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VOL. 76. NO. 26
Asked by J. W. Creamer From
Richard Wood For Injuries
Divorce Suit.
I I 'i
, ,.-, ,. ; ; 'Hi- . - .
Wednesday Night to Raise
$30,000 For Highland
County Hospital
Great Enthusiasm and Complete
Harmony Prevails Names
of Captains and Mem
bers of Teams.
The big six day whirlwind campaign
for the purpose of raising $30,000 for a
Highland County Hospital Is now on.
The best of spirit and goodwill pre
vails and much enthusiasm has already
been engendered.
The work of organization has been
going on rapidly and everyone Is on
the mark ready and anxious for the
Commencing with last Thursday
morning, something has been doing
every minute and Bert Wells, an ex
pert promoter, has been on the job
every minute and has demonstrated
that he thoroughly knows his busi
ness. Thursday night at a meeting of all
the physicians of Hillsboro and a
number of men prominent in the
management of the Highland County
Hospital Company an agreement was
reached that the old company should
be dissolved and an Association not for
profit, organized. Every physician Is
now heartily In accord with the move
ment and every one of the Hillsboro
physicians is on one of the men's
R. S. Evans, John Matthews and O
N. Sams, the presidents of the three
Hillsboro banks have been selected as
trustees to hold the fund raised In the
campaign and are to organize the
Hospital Association, which will not
be for profit and will make this a
thoroughly public and a charitable
Every person who subscribes during
this campaign -will be issued stock in
the Association andN everyone will be
on an equal footing. The directors of
the old Highland County Hospital
Company have agreed to dissolve the
company, turn over their property to
the new association at the cost of it.
The subscribers of the old company
are to be issued stock In the new asso
ciation of the same value as their
stock in the old company.
Everybody Is satisfied. Good old
General Harmony is in complete com
mand and the most prominent figure
in the movement.
The town is aflame with banners,
posters and cards, showing that some
thing really important Is going on.
The"iblg thermometer which will reg
ister each day the height of the hos-.
pital fever was placed In front of the
Hospital Headquarters in the Strain
room on W. Main street Tuesday af
ternoon. It Is made of canvass and
reaches from the pavement to the top
of. the building. Rows of incandes
cent electric lights run up and down
each side and across each end of It.
On Wendesday night the first meet
ing of the captains and members of
the teams was held and the Hospital
Headquarters certainly presented a
great sight that evening.
The large room had been tastefully
decoratedby the women. Tables, at
which were seated over 200 of Hllls
boro's most prominent men and
women, had been placed along ' each
sideof the room.
Mr. Wells presided at the meeting
andgave a clear outline of the work
to be done and what was expected of
each person.
Everything went off smoothly and
great enthulasm prevailed and the
great truth spoken by the Psalmist
was brought home to all: "Behold,
how good and how pleasant' it is for
brethren to awell together in unity."
The following executive committee
has "been selected;
Sam Scott, John C. Spargur, O. N.
Sams, Philip Berg, Rev. R. O. Mat
thews, Rev. W. H. Shields, Rev. Geo.
Gelger, Chas Bell, Col. Frank Ayres,
Capt. John Matthews, W. G, Smith,
Mayor Wilkin, Michael Felbel, Rev.
T. H. Johnson, Rev. Fr. McLeigh,
Rev. Tj. E. Durr, Dr. H. M. Brown
Judge Newby, Judge "Watts, J. M.
Hlbben, G. B. Beecher, R. S. Evans,
Chas. Whlsler, L. B. Boyd, Dr. Win.
Hoyt, Charles E. Ilaynes, Sam R.
Free, J. J. Pugsley, and all of the
doctors of the county.
Roy A. Ilaynes has been chosen as
chairman of all the Mens teams and
Mrs. J. H. Richards chairman, and
Mrs. R. S. Evans, vice-chairman of
the Women's Jeams.
As Is always the case In every good
work the women have taken in this
case the more active part and have
far outdistanced the men, bo far as
preliminary work is concerned and
had their team captains and mem
bers selected earlier than the men.
The captains and the members of
the different teams so far as they had
been organized at noon on Wednesday
Captain, Mrs. G. B. Beecher, Mrs.
Dan Morgan, Mrs. Newby, Mrs.
