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WFntFntr, WAV 7, l:..V
lilT.T.F'I'.oro. : : J OHIO.
Tite British have about finished up
ono war thnt of tlio Kiel HelMdlhm In
Northwest Territory.
Kiel, as a revolutionist, was not ft
nieces. Ho niado a great dual of
trouble for the Canadian authorities,
but is now a badly-scared man.
Tuf.kb is an unoay finding in Europe
that tlie present Anglo-Russian peace is
only an armistice, and that tho arbitra
tion proceedings are the merest
Tiik Princess Beatrice ly potting mar
ried will pot $150,000. It is not snr
j'rising in view of tho dowry custom
that marriage in the royal family is tlio
most popular ins'itution in England.
TnE New York Legislature passed a
liill restricting tho height of buildings.
But there is nothing to regulate the
depth of cellars, and house may le
built toward Uie center of the earth as
far as Uie owners may pIcaNO to plant
A ritoi-osmoN will bo introduced
Into Congress next winter to establish n
penny letter postage. There will be t lie
Fame objections to it that have been
made to every proiHisod reduction in the
rate of carrying letters. Every reduc
tion thus far has resulted in an in
creased revenue to tho department.
The dispute between Russia and Great
Britain respecting the Afghan boundary
Is helping to build railroads in Asia.
The line from the Caspian will now soon
be completed to Pandjeh, and then Eng
land will be forced to run several lines
north to Afghanistan to prepare for the
inevitable conflict that must take place
norue time in tho latter country.
Amono tle recent inventions is one
that threatens to supersede the enure
telegraph, system. It is an instrument
that can be worked like a type-writer.
It dispenses with sound in transmitting
telegraphic communications, and multi
plies indefinitely the power of a wire to
convey messages between dilTereut
Tur.UE has been great activity In
cannon-making all over tho world
recently. A monster cannon is being
made at the foundry of Cail ut Crenelle.
It is to be forty-two feet long, and will
nend a bomb of 1,700 pounds a distance
of some nine miles. Its price will lie
$100,000, and it will bo exhibited at the
Exhibition of Antwerp.
It is estimated that there are over one
hundred and twenty-live thousand trees
on the streets and in the public parks of
Washington, and that, if tlio sixt3'-five
thousand trees in tho streets were
planted in a straight line, would form a
row one hundred and fifty miles long.
There is not a city in the world that hits
as many shade trees in proportion to Its
population as Washington.
It is the last third of a century that
has seen the greatest development in tho
railway systems of Uie world. In 18-00
the local length of railways in this
rountry was only aliout 9,000 miles. At
tiro clone of bust year wo had 125,600
miles of raiL The total mileage of tho
world at the end of 1883 was 2G'.),231
miles, of which over forty-five per cent.
Was laid in five United States.
Sitnatoh McPliF.it.sox, of New Jersey,
carries a life insurance of $110,000. Ex
Congressman Frank Jones, of New
Hampshire, who was talked of for tho
cabinet, carries $200,000. Senator
Soljin has an insurance of $50,000. Ex
Post roaster General Ilatton has !?'J5,0 0.
Bon Butler is insured for probably
$100,000. Generals Sherman and Sheri
dan are insured for pretty good sums.
Amu all war, while it is an un
doubted evil, is a great instructor in
geography. Who, for instance, among
even well-informed jK-ople, could have
told on April 1, with any degree of ex
actness, where Herat or Canduhar was?
Some of them might have made a guess,
and said that tho Cities were some
where near Persia, but anything like ex
act knowledge not one man in a thou
tiaud would ever have professed.
Trie mere pnsect of war alters for
the better business interest.-. War is
wasts its work is destruction; its object
isto kill, maim and impoverish, yet tho
news that blood had btsm shed in Cen
tral Asia led to a revival of industry in
tho United State.. Slocks became
"buoyant, the grain and provision mar
ket excited, and stimulus was given to
every department of trade.
TnE stuvess that has attended the
government carriage of letters suid
papers, as well as tho cheapness of its
telegraphic service, h:is led some social
and political reformers to think that the
name agency might bo utilized for other
beneficent purposes, such as postal
banks, life and tire insurance. In Great
Britain there are in sueees.-ful operation
government xsta banks in which the
poor are guaranteed the absolute safety
of their surplus earnings and a low rate,
hut sunt rate, of intercut.
Not less than 10O,0(X),(MK) of issiple
to-day recognize tlio authority of tho
Cz.ar of all tho Russian. The popula
tion of Germany is only -10,000,000, and
erf Austria tilsuit ;O,0Ml,rKI0. Russia
can put throe while men into the field
for every one Great Britain can enrol)
in Iht armies. The latter power hn
myriad of Sepoys at her command, bti'
after all it is only .'50,000,000 in the Brit
Lsh Inhi that can bo depended upon to
supply the soldiers who would make a
mi-o-.s.sful resistance to the march of lh
lluttiuu troopa toward JLudia.
Women at the Mercy of Flame and
Fourteen Persons Meet Terrible Deaths
At a Fire in Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, May 21. At hnlf-r"t one
this afternoon, a lxiy In Sullivan ft Co. '8
Printing Kstiililishtnent on Sixth street was
carrying a bucket of tienzino up the third
flight of stairs; . benzine exploded, and
In nil incredible short time the entire stair
way was one mass of flames, thus cutting
off the escnpo of the seventeen (jlrls at
work In the bindery on the fifth floor nnd
the printers on the fourth Moor. The girls
In tho bindery rushed, lint for the stnirwny,
but tho front windows of tho building fully
sixty feet from the ground.
To jump meant to tie dashed to pieces on
tho pavement ; to remain meant Uie most
horrilile of fnte, that of bring burnol to
dentil. They stood at the open windows
wringing their hands and Imploringly call
ing on those below to ansist them. Hut
their cries were of uo avnil, ns those Ik)ow
hail not tlio menus at hand to assist those
who were in the very jaws of death. Lizzie.
