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Questions For Applicants For
County Gertiticates.
Prepared by the State SchooJ Com
mlctloner to Test the Mental Qual
ifications of Those Who Seek Posi
tions as. Teachers In the Public
Following Is the list of questions
as prepared under direction of the
atate commissioner of public schools,
and submitted at the county exam
ination for teachers Oct. 5, for ele
mentary school certificates:
1. By whom were the following
books written: "Deserted Village",
"Robinson Crusoe"," "Gulliver's Trav
els", "Pickwick Papers", and "Faerj
2.. Who were the so-called "Lake
School" poets? Mention an import
ant poem by each.
3. Name five of the best known fe
male writers of the present day.
4. Write a short account of the life
and works of Henry W. Longfellow.
5. Explain your method of teaching
reading to an eighth grade class, taking
"The Village Blacksmith", as a modci
6. Write three short quotations from
Shakespeare's workst naming the work
from which each is taken.
7. What works made Washington
Irving famous as a writer of fiction?
8. Who wrote the following: "Than
atopsis", "Snow-Bound", "The Alham
bra", "Locksley Hall" and "The House
of Seven Gables"?
1. What is cartilage? Where is car
tilage found in the human body?
2. Name and locate the bones of the
3. What are voluntary muscles?
What muscles of the body are invol
untary? 4. Point out definitely the evil effects
of alcoholic beverages upon the human
5. Name the teeth of the permanent
set, and state the number of each.
6. Trace the circulation of the blood
from the lungs until it returns 1o the
7. State clearly the most important
points in the laws that prohibit or limit
the sale of intoxicating liquors in Ohio.
8. Define tvmoanum. svstolr. sntiirp
pylorus, and pia mater.
"""-r READlVQ.
The examination in reading is oral.
The examiner will conduct this examin--ation,
following any plan desired. Ap
ph'canU for four year elementary pro
visional certificates shall have their
grades in reading sent by the examiner
to the State Commissioner of Common
1. What is the area in acres, of a cir
cular park whose circumference is a
race-track one "mile in length?
2. A man walked 3 miles in 45 min.
IS sec.; then 4 1-2 miles in 1 hr. 5 min.
45 sec; then 5 miles in 1 hr. 19 min. 50
sec. What uas his average time for
walking one mile?
3. The cost of insuring a factory
worth $12,400, at 13-5 per cent, was
$173 60. What fraction of the value
3E insured ?
4. A man owed a debt of $1,263.60 of
which 1-3 was payable in cash, 1-3 in 8
mo. and the balance in 16 mo. If
money was worth 6 per cent., what was
the present value of the entire debt?
5. The amount of $660 for 2 years,
10 months, 24 days was $755.27. What
was the rate?
6. Which is better, and by what per
cent, to buy 7 1-2 per cent, stock at 120,
or 41-2 per cent, stock at 75?
7. If the cost of an article had been
8 per cent, less the gain would have
been 10 per cent. more. Find the per
cent, of gain.
8. A railroad train runs two rods per
second. In what time will it run 50
. 1. What is mode? Define the modes.
Define the six tenses.
2. Write the principal parts of the
following verbs: have, he, be, dare,
and -lead.
3. Parse the italicized words of the
following sentences.
(a) We are as near to heaven by sea
as by land.
(b) He that allows himself to be a
worm must not complain if he is trod
den on.
4. Diagram the sentences of number
5. What is voice? Of what class of
verbs is it a modification? Name and
define the two voices. '
6. Write the plural of each of the fol
lowing nouns: chaise, lens, veto, solo,
two, fairy, staff, and gulf,
7. Illustrate five different offices of a
noun clause.
8. Explain the office of the expletive
it. Illustrate the different positions of
a noun clause used as object comple
(Including Civil Government)
1. Write a short account of the first
settlements of Ohio. Where was the
first capital of Ohio located?
2. What were the causes of "The
Boston Massacre"? (Relate the story
in your own language.)
-V Whrn the nrw reoiihlir nf th
United States wa formed, two political
parties developed. What were their
names and for what principles did each
4. What caused the duel between
Aaun Burr and Alexander Hamilton?
Do you believe that Burr was a traitor
to his country? WhyE
5. What amendments to the Consti
tution of Ohio were defeated at the
recent election?
L What was Grayer Cleveland's
tariff policy? Nane the four principal
tariff revisions that have been passed
since Cleveland was President?
