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PTTEHilSIirar) 33 V 33
One Year (In Advance) i '1-00
Six Months B0
Three Months 25
Entered at Post Office, Hillsboro,
An Unujst Criticism.
In a recent issue we published an article by one,of our citizens
in which he severely criticised the teachers in the schools because
so many of the school boys smoked. The article was signed "An
Interested Citizen."
We take the following extract from his article :
"Ten years ago there was not much smoking in our schools,
but now it is common as many as four high school boys abreast on
the sidewalk have been seen with pipes in their mouths. Can it be
that the school board, superintendent and teachers are doing their
duty ?'
Throughout his article "An Interested Citizen" lays the blame
for boys smoking on the teachers.
This we think is unfair. The teachers have control of the pu
pils for only a few hours each day. We know that they teach the
evil effects of the use of tobacco upon a growing boy, and do all in
their power to keep the boys from contracting the habit. But
something besides teaching the effects of tobacco on the system is
necessary to keep boys from contracting the habit.
The teaching in the schools must be supplemented by proper
training in the home. The teacher can not do it all. The home
training, the home discipline, the home environment are the main
factors in molding a boys character, and are largely responsible for
his habits and his conduct.
If no restraint is placed upon a boy at home, if he is given a
plentiful supply of spending money, if he is allowed to come and go
as he pleases, if the parents do not know what he is doing or where
he is, the teachers are not to blame if the boy forms bad habits.
One of our teachers tells us that in teaching the evil effects of
tobacco upon the system that one of the hardest things to overcome
in the boys' minds is that so many prominent and successful men
smoke ; that to tell a boy that if he smokes he will become an
imbecile carries no weight, when he sees around him men, who
stand at the head of their profession, men who have made successes
in every walk of life and are inveterate smokers ; that all that can
be done is to impress upon the boys that the great injury from
smoking comes when one is young ; that it would be much better
for them never to form the-habit, as it is expensive and injurious
and that any man will tell them this is true, but under any condi
tion to wait until they are grown before commencing.
It is impossible to make a boy believe that it is such a terrible
thing to use tobacco, when he sees men holding the highest posi
tions in the nation, in the state, in the county, leaders in their
profession, at the head of large institutions and are users of tobac
co. No matter what the teachers and the text books say they will
not give it much weight.
We also believe that our contributor was wrong when he stated
that more high school boys smoked now than a few years ago. A
certain per cent of the boys in the high school have always used
tobacco and probably always will.
All must agree that it is injurious to a boy to use tobacco and
we believe that it was well for "An Interested Citizen" to call
attention to the fact that high school boys are smoking but we think
he was wrong in laying the blame for the boys forming the habit
on the teachers. We believe the teachers come much nearer doing
their full duty in many instances than the parents, and that even
if both parents and teachers do their full duty, with the example
of the men before them, many boys will learn to smoke.
December 29, 1913.
Mrs. June Stultz, of Fort Hill, spent
from Tuesday until Thursday with
her daughter, Mrs. Elmer Cameron
and family.
Miss Ruth Knelsley, of Cynthlana,
Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Harvey
Wright and family.
Rev. B. E. Wright and wife, of
Marathan, spent Christmas with
home folks.
The Xmas tree entertainment at
the K. of P. Hall last Wednesday
night was well attended.
J. L. Stelnmetz and wife, of Lex
ington, K, visited the latter's moth
er, Mrs. Emily Carlisle, and family,
the past week.
D. A. McCall and wife, of New
Petersburg, are spending a few days'
vacation with the latter's parents,
Thomas Elliott and wife.
Elmer Cameron and wife and sons,
Harvey and Ray, and Mrs Fan.iie
Spruance and son, Glen, and daugh
ter, Osa, spent Christmas with Harry
Siddons and family, of Harriett.
Mrs. Ella Burnette and Miss Grace
Boyd spent Christmas with Mrs.
Emily Carlisle and family. ,
Sam Garen and wife entertained
about thirty-six of the Garen relatives
on Christmas.
John Fanning and daughter, Golda,
and son, Bay, of Samantha, Frank
Kelly and wife, of Berryvllle, Burch
Miller and family, Don Main and fam
ily and Fannie Spruance and son
Glenn, and daughters, Osa and Elva
took dinner with F. M. Main and
family Sunday. The occasion was
Mrs. Main's birthday.
O. E. Lucas ana wife and children
spent Sunday with Mrs. Lucas' moth
er, Mro. Josephine Sams, of Bains-boro
Editor and Manager
Ohio, as Second Glass Matter.
Made Known on Application,
J. L. Stinemetz and wife, of Lexing
ton, Ky., and Ray Boyd and family
and Mrs. Emily Carlisle and daugh
ter, Carrie, spent Sunday with Mrs.
Ella Burnette.
Miss Grace Boyd spent Friday with
her parents, Ray Boyd and wife.
