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VOL. 70--NO. 8
Will Probably Place the Power
for Making Rates With the
Drug Trust Now Being Prosoouted
by Department of JusticeUn
certain When Congress Will
Wabhinoton D. C, Mayfl.2, 1000.
All that now eecms assured Is that
"there will be a vote on the rate bill
within two weeks. The so called Alli
son amendment also seems assured,
that Is If It Is not amended again out
of all shape before the bill la put In
form for signature. Gcnei ally speak.
lngand without going 'nt aN thc
technical -details and "legal verbiage
of thc amendment, It Is a provision
for thc broadest possible sort of a
court review. It practically leaves
the rate making power with thc
courts and not with thc Interstate
Commerce Commission because it
specifically -states that If the rail
roads arc dissatisfied with the rulings
ot thc Coratnlssloa they may take -the
case Into the courts andhavethe rote
named by the Commission confirmed
or denied. This Is a contingency -that
the Hepburn bill contemplated,
though It did not state it in so -many
words. It is possible that thc Allison
amendment may prove better for the
shipping public than the original bill
would have been. For It specifically
states that thc appeals on thc bill
shall be-direct from the first court to
thc Supreme Court of thc ITJnltcd
States and It directs that thc appeals
on rate measures shall take prece
dence over all other cases except
similar appeals and criminal cases.
There Is little use In guessing what
thc outcome will be except that rate
legislation -ot eomc sort Is assured and
that thc President expresses himself
as satisfied that It will be of the right
Whcnthe rate bill Is dltipoecd of, It
In thomrht that Comrress will rush the
appropriation bills and will get home
In short order, 'mat is me wisn 01
thc majority "f members. 'But thc
date of adjournment Is rcallytfar from
settled. 'Of course It would be pos
sible to put through thc appropriation
bills very-spccdlly. But In rthc back
ground tnere Is thc gho3tof the Phill
plneTarlll, thc Statehood bill, the
Pure Food bill and the Denatured
Alcohol bill, all of them Important
mcacurcs, though not legislation of
thc first magnitude. But any one of
them Is capable of starting a fight
that might keep Ougrcss here well
into the summer.
As an Illustration of the uncertainty
of the situation, the rcmarkof Sena
tor Foster-might be cited. He was
trying to buy a dog this week, and
with true Senatorial thrift wao bar
gaining toihavc him kept by the. deal
er "till Congress adjourned." "But
how long will that be," asked thc sell
er, a -German and rather Innocent of
Congressional lore. "Well,'" replied
Senator Foster, "I hope It will -be thc
first of June. There Is some proba
bility that ltwlll be the 15th of ffuly.
But I tell you In confidence, If 1 knew
myself, I would sell the Information.
It wouU be -worth more than -the
price of the dog."
Secretary Motcalf has returned
from the Pacific Coast where he went
as the pergonal representative of the
Administration to -supervise the ro
llef work. He drove straight from
the train to the White House and
mode a hurried verbal report to the,
President. He said that thc situation
on the coast was well In hand, that
the relief work under thc direction of
the Army and of the Belief Commit
tee was going on as well as could be
wlhcd or expected. But he said also
that the magnitude of the disaster
wad such that It was impossible to
convey an Impression of It without
either soaring otT Into meaningless
adjectives or else being commonplace
and lalllmr to convey a real Impres
sion of the situation. He said that
the description of the disaster was
thework of a historian twenty years
heuce. But he said at the same time
that the people of the Coast with real
pluck were taking the beat view of
the situation and were determined to
rebuild the city on a grander scale
than It had ever known and that
after all the loss might not prove
euch an unmixed misfortune.