7. Name the States of the United
States that- have been admitted to the
Union since the Civil war.
8. What qualifications are necessary
for a person to be eligible to be elected
to the United States Senate? Name
the United States Senators from Ohio.
Copy the following quotation as a
spccimenof your best penmanship:
I homeward turned from out the
That nd I heard not in my room;
But s.-Uenly a sound, that stirred
Within my very breast, I heard.
It was my heart, that like a sea
Within my breast beat ceaselessly;
But like the waves along the shore,
It said "Dream on I" and "Dream
no more !" Curtis.
Based in part on Carver's "Principles
6f Rural Economics".
1. What are the fundamental indus
tries of our nation? Upon what does
the success of any industry depcnd?
2. Why have agriculture, hunting
and fishing lost ground in the past?
How may these industries be renewed?
3. What is the average value per acre
of the farm land in your community?
How does this value compare with
values ten years ago? Account for
the change.
4. What soils are best for permanent
pastures and meadows? Give your
reasons for your answer.
5. What is the most important
function of lime on soil? How do you
tell the need of lime?
6. What is an insecticide? A fungi
cide? 7. Name three of the molt serious in
sect pests of your county. How may
each.be controlled?
8. What is crop rotation? Plan a
three-year and a five-year rotation.
1. Name and locate five large cities
that are ports of the Mediterranean
2. What large rivers drain the greater
po. .on of Europe? Into what body of
water does each flow?
3. What is the approximate area and
population of Asia? Name the two
largest cities of Asia.
4. Name four of the principal ports
of Asia, and mention the chief exports
of Asia.
5. What are the two largest and two
smallest states of the United States?
What is the area of Rhode Island?
6. Describe the commerce between the
United States and the South American
7. Where in Ohio is "Flint Ridge",
"Serpent Mound", "Fort Ancient", and
"Fort Laramie".
8. Nam the counties that touch the
coumy in which you li e, and the county
seat of each.
Based in part on Graves""Educators
oi three Centuries .
L Graves says, "Milton's educational
position was that of humanistic and
social realism which prepared the way
for sense realism". Explain.
2. What is meant by inductive reas
oning? Illustrate by an example. .
3. Does a common school education
increase the earning power of the aver
age person sufficiently to justify the
time spent in school? Discuss this
question in full.
4. Do children become stronger mor
ally after attendhig the elementary
schools? Justiiy jour answer.
5. When, how and for what period of
time are members of boards of educa
tion of township, village and special dis
tricts elected?
6. Boards of education have their
money in different funds such as tui
tion, contingent, and sinking funds.
Explain the purpose of each of these
funds. -
7. Do you favor offering prizes as an
incentive for good work? Why?
8. What is the minimum length of the
school year allowed by law for elemen
tary schools of Ohio?
1. What is the difference between a
consonant and a vowel? What two
sounds has y?
2. When two vowels combine in one
sound, is that sound usually long or
short. Illustrate.
3. Write five Latin and five Greek
prefixes and give the meaning of each.
4. Write the plurals of the following:
datum criterion, genus, larva, crisis,
focus and sackful.
5-10. Spell: separator, alfalfa, elig
ible, hemorrhage, iodine, Marseilles,
firkin, chattel, nuisance, perpetrate,
promiscuous, vicinity, indelible, fraudu
lent, prestige, avarice, liquefy, malle
able, tacit, initiatory.
Based in part on Carver's "Principles
of Rural Economics". -
1. In your opinion is the agricultural
discontent increasingjn your section of
the state? Discuss in full.
2. What is the social result of large
farms and tenants? What is the ten
dency toward having large farms in
your county?
3. Is the land value per acre increas
ing in your county? Account for the
conditions that exist.
4. What is a good yield per acre of
the following grains and vegetables:
wheat, oats, corn, onions, potatoes, and
5. How should seed potatoes be
chosen? See! corn?
6. What is green-manure? What
irops are helped most by green-manure?
7. Name three of the worst weed pests
of your locality, and explain the best
way to"combat each pest.
8. Is lime a fertilizer? When should
lime be applied to soil?
Old School Books,
After Texas gets through selectlnc
a new series of school text boos: a
careful census of the material will
rhow that they have nothing in hand
that 1b Bupprlcr to the blue-back spell
ing book and Harvey's grammar of 30
fears ago. Galveston News.
