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Scarborough insurance adv
Stone's Cukes. Conard's Gro
cery, adv 1-1
Large, heavy comfortables, $1.25 and
81.60 each at Sublors. adv
Eighteen applicants took the county
teachers examination Saturday.
George VV. Barrere was In Columbus
on business Friday and Saturday.
Will Hugglns has gone on a business
trip through West Virginia.
1 m
Miss Hazel Worley visited relatives
at Norwood from Friday until Sunday.
Fresh salted peanuts, 10c per lb.
next Saturday, Jan 10, atStablers-adv
Scott Worley, of Cincinnati, spent
Sunday here with his parents,
Miss Louesa Johnson was in Cincin
nati on Friday.
Have you tried Stone's Cakes lately?
Fresh twice a week at Conard's Gro
cery, adv.
Miss Lena Scott, of the Point, was
the guest of Mrs. S. P. Scott and Mrs.
James W. Smith, the first of the week.
Superfine marshmallows, 10c per lb.
next Saturday, Jan. 10, atStablers.
Mrs. S. P. Scott returned Friday
from a short visit with relatives at
Candy and peanuts special, 10c per
lb., at Stablers 5 and 10a Store, Satur
day, Jan. 10. adv
Leslie Hoyt, of Mt. Gllead, was the
guest of his parents, Dr. and Mrs. W.
Hoyt, Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Ellen Steele, who has been vis
iting her mother, Mrs. S. F. Steele,
Jeturned to Cincinnati Sunday.
Don't forget that you can buy toys,
dolls and games anytime In the year
at Stabler's Toyland. adv
Mrs. Susan Brown has gone to De
Femick Springs, Fla., to spend the
A new lot of Edison Blue Amberol
Records, 'just received at Stablers.
Come and iiear them. adv
Mrs. Frank Durnell and son, Donald,
returned to Columbus, Monday, alter
a two weeks visit with relatives here.
Will Patterson, of Cincinnati, was
the guest of his mother, Mrs. James
W. Patterson, Sunday.
Have you tried Stone's Cakes lately?
Fresh twice a week at Conard's Gro
cery, adv. .
Samuel Kelly has returned home
after a ten days visit with his son,
Geoage, at Covington, Ky.
A few Edison Wax Records 21c and
31c each to close them out at Stablers.
None played at this price. adv
Mrs. Edith Pettit, of Cincinnati,
returned home Sunday, after a visit
with Miss Olive Berryman.
Canned sweet potatoes, finest kind,
cheapest and best at this season.
adv Conardh GnOCEEY.
Robert Seybert, of Cincinnati, was
the guest of his mother, Mrs. Alice
Seybert, Sunday.
Canned sweet potatoes, finest kind,
cheapest and best at this season,
adv Conakd's Geookhy.
Miss Dorothy Daly, of Balnbridge,
who had been visiting her sister, Mrs.
Theodore Perin, returned home Satur
day. ,
Llndley Carter, after spending his
vacation with his parents at Rains
boro, returned Monday to his studies
at Berea College, Berea, Ky.
Special "Stimulator" sale of ladies
hosiery, seamless, 7c per pair for regu
lar 15c quality, all this week at Stab
ler's 5 and 10c Store.' adv
Mrs. Robert Smith and chlldred re
turned to Clrcleville Monday, after a
visit with the former's mother, Mrs.
James W. Patterson.
One gold fish and globe given free
with a dollar purchase or over at Stab
lers, during January. Spend a dollar
with us. adv
Mrs. C. C. Patton returned to her
home in Chllllcothe, Mo., Friday,
after spending a week with her moth
er, Mrs. S. F. Steele.
If you enjoy a good detective story, i
be sure and read our new serial, "The
Mystery of the uoule Cabinet" which
begins In this issue.
Carey L. Skeen, of Carmel, was the
guestof his uncle, J. M. "Wlsecup, and
his grandmother, Mrs. Mary E. Skeen,
the past week,
Mrs. Joseph Swonger, of Belfast,
spent the latter part of last week at
hor sister's, Mr. Margaret Fenton, re I
turning home Sunday. j
"The Mystery of the Boule Cabi
net", our new serial story begins in
tills issue. It Is a thrilling detective
story by Burton E. Stevenson, a Chll
llcothe boy. Don't miss the opening
I Dr. and Mrs. J. O. Larkin spent
Tuesday and Wednesday in Cincinnati.