Another move of the Department
of Justice that proves It U by no means
asleep to the trust problem, la the
suit that was Instituted this week
against the bo called "drug trust."
companies, one of which com
prises the manufacturers of patents
medicines and proprietory drugs of
all sorts, thc second the wholesale
druggists, and the third the retailers
of the country who are organized In
all the states with representatives
from each state in the national asso
ciation. This is the organization with
which the consumers are most nearly
interested It is alleged by thp De
partment of Justice that the three
companies form" a combination to ro
traUt of trade and that any dtuggist
who cuts the prices of drugs cr patent
nsdlclnM cannot get supplies from
the wholesalers association. It Is a
matter of common knowledge tnat
the wholesalers keep a lobby in Wash
ington to look after legislation, that
they even bring influence to bear on
the State Department In negotiations
with foreign goverments as to the ad
mission of American products, and
that there is not a piece of legislation
passed on which they do not have"an
eye and In -which they do not have a
hand if they want It. The prosecution
that has been Instituted is under the
Sherman anti-trust law for conspiracy
and It Is believed that there -will be
little -difficulty In proving that the
three companies constitute a real
conspiracy and that but for them thc
people would be getting -drugs and
medicines of all sorts at about one
half of the present prices.
This and thc two Inquiries that arc
now proceeding Into railway abuses
promjsc considerable Interest, not to
say excitement, In thc next few
months. The work of. thc Bureau of
Corporations In connection with thc
coal and oil carrying roads Is not yet
half done, and the Investigation along
somewhat similar lines by thc I Inter
state Commerce Commission Is just
well started. It Is quite certain that
there will be prosecutions to follow
both of these Inquiries and the courts,
arc likely to be kept busy with their
aftermath for months to come.
And After Strennons Experiences
As Good As Mew.
If you were to accidentally stray
from the muddy -waters of the Scioto
river, Into thc large Intake well in
the rear of -the Ohio penitentiary
stable, be drawn through the prison'
pumping station and dumped un
ceremoniously Into a standplpe 12T
feet high, then let out Into water
pipes leading to thc front of the Insti
tution via nearly a half mile of pipes
ranging iroui J to four inches iu
diameter and finally forced through t
globe valve, drawn backwards Into
the pilot valves of an elevator motor
and held jirlsloner In a 1 Inch pipe by
a 70 pound. pressure for (several hours
say, wouldn't It kill you? Of course
It would, but that's the trlng ordeal
through which a 3 Inch bullhead cat
fish passed and came out unscathed,
says thc O. P. News. And besides,
his fishshlp after having been roughly
pulled out-of his unenviable position
was left out of his natural clement on
thc ground -for nearly an hour and a
half. Yct'he is living and living on
i he fit of the land in aquarium tin
the construction office ub pert and
chipper as can be.
Recently the elevator in the ad
ministration building went out on a
strike, and. refused absolutely to work
or to be worked. Chief Engineer
Rcasoncr found thc trouble to be In a
shortage of water for the motor. Thc
obstruction waa-soon located lu the
pilot valves and proved to be the
above-mentioned cattish. It may have
been living In the pipes for weeks or
even munthBjibut when It came under
the Influence. of thc. 70 pound pressure
It could not hep Itself. It was bo
firmly forced Into the valve as to com
pletely shut off the water supply, and
thereby puutne. elevator out of com
mission. Aftor laying on the ground
for almost an ihour and a I alf the
little prisoner was (discovered to be
alive. It was placed' In a can of
.water, soon revived and Is now tie
pet of the construction oillce.
Not So Many.Saloons.
Says thc Ohio State Journal :
Ollle Jones, appointed as special
liquor tax assessor has reported to
the auditor that of the I'M saloons
which obtalneiLllcenBes last year only
221 have signified their Intention to
make application this year, since the
Aiken law has Increased the tax from
)50.to 11000.
The most noticeable decrease has
been In thc southern part of the city,
w.herc only 70 have made application
out of 221 which did business laatyear.
The business portion of thc city has
not registered such a decrease, bnt In
every other section of Columbus thc
failure to take out licenses Iiub at
tained thc same percentage as in tthe
southern part.
Leeture Was Fine.
Rev. Wm, C, Mitchell delivered his
lecture entitled "Man, Monkey or
Mouse," at Belfast Wednesday night
to the delight of the entire audience.
The lecture 1b a monument to the
ability of Dr. Mitchell. Full of
history, science, sound sense and fun.
1 1 shows Itself to be the product of a
careful, thorough research and
preparation. Thc lecture la ejevatlug
and energizing from first to last and
inspires the llatenei with the Idea
that success la within reach of all
who are willing to pay the price.
