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Spool fles euro by noting directly on the
tick parts without disturbing the Tost of
the system.
No. 1 for Fovors.
No. 2 " Worms.
No. 3 " Toothing.
No. 4 " Diarrhea.
No. 7 " Cough.
No. 8 " Neuralgia.
No. 0 " Headaches.
No. 10 " Dyspepsia.
No. 11 " Suppressed Periods.
No. 12 " Whites.
No. 13 " Croup.
No. 11 " The- Skin.
No. ID " lUicinnntisra.
No. 10 " Malaria.
No. 10 " Catarrh.
No. 20 " Whooping Cough.
No. 27 " Tho Kidneys.
No. 30 " Tho .Bladder.
No. 77 " Xa Grippe
In small hollies of pelloU that fit tho veit
pocket. At Druggists or mailed, '25c. ench.
, Medical Uuldo mailed fieo.
Itumpnrers' Med. Co., Cor. William John Street
Now York.
May 11,1000.
O. A. It. memorial services will be
conducted here on SundayvMay 27, at
2:30 p. m. by Itev. O. W. Brlggs.
Everybody Is Invited to attend and a
general Invitation Ib Riven to all who
care to assist In the music.
Rev. Pierce, of Lynchburg, will ad
dress Mother Thompson Lodge D. A.
R. at this place next Sunday at 2:30
p. m. at thcchurch.
Simpson Oldakcr and children spent
Saturday sight teeing In Cincinnati.
Dr. Wm. McAdow, of Lynchburg,
occupied the pulpit here yesterday In
place of Rev. Brlggs, who was absent
on account of the funeral of Mrs.
Elizabeth Stroup at Lynchburg. Dr
McAdow was accompanied by his
wife. ,
The residence of George Boatrlght
caught Arc Friday morning and but
for the heroic efforts of the town It
would ha vp been burned to the ground.
As it was only the roof and part of
the contents of the up-stalrs were
burned. Mr. Doatright was fully in
surcd. The Insurance agent, Frank
Ayrcs, of HUlsboro, came out in the
evening and the insurance will be ad
justed as soon as possible.
Mrs. Anna Burton and children
spent Sunday with relatives In Bills'
Mary Ann Richardson, of Blanches
tcr, and Mrs Lizzie Dean, of Wlllctts
vlllc, were visitors here yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Langlols, of
Locust Heights, were In our village
Hiram Smith, wife and daughter,
of HUlsboro, were at Simpson
Oldaker's Sunday.
Mrs. Delia Hart and baby boy, of
Chllllcothe, arc visiting Mrs. Laura
Mrs. T. A. Boatrlght, Mrs. Virginia
Jontc and Miss Lidc Oldakcr were at
Lynchburg last Saturday on account
of the death of Aunt Elizabeth
May 11, 1000.
Miss Alta Eister has been spending
a few days with her grandparents In
Mrs. Elsa Carmcan Is visiting rela
tives at Chllllcothe.
Milton Easter, of HUlsboro, spent
Sunday with bis son, John, and at
tended servlcsat Union Chapel.
Ora Upp, of Ratnaboro, spent Sun
day with the Garrett brothers.
MI63 Lulu Williamson and Mrs.
Mary Brown arc visiting friends In
Rev. Washburn and wife, of Red
Line, spent the past week with their
daughter, Mrs. Burch Frazler. Mr.
WaBhburn returned Saturday and
Mrs. Washburn remained for a few
weeks visit.
Rev. Llppert spent the first of the
week In Cincinnati.
The children of Mrs. Charles Boat
man,' of New Vienna, have been with
thrlr uncle, Ed. Boatman, while Mrs.
Boatman has undergone a successful
surgical opcratlqn in a Cincinnati
Fred Satterfleld and wife, of HUls
boro, dined Sunday with Noble Satter
fleld. Mrs. Jihn D. Wilson, of Idaho, is
epi-nding a few weeks with her
parents, Mr, and Mrs, Noble Satter
fleld. Charles Kerns, of HUlsboro, and a
ladyfrlend called at tb,e hotel yester
day. John Lemons, of HUlsboro, spent
Sunday with MrB. Lou Umpblet.
The heavy frost and freeze the past
week put a sudden stop to young vege
tation. It Is thrught the fruit which
seemed bo promising was killed.
Rev, Smith left this morning for
the Ministerial Association.
Wild Flowers.
Yellowstone Is truly one of the
''seven wonders:" As a place of
grandeur and scenery It Is unsurpass
ed by the famous Alps, Wild flowers
abound there in great profusion.
