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The Highland weekly news. (Hillsborough [Hillsboro], Highland County, Ohio) 1853-1886, March 31, 1886, Image 8

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Tin wi 11 known n'n in Iivtnn, O., nr
V.'.'.i'i t-n W. i : ' U 1 miii' tii-rn K.
I;i i.'i l-v,v. iii i nrfl'TL'i' i n l liif puiiu sli"
mi I ma. I. iiv simp ri' "'.' -lively, of 1 lie
ol' .1. W. M.. il.l.u.l iV o. 'Tlirv are .
...tli skill. .1 nn-.'li:inj.' iiinl rMe llicni
t. Iv . -i ii , n I'ic i xi'i lli m i' of thi'ir work.
Wo :i :i' i.i, t inf. .run'. I in to wlictliiT tin y
up i' in 'lnii -i mxl ii.. m tlrno m-ti"iis
ll ill!rllt will. Il "In lilt! till- pill'lll!
il ll,, v lire lirm IV ii mis, lunl ll"i
:ii.n lli. y s'.nn.l In-tlnr uUulut, ly
I xpi riim c li:is li'il l"tll of fluill
tin' inn-t inii'lirit lailli in AtM -
, ii , a n i urn n nifily t,.r rlicuinai i-ai
, it uralL'ia, :ui.l nut hint; i an shake tin ir
i i !. in o in il. Thai this cniiliilciire is
i .1 (;r., inn l. il the sturii s w hi h tin y I' ll
, :'u- I'c iicliis (..iilVrvi'.l l.v it will fuMv
i ! . . .. . A thi' -M-e wliirh'Mr. Ji.M'klii l.l
n !::,-, thai, of tin' run- of li is (lailirhtiT
ir, tn a t.-i-rihl.- all ark f iii'iiralu'ia, is tie;
in. n; r.iiau kahli' vii will 1.1 liim j-pink
lir-t. s;iy:
" 'illil. ,.i.'.rns iliil it lint niitiiint; ripe was
it- p ! . l',,r my ilanuhtcr. 1'iT f.nir
r, , !i - ', w in :i ii:.-l ilislrosin r"ii
il il i. n fn.'ii ti. iiralu'ia. Sm-Ii an cxtri'iiie
i ,- . in 1. al.lv lH'cri xisti'i1. tiefore at U'ast
I m i'iT li.'.inl off ni l' a one. She was con
fin,.! to li. r i'l'.l for months, tnillcring
cw-rytliini; Imt death. Surli as her cim
' i i. .ii that the l.'ii-t nnie Wonlil disturb
i . r. The sulllltl of footsteps Iliaile by eo-
, pasinc; en the pavement helow lier
-,. ii.ilnw woiil.l annoy In-r. She w as so sick
i!.;:t ve li-.puin-l of Iht life. Nothing
i!i. 'I v e eoulil do ili.l her any pooil, anil it
i . ii . e.l :m if the pain in her hea.l wraiM
ih 'n e her out of her mill. 1. I h.a-1 read of
s .-lie of the i aires nnelo hy Athlnpliorns,
I nt really iliil n. it think that it r.iulil ever
t . a h sui h a severcease as niy daughter's.
!J, v.i vi r, I houirhta hnttleaiul began giv
i, her the me.lii ine.
" To my fiirj.ri.se ami it certainly was
v.onilerlnl after she had taken a halfhot
: leslic was al.le to get up and go down
t'.n'in. After that slie was never conlincd
to h. rro.'m. 1 never saw or heard of a
m-,, Heine working asthat did in mydauh-t-
r's east
" Did she continue lining it ?''
" Yes. She took some twelve liottlos."
I iocs she have any return of the pain?'
" She bad a little in the back a few weeks
;u i, but it was nothing. 1 consider her
. a--e most wonderful and beyond all enn
i ptii.n bv those who (lid not see her during
h. v atllietion."
Mr. lirierley was also alllieted with ncn
raluia, but fortiinateiy for him, although
lie' ease w as severe, it (lid not go such ter
i ihle lengths as in Miss Kockiield's case.
This is w hat Mr. Urierley says of it:
" I was alllieted witli neuralgia for many
; . ars. 1 indured the au'ony w Inch no one
an imagine except those w ho have been
I.!':!. i. d as I was. My head felt as if it
v.,!il, bnr-t and I walked the floor for
:h'- a'.d dai s, not being able to sleep.
iiiaily 1 d.'i.hd to ohange the treatment
! 1. :.!. and w liieh gave me no relief, and
i . ii-e Atl:l"phoro. 1 lived one bottle, and
-' .. (' that time I have been at my work
. i h.we il l suliercd from the neuralgia.
'IIow ('.il you first, hear -of Atlilo-
"1 knew h. .v.- it had cured Mr. II. .ck
M's (hrit'li!. r, whose case waj, of course,
.! .. h w , rn- than mine."'
!' o'i i re t L-, t A tii 1 1 .en- O'.os r.f your riie
we v. ill -,,n.l it i or.-s piiul. .,11 r.,e. i,t of
:;r T i.'i , 'l,,;ar per !.i'!:i W'r'),',.fer
. . .,- r :v ir l'r-.ia v.eir .tr'iL''l-t, tut if t e
ii i il. .1, ,'r.o! 1... ,.T-u.el.-.l in try s. .1:1.0 !. i 1 1 tr
l.-:t ..r,.-r 111 i.nee fr..:n u as I i r ' I - 1 .
il.oeuor Co . 11- itl i str.-. l. New Y,.rk
( a
s. (
i "! f ii ,v T r, .-v, ;v it,,knu w.;lK "hrtv
' ' iV u luywt.ctelli.-y ,;t,i i,t
- v ' i I , ti ;; . r: . i, ,.', v. ' ,'i.er tie kuri1,
. ..-:"4 j -v r.r -t tnak-sfTftt. : to r-
, , '.i '; ot r mlttuie. J'iint- lit re any
TiFFiN, O.