Whitehead, Miss Margaret Chaney,
Miss Jean Bowles, Mrs. James Reece,
Mrs. Shirley, Mrs. Roscoe West, Miss
Nellie Dawson.
Captain Mrs L. B. Boyd, Mrs. Blair
Boyd, Mrs. Roy Haynes, Miss May
Cummlngs, Mrs. John Spargur, Mrs.
J. W. Gore, MissLucileHuggins, Mrs.
Chas. Bell, Miss Ruth Dawson.
Captain, L. n. Dill, Miss Ella Pat
terson, Miss Lucy Harman, Mrs.
Henry Spargur, Mrs. Frank Ayres,
Mrs. Seaver Parker, Miss Adina Lar
kln, Miss Sarah Murphy, Miss Letitia
Mitchell, Mrs. Sam Hlestand.
Captain Mrs. J. W.Evans, Mrs. O. A.
Thompson, Mrs. Stanley Rogers, Mrs.
Will Rodes, Mrs. Morris Hoyt, Mrs. J.
B. Worley, Mrs. Earl Rlzer, Mrs. W.
H. Shields, Mrs. Chas. McConnaughey,
Mrs. T. M. Watts.
Captain, Miss Grace Gardner, Mrs.
Charles Larkln, Mrs. J. Frank Wilson,
Mrs. Mary B. Yoeman, Mrs. George
W. Bam-te, Sr., Mrs. Margaret Reed,
Mrs. Joe Head, Mrs. ' Lulu Barrere,
Mrs. Dick Rockhold, Miss Mary
Captain Mrs. J.M. Hlbben, Mrs. Lena
Kibler, Mrs. W. W. Glenn, Mrs. Lena
Spargur, Mrs. Joe Bell, Mrs. Lizzie
Leslie, Mrs. Cora Boulware, Mrs.
Nannie Sewell, Mrs. Shirley.
Captain Mrs. Elizabeth R Rock
hold, Miss Lethla E. Roads, Mrs.
Wallace Rodgers, Mrs. Adolphus Rog
ers, Mrs Ed Sanderson, Mrs. Dennis
Rogers, Mrs. C. C. Walker, Miss Laura
Rockhold, Miss Amelia Herron, Mrs.
P. B. Zink,' Mrs. Puckett.
Captain, Mrs. Chas. Swadley, Mae
Ayres, Sarah Lambert, Stella Welch,
Clara Spargur, Minnie Fenner, Mary
McGlinchy, Rebecca Arthur, Mrs.
Lelghton Holmes, Miss Elva Swiss
helm, Captain, Mrs. H. A. Russ, Mrs. J.
B. Spencer. Mrs. Dan Scott, Mrs.
Clara Brunner, Wrs. W. II. Pence,
Mrs. Oscar Lemon, Mrs. C. F. Farts,
Mrs. Frank Stevenson, Mrs. D, E.
Captain Miss Cora Eggeling, Mrs. D.
Satterfleld, Mrs. Jos. Gavey, Miss Ella
Oopes, Miss Anna Schllley, Miss Kate
Madden, Miss Louanna Ambrose, Mrs.
Fred Vogel, Mrs. George Clark, Mrs.
O. E. Stanforth.
men's teams.
Captain Joseph E. Carroll, D, M.
Meneley, A. D. Moorhead, William
Haley, O. F, Hugglns, Charles Coff
man, Charles McConnaughey, Dr. J.
D. McBride, L. B. Banks, Dr. O. N.
Garrett, Charles Swartz.
I Captain J. W. Watts, Dr. W. W.
Glenn, Granville Barrere, Chas. L-
Minshall, R. D. Klrkpatrick, Ileber
Van Pelt, Robert Seybert, Fred Lar
kln, Ernest Schumacher, Walter Kin
cald. Captain O. A. Thompson, Geo. W.
Barrere Sr., J. Frank Wilson, H. P.
Morrow, W. E. Caldwell, Noah Roads,
W. G. Richards, J. B. Spencer, C. M.
Lacy, William Barrett.
Captain J. W. Evans, Rev. W. II.
Shields, E. B. Dines, W. N. Bean, H.