In order to furnish the public with
a souvenir within reach of all, the
Northern Pacific Railway has pre
pared a dainty publication, containing
twelve specimens of the moat beauti
ful wild flowers In the Park, which
have been pressed and mounted In
portfolio form. '
This attractive souvenir, which also
contains six f ull'page halftone illus
trations, will be mailed; prepaid upon
receipt of 60c.
A, M. Cleland, General Passenger
Agent, St, Paul, Minnesota.
carborcugB ! Bttatt.
List of Persom Who Havo Recently
Drawn Money From the
County Treasury.
Craig McDrlde, Judge of election.,...!
P D Redkcr, tr, Paint tp, bridge work
Geo Free, bridge work
Frank Lemon, 2d qr rial as member of
election hoard
Dnnlel Illxncfn, firing at Inf
DBUarkcr, potatoes ..
W O I'ulllam, work at Inf
Elsie Puckctt. work at Inf
Itena Shoemaker, work at Inf...
Ella llowman. work at Inf
Jesse Darker, sal an Inf Director
Deratloads, workat Inf ,.,
Ij C ICesler, sal as Cmomtssloner
C N Carey, sal as Commissioner
J C Hcnnlngton, sal as Commissioner.
Wm Green, wit cane St vs Elizabeth
IMcDSmlth. H month sal to May I, '00
I McD Smith, legal advice to county
HUlsboro r, & O Co, rocs plastering ,.
Trustees Liberty tp, relief to the poor
Wm Conway, Judge of election
O F Farls, judge of election
Til Cooper, poor relief......
Herbert Strain, elk election
AsaDrcsklll, wit Inquest on body of
Ilcnry Vanzant
Aaron Creed, wit Inquest on body of
Ilcnry Vanzant
A E Miller, wit Inquest on body of
Henry Vanzant ,
James Overman, bridge work
HUlsboro Gazette pub Inspectors cer
tificate HUlsboro Gazette, publishing notice
to assessors
Lylo Ptg Co, sup for llccordcr
LylcPtgCo, supforClk
Lylc Ptg Co, sup for Auditor
Lylc Ptg Co, sup for Sheriff
HUlsboro Tel Co, message to Dr Gold
smith Greenfield Itcpubllcan, pub notice....
Joel Hardin, plank ..
CO Puckctt, examination fees
DT Ulscr, examination fees
EPTIce, examination fees
Sam Drown, bridge work
S T McMillan, St vs Dude Walllngf ord
S T McMillan St vs Chas Day
J It Stultz, assessing Ilrushcreck tp. . .
Highland Magazine Co, sup for Clk. .
Jas M Foley, plumbing for C H & Jail.
Thco Murphy, repairing at Jail
J W Lcatherman, fees of cor Inq
Henry Vanzant
John S Cowns, wit Inq Henry Vanzant
O W Illchards, box rent
F S Harris, groceries Murray sisters.
E W Costcllo, coststvs Dude Walling
ford E W Costcllo, cost St vs Chas. Day
Cen V Tel Co, toll for sheriff
O V Tel Co, toll for Pro Jd
Cen UTclCo, toll for Auditor
P A Simpson, assessing N Ilrushcreck
Isaiah Shaffer, relief Fred Shalfcr....
A Matthews, cashier, commission on
paying boudH
W W Johnson, storage for booths
DrIIoyt, medical aid to prisoners.. ..
Chas Swartz, putting up booths and
News-Herald, sup for Treasurer
News-Herald, supplies for Clerk
News-Herald, sup for Auditor
U S Vance. Best on making map and
county work
3 Co
61 07
70 00
10 00
5 CI
16 00
13 M
12 80
37 63
79 00
79 00
79 00
08 76
274 70
31 16
41 60
1 00
1 00
I 00
23 60
38 00
26 00
20 00
14 00
35 15
4 60
15 23
01 00
18 85
13 21
1 00
1 00
7 25
1 05
1 85
62 00
4 00
3 19
10 70
7 10
1 60
It 85
10 35
160 00
May 14, 1000.
A. M, Roush requests all old soldiers
or relatives of soldiers to decorate
the graves of deceased comrades on
memorial day. '
Dr. O. C. Cropper and family spent
a few days last week with hid father
near Manchester.
Charles McConnaugbcv, of Madeira,
itpent Sunday here.
David McRcynolds, of Monroe, la.,
Ii the guest of his brother John and
other relatives.
McBdaracB L. A. Purdy, Emerson,
Hathaway and Ed McConnaughcy are
on the sick list.
