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Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Pugh visited
relatives at Danville Sunday.
Clocks and watches at The Economy
Store. adv
Miss Ethel Thornburg spent Sunday
with her parents at Allensburg.
Don't forget the dance at Bell's
Hall Thursday night.
Danco Thursday night Bell's Hall.
Hlllsboro orchestra. adv
Fred Hardy, of Loeburg,
business visitor here Monday
was a
Dance Thursday nlghWBell's Hall.
Hlllsboro orchestra. adv
J. W. Evans was In Cincinnati on
business Friday,
Homer Turner, who has been work
ing in Springfield, came home Friday.
Don't forget the dance at Bell's
Hall Thursday night.
Mrs. James Fuckett was the guest
of relatives at Buford last week.
Miss Mae Larkin visited relatives at
Columbus a few days the first of the
Try "Monlto" brand the best sock
on earth for sale at The Economy
Store. adv
Charles Teter, bf Leesburg, was the
guest of his father, W. A. Teter, on
Louis Garrison, of Oakland, Cal has
been visiting his uncle, Thomas
Mitchell, for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Coffman, win
have been in Reading, Cal., for several
months, have moved to Dallas, Tex.
Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Winkle and son
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John
Cramton, near Lynchburg.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Fender, of Sar
dinia, were the guests of Prof, and Mrs.
W. H. Vance, ITrlday and Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lemon visited
the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.
C. Stockwell, near Danville, Sunday.
3 . Ed. Shannon and family were the
guests of the former's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. T. Shannon, at Folsom,
over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. West, of Berry
ville, were the guests of the latter's
mother, Mrs. N. B. Laflerty, Sunday.
Best hosiery, underwear and shirt
valdes In Hlllsboro at The Economy
Store. adv
Jan. 12, 1914.
Rev. Pltzer, of Georgetown, filled
his appointment here Sunday morning
and night.
W. H. Hughes and wife, Alfred Mi
randa and wife and children spent
Sunday with Abe Wlkln and family.
Miss Elsie Wilkin spent Saturday
with Misses Laura and Nellie Rotroff
Rev. Pltzer, Stella McCoy, Viola
Ferguson, Lersy Burris and Orvllle
Bradford were entertained at the
home of Hamer Burris Sunday. (
Stoue's Cakes, always ready,
always fresh, always good and
ccrtaiuly cheap.
adv Conard's Grocery.
Jan. 12, 15fl4
Mrs. O. C. Eylar, Mrs. O. A. Tener
and Miss Nettle Patton were the
guests of the former's sister, Mrs.
Blanche Jackson, at Locust Grove,
Miss Roma Garman entertained a
number of young people with a "taffy .,-.,.. nml her cailor. Mr. ninchel
pulling" Friday evening, it being her v,0oa. had orlginnlly been one tract of
sixteenth birthday anniversary. land. A lawsuit had arisen between
Geo. Huflstetter. of Latfootee. Ind.. Mr. Hinchelwood's fnther and Mrs.
A yomiK limn about twenty-five
years old. hi dress smacking of the
kind worn by gentlemen In Loudon,
entered the gateway of n country
residence, went up to the front door
and rang the bell. Ills numinons was
answered by a tnuid. who took his
card on n salver and ushered him
into u drawing room. Presently a
young woniim bevernl years his Junior,
in plain nppnrel, came down the broad,
winding staircase and advunced to re
ceive him.
"I huve called," he said, "as, a neigh
bor. 1 own the property adjoining this
and have learned that a Mrs. Meri
weather during my sojourn abroad
las bought this property, and I would
Jike to welcome her Into the neigh
borhood. Is she at home?"
Now, the properties of Mrs. Merl-
Mlss Pearl Chaney, ;of Lynchburg,
was the guest of her uncle, Charles
Chaney, from Saturday until Monday.
Mrs. Samuel ' Grlllln visited her
mother, Mrs. McKenzie, at Lynch
burg, Thursday.
Miss Edith Conard visited her moth
er at Allensburg Saturday and Sun
day. I
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Conwell, of Day
ton, have been the guests of their son,
James, since Monday.
'Miss Ethel Covan has been visiting
her father at Sinking Spring the past
was a business visitor at tms place
last week. He was a former resident.
Little Miss Ruth Frye spent Friday
with Lowen Rhoads, it being his thiid
Leila Burton has returned to her
home in Cuba.
John Palumbo has returned to his
home at Columbus.
Preaching service at tiie M. E.
Merlweather's uncle Involving the
title to Mrs. Merlweather's part of
the estate, which had become so for
midable that It threatened to swamp
both sections under a load of court
costs und lawyers' fees. Finally the
two lawyers representing the Meri
weather and the Hlnchelwood Inter
ests got together, and after a confer
ence It was intimated to Mrs. Meri
weather, a widow, and Mr. Hlnchel
wood. a bachelor, that if a match
church next Sunday night, Jan. 18, at could be made between them it would
7 30 All aje Invited.
