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hc gjighliuul yen's.
i on io.
I"oriT Said, situated nt the northern
terminus of the Suez Canal, has tlio
reputation of being tin; wickedest plac.o
in the world.
St. rYTKti's Church nt Rome hold.i
M, 000 people, the Cathedral nt Milan
40,000, nnd St. 1'anl's nt Homo .'W.OOO.
The Coliseum nt Uomn is said to have
lmd a capacity of 87,000.
Tiik Illair educational bill, now bo
foro the House, appropriates about
7.",000,(00 for public schools, to bo ap
portioned among tin) States according
Jo the ratio of illiteracy.
Sixty million dollars will go to pen
sioners during tho current fiscal year.
This vast sum put in active circulation
and widely distributed makes mi im
mense amount of trade in tho aggre
a(e. CiKNKitAl. Guant has very perceptibly
Jignd within the last few mouths. Ilis
liair and board are almost white, his
former erect bearing has given place to
' slight stoop and he walks with tjio
inlow nnd intirm step of a man many
years bis senior.
The news copyright is to come be
fore Congre.s HLrain this winter. The
bill is yet ponding before both branches.
It gives a copyright on news to the
author of it for thirty-six hours after it.
is written and is intended to protect tho
'Associated I'rcss.
1 A story is in circulation to tho effect
't hat twentv-four years ago Senator
isaulsbury, of Delaware, took a vow not
to get married until another Democrat
ic President was elected, and that ho is
Slow looking around sharply for a bride,
lie is sixty-six years old,
l A Lockhavf.x mother cautioned her
ibout-to-be-married daughter against
worrying her husband in these expres
Bivo words: "My child, a man is liko
Bti egg. Kept in hot water a little while
ho may boil soft, but keep him there too
long and he hardens."
, Thk immigration for November into
Die United States was 2(i.o:57, as against
iS5,:W3 for November of last year. The
total immigration for the eleven months
'nded November oO was. H0,:iil, as
against 636, 4e0 for the correspo-.ding
period of last year.
Tnn Washington Monument, just
completed, was begun in ISIS thirty
Jseven years ago. Work was begun re
cently on the Bartholin pedestal, and if
the same luck attends this enterprise,
the statute of liberty will finally tind a
resting place in 1922.
' Aboi't twelve wagon-loads of letters
and papers are delivered daily at the
Capitol for members of the House of
Representatives. The Senators receivo
few cart-loads less, but still the quan
tity of mail matter dumped into that
end of the building is enormous.
; Sui;tjmf.yi:k's plans for a national li
brary building at Washington with a ca
pacity of 3,500,01)0 books, will be adher
ed to.The main feature will be a massive
two-story granite octagonal building, sur
rounded w ith book cases radiating from
it. It will be tho most complete library
in the world.
Ot'T of 27,000 of the latest recruits to
Mormonism, 20,000 canio from Great
Britian. The Knglish headquarters for
Mormonism is at Liverpool, and there
is an immigration fund deposited in tho
Hank of England from which the ex
penses of converts are paid.
" The car of inventive progress makes
knottier revolution forward. G. II.
Pond, of Glenn Tails, N. Y., has invent
ed a machine by which saw-dust, shav
ings, chips, pieces of wood, or any re
fuse of sawmills can be made into
paper pulp of line, clear liber in a very
bhort time.
A crsTOHEtt at Brooklyn, the other
day, amused the populace by having
the coal dumped in front of his house
weighed before it was shoveled in, and
the result was that tho tons weighed
from 1,778 to 1,001 pounds. The dealer
explained that a good deal of coal tum
bles out of the cart in transit!
Most of tho dolls come from Ger
many, Thuringia'boing the leading sec
tion in the manufacturing industry.
I'here is, in fact, no other industry there.
Whole families work at doll making,
and all are poorly paid, the most expert
workman gelling but a dollar or two a
World's fair projects come high but
even our colored citizens must have one.
Their first exhibition of this character
will begin in Chicago on the first Mon
day in April. The government will
probably aid thera with an appropria
tion of (K't'O.OoO.
The London Timet approves of the
Jv'ew Orleans Exposition, and says it is
an evidence that "the complete reconcil
iation between tho North and the South
is a fact," and extends its heartiest con
gratulations for the success of the en
terprise. ' A fihm in New York City gct.s shirts
anado at two and a half tents each. The
uiiaker. a Silenian, with his wife and one
Jhelper, workisl almost night ami day
from November 26 to December !), and
during that time made 291 shirts, for
which they received the munificent Hum
if t7.7', or deduct the car fares in ink
ing the shirts to the employers, fro.S;!.
As! old journalist says that no li
than sev--iity-h e daily newspapers have
lieen t acted and died in Nuvr York in
thirty year
The Heroic Conduct of a Brave
A Catchalls Mate Orphan Asylum Burned—
A starter Saving the Liven of Others
Loses Her Own.
Brooklyn, N. YM TVrombor 1. About
thron o'clock this aftm noon a fivo hmko out
in tli drvinsj-room in tho building adjoin
ing tli riL-lit wint on tho southern end of
tho Cnthulii' Male Orphan Asylum, and wna
qutrkly oomiminir-att'il to tho muiu buibl
incTi a structure 210 by Krft itrt, vhieh was
almost putiruly destroyed. Tho pnrt in
which tho fire oriinutiMl rout iii nod tho
hoilors, h outing apparutun, etc,., and on tho
third floor was the dormitory, in which worn
sixty of tho orphan inmates of tho asylum,
whoso ages ranged from six to ton years.
They worn RiitTermg from various com
plaints, and whether or ut all wero res
rufv can not bft known until tho children
who are scattered nbout tho noitrhlKuhood
aro counted. The iiiipres-tion now prevaiU
that somo of them havo been burned to
defUh. Sister Joseihine, who was in tho
dormitory when tho flro broko out, ma lo
heroic effort to get tho children out of tho
building, and by so doing hns probably
sacrificed her life. She remained in
tho room until tho flames had nearly
pnrrounded her, when she rnn to a
window a ltd climbed out upon a cor
nice. Meanwhile tho firemen had entered
another part of tho building and began
pouring water upon tho flames. Foreman
Mr( Jroarty saw Sister Josephine, nnd be
ing unalilo to reach her with his hand,
extended his coat to her from a window in
the wing. She caught it, and loosening
her hold on the cornice, swung toward
McGroartv. The coat slipped from her
grasp, and she fell to tho ground, striking
upon her shoulder and head, nnd was con
veyed in an unconscious stnto to St.
