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J TKtf'.Newsirieraia.
Offloei Hoggard Building, W. Ifkin Bt.
MAY 12 f .
Call at Emma Cos & Slider's und me tbe
Jorabn hat. ' ,
Mre,U. n.Uanlnerli visiting relative In
Washington C. H.
Call at Emma Cox & Bister's and neo their
new stock: of millinery.
Hob. UlrleHloatie will deliver the oration
at Botord on Decoration Day.
Mr. and Mrs. George Brown, of Wilming
ton, visited relatives here last week.
Mr. Will Robinson, of Greenfield, was the
gnestot Mr. Harry LeFevre Sunday.
Herman Hllle, of Bprlngfleld,0.,la visit
leg als parent on South West street.
J j
Mr. Joseph Lee; of Carrollton, Mo., Is visit
Ing relatives and friends In this vicinity.
' m
Mr. W. T. Bhannon now appsars behind
the counter of his new store at Bhannon
vlile. ,
Mrs. Laura Hansel, of Chicago, was the
gueet of Mr. and Mrs. W. U. Rannells last
1 Mr. and Mr. John Oonard left last Than
day for an extended to relatives at Lancas
ter,' Pa.
I Mr.Ed.P.Hngglns,of th law firm of Mc-
.QaBey ft Hoggins, Colntnbns, is visiting rel
atlyea here.
Miss Emma Vox spent Monday and Toes'
day fn Olnelnnatl pnrohaslng a large snpply
of novelties.
-' Mn. H. E. Uaasner, of Mt. Qassner. Iowa,
spent several days of last week with Capt. J.
M. Hlesland.
Mr. Areh Harwood, of the Galnsford Car
riage Works, Cincinnati, has retnrned home
for a short stay.
r '
1 Master Willie Rannells, of this place, la
Visiting hie grandfather, Mr. Lewis Hosklns,
in New Vienna.
... ' , a
.Mlsella MeBarely returned to Oxford last
Saturday, after! spending a short vacation
with herjMtfenU. ,
Several letter from correspondents and an
obituary of Mrs. Melissa Carey are unavoid
ably crowded out this week.
Miss Jennie Wiggins was agreeably sur
prised, on last Friday evening by quite a
number of her young friends.
Mrs. Ann J. Wilson, of this place, left last
Monday to visit Mrs. Mary Pratt, widow of
Rev.'E P. Pratt, in Portsmouth.
George Saunders, of Walllncford, Ky., who
has been spending a few days in this place,
left for Covluton last Saturday .
Mr.Cbas, WoodroW.of the Walnut Btreet
House, Cincinnati, spent several days of last
week vlstlng his parents In this city.
The aeoouhi of the surprise parly for Mrs.
B. A. Noland'.by our Fairfax correspondent,
IS orowded out and will appear next week.
;Dr. and Mrs. W.S. Rudlslll, accompanied
by their sister, Mss Bertha Evans, visited
retail vesln Greenfield Saturday and. Sunday.
The NXWS-HSBAI.D Is Indebted to Mr. C. A.
Doggeti for copies of the Weld county Argus
and Colorado Toptet, published at Hyde, Col
orado. ' .
Mr. J. L. Custer, an attorney at law, of
Marlon, Ind., was In Hlllsboro pn Monday,
and made the N-cws-Hkbald office a pheas
ant call. L K-" j
The young ladles of the Waste-Not Society
have anouar tcea in store for the public
next Friday evening. Donffall to be pre,
eot und enjoy tbe occasion... :
yt , ' . m "It
Dr. and Mrs Uoyt left yesterday to attend
th'o meeting of the State Homeopatbe Medi
cal Society at Toledo from there they will
to East Baglnaw and Bay CityMich.
Mrs. Andrew MaMlcken and Mrs. Lallle
Lewls.of Clnelnnatl ; Judge John Matthews,
wife and daughter, of Wilmington; Mr.
Elijah Matthews, of New Vienna, and Mr.
J. J. McDowell, of Cincinnati, were present
at the funeral of Judge AG. Matthews last
T. A, Walker ft Co.. the popularand enter
prising merchants of this place, are present
ing to every purchaser to the amount of two
dollars or over on of the Little Jap" shawl
straps and packegt carriers. This is a new
devloe.Juat patented, and is a prime neces
sity to everyoae, especially to every school
child lathe oounty. Call and see them. Price
ten cents.
Blnea tba Devoe Mixed Paints have been
put on this market dealer In other brand
have confessed the Inferiority of their good
by cutting their ocn prices 10 to SO cent on
the gallon, with unHmlUd time. But people
of mean are learning that Byland1 Picture
Store Is the only place In Hlllsboro to get
really first-class good at or below New York
price. Term spot cat.
The Right Rev. D. B. Knickerbocker, D.D.,
Bishop of Indiana, is expected to visit St.
Mary's Episcopal Cpureh on Thursday even
ing of this week, to administer confirma
tion. Tb Bishop will ba the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Bradley at the Davis House, and
parishioners and other who desire to meet
him socially will be welcome at the rector's
room Immediately after tb church service.
i .T : .
The Waate-Not Missionary' Boclety will
give an entertainment and social In the lec
ture room of tfeeM.B. Chureh, Friday even
ing, Mar Mtb. A novel and lateraeUng pro
gram will be'dveai, after which the refresh
ments, oonslstlag of to eraam and cake,
will be served; ana ti aoelal tins enjoyed.
Exercises will sjsajln at 730. Admission, 10
cents. Cake ad,, 4. cream. W oent. The
Waste-Not never, jdlsappolnt, so oome one,
come all. .. '
Tb entertainment by. the Kid Minstrel
last Thursday evening was a decided ansae.