The sick list are Mrs. Leota Wise,
Mrs. Flo Boyd, Mrs. Delia Creed and
little Ralph Wright.
Protracted meeting will begin at
the C. 0". Church next Sunday night,
January 4. Let every body come.
Dr. Mason and wife and daughter,
Mora, spent Christmas with Benton
Parks and wife, of Berrysvllle
N. M. Overman and family, of
Strlngtown, were guests of R. R.
Watts and wife Christmas.
Miss Eva Storer, of Hillsboro, is
visiting Joshua Gall and family.
School was dismissed here from
Thursday until Monday. The pupils
of the advanced room presented their
teacher, Mr. Tener, with three leather-bound
books of poems as a Xmas
gift. The pupils of the primary room
presented their teacher, Miss Watts,
with a handsome water set. The pu
pils were all liberally treated to candy
apples, oranges and bananas.
. i
Russian women are numerous among
the women students of Paris.
Oil Meal
; A Car load, old pro
cess, at
December 20, 1913
Clarence Kler and wife and children
spent Suriday with Fred Plerson and
wife, .of Mt Orab.
Lewis Frost and family and Charley
Frost and family spent Sunday with
Steward liurton and family.
Harry Fenner and wife and children
and Ben Fenner and family and
daughter, Emma, spent Christmas
with Ed. Lewis and family.
David Fawber and wife took dinner
with Frank Breezy and wife recently.
Joe Smith Is visiting his niece, Mrs.
Wm. Welbley.
Steward Benton and family. Wm.
Welbley and family, David Newell,
Mrs. Harry Hill and sons, Clifford and
Vernon, Miss Mozella Hopkin and
Harry spent Christmas with F. L.
Crosen and family.
Clarence Kier and family spent
Thursday with Arthur Kier and
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sharp spent
Saturday night and Sunday with rel
atives at New Market.
Mrs. Blanch Bunk returned home
last week from Kentucky, where she
had spent several w eeks.
Vernon Hill, of Dayton, spent sev
eral days last week with ills uncle, F.
L. Crosen.
Silas Bishop and family spent last
Thursday with Robert Hottle and
D. F. Runk and family spent Xmas
with Will Dudley and family, of New
Misses Leanna and Ruby Crosen
spent Wednesday afternoon at II. II.
Several attended the program at
Ziuk school Wednesday afternoon.
Dec. 29, 19K5
Miss Frances West will entertain
the Gleaners on Thursday night of
this week. All members are cordially
Invited to be present.
Miss Grace Glenn, of Columbus, has
been spending a few days here with
home fo ks.
Mrs. Belle Cly borne spent part of
last week with friends at Good nope.
Archie Taggart and wife, of Spring-
lield, have been visiting relatives here
and at Dallas the past week.
J. B. Davis and wife and son spent
Christmas with relatives at Good
Mrs. Ida Irwin and family, of Jetfer
sonville, were guests of her mother,
Mrs. Gray, last Thursday.
Miss Mary West, of Columbus, has
been spending a few days here with
her parents.
Supt. R. W. McCullough left last
Wednesday to spend the holidays at
the home of his parents.
John Trout and wife, of Springfield,
visited relatives here the past week.
Prof. Harry McCoy, of Youngstown,
was a guest at the home of his sister,
Mrs F. A. Cameron, last week.
L. D. Ladd and wife, of Oklahoma,
liave been spending a few days here
with his parents, Denson Ladd and
Miss Frances Pepple, of Good Hope,
who was called hereby the death of her
mother, returned home on Wednesday.
Miss Bessie Dalley, of Washington
C. II., Is visiting at the home of her
brother, E. P. Carter.
W. S. Freshwater and wife, of Co
lumbus, spent last week with relatives
About seventy-live of the friends of
Mrs. Susan Roads gathered at her
home last Saturday night and gave her
a genuine surprise in honor of her
George Free entertained his Sunday
School class of boys at his country
home last Wednesday night with an
oyster supper. Twenty-three mem
bers were present and enjoyed his
hospitality until the wee small hours.
Dec. 29, 1913,
P. D. Stotler and wife spent from
Wednesday until Sunday with the
former's brother, at Wilmington.
Everett and Inez Ford and Marion
Morris spent Sunday afternoon at the
home of Bert Smith, at Careytown.
Anna Johnson, of Samantha, spent
Sunday with Miss Mary Edwards.
Raymond Ford called at the home
of Ed. Michael, Sunday evening,
Mrs. Chas. Perin Is sick.
Paul Edwards spent Sunday at the
home of Horace Edwards.
Everett and Raymond Ford are en
tertaining Marlon Morris, of Hillsboro,
this week.
Rainsboro Telephone Meeting.
