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'Wild Equities of Washington Plaint
Will Be Corralled and
Seattle, Wash. Thero Is to be n
roundup of 10,000 wild horses which
roam tlio plains south of tho Great
Northern tracks In tho Columbia river
bnsln. They will bo branded and many
or them sold. Between 600 and COO rid
ers wilt take part, starting from Eph
rata. '
This will bo tho last great roundup
In tho northwest, for tho settlement of
eastern Washington has made It Impos
sible for stockmen to ralso range horses.
Tho big stockmen will continue In tlu'
business -with their Inclosed pastures,
but the majority will gradually go out
of business,
Toby Hlchards, probably tho heaviest
owner of these horses, claims 4,6uo
head. Other growers have hundreds of
horses on tho range. Some of them
havo been branded, but most of tho
horses have never felt tho Btlng of tho
As tho horses arc driven Into corrals,
located at convenient points on tho
prairie, each of tho owners will havo
to cut out his own. It Is customary In
these roundups for tho unbranded
horses to bo sold at auction nnd the
proceeds divided pro rata. This plau
will probably be followed In tho Eph
rata roundup.
There nro thousands of well-bred
horses running wild In tho paste. n
Washington ranges. The original herds
wero of common caytiKCs, but stockmen
and settlers havo for years been turning
Iooro thoroughbreds and lilglily-bretl
farm horses to roam with tho wild nnt
mals. The result has been that the class
of horses has been raised rapidly and It
Is liclleM'd hundreds of horses will be
rounded up that will bo fit for any work
when broken.
A big party of Seattlo men will go to
Ephratn to take part In tho roundup. A
party of railroad men In forming, and
In addition Dr. llartnagle, K. O. Jones,
of tho Lloyd Transfer company: Arthur
Bennett, editor of Speedway nnd Ken
nel, and others will mako tho trip.
Fowls In Eight Counties of Missouri
. Lay Eggs Enough to Cover
tha Country.
Jefferson City, Mo. The state bu
reau of labor and statistics has com
pleted the compilation of returns from
four more countle. showing the ship
ments of surplus products during 1005,
In preparation for tho bureau's forth
coming annual report. Those four
counties nro Adair. Andrew, nates an 1
Benson. They contribute materia'!)
toward maintaining the glory of tlr
Missouri lien, showing shipments or
"90,000 pounds of droascd poultry,
f.-t04.fi2S pounds of live poultry, nnd
2.31 1.1 10 dozens of eggs, or a total of
l'7,O7:i.r.S0 eggs.
Within the four counties of Audrlan.
Cooper, Callaway nnd Cole, which had
previously been reported, theso flguric
would be ehnnged In this way. Dre ssed
poultry. C.S32.302 pounds; llvo poultry.
17.7il.S0G pounds, and a total ship
ment of poultry from tho eight conn
ties of 23.07I.10S pounds. Combined
the eight counties slilppod 0.983.SC2
dozens of eggs, or n total of S3,3C0.3I4
''Rgs, which Is something like 24 times
tho population of the state of Missouri,
or 7,202,037 moro than the population
of the United States by tho census of
1800, and tho excess over that popula
tion In Itself would give to each mnn,
woman nnd child In Mhsourl moro
than eggs. Tho Missouri hen evidently
U spreading herself. Besides nil this
poultry and eggs, these eight counties
shipped 81,999 pounds of feathers.
Rare Work of Art Discovered by New
York Woman While
Now York. Mrs. Louisa MacNnmara,
who lives in the Bronx, a few days ago
wiped the dust and grease off the pic
ture that had hung over her kitchen
range ever since she had possessed one,
and found that she hud a great master
piece that has been lost to tho art world
for many years.
Thero has beon excitement In tho
MacNnmara household over sinco the
discovery was mado. That It is a
mnsterplcco Is assured by the decision
of nn expert named Henzlnger, who de
clares It Is worth about jSu.UUO.
Mrs. MacNaninrn h.is thought the
matter over and doeliled that, ns sho
lives in a frnmo hoiibc, and the great
work might bo lost to tho world of art If
u sudden firo should occur, eho will ac
cept tho price if anyone comes forward
to give It.