Bd Hawk's ologdaooe was repeated by writ
ten request from hudc,and than en
cored, MaiUr.PllBhw's rendition of the
cucaoo aong eapuva-aa -no aunienoe ana
ea ay net
Ktltloa hi asellow vole quavered not a
tie. The aatlae waa varv aatlafoetory and
showed that thT ktds had been accurate in
tbe conception of their part. 'The ball waa
rowded till stBiM-pom was scarce and
Tb friend of Hon. TJhH Sloan art Pl
ed to hear of hi return from Columbus to
tb bom of hi boyhood. In February Mr.
loan formed a partnership with hi father
r In-law, Judge Gardner, who I lawyer of
experience, sound judgment and strlet In.
tagrlty.and has tba respect and esteem of
the bar and tb entire community. Mr.
Sloan Is one of tba leading criminal law
yer of tb state, and has a more extensive
, praetle than any lawyer in onr midst. The
legal ability of the genUsmen Is too wall
known to need further comment, and tbey
will receive a liberal share of legal patron-
wllr, I.N. Miller, Manager of a department
- of the Western Union .Tlgrph Company,
ba been In BllUboro for several day look
ing after the Interest of hi company in
establishing an office her. Monday even-
as; Hie uonneil was pniuwN ir vam pnvi'
at aattlng pole Inside tbe. corporation,
tha saamaat will be xranted. Mr. rack.
Manager af Construction, I now at work
ndof tb road natllnc an
.hit wire. Tb loeatlon,ijthe oaaaa
flMiTyt.ba determined; vat an ap-
saowatsa in an iwraaaa DBirana or over
bbIvTm aaBgf b4 operator atthl
Af lor the current issue of the Nkwb-Hkh-
alb, the oRrrln'r lint of the paper will be
abolished. This move Is made for several
reason. Our subscribers who receive the
I iper by carrier think they ought to get it
on Tuesday evening, Instead of Wednesday
morning. Our pout ofilce subscribers nearly
all get their papers Tuesday evening, liiey
belngrnalted at six o'clock, lly mailing the
carrier list nil will receive them at the same
time. We are compelled to work our full
force of hands on press day and it Is there
fore impossible for us to deliver the papers
on Tuesday evening. The change seems to
suit the convenience of the majority of our
town subscribers. Arrangements have been
mado with the (lazeltc to adopt the same
system, for of course we don't want to be
alonoln adopting such n change, and In
making this announcement we rest on the
nssnrance that our contemporary will follow
New store! Now goods! Call nnd see, nt
umma Cox ft Bister's.
Mr. U. B. Newman went on duty as a night
policeman Monday night.
A pleasant reception was gtven to Mr. vAll
rtlliftlttnn anil If Im nia.tt TllAWaV n fd
home of Miss Madge Carson Saturday
Mr. Charles MoOlure.'for several years In
the employ of C. 8 Hell A Co, has resigned
his position with them and Is now In Co
lumbus on a prospecting trip. Charley Is
known In Hlllsboro as a young man of abil
ity and enterprise, and the best wishes of
many friends follow him. His place is
filled by Mr. George W. Boles, recen'tly Clerk
of Highland county, whose skill as a book
keeper and capacity as a business man Is
everywhere reeognUed.
The engraving of Dr.rD. Callithan, which
appear In another column, Is the work of
Mr. Ell Muntz, and although showing In
ome degree the hand of the amateur, will
be duly appreciated by our reader. The
likeness Is from an excellent cabinet photo
graph by J. Z Foulk and was transferred to
the wood by W. H. Downing. To the skill
of the three we are Indebted for whatever of
merit the eugravlng possesses. We have
employed Mr. Munta to furnish some en
giavlngs for us and shall give him an oppor
tunity to develop the genius with which he
Is endowed.
Rev. Grler Hlbben arrived In this place
last week on his way homeward from Prince
ton College, having Just graduated from the
Theological department of that Institution.
During his brief stay he preached three ser
mons, one Friday evening, another Sunday
morning and a third In the evening. All
through his years at college the people of
Hlllsboro nnd vicinity have taken a deep
Interest In the gifted young man.aud that
that Interest had not abated was shown by
the large congregations which greeted hlra
and gave rapt attention to his every utter
ance. A man of finer faculties, or better
adapted for the work of tho ministry, Is sel
dom seen as the eloquent, logical and power
ful discourse of Sunday fully proved. Mr.
Hlbben comes from a brainy family and for
that reason much has been expected of htm.
His thorough training has given him an ex
cellent command of loglo and language, and
his enunciation Is not less distinct than bis
reasoning. On Monday morning he left for
his home In Peoria, 111., where he will spend
a short vacation. Then he will be called to
oneof tho first churches In Bt. Louis to fill
the pulpit of an able divine who goes to
Europe for the summer. The young preach
er seems, endowed with physical strength
aLdavlgor and energy that will most cer
tainly win for him all the honor f hlsoall
ing. The Prise-Winning Families.
The first grand sale of Short-horn cattle o'fj
me areai priKe-winning. lumiues 01 mo
country will take place at the Boloto Valley
r air urounas, ui vniiucoine, unio, w canes'
day. May 10th, 18S8, under the auspices of
the Scioto Valley Breeders' Association. One
of the most valuable collections of thorough
bred lihort-born cattle ever presented at
public auction In this section of the State
will be offered. These cattle will Include se
lected specimens 10 bulls and S3 females
of Crulkshauks, J. Princess, Miss Bhaftoes,
Cambrlas, Teeswaters, Young Pblllls, Blos
soms, Matildas, Garden Rose, Charlottes,''
Raspberries, and Calypses, taken from the
well-known price-winning herds of J. R.
Anderson. Jesse Healer, Harness Renlck,
nogn ueu.sr., jonnn. aieei, w. a. jenes, ,
ft Irwin, Edward Johnson. Anderson Dewltt J
uu Airvm r bctcii, uuu win vuuuuu wormy
representatives of the most fashionable and
highest standard families known to the
breeding pnblio. These cattle are aUxeglster
ed or In condition to be registered anocata
logues showing pedigrees will bo furnished
upon application, oy utter or omerwise to
R. L. Irvln. Frankfort. Ohio. Tha sale will
commence at 1 p. ra. sharp, on the day nam
ed, and tb cattle will positively be sold to
the highest bidder. Col. R. E. Edmonson, of
Lexington, Ky., one of tbe best cattle
auctioneers in the west will officiate.
