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Sept. 30, 1912.
Miss Hazel Rnupp, of Prlcotown,
spent Tuesday with her grand-parents,
John Knupp and wife.
Mrs. Henry Smith and Miss Lena
Earhart, of Buford, spent Tuesday
night and Wednesday with Clark Uad
wallader and family.
B. F. Jacobs, of Parrot's Station, is
visiting his daughter, Mrs. Angie Mc
Kenzle. Clark Cadwallader, wife and grand
daughter, Mabel Cadwallader, Mrs.
Henry Wilkin and children enjoyed
Sunday with Frank Calley and wife, of
near Shackelton.
Mrs. Catherine Wills, of Indiana,
Mrs Margert Pence, Mrs. Myrtle Wil
kin and Mrs. Mary Roberts anddaugh
ter, of Russell, were the guests of Sam
Wilkin and family, Wednesday.
Miss Maud Wilkin called on Miss
Alma Roush Saturday afternoon.
Ira Cadwallader and family spent
Sunday with Ben'tf ilkin and wife, of
Alvin Cadwallader, of Iowa, returned
home Friday, after a two weeks visit
witli relatives here.
O. L. Roush and family spent Sun
day with Will Tompsonand family, of
A. E. Wilkin and family and Miss
Lena Saum enjoyed Sunday with Ora
Leininger and wife, of Point Victory.
Miss Mabel Cadwallader spent Sat
urday night with Ira Cadwallader and
John Hall and family, of Middle
town, were recent visitors of Philip
Layman and family.
Win. Morgan and wife and Rosa
Muntz visited relatives at Ilarwood,
;, Z Sept. 30, 1912.
' Mesdames Maggie Roush and Anna
Eaklns, of New Market, visited their
mother here Saturday.
Mr. Matthews, of Winchester, Jls
visiting M. E. Harris landdaughter,
Farmers are very busy cutting corn
and sowing wheat. iV
James Hogsett has moved to his
farm near Hillsboro.
W. D. McReynolds, of Gerlaw, 111.,
called on his uncle, T. R. Vance, Mon
day and Tuesday.
Mr. WIsecup and family have moved
on the Anderson farm.
'T. C. Custer finished the raising of
his bam Tuesday.
Mesdames Homer Sanders and Bur.
ton Vance were shopping in Hillsboro
Saturday. .
Burton Vance and wife spent Sun
day evening with D E. Vance and
'Ben Igo and wife were the guests of
the latter's parents Tuesday night.
C. Simbro and family were guests of
3. O. Harris and wife Sunday.
Sept. 30, 1912.
J. V. Sanders and wife, C. D. Vance
and wife, Ben Igo and wife and Earl
Roberts spent Sunday with Amos-Igo
and family.
Mrs. Burris, of Mowrystown, Is
spending a few days with Mrs. Curtis
Mrs. J. C. Larrickspent from Friday
until Tuesday with relatives at New
Vienna and Martinsville.
Mrs. Sarah McCormlck returned
home Sunday after a short visit with
her granddaughter, Mrs. Wilbur Mob
erly, at Buford.
Mrs. Charles Igo returned Sunday
after spending two weeks with her
parents, James Troute and I wife, at
Gilbert Ciplinger, who his; had a
broken needle in his foot Jfor some
time, had it taken outTuesday by Dr.
Chaney and Larktn, and is getting
along nicely.
Mrs. Florence Kiblerand daughters,
of Mt. Orab, called on relatives and
friends at this place Friday.
Sept. 30, 1912.
David Hammond. and Jwlfe, who
have been visiting relatives at Barber
ton, returned home Saturday.
MlssNelle Butler spent Sunday with
"Mrs. Margaret Williams.
O. C. Kesler and family visited J.
M. Yarger andfamilySunday.
Mrs. Martha Setty spent Sunday
with J. M. Setty and wife.
Miss Lillian Ward, of Greenfield,
who has beenpendlnf the past two
week; with friends here, returned
home Wednesday.
Harley McCoppin andofamily spent
Sunday with W. O.J Setty and family.
MVs. Sarah A. Ward and children
visited J. W. Hammond land family
Miss Ethel Johnson, (who has been
spending a few days with home folks,
Jias returned to Marysville, where she
Ms employed as stenograplier.
Frank Keliey and wife and son visit
ed W. A, Gal and family Sunday.
