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' vt iiMAnAi, iiK i niii K iti, is.
iiiiiiisnono, : t onto.
, Al.I. thn rcciprcH'it y treaties me topics
that will Im iliscuMcd in Congress this
vintcr with nuicli animation.
DiriiTiiK.iiiA in New York is n morn
T.'ital scourge, than cholera it likely to
lw. Sixty per cent, of the, reported
cases proved fatal.
It is estimated Mint t ho annual pro
duction of cannel foods in tlio United
States equals fi00,0Oi,(AK) packages, or
ten forever' person.
Gev kiial Woi.ski.f.v, commander of
the Nile expedition, in a letter to a per
sonal friend in London, says: "This is
tlio toughest job lever had." The job
is only fairly begun.
New Yohk has started the work of
constructing a new aqueduct for the
lietter supply of the city, by letting con
tracts amounting to $V2, 000,000. That
js only the first installment.
Tub King of Iiavaria has n daily in
come of $-',700; the King of Saxony,
$1,390; the King of Wurtemlierg, $1,300;
he Grand Duke of Ilesse-Darmstadt,
740; the Gran;! Puke of Fachsen
Weimer, $(00.
recipient of many gifts, which are in
TariaMy returned when the sender's ad
dress is known. Animals of various
kinds have been sent hir.i, but no
'lcphant as yet.
So far as can be judged from the
newspaper reports, the disease in Ken
lucky ami Virginia is epidemic dysen
tery in a form which was prevalent in
he West thirty or forty years ago, but
of which little has been heard in this
country for the last twenty years.
TriK deficit of the last World's Expo
sition in I'aris was upwards of .fc'G.OOO,
H0, and that of Vienna, in 1873, over
$9,000,000. The Philadelphia Fair, in
1876, was the only one since that of
Ixmdon, in 1802, that paid expenses.
The cheap cab movement is now
tinder full head in Chicago, and is
proving popular and successful. The
fame thing is being done in other cities,
fcnt in many it is only a failure, and
transportation outside of the horse cars
5s really a luxury, so high is the charge
for it.
Iv my opinion, says Father Moraritv,
M Syracuse, N. Y., the pronouncing- of
the funeral eulogy is injurious. The
people often know the deceased better
than the clergyman does. If fulsome
praise is bestowed where it is not due,
he people are led to loae respect for the
veracity of the pulpit.
A smart Pittsburgh man has estab
lished an agency for the accommoda
tion of eloping couples, where masks,
disguises, close carriages, and even
lrrgym;n can be secured for a consid
n by lovers who wish to complete
then matrimonial inclinations without
fear of the parental eye and boot.
The value of the cocoanut as food is
as yet but little understood. An in
stance of its use is found in the experi
ence of two shipwrecked sailors. Tliev
were seven years on an island where
their only food was cocoanuts and an
occasional flying iiah. They retained
good health and gained in weight.
The American Tinned n ate Associa
tion has published a statement which
shows that if all the tin plate consumed
in this country were manufactured here,
it would pay $1 2,000,000 fr labor in
the tin plate works alone, and would
furnish a livelihood, directly or indi
rectly, to three hundred thousand peo
ple. The farmers of Huntington County,
ru, in convention assembled, have de
cided to ceae using commercial fertil
izers, declaring their belief that to their
careless use is due the hog cholera now
devastating the pens of that State, and
also that the fertilizers are poisonous
and liable to produce serious tlerarxn;
inents of the human system from hand
ling them.
In the opinion of many of our sur
geons the new hcal amesthetic, hy
drochloride of coacine, will be a great
Jjlessing to persons who are unable to
tand the effects of chloroform or ether.
A few drops only of a four per cent, so
lution are applied at intervals to the
;eat of operation, where they arrest for
the time all sense of pain without hav
ing any effect whatever upon the con
sciousness of the patient.
The citizens of Miami Connty, In
diana, are deeply interested in the
recent decision of the Supreme Court
of the United States that Indians are
not citins of the lnited States. In that
county are a number of red men who
for fifteen years or more have enjoyed
11 the rights of citizens, voting, sittino
on juries nd paying taxe. One ot
them sat upon a recent important Gnnid
Jury, and it is feared that tfwj decision
of Uhe Supreme Court will render every
indictment found by that jury mill and
As aerolite fill on the farm of C.
.Francois, a short distance from Quebec,
at few nights ago. It was dug from the
ground, in which it had embedded
itself, and was found to measure about
a f'Mit in diameter. The people were so
startled by the intense light that they
TUnht-4 out of their houses toaseertuin ilh
i-ause. They say the falling meteor pre
sented the appearance of a- huge ball of
fire, which lighted up Ihe wffcde country
id with th'i brilliancy of thft noouduy
Invaded by Escaping Steam From the
Blow-off Pipe of a Boiler.
Eight of the Homeless Wanderers Severely
Scalded—Two Fatally.
Lincoln, Ti,i, December .. The How
ofT pipn of the Iniilers of the Lincoln font
Company blew out yesterday morning anil
fatally scalded two trumps who wore
sleeping with ciht others ovr the, boiler
house.. Tho nniix'S of those fatally burned
arc Martin Word en mid John Ludwig,
Ixith In borers without homes. The others
are Tobias Tebhoe, a looonioMvo driver
living nt Milford, Canada, badly podded
about tht) faeo, hands and extremities; ho
will probably lus.? both hands. This man,
nt first, was all right, but when ho heard
Ludwiyj calling for help rushed bark, ami
insetting him out was burned horribly.
He is a plucky little fellow and does not
regret his heroic art. William Hiloy, of
Chicago, scalded on the hand, face and bnrk.
James McCorden.of Itoston, a stone-cutter,
hnd his hand burned and cookod-; John
Kiley, of New York, will lose one hand;
Herbert Samuel, of Pittsburgh, hands and
wrists scalded; James Welch, no homo,
hands and fare cooked. All th injured
were removed to the hospital and
medical aid giren them. They are
in a horrible condition and the physician in
chargo thinks that amputation will be
necessary in nearly every case. The place
where the men were sleeping has been used
by tramps for years, and is a snug, warm
place ou tup of the brick work abovo the
Street-Car Robbery in St. Louis.