Term or sais, easn or six monins interest
bearing note with two approved sureties.
R. L. IltVlN.
W. H. J0ME8,
Decoration Day.
The John M. Barrere Post, G. A. It., has
mode arrangements for tba observance of
Memorial Day by tba appointment of tba
usual committees. Monday, May Slst, will
ba tba day observed.
The Post will attend the M. E. Church In a
body on Sunday, May SOtb. Tbe Grtat West
ern Band, of Cincinnati, will furnish tba
muslo for the memorial servloes. Following
are tbe committees on deooratlng grave:
Catholic Cemetery, Hlllsboro Comrades
O'Cennell, Madden and Dillon.
Danville Cemetery Comrage J.Shafer.
Dunn's Chapel Cemetery Comrade J. A.
Fall Creek Cemetery Comrade W. Taylor,
Hlllsboro CemtUry Comrade Mullenlx,
Rows, Grove, Tbornburg and John Reed.
Mt. Zlon Cemetery Comrade D. Taylor.
New Market Cemetery Comrade J. H.
Pleasant Hl)l Cemetery ComradeMarrow.
Presbyterian Cemetery, Hlllsboro Com
rades Hlestand, Hoyt and E. Stevenson.
Prlcetown Cemetery Comrades D. Work
man aind J. B. Farls.
Prospect Cemetery Comrade G. Miller,
Committee on Flowers Northeast dlvls.
las, Comrades J. W. Patterson and R. H.
Sbofstall; northwest division. Comrades
Klblerand Carson : southeast division, Com
rades Walker and KlllfrlU: southwest divis
ion, votnraues uicuu aau jjsuueii. .
Committee on Hinuimint nomridu
Carton, Walker, Glenn, Plerun 'and drove,
Soott Draaooas and Bona of Veterana will
oln tba memorial services, and tbe ladle of
he community are requested' to lend their
aia to tn preparations , ,
XT. C. T. U. Convention ,
The annual Convention of tba Woman'
Christian Temperance .Union wilt be held in
Lexington on Thursday, May J 3th. Tba fol
lowing I tha program of tha meeting, which
promise o be one of more than nsusl Interest:
The Convention will open with devotional
xsroiae conducted by Mrs. Bhnlta, of Lee
burg. Muslo by tb choir. Appointment of
committee on credentials and resolutions.
Beading of minute of organixation. Report
of nnloB. Talk 'by Mrs. Fanny Lelter, of
Qnaatlon box. Mnsle.
ftflsrnnnn flaaslfiii TliinHnnsl ninlHi lad
byMrf.I.J.Thompoo,of Ulllsboro. Muslo.
Minute of Morning teuton. Addr of wel
come by Mr. J. Ed ward. Besponse. Music,
Talk by Mrs. Thompson on th outlook of tern
peraneework. Paper by Mrs. Klo, of Green
field. DUotMslon. i Report of oommittM on
resolutions, rapsr oj Mr. Wm. H. Gregg, of
HUlsboro, on children's work. EleoUon of
Evening Session Addre by Mr. Fanny W.
Lelter, of Mansfield, 8ajMrut&4at el Wat
TeeaperaBoe Educatloaal Work.
The ladle of Lexington hereby xta4t cor
dial invlUUon to ail feeHag a Uvoly Uteraat, la
iBtheeatu of temDtraao to bf Btatast at
, By order of the Prealdeat.
u-i" " !'.
Dr. Dennis Callahan died at his home In
Hlllsboro, Thursday morning, May 6th, after
a continued Illness. From the first stroke of
paralysis, which occurred In 1881, his health
gradually failed until the second, a few
weeks ago, whloh waa speedily followed by
death. Noonesav a man of remarkably
strong constitution could have battled 'so
successfully agalnst'the ravages of a fatal
disease. Bo thoroughly was bs acquainted
with human Ills that be faithfully diagnosed
his own case, and told his wife all the, de
velopments that raljtht be expected In tbe
course of his Illness.
He attended a medical college In Cincin
nati in 1850, and afterwards practiced his
profession six years tn Hlgglnsport, Brown
county, O. He then entered the ministry,
and remained In the itineracy for eleven
years. His health failed at the close of the
war while be was upon the Lynohburg cir
cuit, and he was compelled to abandon tha
work. During the war he was a member of
tbe Christian Commission, and served his
calling earnestly and well. Twice be was
disabled by overwork and waa sent home-
once from l'lltsburg Landing and ogrln from
Nashville. After the war he took up the
practice of dentistry In Hlllsboro,and gradu
u ally drifted into tho practice of medicine,
whloh he had steadily followed for sixteen
years at the time of his death.
As a practicing physician he was widely
known, and as u man among his fellow-men
be was highly esteemed. He was In every
respect a gentleman. His Jovial, good na
ture made friends everywhere, and his ene
mies were few. His disposition was thor
oughly honest He detested shams, and
wealth won no rcspeot from him. His
kind face was of tener seen among the unfor
tunate sufferers In tho homes of the poor
than In the dwellings of the rich. A great
heart which beat In full sympathy to tho
wants of humanity Is stilled forever. The
tomb has closed upon a man whose life was
spent In ministering to the needs of bis fel
lows. As softly as the light breeze played
amoug tbe swaying boughs his life passed
out and the noble spirit flitted from the bed
of pain to the grand abodes of Immortality.
Tbe funeral services wore conducted by
Revs. Ketcliara and Loyd In the M. E. Church
Friday at 2 p m , nnd were very largely at
tended. The following memoir was read on that
occasion by Rev. John F. Loyd, who was lils
first colleague In tbe itlneraoy:
Rev. Dennis Callahan, son of Dennis and
Anna Callahan, was born near Mt. Orab,
Brown county, Ohio, November 24th, 1810,and
died of paralysis in the OTth year of his age.