S. R. Wylle and wife spent Sunday
with Wm, Snyder and family, ' at
r "x Louden,
Sweetheart of Ribbon Salesman
Explains to Judge Just How
It All Happened.
New York. When Reginald Mul
hnno was called to the bar In the
Yorkvllle police court he had all he
could do to hobble along oa a cane
He was slight and undersized and
with a meekness of feature that made
the magistrate look up with surprise
when he read on the complaint, "At
tempted burglary." Close behind
Mulhnne stood a comely woman in
the throes of a bad attack of tears.
She was supported by a buxom middle-aged
woman with a purple-plumed
hat, who was dividing her time be
tween patting the tearful one sympa
hetlcally on the shoulder and sniffing
disdainfully at Policeman Buchmeller,
who had Reginald In charge.
"I found this man In the rear Of
the premises occupied by Jasper
Dates, in East 74th street," recited
Buchmeller. "He was sliding down a
rope attached to a second-story win-
Arrested Him for Attempted Burglary
dow. He could not give an account
of himself, and I arrested him for at
tempted burglary."
"Indeed, he's no burglar, judge,"
sobbed the tearful one.
"How do you know?" asked the
"He's my sweetheart, judge, and he
never done a thing like that In his
"You never can tell," said the mag
istrate. "Have you any better evi
dence?" "I'm Rose Flnnegan and I'm the
second maid at Mrs. Bates'," she
said, "and this lady here is the cook,
Mrs. Rellly. This gentleman here he
sells ribbons downtown and he's been
my steady company for months. He
was good, steady company, but all he
could do was to sit still and play with
his hat. There wasn't any romance
at all to it, judge. Ho takes mo to a
play the other night and that gave
me an idea. I started to teach him
how to be romantic. I told Mm in
stead of coming to the basement door
and ringing the bell, just as though
he was bringing some groceries in
stead of candy, he ought to climb up
on a balcony or do something like
"He did not want to do it He said
that he was not up to those things.
I said he would have to do ltor I
would go out with the fireman around
the corner.
"He said he guessed he'd have to
do it, but I would have to pick out
something easy. I told him all he'd
have to do would be to climb up a
rope to my window, and the cook and
I would help him.
"When it was time for him to call
cook and I dropped a. clothesline to
him and he started to climb up. He
said it hurt his hands, but we told
him to keep on trying and then he fell
and hurt his ankle, and this police
man grabbed him.
"All the lady said Is straight,
judge," declared Reginald. "I did
not want to do this stunt, but I could
not let that fireman get ahead of me."
"I guess I made a mistake," said
Buchmeller. "This guy didn't look
like a burglar to me anyhow, and, be
sides, I know that fireman and I don't
like him either."
"Seeing that everybody Is satis
fied," said the magistrate, "tho case
is dismissed."
8ome Eater
Ithaca, N. Y. The local Italian col
ony claims the champion spaghetti
eater of America as the result pf a
Cpntest held at a picnic to observe
St, Agostino's day. He Is Leandro Aiea
andro, who consumed two pounds of
the national dish in 18 minutes with
out taking a drink of .water. Alesan
dro, who weighs 140 pounds, then en
tered the pie-eating contest and won
second prize.
Keeps His Promise.
New York. Friends of George J.
Gordon, a Brooklyn merchant, team
ed that he had married his mother-in-law
a year ago to keep a promise he
had made his wife before she died.
One Judge's Advice.
Omaha, Neb. "If women and. girls
would wear old-fashioned' hoop skirts
and bustlee, mashers would be dig
,couraged," said DIstrlat Judge Chas,
Bell's Opera House
Commencing Monday, Oct. 7.
Harry Shannon Presents
Shannon Stock Co.
In new Plays and Vaude
ville. Ladies and Childrens Mat
inee Saturday afternoon at
2 p. m.
Ladies FREE on Monday
night when accompanied
with one 30c ticket.
Week opens with that
great play
"A Receipt in Full"
Prices lO, 20, 30c
Gallery not reserved.
Chart opens Friday, Oct.
4 at the usual place.
Sept. 30, 1912.
J. O. Lemon and wife entertained
at dinner Sunday, Alvin Lemon and
wife, Alvin Kirkharfc and wife, of
Fairvlew, and Walter Lemon and
wife and daughter, Norma.
Lewis Orebaugh and wire, of Hills
boro, spent Thursday with their son,
Frank Orebaugh and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pence, of
Prairie Valley, visited Ed Bales and
family Sunday.