, 1 ' ' :i. ' . e i , 1,1 I ; -! : I . a II 1 1-
I'. .'V. ;iini.'i;i:iii. .,r '., -v ' en,'
: i.i.-.. i. ,i vs. iiiiiiwv, n.v.,
Sale of a Bond.
SKAI.KL) PUUIM.SAf.S fur the nnle of one
l.oii i. of the (ieii'.iiiiiiation of itH), (it the
( i.revt.iwii Extension l'rte Tunijiike, No. 57.
v;.l l.u reeeiveil at the oftice of thu t.'ouuty
Aa liior in tlilWi'iro, Ohio, until XtinrndaT,
tie- 1'ith day of April, lssti. at 1 o'clock p. rii.
said boinl is dated Hie lath day of April, InHS,
and heam iiit.-ri rit Kt the rale of aix per cent.,
payable senii-aiiniuilv. and is mimed t.v author
nvi.f sieeti.ni lies of the Jtevined Statuten of
ul.io lor lssu. page 117s, and acts amendatory
thereto, and m deaeril.td a follon s :
lo. 7 for t2oh, and liaving eoupona attached
as folluwH :
No. 1 for i t 5o, due 1st September,
No. for ti fl'l, due 1st March. 11U7.
No. 3 fur ti Oil, due 1st Sept., 1887
No. 4 for B no. duo 1st Murch, 18S8.
No. .r) fur ll no, i!ue 1st Sept., 1HS, and nil
months intereat duo with bond first day March
Said l.ond will Lo Hold to the liigheit bidder,
and for not le-ns than tlie face thereof, with
any interest that may have accrued thereon,
and the privilege id hereby natrved of reject
ing any it all bids.
SaMI LI. J. I'ol.K,
( HAiii f.s T. KriwiKi.s,
Jami s II. Hi s- ey.
.innuirioiieiii of the Cari-ytown ExtenaioD
1-r- e 1 nrnpiUe. No. 07. rncLl -ot
Hillsboro Prices Current
Jorrected Weekly by 11. IioiDS A Co., Whole
dale and Ih.taii Grocers and Trodnce
tJcviNG ri;icr:s For. country produce
Ilillsljuro, Monday, Mar. 2!), 1SSC.
Dealers are paying the rnllowing prlcea for
. .1 .1 Val ium irtejh-s named :
V neat, bu-hel S5a 90
S-.vCorn a 30
Oals 25
i-'eiiir. cwi 2 una 2 87
L' irn Meal, bashel 4Ua 45
r "tdto.-H zr,a so
S ,'.-t I'.itaiucs. biiKhul 70tt 1 Ob
W hile P.ealll. bamel 1 Oba 1 25
Uru-d Apples. Ill a 2
" I'. a. h. s
lireen Apples 4oa (10
butter 8a 1
l.",'S. lio.ell : ba
li i.'on llama, lb 8a it
" Si lex lit 6;i
" Hnoil.del a a i
I, iid 6'-..a 7
II. iy, ton a OualO 00
li r.irerii s and o'.her artielea retail from gtorti
at ' he f, eloii iiig priceii :
uar. N. O. lb C'4' 7
' ":'r ea
t.i. (- .igai 7a 7-
A HuKr 7 ,a '8
( .l auioat. .1 s io;.ir na 8'
Cut Loaf and i'.ovured Sugar H'.a y
C 'He--, hi" Ma 14
lea, Imperial, i . II. and (i . V 40a 80
" l'laeli E,ia 80
Clie.se, fa. -lory l'l" a 16
t ioiir, ifood family brands, cut ... . 2 75a 3 00
" " bid 5 5ua 6 no
.MoUshc4, N. O a r,o
" -oigl.uui a 40
( loideu S nip 40a 45
".: U ,a uo
Halt, h auaw ha and Ohio, bbl a 1 10
M lehlgan Salt a 1 25
11 ariiH, ( ity s.r-ar cured 12a I'i td
Pe-.ves, fwt. 1,'riiHg 2 5'ut 3 25
Peeves, hhipping 4 Oua 4 75
hlieeji and l.ainbii, per cwt 3 fill 3 .,C
JlotfH, cut. ;rosH 3 f.ua 3 76
rit.M k Moga i!n.i 3 8ij 4 (Hi
llikh Com, iii ( alvea . , 30 nna 40 00
From the Shell to the Can
—Oyster Shucking.
Washing, Weighing, Canning,
Labeling, etc. Gilmpses
the Process of
It was not our intention to say innie
about t 'no ovHter business of l'al ti more
than what was said in our lust article
but having accept?ii the invitation of a I
t'rienil to nccompany him on a visit to
"nee how they pack oysters," I have
concluded to mid a few words to what
has already been said in a brief descrip
tion of what we sHw.
Those w hu are fond of "cove oysters"
the name of I.. McMiirrny &. Co., will
not be unfamiliar as the name of their
favorite brand. Through his larpe es
talilishuieiit on Cross street, we had the
cood fortune to be conducted by his
obliging nephew, Mr. Woten, whose
kindness and courtesy we here ac
knowledge. 1'a. king houses are located, with a
view t business, and not esthetics.