Catherine' Hospital. Joseph Uyan,
a 1kt who was upon tho s.'tine floor, at
tempted to descend by the ladder.
"When within ten fet of Hie ground the lad
der broke, and ha was severely injnred by
falling. John Me Jrath, eight ytvirs old,
jninped from one of thr third-story win
dows, nnd was also badly hurt. There
were 7s orphans in tho institution, and tho
greatest excitement prevailed among them.
Hundreds of the little feiiows ran out into
the storm, screaming nnd crying, tho most
of them being without coats or hats. Sis
ter Anthony, through whose efforts at
least one hundred boys were enabled to es
cape, was badly burned about tho far nnd
hands. One uf tho boys who e.-eaped from
the building raid tho fire was caused by
one of the orphans going into tho drving
rooiu with a lighted candle, which acciden
tally touched somo clothes hanging -upon a
lino. Sister Josephine died in tho hospital
at six o'clock, and it is believed that three
others have H-,t their lives. The total loss
on building and appurtenances is about
K0,(00. Insurance Sjito,HM. (
The Canal Treaty.
fw York, lWemher 18. The Tr'huVfi
publishes tho full txt of the proposed
N icaragua t reaty. It provides that the
canal shall be built by the United States
and owned by them ami tho republic of
Nicaragua. Tho United States agrees to
protect the integrity of Nicaragua's terri
tory. The United 'States may build tho
canal along any route it 'rhmf'w, and se
lect the ports of entrance. Tl?y rcay uo
all or any part of Lako Nicaragua, or of
any waters ia Nicaragua. They nay build
a railway and telegraph line in connection
with the canal. A strip of territory two
and a half miles wide is granted along the
route of the canal to tho United States ab
solutely. No customs dues shall be levied
by Nicaragua on tho commerce of the
canal. 1 he manag-ruent of the canal shall
be bv six managers, three appointed by
each Govtrumout. Kove-ice from tho cana
after paying the expenses goes one-third to
Nicaragua and two-thirds to tho United
States. The United States disowns any in
tention to impair tho independence of Nic
aragua. .Any question between tho two
Governments snail bo arbitrated. Tho
United States shall use its good offices, it
desired, to secur a union uf tho live Cen
tral American K publics under one Re
publican Government. The United States
agrees to loan Nicaragua ),(XXJ,Oi0 to per
fect its railw ay, telegraph and navigation
Poisoned Candy.
New York, December 17. Three weeks
ago the Sanitary Bureau begun investigat
ing the candy factories where it was sup
posed poisonous dyes were used iu coloring
candy. In thirteen out of sixty-four
places visited it was found that all the
colored candies were unfit to eat. This
morning sanitary ofHcers with a truck vis
ited ttrese places and loaded up tho pojson
ious sweets and took them to the dump
at West Thirty-eighth street. The candy
was sprinkled with carbolic acid to keep
the street urchins from eating it. They
didnt find this out u.itil their mouths were
full. Then they did. Several small dealers
whose vdioie stock wos taken complained
bitterly, but most of thera gave no trouble.
About two tons of this candy was de
stroyed, and the work will be continued tomorrow.
After Howgate.
Omaha, December 1H. Two officers of
the United States Secret Service are here
ia search of Captain Uowgate, the default
er, late of the Signal Service. He has
friends at Fort Omaha, and they hope to
find him there. Several persons who know
Howgate say they saw him ia Nebraska
City throe weeks ago. Nellie ibirrill, his
alloged mistress, is in Do Witt, Nebraska,
and the theory is that b is far from
there. The ofneer believe that he is in one
of the Missouri River towns; that his funds
are about exhausted, aud that it is only a
question of a short time when he will sur
render. to (
Coat in Manitoba.
St. Paul, Minn., Decemler 18. A mag
nifieient seam of cool has been discovered
at Crowfoot Crossing, 800 miles wet of
Winnipeg, Manitoba, on the Canadian
Pacific Railroad. Experienced men were
employed by the company, and a seam
fourteen feet thick has been disclosed lh5
feet below the surface of the ground. Sev
eral boxes of the coal has arrived at Win
nipeg and were pronounced excellent
specimens of the anthracite variety. It is
thought that the coalfields just discovered
will rival those of Ohio and Pennsylvania,
and a brilliant prospect ia flittering Lfcfurw
the eyes of the Canada Pacific.
Suicide of a Widow.
OKKK.TKRrtifi, Pa., December lrt. The
widow of the late General Parry Markle
committed suicide to-day by an overdose
of laudanum. Her husband died suddenly
a year ago, and hi; widow expressed a do
sire to die just one year after him, which
she did.
Arrested for an Express Robbery.
Pino u am ton, N. Y., De ember 1H.
Pinkerton has arrested Geo. II. Proctor,
formerly foreman of the boiler shops at
Sus'piehiimia, who is said to be the ring
leader iu the $t),(no robbery of the United
bLates Express Company, a year ao.
Arrangements Made for the Dedication.
February, 21. 1885.
Washington, D. C., December 17. Tho
Congresioiml Commission to nrrango for
the dedication of tho Washington mmiie
nient invites, through th medium of tho
Associated Press, h11 civil, military and
naval organizations in the United States b
attend the ceremonies, which will bo held
nt the base of the monument February 21,
lWf. Any organization accepting this in
vitation is recpiested to notify Iaeutonant
Goneral P. II. Siiei Man, Master of
the Day, of the number of persons in such
organization, whereupon ho will assign to
it a proper posit ion in the procession, to be
provided for by the commission.. Tho pro
gramme will be as follows: Music, Prayer
by Kov. M. Sutor, Christ Church, Alexan
dria, Va. Remarks by W.V.Corexrnnt First
Vice-President Washington Monument So
ciety. Remarks by tho engineer of tho joint
commission i urning the completed structure
over to tho 1'residontof tho United States.