Mrs. Abble Smith and daughter,
Mary, have returned to their home in
Jas. Rhoads and family spent Sun
day with Geo.' Davidson and wife.
Roy Myers and family, of Xenla, vls
ited at the Eylar Hotel last week.
Miss Ocle Kerns has returned to her
home at Wilmington.
Miss Ethel Covan, of Hlllsboro, is
visiting her father here.
Prayer meeting at the M. E. church
every Wednesday at 7 30 p. m.
Ray and Guy Garman have returned
to their home in Sprlngfielld.
Miss Blanche Crum visited James
Rhoads and wife last week.
mahe two defective titles perfect, end
litigation and save two valuable prop
erties. Hlnchelwood. who bad been sent to
England to be educated and had re
mained there ever since, concluded
to come home and look Into the mat
ter. He arrived when bis attorney
happened to be out of town and, with
out waiting to learn anything of tho
Widow and other features pertaining
to the case, resolved to make a neigh
borly call with a view to informing
' "Sho is Indisposed this morning," the
girl finally replied. "I shall tell her
of the object of your call, and I am
sure she will appreciate your motive.
Won't you be seated?" she added, since
the gentleman remained standing.
I "Thank you; a few minutes. Will
The Perfect Storm Buggy.
None better at any price. The
doors ana windows work easier and
lock tighter than anything on the
tlce the construction. All panels and
all glass are put in from the outside,
no chance for water to creep In under
the edge of glass or panels. All glass
sot on rubber. Entirely different
from all others.
Hinge windows on sides 7 by 12 for
ventilation ; these are greatly appre
ciated by the tobacco user.
Front window opening 21J Inches
high by 35 Inches wide. Rear window
13 inches high by 251 inches wide.
Door opening 201 inches by 41i inches.
Glass in side doors, 10 inches wide by
13 Inches high. Shoulder room 37
Inches from side to side. Tastefully
upholstered; cushion, back and side
panels nicely tufted ; three pockets
across Inside front. Examine our
cushions and you will find eighteen
cushion springs. Notice the heavy
solid rubber mat on bottom ; no
chance for cold air to tret throutrh
Sash curtains on curtain rods at side
and rear windows.
BODY Size 26 by 50 Inches, made
of air-dried poplar, second growth ash
sills and frame.
WHEELS Sarven patents, straight
grain selected hickory.
GEAR 1 Inch steel axles. 12 Inch
Cth wheel.
DOUBLE REACH Ironed full
length with channel reach irons.
SPRINGS 36 inches, French point,
four-leaf front and rear, thoroughly
tested and guaranteed.
SHAFTS High heel, selected
straight grain hickory, well Ironed ;
36 inches genuine leather points and
and round leather loops : Standard
coup ers.
PAINTING Genuine lead and oil,
the only system that will stand the
LAMPS Furnished at -reasonable
extra charge.
PRICE $95.00. Don't buy until you
have seen the only Perfect Storm
The M. F. Cabkoll & Sons Co.,
adv ;2 Hillsboro.Ohlo
Stoat's Cakes, always ready,
alwnys fresh, always good and
cerialnly cheap.
adv Conard's Grocery
you convev to Mrs. Merlweathor mr
Virginia Phillips Is visiting regrets at not seeing her and tell Her
There will be preaching at Carmel
Sunday afternoon, Jan. 17, at 2:30 by
Rev. Kelly, of Cincinnati, the new
Try a can of Sweot Potatoes
You don't know how good they
are and so cheap to.
adv Conard's Grocery.
J. L. Edmlnston and daughter, of
Winchester, were the guests of the
former's father, Rev. S.W. Edmlnston,
over Sunday.
A number of the friends of Mrs. Ad.
Koch gave her a very pleasant surprise
on Monday evening, the occasion being
her birthday.
Big Special on granite ware next
Saturday Jan. 17th, ioc. Better value
than you ever saw for this price
adv The Economy Stoke.
relatives at Cynthiana. that it will give me pleasure to
Miss Emma Swayne Is spending a another time."
few days with her sister, Mrs.,Lathan "M"; Meriweather would be dlsan
nnmrVtrnn pointed If you did not." was the reply,
nmerorau. , Is Mrj Merlwentherehftan eId.
Rev. Van B. Wright Is holding a erlv ladv?"
series of 'meetings at Marble Furnace.
Mrs. Courtney Waddllngton, who
was called here by the death of Dr. O.
N. Garrett, returned to her home In
Shelbyvllle, Ky., Saturday.
Try a can of Sweet Potatoes.
You don't know how good they
are and so cheap to.
adv Conard's Grocery.