Thuraday morning. May SU. UftV- '
His early religion training culminated in
conversion when about 10 years old Join
log tbechuroh, ha became an active worker,
first as an exhorter and subsequently as a
local preacher.
In his 27th year he was united In marriage
with Mrs. Sarah H. Wrlsht. n slater to Rv.
Joon W , Thomas and Isaac Ross. He ohose
the medical profession for an avocation,
read tha prescribed course, graduated from
oneof the medical soboolsof Cincinnati and
for several years practloed inediclifBiu his
native county with suoeess
Feeling called, however, to enter the ac
Hon. Albert a. Matthews.
The following sketch of the Ufa of Judge
Matthews it taken from the Biographical
Encyclopedia of Ohio:
Hon. A. U. Matthews, lawyer, ex-Judge
and ex-Mayor of Hlllsboro, O., wai born
near the aforesaid town, March 31st, 1819.
Ha was tba alstb child In a family of twelve
children , whose parents were John Matthews
and Martha ( Huasey) Mattba s. His father,
a native of North Carolina, followed through
life mainly agricultural pursuits; In June.
1805, ha moved to Ohio, settling In Highland
county, where ha resided until his demise,
August 17th, 1848. His name la prominent in
the annals of the early growth and Initial
development of Highland county ; ha waa
for fourteen years one of the Associate
Judgeaof that county; and for a number of
years waa aito justice or ine reace ana
County Commissioner. His mother, a na
tive of Tennessee, a dauahtarof Chris Hua
sey, one of tho adventurous pioneers of
Ureene county, O., died April 2W, 1804.
Until be attained his majority, his days
were passea alternately in laooring on nil
father's farm during the summer seasou and
In attending school during tbe winter
month. He also passed one term In literary
atudy at Hillsborough Academy In High-
scholarly attainments having assumed fair
dimensions, ho engaged In teaching sohool
In tha aame county, and In that and Boss
couniy rouna sieaay occupation aa an eaa
eator, for a period of four years. In tbe dual
year of his experience as a teacher he com
menced reading law under the supervision
of McDowell & Collins, of Hillsborough, and
in' 1815 attended a course of lectures at the
law school In Cincinnati. On tba 25th of
December, 1815, be passed tbe required exam
ination and was admitted to tbe bar. He
then opened a law office in Hillsborough
and entered upon tbe praottce of his profes
sion, primarily, for one year, as a member
of the law Arm with which be bad begun
his studies, afterward alone until March,
18T3, wben he took with him Into partner
ship Henry M. Hoggins, a promising young
lawyer of Hillsborough, under the Arm
name of Matthewa & Hugglns. Ulnce his
entry Into professional Ufa be has resided
permanently In Hillsborough and there
condnola tbe affairs of a very extensive
clientage. For two years Jie officiated as
Mayor of the town and aerved three years as
Probata Judge, his eleotlon dating from 18M.
To tba latter office he waa re-eleoted In 1800
for a further period of three years. He has
alwayabeen mora or lasa Intimately Identi
fied with the educational and publla Inter
ests of his native county, and la, and has
been uniformly a valuable and aealooa oc
laborer In all measures and enterprise de
signed with a view toward developing fruit
fully the mora Important resources of his
Btata and oounty. His political vlewa and
sentiments harmonize with the formula of
tba Democratic party, and he cast his first
vote Id favor of Martin VanBuren l.n 1810.
Vor fifteen year ha haa been a deacon In tha
Presbyterian Church, and In It is warmly
esteemed for his moral and upright course.
January 8th, 1816, ba waa marrieif to Marga
ret J. McDowell, daughter of his old precep
tor, Joseph J. McDowell.
His wife and four children aurvtve hlra ;
the sons ar John, William, and Alberto.,
and tbe daughter, Mrs, E. ti.' Ferris. The
volume frem which tbe above Is taken was
published tn 1871, and one year afterward
Judge Matthewa waa ordained an elder In
the Presbyterian Church, In which capacity
be served actively until hla death. At the
data of hla conversion he united with tha M.
K. Chureh and hla membership was trans
ferred to the Prasbyterlau Church, March
17th, 18SS.
Ha waa by nature a man of rather delicate
constitution and bis vital forue haa been
gradually weaktntng for many year. Hla
but tlmaaa waa long and severe. Ha
breathed his last early on Saturday morn
ing, May 8tb.
Tba example of his Ufa la one which young
Han may follow and older men may raver-
eace. Ha waa noted for sterling Integrity
sound Judgmeiit and careful habits, and hla
k . 4
aaaaaaKw1 4 ' Jggggggggggggb IH
rgtMiQv jflaBaaV9lBA) vBaaaA
mmslk .- Br-
"t r a i '
tive work of the Itinerancy, he permitted his
name to be brought before the Cincinnati
Conference at Us session In Hlllsboro, In
1833, was admitted and stationed at Sinking
Spring, whero he remained two. years. His
subsequent appointments were Baena Vltta,
Winchester, (two years) West Union, Mos
cow, New Lexington (two years) and Lynch
burg (two years).
He waa universally regarded as a good man ,
a sensible preacher and safe pastor. His
name Is embalmed and lives In the memo
ries of those whom he served.
His health falling, he was superannuated
at the conference held at Ureenfleld In 1801.
While his pbysloal condition forbade his
public speaking, It was yet sufflolent to war
rant his return to his former avocation,
which he did nnd for sixteen years he went
in and out before the people of Hlllsboro as
a practicing physician. .
A severe stroke of paralysis, occurlng Sep
tember id, 1881, disabled him from very ac
tive work, though patronsoften sent for him
to pretorlbe an formerly.
Years of suffering gradually reduced his
strength until finally he gave up all active
work as a physiolaa. A second stroke of
paralysis followed, after whloh he lingered
awhile, when death oame to his relist. He
has gone to bo with father, mother, two
brothers, four sisters, on Infant son and an
Infant daughter who had preceded him to
the paradise of God's children.