St. Locis, December1 2.". Several men,
with masks on their fnes and re
volvers in their hands, entered a Cass av
enue car lant. night, about 11 o'clock, while
ft was opposite- the Visitation Convent, and
proceeded to rob the Hiisfcngers in regular
train-robber style. Many of tho passen
gers succeeded in saving their valuables by
cs 'aping from tho car and running
for bare life, but those who remained
we-e obliged by tho robbers to "lurk
over." An elderly gentleman, whose name
is not known, was knocked down and rob
bed of nil his change and his gold watch
and chain. Henry W. Smith was also rob
bed of nil he had. The driver, by his ex
clamations for help, threatened to interfere
with the success of the robbery, and one of
tho robbers tired a shot at him. After at
tempting to roll the conductor, in which
attempt they failed completely, they suc
ceeded in making their escape.
Steamer Destroyed.
Belmont, Mo., December Tho
steamer Vint Shinkle sunk by being caught
in an ice-gorjre one mile above here, in the
middle of the river. After partly sinking
she turned over on her side and caught tire
in tho deck-room and burned en
tirely up. She had about four hun
dred tons of mcnehandiso aboard, nearly
all consigned to Memphis, which will
be a total loss. She hud twenty passengers
aboard, eight of them being ladies, all of
whom, including the entire crew, succeeded
in reaching the shore over the ice with the
loss of their baggage. There was nothing
saved from the steamer; not even the
money in the safe was taken out. The in
surance is about !H'ViiH).
Foreign Notes.
London, December 2."). Christmas was a
dull day abroad. Students of Berlin Uni
versity are holding socialistic meetings.
The Chinese have massed Ki,000 men at
Pei-Ho, under Li Hung Chang, and have
notified the French that they will attack
them. Admiral Courbet, of the fleet, is ill
and disheartened, and it is thought will
have to abandon the blockade ot Formosa.
Two vessels collided off Kddyston and
Fank. The crews were saved. Australian
Colonies protest against German annexa
tion of part of New (tuinea and adjacent
islands. The port at liuenos Ayres is be
ing improved to the extent of 0,(KH,(wH,
The London Timrs hints at England's
strength in speaking of the Nicaragua
treat v. .
Burglar Captured.
Lawrence, Kas., Decemler ir.--otto
Muller, alias John Tepper, who robbed the
college safe nt St. Marys, Kas., last Tues
day night, was captured here to-day as he
was lioarding a train for the Fast. Over
-l,lw0 of the money stolen was recovered.
Muller is a hard character, and it is thought
by officers that he is wanted in Leipsir,
Germany, for a serious offense. A confed
erate, to whom he had given over .."'00 of
the stolen money, was also arrested.
Panic in a Museum.
Nkw Haven, Conn., December 25. A
drunken visit r to Bunnell's Museum, to
day shouted fire and caused a panic in the
place. No one was seriously hurt, though
many were bruised and had their cloth
iug torn and damaged in the rush that en
sued before the people could be assured
that there was no fire.
Ship Sunk in New York Harbor.
New Yoiik, December J". The steamer
Cornwall, leaving port to-day for Bristol,
England, ran into t lie ship Lornty, oil
iaden, at anchor off Bedloe's Island. The
ship sunk in twenty minutes. All the crew
were saved. The Lornty was alout to sail
for Bombay. The Cornwall was uninjured.
Nice Christmas Gift.
PlTTfiCHon, I)ecemler All employes
f Moorthend Co.'s rolling-mill, except
those governed by the Amalgamated As
sociation scale, have been notified o'f a re
duction of wages of from ten to fifteen per
cent., to take effect January 1. About 4oU
men are affected.
Academy of Music Burned.
f Minneapolis, Mix n., Ieceinl;r J.". The
Academy of Music was destroyed by tire
to-day. Loss if$)ftxi.
Murdered by Cowboy at a Dance.
Vandalia, III., December U"). An al
tercation between Wm. Hogue, son of ex
memU'r of the Legislature Jackson Hogue,
and Fr.och I-ogue, a cowtioy from Texas,
at a dance Tuesday night, at Louden, in the
northeast part of Fayette County, resulted
in Iogue shooting Hogue four times, kill
ing him.
A Pastor Found Dead.
Cincinnati, December Rev. A Clif
ford tt'ylie, pustor of the First Reformed
Presbyterian Church, was found dead in
his bed this mrrning, supposed to have
been from heart disease.
A Pastor Found Dead. A Base Ball Player's Wager.
Washington, December St. Paul Hines,
the buse bail player, lias made a wager to
retch a bull thrown from t lit window of tin
Washington ibmuiuent, fc.-t from the
An Aeronaut's Fate.
Mi iNTooMKi v, Ala., December ''.". An
aeronaut named MacNeal, if Mobile, made
n balloon ac. nion at West I'nii. to-day.
'1 he balloon fell in'o the hultuhoorLee
River, and MurNeal ns drowned.
Station Agent Robbed.
Pa no u a, ! a., December -J."!. The Station
agent of the Dm Muiiu-rt A: Northern Hall
way at litis pbo'cwus ununited ambrol.U-d
tt paeivue uf money cujHuiuUig 1J,UA),
IT WOULDN'T WORK. Exposure of a Scheme to Obtain $20, 500
Life Insurance Money.
Dks Moinks, Ia., December Several
months ago the ottice of Dr. Kli uigley, at
Beddings, in Ringgold County, was burned,
and the remains ot the body of a man were
found therein, charred ami crisped. The
supposition was that the doctor had
been cremated in his own otllce. His life
was insured for .-",.VH). Unusual haste
in attempting to seruro the insur
ance aroused suspicion that there was
some fraud existing, and that the
doctor was alive, since when a vigilant
watch has been kept for him. A few days
ago a fanner who hnd seen his photograph
recognized him around tho residence of his
brother-in-law at Kelly, in Storey County.