L. Wiggins, R. O. Davles, J. C. Spar
gur, J. C'Larkln. John M. McMullen,
J. G. Bell, W. E. Rodes.
Captain, Joseph Stabler, Otway
Conard, Dr. H. A. Russ, E. H. Mc
Clure, John Q. Roads, John S. Farls,
N-. E. Calvert.
The other captains of the Men
Teams, but whom It was impossible
to find and secure the names of the
members of their teams are ; Rev. T.
H. Johnson, Otto F. Horst and Daniel
i m
Hoyt Mears.
Miss Marjorie Mears and Leslie J.
Hoyt, of Ivorydale, were united in
marriage at the home of the bride's
parents In Norwood Wednesday even-.
Ing at 7:30 o'clock. Rev. W. A. Deaton, I
of Grace M. E. church, Norwood, for-
merly pastor of the Hillsboro church,
performed the ceremony in an impres
sive manner.
The house was artistically decorated
for the occalon. A large number of
the relatives and friends were present.
Following the ceremony an elaborate
wedding breakfast was served.
Mr and Mrs. Hoyt left that evening
on their wedding trip.
They will make their home at Mt.
Gllead, where Mr. Hoyt will be associ
ated in business with his brother-in-law,
Dr. W. B. Robinson.
The groom is the youngest son of
Dr. and Mrs. W. Hoyt, of this place,
and made his home here until a few
years ago, when he went to Ivorydale,
where he had a position with the
Proctor & Gamble Co. He resigned
his position with that company last
week on account of his arrangements
at Mt. Gllead. He is a bright, capa
ble, energetic young man.
Mrs. Hoyt is a pretty and attractive
young lady with many charms and
graces of manner. She has visited
here frequently In the last few years
and has made many friends among
the people of Hillsboro.
Dr. and Mrs. W. noyt, Dr. and Mrs.
Maurice Hoyt and Mr. and Mrs. R. L.
Boulware, of this place, attended the
Meeting of Mother's Club.
A meeting of the Mothers Club will
be held at the Webster School build
ing Friday afternoon at 2:30. Dr.
Elizabeth Edminston will deliver an
address. All members of the club
and everyone Interested in the work
Is urged to be present. .
Miss Hazel Worley returned Satur
day from New York City, where she
had been taking a course In the Ilanne
man Nurses Training School. She has
decided not to take up the work.
Jacob Saylor, of Wellington, Kan.,
returned home Tuesday, after a visit
with Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Saylor.
Brilliant Social Function. -
A number of delightful social func
tions have been given -for Mr. and
Mrs. Herbert Alan Ottewlll and sev
eral others have been arranged.
The first of the many beautiful af
fairs was a brilliant reception given
Friday evening by Mrs. Ottewlll's
grandmother, Mrs. W. R. Smith, at
the Smith home on E. Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. Ottewlll, Mrs. W. R.
Smith and Mrs. Quinn received their
guests in the spacious parlors.
The house was beautifully decorated
for the occasion.
Elaborate refreshments were served,
the girl friends of the bride, Mrs.
Blair M. Boyd, Mrs. William F. Allen,
Mrs. Clarence Hlestand, Mrs. John C.
Spargur and Misses May Cummlngs,
Margaret Patton, Ruth Dawson and
Nina Glenn assisting.
150 guests were present to welcome
nillsboro's charming and talented
daughter and meet her accomplished
husband. Mrs. Ottewlll was never
more strikingly beautiful than on this
evening. She wore her wedding gown,
a Paris creation of brocaded white
satin, trimmed In real lace.
On Saturday evening Rey. and Mrs
G. B. Beecher entertained with a
dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Ottewlll.
After dinner bridge was played.
Miss Cora Bell gave a luncheon and
bridge for Mrs.' Ottewlll Tuesday
Mrs. R. A. Haynes will entertain
for them this evening with a dinner
and Miss Ruth Dawson will give a
luncheon and bridge Friday evening.
young Robbers Caught.
Three twelve year old boys, Fred
Nace, Adolphus Asher and Howard
Stevens, were arrested Wednesday of
last week by otlicer W. H. Walker,
charged with burglarizing several
HI lsboro stores. They confessed and
returned a large part of the stolen
A hearing of their cases has not been
had, due to the absence from the
county of Judge Watts, who is the
juvenile court judge. He Is expected
home today and a hearing will be had
at once.