They are usually at the water's edee,
with a ionir shed projecting out over the
water so that boats may come alongside
to unload. This projection is the
"hhuckers" shed and the interior is not
particularly invitinj; as a work of art or
even dining parlor. As I have had oc
casion to remark before, oysters, as they
come to the market in the hold of a
dredge, are not very inviting to epicures,
either as to looks or odor, and the shuck
ing room presents both of these defects
in a strong light. At the end of this
room farthest from the shore, ara two
large tanks, one on each side, filled with
boiling water, from which, clouds of
steam are continually rising, lieside
these tanks are cianes which carry,
through t lie large doors that open on
each side, two iron boxes, each holding
a bushel, from the oyster uoat, fastened
alongside the house, the oysters to the
water tank.
I'.efore going any farther on a tour
of inspection, it is necessary to sample
the oysters and prepare yourself thor
oughly to appreciate what is to follow.
So our conductor kindly ordered some
raw oysters and also some steamed ones
and a "shucker" to shuck them for us.
If one has never lnu-ktd 0'--ti t. I believe
our Ohio friends say husked this latter I
addition should not be omitted or the!
proper frame of mind may not be attain- j
ed. The captain of tiie "pungy" from j
which ovstcrs were being unloaded,
placed his cabin at our disposal and told
us to enjoy ourselves. With a peck of
raw and a bushel of stewed oysters at
your disposal, this is not a hard thing to
do, especially if about meal time. I
once thought I did not like oysters but
I think it would take a long time and
much logic to convince the oyster shuck
erthatldo not care for them now.
We did not eat all at our disposal but
we ate some.
We had oysters on the half shell until
we had enoug) . They were delicious.
When you are in Baltimore try the ex
periment. To return to my subject, the oysters
are taken from the hold of the boat in
the boxes and placed in the water tanks
where they are held until they begin to
open when they are taken out and taken
to the shockers.
The shuckers room is furnished with
a kind of counter along each side of the
room at which the shuckers stand and
work, r.ack of them is thetramwayby
which the oysters are conveyed from the
boiling tanks. Between the counters is
a wide cart-way for the carts in which
the shell, that are thrown over the
counters bv the shuckers, are hauled
MeMurrav it Co., employ about two
hundred shuckers, men, women, boys
and girls. They presented rather a mot
ley appearance, Poles, Germans, Bohe
mians, Knglish, Americans, Negroes of
various shades, string along side by side
down each side of the room. They re
ceive six and one-fourth cent a "pot,"
about a gallon, and make from seventy
live cents to a dollar and a quarter per
day. They carry their -'pot" to the
packing room and pass it in through a
"pigeon hole" and receive in return
another "pot" and a check for six and a
fourth cents.
The oystis are now placed in a wire
biioket and placed in a tank of pure
water and washed and then allowed to
drain a few minutes after which they
are placed in cans and weighed eight
ounces to the eta. The cans are then
filled with the liquor, after which they
are ready for sealing. Most packing
houses open the oysters by means of
steam alone, and fill the can with salt
water, but McMnrray it Co., use boiling
water to open the oysters and liquor to
(ill the cans a much superior process.
After the cans are filled a girl places
the lid and a small piece of solder on
the can, and the cans are tarried to the
"sealer,' who, with a soldering-iron,
peculiarly adopted to the purpose, quick
ly seals them. The cans are now placed
in iron baskets, about five feet across
and deep enough for one can, and after
about eight cans have been filled, these
are placed in the "process kettle," a
large steam tight arrangement, and boil
ed for a time, after which they arc
ready to be labeled and put on the
The landing is done by girls. On
girl can label live thousand cans per day,
if required.
McMnrray A Co., make their own
cans. In the oyster sasou thty employ
about four hundred hands and in the
peach season about one thousand at Bal
timore. They put up thirty-five hun
dred bushels of ovsteis per Hay and in
the peach season two. to three thousand
boxes. They also can peaa, pineapples,
pears, beans etc., etc.
At Frederick, Md., they have a corn
rnniiiinf ft;iUirihiiiptit wliere tliev put
up from one hundred to ono hundipd
and lifty thousand cans per day. They
cultivate uliout threo llniusand Hi res o(
wni for lanniiiti alone. ThiH hchkob
they w ill put up from lour to live mil
lion cans of corn.
Maryland peaches lead the world, not
excepting the California pea 'lies, which
are insipid compared with them. In
apricots, however, California excelH.
Ielawaie peaches usually go on the
market in their natural state.
McMnrray A Co., place upon the mar
ket only one class of goods bearing their
Ktaiini. "I,. MeMurrav it Co.." and it is
a1,,,i,..i f;ru(.i.a All 0,.n,i nnali.
ty bears adill'erent brand. II. K. II.
To temporize with vnnr health instead of
promptly ming Dr. lU.H'ii Italtimore Tills in
miprt'tiie folly.
I'linitivelv the heat, Day'a Home Powder.
See that you get no other. All ilruiriiBt keep
The "hahy'i best friend" is the moat appro
priate title for lr. l!iill' Ilaby Hvrup. It is
Itunranteed to be free from opium and lauda
num, fie
March 22nd, 1886.
The farmers os this vicinity are buty sowing
oats. Iter. Motz is conducting a aeriei of meetings
at I'leHHant Hill.
Mr. Leslie Chapman is still lying very low
with rheumatism.
There will be preaching at .Sharpsville next
Sunday at 2.30 p. m.
Mr. Tom Harry, of near New Vienna, hat
moved to the house vacated by 1. I Pinkor
tou. Hewaro of worthless imitations of Dr. Jones'
Ited Clover Tonic. The genuine cures head
ache, piles, dyspepsia, ague, malaria, and is a
perfect tonic and blood puritier. Trice 60
conts. All drUKKists.
March 21st, 1886.
l.'arniers busy putting in oats.