The diction la elegant, the logic good,
the thought sublime and shows Itself
to be the outgrowth 'of a fertile brain,
Probate Conrt Proceedings.
John A, Moberly, admr. of B. W,
Moberly, filed report of private sale
of real estate. Same confirmed,
Frank E. Singleton, admr. of Mary
E. Slugletou, filed first and final ac
count. E. N. Workman filed proof of publi
cation of notice of appointment of J.
W, Watt, as admr. of Robert P.
B. H, Worknua filed proof of publU
cation of notice of appointment of
Bertie Puckett as admr. o'f Peter
'George Mllncr, admr. -of Delilah
MUner, filed Inventory and appraise
ment. '
George MUner, admr. of Dclllnh
Mllner( authorized to sell personal
property at private sale.
H. M. Vaniant, admr. of Henry
Vanzant, filed Inventory and appraise
ment. Emily Glascock, trustee of Fred
crick Glascock, filed third and final
J. H. Crum appointed admr. of
Joseph A. Wlclccrham.
John H. Oester, admr. of Maggie
Oeatcr, filed first and final account.
John A. West, admr. of Elizabeth
Taylor, filed report of appraisement
of real estate. Same confirmed and
public sale-ordered.
Homer M. Dean, gdn. of Ethel Mc
Daniel, ct al, filed fourth and flaal
John M. McMutlcn. and edn. Geo
Free, adtnrs. of K. B. McMullcn, tiled
report of sale of desperate claims.
"After all. human beings are. nnlv
insects, I suppose," -observed the phil
osopher. "Well, some of them do think they
are pretty big bugs,"-aald his friend.
Detroit Free Press.
Mrs. Mary Foley 'Becomes Mrs. iflrod
A quiet wedding solemnized Sunday
evening at 9 o'clock at thc Walnut
Street parsonage by Dr. C. E. Chan
dler, which came as a most agreeable
surprise to thc friends ot thc con
tracting parties, w.-s that if Fred
Smith, thc former genial manager of
Stutson's store In this city, end Mrs.
Mary Folcyv of Hlllsboro, who was em
ployed as a saleslady, of the same
The bride, a charming brunette of
thc petite tvne. was handsomely
gowned In a navy blue Eton-suit, with
which she -wore a white lingerie bodice
and a hat to match.
Mr. Smith only recently resigned
hU position arStutson'a, hcvlng been
connected with thc firm In Washing
ton C. H. He had been vfalting his
sister in.irenla, expecting to locate
in the West.
Both havejmadc a host of friends In
this city and all wish thcmicnuch hap
piness In thelrwedded life. They de
parted Monday morning forColumbus,
thence to Denver or Portland. Mr. J
bmltu will embark In biuluesj, wher
ever the outlook Is most propitious.
Chllllcothc Datly News, May 7.
May 14, 1000.
Mra.OHvLrWlckerham has returned
home after a pleasant .visit with
Portsmouth friends.
John Elliott and wife, of Peebles,
werc circulating among "friends here
Miss Anna Hltebas accepted a posi
tion with0. O. Wlckerham.'A- Co.
Miss Kate Frye, of Bridges, Is at
home for the summer vacation.
Miss Nellie Butler, of Belfast, was
ivlsltlng at the home if her . uncle,
James Butler, last week.
Ott Moorhead, of Greenfield, was
thc guestof Jesse Gray andffainllj,
last week.
Mrs. Jos. Hlte and daughter were
vinculo hi umaooro, criaayy
Me3srs. Dick McKeehaa and Will
Butler were business visitors In Pee
bles last Friday.
Mrs. L. F. House and chlldrcnwcns
gucatsof Hlllsboro friends last Mon
day, John Covan, of Portsmouth, spent
Sunday ihere.
Mrs. McClurchao purchased a hand
some llne-of Spring and Summer hats.
All tiie latest styles and shades.
May U, 1000.
Rev. Foust "Jllled nls regular ap
pointment at the Christian church
Hugh Turner, one of our oldest and
moat hltrhlv rejected citizens has
been suffering from a severe attack
,ot typhoid pneumonia Is slowly im
proving and is now able to be up,
Mrs. H, H. Redkey and daughter,
Mary, are 'spending a week visiting
relatives and friends in Cincinnati
and Dayton.
