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Dollars Have Wings
It has been aptly said that "Dollars have
wings." Itmustbetruo They gob away so eas
ily that it's hard to keep them with us long.
The very best cage for the flightly dollars is a
good reliable bank like ours, where they may be
safely housed,and are subject to release only on
your personal check. It's the safe, modern, suo
cessful'way. If you have nob already adopted this
plan, wo invite you to open an account with us,
no matter how small.
The Hiilsboro Bank and Savings Co.
Jan. 12, 1914.
Roland Galllett left last Monday
for Washington D. C., to fill his
position. s
Mr. Addleman, who spent the holi
days here with his fami y, left last
week for Day ton, where lie is employed.
Fred Euverard and wife are rejoic
ing over the recent arrival of a daugh
ter at their home.
Lon Jacobs, of Greenfield, was a
guest at the home of Will Cotter ill the
first days of the past week.
The funeral of Miss Tilda Trout
man was held in the Presbyterian
church here on Dec. 31 in the presence
of a large company of sympathizing
relatives and friends. Services were
conducted by Rev. Melton and the re
mains were taken to the Mowrystown
cemetery for burial. The family have
the sympathy of all.
Frank Bennett, of Hamilton, was a
guest of relatives here last week.
Miss Lenore Jodry has returned from
Lima, where she spent several months.
Clarence Rosselot and wife are re
joicing over the recent arrival of a
little daughter in their home.
Ed Tissot spent last week In Lima
with his sons, Clarence and Ray.
Walter Winkle and family have
moved from Williamsburg to their
farm in the Bell Run community.
W. E. Diehl, of Hamilton, who was
here with relatives over the holidays,
left Wednesday morning for his home.
Ode Moler and wife are entertaining
a little daughter at their home since
New Years day.
The community was again saddened
to hear of the death of Jacob Yochum
which occurred on the evening of Jan.
2. Funeral services were conducted in
the Presbyterian church on Sunday
morning by the pastor and the remains
were taken to the Mowrystown ceme
tery followed by a long procession of
sympathizing friends. A good man
has passed away and he will be missed.
Floyd Allman, of Dayton, was here
to visit relatives last week.v
Elmer Tissot and wife entertained
at dinner a company of the church
people one day recently at their home
east of town. fc
Herbert Roberts and wife gave a de
lightful party at their home north of
town one evening last week. The
guests of honor were Warren Martin,
of Alberta, Canada, and his brother,
Glenn Martin, of Dayton, Ey. Besides
the social time the young people gave
some splendid music that everybody
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Jan. 12, 1914.
W. G. Frump and wife, of Marshall,
were guests of W. T. Shannon and
wife last Friday.
J. Ed Shannon and wife and child
ren, of Hiilsboro, were guests of W. T,
Shannon and wife, Saturday and Sun
day. E. L. Ward, of Louden, was the
guest of C. W. Denham and family, of
Bunker Hill, last Sunday.
Misses Ruth and Letha Redkey, of
Berryville, attended church here last
Rev. A. L. Reynolds, of Xenia, be
gan a series of meetings at Union last
' Sunday.
I. W. Beets and wife were guests of
J. L. Walker and family last Sunday.
"If a man kills another man Is he
always put in jail; mamma ?" ,
"Not always. Sometimes he is paid
, by the government to do it ; and if he
can only kill enough he will have mon
uments erected to him, "Life.
. .Obituary.
Clara Frances Hughes, daughter of
Thomas E. and Mary Hogsett, was
born in Highland county, near Hills
boro, May 0, 1863. She was united in
marriage to W. 0. Hughes February
10, 1889. To this union were born two
sons, Roy and Lawrence.
The first ten years of their married
life was spent on a farm near Marshall.
About fifteen years ago they moved to
their present home four miles east of
Hiilsboro on the Marshall pike.
On the fifteenth of October 1912, Mrs.
Hughes had a paitlal stroke of paraly
sis from which she never recovered.
She was able to go about and look after
her home duties, until early in the
fall when her health entirely failed
and she gradually went down. For
four weeks she was confined to her
room. For several days the death
angel hovered around and atone o'clock
Monday morning, he claimed her as his
own. As a neighbor no one in the
community will be more missed than
Mrs. Hughes. She was always think
ing of the comforts of others, and her
deeds of kindness and love will speak
for themselves. She has preached her
own funeral sermon by the life she
has lived.
