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: h
Ghief Events of the Past
Twelve Months.
History of the World Told In
Political Affairs, Sporting, Personal
and Miscellaneous Items Loss of
idfo uud Property by Accidents,
Shipwrecks, Storms and Coiifln-
' grutlous--A Chronological Review.
1 Parcel Post; I'nrcel post service began.
Sporting: Al Palzer was defeated In the
eighteenth round In a contest for the
white heavyweight belt with Luther
McCarty at Los Angeles. Cal.
1 Obituary: Gen. E. M. Lee, civil war
veteran and ex-governor of Wjominfc
territory; aged 77.
8. Storm: Violent wind and rain Monn
worked destruction In sections of the
United States
Obituary: Jnmcs II. Keene, noted finan
cler and turfman, In New Vork; aged
75. Jeff Davis, United States senator
from Arkansas and former governor,
at Little Hock; aged SI.
6. Obituary: Lewis Swift, no.ted astrono
mer, at Marathon, N. V.: aged 93.
7. Shipwreck: The steamer Rosccrans
was wrecked on Peacock Spit, Ore.; 31
seamen di owned.
8. Sporting: Alfredo De Oro, champion
pocket billiard player of the world,
saved his title by defeating James Ma
turo in New Yoilc
12. Fire: Loss of $2,000,000 by burning of a
cold storage plant at Calgary, Alberta.
17. Political: The British house of com
mons passed the Irish home rule bill
by a majority of 110. Raymond Poln
care. prime minister of France, was
elected president of the republic.
I Obituary: Dr. Thaddeus S. C. Lowe, aero-
I naut and Inventor, at Pasadena, Cal.;
aged 81. E. Prentiss Bailey, editor,
connected with the Utlca Observer for
60 years, at Utlca; aged 79
BR. Obituary: Mrs. Julia C. It. Dorr, poet
and author, at Kutland, Vt.; aged 87.
Bhlpwreck: 43 lives lost In the wrecking
of the passenger liner Veronese off
BO. Personal: Helen Gould, the philanthro
pist, manied to Flnley J. Shepard In
New York.
Naval: The Brazilian super-Dreadnought,
largest and most powerful battleship
afloat, was launched at Newcastle-on-Tyne,
M, Political: Nnzltn Pasha, commander of
tha Turkish army. Killed in a political
uprising which overthrow the go'vern-
K. Balkan War: Turkish batteries de-
l fending Constantinople opened lire upon
Ihe Bulgarians
BE. Shipwreck: The German bark Panganl
sunk In a collision In the English chan
nel and 213 of her crew drowned.
BO. Political: The British house of lords
rejected the Irish home rule bill by a
vote of 328 to C9.
L Obituary: Dr. Theodor von Holleben,
noted German diplomat. In Berlin;
aged 74.
Balkan War: The Bulgarian artillery re
sumed bombardment of Adrlanople on
expiration of the peace truce
B. Constitutional Amendment: The 16th
amendment to the United States con
sltutlon authorizing an Income tax was
' approved by Delaware, Wyoming and
I New Mexico, three-fourths of the states
' having Indorsed it, the amendment be
came law
. Sporting: Willie Hoppe retained his
18.2 balk line bllllaid championship by
defeating George Sutton In a title match
In New Fork; final count 00 to 301.
Balkan War: Bulgarians attacked Turk
ish forts at Galllpoll, on the Darda-
i nelles,
f. Sporting: Ilannes Kolehmalnen made a
now world's Indoor record by running
E miles In 24 minutes 4S seconds In New
' 8. Obituary: John George Brown, noted
painter of street boys, died in New
York city; aged 81.
(. Mexico: Itcvolution In Mexico, headed
by Col. Felix Diaz, besieged President
Madero In his palace. The revolution
ist leader Gen. Bernardo Reves killed
In battle.
10. South Pole: News of the disaster to
Capt It. F. Scott's antarctic expedi
tion was cabled from New Zealand;
the south pole was reached March 29,
1912, and subsequently Scott and four
of his companions perished In a bliz
zard. Mexico: A truce reigned between Ma
dero'a government and the Mexican
Strike Riot: ,ln a coal strike riot near
Mucklow, W Va., 12 strikers and 4
mine police were killed and 20 persons
tL Mexico: The Mexican revolutionists
and government forces bombarded each
other's positions with heavy artillery.
U. Sporting: Ilannes Kolehmalnen, the
Finnish runner, made a new world's t
mile record by going the distance in 24
minutes 23 I-C seconds In New Yoi tc
Mexico: Mexican forces continued artil
lery firing In the streets of the City of
Mexico. The revolution gained fresh
13. Obituary: Charles' Major, author of
many popular novels of old English
life. Including "When Knighthood Was
In Flower," at Shelbyville. Ind. ; aged 67.
14. Mexico. Fighting continued In the City
of Mexico. Government troops revolt
ed. Madero agreed to resign the presi
dency. Obituary: Gen. Stewart L. Woodford,
soldier and diplomat. In New York city;
aged 77.
15. Sporting: A. R. Klvtat made a new
mile running record In New York;
time 4 minutes IS 1-5 seconds.