Meyer was the first to appear nt tho
window. Tho crowd below grated her
with nn encnurnging shout, hut
was unntilo to lend nny assist
ance. After a moment of hesitation,
during which she was screened from view
by thick smoke, she determined to make
the tan p. With dilliculty she drew herself
up on the w indow-sill and let go. She
started down fis t foremost, but in the
rapid descent Inst her ImJ.-ince and struck
the pnvement on her shoulder nnd head.
Tho crowd drew back In horror nt the dis
tressing siht, and stod nghsst
ns a large middle-aged wouinn
npiqircd ut a window to niiiko the
jump. Tho crow yelled to her to
wnit for a rope, hut she was too much
frightened to understand, nnd in n sis-ond
she wns shotting through tho air, only to
lie nlmost unrecognizably mangled on the
bricks below. This was Mrs. Ann Hell,
who expired on the way to tlio hospital.
Almost every hone in her body was bioken.
At this juncture two men appeared on the
roof of the burning building with
B rope, which they lowered to
the windows liolow, where young
Sullivan wns endeavoring to restrain Josio
Hawks nnd Kiniiia 1'inchhnck from jump
ing. As the rope descended it came within
easy reach of him, but ho spurned to use
it when two weak girls were ot lined.
He accordingly swung tho rope into
tlio hands of Miss Hawks, who clasped
it, and was being lowered by the men
on the roof above. As she was pass
ing tho windows of the third floor, how
ever, a tongue of flame shot out, nnd,
striking her in the face, caused her to re
lease her hold. Her tall was broken by a
colored ninn, who rushed undo' tlio falling
girl, stretching out his arms, thus saving
her life. Both rescued nnil rescuer were
considerably bruised, but not fatally in
jured. As soon ns tho rope was frw-d it
wns swung into tho hands of the brave
Sullivan, nnd again ho gave up his chance
of life nnd placed the ropo in tho hands of
Emma l'inchliack, although the flames
wero growing hotter nlxmt him all the
while. She descended safely. Again the rope
was drawn up, and this timo it was believ
ed that Sullivan, whoso bravo acts had ex
cited the admiration of tiio masses below,
would succeed in freeing himself from tho
perilous position in which he had, for the
benefit of others, placed himself. Thoroe
was successfully swung into his hands, and
he started on tho descent amid the em our
aging cheers of tho multitude. The ropo,
however, w hich had aided in rescuing the
girls had become weak through its contact
with the flames, and was not suf
ficiently strong to U'ar the young
man's weight. As he reached tho windows
of the third story tho strands parted, nnd
his liody shot downward with terrific ve
locity. His limlis were broken in several
places, and only lived an hour. By this
time a tarpaulin was spread In-neatii tho
fiery windows and Nannie Shejiperd jump
ed to it and wns saved. Win. Bishop,
printer, hung from tho window sill of the
liftu story for fully teu minutes, until the
firemen erected a ladder and rescued him.
His arms and face were budly
burned. Ho will recover. Iu
a short. time nfter tho arrival
of the fire department the flames wero ex
tinguished. (In the firemen and police
ascending to tlio fifth story a horrible sight
met their gaze. Lying on the floor were
the remains of eleven girhi who, half
smothered, half burned, had I met their
deaths with scarcely a minute's warning.
The ch ad arc: John Sullivan, aged twenty
one yearsjllelia Lavan, twenty-threejMary
Lavon, seventeen; Kntio Iivan, fourteen;
Lizzie Handle, seventeen; Dollio Handle,
her twin sister; Katie Pun tan, twenty-two;
Mary I'lintim, nineteen; Tillio Winn,
eighteen; Kannio Jones, twenty; Lizzie
Meyers, sevent -en; Annie Mclntyro, seven
teen; Kntio Lowry, nineteen; Mis. Auuio
Bell, thirty-live.
Against Silver Coinage.
Atlanta, (!a., May SI.-The National
Commercial Convention took up the silver
((in si Urn this liiorning. A resolution was
offered by Mr. llankey of Colorado, to the
elTect that the interests of the country re
quired a continuation of the coinage of sil
ver, w as deleutt-d by uu uvcni helming
vote. Puily nuo-half of tlio Southern dele
gates vot'd in the negative. A notieeahle
veto was that of tho iAiuisvillo deleguto
against continued coiimgo.
Pleuro-Pneumonia in Delaware.
Wii.minutox, 1kl., May '.'1. Cattle
owners in this county nro alarmed over a
fresh outbreak of contagious pleuro-pneu-monia
in the large herds in tho Brandy
wine and Christiana districts. The legisla
tive appropriation (only i.')o0) is exhausted,
and there are now no Suite oihcials to eu-fon-e
liTective iiiaraMtina.
Affecting Scene in Court.
Maoison, Wis., May L'l. In the Munici
pal Court yesterday, Mrs. Rebecca Mer
roat, of Unrnhoo, and Mrs. Margaret M.
Coolcy, of Mitchell, Iak., sisters, pleaded
guilty to the charge of perjury. They have
now each been seutmc(sl to two years in
State's prisnu. Kneh wouinn w-hen sen
tenced ha 1 nn infant in her arms. Kneeling
ut tho feet of tho Judge thev piteouslv
pleoded for mercy "for their babes' Bakes."
Tho scene was a heart-rending one.
Judge Braley, with, tours in his
eyes, said the law was inexorable,
but he would fix the lowest penalty pro
scribed. These women nro sisters of the
wife of Jas. Kirby, alias Simmons, a well
known craeksiiiun, who, with a man intiiu-i
Kdwitrds, w a last November sent.'itct-d to
tho State's Prison in Wisconsin for five
years for burglary in Madison. At tho
trial of Kirby, thoso women swore that they
were in Bamboo, at Mrs. Merruot's home,
the Kith of July lust, the night of the bur
glary, and that Kirby w as ulso there.
Fatal Scaffold Accident.
Bai.timohk, May 'jo.---A sciiirolding on a
huihihig tell, prt cipitaung a number of
workmen a dislancoof seventy feet. One
wus killed uuu others much, injuris!.
Ex-Secretary Frelinghuysen Dead.