Wesley Hunter, of Morrystown,
spent Sunday with friends here.
Garry Donohoo, who has been work
ing as a substitute railway mall clerk
with IiIb headquarters at Cincinnati,
is at home for a few days.
MIbb Anna McConnaugbey, who has
been for the past year with her uncle
In Chicago, has returned .home on ac
count of the UlneB4 of her mother.
May 14, 1900.
Moody Pulllam and wife, of Price
town, were guests of A. C. Duvall and
wife Sunday.
S. M. Taylor and family and Mrs.
Lou Ragland were Sunday guests of
J. H. Duvall and family.
Mrs, LUla Duvall was the guest of
her parents, T. L. Daggy and wife
near Mt. Oreb, Wednesday.
Jane Aber is Improving after her
recent sickness.
Blaine Pulllam and wife and Bert
Chaney were guests of J. W. Duvall
and sister Mary.
A. K. Barker Is adding a veranda
to his house.
Otto Workman was a caller at the
home of James Sunday evening,
Dr. Sanderson and wife, of Danville,
were callers here Friday evening,
John Hall, wife and son, Elmer,
were guests of S. M. Taylor and fami
ly Sunday. ,
Little News for Fish Solners.
A bill passed the legislature during
its closing hours, which will add to
the woes of those who expect to con
tinue robbing the streams of the flfih
with other than pole or line. The
bill 1b known as the Harper law, and
makes It a crime to keep fish nets,
traps, lines with more than three
hooks, or other device for catching
flsh except ordinary lines. The penal
ty may be a One of 925 to 9200, or Im
prisonment from one to six months.
This will be a good thing for the local
possensors of such parphanalla who
expect to make a campalgnthisseason,
Have vou weakness of anv kind
stomach, back, or any organs of the
body ? Don't dope yourself with ordi
nary medicine. Holllater's Rocky
Mountain Tea ie the supreme curative
power. 35 cent, Tea or Tablets,
Garrett Sc Ayrss.
Breathe Air Medicated by Hyomel
and Kill the Germs.
Now that physicians and scientists
universally agree that catarrh Is a
germ disease, the reason for the
failure of the old-fashloncd stomach
dosing In this trouble Is readily seen.
Prior to the discovery of Hyomel, a
treatment which cures catarrh by lin
ing the air you breathe with germ
killing and healing medication,
statistics showed that at least ninety
seven out of every hundred persons In
this state were suffering from catarrh
of tome form.
The treatment with Hyomel is vcty
simple and pleasant; a small inhaler
comes with every outfit and three or
four times a day Hyomel Is breathed
through this, making the air at that
time like that found on the mountains
where the pine forestB give off their
fragrant and healing.
The complete outfit costs but one
dollar, while extra bottles can be
obtained for CO cents. The W. R.
Smith Co. have seen such remarkable
results from the use of Hyomel that
they sell It under an absolute guaran
tee that It costs nothing unless it
Ohio Patonts
Granted this week. Reported by C.
A. Snow & Co , Patent Attorneys,
Washington D C , John B.Albright,
Hamilton, Switch operating mechan
ism ; Wlnfleld S. Anderson, Cincinnati,
Cupola: John W. Barnes, Mount
Gllcad, Fence post ; Newton K. Bow
man, North Lacrencc, Mine gate ;
O.Ruhrcr, Sandusky, Mctallc railway
tic and rail fastening ; Fred B. Downs,
Die stock; Aaron T. Foster & M. L.
Jones, Chllllcothe, Concrete mold ;
William O. Heltkamp, Pleasant
Rtdgc, Smooth bore rotating cannon ;
Axle R. Holmen, Columbus, Appa
ratus for softening water; Lincoln
H. Kctcham, Corning, Post driving
machine; John H. Koons, Dclphos,
Cupola; Virgil Lamb, Cincinnati,
Making half-tone enlargements; Jno.
H. W. Llbbc, Toledo, Excavator:
William H. Lucas, Newark, Mold top;
Howard E. Mann, Cleveland, Plant
for drawing, quenching and conveying
coke; Robert T. J. Martin, Elyrla,
Pressed metal seat ; William Mears,
Cleveland, Rail joint; George Merrl
man, Toledo, Railway paving plant ;
Augustus L. Moss, Sandusky, Explo
sion turbine; William R. Mulock,
WInnepcg, Railway freight car;
Oscar M. Rles, Toledo, Mold; Jearum
A. Sage, Stryker, Car fender ; Jlml,
Smith, Cleveland, Leather cutting
machine; Charles W. TaITt, Toledo,
Car door; Elah Terrell, Columbus,
Calendar clock ; George W. Upton,
Warren, Fishing reel ; Lewis D. Zjnt,
Bellefontalnc, Cooling device for
engine cylinder. For copy of any of
above patents send ten cents In post
age stamps with date of this paper to
C. A. Snow k Co., Washington D. C.
Roal Estato Transfers.