Acceptance by the President for the
people of the United States, and dedication
to the memory of General George Wash
ington. Music. Tho procession will bo
formed and proeeod nlontf the eastern front
of the monument; thenf along it h northern
front; thence between two small lakes on
the monument lot north on iho elliptical
grass plot in the W hito lot; thenco by Ex
ecutive Avenue between the State Depart
ment and tho White House to Penn
sylvania Aveni.e; then-e eastward along
1'ennsylvania Avenue to thewestern ex
treme to tho ( 'apital grounds, where it will
be reviewed by the President of tho United
States. The profession will continue past
the northern end ot the Capitol to tho
esplanade east of the Capitol, where it will
bo dismissed as the various organizations
arrive. Such persons ns have tickets for
tho Tlousoof representatives will then pro
ceed to their seats. Order of procession :
Chief Marshal, with Chief of StatT
and an Aid from every itate
and Territory. Milituiy escort. General
Commanding. Brigade of artillery. Rri
gado of infantry. Naval brigade. Bat
talion of marines. Chartered military or
ganizations (taking precedence by dates of
their charters, and temporarily organized
in regiments unci brigades.) Civic proces
sion. Congressional Commission. Mem
bers and ex -m!."1 hers of the Joint Commis
sion for the completion of tho monument.
Kneme-ers of tho inorinmei.s and de
tail of workmen. Washington Monu
ment Society. President of tho United
States and orator of rhe day. President
and Vifo-Presidont-Klecfc of tho United
States. Ex-Presidents of the United
States. Judges of the Supremo Court.
Diplnmotic Corps. Governors of State.
and their respective stairs, taking preced
ence in the order of admission of their
State into the Union. Senate and House of
Representatives. Commissioners of the
District of Columbia. Society of tho Ciu
cinciiuit i. Masonic fraternity, with other
organizations which oilicially contributed
stones or mnnpy for tho erection of tho
monument. Citizens of States and Terri
tories with civic organizations from tho.-.e
States without partisan flags or emblems,
each State taking precedence in the order
of admission nto tho Union. Fire Depart
ment of the District of Columbia and visit
ing firemen, .j
Poisoned Fish.
Dayton, Ohio, December 17. The mys
tery Furrounding tho poisoning of tho Day
ton Holly water is as yet unsolved, and no
one seems to lo able to give any satisfac
tory explanation of what it is or how it be
came contaminated. All that is known is
that all the fish of the city in aquariums or
ponds supplied by Holly water have died
within the last few days. The largest
of these was at Sachs & Pruden's
where over ten thousand fish were
killed. There were eighteen species
of the finny tribe in the aquarium, among
which were three dozen mountain tront,
whose value was considerable. A number
of tho gold fish had only been purchased a
few days ago, ami were very large and
Ix'uutit'ul. There were also over eone
hundred crawfish in the water, nnd these
were among the first to die. Shortly before
tho death of tho fish they struggled
violently to the top of tho water and
showed ail the symptoms of poisoning.
A-'ter death thej were surrounded by air
bubbles. The best explanation as to tho
cause of the sudden death of a fish, though
by no means a detiniteor satisfactory one,
is that some poisonous gas had emonated
from tho water well and had been pumped
into the pipes. The water is being used by
many thousands of our citizens, aud
though several mysterious poiaou
ing cases have occurred here re
cently it can not be definitely said that they
resulted from the use of the Holly water.
Those who have been using Holly water
are greatly agitated over the strange dis
covery, and are not using the water for the
present. East night there was a lunge flro
here, and something like a million gallons
of water was pumped out of the wells.
Captain Pim's Scheme.
Toronto, December 17. Captain Bed
ford Pirn, of the Royal navy, who is hero
now, speaks hopefully of his proposed
scheme for constructing a railway from
Cheyenne to Hudson Bay, for transporta
tion of cuttJo to England. To raise tho
capital he suggested that Canada, with
England, should guarantee one nnd-a-half
per cent, aud the United States, another
one aud-a-half per cent., making a three
per ceut. guarantee, with which he could
raise tbe necessary money in Loudon read
ily, lie will tulk the matter over with Sir
Jo tin Macdonnld to-day, and go to Albany
to consult Iretiidsnt -elect Cleveland.
Deadly Battle with Moonshines
Atlanta, Ua., December 17.--A desper
ate fight occurred last night between Depu
ty Marshals and mooushiners in a remote
part of Hall County. Anderson Grant and
a man named Prater, moonshiners, were
killed outright. The raiding party consist
ed of five men.
Powerful Gun.
Bandy Hook, N. J., December 17. The
Haskell multi-charge gun, on the forty
thinl round, hot Vr2 pounds. Tho total
amount of powder was ounds. The
velocity of the bhot was lsol f(et per sec
ond. The elevation waseight-and one-half
degrees, and range (i,.VK. The muzzle en
ergy of the shot was 3,4ofJ foot Urns. This
is the muit powerful shot yet fired from
this gun, and much exceeds that of ary
gun in the world of the same caliber.
Rather Cool.
17. Thei inome
ter along the line of the Canadian Pacific
marks L'iS to .SO degree below ero, and
grow ing colder.
Chinese Beaten Again.
Pjrir, December 17. Admiral Peron
Minister of Marine, has received a dispatch
from Ceneral Briere de Eisiu, saying;
"Two or three thousand Chinese left the
mountains intending to attack a village
eight kilometres northeast of Chu. A por
tim of the Chu garrison, assisted by somt
friendly natives, dispersed Lhe Chinese, in
fiieting a heavy hm. The Fiviwli
tweuty-lour in killed and wounded.
iioNii Koko, iVc-niUr 17. --The French
force in 1uikuui is htrougly intrenched at
Langkefi. 'mo Chiu-.-, are iu force four
miles distant. The French anxiously await
rem I orcein cut s. '1 hero are man v dea lbs
among the Koldiern, au 1 a large number are
unfit ior service. Operation iu Foruio
are at a aiuudoull
Terrible Developments in the Brooklyn
Orphan Asylum Fire.