OlVicers were notified, and ho was ar
rested and passed through here hod night,
heavily ironed, en route to Riuggohl
County. He has made a full confession of
the transaction, in which he impli
cates a merchant and physician, lth of
whom have been arrested. A corpso was
stolen from a graveyard, placed in the
doctor's oftlco And the otllce set on fire. The
doctor fled to Canada, and not rereivinghis
share of the insurance money from his
partners, came back to see about it, not
knowing that tho trick had failed to work.
He is about thirty-five years of age and a
fine-looking man. The feeling against
him at Reddmgsis bitter, and to avoid the
possibility of a necklie sociable in honor of
his arrival he will be placed ia jail at
Mount Avr. ,
A Farmer Tortured.
WnKKUiNO, December -M.- Monday night
the house of Elijah Marling, a bachelor
farmer, five miles from his city, was en
tered by four masked men. Marling living
alone, the thieves had things their own
way. Me was fpiirkly bound and
gagged. Refusing to tell where the money
was ho was cruelly beaten, and again
refusing tho robbers heated a poker and
scorched his flesh until his sufferings com
pelled him to divulge its hiding place. One
hundred and five dollars were secured and
the thieves departed, leaving the man un
conscious on tho floor, where he lay until !
o'clock this morning, when he was found
by a tenant, who had come to pay his rent.
His injuries aro severe, but he may recover.
Holding Their Wheat.
Minneapolis, Decemlier 2. The ex
tremely low price of w heat has caused a
falling off in the receipts of tho Northwest
of fully eighty per cent, compared with
fifteen days ago, and Minneajwlis millers
are securing less than 40,WM) bushels per
day, and the Millers' Association Monday
raised prices in the country two cents, and
to-day another advance of two cents was
ordered. It is rumored, on apparently
good authority, that big millers have quiet
ly got hold of all the good hard wheat in
Dakota and the Red River Valley, and are
holding it until spring.
Christmas Turkeys.
RocKKoHD, III., December 23. Farmer
Drake, living near hero, has a turkey that
ran away recently to Farmer Morris'
place and brought forth a brood of eight
Father Morris' gobbler was the alleged
father, and toth parties claimed the off
spring. Drake replevied the youngturkeys
and sent a Constable after them. He
chased them all over the Morris farm, and
claims mileage fees for thirty-eight miles.
The Justice decided in favor of Morris, and
Drake has appealed to the next term of the
Circuit Court,
The Postal Note Swindler.
Washington, December 2II- The depre
dations of the sharper who has been ccm
mittiug many forgeries of postal notes
through Southern Ohio and elsewhere,
have been checked by the Government
sending out to pos-masters a description of
the man as accurate as could be had from
reports, accompanied by directions how to
detect the forgeries upon presentation.
Sad Accident.
MoAwr.QUA, III., December 2.1. The
one-year-old child of James Workman,
who resides near town, was fatally scald
ed to-duy, Mrs. Workman, who acciden
tal! poured boiling water over the child,
bathed the afflicted parts with coal oil, and
then set the can and oil in a dish on the
stove, causing a lire. A four-year-old girl
walked over a mile to give the ahu m, and
the child was overcome by the cold.
Land in Indian Territory.
Washington, December L'.l. In reply to
an inquiry from a resident of Kansas,
whether he could pre-empt land in Indian
Territory, the Secretary of the Interior has
written, as follows: "There is no land
within the boundaries of Indian Territory
subject to settlement. Settlers who go in
to the Territory now will simply lose time
and money.
Attorney Fatally Shot by a Client.
Oshkosh, December '23. Word has been
received here of the shooting of District
Attorney W. F. McArthur, on the street at
Neenah, this evening by Paul Steinel, a
client, who claims that McArthur swindled
him in managing his case. Tho ball pene
trated the lungs, and McArthur is said to
be in a critical condition. Steinel gave
him.s-.lf up.
Terrible Experience.
Washington, December 23. The crew
of the life-saving station at Cape Hatteras
rescued the Captain and crew of the bark
entine Kphraiin Williams, after they had
been lashed tothe rigging five days without
food or water. A severe gale was blowing
the whole time.
Theater Destroyed by Fire.
p'i: Yohk, Dwemhur Harridan ft
ilurt's Theutir Continue was destroyed by
lire this morning. Less HSi,IM).
A Palace of Ice.
Montreal,' December 2."). This season's
ice palace w ill he of unprecedented size and
ruuKuiticnnre. It will be elliptical in ground
form, measuring KiU feet on its major axis
and fM feet on its minor axis. A tower
a hundred feet high will rise ut the center.
Children Made Happy.
Nkw York, December 3i.--llrs. Joseph
I'ulitrer, wife of the editor of the hurl J,
invited 111) hoys and the sume number of
gills, run'ins from three to ten years of
an", to Florence Hall, and distributed over
$l,M) worth of overcoats, shawls, toys and
suur-plums: f
A Book-Keeper Suicides.
Cincinnati, December 'J.I. Rudolph
Schir ke, a rxKik-keepcr in this city, having
been detected ill a series of peculations u-
preuatiiiK; over ...-iis), took poison ami died
in the pivscnce of his employer and expert
accountant, who hud been calJud in.
Victims of a Gas Explosion.
Hi ti Fit, Pa., Iiecembcr -J.V John Ooctz,
jr., who was so frightfully burned bv a
Has explosion .Sunday morning, died to
day, after mill'eriii terribly. His siter
H'iime, who was also burned, U quite bud,
and her sutlVriun, together with (rrief ut
the death of her brother, has driven her out
of hei mind.
A Village Partially Destroyed by the
Shock. Much Property Destroyed and a Great
Number of People Killed.