The boys confessed entering the
Hillsboro Implement Co. on Sunday,
Sept. 8, where they seeured 32 knives
and 2 revolvers. Most of the knives
and the 2 revolvers were recovered.
The boys attempted to sell the knives
for 15 cents.
The boys also confessed to stealing
some hides from the Perry Wool Pul-
lery In July, to the breaking Into
Costellow's Grocery during the Chau
tauqua and to stealing a fountain pen,
some stamps and a check perforator
from the olllce of Frank Gamble the
latter part of June.
Since the confession of the boys,
they have not been confined, but have
been placed In the charge of their
parents, until the return of Judge
Watts. Every effort will be made to
reform the boys and drastic punish
ments will only be Inflicted as a last
J, J. Perry, who has been at Boston,
Mass., for soveral weeks visiting rela
tives and transacting business, Is at
Only two new cases were filed In the
Common Pleas Court during the past
two weeks.
J. W. Creamer asks for a judgment
of 5.000 against Richard Wood and
John Wood, guardian of Richard
The plaintiff says that on Sept. 12,
1912, John Wood was appointed by the
Probate Court guardian of the person
and property of Richard Wood and has
qualified and Is acting as said guardian.
He further says that on Aug. 20, 1912,
Richard Ward assaulted the plaintiff
and shot and wounded him ; that by
reason of these Injuries he became
lamed and sick and was for a long time
incapacitated from attending to his
business and was compelled to pay $50
for medical attendance and nursing to
his damage in the sum of 5000.
Luther Smith asks for. divorce from
Ruth L. Smith on the grounds of gross
neglect of duty and extreme cruelty.
The parties were married Jan. 7,
1910 and have no children.
The plaintiff says that on July 19,
1912, the defendant without any cause
whatever abandoned him and left
their home at Hillsboro and has not
since returned. He further alleges
that for months before the defendant
deserted him he had given her his pay
envelope, containing his entire pay ;
that she was to pay all household ex
penses out of this but that since she
left him he finds that she has con
tracted debts of $250 with the mer
chants of Hillsboro, which he has
almost paid In full. On account of
this bad conduct and deceptions he
asks for divorce.
Burning Leaves on Streets.
Mayor Wilklns announces that the
penal ordinance prohibiting the burn
ing of leaves and waste matter on the
streets, alleys and public grounds will
be enforced. But little attention has
been paid to the ordinance in the past
but all violators hereafter will be
The practice of burning leaves and
waste matter on the streets Increases
the dinger of fires and the smoke Is
Injurious to the health and comfort
of the citizens of the village.
In This County Don't Pay Cost of
Conducting Offices as
Shown by Report.
The reports of the different county
officials for the year ending Monday,
Sept. 2, have been filed with Auditor
Teter. These reports show that only
two of the offices collect enough in fees
to pay the salaries of the officers and
their deputies and clerks. These are
the sheriff's and treasurer's offices.
The salaries of the different officers
and their deputies and clerks and the
fees earned by their offices follow :
Auditor, salary of officer $2345, salary
of deputy and clerks $1685.03; total
salary $40:0 93 ; fees earned $3731.37.
Treasurer, salary of officer $2345 ; sal
ary of deputy and clerks $1031.34 ; total
salary $3370.34 ; fees earned $3520.15.
Probate Judge, salary of officr $2163 ;
salary of deputy and clerks $900 ; total
salary $3363; fees earned $2502.50.
Clerk of Courts, salary of officer $2035;
salary of deputy $475; total salary
$2530; fees.earned $1778.94. Recorder,
salary of officer $1550 ; salary of deputy
501.50; total salary 2051.50; fees
earned $1860.17. Sheriff, salary of offi
cer $1990 ; salary of deputy 725 ; total
salary $2715 ; fees earned $2042.53.
No fees are earned by either the
prosecuting attorney or the county
commissioners. The salary of the
prosecuting attorney was $1550 and of
his clerk $300. The salary of each of
the commissioners was 1119.92.
The salary of each of the officials is
fixed by law and the salary of their
deputies and clerks by the county
While many complaints were made
about the old fee system the reports
of the officials show that it would have
saved $1716,05 for Highland county.
Probate Court Proceedings.