Alexander Crawford to Jessie May
C. Buck, Paint tp , 75a., $2000.
Alexander Crawford to Jessie May
C. Buck, Paint tp., 2.'Ja., 832J
Campbell Jones to Henry J. Trop,
HUlsboro, ja., q. c. SI etc.
Sheriff to F. T Pavey, HUlsboro, lot,
Macy J. Rotroff to Mary C. Shaw,
Concord tp., G0a., $.'100.
N. W. Igo to T. M. ScarlT, Concord
tp., 5a., $100.
Florence M. Burns to Wyatt Young,
HUlsboro, lot, $100.
H. Lee Winkle to Charles E. Winkle
Whlteoak tp., CO poles $225
Charles E. Winkle to H. Lee Winkle
Mowrystown,lot, $276.
J. S. Wallace et al ot Margaret
Wallace ct al, Greenfield, lot, $1 etc
Sarah M. Fouch admrx. to Frank
Foucb, Dodson tp., 20a., $400.
Robert H. Pope to Thomas A. Tay
lor, HUlsboro, lot, 9S50.
Ell Wilson to H.O. Wilson, Madison
tp,, 75a., $1 etc.
Edward Fenwlck to John W. Fer
wlck, Whlteoak tp., 18a., $1 etc.
John W. Fenwlck to Charles Whit
ing, Whlteoak tp , 5a., $250.
John W. Fenwlck to Charles E.Lud
wlck, Whlteoak tp., .la., 8150.
John W. Fenwlck to George Mlg-
ncrcy, Whlteoak tp , 15Ja.,$y37.50.
J. W. Watts to Oregon Charles,
Brushcrcck tp., GOa., $100.
Letter to Mayor Enoch Costcllo, HUls
boro, Ohio.
Dear Sir: Youare Interested in the
prosperity of your town. You cau
contribute to It materially, and give
It a far more prosperous look at the
same time.
Perhaps the public property needs
a good coat of paint.
Devoe will supply that coat with two
third of the number of gallons re
quired of any other. Devoe will last
twice as long as any other, Devoe
Is all paint and full measure. Devoe
Is the strongest paint known. Devoe
will take care of the property, In the
long run, for half the money required
by any other.
The reason Is stated above : Devoe
Is all paint and full measure: the
strongest paint known.
E, D Jewell, Corry, Pa,, painted his
house 5 years ago with a mixed paint;
took 14 gallons, Last Spring tie re
painted with Devoe; bought 14 gallons
and had 4 left, Saved $16 to (20, for
painting costs two or three times as
much as the paint.
Yours truly,
F. W. Devoe & Co,,
New York and Chicago,
P, S. Enterprise Planing Mill Co.,
sells our paint.
"Get the habit" and buy a box of
Bltso Native Herb Tablets of F. R.
Shepherd, 735 south High ttreet. 200
days treatment 11.00,
Fifteen Hundred Sparrows Take Part
In the Services on
Philadelphia. It Is not every churca
that can have a bird chorus In addi
tion to Its regular choir and Its con
gregational singing. While It cannot
he said that Bethany temple, at Fifty
fourth and Spruce streets, enjoys this
distinction, yet it la true, nevertheless,
tlint tho services are accompanied by
the singing of 1,600 English sparrows.
It was whllo tho windows were be
ing put In place nnd after tho roof
had been completed that the birds
made their Ingress to the church. The
workmen paid little attention to them,
thinking they would go out as they
came, but tho birds nro still there nnd
their presence causes no little worrl
ment to the ofllccrs of tho church.
They nest up on the big Joists that
braco tho roof and during tho day fly
about the church, keeping up a con
tinual twitter.
Woro It not necessary to open the
windows occasionally to ventllnte tho
edifice tho birds might be starved out,
but this seems to bo impossible.
Every time a window Is opened 20 or
30 fly out nnd go In search of food.
If tho windows nro all closed when
they roturn they wait another oppor
tunity to reenter.
Evening services aro nover dis
turbed, for tho birds havo then gono
to nest, and tho church singing evi
dently does not arouso them.