Meals on the Frmv
One can net be too grateful to the
eminent rtofessor who assailed farm
food that he didn't inolud griddle
cake, doughnuts, pls and apjU pan
Oct. 7, 1912.
E. O. Lewis and wife spent Sunday
with Joe Burns and family, of Sugar
tree Ridge.
A. L. Roush and family enjoyed
Sunday with J. T. Tompson and fam
lly, of Dodsonvllle.
Emanuel Roush and wife and Olney
Fence and family spent Sunday with
Ira Cadwallader and family.
Mrs. Willie Smith and daughter,
Hazel, spent Friday with her parents,
John Knupp and wife.
Jacob Willett and wife, of IIllls
boro, enjoyed Sunday with A. E.
WJlkln and family.
Miss Vinta Mason and Warren Mc-
Kenzie spent Sunday with Wilda and
Herbert Lewis.
Ora Lenlnger and wife, of Point
Victory, called on A. E. Wilkin and
family Sunday evening.
Oct. 7, 1912.
The Ladles Aid of the M. E. church
will give a supper Oct. 19.
N. W. Igo and wife and Dr. Bunn
and wife visited relatives In Seaman
Mrs. Roy Vaughn and little son,
Donald, called on Mrs. Ralph TSdmln
ston Friday afternoon.
Miss Grace Vaugn is attending school
In Lynchburg.
G. W. Burket and family entertained
Ira Davidson and family, of Point
Victory, Sunday. '
Joseph Burns died at his home near
Fairfax Sunday, Oct. 6, about 4 o'clock.
Lewis Igo and family entertained
Robert Farls and family, of New
Market, recently.
Mrs. Verna Shaw Is slowly improv
ing. Miss Lillian Askren called on JVroy
Igo Friday evening.
ZZZZ Oct. 7, 1912.
John Hull and son. Guy, were guests
of R. S. Hamilton and family Sunday,
Harvesting corn and sowing wheat
is the order of the day.
Miss Ethel Arrasmlth, of Wilming
ton, who has been visiting friends
he're, returned home last week. -
Lantie Williams and his aunt visited
the Serpent Mound Sunday.
Renzie West and Ray Palmer re
turned from Clinton county Saturday
night, where they havs- been cutting
O. O. Hamilton and family dined
with R. S. Hamilton and family Sun
day. Mrs. Margaret Hull fell and sprained
her wrist last Friday.
Walter and Renzie West called on
Martin McClure and family Sunday
The condition of the weather man
encouraged farmers to sow a large
acreage of wheat.
Jack Frost has hastened, com har
Oct. T, 1912.
.Mrs. Martha Shrlver and daughter,
Macy, and Mrs. Macy Rotroff spent
.Thursday with friends an Mowrys-
town. .
Dr. and Mrs. Bunn had as their
guests Sunday J. H Grant and family.
Miss Alice Alexander spent Tuesday
with her sister, Mrs. George Druhot,
of Sardinia.
James Moler and wife and son, Joe,
visited the latter's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Gomia, at Hollowtown, recently
Dr. H. W. Chaney and wife enter
tained Coburn Vance aad wife, of near
Hillsboro, Sunday.
Misses Ella Grant and Mabel Austin,
of Mt. Calvary, were- the guests of
friends here part of last week.
Edwin Redkey ami wife entertained
C. W. Edlngfield and wife and Misses.
Ruth EdlngUeldy Nellie Roberts ana
Maud Moler.
Hamer Burris and wife, of Miller's
Chapel, visited A. K. Rotrott aud
wife Sunday.
H. H. Redkey and wife attended
the Georgetown fair Thursday.
Miss Ruth Bunn Is visiting friends
in Mowrystown.
Kick Borden and wife spent Sun
day with Frank Burris and wife.
The Ladies Aid Society of the M. E.
church will have a supper on the night
of Oct. 19, for the benefit of the church.
Sick headache is caused by a dlsor
dered stomach. Take Chamberlain's
Tablets and correct that and the head
aches will disappear. Fo sale by all
dealer. adv
Charlie The doctor says I have a
tobacco heart.
Madge I knew it all along, dear.
You always cared more for your old
pipe than you did for me. Judge.
Because it is too light and slips
through the fingers too easily the
French government has decided
against Its proposed aluminum coin
age. j m S
The railroad mileage of the world Is
026,000. ''
Oct. 7, 1912.