MAPRin, December. -2i;. Two !ijdit
shocks of enrthipmko were experienced
in this locality yest-enlny. Tho shocks
were felt at (iibraltnr, ami severely in the
southern provinces. They caused Krrfl'
nlnrnt ninonir the people of (irennda.
At Malaga two peisons were killed by
falling walls. Many towns are reported to
have sutrered from the enrthijunke. Sev
eral houses, including the telegraph station
at Veto., Province of Malaga, wero badly
Injured. The terrified inhabitants enenmp
ed in tho outskirts of the town dur
Ihr the niht. Many persons were injured
nt Loja, Motrle and Alhnnia. The con
vent nt Seville was partly destroyed. An
ollicial w ns killed at Velez, and aevoral
persons killed elsewhere. At Madrid one
person was killed, and several injured.
The village of Albannzles was nearly de
stroyed. The cities of Seville and Grenada
were not much damaged.
Failures During the Year.
Nkw York, December 20. The number
of mercantile failures taking placethrouRh
out the United States, as reported to Brad
street's within the past yenr (four days es
timated) exceed 11,000. The rate of the in
crease of mercantile mortality throughout
the country, dependent in part, of course,
on theincrense in number of business vent
ures, may be Fathered from the following:
FailureB in the United States for six years:
Per Cent.
Mnnocr Airirrcirato
Airirreente Assets to
binhllilles. l.l'liilit's.
$ !Pi.i;::i;.iM 4i
"i"1.l:.ll.uel is
7i1.ihi4.iwm 47
(I'l.i-vum r,i
"4l,IIU,UO0 M
run 11 res. A
t 4S,!HI.0(1
11.1.) II
-run ly estimated.
Number of bnnk failures in 1SSI to De
rember i: National, 1 1 ; State, 22; savings,
11; private, 77. Total, 121. Number of
bnnk failures in l.'t to December 'J.'i: Na
tional, M; State, "i; savings, 2; private, ;!'t.
Total, l."i.
Coast Defense Precautions.
Washington, December 2il. The subject
of heavy ordinance, both for vessels and
sea-coust defenses, is receiving more care
ful consideration nt the hands of tho Con-pr-essional
Committees than heretofore. The
House Committee on Fortiticntions, which
recommended nn appropriation of ffoOil,
OoO for sea-coast defenses at the Inst ses
sion, will this yenr recommend that
Ono.ono be appropriated for that purpose.
This committee has considered that report
recently submitted by the Naval Ordiminco
Foundry Hoard, and non-concurs rn
the recommendations for the establishment
of pun feundries by the Government.
It takes the position that heavy ordinance
for the army and navy should be construct
ed by contract, ns is tho case in European
countries, and will not recommend the es
tablishment of Government gunshops.
There is an erroneous impression that tho
joint committee of Conirress.nppointcd to in
vestigate the subject of the manufacture of
steel cannon will not make a report. Asa
matter of fact tho committee has collected
an immense nmount of valuable data and
is engaged upon the preparation of its re
port, w hich the House Committee on Forti
fications will nwnit before reporting the
Fortification bill, which has been virtually
agreed upon.
Senate-House Difficulty.
Washington, December 2(1. The Star
says the House will take no action upon
the bill making appropriation for tho naval
service for tho succeeding six months,
which was passed in the Senate just before
the holiday adjournment and the commit
tee will not recognize it in their considera
tion of the subject. The impression is that,
if the Senate does not recede from its posi
tion entirely, the House will simply pass
appropriations for the next fiscal year,
and after the -ilh of March nn extra session
will have to be called.
The Spanish Treaty.
Madrid, December 2ii. The Government,
it is said, will authorize Minister Yalera, nt
Washington, to give assent to a modifica
tion of the Spanish-American treaty if
such action will insure the adoption of tho
treaty by the American Senate. It would
suffice for Spain if only sugars to Class 1
are admitted free into the United States.
Explosion of an Oil Tank.
Elmira, N. Y., December 21). An oil
tank containing M.OOD barrels of tho in
flamable fluid, belonging to the United Pipe
Lines, located five miles from this city, ex
ploded this morning. Several building in
the vicinity of tho tunk w ere wrecked. The
oil immediately took tire and every thing
within reach of the flames was consumed.
Bandits' Work.
Madrid, December 2(i. Ilandits entered
the Catholic Church anil the house of tho
priest at Cort-dos, Galicia, for the purpose
of pillage. Failing to get money, they tied
the priest iu a straw stack and burned him
to death.
Suicide of a Postmaster.
Utica, N. Y., Decemlier 211. The post
must'T at South Otselle, Chenango County,
.ludson FI. l'urce, committed huicido to
day. -
Brig Wrecked.
Halifax, December 2. The French
brig A. H. 8., from St. Pierre Miq, bound
to Boston, was wrecked on the north side
of Sable Island, and six of her crew were
At a Ripe Old Age.
r Titl'svillk, Pa., December 2i. Da!t7.r
Gehr, a resident of Crawford County for
eighty-four years, died at his home yester
day, aged 103 years and six months.
Last Tuesday a handsome old
ppntleinan, six and a half loet high,
with broad nliotildnrs and grizzled
beard, seventy-seven years old, who
had just walked from j.'ew Orleans
to llurtwcll, stepped in to sou old
B. and said: "In IMS) you knew
our house as the biest proeery and
Hhipiiiiiir establishment in Charleston.
1 was the junior partner. I left Charles
ton and did a successful importing bus
iness in New Oilcans, but the war left
me Hat. I am now footing it back to
the old Palmetto State." He seemed
delighted when informed that it was
only six miles to tiie Savannah Kiver,
the State line. JturturU (Cu.) Sun.