Si Balkan War; Fierce attack of Monte
negrin troopB on the Turks at Scutari
was successful, with loss to the assail
ants of 2.500.
17, Obituary: Joaquin Miller, the "poet of
the Sierras," in the Piedmont hills,
California; aged 72.
H Obituary: Gen. George Washington
Custla Lee, eldest son of the late Gen.
Robert E. Lee, at Ravensworth, Va.:
aged 80.
Mexico: President Madero resigned his
office after arrest by Gen, Blanquet,
one of his officers. Gen, Victorians
Huerta, commander of the national
army, assumed, the presidency,
Political: Raymond Polncare was In
augurated president of franc.
M, Mexico: Gustavo Madero, brother ot
the deposed Mexican president, was
kilted by the revolutionists.
Fire: Over 3,000 buildings were burned In
Tokyo: loss U500.000.
12. Obituary: Yo Ho Na La, titular cm
press dowager of China at Peking;
aged 48.
Mexico: The deposed president and vice
piesldent of Mexico. Mudero and Sua
rez, wete killed In a myst.Tlous man
ner while under guard by revolution
ists. 27. Sporting: Alfredo De Oro. the pool
champion, defeated Thomas Ilucston,
challenger for the world's champion
ship, by a score of 2u0 to 157
28. Fire: The burning of the Dewey hotel,
Omnhu, euujed a heavy loss of life.
1. Shipwreck: British steamer Calvados
foundeicd In the sea of Marmora, 100
1 1 Ms lost
Fire: Loss of $300,000 at Argcnta. Kan.,
by the burning of the Gulf Compress
company's plant
4. Disaster at Sea: Germun torpedo boat
destroyer S-1TS sunk In collision off
Helgoland and 71 of the crew perished
Political: Woodrow Wilson Inaugurated
as the 2Hh president of the United
6. Historical- The ship Niagara, which
Commodore Perry used In his vlcto
rlous battle on Lake Erie In 1S13. was
raised from the bottom of Uie lake
near Erie, Pa.
Balkan War- The Gieeks captured Jn
nlna from the Turks, securing 31.UU0
Political. The senate confirmed Presi
dent Wilson's cabinet nominations as
follows: State, William J Bryan of
Nebraska, treasury, William (llbbs
Mo A (loo of New York; war, Dudley
Murray Garilbon of New Jeisey; at
torney general, Jnmes Clatk McReyn
olds of Tennessee, postmaster general,
Albert Sldnej Burleson of Texas; navy,
Josephus Daniels of North Caiollna;
Interior, Franklin Knight Lane of Cal
ifornia; agriculture, David Franklin
Houston of Missouri; commerce, Wil
liam Cox Kedlleld of New Yolk; labor,
William Uauchop Wilson of Pennsyl
vania. Sporting: .McDonald scored n new woild's
record by hulling the 21 pound shot 39
feet and 3'i Inches In New York.
Klvtat made a new wot Id's record by
running l,w0 jatds in 2 minutes 15 4-5
seconds In New York.
7. Explosion: About 30 men killed and U)
Injured by explosion of djnamlte In
transit on the steamship Alum Chine
in Baltlmoie harbor
8. Fire: At Yokohama; loss ot J7.500.000
11. Obituary: Dr J S Billings,, Federal
war veteran, author and librarian, in
New York city, aged 74.
13. Storm: Electrical tornado swept ovor
the lower soiitln-in and southwestern
states; V0 deaths
14. Fire: Plant of the Elmlra Telegram de
strojed; loss t3.-0.0u0.
15. Storm: A bllzz.u d raged from Illinois
to the Dakotas
18. Greece: King George assassinated at
21. Storm: Blizzard and cj clonic storm
ravaged the central and southwestern
states, destroying over 100 lives and
property valued at several million dol
lars. Greece: King Constantino ascended the
22. Obituary: Frank S Black, ex-governor
of New York and noted lawyer. In
Troy; aged (W
2X Storm: Cyclone killed 15 outright at
Tcrre Haute and lnjuied over 200, many
mortally. Over 200 killed In Omaha,
where 1,200 houses were burned or
wrecked. Many Nebraska towns smit
ten. 25. Obituary: Field Maishal Viscount Gar
net Joseph Wolseley famous British
soldier, at Mentoue, Fiance; aged SO.
26. Flood: Wnleis reached thch height In
Ohio; 400 lives lost, and estimated prop
erty loss above JJUO.COO.OnO
27. Balkan War: Turks surrendeied Adrl
anople to the Bulgarians and Servians
with 51,000 piisoneis. Allied troops at
tacked the Tuikish lines at the Chatal
Ja defenses of Constantinople
31. Obituary: John Plot pout Morgan, cap
italist. In Home, aged 7b
1. Personal: En-Pi eMdeiit W. H. Taft
took up his duties as piofessor at Yale
J. Convention: International congress of
historical studies convened in London
Suffragettes: Emiiicllne Panlthurst sen
tenced to 3 mm is' iuipiisonment In
London for suffiugette outrages
8. Political: President Wilson read a mes
sage before count ess In Joint session,
reviving a custom abandoned in 1801
10. Sporting: Major baseball leagues open
ed the season of 1013.