Harry Holden and family, of near
Danville, and James Wilkin and fam
ily spent Sunday with Ed Pence and
Mrs. Chas Trop called on Mrs. Ed
Chaney and daughter Tuesday after
Mrs. Wesley Pence spent Monday
with Mrs. Henry Pence, of South
Frank Orebaugh and family were
guests of the former's parents at
Hillsboro Sunday.
Mrs. Louisa Yeakle, of Norma,
111., is visiting friends in this vicin
ity. Thomas Roush and wife and A. W.
Pence and wife visited the former's
son, Guy Roush and family of near
Jamestown, Sunday.
Stella Orebaugh and son, Charles,
called on'Miss Lorena McNeil Sunday
Chas. Jonte spent a part of last
week with his brother at Norwood.
Mrs. General Pence and son, Ralph,
were the guests of Mrs. Frank Crosen
and daughters, of Dunn's Chapel,
Sept. 30, 1912.
Mrs. Lewis King and children, vis
ited Wm. King and family at East
Danville Sunday.
George Pugh and wife, of Hillsboro,
spent Wednesday and Thursday with
relatives here.
.Ira Pence and wife and daughter,
Letha, are spending the week with
re alives and friends at Xenia and
Mrs. Rachel Pence, of East Dan
ville, was a guest of her sister, Mrs.
Ella Wood, Sunday.
Carl Haller and cousin, Floyd Son
ner, of Lynchburg, recently visit d
the former's parents, Frank Haller
and wife.
Wm. Stroup, of Hillsboro, visited
ills grand-parents, Armenor Stroup
and wife Friday.
Homer Burton and wife entertained
her nephew, John Wilkin, of Dryden,
and Miss Minnie Wilkin, of Hollow
town. Glenn Kesler, of Fairvlew, called
onfjiends here Sunday.
Lewis' Lelghraan and Robert Wood
are In Clinton Co , cutting corn for
the latter's brother, Ira Wood.
Mrs. Geo. .Fawley and daughter,
Mrs. Ollie St. John, of Paintersville,
are visiting the former's sister, Mrs.
L. C. Stockwell, and othor relatives
Geo. Vance made a business ttlp to
Sardinia Monday,
Edward Knauer returned home Sat
urday, after spending several months
in III., canvassing for the Williams
burg Chair Co.
"Do you think Oscar proposed to me
merely on account of my money ?''
"Well, ray dear, you know he' must
have had some reason." FJlegende
Blalter,' j .
Blngs Look.1 That motorist has
just run over himself 1
Tlnira Tlisf.'n nA awirtcnt- TTo In
qualifying as ' vawle vl)e jtMdllner.
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Mary B Oeyler deceased.
IX, II. Richards has been appointed and
qualified as Administrator of the estate ot
Mary n Oeyler late of Highland County,
Ohio, deceased.
Dated this 7th day of August, A. D 1012.
D. Q Monuow, Atty. T. M. Watts
Probate Judge of said County
Sealed Proposals.
The Board of Deputy State Supervisors of
Elections for Illghland County, Ohio, will
receive at the onice of the Clerk of the
Board, up to 12 o'clock noon, on the 16th day
of October, 1912, sealed bids for the printing
of the ballots and cards of Instructions for
use at the election to be held In the several
precincts In said County on the 6th day of
November, 1012.
Said ballots shall be printed and delivered
to the board according to law and the copy
and speculations on file with the Clerk and
In number, to-wlt!
General ballot 100 0
Judicial ballot 10650
Said ballots must be printed and bound In
book form for use In the respective pre
cincts, according to law
Each bid must be accompanied with a
bond, according to law, with at least two
sureties to the satisfaction of the board in
double the sum of the bid
The board reserves the right to reject any
or all bids
September 30, 1012
F L Lemon, Chief Deputy.
II. L Wigciins, Clerk,
adv. (10 8)
It Is ordered that the time of the b ginning
of the term of the Circuit Courts of the sev
eral counties In said Circuit for the year
1P13, be fixed as lollows, to-wlt :
Washington County on the 7th day ot Jan
uary and the 30th day of September.
Athens (lounty on the 14th day of January
and the 7th day of October.
Hocking County on the 21st day of January
and the Hth day ot October
Vinton County on the 4th day of February
and the 21st day of October.
Meigs County on the tlth day of February
aud the 23rd day of October.
Gallia County on the 18th day of February
and the 2Sth day of October.