SiH-aking of "medicine by imagina
tion,' a writer in the J"o;h-s Mi ilicul
says that doctors should not tell hvpi
clioiulnacal patients that their trouble in
imaginary, but should treat it as though
it were a rc:il disease. "Those who
perform miraculous cures," ho says,
"do not deny the malady, but state that
they will euro it by the aid of a high
power. Sometimes ft cure is thus ef
Icctod, and when we say it is faith
which saves, we use u phrase which is a
rigorou-ly scientiliu expression. To do
ry miracles is no longer in question, but
to comprehend i.nd seek to ilnitato
Second Session.
lVAPniNurnx, Treuitnr to. Pkn tr. Tho
ponnle wont into Nocrot Hiwlnn on tho iro-
jioeil mrov1iiff ox pidit Ion to Nlofu-utt'iin.
A ft or which M r. Hour ninvftl to lnkp npllni
Honor rroohitlon provdlinir for nn ml.lonrn-
tnont front (o-tlny tint 11 Jnniinrv ft. A ft or con
pMomiHo (li'i'Hto n vote wnn tnkmi von, :
11 n , '.'.. Tlii Voto tlo cloio-l ho 1 net t hilt
ro who n iiiKinrni, uhorennoii tho Soimlo
till (olMTIt'tl till Mnmluy.
Uni'T.-Tho Homo roonmod ponh1ornt1on
of tho Intf't'-Sti to roinmori-p hiM, Mr. HoihIoi-
roii (la.) innvod to Mnko out tho nooiion n
hlliitinf riiilroii'l roinjuinlos from olinririnir
f; rent or component urn for t rn no port in if
froiyht fi nhorior th.m a lomror dWinnoo. Ho
lii'llovod the Portion w no. 1cm11v to thointor-
oM f tho pHrt of country ho roproHpntil
tho pro-nt tiKrh'tiltnriil Intorot.o. 'I ho Htnoml
rnont wim rojpotoct. A hill wuh pasoort
iimkinir toinpoiiuv provision for tho Fiin
Tort of tho niivy for tlio month of .Itinnnry.
On mot ion of M v. HonkfnH, ttio Sonnto joint
roootnlion wiir ptisnoti floohirhiK1 ('lirlntinns
nnl Now Yonr'n duvn holWluvs for nil nor
fltotn (iovorninont rinployoo, Thn lioimo
thru ndionrnod until oihiomiuv, Itooonit'or
4. Thnnifh thoro Is nn (h-llnifo Rirrooniotit
thnt ru IniHinoso phnll ho trHnnotod Worliiop
fitiy, thoro !s n tnoid mi(iorstnnillnr to that
I'lloot.und it is u No ii nilorotond thnt con-
fMMitlv nd iournmonts shall hu tnkon for
throo biiMincsH days ut a timo until Jan
uary ft.
Waphinoton, Dooomhor "I.Pknate. A
Mil ivftR tntrodiiood to oHtnbllflh nn ndditlonnl
land distrlot In Dnkota. Tho hill was cnllod
up providintr thnt a connnfRoton oxttTnine
into tho Ikjuor tratltc. It was a Mil nl
rrady pnsnod four tlinos by tho Sonato, but
not nrtod on by tho Housp, Tho motion whs
oppoiod, but tho hill u qh tnkon up nnd prts
rd voao, '4; nays, l'l, Mr. Huto, from thn
Committor: (in Anproprlntlon. roportod
with amondmonto. the Honso tlll "mn-kiiiflf
toniporal provNjon for tho naval snrvloo"
tho thirty-ono day bill. Mr. Hnln oxT'hiinod,
tho Sonato Committor hnd Htnondorit hat bill
by RutiotituttTiK' for It tho provisionRof tho
rosfiilnr nnnunl npprcprtation bill for tho
fNoal yoar ondtnir Juno 80, Js.s", pro-
ciMdy afl thn House passed it at lat
foiion, but modified It ro or tn eovtr nttly
tho riMuntninB- half of tho fiscal yenr,
amend monts formerly insort'd by tho
Senate relntlnir to monitors and wtool rruiM
evR br-lnn stricken out. Tim bill, ho Rnld, ro
fur n1"- The amounts went, stood proeisrly on
tho basts which tho House passed tho origi
nal appropriation for the yenr. In that, Mr.
Halo added, the Senate maintained its atti
tude in ronMderimr this year's propositions,
and not tho-e of former years. Ho said ho
would call the bill up to-morrow in executive
Hopsk Not in Ression.
r WAPHiNnON, December 23. Pknatk. Mr.
Jonas presf ntod a memorial of tho joint com
mercial Hssoeinl tons of New Orleans, pro-
teotinw HL'ainwt tho ratification of tho Spanish
treaty. Mr. Vest, sutunitled a concurrent
resolution providinir that Contr ression al
Fpeeehes hnl1 be printed a" delivered, with
tho exception of verba! amendments, and
v hen speeches are withheld for revNion for
more than one week the speech shall be print
ed as delivered, llelenvd. Mr. Hale called tip
the naval appropriation bill as reported yes
terday by him from the Committee on A -proprintion,
and it paod. Mr. Morgan, from
the Committ eon I'uldic Lands, reported fav
orably a substitute for the bill to forfeit lands
granted the New Orleans, Baton Koutro and
Yieksburir Bnilroad Company. Mr. Van
Wyck moved to make a special order for
January H next the bill herotoforo reported
from the Judieary Commitleo declaring sub
ject to State taxation lands iriantod "to nid
in the construction of railroad and tclojrrnph
lines fi-om the Missouri Kivi-r to tlio I'acitlc
Oi'enn," mid to which lands tho companies
were to become entitled upon tho pavmont
ot the cost of surveying. Agreed to. I'-xccu-ti
vo session. Ad jo u rued.
HorsK. Not In session.
Washington, December PA. Skxatb.
After disposing with the morning-business,
tho Senate went, into executive, session.
When the doors ro-openod tho Chair nn
tiounod his signature to the concurrent reso
lution providing for the holiday recess. Ad
journed until January ft.
Hot'Pr. About fifty members wero present
when Speaker Carlyle called the House to
order. Mr. Randall called up the adjourn
ment resolution, and moved concurrence in
the Senate amendment, which provides that n
recess shall begin to-day and last
until January ft, 'H5. .Agreed to.