Al. Duueanson has a writing class in this
Wheat looks splendid in thin part of the
Mr. T. IT. Kay closed his school in the Cnr
lies district last Friday.
Miss Mollis Cumberland will commence a
spring school in Brown coiiDty, the lirst Mon
day in April.
Protracted meeting in progress at Toll
school house, Revs. Lowell. Henderson and
Vandeman are the ministers! Protracted
meeting also in prneress at Huford. Itev.
Ilriggs, pastor. No accessions ytt.
Mr. C. O. Peddicord closed his school last
Friday. He wan treated to a line surprise din
ner, about ll.ri being present to partake of the
de!icR"ies of the season. The evening program
eensinted of declamations, dialogues, music,
vocal and instrumental. MisB.Mollie Euverard
presided at the organ.
'The best on earth" can truly he said of
Griggs' (Hvcrrine Salve a speedy cure for
cuts, bruisr s, scalds, burns, Bores, piles, tetter,
and all skin eruptions. Try this wonder
healer. 115 cents. Guaranteed.
March 22d, 1886.
Old Aunt Jennie Gilder is very sick at this
Farmers are beginning to turn the Boil, pre
paratory to sowing oats.
Mr. Newton Gibler, of Louisville, Ky., is
visiting at aunt Jennie Gibler's.
Mr. Turner and ladv, of Ilr.inshoro, called
on James Bryan, one day Irfi, week.
Mr. Levi Faris, of Pi ice town, was visiting
relatives in this pis.eo, Is ,t Thursday.
Miss May Miller, of Berryville, was the
gue.it of Mis. Vvm. Kelley, several days of last
The tiiut-lt' correspondent failed to hand il
his sheet last week. Wonder what was tb
Mr. F.dward ltisliir and Miss Carrie Bales
are stopping at Wm. Kent's, attending the
F.lder V. B. Custer, of Pricetown, was in t hi H
place last week, assisting in the protracted
Klder Louis Gibler went home last Saturday
but returned the same evening to assist in the
Miss Anna Bishir, of Berryville, was visiting
at the residence of Klder J. B. Faris, last Sat
urday and Sunday.
The meeting at this place is still in progress
with ten additions to the church and is likely
to continue a short time.
The mumphs have taken up their abode in
this community and from appearances they
expect to stay till summer.
Misses Lucy Hobuck, Emma McConnaughey
and llattie Stanfortb, were the guests of Miss
Laura B. Faris, last Saturday.
Miss Hattie Stanfortb will toach a three
mouths summer school at Pleasant Hill, be
ginning the lirst Monday in April.
' The unhappy mortal whose liver is inactive,
is miserable upon the slightest occasion, or
without any cause whatever. Dr. J. H. Mc
Lean's Homiepathic Liver and Kidney Balm,
stimulates the liver aud kiduevs and makes
life worth living, i 1 .00 per bottle. For sale
by Heybert fc Co.
"Can February March?" asked the
punster with a sickly smile. "Perhaps
not," replied the quiet man, "but April
May." IJotiloii Trauitcrijtt.
It is worth remere tiering that nobody enjoys
the nicest surroundings if in bad health.
There are miserable people about to-day with
one foot in the grave, to whom a bottle of
Parker's Tonic would do more good than all
the doctors and medicines they have ever used,
A Boston woman lias been show ing
cooking class all about "orange frosting."
It has been something new in Florida
this season. -Wtc Orcoim Pioiyintt.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises,
Kures. Ulcers. Halt Itheum, Fever Sores, Tetter,
Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, a..d all
Hlnu Kruptions. and positively cures Piles, or
no pay required. It is guaranteed to give en
tire satiaf actisn, or money refunded. Price
25 cents per box.
FOK HALE BY Heybert A Co. sept9yl
A writer remarks that "the world
full of indlea and tears." Not so full of
smiles, however, as some thirsty indi
viduals wisn it was. Hurlinjlmi Frte
Purify Your Blood.
Among spring preparations, do not neglect
that which is most important of all your own
body, lluriug the winter the blood absorbs
many impurities, which, if not expelled, are
liable to break out in scrofula or other disease.
'1 he bust spring medicine is Hood s Sarsapa
rilla. It expels every impurity from the
blood, aud giva strength, to every function
the body. Sold by all druggists. sp
Chicago lunhed tumultuously to the
"Black Crook" lant week, while "Lohen
grin" and "Faust" were sung to meagre
houses. We infer frow this that Chicago
is satisfied w ith its ears, and wishes
prolong iU favorite studies in feet. ffi
Fori' S'un.
iJappiuuiiR dependa very much ou thecuinlj
tiun df iliw livtr anil kutueyH. 'ihviiitof hf
niftke but littlu iinprtmeiuu on tlioatt wIiom
(iiKfiticii in fftH'd- iou caQ rculat your livar
aud kldu"y with Lr. J. li. Mcfoau ili'iimeo
i. riI. id l.ivi.r anil Klilnt-r l'.liu 1 ltd i.Mr
IhjIiIo. For lo by Hevbcrt 4 t o.
The Arkansas Travelers.
( 'oiifimo'if (nun (lir fie.'f J"';'-l
provided with thcHe articles. In the
meantime they were to provide them
selves w ith those "traps aud accoutre
ni 'iits," on the sly, so ns not to awakrn
the slightest suspicion. When these
were provided they were to set n day
for their departure.
Tuey then separated and at the earli
est opportunity informed their parents
that they were sorely in need of a pair of
shoes and the above mentioned "trouser
loons." The sore need was not so ap
parent to the old folks as to the hoys,
but after not a little coaxing and some
very adroit argument, it was demon
strated apparently to the satisfaction of
the parents and certainly to the entire
satisfaction of the boys and these ar
ticles were accordingly purchased.
