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Jan. 5, 1914.
Mrs. Jane Stults was the guest of
her sister, Mrs Rebecca Stults, Satur
day night.
Ben"Butler and wife wore the guests
of the former's cousin, Mrs. Lloyd
Butler, of Sinking Spring, Thursday
and attended the Farmers Institute
Mrs. Martha Rhoads and Mrs J. O.
Stults called on Mrs. H V. Matthews
Friday afternoon.
Benson Butler and Floyd Chapman,
of Sinking Spring, were guests of the
former's aunt, Mrs. Maud Matthews,
from Friday until Sunday.
Lawence Kesler and wife and baby
spent Sunday with their parents, J.
L. Butler and wife, at Sinking Spring.
Harry Doardoff and wife returned
home Thursday from an extended visit
with relatives near New Vienna and
Alva Countryman spent the holidays
with his parents in Middletown.
Mrs. Jane Stults and Mrs Mary
Hobb were entertained at the home of
.1. O. Stults and wife, Sunday.
Misses Jane and Grace Havens spent
a few days last week with their sister,
Mrs. Blanche Cartwright, and attend
ed the Institute.
J O. Stults and wife, accompanied
by Miss Elizabeth McCall, of Carmel,
and II. V. Matthews and wife were
the guests of Dr. J. E. Chapman and
family, at Sinking Spring, Wednesday
and attended the Farmers Institute.
S. S Deardoff and wife were visitors
in Balnbrldge Friday.
Miss Magrlte Chapman, of Sinking
Spring, and Harry- Cameron, of Mar
shall, called on H. V. Matthews and
wife, Sunday night.
Miss Elizabeth McCall returned to
her home near Carmel Thursday, after
spending a couple of days at the home
of J. O. Stults and wife.
David White was a business visitor
at Waverly Saturday.
Mrs. II. M. Eubanks has been sick."
H. V. Matthews, C. A. Rhoads and
.1. O. Stults were business visitors in
Balnbrldge Monday.
Bess L. Butler spent a few days last
week with her olster, Mrs. J. E. Chaa
man, at Sinking Spring, and attended
the Institute.
Ike Pobb and Vena Rhoads called
on H. V. Matthews Sunday afternoon.
Willard Eubanks returned to his
home in Springfield Thursday, after
spending the holidays with relatives
In tills vicinity.
Jan. 5, 1914.
Elizabeth and Thomas Johnson
spent several days last week with their
grandparents, Chas Johnson and wife.
Rodney and Marvin Burton, Ruth,
Madge and Frank Kler and Ralph
Frost are confined to their home by
chicken pox.
Ruby Crosen spent part of last week
with Mrs. Harry Hill, of Hlllsboro.
Henry and Frank Beezy left for
Indiana last Friday, wherej;they will
spend several weeks
Sam Bayham ana wife, of Hlllsboro,
spent last week with her parents,
Arthur Kier and wlfe
Leanna and Ruby Crosen spent Sat
urday night with Florence and Pearl
Clarence Kier and wife spent Wed
nesday with Mrs Adda Vance, of
Ed Larrick and wife spent Wednes
day with Ed Chaney and wife, of Rus
sell. F. L. Crose.i and family ;spent Sun
day with Geo. Prine and i family, of
near Hlllsboro.
Lew Frost and family spent New
Years with Wm. Welbley and family.
Miss Blanche Runk spent several
days last week wit hi 'Alva Overman
and wife, of Shackelton.
Ed Turner and family, Frank Flttro
and family, Fanny and Heber Runk,
Nellie and Wm. Johnson, Ina and
Harold Welble3', Henry Beezy and
Rcscoe Swartz spent JMonday night
with Lafe Lemcn and wife.
Wm. WelbleyJ spent Tuesday and
Wednesday witli Frank Smith and
family, of Pleasant Plain.
Jan. 5, 1914.
The little sonlof Delbert Bradley and
wife has been seriously ill.
Mrs. R. R. Vaughan and children
spent New Yerrs with her sister near
New Market.
Grace Vaughan, whohas been spend
ing her vacation with relatives at this
place, returned to Hlllsboro, Saturday.
Kathleen Bllllngsley, of Seaman.has
been visiting her slstert Mrs. C. M.
Igo, for several days.
Lew Igo and family took supper
with D. C. Askren and family Satur
day evening.
The Musgrove Sisters and Mrs. R.
(J. Naylor took dinner with N. W. Igo
and wife Sunday.