Nicwauk, N. J., May '31 Kx-Seeretry
of Suite i-'i elnihuseii, disl at his hon;e pi
UiU tuy ut hull pubt live this afUruuuu.
The Work Now Ready for Shipment.
Renderings that are Declared to be Incorrect.
-Changes Made that are Regarded
as Improvment.
Kuw York, May 2. Copies of tho new
translation of the t)ld Testament were
mailed to-night, and to-morrow shipment.
to all parts of tho country will liegin.
There nro many renderings (bclared to be
incorrect by ail lexicons and commentaries
of a critical character. For example, the
word hypocrite is found eight times in the
Hook of Job, yet iu not one of them does
tho original term hnve that meaning.
So one of the oblations mentioned often in
the l'entnteuch and elsewhere is called a
"meat offering," which loads tho reader to
suppose that It is an animal sacrifice,
W'hereas the Hebrow menus an unbloody
oblation, and Is correctly rendered "meal
otTering." In tho following list the incor
rect word is placed first, with a reference
to one of the places where it occurs, and
then the true moaning ns generally accept
ed among scholars:
Apothi-onry (!',. u. 2" Perfumer.
AveiiKlnir (Judtrcs v. '-' lenders.
Bittern lis. xiv. Porcupine.
Borrow (Kx. xl. Ut Ask.
Breaches Uudirc v. 17)-('rts'k9 or harbors.
( Hnille ijol) xvill. Ill Lamp.
Chaldron (Jer. III. 1st o,
Collegp ill. Klnjr xxll. Mi Seoorvl wnrd.
Const l.ter. xxv. :ti- I'tterinost psrt.
Crnnktsl (.lob xxvl. l.'lt Fleet or Ihs lng.'
Head tlilnirs (Job xxvl. fn-Tlio shades.
Diet (.lor. 111. 14 Allowance,
Drntrons (I's. Ixxlv. I'll Monsters.
l)raifon (Job xxx. SJi Jackals.
Dreys lis. II. 171- Howl.
Flimons of wine illos. III. 11 Pressed frrnpos.
Fires (Is. xxlv. lie The Fast,
Flood i.losh xxlv. to The river.
Foxes i.luilges xv. O Jiu-kalH.
droves (Kx. xxxlv. I'll Pillai-s.
(lalleries 'Cant. vii. Ai Curls of hair.
tirow up (Mnl. Iv. L't Leap.
IIhIm Han. Hi. '') Mimt li s.
Hearth (Jer " xxlv. ill Brasler.
Hell (Ps. xvi iili Hades, the under world.
House of (otn i.lmlge xx 1st Bethel.
Hypocrite (.lob vill. l:h Ciik'sUv.
Innifres ((.en. xxxi. Hi Sernpliiin, house
hold gods.
.lusher ill. Sum. I. lsi The upriirht.
Jew (Judges xx. pi l.ehl (a proper naine.l
Kid of the ifnals itien. xxxvii. Illi Ho goat.
Lamps iKzek.l. lib Torches.
l.lnen yard (I. Kings x. : Droves of
Mount Kphrnlm i.Iosli. xxiv, Zn Hill. (Hill
con nl rv of Kpliriiim.)
Multitude or Ni (Jer. xlvl, 2T.1 Anion of No.
Mules iiO'ii. xxxvl, LHi Warm spiiug.
Mire (Jer. II. l.ve.
Owl (Lev. xl. Iili isi rich.
Plain of Mamie (tien. xvill, D Oaks or
M mure.
Paper reeds (Ts xlx. 71 Meadows.
Pots (Jer. xxxv. Til Bowls.
Biver or Ft vpt (Num. xxxlv, 51 Brook of
Kgypt. (Not the Nile.)
Howard (Ier. x I. Si Present.
Satyrs il. Sniniiel xili. (inats.
SciiH'KOat ( Lev. xv. S Keiiun til.
Screech owl (Is. xxxiv. Hi Night monster.
Scum (Kzek. xxiv. ID Bust.
Shameful spewing illab. li. lni Ignominy.
Spider (Prov. xxxvlil. ills-Lizard.
Sweet liilluences (Job xxxvlil. Id) Cluster
or chain.
Thick clay (Huh. II. fii Pledges.
Table lis. xxx. S) Tablet.
Tablet (Is. (il, ii) Pcrrunio-box.
Torches (Null. il. .1) Steel.
Troop (Amos Ix. Ill Vault.
Valley (Josh. xl. lm Lowland.
Veil (Ruth ill. ir,i- Mantle.
I'nlcorn (Num. xxiii. Wild ox.
Wounds (Prov. xviii. Si Dainty moroels.
Fatal Fight With Burglars.
Cleveland, O., May 'J 1 . A special from
Burton City, Wayne County, gives the de
tails of a fatal light with burglars at an
early hour this morning. A clerk who
slept in the store of James Conuor was
awakened at ntioiit ono o'clock, and saw
several men working at tlio snfo.
Ho nt once aroused his employer, who,
with his son, hastened to tho store.
An attempt was uiado to 'nrrest the
burglars, but they made a desperate fight.
Several pistol shots wers fired by Connor
and the thieves. Four of the men escnped,
but ono was killed. Connor was also fa
tally wounded. The dead man had papers
on his person bearing the naiuo of H. F.
Adams. Tho thieves secured about kl.OOO.
Editor's Remarkable Undertaking.
Bloohinoton, Iowa, May 20. At Farmer
City n man named Samuel Nutt has been
publishing a paper called the iVpirit of
Truth- He has not tasted food or drink for
eleven days, and declares he will not until
ho has fasted forty days. Ho claims thut
he is doing this ns a sacrifice to tho Lord,
and to manifest his obedience. Nutt claims
to be a prophet.
Foreign News.
IiONixix, May 3). Minister Phelps was
introduced to tho Queen to-day. Sir
1'oter Lmnsdcn advises no interference of a
commission, but a settlement of Afghan
boundary lines by the English Government
and llussia directly. House of Lords
passed tho registration bills. Victor Hugo's
condition is reported hopeless.
Kaiser William Ill.