They had, aB they thought, equipped
themselves pretty well by this time nnd
so the next step was to set the day. It
was unanimously decided to start on the
morning of March 11th, and in order
that they might get a good early Btart, it
was thought best to convey the greater
part of the aforesaid "traps and ac
coutrements," to a piece of tiuiber-l.nd
a short distance out of town, and there
conceal them in a brush-pile, In ad
dition to this, Alec bridled his pony and
took her out and tied her in 'tin satno
piece of timber, that she might be at
hand in the morning when they were
ready to Btrap upon her back their
Camping utensils, ammunition, etc; Jill
of which are included in the terms,
"traps and accoutrements." A list of
these might not be uninteresting nnd
perhaps not inappropriate here. I will
lirst inuumerate those of a war-like na
ture: two breech-loading shot-gtini, and
two navy revolvers, one of which shot a
No. 38 cartridge, long or short, the other
a No. !12. There was, perhaps, a bowie
knife or two but I am not positive as to
that. As, to ammunition, they had 000
cartridges, besides powder and shot in
Among their other necessary articles,
was a blanket for their protection at
night, a coll'ee pot and frying pan, to
gether with tin cups, pans and various
other articles, too nuraerons to mention.
Alee even remembered to put in three
loaves of bread, a cup of jelley and a
box of pepper, but when on the way it
was soon discovered that no salt had
been provided. It would not be amiss
to say that they were a fresh set of boys,
until they stopped at a farm lioue and
made a raise of some salt.
The night of the 10th of March came
at last, as all nights do, but it wag a
wakeful night to, at least, two boys in
Greenfield, as they felt it was their last I
night there for many years. After lay- j
ing awake, till far into the night, think- j
ing of that glorious iuture just uetore
them, Morpheus touched thrm with his
magic wand and they fell asleep to
dream about that "land flowing with
milk and honey" which they would
shortly enter. The next morning, they
were up with the lark, and could hardly
wuit till breakfast was ready. Bob's
mother must have thought hu was tak
ing a good start to make a distinguished
editor, by his eagerness to get oil" to
school that morning. Alec's step-father
no doubt rejoiced to see that hisstop-son
was learning the good habit of early
rising, and especially this morning, as
he wanted him in the store that fore
noon. The boys did not geem to relish
breakfast, notwithstanding the toast
was the best, the biscuits the whitest
and the steak the tenderest. Every boy
who reads this can tell what wag the
matter. There was nothing wrong with
the breakfast, but it wis all wrong with
the boys. They felt guilty. That little
monitor way down in their hearts, call
ed the conscience, was whispering to
them and saying : "Dun't tip thai, don't do
tlntl, iou know vrry urll ioit thouhht't."
Ah ! boys, how much less trouble there
would be in this world if every body
hail obeyed that little monitor, called
conscience. Our penitentiaries and
jails would not be crowded, our lawyers
and judges would not be kept so busy
and saloon keepers would be compelled
to engage in some other business if
conscience was always obeyed. After
the boys had gulped their breakfast
down, the best they could, they arose
from the table ; as Alec's Hep-father
told him he wanted him to help in the
store that morning, Alec muttered some
thing about his pony had to be fed and
watered. As badly as this was needed,
it was only a few minutes, till he bad
slyly taken his gun down from the rack,
slipped out the back way and by dodg
ing tli rough alleys, was soon on the out
skirts of the town. Here he was joined
by Hob, with his gun, who also had an
ink-stand protruning from one pocket
and a copy-book from the other. The
boys were jubilant to think their scheme
had worked so nicely, and they kept up
a lively conversat on as they walked
briskly on toward the wood, where they
nad leit tlie pony and their tilings
jusi ueiore reaching the place ot ren
dezvous in the forest they came suddenly
upon uus Caxton, w ho had come out
there to shoot at a mark with his rifle.
Seeing the boys coming cautiously up.
as though they would be glad to pass by
unperceived, he turne.l away from the
mark, upon which he was about to take
a bead, and said : "Hello, kids, which
way?" Alec thought it might be best
to give him an evasive answer, and so
he replied, "Why, we are going out for
a hunt, to be sine, K.ud..p, where are
your lointinkers." "Cirandpap" did not
use his "tomtinkers" for nothing and as
lie saw the big heavy blanket thev had
along, he knew that he had not heard
the straight of the matter, aud so lie
plainly teld them that they could not
"pull the wool over his eyes" that way
and that he knew there was something
in the wind. The boys, seeing that they
could not "pull the wool over his eyes
that way and that he knew theie
was something in tlie wind, owned
that they were "Arkansaw travelers,"
or at least would be, us Boon as
they could get inutile of that Mate.
OtiH, finning iLhI tliey were running oil",
wan Btrin k with tlie iilea that it wim
jimt what he would like to do aud ac
cordingly auked pcruiiHMon to accom
pany liiein. Neither of the ho) 8 had
thought of taking in another partner,
hut they concluded to let Otis join them
a he wan a good fellow and they
thought hy a few Ichhoiih, he would Boon
he dualli on "haia and Injuns." Ho all
three trudged merrily on toward the
( To hf Colli inurit.)
Bcivara of Scrofula
Scrofula Is prnlmWy nwro pcnrr.il than any
other disonso. It Is iiislilimm In cnar.irtcr.
nnd mnniftts Itself In pinning tores, pustular
rruptionn, boils, flwplllnjts, enlarged Joints,
abbesses, aore ryos, etc. Hood's Sfirsnparilla
rxprls all traoo of scrofula from the blood,
leaving It pure, enriched, nnd healthy.