Tho painting Is supposed to bo by
Lovern, French artist, who pnlntcd In
the beglnlng of the seventeenth cen
tury. The subject of the painting U
"Tho Fortune Teller."
If cracks ami the genoral appearance
of ngo count for anything, thero can bo
little doubt that the picture that Mrs
MacNamara possesses Is old.
Honor to Iteuan.
Tho famous French theologian Lrn
est Kenan, Is to havo his memory pre
served by a llrst-class armored cruiser
to be named after him. This cruiser
has Just been launched at St. Nazalro,
nnd forms one of tho group of l,4tc
tons displacement, of which the Victor
Hugo, tho Leon Gambctta, tho Jules
Ferry and tho Mlchelet are already
Japanese Nature.
Cnpt. Sakamoto, of the Japanese bat
tleship Katorl, said at Liverpool the
other day that If Englishmen would
study tho tme nature or Japan nnd
learn to understand tho Japanese, tho
alliance would last forever and would
lusuro the peace of the World.
IJave you weaness of any kind
stomach, back, or any organs of the
body? Don't dope yourself with ordi
nary medicine. HollUter'a Rocky
Mountain Tea la the supreme curative
power. 35 cents, Tea or Tablets.
t m
Old Lady (to cabman) How much
do you eay your fare Is ?
'Three and sixpence, mum."
'What Is your number?"
"Eighteen pence, you mean, stlugr
M fraud t"
Line Between Alaska nnd Canada to
Be Determined by Astron-
,, ,, -,.
omy and Teleg-
Wnshlngton.-'lho click of i tele-
graph key which will record tho In-
stunt at which fixed stars cross tho
meridian, by tho terms of a treaty rat -
Itled between tho United States and
Great Britain, will alford the means
of fixing the boundary between Alaska
and Canada. Dispute over tho bound -
Son8 aro,Unatbl0stagked hTSoVa ?'
SnUrfeeetnTn ry
and Canada. The to nations, by the
tronlv ,,nW nottntl ,nvn nvnl,.,l
treaty now negotiated, have Invoked
sclenco as arbitrator.
Tho treaty provides that the bound
ary shall be defined "by telegraph."
j his means tho method adopted by
Uulted States astronomers and wlUch
Is now recognized the world over
as the most exact. Tho American
government will designate n commls-, B1,rf0 wlth ft hook , t k,
sioucr, who will bo O. H. TIttman su-1 Lllln wn8 ,, , ln,prt,8gC(1 by the
perintcnder.t of tho coast and geode Ic fntc of h,3 ,ncr ,, t(lkct, w gov.
survey. Oroat Britain, on her side, crnl c0llntrymcn about his experience
will choose nn eminent scientist. , wlth the ,.uack Inan ,Jo wa toI(,
Tho two with necessary assistants, tllnt ,0 wn ,ho vlctlm of a ,)rnctlcal
will detlnltely establish tho ocatlou Jokcr blt ncvcrthclMH he mlhoreil l0
of he one hundre.l and forty-t rst me- hIs rCM,i,ltlon not t0 work ln Ul0B,mK
r.dian or west longitude, rhls done, ngnln Llnna secured n position ns oro
the rest Is a mere matter of surveying pamp,cr ., n wcck ,ater hG WM thrown
and placing objects to mark tho dlvid-J fronl nn ore cnr ntul fe0 bail, ,nJurca
? "P' . . . , , . 'that ho died.