It Is whllo prayer Is being offered
or a sermon preached that tho real
nnnoyanco comes. The speaker has to
talk continuously against a twittering
Last week tho engineer planned to
drive the birds out by burning sul
phur, nut somo one suggested that
perhaps tho birds would die and that
would be wholesale slaughter. The
plan was abandoned.
Devico Invented Which Will Make
Such a Performance
Chicago. The reported Invention of
a telephone repeater which will mako
It possible to talk from coast to
coast was discussed lately by dec
trlclnns. David C. St. Charles, of San
Francisco, is tho Inventor, and tho
clow to his discovery Is said to have
been furnished by comblnlug tho ocbo
In nature with the sounding board
of a violin.
"I cannot tell from tho description
exactly what has been dono." said J.
L. McQimrrle, assistant chief engineer
of the Western Electric company, "hut
repeaters already havo been operated
successfully. The Hell Telephone
company Is using ono Invented lust
year by a Mr. Shrcovo.
"If this tlovlco gets a louder re
sult than Shreovo's It will be useful,
but It already Is feasible to talk from
Boston to Omnha. Every now and
then wo hear of a wonderful new ro
peaiT, so wo aro not overexcited."
"Tho St. Chnrlei Invention will not
clutugo the possibility of talking from
hero to San Francisco," said J. S.
Liirned, superintendent of tho Chi
cago Telephono company. "It Is pos
slblo now, but tiro question Is whether
It would pay to build a lino or not.
On nccount of tho business day ending
earlier In Now York and Chicago than
In Snn Francisco thoro might not bo
enough 'talks' to mako It a commor
elnl success.
"A lino from hero to New York
costs $300,000, and from hero to San
Francisco would con many times
more, as a heavier wlro would havo to
bo used. This new Invention, If suc
cessful, undoubtedly will hasten tho
construction of a coast-to-coast sys
tern, but It will not revolutionize tele
phoning, as tho repeater already Is In
fair working order."
Company May Bo Formed to Pay
Penalties of Maine Pro
hibition. Ulddeford, Mo. A company to ln
Bure the Mnlno liquor sollors and par
ticularly druggists and hotel-keepers,
against penalties for violation of tho
prohibitory law may bo the outgrowth
of attempts to enforce tho statute.
Tho promoter or tho company Is In
terviewing druggists and hotel mon
throughout tho Htnto, arid It enough
will agrue to go Into tho enterprise, ho
promlsos thut n company will bo or
ganized to assumo all tho liabilities of
tho prohibitory low.
The promolor argues that If the pro
posed company should spend money
enough to light liquor cases through
the courts of last robort, practical nul
llllcatlou of tho piohlbltory law
would icsult.
Ivy Mountain Tower Burned.
Vandals are supposod to havo burnod
Ivy .Mountnln towor In Goshen, tho soc
ond highest In Connecticut, and for
merly usod ns n coast survey station.
It was u wooden structure 70 feet In
height, and was built In 1881 on a
base 1.C42 feet above sea lovol. Tho
CatsklllB could bo seen from It, nnd
under favorable atmosphorlo conditions
Now Haven harbor. This is tho sec
ond tower In Lltchflold county to bo
mysteriously destroyed In a few years.
The hlghost towor in the state still
stands of Bear mountain In Salisbury.
Slmplon Tunnel Opening.
Tho ceremonies of celebrating tho
opening 'of the Slmplon tunnel will
begin on May 28, at Lausanno, and
end two days later at Milan.
Pood Is nigh.
Vesuvius throw flro, cinders and
rnolton rock to a height of two miles,
but food prices In Naples are reported
to bo soaring even higher than that.
"And you say you lost your position
by the great earthquake In San Fran
cisco ?",lnqulred the kind ladv,
"Yes, mum," replied Frayel Frank
"What was your position?"
"I wus asleep In a barn at de time,
mum." Milwaukee Sentinel.
The Engaged Grl I've always
heard that love h blind.
The Matron Yes, but marriage Is a
great oculUt. Translated for Tales
from Lte Anuales.
Patriotic Americans Who Advocate
Visiting' Home Scenes Before
Seeking Those of For
eign Lands,
Chicago. The movement started out
west to persuade easterners to visit tho
natural wonders of their own coun
try, Instead-of going to Europe to
Bpend their vucatlons, Is gaining
strength, according to reports received
from boyond the Mississippi. "See
Europe If you will, but see Amerlea
first," has been adopted as tho motto
of the "Soo America rirai" league,
which ndvancos tho doctrlno that citi
zens of tho United States should visit
the Thousand Islands, Niagara, the
Rockies, tho Yosemlle, the Yellowstone
nnd other beauty spots In the United
States before they go abroad to do tho
Hhlno, tho Alps and tho Scottish
Tho league declares that its pur
poso is purely patriotic. Ono of tho
arguments it advances Is tho desir
ability of retnlnlng in this country
tho Inrgo amount ot money spent each
year by Americans In European travel.