Tom Rhoades and family, of Brown
county, and Charley Clark and family
wore guests of O, O. Snider and family
XS. M. Taylor and family entertained
several of their friends Sunday.
Marlon Whitley and family and
Worth Gossett and wife wore guests of
P. U. Shailer and family Sunday.
Dr. T. W. Duvall and wife and
Pauline Penqulte, of Lynchburg, were
guests ot J. H. Duvall and family Sun
day. Elizabeth and Golda Turner, of
Sugartree Ridge, were gnests of J. H.
Duvall and family Saturday and Sun
Oct. 7, 1912.
Mrs. Ella Smith, of Middletown, is
visiting her parents, J. W. Newton
and wife.
Ed Tedrlck and wife and children
spent Sunday with relatives at New
Misses Nettie Shaffer and Gertrude
and Anna Hastings were guests of
Opal and Mattie Redkey, at Dodson
villa, Sunday.
Er vln Shaffer and. wife and children,
of Prlcetown, were entertained at the
home of Mrs. Anna Spilkcr, Sunday.
Perry Bachmann, of Milford, Is visit-'
lng his grandmother, Mrs. Lucinda '
Mrs. George Kessinger and daughter,
Osa, spent last week with relatives in
Adams county.
Arthur, the little son of Charles
Workman and wife, of Milford, died
at that place Sept 28, after a two
weeks illness. Arthur was a bright
and loving child and will be sadly
missed by his parents and his friends,
both at Milford and here, where he
lived with his parents until a few
months ago. He was nearly 4 years of
age. The funeral was held at the M. cal very Intelligently, showing ac
E. church, at Milford, SepU 30, after Qualntance as well as filling the de
wlilchthe body was brought to the.3ctlott- , I
Prlcetown cemetery for burial. The
parents have the sj mpathy of the en
tire: community in this, the loss of
their only child.
Oot. 7, 1912-"
Benjamin Fetry and son Miulchr
conducted cqmmunion service at the
Brethren church Saturdaynlght. An
automobile load from Dayton and Da
vid Grosswickle and wife were in at
tendance from a distance.
H. 0. Vance and wife- entertained
George Winkle and family Saturday
WllllanuFender and wife and daugh
ter, Iva, spent Sunday at fitonry Eu
C. E. King, of Cincinnati, spent the
latter part of last week, at home.
Mrs. Verda Carpenter and daugh
ter Florence,.were entertained by Mrs.
Malinda King and family recently.
Henry Kler and wife spent Satur
day night at Jasper Kler's.
Robert Miller and sister,. Chlora, of
Hillsboroy spent Sunday here
Mrs. Nancy Davidson was called to
the bedside of her mother Mrs. Hen
ry Flte, last week.
H. W. Tedrlck and family, anter-
talned P- Q. Fenner aadi wife,. Ovid
Gcssett and wife, Mrs. Maggie Gos
sett and.Itov.' Oottrell, recently.
Mrs. Mary Hess is suffering; from a.
gathering in her head,
CJT. K HalLand family entertained
Chas.. Furstenbergeri and, wife and
Mrs.,G. C. WilkJnland daughter, Nina,
Ed. Fence and family, of Shackle
toa, spent Sunday, at Wiillam, Lzunon
da's, home.
The new church is naajly woather
boarded. SheSo Jack married, that, girl who.
used to msk& him. ss angry by trump
ing his ac at whist?
He .Yes ; he probably thought ha
could manage- a. womaa who didn't
have any more-brains than tliat .
Boston Transcript.
"Ho took Jano out boating and rock
ed the boat." Q
"WhatdldJanado?" t
"She waited until they raaehed the
stoneplle on the way homo. Then she
rooked him," Cleveland Plain Dealer.
An electric crane at Belfast handles
loads of 200 tons to a height of 150
feet. ,
Legal Notice.
Statement ot the ownership, management!
etc., ot the NEWS-HERALD published week,
ly at Hillsboro, Ohio, required by the Act of
August 14, 1912. an S - M
Editor. Granville narrere, nillsboro, Ohio,
Managing Editor, Granville Darrere, Hills-
Doro, unto.
Tlusiness Manaeer. Granville narrere.
Hiusboro. Ohio.