12. Obituary: John U. Henderson, former
United Stales semitot and author of
the 13th amendment to the constitution.
In Washington, aged Sii.
11 Railroad Accident: 7 killed In a colli
sion on the Veimont Central near St.
Lambert, Canada
14. Strike: 200.U") Belgian workmen went
on a sliilie foi eiual suffrage.
Personal: Illness of Pope Plus changed
for the worse
Obituary: Carl Ilagenheck, noted animal
collector and showman, near Hamburg.
Germany; aged t9
Convention. Congress of the Daughters
of the Ameilcan Revolution opened In
16. Personal: Funcial ot John Plerpont
Morgan held In New York city.
Convention National Council of Women
met in Washington
17. Aviation Disaster: The French mili
tary balloon Zodiac burst at a height
of 650 feet at Nolsy-le-Grand, France,
4 officers and a pilot killed
Personal: Cr' Is In the Illness of Pope
Pius; death seemed Imminent.
18. Personal: Mrs William Cumming Sto
ry elected piesldent general of the
Daughters of the American Revolution
22. Balkan War; The Turkish fortress of
Scutari captuied by Montenegrins.
23. Mining Disaster; 120 coal miners killed
by explosion In the Cincinnati mine al
Courtney, Pa.
Dickens Reminder: Mrs Mary Ann Coop
er, original of Dickens' "Little Dor
rlt," died In London In her 100th year
28. Strike: The industrial strike in Bel
glum for equal suffrage ended; lOsb
caused by the strike estimated at $20,
000.000. '
2. Shipwreck: The steamer Concordia col
lided with a bridge pier at the mouth
of Tensas river, La,, drowning 25 peo
China: President Wilson recognized the
Chinese republic
4, Sporting: Willie Kolehmalnen won the
professional 15 mile race In New York
time 1 hour 20 minutes 14 seconds.
6. Fire: Loss of 11,000 000 In the plant ot
the American Fertilizer company at
Convention: Congress of American sur
geons and physicians In Washington,
7. Convention: Congress of the Salvation
Army met In Philadelphia.
8. Convention National Association For
the Study and Prevention of Tubercu
losis met In Washington.
Political: The Underwood tariff bill pass
ed the house of repiesentatlves by a
vote of 281 to 139
It Storm: 14 killed and 30 Injured by a
tornado at Omaha.
Obituary: "Billy" Arlington, the old
time negro minstrel, died at Los An
geles; aged 78.
17, Mining Disaster: Firedamp explosion
killed 15 miners at Belle Valley, O.
Aviation: Domingo Roiillo, Cuban avi
ator, flew from Key West to Havana,
winning a 110.000 prize.
IS. Panama Canal: The waters of the Pa
cific ocean were admitted to the canal
by expioslon In a retaining dike near
It. Political: Governor Hiram Johnson
signed the California alien land bill
20. Obituary: H. M. Flagler, capitalist and
railway magnate, at West Palm Beach.
Fla.; aged S3. I
Cuba: Gen. Mario G. Menocal was In- '
augurated president of Uie Cuban re
public I
23. Centenary: The 100th anniversary of
the birth of Richard Wagner, the mas
ter composer, celebrated throughout
M. Accident: 34 people killed and many
Injured by the collapse ot a pier at
Long Beach. Cat
Sporting: Jerome D. Travers won the
metropolitan amateur golf champion
ship in New York, defeating A. F.
Personal: Princess Victoria Lulse of
Prussia and Prince Earnest Augustus
of Cumberland married In Berlin.
26. Ship Disaster: 40 persons killed by the
destruction of the steamer Nevada by
Turkish mines In the gulf of Smyrna,
Obituary: Gen. James Heaton Baker,
civil war soldier, editor and historian,
at Mankato, Minn,; aged 8L I
27. Convention: United Confederate Vet
erans met at Chattanooga.
Personal: Bennett H. Young elected
commander In chief of the United Con
federate Veterans. i
Obituary: Lord Avcbury (Sir John Lub
bock), distinguished British scholar and
author, in London; aged 79.
10. Balkan War: Treaty of peace between
Turkey and the Balkan allies signed
at London.
To the Maine Heroes: National monu
ment to commemorate the martyrdom
of the crew of the battleship Maine
unveiled In New York.
SI. Sporting: Whisk Broom II. won the
Metropolitan at Belmont Park, N Y.,
where racing was resumed after three
years' suspension
1 Obituary: F A. Ober, ornithologist and
author, at Hackensack, N. J.; aged G5.
Alfred Austin, poet laureate of Eng
land, at Ashford, England; aged 78. '
Pedestrianism: E. P. Weston started
from New York city on a walking
match to Minneapolis, expecting to
cover 1,446 miles In CO days.
4. Sporting: Aboyer won the English
6. Railroad Accident: 6 killed, many In
jured In a railway collision at Stam
fold, Coijn. .
Sporting: Rockvlew won the Brooklyn
Derby '
Obituary: C. II. Cramp, noted shipbuild
er. In Philadelphia; aged 83.
7. Sporting: Jerome D. Travers won the
New Jersey golf championship, defeat
ing Oswald Klrkby 3 up and 2 to play.