The annilal meeting of the stock
holders of the Rainsboro Telephone
Company will be held at the telephone
office in Rainsboro on Monday even
ing, Jan. 5, 1914, at 8 o'clock for the
election of officers.
adv-12-25 J. 0. Mason, Secretary.
The bread eaters of New York City
devour dally 2,465,753 loves.
December 22, 1013.
Miss Llzzlo Hopkins and Charles
Malone were married at the M. E.
Parsonage Saturday evening by Rev.
Master Wm. Dewey, of Blanches
ter, was with Mrs. Wm. Cleveland
Saturday and Sunday.
Wrs. Wm. Dresch and Mrs. A. K.
Johnson shopped in Hillsboro Friday.
Mrs, U. S. Shank is spending the
first of the week in Cincinnati.
Wennel Perry, of Akron, is with
his mother and sister for the holidays
Henry Dunseith and wife, of Fay
et evllle, wero guests of David Archer
and wife Monday.
V. O. Duncason transacted business
In Cincinnati Monday and Tuesday.
Norine DeLanoy, of Oxford, Hilda
Goddard, Gertrude Pflster, Hulit
Troth and Henry Boblnson, of Colum
bus, Bessie Hunter and Helen Mur
phy, of Wilmington, are with their
parents for the holiday vacation.
Mrs. Amanda Henderson is with
her daughter, Mrs Dickson, of New
Vienna, for an extended visit.
Mr. and Mrs. James Laymon spent
Wednesday with their son at West
baro. Warren Morrow and wife and grand
son, Myron Morrow, will spend Xmas
In Columbus with their daughters,
Miss Inez, and Mrs. David Pence.
Miss Hazel Galllett, of Covington,
Ky., arrived Tuesday for her vaca
Edward Klessllch, of Milwaukee,
was with ills brother, Bobert, Sun
Mrt. Wm. Stautner, Miss Mary
West, W. A. West and Zeke Rudy
shopped In Hillsboro Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Linton enter
tained W. L Stautner and family,
Dr. Terrell and wife and Tom Brown
and wife at six o'clock dinner Friday
Principal C. E. Haller and will be
guests of his parents at Taylorville
during the holidays.
L. L. Farls left Monday morning
for Columbus Mr. Farls has been
very sick for the past week.
U. G. Pence and wife were with rel
atives at Allensburg Sunday.
Mrs. Etta Puckett attended the
funeral of Lou McAdams In Hillsboro
on Friday.
Miss Lillian Chaney was in Cincin
nati the first of the week.
Mr and Mrs. John Torrle entertain
ed relatives from New Market the
first of the week.
Misses Stella Brewer and Faye Pick
erell spent Saturday and Sunday with
Miss Greta Winn, of Cinclnatl.
Courtland Miller, who is attending
the Conservatory of Music in Indiana
polls. Is with his mother for Ymas.
S. J. Bateman and family, of Clo
verdale, were guests of John McClel
land and wife Sunday.
Mrs. Maude Farrls shopped in Cin
cinnati Wednesday and Thursday.
Mrs. Pat Holland, of Chllllcothe,
was a business here on Thursday.
Mrs. A. N. Slaughter and two
daughters, Emma and Audrey, of
Covington, Ky., will be the guests of
Mrs. Stautner and family Chrltmas.
J. B. nunter and family were the
guests of Harry Leaky and family, of
Blanchester, Sunday.
George DeLaneyand wife were in
Cincinnati Wednesday and Thursday.
Dan Turner and wife and Miss Nor
zetta McCann were entertained at the
home of Mr. Hogan, of Blanchester,
Miss Llllle Farls, of Cincinnati,
spent Sunday with her mother.
December 29, 1913.
Prof. Lewis was in Columbus, for
several days this week.
Miss Ida Wire, of Washington C.
H,, Is the guest of her sister, Mrs.
Hershel Taylor. '
B. R. Jones and family spent Xmas
Day with Frank Wire and wife, near
East Monroe.
Mrs. Wade Hugglns and daughter
spent Sunday with her mother, who is
quite 111.
Mrs. Mattle Cropp, of Loral no, is
spending the holidays with her broth
er, John Shackelford, and family.
Miss Nan Murphy returned Thurs
day from a visit with relatives In De
troit, Mich.
Fred Wolf and family spent the
week end with Mrs. Wolf's mother,
near Rainsboro.
Chas. Dewey and wife, Mrs7Adellne
Dewey and daughter, Corrlne, spent
Xmas with relatives in Blanchester.
Aubrey McMillen has been quite ill
with grip, but is slowly recovering,
Paul Davis, who Is attending the
Cincinnati O, M. I., is spending the
holidays with his mother.
Dr. Noble Pavey and family, of
Xenla, were guests over Sunday of
his parents, G. A. Pavey and wife.
Mr. Baker and wife, of Columbus,
are guests of their daughter, Mrs.
Geo. Hasa.