Several from heTe attended the box
supper at Point Victory New Years
night and also the debate at Emerald
Friday night
Ellis Igo and wife and mother took
dinner with Lew Igo and family New
Years day,
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become infected and maybe others
outside the family. This shows tho
dangers from the disease
She strongly advised that Hlllsboro
have a permanent visiting nurse.
This, she said, would cost about $1200
a year. The work done by this nurse
would be of a charitable and semi
charitable nature and In giving advice
to everyone whether able to pay or in t
in regard to the care and precautions
to be taken with the sick, Nvliare a
nurse was not needed all the time.
She said that while everjone had
taken most kindly to her suggestions
and seemed to be carrying them out
that she was afraid that when she was
gone, if no one continued to call their
attention to the necessity of doing
these things they would fall back into
theold dangerouscondltions : also that
there would always be new cases where
attention and instructions would be
needed. She said that the nurse coukl
also Inspect the school buildings and
examine the defective children. To
raise tills mon:y she suggested volun
tary contributions and said that If
1200 people would each give SI how
easy it would be.
She spoke of a Public Health Ex
hibit by the State Board of Health,
which would be given here soon, under
the direction of the Home and School
Association. This, she stated, was a
most interesting and instructive ex
hibit and should be visited by every
one. Further and more detailed an
nouncements will be given of it later
In concluding Miss McNamara said
that she wanted to thank the physi
cians of nillsboro and the members of
the Home and School Association for
their kindness and the assistance ren
dered her in the work. She said the
physicians and the women could not
have been more thoughtful and con
siderate and given her heartier coop
eration. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hill and son and
Will Hill left Tuesday for a fifteen
days trip through Florida. Tnelr
first stop will be at Wlnterhaven, Fla.
Loyal Philip Shawe. of Providence,
R. I , spent Friday and Saturday with
friends here, ne was returning from
a visit with his fatner and sister at
Danville, III.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Roush left Mon
day for Arcadia, Fla., where they wl.l
spend the winter.
Mr and Mrss W. D. Gibson, of
Dunn's Chapel, and Mr. and Mrs. Co
burn Vance were guests of E. M.
Vance and family New Years Day.
Mr. and Mrs Jerry Mercer, of Bel
fast, spent New Years Day with Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Stockwell, of Danville.
The State Association of Probate
Judges will have Its annual conven
tlon and banquet at the Southern
notel in Columbus, January 13 and
14, 1914.
Anecdotes of Agasslz.
The son of LouIb Agasslx, who has
just written a book about his distin
guished father, has some good stories
to tell of the elder man's courage and
temper. During bla first return to
Germany he had occasiou to resent
the behavior of a restaurant waiter
who was neglecting everyone else in
favor of some army officers who were
seated at another table. One of the
officers defended the waiter. "Agas
sir remarked that he was not speaking
to him; the officer banded Agasslz his
card; the latter tore it up; the officer
started to draw his sword, but before
he could get It out of the scabbard
Agasslz knocked, him down with a
chair." Another story relates to the
life of tho great scientist in America.
A few years before his death he came
into his house in Cambridge delighted
with an occurrence he had just seen in
Boston. An automobile pushing
through the crowd had knocked down
a woman. Her escort proceded to
pummel the chauffeur. "But why,"
asked the listener, "didn't the owner
come to his chauffeur's asslstannce?"
"Oh," exclaimed Agassiz, "1 was hold
ing him."
Hell Gate Steel Bridge.
Hell Gate bridge, which is now be
ing constructed across East river,
New York, as a link to connect New
England with the west and Bouth.- will
contain the longest steel arch span
ever built. Tho bridge is a part of.
the New York connecting railroad,
built by the New Haven and tho
Pennsylvania system, to carry traffic
from north of Harlem river to Long
island and to relieve the Grand Cen
tral station. The road will have four
tracks, will bo ten milea long and
will cost $30,000,000. About 16,800
feet of it will ba carried on bridges
and viaducts from 20 to 135 feet above
the ground. A magnificent tiew of
the Hell Gate bridge Is a feature of
the November Popular Mechanics
Look to Worklnomen's Health.
Because the vitiated air Is bad for
the workingman, the German govern
ment has forbidden the drying of plas
ter in new buildings by the use of
open stoves. The stoves must now be
connected by pipes with the outside.
To decrease the number of accidents,
a French city is building a street with
separate roadway for each kind of traf
ficmotor, horse and foot.
Winter Clearance Sale
1 Right now when you need them
I Coat
1 Coats, Comforts
Jan. 5, 1914.
H. Vance and wife, of Hillsboro,
were visitors here New Years.
Henry Cotlman and family spent
the holidays here and at Buford.