8. Obituary: Dr. C. A. Brlggs, noted theo
logian once tried for heresy. In New
York city; aged "J. Dr. L. Forbes
Wlnslow, noted English alienist. In
London; aged 69. ,
9. Fire: Fire In a business block In
Springfield, Mo., caused a loss of over
18. Sporting: Americans won the first
game of the international polo cham
pionship match at Meadowbrook, N. .,
by 5;4 goals to 3 for the English team.
Aviation: Count Zeppelin's dirigible bal
loon Hew from Baden-Baden to Vienna, '
430 miles, about. In 8 hours, beating ex
press train time, which Is 1GH hours, by
over 8 hours. 1
Political: The British house of commons
passed to a second reading the home
rule for Ireland bill In the face of I
fiery opposition. I
U. Turkey: Schefket Pasha, grand vizier
of Turkey, assassinated In the streets
of Constantinople. '
12. Philippines: 6 American soldiers killed
and 12 wounded In a battle between
troops and Moros.
14. Sporting: American team won the de
ciding game In International polo
match at Meadowbrook, N, Y defeat
ing the EngllBh team by 4H to 4Vi
goals. .
15. Anniversary: SGth anniversary of the
reign of Empeior William of Germany
celebrated by ceremonies In Berlin.
Obituary: Delia Fox, popular light opera
actress, in New York; aged 41.
16. Convention: American Medical associ
ation met In Minneapolis.
17. Sporting: New world's record for a
four mile relay race made by the team
of the Boston Athletic association at
Easton; time 17 minutes 51 1-5 seconds.
18. Obituary: Thomas A. Janvier, journal
ist and author, In New York city;
aged 64.
Bportlng: Gllllvlnkle won the Ascot Der- ,
by at Ascot Heath, England.
19. Railroad Accident: 13 killed, 30 Injured
In a head-on collision of electric trains
at Vallejo, Cal.
21. Sporting: Syracuse won the varsity
eight oared race, defeating Cornell;
time 19 minutes 23 3-5 seconds. Whisk
Broom II. won the Brooklyn Handicap.
Harvard won the deciding game In the
championship baseball series with Yale
In Brooklyn: score 6 to 5.
24. Explosion: 20 killed and many Injured ,
by explosion of mill dust in the H us ted.
Milling plant, Buffalo.
26. Cold Wave: Snow In Massachusetts. '
Obituary: George Thatcher, old time
minstrel, at East Orange, N. J,; aged
Balkan War: Bulgarian troops defeated
in battle with Servians at Zletovo.
28. Sporting: Whisk Broom IL won the
Suburban Handicap, beating a 9 year
world's record by running a mile and a
quarter In 2 minutes flat.
Accident: 10 persons drowned by the
sinking of a raft ferry near Leech
burg, Pa,
SO. Accident: 11 persons drowned by the
collapse of a bathhouse gangway on
Merrlmac river at Lawrence, Mass.
Hot Wave: Record breaking heat day
In Chicago; thermometer 102 on street
level; 46 deaths.
L Veteran Reunion: Opening of the Blue
and Gray reunion at Gettysburg to eel'
ebrate the COth anniversary of the bat
tle. Obituary: Henri Rochefort, noted French
politician and duelist, In Paris; aged 81
2. Gettysburg Anniversary: Military day
at the Gettysburg reunion; anniversary
of the battle of Little Round Top.
X. Gettysburg Anniversary: Anniversary
of Pickett's charge, the climax of the
battle of Gettysburg, celebrated on the
4. Gettysburg Anniversary. PresIdentWH
on addressed the veterans at Gettys
burg; close of the 50th anniversary re
union 6. Convention: National Educational as
sociation met at Salt Lake City.
(. Convention: International Institute ot
Agriculture opened In Rome.
Ferry Memorial: Special church services
and other ceremonies at Erie, Pa., to
commemorate Perry's naval victory on
Lake Erie In 1813.
7. Obituary; Gen. E. Burd Grubb, civil
war veteran and diplomat, at Kearny,
N. J,; aged 71
Financial: First-Second National bank
of Pittsburgh closed Its doors, tying
up about 130.000,000 In deposits.
S. Balkan War; Turkey sent an ultima
turn to Bulgala to evacuate Turkish
Convention: National Dental association
met at Kansan City,
to. Obituary: Dr. Horace Jayne, noted bi
ologist, at Walllngford, Pa.; aged 51.
Mexico: United States Ambassador te
Mexico Henry Lane Wilson summoned
from his post to Washington. I
11. Balkan War: Roumanian troops In
vaded Bulgarian territory following a
declaration of war by King Charles of
12. Fire: Fire In the plant of the Haskell
& Baskcr Car company at Michigan
City, Ind., caused a loss of 11,000,000.
IX Aviation: Leon Letort, French aviator,
flew from Paris to Berlin, 500 miles air
line. In 9 hours without stop.
14. Accident: 14 persons killed and 150 in
jured In a collision of electrlo trains at
Los Angeles, Cal.