' I was nevemly afllieted with nerofula, and
over a year had two running sores on my neck.
Took five bottles Hood's S.irsaparlllft, and am
cured." C. E. Love.tot, Lowell, M.vts.
C. A. Arnold, Arnold, Me., fiad scrofulous
sores for seven years, spring and fall. Hood's
Harsapnrilla cured him.
Salt Hhcum
Is one of the most dls.-igreealile diseases enuserl
by Impure blood. It Is readily cured by Hood's
Bnrsaparllla, tlie great blood purifier.
William Pples, Elyrla, O., sulTorcd greatly
from erysipelas and salt rheum, caused by
handling tobacco. At times his bands would
crack open and bleed. Ho tried various prep
arations without aid; finally took Hood's S.ir.
snpnrllla, and now says: " I am . ilrely well."
My son bad salt rheum on his hands and
on the crilveq of his leqs. He find Hood's
Pnriaparllla nnd is entirely cured." J. B.
Stanton, Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
Hood's Garsaparilla
8otd by nil driiRulsts. f ; six for Mndooidr
by C. I. HOOP & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mail.
IOO Doses One Dollar
. comPLAirjT.
arc a bitter or bsd tjwt1n the month ; rtn 1 the
bfu-k. Bides, or Joints of ten mistaken br rhfunv
atimii : Hour ntoimu-h : loss uf auperlte ; bowels al
ternately conUvu and Ikx ; lipmliwhe ; lofwof mem
ory. with a pulnfulHcnsntion of liavlnt; futleci tolo
anim'thliiR which ought to have been done: de
bility ; low spirits; a thick, yellow appewriince of
the Hkln and eyra; a dry cough often inlntakeu
fur consumption.
Dyspepsia, Constipation, Jaundice, Bit
ioua Attacks, Chills and Fever, Head
ache, Colic, Depression of Spirits,
6 our Stomach, Heartburn,
Piles, etc
Simmons Ltyer Rrottt.ator, purely vptjet&bl?.
In the medicine ffeuerally used In the Huuth to
arouse the Torpid Liver lo a healthy action.
It acts with extraordinary power and ef
ficacy on ths Liver and Kidneys.
The action of the Ufffulafor Is free from nausea
orpripinif. His mont piVrtive In martin theae
creilons of the Liver, ciumlnfr the hlie to act as a
cathartic. When there ii at) excesn of bile In the
HUimach, the Kejtutator in an active purife ; after
the removal of the bile ft will reenlate ihebowela
and impart vlur and health to the whole eyaujia.
See that you get the genuine with red
"Z"on front of Wrapper, prepared only
byj. It. ZEILIN A CO., Sole Proprietors,
Philadelphia. Pa.
fczmzi Ego Food
HENfl may be fed to produce etrtra aa wpII ajrpow pan
be fed to produce milk. If yirar neighbor i fwttinjt
two or three tirum u mun; etrtrn a you art, you will pro
bAhly learn, on Inquiry, that hei ?rwlln hi fowls with,
IMI'KKIAL VMG Find), which contain all the necewary
lnrredlintn to make and utimu late them to liy. Tlie
cost U trlflinjj about a half oent a wwk ppr fowl, wblh
bHng thus fed and wall tn.lt -n care of, will repay JOO
better than any other a lock yoa oan kep.
iisrsxjnE i isr
The PH(ENIX, of Hartford, Conn.
,000,000 00.
WII21.814 6S
Fire, Tornado and Farm Insurance
Georgetown, Brown County, 0.
Modern! Practical! ProgreHsive!
Ky ton Hive! Economical!
The third term of thin already popular Edu
cational IiiHtitution will commence TUKBDAY,
MAY 4th, 1HH6, aud coutinue ten weekt.
ClanHea In tli Common Itrnnrlifm, wlio
Aitrft, TUieory unit practice or leaoh
nif, Hlietorlr, Physiolog y, tafioloey, Bola
ny, Natural I'hlloHiipliy, 1 bruitittry, Music.
tieok-Keelag, Lutln, etc.
Twitch!- of cHtnhltHhml reputation and
especially adapted to tlie wwrk asMgDed
in em.
Tl'ITION Teu weekH.payable in advnpi
910 00.
Uood tu ble board . In luu. per week,
81 50 to tl 00
Well furnished rooroi, two lo a room, for
eaeli pupil, per wefkc, 40 to to cnti,
Hoard iu private families at reauouable
Total expense bh low uh at any other ilml
lar Kctjool.
Puplltt ciin enter at any time during the
term by paying from the time of adiniiuilon
till tiie clotie of the Henhlon,
For particulars address the Principal,
Sup't Pabllc St hooU,
Tkii Baby na siek, we gave her Castorta,
When ah was a Cliild, the oned fur Caaloria,
Whma ahe k-soaiM 11m, she oltuig to Caatoria,
Whoa aha had Childrau, she gave Uiau Caatoria,
li.ui-i.'i i
1 liitt h.ni . !:
1 Ike b-tint 1 ouyli C' are y,ji
And Uitt Unt jirt vt nlivo hn n (,t- ' .
(Urt TI Lxxllly 114J.U1, laliii ill; t. i.-il lU ,
unfli, l.iiiis, ,i v r , K ii.:n I .i
call eilLaVie 'll!)llltL I 111' 'l 1 '.1 ll
If 1 lii7 uujnitt Ui L'-( uikI i
(ifmc. wllllii n.n 1 1 m- !!..; i
tlii) 1 1 hi.-; y u. f( 1' Mi r u 'm T. i' , 1
KrtiUa. 1uk It lit tli...'. i
li K bult 1chuI1. Ml.