Lawrence County on the 25th day of Feb
ruary and the 5th day ot November
Scioto County on the nth day of M irch and
the Hth day of November.
Adams County on the 25th day of March
and the 18th day of November.
Brown County on the 1st day of April and
the 20th day of November.
Highland County on the 8th day of April
and ttie 25th day of November,
Pickaway County on the loth day of April
and the 2nd day of December
Ross County on the 20th day of April and
the 9th day of December
Pike County on the I3tu day of May and
the leth day of December. """
Jackson County on the 21st day of May and
the 18tb day of December
Said terms to begin at 9 o'clock A M.
September 1912.
The State of Ohio, Highland County, ss:
I. J. Ed. Shannon. Olerk Of the Otrcult
Court v. 1 thin and for the County and State
aioresaia, ao nereuy ccniiy mat me aoovc
and foregoing Is a true and correct copy of
the original now on Hie In my omce.
In witness Whereof. I have hereunto sub
scribed my name and affixed the seal of said
uourt at me uouri uuuc in uuisuuru, uuiu,
this 23rd day of September, A. D. 1912
Sept. 30, 1912.
Mrs Sarah White and daughter
returned home Erlday,- after a two
weeks visit at Cincinnati.
Edward Boatman and family, of
Winchester, visited relatives here
Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Ella Cummlngs and lady friend
of Mt. Orab, were the guest9 of the
former's sister, Mrs. Jessie Earhart,
Benjamin Brown, of Harwood, was
the guest of John Tolle Sunday.
Wm. Davidson and wife, of Wil
liamsburg, were guests of A. A.
Davis and wife Sunday evening.
Mrs. Martha Matthews and Mrs.
Louie Rosselot spent Thursday in
Miss Maggie Moberly is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Bert Pulliam at. Cincin
nati. Miss Elsie Puckett is spending a
few weeks here with her mother, Mrs.
Rebecca Puckett.
The sad intelligence, reached here
Saturday morning of the death of
George Moberly. The news camo as
a sudden shock to his many friends
here. Mr. Moberly was formerly a
prosperous farmer of this vicinity.
He was only sick a couple of days.
Brlght's disease was the cause of his
death. His remains were brought to
Buford Sunday to the home of his
sister, Mrs. George Weaver. Funeral
services will be held, today at 1 o'clock
from the Christian church, Rev.
Frank Foust officiating. Interment
In the Buford cemetery.
The nicest display or chlnaware can
be seen in Stabler's up-stalrs depart
ment. adv
"When I go on a trip I never know
what I ought to tade with roe."
"Oh, 1 do j It's quite simple. I take
all my dresses and leave behind my
husband." La Vie Parislenne.
Two cublo feet of water, falling six
feet, will produce one horse-power of
energy in the most modern electrical
J5jhe7 say he's very cautious."
"Cautious? He won't order-a half a
caHfialeup In restaurant uptU some-
body orders tne otner naii ami sees
Ws alfrlght.'' Washington Herald, o
Sept. 30, 1912.
Alfred Pratt and family spent Sun
day with relatives In Greenfield,
Mrs. Emma Matthews, of Minne
apolis, arrived Friday for a visit with
Lewis Pltzer and daughter and tho
Murphy families,
Wm. Julian and family were guests
of Tom Shaffer near DodsonvlUe, Sun
day. L. L. Farls and sister, Miss Llllle,.
attended tho Sunday school convention
at Warren, last week.
Dlrlc Pence and wife and Mrs. Lizzie
Putson visited Warren Hayes and wife
John Brewer and family, Wm.
Thompson and family and Mrs. Alex
Puckett were with relatives at Wil
liamsburg, Sunday.
A number of the soldiers attended
the reunion at Blanchester, Thursday.
The Ladies Aid of the M. E. Church
will meet with Mrs. Warren Morrow,
Thursday afternoon.
J P. Hunter and wile entertained
Mrs. Moore, of Detroit, Mich , and
Mrs. Clevlnger and Mr. Mitchell, of
Wilmington, Thursday. Miss NeHIe
Hunter accompalned them home and
spent from Thursday until Sunday
with friends in Wilmington.
Miss Marcella McCann Is visiting
relatives In Dayton this week.
Joe Townsend and wife entertained
with a six o'clock dinner Sunday in
honor of Mr. and Mrs Fred Rosor, of
Gary, Ind.