Dlircrencc In longitude Is n dirfcr-, H8 death caused his fellow country
enco in l me. Tho longitude or Chi- Inon u, rccnll Ul0 ..bnck wrnUn.. Whlcli
cago is figured an tho dliTerenco In ,8 nCBe(1 t0 llavc wnrllC(, tho meni ant,
tlmo of Chicago and Greenwich. Eng- nltnouBh thero nro many skeptics somo
land, the latter being tho basing point. of ,ho mlncr8 nrmly bC0VO thnt til0
'rellmlnary to the final observations sprt w, ngnln mako It8 nppcnrnnco
Mr. TIttman already hau computed the nn(1 lt ,t ,,0C8 thc pcrson8 approached
longitude of Sltkn as compared with ' wlll mcct ccr(aln ,loomt
Seattle; that of Vnldcz with respect to '
Sitka, and that of Fort Kgbort with Qi77ADn; MFMAPF WPAI TH
respect to Valdcz. Canadian observ-'BUZZARDS MENACE HEAL'H
ers havo fixed the longitude of points JCoast Town8 of MexJco Ftnd Thnt
corresiwrniing to tno noovo ana grad
ually are approaching tho approximate
location of the boundary. Tho dlvid-
Ing lino Is located on the one hundred s Anton Tcx.Thcro ,s an ,.
and ror y-first meridian by the treaty , now on' , tho coast t0 of
of Russia wllh.Greiit Britain In 825. j Mcxlco cmlnal0 tno vullllrGS. Mox.
Two stations will bo selected next , ko m08l of tho RtatC9 of Amorlca
summer. Ihe two nations will be con- ha, chcrls)licd thc carrlon crow or tur.
nccted by telegraph. Each party wll ' , b , d fl j , d for
have what s known as a 'transit," k, tMC ,,,,. Th wcro a8Slmcd
a small telescope equipped lor re- , ,)0 at l8 mu ox.
cording the exact Instant at which pcrlence ,mH shown tno people of tho
stars cross its face. Twenty stars will ,,ot am,8 wher(J thcg0 ropulBlvo ttmU
have been agreed upon beforehand naro numbcre(, by tbc thousand In every
those to bo observed. At both stn- vlclnIt tlmt t waler B , ,8 ottcu
ions the scientists aided by the contamlnatC(I by tho ,owl3.
transit, will record with chronome- , port of s ,n tho bln,3 havo bcon
ton. the time down to a fraction or n b,nuutore(, by tho thouBan(, Ma
Kecond thnt carh star passes the mo- , nntJ thor ljod,eg formcd ,t0
rldlan. Ihe telegraph Is ..sod to com-1 ,mmcn,0 funcral yr0
munlcate at each observation the time , Tnmplc0 Mcxlc0f tho plonerr ot
registered by the chronometer . m, that ,h(J Mcxlca , tho movomcnt t0 ,m
no error can creep In duo to difference , vultures. That city Is infested by
In the instruments. ,' tho fowls to an extent that Is not
Ihe observations nrs to bo repeated ,,, b nn otlrcr Mcxlcnn Coast
In oxac ly the same way ror six nights. cltJ, SanItnry experts there have re
Then ho observers will bo able to ortc(, Umt ,,,,, of bc, . n uo
compute tho exact time. The ilinorence ,Jcncfactor nH a BCavenger tho vulture
they reduce to distance and by men . hn, becomo a pilblIo mlsanc0 ,,
uroment fix n point on tho meridian raonacc t0 tll0 hcaUh of tno community
, , " """ " 1"'"" "" " I
Minnesota Fish nnd Game Commis
sion Will Gnther Eggs of
the Pish.
Tower, Minn. Executlvo Agent S. F.
Fullcrton, of the stnto fish nnd game m0(lern conditions prevail tho buzzard
commission, and his crow of 12 men becomcs a rat.nnco.
now are ln camp at Plko Hlver falls and .
all preparations have been mado forL.,,. ,-, ...r-o iai-pli imimc
gathering pike eggs. They aro camped , FIGHT FLAMES WITH WINE,
below tho falls of Plko river, which HundrcdB of Gallons of Bed Bevcr-
I1UWD 1I11U L.UKU Ul IIUIIUIJ, uuu uru
about six miles trom Tower,
Tho plko are beginning to run well
nnd tho middle of tho week will sea
them running upstream by millions.
They are caught in a celno just below
the talis and ns boon as they are stripped
ot their eggs they are returned to tho
water unharmed.
Tho tails or Plko river form an Ideal
placo ror catching plko, as the fish enn
get no farther up tho river and congre
gate In schools of thousands Just bolow
the rails.