The stork left a fine little daughter
at the home of Frank Baker and wife
and wife, Friday, May 10.
Mrs. Wlllla Woodrow, of HlllBboro,
visited frlenda here and attended
church Sunday.
Rev. Scarff, wife and son leave Tues
day for an extended visit at their
old home at Spring Valley.
From indications now the frost of
the past week has destroyed nearly
all the apples and cherries In this
Both Clarksvllle and Blunchester
are without lights and the people are
groping around in darkness. Wilming
ton llchts are irood but the mconllcht
rule 1b still adhered to and just when
Al , 1.3 , II -T . . .
iucjt buuuiu iirtvc i.gnti: ircqucnuy
there is the "blackness of nlcht."
HUliboro's lights well, they might
be better, to say4be least.
'Arrangements Completed for Its
UDservance In All Parts ot
Highland County.
Dr. C. W.BIod$rett,orAlloghany, Pa
Han Boon Secnrod By John M.
Barroro Post as Orator for
tho Occasion.
ThcGrand Army Post, Thc Woman's
Relief Corps and the J. M. Dughcy
Camp of thc Sona o'f Vetenua will
worship at the Christian Church on
Sunday, May 27.
All soldiers of thc Civil ami Spanish
American Wars, and thc W. R. C. will
meet at tbc Hall fn the Masonic Build-
lnr at 10 o'clock 'sharul and march to
the church for divine service.
The following Committees hayc been
appointed for Memorial Day vIj:
nnnllltnrl fit MnmnrUI ftiM !
Hlllsboro Cemetery Cary Roads,
Capt. Stevenson, Jacob Grove, W. H.
Boyle, A. Eaton, John Arthur.
PresbjterlanCeaactcry Jno.Galns.
CathollpOcmctery ohnWtnecnxd
ncr, Jerry Lynch, John MoDevltt.
Joseph Stabler, Wm. Madden, Hugh
Fall Creek Cemetery i. A. WIN
Hams, Charles BoyleSt. ClaTC'Pclton,
D. A. Redlck.
Satnnntha atid HMltopL. Fettroc,
V.A.Vaughn, T. H.Smt'jh, DCook,
Henry Carter.
Auburn J. F. ft. Holmes, Thw.
Modsker, JarecaRoada, John Voatcr
Pike Chapel W. E Brown, G. W.
Eikln, H. C. MulKnlx.
Ambrose Chapel John Vtnce, U.
B. Holllday, C. M. Hdlllday, Thomas
New Maricct TN. Barrcrc, A.Roush,
C. E. Harris, D. Harsbbargcr, Bowcn
Pleasant HlllJ. IL Purtfy, Joseph
BaTr-"C). Hanson, II. Lawless, John
Prospect anfi Vicinity Henry Hun.
tcr, Mr. A.'Garrctt, 82. Starxlforth, C
Mt. iniB. Pence, Wc'sy Pence,
P. W. Charles, Geo. Roblnoon.
Bullar Joeeph Ccx, U. ?. Pauley,
b.i I Wolf.
Strlngtowc Abe Mercer, John
New Pctosaburg R. E.-Shlvere, J.
D. Watts.
Marball-John B. StultZ Qulntou
Dick, iK. M.tLyle.
Lower Qualccr-rEJjuer Host, Rev.
o,ids IJ. W. Roads, E. MjEperwin
Hartman's T. MiFerguaon, J. L
Cohort. ,
FlullttV tfnhn Rotds.
Thc graven hi the Hlllsbwo Ceme-
terlu: will be decorated by a detail
from tthe. J. U. Hughey Cnrcp of thc
Sons of Veterans, and It Is c-apecttd
that the Flagging -Committees for
Cemeteries outHlde of i Hlllsboro, will,
in addition to, (lagging, also decorate
the graves.
Col.tCeo.W. Barrere, Gilbert Hoi-
inea and Col. Pope were amolnted
finance Committee, and Col. iPopca
Committee on 'music.