Berlin, May 20. It is announced to-dny
that the Emperor is again indisposed, and
that owing to his illness King jopold,
of Belgium, has postionod the visit ho in
tended making on the 21st inst. to thank
the EiniH-ror and Prince Bismarck for their
assistance in promoting tho foundation of
the Congo Statu.
Bartholdi Statue Started.
steamship Isere,
with Burtholdi's Statue of Lilierty Enlight
ening the World on hoard, started to-day
fin- Now York. The departure of tho ves
sel, with its valuable cargo, was mmlo the
occasion for ipiite a demonstration, all tho
civil and militm-y authorities of tho city
assembling at the pier to witness tho event.
Politics Prohibited.
prohibited in tho Norfolk Navy-yard, and
several foremou have been repiired to
nniiwer in writing over their own signature
t he charge of acting as delegates in a Dem
ocratic eity convention. If their answer is
atllrmati.u they will Is) discharged.
Salvation Army Routed.
Saciiamknto, Cai.., May 20. A largo
meeting of tho Salvation Army was
mobU'd and many of tho mcmliors severely
injured is foro the Kilico could restore order.
Confederate Soldiers' Home.
BiCWMOND, Va., May 20. -Tho formal
opening of the Confederate Soldiers'
Homo, ueur this city, took place to-day,
H. E, Leo Camp of Confederate Veterans,
with Aaron Wilkes l ost, (. A. IL, of
Trenton, N. J., and city military marched
to the Homo, where, after prayer by Kov.
J. Wlllium Jones, Colonel Archer Ander
son turned Uie Homo over to General
Kit.hugh Iee, who ae-cepUs! it ou behalf of
the Board of Managers. A large number
of distinguished invited guests, including
many ladies, wero present. From this
Homo veterans and the military procoedid
to Hollywood Cemetery, nnd participated
in the annual decoration of graves of Con
federates. To-day U-ing IlK-orution Day,
thousands of persons visited tho cemetery,
Isit there wero no unusual ceremonies.
A Ghastly Load.
Nkw Yoiik, May 20. Early this morning
Louis Francis, a Frenchman, was arrested
w hilo on his way to tho North Hiver, bear
ing on his buck a bag containing the muti
lated cor me of a woman, who had been
murdered. Fruncls at first refused to give
any explanation, hot tiually coufensod that
the core wus t'.ie liody ot his wife, aud
that ho had killed her because she had hist
a dog.
Tiik forest tires hi Suffolk County, L. I.,
cuused a loss of
A Swimming Jumps From the
Brooklyn Bridge-Loses His Balance
and Falls Flat On the Water.
Nkw York, May 10. Prof, ltobt, F.. Od
ium, a Washington swlmiiiing-niast"r,
jumpo.1 from the Brooklyn bridge into the
East Uiver, this afternoon, and wns killed
by tho concussion. The Li .dge autlioritie
took every precaution to prevent the fool
ish act, hut was outwitted by the Professor
by sending a dummy before Mm, nnd whilo
the attention of tho police was ottractsl
by this ruse, Odium was driven upon the
bridge, and leaping from tho vehicle
mounted the railing. He signaled to Cnpt.
Uoyton and friends in a tug liont in the
river liolow. Placing his hands by his side
and pressing his b et together he slid off,
and went shooting down l.'l'i feet to the wa
ter. When about half the distnneo, for
somo unexplained reason, ho lost his bal
ance, which ho could not regain. He
whirled round in the air, and struck tho
water flat on his left side, disappearing be
neath the Surface and a high wave thnt
spurted twenty feet high. When Boyton
saw tho body turn he threw
oft his rout and vest nnd
jumped into the water. He struck
out vigorously for the place where Prof.
Odium disappeared, and waited for him to
come to the surface again. The body came
up quickly, nnd tho Captain grasped it.
"Bob, how do you feelr How t are you!"'
ho shouted to tho dying mnn. The lij
moved feeljy, ns if in nn attempt to speak,
and a few drops of blood trickled out of the
sides of his mouth. The Captain knew
that death was near, nnd shouted for help.
A passing fishing schooner lowered its life
liont and took Bcivton and his unfortunate
componlon nbonrd. The tug afterward
drew up alongside, and they were trans
ferred to it. A start wns then made for
tho shore. There wns not a sign of life in
l'rof. Odium w hen he was laid in one of
the bertlu on the propeller. Tho little
stream of blood still oozed from between
his lips, and his fne wns ns still nnd palo
ns death. A thin, dark blue lino on his
left side aliout twenty inches long, and al
most perfectly straight, showed where he
had struck tho water. It was the only
mark on his body. Captain Boyton ap
plied restoratives and tried to got some
recognition from him. After about
ten minutes the eyes opened, and as
tho dying mnn recognized Boyton, ho tried
to smile and said : "Well, what kind of a
jump did I make?" Ho wns assured that
it wns a perfect one, nnd ho answered
feebly: "It's all right. Cap., it's nil right."
Those wore his Inst words. Before the tug
touched tho shore, ot 0:1.1, ho was
dead. His ribs wero crushed in, his
body wns black nnd blno, blood
wns spurting from the burst veins
nnd arteries iu his sido and legs,
and his skiu wns swollen into lumps where
the blood was striving to break out. Those
who timed Odium's descent ns it wns
ivntch(vl from the tug-loat, sny that just
four nn one-half seconds elapsed from the
tinie he slid from the railing until ho struck
tho water.
The Exposition To Be Reopened.
New Orleans, May W. Director Gen
eral Burke was unanimously requested to
withdraw his resignation, but declined,
owing to press of personal business. The
Exposition will 1 closed May 31. The
friends of tho Exposition have raised
!ir,000 by subscription to meet the ex
pense of carrying it over until
next November, when it will be
reopened. Superintendent Jeffrey, of
the Illinois Central Kuilrond, has tele
graphed that the railroads and car com
panies reaching New Orleans will subscribe
$100,000 toward tho expense of reopening
tho Exposition next winter. Tho Citizens'
Committee is still receiving subscriptions,
and the sum required will be made up. The
Board of Management has paid off fifty per
cent, of its indebtedness, and believe that
tho Exposition can be reopened next winter
free of debt.