William A. Lyle appointed executor
of Tacy Lyle.
Alice J. Iletherington, gdn Qf Sarah
L. Iletherington et al filed petition
to sell real estate.
Authenticated copy of will of Mis
sourl James filed.
Dora Butler, admrx. of Alonzo But
ler filed applications to take in kind
and statement in lieu of account.
M. L. Matthews, exr. of Susan L.
Young, filed first and final account.
Euphemla C. Stevens exrx. of Wes-
ley Lafferty, filed inventory and appraisement.
Of Steam Railroads in High
land County Made by
Tax Commission
And is Due to Mistake Made in
Valuation of N. & W. Last
Year Other Roads
are Increased.
The total valuation of the steam
railroads In Highland county for taxa
tion, as fixed by the State Tax Com
mission is $1,220,780. This Is a de
crease of $723,780 from last year's
The decrease from last year Is all
made In the valuation of the Norfolk
& Western Railroad Co. The valua
tion of the other companies is materi
ally increased. The decrease in the
N. & W. was expected as Auditor
Teter had been advised several months
ago by the State Tax Commission that
a mistake had been made last year in
the valuation of the N. & W , It hav
ing been placed much too high. This
reduction will mean a loss of about
$7250 in taxes for the county.
The number of miles of main track
and siding of each road in this county
and the valuation Is as follows : B. &
O. S. W., Hillsboro Branch, 10.33
miles of main track, 2 919 miles of
siding valued at $199,610; valuation
!ast year $178,300, increase $21,310.
Main Line, B.&O., 17 32 miles of main
track, 6.519 miles of siding, valued at
$78S,010 ; valuation last year $731,940,
increase $56,070. N. & W., Hillsboro
Branch, 17 19 miles of main track, 1.13
miles of siding, valued at $204,550;
valuation last year $1,021,340; decrease
$816,790. D. T. & 1. 1.74 miles of main
track, .98 miles of siding, valued at
$34,010; valuation last year $18,9S0;
increase $15,730.
All of the roads have in this county
46.58 miles of main track and 11 548
irlles of siding, the total valuation
being $1,220,880. The valuation last
year was $1,950,500, a loss of $723,789.
Attention was called last year by
the News-Hekald to the great differ
ence in the value per mile of track
placed on the B. & O. and the N. & W
and the claim made then that an
error must have been made by the Tax
Commission. The va.lua.tlon this year
on these two roads is undoubtedly
much fairer although It causes a big
loss in revenue to the county.
Socialists Name County Ticket.
At a mass convention of the Socialist
Party held Saturday, the following
county ticket was named :
Probate Judge Alex Custer, Hills
boro. Commissioners Wilso n Chaney,
New Market ; Samuel Beatty, Green
field ; O. A. Boyles, Hillsboro.
Auditor William Wilson, Green
field. Treasurer Frank Whlted, Green
field. Recorder Harley Wright.
Sheriff Robert Stanforth, Hillsboro
Coroner II. L. Thornburcr. Hills
ClerkWilliam N. Nye.
The names of the candidates can
only be placed upon the ticket bv peti
tion. The petitions require 300 names.
W. C. T. U. County Convention.
The Woman's Christian Temperance
Union held Its annual county conven
tion at the Hillsboro Methodist church
last Thursday.
Mrs. E. J. Patterson, of Greenfield,
county president, presided. The at
tendance was good and all enjoyed tho
excellent program prepared.
Mrs. Gebhardt, of Marlon, state
lect-urer, was present and dellved an
Interesting and Instructive address.
An oratorical contest for school
children will be held soon. A prize of
$10 will be given for the bast oration
by a high school pupil and a prize of 5
for the best oration by a pupil of the
Reports from the different depart
ments of the county organization
showed that much good work had been
done during the year.
The following officers were elected :
Mrs. E. J. Patterson, of Greenfield,
president; Mrs. Eunice Barrett, of
Hardin's Creek, vice president ; Miss
Margaret Huff, of Leesburg, corre
sponding secretary ; Mrs. Pearl HIser,
of Greenfield, recording secretary;
Mrs. L. S. Montgomery, of Lynchburg,
Ike Cohn returned Monday from a
weeks stay at Sulphur Lick Springs.

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