Mrs. Amanda Henderson Is spend
ing a few weeks with her daughter.
Mrs. O. E. Dlxson, of New Vienna. I
Mesdames Ratclifl and Galliett'
spent Thursday with Mrs. Tom Latter-'
ty, near Fay etteville.
Miss Myrta Mae McCann left last
Thursday for Cincinnati, where she
v.111 enter Christ's Hospital to prepare
herself for deaconess work I
Mrs. M.E SonnershoDoed in Cin-
Harold nodson left for Cleveland
Sunday, where he will enter Medical
Mrs Wm. Stautner had as her
guests Friday, Mrs Weber and son, of
Wichita, Kan, and Miss Lizzie
Stautner, of Webertown
H. B. Galliett and wife attended the
funeral of Mrs. Funk, wife of Dr. M.
T. Funk, at Mowrystown, Sunday.
Wm. Stautner was a business visi
tor in Cincinnati, Thursday.
Quarterly conference will be held
here in .he M. E. Church Friday after
noon. Dr. Van Pelt District Super
intendent will preach Sunday evening.
Floyd Sonner entertained Harold
Hodson Friday,
George DeLaney and wife and J. L.
DeLaneyand wife are spending the
week with their sister, Mrs. Cliff
Peale at Greenville. -'
Miss Mae Plerson, of Mt.. Olive, Is
with her sister, Mrs. HImes, for a few
Mrs. Karl HImes and Mrs. John
Terry shopped In Cincinnati, Tuesday.
Burch Reams and wife have moved
into their new home on Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. Garnor moved into to
house vacated by Mr. Ream.
Mrs. Andrew Bisher and grand
daughter, Mrs. Anna Fields, visited
relatives at Blanchester, Saturday.
Miss Ella Copes, of Hillsboro, visited
Mrs. Anna Noble, Sunday.
Jim Winters has typhoid fever.
Miss "Ruth Dean, of St. Martins, vis
ited her brother, Clarence, Sunday.
Lewis Ellis and wife, of Westboro,
spent Snnday with Robert Grlshem"
and family.
Sept. 30, 1912.
Otto Landess and Miss Ona David
son were entertained by Miss Bessie
Tice, at Danville, Sunday evening.
John Wilkin, of Dayton, spent a few
days recently with his grandfather,
G. C. Wilkin.
Jasper, William and Jesse Kler left
for Clinton county Sunday for the pur
pose of moving Henry Kier.
Ezra Carpenter and family spent
Thursday at Lynchburg.
John Hess and Miss Bessie Vance
were married at Mowrystown by Rev,
Posten last Wednesday.
John W. Morgan and wife were en
tertained by T. P. nail and family
J. S. Carpenter and wife, of Lynch;
burg, spent Sunday at Dexter Carpen
ter's. Dexter Is sick.
Rev. Cottrell will fill his regular
appointment Sunday, Oct, 0,
John Kler and wife and three sons
Bpent Sunday with Wm. Lamonda.
Earl Hess, of Morning Sun, made a
flying visit here Saturday and Sunday.
W. E. Fawley and wife were guests
of Mat Fawley and family Sunday,
Mrs Belle Ouster was called to the
bedside of her niece, Mrs. May Willett,
Sunday. ,
Muggins X suppose it is human na
ture to sympathize with the under dog.
Bugglns- Yea, especially If. we .are
pretty sure he is going to get on top.
Pkllrdelphia Record,
HiLLsnono, Oct. I, ion.
Retail Grocers
mm no rittcEs
Wheat, bushel
Cwn. old 75
oats ., i, ...... an
potatoes...... : .; .. .......:.::.'... .1 ?
White Beans, bushel,..., ..,..."" a
Iluttcr .., '" , 20
Eggs. Dozen 21
Young cuickens. ,,. ij
Chickens, per lb.'.... ..., " . n
Turkeys, per lb , . a
Dutks, per lb ........ ,.. a
liacon flams, per lb a IS
HaconSldes ."....., II a
Uacon Shoulders; ga is
Lard , I,
Hay, ton T.". 25 00
Ex. 0. Sugar a OK
a Sugar..,...., ,.., a
Granulated Sugar. , a 7
Cut loaf and Powdered Sugar r a. 10
offee.Rio 3a 40
Tea, imp . r,h. and Q. a per qr.. 20a 70
Tea. Dlack , ;....;... 20a 88
Cheese, factory....... .............. 22
Flour, good family brands, cwt... 2 80
" ' M bbl a
Molasses, N. O , gallon '.'.'."'. a 60
" Sorghum, a 40
OoldenSyrup M a 35
goaiou ."..... .,;:.:,:. wS
Salt , itt a 1 25
Hams, city sugar cured, lb..!..,",'....' 17a 10
Beeves, cwt . gross , 5 60a 8 75
Beeves, shipping .t...Atwa 7 40
Sheep and Lnmbs, per cwt ,.,.4 00a 0 50
il?.El E.wtl' Boss .... s.,,,'7 40a 7 83
Milch Cows with Calves . ,...,. 5 00a 40 00
GOO Togo Book, free, on tho Treatment
and Caro of. Horsea, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs,
Hogs and Poultry, also- Stable Chart to
hang up, mailed free.