Resident members of the Pcwt are
requested to secure Howers In their
Immediate neighborhood and have
them delivered at thc Council Cham
ber In the Town lHall jfrotn 8 to 0
o'clock on May 30.
Ladles of the town are-requcsted-to
kindly aueidL In arranging. the decora
tion uuder direction of the W. R. C.
at the Council Chamber at 0 o'clock
a. m.
Col. C. T. Pope has been announced
asOlllcerof the Day.
Our Committee has secured as
orator of the day, Dr.C. W. Blodgctt,
of Allegheny, Pa., who has thc repu
tation of being one of the bebt Grand
Army speakers In the countrj-. The
Committee and the community .are to
.be congratulated.
' T. A. WAtjci:it, Com.
J. C. Woowtow, Adt.
How's This?
V nlfsf rlrw If mvai nnlKm 1)m....i .-
auy case ot catarrh tbat cannot be cured by
, V. J. CUBNKV & CO.. Toledo, O.
Cheney for tbe last 15 yearn, and believe blta
perrectlv Honorable In all business tram
jctloos, and Unanclall y able to carry out any
obligation!) made by his lirm
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's i Catarrh Cure Ih taken Internally,
acting directly upocthe blood and raucous
su laces or the system. Testimonials sent
tree, l'rlce, 75cr per bottle, Sold by all
Take Hall's Family Pllh for constipation.
The Siege of Port Arthur.
The stupendous event of the siege
and defense of Port Arthur, with Its
subsequent surrender, has thrilled the
whole world, No siege In ancient.
mediaeval or modern times has ex
ceeded In Intensity of earnestness
either that of thc besieger or the be
sieged. For many montha what has
proven Itself the most scientific armv
In thc world, without aparcnio -ny
lack of resources, ha? used Its best
endeavors, wholly rccardless of the
Iobs of life or treasure, and hurled It
self lieaulong at the emplaced
plateaus and embattled neaka of this
mighty battle Held. On the other
side it was defended by a determi
nation which may have been enualled.
but certainly has not been exceeded
n tne worm's history. It Is the living
history of their historical struggle
that Lyman H. Howe will present In
Bell's Opera House on Tuesday, May
Tifr. Howe Is the first and only ex
hibitor of these memorial moving
pictures in America They arc posi
tively exclusive, and as they are
absolutely authentic, thc enormous
expense entailing a WX)0 wile jour
ney through Russia, Siberia and Man
churia must be apparent Further
more they represent many months of
severe hardships, thc greatest en
durance and many narrow escapes.
A mere glance at these remarkable
animated scenes will convince thc
most skeptical spectator of their
M. E. Church.
Sunday, May 20, 1000, Rev. Deaton,
pastor. 9:00 Sunday School L. Det-
-Her uupcrlntcndcnt. 10:30 sermon.
theme, MAn unknown faith." 2:30
theme, MAn unknown
Junior Lc.-ume. (1:30 Enwnrth T-pmrnp
These meetings arc growing both in
Interest and number. You are wcl-
7!.'I0 sermon, theme, "A Royal youth
who missed target." Thc choir 1b
preparing special music for Sundav.
All invited. Strangers "welcome.
For fine tailoring call
ot Phil
Thlcncs, West Main street.
Bov. and Mrs. J. W. Sliado Colobrato
Gordon Wedding Anniversary.
Tfce Golden Wedding Anniversary
of Uev. aod Mr. John W. Shade was
plcibantly celebrated at their home,
517 South West street, last Friday,
about one hundred and fifty of their
relatives and friends participating.
Sohn Wolverton Shade and So
phronla Vance were married near
Sardinia, May 11, e0 bj- Rev. John
Manker, of thc Cincinnati Conference
al thn M. E. Ohiinnh. Tlw.t. lKz-im..
the parents o four children," two of
-wnotu wece present on this occasion
Their other drsaemlents rompi-tee
three grandchildren anc one great
grandchild. There was no cut and dried program
prepared for the affair. Light re
freshments were sorved and the"hcro"
and "heroine'" rcoelved thc congratu-
Jatlonc of maay nolghbors and friends,
and Mrs. Ella Varicy Hadley, a ulece
of thc couple, read a wlttv and inter-
cstlug original poem describing the
more important events of their half
century together. Friends and ela
tlvesalso tok advantage of the op
portunity to indicate thc etteem In
which Mr. and Mr. Shadp art- hlrf l.v
presenting: them with many beautiful
anu vaiuaoie mementos of thc event
i the ahapeot gold, allver and china
ware, as wcllan uiaov other usdful and
J-artWllcally delightful articles
Among taoje present fxom cli
rchrre were Mrs. Siarah Moore, of
Cincinnati; Mrs. Serena Varley, Mrs.