IE. Obituary: Daniel Dowllng, survivor of
the famous charge of the Light brigade
In 1854, at Utlca. N. Y.; aged tL ,
16. Personal: Robert Bridges, appointed
poet laureate of England.
11. Balkan War: Turkish troops re-entered
Adrlanople after expelling the Bulga
rian garrtsdn.
China: Rebellion against the republic
broke out In China, 3 provinces declar
ing their Independence,
22. Fire Disaster: Fire In a clothing fac
tory at Btnghamton, N. Y., resulted In
a heavy loss of life.
15. China: Chineso government troops re
sisted an attack of rebels at Shanghai.
28. Sporting: The world's tennis champion
ship won by Maurlco E. McLoughlln of
tho United States, who defeated the
English champion, Charles P. Dlxonj at
10. Balkan War: Balkan peace conference
met at Bukharcst
Storm: A windstorm caused a loss ot
$1,000,000 in Washington, D. C.
I Fire: The Flory Manufacturing plant
at Bangor, Pa., burned; loss upward
of $1,000,000.
2. Pedestrianism: Edward Payson Wes
ton, the pedestrian, arrived at Milwau
kee, ending his walk of 1,646 miles from
New York city, whence he 'started
June 2.
Mining Accident: 19 miners killed In a
colliery uccldent at Tower City, Pa.
4. War Game: War game between battle
ships, torpedo boats and submarines of
the north Atlantic fleet and forts at
the eastern end of Long Island sound
opened with Admiral Charles J. Badger
In command of the enemy (navy) and
Gen. T. IL Barry head of the defend- 1
Ing army.
Obituary: George Hitchcock, noted Amer
ican painter, on the Island of Marken,
Holland; aged 63.
Personal: Resignation of IL L. Wilson,
ambassador to Mexico, accepted by the
5. Sporting: Peter Volo made a new
world's trotting record for 2-year-olds
at Kalamazoo, going the first mile In
2:09. I
Fire: Blue Mountain House, a famous
hotel in the Blue Ridge at Pen Mar,
Pa., destroyed by Are; loss about $500,
000. f. World Tour: J. II. Mears arrived in
New York city, ending an around the
world trip In 35 days, 21 hours, 35 min
utes and VA seconds, a record.
Obituary: Robert C. Ogden, philanthro
pist, at Kennebunkport, Me.; aged 77. I
Convention. International congress of
medicine opened In London.
7. Explosion: Benzine expioslon In the
Union Petroleum works, Philadelphia,
caused a loss of JSOO.000. ,
Aviation Accident: Capt, S. F. Cody,'
British-American aeronaut, killed at
Aldershot, England, by the fall of a .
war aeroplane, which he piloted for '
the government.
8. War Game: In the army and navy
war game In Long Island sound the
enemy (navy) was victorious, forcing
? passage at 3 forts defended by army
orces. I
10. Political: New alien land law. antl- '
Japanese, went Into effect In California.
Balkan War: Peace treaty between Bui- '
1,-arla against Greece, Servla and Rou
mania was signed at Bukharedt I
IL Obituary: Gen. Edward F. Jones, civil '
war veteran, hero of the march through
Baltimore April 19, 1861, and noted In
politics and commerce, at BInghamton,
N. Y.; aged 85. I
IS. Obituary: August Bebel, German so
cialist leader, at Zurich; aged 73.
Personal: Governor William Sulzer of
New York impeached by the assembly.
14. Obituary: Rear Admiral Silas Casey,
U. S. N., retired, veteran of the civil
war, at Warm Springs, Vo.j aged 71
17. Personal: Harry K. Thaw, slayer ot ,
Bianiora wnue, escapea irom tne Biate
asylum for insane criminals at Mat-
teawan, N. Y,
Shipwreck: 40 lives lost at the wreck ot
the State of California in Gambler bay,
off Alaska.
18. Personal: S3d birthday of the Emperor
Franz Joseph celebrated throughout
Austria and Hungary.
20. Obituary: Emlle Olllvler, noted premier
of France under Napoleon IIL, at An-
necy, France; aged 89.
Sporting: Directum I. made a world's
pacing record of 2:02 at Goshen, N. Y.
Convention: 20th International peace con
gress opened at The Hague.
Fire: $1,500,000 loss by Are In the factory
district of Jersey City.
13. Miscellaneous: Frederick J, Seybold,
for 40 years an astronomer on Madison
Square, New York, and G. A. B, vet
eran, died In Hoboken, N. J. Luke
Martin, "last of the Crows," died near
Saginaw, Mich.; aged about 120 years.
24. Convention: International Esperanto
congress opened at Berne with 1,100
delegates present.
28. Fire: Railroad shops burned at Teague,
Tex,; loss $500,000.
27. Fire: $1,000,000 loss by Are In the Smith
company lumber yards at Bay Point,
Mexico: President Wilson delivered a
message to congress on the situation In
28. Heat Wave: Record August heat In St. I
Louis; thermometer 108 In the streets.
SO. Sporting: Pennant won the Futurity
at Saratoga Springs, N. Y, j
Accident: 9 killed by explosion of boilers '
of steamer Alice on the Ohio at Coraop
oils. Pa.