Publishers, George W. Barrere Sr ,G
W. Barrere Jr., Granville Barrere, Di:
noro. umo,
Owners GeogrcW. Barrere Br. QeorgeW.
Barrere Jr., Granville Barrere. Hlluboro,
Sworn to and subscribed hfore pje this
80tb day of September (918.
Notary Public, Highland county ,"Dnio,
(My comialMiot empire Ja.B,. lt,lfl0,
'I r
Many Good Dollars Spent In" ah
Endeavor to Prove Right-
ful Owner.
One Judge HeartPControversy Three
Times, and Resigned When Fourth
Trial Asked Party Lines and Re
ligious Differences Wiped Out.
Denver, Colo. It never has been set
tled, despite four jury trials whether
a certain hog butchered by a meat
company In Julesberg, Colo., was the
hog that wandered from the Edgar D.
Smyth ranch, Litigants have spent
$518.70 in court costs soMar In an en
deavor to, find out. Attorneys claim
several hundred dollars more, and now
the case has been filed In the Supreme
court, which will add some more hun
dreds In docket fees and briefs. The.
total expense Is estimated at $1,000.
"Did David Camelln sell Edgar D.
Smyth's Poland China hog tb the
butcher?" hasTbecome the test of cit
izenship In Sedgwick county.
Party lines rnd religious differences
have gone to the discard, and ranch
ers and hog growers for miles around
the Sinyth-Camelln neighborhood havj
taken sides pro and con ob the ques
tion. One judge heard the controversy
three times, and resigned when a
fourth trial was -asked.
The pet hog wandered from Its dom
icile two yearB ago and never came
back. A few days later David Came
lln took nine hogs to the butcher at
luleBberg Smyth's mother spotted
one particular hog In the butcher's pen
and told the court that It answered her
1 iitj uuuicuvursf wun tu&cu iiiiu a
justice court, and after all the neigh
bors had told what they knew and
thought about the case the jury found
that the hog sold by Camelln belonged
to Smyth and that Camelln should pay
Smyth $30. J
Camelln appealed to the County
court X Jury sustained the justice
court A third trial was obtained and
JudQec Heard, the
Czse Three
the jurx disagreed. At the fourth
hearing- the laet jury ta hear the
might? question, also found for the
plaintiff; Sroxth;. and said: he was en
titled, to. collect $30. The court costs
at that time amounted to $518.70, ezc
elusive of attorneys,' fees.
All these proceedings covered two
ye3ra- and the. hog, whether Smyth's
or-Camelln'Bhad long- before, been con
sumed In hops,, bacon and sausages.
Camelisi has no-sc coino to tha Su-.
rpremo court and says the court costs
'will he doubled before he acknowl
edges the hog was the ono tha.t.wan
dered. from the Smyth ranch.
Tet 1 VYInsted Hen's Records, but:
Qlcndale, Mass., ClaimRea Freak.
Wlnsted, Conn. R4 0. Matgr&f. h&
a Rhode Island hen that laya two egga
every other day, a, hard shelled, one la
the morning, and. soft shelled one in
the a'ternoon. Pays when, she does
not lay two, oggs she, toys one, de
clares MargijiJ, who added that h'e
could not account forher unusual per
formance, Glendalg, Mass.. thinks no ono can
rival afteak hen. ui that place. Fol
lowing is a copy of a letter received
'Ql.end.alo, a snug little town In the
Denshires, la, sending news, or a
&eak 'chicken. Said chicken has both
wings on one side, has not any feath
ers on its head, and has one leg that
1. n.c . hnir , inn, no h ntfco.
;rhr.w"v:.r7.-; .1 . .;
fowl in the country. Give dlondala
rttlea. Qome again, Wlnated."
,.-"Ti "i ; , -
H. Cole. 80, Is -cutting a third set
Ueth after, uslag fU wolaw foi
mo,r. Uwb SO yer.
; '
, Mi p. --
i HiLLsnono, Oct. 8, Ms.
Ketall Grocers
ntrriKo piuces
WDeat. bushel...
Corn.,ola 75
Potatoes . ...,...,,...,
VVMte Beans, bushel.....
nutter ' a
EggSrDozen., . ....'!..
Young cuickens ,
Chickens, per lb .. .,. '
Turkeys, per lb... j. a
DuckBtperlK....,., a
Bacon Hams, per lb..,, 7.. a
Baconaides '. V . ll a
Hacon Shoulders.., 8a
Lard.... r" ".