Thirteen Dead Bodies Recovered—Thrilling
Death of Slater Josephine
and an Unidentified Woman.
Nkw YonK, December in. Tho intense
cold last night covered the ruins of the St.
John's Koman Catholic Orphan Asylum in
Brooklyn with ice, and they presented a
weired spectacle to-dny. Firemen remain
ed at the scene, all night, and at the first
break of day began to dig in the ruins for
iKidies, although the mnnaTrs of the in
stitution thought no bodies wero in the
building. Foreman McGroaty, of
Engine No. 4, who had Neon an
unknown woman fall back into the flames
from the roof Inst night, believed that many
bad perished. The men had been at work
only a few minutes handling their shovels
with benumbed finders when tho thigh
bone of a child was thrown up in a shovel
ful of cinders from under the burned in
firmary. Quickly afterward n lot of other
lxines nnd charred remains of bodies were
found heaped together. Closer inspec
tion distinguished tho remains of seven
cutidren nnd an adult, Indieved to bo tho
woman who fell from tho roof last night.
Soon the remains of two other boys were
found, making ten bodies discovered. Tho
clothing, and in most cases nearly nil tho
flf-.sh, were burned oil", nnd none of them
recognizable. The bodies of the
children found belonged to those who
wo under tho car of Sister
Mary Josephine iu tho Infirmary. All
these children were suffering from sore
eyes. When the (irebroko out, Sister Jose
phine first ran to tho dour, and a number
of the children followed hr and stiu'ted
dtfwu stairs. It is believed that it was
these who perished. Several of the others
were rescued from tho windows. Tho un
fortunate Sister Josephine, having lost all
control over the children under her control,
nnd her semi -blindness intensified by
tho clouds of smoke that filled
tho Htairways ami rooms, rushed for
safety to the roof, where she appeared in
the midst of flame and smoke, calling
loudly on spectators for help. A fireman, j
lying prono on the roof of the main build- I
log, nttempt"d to swing his overcoat to the
Imperiled Sister. The first, nnd second at
tempts were unsuccessful, the end of the
coat falling short, lie swung the coat a
third time, and its edge just touched tho
building's roof. The Sister sprang a nd
grasped it. and for a moment it seemed as if
her life was saved, and the crowd cheered
lustily. Only for a moment she swung in
the air between the two buildings; then her
grasp relaxed, and she fell to the ground,
dying soon afterward. A boy and woman
wero now seen on tho roof of tho burning
building. Three men placed a ladder
against tho wnll. but the ladder did not
reach within five feet of the roof. One of
the men mounted tho ladder,
and tho little fellow leaped
into his arms and was paved. Tho
woman looked to the-bottom of tho ladder
aud then to the flames gradually encroach
ing. Tho bystanders yelled to her to keep
her courage up. She looked into tho burn
ing building as if fascinated by the fire,
and commenced edging away from the lnd
der. Suddenly flames shot up beneath her
feet, and, with a cry of agony, she fell
backward into the blazing mass. With a
crash the roof fell afterward, and soon the
entire building was a mass of flames.
Sister Josephine, a few days ago, with her
married sisters living in Troy, N. Y., visited
her fnther, eighty-four years old, who re
cently came from Ireland to see his chil
dren. The remains of the woman found
aro those of Mary McCarren, widow, who
was visiting her son. Both perished. So
far thirteeu bodies have been recovered.
County Infirmary Destroyed.
Dltuoit, Mini., December PL The Ln
peer County Boor-house, situated about
two miles from the city of Lapeer, was en
tirely destroyed by fire last night. There
wero thirty-seven inmates in the building,
nnd all were saved except an aged insane
woman named Biriha Rockwell, who
rushed back into the burning building after
being taken out, and nothing of
her remained after the fire but
a few blaek.-ned bones. Another
insane woman named Phodie Sai-
l'sbury escaped from her keepers du -ing
the excitement and, clad only iu her night
gown, ran two miles into the country be
fore she could be recaptured. She is badly
frozen, the thermometer indicating below
y.ero at the time. The condition of the sur
viving inmates is truly pitiable, but their
temporary wants are being supplied as well
as the neighbors cau attend to them, and it
is expectod the Supervisors will take im
mediate steps to provide for tho poor un
fortunates. There wero no fire-fighting
appliances at tne Poor-house.
Died from Exposure.
Omaha, December 10. J. Henry Hobart
died here to-day from the effects of expo
sure to the weather last night, the result of
intemperate habits. Hobart was a mem
ber of a good family iu Pennsylvania, ut
One time a brilliant civil engineer, ami con
structed the famous loop ou tho Southern
California Railroad,
Panama Canal Construction.
Panama, December l!b A powerful Anglo-Dutch
company bus signed a contract
for cutting 00,1,001.) metres of the canal on
the t "uelbra section at a figure under eight
francs per metre, the work to be finished
within two years. A large force of Kuro
peau is ordered for work.
A Week's Failures.
Nkw York, December UK There were
30f failures in the United States reported
to Bradstreet's during tho week, against
3Ki in the proceeding week, and 2N), y:w
and ll.'i in corresponding week a of I8.5J,
162 and 1M, lespectivoiy.
A larger tuijneas i done by tole
praph companies in the United Stat'-a
tliau in any other country in the world.
Over 40,(XX,0'KJ messages wore sent lost
year. Groulliritain sent nearly :-i:i,000f
00, France 2i,tiU0,iHK),itinKie,nnany 1M,
CXXVAK). The total fur Him world was
loo,PXMJ,0, fully om-half bcin sent
in Kne-lish npeakin countries. Ger
many bus nearly us many telegraph,
olliocd a.-, the l.'nitcd Stute, although
bo much smaller in a.'ra, and doin
Icsm than half the business. Great
ltrtuin on tho contrary, docs ft lure-e
busiiiUb.4 with conipurutivoly fewidlicos.