SI. Panama Canal: The Pacific end of the
canal opened by expioslon of dynamite,
letting the waters of the ocean Into
the Mlraflores locks.
L Convention: International trades un
ion congress met In Manchester, Eng
land. National Conservation exposl- I
tlon opened at Knoxvllle. Tenn. I
1 Railroad Accident: 21 persons killed
and oyer 40 Injured In a' collision on
the New York, New Haven and Hart
ford near New Haven. Conn. 16 killed
and 30 Injured In a collision on the
Midland railroad at Hawes Junction,
1 England.
Aviation: Roland Garros, French avl
I ator, flew across the Mediterranean
1 sea from St Raphael, France, to Bl-
I zerta, North Africa, 468 miles In 8 !
hours; average speed about 58 miles.
I. .Political: The house of representatives
passed a bill granting the city of San
Francisco the use of Hetch-Hetchy
basin, in the Sierra Nevada mountains,
' for water supply; vote 183 to 43.
5. Fire: Fire destroyed 30 blocks In Hot
Springs, Ark.; loss $6,000,000. The vil
lage of Bokhomo, Okla,, burned; loss
China: Chinese government troops cap-v
I tured the city of Nanking, practically
ending the rebellion against the repub
lic 1 Sportlns: Jerome D. Travers won for
the 4,th tlmo the national amateur golf
championship, defeating John G. An
derson 5 up and 4 to play, at Gardes
City, NY.
Obituary: Henry Menler, .French chooe- '
late manuiacturer, notea tor private
explorations In the arctlo regions. In
Paris; aged 60. t
T. Obituary! George E Baker, noted teleg
rapher In the field and at the White
House under Gen. Grant, In Phlladel- 1
phla; aged 63.
Japan: A mob .of 15,000 Japanese stormed
.the offices of the government mlnlstora
as a protest against their foreign pol
icy, notably toward China,
S. Convention: The Army and Navy un
ion, composed of Veterans ot the Mex
ican, civil and Spanish-American wars,
met In Philadelphia. I
1 Airship Disaster: Zeppelin airship L
No. 1 wrecked by a hurricane over the
North sea; 15 drowned.
Political: The senate passed tho Underwood-Simmons
tariff bill, 47-37.
Fire: Flames destroyed 160 cottages.
hotels and a church at Salisbury Beach,
Mass.; loss $200,000.
10. Memorial: Monument commemorating
Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's na- 1
val victory over the British fleet Sept.
lu, lou, unveueu un rui-in-onir umuiiu,
Lake Trie
Obituary: William J. Gaynor, mayor of
New York, died on board the Baltic at
sea; aged 62.
Personal: Harry IC Thaw deported from
Canada across the Vermont border
near Norton Mills.
15. Convention: 47th annual encampment
of the Grand Army of the Republic
opened at Chattanooga, Tenn.
18. Personal: Sons of Veterans In se'silon
at Chattanooga, Tenn., elected John E.
Sautter of Pittsburgh commander In
Political: Court of Impeachment to try
Governor William Sulzer organized at 1
Albany. ,
19. Personal: Washington Gardner of Al
bion, Mich., elected commander In chief
of tho Q. A. It. at Chattanooga. ' I
20. Convention: Congress to test the mer-
Its of the divining rod for discovering
burled water, minerals, etc., met at.
Halle, Germany.
Sporting: Francis Oulmet, American
amateur, won the open golf cham- I
plonshlp of the United States, defeat
ing the British golfers Harry Vardon
and Edward Ray at Brookllno, Mass.
B. Sporting: Philadelphia Athlotlcs clinch-,
ed the American league pennant at
Philadelphia, defeating the Detroit Ti- '
gers 4 to 0 and 1 to a
24. Mexico: Frederlco Gamboo, minister of
foreign affairs, nominated for president I
ot Mexico. I
25. Obituary: Patrick Ford, editor of the
Irish World, in Brooklyn; aged 76.
Panama Canal: Water was let Into the .
Gatun locks of the Panama canaL
Sporting: Peter Volo made a new mark
for 2-year-olds, trotting a mile In 2:06
at Columbus.
27. Sporting: New York Giants cinched the
National league pennant, Philadelphia
losing to Boston by 9 to 3.
28. Lynching Riot: 10 killed, 20 Injured In
a race riot and lynching at Harrlston,
SO. Fire: Loss of $1,000,000 by Are In Barker
Bros.' furniture warehouse, Los An
geles, Cal.
Political: The Underwood tariff bill pass
ed the house of representatives, 254 to
103. j
L Panama Canals Water was let Into
Culebra cut
2. Political: United States senate passed
the Underwood-Simmons tariff bill, 36
to 17.
4. Political: The Underwood-Simmons tar
iff act became law.
E. Panama Canal: Alarming earthquake
shocks in tho Panama canal zona.
t. Storm: Coast storm destroyed GOO I
houses at Nome, Alaska; loss $1,500,000.
China: Provisional President Yuan Shin
Kal elected president of the Chineso j
republic. I
7. Sporting: In the opening game of the
world's baseball series Philadelphia
Athletics (American league) defeated
the New York Giants (National league)
6 to 4 at New York.