Mrs. James Burnett and sister, Miss
Josephino Roush, spent Tuesday at
Thoannual meeting of the D A. R.
was held at the home of Miss Margaret
Chaney Wednesday afternoon.
' Paul Gard, of Toledo, a college
friend, was the guest of Ralph Sams
from Friday until Monday.
Have you tried Stone's Cake lately?
Fresh twice a week at Conard's Gro
cery, adv.
Ileber Duckwall, who has been visit
ing his parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. C.
Duckwall, returned to Dayton Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ferris Hughes, of Lou
den, were the guests of the latter's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Carlisle,
over Sunday.
Mrs. Sharllo BreCount, of Indianap
olis, who has been visiting M. and
Mrs. J. II. Richards, returned homo
The big candle in the window of the
store of Kincaid & Son, which was
lighted Christmas morning, burned
280 hours, 18 minutes and 40 seconds.
Judge Newby went to Wilmington
Wednesday to try the injunction suit
in regard to the paving of the streets
of that village.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lucas and son,
after a visit with Mrs. Lucas' sister,
Mrs. Charles Swartz, returned to their
home in Springfield, 111., Saturday.
Herbert Williams and Heber King
went to Columbus Monday to take a
course in the Agricultural College of
Ohio State University.
Mrs. W. W. Davis and children, of
Balnbridge, were the guests of the
former's sister, Mrs. J. W. Watts, last
week. They returned home Saturday.
Beaver Bros., of near Marshall, last
week purchasea the two year old trot
ting colt, Jay Bllliken II, record '2.29,
from Warren A. Bacon, of Washing
ton C. H.
Herbert Sanderson has shipped on
the steamer Marion and has sailed
from Philadelphia, Pa., for San Fran
cisco, Cal. They will go by the way of
South America.
John Bljunt, who Is an officer at the
Boy's Industrial School at Lancaster,
returned to his duties Monday, after
spending a week with his mother,
Mrs. John Howard.
The attorneys In the noted case of
the State vs. Cecil J. Uible have been
notified that it will be heard by the
Supreme Court February 17 Wil
mington Journal Republican.
Mr. and Mrs. Blair M. Boyd went to
Columbus Monday, where they will
spend several months. Mr. Boyd will
take a course in the Agricultural Col
lege of Ohio State University.
Miss Adina Larkin returned to
Cleveland Sunday, after a two weeks
visit with relatives here. She was
accompanied by her brother, Fred, who
will make her a short visit.
Miss Martha C. Griffith, who has
been visiting her parents and nursing
here for several months, returned on
Tuesday to Springfield, where she is a
nurse in a hospital.
- m
The Marshall W. C. T. U. will meet
at the home of Mrs. M. D. Lucas, Jan.
13, at 2 o'clock p. m. A special
Amendment Day program will be
given. Everybody cordially invited.
The K. of P.'s will have installation
of officers on Eriday night, Jan. 0, at
7:30. All K. of P.'s are requested to
bring their wives and families and
those not married are expected to
bring a lady friend. There will be
music and refreshments.
Miss Lena McCoppln. who has been
spending her vacation with her moth
er, Mrs. Mary McCoppln, returned
Friday to Mansfield, La , where she is
director of music at Mansfield College.'
Her brother, Perry, accompanied her
to Cincinnati.
Evangelistic services began at the
Christian Church at Sugartree Ridge
Tuesday night. Evangelist D. E,
Weaver, of Westerville, will be in
charge. He has conducted evangelis
tic meetings in twenty different
states. Services will be held each
evening this week and on Sunday
morning and evening. Everyone is
cordially invited to attend.
The following young people" who
have been spending their Christmas
vacation at their homes here, returned
to their college work pn Monday;
Misses June Doorley, Anne Hanlon,
Julia Rogers, Louise Hetherington and
Mary Feike and Ralph Sams and Har
ry Reece, Miami University, Oxford ;
Miss Cinderella Richards and Willard
Wilson, Wooster; Dean Lemon,
notchkiss Academy, Lake view, Conn. ;
Miss Ellen Rogers, Hollands College,
Hollands, Va. ; Miss Pearl Carlisle and
Aaron Head, Ohio State University,
Columbus ; Miss Marie McMullen and
Fay Roads, Ohio Wesleyan University,
Deleware ; Miss Mabel Smith, Western
College, Oxford, and Miss Mildred
Morgan, Dana Hall, Wellesley, Mass.