In former years tho piko-gatherlng
expedition has been greatly hindered
from getting spawn on nccount of tho
largo number of logs being drlvon down
tho river by tho Tower Lumber com
pany, making lt Impossible to drag tho
seine through tho river, hut this yoar
an injunction has been served on tha
company forbidding it to Intortero with
tho gathering or the eggs.
French nnd American Man-of-Wnr's
Men Bow Politely After
Now York. -Thero was a slight col
lision In the fog In the North river tho
other day between tho running boat ot
tho American cruiser Colorado and the
steam launch or tho Ficnch flagship
Filled with tho spirit or courtesy tho
coxswain ot either boat was protuso In
his apology for having rubbed the paint
oft tho sldo or tho other.
Usually when men-or-war launches
hammer Into each other tho air rings
with the thickest or billingsgate, but
the other day, following the collision,
the coxswnln of tho French launch took
off his sailor cap and bowed to the pilot
of the American launch.
Fertilizer from Air.
A new fertilizer mado lu Norway
from tho ultroteu In tho atmosphere
is said to bo very nearly or the samn
value to .plants as chllo Baltpoter,
while Its cost is lower.
"I have come to tell j ou Rrldget,"
ald the mistress, "that I find you very
hard to get along with."
"Well, ma'am," replied the cook
lady, "I'll nut complain so long as ye
do ycr beHt."
"What makes you think that Mars
U inhabited ?"
"My correspondence with the editor
of the magazine I write for," answer
ed the professor. "He lays lt is the
only view which has any popular
B tifliri fff rtnt-i i-tfl
Two Men After Warning of Subter
ranean Apparition Are Speed
lly Killed.
Eveleth, Minn. Superstition has
cen ouscA among tho miners nt
I Kjcleth and its surrounding locations
oy Btntemcnts said to havo been maflo
! by NVn,tc Kok, nnd IJnmnr LlnnU(
mining partners, who wero killed In tho
M 'n! 11"1 ntly.
" '" '. l reI'rt Llnnn "M '"I"
W. e"' " '" ld h f tneArw?",J workln
, t4X " Iday, April 0, hoy weio
" b t1'" JBe0.med " bl"Ck tT
' h,,"1'!'" ' '" B,,ltV ",avo "ut ,t3
J"" fV i" " . m Tm
, h! m . g """, L !l
' " 25 ne Zl'SS S
J "&J twmuXlnt his inrt
J?."'1 1' ,tr' '' '? 'CI " ' pa, '
' ' .r. 9 nW.- I1I1U' refusing tO IcaVO tllO
drift, Joined tho timber gang. Tho
same day Kokl wandered into n desert
ed shaft that was filled with deadly
gases nnd met his death. He was not
missed until tho following Sunday,
when searchers found tho body. So
overpowering wero tho fumes that It
i tt'nn tippnuanrv tr rnlon Mm tirirlw tn Ihrt
Carrion Birds Pollute Their
through tho water supply.
It Is held by tho experts who havo
framed an appeal to tho national legls
lature that tho birds be removed from
tho protection of tho laws, that only
under primitive conditions aro they of
any benefit a3 scavengers.
Where drainage Is unknown nnd filth
ts Rpntfprml lirnndrnsl tho snnltnrv ox.
nrtn Env thn i,r,i i,nina. n.it wiim
ago Used in San Fran
cisco Fire.
San Francisco. Bed wine, hundreds
ot gallons of lt, was used In fighting
tho (lames ln the Latin quarter on the
slopo of Telegraph 1.111, and tho wino
Tho only available water supply wns
a well dug half a century ngo. When
tho llames seemed almost conquered
tho pumps sucked air and tho firo be
gan to gain.
Tho Italian residents broko ln their
cellar doors, and barrel after barrel
of red Italian wino was rolled out and
their heads smashed ln. Tho bucket
brlgado then turned from water to
Sacks wero dipped In wino and used
for beating out tho fire. Bods wcro
stripped of their blankets, nnd these
were soaked In the wino and hung
over exposed portions of tho cottages,
and men on tho roofs drenched tho
shingles and thc sides of tho houso
with wine. Until 1 o'clock lu tho
morning the fight was carried on, much
ot the tlmo wino Instead or water be
ing used. Then thc firo was practic
ally extinguished.