'i iwnvilVoi, mir'-L. u-ii: t' . i
liiiUli.li-., a; l, M-ii-.. I'R.iur- i,u. im.
Ilx lT"M Ui. ll. 11.11 UI.. uiti i. li - I
f i ' L i i ill I i 'i i'. 1 l-.-l.-' I i ' 'i
il-- f..11- h-.i I I . i iit-M Ml.i ti! 1 . . I 1
In m
HnnA nf eleven rnnwn Inrftt t irn, iwo
eJmerim, all In unn condition.
HotiHfi of ten riioniM, never-falling aprlng,
fine nrohnrd and gfi rde n , In ri;e nt u re, an li
able for dairy.
Hnuwe of fl ve room w. In good repair. fJMV
Far in lu Wa-h I nit ton Tp , l7 neien.Wi aorei
of i tuib'T, (foi'd tn prnvprnen tn, 8i 1 an nere.
Farm In Waalilnnlnn Tp., M nrrev $12 an
Karm In Uruhcroefc Tp., 0 nrrM, flr Im
prove men t a. Rood orchnril.lW acre of timber,
7 an acre.
Farm In Brushcreek Tp., lfit aere (a part In
Pike Co ) Rood Improvement, fine orchard,
$12 at) hoto.
Farm In New Market Tp 30 nrrea. Rood
hullnlngH, flue orchard, all am nil fruits, $-4
an acre.
rilutoB County.
Farm In Clark Tp.. 210 (lores, fair tniprove
menU, fvio an acre.
Adams Coaiity
Tract In Ureen Fp'2M acres, unimproved,
$H an anre.
For aale on easy terms.
13 inH H. T. HCOTT, HtlUooro, O.
Legal Notice-
"TARY ROADS and IJunjamin RoailH, her
.1YJL hnnbnl( who reside at Wellsville. Frank
lin county, Kantian; James Waddle and Victoria
HuRheB.whu reitide in Kerton. Johnson county,
Kaniftt ; Margaret Loudon and James London,
her husband, who reside at Ht. Joseph, Uu
chanan county, MisHonri ; Anna Van Iiilon and
JameftVan lillnn, her husband, Ilohert Waddie
and Ityron Waddle, who reside at Perth, Sum
ner onnnty, Kangas, and Akup Waddle, who
rpnides at Belle 1'laine, Sumner county, Kannas,
will take notice that on l ho 2d dar of Kehrutrv,
A. V. 186, F.flia MeCallisUr and" D. 0. McCal
listcr filed their petition in the Common Plras
Court of Highland county, Ohio, in caie No.
4,2.15. aKftiuHt the above named parties and
othera, prayinR for a survey of three certain
tract of Und situated in Paint townliip,
Highland county. Ohio, and containing 75. 23
and 64.8 acres of land, beinf? the same land of
which one Janien S. Waddle died Heized, and
further praying for a partition of said tractB
of laud anions the heirs of said James H.
Waddle, deceased ; and in the vent that such
partition can not le made without manifest
injury, then that such proceedings may be had
in said Court as ato juwt, proper and author
ized by law.
Haid partiea are requested to answer on or
before the 31at day or March, A. D. 188G, or
judgment will be taken againat them.
Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
Cincinnati, Baltimore & Washington
West, Northwest, and Southwest.
Through Trains l.euvc Hillhhoro for
Cincinnati, for all points taut, and
for Wilmington, Columhng,
Wheeling, I'ittHbng, and all
trmediute. points at
7:10 a.m., H:20 p.m.
For furtlmr information and the boBt
possible rates, apply to
Agent C. W.&. B. R. R.
Gn'l Manager. 0nX Fan. A Tkt. Agt.
Among: tho many pymptoma
cf Dyspops!'', or indigestion,
tho most prominent arc: Va
riable appetite; faint,R,aiving'
feeling: at pit of tha stomach,
with unsatisfied craving fc?
food; heartburn. f:3linj of
weight and wind In tha stom
ach, bad brea'h, bad tasta in
the mouth, low spirits, greneral
prostration, headache, and
constipation. There is no form
of disease more prevalent than
Dyspepsia, and nono so pecul
iar to the high-living: and rapid-eating
American people.
Alcohol and tobacco produce
Dyspepsia; also, bad air, etc.
EITTr""'. will cure the worst
case, y regulating the bowels
and tf rasg up the digestive
ergaas. Said everywhere.
Notice to Contractors.
SEALED mOI'OHALS will l'e renpiv.a t
tlie nrf'ir-e of the olprk of tlie iiimril of Ed
ucation of Penn township, in Highland ponntT,
Ohio, until twolve o'lock at noon, on the luth
day of April, A. V). lMfi, for building a erhool
houfe on the lot Bittiated in joint Huh-dixtrict
No. 2. in said townnhip, according to the plans
and ppeoiriVationa on file in paid i ffi 'e.
Each t.id niunt contain the name of evrry
peron interuMed in the name, and be accom
panied by a aiiflii ient guaranty of Borne diem
tereHted pernon, that, if the bid in accepted,
contract will be entered into, and the perform
ance of it properly secured. The bid foi ach
kind of material called for by the opacifications
rount be etated eeparately, and the price of
each Riven, and tho price of labor muHt also
be erparately stated.
None but tlie lowest renponeihe bid will be
accepted, and the board may reject all hidH.
AIbo, said Hoard of Education offer for Bale
the old brick nchool-huURe now located on aaid
lot, for whioh Healed hidB will be receiyed and
opened at the time of opening bids for the
building of the new houde.