She united with the Brouse Chapel
Methodist church at the age of fifteen
and was always attached to her church
and the people that worshiped there
and during her sicknessshe often spoke
of those who had proceeded her and
sang the old hymns, "Jesus Lover of
My Soul," "Nearer My God to Thee,"
"In The Sweet Bye and Bye." She
was a devoted wife and an affectionate
and loving mother. She leaves a hus
band and two sons, a father and moth
er, four sisters, and a large circle of
relatives and friends to mourn their
We desire to thank our friends and
neighbors for "their many kindnesses
during the illness and death of our
beloved wife and mother.
W. C. HranES and Children.
Excellent for Stomach Trouble.
'Chamberlain's Tablets are just fine
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with this complaint for some time and
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Jan. 12, 1914.
Jas. Patton and wife, of Hiilsboro,
spent Wednesday at the -home of W.
E. Chrlsman.
Hamer Lyle and wife and James
Rlttenhouse and family were guests of
Walter Brown and family, Sunday.
Mrs. Wm. Davidson is very" Ul-with
The W. C. T. U. mot at the home of
Mrs. Lewis Wood last Thursday. A
number' of new members joined at
this time.
Chas. McNeil and wife and son. of
Hiilsboro, Wm. Rowe 'and wife and
Mary Chrlsman were entertained at
the home of S. S. Lovett. Wednesday.
Mrs. Martha Wolfe spent a few days
last week with her son, William.
Wm. Rowe and wife attended meet
ing at Harden's Creek Sunday and
dined at the home of Wm. Tompkins.
Elmer Cook and Mrs. Flggins, of nar
den's Creek, were also present.
A box supper and spelling school
Friday evening, Jan. 10, at Barrett's
School House. Proceeds to be used
for Library. Everybody cordially In
vited. Elmer Cook, of Harden's Creek,
attended monthly meeting Saturday
and took dinner with J. L. Montgom
Martha and Anna Wolfe called
Mrs. J. S. Lovett last Friday,
The lamest tree in the United st.at.na
is said to be the ''Mother of the For-1
est," a giant redwood in the Calaveras
bijf tree grove in California. It is '
supposed to contain 140,610 board, feet
of lumber.
Plenty More Like This In Hiilsboro.
Scores of Hiilsboro people can tell
you about Doan's Kidney Pills. Mapy
a happy citizen makes a public state
ment of his experience. Here is a case
of It. What better proof of merit can
be had than such endorsement ?
D. O. Blackmore, 327 John St., Hiils
boro, Ohio, says : "Some years ago I
was suffering greatly from kidney
trouble and rheumatism. I could
scarcely get up or down on account of
the Intense pain across the small of Coler; First Vice-President, Mrs. Pearl
my back. One day the kidney secro ( Cox; Second Vice President, Mrs. Mln
tions would be profuse and then again nlo Guthrie; Secretary, Mrs. Nora
scanty. Although I doctored with
some of the local physicians, I got no
relief. I had often read about Dean's
Kidney Pills and finally got a supply
at Garrett & Ayres' Drugstore. They
helped mo so much that I continued
taking them for over a year. Now I
have no trouble."
When Mr. Blackmore was Inter
viewed on August 8, 1913, he said : "It
has been three years since I was cured
by Doan's Kidney Pills. They are
certainly a wonderful kidney remedy
and I never hesitate to recommend
them to my friends. My forme en
dorsement holds good."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for.the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. adv
Jan. 12, 1914.
R. H. RIdgway and family enter
tained Lafe Lemon and wife, of near
Persimmon Ridge, Sunday.
Thomas Perrln and family, of New
Vienna, were entertained by Ellas
Perrln and family, Sunday.
John Murray andjwlfe visited friends
near New Vienna, Sunday.
Cliff Harris and wife entertained the
latter's parents, Ed Griffith and wife,
Leigh ton Holmes, of Hiilsboro, was
a business visitor In this vicinity Fri
day. Walter Rldgeway and wife called on
Ellas Perrln and family, Sunday after
noon. Krell Atwell and sister, Austa. of
Sardinia, spent a few days last week
with relatives In this vicinity.
Mrs. Flora Ford and family enter
tained Wm. J. Hamilton and family,
of Fall Creek, Sunday.
Aunt Lib Holmes, who has been
sick, Is much better.
If You Are a Trifle Sensitive
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satisfaction to know that many people
can wear shoes a size smaller by shak
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the thing for dancing parties and for
breaking in new shoes. Sold every
where, 25c. Sample FREE. Address,
Allen S. Olmsted. LeRoy, N. Y. adv
January 12, 1914.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shannon enter
tained friends from Hiilsboro Sunday.
Chas. Hastings was a Cincinnati
visitor last week.