Charles M. Klkenberry aud Mls Glen
na Elkeoberrr, of Allddletown; Mrs.
Nelson B. fladIcy,Mei Vivian Uadley
and Paul Hadley, of Norwood: Lanir
Johnson, of Washington C. H.: Mr.
and Mrs. James McAdow, of Lynch
burg:; Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Mlngess
andiRussell Mlngess, of Highland and
Mr. .and Mrs. 7. T. Peddlcord, of
May 14,1000
Mix Myrtle Baker left vestordav
lor uatlas where she will be thc irucst
of her Ulster, Mrs. Hatcher, for sev
eral weeks.
N. R. flarrett. of Lecsbunr. waa the
gucat of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Davis last
Geo Free fcnent last Tuesday in Cln-
clnnati on business.
J. W. Traber Is cauvasslurr the com-
anunlty for a book on the San Fran
cisco disaster.
Mrs. J. B. Udp entertained her Sun-
day Bchool class of boys, fifteen In
number, at her home two miles eaet
of town on Saturday afternoon. Ice
cream and cake and games galore
made an Ideal afternoon for the bova.
MUj Kathcrlnc Harrington has
been thc gucat of her aunt, Mra. War
ulck, In Ross county for a week past.
Miss Eaima Bcath leavea to-day for
Athens where ehc will take a normal
course during the aummer months.
Mrs. O. A. West was In Cincinnati
part of last week buying goods.
Mrs. Homer Keefer Is the gueBt of
Mra, Warren Harper at Good Hope.
Miss Bessie Auckerman, who is em
ployed In a lauudrv at Dayton Is home
for a short vacation.
W. J. Redkey anent laat Thursdav
with relatlvea In Balnbrldge.
O-a Upp was the cueBt of frlenda at
Belfast over Sunday.
JclIThororaan, of Cincinnati, has
been visiting his brother, T. M.
Thoroman, for several days.
Wm. Browning attended the funeral
of hla uncle, Rev. E. McHugh, at Cin
cinnati, laat Saturday. The deceased
who was a prominent minister In the
Cincinnati conference, 8pent his boy
hood iu this community and la well
remembered by our older cltlzena.
Paul Sentman expects to leave to
day for Athena to attend school.
J, G. Redkey returned last week
from a business trip In Tennessee.
John Edglngton la giving his merry-
go-round a complete renovating and
will soon have it in running order
Clarence Epperson, of Hillsbom,wa8
thc gucat of relatives here Sunday.
Mrs. Mary Clark Is having some Im
provements made In her property on
Main street which will add greatly to
Ita appearance.
J. B. Davis and Mrs. W. T. Hodge
have been appointed delegates to thc
S. S. convention to be held at Saman
tha the first of next week. J. W.
Traber and Mrs. J. E. Upp are thc
L. A. Cameron, of Illinois, who was
called here by thc death of bla father,
unriatopher Cameron, of Cynthlana,
waa thc guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Redkcy part of last week.
John Watts spint Sunday with his
parents at Marshall.
Emll Epperson, of Washln ton C.
H., returned home last Saturday,
after spending a week's vacation with
his parents here. His sister Miss
Grace accompanied him to Washing
ton for a short visit.
Lebanon's famous normal school
has gone into thc hands of a receiver.
It was once one of thc most Important
educational Institutions of the state
and its alumni includes many High
land county people.
Have at Presont a Good Chancoto
Enter Navy Sorvico.