-- -
A woman at Fonda, N. Y., com
mitted suicide with stnchnhie. rather
than dre-.fi an m.plueked turkey which
bcr hu.slmtid bought for Thanksgiving.
Mm was so vexed because her hu-band
u.-ked hor to do it that -die declared slit)
"would die- before rdm would do it,"
and hhu was as miod her word. Sho
loaves five rdiihlron.- A'. Y. Tim ft.
A Nevada ranchman lias a herd of
hybrid cattle, rioted between the inalo
biillalo and tilt doinet-tic cow. They
arc not housed dnr'n'r the winter, but
hud their food (i ml thrive w in ro other
cattle would h(aie. Their beef is tuid
to bo excellent, mid jura hits been bpuu
tiom Lliuir hair.
A Week's Failures. XLVIIL CONGRESS.
Second Session.
Wakimnutoh, December I".- pFNTH.Mr
Cock rell, Irom the 4'oinniM ten on M Hilary
Affairs reported adversely tho peMMon of
members oT Ooorro Stn-na Pom, O. A. U., ot
palifleld, Iowa. Th" petition prayed that thr
vui plus In theTrenuiy be used to make up
to HoMInrsaml sailors of the late war thn
amount lost by them by reason of tho tie pro.
ctatioti of money tn which they were pnM
from SfW to I k wliich lns amoiintrcl to
nearly one half thefr nifotthlv pnv. The pefl
tfon nd.ls that the boiled Slate
(tovermuent ts In honor bound ti
jrrnnt this praver. Ttio Duknta bill wn
pn4sei1 by Mjarty vnto. It rtivifleo for the
ndinWfon of that portfou south of tho forty
sixth pflrtiMel, the putt north to lenialn a
Territory itmicr the mono of blueoln. Mr.
rnlloin colled op the iuter-S';itM ootnrnereo
qlll. Rnil it w h laid before the Senate, nnd so
beeem minuistieil tm-tincms for to-morrow,
Mr. 11 m 1 1 bhvo iifttfce tiuiton tlo tbpowal vt
t tint measure he would move tho Senate to
tatif up a bill to provide for the formation
nnd admission Into tho b'nlon of tho Htate of
UorsK A bill was pnsp(l nniendhiff Poe
tlon WMU of the Pevied S'aiutes. relatiiur to
forwnrditnr of tiihII matter. It authorises
Postmasters to forward nniil matter of tlio
second, third and fourth class, ou which po
tnire has oneo teen pai J tn full. This
rule is now In force in ro-
f:n k1 t.o mall matter of ttip ftrst-clasf. A reo
utlon was parsed providing for a holiday
recess from tho At n of Iecend'er until the
Mh of .luTimiry, and the House then resumed
con Hide 1 at 1011 cd the inter. Hut to commerce
bill. 1 he vole was then taken on suhsi it ut
liifr the Iteajrnn bill for tlie first se en sei
lions of the committee tiill (containing tho
remedial provisions), and it was uu recti Ut
yens H;(, nays 17. Tho remaininir
sections nf the i'ommit tee bill, tor
the Appointment of n t'omnii-iioner, etc..
were struck out Urt to M. The Mil known ns
the Uefuricn suhstilute was then rend hv see
tions, under t)ie flve-mfnute rule. Mr. O'Neill,
of Pennsylvania, often! nn amendment,
extending the provisions of tho bill to tho
vnter ways of the country. Mr. Ileatran op
posed tho amendment. W ater ways, he said,
were tree channels, ot cojumerce, and com
petition ot t iiem would reiru hit e it self.
Amendment lost. Mr. O'llata oilored an
oincndment, prfvidinir that any person hav
liur purctia-ed a ticket to he conveved from
tne Stale to anrdher, fir havliiir tuid tlie re
quired fare, shall receive 1 lie Minn treatment
lint) be Hfforded equal fueihtios and Hecom
rnor1:tton ns furnished to nil other persons
holdine tickets of tho fhijio class, without
discrimination. A jf recti to.
Washington, December 17. Sknatr.
Numei-ous rcmonsj ranees against the ratifica
tion of tho Spanish treaty were received. A
resolution was Introduced favoring an np
propriutlon 'of dO.H) to fh fray tho ex
penses attending the sendin? of exhibits to
the proposed Kxhihttion of American arts
and manufacturers to lie held J 11 London in
1VJ(. Tho hill authori.injf tho suspen
sioti nf the exercise of ctra-territorfal
authority of the I'nited States in Tunis, up
on the establishment by tlio French Kenuhlio
of courts t here, w as piief), A was
pusf-ed providing that actual settlers on lands
in t'otondo subject to preemption, on tlio
reservation of the I'te Indians, bo entitled to
purchase such kind, not exceeding KM) acres,
uniler the preempt;on laus. The nival bill
was passed .substantially as it came from tho
Hofsr.. A bill was introduced roulalintr
nnd classifying-the salaries of clerks In all
first-class postoflices. b'clcT-red. The Jlouso
then rcsu mril conyidf-rat ion nf thn inrer
Slale Comuicri'o bill, the pendiiur (piestion
beiiiiT on the motion to lidde a motion to re
consider the vote by which the Hnuso
yesie-rday atloptetl the h mend men t pro
viding that npy jicrson havinv pur
fdiased a ti-kot t bo ctnveyetl
fron one State to another shall receive tho
Kiime treatment, etc. Amendment tabled.
Mr. Crisp olio red an amendment providing
that lujtniTifj in this act shall be so construed
as to prevent any railroad company from
providing- separate, accommodations lor
white and colored persons. Mr.
Hreckenride offered as a substitute for Mr.
Crisp's amend meet, an amendment providing
that nothing in this hcI shall be construed
to deny to nohoauN the nwhl to provide sch
urate accommodations for tmssenyers as they
may deem best for tho public comfort nnd
satety , nnd that nothing In tho act shall bo
understood as relating to t he transportation
between points wholly within the limit of one
Htale. Mr, Kreckenii'iiro'H amendment was
adopted as a subst it uto for M r. Crisp's
amendinent. nnl Mr. Crisp's timendment, as
so amended, a frreod to. Mr. Mills ottered an
amend merit 'prohibiting any railroad com
pany from chare;)njr or receiving from any
person who is to he conveyed from one Htato
or Terrilory to another, any sum oxoecdliuc
three cents for one mile for the distance to
be traveled. The amendment was adopted.
