (Now York) drug
gist. S. 1 Uraj'hie.
Cnt DF, petrob-mn was Ptruek nt Jhn
depth of 7IH feet nt Kindlay.
Jacob Snki.i,, farmer, win crushed be
tween two freight cms and kiPcd,at W003
ter. Thk accidental discharge of n 't2-enliher
shooting-gallery rifle resulted In the death
of Clara lleintz, a small cj'b i" Columbus.
TwKNTY-Kot n new snloons have started
In Columbus, since the Scott law was de
clnred unconstitutional. Tho Kleventh In
ernul Revenue IHstrict shows an increase,
of fifty saloons.
JrnuK HoRAt'K Footf, one of tho oldest
nnd most respected citizens of Cleveland,
died the other niht. at his resilience on
Kuclid avenue, at tho D;o of eighty-six
Mr.ncT-.n given tho heaviest Peumeratic
majority of any County in the Stato.
A. II. TJ a mtKR a, pioneer resident of Pan
dusky, dropped dead from paralysis of the
At a Democratic jollification in Mnde
township, Itebnont County, a car-wheel
w as used for a cannon to make a noise. Tho
hole in the hub was plumed up and a
heavy charge of powder put in. After
several discharges tho phitf was blown out,
striking Win. Minke in the face. One eyo
was torn out and his jaw bone broken. It
is thought his injuries may bo fatal,
John Tayi.ou, while coon-hunting, near
Newark, accidentally discharged a double
barrelled shot-gun, the entire charge of
which passed through his riL'ht hand, pro
ducing a terrible wound. It is feared that
amputation will be necessary.
Otto Frnis, formerly Professor of tho
German Language in the Public Schools at
Steubenville, attempted suicide at Brilliant
the other morning by shooting himself
through the heart. The ball, however,
struck a rib, passing round in the direction
of tho spine. Little hopes aro entertained
of his recovery, l-'ueh.1 had bet big money
on the election and lost, nnd this trouble is
believed to be the cause of the shooting,
Thk Cincinnati Cremation Company is
fully organized, with ox-Mayor Jacob as
John Kino, one of Newark's oldest citi
eens, died there suddenly the other day.
A train" wreck on the Ohio Sout hern
road killed John Holland, brakemnn,
whoso home was at London. lie went to
sleep in the caboose instead of flagging tho
following train.
The other day Frank Brooks, a foreign
coal miner, at Snako Hollow, near Nelson
ville, shot and instantly killed Jell Crom
ney, of Columbus; both colored.
A you xo lady named Miss Payne was'
killed a few days ago. Sho was engaged'
to John Convie, but Charles, a brother,
was driving her home in a buggy. This'
made John angry. Both men were intoxi-.
rated, and began racing their horses,
throwing the lady out. It is thought that1
Charles will also dio.
Thk dead body of a stranger was found;
in a woods near Ashland. There was n
bulb hole in his head and an empty revol-.
ver near by.
Ti: thousand dollars in greenbacks were,
found buried in a tin can in the cellar under
the ruins of Isaac Blakesley's house, Find
lay. At Bucyrus, tho"1 other day, Willinnv
Shrigley, for cutting with intent to kill,;
was sentenced to one year in the peniton
tiary. John Smith, for burglary, was sent1
up for two years, and Michael Coleman,
for the same offense, was sentenced to one.
year's imprisonment.
Fehdinand Noth, James McLaughlin and
James Usher were convicted by the United
States petit jury of illegal voting in Cin-i
cinnati at the October election.
The eighteenth annual meeting of the
Couuty Auditors of Ohio convened at the
Moody Houso,Toledo, a few days ago. Somoi
thirty of the counties were represented.;
The election of the otllcers resulted in the:
choice of the following pentlemcn: Serviss,i
of Clarke, President; Webster, of Dela
ware, Vice President; Poe, of Wood, Sec-,
retary; Frame, of Athens, Treasurer.
Application has been made to tho Ru-
preine Court for leave to liie a petition iu.
error in tho cuso of George Oliver, sentenced
in Hamilton County to bo hanged for mur
der. Governor lloadlyhas also been asked'
for a commutation of sentence.
The Supremo Court has decided that the
levy for Cincinnati shall not exceed twelvo
James Mack, sent to tho Penitentiary
from Lucas County, for manslaughter
was pardoned by Governor Hoadly, Mack
went up in lwl for seven years.
Thk pillars of the ruined Court House at
Cincinnati are to be utilized in the con
struction of a Temple of Vesta by the Cin
cinnati Museum Association in Edon Park.