Mrs. Gorby, of Cincinnati, is the
guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Alex. Pagett.
Miss Eva Reno visited her sister,
Mrs. E. L. Reno, at Cincinnati, re
cently. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Moorman were
in Hiilsboro Tuesday.
Mr. Hottlnger has moved to Blan-
Mrs. Hugh Moorman is expecting
her son, Winnie, for a visit in the
near future.
Hardin Vanzant called on his aunt,
Mrs. Luclnda West, Thursday.
Mrs. Evallne McCoy, who was ill, is
James Willman has erected a new
building in the village, which he is
going to use as a blacksmith and re
pair shop.
Miss Hazel Hastings and Miss Eva
Reno, of Deadfall, visited the Chaney
sisters Tuesday.
Mrs. Byrd Hlgglns visited Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Creed in Marshall last
Miss Ladora Reames is visiting
friends in Hiilsboro.
James Hochenberger, who has been
visiting friends in Wilmington, has
returned home.
Frank Ashmore, of Hiilsboro, was
here Sunday.
Diamond Wlllraanand VV. M. Hoch
enberger have returned from a busi'
ness trip to Greenfield.
Miss Amelia Richards spent 'Tiiurs
day here with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Mary Chaney spent
Sunday with Mrs. Evallne McCoy. I
Mrs Ova Creed, of Carey town, spent
Thursday with her father, George i
Mr and Mrs. E,
Hiilsboro Sunday.
E West were in
Lorain Spargur was in Hlllsbor6 on I
Jan. 12, 1911.
Prof. Marion Ilolllngsworth and
wife, of Wilmington, were guests of
the latter's father, W. II. H. Huff and
family last Sunday.
S. R. Ousley was called to Martins
ville Friday on account of the illness
of his father, J. D. Ousley.
The business meeting of the Ange
line Johnson Altruistic Association
was held Siturday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. I. E. Davis and the fol
lowing olllcers were olected for the
coming year: President, Mrs. Minnie
Haas; Treasurer, Mrs. Etta Paver;
Trustee, Miss Madge Purdy. After
the transaction of all business a pleas
ant social hour was enjoyed during
which the hostess assisted by Mrs. R.
R. Jones served tea and wafers
Miss Florence Hadley spent Satur
day In Wilmington with relatives.
The beautiful and impressive dedt
catory services of the new Friends
nhlirrOl warp i.alrl Qnnrl'itr mnrnlnir qnrl
evening. At these two services the
sum of $5000 was raised, the amount
I necessary to liquidate the debt, for
which the members feel very grateful
to the people of our town and sur
rounding community for their volun
tary subscription. Rev. Brown, of
Plalnfleld, Iud., delivered two eloquent
sermons Sunday from the pulpit of
this new church. During his stay
here he was the guest of Rev. Mc
Millen and wife.
Mrs. C. W. Huggins was called to
the home of her sister, Mrs. Spahr
Glaze, near Hiilsboro, last Friday on
account of the serious Illness of her
mother, Mrs. Victoria Patton.
Mrs. Allie Teter, of Chllllcothe, was
the guest of relatives here Wednes
day night and Thursday.
Mrs. W. A. Teter spent tho past
week with her daughter, Mrs. Mary
Rev. Josephus Hosklns, of Wilming
ton attended the dedicatory services
of tho Friends church Sunday.
Martin Mllner and wife were in Co
lumbus the past week, guests of Geo.
Mllner and wife.
u. n. ravey, or iiiancn ester, was
guest over Sunday of his parents.
ScarborouKii iunnranc. adv
Jan. 12, 1914.
John E. Haigh and wife entertained
at dinner Sunday Misses Cora and May
Fels, Ethel and Ada Jamison, Rev.
Howard, Chris Eaklns and Chas. Fels.
Miss Carrie Fels is visiting in Hiils
boro and will go from-there to Cincin
nati to visit her sister, Mrs. Herbert
Miss Millie West spent the latter
part'of the week with her sister, Mrs.
John Haigh.
Miss Lulu Roberds spent Saturday
night and Sunday with Miss Roberta
Mrs. J. A. Gllmore and daughter,
Miss Emma, spent last Friday with
her brother, W. H. Mullenlx, of Hiils
boro. Will Noland and family attended
meeting at Union Chapel Sunday and
dined with Arthur Mercer and family.
Rev. A. L. Reynals, of Xerila, who
Is a very able preacher, Is conducting
revival services at Union Chapel.
Rev. L. Davis Is slowly Improving,
but is still confined to the house.