Popo Uses Gramophone.
Tho gramophono has been chosen by
his holiness Pius X. 10 illustrnto the
sacred music described by his cele
brated "Montu Propilo." Ills grace,
tho archbishop of Westminster, nlso
allowed tho gramophone to bo used ns
a means of personally addressing the
whole or the Catholic laity on tho
momentous question or religious edu
cation ln the schools.
Pulpit for Sale,
A bishop's robe, a portable pulpit,
a bookmaker's platform, bottles of
champagne, horse medicines, sewing
machines, bicycles, tlatlrons, Alpine
stocks, snowshoes, cricket bats and
billiard balls were nmong tho things
left In London railway carriages by
absent-minded passengers, and In
cluded In tho annual sale.
"Joalab,'" said Mrs. Chugwater, "I
have often seen the word 'ultimo.'
What does it mean ?"
"I Is a compound," answere'd Mr.
Chugwater, "of 'ult,' meaning ulti
mate, and Mmo,' which Ib an abbrevia
tion of 'Immediate municipal owner
ship.' 'Ultimo' describes the present
attitude of the city administration on
the question of "
"Joalab, you are deceiving me I
That doesn't sound reasonable, and I
know U isn't eo I"
The worm had turned at latt.
I Blank
Low Summer Excursion Rates
Northern Pacific Railway
Three transcontinental trains dally in cacli direction on and after Hny 37.
"WONDERLAND 100(1" lor six cents to A. M. CLELAND, For rates and information write J. J. PERRY,
, Gen. Pass. Agt., St. Paul, Minn. It's a Recreation District Patseuger Agent, 40 East
j guide book 4th St., Cincinnati, Ohio,
St Bernard in Idaho Makes Daily
Trip of Twenty-Eight
Boise, Idaho. Lucifer, a big St.
Bernard employed In cnrrylng mall
from Halloy, Idaho, to Corral, nn In
land town, Is six years old, and It
Rcems likely that ho will havo a "steady
Job" In coming winters drawing Ills sled
over the snow ou the 28-milo round
trip ho is mnklng daily between tho
points mentioned.
Tho white mantlo Is very deep in
midwinter lu that section, more than
two feet now remaining on tho ground.
It will probably bo somo weeks beforo
tho roads are open ror travel, and
Lucirer will continue to nsslst his mns-
tor, C. A. Floyd, official carrier ror
Uncle Sam, until the fnow3 tiro gone. '
Mr Floyd's contract provflles penalty
lu raso malls aro not dcllveicdon tlmo
each day. Lucifer has saved many dol
lars by aiding his master In transporta
tion of malls 011 a sled fitted with suit-1
able harness. Tho faithful St. Barnard
hau had no difficulty In drawing tho
bled, and often tins moro than 10U
pounds or mall on tho load. ,
Snake Shooting Is Now In Vogue in
the IUver Lowlands of
Alton, III. Itesldents of Calhoun
county, III., have 'found a new diver
sion to entertain travelers in the form
or snake rhooting. Since tho Illlndls
river flooded the lowlands It has driv
en from their homes rattlesnakes,
black snakes, water moccasins, and
bull snakes, and the repttltw havo
taken lodging In trees. Between
Kampsvllle nnd Eld red the route of
the old stago coach Is now covered by
a man in a skiff, who carries a rit.o
with which his passengers aro allowed
to shoot tho snakes from the boat. Tho
snakes are found colled up In t.o
branches of the trees, sunning them
selves and waiting for tho wa.or to go
Charles B. Johnson, of Alton, claims
'0 havo shot 15 snakes In a ride of
four miles, not one of which was un
der Ave feet long.
Home ot tho Palm.
Malaga exports 4,000,000 palm loaf
hats to New York annually.
Scarborough-Baal KiUte.
We have a stock of the large size blank books,
something that has never been carried in Hills
boro. If you are in need of a
Or anything in the Blank Book line we can prob
ably supply your wants. Prices right.