Is Decision of Business Men's
Association and the Offi
cers Are Elected.
The regular meeting of the Business
Men's Association was hold Friday
President Sam R. Free made the
annual report, showing the activities
of the Association during the past
year. He mentioned the benefits de
rived from the Smoker a year ago;
told of the growth of the Association
during the year, 45 new members hav
ing been added, making a total of 138
members mentioned the work of the
association in furnishing relief to the
Flood Sufferers and spoke of the Street
Exposition and the securing of better
train service.
This was the night for the election
of officers and the following were
elected : Sam R. Free, president ; C.
M. Lacy, vice president; I. McD.
Smith, sec'y. ; J. W. Evans treas. ;
R. B. Fairley, J. E. Stabler, E H. Mc
Clure, directors.
A motion was unanimously passed
favoring the location of a Regional
Bank in Cincinnati. O. N. Sams, J.
W. Evans and Philip C. Berg were
appointed on a committee to assist in
bringing this about.
J. W. Greenfield was elected a mem
ber of the Association.
J. C Larkin, Z. E. England and I.
McD. Smith were appointed on a com
mittee to draft resolutions on the
death of Dr. O. N. Garrett.
It was decided to hold a Smoker as
, soon as possible and the committee
which so successfully conducted the
one last year was appointed to arrange
for it.
Cemetery Trustees Aleet.
At a meeting of the Hillsboro Ceme
tery Trustees Tuesday night a resolu
tion was passed setting aside a place
for the erection of the monument ''To
the Unknown Dead" which now stands
in the Court nouse yard, in the Ceme
tery. The place selected Is at the Urst
fork of the drive In the cemetery.
This monument was erected by the
W. R. C. and G. A. R. and where it
shall be located of course rests with
The question of erecting a chapel
and receiving vault at the cemetery
was also discussed.
Death of Reece Hopkins.
R. H. Hopkins, aged. 70 years, died
at the home of his daughter, Mrs.
Hiram Phelps, nesr Danville Friday
morning at 6 o'clock. He had been ill
for a long time with cancer of the
stomach. The funeral services were
held at 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon
conducted by Rev. Well and the G. A.
R. Interment was made In the Bar
ker cemetery at Prlcetown.
Mr. Hopkins was one of the promi
nent farm'ers of the western end of
the county. He was an old soldier
and was at one time infirmary director
of this county.
He issurvlved by his widow and
four children, two daughters, Mrs,
Minnie Phelps, Mrs. Stella Walker
and two sons, Robert and Edward, all
of near Danville.
Wrestler Wants to Come Here.
The following letter received by the
editor will be of interest to many
Hillsboro people:
Toledo, O., Jan. 5.
Emmons Gutridge, a former Hills
boro boy, and known to athletic fans
as Marty Goodrich, Is anxious to have
his manager book him up at Hillsboro
just to show Hillsboro people what he
can do In the wrestling game. Ills
manager Is of the opinion that it
would not be a paying proposition to
bring his protege to nillsboro but at
any rate Gutridge wants to come. He
is a big favorite around Toledo, De
troit and all the northern cities and
he ought to be a big drawing card at
New Years Party.
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Purdy enter
tained New Years day with an elegant
dinner at their home in New Market
in honor of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Eyler
and children, Margaret, Russell, Harry,
Glenn and Caroline Elizabeth, of Ger
law, 111., who were here yislting rela
tives and old acquaintances. Other
guests of honor were Mr. and Mrs
Isaac Larrick and children, Herschel
Lynn and Phylls Eyler, A. E. Hunter,
Dr. C. C. Cropper, of Danville, and Mr.
and Mrs. L. A. Purdy.
Afternoon guests were Mrs. Forest
Emery and son, Howard, Mrs. Mary
McReynolds, Mrs. Mary Vance, Mrs.