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Landess and
daughter, Miss Mildred, were the
guests of tho former's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. N. P. Landess, at Danville.
The fire department was called to
the Lemon property on Vine street by
a false alarm about 10.30 Saturday
night. Soot in a chimney had caught
fire and was seen by a passerby, who
turned in the alarm.
Try a can of Sweet Potatoes.
You don't know how good they
are and bo cheap to.
adv Conard's Grocery.
No special Invitations have been is
sued for the dance at Bell's Hall on
Thursday night by the Hlllsboro Or
cheetra, but everyone is cordially in
vited to come. adv
In Tuscany Even the Peasants Indulge
In This Pastime.
Vlstt the home of a peosant In Tus
cany on some winter's evening and you I
will be surprised and charmed, writes
Mr. Itlchard Bagot in "The Italians of
Today." Gathered round the kitchen
Ore after the day's work is done, these
peasants, fresh from their rough labor
In tho fields and vineyards, vie with
each other In reciting poetry and tell
Ing stories. Generally both are extem
poraneous, and often they have a good
deal of poetic grace and Imagination.
The gift of reciting improvised poetry
Is not. however, confined to the peas
ants .in Tuscany. I know of an in
stance that occurred in my own neigh
borbood not so very long ago that cer
tainly could not have occurred any
where but In Tuscany. A local doctor
was driving to catch a train at a sta
tion a few miles from me, and on his
way ho was accosted by a colleague
who happened to be looking over his
garden wall. The colleague shouted
out a line of Improvised verse to him,
upon which the other instantly pulled
up his horse and capped the line with
Doctor No. 2 responded, and for
three hours the poetic contest was con
tinued without cessation in the mean
time the whole of the village hud turn
ed out to listen and to make wagers on
which would be the first to lack an In
spiration. It wii.4, only us dusk came
on that doctor JCo 1 remembered that
he was on bis way to catch a train!
Whether a patient was. expecting
him I know not. but I feel convinced
that such a detail would not have been
allowed to Interfere with this war of
It is interesting to see that even the
illiterate peasants detect at once the
slightest departure from the form In
which the original lines aro set and
consider the offender to have lost the
The Oyster.
The oyster is a very ancient Institu
tion and a most honorable ono. From
time Immemorial poets have sung of
him and orators have dwelt upon his
charms. Juvenal, the most illustrious
of all satirists, enlivened the literary
charms of tho reigns of Trojan and
Hadrian with his comments on the
oyster, and the comments were not
satirical either, but warmly commend
atory- The oyster, the true cosmopo
lite. Ik found pretty nearly everywhere
and was Uip delight of the world for
ages upon ages before the man from
Genoa found the shores of America.
New York American.
To decrease the number of accidents,
a French city Is building a street with
separate roadway for each kind of traf
ficmotor, horse and' foot.
"She Is not young."
I "Urn. She has been described to me
as a remarkably fine woman."
I This was for pumping purposes. Tho
lady had not been described to him
at all.
"Sho has friends," was the senten
tious reply.
j "That is true of all of us."
"Quito so."
"I'm very Ignorant," Mr. Hlnchel
wood proceeded In this unanimated
dialogue, "of everything that has been
going on about here. I haven't been
here for a matter of ten years."
"That's a long while for ono to be
away from home."
Now, It must not be Inferred because
the two confined themselves to these
commonplace remarks that they were
bored with each other. Mr. Hlnchel
wood gathered from the young wo
man's quiet though Impressive de
meanor that she was a person of char
acter, and. though he smacked of Rot
ten row and Piccadilly, she gathered
that he was nobody's fool. After some
ten or fifteen minutes of these prelim
inaries they fell to chatting about
places abroad, and the lady showed
herself as familiar with them as the
man. The ice at last broken, they
enjoyed a chat which Mr. Hlnchel
wood was surprised to notice by his
watch after leaving bad occupied more
than an hour. lie would huve liked
to ask tho lady's position in the house
hold, but was too well bred to do so.
Later a meeting wns arranged be
tween Mr. Hlnchelwood and Mrs.
Meriweather to occur in the office of
her attorney, ostensibly with a view
to making some mutual concessions
that would better the situation as to
their properties. But the real object
was, and was so understood by both
parties, to give them an opportunity
to have a look at each other to deter
mine whether the difficulties might not
be overcome by a union of Interests by
Mr. Hlnchelwood, remembering the
few words be had beard about Mrs.
Meriweather from tho person who had
received him at her house, was indif
ferent, but consented to the meeting.
When he was confronted by the young
woman he had met before he supposed
she had come to represent her princi
pal. When he was Introduced to her
as Mrs. Meriweather be stood gaping
at her.
"You aro Mrs. Meriweather?" he
"I am."
"You told me"
"No falsehoods. I said Mrs. Meri
weather was at home, but indisposed.