Washington, December lfi. Sknatk.
Anions: the memorials presented was 0110 by
Mr. Hoar, from tho Woman's Suffrage Asso
ciation of Pennsylvania, protesting against
the admission of Dakota on a consitntton
made by men alono nnd denying tho suffrage
rights of women. Mr. Hoar, in presenting It
snitl thut while he favored woman sutlrairo
he thought it unwise, in tho present tem
per ot Congress, tor the advocate of that
cause to oppose tho it d mission of a new
State on the. grounds s'-t forth, because when
the Territories of Wyoming ami Washington
shall cull tor admission the exorcise of sut'-frau-e
by women in thoso territories may be
advanced a an argument ngaitiot their ad
mission. HorsK.-Immediately after reading tho
journal the House resumed consideration of
lhe Inler-Sinto commerce bill, tho pending
question bring on the motion to table tlio
motion to reconsider the vnto by which tho
House yesterday adopted Mr. (loft's amend
inent providing that in the transportation of
passcng'-rs railroad companies shall make no
discrimination on account of race or color.
Washington, December 1!'. Senatk. A
bill was passed making the 4th of March, tho
residential Inauguration, a legal holiday In
the District. Dills were introduced ami re
ferred: To transfer tho I. S. barracks ut
New Orleans, and tho Louisiana State Agri
cultural l.ojleye for educational purnohus;
nlso to author.'e the building of a shell road
from lintoti Pouge, La., to the National
Cemetery. To m-ovide tor tho erec
tion of a publiu buiidfng at Bt iMwatr,
Minn., at uu expenditure of SlOo.ntKt. Tho Sen
ate Hissed ft bill to accept and rut if y tho
treaty made In INK) with tho Shoshone, lian
nock and tMierpeater tribtm of ludiaiis on tho
Kort Hall and l.emht reservations In Idaho
for the sale of a portion of their lands. Mr.
Allison, troin the Committee on Appropria
tion, i-eported favorably the llousn n'solu
lution providing that w hen the two nouses
adjourn en Sum may it le lo .Mtiiniuy, Jan
uary a. n Mr. Hale's RurwesUnn it was laid
on the table lor the present.
HorsK. A bill wuh passed authori'ang the
c nstrut't jtiti of abridge across tho Missis
sippi Jtiver at Hock Isluntl. Iho intcr-Stato
commerce t)ill was taken up. A motion was
losi in reference to rebate and drawback;
also an amendment prohibiting tho issuing
ot fiee passes was voied down. Itwoss wus
tnkcn until H 1. m. for eonsidorat ion ff tho
pension Mils. The House, at tho evening
sesHion, pas-ed eitrhtj't-n pension bills ami
adjourned until to-morrow.
Lanner, the Embezzler Suicides.
Vienna, December 20. Janner, tho em
bezzler of near a million dollar, shot hini
Belf at the village of Kiurliug, a short dis
tance west of this city. Only twenty-four
iloriiu were found on his body.
Ford Ward's Valuable Gallery.
New York, December 19. Ferdinand
"Ward's eolltn-tiou of paint in brought
nearly Jjo.ooti.
A larger business is done by tele
fpruph companies iu the United States
than in any other country in the world.
Over 40,0O0,lM0 me.SMics were sent lasfc
year. Great Hriuiti .sort nearly 3?it0tMt
000, France 4Jtj,000,00,and Germany 1H,
(M0,IMMj. The Vdal for tho world was
153,0O0ffKK)f fullv oue-hulf being sent
iu Kngliah spenWinej c(iuntried. Ger
many ha nearly ha many telegraph
oiliucH a-i lhe United fciute.s, although
eo much smaller ia area, and doiny
less tliau half tho buhiiiesn. (ireat
liritaiu 011 the contrirv. does a lura
buHiuess with comparatively few ollices.
A woman at Fomlat N. Y., com
mitted suicide with .strychnine rather
than dress nn uiipluckcd turkey which
her hiiHbund boulit for Thuiikivin;'.
Mie was so vexed because her hulmiui
a.skcd her to do it that she declared ho
'would dij before hhe would do it,"
and bhe was as good us her wud. Sho
leave live childien. Ar. 1'. Tim:.
A Nevada ranehnmn has a lierd of
hybrid cattle, crossed betrteen the noilo
bulla lo and tho ilomestio cow. They
are not housed during the winter, hut
lind their food at d thrive ulmo other
rattle would Htarve. 'i'lu-ir beef in .s;iid
to bo excellent, a'ld yuru ha beuu puu
iioui thoir huir.
Thk Miller Company' shops nt Canton
Vid Cre.-dline, were closed by t'no Sheriff oil
in execution upon Judgments nereating
The Trobnte Court of Hamilton County
refuse! the application of tho Oveiland
Tfdeplmne Company for an order authoriz
ing it b erect its lin-a in Cincinnati.
Mauv Mm, moan, a wornan alKut thirty
years of nn, was found frozen In the ice,
at Newark, n few dayB slnco. Sho wnn
pubject to (Its, ami it is presumed that nho
fell into the water some time durin tho
im;ht while a nixdl wns upon her.
As attempt was mnde to burn the Trin
way Hotel at Drcfuh p Junction, which ?fn
tains a restaurant nnd Tust-OHloe, tit an
early hourthe other morning. Straw sat
urnted with coal-oil, was placed alon the
eitleof tho buiblirifr and burned through
tho Hiding- before being diacovorod. Mo
I f K RT1KRT CllAWKOllO, of Cecil, wns
crushed to death by a fulling tree.
Mas. Wir.MAMso Carter, of Atwater,
was struck bv a train at that place nnd
Ok fourteen hundred odnvirts now in the
Ohio Penitentiary, four hundred are from
Hamilton County.