- II
23 00
uay.tom ..
retaii. rntcxs
Ex.O, Sugar
A Sugar
Oranulatcd Sugar......... .. ,?. ,
Out loaf and Powdered Sugar....
roffee. mo
8 75-740-
6 BO
7 85-
Tea, Imp . iu h. and OrU per q'r". 20a
Tea. Black , ....;... 20a
uneese. factory..-
Flour, goad family brands, cwt.
., ," " " " bbl
Molasses, N. O . gallon ...
v.." Sorghum,.". .....,
golden Syrup
Coalotl ., ...
Hams, city sugar cured, lb ...
lleeves. cwt.. cross . k n
.Beeves, shipping 00a
Sheep and Limbs, per cwt, 00a
Hoes. cwt.. cross .7i3
miica wows wun uaives.. ......
5 00a 40 00
Oyer-' Half-Century.
Humphrsys' Specifics hovo
been usecU by the peppier -with
satisfaction for more than. BO
years. Medical Boole sent free
Ho. ron FrlOC
1 FcrcM. Congestion!, loUammUlbni ,.33
S WoriTii, Worm fever, or Worm Disease. .2S
3 Colic, Crying and Wakefulness of Infants, 2-
4 Diarrhea. otChlldien and AdulU US
7 Coughs. Colds, Bronchitis ,.... 29
8 Toothache, Faceacne, Neuralgia 2S-
5 Headache, Sick Headache, Vertigo.. ...... .,25-
10 Dtspeiisla, lndigeition,Vcak-Moms,chi...,2'
13 Croup, lloarso Cough, LaryBfeKUj 25.
14 alt Itlirum, Eruptions, Erysipelas .....23-
15 Itheiiiiintlsni. or Rheumatic Pains . .,,. US
10 Fever and eun, 'aUna ,23
17 Piles. Blln 1 orllleedlnz, Mental, lnternsl.23-
19 Calarrh. Influenza, Colli j Uead ,.........23.
30 hooping Couch, Spasmodic Cdogh.... ...23
31 A si hma. Oppressed, DirnonUISreatntng 25.
37 Klilnry Dbease. , SS
28 Rrrous l)r!illtr. Vita! Weakness .,...l,0O
30 Urinary Incontinence i -UlniLloJ.. 23
31 feoroThrot.yh.-i.tv,.. . SS
77 Crip, !:. yTtfr-uJ' . '.o,.Js...,..25
Sold by dm., a, ot t" oi of price.
TJllPnsI rov " 1 CO., Corner-
William uu
Fiee trial. Cases where other remedies cave
failed, specially desired .. Glv e particulars.
DrJl.G.ContrtU. smujl7.a.(0OHL2USUewVaikx
Tne steady or.penoaicM rapreej arm sir
con be saved In 3. days with his
knowledge. Or secretly. ,lly remedy Is
guaranteed. Gentle, plaasnnt, per.
Jectly harmless. It does -net matter how
many years. This Is the genuine horns
Treatment, medlrally-endonied and .
proved hy legion of testenontals. BooK ,
EOW.J.W00DS,B34SUlhAv. 266.B. NeYork,N.iV.
" nnnvart enlars. rree, posipua Aiire
Cooper' DJpikiUhall live ticks and
also the -nits Keeps sheep free from4
Jresh aUacko.lorjttltnonths Improves
Eppearanco-. ana; oapaiuon or hock -
Increases QUao.tUy.awl quality, ot wool,.
One dipping does Oft work-
u sue
eep onlyf
.andlerj once, watnAJnoner L
Used on 2W.0(XW0.aheep annually,
Don't niin,your-weol by usine sotno
SuesUonaplllavJa dip use a reliable ,
IE- .
Copper's D)p has Been on we market wis
vers and jsrqade
- sheep dip special-
Uls mei who know. Used by V per
ent Royal Shaw Exhibitors in 191U Do
ij) aid inre.lt atrfaL, , . . ..
1 no eentin year district ser;d3ll.T5
for. .f?190 eaJil package. . Jf
hatiisuxic skutotuUndar FRES Jar ilia
I'.irj. Jl44rcszBztL A.
(JWwttlllwISt. Chfcagortll. ,
OuriT?QUB-Books sent ee "with list,
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