Accident at a Funeral.
PiTTSHl'lutil, May 10. During funeral
services at the residence of John Hallock,
ou Wilkins avenue, iu the East End, this
afternoon, a ixirch in front of tho house
gave way, precipitating sixty-five people
to the cellar, ten feet UJow. Mina Lipt
selter, aged twenty years, and an old lady
named Mrs. Culbertson wero badly injured,
and, it is thought, will die. A numlier of
others sustained severe bruises, bnt were
not seriously hurt.
Poundmaker a Prisoner.
St. Pai'L, Minn., May 10. Dispatches
from Winnipeg Btate thut Colonel Otter
yesterday made an attack on Poundmaker,
and, after a severe battle, captured him
aud took 120 prisoners. The battle wns
fought in Eagle Hill, and Otter mndo an
attack against orders. Twenty-one Cana
dians wore killed and nineteen English. No
trace of tho teamsters taken by Pound
maker a week ago was found, and it is sup
dosed they have boon massacred.
A Fated Family.
Yot'NOSTOws, O., May 21. A singular
fatality seems to hang over a family nannsi
Lynn, prosperous farmers, of Cautleld
Township, this county. About six weeks
ago the father wns gored to death by an
enraged bull. A week later a son studying
medicine suddenly died, and to-day Anson
Lynn, another son, while working about
the farm, was run away with, hurled from
tho wagon ami almost instantly killed.
$40,000 Hereford Bull Dead.
C'iikvknnk, Wi May 10. Rudolph, the
finest lb relord bull iu tho world, tho prop
erty of the Wyoming Hereford Associa
tion, diixl last evening ufUr a veterinary
surgical operation, in which a tumor of
sixty-five pounds wns token from him. 11
wus valued at $40,000.
Got Away With $44,000.
Fall Hiveii, Mass., May 20. Tho report
of the expert on tho affairs of the Woota
moe Mill shows John Blaisdell, the ab
sconding book-keeper, to be a defaulter iu
Telephone Legislation.
Si'HInokiki.d, 111., May 10. In the Sen
ate Mr. White's Telephone bill, providing
that no telephone company shall charge
more than three dollars ier mouth, when
ono telephone is used; two dollars ami a
half when more than ono is usd, and fix
ing tho toll ou messages from one town to
another at ten cents, was brought up this
morning and pussod almost unanimously.
Telephone Legislation. Dwelling Blown Up-One Fatality.
Bckkalo, May 10. The house of Captain
Daniel IL Hodgcrs was being cleaned to
day aud gasoline was spread on the differ
ent tioors to kill moths. The windows were
kept closed. An explosion to-night de
stroyed Uie house and dmhsged the two
adjoining buildings. Captain ltogers was
burned to death. Mrs. ltodgers was badly
burned. Mr. Hodgcrs was a inenilxir ot tho
firm of Hodgcrs it Brown, vessel brokers.
Logan Wins.
HpuiNniriKi.il. 111., May 10, Tho long
Senatorial btruggle dosed to-day at 2:1.1,
w Ith the announcement by Seukor Huhies
A tho election of General Logan.
Killed by Lightning.
Pirrsiii'IioiI, Pa., May P.I. Thomas But
ler was struck I v lightning this u Iter noon,
and instantly killed.
A FIBIS nt Somerset, Otictiee, destroyed
ulsiut one hundred houses, almost tue
whole towu.
Two Vessels Wrecked Near the Banks
of Newfoundland.
The Vessels' Crews Rescued After a Terrible
fji nnr.c, May 22, Tho bnrk Brilliant,
which arrived here last night from i'ors
Jrrnnd, had on bonrd tho crews of tho bark
Bnvard, Captain Anderson, from Hrobnk
fnr Metis, ami of the steamer Mary Louisa,
of Now Costln, Captain OretT, from New
York for Liverpool. Captain Anderson, of
the Bayard, states that he left Droliak
April 4 forordors to Metis. Tho vessel mot
with vsriabte weather until midnight
of tho fith of May, when, with the
weather thick nnd foggy, and very dnrk,
she ran into ice near the banks of New
foundland. The voskoI was completely
surrounded ly heavy ice and icetKrgs.
The crew remained on board the veesri
until Tuesday afternoon, when the Icelx-rgs
enme thnmpinc; agninst the liark, complete
ly surrounding her, ami srefcshing in hor
port side. They then took to the bonta,
nnd went on the ice, barely escaping with
their lives, and saving nothing whatever.
They rcuaineLUime days aud thro nights
on the ice. They tell a tale of great hard
ship and suffering. All the rtothing they had
wns on thoir Imrks, and, this Incoming
wot, added to thoir misery. The men,
however, liore up nobly, iielng encouraged
by the heartiness of Optnin Anderson.
Thoy came out of the ice at 2 a. m., Sun
day. They took to tne lot, and pulled
westward in a thick fog. After pulling for
aliout two hours they henrd a steamer's
whistle. They (Milled alongside the ves
sel, which proved to be the steamer
Mary Louisa, of Newcastle, bound for
Liverpool. Thoy were taken on loard, nnd
the Cuptain stated thnt they hnd struck on
the ice some timo tiefore, nnd the vessel was
then leaking badly. Captain Anderson had
boon alsuird just an hour when the Mary
Louisa tiegaii to sink. Both crews, num
bering thirty-five persons, left the steamer
in three lioats, and proceeded west again.
They were picked up by tho Brilliant, after
having scut flvo.duys among icebergs in
The White Flag.
St. Paul, Minn., May 22. A Battleford
dispatch of May 21 says: "At sunset to
night Father Cochin aud twenty-five other
prisoners, bearing a white Hag, arrived
from I'oundmaker's camp, with a letter
asking upon what terms surrender would
be accepted. He wants a reply in two
days. He also sent messengers with simi
lar letters to General Middleton. This
action wns caused by the arrival of four
half-breeds, who reported the capture
of Kiel. The news created conster
nation in the Indian camp, braves
hiding their rifles and removing
their war pqhit. A council was held, and
the result was a decision to send iu the
priest nnd prisoners. It seems Pouud
mukor was on his way to join Kiel w hen
he met tho half-breed scout. The letter
was written at I'oundmaker's dirtution by
Jefferson, school-master on tho reserve.