111 Short Street.
Daily. June 1 to Sept. 15 from St Paul and Minne
apolis to Tugct Sound and thc Col urn la River Re
gion Round trip for
Sixty Dollars
(From Chicago $75)
, via the
as a nlde trip en route. Ticket limits per
mit the Alaska side trip frcru PugetSound.
"Sec America First"
via the
The "IC In llcillier Important.
Ilere'H Bomctliliig thnt may save
your Ilfo when u bull gets nrter you:
When n bull charges, just berore tho
final lurch he shuts his eyes, nnd If
you havo the presence of mind to,
stand stock still until ho Is about two
or throe feet rrom you nil you havo to
do Is to step aside, and ho misses you.
Any child with sulllclent presence of
mlud to do this can let a bull chargo
all day with perfect safety. This is
not u new thing, ns It is one of tho se
crets of tho bullllghter lu the coun
tries where the sport Is practiced. Tho
bullfighters say that n cow does not
do this, nnd they would never try any
Buch tricks with n mad cow.
Their Aunoyiuicua.
Neighbor I called to say that you
must keep your dog from barking. lie
won't let our baby sleep. Householder
I'm glad you called. I wanted to say
that If you don't keep your baby from
crying I shall havo to enter n com
plalut. It annoys my dog nwfully.
IVorkK Like MukIc.
Caller nave you ever known any
cures effected' by what they call sug
gestion? Mrs. Hewjnms Oh, yes; I
onco cured Wllllo of a violent tooth
echo by suggesting that he go to tho
dentist's nnd have the tooth extracted.
Chicago Tribune.
Nn tu I'll Mr.
Knlckor There goes n man who
would rather tight than cat, Bocker
Soldier? Kr.lcker-No;dyspeptlc. Wat
boil's wasazlne.
Many Children aro Sickly.
Mother Gray's 8weet Powders for
Children, used by Mother Gray, a
nurse in Children's Home, New York,
Break up Colds in 24 hours, cure
Pcverlshness, Headache, Stomach
Troubles, Teething Disorders, and
Destroy Worms, At all druggists,!.
Simple mailed free, Address,
Allen S. Olmstkd,
LeRoy, N Y,
Aa a man approached thc great coir
lege eleven pale and slender young
men dressed In evening clothe and
white gloves tripped acroas the field
and slapped one another on the wrist.
"Strange I" be mused. "What is
this outdoor theatricals?"
"No," replied the dean with much
pride ln his tones, "this is a game of
Modified football,"
Uorr to I'ut Them ou nnd Take Them
Oil I'roperlr.
1 Thero Is nothing which moro com
pletely changes tho effect of a pair of
eyeglasses than tho habit of crowding
them on tbo noso with ono band. The
best offorts at fitting nnd adjusting nro
nil brought to naught by a person who
has acquired that habit.
Tho proper vway to tako off glasses
Is to tako hold of tho bridge and lift
off gently without drugging or pulling
out of shape. To take off spectacles
tako hold of tho right tctuplo with tho
right hand and lift it off tbo ear. Then
turn tbo head to tho right and tho left
temple will fall off easily.
Tho uverago wenrer of glasses when
ho Is cleaning them taken hold of the
bridge. The consequence Is thnt ho
gradually works tho bildgo out of
ebapo, and every rub ho gives tbo long
gives a twist to tbo bridge, and In
courso of tlmo tho brldgo or tho Ions
breaks when ho least expects it. Thqro
nro probably moro glasses broken In
this way than nny other.
Tho correct way to clean them Is to
take hold of ono of tho oyo pieces
where tho glass is screwed on tho outer
edge ami clean tho leus, and thou re
verse tho glasses, tako It by tho other
end pleco and repeat tho process on
that lens.
She Illtlii't Sleep Well.
A woman who Ih'es In nn inland
town, whllo going to n convention in a
distant city, spent ono night of the
Journey on board a stoamboat. It was
tho first tlmo she had oyer traveled by
water. Sho reached er Journey's cud
extremely fatigued. To a friend who
remarked It sho replied; '
"Yes, I'm tired to death. I dou't
know that I care to travel by water
again. I. read tbo card In my Btuto
room about how to pit tho llfo pre
server pn, and I thought I undorstood
lt, but I guess I didn't. Somehow I
couldn't go to sleep with tho tiling on."