Last year such expenditures are said
to havo amounted to $200,000,000.
The financial objection to vacations
In Europe Is, howovcr, represented
as Incidental. It Is a mistake, say
tho organizers of tho league, to permit
children to got tho idea that all the
beauty Hpots are on tho farther sldo
of tho Atlantic; that their natlvo coun
try has eminence only In commercial
and political Hues. The children should
be tuught, they arguo, that Nature was
as generous In supplying America with
fine scenery as In equipping nny other
country, with tho mental capacity to
cope with foreigners In tho affairs of
tho world.
Nor Is this lesson to be taught to
tho children alone. That somo people
In tho east believe that tho Alle
ghenles stand near tho barrier mark
ing tho western limit of civilization,
nnil that beyond Chicago tho cowboy
nnd tho Indian vie with each other
in Imperiling tho llfo of tho occasional
traveler, Is a mlshty thorn In the llesh
of the westerner. Tho argument Is
advanced that Amcrlcnns generally
will bo broader and bettor when they
have cultivated n better acquaintance
with ono another; when the Kansas
man forms tho hublt of paying visits
to Now York, nnd whon tho New
Englondcr sees Colorado occasionally
Tho leaguo does not contemplato
community or special advertising. Thnt
its purpose Is not mercenary Is shown
by the character of tho mon who nro
tnklng tin active Interest In tho work
that Is proposed. Tho executive com
mltteo Is composed of Or. Nnthan (J.
Sclmcrfor, president or tho National
Educational association; Dr. David
Starr Jordun, president or the Univer
sity or California; David It. Francis,
who was president or tho St. Imis
world's ralr; Irving Howbort, of Colo
rado; Hobert L. McCarmlck, or Wash
ington, nnd Fisher Hnrrls, of Salt Lako
Tho first conference held In Salt
Uiko City, In January, was attended
by delegates from 15 states. Those who
wero present nro now organizing sub
ordinate leagues In their homo states.
Tho men hohlnd tho movement
hnvo no Idea that it will bo possible
to keep peoplo rrom going to Europo
ir they want to, nor do they pro
pose to catch the Intending tourist by
tho throat and drag him to the wost,
but they do propose to put tho thought
which lies at tho baso of the move
ment before tho American peoplo that
they will grow to consider It a public,
patriotic, and, Indeed, n selfish duty to
seo first all thoy can or their natlvo
land before searching out tho attrac
tions or foreign countries.
Young Hippopotamus In Cincinnati
Zoo Consumes Gallons
of Milk.
Cincinnati. Clncy, tho baby hippo
potamuf, one ot tho latest nttnicuons
at thu Cincinnati z. o is tnklng kind y
to his new home ,aud promises to
thrive and wax big and strong under
tho caro or thoso to whom ho has been
Though only threo months old, this
Interesting Infant, which Is the young
est ol Its species wer seen In Amer
ica, wolghs a little over 300 pounds,
and is growing rapidly.
Its huulthy condition is attested by
tho fact that it requires live gallons of
milk dully to satisfy Its ravcuous ap
petite, tho nourishment bolng taken
from n mammoth nursing bottle enp
ablo of holding eight gallons.
Slmplon Museum.
A museum will be one of tho fea
tures of tho Inaugural fetos at the
Slmplon Alpine tunnel In May. It In
cludes a section dovoted to an assort
ment of weapons with which murdor
ous crimes havo been committed by
tho workmen during tho boring opera
tions. Stilettos of raro workmanship,
highly tompered daggers, hatchets,
hammers, guns and pistols of all
kinds, bombs and an Instrument to
strangle persons aro found In this
weird collection of relics.
Cure for Nagging,
Having advertised as a widower In
search of wlfo No. 2, a man of St.
Gall, Switzerland, showed tho 50 re
plies and photographs which he had
received to bis wlfo and, stating that
If she did not want him there woro
others who did, ho effectively cured
ior of her "nagglm;" habits.
"Eureka 1" exclaimed the shade of
Darwin. "I have discovered It at
"Discovered what ?" queered the
shade of Huxley,
"This missing link that raukeH a
man out of a monkey," answered Dar
win. "It's agolf link," Chicago News.