8. Convention: General convention of the j
Protestant Episcopal Church of Amer
ica opened in New York.
9. Ocean Disaster: Ocean steamer Vol
turno. Uranium line, from Rotterdam,
Holland, to New York, burned In mid
ocean; deaths 131; over 600 persons res
cued by ships summoned by wireless.
10. China: Yuan Shlh Kol Inaugurated first
president of China.
Mexico: Provisional President Huerta of
Mexico arrested the chamber of depu
ties and assumed the powers of dic
tator, dissolving congress.
IL Obituary: Stanley Waterloo, journalist, 1
In Chicago; aged 67. , '
Sporting: The world's baseball series be
tween tho American and National
leagues won by Philadelphia Athletics,' I
American league. In New York; score
S to 1 (5th game).
12. Aeronautics: 18 balloons. Including the
Uncle Sam and the Goodyear from the 1
United States, started from Paris in a
race for the Gordon Bennett cup; 8
countries tepresented.
Obituary: Timothy U Woodruff, noted
Republican leader. In New York; aged
13. Convention: American prison congress
opened at Indianapolis. '
14. Panama Canal: The first vessels lifted
Into the Pacific entrance ot the canal.
Aeronautics: The American balloon Good
year landed at Bridlington, England',
winning the Gordon Bennett cup; dis
tance traveled from the starting point
(Paris) 560 miles; time 44 hours.
15. Memorial: Monument to Gen. Brad
dock erected on the battleground of his
defeat In 1755, near Uniontown, Pa,
Mexico: Foreign envoys In Mexico asked
their governments to send warships to
guard the legations.
16. Political: Governor William Sulzer con
victed on 3 of the articles of Impeach
ment against him.
17. Political: Governor Sulzer removed
from office by the court of Impeach
ment Airship Disaster: A Zeppelin dirigible
balloon exploded when 8,000 feet In tne
air at JohannlBthal, Prussia, killing 28
passengers. Including 6 members of the
admiralty commission.
Personal: Mrs. Emmellne Ponkhurst,
English militant suffragist, arrived at
New York,
18. Aviation: Roland Garros, French avi
ator, made a nonstop flight of 625 miles,
from Marseilles to Paris.
Sporting: Pennsylvania University foot
ball team defeated Brown university In
tho annual game at Philadelphia; score
28 to 0. Miss Gladys Ravenscroft 'of
England won the women's golf cham
pionship of the United States at Wil
mington, Del
Battle Centenary: Germans celebrated
the battle of Leipzig which resulted In
the disastrous defeat of Napoleon
Bonaparte in 1813, dedicating on the
battlefield a monument said to be the
finest In Europe,
8. Railroad Accident; In a wreck on the
Mobile and Ohio railroad at Buckatun
na, Miss., 45 soldiers of the coast artil
lery were HH'ed and 100 injured.
Fire; Fire at the railroad terminals, East
St Louis, caused a loss of $1,000,000.
Sporting: Pat Ryan made a new world's
record by throwing a 12 pound hammer
Z13 feet 9 inches In New York, dis
placing 207 feet 7 Inches made by
John Flanagan, 1910.
22. Mining Disaster: 263 miners killed by
expioslon in tho Stag Canyon mines.
Vew Mexico.-
Anniversary: 400th anniversary of the
discovery of the Pacific ocean by Bal
boa celebrated at San Francisco.
I Storm: 32 deaths and extensive damage
caused ny a storm which awapt Ltw.1'
slana, 1
L Convonjtionf Triennial convention of
the W6Wd's W. C T. U. met In Brook
lyn. 26. Sporting: Dartmouth college football
team defeated Princeton university
to 0, tit Princeton. Carlisle Indians
tied wtth Pennsylvania In football at
Philadelphia; soore 7 to 7.
Mexico: iMcxtcan rebels (Constitutional
ists) captured Monterey after a 9 days'
27. Personal! Katherine Elklns, once be
trothed to the Duke of the Abruzzl, the
explorer, married to W, T. R. llltt
28. Mexico: Gen. Felix Dial, political rival
of. Gcit, Huerta, given refuge on a
Unltedj States warship at Vera Crux.
1. Sporting: Cornell defeated at football
by Harvard, 23 to 6, at Cambridge,
7. Obltualry! Dr. Charles McBurney, noted
specialist In appendicitis, at Brookllne,
Mass. ,
Earthquake: Shocks In Peru wrecked the
city of, Abancay, killing 300 persons.
8. Political: Ludwlg III. took the oath
as kin's of Bavaria.
Sporting-: Yale defeated Brown at foot
ball, 17 to 0, at Now Hnvcn, Dart
mouth' won over Pennsylvania at foot
ball, 34 to 2L at Philadelphia. Harvard
beat Princeton in the annual football
game. 3 to 0, at Princeton.
9. Storm: Fierce blizzard Bwept the mid
dle west and lake region; vessels
wrecked and property destroyed; ovor
200 lives lost; snow 21 inches deep In
10. Convention: American Federation ot
Labor met at Seattle, Wash. National
Association of Good Roads met In St
11. Mexico: The premier of Great Britain
announced that his government would
uphold the Mexican policy of the Unit
ed States.