There is great destitution among tho
idle miners in Hocking Valley.
A. It. Knapp, whose general store at Gal
ion was robbed the other night, has assign
ed. Liabilities and assets not known.
Dennison nnd East Uhrichsvillo are ex
cited over an apparition that has been per
ambulating tho streets between tho hours
of twelve and two o'clock. It appears at
tho most extraordinary places and under
peculiar circumstances.
Jacob Moore, a farmer residing east of
Youugstown, entered a coal mine, a few
days ago, that had been abandoned, to
pick up somo coal. Not returning, search
was instituted, resulting in his remains be
ing found buried in debris, tho roof having
fallen on him. The body was mangled,
and his throat cut with a pieco of slate as
clean as if n razor had been used. Moore
leaves a wife and five children in destitute
Tom Jonks fell from a bridge at Kenton,
a few days ago, and was killed.
James L. Smith stepped on a piece of
buggy spoke at Milan, tho other day, and
fell, breaking his leg above the ankle.
General B. K. Cowkn, of Columbus, has
been appointed to succeed Mr. Howard ns
Clerk of tho U. K. Circuit and District
Courts, at Cincinnati. Ho retires from the
editor's chair of the tS(atr Jturnnl Decem
ber 1, which will lie occupied by S. J. Flick
in ger.
IIenuy Com.E, sentenced to be hanged
August 1H for the brutal murder of his wife,
and who was granted a new trial by tho
District Court at Springfield, has been al
lowed to plead guilty to manslaughter, aud
has been seuteiii-ed to twenty years in tho
penitentiary, the highest penalty uuder tho
A larok barn, with its contents, the
property of Dr. Gaudmeister, at liellevue,
burned the other morning. Loss .ooo;
W.S. SyuiKKS & Co., grocers, of London,
have assigned.
Incekimauy tiro in business part
Jeroineville, Ashland County, burned .Tl'O.-
Ooo worth ot property, injured tor halt.
Thk store ami Post-ollice of David Bea
gle, of Houcktowu, Hancock County were
burglarized the other night of l"o
money and notes to tho amount of :;,otni.
A siX-YKAK-oi.n daughter of S. Kreig,
farmer, living near Fin Hay, fell into a cis
tern and w as drowned.
Hon. Thomas K. Jacuhs, a weli known
citizen of Lima, and ex - member of the
Legislature, died tho other night of heart
lii iu-i.AHK entered the residence of Frank
Kerns at Ottawa, chlorformed tio inmate
and robbed the house.
Kkeo Wf.ihktkk, a grocer of Dayton,
dropped dead of heart diseaae the utUef
Ten Times an Mach Medicine Taken in This
County as is Really Necassary.
, Willi tlm major part in innt commu
nities tho preat (jU"slion relates to wlifl
shall bt; taken, rulher than what shall
he (lone. Many seem to imuemo tliat a
pood nupply of putck nostrums will
serve im a kind of license, a practical
"indulgence, " allowing them to do ns
they plcnso, violating any or till of tho
;ivs of (iod, those of tho human sys
tem, 1 1 it) nostrums pcrviup to tidn
them over" o health and strength. If
only allowed to pnilify tho animal ap
petites generally more or less vitiated
many are willing to lake the most
nauscat iue drops even an emetic,
after havinp pn innndi.ed till the stom
ach rebels, unable to lonper endure its
tortures! Many have very crude ideas
of tlm causes, tlesipn, results, the
changes etleeted by disease, knowing
but little of Mdte intimate relations of
their aels to such diseases, or tliat I hey
arc personally responsible for their sick
ness! Jt is safe to say that there isrn limes
ns much medicine now taken in this
country as is really necessary, a larpo
per cent, of which is purchased at the
groceries, nnd taken by those who
know but little of the nature of their
ailments, and less, if possible, of the
naluro of the drugs! This is but a fair
index of tho recklessness of many of our
people, seeming ignorant of tho fact
that t hey are in const unl danger of
taking potent poisons, which may prove
harmful to the (dose of life. This is in
deed reckless, unworthy of any sane
and intelligent man. If sick, it is safe
to do as prudent men do iu other eases,
consult one, whoso business it is to un
derstand disease and tho remedies, then
follow good advice. Most of our dis
eases may be prevented, if attention is
given in season. At the iirst of any at
tack, it is safe aud judicious to fast,
rest, sleep, take an abundance of pure
air nnd sunlight, drinking pure
water freely, keeping the whole body
An extract from the biography of tho
late (ieneral John A. w hich lias
been issued recently, gives an account
of an interview with the eminent Aber
nethy, whom tho (ieneral had consulted
for professional advice. It is gratifying
to note that tho common-scuso mfvieo
of tho illustrious physician was taken
in a common-sense way by the distin
guished patient, and that tho result was
a ripe and robust old age (eighty years),
of which tho dyspeptic youth of tho
(ieneral scarcely gave promise. After
hearing a few words of his patient's
story, Abernetbv cut him short as fol
lows: "Sir, you arti pretty far gone,
and the wonder is that you are not
gone entirely. If you had consulted
common-sense instead of t he medical
faculty, you would probably have
been well years ago. I can say nothing
to you except tlii: You must take reg
ular exercise, as much as you can bear
without fatigue, as little medicine as
possible, of the simplest kind, and this
only when necessary, and a modest
quantity of plain food, of tho quality
which you find by experience best to
agree with you. There aro a few gen
eral rules which any man of common
sense may learn in a week, such as this:
That rich food, high seasoning, etc.,
are injurious. I can say no more to
yon, sir; you must go and euro your
self." (oWc Hide.