The Speaker announced the following
Committee on Assignments: Elections, Mr.
Sunih.of Iowa; Military Affairs, Connelly;
rublic I, hnds. Campbell, of Ohio: Territories,
Hill; Education and r,;ri-or, (VKerrall; Revis
ion of Laws, f iarrlson; Expenditures of
Treasury Department, Vailaee; Printing,
Brattwn ; Pensions, Hountv nnd Bnek Pn v,
Wallace; Alcoholic Liquor Traffic, Englith.
Adjourned until January 5.
Naval Officers' Mileage Claims.
Washington, December Contrress.
will be rnlled upon to npprotrinte .."i(k),0Kl
ti pay the tnileap;e claims of naval oflieers
already allowed by the Second Comptroller
mid Fourth Auditor of thn Treasury under
the Court of Cluinis decision allowing: of-
orn milenufi for travel in huropo
when on (iovernmont business, in-
flend of actual traveling expenses form
erly allowed. The claims have nccuimi-
lat'ed with unexpected rapidity. Some are
on journeys performed more than forty
years nro by Hirers since retired, and the
finiounts vary from :fhMi to the claim of
Hear Admiral Howell, which amounts to
S-Lutn). About four hundred of these claims
Juive alreadv been allowed, and a ii umber
are passed upon every week.
Naval Yards to Suspend Work.
Washington, iTrrenibcr "20. Owing to
the faibiro of Congress to pass a mivnl np-
propriatkin bill, Secrotary Chandler is pro
paring ou order for the closing of all the
navy-yards nnd the suspension of all work
on the evening ot December .i,
under arrangements fthnt will
provide for a reopening nnd resumption of
work us soon alter tho reassembling or
Congress, on January 5, ns provision ia
made for the muintennnco of the navy. As
has been the cn.e in similar instances in the
past, there will be a general suspension of
workmen, with a view to their re-employment
as soon possible, and those whose
services are absolutely indispensable will le
allowed to continue and rely upon t'ougresa
to reimburse them.
Present Treasury Assets.
Washington, Iieceniber -!. ury
excess of assets over demand liabilities
to-dny exceeded K;7,'iuO,(V0, but Secretary
McCulloch has no intention of making a
bond call at present, tho interest on tht
four-per-eents and fin the Pacific Hailroad
bonds, payable iu January, will take ovei
.iJitHUXH'. '1 he carrying over of ,Utnl,(MK;
in pension warrants, from November last
to December, is likely to prevent a very
marked decrease in, the public debt for tht
prcsiMit mouth. ,
Woman's Body Found in the Woods.
Mot'NT I'ahmkI., Pa., I'ocember '21. Tht
body of Mrs. John Carroll, of Green Ridge,
was found to-day in the woods, about a
mile from her house, bearing mark of vio
lence. She was missed from her home last
nipht, niul it is lielieved was assaulted by
unknown parties, and left in the uoodn,
where she froze to death.
The Mason cotton picker is sild to
be an entire huccos. Commissioners
Appointed on behalf of the New Orleans
Kxpohition havo foMosved the machine
in the tie-Id, and record their ollicial
opinion tliat one picker, eurehilly
driven, drawn )y 'V'o mule, and fol
lowed by thiee plcners, will do tho
work of forty paird of human hands.
The flying metallic iin'-rs pluck only
the full-blown cotton. The plants aro
uuiujureiL The fiber thus plucked
is automatically bagged,. Nlw York
The population of Connecticut by
the census of 18XIJ was G'J-'.tX), and
may be roughly computed at the pres
ent' time at uVjO.OOU. In this number
Mr. Frederick II. Nash has detected
more than G000 abovo MO years old, and
publishes a list of them arranged by
townships. Of the ti.OUO there aro G."1
more than 00, and 1-0 morn than lUd
years old- .V. Y. lUrahl.
The members of the New York po
lice force who havo Herved over live
years aro to wear her v ice stripes ou
their sleeves, with an additional H'ripo
for each additional live years' tuna.
This is (me of (General Sorter's iunova
tiuna. tf. Y. iSLar,
V i MS 1 NHcrrTnti Tiiiw, lb IUm ioft,
iihmit I d tho tnth nnnunl report jf his
dcpfutinerit to tho Ibwrnor. A supple
inentary report coii'ainin tho stntiNties of
the mineral productions of the St rite for Mm
year ending O'-cember IU, lss, will 1m (h
mied. The etfort to procure stat isties of the
laoduction (f limestono (d-her than that
consumed in tho manufacture of Iron lias
l,vn abandoned, as no correct statements
of tho nmount used in mnkitiK limo or f--r
building urposes eoul.l bo athorod. Ito
tweon February t(l nnd April 11 theminen
In Medina, Porta;;e, n nd n majority of those
In Jefferson, Stark nn 1 Columbiana Oonn
tion, fifty-live in nil, were visited by Mr.
Austin Kine;, Assist iint Inspector. Ho nlso
Rnve his Attention to n number of mines
U Wayne, Tuscarawns, Belnirmt and Car
roll Counties, whUotho inspoctor pave nuch
time as he could spare from his olllce du
ties to those ntinos thnt demanded imme
diate attention in the Counties of Athens
Hnrkinjf, Jackson, Perry and Meis, There
re .'J.'Sl minos iu thiR State coming under
the minine; law, and PIT others not employ
ing the requisite number of men; any one
of the lntter, however, beint; required to bo
inspected at the request of tho miners em
ployed therein, and tho work of in
spection was therefore- found to
bo very onerous until thn pnssacr
of the Irw providing for the oppointment
of District- Inspectors. In conse
qnenee of the increase in tho force of the
department the Inspectors have boon
enabled to visit all tho working mines in
the State oneo, nnd those needing it have
been visited three, four, nnd in sotno cases
five times, and in less than six months
there have been erected forty -three venti
lating furnaces nnd ten fans, whor. no
menus of artificial ventilation previously
existed. Thero aro giv?n a complete list of
nil accidents and their results, whether
fatal or otherwise, and a full description of
the different mines of the State. The re-poi-t
is very voluminous.