Convention: Daughters of the Confed
eracy met at New Orleans.
13. Political: Chinese parliament suspend
ed. Railroad Accident: 12 killed and over 100
Injured In a wreck on the Central of
Georgia railroad near Eufala, Ala.
14. Financial Troubles: IL B. Holltns &
Co., noted banking house of New York,
failed with liabilities estimated as high
as $5,000,000; assets $50,000.
IE. Mexico: Mexican rebels (Constitution
alists) captured Juarez from the fed
erals. Bportlng: Carlisle Indians defeated Dart
mouth by 35 to 10 at football In New
York. Michigan defeated Pennsylva
nia at football, 13 to 0, at Ann Arbor,
Mich. Chicago won a 13 to 7 victory
over Minneapolis at football In Min
neapolis. Yale-Princeton annual foot
ball game a tie at New Haven; score
3 to a
16. Mexico: Aldapc, Mexican minister ot
the Interior, resigned.
17. Panama Canal: Steam tug Louise, with
official party on board, passed through
the canal from ocean to ocean.
18. Sporting: Harvard won a 37 to 0 foot
ball victory over Brown at Cambridge.
Mexico: Rebels captured Victoria, cap
ital of Tamaullpas.
Convention: Atlantic Deeper Waterways
association opened at Jacksonville. Fla.
National conservation congress met In
22. Sporting: Chicago defeated Wisconsin
at Chicago, capturing the conference;
football championship; score 19 to 0.
Harvard defeated Yale, 15 to E, at Cam
bridge. 25. Personal: Jessie Woodrow Wilson, sec
ond daughter of the president; married
to Francis Bowes Sayre In the White
House at Washington.
Mexico: Mexican rebels defeated the fed
erals at Tlerra Blanca. near Juarez,
losses estimated at 1,500 federals and
600 rebels.
28. Aviation: Glenn L. Martin made a new
American record by carrying a passen
ger to a height of 9,800 feet at Los
Angeles, Cal
Naval: England launched the super
Dreadnought Warsplte, greatest bat
tleship in the world.
37. Mexico: Rebels captured Mazatlan, on
the west coast
Sporting: Cornell defeated Pennsylvania
at football. 21 to 0, In Philadelphia.
28. Financial: New York Real Estate Se
curities company failed with liabilities
amounting to $16,000,000.
29. Sporting: Army defeated Navy In the
annual football game In NeW York:
score 22 to 9.
SO. Convention: National Woman Suffrage
association met'in Washington.
t. Political: President WllBon's annual
message to congress advocated direct
election of president and a waiting pol
icy In Mexican affairs. The Barthou
ministry in France resigned after a de
feat 1 by a majority of 25 votes.
Floods: Rising waters in southern Texas
began a work of destruction which
caused a loss of over 100 lives and
damage amounting to $6,000,000.
8. Fire: 28 deaths In tho burning of tho
Arcadia hotel, Boston.
Political: The house of representatives
passed a bill authorizing 242.000 volun-
. teem subject to the order of the presl-
6. Storm: Snow fell In central Colorado
to the depth ot 46.5 Inches, blocking;
rallrbad traffic.
Bhlpweck: Swedish steamer Malmber
get foundered off Bodo, Norway; 45
Uvea loBt
Obltuiry: Lieut Col. David du Bose.
GalUard, U. S. A., an engineer conspic
uous on the Culebra cut of the Panama
canal. In Baltimore; aged 54.
S. Panama Canal: Gatun dam completed
after six years' labor.
Political: National senate passed the
Hetch Hetchy valley bill converting
the domain Into a reservoir.
Obituary: Phoebe W. Couzlns, author
and lecturer, In St Louis; aged 73.
8. Anniversary: Centenary of Holland's
1 e volt against Napoleon Bonaparte cel
ebrated by "historical pageantry
Sporting) Georges Carperitler, French
champion boxer, defeated Bombardier
Wells of England In the 1st round In
9. Mexico: Mexican congress annulled the
October elections and named Huerta
provisional president pending new elec-1
tlon in June, 1914,
10. Personal; Nobel peace prize for 1912.
valued at $40,000, awarded to Senator
EHhu Root of New York.
Financial; New York, New Haven and
Hartford railroad suspended dividend
Mexico: Federal congress authorized loan
ot $50,000,000 and voted extraordinary
powers to Huerta. 4,000 rebels attacked
It Mexico; Fighting continued at Tam
plco; foreign refugees given protection
under guns of United States warships.
12. The "Mona Lisa:" Celebrated painting
by Da Vinci, which disappeared from
the Paris Louvre In 1911, reported, to
have been, located In Florence, Italy.
Mexico; Rear Admiral Fletcher, com
manding the United States naval forces
in Mexican waters, protested In the
name of humanity against the killing
Of prisoners of war by the belligerents
fighting at Tampico.
28. pon vent ton: National poultry show
1 met in Washington.
26. Convention: National Phi Delta Phi
college fraternity met In Chicago.
SO. Conventions: American Association For
Ilabor Legislation met In Washington
National College Athletic association
met in New York.
St. Judicial: Commerce court ended by act
. el congrew
. 'J

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