Ezra Carpenter and family
guests of G C.
Wilkin and family
New Years.
Olen Marconett and wife were
guests of W. E. Fawley and wife New
Neal Ilaynes, Jennie Laymond, Josle
Ludwlck and son, Victor, spent one
night last week with R. B. Davidson
and family.
Roy Euverard and family enter
tninpfi R. K Davidson, wife and
daughter, Onie, Neal naynes and two
sisters, Josie Ludwlck and Jennie
Laymond, Tuesday night.
I Mrs. Clnda Haynes and grandson,
Victor Swlsshelm, visited her daugh
ter, Mrs. Daisy Newton, of Pricetown,
Miss Margaret Hawk, of Winkle,
spent Wednesday night with her sis
ter, Mrs. Bessie Euverard.
Wm. Shatler and wife spent Thurs
day with Mack Haynes and family.
The Christian Sunday school elected
the following officers for 1914: John
King, Supt.; Blanch Euverard, Sec'y.;
Dan Hess, Treas.; Wm. Custer, Chor
ister; Catherine Hess, Organist.
R. B. Davidson, wife and daughter,
Onle, spent Thursday with Burch
Moberley and family.
Mrs. Catherine Oliver and Mrs.
Perry Moberley are sick.
Mrs. Marguerite Molar was the
guest of Miss Opal Martin last Tues
day. Wm, Fender and wife, Wm. Landess
and sister, Ida, were guests of A. Q.
Landess and family, Sunday.
Jan. 5, 1014.
Miss Mabel Vance, of Harrlsburg,
spent Monday with friends here.
W. B. Ruble, of Hillsboro, was the
guest of W. E Borden last week.
Chas. Muhlback and family called
on Isaac Larrick and wife, Wednes
day evening.
Roy Harshbarger, wife and daugh
ter spent Sunday with relatives at
Point Victory.
Miss Madge Purdy, of Leesburg,
spent her vacation irith her sister,
Mrs. Lottie Robinson,
Mrs. Charlotte Chaney, Mose Vance
and W. II. Plgott are sick.
O A. Lemon and family called on
'James Lelnlnger and family, Sunday
Homer Catlin, wife and son, Wl-
Hard, spent New Years with Ne son
Suits, Cloabi Furs,
Barrere and family and S. H. Miller.
Henry Jinks and family, who have
been living on the Mac. Robinson farm
north of here, moved last week to Mr.
Robinson's farm east of Hillsboro.
Mrs. John McReynolds entertained
her grandchildren, Deane, Mills and
Amy Lemon, one day last week.
Miss Nelle VanWlnkle entertained
with a watch party New Years eve.
Neta Miller entertained her cousin,
Mabel McConnaughey, of Dodsonville,
B. F. Morton had as their guests
Suuday, W. n. Sonner and family and
Nat Tanehlll, wife and daughter, of
Point Victory.
John Eyler and family, after a short
visit with relatives and friends herp,
left for their home in Gerlaw, 111.,
Arthur Duckwall and wife called on
A. E. Hunter one evening last week.
Jan. 5, 1914.
Aaron Mllburn, of Belfast, spent
Friday night with his sister, Mrs
Hester Holt.
Miss Berdie Barrett spent the holi
days at nillsboro at the home of her
cousin, Arch Eaton.
Mrs. J. B. Cowglll fell last week and
dislocated her wrist. She has suffered
much pain from the Injury.
Burch Cowglll, of Indiana, who lias
been visiting his parents, J B. Cowgill
and wife, returned home Friday.
Wm. Davidson and family have
been very ill.
Mrs. C. M. Stevens spent from Mon
day until Friday with her son, Cyrus
and family In Cincinnati and was ac
companied home by her daughter,
Mrs Ulen. Mrs. Ulen started for her
home in Wanbon, Pa., Tuesday.
Miss Mary Pat ton, of near Green
field, will spend a few weeks with Mrs.
Vernon Hammond spent Sunday
with Guy Shoemaker.
The Friend's church In Leesburg
will be dedicated next Sunday.
Wm. Rowe and wife and Mr. and
Mrs. Kenworthy, spent Sunday at the
home of Milton Elliott.
Wm. Montgomery and wife, Allen
Evans and family and W. W. Wolfe
and family spent New Years at J. L.
narmer Lyle and wife were guests
of Vernon Rlttenbouse and wife, Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Kenworthy, who have
been visiting relatives and friends
here, will leave Tuesday for their
hom8 in Whlttler, Cal. They will
stop for'a short visit with relatives In
Children s
Jan. 5, 1914.