Oovep.nor Hoadly, in his forthcoming
message to the Legislature, will recom
mend the submission of nn amendment to
the State Constitution permitting tho
enactment of a law licensing liquor soiling.
Wilmam Schmipt wns killed by a train
on tho P., I t. W. & C. Itniluadf at Massil
lon. James Grizzle was crushed to denth
, jtween the cogs of an engine in Ander
son's hrickynrd, nt Anderson's Landing.
William Diamond wns in Fostoria
drunk the other night, and wns found dead
in his Lut, near tho town, next morning.
A collision occurred on tho Pnn-handlo
Railway, nt Dnvton. Tho engine and
several freight cars wero wrecked, and
three men injured. Loss, $1.-1,000 on prop-
Two thousand were men thrown out
of employment by the shutting down
of the Cleveland rolling mill.
Wm. FisnKR, a miner at the coal works
of the Laimhlin mill, Martin's Ferry, was
instantly killed the other morning by a fall
of sonpstone. The body wns crushed be-
yond recognition. He leuves a wife nnd
Otto Grfnlich, a nine-year-old boy,
was struck by a train on the N. Y., P. A;
O. R. H., near Akron, and killed.
Joseph Ferioi.a, Viceuzo Mighliano and
Frnnk Cassier, Italian peanut venders of
Canton, rooming together, during tho ex
treme cold weather tho other night,
closed up the windows and doors
of t.eir bed-chamber and packed the
crevices with burlap. In order to save
coal, of which they had nn abundance,
they built a charcoal fire in a peanut roaster
and went to sleep. Mighliano and Cassier
bunked in a bed, and Foriola slept on a
mattress on tho floor. Cassier awoko early
in tho morningjialf suffocated by the deadly
fumes of the gas generated by the charcoal
fire, and was attacked with a lit of vomit
ing. He realized that something was
wrong, and had barely enough strength
left to creep to the door nnd open it. Tho
fresh air revived him, and he then looked
aftes his companions. Foriola, who slept
on the floor, was dead, having died of
asphyxiation. Mighliano was breathing
heavily, nnd could not be aroused. Cassier
sought uid from tho neighbors, and Coro
ner Leininger and a physician were culled.
Restoratives wero appliod to Mighliano,
nnd he may possibly recover.
A FRKiiiTKUL accident occurred on the
Baltimore nnd Ohio Railroad at (Jlencoe, a
few miles west of liullnire, a few days
since, in which a great deal of property
was destroyed, and the traiu-mon miracu
lously escaped with their lives. The second
section of freight train No. U2 left Iiellalro
with three cars loaded with merchandise
and live empties. When it reached tho
wooden bridge near Gleucoe the cngino got
through, but tho bridge gave way, und the
tender and all oWhe cars were precipitated
into the creek twenty feet below, except the
caboose. The eight cars piled up in the
creek, one on top of the ot her, a mass of
splinters,, while all kinds of merchandise
was strewn on tho ice. Much of it was
saved in this way. The bridge let go In tho
center, and the engine barely escaped. It
is one of the oldest wooden bridges on tho
line of tho Baltimore and Ohio, Control
Ohio Division, und, it ib thought, was com
pletely given out, though a passenger train
going east passed over it but threo hour
before tho wreck. No person was serious
ly hurt.
The Board of Trustees of the Ohio
State University has accepted the resigna
tion of Prof. T. C. Mendenhall, to take ef
fect at the end of the present term. He
has accepted a position in the Signal Ser
vice nt Washington. Tho vacancy will not
be filled till the close of tho school year.
Two young men registered at the Phifer
House, Loudon, a few davs ago, as corning
from Chicago, and next day hired a horse
and buggy to go into the country to pot up
signs. Failing to return iu the evening, as
promised, they were traced to Columbus
where tho team was found, but tho men had
Juuou Johkpm R. Swan died iu Colum
brs, a few days ago, aged eighty-two years.
Judge Hwuu was the author of tho follow
ing stundurd law books: "Swan's Treat
ies." which passed the tenth edition: 'Uuide
for Kxecutors nnd Administrators:"
"Swan's Revised Edition of the Statutes;
"Swan's .'r act ice" and "Swan's Practice
and Plendings Under the Codes."
Mk'Uakl Mri.LEN, the Lieutenant of
Police, who was indicted for using unlaw
ful means to prevent qualified colored vot
ers from casting their ballots at the October
election in Cincinnati, pleaded guilty to the
Geo. SciiMioxiI w as crushed to death by
ft slide of tjlate in Johns' coal mine, near
Natalia Korokn horn, of Newark, has
commonred suit against Robert Hell for
$'i,l)!0 damages fur breach of promise to
marry her.
W T UK bruin of tho murderer Hoil man, who
was nanged at i mcwiimu, was examined
and no truce of diseuse found. His defense
wus insanity.
Tho estate of the late ex-Chiof of Police
Rullin, of Cincinnati, is estimated at .flJ.",
O'.to. The Vinton County Children's Jbmy
now completed und furnished, und ready
fur occupancy.
At McArthur. Thomas Cnuck, aired sev
enteen, had hiM lett arm bioktrii by the kick
ot a horse.
Mim R 11 f ii i lies kiioN in liei
TnHnlkcr.'hiefj to remind her of thin;-"
hltc wishes not to forget;.
- TonnvoiVs snn "Cmno Into tbi
(iarden, jMaiid,1' va s rewritt.nn !-oidm
liflv titne or fore It, was finished.
Rev. Kilwnvd MeCluro wag tlie nu
nmr of tins pretty entiinontof tlw sea:
"The ocean is a tomb without a iiiotmi
Iivcnf . 1 '
Thn public library nt SnnfjRrlvirn.