In all his lonir vaars of sufferlns he was
careful to suppress every thought and utter
anoe of Impatience and of murmuring,
often saylng"lt Is all right." He frequently
wished he could preaoh again. Rev. James
ri.enaaii.nis presiding eiaer, wno ooaraea
In the famll v for three rears and who knew
his condition as well, perhaps, as nny other,
advised him not to attempt again the regular
itinerant wora-.
He rests now from work and from suffer
ing His wife has lost a loving husband, his
two sons and two step daughters an affection
ate father and Hlllsboro an honest citizen
and successful phyhlolan.
The physicians of Hlllsboro met In Dr.
SpeeR' office ou Thursday evening, May Glh,
to take some action on the death of Dr. Cal
lahan. The following report of the commit
tee on resolutions was adopted :
Tho resident physicians of tbe town of
Hlllsboro have again met to give expression
to our feelings, and to humbly manifest our
respect for an honored and deceased brother
In the profession of medicine. Dr. D. Calla
han. It Is certainly strange (as was stated
on a similar occasion before) that among the
small number of our profession In this place
death should be bo frequent, and certainly
should Impress us all with tbe Importance
of the admonition, 'Be ye also ready." Dr.
Callahan evidently had whatever advanced
age, long experience, natural ability, liberal
education, accumulated public honors, a
spotless private and Christian cbaraoter, and
a firm religions faith snould give, to render
hlra au object of Tespect and admiration not
only with members of onr profession, but
Tltli all who knew him.
He, after a life of sixty-six years, the
greater part of which was devoted to the
public good and relief of his afflicted fellow
mortals, without compensatory remunera
tion, has at length gone to his restful, free
and blest. Mo acta of ours are necessary to
his peace, but we fael that U.ls due to oar.
selves that we give expression to our admi
ration and esteem by the following:
Resolved, That It Is with tbe deepest sensi
bility that we heard of tha death of Dr. Cal
lahan. Jietolved, That aa a further token of respect
for the memory of tlie deceased, we attend
the funeral In a body.
Resolved. Tbat the Heoretarv ha reonested
to communicate the proceedings of this
meeting to tbe family of tha deceased.
W. W. ailEI'llEHD,
Enos Holvks,
H. J. Hpkrh.
H. M. Brown, Seo'y. f
departure leaves behind a sweet memory of
upright character.
The funeral services were conducted from
the Presbyterian Church Sunday afternoon
by Dr. McSuroly, and tbe large number In
attendance completely filled the edifice.
Tba members of the bar were present In a
body, und the. obsequies were very Impres
sive, Dr. McSurely read a brief memoir of
his life, touching on the beautiful points of
his character and speaking especially of hla
auceeas 'through hablta"of diligence, Integ
rity, and sobriety . Tbe memoir said "aa a
eltlaen Judge Matthewa was upright, on tha
Ida of good morals and deservinx public
confidence. Aa a member of the church ba
waa earnest and faithful; and his sayings
gave evidence of Christian experience, Aa
an officer ha waa courteous, a man of peace,
seeking tha welfare of tbe church and its
prosperity." It also spoke of his Christian
hope and firm faith, of hlsraodesty, going
humbly down to death, casting nlmself
upon the mercy of the Lord, whom he
The remains were followed to their last
resting place In our beautiful cemetery by a
large precession.
May 8th, 1886.
Va). Penrod has removed his barber Bhop to
the Koger building.
Hugh Swift, one of OhilUcothe's stirring
business men, was in town Thnradsy and Fri
day. The Minos Morgan, of Mew Boston, were
the guests of the Misses Miller, of East Main
street, Friday.
Mrs. John Ogle, of Bainbrldge visited her
parents, Henry Foraker and wife, i the fore
part of tha week.
The cut worms are making havooof tbe corn
that haa been planted long enough in sod
ground to be coming up.
Rev. Oilman, pastor of tho M. E. Church,
Bainbrldge, has been engaged to make tbe
oration on Memorial day. '
Rev. Mr. Wright, of Gyatbiana, preached at
the U. B. Church last Sabbath at 8 p. m. and
remained in the vioinlty until Monday.
George K. Bhoadea left last Sunday for Chat
tanooga, Tenn., to look after some buslneis
Interests aud will probably be gone several
Henry O. Williams, of Marshall, waain town
tha fore part of the week. We were glad to
learn that he haa nearly recovered from bis
recent spell of sickness.
Miss Lulu Mackerley, who for tha past four
years haa been the popular and successful
teacher in tbe primary department of our
school, left for her home in South Salem, to
day. Bev, J. W. Cummins, of the U. B. Church,
well and favorably known here, his been chosen
by the William H. Trimble Post, of the O. A.
R.. to preach the memorial sermon at this
place, at 10 30 a, xa, Sabbath, the S3 init.
The closlagitasaaiaes of our schools Tester
day were qulMtMaresting, several things con
tributed to th yUaeure and enjoyments of the
occasion. The young ladles of Prof. Garrett's
room and tbe teachers in the other depart
ments planed, and by the aid of tha patrons of
tho school, carried Into execution a genuine
surprise for tbe Professor, in tha way of a pub
lic dinner, which waa partaken of with a reliah
by tha entire sohool and a boat of visitors.
After dinner oame the literary exeroisee whloh
were entertaioiaa- and reflected credit on both
taaoheri and pupils. Near tha close of tha en
tertainment, Bev, O, J. Walla, attar a abort ap
propriate address In behalf of tha young man,
presented Mr. Garrett with a nice gold pen and
bolder aa a alight token of tba esteem In
which be waa held by them. This oonstltuted
a aaoond surprise and, like tba first, was high
ly appraota ted.
A Una crayon picture of Mr. E. Lemoa, af
Ottawa, Kansas, executed by Mrs.' Morgan
Lemon, la on exhibition In the ahow window
of T. A. Walker ft Co.
We announce a Full Stock of Desirable Goods, Well Bought.
To all close buyers of articles in our line we would say,
come to see us, and we will do you good.
Hats and Caps and Gents' Furnishings.