ZMrs. Alice Hartley, of Delaware, has
been visiting at the M. E. Parsonage
the past week.
Rev. Kerr, who is a very able preach
er, has been conducting a very Inter
esting series of meetings at the Pres
byterian church the past two weeks.
The meeting Is still announced for
Eugene Curtis and sister, Miss
Ethel, of Sabina, are visiting at the
home of Milton Hottinger.
Mrs. Chas. Sprinkle is spending this
week at Arthur Sprinkle's.
Miss Elsa Williams spent Sunday
with Miss Roberta Roberds.
M. A. Garrett and family, who have
spent the past five years at Staunton, '
Fayette county, are now living on
their farm near here.
Wm. McCullough, of Sabina, spent
the latter part of the week at Ed
Mrs. Belle Whitehead and two child
ren, of Dayton, are visiting relatives
Edgar Roberts and wife, of Carlisle
Springs, are spending today at Wm.
) Miss Mabel Kerr returnea to Oxford
University last Wednesday, after
spending the holidays at home.
"If there were lour flies on a table
and I killed one, how many would be
left?" inquired a teacher.
"One," answered a bright little girl,
"the dead one."-Sacred Heart Recofd.
Tho CvnlcIf he falls, mr Hear.
you're not to scream or faint, because
it's lust what we all came to see.
The Lady But I thought he was
going to take up a passenger, Life.
Miss Hazel Barker, of Dodsonvllle,
and Clarence Van Meter, ol Weber
town, were married Saturday evening
by Rev. Dresch,atthe M.E.parsonage.
Miss Marlon DeLaney spent a few
days with friends in Blanchesler the
past week. She was accompanied
home by her friend, Miss Mary Joe
Gregory, who returned home Saturday
Miss Marllo VanWlnkleand Harold
Hodson spent Sunday with Russell
Simpklns and wife, at New Vienna.
Mrs. Harry Murphy shopped In Cln
clnnati Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mrs Lulu Davidson and little son
were in Hiilsboro Monday.
Mr. Garrison, of Blanchester, spent
Saturday with W. A West and wife.
Dan Turner and wife were with hi8
mother at Martinsville, Monday.
John Graham, of Springfield, Is visit
ing his sister, Mrs. Sarah Charles.
Miss Pearl Chaney spent from Sat
urday until Monday with her uncle,
Chas. Chaney and family, at Hiilsboro
W. L. Stautner transacted business
in Hiilsboro Friday.
Mrs. Joe Stabler and son spent
Thursday and Friday at the Troth
W. B. Ruble and wife entertained
Messrs. Hatfield, of Covington, Ky ,
and Crawsls, of Cincinnati, Friday.
T. O. Brown and wife left Monday
for St. Petersburg Fla., to spend the
remainder of the winter
Mrs. A. Noell returned to her home
In Glenco, Ky., Wednesday, after an
extended visit with her daughter,
Mrs. W. L. Stautner.
Mrs. Sam Griffin, of Hiilsboro, was
with her mother, Mrs. McKenzle,
Thursday, and on Sunday Mrs. Mc
Kenzle and daughter entertained Joe
Townsend and wife and R. P. Wiggins
and family.
Mrs. U. G. Shank spent two days
last week in Cincinnati.
Gus Bering was with his parents in
Covington, Ky., Saturday and Sunday.
J. Walter Freiberg, of Cincinnati
was entertained at the Cleveland home
Friday. Mrs. Cleveland spent Satur
day and Sunday with the Dewey fami
ly, at Blanchester.
Hanford Pennington, of Cuba, was
with his son, Lawrence, over Sunday.
HR. E. Stroup, of Dodsonvllle, was
the guest of Warren Connel and wife,
Thursday night.
Joe Carpenter and wife, of Xenia,
have moved into the Duncanson prop
erty on Sycamore street.
Alfred Pratt and family visited Mrs.
Pratt's sister, Mrs. Pence, at Union,
the latter part of the week.
Rev. Gray, of Blanchester, was with
Dr. McAdow and wife, Friday.
M. E Sonner and wife entertained
T. O Brown and wife andC. E. Haller
and wife, Monday.
Miss Nelle DeLaney returned home
Sunday evening, after a short visit
with relatives and friends in Covins-
ton, ky., and Bellefontalne.
Mrs. Wm. Dresch entertained Class
No. 3 at the M. E. parsonage on Satur
day afternoon.
,Mrs. T. E. Moorhead returned home
Frlday,after spending a fortnight with
relatives in Clermont county.
Dr. Ed. Srofe and Charles West re
turned from Florida last week.