Miss Beulah Barrett, of Norwood, Is
the guest of Miss Gerdena Pavey.
Miss Jennie Bartley, of Hlllsboro, Is
the guest of her niece. Mrs. Bessie Cox.
After a week's pleasant visit with
their parents, Miss Murolle Haas and
brother, Harold, left Sunday for New
Albany and Ann Arbor to resume
their work in the schools of those
Mrs. Wm. Mllner and children, of
Greenfield, were guests of her mother,
Mrs. Ella Jones, last Saturday.
Leslie Milner and wife, of Chicago,
are guests of his parents. Martin Mil
ner and wife, south of town.
Mrs. Lottie Robinson and son, Vir
gil, of near Hlllsboro, were guests of
her sisters, the Misses Purdy, Friday
night and Saturday.
R. T. Leaverton and wife entertain
ed last Friday with a 12 o'clock dinner.
The guests were Mrs. Flora Hough and
daughter, Marguerite, and son, El
wood, of Greenville, S. A. Leaverton
and wife, F. T. Pavey and wife, Fred
Wolfe and wife and Haldane Evans
and wife.
' Mrs. Paul Monroe left Friday for
her home In Gallon, after spending
the holidays here with her parents, F.
T. Pavey and wife.
Miss Lenora Guthrie left Mondry to
resume her studies in Delaware Col
lege. The Friends new church, which has
just been completed, will be dedicated
Sunday, Jan. 11.
The Farmers Institute which was
held here Friday and Saturday of last
week proved to be one of great inter
est to the people of our village and
surrounding community. Though the
weather was somewhat Inclement, the
attendance was very good and while
some were disappointed by one of the
lecturers falling to be present, those
who supplied were cordially received
received and gave some splendid ad
dresses. The music furnished by our
high school students, under the leader
ship of Supt. C. H. Lewis, was excep
tionally fine and thoroughly enjoyed by
all present,
Mrs. C. P. Keene and daughter, Mrs.
R. L. Leaverton, will leave Tuesday
for Pensacola, Flo., to visit relatives.
Home Coming Day will be observed
by the M. E. church Sunday, Jan. 18.
You are invited to attend these
special services.
On New Years day at the beautiful
and commodious home of G, A. Pavey
and wife, their daughter, Miss Geneva,
entertained with an elaborate break
fast at which her engagement to Dr.
Ford Kester, of New Carlisle, was an
nounced. The guests were Mrs. N. T.
Blankets at
Pavey, of Xenia, Mrs. Paul Monroe, of
Gallon, Mrs. E. W. Pavey, Misses
Blanche Smlth.Ethel Griffith, Gerdena
Pavey, Edith Barrett, Grace Flshback,
Murelle Haas, Florence Jones and
Miss Marguerite Hough, of Greenville.
The wedding will occur in the spring.
Lyman Turner and wife,
Boatman and wife and daughter,
Flossie Watts and Stanley Morrow
spent Sunday with Ludlow Cannon
and wife.
Miss Austa Patton, of Wilmington,
is the guest of her brother, John Pat
ton. Miss Minnesota Boatman left Tues
day to enter college at Columbus.
Mrs. Fay McMullen, of Columbiana,
spent part of last week with Mrs. Ly
man Turner.
Miss Helen Kline, of Lower Fall
Creek, and Townsend Rldgway, of
nillsboro, spent last week with Emma
Morrow and family.
John Patton and Miss Austa Patton
attended the funeral of their uncle,
James Moore, at Greenfield, Tuesday.
Mrs. T. S. Buntaln and son, Frank,
are guests of relatives at Greenfield.
Thomas Boatman and wife, Morrow
Boatman and wife and daughter, Mary
Elizabeth, Mrs. Lizzie Boatman and
daughter, Sara, spent New Years with
Harry Boatman and family.
H. P. Morrow and wife and children,
of Hlllsboro, spent New Years with
Mrs. Emma Morrow.
Mrs. Sara Griflen, of Greenville,
is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Oren.
Mrs. Thomas Johnson is sick.
The big Sunday St. Louis Post-Dispatch
is on sale every Saturday at
Stablers. Every farmer should buy
this big newspaper. adv
Storm Buggies.
Better than all others. Also Storm
Front and Neverout Lamps. Don't
buy elsewhere until you have seen
ours. ,
This M. F. Cabiioll & Sons Co.,
adv Hillsboro, Ohio.
Cheap Gow Feed
Crushed corn is fine cold
weather feed for cows, and
we will furnish the corn
and crush it for you at
$1.20 per hundred pounds.
Ji.f.rn ,J

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