Miss Tura Coon aod brother,!, Geo.
and Fred, 6f Columbus, are spending
the holidays with their parents, Wm.
Coon and wife.
S S, iMason spent Christmas with
his daughter, Mrs. Anna McKlnney,
of East Monroe.
Mrs. Ray McCord Is sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Silas Sparks will leave
Thursday for St. Augustine, Fla ,
where they will spend three months.
Truman Huff, of narvard College,
is spending the holidays with his pai
ents. Dalton Ousley left Friday to spend
a few days with relatives in Dayton
and Norwood. He will also visit his
friend, Edward Lane, of Troy.
Madge Purdy is spending the holi
days with her sister, Lottie Robinson,
near New Market.
Harry Lyle will sell his household
goods at public sale Jan. 3 at his res
idence. '
S. B Ousley and4araily spent Xmas
with his parents, J. D. Ousley and
wife, of Martinsville.
Mrs. Nancy Thurman entertained
Xmas Day Mr. and Mrs. Gifford and
son, Miss Mary Thurman, of Cincin
nati, and Miss Martha Patton, of
Meryl Haas, of New Albany, and
Harold Haas, of Detroit, are guests of
their parents, Geo. Haas and wife.
Dr. Charley Link and family spent
Friday with his sister, Mrs. I. E.
Anna Gary and sister, Margaret,
and Ruth Whitelng, of Detroit, Mich.,
were week end guests of Mrs. Murphy.
Mrs. W. n. Penn spent several days
last week-wlth her sons in New Vf
enna. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pavey entertain
ed Xmas Day Paul Monroe and wife.
of Gallon, O., Mrs. Flora Huff and
children, of Greenville, Earnest Pavey
and wife and Mrs. Gage.
Mrs. Ida FIshback, of Xenla, was
the guest of R. R. Jones and family
over Sunday.
Delayed Last Week.
December 22, 1913.
Miss Helen Stevens, of Hillsboro,
was ov3r Sunday the guest of her sis
ter, Mrs. W. B. Roads, and family.
Mrs. Paul Moproe, of Gallon, Is the
guest of her parents, F. T. Pavey and
Miss Lenore Guthrie, of Delaware
College, Is home for a fortnight's va
cation. Herman Hodson, who is attending
medical college In Cleveland, joined
his family here for the holidays.
J. G. McClure and family are mov
ing this week to the Hugglns ptoperty
on East Main Street.
Miss Nan Murphy is the guest of
relatives in Detroit, Mich.
Miss Maggie Andrews was the guest
of Miss Ethel Sanders last Thursday
Denson Morris held a public sale at
his farm north of town last Thursday
and is now moving to the property on
South street which he recently pur
chased. Mrs. Gerry, of Detroit, Is the guest
of her mother, Mrs. Murphy.
Mrs. 0. C. Redkey will spend the
holidays with her father and sister at
Yellow Springs.
Rev. Smith will deliver a sermon
next Sunday evening from the subject
"Missing the Mark."
Silas Sparks was a business visitor
In Sablna last Thursday.
Miss Blanch Crispin has returned to
her home on Fall Creek, after an ex
tended visit with her uncle, S. A.
Leaverton, and wife.
Mrs. W. A. Tetor, of Hillsboro, was
the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Mary
Barrett, last Saturday.
Aubry McMillen has been confined
to his room with a severe attack of In
testinal lagrlppe.
Our schools will close Wednesday
December 24 and will re-open Monday,
January 5.
Rev. W. W.- Miller, former mission
ary to India, Is visiting relatives here
this week.
The members of the M. E. Sunday
School enjoyed a treat Sunday morn
ing and In the evening they rendered
an excellent program, appropriate for
the Christmas season.
Paul Davis, of the Cincinnati O. R.
I., is spending the holidays with rela
tives here.
Dudley King and wife, of College
mil, are guests of relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Silas Sparks are ex
pectlng to leave next week for St.
Augustine, Fla., where they will
spend the remainder of the winter.
Mrs. Davis, of Blanchester, is vis
iting her brother, Joseph Pensyl, and
In Arabia there Is a tract of unex
plored territory nearly live times the
area of Great Britain, while nearly a
quarter of Australia awaits the inves
tigation of civilized man.
Equality of strength In both arms
occurs almost as frequently with wo
men as with men, more men than
women beiig stronger In the right arm
than In the left.
HlLLSUOilO, Dec 80.
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Corn ,
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Turkeys, per lb...
Ducks, perlb
Hacon flams, per lb
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Hay, ton..
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12 a
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Granulated Sugar
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Tea. Ulack
Cheese, factorv
Flour, good family brands, cwt.. .
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Molasses, N O , gallon
" Sorghum
Golden Syrup
Coal Oil
Hams, city sugar cured, lb
Ileeves, cwt., gross ,,,., g
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