Upper-Ten Chlld-My papa Is abroad.
Is yours ?
Lower-Ten Child Yep. Mine Is at
large ag'ln. New York Weekly.
Montana Man Is Followed About
Town by Thoroughly Domes
ticated Animal.
Anaconda, Mont A full-blooded tlm
bor wolf runs the streets of Ana
conda, Mont., every day, following tho
horso and buggy of Fred Gangner or
trotting at the heels of his master llko
a huge dog, and nnswerlng to his
whlstlo or call Just as faithfully.
"Jack" Is 'he name ho goes by. He
Is restless, but nocr rang6s far lrom
his master's buggy. Strange dogs that
tako liberties or try to form his ac
quaintance usually regret It, for Jack
has strong white lungs, and a Wclotis
snap, nnd has been known to whip n
whole pack of unwltc city dogs thnt
thought thoy woro dealing with sOmo
Yet Jack Is as gcntlo as my lady's
lap dog, and Is particularly fond ot
Frank and Eun, the young sons of
Mr. Gangner. Tho boys have taught
him to retch and curry and to draw
them In their wagon or on their Bleds
In a hurness similar to that used on
tho dogs In Alaska.
As a watchman tho wolf Is n perfect
guardian of tho homo, and on camp
ing trips he stays at the camp, and
trouble ensues for Intruders.
Jack was captured nt the Gravel!
ranch In the Big Holo country two
years ago when ho was ono day old
Ho was at onco taken to Anaconda,
and boenmo tho property of his pres
ent master.
He was adopted by tho children, who
fed him with milk from n nursing hot
tie till he was old enough to lap up
the milk for hlmsoir nnd at lost take
kindly to a stronger diet.
He wears a collar now, and every
yenr a tag from tho city Is placed on
It, as is done with dogs. Jack Is a
faithful fellow, and recently exhibit
ed n wonderful homing instinct that
endcarod him more than ever to the
Gangner family.
He was given to Josoph Desjnrdin,
who lives 15 miles up tho hills cast
of Deer Lodge, Mont. Mr. Desjardln
took him In an express car to Ucer
Lodge, and from thero led him be
hind tho wngon to his new home
Jack was gone from Anaconda four
days. At the end of thnt tlmo ho
scratched at the door of his old homo,
whero ho was welcomed Joyfully by
the children.
Tho wolf had come home across tho
country 50 miles; nnd though wet,
dirty, footsore and lame, gave every
demonstration or Joy on being agnln in
his old quarters, and It will bo long
before he Is banished again.
Philadelphia Physician Who Is Hus
tled Even Out of His
Philadelphia. "If all the doctors
have been blessed with work as I havo
the past six months thero Is certainly
room for moro men of medlclno In
Philadelphia," said a North Tenth
street doctor the other day. "Tho fact
Is that I havo hnd so much to do thnt
I havo been nights without sleep nt
nil nnd on tho average I havo had
threo sours' sloep In 21 since tho start
of winter. Unncnsonablenesa of tho
season hns been tho cause of so much
moro sickness than usual. As a re
sult lots of tho doctors are patients
themselves. What I started to toll
you will probably bo doubted, but If
you want substantiation you may
como up to my hotiBe. Tho ninber
of my patlpnts has so Increased. (.
Ing mo no tlmo to myself nt all, tU.it
I must hold myself ready to answer
n call at my offlco or outsldo at any
moment. To holp mo out I hnd a
telephono system arranged In my
houso that at first covered pvory room
except tho bathroom, so that n patient
could be put In communication with
mo wherever I might bo, In or out
of bed. Well, It got so that I could
not oven tnko my bath without hav
ing to hustle out of tho water and
slipping on my robe nnd rus'..I;ig to
the nearest 'phone. I had to havo
another 'phono put in, and it Is af
fixed to tho bathtub. Not onco since
I hnve had It there have I missed be
ing called up to prescrlbo something
for somebody until I could call lu
person, Muybo my llfo Is uot strenu
ous." Suicide In Germany.
Official returns give somo curious
Information regarding sulcldo In Ger
many. IlPtween 1895 and 1905 the
number of suicides has steadily In
creased, and nmong women tho In
crease has been relatively greater
than nmong men. This lottor foot Is
attributed to tho. larger share which
women aro gradually taking In com
mercial llfo nnd wage-earning. Among
mon tho most common methods of sul
cldo are shooting nnd drowning, nnd
among woman drowning and poison
ing. Few women shoot themelvos.
County Buys Bloodhound.