Jon if I. Hoffman, the mm-demr of hfs
own son, was executed at Cincinnati on
tho Kith. At the last moment hi strength
and courage failed hitn; he cried liko a
Thk bequests in the will of Reuben II.
Springer, of Cincinnati, abrogate .fb'J-A-1)00,
lMsiden which there is a reniduary
At Ilellefontaine, John Patrick, nuetl
fifteen, was kicked by a horse over tho
riht oyo. A holo afi lare a silver dollar
was knocked in hisukull, a portion of his
hnt iM'int: forced in.
An old lady, a resident of Poersville,
visiting friends at Uhrichsvillo. fell down
fitairs a few mornings no, and broke her
A few nights apoa weH-dresfled and rn
fipectuble looking man went into Ifavlin's
Theater, Cincinnati, and during tho per
formance took a pint bottloof whisky from
hin pocket and drank thn contents. In a
few minutes ho fell to tho floor in au un
conscious condition. The private watch
man of the theater turned in an alarm for
the patrol, iu which tho man was removed
to the City IIospit.il where at laat ac
counts ho was lyin iu a critical condition.
Pf.tkii Ceouok, one of tho oldest settlors
of Hancock County, this State, is dead,
ned eie.hty-five.
J. Fimn Evans, widely known in North
ern Ohio, died very nuddouly of -.heart dis
ease at Akron a low days ntro.
Ciiahi.f.s Clahic has been arrested nt
Tiilln, for the murder of Frank Snook. Tho
evidence points to a enso of self-defence.
John Daly, a colored miner at Rechtel
met with a horrible accident by accident
ally dropping his bank lain), which was
lighted, in a ke of powder, burning him in
a frightful manner. Ho will die.
A Cleveland pirl elopexl with a China
man. An anxious father wants to know if
thif is a holiday crazo to replace tho coach
man furor?
Jin. James Fullkrton, of Miller City,
Putnam County, while out hunting, climbed
a tree in tho woods on a lookout for gatno.
While so doing ho missed hi balance and
fell to tho ground, his gun' being dis
charged, and the contents, fourteen buck
shot, entered his Itody, wounding hitn no
badly that it will bo impossible for hirn to
Thk woman, Margaret Porter, whose
skeleton was supposed to have been found
in a cleft of rock near Llolhiire, has turned
up alive. fcho left homo mysteriously
twenty years ago, nnd has lived as a
domestic ever Biiiee.
The body of Henry Cuthlnr, an employs
of I. A; K. Greenwald, Cincinnati, was
found on tho Little Miami Ilnilroad track.
It is believed he was run down by a switch
Two young wives, married loss than a
year, brought suits for divorce in tho Ham
ilton County Courts, tho other day.
An unusual occurrence happened in tho
Common Pleas Court, tho other day, at
bteubenville, Judge Haneo presiding. A
divorce was granted to Knnna Riuo from
Joshua Rine. Their marriage hail been a
forced one, Rino never living with her.
Entering suit for divorce, ho agreed to
marry her as soon as the divorco was
granted. The minister and friends were
present, but tho expected groom failed to
appear. When tho Judgo heard it, he
fouud the woman in tears, and indignantly
destroyed tho copy of tho decree aud or
dered the clerk to expunge the record from
tho docket on tho grouud of fraud on tho
part of Riuo. Both Judge aud attorney aro
Ai.krkd W. Reardkley, on inmate of
tne Koldiers' Homo, Dayton, was picked up
d"ad ou the Katun plko, near the institu
tion, the other morning. Ho was found ly
in in the middle of the piko. There wero
110 marks of violence on his person, lie
ha? a wife and child living near the Home,
and spent part of tho evening with them.
Where he went to from there Is not known.
His death is supposed to have been caused
by exposure in tho rough weather.
Charles Mason committed suicide at
Venice, Erie County, by taking aconite.
Financial embarrassment wus the cause.
Deceased leaves a wifo aud two grown
Over $Vi,fKK) worth of hoes have died
from cholera in Madison County this fall
aud the disease is spreading. Farmers are
selling at any price to suve at least some
thing from the wreck.
A farmer belonging at Miller's Rtnthm,
twenty-eight years of agei, while intoxi
cated lay down ou the track at Cadiz Juno-
tion, ami had both legs cut off by a freight
going west.
Jacob Waxnawaker, a brakeinan ou the
C. & P. Railway, fell between two cars
neor Bridgeport, and was killed.
Captain James L. Rtkfiw, ex -Chief of
Police of Cincinnati, well-known through
out tho Ktato, died at his home in that city,
a few days ago, quite wealthy. He hail
been suffering from two paralytic strokes
for over six weeks. He leaves no children.
His wife survives him,
A newspaper controversy at Defiance,
which has ertsted for six months, culmin
ated (u a personal encounter the other day,
Ivetween the editjj s, but the interposition of
friends prevented any blood-letting.
An organized baud of thieves Is working
Burglars broke into E. W. Roberts
hardware store at Khelbv, and got away
with $lifu worth of cutlery,
Mr. Ckorok RrsT, while at work In the
Ohio Oil Mill in Harshtnauville, was struck
w ith a heavy level that was caught in a
rapidly revolving spur-wheel. It utruck
him in the face, breaking his nose and ser
iously lacerating and bruising his face.
Tuomas Dkttkr, a young man nineteen
years of age, was run over by a train of
cars at Clevoluud and cut to pieces. Hup
posed suicide.
A hHorcTloN of ten per cent, per ton for
miulng screened coal has lmu ordered at
Bustard's shaft, SteutM-nvilb;. Miners are
digging at seventy cents per ton. They
had just returned to work after a lou
Water colors are not used ir
in(r towns red. because weterco'
Never iml A hot, iron dii'c:lbj
pilk. Send tho f-ilk to tho wa.sln
an. She wilt do it for you.
"No woman is educated, 11 say
W. Btirnap, "who is not e pial to 1
Micoos-dul mnu'ie-cmt'tit of a family.