The prisoners sent iu with Father Cochin
include the twenty teamsters, captured
iu the Eagle Hills; Fontaine, the cap
tured scout; Bremuer and Sayers, of
Bresaylor's sottlement, and two
women in ninlo apparel. Twenty-one
women aud children from Bresnylor's set
tlement are held as hostages. The team
sters say they were well treated by the
half-breeds, who protected them with
leveled rifles from Indians who were
threatening to kill them. Father Cochin
returns to-morrow with a letter from
Colonel Otter, slating that Poundmaker
must negotiate with General Middleton,
nnd meanwhile hostilities must cease.
Middleton is reported to-day as bavin?
reached Prince Albert on the 10th inst.
Victor Hugo Dead.
Pat.is, May 22. Victor Hugo died athalf
pa.st one o'clock this afternoon. Tho Min
istry will request tho Chamber of Deputies
to adjourn as a token of respect to the
memory of the deceased. The Govern
ment projKises a civil funeral for Victor
Hugo at the expense of the State. It is
reported that M. Hugo liequoathed his man
uscript to France, and that ho left it to
tho Republic to select a burinl place for his
remains and to decide as to tho form of his
funeral. The newspaxj-s iu Puris appear
in mourning this evening. It is believed
that the funeral will be the grandest seen
iu Franco for a century. Tho poet was
sketched as he lay ou his death-bed by tho
great painter Bonnot, who will transfer to
canvas the iinpression'takon. In the Sen
ate M. Leltoyer delivered a eulogy on Hugo.
Apaches Murdering Whites.
Tombstone. Aktz., May 22. A military
courier from Fort Bowie brings informa
tion that Apnches killed two men at Eagle
Crook, Tuesday night Doming, N. M., re
ports are that Apaches killed lour miners
at Ahna, a small mining camp on ths
Frisco Hiver.
Silvkh City, N. M., May 22. Geronimo's
Apaches are now in the Black Kango, N.
M., near old Fort Tulurosa, heading toward
old Mexico. Troops are iu hot pursuit,
cavalry concentrating in thoir front to pre
vent their escape.
A Week's Failures.
Nnw Yokk, May 22, Tho business fail
ures occurring throughout the country dur
ing tlio lust seven days nuiuliw: For the
United states, 2J t. and for Canada 2.1, or a
total of 2.10, as against 22i) lust week and
21N the week previous to tho last. More
than two-thirds of the failures in the United
States are occuriug in tho Southern, West
ern and Pacilic Suites.
Washington, May 22. The President
to-day appointed tho followiug Colloctos
of Internal Revenue: Win. T. Bishop, son
of ex-Gjvernor Bishop, for the First Dis
trict of Ohio; Ira Ellis, for the First Dis
trict of California.
Glass drinking cups, bavins round
bottoms, have recently Uteti found in
Anfrlo-Saxon praves. Such cups could
not be made to stand upright, and it
has been supposed they wero designed
In order to cause tho drinker to empty
them at once. This feature is said to
liavo given rise to the word tumbler
which has been applied to our drinking
vessels, though these do not possess the
curious fchape of Uie ancient cups.
The Now York Jvumat claims "tlio
greatest circulation in America," aud
we have no resnon to doti'd that it Is so.
Why not? Moot Anairicau pupcrs have.
Texas Siftimjs also hna the greatest
circulation in America, Our Milworip
tioii list iu Kuroru, Asia and Africa
combined will not equal tho number of
papers we distribute in Texas alone.
Tcjms MjUtkjs.
A writer in t!t Kvrth Amvican He-rii-tu,
discussing the iiucstion "Why
Crime, ie Increasing!1" holds that
"most, If not all, the cause of tho in
crease of crime are allied to the density
of population, with decreased Indi
vidual responsibility timl im reik-ed irri
tations growing out of and inseparable
from the complexity of npmufacturuig
aud o HtiuiLTJlul uoUv.Wotf1
r in lt'urn'iT wns nnvf ed st Tn.l lann r
olm few ilntini'uf.ir the murder of Noll in
Bush in t'iiiciniuiU f-mr ye.ns nf.
Ttonitriis enter,! flu, hontio of .Tof.ojdi
Iewis near Warren, nnd tortured hlin and
his wife ot a flr to compel tliein to disclose
their money. The roLlKTs got only $7.
Thoy are unknown.
Ex-Govf.knor FoSTcnpfiysthnt ho Is not
a candidate for Senatorial honors.
Lv.wih BnowNiNO.of Sleulienvilln, wns
kleked In the stomach Iu a quarrel aud
CnARt.EB Johnstoh, of Coshocton, was
rh-owned during nn e.Tioriiiiont of wading
through deep water.
A MovF.wrtNT is on foot to make tho Cln
elnnaU Wesleyan Collece a university for
women, with technical departments.
Prnitkntiary convicts don't seem to be
nshnppyns they might, notwithstanding
their enforced Idleness, and Buicldal at
tempts are fast increasing.
TnR Insurance Siqiorintendont's office
earned .fJtl.PH la tho quarter ending
May 1.1
iNCEnntAnlKS took the pnlns to drivo 15.
Campbell's eighty cattle and four horses
from tho barnyard Into his barn, near Ash
land, a few days ago, before firing the
structure. Loss $3,000 and no clue.
Ciiaiilesj McGouon, aged twelve,' of
Van Wort, was struck by lightning and
Wm. V.. BKt,L,ltviriK along the Muskingum
River, twenty-eight miles south of Zaues
villo, committed suicide by cutting his
throat with a razor.
John Haft, living near Canton, commit
ted suicide by hanging himself to a tree
with a clothe lino.
Do. Wm. Teiss, of Akron, attempted to
commit suicide by drinking four ouiivss of
chloral. An emetic saved his life.