Cab, 'op tains one hundred CliineM
hooks for tlio benefit of tho roadinjr Ce
lestials of that oily.
With the exception of Cencral
Harrison, who was in ollieo only a
month, nil our Presidents havo bad blue
eyes. Few people are aware that (Jen
cral HuUcr's eyes aro blue. JUrprrtt
I5y confiuino; his diet for twt'nty
poveri weeks strictly to pfale broad and
skimmed milk. Major Hen: Perloy Poore.
the cornispondent, has reduced hU
weight by sixty-one pounds, and now
enjoys better 'health than for fifteen
years before. iV. Y. Sun.
General Herdan, of sharp-amotinfc
fame, .m whose daughter Mr. F. Marion
Crawford was recently married, was
Home time nro offered a field nifcrshal
ship by the Sultan, but he declined it.
Fayini; he could never wear any other
than tho American uniform.-"Troy
Annie Whitney, the American
woman who has made a very good
Btatue of Harriet Martineau, is devoted
to agriculture as well as art, and prac
tically nnd successfully farms one hun
dred and seventy-five acres in the New
Hampshire Whito Mountain region.
Jioston Journal.
The late Sullivan Dorr, of Provi
dence, H. L, lived in the same houo
and died in the same room in which he
was born. There, too, lived four fren
oratiotiM of servants, ono an old lady
who was a servant iu the family sixty
years aro and in there now.
rromrfi nve Journal.
Private letters from Athons received
in Washington say that Mr. Kugene
Schuyler, the American Minister, re
cently while taking a walk in the en
virons of the Greek capital lt Ids way
and fell into a pit tilled with nlakcd
lime, from which he was not extricated
tint.il painfully burned.
Canadian papers report tho recent
death in the Parish of Sto. Madeline of
Charles lilanchet and wife, on the same
day, in the ninetieth year of thoJr nje.
ami after a married life of sixf.y-mnc
years. They left five sons, ono of them
Mayor of the town; thirty-nine grand
children, and ninety great-grand ohild-icn.
"There are poems unwritten nnd
songs unsung. it is tins that recon
ciles tin to life. South and We$L
A teacher of mechanics who had
said ot a machine that -mls equilibrium
is accurately adjusted11 wiw horrified
to hear one of the students way: "That
things joggle well." JJarpcr Bazar.
Those never to he pleased person
who are indulging iu their annual
growls about the cost of carrying the
mails should retlect on the cost of car
rying the average female and be bappv.
T hope you wnl be a bettor boy in
the future, 11 said his mother. 'Yes'in."
nobbed the boy. '! cruess you will
mind your father next lime he speaks
to voii." "Yes'm." "Poor boy1 hhe
added sympathetically, "did he touch
vourhenrt?" "No'ra." broke 9 Trav
elers Magazine.
Jones " I understand that yon are
nn artist. JJo 011 paint portraits .-
Do lionbon " "i ou mistake, sir. I claim
to be an artist in my line, but I am not
a painter.11 Jones "What in your
line?" Do Bonbon "I am a maker
of French candies." Jones "Ah! I
see. You are a worker in clay.M
adclphia dull.
Neighbor A.: "Well, Neighbor R,
how is your son getting along at col
lege?" Neighbor H.: "Well, the fact
is he isn't at college any longer; I heard
him say, 'We have all embarked in one
marine vehicle,1 meaning "we are all in
the same boat;1 anil 1 thought he knew
too much for a boy ot his size, so 1
fetched him home.1 Golden Days.
The acquaintance of the female
mind with the mysteries of commerce
and finance is extensive and paralyzing.
"Why," said a well-to-do young
woman, who had just received a dry
goods bill, "why do you keep on sending
me this? I know well enough I got
the things last summer, bo what's the
use of reminding me?" Vhiladrtphia
A wood fitovo is not made of wood.
Boston Post. Nor is a coal stove made
of coal. Funny, isn't it. Detroit Fw
Press. And a snow-plow is not made of
snow. Awfully funny, isn't l?Jlunror
Commercial. Neither is a Fponge-eake
made of sponges. Te he! Boston Jour
nal of Commerce. Nor a heml-dresj
of head. Ah, ha! Salem Suiifcarn,
Nor a chicken-salad of chicken. They
make it of veal, usually. Oil Oily Der
rick. "John," observed Mrs. Grap at the
breakfast table the other morning: "Thf
paper says it'n in btyle tew her jdate
onto the front doors." "Well, what ol
it?" asked her unfeeling spouse. -Oli,
nothin except if we want tew be in style
1 suppose we must hev one, too; but
then, as we ain't so extra fashionable,
I reckon Til only put a tsuueer out.
That'd look more modest like; don't
you reckon so?" John, as usmU, coin
cided. Boston Post.
A Montana and Dakota man wen;
disputing about the rain-fall of thcii
Territories: "Why," said the Montana
man, "we have twenty-six inches ot
rain-fall a year; all tho water you get
we send down to jmi in tho Missouri.1'
"Water in the Missouri from Mon
tana?" said the Dakotian; "when, it
reaches us it is nothing but a dry ravine
with a cloud of dust in it, and all tht;
water we can get will only serve to make
mud of ilxchange.
Heredity of Character.
The'pa-ive foreej s-ln tJ be 'iiorw
generally transmitted than the artive:
nature than character. Indirectly, of
course, the former is largely the result
of the latter, and to say that nature is
more capable of Hereditary transmis
sion than character may, atur all, bo
reduced to the truism that character is
more lasting iu its effects when by be
ing repeated by succeeding generations
it becomes nature. Thero is, however,
a general fashion of though that a.s
sunie.4 all thing- unde-rahhi be he
reditary and all admirable trails of
character to fade with the individual
who has painfully achieved them. Such
a belief hits no bi tter foundation than
many other. The world is bad enough,
but it is nothing to what it would bo
were not good as well and fs cm ily
transmitted from one generation to an
other as U evil. Ujoiun Courier.

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