I was not feeling very well that mom
tog." There was a lot of legal talk between
the lawyers that did not bring any re
sult. Mr. Hlnchelwood made another
call on the widow, and another and
another. Finally tho lawsuit was end
ad and the two properties made one
by the marring of the owners.
January 12, 1914.
Mrs. Bell Rhodes was the guest of
her daughter, Mrs. Minnie Allen, on
Rev. Hoggatt and wife and two
children were guests of Albert Abers
and family at Mt. Orab, recently.
The Priscilla Club was entertained
by Mrs. Dora Brown Thursday.
Mrs. Mary C. Miller and Mrs. F. J.
Miller, of Marlon, Irid., were guests of
Orlen Rhodes and family Tuesday.
Charley Cadwallader and wife and
two children, Lucille and Glen, were
guests of Herman Shaffer and wife
near Pricetown Wednesday.
Mrs. Doggett has returned to her
home at Sugartree Ridge, after several
weeks visit with her daughter, Mrs.
Bert Mercer.
John Brown and wife were guests
Sunday of Will Smith and wife near
Starley Mitchell was a guest of Orlen
Rhodes and family Sunday.
Miss Sallle Brown returned home
on Tuesday after several weeks visit
with relatives at Edentonand Middle
town. Rev. W. V. Miller Is holding a pro
tracted meeting at Centervllle.
and Night
Jan. 17
The Octoroon
Three Parts
A Story of the South Before the War.
Full of Action and Thrilling Situations
Beautiful Russian Winter Scenes.
"South African Whaling Industry"
We will take you to a real Whale Hunt
"Broncho Billy.s First Arrest"
A Western Drama of Unusual Merit
"Wanted, A Burglar"
A Dandy Good Comedy. We are all
looking for burglars like this one.
A Matinee Every Thursday, Beginning Thursday, Jan. 22
January 22
"The Sheritf and The Russler"
A two Reel Westerner that will make
you "Sit up and Take Notice." Said
to be better than "The Million Dollar
Cow Boy." Matinee To-day at 2 p. m.
January 23
February 5
"When The Earth Trembled"
A Great Spectacular Drama in Three
Reels. A reproduction of the San
Francisco Earthquake. Most wonder
ful picture ever taken. Don't Miss
This One. An All Star Cast of the Lu
bin Co. Harry Myers, Ethel Clayton,
Peter Lang and Mrs. Geo. Walters.
Mrs. Fiske, the world's Greatest Ac
tress in
"Tess ot The Durbervilles"
Complete in Five Parts by the Famous
Players Company.
Big Special Matinee. Advance Seat
Sale. Read the book now.
Must Vacate
January 12, 1914.
Preaching here Sunday night Jan.
13, by Rev. Johnson.
Mrs. M. J. Ludwick spent Saturday
and Sunday in Cincinnati and visited
her daughter, Mrs. Mary Stroup, who
is at Christ s Hospital.
Miss Emma Shaffer spent Saturday
and Sunday with her brother, Lewis,
and family, of Dodsonvllle.
Otis Duncan spent Sunday with
Herbert Shaffer.
Joseph Fawley and family, of Mor
rlsville, spent Saturday with Mrs.
Fawley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. J.
Ethel Thornburg, of Hlllsboro,
spent Saturday and Sunday with her
parents, John Thornburg and wife.
Ethel Conard, of Hlllsboro, spent
Saturday and Sunday with her moth
er, Mrs. Anna Conard.
Clarence Fouler, of Cincinnati, is
spending a few days with his mother,
Mrs. Lydia Fouler.
Luther Shaffer, of Hlllsboro, spent
Sunday with his father, Noah Shaffer.
Mrs. Mozelle Holden spent Sunday
with relatives at St. Martins.
Our building is leased and we
must vacate by February 15.
Every dollars worth of mer
chandise in our store must be
sacrificed regardless of cost.
Milliners wishing to fill in for
the coming season will find
this sale a big money saver.
This is positively our last sale.
Stone's Cakes, always ready,
always fresh, always good and.
certainly cheap.
adv Conard's Grocery.
Blx Has your wife many speaking
acquaintances ?
Dlx Not very many-they are nearly
all listening ones. Boston Transcript.
i By the Hlllsboro Orchestra
t ADMISSION 50 Cents
John Pfarr will clean and press and
mend that suit until It will look ta
good as new. I also do dry cleaning.
Give me a cal). Brunner's Shoe
Shop. adv
Louisiana gathered 4,000,500 buthels
of oTtsers in a season.
"I'm puzzled about this custom of
eating to music"
"How's that?"
"1 can't understand whether the
food is Intended to keep your mind oil
the music or the muslo is intended to
keep your mind off the food." Musi
clan. m
Scarborougu insurance, adv
- 1L

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