He Drives His Blade Through Nine Inches
of Copper and Wood.
A very roniiirkable event liasoreurreil
in the recent experience of the tliree-
ni;istcd schooner Themis, of Boston,
commanded by Captain X. E. Kendrick,
and now lying in Ship Island harbor.
The Themis sailed from Mobile on
August 4 with a cargo of lumber for
Tampico. Shi! was a tight vessel, taking
in very little water and requiring but
little use of the pumps. On the fifth
day out from Mobile Captain Kendrick
himself tried the pump and found no
water that is, none above the live
inches' play allowed between tho lower
end of the pump and bottom of the
hold. An hour or two afterward tho
mate happened lo try it, and to tho
great astonishment of the Captain, re
ported twenty inches of water. The
water w.if pumped out, but was soon
fouud to be running in again at the rate
of nearly twe lve inches an hour. This
was near the bottom, and of course the
rate of leakage would diminish as the
elevation of surface of tho water and
extent of its cross .section would increase.
It was enough, nevertheless, to create
alarm, and to keep the crew continually
employed at the pumps during the pass
age to Tampico, and while discharging
the cargo, these efforts were redoubled.
It was fully ascertained that tho leak
was not near the water line as had
been hoped but at tho bottom of the
vessel. Finally, the mate, groping and
exploring about the bottom, reported
that lie had found a horn .sticking in the
ceiling or inner lining of the timbers,
which he could not remove. He was
told to break it off, and at length
brought up about two inches of what
the captain ot once recognized as the
end of the blade of u sword-fish.
On further examination it was found
that the blade had penetrated, in tho
first place, the copper sheathing of tho
schooner; then the outer timbers of tho
hull, four inches iu thickness; next a
vacant space of nine inches between tho
outerand inncrtinibers.or "ceiling" and
lastly four and one-halt' inches more of
solid wood constituting the ceiling, al
together nearly nine inches of plank and
copper, with eleven inches of vacant
space, including the two inches of the
end broken oil'. How much of the sword
remained outside has not yet been as
certained. The blow was struck from
below, in a direct ion nearly vertical, and
some idea of its amazing force may ho
found from the figures above given. The
point of impact was a little, forward of
the nii..euinast, about three feet from
the keel, on the starboard side, liy
tearing away part of thecei,;.:g Captain
Kendrick was enabled partially to stop
the leak, and to bring his vessel first, lo
Appalachicola and thence back to Ship
Island, where he win sent for quaran
tine, although he had a clean bill of
health. This is, 110 doubt, the most ex
traordinary case of piscatorial swords
manship on record. There is no room
for question of its entire truthfulness.
Tho fragment of the sword is still .stick
ing iu the bottom of the schooner, and
will bo available for examination when
she comes to be docked for repairs. iV.
O. Tinies-Dcmucrat.
A fitontt ill tho Moor of the Virgin's
Cliupel, in Jerusalem, wns lately found
to bo luokon. A jrrtiat controversy
arosn between tb clergy h-s to whii.u
bad the rijjlit to replace it. The con
test waxed wanner, until thny seemed
)ik"y to kill one another, when tha
Turkish trooiw iuturvuued.