We wish to say, generally and emphatically, that
To our Trade we offer the Most Ample Protection and Most Liberal Treatment.
Smith's Block, HILLSBORO, OHIO.
May 8th, 188C.
Josroh McClure and famllv. of Ralrden. O..
were visiting their friends in the Bpring the
past week.
Mr. John Hite and family arrived here Sat
urday evening. They came to boo the father
of Mrs. Hite, Mr. Allison.
Mr. James Allison has been dangerously ill
for more than a week. His children have
been summoned to bis bedside.
There will bo an ico cream social at tho resi
dence of Clongh Hempstead on next Friday
evening. Tho ladies hope to see it largely
Mr. Wado Kennedy, after a pleasant visit,
took his departure for Portsmouth on Satur
day morning to resume his place as cutter in
the shoo factory of Selby & Drew,
Tho serenade party last Friday night made
tho air resonant with swoct sounds, and
aroused all sleepers in tbe vicinity of the
muslo with their delectable strains.
Mr. Joseph Wickerham has sold his farm
near the village to Mr. Clay White, of Frank
lin township, AdamB county. Joseph purposes
taking a trip West this summer, but intends
on his return to locate again near the home of
his youth.
The many friends of O. C. Wickerham learn
with deep regret that he ia making prepara
tions to leave his native town, having sold hin
interest in the firm of Wickerham & aston to
Mr. P. N. Wlckorham. He expects to start on
a prospecting tour through Kansas about the
first of July. In parting with Ollie, Sinking
Spring will lose one of its most valued and en
terprising citizens, the church a staunch and
ardent supporter, and belpfnl member. We
earnestly hope tbat our loss may be his gain.
We were glad to see tho Mewo-Hkbau last
week suggest the name of Professor Cox, of
Portsmouth, aa a candidate for State' School
Commissioner. While in Portsmouth recently,
tbe writer heard him very prominently men
tioned as a most suitable person for that posi
tion. He ia one of the finest educators in tbe
State, a man of great executive ability, a per
fect gentleman, and a staunch Ilenublican.
The Repnblicana of Highland could not make
a selection better calculated to glvo satis-
The Sinking Snrinc- band are zealouslv en.
gaged in practicing almost every eveninir. as
they are engaged to furnish martial music for
tne uantei uose Post on Decoration Day. Mr.
dough Herooatead handles the tenor dram.
Charley Hite the bass, and "little" Walter
Hempstead is tha No. 1 fifer of the company.
The "old tenor drum" baa a history, as it was
carried all though the war by Giles Hemp
stead, and went with Bherman on his victor
ious "March to the Sea." The boys are msk
ing rapid progress and will help to render tho
ceremonies oi uecorauon uay more attractive.
May 8tb, 1886.
B. H. Ford is suffering with a severe pain in
hla neck and shoulder.
Jacob Tener, of Adams oounty, waa here on
business last Wednesday.
Mrs. Carlisle Is slowly sinking and ia not
likely to survive many days.
Tour correspondent will not forget tha Nxws-
uiiiu) wnen nis uonen jonns get ripe.
Mr. Tom Rhodes and family paid his father-in-law,
Thomas Griffith, a visit last Sabbath.
Harvey Snider and G. W. Stnltz mada a At.
ing trip to Brushcreek township this week, in
too turnpiae interest.
We were greatly pleased with Wm. Fanlds'
story in this week's News-Ueiiald. Como
again Billy. lou're a good one.
Mr. Essex, an Itinerant preaober of the
Christian persuasion, occupied the pulpit at the
M, E. Church Thursday evening.
The third quarterly meeting of the Union
Chapel will be held Saturday and Sabbath.
Rev. Hill will assist Rev. Douglas.
We heard a Democrat say the othtr day it
God would forgive him for his past foolishness,
ha would never vote the Democrat ticket
again, for, aaid he, "If you call these tunes a
'change' I want no more of it. " We think
there will be a good many more in the same
fix by 1888. Let ua have a change.
DANIELS MILLER At the residence of
tha bnde's mother at 10 a. m.. May 6th, 1886,
by Rev. J. I. Taggart, Mr. Charles L. Daniels,
of Springfield, O., and Mils Hattie G. MlUer,
of Leesburg, O.
B, C. 1'. A.
The Highland Oounty Teachers' Associa
tion met in New Lexington in the M. E.
Church, May 8th, 1880, at 10:30 o'clock a.m ,
with Prof. E. G. Smith tn tbe ohalr. The
morning session was opened with muslo by
tbe New Lexington choir. Devotional ser
vices were conducted by Itev. Pumphrey,
and a duet was then sung by members of
the choir.
Mr. J. L. Strange, principal of Uussell
schools, was Introduced 'and read an able
and Instructive aasay, on tha subject of
"Early School Life." this being tbe only
essay to be read In the morning, the paper
was discussed bv John MeNlcol. J. M.Hnla.
day.D.B. Kerauaon, John Kay, Miss Sadie
Puckatt, and ltev. Pumphrey. After recess
r. iv. a. uarreic assigned me teaoners in
their reaneetlve places of enterta!nment,and
after enjoying the grand dinner tbat tha
people of Xexlngtou had prepared for the
teaohera, they returned to the ohuroh at 2
o'clock p. tn.-
Tba afternoon session was opened with
muslo by the choir. Professor bcott, of tha
SUte University, then addressed the Asso
ciation on tbe subject "What He Will Be."
This address was listened to with undivided
attention by all. Tha Association tendered
their thanks to Or. Boon for hla visit and
address, after whloh they were entertained
with a solo by Miss Maude Wright.
The following offloera were elected for tha
naulng year: President, D. 8. Ferguson:
Vloe President, John MoNlool; Ex. Com., It!
B. Barrett, Ella Behymer.and Bessie Hors
manj Treasurer, Otto Horst; Secretary, Anna
Blilnn. Music by the choir.
Mlaa Bertha Hallowell, a member of tba
elaaa of VA of tbe Lexington schools, favored
the Association with a recitation, to tba ad
miration of all.