Ladles' Homo Journnl.
A Jiitlifo'n Advice,
Recently a retired English Judge was
asked what was the most prominent
conviction that remained with him aft
er his long Judicial experience, nnd ho
1b ald to havo replied, "That oyory
means should bo trjed for tho settle
ment of a dispute boforo it bo taken
to tho law courts."
For fine tailoring call on Phil
Tblenei, West Main street.
Hats from Cuba Drive Ship's Cat
Crazy During an Electric
Storm nt Night
New York. Tho phosphorescent
rats of Cuba, well known to science,
drove a cat crnzy In the Ilttlo British,
brlgantlno Venturer, that arrived nt
plor No. 3, East rlvor, the othor day
from Santa Cruz, Cuba.
Two years ago Mr. Chandler tho
mate, procured a fluo big cat named
I'cdro, as big as a water spaniel, nnd
tho vessel was kept freo of rats.
Attor tho ship had come through tho
Straits or Florida on Its last trip Capt.
Burns round nboard tho biggest rats
ho had over seen. They paid no at
tention to anybody and walked right
around tho cat, which seemed power
less. At night tho rata gnvo out streaks
that looked llko green lightning. Their
uncanny nppeurnnco terrified Pedro,
which would run ror tho galloy and
Jump Into the cook's lap tor protec
tion. Tho moro sulphur and poison
thn skipper Ted tho rats tho ratter they
seemed to grow, whllo Pedro dally bo
rnmo thinner.
Ono night In an electric storm tho
rats seemed to be grconor than over.
Pedro went mnd nt tho sight of the
phosphorescent rats and Jumped over
board. Then tho skipper nnd the mato de
cided It wns ilmo to put up a Job on
tho scientific rodents. Tho crow
smoked thorn all out from below, aft
nnd for'rard, stuffing up ovory nook
nnd cranny behind them.
As tho brlgantlno wns thumping In n
seaway tho skipper aided matters 'y
putting Its noso to tho wind nnd then
veering so as to catch tho swell. Over
careened, tho schooner nnd over wont
nil tho greon rats with the wnsh of
tho sea.
Breaks Vial of Vaccinating Lymph
nnd Inoculates His
Own Eye.
London. By a almplo mlsndvonturo
a doctor practicing In n town nonr
Manchostor has becomo tho victim of
a peculiar and pnlnrul inoculation.
Whllo breaking n tiny vlnl containing
lymph tor the purposo of vncclnntlngnn
Infunt n partlclo or glass How up and
struck him on tho pupil or tho oyo. Ad
hering to tho glast) fragment wns an nl
most microscopic quantity, ot calf's
lymph. Tho doctor reallrod tho danger
or vaccination to which ho wns ox
posed and Immedlntoly bathed his oye.
So tonder, however, ts tho skin or tho
oye that tho glass mado a tninuto
Bcratch nnd a day or so nftorwnrd tho
usual symptoms which follow Inocula
tion gradually appeared.
The puln nnd discomfort which, or
dlnurlly arise rrom the operation ,ln
this Instance aro acutoy nggravnied
nnd ho is going through oxacly tho
Bamo process as Jt ho had been vaccinat
ed on the a rm Tho patient cannot Bleep
und In consequence tho eyo Is never nt
rest. Tho oye Is bandaged up nnd the
doctor Ib forbidden to rend. When It is
dark ho walkH abroad under tho uhado
of tho trees and away from the gas
The ncclilc.it occurred 11 fow weeks ngo
and It is tho first of ita kind In England,
though It is said two bucIi cases havo
I happened ln Germany,
It is not llkoly that the eyo of tho un
fortuuato doctor wlll bo Impaired.
1 1.1U-WU0 iy wraior xes, my
Ylt.1.-I- 1-. . ;-. j -
friends, Lincoln, our greatest preal
dent', started life as a rail-splitter.
Voice from the crowd Did be be
fore 10 tbeunjen?

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