Chahles Cox was killed ot Steubenvillo
In an elevator accident.
JrpsoN Lewis, Esq., on attorney of Al
liance, has been indicted for forgery.
James McDonouoii, aged nine years,
was run over by a cart, driven by Thomas
Kane, in Cincinnati, and killed.
I Pink-eye in a mild form is prevailing
among horses ot Dayton.
Two littlo daughters of W m. Achey, of
Dayton, were run over by a sprinkling
cart, and probably fatully injured.
A nncNKEx father attempted to hurl his
two-year-old child into the canal at Akron,
the other day, but a gentleman passing by
sprang forward just in time to save the
child's bfe.
The other evening about sunset, during a
violent storm, the substantial new brick
school building at Fort JofTersou, Darke
County, was struck by lightning and
burned, together with its contents. There
was no insurance ou tho structure, nor on
whot it contained.
Dorcas Carter, aged 102, was received
into A. M. E. Church at Reading.
John Beckman wus badly scalded in
paper mill bleach tubs at Lockland.
Maskii.lon !H,000 rink is involved for
$.3,500, and has gone into receivership. .
R. R. Brown has commenced suit against
the Doctors Broyton, of Carey, for $1,1,000.
The petition alleges malpractice.
The gas well at Milan, is 2,010 foet deep,
and no gas. The company has decided to
abandon the work. Throe thousand dol
lars in the hole.
ButtOLAas forced an iron plate shutter,
broke out a large pane of glass and enter
ed the Post-olllce at Massillion. They se
cured about $0 in change and loft untouch
ed about $100 worth of stamps.
John Rhinehard, a farmer, living near
Concord, was at work in a field the other
day pulling a harrow with three fine
horses. Ono of the horses fell nnd pulled
the other down, the third horse pulling the
harrow over the other two, ripping them
open on the side the entire length, causing
such ghastly wounds thnt thoy hod to be
Fire broke out in a four-story building
on Ontario street, Cleveland, a few nights
ago. The building was soou enveloped in
flames, and a scene of confusion followeL
Families lived on the third floor, and th
excitement among them wus groat. Fred
Roth, his wife, two children and servant
were cut olT, and all escaped by jumping
to tlio ground, except a little boy three
years old, who wns burned. Roth was
badly scorched. Mrs. Roth was terribly
Injured internally, while tho servant, a Miss
Oberli, hud her back sprained. H. E. King,
a man forty years old, also jumped and
broke his wrist. Mrs. Sawyer, a dress
maker, fifty-five years old, was burned to
At Chagrin Falls a team of horses ran
away with Srioncer Chamberlain, his wife
and little son. Cbamlierlaiu was killed,
the child fatally injured, and Mrs. Cham
berlain so badly hurt that she is uot ex
pected to live.
Prok. Enoch Martin, a well known
teacher and examiner of Monroe County,
committed suicide a few days since. His
in-other, living a few miles further up Sun
fish Creek, had attempted suicidu by cut
ting his throat in the morning, and word of
this reaching Martin, ho sent his son to
learn if it wus true. Ho seemed much
worried, und dreading confirmation of tho
report, he w alked out and partly undress
ing, he lay down in the stream where it
was eighteen inches deep, and was found
dead by his son on his return. His father
hung himself in u barn at Antioch.near the
same place, eighteen years ago.
Mrs. Dennis Mahoney, of Columbus,
dropiHsl dead the other night from hooi-t
Peteh Pi.ei'kharp, living five miles from
Logan, diod suddenly a few duys ago from
a iMu alytic stroke.
Captain Moses Abbott, of tho Forty
ninth O. V. I., diod very suddenly at his
home in Fort Seneca, a few days ago, aged
about fifty. He was a prominent furmor,
and hud au extensive business acquaint
ance. J. W. Bratton, a well-to-do farmer of
Canaan Township, Moitow County, com
mitted suicide the other morning by hang
ing himself to tho rafters iu his barn.
Bratton hss l-cn a hard drinker for some
time, and that, with family trouble, is sup
IHised to be tho causo of the act.
Conrad Nohhkck was run over and
killed by a Chlcngo nnd Atlantic freight
train, near Lima. Ho w as asleep on the
A KrMTioN of the cupola of tho blast-far-usee
of tho Ohio iron company, at jtuea
ville, foil in. Loss, !0,000. One man liadly
At Cotiterbiirg, James Donohue slept on
the Control Ohio Railroad track and wus
killed by the midnight express.
Mish Nellik BosrwK'K.a young lady
vhtiting wito tho family of Jl. A. Corvrlu,
at MU Gllead, attempted to start a fire with
oool oil a few days since, ami as Is usually
the casu, was horribly burned about th
fux and arms. She will recover, bnt iu a"
protttlsllty will be badly scarred.
Wilson, tlx) colored convict, who stm-Jt
his bead in a kettle of molten tnetul the
other day at the euitentiary Is in a fall
way to recovery. Ho now wrurs atruif;hV
juckot to prevent f urtlxsr attempt at se.lf
tujury. Tub CHdn Prohtt.itjti CtuiveoTtcm is to 1
heM at Springfield, July 1 and i.
Tun Iinia lktih) ThiH'ti has bei su-d foi
JlO.onO Aaiuueu tr Ifbv), by lko Cucupucs,
ill lurU'u, - - " - - - "
A woman in Athens O., determine!
to Slav in bed tint 1 her hii -bind coii
oritcil to let her bm-o him without pnv
Ciin. She only had to remain in bed
duo day. ('li-rrbin-l Ltnili r.
An iron car-wheel will travel about
tO.OOO miles. A steel tire will run 200,
M) miles, costing two and a half tiine-t
as much nnd running more than four
times as long ns an iron wheel. i.-aicii-(o
The American anthracite stnv tin
lieoome the perfection of all that is con
venient, economical and comfortable,
but at the sriiiio time a grotesque and
even hideous object of contemplation.
ltui'tntiwlis Jfnirnnl.