For Every Living! Thing on the Farm
Humphreys' Veterinary Specifics.
A. A. For FEVERS. Jlllk Fever. Luni Ferer.
S. B. For SPIIAI.8. Lamcneaa, Ilhcumod.m.
C. C. For SORB Throat, Epizootic, DUleiuper.
.). D. For WORMS, Dot., Grubn.
E. K. For COUIIS. Cold, Influenza.
F. F. For COLIC. Ilelloclic. Diarrhea. '
II. ILFor KID.MSY and Bladder dliorderi.
I. I. ForSIUNDISRVSES.Mange, Eiuptlonti
J. K. For BAD COADIIIO.V Indlueillon.
At druggists or sont prepaid on receipt
of price. CO cts. each.
" am n-.d Ann Streets, T.'ew York.
Free trial. Cases where other remedies hare
failed, specially desired. Give particular!.
Or JLG.ContrtU. Suite 547.No.t00W3dSUHewYork
The steady or periodical (spree) drinker
can be saved In 3 days irlih bt
knowledge. Or secretly. Mr remedy la
guaranteed. Gentle, plensantr per
lectly narmleu. It does not matter bow
many years. This la the cenntne home
Tmnfm.nt. mmllrftliv endorsed and.
proved by a legion of testimonials. Book
Ami rmrttrnlarft. f ran. noslnatri. AddreBSr
EDWJ.WO0DS.B34.SlxthAv, 260 B NewYork,N.Y.
Cooper's Dip kills all live ticks and
alio the nits Keeps sheep free from
fresh attacks for 8 months Improves
appearance and condition of flock
Increases quanUty and quality of wool.
One dipping does the work sheep only
bandied once with Cooper Dip.
Used on 2SO.O00.00O sheep annually.
Don't ruin your wool by usine some
auestionable liquid dip use a reliable
Cooper's Dip baa been on tbe market 68
years and Is made by sheep-dip special
istsmen who know. Used by 82 per
cent Royal Show Exhibitors In 19U. Be
sure and sive It a trial ,
If no azent in your district Jenu 11.75
for te.00 (100 eal.) packaee.
Handsome sheep calendar FREE for the
asking. Address Dept. A.
64 Wost Illinois St. Chicago, III.
Our Four Books sent Free with list
of Inventions wanted by manufac
turers and promoters, also Frizes of
fered for Inventions. Patents secured
700 Ninth St.
Washington D, O
Clens and bemUfit tb tul
iTomoui inxomnt rrovtn.
Nver Fcilfl td Bestoro Onj
Prevents balr fnUlncv
pop nn g i iw at irotrmtf
'To Man & Women, Bojs & Girls
AHf) For uiving away 1 waive
2U I omi. Oaaiillfiil PMUMM
With II bns ot our famous WHITS
CLOVC.RIHC saivc you sell (or us at
IWc. kt bor. itl seller. hk
No two pictures alike, jmtlm
Ills' cm b commission If i
you prefer. Ereryona
but a after tou show ttlo.
tures. Aireuts make S&00 dally. Bond
nun, anil ajldreaa at anrawe aen1
Cloyf rlne and pictures by return mall. Wrt to-dy.
WUSON CHEMICAL CO., Sept. C, Tyrone, Pfc
"llenry, here's a hair on your coat 1"
"Yes, dear, it's one of yours."
"But it's a blonde haJrVndjny hair
JS black",
"Lknoyvj dear, but you musremem- u
ber i haven't wornjthls coa,t before In, -a
mbpth, Yonkers&tatesman. ' ?
- V 1 ,-
Cr i. ' " "'
' JV-
1 -

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