A vote of tbeoks waa tendered tha people
et New Lexington for their entertalument.
to tha okolr for their excellent music, and
the truateaa for tba use of their church.
Tha Association closed by singing the dox
ology, and benediction by Rev. Pumphrey.
T.tuHa-AD.Heo'y. E. O. Bhith, f'res.
May 8th, 1880.
Mr. A. 0. Richards has been re-appointed
ouperimcnaent oi ine cemetery.
The season according to law for shooting
squirrels, uoes not open until Juno 1st.
Mr. Ed McCormick has recovered sufficiently
from a severo case oi blood poison to walk out
on tne street.
Messrs. Bert Mitchell and William Smart, of
Chlllicotho, spent last Sunday in this city
visiting tneir parents.
Quito a largo number of peoplo from this
place were subpccnicd as witnesses on the
Kevin-Stout murder trial at Chlllicotho Friday,
Our pnblio Bchools will closo for the summer
vacation May 28th. The commencement exer
cises will take placo on Monday evening, May
Mrs. Milton Ilughey, of Chillicothc, spent
tuu lauer part oi last wceu in tuis city, visit
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Aultman, on West
Lafayette street.
Mr. D. W. Btier has disposed of his property
here on South street, and will lcavo this week
for Steubenville, Ohio, where ho expects to
engage in unsineus.
Dr. Hugbey and wife, of Good Hope, spent
last Thursday in this city, visiting tho Doctor's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Uughcy, on
ouuiu ivaamugiuu street.
Tho jury in the Nevlu-Stout murder trial
in noes county, passed through here last
Wednesday, on their way to examine the place
nucru tuo muruer was commiltca.
Mrs. Dr. McCrearv and little danchtnr left
last Wednesday to join her husband at Knox-
vine, lenu., wnero tno Doctor baa located,
and will mafco that city their future homo.
The grand jury last week in Fayette county
indicted John Wilson for shooting with intent
to kill. His arrest for attempting to assassin
ate ois employer, air. u. tv. laus, oi uartlnB
burg, last week, was mentioned in tbe News
IIeiuld. The festival given at tbo town hall last Sat
urday evening by tho members of the kid
band, for the purposo of raising money to
purchase instruments, was well patronized and
brought the boys nulto a snutr sum of clean
cash, but not quite enough to purchase a full
About all the witnesses summoned from this
place to ChiUicothe last Thursday and Friday,
on tho Nevin-Stout murder trial, wore excused
bv the defense until tho middle of next week.
The examining process is grinding slow and
when tho end will come none can tell. Tho
county's money pile will bo considerably de
creased in numbers of dollars before tbe end
What might have resulted in quite a serious
row, occurred last Monday evening on the
north end of Fourth street, near tho Fair
Ground, between two white families living
in that section. The trouble waa caused by
tbo head of one family becoming most too
familiar with the female portion. Pistols
wore drawn hut no shooting was done, and
nobody hurt farther than a few slight scratches.
Mr. Mackerley, our new postmaster, has not
yet determined where he will locate the office.
It ia still at tbe old plaoe in the town hall, but
whether or not be will atay there bo has not
yet determined. The citizens pretty generally
are in favor of tbe office being kept in tbe
town building, as it is the most convenient
room that conld be found and also being cen
trally located. But from outside talk and
from Mr. Mackerley's efforts to secure other
rooms, it seems ho does not favor keeping the
office where it is, bnt would rather locate in
some other room, probably whero rent wonld
como cheaper.
May 8th, 188G.
Freddie Terry has moved into his new house
on west nam stroct.
Rev. Martin Kedkey and wife visited tho Hill
City on business to-day.
Cal. Sims, of Washington C. II., was visit
ing'frienda here this week.
Mrs. Chaa. Dunn, accompanied by her father,
spent last Sunday in the Hill City.
Mr. Ezekiel Johnson, of Kokomo, Indiana,
ia in our village visiting relatives and friends.
Mr. Ben Heller, who was injured by his horse
falling with him some time ago, is able to bo
out again.
Rev, Leroy Clemmens, of Bamantha, moved
his family into the bouse vacated by James
Mr. Jacob Cooper, of Redkey, Indiana, is in
our midst, called hero by tbe serious illness of
his father, Mr. Eli Cooper.
Frank Weaver, of whom we mado mention
in a former letter as suffering from a severe
hemorrhage, is again able to be about.
Mrs. William Holmes and son, of Washing
ton O. n., spent tbo past week in town, the
guests of Mr. Shepley Holmes and family.
Mr. Herbert Johnson and wife, of Cincin
nati, spent last Sunday as the guests of tho
MtvitieVa telfinta Ufa sinA lfsa TMiat Tnlninn
awituvt s ajeaavaavRf msii aaa4V4 sUta, AJJieaa viiUUBUIli
Mr. J. T. Guthrie went to Cincinnati to-day
for the Durnose of testins his teleDhona on a
twelvo hundred mile line. The test will take
place to-morrow at about eleven o'clock.
Mr. Eli Cooper, living about two miles sontli
of town, ia Ijing quite low with no hopes of
his recovery. Mr. Cooper is an old resident
here and haa a host of friends who will be
pained to learn of his serious illness.
Prof. Wilson and a woman represented as
being his wife gave an entertainment (so called)
in Town Hall Tut Thursday night, which, un
luckily, waa fairly attended, for if our informa
tion be true, and wo have no doubts in tbe
matter, it was tbe worst snide that ever visited
this community.
It ia rumored that some of our friends and
neighbors took offense at the artiole In a letter
recently published referring to those who pat
ronized the Lexington butcher. Now, wa wish
to say that we meant no offense at all in what
we said, but we think tbat any man wbo won't
stand by hla owi town is no more benefit to the
town than a delinquent tax list.
Married at the residence of the bride's na-
rente on South High street, last Wednesday, at
ia m.. Mr. Chas. Daniels, of Springfield, and
Miss Hattie Miller, of this nlaoe. Thahannv
couple drove to Washington O. H where tbey
took the train for their noma in Bpringfleli
Tba writer tenders the nappy couple hla beet
wishes for a suooossf ul voyage on tba sea of
Try Langdon'aClty Bui ttr Crackers.