There are a number of vacanclca In
the medical corps of the U. S. Navy
and that the quota of Ohio and this
section of Ohio, In that department
of the national service Is by no means
complete. A surgeon In thc Navy will
receive at entering thc service some
where near 31500 and the pay In
creases with every five yearB of ser
vice. Young physicians with clean records
who are properly recommended and
are able to pass the examinations will
have no difficulty In securing an ap
pointment In thc corps and there are
probably a number from this section
of the country who would make first
cla appointees.
Thc tour of duty Includes ehore duty
as well an ship duty and both to a
young man In thc profession will be
of great benefit from the point of
broadened scope and practical work
along lines which do not pretcnt them
selves to tbe ordinary practitioner.
Your Summer Vacation
can be pleasantly spent at Waukesha,
aupaca, Fifleld, or at one of the
other hundrca reports reached via
Wisconsin Centra1 Railway. Write
for beautifully Illustrated Summer
Book, which tells you how, when nnd
where to go, and how much It v II
cost. Free on application to .Tab. .
POMD.G P. A.. Wisconsin Central
It'y, Milwaukee, Wis.
Between the leaves of a conv of
Shakespeare in thc Lenox Library a
New Yorker a few days aco found a
fifty dollar bill placed there v some
cnantably Inclined person. The mon
ey was accompanied by a note bear
ing the signature "H. G." Now they're
trying to llgure iut the idcnu.v of
the charitably inclined individual.
There are good reasons for believing
it was not Horace Greeley aud figur
ing by the form-card It is not much
more probable that It was Hetty
Green. But, whoever did It, let us
hope that It may become a fad. Thc
suggestion is tenderly referred to
nillsboro's magnificent multitude of
munificent multl-mllllonalres ard
merry millionairesses as a jolly good
method of gratifying their well-known
philanthropic proclivities and at the
same time stiinulailnir llterarc re
search as It has never before been
stimulated between the nellucld nools
of thc East Fork and the crystal cata
racts ot Clear Creek.
Mav 14. 100(1.
A. W. Hatcher and wife and Pope
McDanlel and wife, were guests of
thc Misbesi Hatcher, In Leesburg, Sun
day. Miss Lltta Rcavca has returned
home after a two week's visit with
her sister, Mrs, Leo King, near Mar
tinsville. Mra. Marv It liarilxiin. .iftt- mami.
- "- -w. t,,..i-
lng the winter with her sop, Dr Lewis
iillnr,l nf ii ...,,.. i.. ..i.l i
he danih tn: K r n" t Z. ""
11 n ey Achor, wife and children, of
Four Comers, and Robert Fenner and
wife, of Round Head, visited James
Hlxson and family, Sunday.
Mrs. Philip Weyrlch and daughter,
Luclle, of ilillsboro' spent a nart of
the part week with her parents, E. B.
Reeves and wife.
Taylor II 1.x son and wife called on
their son, Everett acd wife, at Pair
view, Sunday evening,
D'anlcl Sharp and wife Bpcnt Sun
day with Frank Sharp and family at
Four Corners.
Mlsa Mora Haraha left Monday for
Cleveland, where she will join the
Chicago Ladles' Orchestra for a
week'a engagement aa cornet aololst.
inis organization nas a summer en
gagement In Canada, and If she finds
the jK)rioa satisfactory Miss Harsba
may remain during the entire season.
Numbor of Barrels Containing
Fire Waterln C. C. Gorman's
Now Drug Store.
Local Anti-Saloon Longuo Causes
A Sensational Bald Trial of
Accused Is Set for Noxt
Wednesday Morning.
Three full barrels of whiskey, two
ubout half full, numerous kegs of gin
Uhd bi. ndy and a large quantity of
buttled goods was secured by the
police In a raid on Gorman's place on
thc corner of Short nrd Main streets
baturday afternoon about 4:30. In
fact thc haul was so large thc olllccra
had trouble In loading It all on one
dray and greater trouble In finding a
place to store It In the city building.
Thc raid was led by Marshal Lylc
and was made on a search and seizure
warrant sworn out by Chaa. E. Brown
of the local Anti-Saloon League. A
charge of keeping a place waa lodged
against Mr. Gorman and he waa re
leased on $500 bond. ITnon roouest of
Gorman's attorney Mayor Costcllo set
tne trial lor Wednesday morning,
May 23.