i Qunrantofldl
to giv9 Sat
' -r? LOSS OF tEBtT! W i I
urtwAtr DFi7i.it In
1:.7, 1 1'
X Kl.,RnCHFSTfeR.tir.tti- M
Larue la tho SlarkvU
bold by Urn;
"-'i - a m it k. v h m u
ITnvitiK KtniL'Kl'l 0 vftis bftwoon life and
!. aih with ASTHMA or J'iUTUb:, treated by
iininrnt phymcmiiH, iiml receiving no benctit,
I whs compelled dm inf; t ho ltit live yearn of
ny illm-NH to Hit, on my chair day and iiijjht
caspiiig for breath; my miflerinH were beyond
ScHcription. In despair I experimented on
aiywlt by compounding roots and herbs and
inhaling the inedieino thnw obtaineil. I for
humtelv discovered this WuNDKUt-'lX CUItK
for ASTHMA and CATAltllH, warrantee to re
lieve the nmst, stubborn ca 8 of ASTrlMA IN
riVEMINUTKS.no that the patient can Ha
iown to ret and sleep comfortublv. I'leas
rend the following condensed extracts:
Mrs. W. T. Brown, Monroe, Texan, writes:
"I suflered with Asthma 3M yearn, 011r jrreafc
remedy haft completely cured me. ruuliuh
thin for the henelit of the al'llu'ted."
0. S. CUrk, Wakemau, O., writes: "I cer
tainly believe your remedy to he the bent
rVstLnia and Catarrh cure in tho world. I hav
tried everything else, and all loUed but voum
wish you worlds of pliocene,"
liev.'j. W. Wilson, Harecreek, Vs ' rit'B
"Your remedy has completely curia my Ca
tarrh. To me it scenm like a heaven sent
blessing. I have recommended it W a fireat
many others."
C. A. Hall, riftHhaw. Wis., writes : "I re
ceived your trial package and tind it invalua
ble, doing just what you claim tor it. It i
truly a Ood-bend on humanity. No one can
aft ord to do without who iH Buffering frou
Aithmaor Catarrh.
Such are the expressions of praise and grat
itude received daily, and in addition, 1 will
wliil continue ray former proposition. Send
me your name and address and I will forward
ron a trial package bv retnrn mail, FUKE of
CHAlUiE. Full size box by mail. 1.00. boitl
by druggists. Address, I. LAM1ELL,
Inventor and sole proprietor. Applecreek, 0.
THE Board of SchoolExaminersof Highland
county fiive notice, that examinations of
Applicant for Certificates will take place in the
Hillsburo Union School building on the firm)
Saturday of every month, and on tho third Sat
nrday of February. March, April. August. Sep
teinber and October. The Examination fe
prescribed by law is 00 cents, liy order of tha
au23yl E. G. SMITH, Clerk.
Col. E. J, Blount MAN AGEESF. J. Oakei
Walnut Str. House
Bet. Bixth nnd Seventh Streets,
First-class in All its Appointments
rOl'ULAR PRICE, f 2 per Day.
W. M. TUCKER & CO., Props.
may 14 111 3
Those lur.(ful(l, tirtsome rnation, can,
iiif? you to leel scarcely able tu be on your
left. Unit constant drain that is driving
tho bloom from your cheeks, that contin
ual strain on your vital forces, render
lug you irritable and fretful, are easily re
moved by use of thnt marvelous remedy,
1'KTTiT's Blood J'urii'IKH. Irregular
ities and obbLruclions ol your system are
relieved ut oiicc, while the siecial cause
of periodical pain aro permanently re
moved. ;Nonc receive as much beneSt, 01
are so profoundly grateful in recominenU
Ing Pktth'6 Bmmi Pumpier as women.
PKTTIT'S BT OOJ) ri'MFlFR 1. equal In
morit to PHTI'IT'S RYE SAI.VK which
cuucd.d but ia tlie World. 1' OR SALK W
Pettit's American
couch cunz.
cl?r i.s cc n: m n"!0M-Use in tine.
t.t I iNKsr t't.n.H Cri.a Ccjj
rni'Mii n, K-iil in Merit lo
l.ura Hire Itottlr. t VnU.
h i: S Hi A l.l. pi .1
Composed entirely of choice Roots, Herbs
and li.trks prepared so as tu retain all their
Medicinal Qualities. Vr. I'ettit docs not
claim it a Cure for all dUeaoes, but claims
it will Cure all diseases arising from Im
pure lilood.Torpid Livcr.lJisordered Kid
neys, and where there is a broken down
Constitution requiring a prompt and per
manent remedy, it never tails to rcstora
tlie buffering.
'.1 VAMn'vC"-'-- ii.ri.'l
--'-Sitrn-i'iB rairiw
i'i.l IU .- lil.OOD HJKIKJfctl
qnal in merit to Pettit's Ev
fcWh is vonicded best In the WokLii
If DDM T 1' j
I lax of I
L .

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