Wm. Carrier and daughter, Hazel,
Mrs. Louva Carr, Dean Lemon, of
Hotchklss, Conn., and Miss Martha
The day was pleasantly spent and
will be remembered by those present
as a Happy New Year.
Board of Education Meeting-.
The Hillsboro Board of Education
held its regular meeting Monday
night. The terms of J. B. Worley, '
Dr. O. A. Thompson and J. B. Spencer
had expired and they were succeeded i
by Charles Moore, O. F.Whlsler and J.
M. Hibben. Mr. nibben was elected
president and D, B. Scott olerk.
Marriage Licenses.
Sam Corwlnand Clara JE. Brown,
both of Lecsburg.
Charles F. Mains and Maude Harps,
both of Greenfield.
Walter Moorman, of Springfield, and
Elsie Huifenberger, of Hillsboro.
Harley Spruance, of Hillsboro, R.
D. 4, and Elva Puckett, of Peebles, R.
D. 4
Arthur Chapman and Nelle Whlta
ker, both of Greenfield.
Card of Thanks.
Words cannot express my thanks for
the kind, loving deed and sympathy
shown me In my sad bereavement in
the sickness of my dearly beloved hus
band. I wish to especially thank those
who attended him at the last and those
who sent the beautiful flowers he so
dearly loved In life and Dr. Larkin,
Undertakers Evans andTollefor their
kind attention and to Bros. Colley,
Shields, noward and Edmlnston for
their comforting words Mrs. Louis
G. McAdams and family.
Resolutions' of Respect.
Whereas the great captain Infinite
commanded the angel of light to add
to the ranks of God's army Comrade
R. H. Hopkins, of Co. B, 175 O. V. I.,
who answered the last roll call Jan
uary 2, 1914,
Therefore, Be It Resolved, by J. M.
Barrere, G. A R. Post, No. 205, we
have lost a true member of our Post,
a loyal soldier of his country and a
good citizen.
John MoMullen, )
Jacob Giioves, Committee.
II. U. Amuhose. )
"Baoy Aline."
No more diverting comedy has ever
been offered upon the English speak
ing stage than "Baby Mine" from the
pen of Margaret Mayo, and which
comes to Bell's Opera House Tuesday,
Jan. 13. "Baby Mine" ran for one
solid year at Daly's Theatre, New
York, to record-breaking business, and
reached its second year at Sir Charles
Wyndham's Criterion Theatre, Lon
don. The production which is sending
a gale of laughter around the world, Is
made by Richard Clark. adv
Probate Court Proceedings.
Mary E. Stewart, exrx. of John
Stewart, tiled application to sell in
terest in bond.
J. C. Roads appointed administra
tor of Ruth Roads.
Elizabeth B. Smith, admrx. of Jo
seph Smith, filed application to sell
S. T., M. E. and Jane Small, execu
tors of W. D. Small, filed third ac
count. Will or Marlah F. Carr probated.
Sylvester Carr elected to take under
will of Mariah F. Carr.
Anna Belle Carr appointed executor
of Marlah F. Carr.
Emma Hakes, admrx. of Sylvester
Garman, filed first account.
t James A. Wilkins, admr. of Dora
Reckman, filed first and final account.
Will of O. N. Garrett filed.
Real Estate Transfers.
Kezlah Beard to Ella Lepley, Liber
ty tp, la, $75.
John Hawk to J. A. Fowler, Aliens
burg, lot, $1.
J. P. Stout to Euphemla Stevens,
Hillsboro, lot, -1.
George R. Conard to Eli W. Muntz,
Hillsboro. lot, 32650.
G. W. Groves to Elizabeth Grove,
Centerfleld, lot, $1.
Elizabeth Grove to Austa Burgess,
Centerfleld, lot, 81.
Joseph W. Taylor to J. L. Caldwell,
Manlson tp, 151a, SI.
George R. Conard et al to C. O.
Carey, Penn tp, 50a, $1800.
Given Kesler et al to W. J. Frump,
Marshall tp, lot, $145
Edna T. Sonner et al to J. G. Sonner
et al, Whlteoak tp, 11a, $1.
Ell S. Roush to P. C. Robinson,
Lynchburg, lot, $1.
Eli S. Roush to P. C. Robinson,
Lynchburg, lot, $1.