Robert Grlsham and family were
with relatives in Westboro, Wednes
day. W. B. Ruble and W. A. Saylor trans
acted business in Cincinnati Tuesday.
A number of our young people met
at the home of Walter Montgomery on
Friday evening to remind their daugh
ter, Miss Salome, of her birthday
anniversary. A very enjoyable even
ing was spent in games and music,
after which delicious refreshments
were served.
At the annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Lynchburg Building &
Loan Association on Monday evening,
the following olllcers and directors
were elected : Directors W. L. Staut
ner, W. A. Saylor, II. N. Henderson,
W. B. Ruble, T. O. Brown, A. Garner,
D. E. Simpson. President, W. A. Say
lor; Vice Pres., Chas. Linton; Treas.,
L. Stautner ; Sec, H. N. nender-
son ; Solicitor, E. M. Wiggins.
C. Van Winkle is with Robert An-
drews and family, at Blanchester, this
Joe Baldwin, of Blanchester,
wllh friends here Saturday.
"Pa, what is Utopia ?"
"That's the place where they are not
kicking about the high cost of living."
Louisville Courier-Journal.
While tho horse market has been af
fected by the inroads of the automo
one, me muie market last year
better than ever.
Willie Pa, what's an anomaly ?
Colonel An anomaly, sah, is a bed
of mint in prohibition territory
Pennsylvania Punch Bowl. '
To decrease the number of accidents,
a French city is building a street with
separate roadway for each kind of traf-
1 lie motor, horseaud foot.
roft$lonnl Sr&t.
Both Phonct.Jn Office nd Ro.dcnct
Office Short St., Opp. Court Br cit
Ulenn Big.
Home 'Phone 340
Bell 'Phone 14J
Hlllaboro, Ohio.
Orriai In Holmes
Building, North Him
Orrioi Hoous 9 to i: a,
fl n m
. m.,2to and 5 ta
Boh 'Phones m omce ana Residence,
For Your Flo-were.
Funeral Directors & Embalmers
5A Full Line of High Grade
Prompt Delhcry. Courteous Treatment
Your Patronage Solicited
(Successors to J. C. Koch)
OttlceHear or Tracilvr'Terol
Home Phone J4-4
Teachers' Examination.
The Highland county Hoard of School Esr
?i? . r,?by elvcs notice that examlna
tions of Applicants of Certificates will tafce
ftniViv, .. ,.V"'-J?eio.a-??.nP01 uunainR.
-...uww.w. ju luc UI ElL
Saturday of erery
,?lla.on examinations will be held on the
SaturaaVofMay"' APrU D the tWrd
As prescribed by law. the fee for teachers
examinations win be 60 cents, while, for
I'atterson examinations no fee Is charged.
O. A. Tbneh, Sinking Spring, Pres.
adv w. H. Vance. Hiilsboro, Vice Pres
H. D Gallutt, Lynchburg, See
Private Sale of Valuable Persona
Having decided to quit the road
building .business on account of my
other business taking all my time, I
will offer at private sale at my home
in Reesville, Ohlo,the following per
sonal property :
1 Aurora Stone Crusher, 10x15, with
25 foot elevator, and all necessary ap
purtenances, 1 Revolving Screen,
3 Stone Hoppers and Loaders for
grading stone preparatory to building
water-bound macadam road,
1 24-inch Hoist,
150 reet of 5 8 cable,
3 SteeliCars,
1000 feet of T-Rails,
2 Steam Drills.
All pipes and hammers necessary to
complete the above outfit.
1 8 h. p. International Famous Gas
line Engine, good as new,
1 4-inch tubular Pump and 25 feet
of 4 Inch gasjplpe connected,
1 No. 3 Kelly DuplexJFeed Grinder,
good as new,
1 No. 1 Lllrdsall Clover Huller,
Also 1 2-passenger Automobile, Stod
dard Dayton 1009 Roadster, all in good
1 Boarding:Car, 8x18, equipped with
cook stove, cookingiutenslls and dish
es. The foregoing will be sold for cash
or negotiable fpaper or exchange for
property of equal value.
Said propertyimust be closed out
within the next 00 days.
Will be pleased to show prospective
purchasers the above property.
Phone, write or call on
T. N, Bkookiiank,
(M5) Reesville, Ohio.
A progressive Ohio farmer uses aa
electric motor to run a fodder cutter
and a blower to blow the cut food Into
a silo.
Schemes for the construction of a
3000-mile railway through Central
Africa, at a cost roughly estimated at
$50,000,000, have been revived by the
termination of the war between Italy
and Turkey.

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