FOB ItENT-A stable within two square)
of Court-house. Inquire at this oillce.
oil sALK-25,000 feet of flrst-clabs fenc-
iug piumc tor sale low lor casti.
Address John Maiianes,
Bugartree Kldge.O
FOB SALE An acre and sixty poles of
ground, with a house of eight rooms,
well, cistern, and all necessary outbuildings,
fruit nud good garden. The property Is situ
ated ut the west end of Walnut street, one of
the best locations in tbe town. Apply to
Jamks LAWKENCt, Saddler Shop.
OUR first Invoice of embroideries have
juatarrlved. New spring styles. Come
and see them. s. V. IIiwien & Son.
THY a pair of our Four Button Dollar Kid
Gloves New lot In nssorted tan colorH
Just received. B. H. IliniiEN & Bon.
rpiIE best Cabinet Photographs ever made
X In Hlllsboro reduced to (J ner dozen for
tlilrty daj s, at Foulk's Uallery.Utmnn Block
Hill Fishery three miles north of town.
I am prepared to furnish nny quantity of
pure ioung German Cnrp of the following
varieties: Scale Curp, Mirror Carp, Leather
Carp. Also tho the following Ornamental
Flt.il : Gold Fish, Sliver Fish, Pearl Fish.
Address John L. West, Hlllsboro, O.
May 10th, 188G.
We are glad to Bay that Henry a. Williams,
who has been very sick, is about again.
Mrs. John Washbura and Mary Scamma
horn, of Rocky Fork, arc visiting here.
The following are on tbe sick list Thos.
Armstrong, Charles and Mrs. Daniel Cum
tilings, David Duton, and John N. Butters.
Mr. Anthony Sotty and wife, of Adams
county, arc visiting friends hero. Tennis aim
Anthony a very friendly grasp, as ho received
a pension of $1,000 a few days ago.
People of Hlllsboro wbo admire fat cattlo
should keep their eyes alert, aa Messrs. Emer
son and Ells shin about onahnndradhead nnl
Thursday, by way of the Model City.
Mr. John W. Hiscr is employed to teach tho
Turkey school tho coming winter. Miss Bello
amuurn at no. u, ana her sister Ida, near
Carmcl. Mr. Duncan at Davidson's. No one
is employed at No. C, but it is conjectured
tbat J. M. Williams, who resigned bis position
as School Examiner in order to go into busi
ness in Wvandotte countv. will ba pmnlnvml
Tho Board of Education levied $275 for each
sub-district at their spring session. O. C.
nesier teacnes in 1'lko county.
May 8th, 188C.
"'John'Hauck has quit."
The assessor has made his ennearance. ami
the dogs are very scarce pro tern.
Ellis Hiatt. who has been In the unileriikins
business for a long time, haa sold ont to
Ellsha Beavers, of Rainaboro.
The Presbvterian-Bnndav Sohool was rn.nr.
ganUed last Sunday, and the following officers
were elected: Supt., James ParshaU; Ass't
Supt., Henry Anlt; Secretary, James Gray;
Ass't Secretary, Mra. Flora Brown; Treasurer,
Mrs. Ella Strain; Chorister, Milton Strain;
Organist. Miss Sudle Udd: Ass't Onrauiat.
Miss Delia Blaser; Librarian, MIbb Anna
We stated last woek in substance, that the
Board of Education of Paint township met at
this place, condemned the old schoolbouse and
gave a grant for the building of a new one.
Tboy met here again last Monday to complete
arraugniieuis in regara to nuuaing It, etc. It
can not be built without money, and a vote
'as taken for the appropriation of money for
l i same, but was lost. A petition was gotten
if ind sent to tho Commissioners at Hlllsboro;
they had the Boaid notified to meet them here
next Tuosday, tho lltb, to "fix up things."
We think some of the Board have laid them
selves liable and tbey bad better go a littlo
slow, or they may be called upon to answer for
the responsibility they have subjected them
selves to.
NcTer Give Up.
If you are suffering with low and depressed
spirits, loss of appetite, general debility, disor
dered blood, weak constitntlon, headache, or
any disease of a bilious nature, by all means
Erocure a bottle of Electric Bitters. You will
o surprised to seo tbe rapid Improvement that
will follow ; you will be inspired with new life ;
strength and activity will return , pain and
misery will cease, and henceforth yon will re
joice in tbe praise of Electric Bitters. Sold at
fifty cents a bottle by Seykert & Co.
May 10th, 1886.
Miss Laura Taxis, of Mt. Washington, paid
ns a visit last evening, which was verv much
Mr. Samuel Colvin is wanted, as there is a
pension lying in wait for him at Pricetown
Mr. James n. Anstin has purchased a stock
of horses, and will start a regular horso market
at Pricetown.
Wyatt Gossett, wbo it will be remembered
over a year ago badly lacerated his hand by an
accidental discharge of a gun, is now on tbe
sick list.
Mat Pulliam's little boy fell from tbe porch
last week on to a rock, and it was thought bad
seriously injured hla head, bnt from last re
ports he will recover.
Mr. John McConnaughcy has purchased a
lot of goods, and baa had hla bills for some
time, but on account of the strikes the goods
have not come to time.
Mr. J. L. Ouster, of Marlon, Ind., having
visited Florida and Tennessee for his health,
la now at bis uncle's, V. B. Ouster, and ia
much improved. He will return to Indiana
tbia week.
The discussion between Ruble and Custer
on tho subject of tha operation of the holy
spirit, will not sever the church, but investiga
tion of the aubjeot will profit the church and
strengthen and confirm it.
Grandma Haas, aa aha ia commonly catter',
ia almost entirely blind. She ia tha widow or
Anthoay Haas, who died while aervuM hla
oountry ia tba lata war. Bhe ia drawkg a
vmasua, wmhmi
i '

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