A full-b'ooded bloodhound, the pur
chaso of which lias been nuthnrlod by
tho Mackinac county board of super
visors, h;.s hcen ordored from .a fan
cier at Eaglo Lago, Tex., nnd nrrlved
recently. The dog answers to tho
nnmo of Jon i'als .Tot Is n full-,
grown, trolneu mnu-traller, and cost
the county 3125 nnd euass charge.
Tho conlno will bo used In running
down crlmlnalb. An epidemic or small
robberies committed at St Ignaco lost
bi . ,i r nnd fnll Induced the purchaso
or the da?.
Even In Japan.
Over In Japnu tho clulm Is now be
Inn mado that Gon. Kodnma was the
man who really defeated tho Russians
and thnt Oyama did nothing hut draw
tho salary.
A certain Pittsburg millionaire
vlblted Philadelphia's academy of the
natural sciences. Its collection of
stuffed birds Is considered one, of the
finest In America. The custodian
could not help praising It. "I've nev
er figured It out," said be, but it is
safe to say, at a guess, that these
stutted birds are worth not lees than
tMO.OOO." "Heavens l" exclaimed the
man of money. "Is it possible I What
are they stuffed with?"
learborongb- iBsuraaee.
a complete treatment at
our store for 25 cts. His
specialty is Liver Com
plaints, all kinds, and he
guarantees satisfaction,
or money back.
Ramon's Liver Pills
and Tonic Pellets make
permanent cures.
The W. R. Smith Co.
Professional (2ard.
S. R. HOWARD, "all'rJS.01
Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist.
Located In HHUboro seventeen years.
Longdistance calls promptly atten
ded. Both phones In residence and
,onn Big. HII.L8BORO, O
3omc 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone 143.
Crown and Drldgc Work a Specialty,
'fflcc N. HIfh street, Uillsboro, O
Ofllcc ni,I!,e 'l)ho"c 101 ) Residence
(Bell ' 147 f Home, 230.
HlllHboro, Ohio.
OrriCK-In Upline,, Huiiding, North High
Ori-icn Iibuiis:-o to i a. ra.. 2 to and 0 to
Hoth 'Phones In onicd and Kesldence,
OITICK-Short St., Opp. Court House.
Over Farmer's & Traders' Bank.
HillHlHiro, - . Ohio.
OITlCK-Ulcstand Uros. Livery Stable.
Home I'hone 103. Uell Phone 5S
Ebc flDnlCOlm love BMnnos
Wen B awarded both Medal and Diploma at
UlRhest I'osslblcJUonors,
iT. J. SPRINKLE&-snN;.
No. m Kant Main Street. HUlsboro, Ohio.
Crown and Brldrje'WorkSpiGlaltu.
Onice S. Uljjh St. Rome Phones.
corrected Weekly by The Ur. Ion C rocery Co
uillsuoho, May i. mod,
Ketall Grocers
Wheat, buihel
white Deans, bushel.
K;ith, dozen
Chickens, tier Hi
Turkeys, per lb
1IUCK9, iicriD
llacon flams, per lb,.
Ilacon Sides
llacon Shoulders
l.ard ,..',
Hay, ton
IIIT41I, I'llItLS.
Granulated Sugar
Cut Loaf and l'owdered Suear.....
f'oftee.HIn ...?.;......
'I- ,imi, u. an. p. perar....
'n ., lilac ,,
i ueese lukinnr
Hour, yi.od lumily
inds rwt.,
i ooa seo
lolaM, n,,i nail-1.
Golden Syrup
CoalOll .......
Salt "..".,
HdiiiH, city sugar cured, lb...,
. a
. 13a
, n.
, sous
.6 Ma
. 4 Ooa
I 15
f Pf
i 00
S B0
ft 00
Ileeves, cwugrok
sheep and Lambs, perewt.
Hogs. cwt.. gross
Stock Hogs, gross
Milch Cons with Calves
0 n m
Mare. Always reliable. I.itdlr, mW Pruigrlrt tot
J 1114 IHJi(:it N KNUl.lMIl' III 'lESF".Si
iolil iQbUlllo boie, scslwl wllti bluu ribbon.
Take no oilier, liefus damtrgw shImU
tulluuMtuut InillKllM. lluyvrTOurUnifftst,
or send -Ir. In surar for rarllrnUrs, TmU
utonlHls and "HrlUr fur LmIIm." tit Ittfr,
X rvtura Hall. !, TwUmoaiiUs. Hold by
all Urucdiu.
SlOO Madlsoa Naaiw, tMUIL, VA4
VhUh tab iaja
v c,

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