Tha purchaBer in required to pay for the
Bame before removing any part of it. and must
be removed, together with all rubbish there
from by September let, 1HM6.
By order of the Board of Education,
W. W. Wkbt, Clork.
March 8th, A. D.1880.
THE Board of SchoolEx&minerBof ITighland
county give notice, that examinations of
Applicants for Certificates will take place in the
Hillboro Union School building onthefirflt
Paturdav of every month, and on the third Sat
nrday of February, March, April. AuguHt. Sep
tember and October. Tlie F.ianiinHtion fee
prescribed by law is 50 cents. By order of the
au23yl E. Ci. SMITH, Clerk.
Notice to Contractors.
SEALED rilOl'OSAf.8 will be received at
the office of the clerk of the Board of Ed
ucation of Union towntdiip, Highland county,
Ohio, until twelve o'clock at noon on the l'Jth
day of April, lHHfi, for building a school house
ou tlie lot situated in Sub-l)itrict No. 2 of
said township, according to the plans and
qualifications on tile in said office. Each bid
muRt contain the iiftnie of every person inter
ented in the same and be accompanied by a
sufficient guaranty of aome disinterested per
son, that, if the bid ie accepted a contract will
be entered into and the performance of it
properly iecured. The bid for each kind of
material called for by the specitications muit
be separately stated, and the price of each
giveu, and the price of labor must also be
separately stated. None but the lowest re
sponsible bid will be accepted, and the Board
may reject all bids.
By order of the Board of Education.
M. N. Kankinb, Clerk.
WlLLunwviixE. 0., 11 arch 10. 18H6. 17-5
rtl ) w ! ) ' I
Wol-wrthinefcn -' Lea ccTe M .' -W
By reason of its central poBitlon and close relation to flU prlnrlpal lines Fapt and
WOHt, at lnltlttl and terminal points, conHtituuH the raoHt lmiortant mkl-contl-nnuilink
in thut evHtem of through tmiiMportHUon whlnU inviUjs tuid fncili
tatee travel and traihe between cities ot tlie Atlantic and Pacific Coasts, It
1h alao the favorite and bent route to and from pointa East. Nortiieutit and
boutheant, and correnpondlutf pointa Weat. Northwent and Bouthwent.
The Hock Idlund Byntmii includ9 in Its main line and brancha, Chicago,
Joliot, Ottawa, La Balle, Peoria, Geneaeq, Moline and Rock iHland, tn illlnriH;
Davenport, Murfoatlne, Wafthington, FairTitjld, Ottnmwa, Onkaloona, Wewt
Lltxirty, Iowa City, Dea MoiiiHd, Indlanola, w interwt. Atlantic, Knoxvllle,
Avidubon, Harlan, Qutlirie Centre and Council BiuiT'a, in Iowa; Gallatin,
Trouton, Cameron and Kansatj City, in lVIibaourl, Lenvmi worth and AtohlMou,
in I .naaa; Albert Lea, MinneapoH and Ht. Paul, in Minnesota; Vatei-Uiwn iu
Dctkota, uud hundreds ot lnuarLUodiate ciliea, towns, viiiaen and etttuoiis.
Guftrantoea lt8 patrons that Benso of porsonal socwrlty afforded by a solid,
thoroughly hulhiwtd roud-bed; mooth trtw-ka of continuoiiH etwl mil; Hub
Btantiullv built culveruj mid briilii; roiling stock uh near perfection as
human skill ctin make It; the satety apillaiiut8 of iiauint bullora. platforms
and alr-brakuM: and that exactiutf dlrfcinliiie whirh Kovorris the practical
operation of all Hrt traiusi. Otuer BpiM-iafticH of this route are TranHtera at
all connecting pointa In Union Depota, and the uimui pantsod comforta and
lujcuriea ot iM PawHtiriKer Eouliimeiit.
The Font Exprorta Trains between Clilcago and the Mlpsourl River are corn
poBedof well ventilated, finely i-nholaUTfil Day Coaches Maitr.lHrent Pullman
Palace Sleepers of the latent denimi, and aumptuous I)iiiin Caj-s, In which
elalKiraloiy cooked meaia are lulaurnly uatun, " Kood Iiiui't-lion waiting on
Appetite, and Health on both." Between Chicago and Kanaaa City and
AtcUiaon, are alao run tho (Celebrated Heclnilntf Chair Cars.
In the dlroct and favorite line between (Thicago and Minneapolis and St Paul,
where connections are made in Union Depots for all points in the Territories
and Ilritlnh Provinces. Over this route, t'uHt ExpreHH Trains are run to the
watering places, euuimer reaorts, ptoturotKiue localitlea, and hunting and lihh
lng grounds of Iowa and Minneaota. It la a.HO the meet desirable route to the
rlou wheut llelds and pastoral lands of Interior liukolA.
Still another D1HKCT LINK, via Beneca and K.ankakee, hoa been opened
botween Newport News, Xttcbmond, Cincinnati, Indianapohs, and Laiayette and
Counial Dl'iita, rCunaaa City, Minneapolis and St. Paul anil Intermediate pomta.
For detailed Iniormation eee Maps and toldera, obtnlnahle. aa well as
Tickets, at all principal Ticket Ollioea In the United fcSUUea and Canada: or
by aadreaoliig
President and General Manager, Chicago. General Ticket and Passenger Agent, Chicago.
Did you Sup-
pose Mustang Liniment only good
(or horses ? It is (or tfiflamma
'ion ui ail flesh.
A Clear Skin
is only a part of beauty;
but it is a part. Hverylady
may have it ; at least, what
looks like it. Magnolia
liulrn both freshens" and
1" autifies.

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