A large bowlder, we'ghing about
l.tMX) tons, vvsn loosoned from tho top.
of Shelter Hill Hock, near lielhel. Conn.,
by the frost and rolled down the moun
tain side the other day, sweeping lnrgo
trees and everything before it. The
shook was felt for twenty miles around.
Hartford Cvurtmt.
It is taM that the largest grapevine
in tho United States grows on the prem
ises of Mr. Madden, in l'iko County, Ga.
It Is eighteen years old. Is thirty-four
inches in circumference nt ita base, is a
quarter of a mile long, and yields live
wagon loads of grapes. Southern Trade
Don't take a oliew of tobacco just
because some of tho big boys say it will
mnko a man of you and looks smart.
Chewing tobacco never did make a man,
but it h:w been known to make a boy
very sick, and will cause him to regret
it many a timo. It is a tnigiity good
thing to Vet alone. Texas Sif'tinrjs.
There are but few instances re
corded of death from falling nieteorio
stones. It is stated that loss of life re
sulted from a largo fall in Africa; that
about the year KfM many per-ams and
animals worn killed; that loll, about
five o'clock one evening, a priest was
struck and killed, nnd that still later, ia
lCjO, a monk was killed.
A farmer and his wife went into a
dentist's. "How much do you charge for
fill'm' teeth?" asked the farmer. "From
two to five dollars." "An' how much
for pullin'?" "Fifty cents." "Mnrinr."
lie said, turning: to bis wife, "you'd
bettor git it pulled.'" JV. 1'. Sun.
The dilTercnco between nil imitation
nnd a genuine amethyst can be easily
distinguished. Just put them on your
tongue alternately, and you will find
that tho spurious fools warm and tha
genuine icy to the touch. The stone
which has had the greatest run of late
is tiger-eye, which hits a peculiar, dull
fire. It is only a piece of petrified
wood, turned, smoothed and polished.
A". Y. Uc.rM.
An oH landmark, the building
owned by George Swords, in the heart
of the city, wits torn down in Sleuben
ville, Ohio, the other day. It was tho
oldest house in tho city, the last of the
log houses. It was built in 1S10. Tho
lot wits originally purchased in 118 for
forty-five dollars, sold in 1M14 for .2(i.rj,
the following year for $701). in 1S16 for
?1,7MI, atid in" 1H72 for $5,0 10. It was
weather-boarded forty-five years ago.
I'ittslmryli Dispatch.
Newspapers ere appreciated ia
Washington Territory. The Weekly
Siynil, at Old Yokima. was about to
remove to the nw town called North
Kakin, a rfistanco of four miles, nnd the
office was placed on trucks. That night
the whole establishment was blown up
with dynamite by the residents of the
old town, who were opposed to the re
moval. This tho Firs Number of The Cast
Plow goos to the world under many ad
verso circumstances it is our first effort
at type witting, without a case and a
second-hand outfit ami not half enough
of that, we we our own typo, editor,
and "lcvil," principally, "the latter.
When this edition goos to the world and
nil hands have a whack, at me I will hu
nil "Chawed" and "Mangled" but that
doee not make any difference. I will
have a whole itiontht to get over it In.-'
i'urmerviUt (f.) CttM i'toiv.
Tlio finding of trold in grass is thus
doscrils'd fry a San Francisco pioneer:
"1 roniemUtr when I was mining in
Calaveras County that we struck some
diggings about one mile from Winter's
Bar, on the Mcikolunine Hiver, back in
the tixt hills, some two miles below
Campo Soco, where we found the gold
in the grass nts as high as tour bits
to tlio paa, bnt prospecting about three
to five otmts, generally. The gold, was
nil on, or very near, the surface, anil to
get it we had to wash out the grass
roote. This, I think, was about 1863."
Mr. I). C. Kobbins, in his "Annual
Review of Uie Drug Trade of New
York," states that in 1H84 we imported
1,203,732 ounces of quinine and 2.68H,
"U7 'fcrunds of cinchona bark. We are
importing more quinine and manufac
turing less every year. In lxsi we im
ported twice its much quinine and half
as much Utrk as in 1HS2. In lKS.'l more
opium was iinjsjrted for smokintr (2'JS,
153 pounds) than for all other purposes
put UureUior. The large duty placed
upon this form of opium reduced the
import for WS1 very considerably.
The "Best People" at the Hub Setting
Their Faces Against the Custom.
Our "liest people" are setting tho ban
of their displeasure against the custom
of introducing pisiplo to other people.
The social lines, including guests who
limy be introduced to other guests, are
very tightly drawn, and an invitation to
people in good society to visit thoiu
does not by any means involve lUa
jrrobabiHty of your Incoming knovrn
to the other guests. This is not taken
to mean that you are not at liberty o
'scrujm aoquainUinee" with auv of tha
lordly gtMuAd if yon choose to make the
al'-rnjrt, but simply that the hostess
considers it no part of her duty to im
p's your acquaintanceship upon hrr
other friends. There are some obi
families bore, the bearers of pie-revolutionary
names and pedigrees, who carry
the nliHiird new notion to a ridiculods
extreme. Many of these families airu
as ssir na church mice, and hiwe if:
little trouble U scrape along in thei"1
ahabby gentility, but tlio way they hold
up thetr Hernial superiority is something
truly agottisiig. I hoard a bright and
cultivated young lady tolling of her
xjerieii(! under otic of these ancestral
roof trees the other evening, nnd as she
is sensible enough to enjoy the absur
dity of tho whole pretentious custom, it
gives her friends ihj liule healthy
amusement. At a private imisicale a
few evenings ains-u one of the youii"
lady guests, who ie a tK-ial favorite, as
well us a remarkably lino amateur
jdainV, w-its approached at the close of
a lrilliaM iH-rWinance hv one of the
grand and tunqi-noachuio dames, who
cojskweomlvd to any: "i'ou play very
well. You really must tusk some.' one to
lirtrtxiiKW you to Uk!!" Needless to say,
tl presj..lrttaM,i luta 1U(t y,.t i.n ma,t
Cur. Atiuneai.oim Triluua. j

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