When you see a man leave his club at
p.m., and run alt the way home. t;
can make up your mind that his wi''
highly educated. f
Housekeepers who have white 1'
Me hIoojis lo keep clean, can save
and labor by washing them with a
whjch has been dipped in Ixdlibf? .
water and soda, A ojood doal of sodti
should be put into tne water and al
lowed to dissolve. The plan has the
advantage of being inexpensive, tw
medicine for colds, consumption nnd
Imeumonia lire now quite cheap. Ar
ansa m 77vcr.
Thee crazy spelling reformers nra
trying to persuade people to spell kiss
with one s. The attempt will b3
failure. The man who lifts a lin'T, so
to spc:ik. to shorten a kiss, will brine;
upon himself the hatred of the rising"
general ion. The fondenoy is rather to
udd more s's. That is, to make the
kiss a ynrd, a yard nnd a half or two
yards long, or as long as a strong
young man can hold his breath. Uitr-
- Now that naper phirt have been
int:odueed, according to t ho Drtf Oumls
JlulUtin it will Ikj in order to print a
sensational novel on the back of a set
of shirts. Then when a man roads the
lirst instalment he will go right oil" and
buy the whole set and sit up with his
shirts at night until he has liaised tho
"Madamo,"1 said a hubanl to his
young wife, in a little altercation which
will pprinjj up in the best regulated
families, "when a man aid his wife
have quarreled, and each o'bet consid
ers the other nt fault, which of tho
two ought to advance toward recon
ciIiationi,M 'The belter nalvrod and
the wiser of the two,11 said the wife,
putting up her mouth for a Kiss, which
was given with an 1:11 -tion. She was
the conquerer. A. La'irr.
"Poor John,' said a Iru -t.ful wife.
"lia so much to do ao tl;e o.iiee that ho
is often compel led tf work nights."
"Are you sure thut ho -ponds the even
ings at his oH'iet'"1 n-ked another mar
ried lady vvlio was makingati afternoon
call "my husband said that lie thought
ho saw him at the French opom th
other night." "Oh, your husband
mu-t have been mistaken, I am sure.11
vi- ouded the trut;'id wd'o, "John
doe n't understand a word of French."
lh!roit Post. , ,
A remnant of lace lay upon, what
is known as tlio marked -do", n counter
nf a large shopp ng est tblUhment in
this city, and during a wait ot' fifteen
minutes the following remarks concern
ing it were made by lady customers,
each one drawing at ten! ion to it by t ho
ue of tho word "sw cl:" "Isn't it too
sweet for anything:1" "What a sweet,
lowly piece of lace!" "What did you
call it ? It is a sweet pattern. "
'Wouldn't it look too sweet and lovely
on my lawn? 1 "Oh, mother, do buy
this for me; it would be so sweet on my
blue dress." "Yes, nnd I gitos it's a
sweet price, too." Harper a Bazar.
An Explanatory Argument Concerning
Their Origin.
Tlio rod sunst'ts which were so con
spicuous a yoar ago hiive excited this
autumn great attention in both hemis
pheres. Tho various theories pro
pounded to account for the phenome
non, especially that which attributed
the sky !u s to vast cloud of vol
canic dust discharged at tlio eruption
otHrakatoa iu August, 1S, seems to
have lost ground, nnd some new hy
pothesis is needed to clear up tho mys
tery. The Knglish astronomer Air.
Backhouse reports in Sulnre his obser
vations of a red corona round tho mm,
which, ho says, "is still plainly vi--;!ile
in England." "It has been habitual,"
he adds, "fur me to scan tin; neighbor
hood of the sun for halos during tu'en-ty-live
years, ;md 1 never observed it,
previous to Iho dato HKUtionod"-No-vembor,
Tho reddish halo to which Mr. Back
house has called attention has been
this fall noticed by several observers.
An Knglish scientist, Mr. K. Doiighis
Archibald, visiting the summit of Mount,
Washington on September Olh, ut sun
rise, noted, "in addition to the
usual sunrise ofVeets, a large
circle of rosy purplehazo situated about
fifteen degrees above tho horizon, nnd
apparently having no eonueotion with
the yellow ami red horizontal bands
beneath it." Though this obserrer had
witnessed tho sun rising from various
altitudes up to twelve thousand feel, he
had never s(H'n anything so curious as
the sunrise ou Mount Washington. His
suggestion is that the rosy bolar halo
has of late become t,o conspicuous be
cause, while the sunrise and sunset
glows have exhibited a marked deelino
in duration and brilliancy since Ink;!,
the halo has undergone no similar dim
inution of intensity, and thus attracts
more attention relatively than it did at
hrst. This explanation of tho recent
glows appears to be satUfaotoi-y ns far
as it goes; but astronomers will haw to
explain why, if the phenomenon i.s due
to terrestrial dust floating in the upper
atmosphere, it has been so rarely re
corded in the history of their science.
A. 1. Jhralri.
Ill-Brad Smokers.
There is no one thing, perhaps, in
which the difference between tlio well
bred man and tho ill-bred man more
appears than in the manner in which,
the place where, and the time when
they smoke. The well-bred man does
not smoke, nor docs ho seem to siaokfc
to show off; whereas tho ill-bred mail
very often smokes in a self-conseious
manner that seems to say: "Look at
me! see how skillfully my lips hold this
cigar; how 1 can shift it from one sidu
to the other without touching it wiih
in v lingers, , mid how I can articulate
wuh it iu my mouth; iu short, look Jt)ii
what perfect control 1 have over w
labial muscles, and, having seen, ad
mire!" . In short, there are many low
bred young men very many that, up
pear to smoke only" to display their
imagined grace and skill; when, iu
fact, in snicking as they do, wiero thev
do, and when they do, tliey but publisii
their vulgarity. The well-bred man,
on the contrary, tho gentleman, tho
man that smokes only for tho lovo of
it, puts but as much of his cigar hi Ins
mouth as Is necessary in order tvdinw
it, keeps it iii his month no longer than
is necessary, and iiever failJ to rcmo
it when he talks or passes any one to
whom he would be respectful, especially
a lady. V'urther, our bet bred lieu
never snioko in any street nt tn hour
when it is much h'eiucuted. Joetutt

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