Thc value of thc seized liquors Is
said to be between JC00 and $700. The
capture of auch a large amount waa
as much a snrprlsc to thc olllccra aa
to the large crowd of thlraty ones
who witnessed It. In fact It was bo
large that thc officers advised with
the antl saloon league attorneys be
fore hauling It away aa contraband
goods. It was thc first real capture
by the local officers since thc passage
of thc search and seizure law.
In thc same room In which the
liquors were discovered was the entire
stock of drugs which Mr. Gorman had
recently purchased of Kaufmann &
Baer and only moved Into thc build
ing thatday. It 1B generally supposed
that thc defense will claim the liquors
were part of the diug stock and that
the place was a drug store which Is
exempted under the search and seizure
law. The anti-saloon league claim
that this will not hold good as Gorman
was without a registered pharmacist
at this time.
In the case of Julius C. Koch, whose
arrest and conviction for violating thc
Bcal law was recently reported by the
News-Herald, Mayor Costcllo on Mon
day overruled thc motion for a'new
trial and assessed a fine of $200 and
costs. Koch filed notice of appeal.
The third annual W. C. T. U. Insti
tute will beheld In Hlllsboro, May 17.
18. Leader, Mrs. Annie W Clark,
I'rcs. Ohio W. O. T. U. Program :
TilUUSIIAY. MAV 17, 1.30 l M,
S!TaI , "'"" M M 0aI1' slnk,nK SPrtnR
hate hope to accomplish by this
, l.tltute LcaUcr
Appointment of Committ......
1'mctlcal Worklnes of Our ci.,.i.i..
Temperance Law
DUcu'sstonr" a,MXaad1LeburK
"Our new Crusade-How It Works"
. '" Local Presidents
A Talk to I'ubllcSchoolChlldrcn
by Institute Leader
' JO p. u.
P"'0"0"111 Mrs. M.T.Itlves, Hlllsboro
SOffering"""- An"'e " C,UmbU8
ritnuvoco.t. m.
ii.,i';"" .M.m' ,:llza,'cth Larkln.'samantha
Heading of Minutes
'The Story of Our Departments" Mr.. Clark
ulicusslon oneued li- in,-ii u.. i.
Medical Temperance
Mrs. Leaverton, Centertleld
Discussion, opened bv n.- nn, uu,.
- - '..VMt, UIU.UU1U
Presentation of our-iVrin,n.. .,. . ....
010- 'rs. llrownlug. oreentleld
OurounBPeople-s Work
, , Miss Mary Polk, New Vienna
Discussion opened by
Miss Jennie L.idd. Lenbure
Some Temperance Heroines"
.. Mrs m. S. Morgan, Hlllsboro
ll-M a, u,
Praise Service -our Dry County"
Devotional Mrs. Mcllrldc, Ureemleld
Question Drawer by Leader
Why we did not get our Hill for Woman's
vote at Luctl Ontlon i:iirttnn ,-., ?.,.
Uecl tatlon.Mrs. Amelia How ard.Mow rystow n
Symposium-Cleaning up Ohio. One
minute speeches.
How- the W O. T, IT. alms tiinm,iir .,
Drink Habit... .Mfe tn..i,.i ,......
Peace anil Arbitration
4ul .jary MC4
Snapshots of Ohio l.iws . ...
"Law Knforceinent now-
Mr "Jary JIcArthurTiiitii.
ilfcfnt Temperance Leglsuture
Mrs. citrk
W. C. T, U. Uenedlctlon
Silver Medal Contest,
Soldiers' Oravo Mnrkors.
The Commissioners have purchased
markera for the graves of all U. S.
Soldiers, of auy war, bmled Iu High
land County. G. A. R. Posts or Town
ships are requested to send a rcpre
sentatlve to the Auditor and get the
required number for their township.
J. Q. Roads, Auditor.
Presbytorlan Church.
Preparatory service Saturday after
noon at two o'clock, Communion ser
vice Sunday morning at 10:30.
In the evening the ptstor will
preach the fifth of the series of ser.
mons on Timelv Tonlen. ah ,-
Scarboroagh-Beul Eitat.

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