Eli S. Roush to P. C. Robinson,
Lynchburg, lot, $1.
Howard L. Blackburn to James Mo
rarity, Union and Penn tps, 102a,
James Morarlty to Rosa Morarlty,
Union and Penn tps, 168a, $1.
Thomas H. Chaney to Rebecca L.
Chaney, Union tp, 50a, $1.
C.S. Burton to J. R. Burnett, Lynch
burg, lot, $20.
Dan L. Satterfield sheriff to C. C.
Moxley, Greenfield, lot, $600.
Canned sweet potatoes, finest kind,
cheapest and best at this season,
adv Conakd's Gkooeky.
Frank Crotty, who has been visiting
frlonria tiara fnr turn wpplfQ rat.nrnaH I
to his home in Toledo, Sunday.
Creamery Opens.
The Highland Butter Co. began op
eration Wednesday and are now ready
to take cream. Tho creamery is
located on Key street near the Child
ren's Home and is equipped with tho
best machinery. This is a local plant,
owned by local people and deserving
of support.
. m mi
Dr. Elizabeth Edmonston received
word Wednesday that she had passed
the state medical examination.
Just 1000 feet of laughs. A Veritable Scream
An absorbing drama with Carlisle Blackwell
and Jane Wolfe. Complete in two parts
From the Famous Novel-Two Parts.
A Throbbing Story of the South before the
War. Dion Bioucicault's Greatest Play.
An All Star Cast of the Kalem Co.
Better than the Stage Play. DON'T MISS IT.
1 Dried
Evaporated fruit is just as good as fresh fruit for cooking
purposes, and much cheaper. We offer you the best quality
California Northern grown
IHuir Peaches
Choice grade, good size and color loc per lb
Fancy grade, large bright halves 12Jc per lb
Select grade, extra large and bright 15c per II)
Santa Clara California Prunes are known
as the best. We handle nothing else.
Good size, 60 to 70 to the pound loc per lb
Large size, 50 to 60 to the pound I2Jc per lb
Extra large size, 40 to DO to the pound 15c per lb
We have just a few old fashioned sun dried apples B?
of firstclass quality which we offer you at ioe per lb P"
Jan. 5, 1014.
James Bird and wife returned home
Monday, after spending a few days
with relatives at Columbus.
W. H. Lowman and wife, of Mt.
Gllead, returned to their home Tues
day, after spending a few days with
relatives and friends here.
Mary Gilllland took dinner with J,
W. Burton and wife, Tuesday.
Clarence Chaney and wife and B. F.
Lowman and wife spent Monday with
J. M. Lowman and wife.
Florence Sharp spent Tuesday night
with her sister in Cincinnati.
Joseph Giliiiand and family enter
tained the following guests Thursday;
Chas. Gilllland and family, J. W. Bur
ton and wife, John Gilllland and wife
and Chas. Johnson.
Kay Lay in on and family took dinner
with Estle Chaney and family, Thurs
day. Elizabeth Chaney and Clara New
man spent Friday with Mrs. Nina
Rev. Mercer and wife took dinner
Sunday with Chas. Jandes and family.
Lena Burton spant Saturday night
with Florence Sharp.
Chas. Brewer and family and Jesse
Brewer and wife spent New Years
with Stanley Brewer and wife.
Frank Sharp and wifeand Lun Dav
is and wife are going to start Monday
for Florida.
New Court Stenographer.
Judge Newny on Monday appointed
Miss Melva Redkey, of this place, oftl
clal stenographer for the Common
Pleas Court. The appointment is for
three months and the salary is $35
per month.
The public schools opened Monday
after the Christmas vacation.
Fruit I
Tuesday, Jan. 1 5
The Funnies! Play Ever Written
A Screaming Success.
One solid year at Daily's
Theater, New York City.
And in fact has made the
whole world laugh.
Prices 25c,!50c, 75c, $1.00
Seats on Sale January 10
John Pfarr will clean and press and
mend that suit until it will look m
good as new. I also do dry cleaning.
Give me a call.' Brunner's Sboa
Shop. adv
Subscribers of the Times Star will
confer a favor to the agent by report,
ing to him at once,any irregularity in
the delivery of your paper. adv
f jfkj j ,

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